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Will Afghanistan Turn Out to be US Imperialism’s “Last Gleaming”?
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In October of last year I wrote a column entitled “When Exactly Did The AngloZionist Empire Collapse” in which I presented my thesis that the Empire died on 8 January 2020 when the Iranians attacked US bases with missiles and the US did absolutely nothing. Yes, this was the correct decision, but also one which, at least to me, marked the death of the Empire as we knew it.

In that article I made reference to a brilliant book by J.M. Greer’s “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” which I later reviewed here. The main plot of the book is that the US will collapse following a completely unpredictable external military defeat (read the book, it is very well written!).

So my question today is whether the debacle in Afghanistan (not only Kabul!) is such an event or not. Afghanistan is often called the graveyard of empires, but might it even become the graveyard of the last empire?

I will try to answer it below.

First, we are now all bombarded by information from, and about, Afghanistan. Issues like the failure of “country building” are mixed in with bodies falling off US transporters, US Marines sharing one (!) bottle of water with severely dehydrated kids with street whippings. None of that is analytically helpful and it conflates completely different issues. I want to offer a different set of questions which, I hope, might be more helpful:

  • Why has the US decided to leave Afghanistan?
  • Was that the correct decision?
  • Why did Kabul fall so fast?
  • Why did such a truly colossal failure in intelligence happen?
  • How was the evacuation of US forces actually executed?

These are just a few questions, there are many others, especially about what will happen to Afghanistan next, but that is one I think is too early to tackle and an entirely separate issue anyway.

Let’s take these questions one by one next.

Why has the US decided to leave Afghanistan?

I don’t know why or how this decision was taken. But my best guess is that it is due to combination of the following factors:

  • “Biden” came to power while waving the Woke/BLM/CRT/Homo/etc. agenda which I would sum up as the “Wakanda worldview” and not liberalism. But at least officially, Biden is a true, peace loving liberal. Since his policies all prove the exact opposite, he tried to “play nice” and do something “liberal”, at least in appearence (and, no, a woke-freak is not really a liberal at all! And neither is a Neocon “conservative” – these are all lies for the dull).
  • “Biden” also knew that a large part of the Trump base wanted to stop all the wars started by Obama and Co.
  • “Biden” probably thought that if the operation was a stunning success, he would get all the credit, and if it was an abject failure, he would dump it all on Trump (which is exactly what “Biden” did).
  • As for Biden himself, let’s just kindly assume that he has “the right political instincts” to maybe smell an opportunity here and bless what might have looked to him as a “good plan”.

Was the decision to leave correct?

Here, I will catch a lot of flak, but I believe that yes, it absolutely was. In his (actually very bad) speech about the withdrawal, Biden said one very true thing (quoting by memory, so don’t quote this) “those who say that 2 or 5 more years will bring us victory are lying to you” (or something pretty close). Here I agree with him 100% (as far as I can tell, only a real, hardcore Neocon ideologue would openly disagree with this; at least I hope so…).

Not only does the US (or any other country) not have any kind of mandate or responsibility to police the planet, the US is certainly the least competent imperial power ever, in spite of a lot of help from the Five Eyes and its EU lackeys. If you are bad at something, but very good at something else, why persist? The US is a true virtuoso in things like bribing, subverting, economically hurting, politically demonizing, killing undesirable leaders, etc… That is really how the Europeans eventually defeated the North American Native Indians.

For those whom this thesis might throw into a patriotic rage, I highly recommend the book “The First Way of War: American War Making on the Frontier, 1607–1814” written by Dr. John Grenier. That book won him the Society for Military History’s Outstanding Book Award in American History in 2007; Grenier himself is a retired USAF Lieutenant-Colonel and a United States Air Force Academy, USAFA, CO, associate professor of history. His next book is announced as a “biography of Major Robert Rogers, the “Father of American Special Operations.” Hate me all you want, but read this book anyway!

The US was founded by and for thugs. Calling them explorers, immigrants, robber-barons or founding fathers makes no difference to their true worldview, their ethos – the seizure of the North American continent was an act of international thuggery on every level. That is, of course, NOT to say good people did not exist then or did not live righteously or, even less so, that anybody in the modern USA has any kind of personal guilt over any of this. Only God can judge them! But unless we forget the true roots of the “American Dream”, we will end up with a “US Nightmare”.

Of course, some US immigrants at the same time did try to create a truly free society, protected from the kind of vicious abuses so prevalent in the Old World! The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (aka the “the Charters of Freedom“) are a monument to both the genius and the worldview of some of the founders of the United States. But good intentions and proclamations are only credible when everybody upholds them for everybody and in each case (not the kind “but this is different, we are democracies after all!” western politicians repeat every time they are accused of hypocrisy)

In the USA, generation after generation of the thugs strengthened their grip power while pushing decent people out of the way (even more so after JFK and 9/11 and other recent events). But that was just a show, a mob “going legal” if you wish.

Thugs have guns, of course, and they can beat the crap out of any civilian. But they can’t fight a military. That is why thugs have gangs, not battalion tactical groups in the first place. Furthermore, as soon as they grow in size, the gangs of thugs try to look more respectable (by purchasing PR campaigns about their “philanthropy” is typical) and less violent. Pretty soon they outsource the violence to others, expandable, lower, gangs.

Sound familiar?

If it does – it’s because it is!

All the US “country-building exercises”, “humanitarian interventions” and other “freedom of something [fill the blank here] defense” truly are: the acts of an international conspiracy of thugs to seize the resources of our entire planet or, failing that, at the very least, destroying any country, nation, tribe or leader that would dare disobey the World Hegemon. (“We will destroy your country and bring it back to the stone age” is how Secretary Baker famously put it to Foreign Minister Aziz)

As somebody who, for my sins, had a short stint in the field of “humanitarian operations” I can personally testify that the rank and file sincere humanitarians never know the true intentions, and even true affiliations(!) of their bosses. I know that for a fact. So I am not calling all US military personnel thugs. Only their bosses. Besides, I did not invent anything very new, I am just only paraphrasing (cached version) the most decorated Marine in U.S. history, Smedley Butler, wrote anyway.

This entire invasion of Afghanistan has been one colossal drain on US ressources, including human, intellectual, diplomatic and, definitely not least, financial ones (while the US taxpayers’ money flowed into Afghanistan. That money then always magically “disappeared”, for one reason or another, but some few locals got very rich. Go figure….). So, while I don’t have any pollyannaish illusions about how peace and freedom-loving the leaders of the USA really are, I think that they had enough streetsmarts (or cleverness? guile?) to figure out that getting out was necessary. Blaming any possible problems on Trump was, of course, the magic wand which, apparently, settled any discussions. (I am still assuming that at least some professional discussions took place; more accurately, I hope that they still do, and with at least some real specialists included; please don’t tell me all the real professionals have been “diversified-out” or otherwise “canceled”; that is a truly scary thought!).

Why did Kabul fall so fast?

First, what did the US actually do in Kabul? Paid some folks, trained others, gave them tons of weapons, etc. That is the usual stuff US Special Forces and a few others do a lot. While some politicians (in that category I include all officers above colonel rank) clearly saw Afghanistan as their next El Dorado, honest, if naive, servicemen probably believed that this kind of “assistance” will somehow give birth to a peaceful, happy, democratic (read “woke”), prosperous and grateful nation. Of course, it never does. As for the actual ratio of greedy “dogs of war”, assorted “intelligence operatives” or “sincere idealists” in Afghanistan, it has absolutely no military relevance to the outcome as these motives are all equally misguided, even if some are at least more naive/sincere/stupid than truly evil.

Remember the Georgian attack on Tskhinval in 08.08.08? Remember that kind of truly galactic nonsense “Analysis: Georgian Army May Be Tough Nut for Russia to Crack” posted by no less than Deutsche Welle (you know, “made for minds”!)? If not, please do read it; it will make you laugh to tears and wonder what “area specialist” wrote this “analysis” (a rebranded wet dream, really, yet somebody got paid, probably well, to do just that)! Truth is that this five-day war really lasted only three days. The Russians had plenty of problems, yet they obliterated the entire Georgian military in 3 days of actual combat. Three! This is all which the concept what “US/NATO-trained” means: a total, and always ineffective, scam.

That mentality, typical of the modern West, apparently believes that that kind of “assistance/training” can yield good results. The entire history of Latin America and all the US failures in Asia irrefutably prove the opposite, but nevermind that. An even worse mistake made by western decision-makers is that their opponents are basically and fundamentally “like all humans”, or “like everybody else”. The issue here is that these elites consider themselves as SO much superior to everybody else (narcissism is at the core of both British imperialism and Judaic exceptionalism; think Churchill or Epstein here and their real bosses!) that they only refer to those as corruptible, hypocritical, cowardly and terminally unprincipled like themselves. It’s a pure projection, of course.

In reality, US decision makers are utterly clueless about the supposed “others” who are “like everybody else” when they inadvertently tangle with any “true believers” of any kind, from saints to demons. Examples include:

  • All nations with a strong martial culture (Russia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc.)
  • Truly religious opponents (Iran, Hezbollah)
  • Truly sincere/determined political leaders (Vietnam, Cuba, Russia, China)
  • “Rabid dogs” – by that I mean the harcore, Interahamwe-like, nutcase terrorists which the US initially tries to use, only to eventually and inevitably “get bitten” back (neo-Deobandi and/or Takfiri groups, Ukie Nazis, Israeli Zionists).

In theory, of course, the US has always known that; hence, the British expression about “winning the hearts and minds”. But here is the difference: the Brits were always excellent (I did not say “ethical or kind”) diplomats, and superb intelligence officers (same caveat as before). Finally, you can call the Brits many things, but not “poor soldiers” either. In other words, the British Empire had the means of its foreign policies.

The US does not. No?

Then please tell me when was the last time that the US truly inspired somebody? West Europeans after WWII, and that was nothing but a more or less “friendly” takeover of the continent and the creation of a servile comprador ruling elite).

Those who would “cleverly” retort “Prague 68”, Tiananmen square, the Maidan, Poland or the Baltic pretend-states etc. should immediately stop reading at this point, dismiss all of the above as utter quackery (“Kremlin Propaganda” works too) and go watch some TV. Same advice for those saying “if the entire planet hates us, why do they all – including you – want to come here”? I apologize to the adults in the room.

NASA, Jazz, Rock, Hollywood, US writers, artists and simply kind and sincere US Americans did truly inspire millions worldwide. And the official values of the USA, the Charters of Freedom, truly did inspire millions worldwide. But I have to say that after decades of abominably incompetent Presidents (all after Bush Sr. imho) there is very little left from all this.

NASA? It turned into the current “private space” farce cum embezzlements of billions by smug billionaires getting billions from the state in a supposedly “private” venture.

Jazz and Rock have been effectively replaced by MTV and YT and their insipid woke-ideology (especially for the young – old guys like myself are mostly and happily “stuck” in the 70s and 80s or foreign, non-corporate music).

Hollywood? Peuh-leeeze! Anybody not blind (or brainwashed) already knows that this is just a crude propaganda machine which will put blacks (aka “minorities”) everywhere and anywhere. I think of it as the “Snow Black” mental disorder.

Writers? Okay, yes, there are still a lot of those around in the USA. This has probably something to do with the fact that the target audience of writers is composed of readers, not unblinking screen-gazers. But the problem here is most people read very little, and what they read is mostly worthless intellectual prolefeed anyway.

And in much of the rest of the planet, people are often too poor to read, in English or otherwise. So what I am saying is that while US writers may be very talented, they are either uncontroversial (authors like Stephen King or John Grisham) or they will only appeal to a rather small elite of, shall we say, “daring” people (authors like Stephen Cohen or Charles Murray). Thought-criminals, in Orwell’s brilliant lexicon.

Which leaves “sincere US Americans”. Do they exist? Absolutely, in the millions, all over the USA and all over the planet. The latter often go completely native and are loved by the locals. Also, millions of expats come home and see their own country in a totally different way

During my college years in the USA – 1986-1991 – I observed something curious: US ex-expats preferred spending time with foreign students (officially called “legal” aliens) than from their non-travelling compatriots whom they often found quite “alien” to their own identity. That even included a few (admittedly not very many) US Americans whose only trip abroad was in uniform and to some US base! And while I initially defined my Zone A from Zone B geographically, I now think of it more as a difference in general awareness and worldview. In other words, something primarily mental.

But the problem is very simple: the US elites are doing a rather effective job silencing people, including US nationals. S o what most people in Zone B experience is often very kind, friendly and otherwise great personal relations and even friendships with US Americans, but a belief that these wonderful US Americans either can’t do anything about it, or don’t really know what their leaders are really doing.

It is extremely difficult for any “not in my name” type of voices to be heard when the trans-national US propaganda machine is investing billions into silencing these voices!

Did the voices of Smedley Butler or Stephen Cohen make *any* difference to the US ruling classes other than convincing them to spend even more on imperialistic and messianc (the former always implies the latter) propaganda? This is why I have always maintained that the anti-imperialist struggle is not “just” a national liberation struggle for oppressed nations, but it is also a national liberation struggle for all the peoples (plural) of the USA.

And we all know that most of the people of the USA never had much say into what their so-called “leaders” did, no more than any other Middle-Ages’ serf. Every time they get to vote they get the opposite. I will leave it at that.

Now, coming back to our topic, in 2021 the US truly inspires nobody. Absolutely nobody. That is a sad, but undeniable fact. And that is the main reason why Kabul fell so fast: the “defenses” of Kabul were like the fists of a man with advanced osteoporosis – they lacked a crucial element: faith. No matter how good, effective or otherwise powerful those “fists” really were, or thought/pretended to be, it made no difference: one crucial element was missing and that decided it all.

Any force not moved by true/sincere faith always will end up having a “Saigon embassy” or “Berezina” or “Stalingrad” or “Kursk” moment. The preferred term or historical reference doesn’t really matter here.

As for the US armed forces, most of the (reading) public already knows the truth about why people sign up for the military: some truly go waving the flag and holding their breast, especially after the 9/11 false flag, but most simply want to survive. Yes, and while PMCs are typically motivated by pure greed, the regular US soldier only wants to survive at home and get a job (the other options are becoming a cop (less now!) prison guard or a criminal) or in the frontline trenches. And, as we all know, survival instincts go a long way and make it possible for people to do that which they thought was impossible. But there is a much stronger instinct out there, also forged over time by about 1000 of existential warfare: the spirit of self-sacrifice will always defeat any survival instinct, be it inside a warrior’s heart or on the battlefield.

Those US Americans who today wonder why the US could not win a war since WWII can thank General Patton and his truly silly “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his”. When he declared that, he basically made sure that the US military would never win a war again. BTW – if Zhukov, or any other Soviet marshall general had dared to publicly say such a thing, he would have been immediately accused of sabotage, subversion, collusion with the enemy, treason and summarily executed. In fact, that is exactly what Stalin did with Marshal Tukhachevskii (for other, nonetheless, equally valid reasons). Ditto for Nazi Germany. Or Imperial Japan. No need to approve of these regimes to admit that they knew more about warfare than cigar-smoking megalomaniacs.

So, short answer: Kabul fell because belief always defeats unbelief.

Next, my tiny bit longer answer: Kabul fell because the Empire’s “fists” have crumbled.

Finally, my longer answer will be in the form of a freely translated Russian joke I recently heard (can anybody guess the context? begins with “C”): “People who learn from the mistakes of other are called “smart”; people who only learn by their own mistakes are called “dumb”; and people who do not learn from their own mistakes are called “(US) Americans”.

We can now look at the last two, comparatively simpler questions, together:

Why did such a truly colossal failure in intelligence happen and how was the operation executed?

The failure in intelligence is due to the fact that political conformity is now vital for the bloated US “intelligence community”. I can see that dialog happening everywhere inside and around the beltway:

  • Sir, I am so sorry, but we cannot do that, we simply can’t!!!!
  • What, are you a hidden Trump supporter?!?!?!?!

What the actual order was matters little. Demonizing the opposition is much more important. Hiring unskilled people solely for their ideological purity is also a top priority. Who cares about abilities, which we all know are “equal”, whatever that means, even down to the individual level? Procrustes in his most insane dreams could not have dreamt-up the woke-freaks and their CRT!

That is the kind of paranoia-induced witch-hunts which all actively collapsing regimes undergo. The current collective US insanity is very reminiscent of what, first, Trotskiysts and, later, Stalinists did to the Soviet Union or the Red Guards to China.

It is also true that the US intelligence community was inevitably infected with “Patton’s logic”, and is run by politicians with zero true patriotism.

Take away a country’s intelligence community and you just shot its brains out.

Take away a country’s armed forces, and you just cut off its arms.

And there you have it: the “evacuation” of Kabul/Afghanistan is the only kind of “evacuation” you can expect from a former superpower which has lost both its brains and fists.

By the way, there are strong signs that the US has also lost its “legs”, hence the chaos and the need to suddenly resort to the use of civilian airlines. To clarify – there is nothing wrong with civil augmentation of military assets at all, quite to the contrary! The key word here is “suddenly”, not “civilian”. One of two options is true:

  • The plan, whatever it was, failed
  • There was no plan

In theory, there is a third option: “this is the plan”, but theoretical options are only relevant when they are backed with at least some empirical evidence which in this case it is not. Also, some vaguely stated intention, however sincere, also does not qualify as “plan”. For comparison’s sake, it took the Soviets about 18 months (!) to prepare their withdrawal from Afghanistan. The difference in outcomes is now self-evident.

That is not to say that the Empire will necessarily totally lose all influence in Afghanistan, or anywhere else for that matter. Wrecking a place requires very little skills. Actually, re-building anything typically requires a lot of skills.

As Che Guevara once pointed out, “the true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love”. Alas, the word “revolutionary” has been terminally stained with blood; as for “love” and “truth”, they have long lost their true meanings ago (at least in the West). But let me rephrase that this way: “true change requires true, loving, faith”. Better?

The ugly truth is that as long as the United States and Europe are ruled by the current international gang of thugs, the Empire will retain a very significant capability to threaten and attack almost everybody else. And if you count their nukes, they can murder us all.

So yes, the Empire did die on January 8th 2020, and the US died almost an exact year later, on January 6th 2021. But there is plenty of momentum left in both of these two cadavers to keep deep nails inserted into the flesh of most nations out there. However, Not Russia. Not China, and not Iran. Not anymore. The US is also losing control of Central Asia and the Middle-East. That possibility is now even discussed with great concern in Israel and the CENTCOM-occupied countries of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula.

Now is the time for the US military to get its act together and seriously and carefully prepare more evacuation plans for the entire Middle-East, if not these “evacuation plans” will quickly turn into “extraction plans”, followed by more rooftop/runway nonsense the US is famous for. Does anybody still remember how the US forces left from, say, Somalia, or, maybe, Lebanon? These “evacuations” turned into a panicked “run for your dear life operations”.

Will somebody replace the USA? Please?!

It appears that just like “Biden” farmed-out the Ukraine to the Germans, “he” is now farming-out Afghanistan to the Brits. If so, this is a rather clever intention (the devil will be in the details, in this case, in the planning and execution.) Keep in mind that the Talibans do not control large parts of Afghanistan and that the traditional opposition to the Taliban rule in northern Afghanistan (Panjshir Valley) very much exists and is combat-capable (at least by local standards). As for the son of Ahmad Shah Masoud, just like his father, seems to have strong ties to Britain. Ahmad Masoud Jr. looks very much like his father and has some of his charisma. Does that not all sound familiar too?

In the meantime, a motley pack of rabid EU politicians with imperial phantom pains are also making some noises but can do nothing at all. Putin once referred to these noises as “oinking backing vocals”!

As for the AngloZionist legacy press, it is mostly wailing in despair and horror just at the mention of the possibility that Russia and/or China might actually have some influence, however tiny, in Afghanistan. (Remember “these ragheads/russkuies/goooks/niggers/sand-niggers/injuns/etc. live on OUR land and OUR resources!”). This is what Manifest Destiny really is. Or Germany’s “civilizational mission in the East” was. Or the “White Man’s burden”, or the French Mason’s “Universal Values” etc.. Ditto for the Papacy’s splitting of the planet in its now long forgotten (but not by its victims!) 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas) into separate control/exploitation/pillaging sectors, ad majorem Dei gloriam, of course. Modern ecologists, woke activists and militant homosexuals all very much share in that mindset.

