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What Kind of "Popular Revolution" Is This?!
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Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase

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I have to say that I am amazed that so many folks on the Left seem to think that the current riots in the US are a spontaneous rebellion against police violence, systemic racism, and history of persecution and exploitation of Blacks and Indians, etc. As for the violence, looting and riots – they are either excused as a result of some kind of righteous wrath or blamed on “infiltrators”. In my previous article I tried to show how the Democrats and the US media tried to instrumentalize these riots and to use them against Trump’s bid for reelection. I accompanied the article with a carefully staged photo-op of US Democrats “taking a knee” in solidarity (as if the leaders of the Democratic Party gave a hoot about Blacks or poor US Americans!).

What I did not mention was how the US (and even trans-national) corporate world backed these riots to the hilt. Here are just a few examples of this:


Amazon, Bank of America & Sephora:

And it is not only in the USA. Check out what Adidas in Germany has been up to:

and finally, my personal super-favorite:

Jamie Dimon and the JP Morgan Chase Bank:

All those of us who thought that the corporate world was all about money, that the corporate “culture” had all the signs of severe psychopathy and that billionaires did not give a damn about the poor and the oppressed, but now we know better: we thought of them as evil 1%ers, and it turns out that there are kind, highly principled people, who care about injustice and freedom and who truly feel bad, very very bad, for all the injustices done to Blacks!

Do you really buy this?

I sure don’t!

These are not small mom-and-pop stores where ethics and kindness still exist. These are the very corporations who benefited most from all the inequalities, injustice, violence and imperial wars of aggression and it would be truly pollyannish to think that these corporations and their CEOs suddenly grew a conscience (the exact same applies to the leadership of the Democratic Party, of course!).

So let’s go back to the basics: corporations are about money, that is a truism. Yes, sometimes corporations try to present a “human face”, but this is nothing more than a marketing trick destined to create consumer loyalty. Now I don’t believe for one second that the mega-corporations listed above expect to make much money from supporting the riots, at least not in a direct way. Nor do I believe that these corporations are trying to impersonate a conscience because they fear a Black consumer boycott (what was true in Tuskegee in the late 1950s is not true today, if only because of the completely different scale of the protests).

So if not money – what is at stake here?


Specifically, the US deep state – at a major faction within that deep state – is clearly desperate to get rid of Trump (and not for the right reasons, of which there are plenty).

Another victory of the “coalition of minorities” and another defeat for Trump
Another victory of the “coalition of minorities” and another defeat for Trump

There are plenty of signs that illustrate that Trump is even losing control of the Executive, including Secretary Esper contradicting Trump on what is a key issue – restoring law and order – or the US Ambassador to South Korea voicing support for BLM (I consider that these actions by top officials against their own Commander in Chief border on treason). Needless to say, the pro-Dems neo-libs at Slate immediately began dreaming about, and calling for, a military revolt against Trump.

Last but not least, we now have a “free zone” in Seattle, the notorious Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, “CHAZ” aka “CHOP” where, among other “curiosities”, Whites are told to give 10 bucks to a Black person. This means that until law and order are restored to what is now the CHAZ, the United States has lost its sovereignty over a part of one of its cities. That is a “black eye” for any US President who, after all, is the leader of the Executive branch of government and the Commander in Chief of a military supposed (in theory only, of course) to defend the United States against all enemies.

What do all of these developments have in common?

They are designed to show that Trump has lost control of the country and that all good and decent people now stand united against him.

There are several major problems with this plan.

For one thing, this is all completely illegal. What began as a typical race riot is now openly turning into sedition.

The second major problem of this plan is that it relies on what I call a “coalition of minorities” to achieve its goal, it is therefore ignoring the will of the majority of the people. This can backfire, especially if the chaos and violence continue to spread.

Will he take orders from Pelosi?
Will he take orders from Pelosi?

Next, there is the “Golem/Frankenstein” issue: it is much easier to launch a wildfire than to contain or suppress it. Nancy Pelosi might be dumb enough to think that she and her gang can control the likes of Raz Simone, but history shows that when the state abdicates its monopoly on violence, anarchy ensues.

By the way, it is important to note here that Trump, at least so far, has not taken the bait and has not used federal forces to reimpose law and order in Seattle, Atlanta or elsewhere.

He must realize that liberating the so-called CHAZ might result in a bloodbath (there appear to be plenty of weapons inside the CHAZ) and that the Democrats are dreaming about blaming him for a bloodbath. Trump’s strategy, at least so far, appears to let the lawlessness continue and blame the Democrats for it.


While Trump’s strategy makes sense, it also is inherently very dangerous because if the state cannot reimpose law and order, then all sorts of “volunteers” might decide to give it a shot (literally). Check out this headline “Bikers For Trump Organizing to Retake Seattle On July 4th“. Whether these bikers will actually try to take over the CHAZ or not, even the fact that they are preparing to do so shows, yet again, that the state has lost its monopoly on violence.

Finally, this strategy to oust Trump by means of lawlessness and anarchy could greatly contribute to the breakup of the United States, if not de jure, then at least de facto. How?

For one thing, the United States is a big country, not only in terms of geographical size, but also in socio-economic and even cultural terms. Some US states have a large Black population, others much less. But they all mostly watch the same news media. Which means that when there are race riots in, say, Los Angeles or Baltimore, the people who live in states like Montana or the Dakotas feel that it is their country which is threatened. Coincidentally (or not?), these mostly White states happen to have a large part of their population as, Hillary’s famous “deplorables”. Some liberals call these states “flyover states”. It also happens that civilians in these states own a large number of firearms and know how to use them.

The same applies to different locations within any one state. Take California for example, which many view as being very liberal, progressive. Well, that might be true for many cities in California, but as soon as you enter rural California, the prevailing culture changes rather dramatically. The same urban vs rural dichotomy also exists in many other states, including Florida.

The risk here is the following one: some parts of the United States can collapse and become zones of total lawlessness while others will “circle the wagons” and take whatever measures are needed to protect themselves and their way of life.

This does not mean that the US, as a country, will break-up into several successor states. That could only happen much further down the road, but it does mean that different areas of the country could start facing the crisis autonomously and even possibly in direct violation of US laws. When that happens, poverty and violence typically sharply rise. There are already reports of vigilantism in New Mexico (interestingly, in this case the authorities did send in the cops).

In his seminal article “Race and Crime in America” (an absolute MUST READ for any person wanting to understand what is taking place today!) Ron Unz makes a very interesting observation:

“The empirical fact is that presence or absence of large numbers of Hispanics or Asians in a given state seems to have virtually no impact upon white voting patterns. Meanwhile, there exists a strong relationship between the size of a state’s black population and the likelihood that local whites will favor the Republicans”.

In other words, the larger the Black minority, the more likely Whites will vote Republican. Of course, one can dismiss this by saying that these Whites are all racists, but that does not help either because it begs the question of why Whites do not become racists when living next to Hispanics and Asians, but do so when they live near Blacks. The explanation is in Ron’s article: “local urban crime rates in America seem to be almost entirely explained by the local racial distribution” (please see the charts in Ron’s article for the data supporting this conclusion).

This makes for a potentially very explosive mix, especially in a time when police officers now risk a reprimand, a demotion. being fired or even criminal charges for using “excessive force” against any Black suspect (yes, US cops often do use excessive force, but the solution here is not to paralyze the police forces, lest the civilians feel like they need to defend themselves.

