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Why Russia Won't Invade the Ukraine, the Baltic Statelets or Anybody Else
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The AngloZionist propaganda machine is constantly warning us that Russia is about to invade some country. The list of candidates for invasion is long and ranges from Norway to the Ukraine and includes the Baltic statelets, Poland and even countries further West. Of course, we are also told that NATO and the US are here to prevent that. Well, thank God for them, right?

But what is conspicuously missing from this narrative is a discussion of the possible Russian motives for such a military move. Typically, we are merely told that Russia has broken the European post-Cold War order and borders by “annexing” Crimea and by sending military forces into the Donbass. Anybody with an IQ at room temperature or above by now realizes that both of these claims are total bunk. The ones who indeed broke the post-Cold War international order and borders were the NATO member states when they used military force, in complete illegality, to break-up Yugoslavia. As for the people of Crimea, they had the opportunity to vote about their future in a referendum, very much unlike the inhabitants of Kosovo which had no such opportunity. As for the 08.08.08 war, even the Europeans who eventually, and very reluctantly, agreed that it was, in fact, Saakashvili who started this conflict, not Russia.

But let’s set all this aside and assume that the Russian leaders would not hesitate to use military force again if it was to their advantage. Let’s assume that, yes, the Russians are up to no good and that they might well try to bite-off some other piece of land somewhere in Europe.

Such an assumption would immediately raise a crucial question: why would the Russians want to do that?

For some reason, this question is rarely, if ever, asked.

Oh sure, we are told that “Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union” or some other type of empire but, again, nobody seems to wonder why he would want that!

So let’s look at possible rationales for such an attack:

Reason number one: to gain more land

That is probably the least credible reason of all. Russia is a vast country (17,098,246 km2) with a relatively small population (144,526,636) resulting in a very low population density. Not only is Russia huge, but her territory has immense natural resources. The very last thing Russia needs is more land.

Reason number two: to increase the Russian population

Well, yes, Russia has a population deficit for sure. But that does not mean that just any population increase would be a bonanza for Russia. For example, Russia will only be in a worse shape if the number of people depending on unemployment, social services or pensions increases. Likewise, Russia would not benefit from a politically hostile population. So while Russia could benefit from having a larger population, what she needs is more young and well-educated *Russians*, not unemployed and destitute Ukrainians or Lithuanians! The massive influx of Ukrainian refugees, by the way, has already contributed to an increase in qualified specialists, including medical doctors and highly qualified engineers from the Ukrainian military-industrial specialists who, when they saw their bureaus and industries collapse in the Ukraine, moved to Russia to continue to work. There is no need for the Russia to invade anybody to get those highly qualified specliasts. As for Ukrainians without special qualifications, they have already shown up in Russia, and the last thing Russia needs is more of them (they can go scrub toilets in Poland or the UK). Furthermore, there are already a lot of immigrants from other parts of the world in Russia and getting more of them is hardly a good idea. So while Russia would benefit from more qualified young Russians, invading other countries is not the way to get them.

Reason number three: geostrategic reasons

What about the Baltic ports? What about the Ukrainian gas pipelines? The truth is that in the Soviet times the Baltic ports or the Ukrainian pipelines were crucial strategic assets. But since their independence, these countries have not only ruined themselves and destroyed the infrastructure they inherited from the “Soviet occupiers,” but Russia has also successfully replaced the infrastructure and industries she lost after 1991. Thus, for example, Russia has actively developed her own commercial ports on the Baltic Sea, and they have now outgrown the ones found in the Baltic states (see here for a good comparative chart). As for the Ukrainian pipelines, not only are they in terrible shape, Russia has successfully built “North” and “South” streams which allow her to completely bypass the Ukraine and the need to deal with the crazy Banderite junta in Kiev. The simple truth is that while the Baltic statelets or the Ukronazis can fancy themselves as a very precious prize, Russia has absolutely no need for them whatsoever.

In fact, the opposite is true: right now, Russia can barely finance all the reconstruction programs which are so urgently needed after decades of nationalist rule in Crimea. In the future, Russia will also have to help the Donbass rebuild. Does anybody seriously believe that the Russians can afford to rescue even more countries or territories?!

Reason number four: revanchist motives


That is the Hillary Clinton/Zbigniew Brzezinski argument: the Russians are inherently expansionists, imperialists, militarists, and revanchists and they don’t need a motive to invade somebody: that’s simply what they do – invade, terrorize, oppress. Well, a quick objective look at history would prove that it is the West which has always displayed such behavior, not Russia, but we can even ignore that fact. The truth is that while there are a lot of people in Russia who have good memories of their lives in the Soviet Union, there is just no constituency pushing for the re-birth of the Soviet Union or for any kind of imperialism. If anything, most Russians are much more isolationist, and they don’t want to get involved in wars or the invasion of foreign countries. This is not only a result of memories of wars in Afghanistan or interventions in Germany, Hungary or Czechoslovakia, but also the bitter realization that even the so-called “Orthodox brothers” (some of whom even owe the existence of their country on a world map to Russia!) have now fully turned against Russia and have become willing NATO-colonies (think Bulgaria or Romania here). Yes, Putin did say that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a tragedy (objectively, it was, and it brought immense suffering to millions of people), but that does not at all mean that Putin, or anybody else, actually wants to “resurrect” the Soviet Union, even if it was feasible (which it is not). If anything, it was the US, NATO, and the EU which, for purely ideological reasons chose to expand their influence to the East and which are now constantly engaged in a nonstop campaign of russophobia (phobia in both meanings of “fear” and “hatred”). Yes, Russians are disgusted with the West, but that hardly means that they want to invade it.

Reason number five: megalomania

Well, maybe the Russians are mad that they lost the Cold War and now want to become a superpower again? In fact, no. Not at all. Not only do Russians not feel that they “lost” the Cold War, they even feel that they are already a superpower: one which successfully defies the Empire and which continues to struggle for full sovereignization at a time when all European countries are competing with each other for the title of most subservient lackey of the Empire. Just like the USSR after WWII, Russia, after the nightmare of the 1990s, has very successfully rebuilt, in spite of the constant subversion and sabotage of the “united West” which tried every dirty trick in the book to prevent Russia from recovering from the horrors which the western-backed (and, really, run) “liberal democracy” imposed upon her during the Eltsin years. Sure, Russians want their country to be prosperous and powerful, but that does not mean that they want to become a US-like world hegemon which gets involved in every conflict on the planet. Truth be told, even the bad old USSR was not anti-US and never had the kind of global ambition the US has (well, except for Trotsky, but Stalin gave the boot to those crazies, many of whom later emigrated to the US and re-branded themselves as Neocons). Of course, there is the eternal Russian “court jester,” aka “Zhirik” aka Vladimir Zhironovskii. He has made all sorts of threats (including nuclear ones) against various countries neighboring Russia, but everybody knows that he is just that, a court jester and that what he says is basically utter nonsense.

Reason number six: to save Putin’s “regime.”

It is true that unpopular regimes use war to distract from their failures and to make the population switch off their brains for the sake of “circling the wagons” and being “patriotic.” That is most definitely what Poroshenko is doing right now. But Putin has no such need! Even if the pension reform did cost him quite a bit in terms of popularity, he is still far more popular at home (and even internationally!) than any political leader in the West and the Russian economy is doing just fine, in spite of the famous sanctions. True, the mostly Atlantic Integrationist Medvedev government is not very popular, but those officials (like Shoigu or Lavrov) who are typically associated with Putin and his Eurasian Sovereignists remain very popular. The simple truth is that Putin has no need for any “distracting crises” because he remains remarkably popular in spite of all the difficulties Russia is currently facing. If anything, it is the Trumps, Macrons, Mays, and Co. who need a distracting war, not Putin!

I could go on listing more nonsensical pseudo-reasons for why Russia would want to occupy some piece of land somewhere, each more far-fetched and baseless than the previous one, but you get the point: Russia has no interest whatsoever in military interventions. In fact, what Russia needs more than anything else is peace for as long as possible.

Now, let’s come back to reality,

Putin is a continuator of another great Russian reformer: Petr Arkadievich Stolypin

Petr Stolypin (1862—1911)

Petr Stolypin (1862—1911)

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Prime Minister of Russia from 1906 to 1911, Petr Arkadievich Stolypin, once famously said “Next comes our main task: to strengthen our lower classes. In them lies the strength of our country. There are more than 100 millions of them and the roots of our state will be healthy and strong and, believe me, the voice of the Russian government before Europe and the rest of the world will sound very differently. Our motto, of all of us Russians, should be a united, common labor based on mutual trust. Give Russia 20 years of peace, internal and external, and you will not recognize today’s Russia” (this is my own, free, translation. This is the original text: На очереди главная наша задача — укрепить низы. В них вся сила страны. Их более 100 миллионов и будут здоровы и крепки корни у государства, поверьте — и слова Русского Правительства совсем иначе зазвучат перед Европой и перед целым миром… Дружная, общая, основанная на взаимном доверии работа — вот девиз для нас всех, Русских. Дайте Государству 20 лет покоя, внутреннего и внешнего, и вы не узнаете нынешней Poccии).

Of course, Stolypin was eventually murdered by a Jewish revolutionary, Mordechai Gershkovich Bogrov, and Russia was forced to enter WWI. Eventually, the Russian monarchy was overthrown by a Masonic conspiracy led by Alexander Kerensky. These “liberals” (i.e., plutocrats) did exactly what their successors did under Eltsin and plunged Russia into utter chaos. Eight months later, the Bolsheviks seized power, and the civil war began. Instead of 20 years of peace, Russia got 30 years of wars. After immense sacrifices and many horrors, Russia only succeeded in recovering after the end of WWII.

Nobody in Russia wants to repeat this terrible experience even if, in the end, Russia would prevail. The costs are just too high.

Today, just like in 1911, Russia needs internal and external peace more than anything else, and that is not what she would get if she got involved in some foreign military adventure! In fact, attacking an alliance which includes three nuclear power would be suicidal, and the Russians are anything but suicidal.

If Russia needs peace so badly, why the constant rumors of war?

That is really simple! First, Poroshenko is in deep trouble and short of a major crisis his only option is to completely steal the election. That latter option might be tricky, because if the “collective West” as always, turns a blind eye to the actions of the Ukronazi regime, the internal opposition to Poroshenko might not. Then some serious civil unrest, or even a counter-coup, are real possibilities. Hence Poroshenko’s desperate need for a crisis.

They say that an image is worth a thousand words. Well, in that spirit, check this one:

Left: martial law regions Right: regions which voted against Poroshenko in 2014 (by the way, this does suggest some kind of future border, don’t it? :-)
Left: martial law regions Right: regions which voted against Poroshenko in 2014 (by the way, this does suggest some kind of future border, don’t it? :-)

QED, right?

There is also another reason, a particularly shameful one: while it is true that Hitler and the AngloZionists did, eventually, fight each other, it is also true that in many ways Hitler truly embodied the dream of a “united Europe” and a “reborn western civilization” (albeit a pagan one!). In the history of European imperialism, Hitler represents something of an apogee, at least until the US superseded the Nazis as a global hegemon after WWII. There is not much difference between Hitler’s (oh so modestly promised) “thousand year Reich” and Fukuyama’s “end of history” (or, for that matter, the Marxist idea of realized Communism which also would end history by solving the dialectical contradictions which are the engine of history). On a psychological level, Hitler was the continuator of the Popes and Napoleon – a self-described “Kulturträger” bringing “western civilization” to the barbaric subhuman “Untermensch” mongoloid hordes of the East. So while Hitler was most definitely an “SOB,” he sure was “our SOB” (hence the impotent rage my use of the term “Ukronazi” elicits in various type of defenders of “Western civilization” or, even better, a supposed “White civilization”!). Well, we all know how these Nazi “culture-carrying” White supremacists ended, don’t we:

Sic transit gloria mundi indeed…
Sic transit gloria mundi indeed…

These carriers of the values of a “united Europe” and “western civilization” were totally defeated by these men:

These are the men who destroyed 80% of the Nazi military and who *really* won WWII (not Patton or MacArthur!)
These are the men who destroyed 80% of the Nazi military and who *really* won WWII (not Patton or MacArthur!)

These memories are what truly terrifies the western elites: the existence of a different civilizational realm which not only dares to defy the AngloZionist Empire openly, but which has already defeated every western hegemonic power which dared to attacked it in the past.

The Russian people, by the way, see the current confrontation in the very similar “mental coordinates” as the western Russophobes, just with an inverted value sign meaning that they perfectly understand that the kind of war the Empire is waging against Russia right now has its roots in the outcome of WWII. This is one of the reasons they all cherish the memories of the millions who died fighting “western civilization” and a “united Europe.” This is best shown by the “Immortal Regiments” in all the Russian cities:

The “Immortal Regiment” as an expression of the acute historical awareness of the Russian people
The “Immortal Regiment” as an expression of the acute historical awareness of the Russian people

This historical awareness is also shown in the parade of Ukronazi POW in Donetsk:

Again, the reference to WWII is unmistakable.

As I have said many times in the past, one of the most significant differences between Russia and the “collective West” is that Russians fear war but are nevertheless prepared to fight it, whereas the westerners do not fear war, even though they are not prepared for it at all. Truly, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread” (think Pompeo, Mattis and the rest of them here). And yet, despite this apparent insouciance, the leaders of the AngloZionists have an almost genetic fear and hatred of Russia, because they remember how all their predecessors were eventually defeated by the Russian nation.

And, finally, let’s remember the crucial question which Bertolt Brecht asked: “How can anyone tell the truth about Fascism unless he is willing to speak out against capitalism, which brings it forth?“. Yes, in words, and in words only, the collective West has condemned Fascism and National-Socialism. But in deeds? No, not at all. This is why Fascist scum à la Poroshenko *always* get the support of the western elites under the pious heading of “he is an SOB, but he is our SOB“?

Think of it,during the Crimean War the putatively “Christian West” united with the (Muslim) Ottoman Empire Against Russia. During the revolutionary years, US Jewish bankers fully financed the Bolsheviks. Just before WWII, the Brits likewise financed Hitler. During WWI and WWII the West backed Ukie separatists, including bona fide Nazis. During the Cold War, the West fully backed the Wahabi nutcases in Saudi Arabia (no, MBS is not the first bloodthirsty Saudi maniac!) and in Afghanistan. The West also supported Apartheid South Africa for as long as politically possible. In Latin America the US gladly supported what Roger Waters called Latin American “meatpacking glitterati”, that is the many military regimes who all were garden variety Fascists. In Kosovo the USAF became the KLA‘s Air Force even though the US had previously considered the KLA as a dangerous terrorist organization (that was against the Serbs but, according to Strobe Talbott, the main goal here was to show Russia what could happen to her if she resisted). During the Chechen wars, the West fully backed the Takfiri crazies. Then, after 9/11, the US finally got fully in bed with al-Qaeda (especially in Syria) even though the official fairy tale wants us to believe that al-Qaeda and Bin Laden were responsible for the death of 3000 people (nevermind that NIST admitted by direct implication the destruction of WTC7 with explosives[*]). Does anybody doubt that if Satan himself took on a body and appeared before us the US would fully and totally back him as long as he promised to be anti-Russian or, even better, anti-Orthodox? By allying itself for decades with what can fairly be described as the worst evil scum of mankind, as the not already been allied with Satan for many, many, year?

Honestly, we should have no illusions about the nature of the western plutocracy, and we should always heed the Marxist truism which states that “the state is an apparatus of violence which fulfills the will of the ruling class.” We all know who the ruling class of the AngloZionist Empire is composed of, don’t we?

Western liberal democracies are, in reality, plutocracies which were created by a class of capitalist thugs with the purpose of controlling our entire planet. This was true before WWII. This was also true during and after WWII and this has not changed, notwithstanding all the sanguine denunciations of Fascism and Nazism.

What this means is that it is the western ruling elites which need war to survive and preserve the New World Order they have attempted to impose on all of us. Russia does not need war – she only needs peace.

Conclusion: relax, folks, the Russians ain’t coming, I promise!


AngloZionist paranoid collective hallucinations notwithstanding, the Russians are not coming. Yes, they will annihilate you if you are crazy enough to attack them but, no, they are not coming, at least not of their own volition. Not even to liberate the Russian minorities in Apartheid Latvia or the Nazi-occupied Ukrainian Banderastan. The Russian policy towards these regimes is very simple: let them collapse on their own. After all, they will all eventually come knocking sooner or later, as ideological delusions are powerless against geographical realities.

I will let a much better person than myself conclude this article.

This is what Professor Stephen Cohen recently had to say about the risks of war:

He indeed is the “voice of one crying in the wilderness.”

Will enough people listen to him to avoid an apocalypse?

I don’t know.


[*] The US government – through NIST – officially recognized the fact that the WTC7 building fell at a free-fall speed for 2,25 seconds (for a detailed discussion of this please check out the video which I posted here). Do those 2,25 seconds really matter? Hell yes!! What this means is that the US government admits that for 2,25 seconds WTC7 fell without any kind of resistance to slow it down and this, therefore, means that there was nothing under the collapsing section. So this begs an obvious question: since we now know that there was nothing under the collapsing section and since we also know that there was a steel frame building there seconds before the collapse – what happened in between those two events? There is only one possible answer to this question: the steel-framed section of the building which would have normally slowed down the collapsing section of the building was removed a) extremely rapidly b) symmetrically. There is only one technology which can do that: explosives. The above is simply not a matter of opinion. This is a fact. Likewise, it is a fact that fires could not have removed a section of WTC7 the way it was observed. Amazing but true: NIST itself admitted that explosives were used.