The sad but undeniable truth is that the true roots of modern Europe are not in Rome, even less so Athens, but in the Latin Crusades and the subsequent Middle-Ages. The Reform and Renaissance changed nothing, or even made things worse. Neither did 1789 or WWII. The spiritual and philosophical roots of the West are neither Roman, nor Greek, but found amongst those who destroyed Rome and severed it off from the truly civilized world, not only in the Christian East, but worldwide: the Franks.

Imperialism originates in our heads, it is a worldview, a mindset, and that is where it must be eradicated for it to finally vanish.

The mind is where imperialism begins but also where it will end, just like any other human phenomenon. And while I do fear the inevitable chaos before some “future West” or “future Europe” can replace the current ones, I also do believe that, when shown the true cost of their mistakes, all nations will reject imperialism in all its forms.

By creating an instrument of total control (the Internet) the Empire also created the first global resistance to empire community in world history! Not only that, but the US ruling classes turned US schools and admired US academia into both an imbecile/serfs-producing machine and the laughingstock of much of the planet (even in Zone A!). But what the US ruling elites failed to do is to prevent regular, mainstream, US Americans from wanting to know, to learn, to explore and, eventually, to fight for justice. True, as political indoctrination goes, Uncle Shmuel can run circles around the Nazis or the Soviets, but no Uncle Shmuel will ever “fix” our fallen nature or the universe, so our resistance runs deep, even the US and Israel. Yes, it is mostly silenced, but in the depths, it is very much still there.

I don’t believe in any Grand Replacement plans, at least not one focused on “race”. But I do believe in a cultural/civilizational “grand replacement”, which I see as inevitable and already well under way, even in the USA and the EU!

Of course, I don’t know what the future collective West will be like, assuming there ever is one again. But I am confident that the type of imperialism which has its roots in the medieval Papacy (which even Hitler admitted with some admiration) is coming to an end.

Think of it: dreams about becoming the “next Mongol empire” must have been sexy. Or being the next East Roman (aka “Byzantine Empire”) too. And to my infinite regret, sadness and pain, (and location of my own place of birth) most of the rulers of imperial Russia fell for such temptations. And this is also the true, core, reason why the Russian monarch fell in February of 1917.

As for what actually followed this supposed “wonderful” and even supposedly “bloodless” revolution was the worst centuries of mass murder and atrocities in human history. Bravo and thank you, Kerensky (and his western masonic “sponsors”!). The Ukies did not invent their ridiculous “Maidan”! Kerensky and his supporters did. (Gene Sharp – you can see his pietistic quasi-hagiography here (Wikipedia on politics, as usual) – only systematized the study of this field). Thinking Russians can add up and realize that imperialism in any and all its forms, even call it “Capitalism with a human face” if you prefer, is a mortal danger to humanity itself.

In the Soviet times, Russians were promised “Communism” (aka the end of history and heaven on earth, “just” without God); then they were promised “democracy”. Had Russia better elites, all these delusions would not have been replaced with total horror. (Think of the monolog about true horror by Colonel Walter E. Kurtz in the brilliant allegorical movie Apocalypse Now!). The immense costs of WWII for both China and Russia truly brought the reality of imperialism to the Russians and the Chinese people, and they want none of it again. No matter how “pious” the latest pretext may be.

In other words, an overwhelming majority of Russians reject not just the execution but the very principle of imperialism (or the optional use of military force), even if Russia wins! The fact that other nations, experts, pundits either fail to realize this, or try hard to ignore this, has no bearing on that reality (at least amongst Zone B types in Russia, about 95% or more of the total). The “real reality” in 2021 is that actual imperialist delusions in Russia are only held by a small, aging and quickly shrinking group of ignoramuses and/or nutcases. This is not because Russians are somehow “better” than US Americans, Brits, Spaniards or any other imperialists. The difference is that Russians now know, personally, the true costs of Empire.

Awareness of the true costs of empire is a formidable empire-killer (as seen recently in Afghanistan between the clueless GIs and the Afghan warlords). This is why the Empire will do everything it can to deny, obfuscate or otherwise conceal these costs!

Furthermore, once the costs of empire become known by a critical mass of sincerely patriotic people (whatever the country or their political system), the core ideology needed by the empire to justify itself and simply operate becomes gravely endangered.

How bad does it get?

I have an example:

The Soviet “defeat” in Afghanistan: the USSR was never militarily or even economically defeated. Not in Afghanistan. Not by Reagan and his “freedom fighters” (currently declared “evil terrorists”, as opposed to the “good ones” from the Axis of Kindness). Not by SDI. The famous “we won” of the US CIA really should have been “they lost”. Big, big difference.

The USSR was defeated by the CPSU Party Nomenklatura who basically destroyed an entire country to rule over its many leftover chunks, almost none of which actually managed to become a viable state. Put it simply: the Soviet regime died because of its own lies, hypocrisy, inhumanity and, frankly, frequent sheer stupidity. Initially, many soldiers sincerely believed in their alleged “internationalist duty” to “fight US imperialism in Afghanistan” which was quite real. Some were not even informed that they were being sent abroad (the abbreviation “TurkVO2” was used. It meant “the “second” Turkestan military district suggesting a domestic extension/creation of a second TMD. Not a foreign military operation.

Eventually, over time, the painful truth began seeping into the Russian mind. That is how and why the Soviet forces had to be withdrawn. Not because of any particularly intrepid and CIA-run “freedom fighters” or the Stingers (devastating initially, but effective countermeasures were quickly developed and successfully practiced). Again, the US won nothing, the Soviets are the one who lost – they did it to themselves, really!

Again, does it sound familiar? It’s because it is! It just happened with the “Afghan democratic government”, as it will eventually happen to the “Ukrainian democratic government”.

To be unambiguously clear: I think that the Soviet decision to enter Afghanistan was both deeply misguided and inherently immoral (my personal interactions with Soviet officers and participating in a very interesting discussion between a representative of the Northern Alliance and Russian exiles, convinced me of that). The figure of dead, wounded, oppressed or exiled “civilians” is terrible. But the following facts are also undeniable:

  • The Soviets tried hard to stem the influence of those Takfirs which the USA had federated and the KSA paid for. In this battle, the Soviets were first.
  • The Soviets did build a lot of critical civilian infrastructure facilities, they also tried to develop the country economically and educate its people (in the Soviet mold, of course, but better than nothing at all).

Compared to what the US brought to Afghanistan, the Soviets look like both true warriors and true humanitarians. And, remember, we are talking mostly about conscripts here, many poorly trained, poorly supported and even poorly commanded. Yet they did so much better than the supposed “pros” of the “greatest military in history”.

As for what the Russians can do now, they should remember that Afghans will remember both the bad and the good (there is a large Afghan community in Russia) and they can promise to themselves that in the future all Russians will treat all the people of Afghanistan with true, informed respect and extend a sincere hand of friendship. Whether, or which, Afghans will accept that extended hand is their decision to make, nobody else’s (not even Kamala Harris!)

So all that nonsense peddled by Zbigniew Brzezinski (“Russia needs the Ukraine to be a superpower!”) and Hillary Clinton (“Putin wants to rebuild the USSR”) is solely and only an expression of the true phobia which the Western elites, especially in northern Europe, feel towards Putin, Russia, Russians and anything Russian. Makes perfect sense that the European invaders never succeeded in controlling Russia, imperial, Soviet, even “democratic” and least of all, modern Russia

As for the putatively invincible and “superior” western militaries (Sandhust! West Point! Saint-Cyr!), they completely lack the kind of experience Russians have learned for about 1000 years now: ten centuries of warfare, with no geographical boundaries, with expanses more reminiscent of the high seas than central Europe, and with no hope of mercy from their foes (most Russian attackers were hell-bent on exterminate the Russian nation, or culture or religion, mostly all three at the same time). Western ruling classes are terrified of the fact that they cannot defeat Russia militarily, so they pretend the “real Russia” doesn’t even exist.

Instead, there is a “resurgent” Russian-Soviet “Mordor” filled with noble and “diversity” loving “dissidents” who are slowly dying in “Putin’s Gulag!”, the Russian economy is ‘“in shambles” and Russia is just “a gas station masquerading as a country”. These Russkies can’t build shit and they drink vodka all day. Russians might even be an inferior race, since they are so evil and stupid! Most importantly, unless they are “contained” and “deterred” by the West (what a joke!), these Russians hell-bent on war and will invade us and the rest of the “civilized world”

This type of delusional coping mechanism is well known to modern psychology and is really quite common. It is really just a stage of grief, not an analysis of anything real.

The truth is that even the popular Putin had to work hard to defend his personal decision to engage a small, relatively weak military task force into Syria. Even a loyal Putinist like myself initially feared that this might be a huge mistake. It was not, and Putin and his generals were even smarter than I thought at the time (the entire operation is a masterpiece for future military textbooks!).

Had that operation failed, and it was both daring and very risky (in the early phases especially), there would have been hell to pay for Putin, Shoigu and all those who put their moral weight behind it. If somebody in the Kremlin ever thinks again of invading another country, he/she would be reprimanded and demoted, possibly fired or, failing that, “retired up”.

Of course, there are plenty of Russians condemning Putin for not moving forces into the Donbass (besides a few special forces, artillery spotters, forward air controllers and one very effective artillery strike across the border), but these people would have unanimously considered such a Russian military intervention, had it happened, as self-evidently purely defensive strategically (but not operationally or tactically, of course).

Frankly, the Balts and Poles look ridiculous in their narcissistic paranoia. On Russian TV, the western propaganda is immediately translated and aired, to the greatest laughter of the audience! As for the Ukronazis, they only inspire disgust and a firm determination to never allow another attack on Russia coming from the West, or elsewhere for that matter.

But there is no desire for war with any of these guys, even for a war Russia would win in a week or two. In fact, in its current shape, the Ukraine is potentially a deadly toxin for Russia, especially if the Russians ever put their guard down. The very last thing modern Russia needs is to get poisoned/infected by the many Ukrainian toxins…


  • The Empire has been dead for a while
  • The USA as we have known it is dead too
  • The AngloZionists still have more than enough power to threaten or actually attack any country on earth (with the exception of Russia, China and Iran or/and without committing nuclear suicide; yes, Iran has no nukes, they banned them long ago, but they have a formidable military nonetheless.
  • For the very first time ever, the true costs of empire are slowly “seeping back” into the USA (Marx, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been happy to see that) and that has already fundamentally changed the USA as a country.
  • Dead, t he old USA is currently rotting in the mogue for all to smell. The old Soviet joke about “capitalism rotting” but the smell of that “rot” smelling “oh so sweet!” is finally proven true. It took longer than expected, but like everything inevitable, it eventually happened in 2021. Now that this stench is impossible to conceal and, boy, does it stink!
  • In spite of that, I fully expect the USA to survive and even prosper with time! Maybe the US will re-emerge as a de-facto confederacy, with a minimal central power and high degree of independence for the states? Pretty much what the Confederates wanted most, but adapted to modern times and their now universally accepted norms (well, except in Israel, of course).
  • No other power (or coalition of powers) will “replace” the USA globally. Why would they? Remember, Russians and Chinese are not only theologians or philosophers culturally, but their national ethos has been deeply affected/infected with Marxism and dialectics which, for all other criticisms of them, were at least taught in Communist schools, however poorly, basically and even wrongly! So, unlike the clueless leaders of the Empire, the Russians and the Chinese fully realize that the Empire was never really defeated, but rather that it defeated itself. Most importantly, the Russians and Chinese understand that if they “replace” the USA, they will end up like the USA. They are far more ambitious, in reality!
  • Regarding Afghanistan, there are numerous local powers already deeply embedded inside the Afghan society, including indigenous ones, which, while not “replacing” anybody will most likely act like they have always in the past (“the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior” and “the thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun” point to the same reality). That means violence, chaos, bigotry, cruelty, and other horrors will continue to take place, maybe not as much or as visibly as before.
  • Currently I see no combination of local or even foreign powers which can bring true, lasting, peace to Afghanistan. But a combo of Iran+Russia+China would be the most effective in providing aid and some measure of control.
  • Logically, this is both a major risk but also a huge opportunity for all the neighbors of Afghanistan which include at least four countries with deep ties with, and knowledge of, Afghanistan: Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China. Of course, unlike some “spokespersons” at DoS, I know that Russia has no border with Afghanistan. I even know that Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan do (even China does!). These countries even have some very good special units which are quite combat capable. But the “stans” all depend on Russia for their survival anyway, and they know it. I fully expect and hope that at least the Russians, Iranians and Chinese get as involved in Afghanistan as soon as possible, if only because of the formidable “cultural intelligence” of their sophisticated intelligence community including operatives and analysts (no, a few words of Pashto combined with a bundle of dollars does not qualify as “intelligence work” – that mindset is only good for bribing). As for the Turks, they have strong “cultural intel” too, enough money and guns to wave around, they are Muslims (albeit not of the Deobandi persuasion) and they will most definitely try hard. I predict that they will fail simply because they are too far geographically and culturally. Also, Turkey does not have the means for a serious, prolonged, operation in Afghanistan.
  • It sure looks to me that the Brits have figured this one first, at least the main elements. No real surprise here (they remain the most skilled intelligence officials in the EU!), hence their Foreign Secretary Raab having to extend a very humiliating (and wholly ineffective) “olive branch” to Russia and China (all while clamoring that Russia wants to invade Europe and China all of Asia). Russia made some noises back, and maybe the Chinese too, but these are simply good diplomatic manners. Neither country will ever accept AngloZionists as a relevant force in Afghanistan. And neither will the Afghans.
  • At this point in time, nobody can truly control, nevermind bring peace to Afghanistan. If the main actors at least stopped running the country on the ground and did absolutely nothing, this would be a great improvement: not doing harm would probably be the best anybody can do. Finally, just like the Ukrainians, let the Afghan choose if they even want a unified country and, if yes, of what type? How could the people of Afghanistan best express their opinion? Let them figure it out.
  • The so-called “Afghan problem” cannot be solved under the current international system and international law. Just like the Ukraine, Afghanistan is widely recognized as a totally artificial country. But how do you fix this? You can’t as long as those who created that international system still control it. A set of new institutions will have to come first before peace comes to Afghanistan. Tragic, revolting, but true.

Will that ever happen? Will Zone B nations be strong, wise and determined enough to create new international institutions? I don’t know.

But if it does not, then our planet is indeed lost until the Second Coming.

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  1. the US is certainly the least competent imperial power ever

    But the US got Canada, Australia, EU, Japan, SK, Taiwan, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

    Also, Indian elites work for US elites in Silicon Valley. China is dependent on US markets.

    US dominates the world. It is the most successful empire ever because US itself is so rich.

    In old empires, the core was small and resource-poor. So, the core had to exploit its imperial colonies.
    But the US itself if vast and rich. So, the US can give lots of stuff to its colonies and be generous. That’s why they remain within the US imperial orbit.

    Also, it’s a globo-elite empire now. American people don’t much matter. US is about Jewish elites and their cuck goy elites. US takes in the best and brightest from all over the world: India, China, Africa, etc. And these people interact with Jewish and white cuck elites. So, the world elites look to the US. Even now, lots of smart Russians move to the US to work for the US.

    In the past, white elites cared about white masses. But white masses don’t matter any more. Elites found a clever way to deal with mass politics. They promote BLM. This gives the impression that the rich elites care about the poor and disadvantaged folks. But why only mention black people? What about white working class? What about brown peons? But that would be Class Politics, and that could threaten the elites. So, the elites have conflated people politics with the idolatry of blackness. And as the elites own the BLM slogan, they get to own ‘people politics’ even though most people are not represented by BLM. If anything, white and brown masses are made to kowtow to blacks who kick their butts and commit the most crime.

    Elites also push for mass immigration and claim to care about immigrants, but immigration undermines people power because More People means lower wages and more division and dissension among the diverse divided folks.

    US is paradise for the elites, and the elites the world over look to the US as the metropole. Elites rule everything, so the US empire will continue on strong.

  2. JasonT says:

    Why has the US decided to leave Afghanistan?

    The Saker’s analysis here is completely wrong. None of his ‘factors’ are even remotely sensible.

    Was the decision to leave correct?

    Why does The Saker think he will catch a lot of flak for advocating what is morally correct.

    I then read the rest of the article in disbelief. None of this article sounds anything like what I am used to hearing from The Saker.

    • Disagree: CSFurious
    “Reason why I never go to church Adddams —-when a person is perfect there is nothing to feel bad about and speaking of my nephews —they returned from Afghanistan and had a blast —kids playing in field kicked the bucket instead of the ball–ha ha ha ha ha ” AND Serge Slaughter is a devout American and patriot —kneeling is disgusting….

  4. JasonT says:

    I will add. Style, tone, word usage – it’s all off from The Saker’s usual.

  5. Nimrod says:

    I take issue with the use of the Patton quote.

    George S. Patton, unlike many of his corporatized brother officers, was a real warrior who was not afraid to sacrifice his men in the interests of achieving a great victory. The quote apparently originates in a stump speech to American troops in North Africa in 1943, shortly after the disaster at the Kasserine Pass. Its purpose was to motivate American soldiers who had just been beaten by the Germans to return to the battlefield and beat the Nazis at their own game. Which they then went and did. While it’s tempting to take the speech as exemplifying the modern-day American ethos of fighting war without taking casualties, that’s not the correct context for the speech.

    Otherwise, interesting article.

  6. Common News says: • Website

    …”our enemy wasn’t Germany, it was Russia!” …& …” We fought the wrong army!”
    …..General George S. Patton ( May 1945)
    …what a beautiful world it would have been …. had Amerika only listened!

  7. Hardrock says: • Website

    I thought maybe it’s time to trot out the Panarin prediction….one more time. Maybe off in the details but he got the central idea right. Not that I think it will happen but we all see the fault lines….don’t we? Perhaps this withdrawal will enlighten some Americans.

    Diverse, Divisive, and Panarin

    • Replies: @Stonewall Jackson
  8. “…the seizure of the North American continent was an act of international thuggery on every level. That is, of course, NOT to say good people did not exist then or did not live righteously or, even less so, that anybody in the modern USA has any kind of personal guilt over any of this.”

    What a strange thing for you to say, mon cher suisse. Personal guilt? Most Americans have some Indian blood. Are we to feel personal guilt over what some of our ancestors did to some of our other ancestors? I think that most of us acknowledge the injustice of stealing the land, intentionally spreading smallpox on contaminated blankets, killing Indian non-combatants, women and children, and the outrages of Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Hangman Creek and other sundry massacres and outrages too numerous and too unknown to mention. If we feel anything, we feel conflicted, and most of all, we feel cut off from those who acted on both sides of the equation. We can see their haunting sepia images in old photographs, we can imagine their thoughts, but we cannot touch them, we cannot reproduce their religious beliefs or their encyclopedic knowledge of the land.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
    , @RebelWriter
  9. anon[175] • Disclaimer says:

    I wonder what those guys in Kiev are thinking about their good and powerful Uncle these days?

    • Agree: Decoy
  10. Seraphim says:

    Taking the ‘long view’ it is undeniable that the occupation of Afghanistan by the Anglo-Zio ‘Empire’ was a round of the ‘Great Game’. Apparently won by the AZ. Russians ‘defeated’, USSR dismantled, Cold War won, AZ solidly installed in Russia’s ‘underbelly’, springboard for jumping into the ‘stans’, Tibet, Xingjiang… Only to see the Russians (and the Chinese) calling again the shots. Not only that, but asked by the AZ to come and help them to extricate themselves from the quagmire!
    So, what went wrong? I delight in reminding the stark warnings of a real statesman made over 100 years ago against a war with Russia. I am talking of course of Otto von Bismarck:

    ”Do not expect that once taking advantage of Russia’s weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russians have always come for their money. And when they come – do not rely on an agreement signed by you, you are supposed to justify. They are not worth the paper it is written. Therefore, with the Russian is to play fair, or do not play…
    One could argue about this if such a war could possibly have the result that Russia… would be “smashed”. But such a result is beyond all probability even after the most brilliant victories. Even the most favorable outcome of the war would never result in the disintegration of the main power of Russia, which rests on the millions of real Russians of Greek confession. These, even if separated by contracts, would always come together again just as quickly as the parts of a dissected body of mercury”.