As I have said it many times, I don’t believe that the term “race” has a scientific basis, nor do concepts such as “Black” or “White”. This does not mean that they don’t have a political meaning, especially in a country which is obsessed by race issues (yes, one can obsess about non-existing things). In the US most people self-identify with a color, thus to them this is something very real. For example, the figures used in Ron Unz’ article are based upon these concepts understood sociologically, not biologically, and this is the only reason why I use them too, though somewhat reluctantly, I will admit.

Conclusion: this is no popular revolution at all

It is undeniable that a major chuck of the US ruling classes have decided to support the BLM movement and the riots it instigates. Furthermore, these US ruling classes have instrumentalized these riots in a transparent attempt to prevent a Trump reelection in November. And just like the Republicans have been destroying the AngloZionist empire on the international scene, the Democrats have been destroying the United States from within. Far from being a real popular protest movement, the BLM movement is a tool in the hands of one faction of the US deep state against another faction. A lot of Trump nominees/appointees are now seeing the writing on the wall and are betraying their boss in order to switch sides and abandon what they see as a sinking ship.

My personal feeling is that Trump is too weak and too much of a coward to fight his political enemies (if he had any spine, it would have shown at the time when Trump betrayed Flynn only a month into his presidency). History, however, shows that a political vacuum cannot last very long. In Russia the chaos lasted from February to November 1917, at which point the Bolsheviks (who were a relatively small party) easily seized power and, following a bloody civil war, restored their version of law and order. I still don’t see a civil war taking place in the USA, but some kind of coup is, I think, a very real possibility. This is especially true considering that most Democrats will never accept a Trump reelection while most Republicans will never accept a Biden presidency. This is a case of “not my president” powerfully backfiring on its creators.

Those of us who live in the US better prepare for a very dangerous and difficult year!

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  1. I have a lot of respect for the Saker’s commentaries in general and concur with his view of this situation. It is almost treason for authorities to look the other way while thugs actually are given de facto control of a territory within a major city. While the yankee cops have literally been getting away with murder for a long time, the protests are obviously being manipulated, and stability is under threat. If the official authority allows this to take place, it is understandable that vigilante types will step in. I notice that the vigilante in New Mexico had a Spanish name and that, therefore, he is himself a member of a minority. These are troubled times and instability and major unrest will be the likely results.

  2. This is Pop-Coup-ism.

    • Agree: PetrOldSack
    • Replies: @MLK
  3. Meanwhile, there exists a strong relationship between the size of a state’s black population and the likelihood that local whites will favor the Republicans

    Vermont and Maine vote very differently from Idaho and Wyoming.

  4. Tony Hall says:

    Isn’t antifa the most volatile, instrumental and ill-defined element in the Hillaryite-BLM-Wall Street-Sorosite-Googly-GatesGang-NWO-Israel Lobby-Armed Forces assault on what remains of US constitutional governance?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  5. Alfa158 says:

    “ most Republicans will never accept a Biden presidency”.
    The Democrats don’t have to care if Republicans accept a Biden presidency. It’s all about the will to exercise power. Democrats have it, Republicans don’t.
    You could have said on September 1, 1939 that most Poles will never accept the Wehrmacht. How did that make any difference?

  6. @exiled off mainstreet

    You do understand that the Spanish (Spaniards) are White Europeans? And that there are millions of White Spanish Ancestry Hispanics living in Latin America and Europe? Spanish last name does not mean a brown skin mestizo. As my ancestors first arrived on the shores of Florida and subjugated thr indians, as they continue to rule virtually all Latin American countries and Spain, they form a key partner in the wars to come as allies with Anglo-Americans and German-Americans. Unlike the the German/Saxon descendants of Luther/Hegel/Kant’s kin, silly german idealism didn’t and has not infected the majority of White Hispanics of European Ancestry. We have a strong Catholic tradition rooted in real politik, not virtue signaling for Protestant brownie points. We survived 700 years of Islam and defeated the Arabs while maintaining the last true bastion for true European peak culture, unlike the Northern Europeans.

  7. Miro23 says:

    This is especially true considering that most Democrats will never accept a Trump reelection while most Republicans will never accept a Biden presidency.

    It’s a fact, that this level of polarization is very dangerous in a country.

    And I agree about the risk of society splitting apart. For example, Spain 1936 (just prior to the Civil War) also had a weak and ineffective government turning a blind eye to hard leftist violence (assaults on property, church burnings etc. ) with the same fear of Bolshevik activists and the radical leftist press.

    Traditional conservative society eventually reacts in any way that will bring it protection and safety.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  8. Exile says:

    “Bikers for Trump” is a meme, not a real-life thing.

    • Disagree: starthorn
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  9. If the Dems and ‘Deep State’ are using this unrest (and the overblown Wuhan flu) to engineer an ouster, they are making a big big mistake. Apparently they haven’t read William Lind on 4th generation military conflict. The main aim of insurgents is to delegitimize the state.

    That’s exactly what these riots and the buffoonery surrounding the lockdown are accomplishing – showing people that they are ruled by self-serving, low intelligence hypocrites willing to take away the rights of the average person through measures that they have no intention of respecting themselves. Showing that the police are unwilling to respect the most basic fundamental duty of the state, to prevent citizens from being harmed.

    Even the Dems couldn’t be so stupid as to think that there are no ramifications from this sort of a plan. Hence, I suspect that there is a faction that actually wants a 4th gen conflict to emerge in the USA.

    • Replies: @anon8383892
  10. Its all economic angst just like Spain and Weimar Germany. Inflation is a deadly beast. The Federal reserve has been printing full tilt since 2008. Sure, the US does not have headline CPI inflation. But Weimar Germany didn’t either for years. 1923 was only the blowoff. The previous 9 years, Germany had no idea what inflation monsters were in the closet.

    See this good Twitter thread about Weimar Germany. The comparison is solid.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  11. John Nada says:

    Saker nails exactly what these riots and protests are all about: ousting Trump. Of course, I dare not say this out loud to too many of my friends because this will imply I’m a member of one of the apparently numerous and highly populated American Neo-Nazi organizations. Evidence for the all-about-ousting-Trump hypothesis will emerge within a few months after the 2020 election. If Schmo Biden wins, you’ll see business as usual just as it was conducted during Obama’s reign. The media will seek to minimize controversy for a Democrat president and will cease giving air time to BLM, Antifa, and company, thence starving them of the critical mass anger required for any substantive changes in policing, economic opportunities for supposedly disadvantaged blacks, and so forth. The only difference from Trump will be social justice posturing and occasional legislation designed to fail and blame on Republicans in preparation for 2024.

    • Replies: @Kneil
  12. Interesting that in the picture of the virtue signaling egalitarians at the top of the page that only the men are kneeling. Why not the women? I’m so confused.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @HallParvey
    , @jay
  13. @exiled off mainstreet

    This idea that Seppo cops are a bunch of violent lunatics is not supported by the data at all.

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
  14. It was mainstream media pushing Trump to have relinquish the responsibility of control riots, and leaving it Governors. In my opinion it is dangerous thing.
    That means that Sates will control their riots differently.
    It could mean the possibility of States to break-up with Union.
    It could mean also that some State could expel the troublemakers from their midst.
    (Some national guards now started resigning.)

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  15. anon[195] • Disclaimer says:

    I have to say that I am amazed that so many folks on the Left seem to think that the current riots in the US are a spontaneous rebellion

    Folks on the Left do not think. They emote. They romanticize.

