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When Exactly Did the AngloZionist Empire Collapse?
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I remember one evening in distant 1991, I was sitting with a few friends in the SAIS cafeteria discussing the future of the United States with a few very smart students, including a Pakistani Army Colonel, a US captain who served on aircraft carriers and a Spanish diplomat: we all agreed that “the system” was perfect, so to speak, and that the US would only collapse if a strong external shock would hit it hard. We all agreed that the combination of the best propaganda machine in history, the stupidification resulting from many daily hours of watching the Idiot Tube and, finally, a very effective repression apparatus made for a quasi perfect dictatorship: the one which only gives the illusion of democracy and people power.

Years later, in 2017, I read by J.M. Greer’s brilliant book “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” which I later reviewed here. I would say that this book is one of the best one written on the topic of a future US collapse, even though this is a (very well written) fiction book because it brilliantly illustrates the kind of mindset which can get a supposed superpower in a very bad situation.

To me, this all made perfect sense, but only because I, and my SAIS friends, never even considered the possibility that the US Nomenklatura would commit national suicide and, in the process, bring down the AngloZionist Empire.

Yet this is exactly what happened.

So when did all this begin?

There are many possible answers to this question. Some say with the murder of Kennedy. Others point to Clinton, whose Presidency inaugurated a policy of armed imperialism all over the planet; this administration was also the first one to witness a major “coming out” of the Neocons (many of which had already infiltrated the GOP during Reagan). Then there is 9/11 with the subsequent GWOT. As I said, these are all valid candidates, and there are many more.

My personal view is that the main initiation of collapse was under Barack Obama, a truly exceptionally weak President who would have made an absolutely terrific used cars salesman, but who as a President lost control of his own country and even his own administration. It was under Obama that we saw the vacuum at the top resulting in various agencies (DoS, DoD, CIA, Pentagon, etc.) all developing their own “foreign policies” which resulted in total chaos on the foreign policy front. Needless to say, having harpies such as Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice or Samantha Power involved did not help!

What is it with western women which makes them become even more bellicose than men when they reach a position of power?! Looking at women like Thatcher or Hillary, I wonder if these women are not carefully selected precisely for their nasty character and need to prove themselves as “equal” to men by being even more nasty and murderous than male politicians…

Since his election, it has become very popular to blame Donald Trump for everything which went wrong under his Presidency and, indeed, there is much which ought to be blamed on him. But what so many people overlook is that almost everything which went wrong under Trump began with Obama! When Trumps says that he inherited an awful mess, he is absolutely correct. Not that this absolves him from his own contribution to chaos and collapse!

And, in truth, the biggest difference between Obama and Trump, is that Trump did not start any real wars. Yes, he did threaten a lot of countries with military attacks (itself a crime under international law), but he never actually gave the go ahead to meaningfully attack (he only tried some highly symbolic and totally ineffective strikes in Syria). I repeat – the man was one of the very few US Presidents who did not commit the crime of aggression, the highest possible crime under international law, above crimes against humanity or even genocide, because the crime of aggression “contains within itself the accumulated evil”, to use the words words of the chief US prosecutor at Nuremberg and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Robert H. Jackson. I submit that just for this reason alone any decent person should choose him over Biden (who himself is just a front for “President” Harris and a puppet of the Clinton gang). Either that, or don’t vote at all if your conscience does not allow you to vote for Trump. But voting Biden is unthinkable for any honest person, at least in my humble opinion.

In the Trump years something absolutely amazing happened: while Trump and his administration were busy destroying the Empire externally, the Dems put all the energy and resources into destroying Trump. However, to paraphrase a quote by the Russian author Zinoviev, “they targeted at Trump but they hit the United States” (Zinoviev’s quote was about the putative anti-Soviets: “Метили в коммунизм, а попали в Россию” which can be translated as “they were aiming at Communism, but they hit Russia”).

What took place next was precisely what my SAIS friends and I could never have imagined: the US ruling elites committed collective suicide.

Suicide is typically executed in three phases: decision to commit suicide, the act of suicide itself, and then death. If we accept that the decision to engage in behavior which can only be described as suicidal was taken sometime during the Obama years, then this begs the question of where we are now. In other words, has the Empire already died or is it still only in agony?

I was asking myself that question the other day when I suddenly realized that I might have determined the exact moment when the Empire collapsed: 8 January 2020.

What happened that day? Following the murder of Major General Qasem Soleimani in a US drone attack (on the 3 of January 2020) the Iranians retaliated by using missiles to attack several US bases in Iraq. According to the US side, there were only minor injuries, which is very likely since the Iranians warned the US by several backdoor channels what they were planning on doing. This argument was used by Trump and his supporters to say that the Iranian reaction was lame, ineffective and could be completely ignored.

In my opinion, the moment when the Trump Administration made this statement is when the death certificate of the Empire was signed. Why?

First, the low number of US casualties (probably higher than the official one, US troops were evacuated and treated in several countries) is due to only to the fact that Iranians are superb strategists: they realized that killing a lot of US soldiers would force Trump to strongly retaliate, so they chose not to kill them. Instead, they put a gun to their collective heads. How?

Think about it: the Iranian counter-strike showed the entire world something which most people did not realize: Iranian missiles (ballistic and cruise) were much more accurate than previously thought. In fact, they clearly have some form of terminal guidance. Simply put, the Iranians have proven that they can very precisely, deliver a warhead of several hundred pounds of high explosives pretty much anywhere in the Middle East. To give you a visual idea of their current coverage check out this page.

This bears repeating: the Iranians have now proven that they can place several hundred pounds of high explosives anywhere in the Middle-East with a CEP of about 3-5 meters!

Remember the Khobar Towers bombing? Yes, this was a truck bomb with much more explosives than a missile can carry (by at least an order of magnitude), but that truck was also parked far away from the towers! Yet just under 500 people died that day.

There are plenty of similar US military installations in the Middle-East, many buildings housing hundreds of US servicemen. Just imagine what would have happened if the Iranians had decided to take out as many lives as possible and placed a couple of their missiles right on top of, say, 10 such facilities – just imagine the cost in lives!

But the Iranians are smart, and they chose a much wiser course of action: they used their missiles essentially to kick Uncle Shmuel where it hurts, but they mainly demonstrated their ability to create thousands of US casualties in just a few minutes.

Obviously, another, now undeniable, Iranian capability is the ability to instantly destroy any gas/oil facility in the region: wells, processing facilities, terminals – you name it: if it is important and expensive, the Iranians can destroy it.

The Iranians also have the ability to close down the Strait of Hormuz and even to attack USN ships, possibly including carriers.

Last, but certainly not least, this now proven Iranian capability puts every government building in danger, along with any crucial facility (Dimona anybody?).

At this point of the conversation all the well-propagandized flag-waving morons will immediately stand up and declare something along these lines:

“So what?! If these sand-niggers cross the line they know that we can massively bomb them! Heck, we can even nuke them and send them back to the stone age! Let them try and they will see what the wrath of the most powerful nation on earth, with the most formidable military in history, can do to a bunch of semi-literate peasants, LOL! Let see if their “Allah” will save them!”

Apart from all the ignorant cliches typically spewed by this crowd, there is a major analytical error underlying this “logic” (I use the term generously): the Iranians have lived with this threat since 1979 and they are used to it. Not only that, but they know for a fact that these are empty threats. Oh sure, the US can do to Iran what “Israel” did to Lebanon in the course of the “Divine Victory” war of 2006, or what NATO has done to Serbia during the Kosovo war (1998-1999): kill civilians and destroy the country’s infrastructure to punish these civilians for supporting the “wrong” (i.e. not US approved) government. But if Uncle Shmuel does to Iran what Israel did to Lebanon, the result will be the same: the Iranians will rebuild (they are very good at that) and they will bounce back twice as strong. As for their martyrs, the more there will be, the stronger the Iranian people’s resistance (check this article written by an Iranian scholar in excellent English explaining the roots of the unique ethos of Shia Islam).

Last, but also not least, the US Presidents and their aides are quite aware of the current state of the US military: it is a military which simply cannot win even simple conflicts, a military hopelessly gutted by insane liberal ideologies, a military whose entire surface fleet has been made obsolete by hypersonic missiles (which the Iranians also seem to be working on!) and a military whose Air Force spent absolutely obscene amounts of money to create a supposedly “5th generation” fighter which in many ways is inferior to US 4th generation aircraft!

This begs the question of what still works in the US military. In my opinion, the US submarine fleet is still very powerful, and the US nuclear deterrence posture is still solid. Other than that? Meh…

Bottom line: the arguments that the US did not retaliate because it did not care, or that it does not care because “we can nuke them” are typically civilian nonsense which have no connection whatsoever to the real world (just imagine the political consequences for the already highly unpopular US following a nuclear strike, especially on a non-nuclear country!)

Okay, but then why did the US not retaliate?

Simply put, because Uncle Shmuel does not have what it takes to take on Iran. Heck, Uncle Shmuel can’t even take on Venezuela (!), which is an extremely weakened country right on the US’s door step. Frankly, if this or the next President decides that the US needs to “pick up a crappy little country and throw it against a wall just to prove we are serious” then I recommend Grenada. I know, Grenada was basically undefended in 1983 (mainly by a few lightly armed Cuban engineers) and it took the 82nd airborne to rescue the totally defeated and clueless US special forces stuck under fire, but I think that since 1983 the Pentagon had the time to make a some “lessons learned” exercises and that by now the US probably could re-invade this tiny island without repeating one of the worst disasters in military history.


The Empire died on the day the Iranians hit these US facilities and the US did absolutely nothing. In fact, since that date, what have we seen:

  • The Iraqis are slowly but surely kicking the US forces out of Iraq
  • The number of attacks against US forces in Iraq has sharply increased, including against the massive US bunker complex known as “the Green Zone” which now is not “green” at all.
  • The Iranians are merrily continuing to make fun of Uncle Shmuel.
  • The US failed at renewing the anti-Iran sanctions at the UN Security Council and Russia has already declared that she is willing to sell S-400s to Iran. You can also count China in this great weapons market.
  • The US is also in retreat in Syria where anti-US attacks are becoming more dangerous (and regular clashes with ground forces of the Russian task force in Syria are also becoming a potentially very dangerous phenomenon).
  • In Yemen, the Iranian backed Houthis have basically won the war and defeated both the KSA and the US.
  • In Afghanistan, the US and its “coalition of the losers” has stayed even longer than the Soviets and has achieved exactly nothing except a total and most humiliating defeat. The contrast between the performance of the Soviet 40th Army (poorly equipped and averagely commanded) force of conscripts and what the lavishly equipped (but also poorly commanded) US professional force achieved is absolutely amazing on all levels, but the most telling is how much the Soviets actually built in Afghanistan (even facilities that the US still uses every day!). Uncle Shmuel only destroyed everything except the opium trade…

In other words, everything is going exactly according to the announced Iranian game plan to completely kick the US out of the Middle-East. I know, this seems unthinkable right now, but please make the list of all the putatively “unthinkable” things which have since happened and you will see how dangerous it is to assume that something will never happen.

When Georgia attacked the Russian peacekeepers in Tskhinval there were also limited casualties, but Russia immediately counter-attacked defeated in Georgian military in 3 days, and that in spite of being numerically smaller (at least in the initial phases of the counter-attack) and too slow to react (a typical Russian weakness). And the message to “to whom it may concern” sent by the Russian counter-attack was simple: attack a Russian base, or kill Russian soldiers and you will be killed: every time a Russian serviceman has been killed in Syria the Russians retaliate with strong missiles and air strikes. In other instances Russian Spetsnaz units killed selective Takfiri commanders. And everybody “got it”, even the Turks who have not been able to force the Russian to stop shrinking their areas of control in Syria to a small fraction of what it used to be.

Mind you – Russia has no desire to become an Empire or even some kind of superpower (Russians realize how evil any empire is for the country which is supposed to host it: they suffered for over 300 years in this toxic status of “empire” and they had enough! Only dumb Hillary and even dumber Brzezinski still thought that Russia wanted to “rebuild the USSR” when, in fact, Putin’s policies were designed to disengage and separate from the former Russian periphery which only drained immense Russian ressources and never gave Russia anything useful (and nevermind the Warsaw Treaty Organization which was just as ressources-consuming and useless as the periphery). All they want is being taken seriously and treated with respect, not as a superpower, but simply as a major, but truly sovereign, power.

Compare that with the unique blend of stratospheric megalomania, narcissistic self-worship and crass ignorance of the leaders of the US and you immediately see that the Empire is not dying anymore, it is already dead and has been dead for many months now.

What comes next?

Well, the election of course. I submit that under no scenario will the next administration be able to reverse that course and somehow miraculously resurrect the Empire. Empires don’t resurrect. It has been tried in the past (even by Napoleon), it never works. Once empires lose momentum and, especially, their ideological credibility, they are over. Oh sure, a dead body still can emit some heat for a while, some organs, or even cells, can work for a while longer, but dead is dead. Mostly dead bodies bloat and stink, which also applies to dead empires.

This is not to say that the outcome will not matter, it will – but only for the future of the United States themselves. Simply put, the upcoming vote is either a vote for upholding law and order in the US, or for total nihilism. On a deeper level, it is a vote for the US or against it: the Dems all hate this country and its “deplorables”; they also hate almost every aspect of US history (overturned statues are but symbols of this hatred) and they hate what they call “a racist system” in spite of the fact that the real causes of racial tensions in the US have very little to do with the “system” and everything to do with the unique problems of blacks in a culture with mainly European roots.

The Empire is dead. And I hope and believe that its death will mark the rebirth of the United States as a “normal” country (which is what happened to all the other former empires).

Until that happens, we can now at least rest assured that this amazingly evil Empire has finally died, even if very few noticed this.

P.S. While writing this column my thoughts turned to Major General Qasem Soleimani, who was cowardly murdered (he was on a diplomatic mission) by Trump. I imagined what he would have said if somebody had offered him the following deal: Haj Qasem – would you agree to be murdered by the modern Crusaders if your martyrdom would turn out to be the “straw” which will break the Empire’s “camel” back? I think that he would reply with tears of joy in his eyes “Glory be to God for allowing me this immense honor and joy and for allowing me to become a shadid (God’s witness)!” Soleimani was a soldier, the real thing, not a disguised businessman or politician, and he knew that he could die literally every moment of his life. He died as a general in charge of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and of its elite Quds Force. It sure looks to me that Trump in his ignorant arrogance gave Soleimani the best death he could have wished for. May this great man rest in peace!

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  1. anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

    I remember one evening in distant 1991, I was sitting with a few friends in the SAIS cafeteria discussing the future of the United States with a few very smart students, including a Pakistani Army Colonel, a US captain who served on aircraft carriers and a Spanish diplomat: we all agreed that “the system” was perfect, so to speak, and that the US would only collapse if a strong external shock would hit it hard. We all agreed that the combination of the best propaganda machine in history, the stupidification resulting from many daily hours of watching the Idiot Tube and, finally, a very effective repression apparatus made for a quasi perfect dictatorship: the one which only gives the illusion of democracy and people power.

    Transparent fabrication.

    We are to believe an USN Captain agreed with the moronic basic Saker puts forth as the “perfect system” for a global Empire. And this, at SAIS.

    You really are full of shit.

  2. nature says:

    Since it began to fall victim to Genocide against the Inselaffen and the Kuhbuben.

  3. I agree the empire is overextended. I disagree the empire is dead. This requires a humiliating defeat that may occur soon, yet Trump has wisely avoided. I agree that Obama was a fraud, as lefty Jimmy Dore documents:

    • Agree: Verymuchalive, Druid
    • Thanks: mark green, Biff
    • Replies: @Getaclue
    , @Petermx
    , @Fr. John
  4. @anon

    ‘… we all agreed that “the system” was perfect, so to speak, and that the US would only collapse if a strong external shock would hit it hard.’ Your paraphrase: ‘ the moronic basic [sic] Saker puts forth as the “perfect system” for a global Empire ‘, doesn’t exactly match. And are all USN Captains supposed to be of the same mind? And how do you know which such confidence – “transparent”, is it? – that something didn’t happen 29 years ago somewhere you weren’t? Or did you participate in that conversation? And what exactly is the motivation for fabricating such a story when it’s so tangential to the bulk of the article anyway?
    I don’t care one way or another. But yours is not a substantive comment. Simply blowing steam is not useful to other people; it just wastes their time.

    • Agree: Realist
  5. Art says:

    So when did all this begin? (the subversion of America)

    It all began with the creation of Israel in 1948.

    That is when the subversion of America began. It was instantaneous.

  6. Rahan says:

    Empires don’t resurrect. It has been tried in the past (even by Napoleon), it never works. Once empires lose momentum and, especially, their ideological credibility, they are over.

    Nice piece, but let’s not get carried away here.

    The French empire stopped existing the same time the British empire did–the mid 1960s. Before that it was huge. It spanned the globe. And today France is still a reasonably functional first world country and a major regional power.

    So if “the empire died” in the late 18th century, then the process of “dying” continued for like 170 years, and for much of that time “France” meant “one of the top two world powers”. And, again, today France is still a reasonably functional first world country and a major regional power.

    Likewise with Russia. The death blow to the empire is probably the 1905 defeat by the Japs and the first revolution then. The actual death happened in 1917. But then a “second empire” (just like with France) was built by Stalin. And that one collapsed in 1991. And now Russia is also a reasonably functional country and a major regional power.

    One might argue that technology speeds up time. As if it took France’s “second empire” (I use the term very loosely) about 170 years to rise and decline, and it took Russia’s “second empire” (from WWII victory onwards) half of France’s 170 years, then maybe in the 21st century America’s “second empire phase” will last what, 25 years? 15 years? But it is definitely possible.

    And after this, should America also retreat into the state of being a reasonably functional great power, like France and Russia are today–maybe that’s how second half of the 21st century will pass.

    Not counting AI singularities an sheit, of course. All bets are off if AI singularities an sheit start going down. Or a Kanye West + Tucker Carlson presidency.

  7. nsa says:

    The “art of the deal” became the “art of the squeal (like that corn-holed pig salesman in Deliverance)” when Kim Kimchi made Donnie the Dummie his white bitch at their Hanoi meeting in late Feb. 2019. This is the exact moment the world started to openly laugh at the impotent Jewnited States and its moronic lardbutt leader. Kim refused to give up any of his hard won nukes or missile delivery systems, and instead insisted all sanctions be lifted just to keep the talks going. Kimchi’s nuclear tipped missiles can easily reach Seoul and Tokyo……making owning a Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru dealership very problematic. Kimchi’s latest victory parade displayed a solid fuel ICBM capable of reaching Guam and possibly even Hawaii….a delivery system for his enhanced A-bomb technology and submarines. Won’t be long before Kimchi’s ICBMs will be capable of reaching Seattle and Los Angeles, and Donnie the Dummie (or anyone else) is incapable of doing anything about it. Kimchi has obviously taken note of Gaddafi’s fate after giving up his fledgling nuke program…..and has now shown other nations (Iran, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, etc) how to maintain their independence and dignity.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Curmudgeon
  8. GoodTwin says:

    The US empire includes 50 states and will prove quite resilient if we get control of our borders and the enemies within. I still think it may fracture in the next 100 years or sooner, but there is plenty of room for a strong remnant of European Americans to hold onto the best parts and maybe some of Canada if they too have a European remnant. Whites have a strong ability to ally with other ethnics and we may find allies among those who are being imported to destabilize us. If they let us have a homeland we can get along just fine. But the multicultural experiment could also chug along much longer, who knows?
    The Middle East was a doomed project from the start with no objectives worth attaining. Sane powers go to war to obtain signatures on paper with stable entities that they get good terms from or to gain territory. The WoT, in contrast, has only ever aimed to destabilize nations and destroy them while looting the US taxpayer. As a plus we destroyed most of our leadership potential and force projection by endlessly deploying men until they become suicidal drug addicts. These war are wars on Americans just as much as they are wars on Arabs. Who benefits? I think some of the answers are being leaked right now off several hard-drives, perhaps a sign that there are intelligence factions still loyal. Chinese dissidents throwing their weight behind Trump proves that, outside the West, there is still goodwill towards White America (naturally, they know all too well how evil people can be). All in all, things are looking up if Trump crushes!

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Dave from Oz
  9. When the nation decided that making money from money was the day it died.

    And that’s why we are still flying around in planes that were designed and engineered 60 mother fucking years ago. Why risk building a better muse trap? Just create loans and cash in.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Realist
  10. Well?
    That Empire is dead is a tiny bit exaggeration. The empire only did stop expanding.
    We will have to see if under Biden the empire will start expanding again.
    But I definitely would not recommending it.
    At the moment it is only stalemate.
    This is exciting moment.
    We have to wait two years to see which way empire will progress.

  11. the Dems all hate this country and its “deplorables”; they also hate almost every aspect of US history

    For the most part the Democrats are the real America – the descendants ot the Puritans and WASPs who made this country great. The Deplorables tend to be the descendants of indentured servants, Scots-Irish Appalachians, and a mix of the white immigrants who never quite made it – Southern Italians, Irish, etc. The split isn’t that different from the white tribes who fought the Civil War of course, except that the Trump faction is led and funded to a large extent by “dissident” Jewish elites like Kushner, Schwarzmann, Lauder and Adelson, who see Trump as a pliable tool to help make Israel great again.

  12. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    Most commentators ignore or if you like, fail to mention that the U.S. illegally invaded Syria. Sadly Trump did not withdraw the invading forces. The Russians in the other hand were invited.

    It’s “shahid” not “shadid”.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  13. This is rubbish from Master Revsky, aka “The Saker.” The damned Empire’s owners have unleashed a planned pandemic specifically to bolster their Empire and further enslave the rest of us, and those owners have made it illegal for anyone to criticise them, lest one be labelled anti-semitic. Thus, the Empire has not yet collapsed.

    Furthermore, as Ramin Mazaheri points out so well on Master Revsky’s —oops, excuse me: I meant the Saker’s— own site, as long as the wealthy global elite continue to regard the US dollar as the reserve currency, then the Empire will continue to limp along.

    It would, of course, be great if the Empire did collapse, but Master Saker is here searching for good copy to improve his brand. It is, unfortunately, still premature to make such a statement.

  14. Cyrano says:

    Here is my theory why the US didn’t go to war with Iran. It’s simply not in their DNA to attack a right-wing country, which is what Iran is – thanks to being ruled by the ayatollahs, not that the Shah was exactly left-wing himself.

    You know when was the last time the US went to war against a right wing country? In 1941 – against Nazi Germany. And for that I blame that fool Hitler. He managed to trick the Americans into believing that he is a “socialist” and that’s why the war happened.

    If Hitler had only came out clean and admitted that he is a fascist – that war would have never materialized. Unfortunately, the Americans believed him that he is a “socialist” and the rest is history.

    There is a lesson there for all wannabe commie countries in the future. If you want to keep yourself safe from US attack – just call yourself fascist – and go about your business of being commies. US will never attack you if they believe that you are right wing. In fact it would probably be a double-crossing on both sides. A real commie county pretending to be fascist dealing with a real right-wing country pretending to be progressive and liberal. Deception on all sides and everybody is happy. Is that so hard to accomplish?

    • Replies: @G J T
    , @Observator
    , @HeebHunter
  15. And, in truth, the biggest difference between Obama and Trump, is that Trump did not start any real wars.

    Neither did Obama. Much like Trump he talked peace while giving the military a free hand to screw around in the Middle East, but Obama didn’t start anything. If you remember, the neocons and lib interventionists were continuously accusing Obama of being weak – he never got the US really engaged in Syria, he didn’t react „forcefully” to stop Russia from invading Ukraine, he didn’t double down on Iraq. Libya was more about following Europeans than leading, and hardly counts as a real war.

    Really, when you look beyond the rhetoric how much difference has there really been between Trump and Obama in foreign policy? Certainly not much if you are an Afghani, Iraqi or Yemenite.

