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Erasing Our History
Colorado history according to the Denver International Airport. Like me videos? Help support me at:
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2 Comments to "Erasing Our History"
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  1. mark01 says:

    I think the same when I go to Los Angeles Union Station (train depot). The place was renovated quite nicely…paid for by millions of white taxpayers. Let’s face it, whites are 80% of the taxpayers. There are no whites in the murals though. The larger-than-life mural is obviously Azaltan…even though millions of whites paid for the actual facility. The government make-work jobs there go to Mexicans and some blacks…although the blacks are being pushed out. Not every non-white is evil, etc. I’m usually treated ok when I’m there, but the message is that the people who build and paid for California infrastructure are clearly being exterminated, and their history erased.

  2. APilgrim says:

    For some silly reason, it is illegal to Tear Down those Murals, which Tear Down the Western Heritage of Colorado.

    Yes, the Inner Mountain North Civilization was entirely created by Caucasians.

    And those LYING murals should be torn down & burned.

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