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With "Biden" in the White House, the Kremlin Now Needs to Change Gear
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Biden and Poroshenko

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First, a clarification. When I speak of “Biden” I don’t mean the fungus (to use Tom Luongo’s apt expression) which was recently planted in the White House, I am referring to the “collective Biden” which I defined here . With this caveat, now let’s see why Russia might want to change gears in 2021.

First, let’s begin by the basics:

Russians often say that US politicians change, but US policies don’t. There is much truth to that, we saw that very clearly with Obama and Trump: both promised sweeping changes and both pretty much continued the policies of their predecessors, at least on the foreign policy front. In a way, you could argue that this is normal and even desirable. A shill for the regime would say something along the lines that “well, that is normal, US national security priorities don’t change with each administration, so all this proves is that no matter what any candidate promises during his campaign, once in office he/she becomes aware of the hard realities of this words and then act on it just like their predecessors did“. This argument is deeply flawed, however, because it completely ignores the will of the US people (who, let’s not forget that, voted for change every time they got a chance to, be it with Obama or with Trump) and it assumes that only those “in the know” realize and know what they have to do. This kind of “logic” is typical for the elitism of the US ruling classes.

It also ignores the fact that US Presidents are really puppets, figureheads, even if during their campaign they pretend otherwise. As for the elections, every four years in the US, they are nothing but a grand brainwashing show whose sole purpose is to give the illusion of people power. They could have presidential elections every 2 years, or even every year, none of that would change the fact that the US is a plutocratic dictatorship with much less people power than any other state in the collective West.

In fact, the argument above is just a tiny fig leaf trying to conceal the undeniable fact that the US are not ruled by a person, but are ruled by a class, in the Marxist sense of this world. Personally, I call this ruling class the “US Nomenklatura“. And while both Obama and Trump pretended to want real change, they both lost that chance (assuming they ever wanted this is the first place, which I doubt) when they did not do what Putin did when he came to office: crush the Russian oligarchs as a class (some fled abroad, some died, some lost it all, and some agreed to play by Putin’s new rules). Obama, being the vapid and spineless car salesman that he, is probably never even contemplated any real move against the US Nomenklatura. As for Trump, being the pompous narcissist that he is, he might have even entertained some thoughts of showing “who is boss”, but that lasted only 1 month, until the US Nomenklatura forced Trump to fire Flynn (after that, it was all freefall…).

Anyway, the point is that we should not expect immense, sweeping changes from any administration. Since the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, we should assume that mostly we will get “more of the same, maybe even worse”. What am I talking about here? Here is a (partial) list of these “more of the sames”:

  1. Further vilification of Russia, Russians and everything Russian by the entire western media (which is even less diverse and more uniformly lying than anything Goebbels or Suslov could ever had dreamed up!). You can think of it as “full spectrum russophobia”.
  2. Even more “sanctions” against all Russian interests (economic, political, etc.) worldwide. The US sees this as a pure zero-sum game, any loss by Russia, no matter how marginal and puny is a victory for the AngloZionist Empire.
  3. A return to Obama-era style military missile and air strikes. Probably not on Russian targets (yes, Hillary advocated that, but now this would be much more dangerous than 5 years ago), but definitely on Russian allies like Syria (including attacks on Iranian and Venezuelan vessels on the high seas).
  4. A return to Obama-era petty harassment of Russian diplomats and citizens. The goal here is not to achieve anything meaningful, but rather it is to show that “Russia is weak and cannot prevent us from treating her like a 3rd rate power”. There is nothing the US could do which would really hurt Russia, so Uncle Shmuel will turn his rage on those few diplomats and even civilians it can kidnap, jail, expel, sanction, extort, threaten etc.
  5. Even more sabre-rattling all along the Russian borders. I fully expect that US forces will be deployed in the Baltic statelets on a permanent basis (not on a rotation basis). USAF aircraft and USN ships will continue to harass Russian defenses under the pretext of “innocent passage”, “freedom of navigation” and the like.
  6. Since the Biden Admin is a “who’s who” of Jewish and Ukrainian extremists (some combo!), and since Biden is personally implicated in the Ukraine (along with Hunter), we can also expect a rapid degradation of the political situation in the Ukraine and even more provocations than under Trump. As they say, these folks will “fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian”.

None of that will have any direct impact on Russia (for a detailed discussion, see here). However, this does not mean that Russia should continue to pretend like this is “business as usual” and take blow after blow after blow. Why? For a number of reasons:

  1. There is plenty of evidence that the Russian people are getting fed-up with what they see is a rather weak, if not lame, attitude of Russian officials, especially against the constant flow of petty harassment measures against Russian interests. Folks in the West are never told this (after all, informing is not the mission of the corporate media), but the “patriotic” opposition to the Kremlin is much more dangerous than the hopelessly discredited pro-western “liberal” one (more about that below). The calls for a much more energetic “push-back” are now regularly heard, including from rather mainstream politicians.
  2. There is also plenty of evidence that the “Biden gang” will want not only to fully resume Obama-era policies towards the Ukraine (trigger more violent incidents & support for the Ukie Nazis) but that these policies will now also be extended towards Belarus. The fact that these policies are unlikely to succeed does not mean that Russia’s best response to them is to maintain a “wait and see” position. It is pretty self-evident that any form of restraint by Russia is immediately explained away as “weakness” by the western propaganda machine. Any more such “restraint” will only make things more dangerous and more difficult for Russia and Putin personally. In other words, at this point in time, “restraint” only invites more aggression.
  3. Furthermore, 2021 is an election (Parliament) year in Russia. Now, irrespective of anything Russia does, no matter how transparent or un-falsifiable Russian elections are, the West will use that opportunity to try to get violent riots in the streets of Russia before the elections and, after the election, the West will declare that the Russian elections were “undemocratic” and go on about “supporting the just democratic aspirations of the Russian people” (especially Russian homosexuals, of course!) and the like.
  4. Finally, it is pretty clear that the Biden Cabinet brings together the crème de la crème of Zionist russophobes from the US deep state. These people are characterized by the following and very dangerous characteristics: narcissistic and messianic racist self-love, a “God ordained” racist hatred for all of mankind, a personal/family history of hatred for Russia, deep involvement in many Ukie corruption schemes, an almost total failure to understand that consequences and nature of war combined with a delusional belief in invulnerability and impunity (while the former is false, the latter has been true, at least so far), etc. This is a very dangerous combination, to say the least!

The truth is that pseudo-liberals are amongst the most dangerous creatures out there. Yes, their current “geopolitical toolkit” (the US and the AngloZionist Empire) is weak, but that does not mean that Russia (or the rest of the world) can simply ignore these dangerous psychopaths.

The good (or even excellent!) news is that Trump gave Russia four more years to prepare for what is coming next, and that the Russia+China tandem is in much better shape today than it was 4 years ago. For example, the Russian internal security situation is now the best ever, as witnessed to by the fact that the Russian federal “wanted list” does not include a single Chechen national; the self-styled “last Emir of the Caucasus”, Aslan Byutukayev, was killed on January 20th, which made it possible for Ramzan Kadyrov to “declare a total victory over terrorism” in Russia). In plain English this means that every single Chechen who has ever committed an act of terrorism in Russia has been identified and is now either dead (most of them) or jailed (only a few). Despite these achievements, I am not sure sure about the “total victory over terrorism” because there are still violent groups in several regions Russia. Besides, if the “Axis of Kindness” (US/Israel/KSA, sometimes joined by the country many Russians think of as “Puny Britain”) special services decide to reignite an insurgency in Russia, they might have at least some success, especially initially. The FSB/FSO better not let their guard down, especially in Dagestan, the Far East, Crimea and the Moscow region!

In purely military terms, Russia is completely “out of reach” for the United States armed forces, even with the EU/NATO thrown in. I have written a lot about that, and I won’t repeat any of this here. Suffice to say that Russia now has the best armed forces she has had in decades while the US has an immense, truly grotesquely bloated, military, but not one that can get anything done other than killing (and, at that, mostly civilians). Even if we look just at nuclear strategic forces of Russia they are at least a decade, if not more, ahead of the West. This is the first time since WWII that Russia is that powerful, and now she can reap the many advantages of being militarily secure.

All this being said, I have personally always defended what I called the Kremlin’s “restraint” for the simple reason that when I look at the aggregate power (not just military!) of Russia and the AngloZionist Empire I still see the latter as much stronger. However, I have do admit that the trend of this relationship is a positive one, that is to say that over the past decade or so Russia has become much, much, stronger while the US and the Empire have become much, much, weaker. Under Biden, this trend will only accelerate.

The time has now come for Russia to adapt her own policies to this new reality.

And the very first thing the Kremlin ought to change is its language, its rhetoric. Yes, “restraint” is good, especially when escalation into a full-scale war is amongst the possible outcomes of any crisis, but “restraint” cannot be a goal in itself. For example, while the US+NATO does, objectively, represent a major anti-Russian threat (if only because they are weak and can only count their on nukes to protect them!). Likewise, the ugly “Banderastan” which the Ukronazis turned the good old Ukraine into is not a threat to Russia whatsoever. So why not seriously turn down a few economic screws to make the Ukronazis feel that their never ending stream of insults and (empty) threats can have consequences?

Next, the Kremlin needs to mix strong words with strong actions!

Just this Sunday, January, the 24th, the US Embassy in Moscow was involved in openly coordinating the (small, but violent and illegal!) riots in Moscow, just the same way the NEXTA Telegram channel has done in Belarus. So what did the Kremlin do in response? The Russian Foreign Ministry did order US diplomats to the MID building and… … gave them a note of firm protest.

And that’s it?!

I don’t think anybody in the US Embassy in Moscow gives a damn about Russian protests. If anything, US “diplomats” probably get a good laugh each time they get such protests. And everybody knows that, including the Russian diplomats. So why do they hold to such a lame “communications line”?

The Russian Navy recently gave a very good example of how a good word can have much more effect when backed with some good action: remember when (of all names!) the USS John McCain recently breached the Russian maritime border? The Russian Navy did tell the McCain to withdraw, but it added that the Russian large antisubmarine ship (a “destroyer” in western terminology) Admiral Vinogradov would “ram” the McCain if his warnings were not heeded. Needless to say, the McCain got out really fast (the USN already has experienced this kind of situation in the past, see here). The problem with ramming, at least for the USN, is that you can hardly reply by opening up with your weapons, which would be truly suicidal inside Russian waters and near the (heavily fortified) Russian coastline. As for the Russians, they are “crazy” enough to do that, even when their ship is smaller (ask any US sailor who served in the US submarine force, they know!). The simple truth is that the Russian sailors “mean business” (the one of defending their motherland) whereas the US sailors, well, how shall I put it? They do very much want to “show the flag” and “defend principles”, but not if they might get seriously hurt. That’s just a fact. From the Russian point of view, joining the military means accepting that pain and death come with the territory. 1000 years of warfare have truly imprinted that on the Russian collective psyche.

By the way, a lot of US Americans love to repeat these famous words by General Patton: “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country“. This is a neat aphorism, and it very much caters to a typically US view of warfare. It is also almost perfectly wrong, as any Russian, Iranian or Hezbollah fighter could tell you – that is not how you win wars. In fact, this is how you lose them. And this is why putative “dumb bastards” beat the crap out of US forces over and over again…

At the very least, it is high time to reduce the number of US officials in Russia: I am talking about diplomats, of course, but also the entire menagerie of “volunteers”, “NGOs” and, most definitely, US “journalists” accredited in Russia. Reducing their numbers will also make it easier for the FSB/FSO to keep an eye on the rest of them.

Next, I would also show a large number of EU “guests” to the door: after all, why keep them in this nightmarish Putin’s Mordor? Let’s send them back to the “freedom” they, apparently, care for so much (at least when in Russia; when in Paris, Berlin or Rotterdam – not so much).

Frankly, they EU rulers have gone completely insane. Now the EU is seriously considering cancelling the almost completed North Stream 2 over the Navalnyi nonsense! Sacrificing a multi-billion dollar project crucial to the EU economy over the fate of one particularly uninspiring and fake pseudo-dissident whose support in Russia is less than one percent (as shown by the miniscule crowds which violently rioted on is behalf). What the EU leaders fail to appreciate is that Russia needs NS2 much less than the EU does, as Russia’s main gas plans are fully focused on China. There is a good Russian expression about the kind of threats the EU makes: to “try to scare a hedgehog with a naked bottom!”. The EU really needs to be placed on a suicide watch, imho.

Frankly, this entire western “fauna” has become accustomed to living in Russia while making a living hating on Russia. They mostly got away with it in the 80s, they totally got away with it in the 90s, and for the past twenty years the Kremlin has done precious little to change this. I think that the “message” (westerners love “messages”) from the Kremlin should be simple: living and working in Russia is not a right, it is a privilege. If you can’t behave, then you have overstayed your welcome. In the current context, the West has much more to lose from this kind of policy than Russia (especially since Russian diplomats were already expelled, and Russian consular buildings illegally closed).

Next, Russia needs to respond to the US zero-sum-game, but not by accepting such a logic for herself. The main problem with the zero-sum-game mindset is that it is extremely wasteful: the side engaging in it has to spent a lot of time and efforts trying to deny any victory, or even mildly positive development, to the other side. What Russia should do instead, is define a list of vulnerable and important targets/goals of the Empire, and then focus her resources and energy denying them to the US. Such a fully focused effort is much more efficient than the kind of “full spectrum pestering” the US typically engages in. The good news, at least for Russia, is that the US is both vulnerable and weak, economically, militarily, culturally, socially – you name it. As for the Empire, it has been dead for a while already: it simply ceased to operate as an empire a while ago already. Again, this reality is carefully hidden in what I call “Zone A“, but in Zone B everybody knows it, even if they pretend otherwise.

The perfect place for Russia to really make a difference would be Iran. Though the Iranians are extremely sophisticated players, both their diplomats and their military, they badly need Russian help, especially in such fields as early warning systems, targeting, over the horizon radars, air defenses (ground and air based), antisubmarine warfare, coastal defenses, etc. – you name it! Iran is, by far, the most important country in the Middle-East and Iran is therefore constantly under threat by the “Axis of Kindness”. Russia has not, so far, taken the strategic decision to give Iran the means to be safe, at least in part to be able to put pressure on Tehran when needed (Russian and Iranian goals in Syria are similar in some ways, but also distinct in others).

Finally, the Kremlin needs to become much more attuned to the arguments of the “patriotic opposition”. For one thing, many of the arguments of this patriotic opposition are correct, so listening to them is simply common sense. Second, some of these arguments are flawed, but they cannot be ignored: these arguments need counter-arguments. Simply assuming that the Russian people will always support the Kremlin no matter what is delusional and dangerous. Finally, some of these arguments are based on fallacies and only serve the interests of the US/EU/NATO block. The fact that some Russians sincerely repeat them is a dangerous sign of how susceptible some segments of the Russian society still are to US PSYOPs. For all these reasons, the Kremlin has to change its PR policies which are, frankly, becoming stale and sometimes even toxic.

Right now, there are three basic kind of opposition in Russia: the fake opposition in the Duma, which talks a lot, but basically supports the Kremlin, the non-systemic pro-US/EU opposition which probably speaks for about one percent of the Russian people, and the non-systemic “patriotic” opposition, which is also rather small, but which really needs to be represented in the Duma and become “part of the system of institutions” (as opposed to the current “one man show”) of Russia.

I am in no way suggesting that Russia should become confrontational or provocative. All that is needed is for Russia to be less “diplomatic” and much more forceful in the defense of her interests. That in turn means two things: Russian officials need to change their rather demure tone when dealing with western imperialists and, second, Russian officials needs to back their words with real, measurable, actions.

Conclusion: learn from your mistakes

Russian history is filled with cases when diplomats simply wasted the efforts and successes achieved by the Russian military. This is why the Russian military has a saying “the blood of some is spilled because of the incompetence of others” (another version: “some had to become heroes to undo that which cowards did“). Finally, if there is one thing which Russian history has shown beyond any doubt it is that the internal enemy is much, much more dangerous than the external one.

I have always maintained that the Empire and Russia have been at war since at least 2014. This is not the purely military WWIII, of course, but a war which is 80% economic, 15% informational and only 5% kinetic. This is, nonetheless, a total/existential war which will end with only one side standing, the other will vanish. For Russia, this is a war for the survival of the Russian civilizational realm, hardly a minor matter. Besides, this 80/15/5 percent war could quickly turn into a 0/0/100 kinetic one. Thus Russia needed to be very careful indeed. Now, roughly seven or eight years later, we can see that Russia has been winning, which is very good. But this war is far from over, such processes are very slow, and Russia simply cannot assume that “more of the same” from her will be enough to be victorious. All in all, the Russian policy towards the collective West has been both sound and very effective, but now the time has come for meaningful change. Should the Kremlin ignore these changing circumstances, then Russia might, yet again, be forced to solve with her military that which the diplomats failed to protect and preserve. God willing, Putin will heed the lessons taught by the history of Russia.

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  1. The Russians are very capable. They’ll…do fine.
    Most of the Russians i know dont like Putin.
    A few do.
    Some are heading back.
    I believe in them.
    Hell, i know some pretty smart Russians that predict the rodina collapses before the U.S. govt.

  2. “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country“

    Saker wants to say this statement is wrong. Too bad the facts of many wars tell a far different story than what Saker wants.

    While Russia is no longer merely a 3rd world country with nukes, the 3rd world attitudes remain. There are serious questions of how good Russia’s military is and we won’t know until it is tested in actual battle. The US is certainly rapidly declining and with social justice warriors in charge for now, the decline will accelerate.

    Be patient Saker, Biden has already handed your hero a couple unforced mistakes. The people behind him are nothing if not incompetent and will give your little friend much more in the near future.

    By the by, you’re just as uninformed as when you started publishing your nonsense.

  3. “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country… (etc etc)”

    Saker wants to say this statement is wrong. Too bad the facts of many wars tell a far different story than what Saker wants.

    Quite correct. General Paton knew what he was talking about, and his military record proves it.

    The problem with the Saker’s assertion here is context. Different conflicts have different contexts.

    The American military of Paton’s generation was very different to the current breed.

    Sort of like comparing professionals to amateurs, winners to losers, talent to hubris, etc.

    Be patient Saker, Biden has already handed your hero a couple unforced mistakes.

    Be patient indeed. This shit has been going on for decades now, more decades to come.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  4. Seraphim says:
    @Tony massey

    For hundreds of years a lot of ‘pretty smart people’ predicted that Russia will collapse before they disappeared.

    • Agree: Tony massey
  5. @Seraphim

    Were they Russian?
    I think they’ll be fine,dude.
    Prolly much like Southerners will be.
    Hell, we’ve been dealing with niggers for a long time. One day the gloves will come off and that’ll be that.
    One day the gloves will come off and, for everyone, nearly, that’ll be that.
    Survivors will abound.
    Then it all begins again.
    Surely, the niggers will be gone. Shit will be better for the survivors.
    Then…it all begins again.
    People will survive for a very long time to come.
    I hope.
    Many Russians will survive.
    Then it all begins again, dude.

  6. @Tony massey

    “Most of the Russians i know dont like Putin.”


    • Replies: @yurivku
  7. I liked the article. I do disagree with one part. The sidebar regarding Iran. I believe Russia and Iran are far closer than most realize in the West. Russia and Iran have been working together for two decades and they have shared enemies. A lot of the reason Iran is able to hit back every time America and Israel terrorize them is because of Russian intelligence assistance. That friendship will continue to grow I believe and I hope.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @sally
  8. That has got to be one of the most disgusting and repulsive photos I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of disgusting and repulsive photos.

  9. JWalters says:

    “Finally, the Kremlin needs to become much more attuned to the arguments of the ‘patriotic opposition’.” – The Saker

    Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of information in war. People are won over to the facts by understanding them. Conveying understanding takes more time and effort than sound bites. It is the most solid basis for taking action, and gives people the most confidence to act. Understanding the facts also refutes simplistic frauds.

    On the American side, Americans need to understand that the “AngloZionist” empire is Anglo territory ruled by Zionist financiers. That is why their bribed, blackmailed, and threatened politicians and pundits push them into needless, expensive wars, and are plundering them under cover of Covid. With that understanding clear, Americans would take a unified action to free themselves. That would take top priority over the cultivated “culture wars”.
    “If Americans Knew”
    “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    • Agree: Alfred
  10. @Tony massey

    Those pretty smart Russians sound like they bet on the wrong horse this time.