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  1. Biff says:

    You wouldn’t believe(or maybe you would) how many people I know who think that it is a forgone conclusion that Putin is invading Ukraine as we speak. The main stream media mind melt simply does the trick.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Texas Sweetie
  2. I bet if somebody asked Saker 6 years ago, whether Russia was going to annex Crimea and send its troops to Middle East, he would angrily dismiss it as Anglo-Zionist propaganda. Things in Russia can evolve very quickly, and with key decisions in the hands of just one man, there is no real way of knowing what this man is going to do.

    The decision to take Crimea was highly emotional for Putin: Putin wanted to get back at his Western “partners” after being humiliated by them in the Ukraine. He didn’t think about how the West might react to the annexation, he didn’t worry about consequences for Russia. It was a spur of the moment decision for Putin. Putin can act impulsively again and you can bet Saker will approve of it, when it happens.

  3. JR says:

    You are making up your own history. Guess you imagine yourself clairvoyant to exactly know what Putin thinks or motivates.

    Even government friendly German magazine Der Spiegel acknowledged a US instigated coup followed by European Neighborhood Policy take over of the Ukraine.

    The European Neighborhood Policy aims to create EU’s own sphere of influence in a periphery of dependent non-member states. Only a US installed puppet regime would sign up for relinquishing Ukraine’s economic sovereignty. While having signed up for an orderly transition with Yanukovich with Germany as a guarantor, Germany proceeded betraying that role by allowing the EU to exploit the Us coup.
    Ukraine between Russia and the EU has to have trade relation with both. The EU association agreement forcing an exclusive relation with the EU only destroyed both trade and relations with Russia costing Ukraine some 160 billion US$. You may note that Russia directly contacted the EU but that EU Commission Chairman Barroso refused to even talk to Russia. The result for Ukraine now is halving GDP 300% inflation since 2014.

    This European Neighborhood Policy dovetails with German foreign policy aiming to leverage control over the EU to have the EU as a world player:
    More detail:

    By the way there was no ‘annexation’. Crimea overwhelmingly chose to request Russia to accept its return.

    • Replies: @Anon
  4. AWM says:

    Difficult to take this article seriously with all the “Ukronazi” references.

  5. TheOldOne says:

    There is really no “West” these days, just ((the West)).

  6. @Felix Keverich

    What annexation of Crimea? The autonomous region of Crimea voted to join Ukraine when Ukraine voted to leave the USSR. The autonomous region of Crimea voted to leave Ukraine after Vikky Nuland’s coup d’etat. The newly independent Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation. Isn’t that how “Western liberal democracy” is supposed to work?
    Is anyone going to say that if Scotland votes for independence from the UK and foolishly votes to join the EU(SSR), that it was annexed?
    The Saker may misguided on a number of issues, but the “annexation” of Crimea isn’t one of them.

  7. There is not much difference between Hitler’s (oh so modestly promised) “thousand year Reich” and Fukuyama’s “end of history” (or, for that matter, the Marxist idea of realized Communism which also would end history by solving the dialectical contradictions which are the engine of history)

    Hitler promised no such thing. The thousand year reich was that “Germany”, in one way, shape, or form had existed as a state for a thousand years. You really do need to get over your mindset of the NSDAP. The videos and photos you provide, along with the AngloZionist narrative about the Russian campaign discredits your article. The NSDAP reacted to Stalin’s mobilization/buildup of forces. Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun (Влади́мир Богда́нович Резу’н for you) aka Viktor Suvarov essentially confirmed the NSDAP allegations justifying their the invasion almost 30 years ago. Mobilization is considered an act of war. Whether the rest of his theory is correct is a different issue.
    Hitler didn’t invade to subordinate Russians, he invaded to destroy communism. People seem to ignore the fact that the failed communist agitation in Germany led to the November 11, 1918 armistice. The attempted communist takeover of Germany that followed led directly to the disastrous Treaty of Versailles. The NSDAP understood that it was more than a coincidence that the Bolshevik revolutionaries were overwhelmingly Jewish and the communist leaders of the attempted coup in Germany were overwhelmingly Jewish. The Internationale wasn’t formed to be inactive.
    You fail to mention or acknowledge that Hitler understood any war would take away from rebuilding Germany. You also fail to mention that without massive help from Roosevelt, the Soviets likely would not have been as successful as they were.
    Your articles have many valid points, but you are myopic, possibly due to watching too many Hollywood movies, when it comes to the NSDAP.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @B.F.
    , @George F. Held
  8. @AWM

    He’s referencing Stepan Bandar. Most Russians are probably familiar with this history. Most Americans probably have no idea who he was. He worked with Germany before, during and after WWII. He was eventually killed by the KGB.

    OUN leaders Andriy Melnyk and Bandera were recruited before World War II into the Nazi Germany military intelligence Abwehr for espionage, counter-espionage and sabotage.

    You can read the Wiki here:

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  9. I’m not sure how I feel about Putin “reforming” the pension system, but I read somewhere that he was going to make raising the living standard of Russians a priority. How that squares with pension reform is unclear.

    Does he want more labor from the aged/retired? Why? What kind of labor is he looking for? There is probably a better way to do that. Is he trying to save save a few rubles? If so why? Money circulating about is pretty much the definition of economic activity. Pensioners probably spend most of their income, whereas oligarchs tend to hoard it.

    What he probably should do is have some national credit accounts at various institutions like the University systems. Continuing education is probably the best thing Russia could do to lift its living productivity/standards. Everybody who wants to enroll gets X amount on his or her card for education if it isn’t used within a given time frame it gets subtracted.

    This would allow the government to put premiums on different fields of study like robotics or nuclear energy. Most “jobs” these days are simply people staring at a computer screen. Physical labor like farming can be relegated in large measure to drones and robots.

    Using these sorts of policies, cities can be slated for urban renewal and other areas can be slated for ecological restoration.

    You could do similar things with a national health card.

  10. nsa says:

    Why the animus against Russia? Could it be that the Empire had the vast untapped resources of the former USSR (11 time zones worth) within their grasp…..and they blew it and now they are pissed? In the early 90s, J. Sachs and his IMF JooBoys were parachuted into a chaotic Russia to help the backward locals establish “democracy” and “capitalism” i.e. grab the goodies permanently. The Boys created a chit system dividing up the vast resources, and then traded vodka and coffee grounds for the chits. Within a year, mostly jooie oligarchs obtained the chits using external funds to cheat a strapped population…..surprise, surprise. This situation has been partially, not fully, reversed in the last 20 years. Russia still sends hundreds of thousands of pension checks to Izzieville so they have not fully freed themselves from the scourge. Based on per capita resources, Russia has the highest potential standard of living on the planet. And all those nukes make an overt attack very tricky…maybe the new crew won’t go down peacefully and we will get the chance to see if nuclear winter is real or not.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @CanSpeccy
  11. Begemot says:
    @Felix Keverich

    Why didn’t Putin take and annex Georgia in 2008 when the road to Tbilisi was open? Why did Putin refuse to accept the request of the Donbass to be annexed to Russia just as Crimea had asked?

  12. nickels says:

    “They are prepared for any war–even a dance war.”
    -youtube commentor

    • Replies: @Si1ver1ock
  13. peterAUS says:

    A rather good article. Touches several important issues we all face today.

    Even the usual “crazy Banderite junta”, “Ukronazis” and similar expressions got toned down a bit.

    A couple of things I’ve found interesting:

    Sure, Russians want their country to be prosperous and powerful, but that does not mean that they want to become a US-like world hegemon which gets involved in every conflict on the planet.

    Ordinary people, yes. Elites, doubt it. Top elites are the same as in West/everywhere. POWER. Hence expansion.

    Putin is a continuator of another great Russian reformer: Petr Arkadievich Stolypin..

    Don’t think so. Putin is capable administrator, but that’s it.

    the existence of a different civilizational realm.

    This is, IMHO, the most important and fundamental author’s (and his followers’) mistake and error in judgement.
    Russia, as it is now, is not that. It’s pretty much the same thing as The Empire. The only difference is capability to project power and hence foreign policy. The internal works are pretty much the same. Economy, labor relationships, PC, multiculturalism, the works.

    I know he and similar types desperately need to believe that, and that’s O.K.
    Trying to sell it around feels surreal, though.

    The Russian policy towards these regimes is very simple: let them collapse on their own. After all, they will all eventually come knocking sooner or later, as ideological delusions are powerless against geographical realities.

    Yes, that does appear to be the current regime’s in Kremlin strategy.
    Not quite sure it will work, to put it mildly.

    As for “hot war”, the author somehow didn’t go into open intervention to protect Donbass in a case of more or less limited Ukrainian attack. Or, how deep would they strike at the attacker? That would, most definitely, be described as “invasion” by The Empire.

  14. Mr. Hack says:

    Here’s the #1 reason that Russia wont invade Ukraine:

    In warning to Russia, US flies Open Skies aircraft over Ukrainian territory

    Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukrainian naval vessels in the Black Sea near the Kerch Strait is a dangerous escalation in a pattern of increasingly provocative and threatening activity,” the release added. “The United States seeks a better relationship with Russia, but this cannot happen while its unlawful and destabilizing actions continue in Ukraine and elsewhere.”

    • Replies: @FB
  15. @nickels

    As an evil capitalist Americanksi, I see an opportunity. No one knows where Hitler is buried.

    Therefore you could create a monument, call it Hitler’s Grave and charge people who want to come and dance on it.

    A tourist attraction, kind of like Disney World.

  16. When alluding or referring to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, collectively, by the term “Baltic Statelets” the author appears to be intentionally derogatory, and thereby he coincidentally exposes the notion, that Russians, or Western Russophiles, like himself, have, after nearly three decades, still not yet “gotten over” the independence of these countries.

    A “statelet” does not have its own airport, but these three countries do. The author would appear more credible and less biased to intelligent readers if, in a European context, which is what this is all about, he were to reserve his term “Statelet” to the following entities:

    • Andorra
    • Liechtenstein
    • Monaco
    • San Marino
    • Vatican

    If Russia wants to prove to the rest of the world that they have no territorial ambitions or desires to reoccupying the aforementioned Baltic states, the solution is very simple, and I have previously pointed this out in much detail:

    –> Get the hell out of the anachronistic Stalinist enclave Kaliningrad Oblast / Königsberg already!

    But Putin appears to be too pussy to do this unilaterally – even though he has openly proclaimed his willingness to talk about it. He ought to remove the missiles and naval forces stationed there, thereby simply calling out the NATO bluff, which is not to threaten Russia’s territory (including Crimea) with land invasions but to provide a permanent air support bridge for US military assistance to Israel. That would be a major step forward.

  17. peterAUS says:

    Well, up to “….Vatican” agree.

    But….hahahahaha…..the rest simply cracked me up.

    “unilaterally”………hahaha……oh my God.

    Putin/any regime in Kremlin, to, AGAIN, unilaterally be a “nice guy” to NATO……..I mean………those Russkies could be stupid, but, THAT stupid….nahhh….no way.

    They learnt their lesson well from ’91 to 2001. “We” had a chance to be “unilateral” and “nice”, but fucked it up big time.

    Now, I am not saying that “we” won’t win in confrontation. Not by force of arms but, again, by the same drill “we” did the last time.
    Change the regime in Kremlin with some compliant stooge and then loot the place and suck the people dry. As “we” tried during the “drunkard” reign.

    But, to expect Russians to be that dumb is simply……..funny. Just funny.

  18. Anonymous [AKA "Paul74"] says:

    Saker riddles his article with pictures of the judeo-bolsheviks who annihilated the best russians-the shop keepers like saker the survivors. Germany was actually defeated by
    a) yes endless goim russian cannon fodder which would have still not been enough to win had it not been for
    b) Germany fighting on many fronts unlike USSR
    c) enigma code telling commies exactly what and where attacks would be-still took them 4 years to win with huge losses
    d) endless supply of tanks and airplanes from the US

    Other than that, the Russians did great aside from their 27M dead

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  19. MarkU says:

    It is also well worth mentioning that in terms of military spending, the European countries outspend the Russian Federation by something like 5:1 (The UK alone spends as much on the military as the RF) In terms of population the Russians are outnumbered 3:1 by the Europeans. If you factor in the US the RF is outspent by more than 15:1 and outnumbered by about 5:1. The GDP comparisons are even more extreme. Given these numbers, no unbiased assessment could reasonably conclude that the RF is a credible threat to Europe.

  20. Hegemon holds there can be only one.
    Only nuclear cloud will teach the hun
    We live by grace through faith and not the gun.
    Godless world explodes like a dying sun.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  21. Christo says:

    “Hitler truly embodied the dream of a “united Europe” and a “reborn western civilization” (albeit a pagan one!). ”

    Nope. Hitler was no pagan, Neither was NSDAP run Germany or the German Empire of the time. Hitler was what we would call a non-practicing Catholic. His Austrian family was not that religious either. As to Germany overall, that whole point of the low visibility of religion in Germany was far older than Nazis, as Germany had 100’s of years of experience in the wars between Protestants and Catholics and the fact that Germany itself had a large Southern Catholic base and then the North like up in Prussia was largely Protestant. One of the slogans and the one for German womens’ areas of concern was ‘Kitchen , Church , Cradle.’ And they didn’t give out Mother’s “Crosses’ on a whim, it was a definite throwback to Mary . Hardly a Pagan Empire.

  22. “… even the so-called “Orthodox brothers” (some of whom even owe the existence of their country on a world map to Russia!) have now fully turned against Russia and have become willing NATO-colonies (think Bulgaria or Romania here)”
    Romania most surely doesn’t owe to Russia its existence; in fact, it’s the other way around: see; the Czarist Empire had been completely treacherous towards Romania; the Russian army, after being saved by the Romanian army from destruction at the hands of the Turks at Pleven, in Bulgaria, thought it a good idea to try to occupy Romania; only firm opposition of the Romanians and from some of the other of the Great Powers aborted this project; it is worth remembering that the imploring message of the commander of the Russian army (Grand Duke Nikolai) asking the Romanian help embarassed the Russian pride, so when the Soviet Union occupied Romania after WWII, they searched for the telegram … but didn’t find it.
    As for being part of NATO, what choices did Romania have? Just before WWII, the Soviet Union entered a pact with Nazi Germany, the Ribbentropp-Molotov Pact, through which Bessarabia were to be occupied by the Soviet-Union; somewhat, the Soviet Union managed to interpret this convention of thieves by taking more than its part and occupied Northern Bukovina in the same move; to this day, even if the pact has been nullified by Germany and the Soviet Union, those territories have not been returned to Romania; the communism brought by the Soviet Union in Romania made about 200,000 victims (for a population of 15 million); etc.
    How can we be “Orthodox brothers” ?
    Maybe it’s credible for Western readers to state that “Russia Won’t Invade”; ask some of the neighbors of Russia or of the countries derived from the Soviet Union how they trust their Eastern neighbors; you can try that with the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Romanians … The only countries that sympathize are Bulgaria and Serbia (and maybe the Greeeks); for a simple reason: they have NO common border with Russia.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Anon
  23. anonymous[347] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s pretty clear the Russians would prefer to do normal business with other countries in an environment of peace and normalcy. The stirring up of things emanates from the US. The involved European countries are just flunkies of the US who have fallen into the grip of the Americans. Without the US they would have no inherent interest in these saber-rattling adventures. It is the US that is the greatest threat to world peace. Looking past the rhetoric it is the US that has gone on a war rampage since the end of WWII, invading and bombing countries all over the world, causing millions to die. This is a horribly perverse situation with an aggressor loudly claiming that others are planning military aggression even as it is currently engaged in war against the native people of multiple countries. How many millions has the US caused to die since 1945 and the supposed advent of ‘peace’ since then?

  24. peterAUS says:


    Maybe it’s credible for Western readers to state that “Russia Won’t Invade”; ask some of the neighbors of Russia or of the countries derived from the Soviet Union how they trust their Eastern neighbors; you can try that with the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Romanians … The only countries that sympathize are Bulgaria and Serbia (and maybe the Greeeks); for a simple reason: they have NO common border with Russia.

    Well, how about:
    We believe that Russian top elites would love to invade all those countries, and more, if possible. Given an opportunity they’d do it in a blink of an aye.

    But, we also believe that at the moment those elites are quite aware they can’t do it. They are having problems holding on what they have, as we speak. Invading, anywhere, simply isn’t on their mind.
    At the moment all those “Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Romanians” aren’t important.
    Russians in Ukraine are. Donbass/Novorossya and Crimea.

    Makes sense?

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  25. FB says: • Website
    @Mr. Hack

    Yeah…I’m sure Valery Gerasimov is quaking in his boots…

    From that article you linked to…

    ‘…the U.S. operates the OC-135B, an aging airframe that has struggled with maintenance rates. This is the first flight under the treaty conducted by the U.S. in 2018.’

    ‘Aging airframe’ being a relative term for an airplane that dates from the early 1950s…

  26. Sean says:

    The US government – through NIST – officially recognized the fact that the WTC7 building fell at a free-fall speed for 2,25 seconds

    Well that is a relief, I thought it might have fell at close to the world record speeds of a down-hill skier, which is significantly faster than free fall. Maybe he was secretly jet propelled !

