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Because It Is Our Home
Trump opposes the migrant caravan because it is full of 'harden criminals.' But what if the caravan is not full of harden criminals? Should we let them in? Like my ...
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  1. anonymous[739] • Disclaimer says:

    These scenes of horror might as well be taken straight out of the Walking Dead:

    Flesh eating Zombies.

    But, I’m sure there is some Ron Paul/Rand Paul Libertarian Constitutionalist free market theory that this mass invasion of diseased Orc Walkers is good for America, or just not important as we should concentrate on some hard money monetary reforms and privatization.

    I want to punish the wealthy elites Lib Leftists, Hollywood directors and actors like George Clooney and Rob the Meathead Reiner, make them get caught in this mob of dirty diaper migrants. But I also want to punish even more the wealthy elite cuckservatives – the Bush Family, the Romney Family, the Board of Directors of Tyson Foods or Cargill who either never do anything or even support this mass migrant invasion because they want low cost workers.

    We should build tent cities at the Augusta National Golf Course during the Masters and have these migrants pooping and spreading disease everywhere.

    I would love to tackle Ron and Rand Paul and force their face in these migrant walker dirty diapers.

    And all we ever get is some Donald Trump tweets, sensible one liners from Ann Coulter ( a real bitch to me in person) and these funny, accurate videos from RamZPaul in exile in Hungary.

    This all feels 100% like Jean Respaul’s Camp of The Saints – where in the end there were about 12 sane White men and one brown Indian who stood up to the invading hordes of diseased, pooping 3rd world walkers.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  2. To paraphrase an old saying, the buck stops with the orange cuck. I blame Trump for this. He has not built the wall. He has totally cucked and just keeps giving excuses. He is the commander-in-chief and his first duty is to protect our borders – by whatever means necessary. All he has to do is give a speech on t.v. declaring a border emergency and stating the Army Corps of Engineers will start building the wall. He can order the military to shoot rubber bullets at invaders.

    The Israelis are protecting their borders. Hundreds have been killed and injured along the Gaza border. Good for the Israelis. I want to see this on our southern border.

  3. @anonymous

    Rand Paul is a total cuck. He ran away from some Dreamers a couple of years ago. Steve King, a hero, stayed, spoke with them. Here’s the youtube:

    I don’t understand why the Pauls are always hailed as libertarian heros who can save the US. They are cowards. They are a perfect example of why libertarianism is a totally cuck political belief system.

  4. ariadna says:

    @attilathehen: 1. Israel is the only state that has no declared borders — because it is not yet done stealing land. 2. It is the only state that does not allow the native population living in exile to return home but confers citizenship on the citizens of any country in the world whose matrilineal descent indicates belonging to judaism by dint of the Law of Return” to a land to which they have no connection. 4. The Israelis are not even a nation by the necessary and sufficient criteria of the definition. 5. Israel commits massacres and crimes against humanity against the native population of the land they stole and against its neighbors whose land it occupies (Syria and Lebanon).
    So, no, I would not like “to see this on our southern border.”
    Equating Israel’s brutal land theft and military expansionism to the legitimate wish of a (real) nation to defend itself from extinction and to control immigration is an insult to any nationalist and patriot.

  5. ariadna says:

    @RAMZPAUL: “Because it is our home”– excellent point, superbly made. This video should be sent by all who agree to at least five friends, who should be asked to send it to at least five friends, who… etc.

  6. Rogue says:

    Trump is a cuck. If a similar situation was happening on Israel’s border, Trump would thunder away about how this is not gonna happen, Israel is our greatest friend etc.

    The MSM in the USA would be saying the same, or at least not saying anything to the contrary.

    Trump is a worthless, cowardly cuck. He has totally disappointed nationalists not just in America but, because of the obvious influence of the USA all over the Western world, everywhere else as well.

    Man up Trump! Who cares about Jerusalem embassies, tax breaks for the wealthy and low Black unemployment? The Jews, wealthy corporations and ever disgruntled Negroes will never be your friend. So man up, asshole!

    And get your troops out of bullshit wars in the mid-East. Isn’t that what you at the very least hinted at on the campaign trail? And, NO, we’re not gonna believe propaganda bullshit about Iran. All you do is dance to the tune set by your Israeli, Jewish and Saudi masters. Pathetic.

    I’ll stick with Vlad. At least for now. But he does genuinely appear to have more balls.

  7. Rogue says:

    On reflection, maybe I’m being a bit harsh on Trump – he’s no doubt been chucked into the deep end of the swamp in a way he never anticipated.

    But many of his cabinet appointments, his seeming impotence over improving relations with Russia, the Middle East war carry-on and, of course, the glaring lack of the “wall” don’t inspire too much confidence as yet.

    Hopefully, he will still rise up to some of these challenges, no matter how difficult they prove to be.

    Of course he’s better than Hilary – that’s a no-brainer – but it would be nice if he could start to deliver on the important parts of his electioneering bombast.

  8. Despite many millions among us illegally many more are coming. This has to stop. The whiff of finanancial stick of punishment, if the latest caravan is allowed to move up north was a nice change tactic though already being ignored.

    While I do not want any US aid going anywhere, perhaps this is the time to promote using the 38Billion targted for some far away place in the middle east – to rather use it to help our “american cousins” in Honduras. All hispanics would love this as they theroeticaly line up for ME NEXT plus it would create nice facture line for monies for some unimportant distant spot in the middle east?

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