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College Is a Scam
Bernie Sanders thinks college should be for all. Is this a good idea? Like my videos? Support me at -
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One Comment to "College Is a Scam"
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  1. Hold on a minute, Ramzpaul —

    In some parts of the country the “handyman” and residential repair / minor residential construction field is overflowing with immigrant workers. They do not speak English, or at best, one of their number has reasonable English & is the ‘interpreter’ for the rest. They will advertise that they can “renovate your bathroom” or kitchen, and claim to have “20 years experience.” But after your plumbing is torn out, you learn that that 20 years experience is an aggregate, and that most of the experience is painting. They know no more about plumbing than the average homeowner — they can replace a gasket but can’t diagnose a problem, sweat a pipe, install a new valve that involves anything more than a screwdriver.

    They — this “they” = legions of guys who live 10 in a rental house, haunt the parking lots of the big box ‘hardware’ stores, mostly Home Depot: as a Honduran immigrant painter told me, “Home Depot gives them credit and training.” Meanwhile, Bernie Marcus supports Israeli causes including Israeli colonization of Honduras.
    It’s doubtful if they have insurance; big mistake to hire one of these guys to do plumbing or electrical — anything that demands a chain of responsibility in the event something goes wrong.

    Meanwhile, ‘white’ English-speaking Americanish tradesmen — those people that you encourage “don’t go to college, go into the trades” — they have to manage their own marketing, estimating, finance — i.e. payroll, taxes, compliance, etc.. They DO need business savvy to know when to bid on a job, whom to hire, how and when to expand, whether to buy a truck, what truck to buy. That all takes time and a certain level of skill & knowledge. Knowing how to install a complex residential plumbing or electrical system is just not enough. To cover all that “down time,” they have to charge at least $90 per man hour — $90 an hour to power wash a patio!
    Or an illegal will do it for $50.

    Many “Americanish” tradesmen manage all their back room tasks by buying into franchises. They have call centers, office staff, franchise fees, truck fleets. They charge upward of $150 per man hour; a task as ordinary as installing a screen door can cost $700.

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