  11. @Quartermaster

    Well, considering their experiences in the Two Chechen Wars and Syria, it seems to have come very far. As far as full-scale war, that does remain to be tested, though considering America’s military pre-SJW, it looked like our soldiers were suffering such a prodigious drop in quality as to be almost amusing. One can tell the wars are not meant to be won.

    Your tone of voice towards the end becomes so patronizing it’s painful. Why speak if you can’t act like you’re not talking to a 8-year old?

    Little friend?

    By the by? Go write your own analysis and interview people.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  12. Patton was right. Saker is wrong.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @macilrae
  13. Wally says:

    Hapless Saker thinks he’s criticizing “Zionist russophobes from the US deep state”, then does them a favor by spewing Zionist propaganda about ‘the Nazis’.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  14. idealogus says:

    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country“
    Perfectly true. Paton know his job.

    Saker probably means that a real soldier should not be afraid to risk his life. But in the end to win you have to stay alive and kill your enemy not the way around.
    In addition, the days are long gone when Russia allowed itself to send waves after waves of peasants with rifles in front of German machine guns and in the end to win the war. Now Russia has a population about 5 times smaller than the USA + EU.
    Now the US + EU can afford human waves against Russia. Just kidding. I hope that russian generals are surpassing the hundreds of years old mentality of sacrificing milions of their own soldiers completly unnecessarily. Because they can’t afford it anymore.
    It seems that Saker did not overcome this mentality

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Alfa158
    , @Zarathustra
  15. Several years ago I wrote an article which I began with the following cautionary tale:

    “Our hero is a certain man, we’ll call him Mr P, who lives in a large house with a front garden and a gate. Some way down the lane there lives a Mr A, who is a known Mafia criminal with a history of violent crime. Mr A has paid off the police chief, so there is no point complaining to the law about Mr A’s crimes. He owns the law.

    Now, Mr A covets Mr P’s nice house and garden. He doesn’t need either, but he covets them. Also, the fact that Mr P doesn’t obey his every whim, like everyone else on the street, rankles with Mr A. And Mr P is not unaware of any of this.

    One of the reasons that Mr A can get away with his crimes is that he has a gun. It is a big gun, a machine gun of 14.7mm calibre, and just about everyone else on the street is either unarmed or has only muzzle loaders. The only exception is Mr P, who happens to own a machine gun himself. Not as big as that owned by Mr A, 12.7mm rather than 14.7, but not far behind.

    Now one day Mr A comes out of his house carrying his machine gun, comes up the lane, and uses it to shoot the lock off Mr P’s gate. Mr P, watching from his window, does nothing. Mr A, seeing that his actions have brought no punishment, walks into the garden, trampling over Mr P’s flower beds, and shoots Mr P’s pet rabbits. Mr P still watches, doing nothing.

    Then Mr A begins hammering on Mr P’s front door, to which Mr P’s response is to….pull down the shutters on his windows and shout that Mr A’s activities are unacceptable and an affront to society.

    What would you think of Mr P, here? Would you commend his restraint in not starting a gunfight that would shoot up the street? When Mr A breaks into his living room, isn’t Mr P going to have to start that gunfight if he isn’t to be robbed of hearth and home?

    And what if, as soon as Mr A had emerged on to the lane, Mr P had come out of his house with his machine gun, leaned casually on his gate, and pointed the gun in A’s general direction? Would or would not have A got the message?”

    Mr A is, of course, Amerikastan, and P is, well, there isn’t any need for me to explain who he is.

    I think the Saker is wrong to claim the Amerikastani Empire has been at war with Russia since only 2014. The war has been going on since at least 1999 when Putin, then new at the job, began the process of liberating Chechnya. I still recall the Ameriganda about the “massacre of Grozny” and how the “Chechen movement is regarded by most authorities as a nationalist struggle”. This when Akhmad Kadyrov and Beslan Gantamirov’s Chechen militias were in the forefront of the liberation battle on the Russian side. That Russia persevered until Chechnya was liberated put a spanner in the works for approximately five years, roughly 2005-8.

    The next shots fired were when Medvedev became president and the Georgian Saakashvili regime immediately attacked Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. Medvedev however didn’t back down and made Saakashvili eat his tie on live television.

    You’ll note that these two were attacks on Russia, first directly and then via South Ossetia, and that resolute Russian action defeated the Amerikastani Empire both times.

    Defeated in these attempts, the Amerikastani Empire focus shifted to attacking Russia indirectly by destroying Russia’s friends and allies. In 2011, Russia stood by and watched while Libya was destroyed; Syria would have fallen as well but for Iranian and Hezbollah assistance and the fact that Syrian minorities and secular Sunnis, knowing exactly the fate that awaited them under a Wahhabi theocracy, fought Obama’s headchoppers back from within sight of Assad’s presidential palace (“Operation Damascus Volcano, 2012) all the way back to Daraa. Russia stood by and watched while Ukraine was openly destroyed and handed over to Nazis in 2014; but the war was going on long before that. And it goes on now, harder than ever before.

    I regular read the Canadastani propagandist Gwynne Dyer to find out what the enemy wants its people to think; Dyer, a bone deep neoliberal Cold War Reagan worshipper, regurgitates every single propaganda piece against Russia, China and Belarus as incontrovertible fact (such as “Navalny was poisoned”, “Tikhanovskaya won the Belarus election”, “Putin is a thug”, etc etc). Russian “restraint ” against people totally brainwashed by Dyer et al is pointless. They already think Russia is utterly evil, they can’t be unbrainwashed, they don’t want to be unbrainwashed, and Russia should no longer try.

    I have over and over attacked Putinist “restraint”. It has achieved nothing except emboldening Russia’s mortal enemies. And Russia’s enemies are the world’s enemies so it’s our war as well.

    If Putin isn’t ready to abandon “restraint” now, then Russia must abandon Putin. Nothing short of that.

  16. AReply says:

    Another mindless rambling being foisted as commentary.

    The author AI is not improving, maybe because human thought is not merely a statistical transformation over an input dataset.

    But even if we take this piece as just a simple categorical agglomeration of factoids, who cares what Russia thinks about USA? Can’t Russians occupy themselves we Russia?

    Maybe the whole world are Americans?

    The Russian Navy will ram you!

    “I sink your Battleship!”

    “I drink your milkshake!”

    Stupid AI shit

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  17. If Anglozionists can’t really do anything to hurt Russia, why devote time and energy into confronting them? Why confront Navalny for that matter? Release the man from prison, let him and his followers protest corruption to their heart’s content.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  18. narcissistic and messianic racist self-love, a “God ordained” racist hatred for all of mankind

    C’mon, cut that out. I’m the only true race-ist.

    Zionists are racial supremacists.

    The truth is that pseudo-liberals are amongst the most dangerous creatures out there.

    They are for Glob Uber Alles, hence should be called Uberalls.

  19. Alfred says:
    @Tony massey

    Some are heading back

    Not only Russians.

    I suspect a lot of well-off, educated, informed, Westerners will be heading that way too. As soon as the blinkers fall off.

    All the places where I have lived seem to be going down the plughole – England, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, Egypt, Iran, Spain etc. The good thing about this virus nonsense is that it gives one a very clear idea as to what a scam “democracy” really is.

    It is a shame the Russians make it quite difficult to head that way – unless you marry a Russian. But it is also quite understandable. Like the Midwesterners who are not welcoming to Californians and Blacks.

    Contrast the Moscow police to the police of Amsterdam. The Russian police is preventing a “color revolution” while the police in Europe is preventing people from leading normal lives. Big difference.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  20. Schuetze says:

    Once again Saker babbles on about “Ukrainian Nazi’s” and “Russian Oligarch’s” while disingenuously not mentioning that both groups are Kazarian Jewish Racial Supremacists. It turns out that Ukrainian Nazi-Jews were behind the “insurrection” at the Capital on January 6:

    Sergei Dybynyn self-identifies as a Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) member in the middle photo. The blood and soil (red and black) menorah is what Jewish members wear showing off affiliation.

    Saker’s repeated failure to name the jew here, just like Putin’s, is tantamount to proof that both of them are taking the shekel in one form or another.

    Saker also fails to mention that the Russian central bank, like all the others, is Rothschild controlled. It takes its orders from BIS in Basel. If Putin wasn’t a crypto-jew through his mother, and if Putin had half the number of gonads as Hitler, he would take Russia out of BIS the cabal like Hitler did. But he won’t, because he is part of the same elite that Biden and Trump are.

    Some might argue that Putin knows what happens when a country defies BIS and goes its own way, but he and Saker both know that they will forgo the shekel if they dare mention it:

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  21. Biff says:

    At the very least, it is high time to reduce the number of US officials in Russia: I am talking about diplomats, of course, but also the entire menagerie of “volunteers”, “NGOs” and, most definitely, US “journalists” accredited in Russia.

    Nailed it right there! If you want to reduce the violence of colored revolutions, simply remove the provocateurs.

  22. The Anglo American oligarchy and its elected plutocracy seek to contain and ultimately destroy socialist Russia and China, thereby providing the opportunity for the oligarchy to expand its existence. Nothing more, nothing less.

  23. “Big oak” has been falling for many years now, we have held a consistent policy of appeasing the failing bully.

    “Big oak” gone done and cut some of its trunk off itself, so has started falling faster – so lets stop appeasing it and beat it up?!

    Sorry Andrei, I don’t get this strategy.

    We have all known that a failing superpower is a fish out of water – likely to lash out at the oxygen for being there, if at least for existing in a wrong form.

    So what’s new? Nothing – we still assume the jackal will, in financial desperation and instilled hate, fire its ready-for-fire nukes as a last move. Has this expectation become any more likely with the hidden government back in charge?

    Russia needs to develop its Star Wars-esque air defense systems.. The more time the merrier.

    The only thing, right now, that weakens the nuclear strike the mad ones are salivating over (have weapons but can’t use them?!?), is the time they keep salivating and not firing – as Russia keeps improving its defensive tech.

    Let them feel weakness in Russia. ‘Feeling’ is not ‘thinking’, and will be their downfall.

  24. @Quartermaster

    It’s fine to disagree with the Saker, but to reduce his well measured views to “nonsense” is unacceptable — suggesting you are overtly biased.

    • Agree: SteveK9
  25. Great article.
    I take (& agree with) the basic thesis — that it’s time for Russia to gently, by unmistakablely put a little bit more pressure on the accelerator (esp, re Iran — given Israel’s pathological attitudes)

  26. Russia should make a deal with Iran to place Russian nuclear missiles on Iranian soil under Russian control. That move would signal Russia’s intent to defend Iran and thereby tell the Israeli’s to piss off, and would make Iran a member of the nuclear weapons club by proxy.

    Then Iran should take a hint from that crazy bastard in N. Korea and get some nukes along with delivery vehicles of their own. No one is seriously threatening N. Korea for a reason, and that reason is they have the ability to shoot back.

  27. raga10 says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    General Patton was absolutely correct and the best example of this is in fact Soviet Union itself. As most people know Soviets suffered horrific losses in WWII, but it is often conveniently forgotten (especially by Americans) that Soviets also killed more Germans than anyone else – something like 3/4 of all German casualties in WWII were on Eastern front.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
    , @yurivku
  28. MLK says:

    To understate it, this article, by an author who knows whereof he speaks on this subject, purposefully misses the forest for the trees.

    A word to the wise, be wary of anyone who ignores the now loud and proud Strategic Relationship between China and Russia. Preventing any such thing is US geopolitics 101. At least it was until Obama became president and now once again under Sleepy Joe.

    Russia made monumental gains on that which is genuinely important longterm until Trump took the oath. I guess The Saker has never heard of Nord Stream II. It’s a go once again after the Navalny set-piece in concert with Germany to delay it until after the US election.

    Biden also immediately gifted Putin on nuclear weapons treaties. This subject matter also eludes The Saker for some odd reason. “But but, Biden calls Putin a ‘thug!’”

    It really isn’t all that complicated. Trump neutralized China’s North Korea card. China had exploited increasingly compromised US politicians and government officials into giving it that which was truly important by sitting on “rogue” North Korea whenever necessary. In short, Trump told China that the USG would treat North Korea as what it effectively was, a province of China, particularly when it came to nuclear weapons.

    Trump made it clear that any treaty extensions with Russia would have to include and constrain its Strategic Partner China. It took mere hours for Sleepy Joe to gift Russia and China with a five-year extension of START.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @showmethereal
  29. I can only assume that the Zionist Jews in Biden’s cabinet – they hold all the important positions – consider various parts of Eastern Europe – Ukraine, etc., – to be their “other homeland.”

    Certainly Ashkenazi Jews have more historical and ethnic ties to Eastern Europe than they do Palestine.

    It makes no sense for the United States and Russia to be enemies.

  30. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Patton’s comment is patently incorrect, and recent history shows it. The fact of the matter is that when people believe in what they are fighting for enough to freely give their lives for their country, their freedoms, their fellow man, they will be victorious even against overwhelming force and odds. It’s an attitude that separates winners from losers, and once represented the best of what America and Americans had to offer the world and each other.

    Don’t believe me? Then you’ve clearly forgotten North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and hopefully in the not-too-distant future, Syria…..

  31. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    completely ignores the will of the US people

    Of course, that’s the way it’s been all along; just pick your own start date: Civil War, WWI, some later date, etc. Consent is engineered by propaganda campaigns and coercion. Most of the population has no clue about what goes on and how the salami is made.

    Further vilification of Russia, Russians and everything Russian

    This is very worrying. Before any sort of actual military hostilities there’s usually a demonization campaign so as to prep the public psychologically for what’s to come. They are looking down the road. Putin is a cautious and conservative leader who comes out from underneath his tortoise shell to make a move. He knows what he is doing and is playing the long game. People who criticize him for not responding to the constant propaganda abuse and bullying are reacting emotionally when they think he should react and ‘do something’. He wants to retain links with Western Europe since they have a large economy and are potential good customers. Geography put them on the continent of Europe whereas America is an interloper who will eventually withdraw as its power wanes. Putin wants to make sure that the Americans don’t destroy everything on their way out.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  32. @raga10

    You have clearly misunderstood Patton’s remark. He is saying that if you kill more of them than they kill of you, you win. What absurd nonsense, and your own post proves what I am saying: the Soviets lost vastly disproportionate numbers compared to the Germans, yet despite the exceptional nature of the German forces, the Soviets prevailed.

    The Soviets fought to the death and exhibited incredibly selfless heroism that was simply stunning. Without it, the Germans would have likely been victorious (well, that and if Hitler would have listened to his remarkably intelligent generals, rather than micro-managing his way to defeat.)

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @raga10
    , @MayRay
  33. They are openly humiliating Biden, here using the same technique as on Trump a few weeks ago … having Biden sit embarrassingly at what appears to be a little boy’s desk, with the presidential seal stuck on the front, as if it was bought at a toy store … Kamala Harris behind him, like an indulgent mommy guiding him … Obviously Biden is little more than a face for however long he is propped up in that role

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  34. “Russia has not, so far, taken the strategic decision to give Iran the means to be safe, at least in part to be able to put pressure on Tehran when needed (Russian and Iranian goals in Syria are similar in some ways, but also distinct in others).”

    Nor are they likely to ever.

    Russia, like the USA, is firmly in the grasp of Jewish supremacist interests, and the internal dialectic this presents prevents both countries from pursuing their own national interests with zeal and abandon. Russia is always quick to point out how it enjoys ‘excellent’ relations with Israel.

    The only nations who enjoy ‘excellent’ relations with Israel, are those who submit to jewish supremacist demands on the whole.

    Russia’s gambit in Syria is basically a stalemate situation with the resource rich areas of Syria being plundered for the benefit of the US and Israel. Russia is maintaining its presence in the west via its puny bases, but does not take the steps necessary to purge the country of US/zionist predations, which it leaves to the Syrians, Iran and Hezbollah to do and bear the bloody consequences. Israel is not happy, but can live with that, as it knows this is a war of attrition fought on Uncle Shmuel’s never-ending dimes and blood. You will shortly see the US ramp up in Syria to possibly a fever pitch, likely to both test Russia’s resolve (thus gauging future Russian response to the inevitable aggression against Iran Israel seeks), and to simply continue the death-by-a-thousand-cuts that is presently Syria’s fate……

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Anon 52
  35. Alfred says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    That has got to be one of the most disgusting and repulsive photos I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of disgusting and repulsive photos.

    It reminded me of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker. A sure way to know if someone really likes you. 🙂

    • Replies: @Petermx
  36. padre says:
    @Tony massey

    “Most Russians that I know” isn’t the same as most Russians!

    • Agree: Tony massey
    • Replies: @yurivku
  37. Alfred says:

    It seems that Saker did not overcome this mentality

    The Russians are automating whatever they can automate. Producing tanks where the crew is smaller and not in the turret. Where the ammunition is away from the crew.

    From strategic bombers to combat robots: What Russian weapons to look out for in 2021

    In air defense, their systems are the best around. NATO no longer rules the skies. From their base in Hmeimim, Syria, they can shoot down any plane taking off in Israel.

    The Russians have deployed robotic tanks. The West has nothing of the sort.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  38. @Quartermaster

    Exactly when WAS Russia “just a third world country with nukes”?

    The USSR was sure as Hell nowhere I’d want to live; I can’t even stomach my country (the USA’s) current emerging police state.

    But it would seem that the level of education of the Russians and other Soviet-dominated peoples was not what we think of as Third World. Nor did their scientific, technical, and medical proficiency and advancements make them like African, Indian, and other “Third World” peoples of the era.

    I’m no military expert. Could you please post links to a couple articles, accessible to laymen, discussing with specificity the concerns / doubts about the Russian military? Whether the RF is paying Andrei or he is just a Russian patriot, he may be exaggerating Russia‘s relative military capabilities — or not, I don‘t know. But he has, at times, been more specific than your conclusory suggestion that Russia isn‘t as strong as he claims.

    (Incidentally, despite being anti-anti-Russian, I am not Russian and don’t view a very powerful Russian military as always an unalloyed good for the rest of the world. I wouldn’t blame countries bordering Russia for being afraid if Russia had a growing population to go with its powerful military and its SOMEWHAT less demoralized, Balkanized, morally confused and deviant, slothful, and ignorant culture (compared to the USA, Canada, Britain, and Europe). But it doesn’t have a growing population and hasn’t for decades, and there is no sign that it will even return to replacement-level fertility anytime soon. The RF may have its hands full just holding their existing territory against China and, someday, a Turkey and/or Iran with equivalent populations. I‘d pray for peace and, if it comes to war, would not hope for the destruction of the Russian civilization and peoples.

    • Replies: @Lucy Lipinska
  39. @Alfred

    Just note that just a few years back, Putin welcomed 15000 South African farmers while handing them land to cultivate. Russia will keep working on becoming economically self sufficient which should make it the safest country in the world when the shit of ever growing debt hits the reality fan.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Philip Owen
  40. @Tony massey

    Interesting, Mr. Massey. Always appreciate the heartfelt fervor of your comments.

    There are not many Russians in the USA (and many of them are Jews who identify as Jewish before Russian, including one of our acquaintance).

    The Russians are mostly concentrated in a few areas, including the NYC / North Jersey metro, Los Angeles where we live, Chicago, SPB 😉 and a few other cities in Florida, and to a lesser extent Silicon Valley and the suburbs of Denver and Atlanta.

    Not mentioned in the article that I linked, there is a surprisingly sizable community of Russian-speakers around Salt Lake City, Utah. We discovered this only by visiting….. Some Alaskan towns have a high percentage of people claiming Russian ancestry, as one might guess from history, but their populations are insignificant.

    So I‘m curious, where do you live (roughly) that you know so many Russians? Or is your acquaintance with Russians through repeated travel to Russia, academic colleagues, an export/import business, membership in an Eastern Orthodox Church, kid marrying a Russian, or…?

    The few younger Russians that my wife and I have met in the USA were split about 50/50 re VVP. More than half the younger women didn‘t like him, while more than half the younger men did. Not a big sample, though, and we don‘t press the issue when people seem uncomfortable talking politics. I‘ll note that none of the women was married or made any mention of their families or having a family, even the ones who appeared to be in their 30s. Two of the anti-Putin women were less friendly and seemed like they would fit in with the rest of the bitter, barren dead-end “professional“ women of LA. I would be sad to see any of them adopting the deviant „culture“ of LA.

    • Replies: @Marckus
    , @Tony massey
  41. Globohomo armies are at a structural disadvantage.
    Their soldiers are fighting on two fronts. While they
    have the enemy in front of them they worry about
    friendly fire and “rearguard action” from behind.

  42. @Mr. Cracker

    You should see the one where Biden is sniffing Porky‘s hair.

