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Andrew Yang Flunks Math Test
In the Democratic debates, Andrew Yang agreed with all the other candidates that we should invite everyone in the world into America and these people should ...
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  1. conatus says:

    Good talk, esp about the idea of YT only able to be discussed pejoratively. If YT is discussed at all, he is immediately transformed into a ‘Supremacist’.

    When it comes to money the Leftist Utopians will use MMT, Modern Monetary Theory to basically change the conception of Money to create money that is free.
    I think there will be a slow change in the academic world economics and these people will create a new idea of money. Honestly I do not understand it but Barron’s had an article a couple of weeks ago and they had this paragraph:

    “The first of these insights is that “money is a creature of law,” as the German legal historian Georg Friedrich Knapp put it in his 1905 book The State Theory of Money. Governments invented money to buy goods and services from the private sector without offering anything of equivalent value in return. People accept this because they are forced to use government-approved money to pay their taxes. Government spending therefore creates money, while taxation destroys it. Sovereign governments cannot run out of money, although their spending is limited by their ability to compel the private sector to provide goods and services.”

    So money comes from the GOV, they make it, they set its value so they will give it to you. And that is where free health care for the entire world will come from, along with their guaranteed income.

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