    • Disagree: Biff
  16. Soon we can be normal, and the Atlantis we were always meant to be.

    Also, that anon guy is a dick. Yes, we are to believe.

  17. FB says: • Website

    I remember one evening in distant 1991, I was sitting with a few friends in the SAIS cafeteria discussing the future of the United States with a few very smart students, including a Pakistani Army Colonel, a US captain who served on aircraft carriers…

    We all agreed that the combination of the best propaganda machine in history…blablabla…

    Yeah, I don’t think so…

    A navy captain is a senior officer class, equivalent to a colonel in the other forces and often in command of a carrier or nuclear sub…poking holes in imperial ‘propaganda’ is not how the nomenklatura works, even in the military, where there is definitely room for expression of dissenting views on important matters…much more so than in the State Department for instance, or anywhere within the political machine…

    Mostly these guys and gals believe in the American system fully, warts and all, including the ‘exceptionalism’ part, and the dissent is often on purely technical and practical matters…for instance giving pushback on problems with weapons systems, which are often subpar and unfit due to massive civilian corruption and graft…[see F35 for just one of very many examples]…

    Also dissent on important operational, doctrinal and even strategic matters, like whether to acquiesce to policies of counterproductive belligerence and needless use of military force in the first place…the folks in the military, especially below the general officer level [who may be angling for career and monetary gain], are in fact quite professional and competent and often provide a good check on the worst political impulses coming out of Washington…

    That is probably why we didn’t see retaliation on Iran…the officers know very well that a lot of soldiers could end up in body bags, if Iran were to retaliate in earnest with their quite formidable rocket forces, and getting their own people killed is not something an officer undertakes lightly…there is simply no need for that kind of stupidity…

    In fact, I suspect that even getting people to go along with the assassination mission itself would not have been without resistance and may have ended up being some kind of rogue operation, bypassing the normal chain of command…we will not know for a while what exactly took place…

    The so-called ‘Saker’ does his credibility no favors embellishing personal anecdotes this extravagantly…💩💩💩

    • Agree: LG
    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @joe2.5
    , @Jazman
  18. Carlos22 says:

    News just in today from the UK scientists no herd immunity, one’s immunity goes down months after getting COVID 19 requiring vaccination x2 a year.

    Prepare for forced vaccinations under a Biden Administration with everything that entails.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  19. Wop says:

    5 Events:
    Communism triumph in WW2
    Civil Rights Act
    Immigration Act
    Oil Collapse of the 70s (and its EROI demise today)
    Bill Clinton’s China WTO

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  20. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Clinton, whose Presidency inaugurated a policy of armed imperialism all over the planet;

    Not by a long stretch. Try the so-called Spanish-American war of 1898. The US has been expanding all over the world since then, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. There is no one moment except those that serve as an illustration. Although the US military has gained more and better weapons what’s changed is its power ratio to other countries. Much of the world has developed and have developed ways to resist even when not considered on a peer level. The Korean war showed that the US could be fought even by poorer countries with a smaller industrial base. Vietnam followed. The US can’t occupy Afghanistan without incurring greater casualties and a resulting public backlash so now we’re making arrangements with the Taliban, something no one would have thought of nineteen years ago. Iran would be a calamity. Remember, in all these places they live there and we don’t.
    Also, demographics. One out of three in the US is not white. There’s no cohesion. The USSR downsized to its Russian core and spun off the various ‘stans and other unwilling countries and thus became leaner but more efficient. The US can’t. Short sighted greed has started to call in its debts, the casino is closing. But this is nothing new either. The fabled Founding Fathers planted the poison seeds of this republic’s downfall when they implanted an unassimilable race of Africans in this land so they could reap the labor of their slaves. From the Civil War until this day it’s been a huge albatross around the neck of this country. Perhaps this was never a country after all but just an economic empire, now looking to survive.

    • Thanks: YetAnotherAnon, Druid
    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @Ugetit
    , @HeebHunter
  21. “I believe that its death will mark the rebirth of the United States as a “normal” country (which is what happened to all the other former empires).”
    I 2nd that hope.
    However, I lack the optimism for that hope.
    Part of that pessimism lies with the huge US nuclear arsenal. Sure, the US may lose economic primacy, bases & it’s dollar reserve status, but those weapons will remain functional for years & offer a defacto super power status to any president silly enough to try leverage such weapons for international political purposes.
    I guess, even accepting Saker general point, the question is not one of death but of dying.
    And naturally dying maybe fast or slow….
    A dying empire may be inclined to lash out from sheer frustration & humiliation or delusions of power.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  22. Bert says:

    Excellent analysis. Please though “begs the question” is a recent corruption of the phrase, the corruption being propagated initially by the youngest and least educated pundits. The correct = original phrase for the concept of a necessary broaching of a sequential thought is “raises the question.”
    See Contemporary Usage in the article.

    • Thanks: ThreeCranes
    • Replies: @Weston Waroda
  23. Miro23 says:

    The Empire is dead. And I hope and believe that its death will mark the rebirth of the United States as a “normal” country (which is what happened to all the other former empires).

    The “normal country” part may take time. The last world empire to die was the British one. At one time (around 1850) the British Empire was the manufacturing a trading centre of the world (same as the USA circa 1950) and their steps to normality included:

    Loss of world currency reserve role. In the British case, the exchange rate seriously started to slide after Indian Independence (1947) and sterling went on to lose 60% of its value. Factors were the rise of an alternative (US dollar), the decision of oil producers to hold reserves in US dollars and the US being the new centre of world manufacturing/trade. However, the British did pay back their war debts at great social (for example food rationing that only ended in 1954) but the austerity came apart in the 1970’s with industrial unrest, strikes and inflation (max. 22% p.a. in 1975). Unfortunately, US debts are more intractable (reaching into every corner of society), the US government can’t in fact pay them back (and never planned to), the US public are not into austerity, and the US doesn’t have a powerful labour movement the same as Britain had in the 1970’s. When the dollar goes down, then the prediction is inflation rather than austerity/higher interest rates – or maybe hyperinflation with QE infinity. The effect here would be a worthless US dollar and dislocation in US society exceeding anything that happened in the UK.

    Re-purposing of the Imperial Administration. London and Edinburgh were physically located in the British Isles but they were actually elite Imperial cities administering a host of colonies, protectorates and dominions comprising (at the peak) of 458 million people (a quarter of the world’s population and covering 33.7 million km²).

    The vast administrative buildings are still there (central London), and still in use (for example the Foreign Office) but running a parody of what they used to be. The particular UK problem is that the elite was never much concerned with the wellbeing of the British public and they still come from the same elite public schools designed to train young men to run that Empire that no longer exists. The US Empire is focused on Globalism and has its own its Global elite, who similarly have little empathy or connection with the US public. Take away the globalization, and they similarly easily dictate to the US public since they just find democracy an inconvenience.

    • Agree: Iris, Alfred, Theophrastus
  24. Anon[952] • Disclaimer says:

    Could it be that the US did not retaliate because other than taking Suleimani out, Trump’s faction had no desire to push things further? Assassinating Suleimani simply aided the Iraqis who Trump wishes to disengage from and was a sop to Israel. And perhaps some of the Iranian elite were not sorry to see the back of an increasingly powerful figure either.

    To some extent, the killing and the muted retaliation suited both sides?

    • Agree: Sam J.
    • Replies: @anon
  25. Kronos says:

    The Empire is dead. And I hope and believe that its death will mark the rebirth of the United States as a “normal” country (which is what happened to all the other former empires).

    You think the US imperialists will move out and emigrate to Russia or China? Between WW1 and WW2 plenty of imperialist elites moved to the US (mainly New York) once their former countries either collapsed or severely downsized in terms of prestige and stature.

  26. Bankotsu says:

    When did the empire start to die? Probably around 1989-1991.

    As Simon Tisdall puts it:

    ….Although the US remains, by most measures, the world’s most influential and powerful country, the advent of Donald Trump has encouraged talk of an end to its global dominance.

    Yet if this is indeed happening, the change began not with Trump but as far back as the 1989-93 presidency of George HW Bush.

    By declaring victory in the cold war and promising a domestic peace dividend paid through reduced military spending, Bush helped nurture a delusional mindset that believed US global hegemony and the newly found status of the US as sole superpower were forever set in stone.

    The idea gained ground that America could, and should, do exactly as it pleased.

    Such complacent thinking was given superficial intellectual weight by Francis Fukuyama’s much-mangled thesis, The End of History?, first published as an essay in 1989. Part of its attraction lay in its connections to the original isolationist, unilateralist “America First” era that died a sudden death at Pearl Harbor in 1941…

    When you think you’ve won and stop to think strategically, you die.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Bugg
  27. The Arabic word for “martyr” (technically for “witness”) is “shahid”, not “shadid”.

    I suggest Sweden as the target for the next U.S. war of aggression. Their immigration policies suggest they have zero self-regard and, therefore, will not retaliate in any way.

    • Replies: @Oikeamielinen
  28. A brilliant analysis. What you did not mention, but I think is implied, is that the US has lost its morale. The internal conflicts are debilitating its society and I agree that it is impossible to put Humpty Dumpty back again. The USA is spiritually bereft and all its religions have been contaminated by its political culture.

    IMHO the Israeli collapse is not far behind. In fact I think it could be fairly argued that it too has collapsed internally, thereby providing no framework for a really aggressive war. The appointment of a legally alleged criminal to be its prime minister because the highest equity court in the land could find no “legal” reason for his disqualification, is an indication of the total absence of moral values in the public realm.

    I have to admit I predicted that when the USA goes so does Israel, but I did not think it would be because of the dearth of morale, moral values and the absence of spirituality – all of which of course, Iran has in doses!!

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @Druid
  29. @anon

    Maybe it was Captain Kangaroo…

  30. alfred says:

    Thank you for a thoughtful article.

    It has been obvious to me for a long time that intelligence in Europe, the USA and much of the world has been falling for generations. I assumed it was because dumb women were having more kids than smart women. I think that is part of it. But a more important part seems to be the role of fluoride that has been insidiously added to water, salt and even milk.

    Not only does fluoride make the people who are poisoned more docile and less intelligent, but it lowers their fertility and confuses their sexual identity. This Covid-19 nonsense is designed to reduce the population, but this started a long time ago. They are merely trying to speed up this process.

    Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Policy (\$5)

    Or download this free PDF

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @karel
  31. It never collapsed and it will never be superseeded by China. The US has a huge network of alliances to count on, and most of those “allies” are in reality mere subcolonial puppets that Washington can order around. Merkel was caught spying on other European leaders on behalf of the US. Japan and South Korea can’t even make their own military decisions without asking for permission first.

    China has nothing like that. Like it or not, but the US Empire will ride out long into the sunset. It won’t be uncontested, but it will be unbeaten.

    • Replies: @Realist
  32. eggplant says:

    “is due to only to the fact that Iranians are superb strategists”

    I stopped there. What absolute bs.

    If the Iranians made some token response (allowing them, in the manner of the third world, to “save face”) it showed their absolute weakness because they knew that by personally targeting leaders like Soleimani instead of the some poor conscripts that Trump had changed the script.

    They knew that if they responded strongly the leaders themselves would be killed as well.
    Being held personally responsible for their actions – don’t forget that Khameini taunted Trump (“and there is nothing you can do about it”) so Trump had Soleimani killed. Next up was Khameini.
    With hindsight it was a brilliant move by Trump and the Iranians shit themselves.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  33. Iris says:

    we all agreed that “the system” was perfect, so to speak, and that the US would only collapse if a strong external shock would hit it hard

    There laid the correct answer to the article’s question.

    The founding event of the 21st Century’s global geopolitical shift towards the East was China joining the World Trade Organisation in Dec 2001. That membership later delivered the most determining blow to Anglo-Zionist imperial supremacy. President Putin’s accession to power comes in second position.

    China’s joining the WTO reshaped the global landscape, but its importance went completely unnoticed at the time because the NeoCons where frantically engaged in a massive psyop operation, murdering 3000 Americans with underground nuclear weapons at home and slaughtering millions of Muslims abroad.

    • Agree: Alfred, FLgeezer
  34. padre says:

    Obviously, they are not a match for you!

  35. sally says:

    I know Trump and his presidency cannot be blamed for the likes of the contents of this, , but overlooked is

    The election outcome (between two party appointed, electoral college elected candidates) will not change the Domestic American situation in USA governed America.

    When the British controlled politics in the British colonies in America, the British corporations and their Queen owned the British Parliament; the parliament made the laws as instructed, appointed the colonial governors as instructed, and taxed the American Colonist to support the British troops who occupied the colony to enforce the dictated laws and to protect the appointed governors. The colonist were forced to accept that situation until in 1776, (the continental Congress interceded), but after 1787 (the constitution reestablished corporate rule over America ).. since 1788, nothing has changed. Don’t forget John Hanson (1781), was the First President of the United States. The Oligarchs make all of the decisions and appoint all of their own to make sure the governed Americans carry out dictates given to lawmakers by the Corporate powerhouses.

    the upcoming vote [does not matter it] is neither a vote for upholding law and order in the US, or for total nihilism . Its just business as usual conducted by the Oligarchs and their corporations.

    Americans are the greatest people on earth, they mingle and support each other, according to cards dealt to them, but they have a system of government which is controlled by private and foreign wealth, the private interest in control of the USA are supported by an even more powerful, privately owned, corporate supported media, which adds up to a situation incompatible with democracy because their is no accountability by those in control to those who are the governed. .. Ramsey Clark calls it a plutocracy.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Agent76
    , @Curmudgeon
  36. Antiwar7 says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    What about Libya? What about arming and funding the Syrian rebels? Those started under “Obomba” , and they were wars.

  37. GMC says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Ya right – African born Obama didn’t do anything in Ukraine – Look up what he did in Donetsk 2005 and put the dots together – and forward to the Maidan. And then – tell me some more, that his administration isn’t responsible for the 20 -40,000 dead , wounded , women children and old folks in the territory 500 kilometers from me – Donbass ! Obama’s 2013 Propaganda Law, that made it perfectly legal to use Propaganda brainwashing on the American people is your – MSM freaks – today . His 1 micrometer of dark skin – conned everyone , but not us guys who know what an Oreo cookie is inside, full of Satanic World Order BS. Spacibo.

    • Agree: Agent76
  38. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Neither did Obama. Much like Trump he talked peace while giving the military a free hand to screw around in the Middle East, but Obama didn’t start anything.

    Jeepers, read a newspaper once in a while! Obama invaded Syria and turned Libya into a garbage dump run by feral sand apes.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
    , @anonymous
  39. anon[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Have we heard about the mad Ayatullah since then ? Did he get blown away in Afghanistan?
    Iranians claimed
    USA didn’t deny or confirm . Non denial is confirmation.

  40. AndrewR says:

    As you said, the US is a rotting carcass. The left roots for the maggots and the right roots for the corpse. I vote for cremation.

  41. AndrewR says:

    Most “foreign” cars in the US are made in the US, just like GM/Ford/etc have factories in other countries where they build and sell cars to locals under an American brand.

    If the HQ of Toyota or Hyundai were incinerated, it wouldn’t be great for their stock prices, but their ability to manufacture vehicles in the US would not really be diminished, barring the destruction of any Japanese/Korean factories where specialized parts were produced and distributed around the world.

  42. AndrewR says:

    The official account is that Trump was presented with an array of options in response to the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad, with the murder of Soleimani being the most extreme one. This sounds entirely plausible to me. So it wasn’t like he came up with the idea himself.

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  43. Rich says:

    A lot of wishful thinking in this article.
    1. The puppet Iraqi government might make a lot of noise, but they dread the withdrawal of American troops. It will lead to their deaths by the radicals.
    2. The minor attacks against US facilities in Iraq do little damage .
    3. Iranians “making fun” means nothing. They are isolated and vulnerable with no real victories to speak of.
    4. In the only clash between Americans and Rusians in Syria, the US soundly defeated the Russkies. And the US still controls the Syrian oil fields..
    5. A US puppet still sits in Kabul and the Taliban are stuck in the bush, only poking their heads out to commit acts of terror on women and children.

    It’s true that the divide and conquer tactics of the US elite seem unnecessary and stupid, but it’s the tactic used by elites in every empire since Rome. Keeping the people divided keeps wages down and prevents a unified force from threatening the Patricians. No serious person believes antifa or blm will ever overthrow the American government. If the “Anglo-zionist” empire is ever to fall, it will probably be due to some foreign technological advance or massive plague. Not S-400s in the hands of Iranians.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @Majority of One
    , @Iris
  44. The eternal wars are by design, not an indication of failure or defeat. The American elites know of no other way to maintain a viable economy than by military Keynesianism. They really don’t care if the wars drag on forever to an ignominious end. Deplorables are expendable; Hillary said as much.

    Add to that their plan to grow America’s population up to 1 billion people and there you have it. The growing debts must be passed off to the next generation of hopeful immigrants. Our leaders are too simple minded to find a way to run the country within our borders and without expanding the consumer base. So they blunder on, inflicting blunt trauma on any who get in their way.

    And, as others have pointed out, referring to the American patriot whom you quote above, while he may be guilty in the harshest existential sense (for not taking ultimate responsibility for his beliefs and actions) he is the target of the most ruthless, cunning propaganda machine ever devised, the message of which is “What’s good for Israel is good for the U.S.”. So, in a sense, you can’t blame him. Those of his blood brothers who are intelligent enough to grasp what is going on and powerful enough to do something about it have betrayed him, having been bought off by a combination of fat investment portfolios, ephemeral prestige and security.

    • Thanks: Majority of One, Iris
  45. KA says:

    “ was under Obama that we saw the vacuum at the top resulting in various agencies (DoS, DoD, CIA, Pentagon, etc.) …….having harpies such as Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice or Samantha Power involved did “
    Racial attack on Obama ,GOP’s racially informed attitude to his administration and Obama’s fallback on charming popularity just to survive – all made possible and strengthened by media did unravel the presidency as an institute and allowed the powers be divided along racial and ideological lines in those aforementioned departments . The monolithic shapes fractured .

    Nixon Vietnam and Watergate did back then but the country recovered because we still could displace our animosity onto Soviet . It’s a historical arrangement . America has always been able to export its divison abroad and cement itself within .
    Given the rapporachment of Islamic countries or capitulation of Islamic countries to Israel ironically by American pressure , America has lost that whipping boy as it’s punchIng bag . Islamic terrorism has lost that overarching narrative as a common outlet for both parties . It is now relegated to religious or hate speech domain. It has been trying to resurrect the bully of communism and socialism . But that shitfest is not working because a lot has changed within and outside the borders. The domestic acceptance and foreign denunciation of communism or acceptance of capitalism by those very communist countries have diluted the passion for trust in that narrative to flourish . People don’t give a hoot to communism .

    13 colonies have no room to spread the founding myth and lies .
    No where to escape from its own organic tension and conflicts .

  46. jsigur says:

    The connected elites support a one world empire and to create one, they need to weaken the US. So I believe this article ignores that reality and uses the popular myths sold to the ppls needing fooling to make their case
    The reality is that all ppl supporting individual countries are, in fact, enemies that must be herded through deception towards goals they would never support if they knew the real story occurring.
    Of course fake wars that weaken all sides are one of the engines used to accomplish the necessary tear down before overt one world rule can take place
    Since the MSM is a creature of the hostile elites going about this task, it becomes necessary to sell the various mis-directions If a writer wishes to attain individual success.
    When one looks into the history of the Kennedy family,JFK’s positive post war assessment of Hitler, Papa Joe’s full opposition to the 2nd world war as a Jewish conspiracy, Kennedy had to be killed once it was determined his objectives were in opposition. Kennedy was likely the only president that came anywhere close to doing what needed to be done to stop the takeover
    In the day of the internet, free speech was going to have to be undermined and censored to curb its beginning “wild west’ atmosphere from 1980 to 2010

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  47. Realist says:

    The Empire is dead. And I hope and believe that its death will mark the rebirth of the United States as a “normal” country (which is what happened to all the other former empires).

    Yes, a zombie empire.

  48. @interesting

    When the nation decided that making money from money was the day it died.

    When the nation decided that making money from money was [preferable to making money from making things was] the day it died.


  49. The Saker:

    . . . because the crime of aggression “contains within itself the accumulated evil”, to use the words words of the chief US prosecutor at Nuremberg and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Robert H. Jackson.

    There we see the peculiar Russian fetish about Nuremberg and Nazis . . . well, come to think of it, it’s the same one that Finns have, along with others in the Community of Western Values.

    • Replies: @NoFetish
  50. Realist says:

    When the nation decided that making money from money was the day it died.

    Exactly correct…that is a Jewish thing…financial products.

  51. G J T says:

    There is so much stupidity in this comment it’s impossible to know where to even begin.

    • Agree: Hillbob
  52. Realist says:

    Nice piece, but let’s not get carried away here.

    When a major party, in a country, presents a candidate like Biden, and a large number of people vote for him…that country is fucking dead. But this happened after a decades long illness.

  53. @Bankotsu

    “stop to think” is a real bugger.
    I was walking. I stopped (walking!) to read a poster. I stopped reading the poster and continued walking.

  54. MLK says:

    I’ve always felt a bit sorry for Iran. Because its 1979 revolution came at a post-Vietnam low point for the US, it cribbed from the seemingly ascendent Soviet Union.

    I’ll give the Iranian regime this, regardless of their cardinal errors, there are always cheerleaders like The Saker squeaking “Ha ha, they meant to do that. Iran is positioned better than Venezuela and North Korea for a collapse of the US!”

    Perhaps in the next article he’ll wax on about the Cuban revolution.

    First, a bit of other housekeeping. Contra The Saker’s adoption of wrongheaded conventional wisdom, the USG has not regime changed Maduro. As I explained, a flopping and twitching Venezuela is too useful to the US as a sinkhole for Russian, Chinese and Iranian cash (and oil , in the case of Iran).

    I know it makes you characters sad, but expending \$billons to give your geopolitical rivals a headache is a bag of shells for the USG.

    And, there’s something wrong with you if you pay attention to such things and you still can’t see how Trump has forced clarity into the North Korea situation. No longer would the USG accept the fiction of North Korean trouble-making independence from China. The Kim regime was wholly dependent on China for its survival. Trump teased this out into public view, with the not yet generally recognized implication that Trump held China liable for North Korea’s nuclear capability as if it were just another province of China.

    The Saker is right to note the importance of Soleimani. Unfortunately he’s retconning. Soleimani is dead because he was engaged in a plot using surrogates in Iraq to seize the American embassy in Bagdad in a replay of the Iranian Hostage Crisis that sank Carter’s reelection in 1980. The close planning between Iran and Democrats is so brazen you can look it up on twitter (e.g. Khamenei; Sen. Murphy).

    Before giving over 1/3 of the TV screen to China Virus stats, Fake News CNN and MSDNC were going to fill it for 11 months with a ‘Green Zone Hostage Crisis’ counter like “Nightline” did.

    As I keep having to explain, Trump is a real POTUS. His three predecessors were, in effect, figureheads and pitchmen. Increasingly so from one to the next. Think about all that Trump has survived, and then consider that all it took to drive Obama into the presidential bubble, reading everything he said off of a teleprompter, was him making a comment in defense of his Harvard professor friend who got arrested trying to get into his own house.

    As long as he sits in the Oval Office, Trump presents a monumental challenge to the Iranian regime precisely because no one, including the Iranian people, believe he wants regime change, let alone, war with Iran.

    China won the post-Cold War quarter century, hands down. What The Saker describes as “collapse,” is the Trump-driven end of USG geo-strategy so treasonous it drove Russian into a strategic alliance with China.