  43. To The Saker:

    Why can’t you write short and poignant articles about Russia rather than long winded ones… see the Tom Luongo article for guidance.

    Your truly,

    Rabid fan, not!

    P. S. I miss your articles on the Russian orthodox Christianity.

  44. @Mustapha Mond

    Don’t forget the greatest hero of the 21st century: the anonymous Iraqi resistance fighter. Slum teenagers with 50 year old rifles and homemade landmines fought the imperialist invader to a standstill and eventually forced him to retreat so that he had to create a jihadi army as an excuse to reinvade their country. And now they’re fighting said occupier all over again.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  45. anon[325] • Disclaimer says:

    Consider the possibility that the Kremlin is way ahead of you.

    In tactical terms your recommendations are unexceptionable. But what Putin is doing here at Davos is strategic. He is articulating a revolutionary ideology – not a new one, but the one that the US has been fighting and gradually losing to for decades. Communism was a flash in the pan. The real revolution was human rights – and Putin’s four priorities are him reading human rights instruments to you. Not chapter and verse, but an accurate précis.

    It’s remarkable. In a couple of cases, this reader thought, wait, where’s this thing, that thing. And sure enough, he got around to it.

    So you might want to add one more recommendation: that the Kremlin promote people-centered human rights, the latest innovation in this international movement.

    • Thanks: Majority of One, annamaria
  46. @RadicalCenter

    Thanks for the part about the education in Soviet-dominated countries of Europe. I grev up in Poland (born 1951) and know from experience that my education was not of third world character. On the opposite, I’ve often felt ignorant- and even been that – after having moved in Sweden 1974, despite having gained a University degree.

  47. Toma says:

    About the “sames”:
    1. Further vilification of Russia, Russians and everything Russian: Russian “elites” slept with the enemy for many years. They still dream of it. The enemy has not been attracted and has no taste for Russians. So, this much about good and friendly Saker’s Russia and about who is actually treacherous and “non-agreement capable” (Saker’s phrase):
    2. Even more “sanctions” against all Russian interests: Why not. Except for being a nuclear power Russia has no other (economic, cultural etc.) significance for the US. After skimming Russia for 400 billion Russia never asked any of that to be repatriated and no one has ever been convicted of wrong doing, it became obvious that Russia is only big by its territory. That was the price that the Russian “political elites” were willing to pay just to be able to rub the shoulders with their (perceived) western counterparts. It did not work, and that’s exactly why the Russian people have always been and will always be poor.
    3. A return to Obama-era style military missile and air strikes: Will Russia ever dare to try to do something about it? No at all for as long as the former communists rule from the Kremlin. They opened many unresolved fronts around the country just for the coming generations to keep busy. It is another reason why the poor Russians will stay poor.
    4. A return to Obama-era petty harassment of Russian diplomats and citizens: The main principle in the international relations acknowledged by almost everybody is the principle of the reciprocity. The recent cowardly attitude and lack of resolve to respond in kind as a result of the deeply rooted complex of inferiority for everything western (traditional characteristic of the Russian “elites” – probably hoping that they still may be acceptable “partners”) was not conducive to building respect towards Russia. Or, to put it simply, the West has no need for Russia nor does it have much respect for it. The West mostly fears Russian nukes.
    5. Even more sabre-rattling all along the Russian borders: Russian “elites” unnecessarily destroyed their country and the Russian empire for the reasons already mentioned. Now they will try again to regain that which they already had and which they squandered, by the blood of millions of Russian peasants and workers just as they did throughout the history. They (the Russian “elites”) must be powerful again to make another try at seducing the “partners”. So, undoubtedly, soon Russia will be ripe for another revolution since the recent crimes against the nation and the people went unpunished. The “enemy” (US, West) does exactly what enemy is supposed to do: exploit the situation for its own ends.
    6. Rapid degradation of the political situation in the Ukraine: Apparently Russia is a sore loser on many fronts. Since 1992 Russia lost the most under Putin. The trend will inevitably continue. Not far in the future Russia itself will begin disintegrating starting with Muslim republics in the Caucasus. The gas station will be dismantled, this time completely, by the complicity of its own “elites” (dregs). The law of karma is not negotiable.

    • Disagree: El Dato
    • Troll: GMC, annamaria
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  48. Miro23 says:

    All in all, the Russian policy towards the collective West has been both sound and very effective, but now the time has come for meaningful change. Should the Kremlin ignore these changing circumstances, then Russia might, yet again, be forced to solve with her military that which the diplomats failed to protect and preserve. God willing, Putin will heed the lessons taught by the history of Russia.

    If Russia is doing things right and the US is failing on all fronts, that doesn’t suggest change for Russia. It has the military means (and will) to defend itself, so give the US another socio/economic 4 years under Biden and see what happens.

    “Let us wait twenty minutes; when the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him.”

    Napoleon Bonaparte

  49. @Felix Keverich

    Perhaps for American domestic consumption? The past four years the deep state and media have been pretty invested in blaming anything they don’t like on Russia.

  50. Marckus says:
    @Tony massey

    It is unhealthy to live as a hermit in a cave in the Arizona desert. The sun, the loneliness and toking El Chapo’s herbs all day has damaged your brain.

    I suggest you come out. Seek medical attention before it is too late.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  51. Mr. Hack says:

    Somebody needs to tell that old Saker that Poroshenko’s been out of office going on two years now. Well, at least he’s cutting down on his favorite epithet “UkroNazis” down from several hundred per thread to only two by my count. Kind of hard to make a case for “Ukronazis” in Ukraine when the leading clique is headed by a Jew (Zelensky), including many close Jewish advisors and oligarchs? But old habits die hard, I know. His newest calling card for Ukrainians “Ukies” is much cuter and was actually invented in the diaspora by young Ukrainian-Americans when referring to themselves. 🙂

    Canadian Ukies used to be just called “Honks”.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  52. Marckus says:

    Massey looks at a lot of YouTube and that is the extent of his acquaintance with Russians. Hence the drivel in his comment.

    Massey is another strange character who with lungs full of air, a head empty of thoughts and a mouth that to our dismay manifests an equal measure of both.

  53. Alfred says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    I have over and over attacked Putinist “restraint”. It has achieved nothing except emboldening Russia’s mortal enemies.

    The Russians and Chinese are playing for time. Russia, despite the sanctions, is on the rise. The USA is fragmenting before our eyes. As for Ukraine, most of the population was totally brainwashed by their school syllabus. Government buildings in Ukraine carry the European Union flag to dupe the population into believing in a future within Europe. But Europe itself is disintegrating.

    Why prevent the putsch in Kiev by military means? Let the Ukrainians find out for themselves what it is like to be treated as subhumans by the Germans and Americans. It is a good lesson for them and will ensure that the occupation by the West leaves big scars on society.

    If NATO were brazen enough to launch a proper assault on the Donbass, the Russians would be justified in taking all the cities except for places like Lvov and Lutsk. With little persuasion, the “hyenas of Europe”, Poland, would be happy to reclaim them. The Nazis would rush home to try and stop the Poles. That would be ironic. 🙂

    Here is a photo of the town hall of Kiev last August. They were supporting the color revolution in Belarus. This display has since vanished.

  54. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Saker misinterprets Patton in that in Patton’s day a troop was still expected to, and most were prepared to die for their country while still having enough of an edge in so-called American Ingenuity to make it the other guy doing the dying. Patton, of course, had the luxury to say this because millions of Sov troops were wearing down the best of the Wehrmacht on Eastern Front. It would have been interesting to see how a II Corps commanded led by Patton rather than Fredendall might have fared against Rommel at the Kasserine pass.

    But to more roundly address Saker’s point, a less famous Patton quote came shortly after he took command of II Corps from a disgraced Fredendall, where told his command in the 1st ID when sending them to take a hill near Gafsa, “I expect to see such casualties among officers, particularly staff officers, as will convince me that a serious effort has been made to capture this objective.”

    In my days in the Cold War 1.0, we were trained to believe (brainwashed?) that our Sov counterparts would stick to their rigid command and control requirements and doctrine, while we would have far more latitude to operate locally (except in the nuclear sphere). This was, of course, not entirely true, as we had a lot of C3I dedicated to running much of the show from the top, which is why Desert One turned out to be a spectacular failure rather than a minor failure, as on-site commanders waited far too long for an abort order from the top rather than following the original plan to bug out when certain criteria were passed.

  55. Marckus says:

    Russia will now have to change gears. But what does this mean ? A change to “park” which is not a gear or to “5” with the accelerator on the floor.

    I guess it depends. Biden is a hopeless fool and Putin will shift down or up depending on whether Joey the Sniffer chills in his basement looking at Max Headroom on the big screen or decides instead to rock the playground.

    Putin is a trained KGB operative and Biden a trained poodle. Vlad is Barnum and Joe is the circus midget.I am sure Vlad is just quaking in his boots at the thought of Joe and his Afro Asian (or whatever) VP

    Listening to them both is a lesson in intelligence (Vlad) and imbecility (Hair sniffer Joe).

    Let the show begin !

  56. polistra says: • Website

    When Putin surrendered to the “virus” genocide, I stopped listening to him. I no longer give a f*** what happens to Russia.

    The only country in the world that did NOT surrender is Tanzania. Now Tanzania is the sole beacon of sanity and science.

    • Replies: @Aleksander
  57. Alfa158 says:

    What Patton was saying was a short hand version of the obvious;
    “You win wars by being good at killing the enemy. You may die for your country in the process, but that isn’t your goal, your goal is to kill them so they die for their country, so focus on being good at that.”
    All true but I would think the troops must have been muttering to themselves, “No!! Really!? Gosh, we never would have thought of that! Thanks for telling us General!”

    As far as Russian peasants with rifles throwing themselves on machine gun nests. Enemy at the Gates was a great war movie, but it wasn’t the war. The Russians took a lot of casualties because
    1. The Germans troops were superbly trained, organized, led and motivated.
    2. For the first six months of the war they rampaged over Russia while the Red Army regrouped and reorganized, and in the process inflicted a lot of casualties on the Russians
    3. Generally, an army on the offensive will take higher losses than an army on the defensive. For the remaining three years of the war the Russians were relentlessly on the offensive over a huge area against a stubborn German Army that sacrificed millions of its own men as well to slow them down. Russians were no more indifferent to losses than Germans.

    When it came to equipment, I would recommend the book Brute Force by John Ellis. It includes extensive figures on the resources of the combatants in WW2. The Russians were much better equipped overall than the Germans. German peasants were trained better than Russian peasants, but those Russians deployed far more tanks, trucks, warplanes, automatic infantry weapons and artillery pieces than the Germans. The German army had to rely on 2.5 million horses for transport, the largest horse force in military history.
    The Russians produced nearly 100,000 medium and heavy tanks and their T-34 medium and IS heavy tanks were superior in design to the tanks the German started the war with. Their production was so high they weren’t even sure exactly how much material they put out. For example their estimate of T-34 production ranges from 60 to 85 thousand. The production number for the Il-2 ground attack bomber, which was the WW2 equivalent of the A-10 Warthog, and ravaged the panzers, may have been over 40,000. The Germans were able to eventually match the Russian tanks in quality with their Panther and Tiger, but by then the Russians were out-producing them by 10:1.
    Those Russian peasants were overrunning German positions, but they were doing it with heavy artillery, rocket and fighter-bomber support, between swarms of modern tanks, and carrying fully automatic PPSh submachine guns.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  58. Petermx says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    I think you might be more disgusted if that was Brezhnev in the photo instead of Poroshenko. When the communists weren’t killing someone they might be giving him a full blown smacker on the lips, as in this photo. It was a tradition.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  59. Petermx says:

    I didn’t see your post. I just responded to @Mr. Cracker with the same photo.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @Mr. Cracker
  60. What happened is concisely described in another piece on this site:
    At 78, after a prolonged illness and without recovering consciousness, Joe Biden succumbed to the Presidency. (from

    But, as I wrote already somewhere on this site, the main US problem is not that Biden is senile, but that his puppet masters are. The first barrage of “presidential” orders from them accelerated the destruction of the US to dangerous levels. They approved additional (on top of recurring astronomical deficits) borrowing to the tune of trillions, further undermining the US financial system and the US dollar. They made former Raytheon board member defense secretary, and removed restrictions on trannies serving in the US military. Both moves further weaken the US military, so any adversary, including Russia, can only applaud. They essentially made illegally entering the US OK, undermining the very fabric of law and the country. They even allowed trannies to compete in women’s sports, essentially killing all women’s sports in one blow.

    The fact that imperial elites do more damage to the Empire than its worst enemies possibly could justifies Putin’s policies: when you see your enemy committing suicide, do not interfere.

    However, there is internal dynamics in Russia, and it goes against Putin’s cautiousness, however wise it might be in the long run. While libtards’ support in Russia is pathetic (optimistically, maybe 1%) and it further dwindled after self-discrediting of Navalny clown on the orders of his clueless paymasters, rabidly anti-Western opposition enjoys much greater support (anywhere between 15% and 40%, hard to gauge precisely). Putin does need to change his rhetoric, not Russian strategy, but Russian tactics: make it more assertive, but not as wantonly provocative as the tactics of the Empire in its death throes. Most importantly, Russia needs to create its own equivalents of things like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and then cut off the US propaganda, like China did. Some moves in this direction are happening spontaneously (e.g., I changed my browser and search engine to Yandex to get rid of hopelessly cucked Google, and both work just fine; you can do it, too, even in the US). But state support is needed to accelerate these processes, so that they are competed in a few years.

    • Agree: Jazman
  61. @RedpilledAF

    Some S-400s sold to Iran and Syria and the powers of Globalist aggression will be shitting little green BB’s.

  62. @Quartermaster

    The Saker is right.
    Quartermaster says:
    ‘Saker wants to say this statement is wrong. Too bad the facts of many wars tell a far different story than what Saker wants’.
    You are wrong Mr Quartermaster. Of course you can nuke all your small time enemies and win a war for a short period, but you will have raised the stakes.
    This is not an ambush in OK Corral that you will win. This is a zero sum game also known as MAD i.e.Mutually Assured Destruction.
    So go on punk, pull the trigger.
    And even after you have obliterated us, our submarines, long in hiding will lay you to waste.
    This is the reason China, Russia, India, Pakistan and unfortunately the Zionists are the new untouchables.

  63. SteveK9 says:

    Saker is correct that Russia could be a lot more forceful diplomatically, than they have been, and that kicking out a large number of diplomats (focus on US only, and cause a little more division with Europe) and ‘journalists’ is a great idea. The US mainly relies on propaganda and dollars these days, and kicking these people out hurts.

    (Side comment on the comments: why are half the comments on Patton’s old speech, which is a microscopic part of the article? … that is weird)

    • Agree: Spanky
  64. sally says:

    The USA completely ignores the will of the US people, yes but to the extent possible the Governed Americans ignore the USA.. the Chasm is growing.

    I think mandatory injections of RNA scripts that are likely to genetically engineer and reroute your metabolism, is far from a substitute for a immune system vaccine. is going to destroy the friendly relations between the USA and Americans.

    Growing resistance to that RNA script is happening all over America. I will take the Russian vaccine before I would take anything Big Pharma makes. Russia is looking to be a better place than America, I am going to insist my children become fluent in Chinese.

    Talk about dangerous consider Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and RNA scripts in the same basket of hell.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  65. @RadicalCenter

    I live in e TN.
    I went to school in the early to mid-90s with several. Strangely, none of them seemed to trust each other.
    I became lifelong best friends with one.
    I lived with him in e palo alto summer 93 and met alot of older Russians.
    I lived there in 94-95 and lived with my best friend and his family.


    In the early 2000s i befriended a drummer with a Russian country band, Bering Straight. He mostly only knew other Russians.i became good friends with several of them.
    My best friend, who suddenly passed away Not so long ago, came here when he was 11.
    Funny…i still think of him as alive. Not a day goes by i don’t think of him.
    He maintained close ties with the Russian community. He seemed to know them all.
    His older brother returned with his wife several years ago.
    I met him thru a veteran’s group at the VA. He was a highly decorated Marine.
    Most weren’t really political. Or they had better sense to not speak openly.
    They were more concerned with making money and their hobbies.
    Still, most of Sergeis friends didnt think much of VP.
    The one I’ve known the longest is way to smart to say anything negative. He still lives there.
    Since Sergei passed i only have contact with a few.
    I basically dropped out. I did real well for most of the years of my life to ignore politics and the world at large and focus on what i could do for myself.
    Strangely, since i completely dropped out a couple years ago i can’t seem to ignore it. It makes me completely miserable. I feel hopeless.
    Why i don’t know? Don’t know what changed.
    Take care.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  66. Sean says:

    Regarding retreat from Russian waters under threat of ramming. Every animal will fight to the last extremity to defend its territory, and so in any competition within animal species the defender can drive off an objectively stronger interloper. But that will not happen when they meet on neutral ground.

    Russia recently had its warmest ever recorded winter, and a summer with forest fires of unprecedented scope in Siberia, plus a melting Arctic opening shipping lanes. China is the most populous country and Russia is the largest so population movements North are pretty much inevitable if global warming does not slow down very quickly.

    About China and the energy transfer infrastructure being constructed to meet its insatiable but not never ending appetite: Biden is going to accept the Paris Accords Green deal, yet because it is urbanising so rapidly China is going to reach peak carbon emissions by 2025, five years before Paris. China is not going to be inconvenienced at all.

    The golden age of Russian energy exports is coming to an end, they were too slow to build pipelines and cash in. Having mentioned the West including ‘weak Britain’ I thought something might be said about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany , linking to France, and the U.K. Europe is already implementing the agreement that CO2 emissions will be reduced by 55% in 2030 compared to 1990, and carbon neutral by 2050 (China 2060). What is Russia going to replace its energy exports with?

  67. @Toma

    That’s a good summary of lies imperial elites concocted for the sheeple. Unfortunately for them, they fell into a trap of believing their own lies. If I wished the Empire to crash and burn ASAP, I’d urge other readers to believe this BS. However, I want the US to survive, so I have to call a spade a spade.

    • Agree: Alfred
  68. @Marckus

    my brother tells me this practically everyday.
    I have other friends that have completely given up on me.
    We all have our probs.
    Take care.

  69. SafeNow says:

    What might Russia do now, as it observes the unraveling of the U.S.?

    Years ago, when there was a series of DC-10 crashes, a sick joke was making the rounds:

    Q. What can a regular person do to acquire a DC-10?
    A. Buy a piece of land near an airport, and wait.

  70. @Mr. Hack

    Two seemingly disparate groupings have achieved power in Ukraine since the Maidan Coup which overthrew that suffering country’s last duly elected government at the behest of Rottenchild uber minion, Little Georgie of our \$orrow\$, along with NeoCon Robert Kagan’s little squeeze Viccious Nudelman (aka Vickie Nuland) and the U\$ Department of \$tate.

    (#1. the Khazarian Judeocracy, first under Porkyshenko (son of Ukraine’s delegate to the Kiev, Moscow, Tel Aviv, City of London, Wall \$treet and Brooklyn Mafiya) and more recently under Zelensky.

    (#2. The Galician fascist element. Stalin “returned” Galicia from Poland to Ukraine after WWII. It’s Jews had been partly killed off, partially evacuated deep into the bowels of the USSR and became “displaced persons” after the war, many of them ending up in the U\$. Meanwhile Galicia’s Poles were shipped to the formerly German provinces such as Pomerania and Silesia which Stalin (with the acquiescence of FDR and Churchill) granted to Poland.

    Traditionally, the originally Orthodox Galicians became “united” with the Polish-Lithuanian Jagiellonian empire, a virulently Roman Catholic regime. Siding with Rome, these turncoats became known as “Uniates”, maintaining Orthodox-style rituals while falling into line with the Papacy, thus pleasing their Habsburg rulers. During WWII a huge number of Galicians joined up with the Germans, as Nazism meshed well with their Catholic fascism—much like the Ustasha fanatics in Croatia. Funded and armed by the U\$, these latter-day haters, along with some Lithuanians, constituted the snipers who willy-nilly shot both protesters and police at Maidan, energizing and activating the coup,

    Zionism and fascism are not mutually exclusive doctrines, as both elements are all about grabbing control over state-power and merging that with economic imperialists in a happy melange of thuggish corruption. That ruling combo is the current cross twhich the ever-suffering people of Ukraine need to deal with on an everyday basis.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  71. Skeptikal says:

    ” the US is a plutocratic dictatorship with much less people power than any other state in the collective West.”