    Not even to liberate the Russian minorities in Apartheid Latvia

    Yes that British General former deputy commander of NATO in Europe who explains why war with Russia is now inevitable mentioned cited t the Russian minority being denied citizenship in his excellent eponymous–titled book as a reason why Putin must try and liberate them.

  27. FB says: • Website
    @Old Romanian

    I have to wonder if you really believe your own bullshit…

    The Romanians, Serbs and Bulgarians were under Turkish rule for hundreds of years at the time that Russia went to war against Turkey to free its ‘Orthodox brothers’…this was the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78, which Russia won at great cost, and which resulted in the independence of Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria…

    The Russians intended to capture Constantinople, the seat of the Orthodox religion, and which the Turks had seized from the Greeks in the 15’th century…but the treacherous British got up in arms about the Russian gains in the area…

    ‘The British sent a fleet of battleships to intimidate Russia from entering the city, and Russian forces stopped at San Stefano…’

    Nothing like the Unz rabble making up horseshit in the comments section…you mentioned the Siege of Plevna in Bulgaria…during the course of that Russo-Turkish war…here are the real facts…it was the Russians that were besieging the Turks in that fortified city, and the Turkish commander ultimately requested permission to give up the town and retreat, which was denied…they made a breakout attempt, which was unsuccessful…and in which the Turkish Osman was wounded and forced to surrender…

    Yes Romanian and other forces contributed in the siege, which was a five month battle, and perhaps not extremely well prosecuted by the Russian commanders…but your blathering about Romanians ‘saving’ the Russians is idiotic…

    Romania certainly does have Russia to thank for its independence…that is historical fact…of course Romania is hardly what one would call ‘independent’ nowadays anyway…having gladly signed its own freedom away…[was in Romania a couple of years ago…people not too pleased with the ‘new boss’]

    • Replies: @yurivku
    , @Old Romanian
  28. FYI, it may be the case that in the 19th century Romania owed it to the Russians. But in 1917, Russians screwed us, leaving us to be split between the nominal French allies and the Germans.

    Between the wars, Soviets trained the terrorists Goldstein and Lichtblau to blow up the Romanian Parliament.

    In 1939, Molotov requested, and received, from Ribbentrop, half of historic Moldova. On July 3rd, 1940, in Kishinau, the first parade of the Soviet “liberators” included a formation of SS soldiers. This repeated the more famous German-Soviet parades, such as that seen in Brest-Litovsk (September 22nd, 1939).

    Meanwhile, half of that land has been gifted to Ukraine. I hope you enjoy your friendship with Ukraine and the Nazis.

    • Replies: @FB
  29. Lot says:
    @Felix Keverich

    Saker is so dumb he implies Lithuanians are poor compared to Russians, not more than 50% higher income (nominal and PPP).

    “Destitute and unemployed”?

    • Replies: @B.F.
    , @FB
  30. @Been_there_done_that

    Who do you think you are? Kaliningrad is a part of Gorbachov Reagan agreement.
    US has already broken many parts (almost all ) of this agreement, Kaliningrad would be one of those where Russia would say enough is enough. So shot your foul smelling mouth,

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  31. Totally and absolutely brilliant article exceptionally solid reasoning and void of an single error,
    My most sincere congratulation to Saker

  32. yurivku says:
    @Felix Keverich

    You are certainly belong to “liberastic” small part of our, Rissian, society. All others know – there were no annexation of Crimea, and no “invasion” in Syria. Latter was a help to very old ally, absolutely legal action, the former wass absolutely necessay step, and being done during a coup in Ukraine was legal.
    But to argue on these matters with a liberast makes no sense, so I won’t.

    80 or 90 percents of Russians do approve both these Putin’s actions. But not you, don’t think you are Russian actually.

    Internal affairs is a different case. Many (and I) do not approve what Putin does here.

    • Replies: @Anon
  33. Wally says:

    Indeed, Saker’s laughable beliefs concerning ‘Hitler ruling the world’ * and the fake & impossible ‘holocaust’ makes him look childishly ignorant, indoctrinated.

    *All one needs to do is look at a map of the world for the period to see who already ‘ruled the world’, and it was not Hitler.

  34. yurivku says:

    Great. Thanks.
    Let’s recall where was Romania during WW2. What atrosities her people did in Crimea and Black Sea region …

    But this BS of oldromainan is just another provement why nothing is going to change, and world’s desire to go to hell can’t be overcome.

  35. Anonymous [AKA "Named Martin althought Lutherhater"] says:

    Here is another map that describes the history of divided Ukraine. Namely the borders of the Crimean Khanate. The Khanate was a predatory state whose reason for being was slave hunting in Russia and Poland (Ukraine) and selling these slaves to the Ottoman Empire. It caused terrible damage to both Russia and Poland for centuries. Eventually, it was ended by Russia. And we can still see this when we look at the map of the 2010 election results. It follows the borders of the Khanate in the south. Plus that Eastern Ukraine is Russian.

    Still, lets not forget. The large Russian areas of Ukraine are a result of the cynical politics of the USSR. For example, Crimea was not a “gift” just for fun to Ukraine. It was to guarantee a solid Russian ethnic majority in the Ukranian administrative area, to facilitate the domination of the people with Ukrainian identity.

    • Replies: @Dube
  36. B.F. says:
    @Felix Keverich

    Don’t be absurd. How can Russia “annex” it’s own land ? Crimea was annexed by Ukraine in 1954 and reunited with Russia in 2014, where it belongs. The Ukrainian annexation of Crimea in 1954 was NEVER ratified by the pertinent Soviet authorities, certainly not in Russia. NATO, of course, was furious, as it could not grab Sevastopol. Finally, Putin was never “humiliated” in Ukraine, but was watching the coup d’etat against Yanukovich unfold. NATO grabs Kiev and Putin reunifies Crimea with Russia. I am still laughing. I could have told NATO what would happen. Worse for NATO and the Western elites, that coup d’etat in 2014 started a chain reaction which cannot be stopped. Since 2017 analysts have been stating that Ukraine will break up into three parts, as it will. Some 75 % of Ukraine was created on historic Russian lands. The name of Ukraine is derived from the Slavic word “Krayina”, which means frontier region. From “Krayina” you get “Ukrayina”, and from “Ukrayina” you get Ukraine, which was the western frontier region of Russia. By December of 2017, some 4 million Ukrainians had fled to the West and 4.4 million to Russia. Even Poroshenko has sold his assets in the country, preparing to flee to the US, whose citizenship he possesses.

  37. Why would Putin invade any place of less than existential strategic importance and threaten a war with Europe and America when he can sit back a watch them implode on their own, which is exactly what he is doing. Russia is best situated to survive (some could argue they are spearheading it) the return to nationalism which is sweeping the world. Globalist systems both economical and social are in collapse . There are two glaring questions that expose a powerful minority that is controlling the narrative and government in the West. First, exactly why are we Americans enemies with Russia? Second, exactly why are we Americans friends with Israel and Saudi Arabia? Every college student in America should be required to write a paper on this. That would stir up some debate.

    It is clearly in the interest of the vast majority of Americans to have a fruitful and cooperative relationship with Russia vis-a-vis dealing with China, the Middle East or Europe for that matter. The cultural commonalities of the two countries (religion, science, art if not governance) warrant this. Supporting Israel and Saudi Arabia has never been in the majority of American’s best interest, globally or with respect to relationships with the countries of the Middle East which is either the number one or number two spot on earth where a world war is likely to start.

    We have never declared war with Russia and Russia has been our ally in the two greatest wars that America has ever fought; the American Civil War and WWII. The advantages of a sound and productive relationship with Russia should be obvious. In America, what is obvious is that the tail is wagging the dog.

  38. Putin, or any Russian leader, has a very good reason for wanting to re-take the Baltic states – i.e. to reduce the length of the borders he must defend.

    As long as those ports are not in his hands he must be able to repulse any putative army that lands in them to advance on the heart of Russia. With the ports in his hands he needs a much smaller force to defend against attack. Take a look at a map.

    But, since no True European would ever ever contemplate a land war in Europe again, this is a paranoid delusion.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  39. B.F. says:

    Don’t be absurd. I cannot recall the last time I read such c0mplete and utter nonsense. Have you read Hitlers Mein Kamph ? What did he write in the second part of the book ? What plans did he have for Russia ? Hitler invading Russia to fight communism ? Indeed. And who financed Hitler ? The same people who financed Napoleon, Lenin and Trotsky, namely private bankers, who used both Napoleon and Hitler as proxies to fight wars for them. Hitler comes to power in 1933. However, before power is bestowed upon him, Wall Street in 1931 opens the Bank for International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland, right next to the German border. This Bank financed Hitler. A heap of books were written on Napoleon and Hitler, yet not one historian managed to explain how on earth these two characters managed to finance their wars. When it comes to Lenin and Trotsky, Wall Street bankers openly admitted that prior to 1917, they gave Lenin 20 million dollars in gold to subvert Russia. Finally, Stalin NEVER mobilized prior to the German invasion, as he did not want to give Hitler an excuse to attack. Hitler amassed 3 million men on the Soviet borders. Stalin’s generals warned him on that an attack was in imminent. Stalin still refused mobilization. Hitler attacks and gains initial victories. After that a shocked Stalin orders mobilization.

  40. B.F. says:

    After the break up of the Soviet Union, between 25 % and 30 % of the populations of the Baltic states emigrated to the West. After leaving the Soviet Union, the Baltic states expected more. They got less. It’s only now that they realize that their economies cannot function on their own.

  41. Anonymous [AKA "oscarmex"] says:

    agreed, i think he is one of those sons of russians who escaped communist slaughter but who never fought commies and feel need to redeem his “russianess” by praising the “ussr” victory, made possible by USA. saker , bandera was a warrior who died fighting not typing away. humans are frail, like son yearning for alcoholic father who beat mother and abandoned them

    fyi, i like todays russia but their admiration for ussr and hatred of only regime to fight world jewry shows their limits

  42. @nsa

    Yes, it does seem that Russia should mail gov pension checks only to addresses within the RF, or deposit them only within Russian banks at least (not Israeli, American, european banks). Receipients could still live abroad or spend the money abroad, but why make it so easy for them to physically ditch Russia?

  43. @Been_there_done_that

    Russia just giving up Kaliningrad is a real “heads I win, tails you lose” proposal by a westerner.

    Look, I have german heritage, not Russian; speak some german, not Russian; have vacationed in Germany, not yet Russia; and (until very recently) would have had an easier time adjusting to life in Germany than in Russia if I had to resettle. I also have no truck with people who think that the ussr’s degree of cruelty, collectivism, and surveillance was necessary to achieve industrialization, literacy, or the like. Finally, I wouldn’t doubt, from what I’ve read, that the USSR would have attacked Germany if Germany hadn’t gone first.

    But having said all that, the thing we know for sure is there germany attacked the USSR in fact, not the other way around, and that the Germans killed more than twenty million people in Russia (presumably mostly ethnic Russians).

    Why the Hell shouldn’t Russia keep territory it took from the people who most recently physically tried to exterminate and subjugate them? Germany is lucky that Russia gave back the territory it did.

  44. @Anonymous

    The Germans, my ancestors, were indeed impressive soldiers. But only a fool would deny the enormous bravery, resilience, and loyalty to home and hearth of the Russians who died horrible deaths in that brutal cold defending their country.

    Easy to take potshots at the russians’ performance when the us mainland (thank God) never sustained any meaningful attack, let alone invasion.

  45. @Been_there_done_that

    Hey, why doesn’t the US stop being “too pussy” to withdraw its forces from Europe then? You know, call Russia’s bluff, or something.

    What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander, and all that.

  46. @SeekerofthePresence

    This is excellent. A poignant poem.

    But in the real world, we do live by the gun, and good people often die or get subjugated if they don’t use those guns.

  47. @Anonymous

    Admiration or nostalgia for the USSR is, on balance, twisted. But how the Hell could Russians not hate nazi Germany?

  48. @Anonymous

    I agree that Russia would have sustained even heavier losses, perhaps even lost a lot of its territory t9 nazi Germany, without US help and US fighting Germany on the other fronts.

    But isn’t it also true that without Russia and the USSR, we in the USA would have suffered millions more casualties trying to defeat the world-class German forces?

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @AWM
  49. @another fred

    Good points. But what true Europeans are we talking about?

    In the near future, we will have a substantially nonwhite, aggressively Muslim plurality, then majority, in Germany, France, England, Sweden, Benelux countries, Austria, and probably Italy (sorry Matteo, you’re great but there’s nothing to be done given that Italians don’t have children anymore). Who can confidently predict that those newly Muslim, white-hating, Christian-hating “european” countries won’t seek to attack Russia?

    (And their target would be a Russia whose population and armed forces are increasingly Muslim. God help Russia and us.)

    • Replies: @another fred
  50. FB says: • Website
    @Dacian Soros

    More ridiculous pseudo-history…Moldova was part of the Russian Empire from 1812…before that it was under Turkish rule, and before that, going back to the 14’th century under Polish and hungarian rule…

    If you’re going to talk about claims to territories, the Hungarians have very valid claims against Romania, the entire Transylvania region…

  51. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    “As for Ukrainians without special qualifications, they have already shown up in Russia, and the last thing Russia needs is more of them (they can go scrub toilets in Poland or the UK).”

    I appreciate the information he reports and tend to accept the Saker’s analyses. But the evident contempt for Ukrainians generally undermines his credibility.

  52. FB says: • Website

    Have you actually been to Vilnius and to Moscow…?

    When you actually do then let me know what you see…

    The country has lost nearly a third of its population since independence…

    Unemployment is double the rate of that in Russia about 9 percent versus 4.5…

    The PPP per capita income of Lithuania is slightly higher, by about 15 percent, not 50 percent…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  53. @Curmudgeon

    The referendum was not legal. Only in the sick mind of those accepting Putin’s disinformatsiya uncritically was something like that legal.

    It was held under the guns of an Army of occupation, after the import of thousands of colonists and with the suppression of the votes of the real owners of Crimea. In short, it was the sort of vote Hitler and Stalin loved.

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @chris
    , @Curmudgeon
  54. @Curmudgeon

    The referendum was not legal. Only in the sick mind of those accepting Putin’s disinformatsiya uncritically was something like that legal.

    It was held under the guns of an Army of occupation, after the import of thousands of colonists and with the suppression of the votes of the real owners of Crimea. In short, it was the sort of vote Hitler and Stalin loved.

    • Replies: @Melotte 22
  55. Another pathetic post by Saker. Saker simply spews Putin’s disinformatsiya, and there is little truth in his articles, and that is so poisoned by the rubbish, the articles are worth little to nothing.

    Russia has already invaded Ukraine, and that fact is recognized by the world, and especially his neighbors. The result is a concern that is realistic on the part of all Putinist Russia’s neighbors.

    Saker posts rubbish for Putin, but refuses to move to Putin’s fascist dictatorship because he feels his life would be in danger there. Such a concerns is simply a coward’s way out. Putin doesn’t murder or jail those who troll the world for him. Saker would fit right in with the rest of the Savushkina trolls and would be welcome in that fever swamp of disinjformatsiya known as Russia Insider.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @hunor
  56. Sean says:

    Putin does not want to be associated with 9/11 conspiracy theories, The Saker must put it out of his mind; he can never go back.

  57. @RadicalCenter

    Good points. But what true Europeans are we talking about?

    These (it’s a joke).

  58. @Quartermaster

    I like reading your comments. They make me laugh every time I read them.
    Keep them coming.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  59. @FB

    Looks like I touched a nerve;
    1) like it or not, the Romanians saved the Russian army then; why do you think king Carol of Romania was Commander in chief over the two armies? – it was agreed by the Russian command, desperate because they were gonna lose – the telegram asking help said: “come under any condition you like” – and the general command of the armies was one of the conditions;

    2) please read carefully the Wikipedia link you have sent me before you embarass yourself more; it says that:

    “The next day Osman surrendered the city, the garrison and his sword to Romanian Col. Mihail Cerchez.”

    Why do you think Osman Pacha surrendered to a Romanian officer ? Because the outcome of the battle was decided by the Romanians.
    So, ironically, the picture in your post is proving my point (or my BS, as you put it) – because the officer to whom Osman is surrendering his sword is Romanian.

    You mention the wars of the Russians “to free the Orthodox brothers”; are you serious? maybe you should read other history books than the Russian ones; let me give you some subjects to meditate upon:

    1) the border of the Ottoman Empire was the Danube, South of Romania; Romania (or the two principalities which constituted Romania before 1856, Moldavia and Wallachia) were not administered in any way by the Turks, the Romanians just paid to the Turks to be left alone; there never was a Turkish pacha at the head of those principalities; technically, the Turks exercised suzeranity, not sovereignity; and that’s why in Romania the number of mosques is insignifiant and the Turkish minority is very small, unlike some Balkan countries. So, we really didn’t feel like being liberated.

    2) in 1812, the Russians occupied Bessarabia – was this a brotherly gesture ? in 1878, they re-took the Budjak region of Bessarabia lost after the Crimean War; are you considering a honest deed the invasion of a country which helped you when you were in dire straits?