    Geopolitics is a zero sum. You can also think of it as a high-stakes game of musical chairs. Iran is learning that the USG controls the record player, and Russia, China and Turkey are more than happy to continue to have her lose her seat instead of them.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  55. Alfred says:

    Chinese dissidents throwing their weight behind Trump proves that, outside the West, there is still goodwill towards White America

    These Chinese so-called dissidents are largely financed by Soros and others. When the money is cut off, they will scurry back to Hong Kong and China – begging for clemency. They are no more than useful idiots. Do they really think the British want them in the UK?

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  56. Alfred says:

    News just in today from the UK scientists no herd immunity, one’s immunity goes down months after getting COVID 19 requiring vaccination x2 a year.

    So how come deaths allegedly due to Covid-19 have almost hit the floor in Europe?

    It is amazing how they have substituted fake “cases” for “deaths”

    Here are the numbers for Europe. Do you see any difference from previous years?

    I suggest you go ahead and get your two vaccinations every year and leave the rest of us in peace.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  57. Saker is so full of shit he’s in need of a roto-rooter operation.

    Disinformation specialist, concocting lies and fabricated past discussions as if he’s some kind of Geo-Pol Socrates.

    The US Empire became officially and finally the Jew-S Empire on 9/11/2001.

    It has not collapsed. If anything, it is stronger today than then.


    Because they are more desperate than ever to complete this “endgame”.

    That’s means they are far more likely to use Military Power than ever before… ESPECIALLY Nuclear Weapons.

    And Saker (((Faker)))… stop picking your nose at the New Smyrna Beach Winn Dixie deli counter. It’s not only unseemly, it spreads germs.

    • Troll: Mikael_
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  58. The Rothschild Banking Empire still rules the world thru their fiat money system. They rule us, Russia, China, and so on. I believe NK, Syria, and maybe Iran are still free from usuryism. The nation state thing is just theater. But if one gets their jollies from the US decline, then by all means think Russia and China will save the world. However get ready first for the red cross’ big reset. Hopefully the reset won’t involve our weapons of mass destruction, which is the thing that should temper any giddiness of the end of the empire. Maybe all will finally see who runs the world, or maybe not.

    BTW the beginning of the end began with the ’67 immigration bill. Diversity is not strength, and it marked the unraveling of the US being a quirky English Republic. A similar genocidal fate is upon our motherland. Seems the blood suckers of the banking empire have decided to kill their formerly lucrative hosts and patsies.

    • Agree: Ralph B. Seymour
    • Replies: @Sam J.
  59. A Pakistani Colonel, a US Navy Captain and a Spanish diplomat blah blah blah? Smart people blah blah ? They agreed the system was weak blah blah !

    The Saker’s shit is so deep I need a jet pack to stay above it. Jesus Christ, who comes up with this drivel ? The Saker does.

    • Agree: Alden
  60. We can’t live in a unipolar world any longer. Actually Russia is trying to play the game correctly. China is making the same mistake as the US – trying to be top dog – ‘the” superpower. They have their own set of problems. The West thinks China is a problem now? If China became a non-totalitarian society, the competition would really be unbearable. The Chinese want to succeed. Americans are too focused on stupid stuff – fluff. Every person in the US could be living more than comfortably if it weren’t for all the money going to war, black budgets and corruption in general.

  61. @Alfred

    Rather a bunch of Chinese than a bunch of Nigerians or Pakistanis. Substitute the Indians for the Pakistanis and for the Nigerians??? The Ferengi from Star Trek?

  62. When one says things like

    “ he did threaten a lot of countries with military attacks (itself a crime under international law)”

    One nullifies ones credibility, as there is no such thing as international law, even though the international communists would love to impose international law that nullifies national and state law, i.e., nullifies human liberty and our god given rights by replacing god with the tyranny of bureaucrats that bequeath your rights as they see fit.

    You should really reevaluate your position on that, even though you are likely equally as conditioned on that topic as many are. What you are implicitly supporting is the very same kind of law far entanglement that has shackled the USA and its states to the lawyer tribe, is that really something you want to extend to subjugate the USA to the rest of the world too? The only thing we should be using any kind of lawyers or law for is as a clear signal to disqualify them from any government office. It’s like putting the proverbial fox in charge of the henhouse.

    There are international treaties and agreements that can be cancelled, especially by a strong President that does not subjugate himself to the legislature or even the judiciary, but that does not mean there is international law … especially not one in the interest of the American people … if that is even still a people that exists at all beyond the paper Americans more interested in the benefits of claiming to be on the winning team.

  63. @Anonymous

    In your fever dreams. By American standards neither Syria nor Libya count as anything like a war. We have troops running around Africa too. Obama fucked up in Libya for sure but for the most part used proxies and actual US involvement was minimal. Which is why Benghazi happened – we didn’t have boots on the ground protecting the Consulate.

    Syria was just an extension of Bush’s Iraq policy in any case, and if you back and look at the establishment newspapers from back then you will mostly see people complaining that Obama wasn’t committing to a real war.

    If you remember, the attacks against Hillary Rodham were that she was going to be a real hawk, not a wuss like Obama.

    • Troll: Mikael_
    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
    , @anon
  64. TKK says:

    Also, I wonder if The Saker knows any Persians who are not fanatics? The rank and file Persian loathed, detested and hated Soleimani, as he was the leader of the feared Qud.

    When you son disappears, and is being tortured for some petty, insane offense thought up by the Shia sadists that run Iran, Soleimani was the architect of that terror.

    The National Council of Resistance of Iran – The Viable Democratic Alternative lists the following about Soleimani:

    The overwhelming majority of Iranians despised Soleimani, an infamous symbol of the regime’s intimidation and murder, for his crimes against the Iranian people and throughout the region. The Iranian people and Iraqi protesters who have been calling for Soleimani’s expulsion from Iraq for some time welcomed his death as a sign of the waning of the regime’s control over their country.

    Soleimani, carrying the rank of major general, was Khamenei’s hatchet man and a hated figure. During uprisings in Iran in 2018 and 2019, protesters tore up and torched his posters in different cities.

    How repellent to call this butcher a Great Man- when you do not live under his reign of murder? When you are free to write and pontificate, and the Persian people do have not 1/1000 of this freedom?

    Saker- you are as American as they come.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Alden
  65. A great tribute to General Soleimani and his contribution to the end of empire.

    The thrashings of the hegemony since that moment do appear to be largely ineffectual, but this should be interpreted positively, as any overenthusiastic assertiveness by any major or even minor actor could result in a global glass parking lot.

    We can hope for a “Twilights Last Gleaming” as a happy outcome (although I personally enjoyed the book, I felt it had an abundance of wishful thinking).
    The alternative ending, if the empire does not implode, will be Zone 23.

  66. What is your take on treaties between various Arab/Muslim countries and the Zionist State? Arabs, especially those from the Arabian Peninsula couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the Palestinians. Although Trump is always self-promoting, his pushing of agreements, recognition etc. between Israel and the various Arabian kinglets – something that was already in process – I believe will prevent the Zionists from actually putting the Yinon Plan into its fullest extent. They’ll get a green light for the west Bank, Golan & possibly Gaza, but no more.

  67. A “smart” Pakistani Army colonel … those were the guys who were guarding Osama bin Laden against the American plot to nab him. LOL!

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  68. @Rahan

    That’s assuming the US will be allowed to exist. None of the ‘second empires’ you mentioned had this level of contempt, foreign and domestic, deserved and reflexive. The lingering bitterness of wartime and colonial enemies was not anywhere near as ingrained and spiteful as the masses of people who are eager to dance on the US grave.

    Imagine an entire world treating the US the way that the North treated the South after the Civil War, and the entire idea of a second empire starts to sound as likely as “the South shall rise again.”

  69. @Cyrano

    The NSDAP actually was socialist. Germans revived socialism as it was proposed in the 19th century, without Marx’s so-called “scientific” version: nationalist, authoritarian, ethnic-specific. Early on, in a March 23, 1933 policy speech to the Reichstag, Hitler stated, “Great are the tasks of the national Government in the sphere of economic life. Here all action must be governed by one law: the people does not live for business, and business does not exist for capital; but capital serves business, and business serves the people.” The party rebuilt Germany’s shattered economy in just four years without putting their people into debt to the one percenters, through a series of self-financing work credits invested in civilian infrastructure. Contrary to rumor no more than 4% was spent in any year of the first Four Year Plan on rebuilding the military (essentially from scratch), and that was almost exclusively invested in strengthening border defenses with a France that had invaded German territory thirty times in the previous two centuries. They enacted legislation to abolish feudal Germanic class distinction, while preserving private property and rewarding personal incentive. They provided guaranteed wages, health care, housing, and price controls on food and consumer goods. They built trade relations with more than twenty nations based on a fair exchange of manufactured goods for raw materials – again, bypassing the international banking cartels, which customarily brokered all such transactions.

    It’s gone down the memory hole that Germany was as committed to smashing the power of international capitalism as it was to destroying totalitarian communism. Ironically, Marx was correct in his dictum that in the modern world, nation-states function chiefly as agents of international capital. At the most fundamental level, Germany’s unforgivable sin was its refusal to participate in the web of global greed which, unchecked today, threatens all life on earth. Over here, Germany had to be demonized because its revolution implicitly committed heresy against America’s primary political illusion, that capitalism and democracy are compatible.

    • Agree: utu, Alden
    • Thanks: mark green, Iris
  70. Mikael_ says:

    Excellent, insightful article.

    I always thought, on the outer limit, the US empire will be clearly over when one of their carriers is sunk, but you make a much better point about things at the margin, instead of extremes.

    I will read Greer’s book now!

  71. TG says:

    Many interesting points. As others point out, however, the “empire” is not dead, and like previous empires – Roman, Spanish, British – it will take a long time fading away, and possibly still cause much mischief in the meantime.

    But when did it really collapse? To me the thing is that elites became corrupt and insulted from their mistakes, and uncaring of the overall good of the nation as a whole. Starting in the 1960’s, the elites started importing massive numbers of third-world refugees, to drive wages down and profits up – social stability and the health of the working class be damned. Then there was ‘free’ trade, where the industrial might that had been carefully nurtured over centuries was shipped to communist China in less than a generation. A health care system that with ‘surprise medical billing’ is little more than legalized piracy. An ‘education’ system that basically has placed an entire generation of young people in permanent debt-bondage, to get an ‘education’ the tased to be either nearly free or paid for by corporations that used to actually train their own workforces. And so on.

    It wasn’t a single turning point I think, just the elites not caring, only worrying about their own short term profits, throwing away the core strengths of the nation. That the place is still not a third world country is testament to how much strength the previous leadership had acquired, but as with all big fortunes, it will run out some day.

    But if one has to pick a single turning point, I would pick 1976, when that famous intellectual whore Milton Friedman was granted the fake Nobel Prize in Economics by his wealthy patrons.

  72. Alfred says:

    They knew that if they responded strongly the leaders themselves would be killed as well.

    But they have been killing the leaders of Iran for decades. It is only because others ahead of him were assassinated that Khamenei became supreme leader.

    Now, most of their terror resources in Iran have been uncovered and neutralized. It is not for want of trying by Israel and the USA that Iran is relatively peaceful. I suspect the CIA would gladly pay \$100m to someone for blowing up their parliament. 🙂

    Hafte Tir Bombing: A Blast which Shocked the Iranian People (June 28, 1981)

    And here is another one. The office of the prime minister was blown up in 1981 – a briefcase bomb.

    But those days are over. The competence of Iranian intelligence is excellent.

    Events like the blowing up of the UIA aircraft at Tehran airport are largely carried out from outside the country. If you believe the story that the Iranian battery was pointing in the wrong direction, you have been duped. It is not by accident that 3 other aircraft took off with no incident before this one on that fatal dawn. UIA is largely owned by the Jewish oligarch Kolomoisky. You can be sure he made a big insurance profit out of this loss.

  73. anon[422] • Disclaimer says:

    How many angels fit on the point of a needle? What a tedious and misguided article.

    I was truly inspired by Saker’s contributions around the time of the Ukraine crisis in 2014-2015, and do wonder if he wasn’t poisoned or replaced. Maybe I’ve just grown in education during the intervening years.

    The study of history is fraught with blind-alley enquiries. Exactly on what date did the Roman Republic cease and the Roman Empire emerge? Who gives a shit? Obviously these are gradual processes, overlapping and intersecting multi-dimensionally across many eras. Looking for a date is a tedious and pointless exercise yielding nothing, indicating a dementia or stupidity in the thinker.

    It’s pretty clear that the American Empire was influenced if not controlled, from the beginning, by a Rothschild/Rockefeller/City-of-London/UN/Davos/Aipac kind of thing, a big transnational mafia. You can follow George Webb’s research and link up all the Paperclip to CIA to whatever else. The forest for the trees here is that the idea of a national empire was never really born; it’s always been a stalking horse for global-cult, oligarchic, NWO, corporatist totalitarian dictatorship, which we see coming to fruition (trying to) with the Big-Tech attempt to corral the narrative in the USA, and the EU legalistic criminalization of deviations from the official narrative.

    In other words, there never was an American Empire in any autonomic sense. It’s always been the shit-upon asset of transnational mafias, whatever august secretive societies might dominate agency globally.

    End of story. You can end the article there, or better yet, start asking more interesting questions.

    What interests me is the question of how to resurrect the American Republic, which has far greater potential power and creativity than any Empire (plundering machine) could ever muster.

    • Agree: Majority of One
  74. With russian columnists and enthusiastically supporting Trump, Russiagate people are going to see them as Russian agents, which of course would be false.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @shylockcracy
  75. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Scott Stearney

  76. @Peter Akuleyev

    This is what is called “disinformation”. Include a pinch of facts with a few tons of lies and this is the result.

  77. @Observator

    exactly! and the germanic bloc still is the only hope the world has for exiting the mammon hell created by the fafner and loki elements of this world, beyond the vacuous fake socialism touted by the likes of this lightweight intellectual poser.
    We may have fucked up that big opportunity back then and damned this planet to the nonstop rape and orgy of pure greed and idiocy it has become. Honestly the staffing of the last attempt left much to be desired and failed for its own incompetence, a real chance squandered! The vacuum and negative vortex at the heart of this modern orgy will eventually undo it – with all its impotent theatrical statists like the fake socialism, Chinese Orwell confucianism etc – , yet the question remains what is to replace it? here not a shred of ideas from these “thinkers”. Yet this is where the hard work with actual rooted ideas starts, the thread needs to be taken up where it broke, building on the deep foundations put down by Schelling Stirner List Spengler Moeller etc – clearing through the idea forest and replanting in the desert facing us today.

  78. Alfred says:

    When your son disappears, and is being tortured for some petty, insane offense thought up by the Shia sadists that run Iran, Soleimani was the architect of that terror.

    Total nonsense. As is usual by the Israeli trolls.

    The reality is that the torture was under the Shah. The SAVAK was trained by Israelis. They ran away when the Shah lost control. A normal-seeming young man with a nice Mercedes would inhabit a large house in a nice part of Tehran. In his basement, would be many men and women being tortured and raped. The neighbors were oblivious.

    Once, around 1977, I was invited to a large party in Tehran. There was a show. The showman was a hypnotist who worked for SAVAK. He was able to get people to do incredible things on a small stage. Really scary. 🙁

    A guy like that could easily get a normal-seeming person to stab or shoot a total stranger with a trigger word.

    Savak Agent Describes How He Tortured Hundreds (NYT)

    • Replies: @TKK
  79. Getaclue says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    The NWO “Elite” Oligarch Creeps at the UN and elsewhere (even the Vatican) and their paid off “Experts” seeded in at every level of everything now (a Plague Of Faucis) have for decades now been all about the destruction of the USA being necessary for the NWO One World Government Agenda to come in place, literally in a couple of clicks you can find them all verbalizing this publicly, no problem, they aren’t shy about it….

    — the goal is a World Wide system of oppression based on the ChiCom “Model” that David Rockefeller and the other NWO Elites were responsible for nurturing and growing there mostly by offshoring the wealth of the USA manufacturing base (Rockefeller’s fingerprints are every as to “Modern” China for anyone who actually looks…), this is the “Model” they want inflicted on all of a Technocratic Surveillance State of no rights for the Peons, monitoring by cell phone 5G, injections of mandated nanopoisons etc.

    — Soros and his NGOs are part of this (buying off Local Elections/DAs so the Leftist “revolutionaries” he finances can Burn, Loot, Murder, done with no problem and the Globalist Mainslime Media cheering it on….) — all of this including the CVirus “Medical Martial Law” roll out we saw this year is from them, ALL of it — the Rockefeller Foundation/Gates Foundation/Ford Foundation etc. NWO Globalist Network set up with tax avoidance dollars has over \$1.5 Trillion in connected war chests (Gates has spent \$45 Billion on this project while doubling his wealth at the same time, he has bought off the Mainslime Media with over \$220 million in targeted “giving”, his Foundation is one of the biggest cons in history) — these funds are targeted at the destruction of the USA and Western Civilization — we are just seeing all of this play out in the open now — much worse is coming as anyone who is awake and does any research knows — it wasn’t “negligence” by the “Elites” that caused this as the article argues — all of it was and is INTENTIONAL.

  80. Bookish1 says:

    that short conversation is beside the point of this article anyway. so why bother with it

  81. Do you find it strange that over 180 countries signed the Antartica treaty making them all buddies on paper? This fake hate between countries is just what it is fake. Only a few rule this world and they must keep the slaves in check with fear. Here is Dr. Sean Hross’s version of why Iranian General Soleimani was murdered. Soleimani was a great man who loved his country. I tend to believe this as everything in our world is fake from our history to the foods we eat.

    • Replies: @Bugg
  82. Amir says:

    “….Trump did not start any real wars…” So, the crippling sanctions on Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and assisting Saudi Arabia to murder Yemenis are not wars because US didn’t directly dropped bombs or sent troops.
    “,,,the Dems all hate this country…. .” How the heck do you know that? These kinds of garbage statements are designed to divide America.

    Saker, you showed your true face by this article. Waste of time reading this.

  83. Getaclue says:
    @God's Fool

    I put my money on him dying of Kidney disease long before he was “killed” — given who really did 911 — the entire saga of the many “Osamas” popping up and his supposed travels around don’t pass the sniff test nor the helicopter crash of those who knew what was truly up as to his supposed assassination in Pakistan (his body then conveniently disposed of at sea– just how stupid are we?)…just sayin’:

  84. joe2.5 says:

    You say:
    “… the folks in the military, especially below the general officer level [who may be angling for career and monetary gain], are in fact quite professional and competent and often provide a good check on the worst political impulses…”

    But you had just said, before that, the diametrical opposite about most of them:

    “Mostly these guys and gals believe in the American system fully, warts and all, including the ‘exceptionalism’ part, and the dissent is often on purely technical and practical matters…”

    So let me understand: most officers believe in a crazy fairy tale normal people stop swallowing when 6-year-old but they are “professional and competent”, and “most” to you means all anyway.


    • Replies: @FB
  85. KA says:

    Some observations are correct
    But remember U.K. was not destroyed by the rebellion in the far flung empire .
    It imploded . Contradictions within the definition of its economy and practicing policies did
    Those stupidities nailed it .

  86. @Art

    It actually started a decade before that when the Frankfurt school alumni infested American Universities – starting with Columbia New York – then spreading to the majority of universities and onto high schools. It has taken close to a century to get to this toxic point in our history.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
    , @Art
  87. So much focus on the “Anglo-Zionist” empire when terrorist Ziocorporate globalism is a geopolitical fact to which China and Russia already submit, with growth in the sense of monetarist/financialist capital as the driving force of development with the progress of human capital playing a subordinate role, much more so given the inevitable rise of AI as a decisive factor to make business more profitable.

    For whatever it’s worth it, the Anglo-Zionists achieved their new world order goals in 1944-45 when financial Ziocorporatism became the undisputed core of geopolitical interactions, they literally developed China after Kissinger sent Nixon and his other emissaries to “open it up” and set the rules on how the neocolonies’ natural resources would be handled through IMF/WB “development” schemes and the stock market, which is how things still work today in NY, London, Moscow and Shanghai. A actual clean break from the “Anglo-Zionist” empire wouldn’t have Putin preaching “business and partnership” with the Ziocorporate globalists like he does on a regular basis, the world has long operated on the rules set by them and Russia/China haven’t done too much to change any of that, they just adapted to it.

  88. @Art

    I think it began when Poodle Wilson was installed by the tribe. Hoover didn’t meet with the tribe’s approval, so they collapsed the economy and installed van Rosenfelt. That’s when the controlled demolition really began.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @chris
  89. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    It started to collapse when the illegal FED was spawned in December 1913.

    The coup de tat was the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag. We’re running on fumes. The nation is dead, but so large it takes time for the body the message that the brain is dead.

    “9-11/Israel did it”

    This article presents evidence that the Israeli deep state was a prime mover in the events of 9-11. Note that it does not imply that other groups (i.e. the US deep state and maybe others) were not involved in both the commission and cover up of the September 11 attacks.

    The 9-11 event advanced the Neocon PNAC agenda, with its explicitly stated need for “…a catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” [1] in order to mobilise US public opinion for already planned wars, the effects of which would be to destroy Israel’s enemies.

    But never fear, even if we collapse, Speaker Pelosi says her first duty would be to support Israel.

    • Agree: Ugetit, Alfred, chris, ariadna
    • Thanks: mark green
  90. @Observator

    What a quirky and completely ahistorical emotional outburst! Nazi Germany was a singular manifestation of globalized financial power. One can undertake actual scholarship to assess the veracity of the various claims made by various authors, but there is little question that international finance was up to their eyeballs in Nazi Germany.

    • LOL: HeebHunter
  91. @Frederick V. Reed stopped living up to its “question more” motto long ago when it became anti-“conspiracist” to be able to operate in the US/UK market. There was a time where they allowed people to openly question the BS 9/11 script of the US regime for an example. Despite it being an established fact that the regimes dominated by Ziocorporate terrorist globalism conspire to destroy nations, like in Iraq’s case, or to spite and attack rivals like the recent OPCW conspiracy against Syria/Russia, allowing the questioning of such things would’ve inevitably led to questioning other historical points of controversy like the “Holocaust” and the role of Western banksters, industrialists and financiers and Zionist Bolsheviks in setting it all in motion, which is central to the Allied dogma on WW2. All in all, it would harm the Kremlin’s policy of “business and partnership” with US/EU, so it’s better to let it turn into an open forum for opinions of the fake circus reality show that’s US “democracy/elections”.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Alfred
  92. Agent76 says:

    Nov 22, 2013 Thomas DiLorenzo – The Revolution Of 1913

    Thomas DiLorenzo discusses three events from 1913 that greatly escalated the transmogrification of America from the founder’s vision (limited government) to its current state (unlimited government).


    Jul 13, 2012 The Revolution of 1913 | by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

    • Thanks: chris
  93. Bugg says:

    Why should the US have cared for even 30 seconds over who ruled Kuwait? The entirety of the Arab world and the Middle East wasn’t and isn’t worth the piss of the drunkest grunt in any brig. Recall the horror of the neocons when Reagan wisely pulled out of Beirut after the Marine barracks bombing. There’s nothing in it for us. NOTHING.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  94. Agent76 says:

    Good post Sally. Jan 21, 2020 Ayn Rand – The Suicide of Capitalism

    The principles of capitalism are the principles of American individualism. So why is economic freedom now under threat? An insightful look into this question from philosopher Ayn Rand. Excerpts from a presentation entitled, “Capitalism versus Communism.” (1961)


  95. Bugg says:
    @General Nuisance

    Fuck him. Responsible for how many thousands of dead and wounded with his IEDs. Can understand questioning the empire and it’s ME involvement, but he goes off the rails praising this piece of shit.

    • Replies: @General Nuisance
  96. @nsa

    You are looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Would NK be building nukes if Iraq hadn’t been invaded, Iran sanctioned up the ying yang, and the US Congress re-negging on Clinton’s deal with them?
    NK made it clear that non-NPT signatories Israel, Pakistan and India were untouched, but NPT signatories Iran and Iraq, who had been attacked by Israel, and NK were under attack by the US, therefore being an NPT signatory was of no use, so they exited the treaty.
    As long as the US remains Israel`s bitch, this crap will continue.

