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Coronavirus and Identity
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  1. First, there are 3 races: Caucasoids, Mongoloids, Negroids. Caucasoids are the smartest and the race of the West. Monogloids are a distant sentence, except for the Japanese who are the only intelligent Asians. Negroids are last in IQ.

    The Chinese are an inferior ethnicity within the Mongoloid race. My sister went to China, Hong Kong and Singapore for business. These countries are Chinese with different types of governments. The one thing all had in common is that the Chinese are stupid, dirty and rude. The Japanese consider the Chinese to be inferior to them and they are correct. The Chinese do not belong in the West. Kathy Zhu is a dual citizen. This is the problem. Get rid of dual citizenship and we get rid of most of our problems. She is dating a “white” guy. White has no meaning. We need to look at his ethnicity. He might be Jewish. Some Jews are Caucasian, but they are not Western and do not belong in the West. I don’t care what non-Western people do. If the Chinese want to eat bats, rats, dogs, etc., they must do it in their country. If Africans want to be cannibals, they must do it in Africa. Kathy Zhu is not a Western woman and will never be one. This Chinese salope will be sent back.

    Ben Shapiro is a buffoon. Jews are not the smartest tribe ever and did not contribute to the development of Western civilization. He has a country – Israel.

    Biology is first, beliefs second. Blacks in America will get their own state. Latin Americans are hetereogenous so they will be sorted out. American Indians and Eskimos are fine. Christian Arabs are fine. A couple of years ago, I met two Caucasian Venezuelans, doctors, who left Venezuela because of the political upheaval. They told me they were never going to return. I have no problem with these kinds of people being in the West. I have more in common with recently arrived Caucasian Venezuelans than with blacks who have been in America for over 300 years.

    A perfect example of a cucked Western male who cannot deal with reality is the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. He is a trad Catholic convert. He recently scribbled two insane articles. In one article, he scribbled about the Chinese demographic crisis. He scribbled that because the ethnic Han Chinese birth rate has collapsed, they are exterminating more fecund minorities. I have to give the Han Chinese credit for this. The Chinese in the West will be sent back to help them deal with their demographic crisis. This trad Catholic Caucasian Western male is an example of the cucked Western male who is destroying the West. This idiot refuses to deal with the fact that China has caused a schism with the Roman Catholic Church – a very good time. The RCC has collapsed because of diversity. The Orthodox Church with its racial/ethnic churches will be the church of the West. I don’t care about the Chinese.

    In another article, Douthat bemoaned the collapse of Western humanities courses in Western universities. Part of it was attributed to the collapse of Christianity. No, the Western universities have collapsed because of diversity. Western universities must teach that the West is the best and what the West is not. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. Douthat refuses to understand that only Caucasians and the ethnicities within this racial category are the only ones who can preserver and pass on the great works of Western civilization. Yale University is scrapping their art survey course because it is too “white.”

    The cucked Western male is going to deal with reality and start doing something. That something is repatriation and segregation.

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