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America Is Screwed
My cynical Gen X analysis of the election results. Like my videos? Support me at -
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7 Comments to "America Is Screwed"
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  1. Baxter says:

    Nailed it.
    This topic is something I’ve mentioned on several occasions with friends and family. Almost without exception the response is indifference or resignation. There is the occasional ‘cuckservative’ that will point out there do exist black conservatives. And I point out blacks vote black about 90 percent of the time.
    In 1970, this sort of worked. In 2018, it isn’t.
    Demographically, America is done. I predict the country tipping blue in less than 4 years.
    Best case scenario, Brazil. Worst case, South Africa.

  2. Problem,

    the party most seen as a barrier to those issues has been the republican party.

    For the black population the US whites are primarily responsible for the hyper focus on color to tribe. The US that James Woods is speaking about is not the idea. It’s too issue voting as opposed to trite color, ethnicity and gender politics.

    Consider this that the black population was largely independent and republican after the civil war — the idea that they embraced democrats based on skin color is ridiculous.

    The black population in Georgia is 34%. The idea that tribal politics of color over rode the 75% of whites – including those who are polled as whites just does not wash if demographics is the sole or primary determinant.

  3. HBM says:

    The displacement of evil Whites by brown saints as an inevitable, supreme moral good is a narrative that you-know-who has been pushing for decades and decades. It’s now coming to the final chapters. Maybe half of Whites and surely the vast majority of minorities have internalized it.

    You-know-who has a collective psychological complex regarding “colonizers” (that means those evil Americans who founded our country and their racist posterity– namely, us) as well as an attendant fetish for pretending they are acting supremely ethically when they weaponize ethnics against the culture hosting them.

    I suspect that as the numbers look more and more grim, these folks will feel more comfortable dropping their masks; and if it ever comes to open conflict, I have no doubt about which group the most vocal and most bloodthirsty agitators will hail from.

    Ramzpaul is right. It’s almost surely too late. It seems to me that perhaps some of the whitest states that reamain could survive if we have a large-scale catastrophe that could make possible their secession. It would be something like irony, I guess, if the White Nationalists who actually get a state of their own end up being not from the South or Pacific Northwest or Alaska, but from rich White liberal holdouts like Maine and Vermont. That would be just about right for this broken world.

    Mexico and endless streams of South Americans; the inhabitants of Trudeau-Soros’ Great Brown North; the Chinese and their huge pockets and settlements; intervention by EU tyrants… it could all get very ugly if the US comes unglued. Ever imagine that one day there might be a Muslim theocratic state or states in the Upper Midwest?

    I have to just shelve it at times because it’s way too depressing to face the reality of it for extended periods.

  4. America is not screwed. This election got rid of a lot of RINO cucks. Kevin Yoder and Curbelo of Miami were amnesty supporters and they are gone. Also, Democrats did not get what they wanted. We have better Republicans in office now and Trump is going to bear down and get more stuff done.

    There will not be a race war if we ship out the illegals and give blacks a state of their own. California New York, Illinois are losing tens of thousand of people yearly so they will lose electoral votes. We must endorse identity politics constantly to further separate people. Look at what’s being accomplished in Eastern Europe and now in Italy. We will prevail.

  5. Americans are a clueless bunch. They have, in generally, little interest in how the rest of the world thinks.
    I forget who said it, someone once asked “did anyone ask the diversity if they wanted diversity?”
    The United States has imported the entire world. Does the entire world really want to live in the same country with each other?
    We are going to find out the truth very shortly as the country disintegrates.
    Liberal progressive America is hopeless.

  6. bro3886 says:

    Reading conservative blogs after the election it was striking how almost none of them mentioned or barely mentioned demographic changes and their effects on the election. Absolutely out of touch with reality. These people are completely controlled by their donors and their alleged opposition. Their psychological slavery is such that they are happy to go on a suicide mission for their masters. The left gloats about dispossessing white America, only the GOPe and Conservatism, Inc. pretend it doesn’t matter. They are con men who have sold you into slavery.

  7. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Are white women considered a different voting block?

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