    One can sum up most of Saker’s article in a single compound term: Anarcho-Tyranny.

    Under anarcho-tyranny the organs of the state ignore crimes committed by favored groups such as BLM and Antifa, while strongly suppressing anything remotely like a crime committed by the majority.

    Thus an Antifa “peaceful protester” can assault with a club or a skateboard some middle aged man holding a sign that reads “All Lives Matter”, but if that middle aged man fights back with a stick he is likely to be arrested.

    The court system is involved as well; in Portland, Oregon Antifa street fighters arrested for assault or other crimes are released on probation while ordinary citizens who fight back may be jailed.

    Anarcho-tyranny is a tool for demoralization of the majority of citizens who wish to be left alone to go about their lives, and a tool for improving the morale of the small number of rioters. It is therefore a psychological operation intended to cow the populace into deep submission by using expendable persons. It is not new in modern history, of course, but it is somewhat new to America.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  16. Anon[188] • Disclaimer says:

    With respect to Adidas’ decision to give away money, the Germans have been doing it for years, so much so that one of them, angry with it, wrote a book called “Fools gold for Africa” throw all the money you like at the problem it will not change the culture

  17. dvorak says:

    most Republicans will never accept a Biden presidency

    This statement is way off the mark. Republicans accept the results of the Electoral College, every time.

    Even when the election was stolen for JFK by Mayor Daley, Republicans accepted the result.

    Biden is viewed as a middle-of-the-road guy, by most Republicans and Independents. (Perception lags reality: Biden is viewed as a moderate, regardless of where the Dem platform is and where Biden’s advisors are). Susan Rice is an easy choice for VP, as Biden knows her far better than he knows Kamala or Warren. Plus she’s a fellow neoliberal with foreign policy cred. Republicans have not been able to make ‘Obamagate’ stick, and voters don’t really care about dirty tricks one way or another.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  18. It’s one of the most dishonest “revolutions” I’ve ever heard of. The people pushing it are hypocrites living in gated all-White communities. And at the highest levels, there is an obvious desire to deflect from more substantive economic injustices (like the White working class having flat wages for 50 years).

    But I have a sense it may destroy the “race is just a social construct” mantra. The push to live in a color-blind world is over (not that it was ever real). Putting RACE at the center of our political life may have unexpected benefits to future pro-White activists.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  19. Richard B says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    It is almost treason for authorities to look the other way while thugs actually are given de facto control of a territory within a major city.

    This is symptomatic of something more ominous.

    What we’re really witnessing is nothing less than

    The Pyrrhic Victory Of The Hostile Elite

    There’s a lot of providential thinking making the rounds online.

    That this is all a part of a plan.

    Planning is one thing. Divine Providence is another.

    And what’s happening now has nothing to do with Divine Providence.

    Sure, there’s some planning involved.

    But it’s no more absolute than its results are guaranteed.

    If the hostile elite have proven one thing in the last 100+ years it’s that, though they might be very good at infiltration, subversion, betrayal, destruction and death, they’re no damn good at social-management.

    I’m afraid the elite have gotten themselves in for a bit more than they can manage.

    “The readiness is all.”

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  20. There are strikes all over the country. All over the world. Unreported, of course, and so the mooks on here talk about race instead.

    A voice from the font of all wisdom: race don’t matter; strikes do.

    If you are intelligent, talk about strikes. If you are not, talk about race. Oh, you’re already talking about race. Well, then you’re not intelligent. It’s a perfect syllogism.

  21. Anonymous[286] • Disclaimer says:

    This is no popular revolution. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be a real revolution at all. I’m in agreement with Saker’s analysis as presented.

    What it seems to be is a series of urban governments giving the locals freebies (such as bringing down statues, looting stores, getting the tension out after the lockdown mistake by staying up all night and getting some excitement), and justifying the whole thing with an invented cause that apparently depends on imported SJWs. I was in NYC during he Summer of Love, and saw the same damned thing. Didn’t happen outside the cities, and inside NYC most of the people attending were just curious bystanders (as was I).

    Some of the military is acting funny, true enough. Its also true that then POTUS Obama had to vet promotions past Major while he was in office. That wasn’t good for the officer corps, let’s say, but it doesn’t mean that the military, as a body, is ready to revolt. It’s a long way to Major, and then POTUS Obama could screen out, but not add his own people. IMHO, then POTUS Obama managed to select out the talented and keep the mediocrities and careerists. He reduced effectiveness, but didn’t insert revolutionaries.

    Same sort of thing for the universities. They can and have fielded SJWs, but these SJWs are surprisingly few in number and have not succeeded in providing long term leadership for Blacks or other POCs. The universities’ endowments have been seriously depleted by COVID-19, discretionary income in the US has been significantly reduced. Consequently the ability of universities to continue training SJWs is threatened.

    What we are seeing is political theater in the areas and institutions long controlled by the Democrat Party. It is an expensive theater, has not been well received outside of urban areas, and may cost its sponsors more than they can afford to lose.

    The question is: why now? There has always been a question about millennarian revolutionary attempts ( — if victory is inevitable, why act like it has to be achieved by next Thursday?

    I put the current situation down to a desperation attack. The 1960s were not a desperation attack, they were a real coup from a position of strength, one that was never undone. It succeeded in keeping bankrupt urban areas funded until about 2008.

    The present situation is a failure of funding to urban areas and the States they control. POTUS Trump won’t use heroic measures, such as institution of a command economy, to fund these areas, but the Democrats (and some Republicans) will.
    Heroic measures to fund urban areas would fail if attempted. What is left to take (zombie businesses, decayed rural towns, industrial farms that have to be run efficiently to be worth anything) is worth less than the cost of taking it.
    Like a drowning man clutching at twigs, the Democrats don’t see that what they are clutching isn’t enough to save them. They do see that if POTUS Trump were to be re-elected, the urban areas would permanently lose the bulk of their political influence, hence the bulk of their income, for the urban areas permanently lost their economic functions to the countryside back in the 1950 / 1960s.

    So the Democrats / Liberals / Rhinos are burning up everything they have in the current offensive; it’s now or never for them. The Saker is correct (IMHO) when he implies that such a desperation attempt could succeed, at least in the short term. Historically, some of such attempts have succeeded, most have not. I definitely agree with him concerning the difficult next 12 months, and the danger of the next 12 months if one is physically present (*) in urban/suburban areas. \\
    Remember also that COVD-19 is an escaped bioweapon (**), is not well understood, and that the need to take routine precautions against bioweapon infection may be disregarded in the excitement. That would be unfortunate.

    *) Mnemonic: Absence of body beats presence of mind.

    **) OK, it’s probably an escaped attempt at a self-propagating vaccine against SARS, but the ham-handed method of its development (“OK, we slap some SARS and HIV introns on a coronavirus, run it through many generations in a human cell culture from people with Type A blook, and see what happens”) means that the resulting organism isn’t understood well. That alone makes infection worth avoiding, and the incompetence of the medical establishment (not individual physicians, the establishment) adds to the value of avoiding infection.
    Mnemonic from a 1950s SF WW III story: “ANCE in your pants would be a pity; wear your masks when in the city”. ANCE being a backronym for ANti Civilian Enhanced diseases. Dogrel, but it gets the point across.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Erebus
  22. Sean says:

    Revolutions happen when a state, which is fundamentally a conspiracy against the rest of the world, fails to uphold the national honour. Trump said China was raping America; him being elected was a revolution, but like Roosevelt he will need to win another term before his right to make reforms is accepted by the establishment.