  97. FB says: • Website

    Look CLOWN…

    So some complete yahoo tells me I am somehow ‘contradicting’ myself, and then produces a garbled word salad that means absolutely nothing…?

    Read CAREFULLY what I actually said, and try to comprehend the very CLEAR meaning of my message…

    Military officers aren’t concerned about ‘propaganda’…that’s not their job, nor their interest…so it is ridiculous to claim that a USN Captain would kvetch about the American ‘propaganda machine’ being ‘perfect’…that is just ludicrous and not how military officers operate…

    Do you have any firsthand experience within the officer corps…?

    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Biff
  98. @sally

    When the British controlled politics in the British colonies in America, the British corporations and their Queen owned the British Parliament;

    Not quite. The Cromwell gang assassinated the King under the guise of treason. When the dictator Cromwell died, Parliament “invited” Charles to return in 1660, but he did not regain the power of the monarchy to make decisions. Instead, he was given the right to refuse decisions of Parliament. Every Monarch since that time has had further restrictions placed upon them, and in the interest of staying alive, none has refused any act of parliament. The best they can do, is delay.

  99. Robjil says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    The US invaded Ukraine with Nuland’s Thugs.

    That woke me up. After that I looked into everything that our “free” press says. As I peeled the onion peel of our “free” press. I found a lot very sad things about our “democratic” government.

    Israel and US Israel firsters did 911 for wars in the ME.

    These wars are called “The Seven Nations to Destroy.” Six were destroyed. Iran is the last holdout. Thus Iran is always in the “news” for that reason in our “free press”. This “Seven nations to destroy” theme comes from the Torah. The first Israel was created that way. I thought that US did not allow “Church and State” in our government. Perhaps, “Synagogue and State” is OK for our “secular” government.

    Obama was part of the Libya thing. Look at the glee Hillary had with the downfall of Ghadafi.

    Obama was a great “wake” president for many people. The Zion empire’s mask came down with Obama.

  100. @Rahan

    Would a France or Russia where Whites became a minority and blacks plus Metizo Hispanics made a near majority have remained a first world country, much less a major power?

    Seems very unlikely.

    • Replies: @Uncle Sam
  101. “Suicide is typically executed in three phases: decision to commit suicide, the act of suicide itself, and then death.”

    No kidding! A brilliant mind at work. Who would have ever thought about such a revolutionary scientific analysis. And what, pray, might be suicide “untypically executed”?!

    • Replies: @JimmyB.
  102. @eggplant

    ‘ allowing them, in the manner of the third world, to “save face” ‘
    This is the denigrating stereotype popular in the West, that the people of the “Third World”, particularly those in the Middle East, are immature folk to whom “saving face” is critical, and the superior westerner must bear the nuisance of finding some way of letting them save face while still bringing about the outcome the westerner has decided is better. But it is not “saving face” that matters to them, it is their dignity. And for some of them, it is not for sale. As far as I am concerned, that is commendable. I wish I could see more dignity around me here, in employees at work, in salesman, in politicians, in all types of people seeing a dollar.

  103. @anon

    Yes, I agree. USN Captains are too stupid to voice such esoteric theories.

  104. @animalogic

    You are wrong about the nuclear arsenal being used. This will never happen as today’s leaders are armchair warriors. They have never ever put their or their families lives in jeopardy (in the physical sense) . They just don’t have that in their genes. Power and profit is all that matters to them.
    Nuclear war is just too unpredictable and destabilizes their safe environment. False flags is the way they will go but that will not save the USA from becoming the 2nd or 3rd greatest world power.

  105. Saker, as usual lets himself be a victim of his own enthusiastiasm.
    The strenght of the Empire is basically intact, its armies undefeated, its navy controls the sea-lanes without any real challenge for the moment.
    The so-called elections are irrelevant as for their result, one group of oligarchs replacing another.
    The Federal Reserve seems to have the inflation under control, printing money by wheelbarrow, yet the economy seems not especially worse for it, the population fed and weapons keep being produced.
    That population is also under total media control, dulled and made passive by the continual stream of televitz agit-prop.
    Even if some localised disorders start after the “elections”, there’s enough secret state police and helicopter goons to quell anything in a few days.
    And if the puppet Biden is “elected”, guess how quick the BLM, defund the police and all that will disappear from the propaganda scene?

    Of course, nothing’s eternal, especially not aggressive empires, and sooner or later this one will fall – probably for economic reasons, but that moment is still far away.

    I wonder if in whatever afterlife there is, shades of Roosevelt and Churchill are facepalming, and those of NSDAP founders laughing?

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  106. CMC says:

    I understand US Marines serve on aircraft carriers and have a different ranking system.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  107. @Rich

    To your first five points I say “Oh, that’s rich!!!” I mean, it could be coming directly from the minderbinders babbling over boobtoob noose. It appears to be nothing more than an apologia for U\$ foreign policy.

    However, you get it in your closing paragraph, particularly regarding the Caesarean concept of “Divide and Conquer—Divide and Rule”.

    Then you somewhat shoot yourself in the foot by ascribing imperial dissolution to “some foreign technological advance or massive plague”. These scenarios are not impossible, but rather improbable.

    The levels of corruption permeating American society–from the top, down, mind you amount to an accumulation of straws that will inevitably break Camelback Mountain. Consider, for example the F-35 “Flying Turkey”, a trillion dollar boondoggle granted to Lockheed-Martin, the world’s largest and most financially successful WarDefense industry. No-bid and cost-overrun contract won through bribery and blackmail tactics by their primary owners, generally listed as “London Bankers”. Now which crime clan calls the shots in City of London?

    • Replies: @Rich
  108. Ugetit says:

    What is it with western women which makes them become even more bellicose than men when they reach a position of power?!


    You don’t know much about Western women, do you? Here’s a little secret; they’re generally bellicose, period. Whether they are in positions of power or not. The fanaticism known as feminism has definitely destroyed femininity, which is a huge reason why many Western men prefer Asian ladies, who’re typically tough as nails, yet feminine as can be.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  109. @MLK

    You make no sense. Geopolitics is about power and “Money for nothing and chicks for free”. And only the top dog gets to enjoy these privileges.

  110. Petermx says:

    The murder of Major General Qasem Soleimani is why I won’t vote for Trump. If not for that, I might have voted and voted for Trump. I agree with The Saker that the US is in decline but I think that will become even more obvious in the next few years when the next economic downturn occurs. Also, one of the things Trump campaigned on was ending the “endless wars” and pulling US troops out of foreign countries so I’m not sure that is good evidence of US decline. But I accept The Saker’s observation that the US is in decline.

    I began thinking decades ago already that when a country’s top universities student bodies are made up of so many foreign students (most notably Asians), its corporations (most notably tech companies) are headed by so many foreigners (which is celebrated by the mass media as a great thing) and at the same time schools in the US are not performing well, that this will eventually affect the country’s competitiveness. But it has taken several decades. Same with the US economy. It has taken decades but now there is no way the US can pay off its enormous debt and that will eventually sink the US economy.

    Unfortunately for Europe, they have followed the US and emulated it in many ways but I keep hoping they will correct course and begin to repair the damage done over the last 40 years or so.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  111. Anon[611] • Disclaimer says:

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. The US hates each other.
    The Chinese and Russians like themselves.
    We are prosperous because we had a big lead on the the rest of the field in the race. Since the 1990s we have been trending downward pretty quickly though.

    If we were occupied with several foreign wars and Antifa’s and BLM’s leaders issued a simultaneous directive for its members to go out one morning and shoot all police officers and white people in general, set forrest fires and farm fires, kill livestock, shoot drivers on interstates, and burn buildings, they could bring this nation to a standstill. They’d probably kill a hundred thousand at least. We are not unified. Its not like 1964-America anymore. That country is gone.

  112. @Truth Hurts the Liars

    The Saker and everyone else knows that. For those that don’t have missiles able to reach Washington, Tel Aviv will do just fine.

  113. Getaclue says:
    @Annony Mouse

    “The Frankfurt School, known more appropriately as Critical Theory, is a philosophical and sociological movement spread across many universities around the world. … After 1933, the Nazis forced its closure, and the Institute was moved to the United States where it found hospitality at Columbia University in New York City.”

    Please tell us of what Tribe EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the Frankfurt School were members? They were “Supremacists” but not the type we hear about daily….

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  114. Though I can understand The Saker’s perception of more recent events and personalities as the cause of the Angelo-Zionist Collapse, the reality is that this actually all started in 1917 with Woodrow Wilson’s entry of America into WWI with the idea that we were going to “Save the world for Democracy”.

    This single event had it not happened would have saved the world from a tremendous amount of misery and grief. The Second Reich and their European opponents would have come to a more just peace, which more than likely would have averted WWII.

    But since we got WWII from WWI in which the Allied peace with Germany was so devastating as to provide a new defiintion for rape, we got WWII. And let us not forget that the Allied victors committed the same mistakes that led them to WWI.

    America came out of WWII as the dominant power on the planet. Considering that America’s founding was rapacious at best we had all the talent needed to create a world order in our image.

    It has been downhill since FDR took office…

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  115. Petermx says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I don’t think it requires a humiliating defeat to actually occur to see it’s coming but the USA is not good at that. The USSR and the Warsaw Pact collapsed almost without a shot being fired and it was a complete surprise to the dumbfounded and ineffective CIA. I read a book by Markus Wolfe years ago, a head of foreign intelligence for East Germany. He wrote that the heads of communist countries knew they were not competitive with the west and knew they would have to change things to become competitive.

    The US is now the second biggest economy in the world behind China. If that is not a sign of decline, nothing is. Things will become much clearer to people I guess after the collapse has occurred.

  116. NoFetish says:

    There’s no “peculiar Russian fetish” here. This is a point made by many others, countless times by Chomsky, for example. It is natural in a discussion of “aggression” to look at what it means legally. If you have a problem with Justice Jackson’s definition of aggression, why don’t you present your argument?

    • Replies: @Oikeamielinen
  117. Ugetit says:

    Try the so-called Spanish-American war of 1898. The US has been expanding all over the world since then, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

    That was highly significant for sure, but let’s not forget that in the 1830s, the East India Squadron of the U.S. Navy sent several missions to Japan from its regional base in Guangzhou (Canton), China. In 1842 US Commodore Kearny arrived in China near the end of Britain’s Opium Wars against the Chinese and obtained the opening of more ports to US trade.

    Commodore James Biddle obtained the Treaty of Wanghia which was the first treaty between China and the United States. In 1846, he attempted to open up Japan to trade with the United States, followed by Commodore Matthew C. Perry who arrived near Edo (modern Tokyo) in 1853. Perry returned with a more formidable fleet of ships in 1854, where he was able to obtain a “treaty” on Japan under the threat of force.

    In 1852 the US Navy bombarded a port in the Sultanate of Johanna, and in 1855 killed hundreds of pirates at the Battle of Ty-ho Bay.

    From 1856-60, during the Second Opium Wars, the US Navy attacked Chinese forts along with the French and Brits.

    The US first battled Vietnamese in 1861 silencing a fort at the entrance to Qui Nhon Bay, and in 1867 the US may have lost its first foreign armed conflict in Formosa, retreating to Shanghai.


    So, the US began empire building and meddling not long after the ink was dry on the constitution, something the antifederalists predicted.

    • Agree: Rufus Clyde
    • Replies: @Alden
  118. @Peter Akuleyev

    but for the most part used proxies and actual US involvement was minimal.

    The US military was key to destroying the Libyan government. A dozen US warships and hundreds of aircraft with thousands of American troops were used. Hillary Clinton organized all this and provided a billion dollars of arms to imported foreign jihadists, who were then shipped to Syria. Details here:

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  119. Ugetit says:

    The US can’t occupy Afghanistan without incurring greater casualties and a resulting public backlash so now we’re making arrangements with the Taliban…

    Interesting you say that. A couple of days ago I was talking with a US Army major, recently returned from Kuwait, who said something about the troops leaving Afghanistan and I asked, “Well then, who’ll protect the poppy crop?” He replied that the Taliban would, probably. And all along I’ve been under the impression that the Taliban had been eradicating the plantings!


    Perhaps this was never a country after all but just an economic empire, now looking to survive.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  120. Brianeg says:

    I think the start of the decline might stretch back even further.

    At Yalta and Potsdam Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin got on exceptionally well to the extent that Churchill was almost shut out and it is rumoured that they were making extensive plans into how the world should be run after the war ended. It is also well known that Roosevelt was deeply against imperialism that annoyed Churchill intensely.

    So Roosevelt’s sudden death was a great tragedy and it seems odd that no autopsy was carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

    With his death the birth of the CIA arrived and we all know what happened after that.

    I agree with the writer that Soleimani was perhaps the only person that might have brought peace to the Middle East and for that he had to die.

    I read this yesterday which I found rather interesting.

    The original narrative that Assad arranged for Hariri to be assassinated as it never made sense especially in that it led to the Syrian army being pulled out of Lebanon.

    However the use of a nuclear device is even more bizarre.

    Does anybody know just who arranged for the fireworks to be stored alongside the sodium nitrate?

    It seems obvious that when the fireworks caught fire it acted as a trigger for the whole lot to explode.

    It would not surprise me if all records pertaining to this were in the building that blew up.

  121. @Peter Akuleyev

    he didn’t react „forcefully” to stop Russia from invading Ukraine

    Russia never invaded Ukraine, which is why it still exists. This myth is one the most successful disinformation campaigns of the past decade. The US Army invaded Ukraine and maintains thousands of soldiers there.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Thanks: Robert Konrad
    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  122. Art says:
    @Annony Mouse

    It actually started a decade before that when the Frankfurt school alumni infested American Universities – starting with Columbia New York – then spreading to the majority of universities and onto high schools. It has taken close to a century to get to this toxic point in our history.

    Clearly – Zionism was around before the UN created Israel. Maybe 20% of US Jews were Zionists.

    After 1948 – 80% of US Jews became loyal to Israel – not America.

    Without question – today, that is the situation we live with in America.

  123. Art says:

    I think it began when Poodle Wilson was installed by the tribe. Hoover didn’t meet with the tribe’s approval, so they collapsed the economy and installed van Rosenfelt. That’s when the controlled demolition really began.

    Amazing – but neither Wilson or Rosenfelt liked Jews.

    Jew power over them was political money. Same thing as today.

    • Agree: anonymous1963
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  124. Alfred says:
    @shylockcracy stopped living up to its “question more” motto long ago

    There is no question that the Russians can release from their archives vast amounts of detailed information about the concentration camps that they liberated and the activities of the Jews during the famines of the 1930’s, in the Gulags, plus a myriad other things. However, they prefer to keep this under wraps at present. I guess that they will only release this information when Israel is no more and the USA is fragmented. Maybe never.

    The Russians know the names of all the individuals involved in setting up 9/11 and their precise roles. There is a large number of Russian-speakers in Israel. It is like Ukraine. Almost a Russian satellite.

  125. @Steve Naidamast

    The fatal blow occurred in 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reserve. Once funny money, known by most as paper currency, took over and the banksters could create it out of thin air, that was the beginning of the end. Absolutely everything thereafter, including the world wars, is a direct result of money from nothing.

  126. botazefa says:

    Military officers aren’t concerned about ‘propaganda’…that’s not their job, nor their interest…

    Am I wrong in my recollection that the Us military is heavily involved in propaganda? Heck, the military is a form of propaganda in and of itself!

    I have no trouble believing that officers would boast about the US propaganda machine.

    • Replies: @FB
  127. Talha says:

    I don’t know, they’re still getting play time from their greatest hits collection:


  128. Cyrano says:

    Look, the idea of National Socialism had stood the test of time. The west just proved that is capable of picking up a great idea and improving on it. That’s what’s happening today. The Germans were just too selfish in implementing their brilliant idea to the full extent.

    Why confine “socialism” inside only one country inhabited by only one nation? That’s so egoistical. Luckily, the western democracies were not too squeamish to use an amazing idea from their “adversary” and just make it better. The true visionaries that the western democracies are – they just twinkled up the original idea – and what you have now is – instead of National Socialism – you have Multinational Socialism.

    The way it works is you import multiple nationalities inside each and every one of the western democracies. Not Multinational Socialism where everybody stays home and pretends that they are brothers across the borders, that was the outdated old socialism idea. No, with Multinational Socialism you have multiple nationalities coming to every western country and improving on the original idea of the Fuhrer. Multinational Socialism is the way to go. Never mind that it’s as phony as the original – National “socialism”, but still you couldn’t pay the Germans enough reichsmarks for such a ground-breaking idea that has found its way into the fabric of present day democracies.

    • Replies: @ConqueringFools
  129. @Bugg

    One General gone from assassination but another three will take his place. We live in a world of allusion and total outright lies. The western globohomozio machine empire only revolves on and produces fear, can’t you tell by everybody wearing masks? We’ve lost and that start date was on 1913 when the freemason and psychopath Wilson gave our monetary system away to the few who run our world. They got what they wanted the big three, London, the banking industry, Vatican, the spiritual false dogma of religion and last and most important Washington DC, the military arm protecting the other two and war monger throughout our American empire history all for democracy. Everything is a lie even democracy. I feel bad for people who want to enlist in the military only to protect the few who run our world and their devious scams. IMO and many others, they’re paid mercenaries not to protect democracy as they continually say, but to gain advantage on their one world order system. Total control of every human, animal, plant, ect… Only to insure their total control on every aspect of your kids, your grandkids lives and so on. Soleimani was a clog in that machine that Iran and the western globohomozio machine need eliminated. I’d rather him my General than DC’s faggot empire Generals.

  130. Jazman says:

    Hi FB
    This is really interesting and correct . My experience with US soldiers and officers just like that during peace implementation in Bosnia
    Legendary pilot Dan Pedersen said it is forbiden to criticize F35 within military

  131. Levtraro says:
    @Aaron Hilel

    Agreed. The USA as a major military power, capable of destroying any enemy (although some enemies are able to reciprocate) is still pretty much intact. The USA is the most powerful State machine ever built and as such it commands respect.

    If there is a tipping point marking the end of its current power it will be when the US dollar ceases to be the reserve currency. That would lead to inflation and widespread poverty and bankrupcy in the USA and in many other places. The killing of some Iranian leader and the calculated, timid reply by the Iranians is nothing.

  132. @Peter Akuleyev

    You are an uneducated foreigner or a public educated moronic American! The southerners basically won the revolutionary war due to their rugged, agrarian hard working nature. The south fought against the tyrant Lincoln in the war between the states. The Scots Irish type and bushwackin redneck types are going to save this country again if possible moron!

    • LOL: Rufus Clyde
    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  133. @Cyrano

    Haha what a joke of an argument that defies all logic. Only if multinational means WHITE westerner nationals. America should be importing whites from South Africa in exchange for the sand donkeys, dotheads, and mestizo trash now making up our country.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, Alfred
  134. @NoFetish

    I don’t care to become entwined in sophistries, like mating slugs in a heap. Especially not with Chomsky mentioned.

  135. The collapse of America began in 1913 when the zionist fastened their privately own debt creation machine aka the FED on the American people and also they fastened their IRS and then came the wars and the debt all to the advantage of the zionist banking kabal, from that point in history the zionists had America by the throat and now with the covid-19 hoax that they pulled off on America they are finally cutting our throat.

  136. It’s a process – not a moment.

  137. FB says: • Website

    Am I wrong in my recollection that the Us military is heavily involved in propaganda?

    Yes you are…

    Propaganda is the domain of the politico-media class, not the professional officer class, which has nothing to do with it…

    Heck, the military is a form of propaganda in and of itself!

    Again, you are arranging things incorrectly in your assumptions about how things work…

    The military is often USED as propaganda by the media and political class, but it has nothing to do with it…

    The military is the last fully functioning and proper institution in the collapsing USA…everyone in the service is given exactly the same opportunities, only your own initiative determines how you will advance…

    All of your needs are fully looked after and nothing is expected of you except to do your job…a young person who goes in will have a chance to learn a valuable profession, from mechanic to pilot and everything in between…you are given a lot of responsibility, in the case of a young pilot, you are taught to fly a one hundred million dollar machine and given full responsibility for it…even if you are a mechanic or a technician or a cook, you will have learned REAL skills, and learned them to a much more rigorous standard than in the civilian world…

    The vexing issue of race relations which is hobbling the turbo-capitalist civilian society has been largely eliminated in the services for many years now…there is no problem there…

    The military is neither a democracy, nor any kind of capitalism…it is a dictatorship where you follow the rules, and it is socialist because you get EVERYTHING you could possibly need, you are treated fairly, and nothing is expected of you other than to do what you are required to do…

    Military officers aren’t the least bit concerned about politics, because it doesn’t exist in the military, which is its own world unto itself…officers concern themselves with TECHNICAL subjects…the field of warfare encompasses a VAST number of technical subjects…propaganda is not one of them…morale is…

    Propaganda is NOT part of this world…even though the civilian sector is always trying to insert various such foreign ‘viruses’ into the military…and uses the military shamelessly in their media and political games.

    You obviously don’t know much about the military…and even less about the officer corps…

  138. chris says:

    Yeah definitely, a very important step in the direction of doom was the creation of the Fed in 1913, which ushered in WWI&II, the debt, and all the subsequent wars. Those events would (by design) usher in the event referred to by Art.

    Interesting that ‘the Saker’ should date the end of the empire with the Obama presidency, just as the end of the Roman Empire is usually dated to the usurpation to that throne by the first non-Roman, Odoacer. (You say Obama, I say Odoacer, let’s call the whole empire off)

  139. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    As whites go so does everything else. But then the whites were initially defeated when Hitler was defeated and that wiped out the old prophesy for the Muslims. See Hitler fought with them and they lost and that’s when the Christians started to get wiped out by the Communists and other leftists everywhere.

    So for the Jewish/Anglo alliance well…You can’t have a Jewish/Anglo alliance with no white people.

    “Non-Hispanic whites are now a minority in California, according to new census data.


    A jump in Hispanic births and Asian immigration propelled whites into minority status for the first time since 1860, when accurate census data started being recorded. As recently as 1970, non-Hispanic whites accounted for nearly 80 percent of the state’s population.

    Hispanics accounted for more than three-quarters of the state’s growth during the 1990s and now account for nearly one in three residents. Non-Hispanic whites slipped to 47 percent of the state’s population.”
    March 30, 2001 / 8:37 AM / AP

    “For the first time, black, Hispanic and Asian residents of New York City and its suburbs are a majority of the metropolitan area’s more than 19 million residents, according to the 2010 census, released last week.

    New York is the first major metropolitan area in the country outside the South or West in which non-Hispanic whites have become a minority of the population.

    Some of the same dynamic that transformed New York into a majority-minority city in the 1980s also contributed to that benchmark in the 23 counties that make up the metropolitan area: New York’s five boroughs, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties, Fairfield County in Connecticut and 12 counties in New Jersey. ”
    March 27, 2011

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  140. @Ray Caruso

    Finland has already struck a ‘host country agreement’ with NATO and many in Finland wish to submit to further advancements, in lustful heat. No need for aggression.
    Retaliation is an absurd concept when the victim is in full agreement with the assault.

    I assume Sweden is a more advanced NATO whore than Finland.

  141. TKK says:


    Any person that states living in a Shia Theocracy is a wonderful living experience is

    *Not credible

    *As believable as Hillary Clinton or George Floyd agitators.


    You think Political Correctness is bad? Ha! Trying living in Iran.

    This has nothing to do with Israel. Because you are limited by your biases and myopia does not mean everyone is.

    Persians are some of the most hospitable, well read and kind people on Earth. I am 100% confident they can be trusted to make their own choices about hair styles, make up choices, and how they feel spiritually.

    An Iranian who expresses discontent with Islam is sentenced to death. Who would defend this barbarity?