    Actually, voters in the EU have less power than (potentially) in the USA.

    The potential power of American voters is vitiated by election fraud and by our two-party system.

    But these features could possibly be fixed.

    In the EU the Brussels and Luxembourg institutions have effectively neutered the votes of citizens of member states that have given up a huge portion of their sovereignty. There is no way to change this now.

    Hence Brexit. And for this reason Brexit was the right decision for the Brits.

  72. El Dato says:

    USG would treat North Korea as what it effectively was, a province of China, particularly when it came to nuclear weapons.

    And this means what? Steam around the coast?

    It took mere hours for Sleepy Joe to gift Russia and China with a five-year extension of START.

    Your neocon zero-sum mindset is showing. What does the word “gifted” do in this phrase?

    • Replies: @MLK
  73. @BannedHipster

    How right you are. Since 1991 there has been every reason for the U.S. and Russia to have good
    and cooperative relations. Putin has made his willingness plain for several years. Who benefits
    from animosity? Antagonistic descendants of Jewish immigrants from Russia, and military/industrial (etc.) operatives who thrive on government expenditures fueling the antagonism.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  74. Petermx says:

    Sometimes I think The Saker might be Jewish. He appears to use that term in every article he writes is one giveaway. Using the politically correct term “Zionist” when “Jewish” is much more descriptive is another giveaway and the third giveaway is constantly referring to Ukrainians as “NAZIS” when Jews dominate the Ukraine government and its media. The Saker could be called a coward but in fairness I can understand him being “timid” when it comes to being forthright and honest. It’s considered “anti-Semitic” not to say “Zionist” when you mean Jewish.

    The Jews now run Ukraine. The Ukrainian hero Bandera who fought against the mass murdering Bolsheviks has been removed from Ukraine’s list of official heroes under pressure from the Jews but there is still hope. Patriotic Ukrainians, which racist Jewish supremacists refer to as “far right”, “NAZI” and other pejoratives are still fighting for their country and its honor. Only a few weeks ago they held a protest in Kiev demanding Jews apologize for murdering millions of Ukrainians in communist times. The Jew writing the article tries to minimize Jews leading (sometimes dominating) role in communism and complains the Ukrainian’s took revenge on the Jews and writes as if Ukrainians joining forces with the Germans was wrong, or maybe “evil”, ignoring that he himself is evil. Of course Ukrainians fought with the Germans against their bloodthirsty murderers, as did Byelorussians, Latvians, Estonians and even Russians, they all sometimes welcomed protection by the Germans from their Bolshevik murderers.

    For more than 75 years Jews have lied about their leading role in the USSR as well as their powerful role in the USA and Great Britain, using their influence to push those countries into war with Germany and doing what they could to make it the bloodiest war in history, but then they only complain that Jews suffered, while they cover up their role in having British and American bombers target millions of German civilians for extermination in their cities, which they (not so) secretly cheer. That is one of the biggest cover ups and lies, the mass murder of a significant percentage of the German population from the air above. Eventually I hope the lies that dominate the narrative will fall and it will be clear that the Jewish role in making WW II the bloodiest war ever played a big role in how they were treated by their enemies.

    Ukrainians Protest and Demand Israel Apologize for Jews Murdering Millions of Ukrainians

    • Thanks: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  75. Alfred says:

    if global warming does not slow down very quickly

    The earth went into a cooling mode some years ago. It is a cyclical process. Numerous articles on this website might disabuse you as to the weather in the northern hemisphere this winter.

    melting Arctic opening shipping lanes

    Floating ice melts from below – physics. This opening is due to changes with ocean currents – nothing to do with the air temperature. The fact that the North West Passage of Canada is not unfreezing should help you understand the real motor behind this melting.

    If you have not yet grasped that the “Global Warming” / “Climate Change” scams were precursors of the Covid scam – and by the same people – I cannot be of further help. 🤣

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
  76. blaqua says:

    “the West will declare that the Russian elections were “undemocratic” and go on about “supporting the just democratic aspirations of the Russian people” (especially Russian homosexuals, of course!) and the like.”

    Navalny’s imprisonment serves as an excuse for intervention and condemnation from Sorosoid NGOs and MSM; it perfectly serves their plan to question the electoral results, support sanctions on Russia and the cancelation of the natural gas project and keep labeling Putin as undemocratic, tyrannical etc. Putin should release him. He’s not a threat, just a puppet.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @annamaria
    , @Derer
  77. The author started out quite well. He pointed out that although the clowns change, the circus remains the same. These is true and critical to understanding the actual power structure of most “Republics”. However, I find that once the Saker gets into History, or Russia, he inevitably makes a fool of himself by his ridiculous determination to paint the Russians in a positive light. The idea of Russian military proficiency, in a HISTORICAL sense, is pure idiocy. The Russians have routinely lost several of their own men for each enemy killed, showcasing their incompetence. In WWI they lost some 3 to one against the Germans. In the Crimean war it was nearly 2 to one. The winter war against tiny Finland was 5 to 1. WW2 against Germany was also 5 to one for much of the war until the Germans were totally overwhelmed. Against Napoleon, the Russians retreated over 1,000 kilometres. If any other European power had done that, they would have lost their entire country. Most of Russia’s so called victories where simply because it is a HUGE country with a far larger population that it’s historical foes. if you have enough of an advantage in men and material, you can win even despite being incompetent. Now, they did have some success for example against Austro-Hungarians in WWI, and I am not implying that all Russians are incompetent or that they are inferior to Americans in the 21st century. However, the Saker insists on characterizing Russians as being historically superior, when in fact the opposite is true. He also fails to understand that russia is corrupt, and has very much been compromised like the rest of the world. Russia had/ has some of the highest abortion rates in the world, and has murdered well over 100 million babies. As others have said, they also are deeply in bed with the Rothschild banksters, etc. The west is corrupt and evil, but Russia is too. The Saker fails to grasp this, and it unfortunately ruins what could otherwise be decent writing and analysis.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  78. @Petermx

    you are on point. the small hats can be found at the heart of most perverted and evil agendas

    • Thanks: Petermx
  79. Skeptikal says:
    @Joe Levantine

    I would love to see an update on how things are going with this.
    Where are the farms located?
    Where did the land come from for them to create or take over farms?
    Any green houses in those areas? I have read that the Netherlands or some Dutch companies have huge deals to put up greenhouses in Russia.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  80. @blaqua

    Putin should release him.

    Why should Putin release a criminal? In fact, a huge chunk of Russian population did not approve of Putin’s handling of this clown with kids gloves before. So, to maintain his popularity in Russia, Putin should imprison him for the rest of his term (he was already convicted, for economic crimes, no less). Not to mention that globohomo would invent something else, or stage a false flag, to hurl the same accusations at Putin, no matter what.

    • Agree: yurivku
    • Replies: @blaqua
  81. @Mustapha Mond

    What you attribute to the “selfless heroism” of the Soviet soldier could also be attributed to the fact that, if they ran from the battlefield, they would be shot dead by Stalin’s security forces. The same probably happened on the German side.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  82. Though I agree with The Saker’s arguments as they regard the Russian military and its preparedness while also agreeing with his arguments that detail US Forces today as rather inadequate, there are a few things he is missing…

    On the one hand, he is starting to show a sense of over-confidence in his point of view, which militarily, is much the bane to success in the future.

    Next… Yes, the United States is in quite turmoil right now and though President Biden may have similar impulses as his predecessors on the world stage, he has more than enough domestic issues to keep him quite busy without attempting to initiate any more foreign policy blunders, especially as they apply to China and Russia.

    Finally, though the US military may be quite immense (and quite bloated as a result), it is also highly decentralized by maintaining its near 900 bases around the world. Each base then has become a killing field for the more modern Russian, Chinese, and even Iranian weaponry. This was demonstrated by Iran a year ago when Trump foolishly targeted and murdered the beloved senior Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani.

    It is quite true that the US Armed Forces have become quite incompetent over the years with completely inadequate equipment and weaponry but this is not simply the fault of who is coming into the military but how it is instead being run, which is mostly by politicized generals and senior commanders and their corresponding counterparts in the US weapons manufacturers.

    The US may feel quite tempted to brow-beat Russia but in reality it is realistically, no longer in a position to do so

    • Agree: Majority of One
  83. Skeptikal says:

    Why not have your children learn Russian first?

  84. frontier says:

    For hundreds of years a lot of ‘pretty smart people’ predicted that Russia will collapse before they disappeared.

    I wouldn’t be so sure, in fact Russia is in the same trap as the US and disappearance has a lot to do with it. Don’t be like the Saker: “Whaaa, we bumped their boat”… Stop the inanities, Saker, Russia and US are in the same boat, understand? Your childish articles are giving Russia a bad name.

    It’s not only the Saker, of course, the Russian media is as inane as the American one is ridiculous. This isn’t going to end well for Russia, or US, or anybody in the West. Putin hasn’t grown out of Primakov’s upbringing , he’s repeating the same mistakes that have erased the czars. Russian media and politicians aren’t showing any signs of understanding the major risks for Russia, which are the same as ours, Putin seems oblivious to them too – he’s preoccupied with Realpolitik while leaving real politics to his oligarchs.

    Judging from his latest speech in Davos, he likes that arrangement, he’s again promising to be a good boy who sticks to the script handed to him. He may sound like he’s got some rabbit deep in his hat, but that’s been the case for decades now, I don’t think it’s true, it’s Saker-style pomposity that means nothing…. but he’s German school, what else would you expect? We are on our own.

    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  85. Chris Moore says: • Website

    I think the Saker is wrong to claim the Amerikastani Empire has been at war with Russia since only 2014. The war has been going on since at least 1999 when Putin, then new at the job, began the process of liberating Chechnya.

    The Anglo-Zionist Empire has been at war with Russia since the Great Game. And the Great Game included assigning the Jewish Bolsheviks to hijack Russia and put it under the Communist yoke.

    Yes, the Anglo-Zionists are responsible for all the systemic mass murder that took place in Bolshevik-hijacked Russia and Soviet bloc nations.

    But Slavs still call WW2 “The Great Patriotic War.”

  86. The fact is that Russia and China and the EU the ZUS, ie all have a zionist owned central bank and are under zionist control and Biden and Putin are zionist puppets as proven by the chemtrails sprayed in the skies all over the world and the covid-19 scam and psyop and the genocide vaccinations that are in every nation.

    Covid and the genocide vaccines are the biggest scam and psyop in the history of the world.

  87. raga10 says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    You have clearly misunderstood Patton’s remark. He is saying that if you kill more of them than they kill of you, you win.

    Well, I do understand him differently, I think he is pointing out that it is not enough to die heroically, you actually need to be effective at fighting (kill the other guy). Soviets did both, and that’s why they won the war. If all they did was die, no matter how heroically, they would lose.

  88. Anonymous[560] • Disclaimer says:

    Would you really like to test just how good the Russian forces are using transgenders with lipstick and phony tails, I was reading they are 10 years ahead of the U.S. in missile technology and by the time they close that Russia will be another ten years yet, people need to get use to it the U.S. is fast becoming a Third World country and its moving in that direction sooner than most expected>!1

  89. Dumbo says:


    For all we know, Biden might be already dead and substituted by a hologram or CGI, or locked in a nursing home and making recorded pronouncements from there…

    Would it make a difference, really?

    We all know who really rules in “his” government… And no, it’s not Kamala.

  90. blaqua says:

    Everyone in the West or East wants Navalny jailed for their own purposes and reasons and news of his imprisonment rejoiced them all.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  91. @idealogus

    Russian strategist figured out already in second world war that it is the explosive power that wins the war. Russians did have four timed amount of cannons than Germans. once Germans begin their retreat Russians did have very little casualties. For Russians war after that it become like shooting fish in the barrel. And that remained Russian strategy to this day. In case NATO would move I am positive that all capital cities of the West would change to dust in less time than two hours.

    • Replies: @frontier
  92. @frontier

    I generally agree with you. Their are some differences, but many similarities between Russia and the West. The Saker and others who look at them as the good, free alternative to the (((USA))) are foolish.

  93. @AReply

    I don’t mind ramblings that are somewhat coincide and thought provoking and interesting, as long as they are not full of misinformation and lies. But if they further along important conversations then I can tolerate a few of them. Not every piece has to be a potential Pulitzer winner. Although I can’t recommend that standards fall too far either. Hey, it could be worse. You could be reading Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post.

  94. This is IMPORTANT I do not know how to totally interpret the info. A SOLUTION All States and Cities do this…. China’s society is going cashless. Now its central bank is pushing back See Governments elsewhere are also pushing back the against the cashless movement with equity in mind. In 2019, Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to force shops to accept paper and coin currency. But the PBOC’s effort stands out since it’s carrying out its crackdown on cashless institutions as it spearheads an effort to create the world’s first central bank-backed digital currency. Starting in 2020, the bank has rolled out digital yuan pilot programs through lottery-style giveaways and by partnering with local businesses in cities like Shenzhen and Suzhou. Myself, I think China is most fully captured by the City of London Globalist Banking establishment, so I do not feel anyone can rely on China’s policies being in any way anti-globalist? The Fed is moving to be directly linked to everyone in the USA’s individual private bank accounts also, an entry point being current proposed legislation that enables deposits for a proposed Universal Basic Income. OK so good idea or bad everyone should take their accounts out of the TARP bailout, major US banks and put them in local banks and Savings and Loans ???? Let the big banks fail???? Per this article another reason to kill off old people…. they do not have cell phones to pay their bills???

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  95. @Mustapha Mond

    Steeling the oil was Trumps idea. Honest Biden is reversing all Trumps decisions he will reverse also this one. Also he will take out embassy from Jerusalem and he will put it back where it was before.

    • LOL: acementhead
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
    , @annamaria
  96. @Alfa158

    Well I think you can say that one side is certainly more indifferent to human life when it allows a military hierarchy in which drunk Generals can send an entire division to attack an entrenched machine gun position, barehanded. Having a rear guard of Commissars to shoot down any opposition to this insanity underlines the mentality behind it. The men were meat packets they could trade for German ammunition.

    The main advantage for the Soviets was that Stalin had set the entire country on a permanent military footing over a decade previous. Exchanging lives for gold so he could buy the newest industrial technology from the West, and use slave labor at home to build the infrastructure. That kind of brutality is something the Germans could never match.

    On the other hand, what was made in Germany was generally of much better quality and their ability to maintain it, quite superior. When we look at the numbers it is hard to say that the USSR enjoyed any significant production advantage, if any.


    Germany 67k
    USSR 120k

    Other vehicles
    Germany 159k (+50k armored)
    USSR 197k

    Germany 73k
    USSR 516k

    Germany 674k
    USSR 200k

    Germany 133k
    USSR 136k

    Germany 2
    USSR 2

    Germany 17
    USSR 25

    Germany 0
    USSR 2

    Germany 1152
    USSR 52

    Germany 53
    USSR 56

    If there is a Soviet advantage here it will not be enough to offset the German kill ratio which was 2 to 1 at worst and as high as 5 to 1 in favorable conditions.

    What failed Germany was having to fight so many fronts. East, West, South and North + Air and Sea. The Eastern front doesn’t start to collapse until the landings in France and Italy.

  97. I think I understand Putin’s attitude. Why should Russia be worried when the US is so determined to tear itself apart? When everyone in that nation of mongrels hates all the others who are not of the same ethnicity or race or religion? The American Empire is going down, it’s doomed by its own internal contradictions.

  98. @Uncle Remus

    Sigh…we could’ve ruled the world.
    Their men would’ve married our women.
    Our men would’ve married their women.
    Hand-in-hand. We would have owned it all.
    It wouldn’t have been perfect but we would’ve. been top dogs.
    So sad.

  99. @ImaBotKnot

    How my previous comment relates to this article….. If Russia is in any way righteous they can not trust China either????

  100. Mr. Hack says:
    @Majority of One

    I know, that’s why I find it hilarious that Saker is still trying to dish out the old “Ukro-Nazi” BS that he’s been doing for years now. They may share some similarities, but Zionism and Nazism are two different things and should only be conflated by retards.

  101. @Petermx

    A normal person would realize, after reading my post, that I have no interest in ogling your photos.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  102. @Sean

    This comment is written by someone totally ignorant of the fact that the disasters predicted by the environmentalists will never happen. See the book Inconvenient Facts by the veteran geologist Gregory Wrightstone. It totally demolishes Al Gore’s fantasies in An Inconvenient Truth.

    • Replies: @RodW
  103. nickels says:

    Pyteen is even more feckless than Trump.
    They only way either one of them will ever act is if they’re are told to.

    Face it, the neocons rule the world. Pyteen will bow down to them and beg for favors so that his countries people don’t all get labelled terrorists like Trump’s supporters.

    The macho Russians will lick the boot just like all the macho rednecks.

    *We are lucky to have Biden for president, he won by a landslide.
    Thank goodness we have someone who cares about climate change and isnt a bigot.
    Trump is a bad man.

    *I suggest everyone copy this and paste it from time to time for the DHS AI bots.

  104. @Mr. Hack

    They may share some similarities, but Zionism and Nazism are two different things

    They share one defining similarity: both are based on “my tribe is better than your tribe” notion. The only difference is that German Nazism assumes that Germans are better than anyone else, whereas Zionism assumes that Jews are better than anyone else. Considering how many nationalisms there are in the world, each assuming that their particular tribe is better than all others, this difference is immaterial.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  105. frontier says:

    And that remained Russian strategy to this day. In case NATO would move I am positive that all capital cities of the West would change to dust in less time than two hours.

    That’s what Putin calls “readiness to counter-strike with unacceptable damage”. The problem is, that statement is an oxymoron… and it really makes me question a lot of the common assumptions about Russia and Putin in particular.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Derer
  106. @follyofwar

    Actually, after writing that, I regretted not adding exactly what you said: that while many were true believers and patriots, an awful lot knew that if they didn’t fight and win, Stalin would execute them for not falling on a German bayonet rather than retreating. So if their positions went sour, they either fought to the death, or when captured, many of them simply switched sides, as previous Unz articles and commenters have pointed out. Most of those still got executed, and I believe their close family members may also have been persecuted, when the Russkies prevailed, as they were hell bent on severely punishing the traitors who went to the side of the Germans.

    Yep, war is nothing but bloody folly, no doubt about it.

    Let’s hope our wonderful new President Bidet doesn’t start another one…..

  107. @Zarathustra

    Do you really believe all that, or were you just being facetious? (I assume the latter, but around here, you never know.)

    If you were being facetious, that’s darkly humorous.

    If you honestly believe all that, well, whatever it is you’re smoking I want some. Because it causes very pleasant, although (sadly) utterly delusional, hallucinations (and I could use some of those, the way things are going in the world currently…..)

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  108. @stevennonemaker88

    Though you are looking at historical precedents, elements which can never entirely discounted, it strikes me that you are enamored with those precedents and are not taking into consideration the major changes which have been developing within Russia’s military since Putin assumed power.

    The changes have been dramatic: Hypersonic missiles, which the U\$ with its bloated, private WarDefense industry is now trying desperately to mimic and to counter. A naval force which is clean and mean, not the doddering Soviet machinery. Advanced fighter jets, Sukhois and Migs,which are rated as equal to if not better than Western equivalents. Robot tanks, an area which the West has yet to explore, to say nothing about develop. Last, but definitely not least, a new personnel policy in deep contrast to the former habits of officers and non-coms to treat the grunts like shit. The world-class S-400 anti-aircraft missiles which even the Turks have lined up to acquire, much to the chagrin of the U\$ and NATO. Unarguably the most advanced anti-ship missiles in the world.

    While the U\$ military is currently plagued by having been made an “equal opportunity employer” and with an officer class which makes for waaaay too many chiefs as compared with Indians; the Russian system is fast becoming leaner and meaner and capable of hitting in a much higher weight class than previously.

    In this day and age only fools would mess with Mama Bear. No one bidder, cost-overrun contracts in Putin’s Russia, quite unlike the Lockheed-Martin (its largest owners being London Bank\$ters led by the Rottenchild regime) with its F-35, now in at a Trillion and which pilots refer to as “the Flying Turkey”. At maybe 1/5th the cost, the Russians get far more bang for the Ruble than we get for the Federal Re\$erve dollar.

    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  109. @Skeptikal

    The Dutch should be delighted to work with those 15,000 Boer farmers. They quite literally speak the same language.

    Meanwhile, watch for growing food shortages in South Africa…that, or the GMO purveyors and chemical warfare companies like Monsanto will gradually destroy that bloody land’s soil biota.