  11. I’m anti-US and right-wing but I think long-term, the US withdrawal will have a negative impact.

    The US managed to drastically reduce Afghan birth rates during its 20-year occupation. When it came to Afghanistan in 2001, Afghan TFR was 7.18. Now it’s 4.4. A dramatic decrease in just 20 years.

    Population growth in the Islamic world has to e curbed and reversed or else they’ll overwhelm Europe and the rest of the civilized world.

    Plus, the US kept the peace. Now with the Taliban in power, there will be an avalanche of refugees to Europe and America. The Jewish elites there are already pining to open the doors so that these 80 iq goat herders can rape and rob with abandon in Germany and France.

  12. Saker

    Could you please knock it off with the gentle lotus eating Noble American Injun nonsense? Were the Slavs who took over the land mass known as Russia gentle lotus eaters? What is the Tartar perspective on the conquering Slavs? What about the Mongolian perspective on the Slavs?

    If you and your fellow Russians are going to shed tears about the American Injuns…seriously then go back to Russia…do your part to give the “Noble” American Injun their Land back.

    And Comrade Saker…please knock it off with the “JFK was a peacenick “ nonsense?.

    • Agree: Dnought, Goddard
  13. I couldn’t help but think about your reference to Twilights Last Gleaming without thinking of the great German Music composer Richard Wagner, who through his creative genius or simply his natural observation around him composed one of the greatest musical master pieces the world has ever heard, The Ring.
    One of those pieces was from his magnificent opera Der Ring des Nibelungen, or The Ring, and one of its last installments or movements was Götterdämmerung (Twilight Of The Gods).
    Wagner died eight years before Hitler was born, and years before the word “Nazi” was even created, yet his music is banned in Israel for promoting the genocide of Jews and the imaginary Holocaust that is promoted throughout the world.
    Let that sink in.

  14. Anon117 says:

    ‘….the Soviet regime died because of its own lies, hypocrisy, inhumanity and, frankly, frequent sheer stupidity…..’

    True, so true. Note; Soviet Apparatchniks and Nomenklatura saw the light and decided it was better to loot than to fight.

    In contrast, our Beltway Bandits are unlikely going to exit gracefully like the Soviets did. Odds are the Beltway Bandits will fight violently to cling to power. The odds of a barbaric Spanish Civil War scenario are high.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  15. Franz says:

    Nobody in Washington was “caught off guard” when Pearl Harbor was bombed;

    Nobody in Washington was “caught off guard” when Saigon fell;

    Nobody in Washington was “caught off guard” for 911;

    Nobody in Washington was “caught off guard” about Afghanistan either.

    FDR said it best though not first: There are no accidents in politics. International bankers know no borders and they play us — all of us — with the highest order of politics of all, the movement of energy known as money all over the world. Creating opportunity in China while destroying it elsewhere is the current game in progress. The diversions f0r that are all too obvious when you know Julian Assage called it right a decade ago.

  16. @CelestiaQuesta

    Addendum: Since his music is now public domain, (((Hollywood))) music composers plagiarize his music with impunity in many of the greatest movie soundtracks you have ever heard, and yet not one mention of his creative genius or one cent in royalties is given to his estate.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
  17. Panadechi says:

    Find the difference..

  18. Exile says:

    While I agree with most of what Saker says here, I’ll damn the settlement of America, questionable and dishonorable conduct included, when Saker equally damns every other European nation for doing exactly the same thing to other peoples throughout their entire history.

    Elevating the North American abos to sacred victim status is a cheap and dishonest way to underline otherwise good points he makes here.

    What’s next, Saker – a NA Abo “Holocaust Museum” complete with smallpox blankets?

    We can look back today on the results of imperialism – the damage it does to the victors as well as the vanquished – and say it was wrong and net-negative for all concerned.

    But it’s a lesson every other major European power had to learn the hard way as well. America’s imperial legacy was just that – a legacy from its parent continent and nations.

    • Agree: Goddard
  19. anon[826] • Disclaimer says:

    This article was absurdly speculative and wrong headed.

    Why was the US in Afghanistan for 20 years? The neocons never leave voluntarily.

    But a US base in Central Asia was always crazy. The truth is, the US will be more successful in the region without their military.
    All the countries will want a US relationship to have any leverage with China, in the emerging US China bipolar world. Like Vietnam now. We lost a similar war there also.

    Afghanistan/Iraq will be the last large US boots on the ground exercise. It was only barely feasible after WTC/9/11.

    We won’t do it not only because we can’t. We never needed to in the first place. Future US interventions will be with special forces and contractors.

  20. You can see it coming:John Grenier’s book being part of the Woke Scholarship to justify the H1B…L1B Visa Program….The Hindu Legal Immigrant Scab Labor Program…

  21. IronForge says:

    Saker’s an Intel Dweeb who never Deployed Abroad in a World Class Military where the Rubber meets the Road.

    His assessment on the IRN/IRQ Base Attacks ending the Empire is so Wrong and Clueless, make Vets think that he’s an Amateur.

    Because he is an Intel Dweeb, that’s close to being an Amateur.

    In Short, the ZioMasonic Hegemony now face Two Global Powers, Two Regional Adversaries they can no longer Fully Isolate, Effectively Sanction/Boycott, or Invade, and 2 Regional Vassals who may break the Hegemonic Yoke and become truly Sovereign.

    The Hegemony ran Plunder/Profiteering/Invasion/DrugTrafficking Rings.

    The Two Global Powers are Military/Technological/Economic/Resource Powerhouses who cannot be stopped. Of the Two, CHN are emerging beyond previous containment policies and have grown a Blue Water Navy to project their Power and Defend their Trade Routes throughout Europe and Asia.

    CHN also have unfinished business with GBRitannia+Commonwealth and TWN; and their Expansionists have Claimed AUS for themselves in the 70s.

    CHN’s Economic Influence will most likely surpass the Hegemony’s; and CHN are situated to Conquer TWN and Oceania – out of the Hegemony’s Reach.

    The Two Adversaries can defend themselves; and can inflict serious casualties to any Invasive/Assault Fleets.

    The Empire isn’t over. The PetroUSD Scheme still reign as the Principal Petroleum Exchange Venue; and outside of the Two Global + Two Vassal Powers, the USD will remain a “Reserve Currency of Choice” until other Currencies take hold which circumvent the PetroUSD Scheme.

    The Hegemony still reign supreme over the Western Hemisphere.

    There may be more Armed Conflicts ahead – involving the Hegemon, their ISRaeli Allies, MENA/OPEC, and other Regions.

    The Hegemonic MIC are always looking for new Business Opportunities…

    • Replies: @Will Penny
  22. Ghali says:

    “I think that the Soviet decision to enter Afghanistan was both deeply misguided and inherently immoral”. This is utter rubbish. The USSR was invited by the elected government of the nation of Afghanistan (the PDPA) to help fight the US-sponsored terrorists – the “Northern Alliance” or “Mujahedeen” a.k.a. al-Qaeda – threatened the Government. Just like Syria.

    Afghanistan is NOT Syria, geographically and ethnically. The U.S. and its allies (including Saudi Arabia) poured millions of dollars to support the terrorists. It was a long commitment that beared no fruits. When Soviet troops were leaving Afghanistan, they were farewelled with sadness and respect. It was an end of friendly commitment. The Afghan Government at the time (PDPA) did not fall with the departure of Soviet troops. Now, compare this with Anglo-Zionism in Afghanistan. Here is John Pilger:

  23. SAA says:
    @Priss Factor

    wrong on all counts; re=read history

  24. gotmituns says:

    Sir, just to set the record strait. Every time the German infantry had somewhat of a even shot against the American infantry during WW2, they kicked American butt. That’s because for the most part, Americans soldiers in Europe really felt (correctly) the war was BS. That’s exactly how the American people felt before FDR engineered Pearl Harbor. Our guys never even took all of Italy before the end of the war. We won because of our bombing, period.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  25. Bankotsu says:

    Why did Kabul fall so fast?



    Why the Afghan National Security Forces Will Not Hold, and the Implications for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan

    by M. Chris Mason

  26. Schuetze says:

    Saker, just like the US, keeps out doing himself in an accelerating downward spiral.

    “The US was founded by and for thugs. Calling them explorers, immigrants, robber-barons or founding fathers makes no difference to their true worldview, their ethos – the seizure of the North American continent was an act of international thuggery on every level.”

    Everything Saker writes about the US is true, but what he lies about is that Russia is not 10x worse. After the glorious Red Russian Rapist Army walked into Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bessarabia and Bukovina, the first thing they did, after raping every girl between 10 and and 80 years of age, was to gather up all the intelligensia and potential opposition and talmudically murder the best of them while sending their wives and children off to slave labor camps known as the gulag. Of course Saker and his pathological lying Russian hosts would also claim that the German labor camps were worse, but that of course is merely another Russian lie propagated by liars like Saker who can make even CNN blush. Every country in Eastern Europe can tell of their own personal “Katyn Forests” as well.

    The most pathetic joke here is that Saker seems to believe that Putin’s Russia is no longer an empire. Again, all we would have to do is ask a simple question the citizens of those same countries the eternal God of Russia, Stalin, purged. We know precisely what the non-Russian citizens of Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bessarabia, Bukovina and now Georgia, Armenia, Sakhalin, and Northern Mongolia would say.

    Another pathetic lie here is what Saker claims about the ““Stalingrad” or “Kursk” moment”. We now know from McMeekin’s newest book, “Stalin’s War”, how the entire Red Russian Rapist Army was hanging by a mere thread all through 1941-1944. It was Lend Lease and Lend Lease alone that saved Russia. It was the thousands upon thousands of Tomahawks, Aerocobras and Hurricanes, and US oil to fly them, that allowed the Russian Judeo-Communist stooges to regain control of the air and ward off the Wehrmacht. It was Lend Lease food that kept the Red Army from starving, and it was Lend Lease aluminum and other resources that allowed Stalin to rebuild his tank park and fill it with T34’s and KV1’s built from US aluminum and Steel. Kursk was only won by the Russian Jew-Stooges after the US and England invaded Sicily which forced Hitler to send his best SS Panzer divisions to support Mussolini.

    McMeekin also reveals how Stalin’s two-faced non-aggression pact with Japan allowed the starving Russian rapist “soldiers” to be replenished by ships sent to Vladivostok without fear of being sunk by Stalins second saviour after Roosevelt, Hirohito.

    In short, there a few major Saker lies that need to be shattered here. That Russia is not an empire. That the “glorious” Red Army could have defeated Hitler without the US manufactured war material. And most importantly, that Russians are somehow minor war criminals when compared with the Anglo Saxons, the Germans, or the Americans.

    • Replies: @IS-2
    , @1RW
  27. Altai says:

    Will Afghanistan Turn Out to be US Imperialism’s “Last Gleaming”?

    Israel still exists, so no, obviously not.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  28. baz says:

    Basically saying that when an empire takes over a faraway country it becomes overstretched in resources and it’s own people.

    Americans were far from home in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Unless they could populate a colony with their own people. Such as previous empires did (E.g. Europeans when they arrived in North America and decimated the local inhabitants). They were bound to fail.

    The Brits succeeded in India due to their very clever “Divide and Rule” policies. But even they had to leave finally.

    Moral of the article – All Empires collapse finally – It’s all a matter of time and distance.

    Better to concentrate on what you can influence and control yourself. Invest in your own people and country. Get rid of your avaricious elites who want to enrich themselves at the expense of the local population.

    • Agree: Decoy, Alfred
    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @but really
  29. Meena says:

    USA has more plans of committing more terrorism in Afghanistan . It is its known MO . ISIS is the ace they have up their sleeves .Once the US military leaves , airport and rest of Kabul likely will become the target . US is preparing or conditioning the servile mind of the propagandized citizen to start thanking America for being in Afghanistan and preventing terror attacks from the soil of Kabul by their sheer presence .
    Remember iSIS doesn’t t attack the western power only those who resist the western corruption .It wants to create an Iraq like situation so that it can return .

  30. Jim H says:

    ‘The US losing control of Central Asia and the Middle-East is now even discussed with great concern in Israel.’ — The Saker

    With Afghanistan lost to the empire, and the Ukraine’s loss only a matter of time, what happens to strategically vulnerable little Israel?

    With its characteristic mad-dog chutzpah, Israel continues to demand $3.8 trillion a year of US tribute, while simultaneously rudely biting the hand that feeds. From the NYT:

    ‘The risk of [US dependence on Israeli intelligence in Iran] became clear in April when Israel set off explosives at Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant. On the day of the attack, the Mossad gave the United States less than two hours’ notice.

    ‘A key goal for PM Naftali Bennett [in his meeting with ‘Biden’] will be to determine whether the Biden administration will continue to support Israel’s covert operations against Iran’s nuclear program.

    ‘Israeli officials hope that any new deal with Iran will not limit such operations, which in the past have included sabotage of Iranian nuclear facilities and the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.’

    If the US needs to prepare evacuation plans for the entire Middle East, as the Saker proposes, how will Israel manage to continue its sabotage and assassinations in Iran, not to mention its weekly, gratuitous bombings of neighbors such as Syria?

    Does this sound sustainable to you? Me neither.

    When Uncle Shmuel folds, Israel’s long criminal career of waging dirty war by deception against the rest of the region ends too.

    Meanwhile, though, one can easily imagine what Israel wants from ‘Biden’ right now: more tribute; more unconditional special aid; more free dirty money to fund Israel’s dirty war. Enough!

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  31. Rich says:

    If the discovery and settling of a mostly empty continent, (there were only 1 million Indians in the contiguous US at the founding of Jamestown) is “thuggery” then everyone, everywhere is a “thug”. The Indians in N America warred constantly, invading, conquering, murdering and enslaving defeated tribes. Every country on Earth was founded by a warrior tribe who invaded and took control of the land. Where did the Rus come from? I vaguely remember reading about a Viking invasion.. How about the “English”? Vikings, Germans, Celts and Romans. Spain? Romans, Germans, Celts, Moors and others. French? Celts, Romans, Franks and more. The US might be unique in that America was mostly empty forestland ripe for settling, but calling these noble settlers “thugs” is nonsensical.

    • Agree: Decoy, Dnought
    • LOL: Showmethereal
  32. Fred777 says:
    @Priss Factor

    “Elites rule everything, so the US empire will continue on strong.“

    Every empire looked like it would go on forever.

  33. @JasonT

    He has always been completely wrong. Well…not completely, but pretty close. How is that different?

    Maybe he is just an idiot. Historically, that has always been the case.

  34. Lara Logan covered this subject with fewer words and better logic . Tucker Carlson didn’t interrupt much. Her most succinct comment…”REALLY??”

  35. Got to get the baby in the picture. That way, every white woman in the west, will be caterwauling to bring in the Afghans, to save the children, playing into the hands of tptb, who are going to use the Afghan situation to flood even more Muslims into the west, to cause discord.
    Have you looked at where Afghanistan is on a map?
    Guaranteed, they’ll ALL be making a beeline to the west, to benefits, houses ready to be given out, for free, to Afghanis; houses that the indigenous have to pay a shit load to buy/rent.

    This is more distraction for the people as the covid lie got a bit too obvious, so they’re taking it from the front pages, while they get ready for SPARS-25, the new deadly pandemic ready to hit the west.

    It’s just a joke.
    Good news is, the covid stupid jabs, will remove a large percentage of the western women, eager to destroy their civilization through mass immigration. I know, you’ll say “well western women dying means so to will your civilization because you won’t be procreating….” well, not really, most of them are feminists, who don’t really want a man in their life and if they do they’d be a colossal headache, along with a divorce waiting to happen and hasta la vista your house, your family (if you have one), your car and a large percentage of your finances.
    Those women out there who see the baby in the image and see the propaganda at play, are the ones that western man needs to continue the civilization with. They’re also, more likely to have NOT taken any vaccine as well, having the common sense to do some research, before walking blindly into a clinic and letting nursing staff inject them with an ‘experimental vaccine’ which incidentally isn’t experimental (as they developed it 2 decades ago) and not a vaccine (won’t cure covid or stop the spread of it).

  36. For four hundred years the criminal, social, political and economic rejects of every country on earth have been coming to America, breeding generation after generation of misfits and fanatics. The result of all this frenzied activity is that we must be in a state of permanent war against the rest of humanity. It will take a lot more than an overseas military reversal to stop what now keeps our economy alive. Mugging other nations for their natural and human resources is vital to keeping the ruling class in power: endless war supplies the flood of shiny toys our rulers provide as rewards for our obedience, because they know we are as distractible and generally as observant and narcissistic as children. And they genuinely, passionately hate us, for being so easy to fool, as much as they fear us ever waking up to the power we hold. A contemporary rapper summed it up nicely: state ain’t racist, state hates people.

    The United States government is functioning today exactly as the Founding Fathers intended, to permit the appearance of popular participation in order to lend legitimacy to oligarchic dominance. It supplies the illusion of choice and “change” while consistently defeating the popular will for genuine reform and an egalitarian, free society. History’s record is unequivocal, that every political system supposedly constituted to both preserve the privileges of the elite and to guarantee the rights of the people has eventually been overthrown by the elite, whose need for social, political, and economic dominance is simply insatiable.

    Patton’s observation was the needed reality check to the old fashioned dulce et decorum est pro patria mori and “greater love than this hath no man, that he lay down his life for his fellows.” Young men died like flies in previous wars with this religio-political indoctrination. In our Civil War men lined up for the suicidal duty of “bearing the banner in the thickest of the fight” because, being Christians of a kind no longer seen on earth, they would rather “fall nobly on the field of honor” than commit the mortal sin of taking another man’s life.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  37. From the DW link,

    Gone are the Soviet traditions of soldiers’ never firing their weapons until the war breaks out, or tanks too valuable to drive out of the motor pool.

    Aside from the writer’s intention, the level of face palm irony here is too much!

  38. moi says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jews and Hindus rule, and Hindus are happy playing second fiddle to the Chosen.

  39. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    What were the US supported Afghan troops fighting for? A paycheck? Was there any belief system involved? The US was trying to play them as suckers, risking their lives to fight for nothing pertinent to them.

    still have more than enough power to threaten or actually attack any country on earth (with the exception of Russia, China

    As long as that’s the case the US empire is still relevant even if only as a spoiler. It’s way too early to declare the empire dead. It’s simply reached the limits of its expansion in some areas but there’s other places left yet to go.

  40. Which leaves “sincere US Americans”. Do they exist? Absolutely, in the millions, all over the USA and all over the planet. The latter often go completely native and are loved by the locals.

    I don’t know if I’m loved outside a small circle of the locals, but I get on with and get invited to events or out for beers by more than a few locals, so they don’t seem to hold the actions of Uncle Schmuel against me personally.

    My European wife frequently comments on the can-do / will-do volunteer and giving attitude of “sincere Americans.” I don’t know if she first started paying attention with the “Cajun Navy” after Katrina and their involvement in several hurricane relief efforts since, but she contrasts that with European attitudes to let official relief agencies or groups provide the help to the poor souls digging themselves out of the aftermath of disaster.

    Sincere Americans can only wonder what happens when things are left to the experts…

    The President to whom Bush refers is former President Clinton, who has become a centimillionaire in conjunction with his charitable relief efforts. Makes one go “Hmmm.”