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @anon
    , @HNowlen
  142. Hegar says:

    What is it with western women which makes them become even more bellicose than men when they reach a position of power?! Looking at women like Thatcher or Hillary, I wonder if these women are not carefully selected precisely for their nasty character

    If you don’t know anything about Margaret Thatcher, except you’ve heard socialist propaganda hating her for not keeping sky-high taxes, you should not mouth off, Saker.

    Margaret Thatcher took over after Labour’s pro-Soviet James Callaghan, Corbyn’s idol, had done his best to bankrupt the country. Labour had controlled the economy after WWII and froze it. They created vast government production and made it as hard as possible to fire anyone, which also meant employers couldn’t hire people when they expected three good years ahead. And businesses doing bad went bankrupt instead of firing some of the employees, to be able to hire again in better times. With employees tied up in businesses that didn’t need them, new companies couldn’t emerge, as they couldn’t afford to get employees.

    Yes, it turns out the branches of the economy go up and down, instead of being static. When government forces companies to be static, that doesn’t bode well for the country.

    Margaret Thatcher changed this to a more realistic economy. She also did away with a mountain of unnecessary laws and regulations, created by bureaucrats who hated those who worked hard to create their own business. She brought great prosperity to Britain and won an enormous proportion of the vote three times in a row.

    Labour was completely drubbed. The communists in the party had brought them defeat after defeat. This made them write their formal document on how to fill the country with immigrants who would vote Left. A policy they already started in the 1970s with the party’s racism commission.

    This also meant Tony Blair took over, to give the party a friendly face. His plan was more insidious than Communist Callaghans: He made sure that 50% of Britons went to the universities, to be brainwashed by professors. While, of course, keeping the mass immigration that all of the Left agreed on, in the party, in the media, in the schools and in the universities.

    • Thanks: Alden, Alfred, Mark G.
    • LOL: Rufus Clyde
  143. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    “The military is the last fully functioning and proper institution in the collapsing USA…everyone in the service is given exactly the same opportunities, only your own initiative determines how you will advance…”


    This is such a lie. For some they work together to advance their own and give awards. For others their awards are not given to them at all.
    As a white your equal opportunity rating may be given to you as a 3.6 because no white can have a 4.0. I think that was started somewhere around the 1990’s when blacks would harass pregnant women whose water had broken and were in labor. Then they tell you your child is breach and bring in a black girl and show how to turn the baby around but they can’t do that for you because your water is broke. They’d tell you can’t deliver the baby and that you need to have a section done. Then they put you on a table and during your contractions tell you not to move or you’ll possible be paralyzed when they put the needle in your back. Then they’ll take you over to a table and you’ll say you don’t want a c=section and you’ll tell your husband and he’ll laugh in your face while your saying no. They put a towel up so I couldn’t see, but my husband was so excited he was practically crawling over me while I was puking, to see over the towel as they pulled my child out of me. At some point I just passed out.
    1994 Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, Ca.

  144. JWalters says:

    Historically, Britain and America were subverted in order to create Israel. The Zionist Empire financially captured the British Empire in the early 1800’s, and extended its dominion to the USA in the early 1900’s. First they capture the financial sector, then the press, then use those to take over the politics. That’s why Congress acts like a pack of trained seals when Netanyahu speaks. America is just the dumb muscle in their wars, and their patsy for economic looting.

    “Uncle Shmuel only destroyed everything except the opium trade”

    Drug dealing has always been a mainstay of this banking-based mafia, going back to the Opium Wars. The opiod epidemic is just their latest venture in that area.

    A history of this takeover, with some key necessary steps to take down “Uncle Shmuel”, is sketched in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    • Replies: @Art
  145. @anon

    Saker doesn’t specify if it was a USN captain, which would be O-6 and someone who commands Carriers and not just “serves on them,” who are highly political animals who must pass Senate confirmation, or if it might be a USMC captain, which would be O-3 and someone still green enough to venture into this sort of mental masturbation. Granted, a riffed or fired O-6 might indeed join in.

  146. anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

    “ An Iranian who expresses discontent with Islam is sentenced to death. ”

    How dues one express discontent with Islam?
    What does this vague elastic word mean ?

    Now what did it mean to agree with GWOT ? How many countries were told that theyEither were with GWOT or against USA? How many countries were invaded because some rebels with no contact to Al Quaids expressed apparently allegiance to it? What did that vague elastic user ( torture and war ) friendly word – allegiance mean ? Who said and how he said ? Did he say that on western soil ?
    That word became the justification for concerted assault against civilian and non-combatant like in Somalia .

    Now about SAVAK and Israeli connection , you should ask Israeli- Yakov Nimrodi, what they and how they did – “ When one day we will be permitted to talk about all that what we have done in Iran, you will be horrified ….it is beyond imagination” . Page 40 in SPY TRADE How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America ‘s Economy .
    Grant Smith

  147. @Cyrano

    Typical breathtakingly stupid vomit only possible from an amerimutt.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  148. @anonymous

    I disagree. The 56% meme is quite a few years old, and even back then not accounted for the untold millions of illegals. Even leftists admit 20 million is a low balled estimate.

    Muttmerica is already half non-“white”, whatever the hell that even means, with north africans and arabs being counted as “white”, per offcial federal definition of “white race”.

  149. @FB

    What a shame all these elite warriors are either so dumb or spineless they don’t rise up to kill every motherfucking kike and their lackeys.
    No surprise why they are spat upon. The world went down the drain when warriors stopped training their intellect.

    • Agree: druid55
  150. Rich says:
    @Majority of One

    You just don’t get it. Some people are blinded by their desires and are unable to see reality clearly. The United States is still at the top of it’s game. It’s biggest external threat, the USSR, no longer exists. The mainland Chinese are growing stronger, but are saddled with enormous domestic issues. The Islamist threat is pesky, but not substantial enough to threaten American hegemony. Anything can happen,but the short list in this article, and your misguided comment, aren’t imminent threats.

    As to your F 35 statement, not everyone agrees with your assessment, but even if there were unanimity, the design, construction and testing of this aircraft provided good paying jobs for a lot of people. Consider these massive defense expenditures similar to Egyptian pyramids if it makes you rest easy. A jobs program benefiting the well skilled.

  151. annamaria says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Sure, Israel-firsters Lauder and Adelson have been financing Trump’s presidential campaign.
    On the other hand, have you heard such names as Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and Paul Singer? They are not exactly Catholic boys but very militant Jewish operatives attacking the legitimate POTUS by using a color-revolution technique.
    The sorry state of the ZUSA:

    the FBI allowed two years of false media reporting on the dossier [Steele dossier was commissioned by H. Clinton to a foreign agent] to fuel their FISA warrants

    • Replies: @Alden
  152. @Ugetit

    I don’t think you’re familiar with any women, and only an unforunate cohort of Western “men”.

    • Agree: Alden
  153. No Empire collapses before another one is ready to take its place. Who will replace USA, China? Unlikely, because Chinese are singularly incapable of imposing their culture on other nations. They can only integrate, and even that to a limited degree, which is OK for a nation-state but far from sufficient for an Empire.

    EU? You must be kidding me. The appeal of EU is in direct economic support, but otherwise this faceless, sexless and raceless creature appeals no more than a dead corpse impresses as a porno model.

    I’ll tell you who might be the new and coming up Empire – the unlikely combination of Russia and Turkey, a truly double-headed eagle facing both East and West. That marriage of – not convenience but necessity – must indeed be planned in heaven, for it is as counterintuitive as it is inevitable.

    Alas, the R-T union is not going to happen tomorrow, even though it is closer than many like to think. So don’t cork up that champagne just yet! The US Empire has a few more years to live.

    If Trump is elected, that is.

  154. Uncle Sam says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    If Hitler had won the war and dominated Europe or if Stalin had conquered Europe and imposed communism on it, neither one would have allowed nonwhites, especially sub-Saharan Africans, to enter that continent and pollute European culture and civilization.

    • Replies: @Jake
  155. @ConqueringFools

    That’s a remarkable reimagining of the Revolutionary War. Never let facts get in the way of a good sentiment!

  156. HNowlen says:

    Life has many dimensions.

    Family relations are strong in Iran, and extend beyond the nuclear family. Friendships are deeper and more meaningful. Selfishness is discouraged, not promoted. Consumerism is discouraged in favor of human connections. The cultural ideal is one of moral values. People recite from memory centuries-old poetry about love, humility, compassion, magnanimity, and generosity. They are not bombarded by marketing robocalls. They don’t spend long hours at work. They receive a month of severance for every year worked, not a week. Taxes are low. Doctors don’t push treatments for money. They are not prayed upon by lawyers. Everyone is not surrounded by potential litigators. Schools are where students study and develop close life-long friendships, not where adolescent girls wear makeup and compete for jocks, who collect panty collections. For those who pass the exams, universities are free. Shops offer tea to customers. Flowers are given on all sorts of occasions. Everyday language is adorned with beautiful poetic politeness. The food is much better than in the US, and it is real. People don’t eat corporate chemistry sets. There are fantastic sweets and pastries, delicious, naturally ripe fruits of all kinds. There are wonderful historical monuments, second in registered world heritage sites only to Italy. There are great handicrafts of artistic sophistication. There are snow-capped mountains, temperate rainforests, tea plantations, rice paddies, canyons, deserts, oases, palm dotted beaches.

    Life has many dimensions.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Thanks: Alfred, annamaria
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  157. anon[175] • Disclaimer says:

    “This move by the Islamic Kingdom is a slap on Pakistan’s face which had released the country’s new political map ….

    Saudi Arabia’s priorities clearly lie with India

    …else the agenda of Israel which is ‘too fixed’ to get Pakistan workforce and also its military involved in the KSA security apparatus, be evicted from inside KSA (Saudi ) and later from the entire Gulf region, in order to starve Pakistan and bring it to its knees, is soon on the anvil too?

    India is already quite ready to replace the vacuum with its workforce. Thus, KSA, Israel and India are likely to have a ‘springtime’ in the Gulf region in the days to come.

    The KSA’s annihilation of Pakistan, it may be mentioned, is definitely targeted more on China”

    Pakistan’s PM is under attack from ex- PM who is in UK and is orchestrating from London anti -Imran protests . These protests have all the footprints of religion money UK USA and KSA .
    Ex -PM of Pakistan is well liked in India . Only one reason can explain that . He is a thug corrupt and he ready to sell the country .

    Russia supports India on many levels .

    China should revisit all its options . A non -Zionized world is still possible For that Russia needs to get off the fence .Pakistan needs to survive and get itself ridden of KSA’s handout . China Iran Pakistan Russia and Venezuela need to connect the dots .They need to comedown heavily on Turkey and rope in Qatar .

    Otherwise a muslim world will emerge that it totally zionized .This will compliment the Judazied Christianity of USA Canada Australia and western Europe . China will be toast . Russia will be mocked and abused .

  158. Biff says:

    As to your F 35 statement, not everyone agrees with your assessment, but even if there were unanimity, the design, construction and testing of this aircraft provided good paying jobs for a lot of people. Consider these massive defense expenditures similar to Egyptian pyramids if it makes you rest easy. A jobs program benefiting the well skilled.

    Ha ha. War and Empire is a “A Jobs Program”. Most of which has been out sourced to private contractors – even the crutches.

    How long is that supposed to last?

  159. LG says:

    Ironic how the author, a supposed devout Orthodox Christian, always goes to bat for Muslim Iran but wrote an anti-Armenian hit piece very recently.

    Also, if the USA is so toxic, why do you keep your family here? Move to Switzerland. Your wife can open up a vet clinic there, no?

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @KA
    , @Anonymous
  160. Art says:

    Drug dealing has always been a mainstay of this banking-based mafia, going back to the Opium Wars. The opiod epidemic is just their latest venture in that area.

    The Jew Sacklers are responsible for 100s of thousands of deaths and not one of them is in jail. They did what they did knowing what the outcome was – BASTARDS!

  161. niceland says:

    Dead you say?

    It’s not all about weapons or armies. While it’s getting more difficult to invade or regime change at gunpoint in the middle east there is no doubt American military power is still enormous and not taken lightly anywhere.

    Perhaps even more dominating is the soft power the Empire commands. It didn’t look promising for them in the early days of the web but with control over the big Social networks that’s been fixed and is working fine. Everyone and their dog in the west are now wasting enormous time inside the cyber-bubble created by the American Tech giants – now heavily censored and dissidents cancelled. The Anglo-American press totally dominates the west and probably far beyond. (My local politicians are all onboard worrying about fake news from Russia and China not to mention the enormous threat from computer hackers from both countries trying to influence elections and spread fake news). Totally clueless!

    I think part of the reason why the establishment hates Trump so much is the damage he did, and potentially could have done if not challenged – to the soft power of the Empire. It wants soft spoken and diplomatic U.S. presidents like Obama to deliver their propaganda to the world, not independent blowhards with bad manners throwing insults like Trump. So the media reacted and while Trump may be bad, America and all it’s wars and sanctions are still good. Just read the papers in Europe!

    Russia is contained and nothing to worry about, limited economic power with almost zero soft power. China is certainly a problem for the Empire but it lacks allies and is short on soft power. It will certainly spread it’s influence (as it’s already doing) but this is a slow process and nowhere near ending the U.S. empire.

    The Fed’s printing press is running at full speed and there is still high demand for the dollar worldwide. At least until recently even Russia and China had very hard time trading without involving the SWIFT system and the U.S dollar. Not sure if they have overcome this problem yet. I have been reading about the demise of the dollar for over 30 years…

    No the Empire isn’t dead. It might be contained somewhat from global dominance by Russia and China, but very far from dead. It will continue for a long time and change and adapt. Internal conflicts in America won’t change that. Most of that nonsense is “divide and conquer” tactics for domestic use. Keep the population occupied arguing about “trivial” (in the big scheme of things) matters. In the meantime serious policy issues are decided outside of the public realm. In smoke filled backrooms as is customary in plutocratic states.

    For better or worse the Empire is very much alive, hardly a surprise since it’s the Executive branch of the big financial interests in the world. They are not going to give it up unless there is good alternative. So the locals have to wait a long time before they get a seat at the steering wheel or “America First” so to speak.

    • Agree: Alden
  162. @Rich

    So Rich—the boondoggle F-35 is all about “A jokes program benefiting (sic) the well skilled.” There we have it in a nutshell. You or anyone in your family or circle work in the WarDefense industry? Well, fuck them. There are much better uses for that money and for “the well skilled” than blowing up enemies of the profiteers and the deep state. Our infrastructure is falling apart—virtually no passenger rail and not any high-speed rail. Bridges are collapsing. Our rivers have been turned into chemical sewers. The “leadership” of this ruptured republic has their heads up their assholes. And you support this human and ecological disaster-mongering? Shame.

    • Replies: @Alden
  163. Alden says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    This haute WASP is not a democrat. You insulted me with that generalization.

  164. Cyrano says:

    You know what I wish? I wish that punk Hitler had tried to pull-off that National Socialism stunt on educated voters like the Americans. I mean, thanks to the democracy, you’re practically unfoolable – you can’t be fooled. I tried to float the idea that you can be both “socialist” and right wing, but you are just too smart. What is it? Is it the elections? Is that how you became so smart? Now I know why you want so desperately to spread democracy all over the world. You want everybody to be as smart as you.

  165. Biff says:

    Military officers aren’t concerned about ‘propaganda’

    Aren’t recruiters(used car salesmen of the military) also officers?

    • Replies: @Alden
  166. karel says:

    At this rate, it will probably take 100000 years, unless there is a sudden collapse, because of overpopulation. Why do not stop brushing your teeth to extend the agony of extinction?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  167. Alden says:

    I don’t know what SAIS and GWOT mean. I finally figured Anglo Zionist empire probably means the USA.

    As for the first paragraph, only one American was sitting about discussing the downfall of America. One was Pakistani, from one of the most dysfunctional backward countries in earth. The government has been run out of several of the tribal territories that don’t recognize the Paki government. 5 year old girls raped by their 18 year old brothers or uncles are murdered by Mon and Dad because she, not her rapist brought shame on the family

    I really, really doubt a Spanish diplomat would indulge in a trash America conversation in the presence of an American Saker or anyone but another Spanish diplomat.

    Iran I probably know about Iran than Sajer because I live in the Persian colony of Beverly Hills West Los Angeles

    Saker presents himself as a supreme well informed intellectual lording over us dumb TV watching beer and chips couch potato deplorable proles. Well, he’s not. He sits in Florida reading newspapers and the internet and writes these stupid articles about us dumb uneducated uninformed American TV watchers.

    He has no expertise on Iran. His every Iranian post displays his ignorance. He likes Iran because Iran and America are currently at odds.

    If America and Iran forgave and forgot everything we’ve done to each other since 1978 and resumed full diplomatic and trade relations Saker would turn against Iran immediately.

    Venezuela what business is it of America’s. Yet Saker criticizes us because America ignores Venezuela.

    Go back to Russia Saker. You can read US news there as well as you can in Florida. America is an English language nation. But it hasn’t been an Anglo nation for 200 years. I believe Germans and Irish are the largest ethnic groups, not British or as Saker in his ignorance calls us Anglos.

    I seldom read Saker because of his pompous, pretentious, pseudo intellectual ignorance about and just plain lies about America and Americans.

    • Replies: @NotSoSimple
  168. Alden says:
    @Majority of One

    AmTrak has a train and bus system that provides passenger service to every town and hamlet in America. Look into it before you claim we have no passenger train service.

    The rivers were cleaned up 40 years ago. The EPA and environment fanatics ferociously monitor the waterways.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @anon
    , @glib
  169. @Alden

    “Iran I probably know about Iran than Sajer because I live in the Persian colony of Beverly Hills West Los Angeles”

    The Iranian expatriate community there is probably the most unrepresentative of Iran as a whole.

    • Agree: Alfred
  170. Alden says:

    When were you in the military, WW2 and Korea? The military is hard core leftist anti White racist affirmative action for non Whites.

    So much ignorance in your post. Read about the post Korean War military and learn about affirmative action for non Whites women gays lesbians and even trannies.

    You’re as ignorant as the Saker.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @FB
  171. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    Have not yet read the many comments, only the text by the Saker. I ask the Saker, how does he know that the complete annihilation of the Port of Beirut and the attendant massive loss of human life by what some liken to a nuclear explosion was not in fact a direct American and/or Israeli attack on Hezbollah and a message to its ally the Iranian state rather than some accident involving the buildup of methane gas in grain silos or the slow but inexorable decomposition of old forgotten ammonium nitrate stores kept in dockside concrete bunkers or an abandoned freighter. It may be that Pompeo and Esper long ago told the ayatollahs “we’ll see your missile attack on our bases in Iraq and raise you one vaporisation of the entire Port of Beirut. Your call.” Forgetting a grudge or perceived insult might be typical of a less-than-focused Trump, but not of the maniacs he has placed in charge of executing his authority. Even Sleepy Joe Biden continually talks of imposing some stinging taste of revenge on Putin (usually with the ominous addendum of “at a time and place of our choosing”), which worries me no end because in his state of mental deterioration he’s likely to do anything and some fine morning the entire civilised world will never wake up because of his demented rage against some “dog faced pony soldier.”

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Iris
  172. Alden says:

    The recruiters are sergeants. The recruits don’t meet an officer till they arrive in the training base

  173. Alden says:

    I recommend everyone watch “ Plot Against The President “. on Amazon prime

    It is 2 hours of laying out step by step exactly what Obama, Hildabeast campaign DNC and hard core liberals in the FBI did to Trump and General Flynn during the campaign, during the transition and from Trump’s inauguration till today.
    Producer director is Amanda Mileus daughter if 2nd amendment defender and one of the very few successful conservative movie directors John Mileus

  174. Druid says:
    @Dissident Israeli

    Combination of the Jewish fed, immigration of millions of Russian Jews, Jews in pornography, media, drug and alcohol dealership, billionaires blackmailing and buying politicians, Jew feminist movements, Jew civil rights movement, 500 Jewish third-world immigration organizations and the weakness of the whites have ruined this country. Jews are a curse wherever they go! Also, let’s not forget jews did 911 to involve us soldiers (goy) of course, to do the dirty wars for pisrael

  175. Alfred says:

    Comparing the F-35 with the the Great Pyramids of Egypt is quite funny. Thank you. 🙂

    I am sure the F-35 can fly better than that. Here is an F-16 that made it to the pyramids.

  176. Alfred says:

    At this rate, it will probably take 100000 years

    I wish it were so. The reality is very different:

    Decline in sperm count in Europeanmen during the past 50 years

    Tang, the Chinese researcher who looked at sixteen case-controlled studies from 1988 to 2008, found that “children who live in a fluorosis area have five times higher odds of developing a low IQ than those who live in a non-fluorosis area or in a slight fluorosis area.”165Liu and his colleagues, a Chinese team of scientists studying children in Tianjin, reported a 21.6% mental retardation rate with fluoride content of 3.14 ppm and a 3.4% mental retardation rate at 0.37 ppm of fluoride, therefore showing that the so-called “safe” and“optimal” levels advocated by health authorities and the WHO presumably for the sake of our teeth are in fact highly damaging to our intelligence, which is of far greater importance than teeth.

    Water Salt Milk (PDF)

    Fluoride and children’s intelligence: a meta-analysis (NIH 2008)

    Why do you think the Chinese were stripping Australian supermarkets of all their baby powder milk a short while back? Here is the Australian media pretending that the Chinese are stupid.

    Battle for the bottle – the fight to feed China’s babies (2015)

  177. Alden says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Are you an American or just another foreigner like Saker pontificating about things of which you are totally ignorant.?

    The Irish aren’t an immigrant group that didn’t make it. They are one of the wealthiest ethnic groups in America. Part of it is the fact that they are concentrated in and around northern big cities where wages are higher and their homes more expensive than south of Pennsylvania.

    Southern Italians made it after the Irish, but they’ve made it too. You’re thinking of 1870s Irish and 1910 Italians.

  178. Iris says:

    1. The puppet Iraqi government might make a lot of noise, but they dread the withdrawal of American troops. It will lead to their deaths by the radicals.

    No. All wrong.

    It is worth reminding, and has been reported by outstanding Whitney Webb in this very UR, that the then-Iraqi Prime Minister had been negotiating a secret deal with China, whereby Iraq would get 80% of the proceeds of its oil imports should it partner with China, whereas the country gets only 50% from its current forced “deal” with the US.

    The real context in which General Suleimani was killed was that of the creation of another major “Belt And Road” outpost in the ME; his murder was an an admission that the Anglo-Zionist empire is fighting for its survival.

    • Thanks: annamaria, Alfred
  179. Alden says:

    Saker despises America and loves and admires any country with whom America has a conflict.

    If we had a conflict with Barbados, Bermuda or St Lucia, Saker would whip up an article extolling those countries and its marvelous people while denigrating America and us dumb beer drinking TV watching uneducated dumb deplorables.

    He’s embarrassed to live off his wife’s earnings. So he writes these articles to pretend he’s doing something intellectual and professional. Like a rich man’s wife with a resale license pretending to be an interior designer.

    I usually don’t read his articles. This is one of his worst.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @JimmyB.
  180. @HNowlen

    Sound like something the ugly kikes and golems of Muttmerica wants to destroy!

  181. vot tak says:

    The article lays out some resistence concepts and analysis, with the usual saker subtle misdirections and covert reinforcement of thezpc narrative, but in the end essentially spells out the author’s motivation and who’s propaganda he actually wants to enforce.

    “This is not to say that the outcome will not matter, it will – but only for the future of the United States themselves. Simply put, the upcoming vote is either a vote for upholding law and order in the US, or for total nihilism. On a deeper level, it is a vote for the US or against it: the Dems all hate this country and its “deplorables”; they also hate almost every aspect of US history (overturned statues are but symbols of this hatred) and they hate what they call “a racist system” in spite of the fact that the real causes of racial tensions in the US have very little to do with the “system” and everything to do with the unique problems of blacks in a culture with mainly European roots.”