    3) in 1940, the Soviet Union re-occupied Bessarabia after it was returned to Romania following WWI (in 1918) and occupied also Northern Bukowina; all these territories were subjected to genocidal policies; hundreds of thousands of people were killed or deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan (see for ex., one of many,ântâna_Albă_massacre) ; was this in the name of Orthodox or Communist brotherly love?
    4) in 1917, we were again fighting together against Germans, Turks, Bulgarians and Austro-Hungarians; The Russians abandoned the Romanians – they had a Revolution to make; previously, as trusted allies, the Romanians have sent 92 tons of gold to Moscow, our gold reserve, to avoid its capture by the enemy; I ask you, where is our gold ? Did you use it for the golden decoration of your churches, in the name of the Orthodox brotherhood?

    That is why there is a certain mistrust in Romania for the Russian Orthodox brotherhood.

    So, if you want a real discussion about how can Russia be trusted, consider answering the 4 points above and try to do it in a civil manner. I have no animosity against common Russians, it is the might and greed of the imperial Russia I don’t trust. And (real) History seems to give me (and other neighbors of Russia) the right reasons.

    • Replies: @FB
  60. @peterAUS

    Absolutely. Of course I don’t believe all the Western readers believe propaganda, wherever it comes from; but it’s important to state the point of view of people from non-dominant countries; sometimes these countries are important too; for example, the coup d’état which took away Romania from its German alliance and brought it along the Anglo-American allies is considered to have shortened the WWII with 6 months; think what the German atomists could have achieved in those supplementary months.

    “At the end of the war, King Michael was awarded the highest degree (Chief Commander) of the American Legion of Merit by U.S. President Harry S. Truman.[21] He was also decorated with the Soviet Order of Victory by Joseph Stalin “for the courageous act of the radical change in Romania’s politics towards a break-up from Hitler’s Germany and an alliance with the United Nations, at the moment when there was no clear sign yet of Germany’s defeat”, according to the official description of the decoration. With the death of Michał Rola-Żymierski in 1989, Michael became the sole surviving recipient of the Order of Victory.” (

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  61. peterAUS says:
    @Old Romanian

    I here you and agree.


    …it is the might and greed of the imperial Russia I don’t trust…


    …. I don’t believe all the Western readers believe propaganda, wherever it comes from; but it’s important to state the point of view of people from non-dominant countries…

    Countries like yours have that (location, location) “privilege” to simply be dominated by a major power. The nature of the world we live in .
    In the current paradigm, in Europe, it’s choosing, if one can that is (Ukraine……), between West and Russia.

    I know what my choice would be. And, it’s not choice which is better actually,as we speak; it’s which one is less worse.
    Bottom line, really, is which power hungry and greedy bastard is shafting me: Western or Russian.
    I feel that Western types do it with a little more style and leave me a bit more. Plenty of (recent) Russian immigrants at my place tend to agree.

    In any case….hehe….good luck in …ahm…”debating ” it with the resident members of “Team Russia” here.

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  62. FB says: • Website
    @Old Romanian

    I suggest you read the wikipedia entry because you are bullshitting profusely…

    ‘General Eduard Ivanovich Todleben arrived to oversee the conduct of the siege as the army chief of staff.

    That’s who was in charge on the field…Romanian Prince Carol was not in charge…the Russian Czar was in charge overall and was there in person…

    ‘Czar Alexander II and his brother Grand Duke Nicolas watched from a pavilion built on a hillside out of the line of fire.’

    Osman Pasha did surrender his sword to Romanian Col Mihail Cerchez…which was depicted in the picture I posted…but there is absolutely nothing to support your wildass story about the Romanians saving Russia…that’s so laughable it could be a gypsy tale…

    Anyway I’ve wasted far too much time on bozos like you here…like I said I was in Romania not long ago and the poverty, especially in the rural areas is even worse than in Soviet times…and the people are even more displeased…

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  63. @Melotte 22

    So you love Putin’s talking points and other lies. That’s OK, Hitler, Stalin, and now Putin love useful idiots like yourself.

    • Replies: @Melotte 22
  64. There is a technique of writing so much drivel with so many irrelevant provocations included that it becomes impossible to refute. Saker is a master of this technique.

  65. @RadicalCenter

    By 1943, the British tube Alloys project had made 43 kg of fissile uranium at a site in North Wales. This and Canadian technology was handed to the US because the US had the resources to speed the project up. The Hiroshima bomb was the British design, the Nagasaki was the US design.

    Germany didn’t invade Russia until after it had failed to invade the UK. By 1940, the UK was outproducing Germany, without including the rest of the Empire. Without Russia the war would have been longer. A few months if the US had been part of it. 18 months if the US had stayed out.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  66. @Quartermaster

    He doesn’t even spew Putinist disinformation. He has his own mad White Russian take. he wants the Tsar back.

  67. @Felix Keverich

    Do you mean to say that numerous attempts of Crimean population to get the heck out of Ukraine since 1991 never happened? That Kiev government never illegally gutted Crimean autonomy? That the great majority of Crimean population was not happy to finally get out of Ukraine and join Russia? If you believe all this, I have a mountain to sell you.

  68. @FB

    Read AGAIN, under the title Second Battle:

    “Osman Pasha strengthened his defences and built more redoubts, his force growing to 22,000 men and 58 guns,[7] while the Russians obtained reinforcements from the army of Prince Carol of Romania (later king Carol I of Romania), who received the command of the joint besieging force

    and try to do it without prejudice: your general was Chief of Staff, not Commander in Chief. It is easy to find the difference: just click on “chief of staff” in the and you will find that:

    “The title chief of staff (or head of staff) identifies the leader of a complex organization, institution, or body of persons and it also may identify a principal staff officer (PSO), who is the coordinator of the supporting staff or a primary aide-de-camp to an important individual, such as a president or a senior military officer.
    This senior military officer was the commander of the joint besieging army, Carol I of Romania (see the first paragraph).
    You got it now?
    Third time (of reading the SAME text) is a charm as they say, isn’t it ?

    Still not convinced? Try, where you will find the following phrase:

    On August 16, at Gorni-Studen, the armies (West Army group) around Plevna were placed under the command of the Romanian Prince Carol I, aided by the Russian general Pavel Dmitrievich Zotov and the Romanian general Alexandru Cernat. ”
    (under the title “Balkan theatre”)

    • Replies: @hunor
    , @FB
  69. @peterAUS

    Thank you for the support; as I can see, we agree 100%; and about having a major power to be dominated by, we Romanians have had the location privilege of being the target of 3 major empires: Ottoman, Russian, Austro-Hungarian.
    I don’t mind debating, even hostile opponents; the “Russian team” doesn’t understand that this kind of attitude (of course, amplified 1000 times in case of the empire elites) led to the loss of trust between Russians and their neighbors. As Fouche had said: “It is worse than a crime, it is a mistake”.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  70. AWM says:

    ” the USA would have suffered millions more casualties trying to defeat the world-class German forces?’

    Not with the atomic bomb.
    You see, the one thing about the USA is that we are never outgunned, not anymore.
    Not now, not even close. Don’t ask me how I know.

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @The scalpel
  71. hunor says:
    @Old Romanian

    Who are the old Romanians ? Who are the new Romanians ? Who are the Dacians?
    Who are the people that live in the country incorrectly calling themselves Romanians ?
    Why the people of Romania need fake identity , fake history fake glory ?
    The fact is they are Wallachians , that is they tribal name. They are migrated from
    the area today called Albania, and moved from pastures to pastures, to seek new grazing
    ground for the goat industry they were maintaining as a way of living. They ended up
    where they are, and started inventing fake history fake glory , fake nationality. They
    backstabbed and betrayed every single allies they ever had. That is not a put down ,
    that is a historical fact. Of course it is no use to verify this facts on Wikipedia , they
    do not hold records of lowly behavior , but it is in the memory of those whom they
    turned. The only logical advice would be for the people of ” Romania ” to figure out
    who they are . I wish them the best of luck.

    • Agree: FB
  72. hunor says:

    You are hopelessly dumb , you should stop reading his posts it is clearly not for you.
    You should start reading Don Quixote .

  73. @Quartermaster

    I like your talking points more.
    They have the same effect on me as Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

  74. peterAUS says:
    @Old Romanian

    Pretty much.

    Well, except debating it with the “Team Russia”, that is.

    As for “hostile opponents”, well, free will and such, but, I prefer doing something else. Fishing, for example.
    And, FYI, there are a couple of, I feel, true psychopaths, here. If I were you I’d…….anyway….free will and such, again.

    Oh my………just seen the comment 72. below.

    Good luck.

  75. @peterAUS

    Ah yes, the Number one Romanian-haters, “team Hungary”; it’s only logical for them to pick-up the relay; that only gives me the opportunity to clarify this aspect of Romanian history.

    The name of this hater is hunor, derived from Huns, the Barbaric tribe which invaded Europe in the IV-th century; the Magyar tribes invaded in the IX-th century A.D., and occupied the same area as the Huns; somehow, the modern Hungarians, presumably descendents of Magyars, took pride in their predecessors deeds, that’s why many are named Hunor or even Attila, the chief of Huns who nearly conquered Rome. Mister hunor above is probably a member of the Jobbik party, a far-right party which focuses on taking back Transylvannia from Romania, even though the Hungarians are 6% of the general Romanian population and only 17% in Transylvannia proper.
    (see :

    “On May 1, 1784 the Emperor Joseph II called for the first official census of the Habsburg Empire, including Transylvania. The data was published in 1787, and this census showed only the overall population (1,440,986 inhabitants).[36]

    Fényes Elek, a 19th-century Hungarian statistician, estimated in 1842 that in the population of Transylvania for the years 1830-1840 the majority were 62.3% Romanians and 23.3% Hungarians.[37]”)

    But they have to justify somehow the legitimacy of their claim, which is fake, given that Transylvannian population was always mainly Romanian; so they pretend that when Magyars came to Pannonia and Transylvania, these territories had no population at all, and only very later, Albanians came and became somehow the majority of the population into the two independent principalities of Moldova, Wallachia and even in Transylvannia (speaking Romanian! – which is a Latin language, unlike Albanian).
    It is unclear how such a population migration took place without letting trace in history and how Albanians managed to pass through the bulk of Slavian populations which stand between Romanian and Albanian territory.
    But hate is blinding: I remember reading (in French) a book by an otherwise respectable member of the French Establishment (of Hungarian birth) about the so-called Hungarian tragedy: in 1970, Romania suffered from unexpectedly huge floods, which extended to Hungary, given that many rivers from Transylvannia flow to Hungary; his idea was that the much subdued floods in Hungary were because Romanians built bad dams, which couldn’t resist the furious waters and somehow, Romanians are to blame for the floods in Hungary; it never occured to him that if some Romanian dams have given in, the water spread inside Romania, avoiding a much more severe flood in Hungary.

  76. @Old Romanian

    I am puzzled. Who are Romanians? Albanian Gypsies?

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  77. @peterAUS

    Now I am absolutely positive. You must be gypsy also, You always staunchly support gypsies.

  78. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    I am not puzzled; you are just another low IQ person

  79. hunor says:
    @Old Romanian

    Well , Well , Well , The old Wallachian nailed it I am a Hun. I am a Hun linguistically , genetically, culturally , and spiritually. One has to face actuality , and not escape in fancy ideas of being something else. The Hungarians are not haters of anybody , They are not hating the Wallachians , who imagine themselves as Dacians or Romanians , when no historic or genetic evidence support any of that idea. Imagine the whole nation of people being brainwashed and conditioned to believe something they are not. We don’t hate them for that , we just respect them less for the falsehood they live by, and maintain stubbornly . As for Transylvania , that was a part of the kingdom of Hungary long before the goat herding Wallachians set they hairy paws on that part of the world. As they migrated from pastures to pastures , they settled in that area beginning in the thirteenth century. They were tolerated because they didn’t come with weapons , and they were humble and peaceful. As the centuries passed by the demographic reality changed , do to many reasons . Wars and mass kidnapping by the Turks. It is documented ,when Hungary was under Turkish occupation The Turks robbed entire generations of the children under the age of ten years old. Boys were trained to be warriors / janicsar / , and when grown up, were send to fight they own people. Girls were trained to feel the harems of the disgusting filthy Turks. They were very selective and took all the best and brightest , and drained the capable gene pool of Hungary. So Transylvania was lost because the law of nature is , the land belongs to those who are populating it.

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
    , @Seraphim
  80. “Why Russia Won’t Invade the Ukraine, the Baltic Statelets or Anybody Else”

    Let me guess without reading the article first: Because Russia is nothing like the evil imperialist racist colonialist ist ist ist United States (Where the Saker prefers to live and collect welfare), and Russia’s missiles are bigger.


    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  81. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I do admire your nobility. But actually the major reason is that Russia is rich, Immensely rich in natural resources. Gold, diamonds, natural gas, oil that is bubbling on the surface all over Siberia, copper, nickel, chrome, titanium, coal, iron, rare earths,just to name a few.
    Europe is exhausted already totally of natural resources. so is USA.
    Ukraine has nothing except coal and fertile ground.
    Why would Russia in the right mind to try invade countries, and create an empire and share all their natural resources, particularly with the countries, that backstabber her.
    Russia is looking at bright future,
    Would you share your riches?

  82. Dube says:

    I believe that you refer to what Brezhnev called for as “appropriate demographic solutions.” The presence of great numbers of Russophones in these lands was a result.

  83. ” But what is conspicuously missing from this narrative is a discussion of the possible Russian motives for such a military move. ”

    MH17 not even conspicuously missing in this case, the investigation team into ‘whodunnit’ claims to know who, a Russian officer, but has announced that in case they can lay their hands on him they’ll ask him why he did it.
    Anyone who cool headed looks at the facts understands that the west, including Ukraine, had motives: blaming Russia as a bunch of criminals, making sanctions possible.

  84. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Romanian

    We western europeans NEVER wanted any eastern europeans joining the EU . Eastern europeans were a disgrace for Russia ,and are a disgrace and for the EU .

    You romanians have flooded Europe with inmigrants , with gypsies , thiefs and all types of mafias . And you collect subventions from the UE , while serving the US to isolate Russia , and to foster war with Russia . Miserable Romania .

    We western europeans do not want eastern europeans in the UE ,from Estonia to Bulgaria , go to hell , get out of the EU .

  85. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    All these little shitty nazi low IQ fake countries of eastern Europe pretend that Russia wants to invade them just to extort money from the EU and from the US .

    By doing so they harm themselves , they have destroyed the EU and they are ruining the US Empire which after Yugoslavia and Ukraruina has lost all credibility in Europe .

    Probable Ukraruina has the lowest IQ of all the eastern freeloaders .

  86. Z-man says:

    Professor Stephen Cohen a righteous Jew.
    Hey, the USA, Russia and Saudi Arabia squashed a UN climate treaty statement yesterday, good. Putin-Trump-MbS* Axis Da!!!

    *All kidding aside the Arabians and the Americans should get rid of that 800 pound gorilla as soon as possible.

  87. APilgrim says:

    Russia is a Christian Republic.

    Vladimir Putin is a christian republican.

    Hence, the Globalists fear & loath Putin & Russia.

    This does not mean I favor US disarmament. I favor ‘gunning up’.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  88. APilgrim says:

    People, pull your head out of your butts.

    The godless ChiCOMs are an existential THREAT, not the Christian Russians.

    Deal with the world, the way it is!

    • Agree: Z-man
  89. hunor says:

    You are right why would you have Eastern Europeans when you can have the entire Africa and all the Arabs from Pakistan , Afganistan etc. They will enrich your culture immensely , They will groom your daughters , your wife and all your female relatives for sex slaves. Just keep spending your tax on the new Europeans who, will irrevocably destroy your sophisticated cultures. People of Eastern Europe are very happy to see the parasitic hordes of Gypsies living for the rich western countries , and also happy about the fact that all the hordes of migrants preferring western Europe to feed on, and avoid the poor Eastern Europe. Have a color full future !

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Old Romanian
  90. Z-man says:

    Like I’ve said many times ‘THEY’ hate Putin for reestablishing Christianity to Mother Russia after 70 years of official atheism.

  91. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Perspective: I have nothing against Russia. Nothing. I admire its efforts to maintain its identity. I don’t claim to possess insight or expertise on its historically complex relationships with its Ukrainian and Georgian (and other) neighbors. AFAICT, the actions Russia takes from a geo-political standpoint are not a threat to the people of the United States. Russia is defiant to the globalist agenda and that is why they are perpetually vilified in the MSM.

    Now, as far as Muh Saker goes, he is just another carpetbagging fraudster foreigner who lives in the US and spares no opportunity to shit all over it. He isn’t much different than a drunk driving Mexican illegal who sends all of his tax free money back to Sinaloa and waves a Mexican flag on the 4th of July for no other reason than to give the middle finger to the place he leeches off of. We already have millions of invaders mooching here and we don’t need anymore. Muh Saker doesn’t seem to realize it is he and his mass immigrant ilk that make the US worse that it alternatively would be. The theme of nearly every article of his is the same: Russia’s dick is bigger than the US’s. It’s immaterial, it’s become boring, it’s lazy writing.

    The one exception I will take with you comment, Ilyana, is that the US is not exhausted on natural resources. Fracking has made the US mostly energy independent despite the best efforts of our tumorous so-called “environmental” bureaucracy.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @RadicalCenter
  92. @Curmudgeon

    B.F. cites Mein Kampf as proof of Hitler’s aggressiveness toward Russia, but that had been written long before WW2 started. All Hitler wanted in 1939 was to defend Danzig from imminent attack by Poland. The Allies wanted a world war, not Hitler. They used his defense of the 2 million Germans in Danzig as an excuse to start one.

