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Elizabeth Warren - 3 Things We Learned
Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test which claims she is 1/256 Indian.
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  1. Elizabeth Warren is not an Indian. However, her daughter is married to a guy from India and she has East Indian offspring. Her son Alexander Warren seems to have a black son. This woman is looking for protection for her miscegenated grandchildren. Her grandchildren will be the base of the Democratic party.

    • Replies: @Wally
  2. George says:

    Warren only claimed to have distant, presumably but not assuredly Cherokee, ancestry. She apparently has ‘Amer-Indian’ genetics so her statement was true. She never claimed any Indian culture. Her ancestry is Oklahoman which is a blend of American and Cherokee. It is not clear to me that she sought special privileges due to her distant ancestry, on the other hand, her ancestry was probably interesting to University bureaucrats in Boston.

    • Replies: @Wally
  3. Wally says:

    Wow! You embarrassed yourself.

    Nine Lies the Media Are Telling You About Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test :

  4. Wally says:

    Oh ouch!!

    The left, after claiming that race is a “social construct”, just admitted that race is genetic.

  5. MOTW says:

    The original issue was that many years ago she lied about her fake Indian blood to obtain special treatment at Harvard. It was exposed when she ran for president. She has been in damage control mode ever since.

  6. Anonymous[218] • Disclaimer says:

    Why wouldn’t anybody not want to be white and proud of it? I don’t believe blacks, Asians or Native Americans for that matter have tens of thousands of their people’s footprints on the surface of the moon like whites have. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for white people the rest of humanity would be living like Native Americans lived 1000 years ago.

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