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A Trophy? or a Home?
France wins the 2018 World Cup. Trump critics claim that this is proof that diversity is our strength. Likemy videos? Support me at ...
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  1. This is why collapsing the black dominated NFL/NBA teams has been so important. Blacks must have their own teams.

    Now that Trump and Putin have met, and Trump has dealt with North Korea, it is time for Trump to start building the wall on our southern border when he returns to the USA. No more excuses.


  2. Anonymous[104] • Disclaimer says:

    I have never ever been able to catch fire over the game of soccer. Where I live there has been an attempt to get professional soccer established. So far it has been a 40 plus year attempt and 3 professional soccer teams have been tried but they all failed after a couple of years trying to become economically viable. Now there is talk of trying to establish another professional soccer team. Go figure. Slow learners I guess.

  3. Trichardt says:

    Despite the diversity of the French champions, coach Deschamps was accused of racism for leaving out Real Madrid star Karim Benzema because of the latter’s North African background! Although he was clearly left out as a divisive presence, and Deschamps needed a united squad.

    From a purely soccer point of view (politics aside), France were great champions, worthy winners beating the best teams in style on their way to final victory. Humble, professional, and a good advert for the game. However, France’s racial diversity has led to problems in the past, with infighting in the dressing room causing promising campaigns to implode, and without Deschamps’ fatherly discipline (e.g. if Zidane were to take over as coach and bring Benzema back in), the French team could head back down that path.

    As for the country? Looks far, far gone. Unstoppable force meets immovable object and all that. The World Cup only ever papers over the cracks for a month every four years.

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