  41. Miroslav says:

    I watched that video for 20 minutes and was not impressed. There were 3 speakers, one Anglo and two Greeks and they all praised the Greeks and denounced the Franks. But i don’t believe the history of the Eastern Roman and Western is as they see it. Can we start with Apostle Pauls epistles[letters]. They say he wrote in Greek thereby indicating or proving that the Romans spoke Greek. What else can you expect from an Anglo who praises Greece since Greece has been practically a British colony since about 1830. The two Greeks also praise Greece, but don’t they know there is still a long debate between Greeks and Macedonians about whether the Macedonians were Greeks or something else.Let’s look at Pauls writing.Today’s Greeks cannot read it. They say it has changed a lot in 2000 years. But the real reason is that biblical Greek is not Greek at all. It may look like Greek because of the Greek script and maybe the Greeks can recognize a few words, but they can’t read it, because there is no Greek morphology. Check out all the Greek dictionaries and you will see there is no Greek morphology.Let’s look at a couple of biblical words like ”Apocalypse” and ”Apostle”.There is no Greek morphology for these words. But there is a Macedonian[Slavic] morphology. The letter A is explained. “Po” means ”by” ,” ca” means going towards,[like in cart],”lypse’ or ”lipse” is a old Slavic word which means ”dying” and ”stle” which should be ”stool”means ”stool” Now we know what those two words really mean. If you analyse the whole Greek New Testament,you will see it is not Greek but Macedonian or Slavic. This also proves that Ancient Greeks did not exist. Personally i like to call the language Slavic, or dare i say Serbian, or even Macedonian since they are nearly the same. Thus the Eastern Roman Empire was never Greek since Greek was only invented after about 1830, but it was Roman and the people who lived around Constantinople called themselves Romans[apart from Turks] But i think there were more Serbs there, who called themselves Romans and it is these Serbs and Macedonians who assimilated into Greeks.There is more to this but i won’t talk about it. Now look at French words. What does the French word ‘ribaud” mean. Mr. Saker probably knows. Excuse me, but i have to be a bit rude here, to wake you up.Ribaud is a Slavic [Serbian ] word which means ”cuntdick’ and i think that is what the word refers to. So you are correct . That’s what i am saying that the French language is Slavic[Serbian] and the whole theory of Indo European languages is false and both French and Latin are Slavic[Serbian] and all those Serfs in Western Europe were Serbs and Germans call Serbs or Serbians Surfs or Surfen. So all those wars between Western and Eastern Roman Empire were wars between Orthodox Christian Serbians, who still stick to the Old Julian Kalendar[ not calender] and French Serbians who adopted another form of Christianity. A lot of things happened in the first thousand years of Christianity.Thanks Mr. Unz and Mr. Saker.This is what Serbians are talking about and writing about these days.

    • Replies: @BorisMay
    , @Humbert Humbert
  42. BorisMay says:

    Nature abhors a vacuum.

    The US is vacuous in the extreme. Wherever the US goes there is a moral vacuum since the entire US modus operandi is based on lies, obfuscation and hubris.

    Thus the end result is what has been witnessed in every US conflict where any serious opposition has materialised.

    The amoral crumbles before the moral.

  43. SteveK9 says:
    @Weston Waroda

    A short excerpt from one of the finest essays ever written: ‘The Diversity Myth’ by Benjamin Schwarz in The Atlantic, 1995.

    Moreover, building America required nearly 300 years of genocidal wars against Native Americans, a fact that impels today’s historians to characterize American expansion on the continent as “invasion” rather than “settlement.” These wars, one of the longest series of ethnic conflicts in modern history, were resolved not by power sharing but by obliteration. Although this record engenders much handwringing today, it is impossible to imagine the United States existing if a more reasonable course had been pursued. For from the “American” point of view, a reasonable accommodation would have required that, in Theodore Roosevelt’s blunt phrase, the vast continent be set aside “as a game preserve.” America’s great ethnic struggle should have taught Americans that many conflicts are simply irreconcilable. As Representative Richard Wilde, of Georgia, asked with resignation in 1830, describing the United States’ destruction of Native Americans as the price of its development, “What is history but the obituary of nations?”

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  44. MLK says:

    That is the kind of paranoia-induced witch-hunts which all actively collapsing regimes undergo. The current collective US insanity is very reminiscent of what, first, Trotskiysts and, later, Stalinists did to the Soviet Union or the Red Guards to China.

    As you seem to have missed in your own examples, this is an observed phenomenon of not just collapsing regimes but nascent ones as well, and potentially all periods in between as compelled by internal conditions. We can label this Internal Consolidation.

    The observed variation is always one of the rules that apply, if seemingly any.

    We can thus assess that Germans in the Nazi period got a full run. The Soviets had periods like this too, with lots of eggs scrambled to make the Leninist/Stalinist omelet.

    CCP China rightly began its reign with what is playfully known as expelling the foreign devils. That was followed by midterm spa treatments like the Cultural Revolution to resolve domestic factional struggles.

    The American Project isn’t exempted from this enduring feature of the human condition. It’s exceptionalism, which if you miss it you’re simply ignorant, comes from its Constitution and Bill of Rights, and all that followed it in terms of The Rule of Law.

    As I’ve explained many times to zero interest here, the US has been in a period for the last two decades in which its ruling and governing elites first declared its highest governing law “not a suicide pact”. — in other words “exceptions must be made.” And then under Obama that we had evolved beyond it — “The Constitution is just a piece of parchment.”

    We’re remain in a “rules for thee but not for us” period which is wholly untenable. It will resolve one way or another as it always must.

    Unlike the run-up to the Civil War and the war itself, the US is not a 50-50 divided nation. Despite all the real and exacerbated differences, most Americans are not at each others throats over that which is fundamental for any nation. This is a cruel lie exploited in the struggle for power. The Pareto Principle is good enough for government work for this comment, though I think assessing 20% as psychopathic traitors is too generous.

    The factional power struggle continues to rage in Washington. That is where the next shoes will drop, for better or for worse.

  45. Kabul fell quickly because the Taliban and its followers were spread throughout the country and its cities. Once the US retreated the whole Taliban movement rose with little resistance.

    “Kabul fell because belief always defeats unbelief.”

    So this statement merely confirms that Afghans as a collective actually want the Taliban and the Taliban has shown that it has matured with some swift but telling remarks on what it sees going forward. Whether they hold true to their word is to be determined but I would much rather take them at their word than anything the empire ever says.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  46. It turns out that drawing someone putting their boot up someone else’s backside is harder than you might think.

    What is this “neo Deobandism”? Deobandism is a thoroughly modern invention, having been created circa 1866 after the failed First War of Indian Independence, and it never disappeared or weakened after that. In fact the seminary at Deoband is one of the largest Islamic theological centres in the world.

    As far as the rest of the article goes, I will just name a few observations:

    1. As the Roman Empire began to collapse, it started abandoning distant colonies, like Britain, leaving numbers of Roman citizens stranded there.

    2. I find it rich that certain people profess to want to “help” Afghans yet want to carry on an endless war there. These people also claim their hearts bleed for Muslims while genocidally exterminating Muslims since 2001 or, as in Iraq, years before.

    3. Certain other people who never heard of Afghanistan two weeks ago and still couldn’t find it on a map are suddenly experts on it and lecture others who actually know the place.

    4. The Taliban are more honest than both the above lots of people.

    5. It doesn’t matter what the Taliban do at this point, they’ll be vilified for daring to defeat the Empire. They could drop all hijab requirements, they could build a girls’ school at every street corner, they could make it compulsory to wear a rainbow flag pin and shave your facial hair, but whatever they’d do, short of total and abject surrender, will never be enough. An example has to be made of Afghanistan so other countries don’t get ideas about throwing off the Amerikastani yoke. Afghan money abroad, like Venezuelan gold, will remain stolen, Afghan athletes will be offered bribes to defect, Guaidullahs will be propped up, etc.

    6. This, therefore, does not give the Taliban any incentive to change its ways.

    7. I see a lot of people on the left assuming that the Taliban victory will be a tremendous boost for al Qaeda. Since the two organisations have totally divergent interests and Mullah Omar is no longer around, I don’t see the logic of this, but even if it’s true, so what? The centre of Al Qaeda activity is in Occupied Syria, specifically Idlib, and in South Yemen, and Amerikastan (and Putin) seem quite happy with that.

    8. We can’t say if Amerikastan will collapse until new retreats happen. If Iraq and Syria are evacuated by Amerikastan, one might say that there’s a chance the Empire is getting shaky. If Africa is abandoned- with its enormous resources – then we’re in serious contraction territory. But not until then. Remember the point no 1 about Rome? The Roman Empire held on, in the shape of Byzantium, until the 1450s.

    9. Point No 8 doesn’t apply to Taiwan, which no sane person (except maybe Modi regime worshippers) think Amerikastan will commit suicide to defend. Taiwan offers Amerikastan nothing except chips (which it can still buy from China afterwards). Ukranazistan is another question, not because it can still be exploited – it’s been asset stripped to the bone – but because it’s of great strategic value to the Empire against Russia.

    10. Brits may be this or that, but the Afghans have faced their invasions thrice before (1839, 1878, 1919), and the last thing that they will trust is Brutain to be ever up to anything but no good.

    Also, the Panjshir Valley isn’t in North Afghanistan, for Cthulhu’s sake, it’s east of Kabul and entirely surrounded by Taliban controlled territory. Does the Faker not have a map?

  47. @Common News

    “…what a beautiful world it would have been”

    If the British had only accepted Hitler’s peace proposal in 41 or 42.
    No deals between the Jews and Yanks. British withdrawal from Palestine and no Jewish usurping the Palestinian state. No bullshit holocaust propaganda or reparations. No continuous warring in the Middle East…..etc

  48. @Hardrock

    Thank you for the link. Need to look at his prediction more closely. The fault lines are real and growing worse; except for the elites, the globohomo, perhaps the great replacement will overwhelm the dissenters in numbers. I am sure they can manage the third world cholos easier than angry old white men. As long as… They keep the welfare flowing.

    Unz and his amigo Reed can shove their idea about magic dust creating something out of third world peasants.. they are here for economics. Part of that economics is the massive US welfare state. Getting access to that is one of the reasons to pour across the border…

    And pour they are Reed and Unz..

    I digress… to a point. The thing will hold together as long as the globohomos can print enough money to keep it together. I don’t know nor does anyone know how long that is.

    Can you imagine the riots that will ensue if welfare starts to get cut due to the inability to afford it? A nation as armed as this with real not bullshit riots… I mean real if they are based on cutting welfare.

    So will it break up? It will sure as hell if the US stops paying off the populace… Reed and Unz’ cholos will be joining the looting..

  49. @Ghali

    Of course the Faker’s talking rubbish, but remember that for all his pretensions to being a Russian expert he’s a half Dutch Swiss living in Florida who just happens to be the grandson of a White Russian emigre from his mother’s side. He is basically presenting himself as what he emphatically is not.

    There’s a reason why he censors all negative comments on his site. He needs to maintain the illusion that he knows what he is talking about.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  50. @Anon117

    In contrast, our Beltway Bandits are unlikely going to exit gracefully like the Soviets did.

    Indeed, and where will they flee to ? Who will want to take them ?

    I have a mental image of round-the-clock 24/7 JFK-Tel Aviv flights …
    Unlikely London/buy a football team will still work. It’s now Muslim.
    The mischlings like Boris and Tony B Liar should also be OK for aliya.
    But the non-Jew criminals ?
    Bunkers in NZ ?
    Ranches in Paraguay ?
    They must be aware of Somoza, that people came looking for him …

    A terrible dilemma for them, enjoyable to contemplate …
    If only in dreams …

  51. @Caspar von Everec

    Kept the peace Caspar? 80 iq goat herders? Sheltered life Caspar?

  52. How was JFKs foreign policy not thugish?

    Greiner’s book is taught in graduate school seminars as if the Siberian Migrants were Lotus Eaters…

    And Saker…you persist with the 9/11 Truther nonsense…20 years of it…

  53. @Caspar von Everec

    These 80 IQ goat herders (what is this obsession you lot have with IQs anyway?) just wiped the floor with Amerikastan’s imperialist occupation. So what does that indicate about the Amerikastani Empire’s IQ?

  54. ariadna says:

    “As Che Guevara once pointed out, “the true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love.”.

    Aside from the platitudinous and worthlessness of a statement that depends on the speaker’s personal interpretation of “true revolutionary” (does he mean Jesus?), the Saker’s admiration for Guevara shows he knows nothing about the sadistic and cowardly murderer who is for most Argentineans the enduring shame of their nation.

  55. Maddaugh says:

    Will Afghanistan be America’s last gleaming ?

    NO. Because no matter how many times idiots get negative feedback they continue to do stupid things.

    In addition, if there is any hesitancy in embarking on another bit of foolishness there is always a certain group goading the Beltway Boys to “go for it, this time will be different”.

    Just watch, once the military contractors refill the equipment lost in Afghanistan $85B by conservative estimates and record their profits, we will be ready for a new adventure !

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  56. @gotmituns

    The USSR might have had something to do with allied victory in WW2.

    Look at the advances made by the Red Army between the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943 and the Anglo American invasion of Europe in June of 1944.

    Good thing Uncle Sam launched D-Day. Had he not done so the Russians would probably have stopped at the Channel, not the Elbe.

  57. SteveK9 says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    Population growth is slowing or ending in almost every part of the World. Why would population growth in the Islamic World ‘overwhelm Europe and the rest of the civilized World’. The West has the military power to close their borders. It is a failure of the culture in the West that is causing its decline, not too many people elsewhere wanting to invade it.

  58. @JoaoAlfaiate

    Maybe the Russians should have conquered all of England…Revenge for Crimean Wars….


    The Slavs were highly represented in the US Army during the conquest of the American West…you and Comrade Martyanov should be very very proud of this!!!!!

  59. Nimrod says:

    ‘Every time the German infantry had somewhat of a even shot against the American infantry during WW2, they kicked American butt.’

    An often-repeated meme, but incorrect. There are many counterexamples to the thesis. Rommel himself thought that the Kasserine Pass battle was not a smashing success; outnumbered Americans fought well in retreat and prevented the annihilation of their force, which surely would have happened to any British formation. American infantrymen at the Battle of the Bulge fought well under the worst possible conditions–massed attacks by German armor, total German tactical superiority in the first few days, weather preventing reinforcements and the use of artillery, confusion at the divisional and higher level about German operations. On a per capita basis, the Normandy campaign involved the heaviest fighting of the entire war.

    I would certainly agree that the fascist, racist, based Germans were better troops at an individual level than Americans were. But they weren’t *far* superior, and the cohesiveness in combat of American troops despite serious ethnic differences between WAPS, Jews, Italians, Scots-Irish, Amerindians, and so forth is quite impressive. The Empire can endure a lot of negative externalities before seriously risking its troops in combat. Don’t just regurgitate Nazi propaganda because you hate the current American regime.

    ‘We won because of our bombing, period.’

    I think the USSR contributed 95% of the victory on the Western Front. Even if true, so what? There’s something mathematically appealing about wiping out millions of defenseless people in air raids, thereby inflicting defeat on an enemy without risking one’s own. I deplore killing civilians, but I do like the logical abilities of leaders who think that way about war. Nobody, ever, even in warrior cultures, deliberately makes war in such a way as to expose themselves to the maximal possibility of death. Everyone tries to reduce casualties to their own side while inflicting maximal damage on the enemy. People DO have different philosophies about how to do that, the philosophy America uses now is insane, but it’s still a feature of military decisionmaking.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @BorisMay
    , @Damjan nova
  60. Tom67 says:

    Nietzsche said that States are the coldest of cold monsters. Sorry, but all this moralising by the Saker gets on my nerve. There is no master plan of imperialism just a very (until recently) rich country with a rapacious bureaucrcy and many hanger on bloodsuckers who understood that there´s a lot of money to be made. The whole American empire is an accident that will disappear as soon as the economic wherewithal is gone. As soon as the Dollar stops to be the world currency its over. Very soon I believe. And then others will move in as nature abhors a void. China will expand but will run against some very real limits. It is a great country and a great civilisation but utterly lacking in any kind of ability to understand foreigners. Her modus operandi of expanding is the ink blot. She will have no choice but to intervene in the not so distant future in Central Asia and there she will get stopped. Chinese already evoke incredible hatred in the stans and as soon as the Chinese bought elites lose control China will have to intervene to secure the gas pipelines. And no, Afghanistand won´t be fount of troubles.

    • Replies: @ricpic
    , @Francis Miville
  61. nickels says:

    Interesting read, but Saker is wrong about when the Amperican Empire fell.
    It was not 1-8-2020.

    The empire fell on 8-16-1977.

    Nothing great ever occurred in this country after that date.
    The motion speeds up at the end.

    And the bit about taking the continent as thuggery? Huh.
    The indians didnn’t even know how to sh*t.
    The Anglos and French brought them civilization.
    Not our fault they became a bunch of drug addicts and drunks.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  62. TheBAG says:


    Thank you for another insightful, candid analysis.

    I think there is much truth in what you say. But I would like to propose another model for what is happening in Afghanistan that I think has both explanatory power as well as predictive power.

    My first assumption is that the world is ruled by smart knowledgeable people. There is too much competition for power for idiots to rise to real levels of power. (I omit sock-puppets such as Biden from among this class.) This is not to say that our rulers are not evil from the point of view of normal humans though. They are.

    I agree with you that the West is ruled by a gang of thugs. As General Butler observed, he could have taught a thing or two to Al Capone.

    With this in mind, what kind of national governance do gangs of thugs prefer?

    Chaos. Anarchy.

    Gangs wants nothing to impede their looting, i.e., extraction/exploitation of a nation’s resources without benefit accruing to the people of the nation being looted.

    Since the US Government has been captured by this international gang of thugs, it has become the Lord of Chaos around the world.

    I offer as examples, Libya and Iraq. Both have weak national governance but in both the oil is still flowing, isn’t it? Both are poster children for the Lord of Chaos.

    Think Tiamat of Babylonian myth. That is the role of the US Government in the world today.

    Applying this model to Afghanistan, what did the Lord of Chaos expect when it pulled out its military? Chaos. Civil War. Isn’t this what they said would happen? That is what they expected and that is what they wanted.

    When the Taliban rolled over Afghanistan without a fight and the country became at peace for the first time in decades, the blood of the Lord of Chaos ran cold. We see palpable fear coming from its media don’t we? Peace and a strong national government is the last thing it wants – in any country (think Portland, Oregon as the poster child for the Lord of Chaos in the US itself.)

    Where is the only chaos in Afghanistan today? At the airport where the Lord of Chaos still reigns.

    What is the Lord of Chaos’ plan for Afghanistan? Obviously: chaos and civil war. Expect dissident warlords to be empowered by the West. Expect the Lord of Chaos to whip up hatred for the minority Shias. Expect outside fighters to be imported to foment chaos. Expect economic sanctions to prevent the establishment of a strong government. Expect an unrelenting stream of fake atrocity stories in the media controlled by the Lord of Chaos.

    Expect all of the above and more. After all, the Lord of Chaos wrote the book on these dirty tricks. Literally.

    In Babylonian myth, it is Marduk who ultimately defeated Tiamat and restored order to the universe. Today, the countries in what you define as Zone B are playing the role of Marduk in our iteration of that cosmic war.

    In particular, Iran, Russia and China are on the front-line attempting to thwart the Lord of Chaos’ efforts to destabilize the nascent Afghani state. They are worthy warriors in this effort as each knows the enemy intimately, having in their time thrown out the Lord of Chaos and restored strong national governments for the benefit of their own people.


  63. Secession of Red States (aka Real America) is next. Or (((they))) can choose an optional bloodbath first. Most will find the dread of waiting for collapse worse than the collapse itself.

  64. @Altai

    Except that America is a colony of Israel, not the other way around.

  65. @Priss Factor

    The US is of course still a stronghold but definitely not a paradise for the world elites : for instance, the filthy rich emirs of the Gulf love to tour and throw parties all around European places and even Brazil. The US is an ugly and most costly place to live an aristocrat’s life, and it is a second rate one. Elite people want to be economically superior to all but they like to served by quality serfs with a certain culture and respect for elite culture like in the Austrian empire of yore, not by expendable barbarians that could all of a sudden turn Taliban. These elites have rather the ingrained fear inherited from the late Roman Empire that their employees might all of a sudden act as Italian mafiosi, Viking marauders, British pirates … rather than as Americans. The US have definitely ceased to be a paradise for professional elites that gravitate around universities, theatres, Silicon Valley, Hollywood… The best and brightest realize that they no longer have what they want for their money’s and efforts’ worth. Actually most US expats are to be found among high-status, “best and Brightest” recent immigrants who even when they still work for US companies prefer to work from smaller, more anonymous countries. Smart Russians are among the most disappointed and also the first to remark that the US is following old late USSR’s downward slope.

