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Happy Homelands - Kerry Bolton
Kerry Bolton is one of the most prolific and influential authors on the dissident Right. We are excited to have him as a guest on Happy Homelands.
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  1. Mr. Bolton is absolutely wrong that no civilizations were destroyed by miscegenation. Ancient Egypt (Caucasian) was destroyed by mixing with blacks. Ancient India (Aryan) was destroyed by mixing with Asians. Modern day Egyptians and Indians are not related to ancient Egyptians and Indians.

    The average IQ of Egypt is 84 and the average IQ of India is 82. It is impossible for the present day inhabitants of Egypt and India to produce the great cultures of their ancient times. The most important, objective, observable truth is that of IQ and its relation to race. IQ and race produce the spirit, soul, consciousness needed to create a country, civilization. I am shocked that Mr. Bolton would make such statements.

    He mentioned Latin America. The Aztecs, Mayans, Incans created complex civilizations, but their IQs had been dropping so that when the conquistadores arrived, it was for them to conquer them. The Incas and Mayans would squeeze skulls into an elongated shape they found attractive. Over time this destroyed their IQ. Latin America is heterogeneous, so populations need to be measured by IQ, which will lead to stark racial differences. The Europeans/Caucasians/high-caste Euro-mestizos of Latin America have average to high IQs. The Indians and blacks have low IQs.

    Spengler lived at a time when he did not deal with blacks/Asians. Even though the Roman Empire collapsed, it survived in the countries we have today – Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc. This is because the people were Caucasian/European/white ethnics. Today, is different. Blacks/Asians will cause IQ/racial degradation. Small amounts of these types do not affect the population. But over time, as more arrive, these people will destroy the West.

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