    • Replies: @Anon
  93. @Felix Keverich

    You really don’t read much, do you? In fact, what are you doing here, on a site about geopolitics, if you’re not prepared to make even a minimal effort? Presidents change, but interests remain.

  94. The usual pro-Putin propaganda. Nothing new in it. If it’s being trotted out yet again, that suggests that the author sees Putin as being in ever deeper trouble.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Carroll Price
  95. The reason the Zionist controlled U.S. and Britain and France and Germany are constantly pushing the Russian aggression hysteria is that Zionist international kabal wants a war with Russia to destroy Russia and thus end the last obstacle to a satanic Zionist NWO!

    The Zionist kabal believes it can survive an nuclear war with Russia in their DUMBs ie Deep Underground Military Bases that the Zionists have throughout the U.S. and Europe and these bases are connected by high speed trains in underground tunnels and so these satanic bastards care not if any goyim survive , they only care that Russia is destroyed and the way is clear to a Zionist NWO!

    Read The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed and The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman and The Protocols of Zion to see the Zionist game plan for their NWO.

  96. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    No african or asians wanted in western Europa , back to africa and asia , gipsies back to Romania


    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  97. @hunor

    Well,… The Old “Hun” is bringing his myths and prejudices in; I suppose you have some links to support your fake arguments; or maybe not.
    Anyway, let’s discuss your Jobbik-type arguments:
    – you say you are a Hun. Read this:

    It says: “Several studies have proven that only 4% of the DNA of today’s Hungarians show Asian origin”


    “It seems that the majority of the components can be found in the ancient European layer of the Neolithic-Bronze Age.”

    Got it? Bronze Age: long before any Asian invader like Huns or Mongols or Magyars came to enrich Europe’s DNA.

    As you can see, this link leads to a Hungarian study; even your own scientist assert the almost non-existent relation to the Huns; so the falsehood, my less respectful opponent, is yours.

    But you should rejoice: you are part of Team Europe, at least genetically; spiritually, maybe not completely; the massacres the Hungarians perpetuated in Transylvannia in 1940 over the Romanians tend to confirm your claims as being a Hun; see; just an example of many.

    Now about Romanian identity: The first original population is Dacian, which is a subdivision of the Thracian nation, once spread from the border of the Greek world till Ukraine; the second component is Latin, that’s why our language is Latin; the third is Slavic (from the VI-th century on). The Thracians were split by various invasions, mainly Slavic; the Slavic populations of Yougoslavia came in the Balkans by touring the Carpathian mountains and settled between the Thracian nation of the Albanians and the Romanian population, situated mainly North of Danube but also South; the Proto-Romanians South of Danube are part of Bulgaria and Serbia now and named Vlachs by the Bulgarians and Serbians; this is the same trick as you use when you call me “Old Wallachian”, in order to negate the Romanian origin of these populations.

    In fact, Wallachian is just the name the neighboring populations give to the Romanians, just as the Germans are named “Nemtsi” by the Slavs.

    Now about the non-glorious period of Hungary being a pachalik; Romanians avoided that by paying the Turks, so there were no janissaries of Romanian origin and no mosques in Romania; you got to admit this is a good point.

    You say:

    “So Transylvania was lost because the law of nature is , the land belongs to those who are populating it” – given the structure of the Transylvannian population today (only 17% Hungarian) am I to believe that you admit that Transylvannia is truly a part of Romania?

    Side note: I have to confess I really laughed about the “hairy paws” thing; I still consider you a cultured man; biased, but cultured.

    • Replies: @hunor
  98. @Been_there_done_that

    Intentionally derogatory? I doubt it… belittling, yes!

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  99. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    “So shot your foul smelling mouth,”… were you frothing at the mouth when you typed it?

  100. @hunor

    Congratulations from your less respected Romanian opponent; after destroying the Eastern industries, implanting lots of cheating companies which don’t pay taxes, some Westeners have the guts to call us freeloaders. (No, it’s not sarcasm)
    Sad, as Trump would put it.
    I hope that some time good sense will prevail even in the West; the majority of commentaries here are, nonetheless, reasonable. All it takes is a change of paradigm – and of elites.

  101. I do not know much about Saker, And I do not know where he lives. I only know that he was born in Switzerland. He is expert in different grape plants and creating vineyards for different types of soil.
    He created company in Russia for these sort of activities. I do not think he is making living by writing. I do suspect that he is well off. His writing is only hobby.
    I do not want to knock down fracking, but fracking is to the certain degree risky enterprise.
    It is the scraping the bottom of the pot. Also concerning fracking could result in some consequences,
    that we do not see at present.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  102. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I guess you’re one of those “love it or leave it” guys, the type I hated when growing up during the Vietnam War era. And yea, I served my country.

  103. Anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    What was the role of Victoria Nuland in the 2014 Ukrainian coup? Nuland was a senior official specializing in Eastern European affairs in the State Department under Clinton and then Kerry. When the Democrats take over the House in January, they ought to hold hearings on the US role in the Ukrainian coup and have Nuland testify. I think she made a terrible mistake in thinking that Russia would stand idly by as Ukraine moved closer to NATO and a possible future NATO naval base in Sevastop0l, Crimea, the only warm water port in the former Soviet Union.

  104. Branko says:

    Interesting article. Good read as usual.
    As a Bulgarian I know that Bulgaria didn’t turn against Russia, its more complicated than that and the Saker should do his homework better. After the death of Alexander ll Russian attitude towards Bulgaria has been hostile in general. Favoring Serbia has been the Russian biggest mistake in the Balkans.

    Anyway Bulgarians will never forget those Russian Soldiers who freed us from the Otoman Empire.

  105. Herald says:

    Serving in the US military is neither serving country or planet.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  106. Herald says:

    The US cannot out-nuke Russia which makes your point mind dumbingly pointless. No need to ask me how I know that.

  107. Lurker says:

    These are the men who destroyed 80% of the Nazi military and who *really* won WWII (not Patton or MacArthur!)

    MacArthur played no part in the war against Germany.

    Lots of factors played a part in the defeat of Germany, one quite significant one which is generally acknowledged only indirectly these days, was the British naval blockade of Germany. Without that I wouldn’t be so sure that the USSR would have prevailed against Germany.

  108. hunor says: • Website
    @Old Romanian

    This discussion of who is who started out about the wallachians being Romanians with Latin origins . This is false I will prove it for you so you don’t live the rest of your life in confusion. But first about the Huns. The Huns were a conglomerate of tribes , the Magyars were just one of them. They were clearly Caucasians not Asiatic . The more ancient name of this tribes is Scythias. If you google the DNA map of the nations of Europe it is color coded , and you will find the Hungarians are closest genetically to the Ukrainians end polish people. Because long before they were so called slavs they were Scythias. Interestingly if you look up this genetic map of Europe you will find the sharp difference between western and eastern Europe. The Romanians not even close to any western European Latin nations. In fact according to the color coded map they are closer even to the Hungarians and Serbs , Bulgarians and Greece. This new tool of genetic research of the human DNA can clear up a lots of false propaganda. Just try to live the dogmas and emotions behind.

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  109. @follyofwar

    Your service, as mine, is irrelevant.

    But I guess in contrast you are one of those invite the world, melting pot, “diversity is our strength” fools? I guess we’ll just leave our different world views at that.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  110. @Anon

    You sound very primitive, I’ll try to bring you back to reason: every country has her own gypsies, There a little more in Romania because Romanians didn’t resort to the solution people like you and the Nazi Germans used to apply; this is called tolerance and is hard to understand for a concrete head, I admit.
    And as not all Gypsies are from Romania, please don’t send them here; keep your own Gypsies.

    You are a member of the blind part of the nationalism, which can’t see the advantage of cooperation between European countries; you kiss Eastern European ass when you need East Europeans to fight in the avoidable wars your irresponsible politics brings upon the world (see WWI and II, Afghanistan, Iraq) and at the first occasion you sell us to the first Great Power which shows at Europe’s frontier – and this an ongoing politic through history – remember the Byzantine Empire ?
    The single time when you send an army to the East was for looting Constantinople, in 1204.

    You say you don’t want us ? After destroying our economies and implanting some companies which pay even less taxes than the minuscule national firms that still resisted your greedy companies ?

    I bet you will tell me that we are “corrupt”; look at your own kind of corruption: you need only to type “UBS” in Google, there are multiple scandals involving this Swiss bank; it paid 947 millions fine only for the LIBOR scandal; if the the settling was of about ONE BILLON, how much was the figure for the total embezzlement, I ask you ?
    And this bank is at the heart of your economic system – which is DISHONEST and CORRUPT;
    By the way, did you know that the Swiss bankers are not allowed to expose the frauds of the banks they are working at ? This is in the Swiss Constitution! What more proof of MAJOR corruption in the West do you want ?
    And don’t get me started on the Panaman Papers.

    And if you needn’t the Easterners, why didn’t you (well, not you, your politicians, which you joyfully and democratically elected) eject Greece out of the EU after its financiary problems ?; I think the Greeks wouldn’t have been against; because you need the Eastern Europe for your companies to suck them dry.

    So, moderate your approach; it is not us Easterners which put you in danger, it’s the politics of the politicians you keep on electing. Easterners just want to be part of a civilized and UNITED Europe and they are proving they are ready to defend it:

    Problem is: for how long before we build a spiritual if not material wall between the East and the West?

  111. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    You should read his self indulgent megalomaniacal “about me” link at his personal webpage. Make sure you have an hour and plenty of tissues.

    “I do not want to knock down fracking, but fracking is to the certain degree risky enterprise.
    It is the scraping the bottom of the pot.”

    Again, disagree. There is a massive disinformation campaign organized against fracking by the oil and environmental lobby. Fracking is not scraping the barrel, but scratching the surface.

    “Also concerning fracking could result in some consequences,
    that we do not see at present.”

    Apply this line of thinking to civilization and we’d still be throwing stones at each other in Africa.

  112. @Felix Keverich

    “I bet if somebody asked Saker 6 years ago, whether Russia was going to annex Crimea and send its troops to Middle East, he would angrily dismiss it as Anglo-Zionist propaganda.”

    I would have taken that bet. In fact I’m amazed that the Russians gave up the Crimea at all given it’s Russian character and historic strategic importance to the defence of Russia. No one who knows the history of Russia was surprised by the ‘liberation’ of the Crimea.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Anon
    , @Avery
  113. @MikeatMikedotMike

    On the contrary, I’m a paleoconservative whose favorite columnists are Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ann Coulter. And, of course, the Saker. Like Coulter, I’m hugely disappointed in Trump for not using his executive power to Build The Wall. I want a total break from ALL immigration, though tourists with money are most welcome. Question: Would the Saker’s analysis be more palatable to you if he was a US native?

    BTW, I agree with Ilyana on the dangers of fracking.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  114. @Michael Kenny

    I sure wish that the USA had someone of the stature of President Putin to lead us rather than our current Tweeter-in-Chief.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  115. @hunor

    1) (sigh) as usual you don’t answer my questions, just raise new questions. So let me ask once more: do you agree with the study performed by Hungarian scientists that Huns’ genetic DNA is only 4% for the Hungarians?
    2) I already told you that Latin DNA is just a part of Romanian genetic heritage; nobody is pretending that we are Eastern Italians; to be more accurate, I have looked in:

    The major haplogroups of the Romanians are:

    R1B – Celtic, Basque, Italic – which is consistent with us being one of the oldest people of Europe;
    I1b (or I2) – found also in Crete, Sicily, Greece – see above;
    R1a – Slavic, Kurgan, Arian – I told you about our Slavic component, didn’t I ?
    J2 – Greco-Roman, Anatolian, Mesopotamian – again …

    Not surprisingly to me, the Hungarians have similar proportions of R1a and R1B as the Romanians, which confirms the fact that part of your ancestors were the original Thracian population and the Slavs which came later in Pannonia; probably those which cooperated with the Magyar and other invaders;
    I see you keep insisting on your Hunic origin: again Huns came in the 4th century A.D.; Magyars came 600 hundred years later; look yourself in the mirror: I am sure that you don’t have ANY Asian traits.

  116. @follyofwar

    “On the contrary, I’m a paleoconservative whose favorite columnists are Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ann Coulter. And, of course, the Saker. Like Coulter, I’m hugely disappointed in Trump for not using his executive power to Build The Wall. I want a total break from ALL immigration, though tourists with money are most welcome.”

    So I guess the line you draw for “love it or leave it” is so thin one could be forgiven if they wandered right over it. Conservatism, paleo or otherwise, is an obsolete political ideology based on the current demographic reality of the United States. Get back to me when the US is >85% white again.

    “Would the Saker’s analysis be more palatable to you if he was a US native?”

    Not necessarily. I disagree with your premises that Muh Saker’s article are analysis. They are mostly what amounts to childish penis measuring as a by product of his fantasies about a US/Russian war. Anyone who uses the term “nazi” for anything other than a reference to a long defunct political party from WWII era Germany is not to be taken seriously.

    “BTW, I agree with Ilyana on the dangers of fracking.”


    • Replies: @peterAUS
  117. The scalpel says: • Website

    I won’t ask you how you know because you were full of bovine excrement. You can’t possibly know. You might think you know, you might have some insider information on US arms capabilities or someone else. But you cannot know, for example, with certainty, Russian or Chinese capabilities even if you think you know US capabilities.

    • Replies: @AWM
  118. Sense of humor helped Russians in the Imperial times, in the USSR, and keeps helping now. There are Russian jokes about pretty much everything. There is one about the Baltics.

    A Russian guy walks in the street of Vilnius (you can make it Riga or Tallinn, same difference, as Americans say) and hears a female voice from the fourth floor balcony:
    – I am afraid…
    He looks up and asks the woman:
    – What are you afraid of?
    – I am afraid that you are gonna rape me.
    – Does it matter that I am down here, and you are on the fourth floor?
    – Just wait a minute, I will come down now.

  119. @Grumpy dave

    Crimea was liberated several times by Russia. First, by Katherine the Great from Turkish puppets Crimean sultans, second by the USSR from Hitler in WWII, then third by Russia from Ukraine in 2014.

    • Replies: @Avery
  120. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    Try being relevant to what you are purportedly replying to or people will think you are dumb and ignore your comments.

  121. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:
    @Grumpy dave

    Yes, but would The Saker have taken it?

  122. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:
    @George F. Held

    At the very least he chose to risk a major war for minor concerns over Danzig as the official Franco-British position was clear. And why do a deal with the USSR that allowed Poland to be invaded by the USSR? “Didn’t want war” reduces to “I’d much rather you gave me everything I want immediately so I don’t have to smash your teeth in”.

  123. peterAUS says:

    ….Conservatism, paleo or otherwise, is an obsolete political ideology …

    Unfortunately it isn’t. A lot of people cling to that, or any other version of alt-Light, and waste TIME.

    I believe that, save some miracle, when they get to their senses it will be too late.

  124. Avery says:

    { First, by Katherine the Great from Turkish puppets Crimean sultans, ….}

    And the main reason for the liberation by Katherine the Great of Crimea and eradication of the infestation that had taken root there, was that bandits from Crimean Khanate (!) were raiding neighboring Russian lands and abducting Slavic peoples to be sold as slaves*. This went on for about 3 centuries or so, until Russia had grown powerful enough the throw the Asiatic hordes who were squatting there out for good.

    * estimates of Slavic slaves abducted and sold into slavery by Muslim bandits of Crimea in ~300 year period, range from several hundred thousand to up to 2 million.

  125. Avery says:
    @Grumpy dave

    {No one who knows the history of Russia was surprised by the ‘liberation’ of the Crimea.}

    ‘‘liberation’ in quotes?

    Apparently _you_ don’t.

    Crimea had been part of the Russian Empire for centuries.
    In 1954 Nikita Khrushchev decided to “give” Crimea, then part of Russia SFSR, to Ukraine SSR, reportedly after a drunken binge. (Khrushchev was ethnic Russian, but was very fond of Ukraine and Ukrainian people).

    He didn’t ask the inhabitants of Crimea whether they wanted the xfer or not: that’s how things were done by Soviet leaders (aka dictators). Funny how some acts by Soviet dictators are A-OK, considered “legal” by the West and others aren’t.

    Crimeans had 2 referendums for self-rule (but still remaining part of Ukraine after USSR broke up), but Kiev ignored it. When Neocons organized and successfully carried out the neo-Nazi coup in Kiev, and Azov et. al . deaths squads started massacring ethnic Russians (e.g. Odessa), and started openly marginalizing ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, then people of Crimea, overwhelmingly Russian, decided not to get massacred or driven out of Crimea, and …..

    Well, you know what happened next.

  126. chris says:

    How legal is it when you steal your own bike back from the thief who stole it from you in the first place?

    Surely you wouldn’t argue that Kruschev’s ceding Crimea to the Ukraine by fiat was legal any more than the act of a pirate donating ‘his’ treasure to his son or mistress would constitute a legal donation.

  127. Svigor says:

    Well, we all know how these Nazi “culture-carrying” White supremacists ended, don’t we:

    We know how Christ ended, too. And the Soviets.

    Everyone’s gotta go sometime, stupid.

  128. Svigor says:

    Putin would lose vs. his own deep state.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  129. Ukraine?
    (Means “On the border”)
    True hymn of the Russia is Russian folk song Volga Volga Maty Rodnaya….”
    (Volga Volga our Birth mother.)