    Trump (that is the only positive job he did) has definitely killed the good reputation the US used to enjoy as an open-minded yokel, naive, boorish, but ready to welcome all the best and brightest of the world and knowing by good instinct whom to hire and whom to fire, as was epitomized by JFK : he has shown once for all that this is who they are, cuckservatives and cheap grifters that love only easy money and spit upon all talent, all culture, and now that Trump has done its job of destroying the US persona for ever, the same are realizing that Biden is but a paler, gentler, more hypocritical version of Trump, that follows up the same jobs as Trump, like delivering Afghanistan into the Talibans’ hands. In general the elites don’t like to live where the general population is growing as psychopathic as they are. The US is not perceived as a metropole by the elites inhabiting it, the Indians generally despise it, it is rather perceived like it was originally, a territory of colonial pillage by all means, a territory to make money to be invested elsewhere. The Jews consider it as their Israeli colony to be sucked dry as quickly as possible and most other ethnic groups that still maintain a strong identity follow suit. It is a big Argentina.

    The US universities are a joke : you get there the cheapest education of the world, mimicking what the Chinese cultural revolution allowed to be taught (that is to say pure indoctrination), for the dearest price of the world. For quite a long time what attracted so many best and brightest from all over the world was the relatively lower price of property, food, and commodities for the class of revenues that still fetched among the well to do, despite the much lower quality of cultural and human life. But that is no longer the case at all.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: Sarah
  66. @Maddaugh

    But this time Afghanistan is now a satellite of China. American intervention is impossible, the slightest will in that direction from the US would immediately translate by massive presence of Chinese troops in that country. Biden is committed to Chinese interests.

  67. Another windy Saker brainfart.

    • LOL: Schuetze
  68. Renoman says:

    The reason they left is of course Money. Heroine is no longer worth the trouble as Fentanyl is cheaper and stronger. the rest is just minor bullshit.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @MarkinPNW
  69. Baron says:

    The Afghan fiasco wasn’t anchored in the failure of intelligence, Saker, it was rooted in lies, the spooks of the numerous agencies have been lying, still are because this is what they were taught, Pompeo admitted it openly, it’s on video, they lied about the 300,000 Afghan herdsmen ability to fight, and the Governing Elite have bought the lie as they bought every other lie about Afghanistan and about everything else, about Assad gassing his own people, the Chinese committing genocide, about the MH17, the Skripals, the AGW …. everything one can think of.

    The contemporary culture of the American Governing Elite is that of lie galore, they are drowning in lies, you listen to them talking about any subject and it’s nothing but blatant, transparent often irrational yapping made of lies, they are so immersed in lies they believe the lies themselves even if and when the truth hits them, the lying culture is going to be the reason the Republic falls apart, it must as it was also the lie that buried the Bolshevik’s Red Menace.

  70. GMC says:

    Good Post – There isn’t a day go by that Russian television, has at least 2 to 3 WW II movies or programs on the Great War. Whoever schedules the TV – Russian citizens are always going to be reminded of the sacrifice. The populace can sing old war era songs and still have a tear or two – when they finish. Two years ago { May Days} in Anapa { southern Ru Black Sea } I saw a half dozen old Roma women singing old war songs together. At a street corner.
    Call it propaganda , call it anything you want – these people won’t forget that their country was invaded by the West . I hope they never forget ! Pravda.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  71. Yee says:

    It’s just a change of tactics. The US troops out, CIA and ISIS in…

    Really, CIA and ISIS is a better way to keep Afghanistan in chaos and spill over to its neighbors. US troops have been the force to kept Afghanistan relatively stable. That’s counter-productive.

    • Replies: @pdb
  72. Us is doing also a lot of good.
    US became a garbage collector of the world.
    We have a forest fires, but we always have a frequent Garbage dump fires.
    (I am a racist! But I am only cultural racist!)

  73. ricpic says:

    “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other poor bastard die for his.”

    Patton’s statement makes eminent sense to me. Why Saker sees it as so fundamentally wrong is beyond me. Saker just laughs at it. Is that a mark of Saker’s sophistication? God spare me such a lack of common sense.

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @1RW
  74. Erebus says:

    7300 words, signifying not much. One can’t help but agree with JasonT that Saker is off his game.

    The “fall” of Kabul signifies a tectonic shift on the Eurasian landmass, and by extension the world. The shift was apparently neither anticipated nor monitored by the West’s intelligence agencies and their legions of analysts. One wonders if even now the implications are clear to them. Their “hair-on-fire” reactions indicate they’ve lost the ball.

    They’ve misread salient facts regarding Iran’s calculus going into Vienna, and were surprised by Iran’s hardline stance. The West thought they could force more concessions while Iran offered fewer. When the US continued to blunder on, threatening more sanctions, Iran’s Securiy Council abandoned the JCPOA process. They essentially told the West, “Sanction, and be damned”, and have entered into partnerships with China and Russia. Iran will now join the SCO and will sit at the future table of great powers.As the world’s most significant Islamic power, it’s outward policies will focus on relations with Islamic countries within the context of the SCO. IOW, it cannot be ignored. More immediately, it will join the Russian led Eurasion Economic Union which expands its trade base in the face of the West’s sanctions.

    Something that went unnoted in the media is that Chinese & Russian joint military wargames closed the airspace over N. Afghanistan while all this was going on. For the first time ever, these took place under joint command, signifying a rapidly deepening relationship and a major security development on the Eurasian continent. If they’re the #2 & #3 military powers (and I think that’s being very generous to the US), the combination is #1. That has global implications.

    Perhaps that’s why there’s been credible reports of the UK, Germany, Italy and France requesting Russian assistance in dealing with the Taliban. Reports of German-Russian talks are pretty solid while the others lack corroboration. At any rate, Europe’s confidence in the US as guarantor of stability, never mind security has taken a big hit. It’s clear even to the US’ most abject EU satraps that the US is going into domestic crisis and they can’t count on its foreign policy to pay much attention to their needs.

    Another major point is that Pakistan declined the US’ proposals to host US troops on its territory. Clearly Pakistan is positioning itself firmly in the SCO camp, which just as clearly leaves India in limbo.

    Of course, the West’s biggest miss is the development of the Taliban itself. While the West played at nation building, Russia, China, Iran & Pakistan have been re-molding the Taliban into a multi-ethnic, politically and militarily mature force capable of running a State. They’ve, in turn made assurances that their benefactors’ other Afghan allies will have a seat at the table. That there will be no power struggles, bloody civil war or score-settling is all but assured. Doubtless there will be pockets of resistance, jockeying for position, and a few local scores settled, but there’s steady foreign hands on the tiller that won’t let it all go too far off course. The Russians and Iranians in particular have shown what they can do militarily in Syria in reducing ISIS to straggling bands. Afghans respect that in a way they couldn’t the American effort.

    So there it is. The crossroads of the Eurasian continent has been brought into the fold after 2+ decades of external disruption. We’ll see where it goes, but the resources that have been, and will be brought to bear to make it go “correctly” will be formidable. As the US withdraws into its domestic troubles, the West’s call on Asian assets will dissipate. The West needs redefining, desperately, but the intellectual and moral poverty of its elites suggests a bumpy downhill ride ahead.

  75. ricpic says:

    “…it is great country and a great civilization…”

    China is irremediably GROSS. It is actually nekulturny. This is why the Japanese – who truly are civilized albeit capable of great cruelty – fear China and dread its COARSENESS.

    • Disagree: Badger Down
  76. John Greiner’s book with high probability is being used in Woke West Point Senior Year History Seminars to justify importing Afghan Muslim Refugees….thousands upon thousands…so the Afghans can 1)vote Native White American Christians into a violently persecuted White racial minority within the borders of America…..and 2)‘to enjoy the benefits of the European C0nquest of North America…just like the Hindus from India…

  77. Schuetze says:

    Saker’s observation about Patton is pure gibberish. The evidence is overwhelming that Saker has taken dual clot shot’s and is suffering from micro-clots all through his brain. Just look at this mental diarrhea:

    Those US Americans who today wonder why the US could not win a war since WWII can thank General Patton and his truly silly “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his”. When he declared that, he basically made sure that the US military would never win a war again. BTW – if Zhukov, or any other Soviet marshall general had dared to publicly say such a thing, he would have been immediately accused of sabotage, subversion, collusion with the enemy, treason and summarily executed.

    Saker would have us believe that Zhukov empathized with other human beings, yet we know that Zhukov’s beloved Red Russian Rapist Army refused to sign the Geneva conventions, thus condemning all Russian Rapist POW’s to brutal treatment when captured, but that was only the beginning. Zhukov also commanded rapist armies in a system that not only made surrender a capital offense, but that also went after the entire family of Russian rapist soldiers who surrendered. Just look at what Zhukov and his Judeo-Communist cronies did to Tukhachevskii’s entire family if you doubt this. But as is usual with typical Russian depravity, this is only the beginning. Zhukov also loaded up his entire army with Jewish barrier guards who would fire US manufactured lend lease machine guns loaded with US lend lease bullets into the backs of the Russian Rapist “soldiers” if they failed to charge the German MG42’s fast enough.

    To paraphrase Patton in Zhukovian English:

    “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make sure both you and your komrade rapist get genocided for the glory and victory of jewish communism”

    • Agree: nickels, Alfred
  78. @Schuetze

    What was the Waffen SS and Wehrmacht doing in Russia? Answer:RAPING….So they started the raping..

    If you don’t want mass rape…d0n’t start a war…mass rape is “normal” in war….And this is why young Afghan Men joined Taliban and resisted the US Military Occupation of Afghanistan…

  79. Pablo says:

    Will the Afghanistan disaster/humiliation be the US War Machine’s “last gleaming”? I sincerely hope so–but I doubt it. SAIGON 1975 was a similar disaster for the US War Machine and that didn’t stop them. This time might be different. The Neo Cons and other US warmongers are about to lose their taxpayer “credit card”. There’s no more money to steal from the taxpayer!! And aren’t we all happy to know that “the adults are now in the room”? That’s what Sleepy Joe Biden said when he entered the White House. Now listen, boys and girls. I want you ALL to go out and buy your Christmas toys for the kiddies NOW because there might be shortages coming from China. THIS is what VP Kamala Harris said, in a speech, recently. I sure am glad “the adults are in the room”! HaHaHaHa!! We’re all f-d.

  80. @Weston Waroda

    “Most Americans have some Indian blood.”

    No, we do not. In fact very few of us do. The belief we did was once widely held by old stock white Americans, and, I was surprised to find out, by blacks descended from slaves as well. But DNA testing, more widespread in the US than anywhere else, shows this not to be true. The old belief that “My great-grandmother was a Cherokee,” turns out to be far less likely than “My 5th great-grandmother was a slave.”

    The reverse is very true. There’s not really such a thing as a full-blooded Indian left in North America. All tested seem to have some European descent. R1b, the steppe invader haplogroup of Western Europe, is THE most common haplogroup among those Cherokee men who have taken DNA tests.

    • Thanks: Radicalcenter
    • Replies: @Weston Waroda
  81. nickels says:

    Zhukov was too busy chasing 20 year old tail to do much court martialing of anyone methinks.

  82. “…the seizure of the North American continent was an act of international thuggery on every level. ”

    White people had to destroy the Indians. Indians were cruel, illiterate, murdering, thieving savages. The best thing that ever happened in North America was the bringing of civilization by Whites and the utter defeat of the Indians. And let’s not get all happy clappy about civilization. ALL successful civilizations are based on the successful application of organized violence and force. Civilization is dying now because Whites have temporarily forgotten this eternal verity.

    Of course now “thug rule” really just represents the triumph of parasitic Jews. Jews have systematically destroyed civilization and legalized their own criminal traditions. Our entire economy, government, foreign policy and media are simply dictated by Jews.

    All the “thugs” are either Jewish or their White lackeys. And it bears repeating that Jews are NOT Whites. Jews are the self-declared enemies of Whites, and have been the main force for importing millions of third-world savages into White countries. Which means that very soon we will have another version of the old Indian Wars. We will win that one too.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  83. pdb says:


    Good point. Looks like CIA just did its first operation, Aug. 26. Breaking news. US servicemen killed and wounded, Afghans killed and wounded. Just like Kiev Maidan, kill some on both sides to get the chaos off to a good start. A CIA specialty.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  84. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    These is the CALCULATED DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE. This is the (design) defeat of the USA hegemony to anoint CHINA…The results of the NEOCON America LAST ..(Israel first) psycho/zio/fanatical sick obsession with ISRAEL…TRILLIONS Wasted/many dead/..USA Humiliated isolated internationally, and a silent Civil War internally..a govt without popular support, distrusted, most americasn think Biden is illegitimate president, because of a mega electoral fraud. BUT this disaster doesnt end the same NEOCONS KEEP PUSHING for more wars: Ucraine, Iran, Russia..they are MAD..and now the last spit on the face israeli Mossad working with the Taliban..WTF??? I remember the Full Metal jacket sargent…YOU (Neocons/israel) are the kind of people that would fuck your best friend in teh ass(hole) and wouldn had the decency to give him a wipe around….thank you…The King is dead…Long Live the King CHINA….

  85. BorisMay says:

    Cicero, the greatest orator and lawyer in Rome learnt how to talk, memorise and argue from the Greeks, but it is wrong to think Romans understood Greek except for an educated few.

    The original settlers of Athens, according to the Frisians in the Oera Linda, were Frisian. Athena, the Greek goddess, was also a Frisian. So it may well be that Ancient Greek was actually Ancient Frisian as it was spoken circa 500BC.

    Ancient Frisian circa 2000BC had its own written script which is totally different in form to Ancient Greek of 500BC.

    As I understand it, Ancient Latin as spoken in Rome, was to all intents and purposes invented by Renaissance man. No one actually knows how Ancient Latin sounded today or at the time of the Renaissance.

    And the Latin spoken by the common people of Ancient Rome is thought to be so completely different from anything that is known or accepted as likely today, that most Roman intelligencia of the day would have found it impossible to comprehend.

    The problem is that both the Greeks and Romans traded with, and interchanged ideas with, the Phoenicians, who were the only literate and numerate people in the Mediterranean basin. As a result no one has a clear understanding of culture or language (especially pronunciation) today.

  86. BorisMay says:

    The Germans were neither fascist nor racist. Please get your facts right. The USA today is fascist. Fascists are corporatists…government and business combine to rule and exploit the people. This is how Mussolini defines it and how Biden operates today in conjunction with big pharmaceutical companies.

    All races, even Jews, fought with and for National Socialist Germany. (There were 17 generals/colonels of Jewish origin in the Wehrmacht.)

    You are just so brainwashed by the Main Stream Media that you no longer know the truth. And you clearly do not have the ability to think for yourself either. Sad.

    The accepted ratios to ensure an even battle were 100 Germans to 120 US soldiers or 200 USSR soldiers.

    As the Russian general staff admitted at the end of the war, the Wehrmacht used the most effective and up to date tactics on the battlefield but lost because they were only able to field 180 Divisions while the Russians were able to field over 600.

    • Troll: Nimrod, Grahamsno(G64)
    • Replies: @Smashed Squash
  87. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV

    Great comments….fuck the gd Siberian Migrants…go have a read of Mark Twain’s THE NOBLE AMERICAN INJUN….

    The Montauk Indian Tribe literally enslaved other Injun Tribes 0n Long Island…

    The Gettysburg Civil War battlefield was the site of a genocidal massacre of one Injun Tribe by another….

    Buffy Saint Marie is an Obama worshipping Putin hating Democratic Party Voter…

    Buffy Saint Marie:”‘YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY….I GOT INJUN MANCORN IN MY INJUN TUMMY!!!!…” …top of the injun charts…

  88. The US leaves Afghanistan after spending 20 years using it to expand heroin production, which they spread all over the world, including what they like to call the “Homeland”. Now you can go to any US city and see young Americans nodding off in doorways and street corners, and overdoses have skyrocketed.
    Are there some in the ruling class who oppose that? Or is it that they want to abolish cash and put everyone on digital currency, in order to keep tighter control over the plebes, and the drug business relies on cash, so it has to go?
    Yes, I understand that the US had other reasons to occupy Afghanistan (not for the women, just stop with that bs), but the drug running was a big part of it, imo.

    • Agree: dogbumbreath
  89. The woke bus Biden pulled up in might say “Wakanda” on the front, but it took all the identity scrubs who climbed aboard to GAZA. No matter what part of Gaza they got dumped off in, it still sucks because it’s still Gaza.

    Same thing happened with all the Trump scrubs. They climbed on the MAGA bus that took them on a quick trip to GAZA… By way of Covid.

    Most likely the actual situation is far worse than most could ever imagine.

  90. @BorisMay

    The Soviets readily admit the German qualitative advantage nearly defeated their quantitative advantage. Missed it by that much!

    • Replies: @BorisMay
  91. @CelestiaQuesta

    Wagner never promoted The Holocaust. Gotterdammerung is end of gods and men alike and the restoration of primal nature. Hagen is drowned. The Rhinemaidens reclaim the Ring. Erda precedes all mankind, including the gods (all simulacra). Those favored by gods, those chosen, are all dust. All of humanity gets wiped from the face of the Earth, not just Israel. The Nazis may have liked Wagner, and so did lots of Jews, like Theodore Herzl. But Wagner would not have liked them.

  92. SafeNow says:

    I just heard General McKenzie on tv re the airport situation, and he seemed very proficient, forthcoming, and professional. A breath of fresh air after Austin & company. Among other things, he spoke in the plural, whereas previous commanders, when asked about doing Y and Z, often said “we’re focused like a laser on X,” implying that they can’t do several things at the same time.

    McKenzie said that they have hi-tech defensive weapons against mortars. Still, if the mortar round should get through and damage that runway, I hope they have some quick-drying cement. I wouldn’t want to have to send the Taliban to Home Depot. Also, for detecting explosive vests that people boarding the plane might be wearing, what they need are dogs. I wonder if he has dogs.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Farhad
  93. @RebelWriter

    Your DNA profile doesn’t necessarily display all the racial genes of your ancestors. That is a misconception. Rely on your family genealogy to tell you if your great-grandmother was Cherokee, not a DNA test. Elizabeth Warren is a case in point.

    • LOL: Alfred
  94. @Priss Factor

    Its not that complicated. The “best and brightest” (really the richest) love the United States because for a hugh invome earner the taxes are low compared the the majority the world. Not just baseline taxes but all the loopholes they can take advantage of. So the middle class gets less and less and less. The poor get taken care of. So yeah its usually only the wealthy or the ppor who want to migrate to the US. Middle class elsewhere tend to prefer to stay home.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  95. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Every Pentagon General talks smoothly and polished. But they are all serial losers who haven’t won a war in 70 years.

  96. Farhad says:

    I just heard General McKenzie on tv re the airport situation, and he seemed very proficient, forthcoming, and professional

    Indeed, he even confirmed on air that the US had asked the Taliban for protection.

    wait, what?!

    the biggest and bestest military in the history is asking for protection from a government which:

    The US declared as “terrorists”
    Which has five former GITMO “residents” (seriously?)
    and whose main forces are composed of semi-literate people with small arms and flip-flops??

    Yeah, McKenzie comes across as a pro, indeed, bravo!

  97. Hal Duell says:

    Why do I read The Saker each and every morning?
    Because, first, he puts it out there, and then the comments come.
    Long live both streams! It sure beats the nonsense that comes out of the MSM.

  98. I had to stop reading when this idiot tried to describe the settling and founding of the USA as done by thugs.

    Apparently in this fool’s puny brain any people that move into and settle any country ever in history are “thugs.”

    So in other words, every country and every people on Earth are “thugs” in this idiot’s view.

    Not only does this nutbag write about 6,500 words too many in every article, he just goes off the rails constantly with preposterous nonsense like this.

