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Happy Homelands - Soph
Soph is our guest this week on Happy Homelands. Soph has become a GenZ Internet sensation with her no-holds barred political commentary.
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  1. So, it turns out Soph is a cuck, libertarian who’s thinking about converting to Roman Catholicism. This kid is a mess. She is definitely controlled and my instincts are that it’s the “17 year old Gen Xer” in Brazil. She is bright so she can absorb what she is fed and is able to come up with a few thoughts of her own. But, she doesn’t have the knowledge to really debate about anything with any substance.

    She mentioned Catholicism. The RCC is a univeral church. You cannot be a libertarian and a Catholic, just like you cannot be a Catholic and a communist. Also, Catholicism is a belief. Soph does not want to deal with biology, such as IQ and its relation to race. Her quick condemnation of Richard Spencer shows she has no idea of the West is and is not. If she converts to the RCC, this means she would accept black/Asian priests-popes. Yet, she babbled about how it’s becoming difficult to hold a nation of over 300 million together when everyone has such different beliefs. Actually, there is a division and it is exemplified by the GOP and the Democratic parties. The GOP is the party of Caucasian Christians. The Democratic party is the party of non-whites, non-Christians, homosexuals.

    She dismissed Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro. She is correct about Ben Shapiro. He is not a Western male and cannot have citizenship in Western countries. Ann Coulter is good on immigration, but she is a negrophiliac. I don’t think Soph knows about this. Ann Coulter is correct in that we have to get control of our border and start deporting illegals. However, Coulter has stated that we owe blacks for reparations. This is insanity. Coulter is doing good work on opposing marijuana legalization. Here are some good articles about pot: Coulter is a mixed bag but she the only one I know is really taking on the pot issue.

    Soph babbled about George Carlin and his 7 words. Jim Goad wrote a good column about 7 ideas we cannot discuss.
    She needs to think about these ideas.

    The youtube where she is dressed in a burqa is interesting around the 1:14 mark. Even though this youtube is satirical, I notice how she won’t criticize the tribe. Fascinating.

    Her youtubes were for the most part pretty humdrum until recently. It wasn’t until she started f-bombing that she became widely known. The usual cuck and libertard perverts of course have no problem with this.

    I blame her parents for what she is doing. She is not 18. Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children until then. The authorities have a right to investigate her parents. It is interesting how her brother stopped making videos and is now focusing on his studies. He is definitely the one with the brains.

    Alex Jones, Milo, Gavin, none of these should have been deplatformed. They are over 18. The GOP cucks refuse to deal with the ongoing Silicon Valley censorship of adults. Soph is not an adult.

    Libertarians like Styx666 like to babble about how people when left alone can make the best decisions. They refuse to deal with IQ, its relation to race and how it effects their countries. Brazil’s Bolsonaro has already reached his peak. The only thing he has accomplished is getting rid of restrictions on owning guns. Brazil is 55% black. There is nothing Bolsonaro can do for Brazil. Most of the Brazil’s whites live in the south and at least now they will have guns to defend themselves against the black criminals. Brazil has one of the highest murder rates in the world. The best thing is for Brazil to divide into 2 countries. A black northern country and a white southern country.

    Here is a good youtube with 2 adult males talking about issues facing the West. Tim Kelly is a Catholic so that is a problem and Joe Atwill is an atheist, but they can have a rational conversation about what is happening in the West.

  2. behaviour

    The spelling is telling.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @Reg Cæsar

    Do tell. I am interested in what you think.

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