    Finally, this strategy to oust Trump by means of lawlessness and anarchy could greatly contribute to the breakup of the United States

    It could, but the precedent of the Civil War is against it. While there is always the American Revolution, that occurred largely because the colonists had lost their need to be protected by the British from the French after Wolfe’s victory at Quebec, and the subsequent incorporation of French into British North America inflamed anti Catholic bigots .

    I still don’t see a civil war taking place in the USA, but some kind of coup is, I think, a very real possibility.

    If there was a coup how could those participating it in know the Chinese were not behind it, and had the ultimate objective of breaking up and weakening the world’s most powerful country and making it subservient to them, eh?

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  23. Concerning who’s behind it, I don’t know, riots usually, almost always, always, in my experience, make the silent majority come out in droves to vote for people like Donald Trump. And so, as to who is really behind this, and what the upshot is, who knows.

    • Replies: @The Soft Parade
  24. anonymous[110] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tony Hall

    “Isn’t antifa the most volatile, instrumental and ill-defined element —“

    ADL / Israel lobby is.

    ttg, writing on Pat Lang’s blog, suggests that “it doesn’t take much money” to pull off the BLM protest/riots, based on the tactics in the 1969 movie, The Spook who sat by the door.”

    It may be true that Blacks are ideologically motivated, trained and armed, but I don’t think they are the masterminds of this carefully planned operation, Jewish groups are. AIPAC has been recruiting Blacks for years, grooming them to ‘leadership’ positions. Don’t for a minute think the goal was Black empowerment. The goal was formation of a Black “Dan Freeman” and his “Cobra” guerrillas to bring domestic terror to US white.

    The major Christian institutions — not just Christian zionist-evangelicals but Methodists, Quakers, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics — are fully on board: ADL has nurtured them for years.

    • Agree: Richard B, Rabbitnexus
    • Replies: @fnn
  25. @Reg Cæsar

    None of these states have large black populations – which is Saker’s point – the larger the black population the more whites in that state will vote Republican. If there are not many blacks then whites will vote more independently.

    • Agree: Alfred
  26. “It is undeniable that a major chuck of the US ruling classes have decided to support the BLM movement and the riots it instigates. ”

    Not so certain about this statement by the Saker. Seems to me that other groups, primarily Antifa who I consider to be a fully terrorist group, piggyback on the largely peaceful BLM protests, bringing to the scene extreme violence. Looters also take advantage. BLM are being used as pawns in a larger game, I think.

    • Agree: Yusef
    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  27. GMC says:

    The Coup d tat has already come and gone – 7 trillion worth – in the past year. The other ” Coups” are between the Deep State and the Deep State only. The only coup that would mean anything , would be the People really revolting, in order to bring back a Peoples Government, and as they say in Russia – oo dah chee -= Goodluck.

    • Agree: Yusef
  28. anon[215] • Disclaimer says:

    Brutus thought he was restoring the Roman Republic when he killed Julius Caesar. Instead, he killed the republic along with his friend. Don’t be surprised when these gaggle of incompetents make the same mistake.

    • Replies: @AriusArmenian
  29. “Keep them streets busy” is the goal of Republicans and Democrats alike, a single party situation. Keep the confusion going, it gives legitimacy to the power elites. The elections incite interest, that is what is ambitioned, to keep the “democracy” simulacre alive. Saker is expected to add his effort to the elite scenario. He does. His take “Trump and the elections are important”. They both are, to “keep the streets busy”.

    Real damage to convention: none whatsoever. No corporate headquarters burning, no assets of the rich menaced. No fysical danger to the power elite members. Nope, nothing.

    • Agree: foolisholdman
  30. What is the Jewish elite’s message to voters and businesses?

    We better not elect Trump or else they’re gonna continue to mess up everything with hysteria and chaos?

    Jews are playing the role of God who punished Egypt for not letting the Jews go.
    US and all the world must be punished for not obeying Jews.

    Almost makes you think the Jews, Dems, and China collaborated to cook up Covid to get rid of Trump.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @anon
  31. @PraxisVonNiEs

    It is good to see someone in addition to myself pointing out the distinction of White Spanish “Hispanic” Americans. They have lived for centuries in the American Southwest, where I grew up. Some there were my friends, camping buddies and schoolmates, and I’m one of those Anglo-German Americans you mentioned.

    I disagree with you regarding Catholicism vs. my Protestant background, though, and I am tired of reading and re-reading oversimplified descriptions of my ancestors as too idealogical and having created the problem. They created the United States of America, a constitutional republic that has flourished for nearly a quarter of a millennium now, while Latin American, Catholic countries to the south have not done quite so well.

    But we don’t need to argue about that, because now my America is becoming more like the America to the south. That is really what is happening, so you and I can join hands and protect ourselves and, if we are lucky, sit our lazy asses on top of the brown masses, as your people have done since before my country even came into being.

  32. DrWatson says:

    As I have said it many times, I don’t believe that the term “race” has a scientific basis, nor do concepts such as “Black” or “White”. This does not mean that they don’t have a political meaning, especially in a country which is obsessed by race issues (yes, one can obsess about non-existing things). In the US most people self-identify with a color, thus to them this is something very real. For example, the figures used in Ron Unz’ article are based upon these concepts understood sociologically, not biologically, and this is the only reason why I use them too, though somewhat reluctantly, I will admit.

    But it does have a scientific basis! How about this evolutionary tree?
    Clearly African races are an outgroup (a scientific term) to all other races.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  33. Yes. Those of us who do not live in the USA, and especially if they live in the Southern Hemisphere had better stock up on drinks and popcorn.

  34. map says:

    The reality for the Left is very simple: it cannot win if the result is a breakdown in the livability of urban areas…because it really only occupies the urban areas.

    The key similarity between the Spanish Civil War and the Bolshevik Civil War is that each of the winning sides controlled the countryside. The Czar may have controlled Moscow and St. Petersburg and the Left may have controlled Madrid and Barcelona, but neither of those facts were instrumental on the ground.

    It is easy to see why. The cities need everything shipped in. Losing power does not mean losing Instagram. It means losing water. Losing water means everything from drinking, to bathing, to fire fighting is lost. Cities are also very vulnerable to asymmetric warfare, as we see with urban rioters.

    This is why it is quite clear that BLM/Antifa are run by high-level government factions, where the violence is carefully calibrated. It’s a good thing Trump does not wade into this.

    • Agree: foolisholdman
  35. I know what CHAZ means, but what does CHOP mean? I can’t find it at the Urban Dictionary.

  36. GoMore says:

    (…) “As I have said it many times, I don’t believe that the term “race” has a scientific basis (…)

    but it clearly has form the DNA differences to the way different races react to different medicines. Why running away from reality? We need a word to describe different subspecies of humans especially now, when we’re attacked through the racial perspective!

  37. vot tak says:

    Another lame psywar attempt, saker triples down on his trump campaign support and his white supremacism. “It’s all about the ‘deep state’ coup’ing the great white hope trump and persecution of the white race”. 😀 Gotta sell that likudite quisling trump regime at all costs.