    Hey, Faker. You insult my people? You on the fighting side of me.

  99. At least 13 members of the US Military were killed today in Afghanistan a few hours ago…Does anybody here have anymore information ? I’m very nervous…what branch of the services were they?

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  100. @Common News

    …and for that, he was assassinated.

  101. Finally, you can call the Brits many things, but not “poor soldiers” either. In other words, the British Empire had the means of its foreign policies.

    Brits put soldiers on the ground. The US put Jewish bankers on the ground.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  102. Agent76 says:

    September 17, 2009 Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die

    On September 7 the Swedish aid agency Swedish Committee for Afghanistan reported that the previous week US soldiers raided one of its hospitals. According to the director of the aid agency, Anders Fange, troops stormed through both the men’s and women’s wards, where they frantically searched for wounded Taliban fighters.

  103. BorisMay says:
    @Smashed Squash

    It was poor German logistics together with an inability to deal with the Soviet tactic of concentrating all resources where there was a breakthrough in the German line.

    The French worked out this tactic in 1918 and the Germans never managed to effectively counter it.

    The Soviets adopted the French development and enhanced it by throwing every available unit in to every breach they forced in the German lines.

    What really did it ultimately was US logistics in maintaining unbroken continuous materiel supplies to Russia. Whereas the Germans were always short of something: food: ammunition: medicine: men: armour: aircraft etc.

    • Replies: @Grahamsno(G64)
  104. @War for Blair Mountain

    What was the Waffen SS and Wehrmacht doing in Russia? Answer:RAPING….So they started the raping..

    The Germans had strict rules against fraternizing with natives. What source do you base your slander on? Eli Wiesel? Barbara Lippstadt?

  105. @War for Blair Mountain

    At least 13 members of the US Military were killed today in Afghanistan a few hours ago…Does anybody here have anymore information ? I’m very nervous…what branch of the services were they?

    The cannon fodder division I think. Boeing can’t build planes anymore so they need this war to continue. Kind of like for profit prisons. It can be managed like a business.

    • LOL: Zarathustra
  106. @Carroll Price

    Brits put soldiers on the ground. The US put Jewish bankers on the ground.

    I think those bankers are working with the Chinese now.

    • Replies: @Geowhizz
  107. hum2 says:

    This is just another Saker the Faker’s wishy-washy-all-you-can-sushi “article”.
    If you start your article with a question then sure you won’t be able to answer that question. But at least it is entertaining.

  108. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (aka the “the Charters of Freedom“) are a monument to both the genius and the worldview of some of the founders of the United States. ”

    So, how does this translate into the perspective held by Native Americans and those dragged over the Atlantic Ocean to work the cotton fields…?

    Did they get this ‘WOW!!!!!!!’ factor…?

    • Replies: @carroll price
  109. Lochearn says:

    On the Saker blog you can see on August 09, 2021 an item : The Saker blog vs the anti-COVID crusaders. Here hundreds of comments lament the Saker swallowing the whole Covid garbage. Just as celebrities were paid to promote the Covid narrative would it be a surprise if Saker and Moon of Alabama were offered a nice cash surprise to go along with the narrative?

    Since the Ukraine, Saker has pretended to be this military expert but really he gives us nothing we do not already know.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  110. @SteveK9

    Yes, and we should be doubly careful to use the correct words with regards to “israel”. Wince when they speak of “settlers”! The “is” invasion of Palestine is an ongoing crime. They also speak of “making (expletive)”.

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  111. @JasonT

    I don’t usually read the Saker and this article is a good example of why. Bad grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes throughout the article and the conclusions are not worth entertaining as even plausible. It reads as though it was translated from Russian and the meaning was lost in translation. I guess he gives it a good try but it isn’t worth my time to read it.

    • Replies: @Farhad
    , @Sebastian Hawks
  112. @War for Blair Mountain

    It is the stated position of Nazi apologists that German behaviour was “impeccable”, no matter that even German soldiers’ accounts say the opposite. For example Hans Peter Richter says, in The Time Of The Young Soldiers, that when he was in hospital recuperating from a wound, he and the others in the ward attempted to gang rape the Russian nurse taking care of them. “She fought desperately, but was careful to not touch any of our wounds.” After she’d managed to escape their clutches, she said “Guten Tag” as usual and walked out, but was never seen again.

  113. “Kabul fell because belief always defeats unbelief.” Says a Russian god expert, aka the Saker. How about “unbelief always defeats belief”?

  114. It was all planned. They surely could have done a safe evacuation. Instead, they CHOSE to get people killed ON PURPOSE……so the jew media could show bloody Americans on TV…..and get the dumb populace riled up to get revenge on those awful muslims.

    It’s so predictable.

    The bombings were surely coordinated by the CIA and MOSSAD.

    No matter what, jewish interests are ALWAYS served, and white people always get fucked.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  115. Farhad says:
    @David Homer

    Your Russian is definitely better than his English!
    You must be a solid linguist.
    How many languages do you speak, by the way?

    • Agree: Johnny Rico
  116. I have been predicting for many months a sudden massive rise in ISIS attacks to sabotage the Amerikastani withdrawal.

    Some questions:

    How, as even Hamid Karzai asked, did ISIS establish itself in Afghanistan under the noses of the Ghani regime and Amerikastan?

    Why was a salafist mosque affiliated with ISIS permitted to operate in Kabul?

    Why did the Ghani regime airlift out ISIS who were surrounded by the Taliban?

    I expected a massive attack on Kabul complete with car bombs and captives beheaded on video by ISIS in an attempt to stop the withdrawal (which would have benefitted both Ghani and the Amerikastani state opposed to the withdrawal). I am certain that the Taliban expected it too, which was one reason behind their blitz on Kabul only weeks after saying they wouldn’t take any cities until the withdrawal was complete.

    Everyone knows how ISIS was used as the excuse for Amerikastan’s continuing reoccupation of Iraq. We all know that ISIS only launches attacks in support of Amerikastani imperialist interests.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  117. I think Afghanistan is about Biden’s legacy. Most presidents wait until their second term to worry about legacy, but Biden may not have that long. And I think he is probably more aware of his “short time” than the rest of us.

    Whatever else may happen, Biden will have ended the Forever War.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  118. Bookish1 says:

    Keep in mind that the Germans in the west front were Hitler youth. Many of those kids were 14 and 15 years old. Average German age on that front was 19. Allies fought German kids and had a tough time.

  119. @Si1ver1ock

    Nah….that won’t be the narrative.

    The story is that he was reckless and stupid… a bunch of Americans killed….
    now we must go back in and fight more wars for Israel.

    The media manipulation is insanely transparent.

  120. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    he’s a half Dutch Swiss living in Florida

    So you’re saying he’s Jewish?

  121. Geowhizz says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    Very likely. Why change a successful mo.

  122. @Daniel Rich

    The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (aka the “the Charters of Freedom“) was written only for the White race, capable of self government. Which at the time it was written was a majority of Americans.

    As to Blacks removed from the hell hole of equatorial east African, and dragged across the Atlantic to work cotton fields, they were the most fortunate people to ever live.

    • Troll: showmethereal
  123. @Robert Dolan

    You should go back on your meds like your children keep suggesting. You’ll live longer.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  124. @Erebus

    It’s great! The US has been bombing and maiming Asians for so long, and now it will be shut out from the mainland. There will be trade, but the US will find it harder to interfere. Just that stubborn little pustule in the far west, infecting Palestine.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Zarathustra
  125. Farhad says:

    He is a crypto-Jew and you unmasked him with your clever findings!
    so far
    one linguist
    one detective
    any guess who comes next?

  126. @Johnny Rico

    You should stop having sex with AIDS infected faggots.

    No….actually…..carry on…..

  127. @Miroslav

    There is no macedonian language you serboman ignoramus. The current slavic macedonians are Bulgarians and their language is a dialect of Bulgarian, ask eny linguist to explain this to you. Serbia was also province of the Bulgarian kingdom/empire during the times the greek-derived Slavic alphabet was popularized by Kliment Ohridski.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster

  128. Video Link

    Analyze what the jew media is doing. They threw Biden under the bus in a millisecond……to shove blood and dead Americans in your face….ask yourself….why would they do this?

    Do you REALLY think that Joe Biden makes ANY decisions?

    His jewish handlers make ALL of the moves. Biden can’t find his ass with both hands.

    When you see a clip with blood on the TV… do you react? You wanna go kill some muslims?

    Kind of remind you of 9/11?

    That’s the goal. To justify more wars for Israel, more aggression in the ME. To get more southern white boys killed for Israel.

    • Replies: @Anon
  129. Seraphim says:

    Saker falls for the Western narrative according to which ”most of the rulers of imperial Russia fell for the temptations to becoming the “next Mongol empire” and becoming the next East Roman (aka “Byzantine Empire”) too and that led to the fall of the ‘Russian monarch in February 1917. Probably because he won’t admit that Russia’s ‘expansion’ was a reaction against the most openly and unashamedly thuggish of all ’empires’, Islam.

    • Replies: @Farhad
    , @Zarathustra
    , @Avery
  130. Erebus says:
    @Badger Down

    Just that stubborn little pustule in the far west, infecting Palestine.

    It too will be cleared of its purulence.

    There’s a bit of a wait while COVID clears the decks, but 2 things stand out.
    [a] China has officially and often stated its position that the Palestinian issue is the source of the M.E.’s troubles and must be solved,
    [b] Much to some observers dismay, Putin has been seen as courting Israel’s favour. He isn’t. There’s 1M Russians in Israel, and Israel’s attack dog is being put down.
    The Israel that emerges on the other side of this crisis will be an Israel worth keeping as Russia’s unsinkable aircraft carrier in the M.E. It’ll be tiny compared to now, but it’ll have made peace with its neighbours and may even serve to help keep the peace.

    With that, Iran will emerge as the regional hegemon on the strengths of its civilizational depth and its resource wealth. The Russian “aircraft carrier” will guarantee everyone else’s security and Iranian good behaviour.

    The one remaining wild card is Turkey, and it may take a few hard knuckle raps to keep Erdogan on the narrow path. Regardless, he won’t be there forever and everyone’s playing the long game.

    • Replies: @haha
  131. Anon[291] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    True – the bombs were intended to keep us involved. the likud doesn’t care how many American soldiers it kills

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  132. @ricpic

    China is irremediably GROSS

    China doesn’t even come close to the japs:

    “Women were raped and sliced with bayonets from groin to throat and left to bleed to death in the hot sun.

    “Children were seized by the legs and had their heads bashed against the wall. Babies were tossed into the air and caught on bayonets. Unborn fetuses were gouged out with bayonets from pregnant women.”

    Doctors of Depravity

    or the whites:

    Atrocities Against Native Americans

    Where Is Outcry Over Children Killed by U.S.-Led Forces?

  133. @Nimrod

    Is this “NIMROD” some kind of secret code? I know that in two other medias from diferent countries in Europe, somebody is also using that name. And having quite the same political views like you.

  134. Farhad says:

    and, sure enough, we got a historian and a mind-reader all wrapped in one!
    this sure is fun 😉
    Who comes next?

  135. idiot- the muslims invaded europe FIRST
    the crusades were an eventual response

    China does want to be an empire

  136. I don’t think you can put an exact date on the collapse. There are many significant dates, but the collapse is widespread, State and CIA failed in the type of government imposed on Afghanistan and the US tried to make the ANA an imitation US army. The media failed in largely being stenographers for Pentagon, State and CIa, who lied to the American people and in the end, to themselves.

  137. @Nimrod

    Actually, the first one to have said something like this seems to have been Robespierre’s henchman Saint-Just: “Let cowards die for their fatherland, and republicans kill for it”.

  138. “People who learn from the mistakes of other are called “smart”; people who only learn from their own mistakes are called “dumb”; and people who do not learn from their own mistakes are called “(US) Americans”.

    as a well-travelled, psychologically free, morally autonomous, non-conformist 1st generation Asian man, i agree.

    the US is filled w/feeble-minded, low IQ, grandiose, spiritually-inept, hubristic people.

    ie. Rap music: mindless, small minded, superficial, materialistic, and all about ego, bravado, false sense of self. every song, either directly or indirectly, is about: big dicks, white girls, money. (White Woke dudes actually cheer Blacks taking their women)

  139. @IronForge

    I couldn’t understand any of this gibberish.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  140. @BorisMay

    It was poor German logistics…

    You would have that wouldn’t you when you have a front which is a giant arc from Stalingrad to Leningrad. It’s not poor logistics but insane German Hubris which caused this catastrophic defeat.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  141. Saker is not convincing at all. His self-righteous tone is irritating. I attribute that to his religious make-up…dealing with absolutes of good and evil. Maybe if you believe in magic and some kind of deity then his ramblings make more sense, but I do not see how the empire is dead.

    The empire is not dead and arbitrary dates do not mean much. As long as oil is flowing and the dollar is being spent, we have to contend with the empire. Maybe if the US makes the mistake of tangling with Russia or China then it will die, but so will the rest of us…not much of a consolation.

    If the US empire takes a breather and then returns to slamming shitty little countries against the wall, once in a while, then the status quo will continue…

    So, I would like the empire to be dead, but wishing something does not make it so – praying for miracles never works.

    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
    , @haha
  142. Alfred says:

    This morning, I went to a deserted beach in provincial Ukraine. A short while later, many Afghani women and kids showed up. They spoke Persian. Later, I saw their menfolk in town playing backgammon in a café. I guess the Americans are dumping their Afghan “allies” on their Ukrainian “allies”. There is no social security here. I hope they have made enough from you guess what to live here.

  143. Zorost says:

    Normally I’m a fan of the Saker, but this article has so many unproven assumptions and baseless claims that it was painful to read.

    “The elites are stupid!”

    If something looks stupid, but it works, it isn’t stupid. The elites are on the verge of instituting a 1 party socialist state on the most freedom-loving and heavily armed people in history. They just spent 20 years converting trillions of tax money into elite money and power; some estimate the CIA made ~1T in the opium trade.

    The most likely explanation of the calamitous withdrawal is that it was intentional, at least on the part of the MIC and CIA who stand to lose a lot of power and money. Just look at the false flag “suicide” bombings and the corresponding media calls to go back…

  144. IS-2 says:

    It is not surprising that the descendants of Nazi cutthroats are trying to besmirch the heroic sacrifice of the USSR.

    Less predictable was that the EU Nazi Reich would rise so soon – like an anti-Phoenix and threaten Russia openly only few decades after the greatest holocide in history – that of the Slavs. Nothing is forgiven, nothing is forgotten.

    • LOL: Schuetze
  145. @baz

    “Americans were far from home in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Unless they could populate a colony with their own people. Such as previous empires did (E.g. Europeans when they arrived in North America and decimated the local inhabitants). They were bound to fail.”

    True… But even then the Brits mainly lost because when the New Americans declared independence it was too far… And even then the fight was pretty close – but had it been closer….

  146. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    In old empires, the core was small and resource-poor. So, the core had to exploit its imperial colonies.

    They could have just bought those resources. After WW2, those “resource poor” countries did very well without those colonies. The colonies were just way to make sure they controlled some resource or strategic location and could block those resources/ locations off in case of an economic or military war to other powers. Just like how the USA (with India) threatens to block China at the Malacca Straits. That is why China needs all that BRI, OBOR, CPEC and oil deals with Russia and Iran. Tzarist Russia was quite resource rich but had its own Empire too. Both the Brits and Russians were afraid of each other getting into each other’s territories and hence the Great Game of Shadows. Japan was scared of Imperial Russia in Korea/ Manchuria and that helped launch its own Colonial Empire.

    There was also prestige and ego clashes in between the powers. The USA and USSR wasted lots of money on building huge stockpiles of military hardware which never got used at each other. Or building stuff in Third World countries, wasting their people’s monies. Ego clash. Grown ups are not that different from kids.

  147. @Showmethereal

    The dis-United States is only “rich” as long as it has the world’s reserve currency, which enables it to be by far the greatest debtor country (not a nation) in history. The Fed can just keep the printing presses rolling, incurring trillions more debt each year (which no other country is able to do), but for how much longer? The Hegemon will fall (in fact it’s already fallen, as Saker demonstrates) when other nation call its bluff by no longer recognizing the Hegemon’s status.

    When the rug of its reserve currency status is pulled out from under it, as is sooner or later bound to happen, the US will be no more, and will never again be a main player on the world stage. As in 1929, its stock market will crumble and we’ll enter part two of the Greater Depression, only this time we won’t recover as a single entity. After senile Biden’s Afghan debacle, it demoralized military, especially its demonized white soldiers (who are its best fighters), have no reason to fight for their country. Now that he’s lost all credibility, what happens if tens of thousands hold their ground and refuse senile Biden’s unlawful order to take the dangerous experimental Jab? He can’t court martial them all, can he?

    I second Saker’s recommendation that people read the novel “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.” I’ve read it twice. It suggests what might happen when a failing empire goes a bridge too far in a vain attempt to maintain its status as Hegemon.

  148. @nickels

    You are completely ignkrant if you think there was no civilization in the Americas… You learned the wrong history.

    • Replies: @nickels
  149. Self-described “loyal Putinist” declares America’s founders were a bunch of thugs. Okay then..

  150. @Idiocrates

    “Saker is not convincing at all. His self-righteous tone is irritating. I attribute that to his religious make-up…dealing with absolutes of good and evil.”

    Yes to all three. The Saker is an incurable Orthodox Christer. He is extremely irritating also because every time he scribbles something he always uses the opportunity to peddle his abysmally infantile religious beliefs.

  151. kemerd says:

    Saker should at least read once more once he finishes his articles. It has been getting worse but this one is incomprehensible and appears to be 2-3 articles to be merged into one. Besides, his answers to the very important questions he asks are not convincing that US public or whatever they think does not have any impact on any important decision.

    The withdrawal from Afghanistan and leaving their only foothold in the central asia is a very important decision and has to be explained with a lot more convincing arguments. I think it has something to do with the recent decline in the relative military power of the US but real military analysts should answer this question; The Saker in this respect failed.

  152. nickels says:

    You are completely ignkrant if you think there was no civilization in the Americas… You learned the wrong history.

    Well, true, but the Spaniards did a great thing wiping it out:

    Now, on the other hand, perhaps one could be upset about the conquest of California from the mexicans, however, one has to ask “If the conquest of California was so bad, why is every taco head south of the border trying so badly to get back north?”

    Or perhaps another civilization you are thinking of?

    Sure, the Soltreans were a great tribe, but they were genocided by the savages.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  153. 1RW says:

    Gosh, butt hurt much?

    You forgot Mongolia, it also send vast quantities of food and wool to the USSR to help it crush the Nazis and their allies

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  154. Many comments carry the claim this wasn’t written by The Saker but it most likely was because his pieces always have a tell – his hatred of the Papacy – I doubt he could write his address without denigrating the papacy – even though his faith is the seedbed of iconoclasm and heresy

    His presentism fallacy is always ridiculous it comes to the Papacy. Apparently, he thinks it should have responded to hearing about the new world by proposing an NGO to deal with it.

  155. babu says:
    @Priss Factor

    You mean the whites Anglos and Jews. The descendants of black slaves; the so called Negros still have 0.5% of the wealth of the country since 1865 even though they make up to 13 – 18% of the population.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  156. Can anyone possibly believe in the sterling qualities of British Intelligence when those highly-paid and eventually-decorated professionals permitted 4 boatloads of Czech-made #Semtex#[TM] explosive, plus East-bloc-origin firearms and ammunition, be safely unloaded on the Irish coast.

    The boats were loaded with their lethal cargoes in Libyan ports, passed through the Straits of Gibraltar, and arrived safe and sound in Irish waters, undetected by anyone.

    Considering that the I.R.A. was, supposedly, thoroughly penetrated by British Intelligence* on both sides of the border, this displays ineptitude of awe-inspiring magnitude, worthy of 1950s British comedy movies. Or remakes thereof featuring Austin Powers and Johnny English.

    * The intelligence game worked both ways. When the late Mrs. Jean Kennedy Smith was the U.S. Ambassador in Dublin, any classified information that the British shared with the Americans was in the hands of the I.R.A. the same day.

