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Chica and the Gringo - Is Beauty Real?
Join us this evening at 9:00 P.M. CST as Isabel and RAMZPAUL discuss the 'body positivity' movement.
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  1. Liza says:

    Men find young women attractive “because they are fertile”? Coulda fooled me. I’ve yet to meet, see, or hear about a white man who wants to have a shitload of kids – if any at all. Men are the biggest supporters of the birth control pill and abortion. Since when do they take up with a young woman, thinking, “Hey, I can have a baby with her!” LOL It’s “Are you on the pill?”

    I would suggest that men prefer young women because, generally, they are pretty stupid in the ways of the world and easily taken advantage of.

  2. MEFOBILLS says:

    “because they are fertile”? Coulda fooled me. I’ve yet to meet, see, or hear about a white man who wants to have a shitload of kids

    You have to put this into economic context. Most “white women” in the Western World have been punked with feminism. They think they can have it all, and still cling to the idea that a man is a paycheck.

    So, the landscape is very treacherous for a man. There is a right kind of woman one can have a shitload of kids with, but those kinds of women are in short supply.

    Also, consider how the economy requires two incomes now, so the idea of finding this special woman and further her being on her back and popping out kids, becomes vanishingly small.

    Women, if they are serious about having a lot of kids, need to make themselves attractive and show off their fertility. They also have to conserve money and not ride the c*ck carousel (to thus prevent sexual disease). Men want a personal slut… one who conserves herself for him.

    Most western women are behaving poorly, so “white men” are tuning out. Many are turning to Asian women who are maintaining their femininity and not slutting around.

    Women have been weaponized by Frankfurt Skool Cultural Communists, and their patrons. Their patrons are finance oligarchs who want new debtors.

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