  110. @Alexandros

    Better check on your stats. Germany had more battleships than the Bismarck and the Von Tirpitz. They also had “pocket” battleships, the Graf Spee being the most noted one and maybe a battle-cruiser or two. Several cruisers which included the Emden, the Nurnberg, The Blucher and the Prinz Eugen, which went down as a war-trophy at Bikini when the U\$ was testing nukes.

    Whatever do you mean by “munitions”? Out of context and totally unintelligible as a discrete category.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  111. Petermx says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    You said you have seen “a lot of disgusting and repulsive photos” so I didn’t think one more that has been published in newspapers and magazines and seen by millions of people all around the world would upset you. It might be you who is not normal.

    • Replies: @Mr. Cracker
  112. MayRay says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    German military logistics told Hitler that he had three weeks…(yes only three weeks) to win the war in Russia because the German and Russian railways used different gauges. This meant that German supplies would need to be transferred from a German train to a Russian train at the border.

    On top of this they also told Hitler, that due to manufacturing limitations, Hitler could only expect two thirds of the required material for his invasion to be supplied, under those circumstances, to front line forces.

    The choice was between ammunition, food and clothing. Of course there were other liabilities but this was the essence. The Wehrmacht chose ammunition and food, which meant they could not deal with the Russian winter.

    To say the Russian campaign failed because of Hitler’s micro managing of the Russian front is rubbish and shows your absolute ignorance of the reality of the situation.

    All these facts are available in German Wehrmacht military records, though I doubt you would know this, just as all your Zionist friends who like you detract the situation out of ignorance and hubris.

    You probably are unaware that Hitler repeatedly tried to make peace treaties with Britain, but as Churchill was a Rothschild shill and the Rothschilds desperately wanted another war, Churchill declined every approach, preferring to sacrifice and debase his own nation, just as Boris Johnson is today.

    Slavery is the most profitable business ever invented closely followed by war. Maybe you should research who supplied Hitler with all the American made machine tools that Germany used to build the Luftwaffe too! And which bank financed the sale.

  113. @Majority of One

    Munitions are in billion dollars spent, just to show they are equal.

    Graf Spee, Blucher et. al were not made during the war. And it doesn’t matter since Germany’s resources went mostly into Subs and they made quite a few of those. You could build 15 subs for one Prince Eugen if we compare the amount of steel needed. So potentially a capacity for 30 Battleships or 80 Cruisers for the Germans. Quite significant and comparable to the British and American production of 20 and 90 each.

    But obviously more cost effective and strategically useful to build 1100 subs instead.

  114. MLK says:
    @El Dato

    And this means what? Steam around the coast?

    It means that China is wholly liable for North Korea’s use of nuclear weapons. You should have understood what I meant when I said it was treated by Trump as the province of China it effectively is. China has long exploited the fiction that it doesn’t control its neighbor with the conscious assistance of an American political and business class in the bag for CCP China.

    Your neocon zero-sum mindset is showing. What does the word “gifted” do in this phrase?

    Again, you should have understood what I wrote. Trump insisted that Russia’s strategic partner China be included in any nuclear arms control agreement for reasons that should be obvious even to you. Biden gifted Russia an extension and China a complete pass as partial payment for assisting in the election steal.

    • Disagree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @voicum
  115. @Majority of One

    I generally agree with you that the US is terminally corrupt and in rapid decline and that Russia is a force to be reckoned with in the 21st century. However, the Saker paints a picture of Russian HISTORICAL military proficiency, which is far more myth than reality as I pointed out above. Also, many people have the knee-jerk reaction that since the west is rotten and Russia is the (alleged) adversary, that they must be good, free, and honest. None of these are the case, and most of eastern Europe including Russia have major problems with corruption, alcoholism, abortion, etc. Questioning the false WWII narrative in Russia is a crime, thanks to Putin and others. In this case, the enemy of my enemy is ALSO my enemy.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  116. @Alexandros

    Germany lost WWI and WWII because they were simply overwhelmed. They had far superior armed forces in both wars, and had a favorable casualty ration in almost all the major campaigns. But when you have a population of 70-85 million and your fighting against: USSR 205 million, USA 135 million, UK 50 million, (including the british empire over 500 million)…. victory is virtually impossible. Defeating an enemy that is outnumbered 10 to 1 in men and material is not much of an achievement, regardless of what the “Greatest generation” types think.

  117. I recommend restricting the franchise to propertied white males.

    That’s it. That’s all Russia has to do.

  118. annamaria says:

    Agree that Mr. Navalni is a puppet and not a bright one. For some reason, Mr. Navalni believes that if he is supported by western governments (and their security services), that this should give him a pass re his criminal conviction.

    Mind that Mr. Navalni pretends to be unaware of Julian Assange who has been kept in a high-security prison in the “righteous” UK for exposing the ZUSA’s war crimes. Julian is a great truth-teller and real fighter against moral corruption, which is unacceptable for the ZUSA’s representatives at the American Embassy in Moscow.

    Mr. Navani and his righteous dim-wit retinue (Ms. Sobol in particular) also had a firm belief in their power to expose Putin as “undemocratic, tyrannical, etc.” Instead, the fame-seekers have exposed Fifth Column. Well done, Mr. Navalni & Ms. Sobol.

  119. annamaria says:

    Great. Let them rejoice. And the more they rejoice the more frequently the name of the political prisoner Julian Assange enters the discussion.

    • Agree: yurivku
  120. annamaria says:

    The Biden administration will not reverse Trump’s contested move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, also recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  121. Passer by says:

    Retard, when the Democrats anally rape your sorry ass and are done with turning your country into a third world shithole you will be begging to immigrate to Russia.

    US rightoids ala “Muh USA has the biggest dick” are the biggest imbeciles i have ever seen. Still dreaming of Empire and lashing out at Russia. You deserve to be destroyed then. Your masters think that your kind are dumb, but aggressive animals that need to be put down. Let them proceed with it. You do not deserve to be saved, stupid animal.

  122. A return to Obama-era style military missile and air strikes. Probably not on Russian targets (yes, Hillary advocated that, but now this would be much more dangerous than 5 years ago), but definitely on Russian allies like Syria (including attacks on Iranian and Venezuelan vessels on the high seas).

    American(and Western by extension) morality is utterly bogus because Jews control the gods and most Western folks are pretty hollow inside. They have no internal engine of conscience. Their moral engines are usually dormant or in hibernation mode UNLESS switched on by some outside force. If some people are totally hollow, others are totally partisan in their morality, and this goes for both sides. So, Democrats who were okay with Obama doing A were suddenly enraged that Trump was doing the same. Okay if my guy does it, Nokay if your guy does it. Bogus morality. Or Republicans who were okay with Trump doing B are suddenly outraged that Biden is doing it. Thus, morality is just a partisan tool. Moral hollowness and moral opportunism are, as the cliche goes, old as the hills, and Americans, for all their conceit of ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘indispensability’, are no different.

    Take BLM for instance. If indeed good, decent, and wonderful American ‘Liberals’ are so weepy-poo about the Black Problem, where were they on the issue until the media promoted BLM? Why were these people who were hunky dory with Bill Clinton locking up tons of Negroes, Obama prioritizing Globo-Homo over black concerns, Bloomberg using stop-and-frisk on blacks, Democrats using mass immigration to replace blacks, and real estate moguls using gentrification to drive blacks out of cities? They were fine with all that but suddenly they were prostrating themselves before BLM in 2020. Are they so hollow that their souls must be poured with moral content by an outside force for them to feel any sense of injustice? Interestingly enough, they weren’t fully onboard with BLM even in 2016 when Obama was in office. There are two reasons for this. The Jewish-run media pushed BLM whole hog in 2020 whereas only half-heartedly in 2016. So, the hollow souls were filled to the brim with BLM outrage in 2020, and that accounts for their sudden rush of ‘conscience’. Also, there was the Trump Factor. All the Trump-haters saw an opportunity to virtue-signal, especially with the hope that it would bring defector blacks back to the fold if the Democratic Party knelt before Negroes. In either case, it was Jews calling the shots and goyim following along. Jews lead, goyim follow.

    If Americans had true morality, they wouldn’t need the Power telling them to wave the BLM flag and wash Negro feet. They would have been doing it all these years. So, why did so many people become so obsessed with BLM all of a sudden? They are like children who must be told by adults what to think, how to feel, and what to say. Furthermore, they have no autonomous sense of facts or truth. BLM is based on a lie. White cops are NOT mowing down innocent blacks all across America. But many people refuse to accept the truth because they, like children, prefer the Narrative from the so-called ‘adults in the room’. Their moral sense is tied to authority and who has it. And there are others who know BLM is founded on a lie BUT still go along because Negrolatry is central to their lives. As the result of all those Magic Negro movies, blacks sports-music domination, and ‘white guilt’ narrative about Slavery, many whites kneel before blackness as the holy of holies. Just like some people know God doesn’t exist but still belong to a church because they love the idea and tradition, many whites know the facts of black crime & violence but stick with the faith in the Noble Negro. Emotions > Motions.

    Also, notice the total lack of consistency in their moral outrage. If indeed human lives mattered, American ‘liberals’ would be MOST OUTRAGED by the countless Arab/Muslim lives destroyed by Wars for Israel pushed by Evil Zionist Hegemonists. If American ‘liberals’ had true moral sense, they’d respond to BLM with, “But the number of innocent blacks killed by bad cops is piddling compared to all the innocent Arabs and Muslims killed by the US war machine and US support for terrorists, aka ‘moderate rebels’.” During the Trump term, most ‘liberals’ were outraged(instigated by the Jewish-run media, of course, as most white ‘liberals’ utterly lack moral agency) by Trump’s attempts to draw down troops in the Middle East. And they were utterly silent about what Obama did to Libya and Syria. Also, for all their conceit of ‘knowledge’ and ‘critical thinking’, most ‘liberals’ swallowed whole hog the Jewish Media Narrative that the US was working with decent rebels to overthrow bloody tyrant Assad. Or, the Jewish-run media pushed bogus nonsense about US troops having to remain in Syria to protect the Kurds from the Turks. Never mind it was the US that encouraged Turkey, along with other nations, to intervene in Syria and stir up trouble. So-called ‘liberals’ might as well be called Gulliberals. Of course, many conzos are gullible in their own way, what with the nonsense they swallowed about China-China-China and Iran-Iran-Iran when, in fact, their main enemy is Jew, Jew, Jew.

    All these ‘liberals’ who were denouncing cops as killers and calling for defunding the police NEVER called out the US military as a killing machine when, in fact, it is far more so than cops. If anything should be defunded for its crimes against humanity, it is Pentagon. Apparently, a single life of a black criminal has more value than a million Arab lives. (Surreally enough, perverted US imperialism even spun American Shame into American Self-Righteousness. If BLM is true and the US is really an evil nation where innocent blacks are routinely murdered by ‘systemic racism’, shouldn’t it undermine America’s role in the world? Surely, a country that murders its own citizens shouldn’t be preaching to the rest of the world, let alone pushing them around with its military might. But US foreign policy spun BLM as a point of pride, i.e. “Because we in the Foreign Service denounce Donald Trump and ‘white supremacism’, we are the Good Guys with the right to tell the world what’s what.”


    While some bad cops do end up killing innocent people(more whites than blacks), the number of innocent people killed by US cops in any given year can be counted on two hands. In contrast, 100,000s of Arabs and Muslims have been killed by wars, sanctions, and support of terrorism by the Jewish-controlled West. And millions have been displaced from their homes. If anything, the US military deserves all the vitriol, but notice how gulliberals, just like conzos, have no problem with the stupid cult of Veteran-Worship. US military invades and destroys other nations, BUT we hear the endless tripe about how they are fighting to defend our freedom. What does occupying the oil-rich regions of Syria have to do with the freedom of Americans? If US generals and soldiers really want to defend freedom in the US, they should attack Wall Street banks that deny service to US citizens. They should attack Big Tech that denies free speech to people who dare speak truth to power. Cops only go after criminals whereas US soldiers invade OTHER nations and drop bombs and destroy civilian lives, but has there been calls to Take the Knee about all those dead Arabs and Muslims? Has any US corporation donated millions to BDS in solidarity with Palestinian lives and rights? Has any US street been painted with PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter sign?

    What good is morality as approval by authority(a kind of ‘morauthority’) or partisan opportunism? And what is the authority and who calls the shots on the moral opportunism? Jewish Power. So, Jews essentially have the lock on what is moral and ‘spiritual’ in America. Jews control the gods, and it’s no wonder all these goyim are such hapless idiots. But are conzos any better with their ‘Muh Israel’ and ‘We Bless Jews’ antics despite Jews doing the most to destroy true patriotism? It goes to show no genuine conservative or patriotic movement is possible unless it calls for white liberation or goy emancipation from Jewish Supremacism.

    What’s truly perverse is the paradox of how White Morality has been used to actually make whites less moral under Jewish Control. Jews are baiting ‘white guilt’ not to make whites more moral and conscientious. The last thing Jews want is a white person who is morally consistent. While Jeremy Corbyn’s support of Open Borders and Diversity is nuts, he is at least consistent in his denunciation of both white and Jewish evils. So, if it was wrong for whites to practice apartheid in South Africa, it is wrong for Jews as well in Israel and West Bank. But oh no, Jews couldn’t accept that and did everything to bring down Jeremy Corbyn and install a total Zio-Cuck in the Labour Party.

    So, what are Jews really after when they bait ‘white guilt’ if it isn’t to make whites more moral, more principled, more conscientious, and more consistent in their application of justice? It is to rob whites of pride, dignity, and worth as a race. It is to psychologically paralyze whites and castrate their sense of righteousness. Thus beaten and robbed of autonomy, whites are left without agency, independence, and liberty. Whites are made to look to the Holy Other for guidance, approval, and redemption. And who would this Other be? All the various diverse groups? Of course not. Imagine what would happen to Jewish Power IF whites heeded the calls for justice for Palestinians. No, the Holy Other is to be Jewish, and Jews use all their money power, media power, and state power to make sure the white mind is bound to Jewish Authority. As Jews control the media and academia(as well as the whores who run government), no white person grows up without worshiping the Holy Holocaust that associates all Jews since time immemorial with tragic sanctity(contra White ‘Antisemitic’ Evil). And because the Shoah happened in Europe and white Americans aren’t culpable(except in the indirect sense that White America is an outgrowth of Europe), Jews make a big fuss about ‘white guilt’ in relation to blacks, and then tie the ‘racism’ toward blacks with ‘racism’ toward Jews in Europe — never mind Jews were co-partners with European Imperialists in invading and exploiting the world.

    Now, one would think all this browbeating would make whites more moral and conscientious, but not so. It just makes them more servile and slavish to Jews, at whose feet they worship and beg forgiveness. This means Jews can manipulate ‘white guilt’ to support anything Jews wish. After all, if whites are stained with sin whereas Jews are aglow with sanctity, how dare whites dare to say NO to any Jewish demand. Then, it’s no wonder that whites, burdened with ‘white guilt’, are totally onboard with Jewish supremacist madness all over the world. This is true of whites in Europe and the US. Germans have nothing to say about all the Wars for Israel. If indeed Germans were truly conscientious and morally redemptive in light of what happened in WWII, they would be denouncing Jewish Supremacism and Zionist Imperialism on grounds of “It was wrong for us Germans to be Nazis, then it’s wrong for Jews to act like Nazis.” But no, ‘German Guilt’ means Germans must look the other way while Jews push Zion Uber Alles across the Middle East and North Africa. So, ‘German Guilt’ hasn’t made Germans more moral but made them more subservient to Jewish Evil.

    In the end, any supposed guilt matters less than WHO is doing the guilt-baiting. For example, Germans in WWII led to the deaths of 20 million Soviets(or maybe more). Millions of Poles perished as the result of German aggression and occupation. And yet, Germans seem to have no conscience in regard to Russians and Poles. Germans have acquiesced to Jew-American ‘new cold war’ against Russia. And Germans pressured Poles to open their borders and allow their nation to be flooded with Africans and Muslims(many of whom were displaced by Wars for Israel). Considering what German invasion did to Poland in WWII, you’d think Germans would be the last ones to throw their weight around with the Poles(and call for demographic erasure of Poland), but Germans don’t care. Their ‘morality’ is bogus and essentially comes down to sucking up to Jews as a holy people and obeying Jews no matter how evil the act.
    And it’s no different among White Americans. There is no genuine morality or conscience. While a sense of guilt can lead to higher morality, it is only so when the guilt is genuine, internal, and has agency. After all, we’ve all done something wrong, felt remorse, and wished to make amends. But ‘white guilt’ doesn’t work like that. Rather, it was concocted by Jews who took advantage of the moral component in Americanism. America was founded as a Christian and Enlightenment Civilization, and there’s been a running thread in American History to make progress and make amends. And that was all for the good. But Jews exploited this aspect of Americanism and turned in it into moral pornography. The Jewish Narrative wasn’t about flawed whites who could be better(along with the rest of humanity) but about whiteness being the absolute worst. Instead of prodding the white conscience to be better, Jewish guilt-baiting was about sodomizing the white soul with total humiliation. It was to turn the white soul into a ‘bitch’ of the Jews. “You’re my bitch!” Thus broken and robbed of pride and dignity, ‘white guilt’ only knows one thing: To seek the approval of the Master, the Jews. As the Narrative says “whites are the devil, and Jews are the god”, whites have been led to believe their moral value is incumbent on sucking up to divine Jews, but it’s the Jews who are the real devils in the current world order.

    And it is in this sense that BLM is indirectly related to the mass mayhem in the Middle East and North Africa. After all, what is the real purpose of BLM? Sure, it is in part a Jewish way of flattering black megalomania to keep the alliance. But the other and bigger reason is to paralyze white pride and dignity. It is to burden whites with so much ‘white guilt’ that whites are reduced to cucky browbeaten saps. Do saps have agency? No, how can there be agency without pride and dignity? Thus robbed of agency by the cult of ‘white guilt’, white ‘morality’ is no real morality because saps always look to the Holy Other for benediction. And as this Other is Jewish Authority, the end-result is whites slavishly going out on a limb to appease Jews to win their approval. So, if Jews want to destroy the Middle East to further the Yinonist Plan, whites just go along. Thus, white pseudo-morality has been calibrated to serve Jewish Evil. ‘White Guilt’ is like the kind of ‘guilt’ shown by dogs that anxiously crave the approval and affection of their master uber alles.

    The sheer ‘bogosity’ of ‘white guilt’ easily proves that Jews control the gods. If Jews did not and if white conscience was for real, whites would be mindful not only of injustice done to blacks but injustice done by blacks to non-blacks. Furthermore, whites would be mindful about the evils of Jewish-controlled foreign policy that destroyed so many lives in the Middle East and North Africa. Whites would be condemning Jews working with quasi-Nazis in Ukraine. Whites would call out all those homos working in the US deep state to spread terror and promote neo-imperialism. But no, ‘white morality’ is totally under the spell of the gods controlled by Jews, and as such, it totally supports all the crazy Jewish schemes(no matter the body count) and vilifies whatever Jews hate.

    This is why nothing is possible without White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism.

    But then, we are now living in a time where mere support of Free Speech gets you banned from banking and financial services. All of us pay taxes to bail out banks, but banks can deny us service merely for the fact that any of us might support free speech. Just ask GAB, a platform open to all. Because free speech leads to real discussion, speaking truth to power, and development of true conscience, it cannot be tolerated by Jewish Supremacist Power. For Jews, only Controlled Conscience is tolerable, with Jews doing the controlling. But of course, ‘controlled conscience’ is an oxymoron as no true conscience is directed from the outside. True conscience is what you feel from within, like with the soldier in HACKSAW RIDGE.

    What Jews are pushing in AmeriKa is Konscience. And the so-called ‘woke’ are really hypnotized or dazed. Just about everything they ‘think’ and say has been instilled and ordered by Jewish Power, but of course, they don’t know it because they were brainwashed from cradle. As children accept things uncritically and unconditionally and as current Western Society encourages infantilization, many white folks never developed critical thinking or true conscience. Also, the Jewish promotion of rampant sexualization further served to stunt the maturation of white minds. Sexualized at a young age, white kids became slaves of sensations and sensualism as transmitted through the electronic media controlled by Jews. They become animalized without the critical brakes that distinguish man from beast. In a way, animals are wild and out-of-control, but in another way, they are easier to control because they have simple minds. Look at all those idiot crowds screaming as one at rock concerts. As Jews control the means of titillation, they can associate the pleasures in Pavlovian manner with whatever agendas they hold dear. Have people scream out of control at a rock concert and then pull out a massive homo flag, and the screams will follow along. There is the abortion of killing unborn kids, but there is also the mental abortion of preventing the emergence of adult mentalities among goyim.