  157. @Badger Down

    But we do not know where India is! In US camp, or on the fence?

  158. @Seraphim

    I do consider you the only real authoritative historian on this website.
    So do me a little favor. Is the comment #133 correct?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  159. @babu

    The descendants of black slaves; the so called Negros still have 0.5% of the wealth

    But all for free.

  160. Avery says:

    { Probably because he won’t admit that Russia’s ‘expansion’ was a reaction against the most openly and unashamedly thuggish of all ’empires’, Islam.}

    Well said.
    Nailed it.

    • Thanks: Seraphim
  161. Seraphim says:

    Thanking you for your appreciation, I confirm that comment #133 is by and large correct. It is an appropriate response to the laughable ‘linguistics’ and ‘history’ of comment #41.

  162. @Priss Factor

    1734 empires, civilizations have come and gone it has been stated by a historian. From the 700 years of Hellenic to the 600 years of the Eastern Holy Roman Empire to the 300 years of the British, 70 of the Soviet and now the American , it is readily apparent that history has sped up the decline.America is over the cusp and every indicator shows the decline: economic, military, industrial, moral decadence etc.. The end is nigh.

  163. It is amzing to notice how US and Afghanistan look alike in some aspects. There is no one defined Afghan identity as there is no one defined US identity. In America a European immigrant within few years becomes more American than Jesse Jackson himself. Strange but true.

  164. Schuetze says:

    LOL. Mongolians were starved and their wool and food were stolen by Jewish kommissars. You Stalin worshippers are just as oblivious as the Vaccine pushers. Russians were even bigger victims of Judeo-Communism than Germany was, but all the good Russians were talmudically eliminated long before WWII even started. What remains are the idiot Stalin lovers.

    I have to shake my head whenever anyone quotes Solzhenitsyn about how if only Russians had united together to resist the Hebrew Bolshevic blood sacrificers when they arrived in the night they could have stopped the revolution. Solzhenitsyn himself was completely brain washed until he witnessed the way Stalin and his Jew henchmen were deliberately sacrificing millions of Russian youth to German machine gun and cannon fire.

    Russians have been professional victims, better known as slaves, to the Hebrew for over 100 years. Germany has been for 70 years. The US is now on the threshold of a complete and total Jew coup. All of them have been figuratively anally raped by the Jew, but the way Russians love Stalin is proof that they actually enjoyed it.

  165. Seraphim says:

    Lately you surpass yourself Schmutzik! Keep going, we need our moments of comic relief. Looking forward for your to hearing from you.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  166. 1RW says:

    Oh, you’re a Solzhenitsyn fan. That explains a lot

  167. @baz

    Sun Tzu pointed that out when he wrote “the art of war”. Machiavelli also pointed out the dangers of imposed leadership overstaying it’s welcome if it did not bring obvious benefits to those being “led”.

    Quite stunning really that all those accumulated years of education at military academies did not find it possible to inculcate those hard learned lessons in the minds of todays leadership.

    The Sakers joke at the end is very, very close to the mark.

  168. Schuetze says:

    Stalin wasn’t just a sadistic mass murderer of Russians, who he hated, he was also a pedophile.

    Somewhere around December 1914, Lidia gave birth to a baby who died soon afterwards: Stalin made no comment but was definitely in Kureika at the time.

    He survived the winter of 1915/16 there, too, living in a sooty, fuggy room in the Pereprygin house, and continuing the relationship.

    Yup, you got that right. Stalin sacrificed his first born to Satan. Of course that was peanuts compared to the hundreds of millions of -mostly Russians- whose souls Djugasvili (son of a jew) would send to Satan. Of course that doesn’t stop Russians believing in him like a god. It is just like I said, Russians enjoyed their Ass raping by Jews like Stalin.

    • Replies: @kemerd
    , @Zarathustra
  169. kemerd says:

    thanks for sharing, I also know for a fact that Stalin actually liked to eat babies for breakfast,

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  170. Schuetze says:

    Knowing that Stalin was a jew, knowing that Blood Sacrifice has been practiced by Jews for centuries, knowing that Stalin murdered and starved untold millions of Europeans out of mere spite, knowing that Stalin remorselessly murdered his own supporters, knowing that Stalin famously said “one death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic”, knowing how Stalin murdered the entire families of any Russian soldier who dared to be captured alive, knowing that Jews in Israel are harvesting organs from Palestinian children today, knowing about the ingrediants used in Passover Matza balls, and knowing the Epstein and Weinstein were exploiting goy children in dungeons in order to extract adrenochrome, it is one small step to connect the dots and assert that “Stalin actually liked to eat babies for breakfast”. The Holy Russian Hero, named “Uncle Joe” by fellow jew and fellow freemason Franklin Roosevelt, was without a doubt the most sadistic genocidal maniac throughout all of history. Yet Russians worship him. Go figure.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  171. Ocamized says:

    The Saker is a very smart fella. However, the current withdrawal from Afghanistan is best understood by the collapse of the oxycodone market. The U.S. military was importing opium using military transport aircraft. This was processed and sold to a gullible medical establishment and public as wonder drug. However, the collapse of that U.S. market ended that scam. Likewise, the creation of a legal cannabis market in the U.S. made importation of Afghani weed less profitable. It is always a good idea to follow the money.

  172. @Schuetze

    And Hitler had both balls shut off. That is why he did have this squeaky voice.
    He could not have a sex.

    • Replies: @Sebastian Hawks
  173. @Erebus

    Yours is one of the most insightful comments on the thread. This cooperation (specifically Iran and Russia) goes back clearly to Syria. Prior to Russia getting involved – it was Iran (and by extension Hezbollah from Lebanon) who kept the Assad government from being toppled by Sunni western backed militants. Now as you pointed out – Afghanistan a similar thing has occurred.
    With the way things are changing (the Saudis are now meeting with Iran in Iraq) – I wonder if Turkey will stay in NATO???

    • Replies: @Erebus
  174. anaccount says:

    Does Saker think that Biden is in charge of anything? US presidents have been powerless figureheads for decades. They only have as much power as the system will allow. Trump seemed to have figured that out the hard way and promptly pissed his pants on everything the system wanted (or didn’t want).

  175. @ricpic

    “This is why the Japanese – who truly are civilized albeit capable of great cruelty – fear China and dread its COARSENESS.”

    Please explain why Japan is unable to get along with South Korea then…. I don’t think you have a clue about East Asia- just like NATO seemed to have no clue about Central Asia

  176. @nickels

    Ummmm – you do realize Mexico was a Spaniard creation right?

    In any event – one civilization could always find an excuse to say why they should wipe out another… But when the lot falls on you – it doesn’t seem as nice. And cut the garbage – they only wiped out the natives when they didn’t want to keep giving up resources. Then the “moral” excuse was used. Which of course isn’t really moral in itself.

  177. 1RW says:

    The object of war is to win by achieving objectives. Killing is a byproduct of this. Dying is as well. Neither is strictly necessary.

    The willingness to sacrifice oneself is a much harder psychological state to achieve than the willingness to kill the enemy.

    Those who are thus committed are able to perform dangerous tasks that those who are merely willing to kill won’t.

    Therefore the willingness to sacrifice oneself is a force multiplier. This is why it is universal in martial cultures AFAIK.

    Given equal resources, the side that’s more willing to die for victory will almost certainly win, because it can inflict unacceptable losses on the enemy first – due to the enemy having a lower pain threshold.

    Paradoxically, willingness to take casualties can lead to fewer overall casualties if the conflict is executed with sufficient speed an violence and resolved quickly. If fought with casualty avoidance as a high priority, it can drag on indecisively, consuming lives more slowly, but with a higher body count overall.

  178. @David Homer

    I made it about two thirds the way through this dribble before I realized I was wasting my time reading a crackpot. The blaming Rome and the Papal Crusades for the end of our happy, cooperative, peaceful ancient world, or so it reads is nonsense. The crusades were a reaction to endless Muslim aggression. Another theory as to why the center of the West moved from the Mediterranean to Northwest Europe is the constant war, piracy, slaving raids coming from the Islamic World no longer made the Mediterranean the “Mare Nostrum” of the ancient world but a war torn land of strife with little economic development. The whole “Imperialism is Evil” is also a bunch of wishful thinking. Someday someone who doesn’t hold these isolationist, anti Imperial philosophies will impose their will on those who do. Plenty of empires in the past had no problem imposing their will on other peoples, it just takes methods of brutality we aren’t used to contemplating.

    • Replies: @Alden
  179. @Zarathustra

    The “one ball” thing came from the Russian autopsy. We do not know if it was misinformation, an injury incurred from the bomb placed under his table, or a birth defect.

  180. Wielgus says:

    I agree that belief (whatever it is) will tend to defeat unbelief. People whose main motive is, say, the Yankee dollar will collapse the minute they are no longer propped up.
    It may have done an injustice to some of the ARVN, but the sole ARVN soldier seen in Full Metal Jacket is working as a pimp and the US Marines of the film are among his clientele. The VC woman sniper in the film may not have known the works of Marx and Lenin back to front, or perhaps at all, but it was not the Yankee dollar she was working for.

  181. martin_2 says:
    @Will Penny

    Probably 20% of the posts on this forum I can’t make head or tail of, 30% if I include the ones about American sports.

  182. haha says:

    The real proof that the empire is nearing death will be when people from all over the world stop trying to migrate to the US. The length of immigration lines can serve as an accurate gauge of the empire’s health. Not wishing for the empire to endure, simply stating the sad reality.

  183. haha says:

    “The Israel that emerges on the other side of this crisis will be an Israel worth keeping as Russia’s unsinkable aircraft carrier in the M.E.”

    Is that all you want by way of change? One tyrant down, another tyrant up? Why not hope for peace and an end to imperial outposts? Why not an Isreal and ME at peace with itself and neighbors, free from all outside power games?

    • Replies: @Erebus
  184. Seraphim says:

    Schmutzik, Stalin was not a Jew.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  185. Erebus says:

    Is that all you want by way of change?

    It’s not what I want, it’s what I think will be if current trends play out the way I see them playing out.

    It’s clear that Russia’s moves over the last decade have been all about positioning itself as arbiter of Eurasia’s energy flows. Its Russia’s side of the Double Helix to China’s positioning itself as arbiter of Eurasia’s capital flows.

    For Russia’s plan to succeed as US power declines, the Middle East will need to be brought under a new security structure, and to guarantee that the new structure holds Russia will need a permanent presence in the Middle East. It will be very different than the American presence, but there it will be guaranteeing not only the peace, but that China’s capital moves (Eg with Iran) pay dividends.

    Israel is not sustainable in its current form. Its ideology and presence has ever been a locus of social and political instability. With the decline in American power, its form will necessarily change if it’s to have any presence at all. That probably entails a radical change in its demographics, certainly a redefinition of its borders and a gain of useful function so it can contribute to solutions rather than the opposite.

    Almost 1M Russians live in the current Israel, so from Russia’s perspective it would be strategically advantageous if they stayed there through the transition and formed a large plurality, if not majority of the much smaller state that I expect to emerge on the other side. If they stay, then I also expect that they’ll welcome a Russian presence, much like the Crimeans did when Ukraine went chaotic.

    I think such a Russian “Israel” would be welcome. Too many of the regimes in the region are marginally stable internally and vulnerable externally. A strong hand on the tiller can keep them from panicking through the rough waters ahead.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  186. Schuetze says:

    LOL. You probably believe that Putin isn’t a “Jew” either.

    Sure, there is a slight chance that both of these tyrants aren’t Jews in the sense of the German Nuremberg Laws in that they are not more than 50% Jewish, but that is not the issue.
    Some Shabbez goyim with 1/32 or 1/64 Jewish blood who has been guided and promoted to the pinnacles of Goy leadership by a distant Jewish cousin is no less “Jew” than, say Bronstein (Trotsky) whose wife even had a Rothschild blood.

    Stalin’s real name was “Djugashvili” which literally translated means “Son of a Jew”. His decision to change his name to Stalin is also strong evidence that he was Jewish. I certainly carry my family name with pride and honor, unlike Djugashvili who clearly was ashamed of his jewish heritage.

    In any case there is ample evidence on the internet of Stalin’s true blood line, here are two right off of the top:

    What is clear is that all these crypto-jews need to be DNA tested so that we can connect the blood lines and determine who really is running the planet. I would be delighted to have Hitler’s DNA tested as well, but clearly no lying Jew’s or Russian Stalinist’s could be involved because they lie incessantly.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Radicalcenter
  187. Seraphim says:

    @It’s clear that Russia’s moves over the last decade have been all about positioning itself as arbiter of Eurasia’s energy flows. Its Russia’s side of the Double Helix to China’s positioning itself as arbiter of Eurasia’s capital flows”.
    It is:

    ”First unit of world’s largest LNG plant shipped from China to Russia”:
    ”The first section of a massive new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant bound for the Arctic Circle was loaded onto a cargo ship at Daishan manufacturing base in east China’s Zhejiang Province on Thursday.
    The 10,000-tonne unit will arrive in Murmansk in northwestern Russia in 25 days. With 13 more units to follow, they will form the Arctic LNG 2 (ALNG2) Project, the world’s largest LNG plant in the Arctic Ocean area….”

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  188. Schuetze says:

    That second article is actually quite fascinating. Here are a few tidbits:

    “David Weissman, in an article in the B’NAI B’RITH MESSENGER (Mar. 3, 1950), stated that Stalin is a Jew. Stalin spoke Yiddish, & had three Jewish wives,”

    The Jewish writer Louis Levine, in SOVIET RUSSIA TODAY (Nov. 1946) wrote: “Stalin & the father of his Jewish son-in-law drank Lachaim together in the Kremlin.”

    A columnist in the Los Angeles B’nai B’rith Messenger, March 3, 1950, col. 2, p. 5 wrote: “A former Soviet general claims that Joseph Stalin is of Jewish ancestry.” Many White Russians who fled the Bolsheviks say Stalin was a Jew. One, a captain in the Czar’s armies, stated that he knew Stalin in their boyhood and that Stalin’s father (Djugashvili) was “a Jewish cobbler”

    “Lots of sources describe Beria as a Jew, and state, he was talking Yiddish with Stalin’s children. Makes sense since Stalin spoke Yiddish and was married to Jewesses who spoke the same. That Jewish Beria would communicate with Stalin’s children in Yiddish as well.

    Stalin frequently attended the Yiddish theater as well.

    “In 1921 the GOSET troupe moved into a theater less than a mile from the Kremlin. For 28 years, through purge, terror, and paranoia, they presented world-class theater in Yiddish.”[4]

    This makes sense as the top People in Moscow where Jews who could also speak Yiddish.

    Stalin his wife and children and even Beria where sitting around the dinner table speaking Yiddish with each other.”

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  189. Seraphim says:

    I believe that you are one of them too!

  190. @Humbert Humbert

    The language the Macedonians spoke was Greek. The Macedonian Empire included much of Serbia, Modern Albania, North Macedonia, and a large chunk of modern Bulgaria, along with all of Greece. The Athenians hated the Macedonians and regarded them as country bumpkins. They thought that even after Alexander broke them and rubbed their noses in it.

    Bulgars later overran most of what was the European portion of the Macedonian Empire, with the Seljuks following them.

  191. @Grahamsno(G64)

    Much of German logistics was carried in horse drawn wagons. The Russians were far more mechanized because of the contributions of US Engineers in the 30s, and supply lines to the US during WW2. The Red Army would have starved had it not been for US food stuffs, and frozen had it not been for US clothing.

    Russians like to say that was Russia that beat the Germans. That is simply propaganda. It was US production and supply to everyone that beat the Germans and Japanese.

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Anonymous
  192. Saker is pulling his usual nonsense in this screed. He gets a few things right, but proceeds to draw idiotic conclusions. His idea that “The Ukraine” is some sort of Nazi regime, when it is Putin’s regime that has followed the fascist line, is just one of the stupid things he keeps dwelling on.

    Russia is still an empire. She lost a good bit of imperial territory when the Soviet regime fell, but it still maintains a lot of non-Russian nationalities under its thumb. The Balts, White Russians (Belarus), Ukrainians, Uzbeks, etc., wanted out and chose to get out from under the Kremlin’s thumb. The Ukrainians are looking west, while Russia still looks east. The most damaging invasion was that of the Mongols. The Germans were rank amateurs in comparison. Muscovy is still run by an uncivilized rabble that thinks only of its own power and privilege, and nothing of the nationalities Muscovy still holds captive.

    This “article” is well within the typical stupidity of Saker’s aggressive ignorance.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Seraphim
  193. Erebus says:

    I wonder if Turkey will stay in NATO???

    Turkey is a big loser in the Afghan debacle. Its main trump card within the region was/is its NATO membership, now much discounted and losing clout daily. It will, of course still try to play that card for all it’s worth, but I’m not sure whether Turkey will leave NATO before NATO leaves it.

    At any rate, things are on the m0ve. A week ago Russia and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement … aimed at developing joint military cooperation between the two countries.

    That development has been in the works since at least the early days of Russia’s entry into Syria. If it develops into the sort of military cooperation agreement Russia has with Iran, Russia will have placed itself at the fulcrum of the Middle East’s security structure. Turkey either joins that structure as a prominent member, or it works itself into a position something like Ukraine’s, skimming profits off the energy flowing across its territory and doing little else.

    Normally, this sort of development takes a decade+ to mature fully, but events are accelerating. The US’ Afghanistan fiasco opens up a lot of political running room for those who’d want to pull out from under the US’ wing. I’d expect all the M.E.’s little kingdoms to follow KSA’s lead and some to even front-run it.

    Couple that to Russia’s warming military ties with Egypt, and the Eastern Med is looking more and more like an extension of the Black Sea, making a Russianized Israel damn handy.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @showmethereal
  194. Seraphim says:

    First, people can wrap their minds around the fact that Russia was always a multinational ’empire’ and it remained so, no matter that a few chips have been excised from the trunk. Secondly, the ‘civilized’ West proves itself unable to shed off its smug snobbish sense of superiority over the ‘Eastern rabble’. It is also the secret sense of frustration that despite titanic efforts, the ‘West’ was never able to subdue the ‘East’ which to their dismay always came back on top. Hence their ruffian’s language when they talk about Russians.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  195. Seraphim says:

    It doesn’t look that Turkey is a ‘big looser’.
    ”EXCLUSIVE: Turkey and Taliban close to deal on Kabul airport” (28 August 2021)
    ”Turkey and Qatar will jointly operate the Kabul international airport, with Ankara providing security through a private firm, according to a draft deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan, two sources familiar with the issue told Middle East Eye on Saturday.
    The draft deal will be finalised after the US withdrawal is completed next week…
    The main points of the draft deal include:
    – Turkey recognising the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan
    – Turkey and Qatar operating the airport in a consortium
    – Ankara providing security through a private firm, whose staff will consist of former Turkish soldiers and police
    – That additional members of the Turkish special forces, operating in plainclothes to secure Turkish technical staff, do not leave the airport perimeter….”

    • Replies: @Erebus
  196. Erebus says:

    Thanks for that.

    What I meant by “loser” is that Erdogan’s dreams of a neo-Caliphinate under Turkish hegemony are dead in the water. Turkey is, of course a major regional power and will remain so but its regional ambitions will have to be dialled back.

    Turkish forces had been dealing with Kabul airport operations & security as part of NATO. The last I’d heard about that indicated that the Turkish civilians and military personnel had in fact completed their evacuation, other than a few technical staff.

    The above surprised me, as I’d sorta thought that the American bailout was contingent on the Turks staying as a kind of proxy and continuing the evacuation efforts. Now that you’ve reversed my facts, so has my surprise. I suspect that that’s what it’s all about.

    Anyway, as we know little about the details of the deal we can’t know how/if it changes things materially. I don’t see it reviving Erdogan’s dream, but as I said, Erdogan is gonna play every card he’s got and overstaying the expiration of the deal is one of them.

  197. I see The Saker has announced that he will no longer write for the Unz Review.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @Schuetze
  198. @Quartermaster

    Russians like to say that was Russia that beat the Germans. That is simply propaganda. It was US production and supply to everyone that beat the Germans and Japanese.

