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Fabulous America
Fabulous Brian Sims, a state representative from Pennsylvania, attempted to doxx teenage girls for praying. Tucker video: Like my ...
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One Comment to "Fabulous America"
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  1. Sims is not Jewish. He sent Jewish holiday greetings because most Jews are Democrats like him. He was raised Catholic but is now an atheist.

    This homo’s behavior is a warning to cucks who are trying to ally with gays. Cucks are not doing anything to put a stop to globo-homo. Cucks will always defend gays when it comes to Islam and its treatment of gays. Cucks, besides being incredibly cowardly, are also stupid. The only reason Muslims throw a gay off a roof is because the gay did not get a fatwa from an iman approving his gayness. Homosexuality is widespread among Muslim males. The Bachi boys of Afghanistan are well known. A fatwa from an iman is a seal of approval that makes almost any kind of degenerate behavior kosher.

    I’ve been noticing that several cucked Western males are allying with Milo. Milo is a Jew (his mother was Jewish), but he was baptized Roman Catholic. He is married to a black guy. I know that Milo has been de-platformed and this has caused him financial problems. It is wrong to de-platform anyone, but the GOP cucks are not solving this problem. However, I remember him from several years ago and he was involved in some money scams. Being homo, he likes his bling. This degenerate is a grifter.

    I bring him up because homosexuals cannot be a part of any Western movement. Homos have destroyed the RCC. Homo priests and bishops are busy stealing as much money as possible from their parishoners because they know the free ride will be over in a few years since many Catholics are leaving the Church.

    Whether a homo is right or left does not matter. They are parasites. I know that homosexuality is caused by child abuse so this must be dealt with as much as possible. However, if an adult persists in this behavior, they must be segregated. The cucks can only argue against homosexuality from a religious point of view. There are other ways to argue against homos and their infringing on the rights of heterosexuals. Since I am a biological materialist, I start my arguments against homosexuality from a biological perspective. I use abortion as a measure to deal with homos as they are biologically defective. Cucks refuse to do this. Homos have to be confronted because if they are not, we will continue to see infringements on our freedoms.

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