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Criminalizing Jokes
Should jokes in poor taste result in an arrest? It appears so if you hold the wrong political beliefs. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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2 Comments to "Criminalizing Jokes"
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  1. We do have freedom of speech. The cucked Western male refuses to exercise it.

    It is time to start planning the Reconquista. The first thing that must be done is to get rid of the cucked Western male (who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim/gay). Until we deal with these spineless castratos, nothing will get done. We must make these cucked Western males deal with the realities of IQ and its relation to race. We must make stop believing in the fairy tales of universal brotherhood and universal church. We must make them realize that the West is the most important civilization and needs to be saved.

    I will list several examples of cucked Western males who are causing our problems.

    The Gadarene swine of cucked RINO GOP congressmen are the first example. These swamp critters have done nothing to deal with our immigration problem. It is imperative that we get rid of those who are not stopping immigration. They are doing nothing about internet censorship.

    E. Michael Jones and Styx666 are two examples of completely different Western males who cannot deal with the realities of IQ and its relation to race. EMJ believes in magical Christianity. Styx666 believes in magical libertarian capitalism.

    EMJ is always babbling that only the Roman Catholic Church can help people develop. He does not believe in IQ because he said Jews invented IQ tests. But, then he will say that converting to the RCC raises IQs. Pure degeneracy and madness. He refuses to deal with the reality of countries like Catholic Haiti and Catholic El Salvador. They are low IQ and thus have high crime rates and no development. Instead of dealing with reality, EMJ blames the Jews for all problems.

    Styx666 is a libertarian capitalist who believes free markets an help people develop. Here is a youtube where he babbles about Venezuela and socialism/communism: The nonsense in this youtube is beyond belief. I speak, read and write Spanish and German so I can follow the news in their languages. I’ve lived and studied in Europe and am familiar with Latin America. Styx666 is monolingual and refuses to deal with the reality of IQ and its relation to race. He has stated that race does not matter to him. He is not informed about the caste system in Latin America. He keeps saying that AOC is white. She is an octoroon Puerto Rican. He babbles in the youtube about teaching Latin Americans about capitalism and the evils of socialism/communism. He should start by teaching these classes to American students at Berkeley University in California. His plan about taking control of Latin America is insane. He lives in a state that is over 95% white. He babbles about Sweden’s rising crime rate and centralized government but refuses to deal with the fact that crime in Sweden is caused by the blacks/Asians/Muslims allowed to invade the country.

    Styx666 is always babbling about being “edgy.” He has said that if George Carlin were alive he would be edgy. George Carlin would be a spineless, castrato cuck if he were alive. His stupid seven dirty words schtick is nothing. If he were asked to use words like race and IQ, he would turn into a typical Western male cuck.

    Here is an article by a cuck at the PJMedia website: Madness!!! The negrophiliac Rush Limbaugh gushed about MAGA cucks who went to get rid of garbage in an area of Baltimore.

    If any Western male cannot say that the West is the best, and then define what the West is and is not, we must get rid of them. Jared Taylor is an example of this type. He is always babbling that Northeast Asians and Jews are smarter than Western peoples. They are not and had nothing to do with the development of Western civilization.

    Here’s an interesting article about a zombie apocalypse:

    It is already happening. The zombies are cucked Western males. They are not dangerous like the zombies in the Night of the Living Dead movie. They plod around bug-eyed, mouths agape refusing to deal with reality. We can easily shove them aside.

    Another example of a cucked Western male is the insane Never Trumper George Will. He is a Reagan loyalist and defender. Now that a tape came out with Reagan making comments about blacks, Will has browned his bloomers and turned into a zombie. Reagan will be disapeared from the GOP. However, Democrat Virginia Governor Northam still in office. Fascinating.

    Our problems are caused by cucked Western males who refuse to defend our Constitution and our borders.

  2. kks1236 says:

    Dude for the vitriol you spew, you really oughta watch your back.

    After the El Paso shooter, nobody’s playing around anymore with these stupid write ups or whatever. This white nationalist shit isn’t funny anymore. If the white race is superior, how do you manage to create a post chock full of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and personal attacks? What a joke.

    Come strip me of my citizenship.

    Fuck around and get doxxed g

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