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Dutch Girl, 17, Euthanized
A Dutch girl was euthanized after she battled with depression. The depression was caused by being raped by two men when she was 14. Recently, a drug ...
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  1. Where is the fight?

    She should have spent the rest of her life getting revenge, in one way or another. But nobody is on her side.

    So this is merely a pixel in a screenshot of a more general suicide.

  2. This particular Ramzpaul video hit a nerve inside me. I don’t know if he reads comments here, but I hope so.

    First of all, this case he describes is so very sad and outrageous, not only because of the absurdity of assisting the suicide of someone 17 years old, but also because of his most-likely-correct guess of who raped her.

    If there were no laws and I had no conscience (like Mark Twain’s first-person in his 1876 short story, “The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut”) then I would take my firearms, fly to the Netherlands, and eliminate as many of their Muslim immigrant men as I could.

    Don’t worry, internet monitors, censors and NSA spies, I have no plan to do that. I hate long flights.

    Second, I know what it is like to want to end one’s life even before adulthood. I tried it when I was 15. I had already suffered a year of severe OCD, which ended forever my happy role as the smartest, highest IQ member of every class and school I attended. My future as a scientist or someone truly smart was taken away from me the way runners’ legs were blown off by bombs at the end of the Boston Marathon.

    The bottle of pills I took on a snowy mountainside in 1975 did not put me to sleep forever, but only for a long, groggy, cold night. I knew nothing about methods then. So, I have made the best of things ever since. At age 29 I told a therapist that I was thinking about blowing my brains out with my Smith&Wesson .357 revolver, and two kind policemen showed up at my door and took me away to 72 hours of quiet time so I could think it over. I am still here many years later with no new plans.

    Assisted suicide for someone that young is insane, but equally crazy is the importation of men like those who raped her and ruined her forever.

    BTW, I am married to a Hungarian woman from Transylvania, and we have visited Budapest together many times. I don’t know if Ramzpaul is Hungarian, but I commend him for moving to such a beautiful place full of sane, White people. Good move, Sir.

  3. So, what is the cucked Dutch male going to do about what is going on in his country?

    Here’s something else that’s happening in Holland:

  4. Luek says:

    She could have immigrated to an all white country and started over. A country like Hungary.

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