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Baltimore Blues
Trump tells black lawmaker to clean up 'disgusting, rat and rodent infested' district. Like my videos? Support me at -
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One Comment to "Baltimore Blues"
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  1. One of my favorite X-Files episode is “Dreamland.” In it, an alien craft causes a warp that switches Mulder’s mind with that of an FBI agent. Eventually, Mulder and Scully figure out that the warp is snapping back and all will be returned to normal.

    The West is going through something similar to the “Dreamland” episode. Beginning with the ancient Greeks, then Romans and the rise of Western Christendom, the West has been the most important civilization in all of world history. The Western diaspora, whether because of trade, the duty to bring Christianity to everyone in the world or the conquering and settling of new lands, brought to the rest of the world the greatest philosophical, religious, scientific and economic ideas ever thought of. Its universalism, because of Christianity and brotherhood, really believed that Western beliefs could help people all over the world. Because of the West, the world has been mapped, conquered and settled. However, we can now see that Western civilization cannot help people who are not Western. We are seeing the world starting to “snap back” to more primitive ways in many parts of the world. This is clearly seen in America.

    We can now see the Western civilization can do almost nothing for blacks and most Asians. The Japanese are the only exception (they are the only intelligent Asians). Western males must now deal with reality. The problem is that Western males refuse to deal with reality.

    The Gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew tell of the miracle Jesus performed when He cast out demons from a man and into a herd of swine. The herd ran into a lake and drowned. We are facing something similar with cucked Western males. However, the Devil cannot be blamed for this demonic cuckery. Western males have created demonic cuckery themselves and will willingly drown themselves or throw themselves off a cliff than deal with reality. They refuse to deal with the realities of IQ and its relation to race. They refuse to deal with the facts that Western civilization can only be preserved by Western peoples. They refuse to deal with the fact the universal church and universal brotherhood are evil oxymorons and these beliefs are destroying the West. They refuse to deal with the reality that we must think of separation as the only way to save the West. The best example of this herd of swine are the cucked GOP RINO congressmen.

    The sophist Jew (((Molyneux))) made a youtube spouting integration nonsense. Here is a youtube where his goal is for people to get to know one another and get along. He has no idea about what philosophy really is. His stupidity starts at the 6 min mark. This non-Western male babbles about love being the reason for his nonsense. He always claimed to be Aristotelian in thinking. He would babble about IQ and the West. He must go to Israel.

    Western Catholic males are running away. The RCC is holding an Amazon synod in October. The scuttlebutt is that the cardinals will make major changes to the RCC. Cucked trad Catholics are babbling about a needed confrontation between the liberals and conservatives in the RCC. Here is an interesting essay about this: Fortunately, we have the Orthodox Church. Whites are fleeing the RCC and converting to Orthodoxy. The RCC can no longer produce a Charles Martel of Francia, Queen Isabella of Spain or Don Juan of Austria.

    E. Michael Jones is always babbling about how he believes in “unprotected intercourse.” OK, I won’t play hard to get. I’m a girl who likes to have fun. However, when you start talking about IQ and its relation to race, how black/Asian priests-popes are haram in the West, how the RCC cannot help blacks/Asians – he pulls out and withdraws. He refuses to engage in unprotected intercourse with facts and starts blaming the Jews for everything under the sun.

    Here are the facts. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. Caucasoids have the highest IQs, then Mongoloids and Negroids are last. There is nothing that can be done to raise IQs and once a smart person loses their IQ nothing can be done to get it back.

    As the “snapping back” continues, we have to look back at ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was created by Caucasians. DNA tests have confirmed this. The ancient Egyptians created the greatest civilization until the ancient Greeks and Romans came into their own. Look at present day Egypt. The average IQ is 84 and accordingly present day Egypt is a shithole. What caused this degeneration? The ancient Egyptians mixed with blacks over time. Present day Egypt will never be like ancient Egypt.

    The same thing happened in ancient Aryan India. Over the centuries, Aryan Indians starting mixing with Asians and thus present day India has an average IQ of 82. India is a shithole.

    Repatriating and separating blacks/Asians (Chinese/Koreans/East Indians) is critical.

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