    There is not a slightest doubt the birth of western civilization did happen on banks of Nil River settled by black people from Africa. From there it spread to Middle East.
    Eventually it spread all around Mediterranean see. The most prominent civilizations of those areas were Phoenician, Greek, and Roman. From there it spread up North.

    Area of today’s Ukraine as being flatland steppes (grasslands) was like forever paradise for herders.
    The steppes were first inhabited by Slavic tribes.
    Eventually the Slavic tribes were pushed up north by more warlike tribes like Franks Goths Visigoths Avars Turkmen Tatars Huns and eventually Magyars.
    Most of these tribes become rich and multiple and eventually their final destination was Europe.

    Sometime around end of seventh century and beginning of eight century One Viking tribe called Russ sailed down Don River and did build a city in area inhabited by Russian tribes. They did not encounter any animosity from Slavic tribes, just opposite.
    Slavs did help the Vikings to build the city and so they become part of it.
    This was a first city on the territory of today’s Russia. Slavs were learning from Vikings everything. How to build the houses fireplaces storage places and fortification of the city.
    They learned how to manage the daily lives of city dwellers and they learned about society structure. Vikings organized defense units of the city, mostly from Slavic ranks.
    On leaders of defense units Vikings bestowed the rank of Knight.

    The Slavic people never become unsatisfied with Viking rule or did rise against it,
    But eventually Vikings got intermarried with Slavic people and so they got dissolved in Slavic population. The gift of knowledge Viking people give to Russian people was greatest gift Russian people ever got.

    Leader of one of the defense units of Kiev was Igor Dolgorukij. (Igor means man as mountain, and Dolgorukij means long handed.

    But still the Slavic tribes were pushed more north, and city of Kiev was harassed and attacked, by warlike tribes of herders, but city was never sacked, and fortification of city limits by tree trunks was not breached, but the cost was rivers of blood of flowers of Slavic youth. So many Slavic tribes become desperate and were looking to get out from Ukraine quagmire. And so caravan of Slavic discontents was created under the idea of moving east, they have chosen Igor Dolgorukij as their leader.
    They crossed the river Don went all the way to river Volga they crossed it and built a city on eastern side of the river Volga. It was actually good strategic thinking.
    They gave the city a name Moskva. (I never could find any origin of the names Kiev, and Moskva.

    These events are described in one of the first Russian literary works under the name “Slovo o polku Igorieve” (Word about Igors regiment.) There is also second book about these events, “Silver Knight” that is more poetic and even a little bit mystical.
    I do not think that these books ever they were translated into English.

    And so now there were two centers of Slavic Russian people. Kiev and Moskva.
    These two parts have developed quite differently. While Muscovite Russians eventually developed into empire, The Kiev Russians did not develop into practically anything more than a city-state.
    Once Russian tribes did get the news that area around Moskva is livable largest part of them did move into areas besides Volga River and settled there. Forests protected the area but there were some grassland also.
    The Russian mentality was quite different from Indian mentality, In India travelers had to have guards to protect them from murdering robbers, while in Russia they moved freely they were actually welcomed because Russians knew that they always could learn something from foreigners. At those times most of the blacksmiths and iron mekers all over Europe were of German descent. Russians needed axes to cut down trees and tools to dig out roots of the trees to create agricultural land, so many Germans were moving to Russia and even they did become a large part of Russian nobility. Many Greeks also did find that they could make a living in new country of Russia, particularly those that did have an experience in technology of making objects from clay.
    Volga River was swarming with fish and also the forests were full of wildlife so the food was abundant. Population of Muscovite Russia was growing rapidly.

    There was another reason for success of Muscovite Russia, and that was the form of Governing. From the times of inception a single person a despot who was the decision maker ruled Russia and there was no argument. While Kiev did develop into some kind of democracy.

    There was the third reason for success of Muscovite Russia, and this one was peculiar.
    Russia was always backward country with backward people learning from the west, but this was a Russian invention. Russians were country that invented Border Guards.
    As Russian society was developing, they eventually developed into have and have not.
    And even have not also did have many children. From these have not Russians create special caste of people who were named Cossacks. They were freed nevolniks placed at the border of Russia. They were not subject of nobility they were only subjects of Russian Czars. They were free people. They paid no taxes. And to them was given land at the border of Russia, their only task was repelling the invaders. Eventually they created Iron fence around Muscovite Russia. Cossacks did develop their own way of life own mentality and their own culture. You can read about it in one of the earlier works of Tolstoy named simply Cossacks. Also you can find also about life of Cossacks in the stories written by Lermontow.

    And so Russia population did fill the land between two rivers Volga and Don, Expanded into Deep South, North and East as far as Alaska,

    Now they were looking at their ancestral home of Ukraine. So they did cross the Don River with vengeance.

    All Ukraine with the few exception was repossessed by Cossacks (Russian Border Guards)
    Some small foreign tribes took an oath to Czar and did become Cossacks.
    (There were a few limited actions by Russian Army itself.)
    Kiev Russ had nothing to do with Ukraine never did own Ukraine.
    In the end Kiev Russ was simply painlessly incorporated into Russian empire.


    Only after revolution Russian Bolsheviks give administration power to Kiev over Ukraine.

    Eventually Stalin gives independence To Ukraine.
    I was terrible upset about it and I did ask some old Communists about it why!
    I was told that Russia needed one more vote in UN.
    I did consider it idiocy!!!!!!!!!

    I was right then, and I am even more right now.

    But than Russia does not really need Ukraine Because Russia now has all those nuclear weapons.

    Donbas and Lugans are a little bit different because those are fresh Russians. They came there because Ukraine farmers did not want to work in mines.

    p.s. to p.s,

    I do hope that this will give you at least a little bit of general view about Russia

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  130. @Svigor

    That is why he does a lot of unpopular things. If he were really for the Russian people, he’d jail pretty much all the oligarchs, and the populace would give a standing ovation to this performance. As to the most odious ones, like Chubais, the majority would prefer to see them hanged publicly.

    The main difference is that most Russian oligarchs (mega-thieves all) remember that to keep your loot you need a strong state to defend you from other thieves. Recent US and UK actions reminded them of this fact yet again, playing right into Putin’s hands. In contrast, globalist US thieves appear to believe that they can retain their loot after they crash the US. They are in for a nasty surprise.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  131. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Why the animus against Russia? Could it be that the Empire had the vast untapped resources of the former USSR (11 time zones worth) within their grasp…..and they blew it and now they are pissed?

    US-NATO hate Russia because Russia prevents NATO from moving to the borders of China, which must be taken apart to allow the creation of a post-national world system subordinate to the Money Power.

    Or as Baron Conrad Black of Crossharbour in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Neocon, ex-con, ex-Canadian, ex-member of the Order of Canada, former media tycoon, et cetera, et cetera, explained in a discussion of the place of Ukraine in the New World Order project for the assimilation of Eurasia:

    The West must always resist oppression, and must now embrace and assist its friends in Ukraine, not only from compassion for them, but to bring closer the adherence of Holy Mother Russia to the West and to stretch the West from the Americas across the Eurasian land mass to the Far East and Australasia.

  132. Anonymous[261] • Disclaimer says:

    Unemployment rate in Lithuania is 5.9%.

    Growth in all three Baltic states was 3-4% this year, all three export to over 100 countries. Riga airport served 6M passengers this year, cargo volumes are up, wages are up. Savings rates up -becoming more affluent each year.

    Both Scandinavian and Russian investment solid, native businesses growing, too. Small but stable trickle of Russians and other Slavs moving to these countries.

    • Replies: @FB
  133. Anonymous[261] • Disclaimer says:

    Aha, but you sure as hell want to dump your products on us (pushing local production out) and taking over lucrative industries. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. Agree about immigration from EE – all those young E.Europeans should be repatriated. Western Europeans shouldn’t be allowed to settle in E.Europe. Too many of them showing up lately.

  134. @Felix Keverich

    Putin can act impulsively again and you can bet Saker will approve of it, when it happens.

    So would I and most other readers.

  135. FB says: • Website
    @Old Romanian

    Clearly you are a moron…your comment is disjointed and doesn’t support the fake narrative you are trying to construct out of thin air…

    I linked specifically to the wikipedia article on the Siege of Plevna…The Russian Tsar was there, so he was commander in chief…second in command was the Grand Duke

    The siege is divided into FOUR battles…so while Prince Carol may have been appointed to lead the SECOND battle, which your link shows…in the third battle the Grand Duke arrived to lead the army HIMSELF…

    ‘The Russians continued to send reinforcements to Plevna, and their army swelled to 100,000 men, now personally led by the Grand Duke.’

    The denoument came in the fourth battle…AFTER Russian General Todleben was appointed the commander…

    ‘General Eduard Ivanovich Todleben arrived to oversee the conduct of the siege as the army chief of staff…’

    Also I don’t need lessons about military chain of command from a Romanian gypsy…if you are not happy in the Balkans you can always migrate back to the Punjab…

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  136. @AnonFromTN

    Excellent points. Putin is a main burzhuin. The number of billionaires has grown steadily under his rule. While Russian population steadily lost rights enjoyed by Soviet people with retirement being the latest victim. All problems are being solved at people’s expense while rich are getting richer. My view is, Putin is creating a lot of long term troubles by his liberal policies and attempt to make grand seft permanent. He could have achieved greater things and could have really restored the state and economy were he to side with people.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @peterAUS
  137. Agent76 says:

    25.12. 2015 NATO: Seeking Russia’s Destruction Since 1949

    Baker told Gorbachev: “Look, if you remove your [300,000] troops [from east Germany] and allow unification of Germany in NATO, NATO will not expand one inch to the east.”

    Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With US

  138. Anonymous[261] • Disclaimer says:

    Look, I’m citing data from international financial institutions that operate on the ground there and are deeply invested there. There is growth and labor shortages in all Baltic states right now.

    If what you claim were true, Balts would try to move to Russia but that’s just not the case.

    Contrary to what is said above, the Russians in fact like the Baltic states. The Orthodox Christmas is coming up and as usual there will be many Russian tourists. Some have property there, too. There are even some repatriants who claim Baltic ancestry (from Siberia etc) in order to move there.

  139. @Philip Owen

    Why don’t you say it would have been over by Christmas?

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  140. Agent76 says:

    09.12.2018 Seven Days of Failures for the American Empire

    On November 25, two artillery boats of the Gyurza-M class, the Berdiansk and Nikopol, one tugboat, the Yany Kapu, as well as 24 crew members of the Ukrainian Navy, including two SBU counterintelligence officers, were detained by Russian border forces. In the incident, the Russian Federation employed Sobol-class patrol boats Izumrud and Don, as well as two Ka-52, two Su-25 and one Su-30 aircraft.

  141. @Sergey Krieger

    Although I have friends and relatives there, I did not live in Russia for over 27 years. As some of my friends said in the 1990s, “you ran away to America to escape the horrors of capitalism”. So, I am not sure how insightful my opinion is, but here goes.

    I strongly suspect that Yeltsin’s “voluntary” resignation was not all that voluntary. I think that when he started the second Chechen war, which his traitorous kleptocratic regime would have lost as miserably as the first, he was given an ultimatum by some big shots in the military and police: if he resigns, he gets amnesty for himself and his family, if he doesn’t, he and they get punished for their crimes. That’s why the first act of Putin as president was absolving Yeltsin and his kin of all sins. Yet Putin emerged from inside of that same regime. Thus, he stands on two incompatible legs: defending the state and asserting its power internationally, while protecting the looters who robbed the populace in the 1990 and became oligarchs. He only kicked out the thieves who refused to support Russian state in any way, such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky, and their ilk, while keeping similar more “patriotic” thieves close to the throne. If we take that into consideration, he was as successful as could be expected. However, long-term effects of his rule might be not so good for Russian population: after all, strong state projects power both outside and inside, and when that state is “liberal”, nothing good comes out of it.

    Reminds me of Russian joke (yet another one):
    The teacher in school asks kids to bring a ruble each to help poor in Nicaragua. Everybody complies, but Vovochka bring nothing: “My father says they should work and they won’t be so poor. Next time the teacher asks kids to bring a ruble to help the hungry in Nicaragua. Everybody complies, but Vovochka brings nothing: “My father says that if they work, they won’t be hungry”. Later the teacher asks kids to bring a ruble to defend liberals in Nicaragua. Everybody brings a ruble, but Vovochka bring 100: “My father says that if there are liberals in Nicaragua, there would be lots of poor and hungry”.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  142. @AWM

    You’re right! There are no Nazis in Ukraine! They merely wave the Swastika and Wolfsangel, idolise WWII SS members (and march with them in uniform in parades), pose with Hitler portraits, and openly identify themselves as literal Nazis. But they actually really really aren’t Nazis at all!

  143. Seraphim says:

    One of the reasons of the increase of the ‘Olah’ population in Transylvania, proposed by a Hungarian historian, was their consumption of sheep sour milk (they were shepherds, you remember) deemed to be an aphrodisiac. I was told once by a Hungarian lady who was intimate with an ‘Olah’ man why she preferred him. She whispered to me (giggling): ‘Because Romanian men have a bigger one (she used the Romanian term), Hungarian men, erh…’. So…indeed the ‘land belongs to those who are populating it’ copulating.

    • Replies: @hunor
  144. Seraphim says:

    Wasn’t Yuri Dolgorukiy? Yuri means George. He is not the ‘Igor’ of the “Slovo o polku Igorieve”.
    And so many people believe that Moscow is on the Western side of Volga! Thank you for correcting us.
    Thank you for the entertainment.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  145. Seraphim says:

    You have to decide whether it is Bandar or Bandera.

  146. Seraphim says:
    @Old Romanian

    There is another statistic from 1839, the Geographical Dictionary of Transylvania of Ignaz Lenk von Treuenfeld. It details every locality in Translylvania.
    Out of a total of 2,755:
    -exclusively Romanian 1,559
    -exclusively Hungarian 36
    -exclusively Szekler 202
    -exclusively German 22


    -mixed Hungarian and Romanian 445
    -mixed Szekler and Romanian 129
    -mixed German and Romanian 192

    180 localities had a mixed population of Hungarians, Germans, Armenians, Saxons, Jews, Bulgarians. In each of them there were also Romanians.

    Fenyes shows in the districts (Komitate) Arad, Bihor, Szatmar, Maramures which were in Hungary proper:
    Arad out of 182 localities:
    -exclusively Romanian 154
    -exclusively Hungarian 6
    -exclusively German 6

    Bihor out of 473 localities:
    -exclusively Romanian 319
    -exclusively Hungarian 116
    -exclusively German 1
    -other 1

    Szatmar out of 262 localities:
    -exclusively Romanian 76
    -exclusively Hungarian 110
    -exclusively German 14
    -other 62

    Maramures out of 161 localities:
    -exclusively Romanian 4
    -exclusively Hungarian 0
    -exclusively German 0
    -other 11

    Everywhere Romanians represented the absolute majority.

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  147. @FB

    Koodos, FB, you are a true literary talent; you insulted me gradually, then you delivered the “secret” weapon of the perfect Romanian-hater racist: gypsy; BOOM!
    But it took you sooo… long: clearly you master just one skill out of three: you know how to write, but you are slower for the reading part and much slower to understand. (see, I am nice – not naming you directly moron or maybe you prefer, what’s the Russian word? – durak? – so now go back to Google translate, pick up some Romanian insults and send them back to me, to make me suffer more – or maybe not, cause you really hate these pesky Romanians).

    I am sorry, was the previous phrase too long for you? Try to gather some friends, initiate a collective brainstorming, and do the following: 1) read; 2) try to understand; 3) write back;

    Nevertheless, I am happy you are recognizing step by step the contribution of the Romanians to the victory at Plevna or Pleven: the fact that the sword was given to a Romanian officer, even that king Carol was commander in chief (granted, you allow it only for the second battle, but that’s good enough at that point).

    Now, I have to leave you, because I must work for a living; it was nice talking to you; I could probably answer to some of your messages, if any, but not as frequently as you, I am sure, wish.

  148. Epigon says:


    I’ve encountered claims that Romanian language was systematically de-Slavicized in second half of 19th and especially in 20th century.
    Are those claims based in reality?

    I am not a Romanian speaker, but I have noticed the Slavic origin of Vlad, voivode, Severin, Bukovina, boyar, razboi etc. in Romanian area and language.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  149. hunor says:

    In that case we figured it out , we solved the puzzle . They are not Olah, they are not Wallachians , they are not Romanians , they are not Dacians . They are Africans because they are the only bigger dogs. But the population prognosis for the next hundred year doesn’t look good for Olahfrica and it doesn’t look good for the Hungarians . The ruling class in both country working feverishly to replace the original demographic reality. The capable young professionals in both country only can find decent opportunity to make a living on foreign country. But at home in both country the Gypsy minorities outperform the host countries , in three to one ratio of population growth. More children they produce more government help they receive. In addition , migration from Africa is being promoted and plotted in order to eliminate the nation state structures . So within a hundred years the same reality applies , the land belongs to those who populating it. So what you going to claim to be then ? Olah ? Wallachian ? Romanian? Dacian ? Olahgypsy or Olahfrican? And what you going to beat your chest with ? Your hairy paws ?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  150. AWM says:
    @The scalpel

    I know commies always throw insults.

  151. anastasia says:

    What if the mobilized troops in the Ukraine start shooting? What are they going to do? Duck?

