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Florida Votes to Overturn First Amendment
A bill prohibiting criticism of a certain group in Florida's public schools and universities is going to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Like my videos? Support me ...
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  1. PeterMX says:

    Yes, it’s outrageous, it demonstrates they consider themselves separate from the rest of the country and it shows there is nothing they won’t do. They are dangerous.

  2. Anon[965] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not about Left vs Right. It’s about Jews using both to push Jewish Supremacism. Jewish-Zionist speech led to tyranny over Palestinians and Wars for Israel that killed over 500,000 Muslims and Arab Christians, but there is no call for shutting down hateful Jewish or Zionist speech. Ugly rap music and anti-white PC led to explosions of black and brown violence against whites on a daily basis, but there is no law that bans anti-white speech or rap thuggery. If anything, Jews run the music industry and promote anti-white hatred.

    Jews and Zionists oppress Palestinians, but people are not allowed to support BDS and call for justice for Palestinians. So much harm has been visited upon Palestinians as the result of Israel and Zionist speech, but the US sides with oppressive Jews against oppressed Palestinians. and Jewish pushing of Muslim and African ‘refugees’ into Europe has led to tons of rapes, robberies, and murders.

    Jews are above the law. Israel can steal Golan Heights. It can occupy West Bank and practice apartheid. IDF death squads can mow down Palestinians women and children. Israel can support ISIS in Syria. Israel can have 300 illegal nukes and be showered with billions in aid. Jews can promote bilious and paranoid hatred about Russia and Iran. Jews insult Trump night and day, but Trump serves as pathetic dog of the Jews.

    There are three holy peoples in the US: Jews, blacks, and Homos. They are above the law. In contrast, even “It’s Okay to be white” is deemed as ‘white supremacist’. Jews guard their own supremacism by deeming any white consciousness as uppity. Jews need whites to be in submissive mode toward Jews, a people who constantly vilify whiteness. Jews are pushing a law like what Turkey has. In Turkey, it is illegal to ‘insult Turkishness’, which includes discussion of the Armenian genocide.

    The fact is Jewish Power has been the #1 killer of the 21st century. (Jews did more than their share of killing in the 20th century with communism. And in prior centuries, Jews sold opium to the Chinese and traded in millions of black slaves in Latin America.) Jews were behind the economic plunder of Russia. The Wars for Israel. They even pushed for the neo-nazi takeover of Ukraine. They pushed for sanctions against Iran, a nation with zero nukes. Wall Street banksters got bailouts. Sacklers peddled opioids to whites fully knowing it would lead to mass deaths. A Jewish doctor wrote a book that says whites deserve to die for their ‘racism’. And yet, Jews are still playing victim.

    As for US politicians, they are whores, not representatives of the people or defenders of rule of law. They will take their 30 pieces of silver. US is essentially an ethno-theocracy that worships Jews as a holy people above the law. Like God, Jews can smite any people, but all the world better worship them.

    The synagogue shooting was terrible, but let’s consider all the anti-white and anti-Palestinian violence that happens on a daily basis because of anti-white and pro-Zionist rhetoric that fills the media and entertainment. How many movies with Arab Terrorists were made by Jewish Hollywood? How many anti-white movies, TV shows, and music videos are made and promoted by Jews. Far many more whites have died as the result of anti-white propaganda pushed by Jews, but those people don’t matter — just like Palestinians don’t matter — because they are just a faceless rabble, a statistic. In contrast,Jews are allowed to have faces, a narrative, and holiness.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @Anon

    Why does the cucked Western male put up with this nonsense?

  4. Someone will take this insane measure to court and it will be struck down as infringing the First Amendment. Here’s good news on the anti-BDS nonsense passed by the Congress:

    This shows that Florida governor DeSantis is another GOP cuck. There is a large Jewish voting bloc in Florida so both parties were for this. Deep down this was just signalling to the Florida Jews. This will be struck down.

    Here is something else the Jews are trying to do:

    I don’t care about the Koran because that’s a nonsense book. However, not preaching the Gospel is a problem. Let’s see how “Christians” deal with this. It is the Christian duty to state that Jews are not the chosen and no longer have a covenant with God. It is the Christian duty to state that the Christian church is the new Israel.

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