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Happy Homelands - Devon Stack
Devon Stack is the voice behind the alternative media website and the Black Pilled YouTube channel.
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  1. Tovarich Devon Stack has something interesting insights, but he fails to see that 2020 is Year Zero. He doesn’t truly understand IQ and its relation to race.

    He thinks America will turn into Brazil. Brazil is 55% black and most of the blacks live in the northern part of the country. There is already a de facto separation between north and south Brazil. Bolsonaro will not be able to do anything to help the country. A separation is the best think for Brazil. The USA is only about 13% black and blacks have low birthrates. Yes, birthrates are down for all races. Latin America has very low birth rates. What we need to do is give blacks their own state. Most blacks live in the south so something can be carved out for them. The illegals will go back. They are low IQ mestizos who will wind up in prison. We cannot turn America into one big prison.

    He thinks that China and India will overtake the USA. China and India are low IQ countries. First, China. Compare China to Japan, which country is better? Cucked Western males have to get over the bizarre ideas that China will rule the world and that they are a high IQ nation. The Chinese are a parasitic race. Their average IQ is only about 90. Because they have so many people they are able to produced a few extra intelligent people. China is the fastest aging country in the world. Their high abortion rates have caused this. This is a very good thing. They have caused a schism with the Roman Catholic Church. This is also a very good thing. I constantly hear Catholic cucks babbling about Christian persecution in China. This none of the Catholic church’s business. Catholic cucks need to mind their own business – they should worry only about Westerners. The Chinese have no interest in Christianity. Look up the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions. They are eliminating their Muslims. They want to remain as they are. Leave them alone. Chinese in the West will have to be deported. Trump’s tariffs are collapsing the Chinese economy.

    Second, India. India’s average IQ is only 80. Again, they have a huge population so they do have a few intelligent people. They are trying to develop their country but this will be difficult because of their low IQ and their caste system. They will never be a major power.

    People have to get away from labels like Boomer, Millenial, Gen Xer, etc. Mr. Stack stated that Westerners need to know their history. He’s correct. We have to teach Westerners that the West is the best. We have to teach that blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims had nothing to do with the West’s development. This will start happening as universities are starting to collapse because of the left-wing, progessive infiltration. Western institutions are collapsing. The best known one is the Roman Catholic Church. It is collapsing because of diversity. A new church is needed for the West. The Orthodox Church is the best church because of its racial/ethnic churches. Many whites are converting to the Orthodox Church.

    The Christian Zionist churches are collapsing. They are the main cause of problems in America. Mr. Stack spoke about that Ruben character in the Norma Rae movie. This Jewish superiority nonsense is not just Hollywood propaganda. The Christian Zionists really believe that present day Jews have a better understanding of the Bible – both the Old and New Testaments – than traditional Christians. Present day Jews are not related to the Jews of the Old Testament. Present day Jews are not Western and belong in Israel.

    Homosexuals need to be dealt with from two perspectives – biological and psychological. I’m a biological materialist who believes in biology first, then beliefs. From a biological, evolutionary point, homosexuality is a dead end and those who claim to be gay must be separated. We need to do more research to find out if there is a “gay gene” so these biological defects can be aborted. If homos start to claim that their problem is psychological, they must get help. The only reason globo-homo is being imposed is because on a personal level, homos are not accept by their families. E. Michael Jones made a good statement about homos – they don’t understand industrial design. There are two sexes, female and male. They have evolved/been created to complement each other. If homos don’t understand industrial design, we have to find out where their wires got crossed.

    Grifters are being outed. Ann Coulter has disappeared. She will not fight for the West. Charitable giving to churches and other charities has dropped significantly. The NFL/NBA/MLB are gone. Hollywood is collapsing. The USA will still have the same territory. The changes will be internal as people are separated.

    There are many reasons for why we are where we are. The first and most important thing is to make choices on an individual and local level to further the collapse of institutions and companies that are against us.

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