  152. @Seraphim

    Jealous or mischievous? In both cases you come through pathetic.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  153. Romania was an outpost of Rome for the purpose to prevent migration of wild primitive tribes into Europe. After Huns invasion The Roman Legions that resided there did return to Italy. The vacuum was filled up by different nationalities but prevalent nationality were Gypsies.
    Just an example Czauczesku’s wife was a Gypsy. He himself was half Gypsy.
    Romania was always a melting pot. There was never a national pride of Romanians.
    Romanians were always arse kissers.
    They kissed the arse of Hitler. than they kissed the arse of Stalin.
    They kissed the arse of East. Than they kissed the arse of west.

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
    , @hunor
  154. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    … And you kiss my ass;

    Don’t worry Ilyana, some day, if you take your medicine, your diagnostic will be just “stupid”, not “maniac and stupid”.

    My apologizes to Europe – it seems we could not prevent some “wild primitive tribes” to come to Europe – hence Ilyana.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  155. Maybe I am giving impression that I do not like Gypsies. That is not it. I did have gypsy friends.
    They are good people. But they have a peculiar mentality. They cant go to school sitting still and listen to teachers. They cannot work eight hours and do monotonous work. they would become crazy.
    They simply cannot take s discipline. That is against every grain of their body.

  156. hunor says: • Website

    Gypsy is not a nationality, they’re transient wanderers from India. As they migrated west they settled in large numbers in Egypt in the middle ages , but they were hated away from everywhere, because they uncooperative behavior. When coming to Europe and asked where they coming from they couldn’t say correctly the name Egyptian so they said they from gypsya that is how they called gypsys.

  157. @Old Romanian

    Some American historian claim that there is no Romania but Rumania, and the name originated by the fact that those people drink too much Rum and those people there are non stop Drunk.
    Seeing you now I do tend to believe them.
    I do have only one question for you. Are you there capable to make your own Rum or you are importing it?

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  158. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Boring; get back to the gypsy thingie;

    One more reply like that and I will be forced to write your questions for you;

    Maybe it’s my fault: I forgot to tell you NOT to take your medicine with Vodka.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  159. @Quartermaster

    It was held under the guns of an Army of occupation, after the import of thousands of colonists and with the suppression of the votes of the real owners of Crimea.

    Are you referring to the Russian troops that were in Crimea pursuant to the treaty that allowed them to be there?
    The real owners of Crimea were never Ukrainians. One could make an historical argument for the Tatars, but never Ukrainians.
    Your statements remind me of why there were/are problems in Northern Ireland. The derisive term “Planters” was used by the IRA to refer to those Protestants, who emigrated to Northern Ireland during Cromwell’s time – 350+ years ago. They were never accepted as being Irish. The same was true in Poland between the wars, people of German origin, whose families had lived in Poland for hundreds of years and spoke nothing but Polish were still considered Germans.
    Get over it. Crimeans voted. International observers stated it was a fair process. Vicky Nuland and John McCain were outsmarted.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  160. Seraphim says:

    At least you admit that Romanians are not Gypsies. It’s a good progress. Proportionally there are more Gypsies in Hungary than in Romania.
    Aproximate data:
    Hungary: 316,000 out of 9 million
    Romania: 621,500 out of 19.5 million

    Who romanticized the ‘Gypsybarons’? The love between the Hungarian grof and the beautiful gypsy girl?

    • Replies: @hunor
  161. Seraphim says:

    You seem determined to make a fool of yourself. Be my guest. It provides the necessary comic relief after so ponderously serious discussions.

  162. anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    Why Russia Won’t Invade the Ukraine, the Baltic Statelets or Anybody Else

    what’s the point of calling them “statelets”?

    in your mind are they too small to have the right to exist as independent countries?

  163. Seraphim says:

    Partially it is true. The process is more complicated than that. Romanian language is a ‘mixture’ of Romance and Slavic dialects. It is most probably the product of a situation of bi-lingualism (even multi-lingualis) resulted from the cohabitation between Romanians, Slavs, Turkic populations, in the Middle Ages, as well as from the religious and cultural competition between Catholicism and Orthodoxy on a large area (from the Adriatic to the Black Sea). Linguistically and culturally the situation was rather ‘fluent’, if I can put it this way, until the birth of secular ‘nationalisms’ and their attendant myths of racial and cultural superiority. And this is the era when languages start to be systematized and ‘purified’ of extraneous ‘influences’.

  164. You can jump as high as you are a capable there is no such thing as Romanian nationality.
    Rome proper did not have a Romanian nationality They were Italians.
    Before rule of Rome there was Italian kingdom that lasted for five hundred years.
    So people were not displaced or killed by Romans only form of government and location of the rulers has changed.
    So you have to prove that people in Romania are Italians.
    Than we can talk.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  165. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    I think it’s becoming ever clearer that your hat is much too tight for you. Try taking it off once in a while and stop sleeping in it. Better still, buy a much bigger hat, one that doesn’t cut off all circulation.

  166. @AnonFromTN

    I suspect Russia took really bad turn and until Russia returns to right path that was abandoned as I suspect after stalin death same topics and same discussions will be go ing on in another 20 years. Socialism does not mean yravnilovka and socialism is not what they practice in Venezuella.

  167. hunor says:

    Please pay attention this time , it is not that difficult . You are a Wallachian not a Gypsy not a Daco-Romanian because that is just propaganda. Your great great great grandfathers are moved in to the Transylvanian area in the late thirteenth century. They come peacefully and were seeking pasturing for a livestock . That time that area has lots of empty space , and lived side by side with the Hungarians and intermarried with each other . Transylvania was a part of the Hungarian kingdom , and when this migrating people were asked who they were and where are they coming from, they declared that they are Wallachians and migrating from the area called in ancient times Illeria , later become Albania. That was the story for more than half of millennia , until the early nineteenth century . Until about the year of 1820 nobody ever heard of Romanian people descending from an ancient tribe of Dacians . What a load of crap! For more than five hundred years your ancestors never mentioned anything about being Romanian that name was unknown. All the neighboring countries called them Wallachians , because that what they claimed to be. So what happened ? How is this come about and why ? In the early nineteenth century thinkers , politicians, historians believed that if you take a way the history of a nation you can mold and manipulate them to do anything you want. This deceptive idea was presented brilliantly , where the nation was told they can greatly benefit from following this path for the nation . But it is a trap filed with lies and more lies. ” What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. ” The politicians , the movers and shakers of that time employed this idea in Hungary and were promoted by the Habsburgs vehemently. The Hungarians were told that they need some cosmetics to change the political perception of they country , so forget about the actual history , and replace it with an illusion , that will become a reality in a few generation. Until then the Hungarians were portrayed as mongoloid invaders of Europe and strangers of the European continent. That was a bad enough propaganda lie , and they wanted to replace it with a nicer lie , in order to gain political capital over the whole nation of people. The new lie was that the Hungarians are closely related to Finland, and they are kin because they have a few words similar in they language. That started out about one hundred fifty years ago and not a very popular idea in Hungary because it is a lie. And this idea is laughed in Finland because they also know it is a lie. But it was a smash hit in ” Romania ” About two hundred years ago the Daco – Romanian theory popped up out of nowhere , and the Wallachians buying it ever since like there is no tomorrow. And they can’t celebrate them self enough for they greatness , They want to steal more land / Moldova , and part of Ukraina comes to mind. / The glorious Daco – Romanians must have a greater Romania. So in essence the people of Romania betraying they own great, great ,great grand parents by pretending to be other then what they were. How can you Romanians expect respect from others ? That is all for History lessons. As for the Gypsy population in Romania and Hungary , you are way way way off with your numbers. Both in Hungary and Romania the Gypsy population is much higher The ” leaders ” in both country way under admitting the real numbers and in both country many of the Gypsy people declare them self as being anything other than Gypsy for an understandable reason . In Romania the largest minority with almost three million Gypsy people , second the Hungarians with one million seven hundred thousand. You mentioned a Romanian man had a Hungarian woman and a Hungarian man have had a gypsy woman. I can’t comment on that I my self have had all kind of women, I can’t see anything wrong with that.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @RadicalCenter
  168. Truth says:

    Hey, an Unz thread has descended into Slav-on-Slav crime.

  169. Seraphim says:

    Oh, my. Very impressive ‘history lesson’. You seem to have missed some little points, the Hungarian Chronicles which attest the presence of the ‘Blachi’ in Pannonia well before the advent of the Magyars (aka Hungarians), in the time, well… of the Huns, of Attila, to be more precise (“Pannoniae, Pamfiliae, Macedoniae, Dalmatiae et Frigiae ciuitates, quae crebris spoliis et obsidionibus, per Hunos erant fatigatae, natali solo derelicto in Apuliam per mare Adriaticum de Ethela, licentia impetrata, transierunt, Blackis, qui ipsorum fuere Pastores et coloni, remanentibus sponte in Pannonia”;
    “Remanserant quoque de Hunis virorum tria millia ex praelio Crimildino erepti per fugae interfugium, qui timentes occidentis nationes in campo Chigle vsque Arpad permanserunt, qui se ibi non Hunos, sed Zaculos vocauerunt. Isti enim Zaculi Hunorum sunt residui, qui dum Hungaros in Pannoniam iterato cognouerunt remeasse, redeuntibus in Rutheniae finibus // occurrerunt, insimulque Pannonia conquestrata, partem in ea sunt adepti, non tamen in plano Pannoniae, sed cum Blackis in montibus confinii sortem habuerunt. Vnde Blackis commixti litteris ipsorum vti perhibentur”;
    “Postquam autem filii Ethelae in praelio Crumhelt cum gente Scitica fere quasi deperissent, Pannonia exstitit decem annis sine Rege, Sclauis tantummodo, Graecis, Teutonicis, Messianis et Vlahis aduenis remanentibus in eadem, qui viuente Ethela populari seruicio sibi seruiebant”).

    I find it difficult to believe that the chroniclers made ‘propaganda’ for the future Treaty of Trianon.
    Didn’t the Magyars “betrayed they own great, great ,great grand parents by pretending to be other then what they were” when they called themselves Hungarians, pretending that they are the descendants of the Huns, Hunor?
    Of course, the women that you had are your own business.

    • Replies: @hunor
  170. Christo says:

    This “Saker” totally misses the most important thing when it comes to Russia and the Ukraine, and it makes hash of all this “stuff” he talks of.

    Actually there is a huge reason for Russia to invade the Ukraine. Food supply and food security. The Ukraine has been called(and still is) the “breadbasket” of Europe. Russia has negative food supply right now, most nations do, which prevents them from acting autonomously a lot more than most people think.
    This is not talked about hardly at all in the USA because it seriously detracts from the need of having a large military. The USA feeds a huge chunk of the world , including quite a bit going to Russia. It was worse when the Soviet Empire was around, even with the Ukraine as part it, as it had a lot more people to feed. That problem remains even though the population of Russia is smaller than the population of the Soviet Union. Russia cannot currently feed itself. Having control of the Ukraine, Russia would have a food surplus and also have even more influence over Europe since the Ukraine still feeds much of Europe as well.

    However , as NATO and US already have military forces in the Ukraine plus the sensitivenss of the food supply issue, seizure is out of the question.And what Putin is doing now, waiting for the Ukraine to disintegrate and re-install/see more pro-Russian leaders will not work either in the long run IMO. NATO/USA would have Ukraine dissolve into “Libya” before a pro-Russian gov gets installed. That would become a REAL problem , as what food the Ukraine does supply to Russia currently might be reduced or disappear entirely. Then what does Russia (and Europe for that matter) do?

    Maybe this is part of the big scheme of TPTB, destroy the Ukrainian so the world is that much more defendant on the USA for food. IDK

    • LOL: Melotte 22
    • Replies: @hunor
    , @Ilyana_Rozumova
  171. hunor says:

    You are hopelessly stupid, Russia is a food superpower.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  172. @Christo

    You are talking nonsense. Last year Russia made more money exporting wheat than exporting weapons.

  173. @Old Romanian

    While back I did have a young Slavic Romanian Engineer girl under supervision.
    (She was the one told me that Chauchesku wife was Gypsy. And she was some kind of cultural super-wiser.) She also told me that any Slavic or Hungarian women who went to hospital was put to sleep to operate on her, they removed her ovary, that she would not have any children.
    I had no other choice than to believe her.

    • Replies: @Old Romanian
  174. hunor says:

    The wallachiens were herding they livestock all over the Balkans , but that doesn’t mean that land automatically belongs to them. They didn’t build anything in Pannonia or Transylvania all the places and towns have Hungarian names. Most interestingly, the Romanians lay claim to other lands but they don’t lay claim to the land where they come from. The place they come from is today called Albania you can easily prove that is where your goat herding industry sprang from. Why is that place is not a part of the great Daco – Romanian homeland ? As for the Magyars or Seklers they were a part of the union of tribes called Huns. Before called Huns they were called Scytians also a group of tribes , sharing the same language , same religion , called Turan. They were known as people of Turan. Long before Christianity there were two major religion Turan and Iran. Turan = believers of one mother god. Iran = believers of one father god. The people of Turan become Christian , and The people of Iran become Muslims. If they wanted to survive, they have to conform to the new reality. For the next history lesson I am starting to charge money, so save your money I will let you know where to send it.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
    , @Seraphim
  175. MacNucc11 says:

    I have to make at least one correction to this article. Russia of course was handily defeated by the Anglozionists or Masons if you will when the Czar and his family were murdered. Also defeated when gulled into WWI prior, and defeated yet again during WWII if in fact Hitler was their tool. He took as good as he got by all accounts, and again defeated in the 90s by Eltsin. I do however hope that the Russians score a win going forward and believe that they will. I will grant that the cold war from a Russian perspective was a win all around which then turned into a defeat of both countries when the looting took place in the former soviet countries and the Anglo Zionists increased their control of the west. Just curious what was the death toll to Russia from WWI, WWII, communist rule? Hard to call it any kind of victory. Population is in collapse to this day.

  176. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    (laugh) I don’t know what is a “Slavic Romanian Engineer girl”;
    probably you think you have met her in the mental hospital you inhabit; Ilyana, it was just an illusion; what you think is surgery is called protective sex in the civilized world and it’s recommended in cases like yours.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  177. Taras77 says:

    Remarkably detailed intel briefing on kiev/us plan to attack separists; with the forces involved, it seems likely it is designed to draw Russia in.

  178. @Old Romanian

    I do like your admission that it is true.

  179. @Reuben Kaspate

    Intentionally derogatory? I doubt it…

    “Saker” has exposed his bias in the most blatant manner, and you´re apparently trying to cover up on his behalf.

    Anyone can confirm this: Every one of the three countries he derogatorily referred to as “statelets” (because he, like many Russians, can´t yet get over their independence) happen to be larger (two-dimensional spherical footprint area) than each of the following countries:

    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Switzerland

    Have you ever read of anyone referring to these countries as “statelets”? More specifically, have you ever read of this guy referring to his own country (Switzerland) as a statelet? Look more closely and you`ll see that half of Switzerland is mountains; most Swiss live within a small strip of land between lakes Constance and Geneva, no more than half of its already truly diminutive size. (I have seen this from the air many times while flying over.)

    And here are additional countries, each of which is smaller than any of the three Baltic states he alluded to:

    • Montenegro
    • Macedona
    • Slovenia
    • Luxembourg

    Has “Saker”ever referred to any of them as “statelets”?

    Don’t underestimate the power of language. “Saker” is playing the smart-ass propagandist and thinks most readers are to dumb to catch onto his game.

  180. @Felix Keverich

    “Impulsive”would have been more like occupying the Donbas region and rolling on further to snag more coastline. Still could happen, but it won’t be an impulse decision if Putin is the President.

  181. @hunor

    There is this generally accepted term Vishegrad countries.
    Do you know what it means, do you know what it is, and where it is located?

    • Replies: @hunor
  182. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    The USA has a ton of oil and gas left in the ground, Ilyana. There are plenty of reasons to predict the usa’s decline (or continuing decline) without making things up.

  183. @Anon

    Just a quibble — Gypsies aren’t Europeans and they aren’t Romanians.

    Like the Slovaks and Ukrainians, the Romanian people suffer from the constant thievery and scams and filth of the gypsies.

  184. Christo says:

    Wheat is wheat. They export their wheat for other foods. About 4 years ago Russia implemented a food security act which involved ceasing the flow of all foods from the USA and the EU/N . At the time their food imports were on the order of 40-60% of their food supply. 2016 they added the Ukraine to the “no import” list. These sudden and quick transitions have caused alot of change in Russian food consumption patterns but they still import between 20-40% of their food supply . Yes , they export massive amounts of grain(4th largest exported) but they are importing a lot of food they can’t make them selves, in sufficient quantities from countries that are not on their non-import list, like Belarus, Vietnam, Kazastan , but the largest being China. China took up a lot of that embargo slack. The rest of the shortages of the self-imposed food embargo were made up by substitute products, very significant price increases , and also plain doing without. Now where is china getting some of the food they are shipping to Russia ? China has been buying a lot of food production in the USA. I know what Putin is doing , trying to make Russia self-sufficient, which is a good idea for the future blockade and wara, but as long as they are shipping non-luxury foodstuffs in from China et al. they are not there yet and I don’t think ever will be ,without nutritional deficiencies , and probably not without a fair amount of pain (in food price inflation) to the avg. Russian citizen. Those things are already happening. In any tense situation , where Russia can’t trade with/ship between China in food and are not self-sufficient, the Ukraine could fill that void. Pre-Embargo they were supplying about 5-10% of Russia’s food.