    For a much more honest, and one that is not trump relection campaign or white supremacist promoting, critical analysis of the protests, I highly recomend that by Parry here:

    And for one sympathetic to the liberal/left goals of the protests, I highly recomend Cook’s here:

  38. Blankaerd says:

    Firstly, the way I see it, companies are jumping on the bandwagon of BLM in order to delegitimize the state, though it probably has something to do with Trump as well. The best tool to limit the power of major corporations is when people organize through government against it. When the state keeps being caught up in all these riots and when its legitimacy is almost constantly being questioned, it decreases the likelihood that regulations are going to be the main focus of government. Thus the relative power of companies – especially multinational ones – will increase. Even finance centers such as Wall Street have done good business despite the lockdowns and the protests

    Secondly, we have seen that the ‘public sphere’ in which political debates happen is no longer in the outside world, rather it happens on the internet, and it’s no longer public. The jews and major corporations could never effectively move around the First Amendment, but since most political life happens on Social Media – which is conveniently controlled by a few mass-media corporations, most of which coincidentally have a high percentage of jews – they are now able to completely force-feed us false narratives while silencing any dissenting opinions. The defense, even peddled by conservatives and leftists, is that these are companies and not the government so they can choose to silence whatever and whoever they like.

    Thirdly, the riots mostly affects mom-and-pop stores as well as mid-sized companies. Large companies and multinational corporations can easily survive a couple of stores being looted and/or burned in addition to a couple of months of lockdown, while it’s probably going to be the nail in the coffin for many other businesses, thus it is a very convenient way of destroying any competition.

    The future is not going to look anything like 1984 in which a central political party controls every aspect of your life through the government, rather the government will increasingly lose its grip on society, probably only provide several key federal services required to keep a minimum amount of order and still guarantee property rights (at least for rich / powerful corporations) and still dictate foreign policy, but we’ll probably see corporations increasingly taking over functions now provided by the government, including intelligence services such as the NSA. The difference being that the public has even less of a say over company policy than government policy. People may not be sent en-masse to concentration camps, instead ‘racists,’ ‘homophobes’ and other ‘undesirable opinion-holders’ will be shamed by the cooperate media, will be doxxed, will lose their jobs and most likely will be declared something of an outlaw in which their rights aren’t even actively protected anymore, only on paper. An increasingly privatized police force will not go after a racist being murdered in the streets. A white racist, that is.

    I’m not arguing in favor of a massive conspiracy theory here, it could be a cabal of a few jews and/or shareholders and company executives / deep statists and so on who are actively pushing this trend and other companies and pressure groups are merely jumping on board. Still, this is the future that is more or less in store for us based on the trends I see developing today, unless radical changes happen.

  39. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    “Vermont and Maine vote very differently from Idaho and Wyoming.”

    Saker was on the right track till he started the Ron Unz BS – accept Mexification of the country.

    Unz and his people are also behind Blacks With Attitude (BWA).

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  40. im cuban born and rise with black people,my dearest friend in this life is a mulato, Jesus Yanes ,me and others blacks and mulatos grew and lived together in the camp schools and literaly fight for each others.
    Stop pretending otherwise the black society in USA is broken beyond return and beyond fixing.
    Was intentionally destroyed or no,who is to blame,etc is what is left to talk about at this point.
    In the event of a civil war or further disorder will only catalyze their ultimate destruction.

  41. Miro23 says:

    As my ancestors first arrived on the shores of Florida and subjugated the Indians, as they continue to rule virtually all Latin American countries and Spain, they form a key partner in the wars to come as allies with Anglo-Americans and German-Americans.

    Not sure about that. The small Spanish white elites of South America are nicely allied to the NWO elite in opposition to Indian self determination. For example, the successful coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia or the (failed) coup against Maduro in Venezuela.

    And the NWO are no friends of historic Anglo/German America.

    I’ve had some contact with these Spanish white elites from South America and they are as ferociously anti-Trump as their white leftist collaborationists friends in North America.

  42. gotmituns says:

    The picture shows me this is a “feminist revolution.”

  43. Kali_ says: • Website

    The media has created a myth about “rampant racism” in the minds of Democrat voters and that myth is what inspires them to protest so intently. I use scare quotes because what they are doing is less about protesting police and racism and more about trying to convince themselves that they matter in the direction of the country. Which they don’t. And that is why the corporations and politicians are humoring them by pretending to be in solidarity with them. They want them to focus their energy on something as vague and insubstantial as anti-racism when they could be focusing on something much more concrete like the things Wall St. really fears: free health care and universal basic income. Those are the two things they really fear and why they encourage the people to let off steam with “fighting racism” or the police.

    The elites, or a certain number of them like for example Bloomberg, believe that UBI will inspire poor people to not work. They fear that the people who drive their cars, serve in their restaurants, work in stores, clean their homes, watch their kids, work on their yards, and so on, that they would stop working if they got UBI. So they are dead set against it. And of course the health insurance companies and big pharma are hugely profitable parts of Wall St., so they really fear free health care and will do whatever it takes to stop it.

    So that is what this has been all about, changing what Bernie Sanders had everyone focused on–to race. And sure it also includes politicians trying to use the protests for politics, but that is secondary to the goals of Wall St. which are less political and more economic. Wall St. is fine with Trump. They are fine with Biden. They are not fine with doing anything more for the people if it means giving them lots of free money and health care. The Wall St. elites are just biding their time knowing that these protesters will get tired and that things will get back to normal. The Dems and GOP want the protests to go on because each side thinks it helps them get out the vote. Which is why the media is blowing all of this out of proportion on the left and on the right, both of them are trying to rile up the voters in their favor.

    The question is, do these recent events help the Democrats or GOP more? Most likely it will help Trump and the GOP more because the protests are giving a lot of names to be purged from voter rolls. And likely this means Trump and the GOP will prevail. Of course it is too early to say with certainty since many things can happen before November. Biden is not even a sure bet to be the nominee. And if he is and chooses a black woman who is openly disrespectful of white people, you can be sure that the GOP vote will come out in force. It would be crazy for the Dems to do that, but they are crazy. If they were smart they would have someone, anyone, other than Biden. Which is another reason the GOP has the edge–the Democrat leadership and media is increasingly showing everyone how stupid they really are. If they were smart Tulsi Gabbard would be their nominee, she would win easily because Tulsi Gabbard is smarter and more likable than anyone. The media hate her because they are incredibly stupid, but she could easily beat Trump because Tulsi Gabbard is The Steely Dan of Politics.

  44. Dumbo says:

    My friend, there are not, and there never have been, “popular revolutions”. All of them, including the Bolshevik and the French one, were planned and organized by very specific groups. We can say that the “French Revolution” was the first “colour revolution”.

  45. Moi says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    Just like some veterans, blacks are suffering from PTSD brought on by their hanging to the history of slavery. They also want to reduce the country to their level by having it adopt black culture–and they are pretty much succeeding. Between the blacks and third-word immigrants, it’s bye, bye what used to be American

  46. Ahoy says:

    It’s exactly the revolution that I describe below.

    In 1933 Hitler appointed Herman Goering Minister of the Interior. His first orders were to defund and eliminate Police Departments so that they would not interfere with his Brown Shirts whose mission it was to Riot, Burn, Loot and Kill people in an effort to sway the elections.

    Today, Herman Goering is Georgi Swartz aka Soros and the Brown Shirts the Antifa.

