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Tiina and Paul discuss the news of the week. Superchats: Be sure to support our sponsor, Alaska Chaga Tea. Use RAMZPAUL ...
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  1. Once again, our problems are caused by the cucked Western male – who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim.

    I’m going to throw out a lot of stuff because I’m seeing many things happening that the cucked GOP RINOs should be fighting.

    Only 3 blue states – New York, Illinois and New York – are shutting down their states. These states have collapsed. People have been fleeing these states and they will lose many electoral votes. The governors in these states are deliberately subverting the constitutional rights of American citizens. There is no corona virus pandemic. This is a perfect opportunity for Bill Barr to arrest these governors for sedition and treason. My gut feeling is that Bill Barr has cucked. Notice how quiet Virginia Governor Northam has been. Recall that he attempted to confiscate weapons from American citizens. He lost. Northam should have been arrested for sedition and treason. The Constitution and Bill of Rights trump state rights. Many counties in Virginia are talking about leaving Virginia and joining West Virginia. This is why Northam is pretty quiet.

    The GOP governor of Ohio, DeWine, is trying to do what California, Illinois and New York are doing, but being a cuck he won’t go too far. This is good. Deal with the 3 blue states and stop the stupidity.

    Trump has refused to impose a national quarantine. This is good and he should point out what New York, California and Illinois are doing and order them to stop their nonsense. Trump does not think this corona virus nonsense is a problem. He’s right.

    Next, we have to start dealing with the cucked GOP RINO congress critters. I’ll deal with Utah senators Mittens Dumney and Mike Lee. We know all about Dumney. He’s an evil, cowardly cuck who is constantly trying to subvert the USA. Mike Lee is worse. I remember a couple of years ago how Mike Lee would constantly babble and scribble about American Constitutional rights. He would appears on Fox, Glenn Beck and other shows expressing his worries about the subversion of the Constitution. He’s been very quiet. We need him to start talking about how the Deep State is trying to overthrow the American government.

    And finally, the Democratic party. In Chicago, a white, pro-life Democrat, Dan Lipinski lost to a progressive Democratic female. This is good news. The Democrat party is purging Caucasian Christians. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are barely hanging on to power. After November 4, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Stacy Abrams will be the new leaders of the Democrat party.

    We have to drag the cucked Western male away from his porn, negroid sports, weed and video games. November 4 is going to be a blast.

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