    • Agree: Derer
  123. @Mustapha Mond

    Patton was an experienced general and he was completely right. Of course it is important for a warrior to be willing to risk injury and death; but being effective in battle is about killing your enemies, not losing your own men. This is so obvious that it is hard to imagine you or the saker would even think to dispute it. It is hard to imagine that you think losing your own men is a better strategy than killing enemies, unless you are deranged. The Vietcong caused heavy losses and the casualties suffered by the Americans was the primary reason they pulled out of Vietnam. The draftee army was not going to put up with being cannon fodder in a war of aggression any longer.

    • Disagree: Tony massey
    • Replies: @Tony massey
  124. @Mr. Hack

    Zionism and Nazism Are the same. They do not tolerate opposition. Nazis have put opposition into concentration camps. Zionists if you oppose them you only loose your Job.
    But thinks are changing in US. If you oppose Zionism, Zionist Judges put you in prison.
    See the case Capitol demonstration. They are putting in prison nonviolent demonstrators.

  125. Anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    You’d like that, wouldn’t you.

  126. voicum says:

    Common , man , regarding your post , i refuse to think that anybody posting here is THAT stupid.

  127. @Passer by

    What an idiotic and juvenile comment. Quartermaster said “The US is certainly rapidly declining and with social justice warriors in charge for now, the decline will accelerate.” How do you get out of that “Muh USA has the biggest dick”!? Questioning the false WW2 narrative is illegal in Russia, and they had/have some of the highest abortion rates in the world, with over 100 million babies murdered. The US is clearly terminally corrupt and evil; Russia is also corrupt and evil.

  128. @frontier

    I was lieutenant in Warsaw pact military.(In reserve.) I know what I am talking about.
    I do not pick anybody’s brain.

    • Replies: @frontier
  129. frontier says:

    Germany lost WWI and WWII because they were simply overwhelmed… But when you have a population of 70-85 million and your fighting against: USSR 205 million, USA 135 million, UK 50 million… victory is virtually impossible.

    Interesting, you confirm what I have always claimed, Germany first starts a war and only then they learn to count. Arithmetic would’ve been a useful skill which Hitler didn’t have. Also, as evident by your comment, the turn of thinking skills hasn’t yet arrived.

    Defeating an enemy that is outnumbered 10 to 1 in men and material is not much of an achievement, regardless of what the “Greatest generation” types think.

    It is quite a bit of an achievement considering the treacherous way of attack, after signing a peace treaty in bad faith. And it wasn’t 1 to 10, seems arithmetic is still lacking over there. UK and US didn’t enter the war until 1944 when Hitler has already lost control over the Eastern front, he was in a full blown rout mode by then. Moreover, all of Europe was supplying the Wehrmacht, including troops from several countries.

    I still don’t understand why the West gets outright suicidal when it comes to Russia. Hitler was just a suicide bomber, not the first and not the last of its kind. Indeed, Russia can destroy the West entirely, but that’s not a deterrent or a mission stopper, as the past 10 months have shown, self-destruction isn’t even a concern here.

    As Putin noticed, the whole West now looks much like Germany 1933, however, he seems incapable of articulating a viable political answer. Instead, he keeps trying to please the EU center, as if he forgot history. Without real politics, Realpolitik is wrought with risks, Stalin and Nikolas II would attest to it.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @stevennonemaker88
  130. @Tony massey

    I loved that Bering Strait rendition of “Porushka-Poranya”, which I understand is a traditional song and not their creation. Wow!

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  131. @Mustapha Mond

    I am only trying to prove that I do have sense of humor.

  132. Derer says:

    There are serious questions of how good Russia’s military is and we won’t know until it is tested in actual battle.

    Why are you asking this stupid question? They are much better then when marching on Berlin. We know how good is US military…they left Vietnam war crimes with tail between legs and they keep loosing in lowly Afghanistan, hell they are scared of little North Korea. Although they fight dirty “agent orange” on civilians or nuclear bomb test on civilians or torture in Iraq etc. Russians will make sure that the next major conflict will not bypass American soil.

  133. @Sean

    Presumably the Russian Federation can sustain massive exports of foodstuffs to overpopulated China, India, and Africa – far more than they export now. Africa may suffer declining available fertile farmland due to the expansion of the desert and other factors, making them more reliant on Russian food imports:

    But Russia’s government may decide to limit such exports so that more food is available for their own people at a more reasonable price:

    Also, I think that the RF is the biggest exporter of nuclear reactors in the world. It seems that have a significant and growing business exporting nuclear reactors and then getting paid to operate and maintain them in the importing countries, including China, India, Iran, Turkey, and some African countries.

    I don’t know enough to guess whether that could compensate for an appreciable part of a future decline in fossil-fuel exports:

  134. All that is needed is for Russia to be less “diplomatic” and much more forceful in the defense of her interests. That in turn means two things: Russian officials need to change their rather demure tone when dealing with western imperialists and, second, Russian officials needs to back their words with real, measurable, actions.

    PCR has been saying the same thing for years.

    As to Syria, why is Russia allowing Israel to freely bomb the country?

  135. Derer says:

    Why should Russians trust the West…Baker told Gorbachev: “Look, if you remove your [300,000] troops [from east Germany] and allow unification of Germany in NATO, NATO will not expand one inch to the east.” One has to appreciate Russians tolerance, but dishonesty has its limit.

  136. @Petermx

    What I said was that I find photos like that “disgusting and repulsive.” A normal person would respect that. A normal person would not send me another “disgusting and repulsive” photo hoping that I would view it. I suggest you ask your GP for a referral to a psychiatrist. (You picked the wrong guy to enter into an argument with. I have years of training in argumentation.)

    • Replies: @Petermx
  137. @Ultrafart the Brave

    The American military of Paton’s generation was very different to the current breed.

    You mean the one that waltzed across France in sort of a mop-up operation against 3rd rate German troops?

  138. Derer says:

    Some illiterate morons constantly elevate Navalny to the position of “opposition leader” with 1% support. Navalny started or joined many parties but in all instances he was either expelled or a party was dissolved. His support in Russia is minuscule, although he would win in Berlin. After this staged poisoning, he is politically finished and will end up in mental institution.

  139. Anon 52 says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    What has Russia ever done for Muslims? They prop up brutal dictatorships in the Middle East, bomb civilians who rise up against them, and sell outdated weapons to the Arab regimes to fight the Israelis with their state of the art weapons.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Avery
    , @Avery
  140. Avery says:

    {” however, he seems incapable of articulating a viable political answer.”}

    OK. Give us some examples of viable political answers.

    {“Instead, he keeps trying to please the EU center, as if he forgot history. “}

    I doubt very much Putin forgot history, and where do you see him trying to please EU?
    For example, EU put sanctions on RF, and Putin responded by putting sanctions on EU agricultural products. EU got stung, and wanted to lift the sanctions, but US would not let them.

    At the same time, Putin is not trying to exacerbate the situation.
    Putin knows quite well Russia’s strengths and weaknesses.
    And Russia has many weaknesses – outside of its superior military strengths.
    For example, Russia is weak economically: it is too reliant on income from hydrocarbons.
    Russia is weak demographically: its population is stagnant, and she needs lots more people.
    They are working on those, and others, but it takes decades.

    Moscow is very cautious to get entangled in a major war: its progress will be derailed.

    • Replies: @frontier
  141. @BannedHipster

    It makes no sense for the United States and Russia to be enemies.

    Yes it does. To help keep their populations in line through fear, all countries need enemies.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  142. @stevennonemaker88

    The Viet Nam Memorial wall is about 2 miles shorter than there’s would be.
    If that’s losing…ok.
    I’d say both sides lost.
    60k vs…what? Millions?
    We lost.
    Land of coca cola now.
    Prolly lose a couple thousand in unexploded ordanance every year. Or a lost limb, anyway.
    Yeh, they def won.
    I dont want to ever suffer a win like they did.
    I’d rather just sell coca cola

  143. @frontier

    I think you were trying to reply to my comment since you quoted what I said. I’ll respond:

    Your idea that Hitler didn’t understand math is pretty silly. Your comment is not witty or insightful. I wonder if you are translating your thoughts from another language because you are not making very much sense. My comment was explaining that the idea of Russian military proficiency in WW2 is mostly myth. They lost 5 to one casualties even against tiny Finland, and 5 to one against the Germans for much of the War.

    “UK and US didn’t enter the war until 1944” The UK was at war with Germany since September 3 1939… almost two years before the Soviets.

    “And it wasn’t 1 to 10, seems arithmetic is still lacking over there.” USSR 205 Million, USA 135 million, British empire 531 million. French empire 107 million = 978 million not counting numerous other countries who fought with the allies. The population of Greater Germany was around 86 million. So yes, outnumbered MORE THAN 10 to one.

  144. @Carroll Price

    quiet you… they don’t want the peasants waking up!

  145. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Reality contradicts your opinion.

    The 2014 coup d’etat has been conducted by a union of zionists (see the NED & Kagans’ family) and Banderites (Canadian Russophobes led the charge). The Jewish State sent Israeli rifles and the Jewish Lobby (the ADL and such) stepped in in support of weaponizing the self-proclaimed neo-Nazis (Banderites) against Russians and against those Ukrainians that were ‘disloyal’ to the zionist/Banderite regime.

    It is thanks to the Zio-Banderite union that Ukraine has fallen under the control of the ZUSA. The country was raped, robbed, and defouled. Currently, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe – and the most corrupt country in Europe. Kolomojsky prospered, Grossman & Zelenski came to power, and Bidens have brought their “law.”

    There is nothing hilarious about Saker’s words, and there is nothing hilarious about the fate of decent Ukrainians in Ukraine.

  146. @RadicalCenter

    I didn’t really know their music.
    Most of the people i knew in nashville were wanna be stars.
    Just stats, really.
    They were nominated for a grammy.
    They mostly all hated one another.
    They went bust several times over.
    The lead singer married a star hockey player for the preds.
    The rest just held on the best they could.
    My friend and I mostly just traipsed around in the woods looking for mushrooms.
    We smoked dope. He read lots of stuff i did.
    Mostly, he didnt want anything to do with it.
    It got him here.
    He was pretty grateful.
    He worked 40 hrs a week at a real job. They let him go his do thing when needed.
    He was happy to be done with it.

  147. annamaria says:

    You have stated, twice, that it is a criminal offense in Russia to discuss and question the official story of WWII.
    Could you provide a documented case of the punishment?

    Otherwise, your posts sound as if produced by the ADL activists who mistook Russia for Germany. Just to be clear, it is Germany (a western state) where people have been sent to prison, left without a job, and physically assaulted for discussing and questioning the holobiz.

    It is not much better in the UK, France, and the US:
    1. The Times of Israel did not have the decency to state the truth – that Mrs. Thomas was talking privately with a Jew who happened to be a snitch. There were no “declarations.”

    Auschwitz appears to be the fortress those invested in Holocaust mythology are staking their last stand on. It is impossible for them to give any more ground without the whole story collapsing.

    3. Imposing Jewish priorities on the US population: “A 2017 law passed in Texas requires would-be government contractors to sign an oath promising they will not boycott Israel.”
    4. And these openly treasonous activities against the interest of the country of residence:

    Candidates sign pledge for Israel

    We Believe In Israel

    We Believe in Israel and the Israel Britain Alliance have published a list of the 216 General Election candidates who have signed their Pledge for Israel.

    53 of the candidates are Conservatives, 52 Labour, 40 Liberal Democrats, 26 UKIP and 45 from other parties.

    Thousands of activists from a range of pro-Israel groups sent emails to their local candidates to ask them to support the campaign.

    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  148. Mr. Hack says:

    The differences are very material and if left unchecked lead to war and the deaths of millions of people. The fact that you refuse to see this and hide your head in the sand is symptomatic of an individual that is willing to engage in mental acrobatics and pretzel logic to try and prove that black is white. Nazism, if nothing else, was at its core an anti-Zionist movement.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  149. frontier says:

    “OK. Give us some examples of viable political answers. .. Moscow is very cautious to get entangled in a major war: its progress will be derailed.”
    Politics isn’t war regardless of what people of “other means” say. Politics includes issues like people’s rights vs government rights, social organization, corruption, checks and balances, identity, solidarity, vision of country’s place among its neighbors and in the world, etc. I have my own preferences but that’s not the point, Russia is as vague on these issues as the West, preferring instead to speak in terms of money, trade, war and peace. Maybe you’re right and Russia is threatened with some sort of conflict if they take a firm stand, I don’t know.

    “where do you see him trying to please EU? EU put sanctions on RF, and Putin responded”
    I didn’t say “please the EU” but “please the EU center”. Sanctions and such do not affect all EU countries equally. From what I can see, Russia has adopted the priorities of Germany and France vs the rest of the EU. It’s likely a gas-driven political stance.

  150. frontier says:

    I know what I am talking about.

    I didn’t say you didn’t, read comment 130 for clarification.

  151. Petermx says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    Yes, you sound argumentative. I didn’t send you anything. I posted a comment on the website. I could not care less if you view it. I thought you might be interested in it and that is why I posted it. I suggest you seek help. You are very sensitive, rude and certainly not normal.

    • Replies: @Mr. Cracker
  152. yurivku says:

    Well, it’s first time when Saker confirmed existence of Russian patriotic oppsition. He wrongly calls it “rather small” – no, it’s rather large. He first time not using insults when talk about our patriots, hope he at last understood what the word “patriot” means.
    Correct, in local policy we have alot of complains to Putin’s policy, but in foreign affairs the main complain is its toothless. Particularly it’s a consequence of the fact that oligarchs have tight links with a West and their children (as well as nomenclatura’s) are living and educating abroad.

    And Saker is right when states that now majority of Russians feel disgust and hate for the West , its rulers and even to its brainwashed herd aka western people.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Zarathustra
  153. yurivku says:


    As Russian I would say – many, not most, but the reasons for that are different from what Tony thinks.

    • Thanks: Tony massey
  154. yurivku says:

    As most people know Soviets suffered horrific losses in WWII

    20 millions from 30 of killed Russians were civilians. As for military losses of Germany and Russia are almost same. That a consequence of (maybe pityful) fact that we, Russians, much more civilized than this evil world of the west.

  155. yurivku says:

    People who criticize him for not responding to the constant propaganda abuse and bullying are reacting emotionally when they think he should react and ‘do something’.

    it’s an old song. When not reacting enemy goes further and further up to the point of no return. It’s a positive feedback which leads to blow.
    Now it’s a time to react before it’s too late.

  156. yurivku says:

    “Most Russians that I know” isn’t the same as most Russians!

    Correct, especialy if he knows mainly liberastic or patriotic Russians. Both don’t like Putin, but for very different reasons -)

    And if he talks about Russians living in US, of cource, they don’t like Putin, but those are no more Russians. They are cosmopolits seeaking only prosperity, not Motherland.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  157. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Zionist movement at its core was a twin of Nazism.

    This is why the union of Banderites and Ziocons has been formed ‘organically.’

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  158. annamaria says:

    “’s rather large..”

    — How large?

    How large is the support for Mr. Navalni the Turncoat? How large is the support for the big-mouth Ms. Sobol? – One percent, 1/2 percent, 1/4 percent?

    Has Ms. Sobol noticed what the dishonorable British judge Emma Arbuthnot (a wife of a prominent war profiteer) did to Julian Assange, a political prisoner? No, this is too inconvenient for Ms. Sobol; she wants fame for herself.

    Ms. Sobol loves, loves attention: “Meet Moscow’s New Opposition Leader (?!), Lyubov Sobol”

    Here the opportunistic Sobol is bloviating about human rights for the western MSM:

    I want her [daughter] to live in a country where human rights and freedoms are respected, where the courts are independent, and where there is a free press.

    The missus Sobol needs to move either to London, DC or Paris to get the taste of “rights and freedoms.”

    So she likes these”freedoms:”
    “It’s A Militarized Zone’: Photos Of A Locked Down D.C. Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration:”
    “According to the Associated Press, the FBI will vet all 25,000 Guard troops on top of the routine screening the military already does to identify members who have extremist [Trump] connections.”

    Here is another amazing “freedom” in Washington DC: “Congress Admits Walls Work, Builds Massive Fence Around Capitol Hill:”

    Ms. Sobol cares not about the Russian Federation – she (as a prominent member of Fifth column) cares for financial support from her western minders. Otherwise, she would notice this: “Protesters Are Losing Eyes And Hands To Police Brutality In France:”

    By the way, Ms. Sobol, to use western propaganda to prop popularity among teenagers (and thus endanger the teens) is abhorrent.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  159. annamaria says:

    The ZUSA wants the Golan Heights by any means:

    The US-led coalition forces use al-Tanf as an entrance point to launch operations into Syria. The base can be easily reached from both Baghdad and Jordan. … the al-Tanf zone are being used by terrorist groups active in the region…

    Photo of US soldiers training ISIS [Maghweer al-Thora] forces in the al-Tanf pocket:

    Again, why do Americans sacrifice their limbs and fortune in the Middle East?

    Distance from Syria to the United States is 6,695 miles. Looks like another gangster operation by the US against a sovereign state without a nuclear weapon.

  160. @annamaria

    You are right that questioning the holohoax is a crime in much of Europe, and de facto (not de jure) illegal in the US. Thank you for making my point resoundingly! Russia is painted by the Saker as the “good guys” and the alternative to the west, when in reality they do many of the SAME EVIL THINGS and propagate the SAME JEWISH LIES.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday making the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail.”

    “The Russian lower house has received a new bill suggesting up to five years in prison for publicly denying the Holocaust or portraying Nazis as heroes.”

    Maybe one of our friendly resident Russian speakers can provide you links in Russian. Your post really adds to my point. Thanks!

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Avery
  161. @Tony massey

    The unreliable official statistics on Vietnam have Vietcong (and allies) military deaths at 667,000-951,000 and US (and allies) deaths at 333,000-392,000. The Vietcong “won” in the sense that the US withdrew and they gained control of the whole country. In another sense, the common people on BOTH SIDES LOST. You are 100% correct.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  162. macilrae says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Patton was right. Saker is wrong.

    Certainly both the US and the Israeli military follow Patton’s aphorism, engaging in the type of “war” which can be conducted with absolute minimal casualties on their side and a maximum on the other. That is to say, usually, from the air with bombs and missiles and, preferably, from a great height.

    Both have shown that they don’t have the stomach for ground wars because, well, they might get hurt. They either keep the enemy at arms length – or get the ‘loyal’ locals to do the in-fighting, as in Afghanistan, where the Uzbeks and Tajiks went ‘knocking on doors” while the US troops stood well back in their body armor. Fundamentally, the Taliban have prevailed because they proceed contrary to Patton’s advice – they take big losses, inflicting much smaller ones in return, but they keep right on coming. This is how the Iranians will fight – and the US knows it and lacks those ‘loyal’ locals. Did somebody suggest the Saudis?

  163. @Anon 52

    I agree. In fact, Muslims in Russia should show their displeasure by leaving.

  164. @Tony massey

    Tony, you sound like the perfect vision of “the ugly American” this time. Embarassing. By the way, US troops weren’t even “evacuated” in an orderly fashion; they fled Vietnam desperately. The US lost.

    And the next generation of high-income Vietnamese likely will be paying for their children to learn Mandarin as much as English. Same with the Filipino elite. Same even with the Australians, out of overwhelming necessity.

    But hey, we murdered lots more of them in their own country than they were able to kill of our invading troops, and they drink Coca-Cola. I’m so proud.

  165. Avery says:
    @Anon 52

    {“They prop up brutal dictatorships in the Middle East,…”}

    See some videos or pictures of 10s of 1,000s of ordinary Syrians celebrating in the streets with pictures of supposed ‘brutal dictator’ Assad after the ISIS cannibalistic throat-cutters were finally (largely) defeated thanks to heroic Syrian Arab Army, Iranian fighters, and Russian Air Force. Your favourite NATO trained and NATO supplied (financed by KSA, and routed through Turkey) murderers caused the deaths of several hundred thousand ordinary Syrian civilians, and wrecked a once normal country. Read up a little how the vile Sunni ISIS murderers slaughtered entire villages of (Muslim) Alawites, because the mass-murderers consider them ‘infidels’.

    {” bomb civilians who rise up against them,..”}

    If Russian had intended to bomb civilians in Chechnya, it would be level to the ground.
    NATO and Turkey and KSA et al armed, trained and injected Wahhabi terrorists into Chechnya when RF was weak, with the intention of establishing a NATO terrorist beachhead there.