    This guy apparently did not waste his time during University studies and in this article he gives us an incisive look of the tragic situation that America is in.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @foolisholdman
  47. @PraxisVonNiEs

    The Reconquista of Spain was carried out by Northern Europeans: the Visigothic Germanic settlers of Iberia, mostly tracing their ancestry to the Kingdom of Asturias.

    You mentioned the settlement of Florida. The first Spaniard to do this was Pedro Menendez de Avila. He was from Asturia, and his ancestry traces back to King Pelayo, the Northern European Germanic initiator of the Reconquista (Barrientos, Vida y Hechos de Pedro Menendez de Aviles).


    The monarchy of Spain today is still of Northern European origin, btw.

  48. Jake says:

    Blacks are the very easily riled up into a fury street-shock-troops of the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. They are perfect for the job for 2 reasons: most whites feel sorry for blacks and sincerely would like to help them, at least by giving advice and providing examples, even when many blacks seem ready to explode like Hutus looking at Tutsis; blacks are as a group like narcissistic children who expect to be given whatever they desire.

    At any time that Anglo-Zionist Elites signal that blacks should be looking to make white trash pay, blacks act.

  49. None of this is about getting rid of Trump, who is a toothless, spineless blob and the weakest excuse for a president to ever hold the office. The only spine he has is kushner’s hand puppeting through his rectum.

    Time for the Free People of the former United States to semi-amicably part ways from communist swine.

    • Agree: Uomiem
  50. Rahan says:

    It is highly unfortunate (although completely logical) that Sergei Kara-Murza’s books on how Soviet Russia was subverted and dismantled through a combination of subliminal brainwashing and sedition, are not translated into English.

    These books literally explain step by step how it all happened, and each step is being mirrored in front of our eyes today, only it’s not a reactionary socialist system that is being dismantled but the “free world”. But the tricks are literally the same.

    Here are some of his best books, use online translate if you have to.

    The Brainwashing Series

    The Lost Mind
    How brainwashing and demoralization techniques conditioned a crucial chunk of people to lose the ability to see reality, plan for the future, and protect themselves from danger

    The Anti-Soviet Project
    How an irrational mood of self-hatred and ancestor-hatred was introduced and maintained

    The Dismantling of a Nation
    How class, ethnicity, and other groups are a) crafted by external agents from a bland mass using more or less random fault-lines “you were always a separate group with separate interests”, or b) atomized back into nothing

    Mr. Kara-Murza mostly describes everything as a battle between two minorities, with the infiltrating and brainwashing ones trying to (important!) not convince the the remaining 80% of the population to join them as such, but to force them into a confused, dispirited, and desperate state, so that this majority does not step in to save their society in the crucial window of opportunity when they could have done this.

    • Replies: @Jake
  51. Jake says:

    Sounds exactly like how the WASPs have played divide and conquer in order to destroy all non-WASP white cultures they ‘encounter.’

  52. Anon[106] • Disclaimer says:

    My friend, there are not, and there never have been, “popular revolutions”. All of them, including the Bolshevik and the French one, were planned and organized by very specific groups. We can say that the “French Revolution” was the first “colour revolution”.

    At the first and middle stages, cultural revolution is implemented through Press creation of the issue in the public’s mind and its proceeding thought-leadership on the issue.

    A non-influential puppet “revolutionary” leader may be created in parallel with the Press’s thought-leadership, merely for the Press to have someone to pretend to cite and follow, but puppet is just parroting the Press’s thought-leadership at this stage.

    At the last stage, the Press pretends to follow the “People’s Revolution”. This is coverage of protests, riots, violent conflict and such.

    All supposedly the “People’s Will” after years of Press creation and political support of the issue: the latter effort amounting to a psyop conducted using the American people as the subject.

    Though, the Press is still functionally leading the revolution in this last stage through its continued political support and coverage that makes the press-created revolution politically possible.

    Obviously, journalists aren’t directing sophisticated and coordinated efforts toward inciting revolution. Any number of clandestine operations or mafias run the Press. My guess is that its a coordinated effort between US intelligence and Israeli intelligence / Jewish Power.

    The 1960’s were just a continuation of the same effort and goal of the Civil War, by another means. So one would at least have to uncover the Chess pieces on the board in the 1860’s to have incite into those on the same in the 1960’s.

  53. Anon[215] • Disclaimer says:

    Sure. (((WASPS))). Just like the (((leadership))) in Revolutionary Russia. And the intellectual authors of that Revolution.

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @Jake
  54. Sokrates says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    I have a Chase credit card and I owe to them about 20K

    You think if I say to them, recall your bullshit with the niggers, or kiss goodby your money they will apologize to US? …the white people?

    Imagine what these assholes at Chase they will do, if about 10000 decent white Americans who have Chase Credit cards, do the same?

  55. jadan says:

    This sort of thing wouldn’t happen in Russia where law n order prevails under a strong leader who would never permit a bunch of niggers to defy authority so egregiously, would it Smart Ass? You ain’t no American, good buddy, take your oligarch loving racist bullshit and go home.

  56. @Kali_

    Great post. I agree with everything.

  57. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    The Saker rips the mask off who is pulling the puppet strings. This whole thing has been getting organized under the radar for some years now. Diversity being our weakness it can be exploited. Apolitical ghetto black street gangs were weaponized and invited in to do the looting after the mysterious black-clad types broke the windows and followed a map of areas to be destroyed, gaining cover from the mass of useful idiots marching and protesting. Yeah sure, the billionaire/corporate class really care about people when they’ve benefitted by all these imperialist foreign wars that have killed millions. The recklessness of these people is stunning; they’re willing to destroy the property and well-being of millions in the US as part of their money and power grab. As pointed out, they’ve let loose a Pandora’s Box of demons which will haunt us for years. If they’re willing to destroy millions overseas then why not domestically? After all, folks like Bill Gates are worried about overpopulation and see its reduction as a good thing. Some evil times ahead. Police forces, conservative churches, Trump supporters and conservative type people are the barrier right now. Wouldn’t be surprising if they were to try a major vote fraud to steal the election, something big as compared to the usual grass-roots fraud. Trump has intuitively avoided falling into their set-ups. What’s the next big provocation?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  58. Чувак, were you here during the counterculture of the 60s and 70s? Back then too, corporations tried to ape it and make it into a commodity they could sell while COINTELPRO and CIA (Dick Ober’s Operation CHAOS, then) furiously attacked it. Back then blacks had the most coherent, consistent, and complete framework for rebellion, drawn from third-world thinkers who threw out whitey over there – and there was a lot in it for white Joe Blow. The antiwar left and the blacks were allying. CIA and FBI murdered all those guys along with a bunch of their foreign interlocutors.

    The counterculture was popular revulsion against an overreaching state. So is this. If you think the blacks in the streets have no agency, they’re just corporate puppets, you’re talking to everyone but them. They do not in fact read the same media as you. Do you read Essence quoting a woman Black Panther about how BLM is contentless bullshit? Do you read stuff like this?

    Blacks have always done the heavy lifting of resistance, and with middle-class civil society more infantilized than ever, blacks are now doing almost all the work. Phony revolutionaries like BLM and the black faces in the limousines are frantically trying to corral them, but they all get blown off with a hearty fuck you.

    This rebellion might be forcibly repressed again, but it won’t be co-opted.

    • Agree: vot tak, Yusef
  59. fnn says:

    ttg, writing on Pat Lang’s blog, suggests that “it doesn’t take much money” to pull off the BLM protest/riots, based on the tactics in the 1969 movie, The Spook who sat by the door.”