    He is simultaneously promoting white supremacy and the republican party. He connects the democrats to the nastiness of the zpc/nwo, but neglects mention of republican, while at the same time promotes blacks are the problem.


    Everyone with an ounce of gray matter knows the pindo dems and reps are essentially the same and that this theater of promoting one over the other is part of how the oligarchs remain in control in saker’s sacred pindoland. But saker contininues to demonize the dems and praise the reps (or not mention them, a default praise in psywar propaganda). This promotion of this false narrative is how the american oligarchy has been able to keep americans politically neutered and more importantly now, is an important tool the zionazis use to control politics in their pindo colony (note: saker promotes the psywar israel is a colony of the usa, not the other way around).

    What we are looking at here is more of saker’s bait and switch nonsense where he uses a critique of the usa to get decent people thinking he is “on their side”, to promote the far right, zionazi-(very)gay likudite wing of of zpc/nwo psywar (the same shit limbaugh, hannity, levin and the rest of that zio lord ha ha crowd spam 24/7 in the zio-media-likudite division). He pretends to be a genuine critic of israeloamerica in order to soften resistance to his actual promotion of the most far right aspects of these oligarchs, as represented by israeli likudites and their pathetic pindo white supremacist suck ups.

    • Agree: Stonehands
    • Replies: @Iris
  182. anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    All that may be true, but it’s also true that the military is the foremost cashcow of the military industrial complex and its wealthy shareholders, which is why a huge hunk of the American population suffers from inferior schools, infrastructure, medical services etc etc, “luxuries” most developed countries and even some backwaters provide to their citizens. Even what many would call “shit hole” Islamic dictatorships, like Libya, Iraq, Syria and Iran, provided more generous benefits to their people than Americans get, that is until the US military blasted them back to the stoneage. Every year the jackasses who run this country piss away half its GDP on weapons they dare not use and wars that only serve to create third world migrants and committed terrorists. The ghetto rats say defund the police when we really need more and more competent cops. What should really receive much less funding is the military before it becomes the death of us all.

    • Agree: Iris, Alden, chris, HeebHunter
  183. Alden says:

    Even earlier, 1800 the founders were plotting to conquer both Florida and Cuba. To them, Cuba was just an off shore island and a natural part of the USA. Of course the Cuban sugar crop was much more valuable in 1800 than now That alone made it a worthwhile conquest, plus slaves. Add Havana harbor and Cuba’s strategic position between Europe and Africa, North and South America.

    There were many minor revolutions in 19th century Cuba, instigated by the American government. Finally we intervened in another Cuban Revolution after the Pacific fleet was close to the Philippines.

    It’s rather surprising that we actually paid for Louisiana Territory instead of just invading it while France was busy with the Napoleonic wars.

    Thanks very much for the information about the US navy in the Pacific in the early 19th century

  184. @Art

    You is all wronk! America died in 1913 with the signing of the Reserve Bank Act. All the rest of American history since then is merey the putrid stench of “western civilisation” rotting away.

  185. Iris says:

    I ask the Saker, how does he know that the complete annihilation of the Port of Beirut and the attendant massive loss of human life by what some liken to a nuclear explosion was not in fact a direct American and/or Israeli attack on Hezbollah and a message to its ally the Iranian state rather than some acciden

    The Beirut harbour being blown out by a clean, “green” nuclear weapon with almost no nuclear fallout is a very plausible hypothesis.

    The existence of such “clean” thermonuclear weapons was made possible by a random discovery made in 2006 at the Los Alamos Sandia Laboratories, which saw the accidental fusion reaction of a plasma liner during a military reserach experiment.

    Fourteen years have passed since, allowing the development of operational undetectable fusion thermonuclear weapons, unbeknownst to then public. The existence of such weapons would explain many otherwise uncomprehensible explosions that recently hit Iranians assets, plants and ships.

  186. @anon

    Hitler was defeated by WHITES! your premise is wrong.

  187. because the crime of aggression “contains within itself the accumulated evil”

    Aggression as warning, offering a legitimate choice not to do x, is a good thing. Aggression as precursor to imminent war is foolhardy.

    • Replies: @Orc
  188. Personally, I think the USA downfall did not come with Obama, but with Bush, though Obama did make it worse. Under Clinton, though he did a lot of nasty things, the USA still had a lot of goodwill from other countries around the world (e.g. the USA received much sympathy when 9/11 just happened) and the USA was also the sole hegemon of the world with the Soviet collapse. But since the illegal Iraq War that goodwill slowly, but surely, evaporated.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  189. botazefa says:

    You obviously don’t know much about the military…and even less about the officer corps…

    I am a veteran and your reply stinks of propaganda about the military.

    • Agree: chris
  190. BuelahMan says:

    (he only tried some highly symbolic and totally ineffective strikes in Syria)

    That, in and of itself, is an act of war.

  191. Iris says:
    @vot tak

    (note: Saker promotes the psywar israel is a colony of the USA, not the other way around).

    Saker knows the Zios can easily take out his wife and children, that’s why.
    Haven’t they boldly and publicly told the “Land of the Free” that they were powerful enough to take out then-POTUS Obama if they wished so, without incurring any backlash or legal pursuit?

    The Saker’s cowardly anti-Blacks bias is indeed pathetic, but regarding Israel, I guess one has to be understanding as per the risks incurred by dissident public personas. Best.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @vot tak
    , @Vojkan
  192. Jake says:
    @Uncle Sam

    So you are saying that WASP imperial democracy has been worse than either Soviet Marxism or German National Socialism for Europe and for whites worldwide.

    • Replies: @Uncle Sam
  193. @Peter Akuleyev

    You are ignorant of the facts, Mr. Akuleyev. The left has a strong admixture of Irish and Italians (Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, Joe Biden, Brian Williams, Nancy Pelosi, Beto O’Rourke, Robert Deniro, Alyssa Milano, Stefani Germanotta). And that’s not to say the Irish and Italian are lacking on the conservative side either (Pat Buchanan, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Arpaio, etc).

    In fact, I would consider it fatuous to suggest any one white ethnic group is any more prone to one side of the political spectrum in the United States. The biggest determiner I’ve seen for political slant among whites has always been: wealth/education, followed closely by proximity to minorities. The more blacks and Hispanics a white person must endure in their day-to-day lives, the more likely they are to push right-ward on the political spectrum. Many wealthy WASPs in New England have been largely spared massive immigrant populations ruining their local areas, so they continue to be liberal because they fail to have real-world experience with minority groups. Whereas Southerners have spent much more time dealing with blacks and Hispanics.

    I am a hard-right nationalist and a WASP, and my family has been in this country since the 1620s (at the forming of the Massachusetts colony). The difference being my Anglo, Puritan ancestors were poor yeoman farmers and could not afford the luxuries of liberal gated communities.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Peter Akuleyev
  194. The article states that in the Khobar Towers bombing “just under 500 people died that day” but the linked wikipedia article says that “In all, 19 U.S. Air Force personnel were killed and 498 of many nationalities were wounded.”

    Did all the wounded later die or am I misunderstanding something?

  195. Jake says:

    You sound like just another voice of the ADL or SPLC. The Saker does not hate America. The Saker rightly sees the Anglo-Zionist Empire as the biggest threat to destroy the world. The Saker rightly sees the Anglo-Zionist Empire as NECESSARY, the only necessary, state/nation player in the ongoing destruction of Western Civilization.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Alden
  196. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:

    The Saker’s cowardly anti-Blacks bias is indeed pathetic,

    It’s well earned.

  197. U.S. sovereign debt is hopelessly unrepayable. Banks own the U.S. Taxpayer meat on the hook for generations to come unless the U.S. Gvt is destroyed. Future tax meat will have nothing to lose.

    Debt, and racial dilution of the founding stock, and the sustaining stock. Negroes can’t run anything across the board. Successful negroes in the US were shoehorned into position by government diktat + media saturation, ” Black is hip, black is necessary, you need black.”

    Add the hordes of bonobos from other dusty lands.

    US Census Bureau run by jews and of course a jew lies as easily as truth. CB has been telling us for decades that whites will “be a minority by 2050” when reality is whites are a minority NOW.

    Dilution, debt, media lies, anti-white laws and propaganda. So of course the US is headed for the benjo ditch. Britain there decades ago.

  198. @Petermx

    What makes you think that Trump murdered Soleimani? He could not very well stand up and say I have no control over what the Deep State does, could he?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  199. @LG

    “If you don’t like it here you can always leave” is what the stupider seven year olds used to say in the slums of my childhood.

    • Agree: Hillbob
  200. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:
    @ploni almoni

    He has the loudest bully pulpit in the world. He can say whatever he wants. Stop making excuses for him.

  201. @Alden

    Every town and hamlet? Please. My home towns are at least 12 miles from a once daily bus service to an urban area which has once daily Amtrak service. Layovers anyone? Compared with Europe we have only got shit. In essence, we have no passenger rail service except among a few select major metros and a few waystop towns between those hubs. To get from Minneapolis to St. Louis or New Orleans, for example, one must go through Chicago. Check that out on a map and then consider the dead time with layovers. No efficiency whatsoforever.

    Point number two. The Mississippi River system (inclusive of the Ohio, the Missouri and many other tributaries) is little more than an open sewer. “Environment fanatics” is a dead giveaway regarding your nearly terminal state of misunderstanding.

    I double dare you to take a sip of the Mississippi as it debouches into the Gulf. On at least three occasions in earliest spring, I drank a double handful of the Father of Waters at the first bridge it encountered as it emanated from its source in Lake Itasca. From the first city down the line, I would never even consider drinking that water directly downstream from the Headwaters.

    • Agree: annamaria
  202. Orc says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    1. At issue is the legal contours of the crime of aggression in international law, not various shades of the meaning of the word “aggression” in the English language.
    2. “Aggression as warning”? If “by offering a legitimate choice,” you mean the threat of the use of force, that is also illegal under international law. “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force …”

  203. @Rahan

    France is a White nation-state. Despite the many disasters throughout its history—such as Agincourt (and surely other ones in the medieval period; I am not an expert), the Seven Years’ War, a bloody revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, a humiliating defeat in the Franco-Prussian War, an even more humiliating defeat in World War II—the French state could always reconstitute itself around a common French ethnicity, culture, and identity. The United States will not have that. It will only have its “proposition”, which is to say, it will have nothing since the inhabitants of central North America do not agree on any proposition. “Conservatives” may be for free speech, free worship, capitalism, and a basic attachment to the country’s traditions, such as the English language and statues of George Washington; “liberals” are for controlled speech, worship of abortionists and “transgender women of color”, socialism, and abandonment and denunciation of all the country’s traditions, including making it multilingual and tearing down statues of George Washington and all other White historical figures.

    This is actually good news. Whites should welcome the downfall of the United States. Having been built around the grotesque lie that “all men are created equal”, this country is a monstrosity. It is the promoter, as well as the thuggish enforcer, of the ideology of “diversity”, and as such, it is the main enemy of White survival worldwide. It doesn’t deserve to exist. I pray God that it won’t for much longer.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @yurivku
    , @RichardTaylor
  204. Alden says:
    @Chester Bowker

    We are distant relatives. Who’s your ancestor? Mine’s David Alden. I’m a White Nationalist, not a conservative

  205. @Chester Bowker

    I agree that I am using very broad generalizations that may not be supported by facts, but this is Unz after all.

    I have never met liberals who live in gated communities though. I grew up in New England, and people who lived in gated communities were always Republicans.

    You are a little off base with exposure to minority groups dictating politics. The most liberal whites I know live in places like DC, Boston and New York, or the suburbs of those cities. So they got exposed to “good” blacks and Hispanics in their selective public schools and professional jobs, and assume that whites in the South are just racist. They don’t realize, or don’t want to realize, that they are seeing a selected cross section of a population.

  206. Uncle Sam says:

    I don’t see how it could have been any worse. In fact, in many respects, it would have been better.

    By the way, it is not WASP imperial democracy but Jewish/Zionist imperial democracy.

  207. Once upon a time, the Russian immigrant known as The Saker did a good job clarifying to Americans what exactly was happening in Ukraine after the events of 2014. Sure, such insights as he offered on his Blog were part of his upbringing and education in Russia–a valuable, rare asset in any discussion of US foreign policy. No influential American politician knows anything worth knowing about Russian culture and history.

    Good. So far.

    But otherwise the Saker is quite limited in his intellectual makeup. He is a fierce Christer of the Orthodox variety and is endlessly peddling the silliness that Russian Christianity is salvaging Europe and the world from a secular-scientific viewpoint and, of course, from an assortment of non-Christian religious beliefs. His Blog, The Saker, and another Russian-run webzine called Russia Insider are fanatical in their determination to prove to whoever wants to listen that Christian Russia has now become the savior of humankind. As a result, no criticism of Orthodox Christian superstitions, no matter how well-reasoned and mild, is allowed by these Russian censors. I once was stunned to find that the Saker actually spent quite a bit of time cutting out not only sentences but parts of my sentences which he found offensive in some way to his puerile dogmas. When I realized that, I immediately stopped blogging on The Saker. And have never read it since.

    Russia Insider went even further: I once got into an argument with one of the editors who claimed that Orthodox Christianity is somehow no longer a “Jewish superstition,” as I argued, but, rather, a new Russian religion. The RI editor argued that if a religion is embraced by a people for a long time (how long?) then somehow it becomes part of a new culture and should no longer be considered a foreign importation. Which is exactly what I argued: Orthodox Christianity is a foreign, Jewish importation. The only indigenous, Russian religions were Pagan religions and as such should be protected by the State. (But that’s a related story.) Needless to say, I also gave up on Russia Insider immediately after the editor repeatedly refused to allow my post.

    Clearly, the Saker hasn’t learned anything from the First Amendment, even though he must realize that he is a beneficiary of the best political law ever invented.

    Fortunately, the UNZ Review continues to be remarkable to allow a variety of political and other views on its pages. Good. Hope it stays this way.

  208. Alden says:

    You are an idiot. And it’s America or the USA, not the Anglo Zionist empire. Using those words one would think he’s blathering about the 19th century British Israelites or something.

    Saker only likes Iran because it’s been in conflict with the US for such a long time. Read comment 188. Vok Tak read the same article and believes Saker is really a pro Israel Zionist

    You’re an Irish Nationalist lunatic who hates England because of 800 years of severe repression, insane hatred of the Catholic Church and the Irish people , enslavement by Oliver Cromwell the genocide of the famines intended to clear Ireland of the natives, and all the rest. I’m very familiar with what the English did to Ireland, “ England’s oldest and worst treated colony”

    But you can’t blame Americans whose ancestors left England 400 years ago for what the English did to Ireland after the Puritans left.

    I loathe and detest ADL and SPLC because of what they’ve done to Whites.

    How dare you think that I, who spent a career sending rapists to state prison would ever associate myself with an organization founded to defend the rape and murderer of 12 year old Mary Phagan and has been defending rapists and other criminals, black criminals for over 100 years

    Do you think I would associate myself with an organization that funded and litigated the school desegregation case, Brown vs Topeka? Even Broen the plaintiff wasn’t a black child or parents who wanted the kid to go to a White school. The plaintiff was Esther Brown, an ADL member and activist and attorney ?

    And forward to the destruction of Whites ADL went on to fund and litigate the anti White affirmative active cases Griggs and Kaiser?

    ADL did those and worse things to Whites.

    Stick to Irish Catholic Nationalism. Why not advocate for reparations for what the English did to Ireland ? Or retaking Northern Ireland ?

    Me and ADL SPLC you’re a moron.

    Yes, the puritans of 400 years ago were not Christians. They did reject the Christian part of the Bible. Yes they were wanna be jews only interested in the Jewish Old Testament.

    In all your endless posts about the evil oppressive WASPS. You forget that they oppressed the southern WASPS during and after the civil war . And non wealthy WASPS with school bussing and affirmative action in the 19th century. And the southern WASPS are still stuck in Jewish Old Testament Protestantism, unlike the New Englanders

    It was jews who invented the pejorative term WASPS, not your Irish Catholics. Jews hate and loathe WASPS as much as they hate and detest all the White goyim.

    Here’s my opinion about Jews litigating school desegregation bussing and black on White crime. It was to clear out all the White goyim from the cities so the Jews could rule over their black storm troopers.

    Affirmative action and school desegregation hurt the WASPS as much as it hurt the White goyim of other ethnicities and Christian sects.
    But the Catholics whipped the Jews in school desegregation. The 1820s English Catholics if the diocese of Baltimore Maryland had the foresight to build an entirely separate and infinitely superior school system to the public schools that spread all over the country

    And after Brown 1953 saved by now millions of White children from 13 years of abuse and terror by the black savages.

    Did you know that right after Griggs 1973 your own catholic bishop’s conference, their official organization enthusiastically endorsed and praised affirmative action, then designed to help only fundamentalist black Protestants?

    No you didn’t You’re too busy wallowing in Irish hatred of the English.

  209. Akouo says:

    If you believe that Trump killed Soleimani then you are showing an odd blind spot. Or, you are just being misleading.

  210. anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Anent aggression, sick of orcs is confused, probably by US apparatchiks using in the the pseudo-legal gibberish, and orc is right. The definition of aggression is here.

  211. Akouo says:
    @Robert Konrad

    You talk of limited intellect yet you conflate the jews with the Hebrews. The jews are asiatic mongols, converts to Babylonian pharisaism 400 years after the Hebrews died out ( by Roman sword!). Aside from fanatically hating Christ and Christianity, the jews, have absolutely nothing to do with it.

    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
  212. Derer says:

    It’s gone down the memory hole that Germany was as committed to smashing the power of international capitalism as it was to destroying totalitarian communism.

    What went wrong?

    Germany’s unforgivable sin was its refusal to participate in the web of global

    Pseudo truth. Were Soviets a part of global greed?

  213. @Art

    It all began with the demonic plot to destroy Germany to create Israel. Samuel Untermyer led most of it, created the Scofield Bible, got Brandeis installed on SC, plotted with Brandeis and the media to push Wilson to push the US into WWI in exchange for the Balfour Declaration, then post-War, during the Depression, announced the Jewish economic boycott of Germany and drove it. But you may notice that that was sacrificing both, Germany and the USA, to create Israel. Pushing two world wars … why not destroy the USA?

    • Replies: @Art
  214. Jews have wanted Soleimani dead for a long time, so he was lured to Iraq under false pretenses and murdered in a most cowardly manner. Imagine such a thing being done to any leader in such a position, in any country. It was absolutely a DECLARATION OF WAR. The Iranian leadership is either able to retreat to secure locations or is ready for martyrdom. Khamenei is an old man, he is not the one who is afraid of these Jinn that have been unleashed. Trump started an international vendetta, and that is why it is unconscionable to vote for him knowing he will be tempted for reasons of personal fate to start the grand war. This war in Karabakh/Artsakh seems likely to be some sort of convoluted Schleswig-Holstein plan to create border conflicts with Turkey that will become the excuse for total war on Iran.

    Trump and Bibi (or rather, Bibi and his shabbos) have deemed it necessary to delay the next step or find a better pretext for war, UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION, when it’s too late for the gullible opposition to the neocons to hold re-election over his head. Hopefully the Iranians and Russians have been gaming the contingencies. Azerbaijan is clearly unfit to be an independent so-called “nation.”

  215. Defeating Iran requires maintaining staging areas with logistical support that depends on fixed installations. The Iranian missiles can neutralize the American bases, perhaps indefinitely. The US will be reduced to striking strategic targets with long range bombers and missiles. Israel’s above ground infrastructure will be obliterated, Israel will no longer be a place Jews want to LARP as future world rulers.

  216. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Empires don’t resurrect.

    Counterexample: Diocletian’s Second Roman Empire.

    By 286 the Roman Empire was effectively dead, having been on the defensive since the Kito wars. Its currency was so worthless that the Empire would not accept its own currency in payment of taxes, requiring payment “in kind”, that is as actual goods.
    About half of “in kind” payment is lost in transit or storage. Emperors bought the position and were routinely killed after a few years, quite a few for good reason ( The Empire was waging a two front war without good leadership, without good harvests (the climate was becoming arid), and with a diminished population due to the first of the major plagues in the Empire (probably smallpox, and and the very unsanitary nature of the cities upon which its society was based.

    Diocletian turned the situation around in a fairly short time. He dropped existing administrative forms (which were holdovers from pre-Imperial times), reorganized and re-staffed the bureaucracy, scraped up enough soldiers to defeat the northern strategic threat (Germanic tribes) and defend against the southern threat (Persia). While Diocletian’s successors were not up to his level, the reorganization he instituted enabled the formerly near dead Roman Empire to persist for about another two Centuries in the West (until AD 1278 if one counts the Welsh principality as Roman), and until AD 1453 in the East.

    Other examples include the rejection of Greek civilization and the return of theocratic rule in the Southern shore of the Mediterranean after the Roman/Greek withdrawal/defeat c.a. AD 650, and the persistence of Russian (and Chinese) society after prolonged and harsh occupation by the Mongols. Commentator Malla would include the persistence of Hindu civilization after prolonged and very harsh occupation by the Islamics, and would be right to do so.

    So: The US is about to withdraw from overseas, cease to attempt stabilization and industrialization of both the rest of the world and such of its own population factions as do not want industrialization. This is the end of Empire (an Empire that the US population was assured did not exist), but not the end of the US. Think of this as a revolt of the industrial population against the non-industrial population and you get the idea.
    While I wish the rest of the world the best of luck, I also observe that luck, and their own capabilities, are all they have. While Trump is apparently trying to stabilize the Islamic region around Israel and those areas held by US expeditionary forces, he is limited to diplomatic initiatives. Whether these initiatives hold after the US departs is an open question. Trump and the US will be unable and unwilling to stabilize trade routes after the US withdraws, nor will it be able or willing to suppress local wars.

  217. @Akouo

    Hmm … in what island universe are you residing? My argument is not affected by whether there is or isn’t a real difference between “Hebrew” and “Jew.” One interpretation is that there isn’t much of a difference: (The Hebrew Republic: The word ‘Hebrew’ is an alternative secular description of the Jewish people.)

    Whether they were ancient Hebrews or ancient Jews or some other ancient peoples doesn’t make any difference today. In the 21st century, if those barbarians were resurrected, they would be no intellectual match for even the most stupid members of the 21st-century Homo sapiens. (Although hold on! There are exceptions: for instance, flat-earthers and a bewildering assortment of various conspiracy theorists.)

    But even if you think there is a major difference, it doesn’t affect my argument: in Russia, Orthodox Christianity is a foreign importation, whether Jewish or Hebrew or whatever term you and some others want to use to describe such a deluded Hebrew/Jew as Saul from Tarsus (aka “St. Paul,” which clearly he was neither), the main inventor of Christian superstitions.

    So stop pissing in the wind. Go away: build yourself a straw man (or a snowman) and argue with him, Akouo Man.

  218. @Art

    For people that didn’t like Jews, it’s odd that they would surround themselves with them.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  219. Art says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    It all began with the demonic plot to destroy Germany to create Israel. Samuel Untermyer led most of it, created the Scofield Bible, got Brandeis installed on SC, plotted with Brandeis and the media to push Wilson to push the US into WWI in exchange for the Balfour Declaration

    We can all quibble about the beginning of the destruction of America by the Jews.

    But next Tuesday, may mark the death of America (at the hands of the Jews).

    If Biden is elected, we will die as a constitutional representative democratic nation. The Jew media is totally hiding grave wrongdoings by the Bidens. The Bidens will forever be compromised by the Commie Chinese. The American people are going to the polls without the truth.

    Sorry – but by next Wednesday, America could be washed up as a democracy – never to recover without a major catastrophe.

  220. anon[193] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    The United States was also not at war with North Vietnam …

  221. aandrews says:

    “So, Joe Biden was responsible for blocking his [Snowden’s] asylum to other countries??”