    The terrorists were finally defeated and cleansed largely thanks to Chechens (Kadyrov clan and others) ) who despise the Wahhabi scum and are happy to be part of RF.
    Moscow has injected \$10s of billions into Chechnya, completely rebuilding it, including the largest mosque in the region.
    btw: the RF Military Police force in Syria is largely manned by (Muslim) Chechens.

    And if you are so concerned about civilians, maybe you should look up the massacre of several hundred children at Beslan, by the same terrorists who were attempting to wreck Chechnya.

    {“and sell outdated weapons to the Arab regimes to fight the Israelis”}

    You are clearly uninformed.
    It is not Russia’s fault that some Arab armies cannot fight Israelis.
    Giving the best weapons in the world is not going to make a difference if a given military is incompetent.

    Read this article: you might learn something.
    [Why Arabs Lose Wars]

    • Thanks: annamaria
  166. @Petermx

    As Kamala contemplates what she did to get ahead and looks at that photo of Honecker slipping Brezhnev the tongue, she thinks, “Amateurs!”

    • LOL: Petermx
  167. Avery says:
    @Anon 52

    {“and sell outdated weapons to the Arab regime”}

    Here is one example of incompetence.
    A Syrian T-90 tank is hit by a terrorist anti-tank missile.
    The excellent T-90 defeats the anti-tank: the tank is intact.

    So what does the incompetent tanker do?
    Instead of driving the valuable equipment away, going into a protected position and destroying its attackers – he exits the protection of the tank and flees.

    [TOW missile v T-90, direct hit: Probably first-ever footage from Syrian battleground]

  168. Mr. Hack says:

    Ukrainian + Jewish oligarchs VS. Putler + Jewish oligarchs. No matter how you slice it, the oligarchs come out on top. 🙂

    • Replies: @annamaria
  169. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    It seems that you do not like to discuss the 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev, which was accomplished by the joined forces of ziocons and Banderites.

    The Kaganat of Nuland (former Ukraine) is ruled by whom?

    In Kyiv, the first meeting between the two world leaders of Jewish descent was short on accomplishments but big on symbolism. …

    Netanyahu and Zelensky, who are both leading countries engaged in uniquely modern forms of hybrid warfare, discussed business and history, and the business of history, as well as increasing military and economic cooperation

    “The Arc of History Bends From Ukraine to Israel and Back Again:”

    The civil war between east-Ukrainians and west-Ukrainians has been financed by US ziocons and supported by the Jewish State, and yes, the Banderites have been used as cannon fodder for ziocons.
    “Civil War in Ukraine: another USA sponsored conflict designed to contain Russia:”

    As for the fraudulent holobiz story, it goes far back in time and includes the collaboration among Nazis and Zionists. At least, the Nazis had a noble goal and played honorably by the rules, as compared to zionists who have been traitors, liars, and terrorists from inception. Nothing has changed. And now they are in charge of Ukraine.

    Putin is a head of state. He must communicate with other politicians, including the ghastly Bibi who had been arming the Banderites with Israel-made rifles to use against the civilian populations in eastern Ukraine.

    Mazel Tov to your stellar achievements of having Grossman et al. in charge and becoming the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe.

    A terribly sad story. Actually, my sympathies.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  170. @Petermx

    Yes, I am argumentative; so what? And you did direct your post and photo to me. Think about it. After I clearly stated that I find photos like that “disgusting and repulsive,” you thought I might be interested in viewing another “disgusting and repulsive” photo!

    That is like someone stating that they find the taste of turnips “disgusting and repulsive,” and you offer them another spoonful. Talk about rude.

    Furthermore, yes I am sensitive, can be rude when called for, and I have never claimed to be “normal.”

  171. @polistra

    You don’t get it. Russia’s vaccine doesn’t change a person’s DNA. It’s an adenovirus vector that’s been used for 40 years. They already produced both the MERS and Ebola vaccines with it.

    Putin is playing along without killing his own people. He has to at this point because the epidemic is being used as cover for the dollar’s eventual collapse and worldwide economic turmoil. Perhaps you haven’t noticed the REPO markets. So many trillions of dollars have propped up the banks in the past year, you better be on a farm when it goes tits up – otherwise, you’re guaranteed to starve.

  172. @yurivku

    I can see that you are unhappy with Putin.
    But you are not really telling why.
    So Imagine that you are on Putin’s place.
    So tell me please what would you do differently!
    I am full ears and I want to hear some real shop talk.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  173. annamaria says:

    “Holocaust Deniers in Russia Now Face Five Years in Prison:”

    the law, described by critics as an attempt to curb freedom of expression to appease conservative Russians…

    The new law, protecting the holobiz, has obvious political motifs. Unfortunately, the real consequence of this unwise move is the spreading of the poison of untruth upon the Russians.

    The RF government needs to reread Dostoyevsky (1977):

    Godless anarchism is close: our children will see it … The International [cabal] has ordered the Jewish revolution to begin in Russia … It is on its way already because we do not have a reliable rebuff against it – neither in the government nor in the society. The revolt will begin with atheism and the robbery of all national riches; they will begin to corrupt religion, destroy churches and turn them into barracks, into stalls, they will flood the world with blood, and then they themselves will be scared.

    To reject the truth is a grave sin. To punish for truth is below human dignity. That the current RF government has allowed the rabid talmudists to smear honest researchers in WWII is the worst that could have happened to the recovering Russian civilization. Those who had pushed successfully for this law are traitors to Russia.

    Posner was right that the aim of the new holobiz-promoting law was “to shut the mouths of journalists, historians and writers.”

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  174. Mr. Hack says:

    The Kaganat of Nuland (former Ukraine) is ruled by whom?

    According to your very primitive and black/white worldview, it must be the same folks that are surrounding Putin, and that “he loves” in the photo within comment #169 above.

    Putin “said it wasn’t simple in the KGB being sympathetic to Jews,” Sharansky told the Post. “But he told me how he grew up in [a] communal apartment and there was a Jewish family there which for him were almost like relatives. He liked them very much.”

    And Putin wisely goes way out of his way to make Jews feel safe and welcome within Russia, often hosting Netanyahu at lavish social events. He doesn’t waste anybody’s time, as you do, trying to puff up anti-Semitic views with your mendacious offerings as at this blogsite. Since Zelensky came to power in Ukraine, the activities of war have slowed down considerably in the Donbas. His domestic policies have helped to vastly improve Ukraine’s infrastructure, by the completion of many new roads throughout the country, You can leave your stupid anti-Jewish tropes in the closet, where they belong – indeed, “Mazel Tov” to you and Mr. Putin as well.

    You’d do well to emulate your superman, Mr. Putin, especially his friendly embrace of Jews and their leaders.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  175. Avery says:

    {““Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday making the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail.””}

    {““The Russian lower house has received a new bill suggesting up to five years in prison for publicly denying the Holocaust or portraying Nazis as heroes.””}

    Read the two statements carefully: e.g. the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence

    There is a concerted effort in the GloboWest/NATO to first minimize, then entirely erase SU’s heroic – almost singular – role in defeating the Nazi invaders. Russian/Slavic peoples* paid a horrific price to finally defeat the genocidal Nazi menace, who fully intended to ethnically cleanse and exterminate all Slavic peoples west of the Urals, and populate those rich fertile lands with Germanic peoples.

    People of RF still strongly remember their grandfathers/fathers who gave their lives in WW2.
    [Russia: Millions take part in Immortal Regiment marches across the country]

    Russian leaders are quite aware of this vile effort by GloboWest, and are rightfully furious. And hence the law. They can’t really expect to criticize the GloboWest/NATO for erasing SU’s crucial role in WW2, while allowing the SorosaAgent NGO’s and other whored ‘Russians’ (sic) to do inside RF what their masters are doing outside RF.

    By the same token, they can’t pass a law that punishes the deniers of Nazi crimes, and then pretend the Jewish holocaust did not happen. Or that Nazis did not exterminate x number of Christian Polish people, for example. And many others. It is not RF’s problem that Jews have weaponized and monetized the holocaust.

    * other nationalities of the Soviet Union, e.g. Armenians, Georgians, people of the _Stans, etc also paid a horrific price per capita, but numbers wise it was an overwhelmingly Russian/Slavic loss.

  176. @MLK

    How did Biden “gift” Putin by extending START???? Nuclear proliferation is a curse to all the earth. Extending START benefits the whole globe – not just Putin. The UN Security Council permanent members all have missiles that can hit any country on earth. They have enough nuke firepower to basically destroy any nation. The US and Russia both have enough nukes to basically destroy the globe. That is no gift to Putin. It’s common sense. Not everything is a conspiracy.

    The idea that North Korea is a province of China is absolute nonsense. First off the Kim clan were Soviet allies and did not like China. Even in the Korean War – China only got involved because crazy McCarthy thought he could bully China and cross the Yalu River… Had they not done that – there would be no North and South Korea today…
    Even the issue of nukes – the idea that China wants to dangle a nuclear North Korea as bait is nonsense. North Korea’s nukes do nothing to help China. China has its own nuclear capabilities. It’s like saying the US would use Canada getting nukes to scare Russia.

    Do you know why this latest Kim had his own brother killed??? That brother was living in China. Kim waited until he got to Malaysia to kill him. Why did he have him killed? The suspicion was China and South Korea were working together to have him installed as the new leader. Province of China?? Not at all. It was only after that assassination that Kim got an audience to meet with Xi.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  177. @Alfred

    Yeah it should be apparent that Russia still has the best air defenses. Two recent proofs 1) Turkey sampled them and at risk of losing the F35 – chose Russian air defenses… 2) China still is happy to buy them

    • Replies: @raga10
  178. @Sean

    “What is Russia going to replace its energy exports with?”

    That still gives them a couple of decades. I’m sure there are others on here who can answer better than me – but I did watch a report from a couple of years ago that they were focusing on agriculture and that Putin was ordering the military industries to come up with more dual usage. Aside from that – I believe they are going for more self sufficiency in all industries. That was just one report I watched and read – again others have more knowledge than me.

  179. @RadicalCenter

    Yeah – having to push helicopters off of carriers into the sea to make way for evacuees and having to burn all the documents in the embassy before an advancing adversary sounds like a loss to me..

  180. raga10 says:

    Yeah it should be apparent that Russia still has the best air defenses. Two recent proofs 1) Turkey sampled them and at risk of losing the F35 – chose Russian air defenses

    Not much risk, some would say – because F-35 are not that great, and Turkey might be better off buying Russian equipment. Although… Russia and Turkey are not exactly friends either, and I would question the wisdom of relying on your enemy for your supply of weapons.

    Anyhow, Israelis possibly have better systems than Russians. At least their systems see real action and they perform their role quite well, while S400 is still not seriously combat-tested. And a recent proof: US Army bought several Israeli Iron Dome batteries for their own use.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  181. annamaria says:

    I agree with you. The Poles, Bulgarians, and midget-Baltic states have been behaving dishonorably by destroying the WWII monuments to fallen Soviet soldiers. And yet, the protection of holobiz was a very bad idea.
    The RF government needs to update the unfortunate law:

  182. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    You have convinced me that Mr. Putin is not a Judophobe.

    However, you have not convinced me that Ukraine is better off after the joined Zionist/Banderite’ action in 2014:

    Moreover, your post implies (perhaps inadvertently) that “it was worth it” (a la Madeleine Albright) to murder 10,000 human beings during the still-ongoing civil war.

    The Trump administration approved the sale of lethal arms to Ukraine’s government … the [US] administration approved the sale of Model M107A1 sniper systems and associated equipment to the country at a value of \$41.5 million. The administration has not yet moved to approve sales of heavier arms requested by Ukraine’s government, including Javelin anti-tank missiles.

    Just to make it clear, it was the Zelenski-Grossman government that had requested the heavier arms in 2020.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  183. Mr. Hack says:

    Just to make it clear, it was the Zelenski-Grossman government that had requested the heavier arms in 2020.

    To make it even clearer, it was the “little green men” that Putler sent into Ukrainian territories and initiated the anschluss of Crimea that started the antagonism between Ukraine and Russia. Likewise, Donbas separatism was also at its core a Kremlin based intervention in another Ukrainian territory. It’s normal for any country to try and ward off any invasions of its territories by another entity. Russia has only itself to blame for the mess that its been in since 2014.

  184. aleksandr says:

    The collapse of the dollar is coming. PUTIN knows this. He’s playing along with the Plandemic.

  185. Putin is playing the long game. Russians are very good at it.

  186. yurivku says:

    — How large?
    How large is the support for Mr. Navalni the Turncoat? How large is the support for the big-mouth Ms. Sobol? – One percent, 1/2 percent, 1/4 percent?

    Sorry, but probably you weren’t attentive when reading or my English is so bad. Large – it’s not about Navalny, it’s about patriotic opposition. As for liberda – yes the have not more than 2-3% of mainly jewish support.

  187. yurivku says:

    But you are not really telling why.

    Look, I told this many times, nobody here seems to listen. Well, it’s understandable, you have your own problems.
    Ok, I’ll write a little, but not too much for it’s have no real sence to do it here and my English is not good enough.

    1. Putin did alot from beginning of his rulling. Chechen war, internal order, got SOME oligarchs out of our treasures, built new army .. etc.
    The problem is – he kept most oligarchs in place, just slightly limited them economically and much more politically. He gave them example – Khodorkovsky and some more. But I beleive there’s some kind of a contract between him and oligarchs – he guard their money, they do not put their long noses in foreign policy. To keep the status quo he needs to have strong state and he did it.

    2. After that he keeps things in that swamp intact – huge corruption (it’s the only point everybody agree with Navalny), his model of state prevents anybody except his apointee get into power. The MSM are completely controlled, the courts are the parody to justice. He surrounded himself with members of 5th, liberastic columns, his goverment is absolutely non-people oriented, it defends oligarchs and state, not people. When they are buying ships and footbal teams, in central TV they askin people to donate for saving ill children. He’s got the anti-national pension reform.
    He established lots of anti-nationl law, preventing freedom of speaches and demonstrations.
    He just raped the constitution just to continue ruling.

    This is not all, but I think is enough for beginning. We do appreciate what he’s done, but now it’s time for him to go since we see he’s not going to change. The Crimea was a great achievement of his, for which I’ll be ever grateful for him, but life goes on and reqire new leaders with priority on his/her people, not friendly oligarchs.

    Hope I answered your question.

    PS: I know that in the WES/US/EU things with human rights … even worse, bu I don’t care – it’s your life. Live with your BLM/anifa/diversity/LGBTQ/perversions – we don’t need this shit.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  188. yurivku says:

    … and forget to repeat – in foreign affairs my (and patriotic thinking) main pretension – is a toothless policy, it’s time now to hit tough in responce. Also it’s a time to get Donbass home. We, Russians, are ready to get some problems like we have connected with Crimea, but our brothers were suffering enough.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  189. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    So you do believe that “it was worth it” (a la Madeleine Albright) to murder 10,000 human beings during the still-ongoing civil war.

    The civil war in Ukraine (Kaganat of Nuland) was not a self-explosion. The civil war was planned by the US State Dept. and US/Canada’ stink-tanks, and the war activated by the joined zionist-banderite’s adventure in 2014.

    • Agree: yurivku
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  190. @yurivku

    Thank you!

    I do think that only solution could be to readjust the tax laws.
    And confiscate the outside country bank accounts.
    I do think that even Navalny is accused with some corruption.
    But Global warming is here to stay And Russia (and Canada) will be the greatest beneficiaries.
    So for the time being Russia just need to keep steady, and shut up those who rock the boat.
    Particularly those who have western connections like Navalny.

    Thank you again! You are very decent person!

    • Replies: @yurivku
  191. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    “the “little green men” that Putler sent into Ukrainian territories and initiated the anschluss of Crimea that started the antagonism between Ukraine and Russia.”

    This sounds so innocent. Amazing. Ever heard about Sebastopol? No? How about the fact of the most brazen coup d’etat conducted jointly by zionists and banderites in Kiev in 2014?

    The ZUSA always wanted to have a sore wound on a border with the Russian Federation. It is surprising that you forgot how Mrs. Nuland-Kagan specified that the ‘softening’ of Ukraine had cost some five billion US dollars.

    Anschluss = Union (German). Yes, Crimea has reunited with its motherland.

    It was the lawless act of Khrushchev to grant Crimea to Ukraine in violation of the USSR Constitution. Also, read the history of the Russian wars for Crimea.

    The final referendum in Crimea made the absolute majority of Crimeans quite happy. The previous referenda showed the evolution towards the final popular decision.

    Please don’t abuse other people’s intelligence with the pretense of naivete.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @yurivku
  192. Mr. Hack says:

    Sometimes, the need to defend yourself from outside sponsored aggression is of utmost importance. Since 2014, Ukraine’s armed forces have strengthened to the point that I think Russia would think twice before attacking Ukraine again. The 10,000 death figure was also attributable to Russian sponsored rebel activity too, something that you conveniently seem to disregard.

  193. @RadicalCenter

    I believe very strongly we, the most exceptional, should be paying penance.
    We should at least be cleaning up unexploded ordnance.
    I’d go myself.


    What we did to those very fine people was an absolute fucking crime.
    I’m not blaming my neighbors for getting caught up at 18 or whatever for doing it.
    They served when called.
    I stand by them.
    And the victims of that total fucking holocaust that was absolutely unnecessary.
    Thank God for Nixon.
    He saved many of our boys.
    That’s all i really care about.
    I’d leave with my bag packed for an indefinite stay in the morning for Viet fucking Nam to…help.
    I’d do the same if it was Iraq.
    We should pay penance.
    Don’t break my fucking balls for supporting my people that were largely white fucking trash that had to serve.
    Like the song says…they draft the white trash first round here, anyway.
    I stand by my people.
    Gotta plane ticket for me to Viet fucking Nam? I’ll go. I’ll pay the penance.
    You have a good day, Sir

  194. @stevennonemaker88

    And i don’t want you to think I’m insulting you, Sir.
    We won. Their numbers were much greater than you suggest.


    We killed the shit out of them.
    I saw a VA study that was conducted throughout the 80s that strongly suggested that those vets that served in se Asia(it wasn’t just Viet fucking Nam) died from injuries related to that conflict at about 280k.
    They killed the shit out of us, also.
    It was big anal raping and the survivors didn’t do to well.
    Buy me a plane ticket to ho chi minh(who i heard was a son of a bitch, had the blue ball strach and the 7 year itch) and i will sweat the rest of the years of my days trying to…help.
    I’ll board in the morning.
    We betrayed our allies.
    I’ll say sorry everyday for the rest of my life.
    I’d rather be exploded by our left over ordnance than some kid.

  195. @yurivku

    Good luck to you, Sir.
    I’m pulling for ya.
    The Russians I’ve known were the very best of people.
    Most likely they were exceptional.
    Or just damn lucky.
    Best of luck

  196. @annamaria

    Sebastopol? not really. It is Sevastopol. ( B in Russian is pronounced v)

  197. @Mr. Hack

    Hackovsky: You are full of it and it doesn’t stink—it REEKS.

    The Donbass has a majority Russian population and they were about to be assaulted by heavily armed Galician fascists, financed by Little Georgie of Our \$orrow\$ and the Department of \$tate.

    Crimea is waaaay heavily Russian ethnic and had been administratively transferred to Ukraine SSR, in 1954 by Ukrainian born Nikita Sergeyovich Khrushchev.

    Thousands of gallons of Russian blood were shed by Russian soldiers to wrest it from the slave-taking Tatars during the reign of Cathrine the Great; by the USSR against the Nazi invasion and in between times against the Rottenchild/City of London dominated British and French governments in the Crimean War.

    That was an invasion by outside powers, much like Vicious Nudelman passing out cookies and billion\$ of American taxpayer dollars to overthrow the legitimate, elected government in Kiev and replace it with the Khazarian Mafiya under Porkyshenko and now latterly, Zelensky.

    YOU, Hackenstein, are under suspicion for being a \$hill for the Deep \$tate…or worse.

    • Agree: Zarathustra, yurivku
    • Thanks: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Philip Owen
  198. @Mr. Hack

    BULLdroodles. Hackenstein, you are a slimy, slithering snake. All military analysts (including Jane’s) are of the firm opinion that despite thousands of tons of NATO armaments, the troops on the ground under the Khazarian terrorist regime in Kiev are a motley and disheartened lot and likely to run at even the first squads of Spetsnaz to slip across the current battle lines which transverse primarily Russian ethnic populated areas of the Donbass.

