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America's Future
California Gov. Gavin Newsom predicts America will dump GOP in 'waste bin of history' Like my videos? Support me at -
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One Comment to "America's Future"
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  1. RamZ, you’re cucking. 2020 is Year Zero. Everything is collapsing. Harvard is gone. Catholic universities are starting to close down. Most Catholic churches will be closed by 2020. The Christian Zionist churches are closing. This is good. Ann Coulter has been outed for the cuck she is. The NBA/NFL are gone. Hollywood is collapsing.

    There is not going to be a civil war. China is not going to invade us. China is collapsing. Just a quick aside, the Chinese are almost done exterminating their Muslims. They know how quickly their people are aging so they will not let Muslims dominate them.

    Trump announced today that he is going to start deporting illegals. Let’s see what happens. There is not going to be a war with Iran. People must be calling the White House and complaining. Legal immigrants are not citizens and will leave when their legal documents are taken away.

    We are winning the war on tcch censorship. What we need is a new political party. It has to be a party only for Western peoples.

    The countries with the most problems are Germany, England, France and Sweden. Italy is changing for the better thanks to Salvini. France is going to have to start making changes, i.e., deporting blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims. The yellow vests are now in conflict with the black vests. Black vests are not the real French. I’ve seen several articles on the yellow vests that are contradictory. Some articles state that the yellow vests are putting their yellow vests back in their glove compartments. Other yellow vests are calling for major economic boycotts. France has almost collapsed so we will be seeing many interesting things going on in France. France has defined borders so their problems are internal. The real French will have to fight to get their country back. Germany, Sweden and England also have defined borders. They will have to fight to get their country back.

    Eastern Europe and Japan are fine. We can look to these countries and see what we can have once we start doing what needs to be done.

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