    • Replies: @aandrews
  222. vot tak says:

    There is no reason for israelis to harm a fellow likudite’s family. I’ll have to disagree with you here. I used to be a moderator at his site, btw.

    • Replies: @Iris
  223. Anonius says:

    You are right, of course. Merely another one of “Saker”‘s common contrivances. Leaves one wondering, why does he not confine these to his own blog site?…

  224. vot tak says:

    “Really dumb” is a good description of those who think trump fights with these.

  225. JimmyB. says:
    @Robert Konrad

    Here’s an idea, Bob: do some first-hand investigating of the phases-of-suicide theory yourself. It’s the only way to be sure…

    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
  226. Awash says:

    Syria, Crimea, and parts of Libya and Georgia are colonies of Russia. America too has many semi colonies. The imperialists are somewhat confused about their shares of colonies. Trump is confused, so is Putin. I don’t know why Democrats are unable to find a younger candidate. The world is confused. Is corona giving us time to clarify things?

    The saker is a confused racist. He thinks blacks caused the confusion, he is an imbicle.

  227. JimmyB. says:

    It’s pretty disgusting that you do highly personal and likely bogus ‘psycho-analysis’ of the author of this piece — i.e. ‘he’s embarrassed to live off his wife’s earnings’. Tacky and shameful, ma’am. I imagine you fit in very well in Beverly Hills…

  228. First, in an interview published by the Iranians Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon disclosed that he warned Gen. Soleimani (and his Commander in Chief in Tehran) in plenty of time to avoid obviously increasing dangers of assassination and he paid no attention. Thus, the famed Iranian general did indeed purposely allow himself to be sacrificed in the struggle against Zionism and the generations-long war for the liberation of Palestine. He was wrong, of course; imprudence in war is always a mistake and the talented general was of greater value alive than dead. Tehran was stupid to allow the nation’s best martial mind such an insanely superficial vanity. It was the Islamic Republic’s biggest mistake, showing that no theocracy (ditto for the crypto-rabbinate in Tel Aviv) can endure.

    But our second point is that all this historical hubbub is completely irrelevant. The greatest mind ever to enter the finite (no doubt Unz readers have never heard of him, though he is one of the most successful writers of all time) predicted 400 years ago that the current decade will be the last and final gasp of the 6,000-year Trail of Tears called human history. Just in time, naturally, since the Earth and its sustaining ecosystems are already fatally wounded. Credible science says we will even run out of oxygen to breathe by 2050. No worry! We will all be called to Judgment in full possession of our moral faculties–this is of course only to be expected from the infinite Creator-Judge. The Zero Hour is imminent:

    • LOL: Alfred
  229. The empire has not collapsed. The title is wishful thinking of the author. A better title would be: When did Anglo Saxon Christian Empire become fully colonized by Jewish Supremacists and Israel and other Rothschild Agents?

    The empire will continue most likely as long as the US Dollar remains the primary reserve currency. So long as debts are settled in USD and not Gold or Yuan, the USA will maintain its primacy.

    Thus, the USGov will defend it’s currency at all costs, and many said that when Saddam abandoned the USD for payment for oil Iraq was bombed the next day. That may be proof of this theory and the brutality behind maintainig the dollar as the supreme currency.

    So that also means the inflationists are wrong, as the USA may choose deflation over inflation to save the empire, as it doesn’t give a damn about us anyways, it only cares about its power, and if it loses power it might have to pay for all its sins.

    Certainly if the food lines increase, unemployment staggers from coronahoax, and the stock market collapses, we could be in for a long deflation and economic depression. Japan is still in a 20 plus year deflation even the Bank of Japan buying everything. Some analysts are saying this will happen to USA.


    try image search “japanese real estate price deflation”

    Amerika is an extremely brutal Zionist colony. Cops have been armored and trained in Israel, the empire will take no flak from it’s slaves, unless of course you are an agent of destruction like BLM/antifa mercenary. Thus if the empire is threatened it may take out aggression on the host nation to keep Jews +Israel + Rothschild in a supremacy position. And I would not doubt even for a second that they might pull Bolshevik 2.0 on the Amerikan Goyim and 2x eliminate what they did in Russia.

    Thus the new math, 2 x 100 million = 200,000,000 dead Amerikan slaves which just happen to be almost the same as the Deagal 220 million that Kameltoe Harris recently mentioned.

    The Deagal report says 337 million is reduced to 100 million by 2025.

    That means regardless of which Jew whore is selected Amerika is doomed and will not be the same place in the upcoming 2024 election. Trump may be the agent of that change as he is stoking a war with China, which is now threatening US dollar hegemony and thus Rothschild supremacy.

    The empire has morally collapsed and it’s economic primacy is wavering, but the 1,200 foreign military bases are still operational. Collapses can take a long time, has the British empire totally collapsed yet? No, but the peak was like 200(?) years ago. The USD as reserve currency switched from the British Pound during WW2. Not a historian, but you get the idea.

    The Brits have recaptured Amerika as a colony by creating the state of Israel – a Rothschild parasite operation which now has fully infiltrated and taken over the host. So now the USA is a military enforcement arm of Rothschild banking empire. Trump is essentially working for them as he gets paid in Federal Reserve Notes. Same for all the cops, they all work for Ratchilds.

    The POTUS is in name only, the president is a middle level manager in a Jewish world banking empire. Trump is just a manager on a Wrathchild farm. All this hoopla over UN troops in Amerika is such a joke and laugh, as the US Military is already a foreign army, as every officer and enlisted also gets paid in Federal Reserve Notes. Eustace Mullins pointed this out many years ago.

    We are living in a multipolar world, but soon China will take the lead as the world reserve currency nation as its economy becomes the largest. So this is a problem for Jew bankers in London, if the Yuan takes over the dollar position, not only will the USA dwindle in importance, so will the Rat childrens banks and Israel itself. If Amerika falls then Israel is finished.

    Xi is telling his troops to prepare for battle, once Trump is reinstalled again as the ZOG God Emperor, expect WW3 with Russia, China, and Iran. The fools supporting the King Snake Trump are going to be betrayed again just like they were with FDR and WW2. Contrary to what everyone thinks, Biden may be less of a threat than Trump as that sleazeball Biden wants to trade with China, Trump wants war with China.

    In this election Netanyahu is giving Amerika a choice, either accept the Communist Democrat Green agenda or re-elect Trump, antifa will then burn Amerika to ashes, and Trump will take the nation into a final end times war. Either way we lose, only by which party. The Jew Satan said this about Amerika being the Golden Calf:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    So if you don’t submit to Jew Commie slavery then Israel will make you suffer if you refuse to be it’s slave. THAT IS EXACTLY THE CHOICE COME NOV 3, 2020.

    A real patriotic leader, who heard this quote and understands that Israel did 911 would take immediate action and bomb Israel to kingdom come. But Trump will not do this, and that means Trump is no great man but just as big of a sleazeball sellout as Biden, neither of these two pedophile candidates are worth a shit and both tie first place as the worst two candidates in Amerikan history.

    Some day, I predict, that when Amerika emerges from the nuclear ashes, real patriots will hunt down traitor Trump and his family and give them the Mussolini lift on a meat hook treatment. Really people, this love of Trump and Israel (and that Jew Bible) is the end of everything you know. I sincerely doubt that by the 2024 election the nation is still intact as it is now.

    Trump loves Israel first, Trump is basing his decisions on pleasing Satanyahu first, Trump is committing treason by sacrificing the national interest to a foreign state, Trump is literally risking WW3 with his policies toward Iran, Russia, and China and NK. Once re-elected, what will the Trump King Swamp Snake do but betray his base and his promises just like he did before, as he doesn’t give a rats ass for anyone but billionaires like the Adelsons who are funding his campaign.

    The only way out of this hell is to reject the Jew God as your God, reject the idea that Israel is special, and then completely flatten the little shit Jewish supremacy nation off the map and turn it into a glazed parking lot. But because we are sheep totally under the black magic spell of the Bible we can’t even imagine standing up for ourselves, or being adults, or growing a spine, and getting our balls back. Pathetic. We are pathetic and deserve our fate, and cheering for Trump is cheering for your own suicide.

    The choice of Biden or Trump is which method you prefer to be executed.

  230. RUR says:

    Russian media still are full of Russian imperial dream articles – sure Brzezinski (btw the man who destroyed the USSR) knew the Russian language much better than the Saker but of course Brzezinski is no match for the gifted and talented Saker

    Another Sakers “great” article as usual… the only sad little thing that spoils the value of the great article is the fact that Trump many times on many occasions repeatedly stressed his desire to withdraw the US ARMED FORCES from Middle East…even before his 2016 election… I also remember Sakers “excellent” articles on Belarus… really don’t know which Sakers “song” is better…difficult to choose the best….

  231. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Obama invaded Syria and turned Libya into a garbage dump run by feral sand apes.

    These obfuscating deceitful narratives always mention some specific person (the house-nigga called Obongo, etc.) or persons (neocons, etc.), to deflect blame from the real culprit.

    But, the truth has always been the bigger picture. That is of the accursed barbaric civilisation which plunders to thrive… The accursed pagan godless Chrizzie Whitescum Evilisation.

    Now, that is how reality must be viewed and presented.

  232. @Carlton Meyer

    Semantic arguments about whether Crimea is “Ukraine” or Russia are beside the point. My point was that Obama did not respond forcefully to Russian “actions” in Ukraine/historical Russia the way neo-cons and interventionist liberals wanted him to, and the Trumpist rhetoric in 2016 was that Hillary was going to take us into actual war with Russia.

  233. @Carlton Meyer

    The US actions in Libya were about maintaining Empire, that was not a war. Most of America’s interventions are low cost to America (in terms of lives) and not “war” by any standard most of the American public cares about (i.e. will Americans die). In that respect Libya is much like the US drone war in Pakistan, bombing Serbia, bombing Laos, etc.

    Really the argument is not “Trump hasn’t started any wars” but that Trump has reduced American aggressiveness and has started dismantling the American Empire. There is a better argument for that, but is Trump’s aggressive support for Saudi intervention in Yemen really that much different? In terms of the risk of encouraging a possible attack on America, Trump’s assassination of Soleimani was more aggressive than attacking Libya.

  234. @Robert Konrad

    Orthodox Christianity is a foreign, Jewish importation.

    Wouldn’t matter even it were true as real Russian Orthodox Christianity died out in the 1920s (some argue it was already moribund by 1917 thanks to Peter the Great and other reformers).

    The current “Orthodox” church is a KGB creation that is propped up by Putin to give some ideological cover to his real program of resource and wealth extraction. I don’t know if Saker is stupid enough to believe in it, or if he is just a paid agent.

  235. yurivku says:
    @Ray Caruso

    t doesn’t deserve to exist. I pray God that it won’t for much longer.


  236. KA says:

    Has anybody ever suggested to the USA that if it can’t live with Bolivia,Iran, Syria, Ghaddafi’s Libya , Russia, China or NK , it should leave the planet and relocate ?

    America is always bitching as to how bad the rest of the world is , how dangerous it is ,and it is always demanding for this , that , or that . It has never stopped complaining since it started complaining against the British .

    • Replies: @LG
  237. @Bert

    You might enjoy life a bit more and have less personal conflict if you could learn to just let these little mistakes pass, they are not what’s important, meaning is what’s important. Since English is not Saker’s first language, I think we can all forgive him for a minor stylistic peccadillo that no doubt he picked up from native English speakers. It is a common enough mistake and source of confusion as you point out. I for one wish I could speak just two or three of the six or seven languages he does with his remarkable level of proficiency.

    • Replies: @Bert
  238. Soleimani, the hero of our age. Iranians stand up to evil Zionists. Americans are mentally colonized by them. The white American Mind is a psychological West Bank. Occupied territory.

  239. anon[454] • Disclaimer says:

    Hmm I wonder how many good paying jobs could have been created with all those hundreds of billions that was dumped into the piece of junk known as the F-35,if it had been used to repair the infrastructure,repair an electrical grid that hasen’t seen any major work since 1951,an infrastructure that they say would take \$2-3 trillion dollars to just bring up to a passing grade.And of course I know not everyone would agree that our infrastructure comes before the MIC because they are involved in it but they should,for that’s one of the biggest cause of our debt.!!!

    • Agree: annamaria
  240. anon[454] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep and if you take AmTrak from N.Y. to Fla. it will take you 4/6 hours longer then driving it,and cost a bundle if you get a sleeper,he’s right we have no viable rapid transit system in the U.S. after all we wouldn’t want to hurt the auto industry and all those millions they dump into the politicians pocket now would we,we are rapidly become light years behind the rest of the other industrial nations in many ways health,education,rapid transportation are only a few that will make us a backward nation as others leave us in the dust.!!!!

    • Replies: @Miro23
  241. Talking about the “collapse of the Empire” … or is it the death march of America?:

  242. Turk 152 says:

    9/11 was essentially a coup d’etat. Whoever organized it has been running the country ever since and they are running it to the ground with their need to cover it up and maintain their illegitimate control. Belief in America was broken and cynically exploited by the Bush cabal; the country’s spirit has never been the same. Iran’s missile strikes over Soleimnani and Russia’s hypersonic missiles just communicated these facts in a language that the military brass can understand.

    • Replies: @Iris
  243. glib says:

    You have no idea. Last year I took a train from Detroit to Chicago. 6 hours and 40 minutes later I arrived. It is the same distance as Rome to Bologna, Italy, which takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. Chinese and Japanese trains are even better, and France among other nations, has had them for 30 years.

  244. @JimmyB.

    Why would I? I am not interested yet. But you should do it, amigo, and let me know –if, unfortunately, you should be unsuccessful. I really, really hope, though, you will be successful. Good luck, my friend.

  245. Art says:

    What the hell?????

    The Republican Senate will not hold a Bobulinski hearing before the election.

    Do they want to win?

    Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of both the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said that he intends to call Bobulinski to the Senate to testify, but the hearing would not take place before the Tuesday election

    Call Sen. Ron Johnson!

  246. @Robert Konrad

    Thank you for an excellent comment. Your experience at the Saker site mirrors mine; I too thought that his coverage and perspective on 2014 Ukraine was excellent, and I continued reading. But then, the obvious flaws that you’ve pointed out became quite glaring, and thus I too ceased reading him.

    Furthermore, the cacophony of sycophants who frequent the Saker site fawn all over his every utterance, ostracising and castigating any who dare to differ, thus revealing that Master Revsky is just pushing yet another ideology, exactly as you’ve pointed out.

    The same, unfortunately, can be said for Bernhard at MoonOfAlabama. His analyses of, for instance, the invasion of Syria or the downing of the Air Malaysia plane over Ukraine, are spot-on, but he, and the rest of his acolytes, have completely fallen on their faces when speaking of the present false epidemic, preferring to jeer and condemn those of us who attempted to speak truthfully. The particular pejorative used against me was “covidiot,” and it was clear that the auto-irony of their use of that term completely escaped them: they were classically hoisted by their own petard, and too stupid even to realise that they had done so.

    It was a classic case: it is easier to fool someone than to convince him that he has been fooled.

    Unz is increasingly the only place where a free discourse is encouraged. Long may it stay this way.

    • Thanks: Robert Konrad
  247. Maybe it is collapsing, but ‘collapsed’?

    US still controls Japan, SK, Taiwan, Philippines. China depends on trade with US. US still controls EU and encircles Russia. Latin America is still US backyard. Canada is US front yard. US controls the seas. It has hundreds of military bases all over.

    It didn’t get everything it wanted in Syria, but it got a puppet regime in Ukraine. Also, Polish youths are toadies to the PC West, and Russian young are being turned into shallow idiots by globalism.

    It’s more accurate to say the Anglo-American Empire surrendered to Jewish Power that controls US power. And it still dominates the world.

    For the current empire to really fall apart, we need white liberation from Jewish Supremacism.

    Name the Jew as supremacist and stop cucking to its supremacist Zio-Nazi demands.

  248. Iris says:
    @Turk 152

    9/11 was essentially a coup d’état. Whoever organized it has been running the country ever since

    IMHO, the biggest coup d’état of all, the one that changed the US presidency’s status forever was the assassination of President Kennedy.
    He dared being a Cold Warrior passionately seeking peace and global de-nuclearisation. For doing so, he got killed by the Israelis and the MIC, the former more organised and determined, the latter more numerous and hapless.

    9/11 was not a coup d’état to grab control over America: the Zionists and the the MIC already had it. What they lacked was, after the USSR collapsing and the Cold War ending, a pretext to con the American people into new large scale foreign aggressions. This is what 9/11 was about: creating a new enemy out of the blue to justify a new “Hot” War.

    9/11 was of course mostly executed by the Zionists: as the most determined, tightly-knit and coherent group within the US Deep State, they don’t fear retribution.

    The 3000 Americans who died at the WTC were killed by controlled demolition of the Towers executed with underground nuclear detonations. The evidence for it is undisputable and the reckoning inevitable.
    The late and completely improvised demolition of WTC7 by arch-Zionist Larry Silverstein is the glaring evidence of who masterminded and was in charge of the crime.

    • Agree: annamaria
  249. Iris says:
    @vot tak

    There is no reason for israelis to harm a fellow likudite’s family.

    I am not an American and definitely miss all these subtleties. I read this website site because I am highly interested in what real Americans think, instead of the fake representation given in the media.

    I am very interested in your criticism of the Saker: why do you call him a Likudnik?
    I don’t know him well, but I see a big contradiction in his persona. He acknowledges to be fundamentally motivated and structured by Orthodox Christianity, but in the meantime displays an anti-Black racism which is antithetical with the monotheist religions most prevalent in the Ancient World, Christianity and Islam.

    Is this a mark of duplicity, of a hidden agenda? Or is it just that the Saker is a third-generation Russian immigrant with only an ersatz of Russian civilisational features?

    Is the Saker just trying to fit in with fellow Whites in an America, which has sadly been terribly battered and broken around “racial” fracture lines? Or is he controlled opposition and part of a scheme of smarter Zionists who have understood that they shouldn’t put all their eggs in Netanyahu’s extremist basket?

    • Replies: @vot tak
  250. Turk 152 says:

    Perhaps, but it is my impression that pre-9/11, the government did not have either the technology or legal authority to monitor our lives at an individual level. All of their efforts were focused on a cold war and overthrowing foreign governments who resisted US hegemony. They did not focus on US citizens and did not see us as a threat, probably because white America was being run by other white Americans. Now it feels like we live in a country occupied by a foreign power that sees us as subjects to be controlled and exploited or a country run entirely by illegitimate, militarized intelligence agencies.

    • Thanks: Iris
  251. Oracle says:

    Point of clarification: the Anglo empire—if it ever was—collapsed and became the stalking horse for the Zio empire which is in ascendency and as such has not collapsed at all.

  252. Miro23 says:

    … we are rapidly become light years behind the rest of the other industrial nations in many ways health, education, rapid transportation are only a few that will make us a backward nation as others leave us in the dust.!!!!

    Agreed. For example Spain (not among the richest European nations) has a national health service providing quality full population coverage with modern hospitals at relatively low cost + a superb high speed rail network linking major cities (comfortable and quiet and running at up to 300 km/hr).

  253. BobbyG says:

    “Harpies”? Your misogyny is showing.

  254. vot tak says:

    US War in Yemen Worse Under Trump Than Bush, Obama Combined – Report


    “This new Airwars dataset and analysis, published on the eve of the 2020 presidential election, sheds fresh light on the most recent period of US direct action in Yemen, the term in office of President Donald Trump – a period in which the Executive has sought to portray itself as reducing US military involvement abroad; but has also significantly reduced both the restrictions imposed on, and transparency for, direct action in Yemen and elsewhere,” the researchers say in the report. ( )

    According to their report, under Trump, the US has carried out some 230 alleged and declared “kinetic actions” in Yemen, including both airstrikes and ground raids by US troops. Forty of those have allegations of civilian harm, including the alleged deaths of between 86 and 154 civilians. A shocking 40% of those alleged deaths are associated with ground raids, even though they account for between 1.5% and 3% of US operations in Yemen.

    By comparison, between 2002 and 2017, the US carried out roughly 150 operations in Yemen, although Airwars notes it’s possible some CIA operations from that time remain unknown.

    In these “undeclared war zones,” rules implemented by the Obama administration during its own expansion of operations there required a “near certainty” of a terrorist’s presence at the proposed strike site, as well as the absence of potential civilian casualties. However, in March of 2017, a little more than a month after taking office, Trump designated Yemen’s Abyan, Shabwa and al-Bayda Governorates to be “areas of active hostilities,” greatly easing the ability of US Central Command to order attacks in those areas, Airwars notes.

    Between March 2 and March 6, 2017, the US carried out more than 40 airstrikes in Yemen. Before the year was out, the US had carried out 133 strikes, according to data collected by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism cited in the report. While the years 2018 and 2019 lacked the fervor of 2017, they still outpaced the most active Obama years, with US operations in 2020 declining below that average for the first time.

    The change was quickly followed by a loosening of the Obama-era rules in undeclared war zones, particularly the requirement that civilian casualties be minimized. Eventually, this became a complete indifference to civilian casualties, effectively categorizing all persons in the target area as terrorists until proven otherwise. In the case of Somalia, activists with Amnesty International did prove otherwise, compelling US Africa Command to release quarterly reports on potential civilian casualties.”

    This is saker’s peacenik prez in action. Very different from the trump campaign rhetoric trump spews about reducing american war making, which saker, and quite a few other frauds, dutifully perpetuate.

    The obama regime used stealth to continue the zpc/nwo aggression greatly under the bush regime. Facing similar antiwar sympathies, the trump regime took that sort of stealth warmongering to the next lower level of duplicity.

    Neither trump or biden are intent on reducing american aggression abroad, both intend to further expand it. Those claiming trump is less likely to cause more aggression than biden, such as saker and many others pretending to be independent analysts, are simply lying and part of the trump campaign. In 2016 saker made it very clear he was part of the trump election campaign machinery and that has not changed in 2020. He’s just alot more circumspect about it now after being called out on this sales promotion.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  255. vot tak says:
    @vot tak

    “The obama regime used stealth to continue the zpc/nwo aggression greatly under the bush regime.”

    The obama regime used stealth to continue the zpc/nwo aggression which was greatly expanded under the bush, jr. regime.


  256. Smith says:

    I think it’s about the time when Trump was elected, unironically.

    He forces the whole world to distance from America.

  257. LG says:

    The US has many issues. I know people who have left, and I know people who came here did well, and then decided the US was no longer for them. The point is that people vote with their feet. So if things are really unbearable in the US, we have options. Exercise them. The Saker does nothing but defend islam and proclaim his Eastern Orthodoxy. Oh he also likes to shit on the US. All of that is fine and dandy. But the man is Swiss, he can always move there. Or perhaps back to Argentina/Uruguay.
    If you are unhappy with your house or neighborhood, do you complain nonstop or do you figure out a way to fix the problems or sell the house and move?

  258. vot tak says:

    “why do you call him a Likudnik?”

    His white supremacist leanings and his promotion of trump. Mainly, but a lot of other more subtle things, in his writings and emails, as well.

    The zionazis are behind this revival of white supremacy in the zio-west. Without their bolstering, this would be a dying fringe [bowel] movement. Very similar to their revival of far right christian fanaticism in the early 1970s in their pindo colony. The wing of the zionazis who actually take white supremacy seriously, and are not simply using this divisiveness as one of their divide and rule tools, are the israeli/zionazi very far right, the likudites and those hominids even further down the fanatic black hole of rightwing extremism.

    The way saker disquises his support for white supremacy makes it clear he embraces this extremism intimately, but realises it wont fly, outside his core club mates, among those in the wider public. Who naturally will see the govno as simply low rung, backward bigotry.

    The saker promotion of trump is bizarre from the stand point of his previous work. I first heard of him in 2013-4. Late 2015 on there was a substantial change in his writing and the material posted on his site. It became part of the trump election campaign.