    You are the one promoting propaganda where the US is the decider of all wars.

    The Russians designed the T-34 on their own and it shocked the Germans. They didn’t imagine that the lowly Slavs could create such an advanced tank. The Germans even considered cloning the tank for their own use but arrogant Hitler would of course never support such a plan. It’s a myth that the Germans always had superior weapons and the Russians depended on Western imports. German technology was normally ahead of anyone else but the T-34 was a game changer.

    Stalin secretly built thousands of T-34s in remote factories. Even the Allies were completely unaware that the Russians were so heavily armed.

    In table talk Hitler refers to this as the key problem. They had no idea the Russians were capable of creating so many tanks. He didn’t once refer to the US as a factor.

    It didn’t matter if the Germans had better tactics because the Russians would just create another wave of men and tanks to throw at them. In Stalingrad they were throwing men into tanks as they literally rolled out of the factory and into battle.

    The Russians also had better rifles. Hitler didn’t think his troops in the East should have semi-auto rifles. Only late in the war did he warm up to the idea of the German invented assault rifle. Even though the Germany infantry wanted a semi-auto it was Hitler alone that demanded they use bolt actions. It was also Hitler that ended most weapon related research since he assumed they had basically won in 1940 and Russia would be a breeze.

    As for logistics there was never really a plan. Hitler was warned that supply by rail would be a problem due to different rail gauges. In Hitler’s mind the whole economy was going to collapse and his troops could take what they needed from locals until they captured Moscow.

  199. Schuetze says:
    @Calico Cat

    “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”

    Saker and his sycophant army simply cannot handle the truth. In their world, Putin is a demi-god and Russian’s never destroyed half of Europe, twice, in the two world wars they started.

    Now that the US has been forced out of Afghanistan, Russia will become the ZOG proxy there. As Putin’s hoard’s step in to fill the vacuum a lot of atrocities and other crimes will hit the media. Saker does not want to have to deal with these truths either.

    Like all your typical Russian strongmen thugs, Saker wants to play Tsar. He plays that role to perfection on his own blog where he eliminates opposition with a ban as quickly and easily as Stalin eliminated opposition with a bullet to the back of the head. His blog is like the Tsar’s court full of compliant and approving aristocracy, but the elimination of dissent also leads to hubris and over estimation of ones own abilities. This is precisely how Russia dragged the planet into WWI and WWII.

  200. Schuetze says:
    @Calico Cat

    From the comments in Sakers boycott announcement, it appears that the Saker’s sycophant communists are most upset about Ron Unz adding Daily Stormer to his blog roll.

    A couple of interesting comments from Saker’s announcement:


    “The Unz Review is a disgustingly pro-Nazi Hitlerite rabidly racist site

    Of late however, it seems to me they are going the way of Russia Insider in espousing openly Hitlerite Nazi viewpoints & all kinds of pseudo race theory. They attempt to intellectualize it, but it is repugnant all the same, the sheer amount of open white supremacy they espouse there. Having said that, some of their content is unbelievably stupid, out of curiosity I perused a piece yesterday by one Andrew Anglin, in which he states, just brazen like, that whites are generally more intelligent than blacks. What does he offer as evidence for this? Just his opinion, which readers are supposed to respect for reasons unknown.

    The stuff you read at Unz on race, not to mention their touting the nonsense that the Soviet Union/Russia may have been responsible for the Second World War – well, I would not want to contribute or work with such an outlet either.”

    Lol. Typical Russian communist doesn’t like it when people don’t accept the lies about Germany during the Third Reich.

    “I am quite disappointed with what to me sees on the Unz site a drift into far-rightist extremity, I actually have for much of the past 4 years or so greatly enjoyed & respected much of what that site had to offer – so maybe I spoke a bit too harshly. I find Ron Unz articles generally excellent, including his most recent contributions on the global pandemic. Also, I am absolutely for a broad ideological spectrum of opinion, to me, the far left is far more offensive than the far right, I can somewhat understand the frustrations of the latter, whereas the former are actually the most vicious of rabid extremists who would – given the chance – kill us all. But I am disappointed with the Unz site, they are undermining themselves & it suprises me to be frank, as Rob Unz clearly is intelligent enough to see this & find a way to moderate it or side line the more outright Nazi stuff if he so chooses.”

    So this guy thinks “far right” is less offensive than the “far left” who are “the most vicious of rabid extremists who would – given the chance – kill us all”. Yet he goes on to say “side line the more outright Nazi stuff”.

    Earth to Saker loving idiot: Saker calls anything he doesn’t like “Nazi”. “Nazi” is merely a heeb pejorative used to defame anyone they don’t like. WWII Revisionism is a very serious and fact based analysis of Jewish lies, it is the opposite of the Stalinist apologists who live on the left.

    “Unz. I respect Ron Unz and support him with his American Pravda efforts (aside from the ‘Stalin’s War business). But the comments section is regularly infested with the most vituperously aggressive screeds. I’m glad that Ron is standing up for free speech. But there’s no real communication there. Otherwise I’m out of sympathy with these ‘Alt-right’ folks. Identity politics construed around a core narrative of victimhood. Ghastly.”

    Typical lefty brainiac can’t figure out how to use the “IGNORE COMMENTER” button. I also assume “out of sympathy” means “no tolerance for their freedom of speech”.

    • Replies: @Farhad
  201. Wielgus says:

    Nope. Stalin spoke Georgian, Russian (with a noticeable Georgian accent) and apparently, according to his daughter, he could struggle through a German text with the help of a dictionary. That is it. Unlike many Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, he spent little time outside the Tsarist Empire and while people like Lenin and Trotsky were quite fluent in German, French and English, Stalin never became proficient in them and probably did not see the point of learning them. The idea of him speaking Yiddish is frankly ludicrous. Despite being a Jew, it is not even clear that Trotsky spoke Yiddish – it was not widespread in Nikolayev, where he grew up, and compared to German which he did learn, it lacked social and administrative status. In fact ambitious Jews preferred German – it was close to Yiddish, which made it relatively easy for Yiddish speakers to learn, but was more useful than Yiddish in many contexts.

  202. Farhad says:

    The quotes above are not from the Saker, but from commentators reacting to his decision. Blaming the Saker for them would be like blaming your lack of brains on Ron Unz – it would make no sense.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  203. Schuetze says:

    You have taught me an important lesson, Farhad. It is possible for people to write sentences yet have zero reading comprehension. Here is what I wrote in my comment:

    From the comments in Sakers boycott announcement…

    A couple of interesting comments from Saker’s announcement:

    I even repeated myself, yet you didn’t even attempt to refute anything I wrote either. The commenter above you tried his best to refute what I wrote, but his argument basically amounted to “nope”. This is the problem with Unz allowing Stalin lovers to comment here, they are partially brain dead. Generations were debilitated by malnutrition, and the continual culling of the “Best Goyim” has lead to zombified ex-communists like you who can only muster degraded thinking processes.

    I can just imagine this recent discussion between Ron Unz and “The Saker”:


    Saker: “Ron, I love your webzine, but I am not going to allow you to post my articles anymore”
    Ron Unz: “But my best commenters love trashing your asinine articles”
    Saker: “That is the problem Ron, they are Nazi’s. You are allowing Nazi’s to comment”
    Ron Unz: “But many of my best commenters are Jewish, and they don’t like your idiotic posts either”
    Saker: “That doesn’t matter. A Nazi is a Nazi and you cannot let them have freedom of speech”
    Ron Unz: “But how can I tell if a commenter is a Nazi”
    Saker: “Nazi’s deny that Stalin was an angel and that the Red Army was only about “liberation””
    Ron Unz: “But many Jews realize that Stalin murdered Jews too. In fact, when Stalin “liberated” the labor camps he sent all those millions of Jews who did not flee with the Germans to die in the Gulag”
    Saker: “That doesn’t matter. Great Patriot Stalin denial is Holocaust denial and anti-semitism”
    Ron Unz: “But many Jews realize that Stalin committed Genocide of many races, including Jews”
    Saker: “That doesn’t matter Ron. A Nazi is a Nazi, it has nothing to do with Jews”

  204. Farhad says:

    I wonder – can you imagine a conversation between Ron Unz and the Saker which would not involve “the Jews”?
    If fact, can you discuss anything without reducing it all to Jews vs Nazis (which the Saker clearly considers as two sides of the same coin anyway, see here:
    You are projecting, neither Unz nor Raevsky are stupid, I assure you.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  205. @Common News

    Yes-the thought of the US Army smashed and driven back to the Channel is, indeed, alluring. About two weeks, I reckon.

  206. @Farhad

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the Nazi project was an attempt to Judaise Germany, with Aryans in the place of the Jews, the pretensions of being a global Herrenvolk, the mythic attachment to Blud und Boden etc. And then the Zionazis took to aping the Nazis, with the demand for lebensraum in the East ie Eretz Yisrael, concentration camps in Gaza, death-squads exterminating untermenschen, endless aggression and utter contempt for International Law etc. A nasty circularity of transference, but the Zionazis are much much more dangerous and powerful.

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  207. Saker

    All you have to do to deal with Third Reich Enthusiasts is paste in the links to the previous debates you and Andrie Martyanov have had with them in the past on Unz Review where both of you have given them an ass-kicking-thoroughly. They are just repeating moth-eaten arguments and facts.

    I didn’t engage them in this thread…but I’ll state the following:

    Just look how it turned out for Germany:a conquered People occupied by Global Pederast Homo that imposed a she-male kraut bulldyke forever on the German People…There is a risk for going to war…and the big one is that you can lose and be conquered. So I’ll ask the Pro-Third Reichers: was it worth it?

    And support for Hitler goes along with hatred of Slavic People…Vladimir Putin…and an alliance with Global Homo Barack Obama and the Hindu Slut Kamala Harris….There is much more that I can write, but I leave it at this for now…I really don’t think you should abandon Unz Review because your commentary does cause them brain spasms, and by responding to you, we get to see their allegiance..tactical at least…with Global Homo Pederast…..

  208. Comrade Saker

    Chaco Canyon……an example of your kind gentle lotus eating “Native” Americans from Siberia….I heard they enjoyed the Mancorn afterwards….

  209. @Erebus

    Again – great insights… Interesting about Saudi Arabia… They tried to blockade Qatar – but it didn’t work because Qatar built stronger ties with Turkey – Iran – China – Russia. When Solemani was killed by the US he was going to meet Saudi officials in Iraq. So the US tried to sabotage the cooling down of tensions – but it isn’t working. Saudi Arabia re-affirmed cooperation with China in spite of US threats – and continues to reach out to Iran – and as you noted has affirmed partnering with Russia.

    But yeah it’s a good question – will Turkey leave NATO or will NATO leave Turkey. That is a good way to frame it.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  210. @Seraphim

    You make good points. That’s why I laugh at the crowd trying to woo Russians with European (white) and American solidarity as a “western nation”. Slavs and Eastern Europeans were always looked down upon but the west… So what solidarity???

  211. @showmethereal

    The Slavs were among the US TROOPS that conquered the American West….The Slavs should be very very proud of this…or maybe they prefer to interbreed with the Negro in America…

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  212. @War for Blair Mountain

    ” US TROOPS that conquered the American West”

    Ahhhh – well at least you admit that American Imperialism started long ago. Funny you bring up negros since some of them were used to conquer the natives in the American west too (which is why the natives stopped feeling sorry for them). But I don’t get your point… Irish were recruited to fight in the US civil war but were not enthusiastic since they themselves felt like they were treated like “less than” Americans (ever heard of the Draft Riots). So I fail to see what Serbs being part of US imperialism is something to be proud of – when it does not negate the fact that western europeans looked down on eastern europeans. Talk of the US – for the first half of the countries history – eastern european migration was discouraged.

  213. @showmethereal

    The conquest of North America by Europeans..n0 apologies…..I don’t care about the Siberian Migrants who are overwhelmingly Biden-Harris Voters…..If the Russians give me the Negro sob story….I be would happy to send the Negros and M-13 gangbangers to Slavic Russia….

  214. @Badger Down

    I’ll reply here because you usefully bring up the Palestinians.

    Schwartz (note the name) is just another guilt-monger. British North America and the Spanish Empire (aka Latin America) are entirely different. The Spanish encountered real nations, actual empires (Aztec, Mayan, etc.) and ruthlessly invaded and destroyed them. But the people survived, and the Spanish mated with them, producing the metizos we have today. So kind of a wash.

    The British and French encountered nothing but a bunch of Stone Age nomads, whom they proceeded to exterminate. There were no “nations” to be “invaded.” Same with the British in Australia.

    So, it sucked to be an Apache, but sorry, no “invasion” of “sovereign nations”.

    As for Palestine, despite Zionist propaganda about “a land without people,” Palestine may have been just a district (or whatever) of the Ottoman Empire, but it was a real political unit; thus the Jews did indeed “invade” a “nation.”

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  215. @mulga mumblebrain

    One might add to that list of similarities, the inability to create a sustainable nation of their own (from the OT to today), combined with a willingness to lecture everyone else on “Statecraft.”

    Ever read anyone on the “Dissident Right” talk about politics? Nothing but Jews and Germans, Germans and Jews. Strauss, Schmitt, Spengler, even total frauds like Heidegger and that schmendrick Nietzsche (both crypto Jews). Yarvin was smart enough to make a name for himself by plugging Carlyle, but even Carlyle was a Teutonophile. The Neocons talk about the Founders and Lincoln, but only after squeezing them through Strauss.

    Always the idea is that behind the opaque sludge of some Prussian hack is The Secret to our political woes, as decoded by your humble writer.

    Taking advice on statecraft from a German or a Jew is like taking a cooking class in London. Or, well, fill in your favorite national stereotype.

  216. Erebus says:

    Saudi Arabia re-affirmed cooperation with China in spite of US threats – and continues to reach out to Iran – and as you noted has affirmed partnering with Russia.

    Lending more support to the notion that the US is pulling out of the Middle East, see this article from

    IOW, the pivot to China seems to have acquired an urgency it didn’t have before.

  217. @James J O'Meara

    In South America they actually had agriculture. They were growing corn and potato. That did required designing agricultural tools. So that was society was on the way of development.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  218. @Zarathustra

    Of course the greatest development in Eurasia was domestication of animals.
    that was the great leap forward.

  219. @Tom67

    China knows damn well she has that particular weakness, therefore they will enter an alliance with extreme Islam as their best equal partners to proceed to the conquest and destruction of the West.

  220. @Schuetze

    My opinion is rather that they miss Stalin for the very same inborn, genetic reason even the oppressed peasants that started the 1917 revolution and had been mowed down by Nicholas II in 1905, missed Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible. Stalin himself had to commission to Eisenstein a film extolling Ivan the Terrible so as to prove his successorship to the Russian plebs.

    • Replies: @Alden
  221. The country collapsed because the goddamn army wasn’t paid. What about that?

  222. R.C. says:

    In the USA, generation after generation of the thugs strengthened their grip power while pushing decent people out of the way (even more so after JFK and 9/11 and other recent events). But that was just a show, a mob “going legal” if you wish.

    You’re missing 4/9/81, the date the Bushit regime took over America and, with all the others of Team FUKUSraHell, the world. That was a major turning downward.

  223. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:

    It was US production and supply to everyone that beat the Germans and Japanese.

    And to an amazing extent. German forces captured Russian sources of raw materials early in the war. Industrial installations behind the Urals depended on these raw materials. Without US aid, the T-4s could not have been built [1].

    Apparently, FDR and his staff thought of the USSR as just another kind of New Deal. This was not uncommon at the time. In the 1930s politicians in the US thought of Mussolini and Hitler as examples of Progressive leadership, and were encouraged to believe that by the considerable similarities between the US New Deal and the European / Russian policies [2] . During WW II, the US, under FDR’s leadership, gave away the store to the USSR in the apparent belief that this would ensure post-WW II amity with the USSR.
    The belief that the USSR would win in the long term lasted a surprisingly long time. Samuelson’s standard economics text (_Economics_) said, until the 1980s I’ve been told, that the USSR would eventually surpass the US in industrial output. It made sense for the US to attempt supportive relations with the USSR during WW II.

    Unfortunately, all this accomplished was to give the USSR enough industrial equipment to live off of until 1990 or so. I guess that all the” obviously correct” policies can’t be gems.

    And as far as the Saker’s predicted end of imperialism, what comes next in world affairs will most likely be a devolution to the Eurasia, Eastasia, Oceania, exploited/ignored territories familiar to readers of _1984_. The end of the post-WW II era (The Saker’s “end of the American empire”) means an end to globalism, a considerable reduction in global production efficiency, and a considerable brutalization of world politics. Eurasia will be based on the historic melding of the Slavs and Germans, who will be defending Siberian resources against the Eastasians (the reborn and once again very poor Confucian empire of China), and Oceania will be just barely hanging on. Africa will be impossible to feed and thus too dangerous for most interventions. South America will be pretty much on its own.

    1] Sean McMeekin.
    _Stalin’s War_.
    Hachette Book Group, Inc.; 2021.

    2] Wolfgang Schivelbusch.
    _Reflections on Roosevelt’s American, Mussolini’s Italy, and Hitler’s Germany, 1933-1939_.
    Metropolitan Books Harry holt and Company, LLC

  224. Alden says:

    No, Afghanistan will not be the last American phony war disaster. Looks as though the Pentagon is already decided to send American troops to deal with the mess of Ukraine. And in another couple years we will see our troops fleeing in disgrace having been defeated, destroyed really by whatever rag tag armies they encounter in Ukraine .

    And more emotionally distraught insane black veterans granted disability for the trauma of stealing supplies from a safe base in Germany or Alabama.

  225. Alden says:
    @Francis Miville

    It wasn’t peasants rioting against the Tsar in 1905. It was communist Jewish led criminals and unemployed city criminal under class who rioted. Plus of course, perpetual students always the naïve raw material of revolution.

  226. Alden says:
    @Sebastian Hawks

    Thank you for historical reality about the crusades. Too many southern hillbilly holy roller types are still fighting the reformation. Had it not been for the Popes and RC nations fighting off the Muslims for 1,200 years, Europe would be muslim. Luther Calvin and Knox would have been Imans and Henry 8 would have been happy with a clergy approved harem of as many women and kids as he could support.

    • Troll: Radicalcenter
  227. It was interesting reading this in May 2022. The US war in Afghanistan (which kind of started in the mid-1970s) wasn’t the end of US imperialism. The quest to break Asia into pieces continued. It was time for the US to focus on splitting Europe off from Asia. The trouble and coup the US fomented (with a cabal of Jews such as the Kagans, Yats, Zelensky and his backer) needed to be brought to a head. A few more threats, insults, and murders and the US persuaded Russia to attempt to bring peace and democracy back to the Ukraine.

    So no, USUK piracy rumbles on. They are winning the propaganda war and losing the economic and military war. Expect a much-reduced Ukraine by 2023. Asia will become solid, and Europe will eventually join it. The US? Perhaps the “is” were right: it will dry up and blow away.

  228. The word imperialism originated from the Latin word imperium, which means supreme power, “sovereignty”, or simply “rule”

    Yes, this sounds like Saker as he uses opposition to imperialism in the context of his Orthodox Faith. He rejects Christoper Dawson and Hilaire Belloc who refer to Europe as the Faith (Catholicism) and many others of like mind.

    Saker’s mind is poisoned against Rome and the Catholic Church because of the utter failure of his faith to contend with it and defeat it.

    Jesus is King of all nations (imperialism? yes) and His Catholic (Universal) Church is also an imperial power and His Pope (Matt 16:18) is also an imperial power.

    Saker has chosen to side with the Monks of Mt Athos against Jesus and His Church . Bad choice…

    • Troll: Radicalcenter
  229. bert33 says:

    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country”. -Patton

    It was a good quote and true then and true today.

    As for the ‘bilious bastards in the saturday evening post’, well, reading this article confirms that they are still around, and miserable battle strategists one and all, where Patton made the magic happen and was very influential in driving the nazi war machine and their swastika flag into the ground.

    war is ugly, war is brutal, and good people die along with the rest. May we never have another one, ever.

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