    Outside sponsored aggression occurred at Maidan when \$orrow\$ and U\$ taxpayer dollars paid for those Galician fascist and Lithuanian snipers who fired on both police and protestors. This all happened (quite conveniently) when the entire Russian leadership were preoccupied with the Sochi Olympics.

    Planned, outside \$pon\$ored aggre\$\$ion.

    Why keep assholeting Maria? Wanna take me on? I love crushing creeps.

    • LOL: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  199. @Zarathustra

    Z: Sniper attack on a concerned woman by means of nitpickery. Do you always steep that low?

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @yurivku
    , @yurivku
  200. Mr. Hack says:
    @Majority of One

    I wish that the Deep State paid me though – I really derive no pleasure in taking on all of the Kremlin comintern. 🙁

    BTW, How much do you Russkie wackos get paid from the Kremlin? I read somewhere that they’ve closed down your troll factory in St. Petersburg. It must be difficult working out of your car, or even worse from a park bench somewhere in late January?

  201. @raga10

    “Anyhow, Israelis possibly have better systems than Russians. At least their systems see real action and they perform their role quite well, while S400 is still not seriously combat-tested. And a recent proof: US Army bought several Israeli Iron Dome batteries for their own use.”

    What serious militaries has the Israeli system faced? And the US buying the system is politics. Do you think they would ask Russia – “hey will you sell us your system”?

    • Replies: @raga10
  202. @Majority of One

    Annamaria is my most favored person on this site. She is dedicated, smart, and highly intelligent.
    Also she is pedant and precise. I am her devoted admirer. That is why I did correct that tiny thing.

  203. @Passer by

    I didn’t like his comment, as he was talking down to the Saker in an attempt to boost his own argument, but yours is on the farther end of that spectrum. Also, wishing death and suffering upon others is calling out to the universe for it to be reflected upon you.

    Anyhow, I’m definitely the guy who has a lot of hope in Russia and China and Iran (for themselves, not to save the world, America, or me), but your attitude is an attitude that I loathe amongst the Americans who support Empire, and one I loathe on my side as well, it seems. Try to be better about expressing disagreement!

  204. @Quartermaster

    The quality of the Russian military will be proved by it not being needed, because the enemy realises that attacking Russia would be ill-advised. Think like Sun Zi.

  205. yurivku says:

    Thank you, sir for your kind words.

    I do think that only solution could be to readjust the tax laws.
    And confiscate the outside country bank accounts.

    If you are suggesting a recipe of struggle with corruption – the main thing is a desire to do it. Our current authorities without exceptions, I’m afraid, corrupted to the neck. So they have no such a desire. The random imprisonment of nomenclatura is not a system it’s more like as liquidation of some too “capable” thievs.

    I do think that even Navalny is accused with some corruption.

    Of course he is, (why even?) all liberasts are thievs and traitors,
    but despite I don’t like him and his ilk, they do the useful job.

  206. yurivku says:

    Sorry to intervene, but this “Mr. Hack” proved to be uncurable believer or (more likely) a payed troll.
    It’s really no sence to feed him.

    As for Crimea – we at last are together and everybody happy with that. Last october I spend two wonderdul weeks there.


    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Aedib
  207. yurivku says:

    Correct – Sevastopol (СеВастополь)

  208. yurivku says:
    @Majority of One

    Z: Sniper attack on a concerned woman by means of nitpickery. Do you always steep that low?

    It’s not an attack. Sevastopol has a right to be called properly, it’s one of greatest cities of Russia, loved by all of us.

    Do you always attacking people for no reason?

  209. yurivku says:
    @Majority of One

    I’ll give you some pics of Sevastopol from october 2020

    1/ It’s part of diarama on Sapun mountain, where lots of our heroes got their last fight


    2/ some ships in Sevastopl’s harbour

    3/One of greatest Russian admirals – Pavel Nakhimov

    4/Guess you know who is it. On the backgrount there is a church where four Russian admirals were buried.

  210. Mr. Hack says:

    I realize that October is past the peak vacation season, but really, the fact that your photos include absolutely no people within, tells more about the true situation there than anything you could possibly write about. 🙂

    • Replies: @yurivku
  211. Mr. Hack says:
    @Majority of One

    Like I’ve already pointed out, I really don’t derive much pleasure in taking on the whole Kremlin comintern, and I do see that you’ve all started to congregate around my feeding trough. But do keep it up, I may still check back to read my daily fill of sovok nonsense. BTW, I think that your compatriot, “annamarie”, is just another typical Kremlin stooge paid troll assigned to this website, as you no doubt are too. She’s probably not even a woman, but some poor muzhyk behind in paying his bills, and is looking for an easy way to supplement his income. The really big Kremlin Stooges get their own blogsites like the Saker (for all of his suckers). 🙂

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  212. @Mr. Hack

    Annamaria is not Russian peasant. She is not Russian at all. You are talking stupidities. Your judgement of persons is on level of debil. Annamaria has never even been in Russia.
    Annamaria is truth seeker.(Philosopher.)

    • Agree: Aedib
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @yurivku
  213. yurivku says:
    @Mr. Hack

    …absolutely no people within, tells more about the true situation …

    I’m just a bit out of my own statement not feed the troll, but this your nonsence just funny. Yes, beaches in october not crowded and I tried to film not people, but nature.

    If you need people I’ll give you some, remember it’s October AND COVID lockdown -)

    Яшмовый пляж, по лестнице в 1000 ступеней
    Памятник затопленным кораблям

  214. Mr. Hack says:

    I don’t know about her not being Russian? And why does a serious “philosopher” waste so much time hanging around the dregs of the internet jungle flooding it with her pro-Putler nonsense? I thought that this space was reserved for various political “hacks’ and other creatures of doom? 🙂
    In her natural environment. – she should move to Russia and get a real taste of living. :

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Passer by
  215. yurivku says:

    According to his style of writing, time of writing , lack of brains I’m sure it’s a ukranian (khohol) who are blaming the whole world for their stupidity.

  216. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    The “outside sponsored aggression” in Ukraine was done first and foremost by zionists.

    The Kaganat of Nuland (former Ukraine) is a rotten fruit of the collaborative efforts among zionists and banderites (both local and Canadian).

    In trying to determine what the new Biden Administration and the US intelligence agencies have in store towards Russia, the best indication is the prominent role being given to Victoria Nuland, the person who ran the political side of the US coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2013-14. … Her husband, Robert Kagan is a notorious Washington neocon [and rabid zionist].

    In 2016, Nuland became a Senior Counselor at the Albright Stonebridge Group, headed by Madeline Albright (a major war criminal) who is also chairman of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) affiliate, National Democratic Institute. Nuland also joined the Board of the NED, keeping in close contact with NED regime change operations.

    … Nuland worked closely with Vice President Joe Biden to put into power Arseniy Yatsenyuk… Founder of the private intelligence group Stratfor, George Friedman, in an interview just after the February 2014 coup in Kiev, called it “the most blatant coup in (US) history.”

  217. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Sure. Badnerites are the best friend of Zionists.

    The Jewish State simply forgives Banderites some petty transgressions like the glorification of Nazis, for which any decent citizens of Germany and France will be sent to prison in no time:

    In October 2017, a political controversy erupted, as the Russian embassy in Ottawa posted a number of images on its twitter account… Three images of memorials to Waffen-SS veterans, a prominent Nazi collaborator, and ultranationalist insurgents were accompanied by the comment ‘There are monuments to Nazi collaborators in Canada and nobody is doing anything about it’. The message was followed by the hash tags ‘#NeverForget #Holocaust #WorldWar2’

    You see, the Kagans are very good at using Banderites (on both continents) as cannon fodder for a Zionist goal to subjugate all Amaleks including Russia.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  218. Mr. Hack says:

    Looks like Ukrainians are ready to bury the hatchet with the Jewish state too, for any “crimes against humanity” that any of their citizens may have been involved with when the great Holodomor was taking place, primarily within Ukraine, and not pursue any of the octogenarians that may still be around. Forgiveness of sins is one of the finer elements of Christianity and its nice to see the principle put into practice.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  219. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    “Forgiveness of sins is one of the finer elements…”

    Sounds rather sanctimonious in the context of the holocoastians’ aggressive prosecution of decent people everywhere but not the useful self-proclaimed neo-Nazis – the Banderites:

    “Political Dissident Ursula Haverbeck Sent Back to Prison; May Become Oldest Female Inmate In the World:”

    “Why Holocaust Revisionism?”

    It should be emphasized that men and women who have dedicated themselves to determining and spreading the truth about the Holocaust are anything but Nazis or unconditional apologists for Germany’s National Socialist regime. In fact, Holocaust Revisionists neither subscribe to nor represent a fixed ideology.

    … [the] intelligent, concerned Americans — and people everywhere — owe the Holocaust Revisionists a fair hearing.

    As compared to the intelligent and unconcerned regime in Kiev:

    on January 16, amendments to the so-called “movny” law entered into force in Ukraine, which restrict the use of the Russian language in everyday life – in shops, at the post office, in the healthcare system, etc.

    Perhaps, it is time to learn Yiddish, Mr. Hack.
    Currently, zionists favor their docile helpers in Canada and Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  220. Avery says:
    @Mr. Hack

    {” And why does a serious “philosopher” waste so much time hanging around the dregs of the internet jungle….”}

    Interesting comment: since you too ‘…..waste so much time in the internet jungle…’, do you consider yourself a dreg also?

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  221. raga10 says:

    What serious militaries has the Israeli system faced? And the US buying the system is politics. Do you think they would ask Russia – “hey will you sell us your system”?

    We can argue how much of a threat Hezbolla is – Israelis certainly seem to take them seriously – but the point is, Israeli defenses frequently deal with conditions of simultaneous multiple launches at rather short ranges in actual live action, not simulated exercises. No other air defense system in the world has seen as much combat use since the days of Russian SA-2.

    S-400 appears very capable on paper but it has nowhere near the same real world experience to back it up.

    As for Americans – no they would not ask Russia, but they could stick to their home-grown systems. In fact, they usually do and it is relatively rare for Americans to buy weapons from overseas. Their decision to buy Iron Dome could be in some part political, but it can also be seen as an admission that their own Patriot system is far behind cutting edge by now.

  222. Mr. Hack says:

    I’m just a lowly “hack” commentator here and there, not a real life “philosopher” like annamaria.

    I wonder how many books she’s published?… In my neck of the woods, street corner “philospophers” are a dime a dozen. 🙂

  223. Mr. Hack says:

    Nothing at all sanctimonious about it. Neither group is trying to appear morally superior to the other. It’s just that civilized people, at some point, forgive and forget and move on to a more meaningful and beneficial relationship. Even your perfect statesman, Mr. Putin, seems to have learned this lesson, so why shouldn’t the Ukrainians do the same too?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  224. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    “Neither group is trying to appear morally superior to the other…”

    — Unbelievable… Now you pretend that you have never heard about holobiz.

    The Zionists’ battle cry: “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.” Psalm 137:9. Take some effort to learn about “Amalek.”

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  225. Mr. Hack says:

    Better make sure that old Putler is aware of these hazards that await him for all of the hobnobbing and lavish treatments that he affords the very same Jewish Zionists that visit him and then Ukraine. He seems impervious to these threats (but then he’s a superman, isn’t he)? 🙂

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @annamaria
  226. @Mr. Hack

    So Mister Hackengraitz did some people stay in Ukraine?
    I did hear that all emigrated and left the Ukraine for Jews.
    Anyway! Chernobil is permanently on your report card as a witness of your irresponsibility.

    • LOL: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Avery
  227. Avery says:

    In all fairness Chernobyl cannot be blamed on (independent) Ukrainians.

    Chernobyl happened in Soviet Union: all policy, procedures, incompetence, etc, etc was Soviet. All Republics in former Soviet Union were affected more or less by the policies set in Soviet Moscow.

    Sad that so many selfless, heroic individuals died because of Chernobyl due to the incompetence of Soviet authorities (….which included Soviet Ukrainians, of course)

  228. In nuclear plant everything has double control, and there are alarm bells.
    Even if the drive of the rod gets jammed overheat can be compensated by volume of supplied water.
    So the process control crew were outside drinking, that is the only explanation.
    It has nothing to do with the political system.

  229. TheIdiot says:

    Navalny going to prison is the first real change of gear, first since 2014 Crimea

    The next one coul be a torpedo sinking Donald Cook or McCain within 12 miles zone

    Which is still nothing compared to that US torpedo sinking Kursk 8.12.2000

    and Putin is still hiding it (that is, for the Russian, not from the fully briefed “partners”

  230. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Mr. Hack, the Bandirites have got their wish (have not they?) They are guided by the chosenites now. “The Jewish Takeover of Ukraine:”

    …the genuine, experienced and downright awesome people, like Nadiya Savchenko (awesome for her piloting skill and principles) are cut out from the election. The Jewish kabal in charge of Ukraine saw Nadiya Savchenko as such a public relations threat to their regime that they arrested her on the 22nd of March 2018, not long after she had declared her intention to stand for the 2019 Presidential elections.

    Guess this was too much for zionists:

    Savchenko claimed that “people now lawmakers” were involved with the deadly sniper shootings during the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution and that the government that came to power after the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution did not want to fully investigate these shootings.

    Sure she cannot be a Ukrainian lawmaker because she is an honest person.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  231. US previously deployed B-52’s to the Arctic from Airstrip One.

    Now deploying B-1’s to Norway.

    From 1950’s airframes to 1980’s airframes. Nice pix of the Norwegian AF’s F-35’s, though.

    Stupid game.

  232. Passer by says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Annamaria is not Russian, but you lack the intelligence to understand that. : )

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  233. @Tony massey

    Hilarious! At least 75 million American voters loathe the present regime in the US and will never accept it . DC could be taken at any time as already demonstrated. The US collapse is just around the corner, historically speaking. If you live in the US you are in late stage Rome. Good Luck.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  234. RodW says:
    @phillip sawicki

    See the book Inconvenient Facts by the veteran geologist Gregory Wrightstone. It totally demolishes Al Gore’s fantasies in An Inconvenient Truth.

    No it doesn’t. It blatantly misuses a lot of data to befuddle people who want to clutch at any straw to save themselves from drowning. Wrightstone is a veteran petroleum geologist with mediocre scientific qualifications who is supported by the oil industry. The misinformation he deploys has been widely refuted.

  235. Mr. Hack says:
    @Passer by

    Well, why don’t you enlighten me. How do you know whether or not annamaria is Russian or not?

  236. Mr. Hack says:

    If Ms. Sawchenko is aware of the real circumstance surrounding the snyper attack in 2014, why doesn’t she bring this to light? I’m all for it. Certainly, there’s still enough of an opposition, or Kremlin mainstays in Russia that can help her do this.

  237. Ima idiot says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Gywnne Dyer a Reaganite?
    Did his views change?
    The libs approved of Dyer in the 80’s with his ‘War’ book and miniseries, which wasn’t exactly pro-Reagan, though I haven’t followed his work since.
    More a neo-lib than a neo-con, I think.

  238. Ima idiot says:

    If Dyer is now more or less a Reaganista in his stance toward Russia it is because the center-left and further-left generally has flopped that direction.

  239. @Avery

    holohoax denial is a crime in much of the west AND east now. Censorship like this is totally wrong, however you try to spin it. Russia had/has one of the highest abortion rates in the world, with well over 100 million babies murdered. They censor the inconvenient truth about ww2. The soviets invaded numerous countries in ww2 and maintained control of them for nearly half a century. The west is perverse and evil; SO IS RUSSIA. The (((evil elites))) influence and power are GLOBAL.

  240. @CharlesSchumar

    Thank you for the good luck.
    Luck never hurt.
    Good Luck to you, also, Sir.

  241. What produces these hallucinations? Mushrooms? Crystal meth? Very strong hashish? A lot of paranoia too so maybe the hashish.

  242. @Seraphim

    And Russia has indeed collapsed more than once.

    • Replies: @Passer by
  243. @Joe Levantine

    They never turned up. Boers are Protestants. They found out from the Volga Germans that the Orthodox didn’t like them.

  244. Just in case you did not understand the meaning of the picture.
    Here it is:
    Biden is giving Poroshenko the Mafia death kiss.

  245. @Majority of One

    40% ethnic Russian only half of whom wanted to join Russia.

  246. @Philip Owen

    Bulldroodles!!! From which orfice did you yank that 40% stat? Pure, unadulterated poppycock. In your imagination only would ethnic Russians prefer to be ruled by Khazarian haters and Galician whoremongers.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  247. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    The zionized BBC (UK):

    93% of the people asked said that they were happy that Crimea was under Russian control. Such an overwhelming figure might look distinctly Soviet … but the polling organisation which conducted it was Ukrainian, not Russian.
    The Washington Post (US):

    Support for joining Russia remains very high (86 percent in 2014 and 82 percent in 2019) — and is especially high among ethnic Russians and Ukrainians. A key change since 2014 has been a significant increase in support by Tatars, a Turkic Muslim population that makes up about 12 percent of the Crimean population. In 2014, only 39 percent of this group viewed joining Russia as a positive move, but this figure rose to 58 percent in 2019.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  248. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    it is not hard to find stats on the internet:
    Demographics of Crimea,

    A survey in May 2013, asked respondents what language they spoke at home:
    82% Russian
    10% Crimean Tatar
    3% Russian and Ukrainian equally
    3% Russian and another language equally
    2% Ukrainian
    Note that the proportion of people in the survey who gave their ethnicity as Ukrainian was 20%, Crimean Tatar 15%


    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  249. @showmethereal

    Excellent comment, sir. I’d just note that nuclear-arms-control agreements that include the USA and Russian Federation but not China, are a gift to China.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  250. whodat says:

    Russians need to patrol the black sea with a few icebreakers. Ram THAT!

  251. @annamaria

    What’s their language got to do with it? The Irish and Scots speak English. My Welsh is not so great. There are other stats too.

  252. @Majority of One

    I took notice at the time, even before the time. You are an obedient slave of the narrative.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  253. Aedib says:

    Mr. Hack is unable to learn that Crimeans wanted to be break free from Banderastan and wanted to return to Mother Russia. The concept he is unable to learn is called Democracy.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  254. @Philip Owen

    Mt mostly Norse ancestry does not make for much obedience.

  255. Passer by says:
    @Philip Owen

    And Europe, the rulers of the world, collapsed in two world wars. But Russia, unlike Europe, is still not a puppet, and is moving away from the zombified West. While Europe (and the US, btw) are designated for punishment and a cultural revolution, and third-worldisation, by the powers that be.

    You are called a cancer upon the world by the smartest people in the world. They decided to put you down like a rabid dog. So good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  256. @RadicalCenter

    Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately many get their news from compromised media or “think tanks” for the MIC.

    As to the idea of “gift to China”… Never say never – but it’s as close to never as could be that China would build an arsenal to match Russia and the US as it is EXTREMELY expensive to maintain so many nukes – which is impractical since you can never use them all because we’d all be dead if you did. In fact when asked about the treaty – China’s line to the US was to paraphrase “sure – if you plan to bring your arsenal all the way down to ours”.
    Rumor has it China has enough material for 1000 war heads…. But I highly doubt it ever goes that high. Even if it did – that’s still nowhere close to the big 2. Info says it has 300…. Personally I doubt it goes over 500.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  257. @Passer by

    Muslims will have to invent steam power first.

  258. @showmethereal

    Rocket engines, and rockets are made from quality material and they are practically timeless.
    Problem is with nuclear payload that does have a shelf life. The last nuclear explosions by USA and Russia were to determine the approximate shelf life. That information is obviously secret.
    The process to refresh the nuclear payload is probably complicated and expensive.
    I would presume that many rockets do not have a ready go payload.

  259. yurivku says:

    The concept he is unable to learn is called Democracy.

    Well, “democracy” is a sheer abstraction, it never existed nowhere. May you consider US state a democratic, or say Germany etc?
    He’s unable to learn. That’s it. Point. But all the West unable to learn also.

  260. @Mr. Cracker

    How about the one of Canada’s then Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) confronting Putin in Australia ” Get out of the Ukraine–that is all I have to say to you !” and then munched on a big Poroshenko chocolate.

  261. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Gwynne Dyer is Reverend Raymond De Sousa’s good friend –as are Justin Trudeau ( he looked scared meeting Poroshenko) and that old stalwart tough guy Stephen Harper —-the time in Australia confronting Putin over Crimea “Get out of Ukraine -that is all I have to say to you !” and then munching on a big Poroskenko chocolate. BP – Biden and Poroshenko – the brotherhood of Waltzman.

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