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Why "Islam IS RIGHT About Women" Is Causing "Confusion & Anger"
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  1. Paul says:

    Call me liberal and Islamophobic but I think that Islam perhaps goes too far in its hostility toward women’s rights.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  2. Excellent vid. It is more proof why the blind, dumb, idiot left does not think things through. They opposed Trump’s attempt to ban Muslim immigration and have no idea what Sharia law is. They have never seen honor killings. The left is suicidal and will die off, eventually.

  3. It may cause some self reflection, but the analysis here doesn’t make that case. The analysis here is at the end of the day says is Islam discriminates women and in incompatible with western thought regarding the lives of women.

    Which is the the sentiment held by women and expressed by most accordingly. Essentially the two viewpoints converge — so western women or westerners acting negatively hold the view expressed by the video creators, hence the removal and the emotional response based on comparing Islam to western thought.

    And frankly, both appear to be the positions of westerners and if such is woke — black Pidgeon in this instance is as woke as the rest, despite attempts to masque it in intellectual jargon and some rhetorically gymnastics.

  4. @Paul

    It’s not about controlling women, it’s about controlling men’s access to women. Because they know as well as anybody what their men are really like.

    Now if we could get the Afghans to control access to their boys…

    Nah. The Soviets found out the hard way that you can’t fix Afghan.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  5. Other possibilities come to mind.

    “Islam is right about gays.”

    “Gays are right about women.”

    “Bathhouses were good for America.”

    “Arabs are right about Jews.”
    “Jews are right about Arabs.”

    “Hitler was right about health care.”

  6. That this happened in the left-wing, wealthy suburb of Winchester, MA is heartening. The guerrilla propaganda campaign continues. I suspect (hope) it was part of Generation Z pissed off at his 500th woke school indoctrination session.

    BTW, Islam is right about women in many ways (not all), as is traditional, natural-law based Christianity: women should be subservient to their husbands, strive to accentuate their feminine virtues and seek first and foremost to serve God by raising a large, God-fearing brood of one husband’s children or else devote their lives to celibacy and worship of God.

    That kind of female behavior one of the key ingredients as to how happy families are made, and, in turn, happy nations.

  7. @Reg Cæsar

    One interesting thing I learned once is how in Saudi Arabia (and other strict Islam countries) is that the majority of men are taught as a rule that there are 4x as many females as men, so every man can have 4 wives, the women are just kept from the men until marriage.

    This covers up the fact that the Saudi royals and power-brokers horde all the attractive women in super-locked-down harems and leave the few dregs to be fought over by the men below. Think Epstein on a country-wide scale. Because most Saudi men are kept away from women altogether in almost all walks of life, they have no idea that they have been robbed so. And the women, in their gilded cages, certainly aren’t talking—whether out of fear or out of happiness at the wealth, I don’t know.

  8. I honestly do not understand the Western “concern” for women’s rights (or lack thereof) in the Middle East. It is their business and they can do as they like. If anything, I am mildly sympathetic to the Islamic view on women.

    Consider the recent fracas over female attendance of soccer matches in Iran. On the face of it, one may believe that such a seemingly innocuous act could pose no harm to the state and its attendent traditional way of life. However, anybody who knows history will understand that Iranian state’s concession or compromise on this matter will neither placate its domestic activists, nor foreign NGOs and covert agents. They will want more—and that will mean eventual upturning of traditional society and more as has occurred in the West.

  9. Paul says:

    The signs might have been posted by a Muslim defending his or her faith.

  10. Paul says:

    Does disagreeing that Islam is right about women make someone an Islamophobe?

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