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Feelings Don't Care About Your Facts
A father and a daughter were found dead in a river on the United States and Mexican border. The father and his child drowned while attempting to enter America ...
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  1. Luek says:

    I have noticed that the liberal media may be slipping up when showing pictures of the illegal alien invaders who are supposed to be so destitute and needy. They all look like they are getting overweight and all seem to be wearing casual but good quality clothes. After hiking a 1000 miles from El Salvador to the US border one would think they would be malnourished and in rags. This is a mystery like destitute and poverty stricken asylum seekers coming not from Latin America but from places like India, Africa and even South East Asia. I could never afford to visit India or the African continent but the retched masses from the other side of the world can do it with no effort at all it seems. Yes, this is almost magic Ju Ju. Can.t be explained logically.

  2. I liked this picture. I want to see more pictures like this, and not just of drownings. I want to see people being tear-gassed and shot. I want to see Gaza on our southern border. It’s interesting how the Israelis kill hundreds of Palestinians who are trying to cross their border. They just ignore what others think and defend their borders. This is what we need to do.

    Jared Taylor is a Jew-controlled cuck who babbles that Northeast Asians and Jews have higher IQs than Westerners. They do not. Caucasoids have the highest IQs and are the ones who created Western civilization. Blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims had nothing to with the West and its development. Jared Taylor will not say that the West is best. He’s been unmasked. This could be why he is barred from certain countries in Europe. The European governments probably wondered why he was sticking his nose in European politics instead of starting an American nationalist party.

    Memes should start incorporating facts. This would kill two birds with one stone.

    As to why we don’t have our own media, blame the cucked Western male for this problem. Here are the four types who are causing our problems: the Catholic male who accepts black/Asian priests-popes, the Christian Zionist who believes present day Jews are the chose, the gentile Freemason who believes in universal brotherhood, and the Western male involved with Asian females. These types are universalists and thus make it difficult to have a media that will state the West is the best, and what the West is not. The biggest change we have to make is to get Westerners to stopping thinking universally.

  3. Illegal immigration would disappear almost overnight if Americans stopped employing illegals. Some of the biggest critics of illegal immigration I know are quite happy to pick up illegals from outside Star Nursery to do their landscaping for $50 a day. That kind of lazy, short-sighted stupidity has got to end. Do your OWN work, Whitey!

    • Agree: Liza
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