    Of course the crucial element is the massive (((media))) onslaught of lies. There’s nothing new about police malfeasance-just look up “Ruby Ridge” and “Branch Davidians” and notice that none of the cop perpetrators spent a day in jail.

  60. botazefa says:

    This is what Citizen United gets us, people!

    BLM is funded by unlimited political money.

    The least we can do is call out the Supreme Court.

    • Agree: fnn
  61. @VictorInOxford

    Largely peaceful BLM riots? Blacks were looting, destroying and burning buildings in Minneapolis and other cities well before Antifa showed up! That’s what opened the door for Antifa to step in. There’s no such thing as a “peaceful riot!”. There is such a thing as a “peaceful protest.”

  62. The USA needs alternative forms of society like CHAZ. We need to let a “thousand flowers bloom” instead of putting not just our noses but our sexual organs to the grindstone of capitalism and the US obsession with coercive tactics–“the beatings will continue until morale improves” mentality. In the US, depending on your situation, your race, your social class you will be treated with either cruelty or various degrees of compassion there is no rule. What is missing from your analysis is the high degree systemic corruption that offers no avenue for reform. Things are cast in stone. We will never have a healthy and normal health-care system the lobbyists will not allow it and they run Washington not Congress of the Executive–since I’ve seen the wheels turning in that system to create deliberate harm to citizens. We will never have “peace” because the “defense” industry will not allow it their lobbyists unite with others to re-enforce each other’s agendas.

    You criticize Trump for not having courage–if he f*cks with the system they’ll kill him or members of his family and he knows it. Being POTUS no matter who you are is a process of constant deal-making, forming coalitions–the Office has few de-facto powers. You can give an order–but if it isn’t followed then WTF are you going to do? As POTUS you’re told what to do and you can be show-biz and tweet all you want but you take orders rather than give them. That’s how it has worked for some time–that is part of how the Deep State works. It’s a constantly evolving and changing series of temporary deals–with all the Byzantine plots and counter-plots and plots within plots.

    It’s a mess. Only general social breakdown will spur reform. Only visible united communities will be able to have some power in the face of the astonishing power of the corporate oligarchs, martinets, courtiers and male and female courtesans. CHAZ and other semi-anarchist/syndicalist attempts at creating a more human social milieu are hopeful signs that we may be at the beginning of an experimental period. Race may be the spear point but the real deal may follow.

    • Replies: @c matt
  63. @JohnPlywood

    Nice little bit of obscurantist racism there. The Germanic overlords of parts or all of certain Mediterranean countries (Italy, Spain, France) were a tiny minority of feudal rulers by force. As they were less racist than you, they immediately intermarried with the local populations to earn their trust and become “like them” (though the Langobards in Italy took a bit longer). In the case of Spain, by the time of the Reconquista, many centuries after the Visigothic settlement of parts of the Iberian peninsula, the Spanish population who retook the country from the Moors were overwhelmly of the same Ibero-Celtic-Mediterranean stock that predated the Gothic invasion, with, no doubt, some drops of Visigoth blood thrown in. The Spanish are no more Visigothic than they are Arab or Roman. Less, actually. Though “white,” they are overwhelmingly dark-haired and dark eyed (I’m part Spanish myself and know the country well.) You make the long-outdated error of identifying a country’s genetic character with its miniscule (and often originally foreign) ruling class.

    • Agree: Miro23, Alden
    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
    , @Dumbo
    , @Mefobills
  64. Article after article on this subversive anti white site that ignores what the real catalyst is for this madness.

    The Federal Reserve Note is no longer the world reserve currency and the consequences will be felt shortly. The jew mob is trying to trade their failing economic power for the ideological power of their beloved communism.

    They have already failed and soon the jews will be booted for all the usual reasons. This nasty ethnic group has deserved the pogroms every time and this time is no different. It will not take long for all non white groups to wear out their welcome without the jews media covering up their shitty behavior. Whites will then deport them as well.

    Failed Communist putsch’s always bring about fascism and we already see white people moving in that direction. yahoo news gets way to many comments to monitor them and way 0ver half are from whites who are sick of non whites bullshit which is bordering on fascism. About 20% are telling non whites maybe they should leave if they do not like it in the USA and that is flat out fascism whether they know it or not.

    Fascism is the love of nation and kith an kin. Fascism is also the economic principle that business does not have the right to hurt the nation for greed. Fascism is coming and it will be beautiful.

    This site has become the fake news MSM I wish Rense would tell you where the links go because I keep ending up here. I figure if this slimy jew site gets a click I should drop a little truth.

    It won’t be long Ron. Your tribes commmie revolution is stalled in the 5% of the cities leftists control and all of those cities are surrounded by white men with guns.

    Jews lose. Again and there will be no USA galloping to the rescue this time. This time the jew mob ripped off the whole world.

    Oh ya more than half the rioters are Ron’s beloved wetbacks.

  65. Hibernian says:

    Folks on the Left do not think. They emote. They romanticize.

    The leaders of the Left think a lot… …about how to enslave the rest of it.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  66. None of the do-gooders who support BLM give a damn about Palestinians and their persecution by the Israelis.

    If someone ever were to mention BLM to me as a litmus test, I would ask them to first tell me what they think of PLM – Palestinian Lives Matter. If they respond, as many do, that the Palestinians create their own problems (they don’t) I would then label the person who accosted me as racist.

  67. These revolutions are all zionist ran and backed from the French revolution to the Russian revolution the the Mao revolution , to Pol Pot in Cambodia and so on, and it is the same here in the ZUS.

    If they win here in the ZUS, they will put all of us patriots up against the wall to be liquidated.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Alden
  68. The Babylon Bee absolutely nailed it:

    Black lives will matter to the democrats only through early November.


    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  69. R.C. says:

    The ONLY reason that Albuquerque event got press was because someone got shot. That alone gave rise to the claim of ‘vigilatnism.’ Well, in fact, the guy with the gun (which the press automatically labels a s a right wing white suprmemcist, etc.) was clearly trying to get away from the mob who was attacking him and screaming ‘kill him!’ He defended self with a pistol.

    Of course, since he’s white, up against soy boys he’s been criminally charged.

    • Replies: @David riskanalyst
  70. The Saker is correct. Trump is weak and completely in effectual! He should have federalized the national guard and or sent in military units to stop the chaos after offering support and the Dem governor’s failing to act. His 3D chess plan to sit back and let the Dems take the blame is clever politics, but his job is to protect the country and it’s citizens., regardless of any potential political backlash, not sit back and play politics or gotcha games with the Dems! All he’s done is piss off his base, he wasn’t going to win over any blacks or Democrat voters under any circumstances! Same old Republican mistake!
    Now the Dems can smell blood! He had the ability to to restore law and order and there is nothing Congress or the deep state could have done to stop him! Had he done that, he would have fired up his base, and shown he’s capable of being a true leader. Now he’ll likely lose in November, because his base is disgusted with him, and the Dems have shown him to be the paper tiger that he is. All he does it tweet threats, and the Dems and their street gangs call his bluff every time!
    Trump’s blue state supporters were already pissed at him for allowing their governor’s to continue their totalitarian rule and stomping on their constitutional rights over the Covid hoax!
    Trump talks loudly and carries a little stick! There has already been a coup in the white house… Jared Kushner is the Rasputan, and for all intents and purposes the de facto president! Abject failure! This from a former ardent Trump supporter!

