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Eugenics Is Not a Dirty Word
Like my videos? Want access to classic videos? Exclusive videos? Support me at - Richard Dawkins creates an uproar after ...
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  1. Richard Dawkins is an example of the cucked Western male who doesn’t have a clue about what he really believes. He cucked on his eugenics statement. He is reading the East Indian Angela Saini’s stupid book The Return of Race Science. I tried to find his tweet about this but the page is gone.

    Dawkins claims to be an evolutionary biologist but doesn’t have a clue as to how it works. Here are some statements he made on Jews and Nobel Prizes: This idiot has not been able to figure out that Jews only increased their IQ because of their persecution in Europe and some intermarriage with Europeans. The ancient Romans considered the Jews of the first century to be barely intelligent. The average IQ of the first century Jew was around 90. The average ancient Roman IQ was about 120. Until the 19th century, Jews were persecuted and the less intelligent were winnowed as the more intelligent Jews could figure out a way to escape. This raised their IQ to about 105. There are not many Jews so this IQ is insignificant compared to the many Europeans with high IQs. When Napoleon freed the Jews from their ghettos, Europeans were surprised that they had some intelligence. The consequence of this unplanned eugenics does show that IQ can be raised a little but it takes many centuries. Also, present day Jews have high intermarriage rates with blacks/Asians so their IQs have dropped. The average Israeli Jewish IQ is 93. Ashkenazi Jewish IQ is 100. The Nobel Prize came after the foundations for modern science and technology were laid by the Europeans. Jews contributed nothing important. The Nobel Prize is meaningless.

    When Dawkins babbles about eugenics he does it in a general manner. He needs to learn how to be more specific. He should know that there are three biological races: Caucasoids, Monogoloids and Negroids. He should know that Caucasoids have the highest IQs and are the race that created and developed Western civilization. He should know that Mongoloids and Negroids had nothing to do with the development of Western civilization. If he does know, he’s too cucked to talk about it. He has to apply his eugenics to civilizations that were destroyed by miscegenation. We know what destroyed the ancient Egyptians (Caucasians) – mixing with blacks. The ancient Aryan Indians were destroyed by mixing with Asians. I have no interest in Mongoloid or Negroid eugenics. I am only concerned with the West and Caucasoids.

    His atheism is illogical and another sign of his stupidity. Western man is curious by nature and would want to know what exists after this life on earth. We have Christian explanations, but some people are not religious. Still, this should not lead to atheism. We will never get all the answers why we live on this planet, but we should think about the next world and hope that we some Being will explain the true history of life and planet earth. Count your blessings if you were born Western and into a Christian tradition.

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