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Happy Homes - November 20
Tiina and I now have a midweek show called “Happy Homes.” This is shorter and more informal version of Happy Homelands. The scope of discussion will ...
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  1. I’m going to unpack several items from my knapsack of privilege.

    You talked about Western women who believe in spirituality, crystals and other such nonsense. Western women cannot be blamed for such beliefs because the Western male refuses to pushback and explain to them why they are wrong. The Western male refuses to deal with reality, i.e., the reality of IQ and its relation to race, the reality of IQ and its relation to the quality of a person’s soul.

    For several months, I noticed internet articles and news worrying about the state of men in the West. Men would scribble and babble about how men are leaders, authority figures, logical, the creators of civilization, the great thinkers who came up with philosophy and religion. If you’re only talking about Western males (who are not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim), you have a point. However, these Western males would include black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim males in their group. The trad Catholic website ChurchMilitant run by the negrophiliac, “ex-homo” Michael Voris has had conferences geared only for men. Voris would babble about how men have to save the RCC. I watched some of their youtubes and in the audience were black/Asian males. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. I am only for the West so until we get Western males to come together and articulate what is and is not the West, we cannot blame Western women for the West’s problems.

    The Jews are not a problem. They appear to be a problem because the cucked Western male refuses to deal with them and their nonsense. It is the gentile Freemasons and Christian Zionists who give the Jews support and cover for them. The Freemasons support the Jews because they think present day Jews will rebuild the temple and they will takeover the world. Christian Zionists support the Jews because they believe if the temple is rebuilt, Jesus will come back. This is nonsense. The temple will never be rebuilt. Present day Jews are not the chosen or related to the Jews of the Old Testament or when Jesus lived.

    Western males keep babbling that Jews control the media. No, Western males allow Jews to control the media. Western males cannot start their own media because of the multiculturalism of Christianity – specifically that of the RCC. The universal church hoists Western males on their own petard. There is an alternative – the Orthodox Church with its racial/ethnic churches. We have to define present day Jews as non-Western. I put Ashkenazi Jews in the Caucasoid category, but they are not Christian so they are not Western. E. Michael Jones likes to ask “are Jews white?” EMJ paints himself into a corner with such a question. There are 3 racial groups: Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Negroids. We know what Mongloids and Negroids are and they look the same. Caucasoid are varied. There are 2 groups in the Caucasoid category: Europeans and Caucasians like the Christian Arabs, Armenians, Chechens, Latin American high-caste Euro-mestizos, some European gypsies. Ashkenazi Jews are Caucasoids, but this is changing. Here is a youtube from a synagogue where a Jewish male and Jewish negress talk about Jews of color. The male babbles stupid nonsense about how Western civilization was created because of its opposition to the Jew. He’s insane. – start at the 51 min mark. Black/Asian Jews are 25% of all Jews. That’s huge. Mark Zuckerberg, his Chinese wife and Chinese-Jewish offspring are one example. Zuckerberg is a Caucasion, but his offspring are not. Chloe Green, the Topshop heiress, is an Ashkenazi Jewess and thus a Caucasian. She has a black/Jewish son. The son is not Caucasian.

    I don’t get into racial purity because race, while it is the most important part, can be a blurry thing in some cases. An example of racial purity nonsense is exemplified by 2 neo-Nazi nuts, Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks. Many are neo-Nazi are government agents, but these two are true believers. Wise and Longshanks produce podcasts and youtubes about (((Hitler))). They will rant about racial purity and state that FDR and Stalin were partly Jewish and Churchill was black. Pure degeneracy and madness. They love (((Hitler))), but they don’t realize that (((Hitler))) was most likely partly Jewish. (((Hitler’s))) father’s paternity is mysterious. His young mother went to work for rich Jews and came back pregnant. Could it have been someone not Jewish? Sure. But the evidence points to the Jewish males. (((Hitler))) constantly worried that he was Jewish. There were no paternity tests back then but all signs point to him being partially Jewish. (((Hitler))) was baptized Roman Catholic and would not be considered a Jew. But, under the Nazi racial laws, he would have been Jewish. When the Jews complain about (((Hitler))) they are complaining about someone related to their tribe. When the neo-Nazis babble about (((Hitler))), they are worshipping a Jew. The (((Daily Stormer))) also admires (((Hitler))). These kinds of persons hurt our movement. If any Jew or neo-Nazi starts babbling about (((Hitler))), just tell the person that (((Hitler))) was partially Jewish. Also, when these nutcases start babbling about national socialism, it gives governments an excuse to crack down on free speech. They can’t do it here in America, but in Europe, this is a huge problem. Wise is Irish but does nothing about the importation of blacks to Ireland. Longshanks is English but does not about the blacks in London.

    We have to deal with the cucked Western male. I will give some more examples of their insanity.

    EMJ stated in a podcast that Islam is a punishment on the West for not practicing Christianity correctly. He is always trying to make common cause with Muslims. This idiot babbles this nonsense because he gets a frisson from Muslim Palestinians fighting the Israeli Jews.

    Here is another perspective on how other groups deal with Muslims. The Chinese are not Christian so they do not believe in God’s punishment for something. They see Muslims as an enemy. The Chinese Muslim Uighers were becoming a problem for the Chinese. The Chinese are almost done exterminating them.

    The Hindu Indians are in process of ridding themselves of their Muslims.

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