    Both trump and biden represent israeli interests foremost. Their main difference is which zionazis are behind their colonial governorship. While biden has a broad spectrum of zionazi interest groups pushing him and can be considered to represent zionazia, as a whole, trumps zio-handers come exclusively from the likudite freakshow of extremists. This is what saker promotes.

    It’s well known that american politics is a no choice affair when it comes to dems and reps, both represent the same oligarchical power structure. Yet saker damns dems and promotes reps, when not pretending to damn both for street cred. The reps overwhelmingly represent likud interests in pindoland. The dems the slightly less extremist israeli factions not quite so out there as likud & co. But out there in far right extremistland, none the less.

    While saker wisely refrains from the brazen pro rep prostitution of a mike whitney or a rush limbaugh, his demonizing of dems is like listening to the likud claptrap on “american conservative talk radio”*. He repeats their attitude and their propaganda talking points.

    Then there is saker’s allying with the likudite moon of alabama front. Also trump supporting and doesn’t even pretend to be anti-zionazi.

    * This american conservative talk radio is part of a wide scale likudite zionazi-(very)gay media network in the usa which includes fox television, for example, and a substantial share of talk radio. They represent likud extremism exclusively. They promote trump as almost a god. I kid you not. 😀

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @glib
    , @Turk 152
  259. @Ray Caruso

    Whites should welcome the downfall of the United States. Having been built around the grotesque lie that “all men are created equal”,

    The US wasn’t built on that idea. It was just propaganda that was useful to get the silly French intellectuals and ruling class on our side during the Revolutionary War. Thomas Jefferson, who penned the words, certainly didn’t believe them. See his writing on Blacks.

    When it came time to write the Constitution, we didn’t have any of that silly crap.

    It came on generations later. First used by Lincoln to justify the war and by people in the North who had never met a Black person. And then it kept stream-rolling from there.

  260. FB says: • Website

    The military isn’t for clowns like you, that insist on being disruptive squeaky wheels and grinding axes about imaginary wrongs…

    The military is about building a COHESIVE force of competent specialists that can handle challenging assignments under difficult circumstances…that means building UNITY not divisiveness…building morale, camraderie and esprit de corps…

    Those who insist on being slobs that can’t help passing their noxious wind in public, and can’t treat people of all races respectfully don’t need to bother signing up…nobody needs you…certainly not the military…

  261. @GoodTwin

    The US empire includes 50 states

    The US empire defeated the 50 states long ago.

  262. The destruction of civilization began when Zionist Jews were allowed to take control of anything.

    • Agree: Vojkan
  263. glib says:
    @vot tak

    Truth be told, reality on the ground is more complex than that. I left the US about two months ago, but IMHO the main target of today’s attacks are the still functioning communities and groups, that is mid-western type of people, mostly non-anglo whites (italian, scandinavians, germans, polish, plus the recent influx of Eastern Europeans, and scattered other catholics). Their culture is mainland Europe and not very anglo. They have survived economic upheaval, relatively speaking, keeping families and communities relatively intact and opioids deaths quite low.

    They, and only they, are the main resistance to what is coming. The Saker obviously objects to that trend, although who knows how much does he know about the Midwest. Obviously the Saker has a disturbing trend towards censorship (both my handles have been censored multiple times), which is consistent with what happens at MoA, ie the channeling of opinions down dead end streets. But I do share some opinions with him: alliance between Islam and Christianity? in this day and age, count me in. Trump relatively good for the world? Compared to the alternative, obvious.

    • Thanks: Iris
  264. red rider says:

    So when did all this begin? The conditions were met when the Soviet Union collapsed. The process began with the bombing of Yugoslavia/Serbia.

  265. Kooshy says:

    IMO, Saker is right and Paul Craig Robert is wrong on timing of US empire’s death. To Mr. Robert’s credit, IMO september 11 2001 just started to show the decline and weaknesses of the newly self proclaimed shining hill’s unipolar drunken empire. Yes 9/11 showed the world, that this drunk mad empire, has no clothes and is vulnerable. But Saker is correct, the final death knell came when the world saw the empire is incapable to retaliate on her bases in a country that she had spent seven trillion to win and establish bases there, that was direct humiliation to US military which was not able to defend her bases and had not experienced a declared state attack on US bases in recent history.
    on 9/11 US empire heavily retaliated on a non state actor challenging her hegemony, Empires will not allow their hegemony to be challenged, especially by less powerful enemy states, when they do it means they no longer can protect their claim on hegemony.

  266. Vojkan says:

    The Saker’s cowardly anti-Blacks bias is indeed pathetic, but regarding Israel, I guess one has to be understanding as per the risks incurred by dissident public personas.

    Well, I am not understanding. If you don’t have the bravery to speak out, have the decency to stfu.

    • Replies: @Iris
  267. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:

    Watching that multicult military get its shit pushed in all over the world sure is satisfying.

  268. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    Questions for Saker:

    When did the Russian empire collapse? (Twice in the 20th century – 1917 and 1991).

    When will Russia collapse again after losing Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, and after losing w ars to Turkey in the Caucasus and Libya?

    When will Russia collapse after its oi and gas run out, after NATO surrounds it, after Western sanctions, and after losing Central Asia to China?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  269. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    These are questions, LG, that Saker will never answer.

  270. annamaria says:

    Questions for the mysterious ‘Anonymous[193]:”
    1. What is so virtuous about the ongoing zionization of Ukraine that has lost its sovereignty and became the poorest state in Europe after the ZUSA-financed coup d’etat?
    2. What is so virtuous about the sleazy MSM trying to whitewash the unsalvageable reputation of a certain Mr. Mesurier? (he did no good to the memory of his ancestors, by the way).

    a Dutch accountant of the finances of Mayday, the foundation started by Le Mesurier to find, train, and support the White Helmets … found that he [Le Mesurier] had been paying himself and his wife, long-time UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) operative Emma Winberg, “excessive” salaries and supplementing the totals with unjustifiably vast cash bonuses, and that he might be guilty of tax evasion. …

    Le Mesurier informed the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs he was paying himself a salary of €24,000 per month, before bonuses – several orders of magnitude higher than the designated salary ceiling at other Dutch government-funded enterprises. And considerably more than the \$150 a day the White Helmet rescuers on the ground received. …

    The documents reveal that ARK, a firm founded by Alistair Harris [a thieving war profiteer], where Le Mesurier worked between 2011 and 2014, played a pivotal role in promoting the White Helmets, developing“an internationally focused communications campaign to raise global awareness” of the group to “keep Syria in the news”…

    Along the way, ARK, among many other endeavors, produced a documentary on the White Helmets, and ran its various social media accounts, among them the Facebook page for Idlib City Council, at one time mooted as a potential interim government to replace Bashar Assad. When Al-Nusra took the city, the White Helmets were filmed celebrating the ‘victory’ with the group’s fighters in its main square. … ARK profited to the tune of untold millions of pounds from these and other information-warfare efforts.

    You have been promoting a rotten product on this forum.

    Here is a reportage by a courageous woman (not some hysterical ‘Anonymous[193]’) about the UK/US/Israel-supported ‘moderate terrorists’ known as Netflix’ heroes White Helmets:

    A recent panel at the UN Security Council in New York revealed the shocking evidence of White Helmet involvement in organ trafficking in Syria. The lucrative trade of human body parts, bones, blood and organs is one of the most protected and hidden harvests of war. …

    Why were the shocking revelations met by a wall of silence from corporate media present at the panel in New York? Not one media outlet pursued the subject, preferring to divert onto more comfortable issues that did not challenge the iconization of the White Helmets … The White Helmets, alleged organ traders & child kidnappers, should be condemned not condoned.

    Do you still want to vent your “righteous indignation” re the Russian ’empire’ (since when the Russian Federation has become an empire, Anonymous[193]? On which side are you, the oh-so-upset “Anonymous[193]?” Was it the loss of Crimea to the Ukrainian Banderite-Zionist union, which upset you? Or is it the difficulty of grabbing the Golan Height and establishing the Eretz Israel, which boilss your blood?

    • Agree: Iris
  271. Turk 152 says:
    @vot tak

    By your definition, every secular, non-fanatical Muslim in the MiddleEast is a Likudnik and most of Asia too, because they don’t want conservative White society to go down the drain and see Dems as a bit of a freak show.

    Most Asians (east or west) don’t particularly respect California’s version of America and long for the day again when it a solid defender of mostly traditional, conservative values instead of intense conversations about bathroom rights. That does not mean Jerry Falwell’s religious fanatics, just traditional America, that was honest, hard-working and wanted to be respectable members of the world. My dad for instance, a Turkish Physician living in the midwest thought the hippy-dippy liberals of the 1960s were a complete joke to be avoided at all cost and traditional and hard-working Ohioans were great. I see that today living in Seattle where there are many older Asians that are conservative and plan on voting for Trump.

    • Replies: @Poco
  272. Turk 152 says:

    @vot tak

    One more thing, trying to sell middle-class Asians on the need to legalize hard drugs to support wayward kids like Hunter Biden, good luck on that.

  273. Poco says:
    @Turk 152

    As far as I can tell Vot tak defines everyone except herself as a likudnik. She’s a dingbat.

    • Troll: vot tak, Theophrastus
  274. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    The entirety of the Arab world and the Middle East wasn’t and isn’t worth the piss of the drunkest grunt in any brig.

    Yeah… Tell that to the thousands of lowlife war criminal scum of your kind who died dishonourably fighting illegal wars there, while killing and maiming innocents, and also consequently those war criminal veterans who have their souls rotted away every day.

    “Thank you for your service”… you phucking war criminals!

    • Replies: @Poco
  275. Iris says:

    Well, I am not understanding

    I respect your opinion, but I trust you are a fine connaisseur of the French-speaking sphere, and you know that, in our European part of the world, anybody who dares even mildly criticising Israel will incur an implacable social, professional and economic death sentence.

    – Analyst Alain Soral has been burdened with hundreds of thousands of euro fines for simply publishing books that weren’t even banned, just because they contained critiques of Zionist supremacism.

    – Prominent geopolitician Pascal Boniface has been stigmatised and side-lined as “anti-Semite” just because he pointed at Israel’s obvious responsibility in the Israel-Palestine conflict stalemate. One of his children was sacked of his job because of Boniface’s declarations.
    Here is a defence of Pascal Boniface by Jean Bricmont, where Bricmont correctly points that those wrecking the ME are also those at work destroying Ukraine and other places worldwide.

    – Physics professor Francois Roby has, strangely and significantly, been vilified as “anti-Semite” simply because he drew up a scientific proof showing that the WTC was brought down by nuclear controlled demolition. He has been sacked from his job for this purely scientific work:

    – Analyst Olivier Berruyer, who did a fantastic job denouncing the Ukraine Maidan coup and the Syria White Helmets con operation, has sadly ended producing an utterly despicable “9/11 dossier”, on a subject he has no qualifications to analyse knowledgeably, and acknowledging the official version. I have not a shadow of a doubt that his family was threatened for him to sink so low: he is nothing like the man he used to be.

    – Jean Bricmont never touches on the subject of 9/11; there can be no doubt however that he is a genuine dissident and an outstanding intellectual. He obviously has loved ones to protect.

    We have to acknowledge that the Zios have won the battle for the domination of the West. This victory occurred when economic Globalisation took off, making state power utterly insignificant compared to the clout held by international financial cartels.

    The Zios have the power to strip people from their livelihood, as well as kill them with impunity. A dissident intellectual should not be judge on whether he exerts a form of self-censorship, but on whether he is fake, controlled opposition. With regards.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  276. The Greek says:

    I’ve come to also believe the Republic is in its final days as well. However, I don’t believe America will simply turn into a “normal, non-super power” sovereign like Russia. There’s far too many variables that differentiate the two. No, I think this is closer to the fall of Troy, where whites will soon need to flee and rebuild like Aeneas did to Rome. Whether this means separating and creating a new country, or fleeing to a new one entirely, I’m not sure. Unfortunately, I think the latter is most likely though.

  277. Vojkan says:

    I know the sentence in France. Speaking my mind about Israel and Jewish power has cost me postgraduate enrolment at Jussieu twenty-five years ago. In fact, it almost cost me my degree but I was just too good at math back then.
    The thing is the Saker is not in France, he’s currently in the US. I understand the necessity of self-censorship, I don’t understand shouting from the rooftops the enemy’s propaganda. If you are American anything goes but if you are a foreigner, you can’t pretend to excoriate the “AngloZionist” empire and support Trump, and you can bristle at the “progressive” anti-white hate campaign but you don’t have to concur with the white supremacist discourse.

  278. Poco says:

    You’re welcome. I suppose if you could ever get your shit together you could do something about it. Suleiman would spit on your ineffectual stupidity. But, of course he was White. You need to find another White ruler.

  279. vot tak says:

    ‘Great for Israel’: Ahead of US Elections, Most Israelis Would Like to See Trump Re-elected

    No doubt the scum would. The best zionazi quisling america has yet as prez.

    This is what saker wants to continue.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  280. annamaria says:
    @vot tak

    Are you implying that the Dems are not loyal to zionists? Since when Biden, Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Klobuchar, et al. are dedicated to the interests of American citizenry? The leading Dems have pledged their unwavering loyalty to the Jewish State of Israel. Not that the Repubs are better.

    Perhaps you need to consider first the state of democracy in the US where the Democratic Party employs the so-called intelligence agencies (the FBI & CIA) and a foreign agent (Steele, a ‘former’ British operative) to organize a coup d’etat in the US. Welcome home, color revolution!

    The ZUSA’s deciders are above the puppets-in charge, whether it is a color puppet named Obama or a white puppet called Trump. The US is ruled by the omnipotent financial Squeed and the MIC’s rapacious death merchants. See the zionization of the US military, which manifests clear and loud in the case of the Middle Easters Wars for Israel. And don’t forget the behavior of certain Vindman featuring in the Ukrainian cancan.

    “Have the US military gone Zionist?”

    “I have taken more than 400 American security professionals – primarily retired American Admirals and Generals – to Israel in more than 30 trips. And at the other end of their careers, I have sent more than 500 cadets and midshipmen of our service academies to Israel before they received their commissions. And I can say that they all understood the fundamental and profound principles that guide both the United States and Israel.

    They don’t always agree with Israel’s politics – or Israel’s defense choices – or any other single aspect of Israeli political, military and social life, but I never found one that didn’t believe in the relationship between Jews and the land of Israel.

    The United States military, then, is a Zionist institution.” Shoshana Bryen

    Shoshana Bryen is a leading specialist in U.S. defense policy and Middle East affairs. … She has worked with the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College and the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, and lectured at the National Defense University in Washington.

    Any more doubts about who are the ZUSA’s deciders?

  281. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Since when is blindly lashing out at a more powerful enemy, especially as satanic as the Junited States, good strategy?

    The best strategy will always be to let the Great Satan hollow itself out from within. It seems to be working, from what I see. Of course, credit for this is not entirely Iran’s, but it is playing its small part.

  282. vot tak says:

    No doubt a proud moment for saker:

    Trump Narrowly Prevails Over Biden in Battleground State of Florida, Latest Poll Reveals

    “An ABC News/Washington Post poll has revealed that at least 51% of Florida respondents approve of Trump’s work in office, with 58% giving thumbs up to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    For those that don’t know, florida is one of those places in the usa noted for stupidity and corruption (jewish mafia, ex-cuban gangsters, buggered rednecks). A political hellhole run perennially by the likes of jeb bush type neanderthal clones beholden to israel. And naturally, with that sort of “exceptional” background, it is also a gay capitol. 😀 .

  283. You’re delude if you think the empire is already dead. Iran can’t dislodge us. Heck, we can’t disloge us. We have Israel in the middle east, and unless Iran wants to attac them(they’ll certainly nuke),we aint going anywhere.

  284. Otoh/Imho says:

    “But if Uncle Shmuel does to Iran what Israel did to Lebanon, the result will be the same: the Iranians will rebuild (they are very good at that) and they will bounce back twice as strong.”
    Apparently Saker is a student of Nietzsche, who wrote “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” The sad truth is that things that nearly kill you make leave you a cripple. There is something to be said for the effect that bravura has on morale, but let’s not get silly, Saker.

  285. Sam J. says:

    Agree somewhat. It started earlier when Jews started coming to the US but the start of Israel was a big inflection point to the worse.

  286. Sam J. says:

    The Saker”…everything is going exactly according to the announced Iranian game plan to completely kick the US out of the Middle-East…”

    In reality it’s in the US best interest to leave this place so are they kicking us out or is it that Trump realizes that disengaging from the region is in our best interest?

    Either way the US wins.

  287. The Z’s started it in 1916, tested the US support in 1917, bankrupted the US in 1929 aiming total control, confirmed the US subservient position in 1941, ordered the creation in 1948 and finally the on going demand for expansion till today and beyond!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  288. Sam J. says:

    You sir have pointed out the whole ball of wax. The whole root of the problem. All the rest is just arguing over the circumstances of their abuse on us all over the planet.

    The only way we will get a handle on this is to get rid of the Jews. Deport them all to Israel, Every single one and let them there do what they say we must do.Ban carbon, ban eating meat, control population, multiculturalism, communism, miscegenation, and all the other things they demand of us.

  289. Sam J. says:

    We can fix this. Pass a law that an independent branch of the US government, maybe the department of standards and measurement, randomly pick vaccine stocks from random vendors and then another government branch, say US Marshalls or the Marines, give all the executives, the scientist and their children vaccine injections twice a year of what ever they are selling. Including Bill Gates.

    Let them eat their own dog food.

    • Agree: Alfred, annamaria
  290. Sam J. says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    I believe China and Japan are not a part of the Jew world banking system. They own their own central banking system.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  291. @Ugetit

    “And all along I’ve been under the impression that the Taliban had been eradicating the plantings!”

    For muslims it is not forbidden to sell drugs to non-muslims ( kaffirs ) or steal their property. The behaviour of Taliban or ISIS is in conformity with some aspects of Islamic teaching. If you read extensively about Islam you will not be surprised about the planting and guarding of poppy crop in Afghanistan.What seems contradictory to you is perfectly normal and religiously justifiable to muslims. Many muslims learn their Koran by heart . That means they know it very well.

  292. “I imagined what he would have said if somebody had offered him the following deal: Haj Qasem – would you agree to be murdered by the modern Crusaders if your martyrdom would turn out to be the “straw” which will break the Empire’s “camel” back? I think that he would reply with tears of joy in his eyes “Glory be to God for allowing me this immense honor and joy and for allowing me to become a shadid (God’s witness)!” Soleimani was a soldier, the real thing, not a disguised businessman or politician, and he knew that he could die literally every moment of his life. ”

    That is a piece of muslim propaganda. Modern Crusaders ? The Crusades were carried out in response to the expansionist and barbarous Islamic Jihadism which destroyed many cultures in the Christian Middle East.

  293. Bert says:
    @Weston Waroda

    I enjoy a wonderful and tranquil life. And I don’t think my happiness or yours will be harmed by my pointing out that your first sentence has two comma splices in it. But more seriously, grammatical rules exist to facilitate thought. Not following them leads to Ebonics-like chaos in thought processes. The slippery slope goes all the way from not learning standards of grammar to inner-city joblessness, crime and desperation.

    • Agree: Theophrastus
  294. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Monty Ahwazi

    You’ve convinced me. I’m going to convert to Judaism.

  295. a_german [AKA "A_German.."] says:

    When did the Empire Fall?

    It is on the June 14th at noon. Unfortunately i don’t know. the year. 😉

    I live in an occupied country, as my pseudonym says, with an puppet regime ruled by the US.

    Border to the communist part, former DDR, was 20 minutes to drive. Travelled many times through this part of Germany, knowing a lot people from there and making some kind of Business with them gives an unerasable experiance what it means to be ruled by the USSR. I prefere the US, despite the fact that their be a bunch of fuc**** criminals which are stupid than anyone else.

    But they have remains if Noblesse obligue that the other self proclaimed rulers can’t even spell.

    US mades the faults every Empire mades. They can’t stop to win. Now they needs pressure what former was an self running Empire made of believe and good policy. If they turn back to the old behavior than there be a better world. But that needs to share, as before, instead to plunder. If they can shift that, the empire will not fall, which is unevitable the other way around.

    Capitalists rules did not work any more if there are a few megacompanies left. Hope that the great reset we face now will develop into a better world. The other way results in a catastrophy.

  296. Uncle Sam says:

    The simple truth of the matter is that America suffered an ignominious military defeat on January 8, 2020

    What is probably just as bad is that it covered up its human losses. Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi wrote a memo to the Pentagon to obtain an explanation of all losses. He received a reply from James Hogan an information officer at the Pentagon. The reply said there were 139 killed and 146 wounded. Sounds plausible

    Subsequently, the reply was branded a forgery or a fraud, obviously to prevent the American people from knowing the truth about these losses.

    A copy of the reply memo is online.

  297. Fr. John says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    “But what so many people overlook is that almost everything which went wrong under Trump began with Obama! When Trumps says that he inherited an awful mess, he is absolutely correct.”

    And yet, with all of the ‘deep state’ operatives, HOW COULD TRUMP HAVE DONE OTHERWISE?
    This is the question that I keep coming back to- how can you ‘make America ANYTHING’ when your (and my) enemies wish to DESTROY it?

    JFK’s Murder Inc’s ‘kosher slaughter’ was the start of the end, but it was the 1965-7 Civil Wrongs legislation, the Hart (((Celler))) Immigration Act, and the inaction on the part of the US in the USS Liberty attack, that signaled the rise of the Antichrist People against (then) Protestant America.

    1967 was also the year the ‘revised Scofield Reference [sic] Bible’ began to make headway into ALL the Churches. I blame ONE PEOPLE, for it all.

  298. Anonymous[942] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam J.

    They own their own central banking system

    Absolutely. Such a vital function as banking/finance cannot be allowed to be under the influence (much less control) of actors outside the government, nor to be operated by anyone other than your country’s most loyal members.

    Along with China and Japan, count also smaller Asian economies like S. Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Iran, Turkey and possibly Russia also have completely sovereign financial systems.

  299. @FB

    Oy vey ! We do not want ” disruptive squeaky wheels and grinding axes about imaginary wrongs”

    What can we DO about this person? Was he under orders? Disobeyed …?

  300. @Alden

    You are no dummy, as proven by this comment providing both edification on multiple matters as well as acknowledgement of realities historically confronting a particular group which that group has always assumed is understood only by insiders.

    But Jake is no idiot, either. I say this for two reasons, the minor reason being that his group did not upon arrival here find America to be free of the old country hostilities you so astutely describe, and it might even be premature to assert those hostilities no longer exist here.

    The major reason is the invaluable insight Jake has provided about the second Temple era oral tradition veering away from the Torah which was ultimately memorialized as the Talmud centuries later with the Jesus Event occurring in the interim. That info enables recognition of the dynamics of Luke Chapter 4 as to why the Jews transitioned in two minutes from speaking proudly of the local man Jesus to attempting to kill Him after being filled with murderous fury toward Him when he stated He would help outsiders.

    The ethnic self-worship of the oral tradition / Talmud and the resulting complete disregard for the lives of the out-group explains why Jesus at John 8:44 refers to Jews as “children” of the devil because that makes their ethnic-self-worshiping descendants grandchildren of the devil, and so on on down the line. It explains why Jews lie nonstop and attempt genocide against the out-group nonstop to this day.

    Jake’s express recognition of Jesus as God Incarnate and the source of hostilities which confronted Him as He walked this earth in human form helps us understand why Jews today first and foremost seek genocide of the descendants of Christendom as you also recognize.

    But Jake’s also right when he stresses the only solution being a universal return to the faith of Christendom as it was understood and practiced before the heretical developments driven by Jew publishing of “Bibles” in Amsterdam post 1492 as Mefobills enlightens here.

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