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  1. Two subjects discussed need comments.

    The first is the debate that the anti-semite E. Michael Jones and the Jew-controlled Jared Taylor are going to have in Croatia in May. Tom Sunic, who writes for the anti-semitic Occidental Observer is going to moderate. The homosexual Greg Johnson from Cross Currents is also involved. I’ve seen on their websites that they are asking for donations to cover the costs. Ignore these cucked grifters. Why do they need to fly to Croatia to have this debate? They should have it on the southern border. This debate is a waste of time because EMJ and Taylor will never agree on anything. We know all about the IQ differences between races. Caucasoids are the smartest, Mongoloids are a distant second, and Negroids are last in intelligence. Caucasoids built Western Civilization. Blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims had nothing to do with the West. I’m a biological materialist so for me it is biology first, beliefs second. However, I am a Christian and the best religion for the West is Christianity. It won’t be EMJ’s Roman Catholicism because diversity has collapsed the RCC. The Orthodox Church with its racial/ethnic churches will be the church for the West. Jared Taylor always babbles that Northeast Asians and Jews are smarter than whites. They are not. Taylor will never state that the West is the best and what the West is and is not. It is time to start Western, Christian nationalist parties and begin the repatriation/segregation of those who do not meet Western standards. This forum will be nothing but a brood of hens clucking and pecking about issues that should be discussed in the USA.

    The second issue is about the discussion regarding wealth and intelligence at the 1:11 mark. Many intelligent, moral Western people do not have the opportunities to be financially successful. Here is an article written by such a person: I read this article when it first came out on VDare in 2011. This man is much older than I am but I never forgot his sad story. I don’t know if he is still alive, but these are the kind of Western people we need to help. There is no reason for this man to have suffered the way he did. Charities and lotteries will need to be changed.

  2. Liza says:

    Why do they need to fly to Croatia to have this debate?

    It would be nice to have it here, but antifa would interfere mightily.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @Liza

    You’re proving my point. The cucked Western male is the problem. They can have the debate in a red state. They can do it with Skype or D-live. These cucks are grifters.

    • Replies: @Liza
  4. Liza says:

    They can have the debate in a red state

    Why would holding the debate in a red state stop antifa? They are everywhere.

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