    With this Russian food embargo, most statistics/studies are out of date. With their rapidly changing and adjusting to these food supply and demand figures, along with their being a lag just to have data, then collect it and turn into info , by some competent agency that cares along with the actual strategic therefore sensitive nature nature of figures, hard to say currently what Russia’s end food supply would be a “war/blockade”. I think without the Ukraine, Russia would have s food “shortages” standing on a mountain of wheat. The Ukraine could supply more than just more wheat, plus by having the Ukraine wheat-fields it would give Russia some serious leverage over Europe, et al.

    As said limited stats from such recent events

  185. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Absent evidence for some other commenter’s charge that the Saker collects welfare in the USA, I don’t see how he’s harming my family, culture, or economy.

    Did he enter the USA illegally or overstay a visa? Has he committed crimes against person or property? Is he dealing hard drugs? Is he laying about at our taxpayer expense long term? Is he fomenting strife here? Pushing an inherently hostile domineering ideology like Islam? Refusing to learn English? Doesn’t seem like it.

    Maybe, like many other people, he simply likes the fact that Florida has no real winter and no state income tax? 😉

    Just don’t see a reason to lump the Saker in with the massive Third World immigration, legal and illegal, that’s destroying my country.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  186. @hunor

    Paragraphs, please. Trying to learn from you guys in between the insults.

    • Replies: @hunor
  187. The tanks that Russia is moving into a base near Donetsk seem relevant to this conversation (at least to the matter of the article, not the flame war in the comments).

    If you have Google Earth go to 48.271000° North by 40.264087° East. Using the “time machine” controls you can see that the visible tanks have just been moved into a recently (August) prepared area.

    There is a buildup of forces in progress and room in the area for a 200% increase of the numbers in place.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  188. peterAUS says:

    “Saker” is playing the smart-ass propagandist and thinks most readers are to dumb to catch onto his game.

    Don’t say….

  189. Seraphim says:

    I can’t wait for your next ‘history lesson’. I need a good laugh from time to time. As a matter of fact I enjoyed the Tassilo and Aristide jokes as much as your pálinka.
    A little correction (for free): the Vlachs were running a sheep industry, commercializing the wool and wool fabrics along with cheese (caseum valachicum).
    And also today’s Albania was a part of the Roman Prefecture of Illyricum along with Pannonia. I suppose that you know that the Vlachs from Albania, Greece, Macedonia call themselves Aromâni, Armâni, Rumeri.


    • Replies: @hunor
  190. APilgrim says:
    @another fred

    Regarding 48.271000° N by 40.264087° E, & vicinity … Well, at a glance, it appears that the Russian Federation is ‘Locked-&-Loaded’.

    Ukraine is under martial law, & probably ‘Loaded-4-Bear’. Will Ukraine attack or provoke?

    Will the US, UK &/or NATO also engage? Some of my youth was spent on SAC bases & ICBM Silos. So, I am guessing we are @ ~DEFCON-3. I won’t buy any green bananas this week. Why bother?

  191. @Been_there_done_that

    Don’t underestimate the power of language. “Saker” is playing the smart-ass propagandist and thinks most readers are to dumb to catch onto his game.

    The Saker probably understands that some of his readers would know the difference between “to” and “too” and how to use them correctly. Also, “dumb” refers to a person having an inability to speak properly.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  192. hunor says:

    Visegrad is a small town in northern Hungary , where four Eastern European nation
    meet regularly to discuss regional issues.
    Poland , Czech Republic , Slovakia , Hungary. They all oppose forced population
    replacement .

  193. hunor says:

    Palinka is a Hungarian version of vodka .
    One has to be very careful with palinka , it is much like fake history.
    Deliciously intoxicating, but the down side is, there will be a painful awakening.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  194. hunor says:

    You are right !
    For the sake of clarity there shell be more paragraphing , and less insulting.

  195. Seraphim says:

    Pálinka is a Hungarian name for the Romanian ‘răchie/rachiu’ or ‘țuică’, Serbo-Croat ‘šljivovica’, Bulgarian ‘сливовица’, typically distilled from fermented plum juice. Vodka is made from cereals, hence Hungarian ‘Tótpálinka’ (‘Slavic palinka’). No doubt where the Hungarians took it from. ‘Paliti’ means in Slavic languages ‘to burn’ (Romanian ‘pălit’ – burnt, scorched).
    Use in moderation,

  196. @NoseytheDuke

    …the difference between “to” and “too” and how to use them correctly.

    Oh, you´re just too amusing. You mean you weren’t able to figure out that it was merely a typing error, not caught by the spell checker – a result of not having applied sufficient pressure with my fingertip onto the “O” key the second time?

    At least that´s not as bad as professional journalists mixing up “there” and “their” and “they´re”, as the media did two years ago when falsely transcribing a speech by Trump during the campaign:

    “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” “They’re sending people that have a lot of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime, their rapists.”

    The sensational and accusatory news story, for days thereafter, was based entirely on the malicious imputation, derived from the construction “They´re rapists”, that he had claimed Mexicans are rapists, presumably all Mexicans, for those who were sufficiently credulous. So they then switched the “c” for the “p” and called Trump a racist, which they repeated ad nauseam.

    Also, “dumb” refers to a person having an inability to speak properly.

    Go to any university campus in the US, and everywhere you will hear students profusely uttering the word “like” in their conversations, beginning their sentences with it, unnecessarily inserting it elsewhere too, within nearly every other sentence. The funny thing is that these dumb people actually think they´re smart.

  197. @Biff

    Mainstream Media along with the Pentagon is salivating over the inane prospect of Mr. Putin invading Ukraine…you betcha. Mr. Putin, to be sure, has set up certain parameters (read Warnings) of where, exactly, would-be interlopers may tread…and that is, essentially, IT. No invasions are planned against Ukraine in my opinion.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  198. @Texas Sweetie

    Of course, Russia won’t invade Ukraine. Not because Russia is so nice, but because of many other reasons. First, provoking Russia into invading Ukraine was the whole point of the Western support of the 2014 coup. Obviously, if you have any brains, you refuse to do what your enemies want. Second, nobody ever damaged Ukraine more than its current “leadership”. So, if Putin wants to ruin Ukrainian state, he just needs to give its current “leaders” free hand. Third, Russian resources are limited, so it prudently refuses to engage in ventures that would require massive expenditures. Turning present-day Ukrainian morass into anything resembling a country would take hundreds of billions, so it’s a no-no for Putin or any sensible leader Russia might have after him. Thus, Ukrainians would be best advised not to expect Russian invasion to get them out of a hole they dug for themselves. It’s very disappointing for Ukrainian population, for its “president” (Porky or whoever comes next) and other puppets, as well as for Washington puppeteers, but that’s how it is.

  199. @Been_there_done_that

    There is a little matter of earning your keep. The countries you named pay their bills, whereas any entity incapable of doing so, large or small, is a “statelet”. Beggars aren’t choosers. So, it’s not so much the power of language as the power of reality.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  200. @RadicalCenter

    You’re standard of admission is in need of recalculation. The standard should be what can an immigrant contribute to the US, not is the immigrant a minimal burden on the US? What does Muh Saker contribute? He’s a stay at home father by his own admission, teaching his offspring that America is an inferior place. That’s the best we can expect?

    There are likely millions of mestizos here that qualify under the scrutiny of your inquiry. That’s not good enough.

    Read Muh Saker’s lengthy bio at his website. He clearly believes he is superior to the land in which he resides. Not a trace of gratitude for the country that keeps him. Spiteful and indignant.

    The United States needs few immigrants, if any. The ones we do accept should be willing to assume a degree of loyalty and investment, and I dare say pride, in this country. Muh Saker fails at all three, and contrary to what he might have his readers believe, true patriots within the US understand that there are a great many faults that need to be addressed here in the US. Even so, it is still the greatest country to live in the world, a statement proven correct by the 100 of millions who would choose to come here if allowed. Muh Saker knows this and he resents the US because of it.

    So fuck him.

  201. @AnonFromTN

    So the USA is a statelet, then. Fed gov hasn’t been able to pay its bills for decades.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  202. @RadicalCenter

    The US is in a different category. If we apply common law, the US is a robber paying with stolen money. I have no doubt that the Fed will find a way to steal what it owes, by devaluing dollar or some other gimmick. It certainly cannot pay off its debt.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  203. anon[932] • Disclaimer says:

    When alluding or referring to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, collectively, by the term “Baltic Statelets” the author appears to be intentionally derogatory, and thereby he coincidentally exposes the notion, that Russians, or Western Russophiles, like himself, have, after nearly three decades, still not yet “gotten over” the independence of these countries.

    i agree

    and didn’t the Soviet Union force a bunch of ethnic Russians into these small countries after WWII?

    they need to leave

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  204. anon[932] • Disclaimer says:

    I guess you’re one of those “love it or leave it” guys, the type I hated when growing up during the Vietnam War era. And yea, I served my country.

    sounds like you should serve more

  205. Beckow says:

    …It certainly cannot pay off its debt.

    This type of debt is never paid off, it is ‘serviced’. The devaluation has been ongoing and accelerated after 2009, but as a ‘store of wealth‘ very few things can compete with the dollar. The dollar value is propped up by what is in people’s heads all around the world.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
    , @AnonFromTN
  206. APilgrim says:

    Ukraine knows what to do, to PROVOKE a Russian attack.

    So, let’s see if Ukraine chooses to PROVOKE a Russian attack.

    Obviously, Russia is ready.

  207. APilgrim says:

    Russia recently paid off the last international debts of the USSR.

    And now Russia owns all the improvements, which were made creating that debt.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  208. @Beckow

    The dollar value is largely propped up by other countries’ oil, which is mostly sold for dollars. Quite a few countries are trying to change that. The funniest thing is that the US financial and other sanctions undermine existing world order and the value of the US dollar more than all US enemies, real and imagined, put together. The change might be catastrophic.

    Servicing ever growing US debt is consuming a greater portion of the US budget every year. It substantially contributes to budget deficits and further growth of the debt. Inevitably at some point it will become obvious that the king has no clothes.

    But you are right, it’s hard to find a safe haven: the US dollar will bring down with it all other currencies, those of vassals and adversaries alike. Yet some will recover after the crash of the existing financial system faster than others.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  209. @anon

    Don’t worry, they are leaving. So are the locals. Here is a graph of the population decline in all three Baltic countries:…0.0..0.286.1959.10j6j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i67j0i131j35i39.c3SEEZhy7b0
    All three are now at or below 1960 numbers.

    Good news is, there are lots of Africans and Asians willing to replace them. Bad news is, those replacement immigrants are learning Russian, rather than local tribal languages. Nothing personal, strictly business.

  210. Beckow says:

    …Russia recently paid off the last international debts of the USSR

    That’s an exception, e.g. Germany also finally paid of the WWI reparations/debts a few years back. If you look historically, it happens very rarely – most of the time accumulated debts are discharged via a system change or with massive devaluation (inflation).

    I suspect Russia paid off the USSR debt because of the currency exchange rate risk, and because they could. Most debtors cannot, so they won’t.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  211. Beckow says:

    When dollar eventually goes down (it could be 50 years or more), it will bring down everything else, not something to look forward to. I agree that debt servicing is the problem – at a certain %/annually it becomes prohibitive – historically than number is around 15% of the economic activity.

    US federal government has effectively about 16 trillion in collectable obligations (the rest are accounting debts) – at 2-3% interest it is manageable. It would have to grow to 30-40 trillion, or interest 8-10% to become unsustainable. There are numerous other government debts (local, pensions, etc…), but they are not systematic, they could be handled as one-off defaults/haircuts…

    Before US defaults, many others will. That makes the dollar into ‘safe haven’.

    financial and other sanctions undermine existing world order

    Absolutely. The ones making the rules should be most invested in preserving those rules. These are serious mistakes, and breaking one’s own rules show an amount of behind the scene desperation that is worrisome – maybe we are not privy to all the sh..t that is hidden. Any dramatic change to a dominant power has historically been catastrophic – we don’t have much to look forward to.

  212. APilgrim says:

    But you said

    This type of debt is never paid off, it is ‘serviced’.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  213. Beckow says:

    I guess ‘never’ doesn’t quite mean never :)…

  214. APilgrim says:

    Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has cannily ramped up his responses to Globalist Sanctions & Targeted Provocations by hostile former USSR captive states.

    Ukraine was cut-off from Natural Gas, for non-payment.
    Georgia was scolded, for hostility to South Ossetia Russian Allies.
    Poland was cut-off from Natural Gas, for ‘back-shipping’ to Ukraine.
    Ukraine was dismembered for shelling Russian Ethnics.

    If Ukraine further provokes the Russian Bear, a MASSIVE Russian response is likely.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  215. APilgrim says:

    Why the Russian Federation MAY invade Ukraine, @ any moment.

    Regarding recent & ongoing Ukraine Provocations.

    1) Three (3) Ukraine vessels reportedly attempted to ‘circumnavigate’ Crimea. Russia responded by firing on, boarding & seizing two (2) Ukraine Navy vessels & a tug-boat.

    Ukraine is raiding Russian Orthodox Churches & homes of priests.

  216. @APilgrim

    Not really. Maximum Russia will do is the Georgian scenario: recognize Donbass republics (as full regions; kick Nazis out of occupied parts of both Lugansk and Donetsk regions), destroy whatever dangerous toys the monkeys have, and then leave them in the hole they dug for themselves.

    FYI, after 2008 war and Russian recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Georgia cut diplomatic ties with Russia, then found that nobody is visiting Georgia. After that Georgia introduced visa-free travel for Russian citizens without restoring diplomatic ties. That was the first in world history.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  217. APilgrim says:

    ‘Ukrainian police search homes of Russian Orthodox priests’, KIEV, Ukraine (AP), December 3, 2018,

    Ukrainian police searched the homes of Russian Orthodox priests and Russian Orthodox churches in several cities Monday, stepping up pressure as Kiev pushes for the creation of an independent Ukrainian church. The eight searches in Ukraine’s capital and the nearby Zhytomyr region were part of a criminal investigation into inciting hatred and violence, according to a police statement. The Russian Orthodox Church said Sunday that more than 20 Orthodox priests had been summoned for questioning by Ukraine’s SBU security service. One priest who has drawn particular attention is the head of Kiev’s Pechersk Monastery.

  218. APilgrim says:

    Russian forbearance with the Georgia Republic was wrongly interpreted as weakness.

    Globalists continue to attack, sanction, threaten, & browbeat the Russian Federation.

    Putin’s responses are ‘AMPING-UP’.

  219. APilgrim says:

    Regarding religious conflicts between western (Byzantine) & eastern (Orthodox) Ukraine.

    ‘Do you know differences between Roman, Byzantine Catholic Churches?’ By Joe Bound | Special to The Compass, November 30, 2011,

    It is a little known fact that there are many Catholic Churches in union with the Bishop of Rome, commonly referred to as the pope. There are six principle — or main — rites used in the Catholic Church: Alexandrian, Armenian, Byzantine, East Syrian, Latin and West Syrian. There are 21 self-governing or “sui juris” churches such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Armenian Catholic Church, the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church, the Maronite Catholic Church and the Romanian Greek Catholic Church. Married men can be ordained to the diaconate and priesthood in the Byzantine rite. Bishops are selected from the celibate clergy.

  220. APilgrim says:

    While slightly Eurocentric, this article is informative & useful. It is difficult to find unbiased discussions in ongoing civil wars.

    ‘Ukraine’s revolution of dignity: The dynamics of Euromaidan’, Journal of Eurasian Studies, Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 85-91,

    This paper analyzes the civil revolution in Ukraine, which is also known as the Euromaidan Revolution. It is regarded as the Revolution of Dignity by Ukrainian citizens. In this respect, this paper focuses on a clarification of the dynamics of the Ukrainian civil revolution.

  221. War sucks, but without a boogey man they can’t whip their slaves as vigorous here. The oligarchs in north America need us to make them rich by working for nearly nothing.

  222. @ploni almoni

    Because it wouldn’t have been. The Germans were not alone.

  223. @Curmudgeon

    And the Russians in the Donbass were planted by John Hughes since 1880. They have barely arrived.

  224. @hunor

    You have seen too much RT. Russia is indeed strong in low added value crops, mostly grains. It has also closed the production gap with chicken, the easiest meat product. Pork is only meets demand because the price is so high that consumption has fallen (by 40%). As for the rest, Russia struggles to find imports and has well above average world prices. I know. I tried to find companies willing to sell tomatoes to Russia at a quantity and quality that could meet supermarket demand.

  225. aGerman says:

    Thank you very much for this analyses, highly appreciated.

    Two comments from my side.

    1. Who cares about crimea? It’s a question of ideology. Start with your country which has stolen it from … , the Spain, The Indians, the vikings, the Palestinian, the Polish, The Germans, The Polish, The Germans, The French , The Germans, The French , The Germans, a.s.o. Hopefuly you pick my point.

    2. WTC building downfall near gravity acceleration is a must. The destroying mass pulse (an additional force flow into the structure due to the moving concrete and steel mass above the weaken impacted stores) travels (lets say) near light speed. Like all the molecules in a bar or spear you toss or throw. It has nothing to do with “gravity” and it’s no argument pro or against any theory of intention.

  226. @Curmudgeon

    Voluntary or forced it is still an annexation.

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