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Happy Homelands - Roosh
Roosh is one of the most famous, and controversial, relationship advice authors in the world today. Roosh's most recent books include “Game” (seduction advice ...
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  1. Lots of interesting insights, especially about the “agenda” that is destroying the West and the rest of the world. I only care about the West, so it is critical for us to challenge the “agenda” that destroying the West. Part of the “agenda” is the belief in universal brotherhood and universal religion. Destroying these evil, oxymoronic ideas is critical to the survival of the West. Who perpetuates these ideas? The universal Roman Catholic Church, Christian Zionists and gentile Freemasons. It is the men in these organizations who need to confronted.

    The part about women welcoming refugees was interesting, but why aren’t the men in countries like Sweden and Germany taking action? Because they refuse to understand the differences among racial/ethnic groups. They refuse to deal with the IQ question and its relation to the race. They refuse to teach these facts at home and in the schools. Until we teach what the West is and is not, things will continue to get worse.

    Here are two examples of the types of Western males causing problems. John Derbyshire is married to a Chinese woman and has a Chinese family. He recently wrote a column about women and socialism:
    Derbyshire imported a Chinese communist and procreated a Chinese Democratic daughter. The mother and daughter voted for Obummer and Hilligula.

    Michael Voris is a negrophiliac, ex-homo who runs the trad RCC site Churchmilitant. Here is a youtube about European paganism and Islam.
    He so believes in the universal church and universal brotherhood that he cannot understand why European males are turning to paganism and low-caste mestizo or black Hispanic males are converting to Islam. He refuses to deal with race differences. I read something that when Muslims started to invade India, they converted the lower caste, dark-skinned Indians because of its universal brotherhood message. Islam is a degenerate, race/ethnic destroying ideology. The lower caste, dark-skinned Muslim Indians then wreaked vengeance upon the lighter-skinned, Aryan Brahmins. With European males turning to paganism and black/Asian males in the West converting to Islam, we are beginning to see the new “Indian wars of the West.”

    Defining what the West is and is not, and repatriating/segregating those who do not belong in it are the only ways to start solving our problems.

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