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Happy Homelands - Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey is our guest this week on Happy Homelands. Patrick is the leader of the American Identity Movement (AIM). AIM is based on 5 principles ...
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  1. Government operation. All of it. Embarrassing.

  2. If you’re commenting about Patrick Casey, yes, he is some kind of government operative. He reminds me of the Cultured Thug, another operative.

    I heard that Patrick Casey has an Asian wife. I tried to get some info but all I came up with is his wife is Asian or Hispanic. I could not get a name or definitive confirmation. If his wife is Asian, he is not acceptable. If his wife is Hispanic, Hispanic are hetereogenous so she might be okay.

    Casey also mentioned Jared Taylor. Taylor is controlled opposition. He’s not going to do anything to save the USA. His friend Sam Dickinson is having problems with in Atlanta but Taylor has not mentioned this on AmRen.

    Lydia Brimelow at VDare wrote about the upcoming AmRen conference and how it was an opportunity to meet John Derbyshire. Derbyshire has a communist Chinese wife and anti-white Chinese offspring.

    Casey said that blacks are acceptable. WTF!!! Black males will show up with white females.

    Casey will do nothing to save the West.

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