    • Disagree: SteveK9, kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Alden
  71. Republic says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Capitol Hill Occupied Protest

  72. Hibernian says:

    That should have been “rest of us.”

  73. Alfred says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jews are playing the role of God who punished Egypt for not letting the Jews go

    The Jews were never in Egypt. That is a fable. But I concur with your sentiments. 🙂

    Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses

  74. @obwandiyag

    What you call “a perfect syllogism”, most thinkers would call “circular reasoning”.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  75. More about that BLM dark war lord “Raz of CHAZ” up in Seattle:

    So rich-as-hell Raz is supported by Dubai, eh?

    And where is Dubai? For those geographically challenged among us, why it’s the capitol of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    And what leadership among the Gulf Arab states is among the strongest supporters of Israel?

    Why, if it isn’t the UAE! (

    Gomer Pyle said it best:

    “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!” (

    • Replies: @Republic
  76. Trinity says:

    Calling this a revolution is FAKE NEWS. (((They))) are just amping up the hate a notch or two against Whites. Whites have been under attack for at least 60 years and counting and it continues to become more blatant and over the top each year, not to mention more violent. What started out with blatantly anti-White movies like, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” ( required reading in the school I went to way back in the Stone Age) has gone to openly attacking Whites in the streets. Was watching shabbos goy Pawn Vanity show last night and some “youth” in NYC walked by what looked to be a white woman ( the image of the victim was blurred) and punched/pushed her to the ground for no reason whatsoever. The “youth” looked to be in the prime of life, maybe 20 something. On the other hand, the “white” victim was a frail 92 year old female using a walker. This received the typical obligatory coverage of maybe 2 minutes on the Pawn Vanity Show. The main topic last night was the same old story of racial injustice, some Jew guy infiltrating the nation of Chop and trying to find IF or WHY Chop citizens might be “anti-Semitic,” and a tiny segment on “anti-termite” Calypso Louie. The old frail “white lady” is better but does suffer some psychological effects no doubt. Imagine living in NYC at the age of 92 and being a white female in the year 2020? Imagine having to walk to the store with a walker? WE need to set up a Go Fund Me account for this lady and get her set up in an assisted living home or something. WHERE are the BIG MONEY BOYS? Nike, Walmart, Adidas, where you at? Can’t you help this poor lady?

    Anyhow, this recent “revolution” is not a revolution at all. The Jewish Elite are still in control and carrying on the same ole M.O. albeit a more stoked and amped up version of the last 60 years. I think a revolution is defined as such when there is a change of power. And I see the same people running things. Same old anti-White agenda. zzzzzzzzzzz

    • Agree: Alden
  77. MLK says:
    @Priss Factor

    My personal feeling is that Trump is too weak and too much of a coward to fight his political enemies (if he had any spine, it would have shown at the time when Trump betrayed Flynn only a month into his presidency).

    This suffers from incoherence. Though it is a position that The Saker has steadfastly held to since Trump took the oath. If he was and remains so spineless and weak then how do we explain the constellation of establishment forces, domestic and foreign, unwaveringly continuing to assess him as an existential threat?

    This is to say nothing of The Saker stubbornly refusing to benefit from revelations and hindsight with regard to RussiaGate and other gambits designed to get rid of him by any means necessary.

    In other words, while we always need to be careful when it comes to counter-factual assertions, it isn’t even a close call how quickly POTUS Trump would have been forced to resign or face certain impeachment and removal in 2017, particularly the early months right after he had taken the oath, if he had taken the bait on Flynn or myriad other instances designed to give anti-Trump Republicans in Congress a pretext to move against him.

    As I’ve been mentioning since last year, including in comments at, Trump has been on track to win 20% or more of the black vote in 2020. That would constitute game over for the Democrats. That is the real driver that goes a long way to explaining what has happened since George Floyd was killed.

    Trump has brilliantly negotiated his way through these provocations, at least so far.

    The only salient change in this factional war since Trump took the oath was Republican rank and file moving to almost unanimous approval for Trump (95% or so) to protect him against removal one way or another. This happened in 2017, and has held since. It saved Trump because it exposed anti-Trump Republicans in Congress as no longer Republicans in any meaningful sense of the word in that taking out Trump would destroy the Republican Party.

    • Agree: SteveK9
    • Replies: @dickr
  78. @Exile

    I suspect that if those WN bikers try to show up in Seattle, Gov. Inslee, with the encouragement of Seattle’s radical mayor, will call up the national guard and stop them before they get there. It would be another Charlottesville, only this time it might turn deadly with some bikers being killed.

    • Replies: @meh
  79. Saker is smoking again and it ain’t the good shit! Trump isn’t going anywhere fast … once again, the business of the state of Israel isn’t finished just yet. Iran has to take the knee at the alter of the temple wall one of their very famous king help build and the Palestinians haven’t yet given up on the idea of a separate country. The Orange Man is the long awaited messiah!

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  80. @Sokrates

    I have a Chase credit card and I owe to them about 20K

    Funny money. At most you owe them the fractional reserve requirement and interest in effect at each transaction. As an official counterfeiter of $US, they owe all non-criminals subject to the ‘legal tender’ scam.

  81. @Richard B

    “But it’s no more absolute than its results are guaranteed.”

    My take as well.

    The system is not as stable as TPTB would wish it were. And they know it. This is a dangerous time for us and them. They know that they’re crossing thin ice and they’re holding their breath.

    They’ve lost the sympathy of the police and National Guard. Who will back up their authority in the streets? “Power grows out of the barrel of a gun” Mao. So now, black protesters are showing up with car trunks full of AR-15s. Who pays for these? Video of the black King of Seattle’s autonomous zone asking if any protesters know how to operate a rifle as he unloads them from the car trunk.

    Society can break down for tiniest of reasons. All it takes is the right catalyst and the whole thing can begin to crumble. Our leaders have created these conditions. All it takes is a spark.

    America’s rulers have declared war on the American people. They have thrown in their lot with the alien invaders. At present their factions are not strong enough to sweep the streets clean and murder all the native whites but that day is approaching.

    The mask has already dropped. We are openly told that this is no longer a “white” country. That “people of color” will run the show. And they have shown us what this means. Any attempt by whites to organize and act on their collective behalf is demonized, outlawed and ruthlessly suppressed.

    An Hispanic man in Albuquerque is savagely beaten with a skateboard, pulls his pistol and shoots his assaillant. He, not the aggressor, is charged with a crime. European Law has always recognized the right to self defense. This charge stands in direct opposition to centuries of European Rights of Man.

    European Civilization is under siege. Whites must rally but we must not be stupid. Don’t make yourself a easily prosecuted target. Fight back, but do so from anonymity.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Richard B
  82. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    CHOP stands for “Chimp Out Plaza,” as a form of street theater showcasing liberalism’s unmentionable contempt of blacks. Judging by positions and content, the DNC/CNN wants us to believe blacks are incapable of distinguishing right from wrong or accomplishing anything on their own. In fact, the unwritten premise of all Congress’ do-good welfare programs for inner-city blacks presumes that blacks are so inferior to white liberals that cramming blacks in projects unsuitable as confinement for zoo animals is the price blacks must pay to be fed and clothed.

    The debt of blacks to white liberal bureaucrats like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer is enshrined in all Democratic welfare legislation, which ensures that 70 cents of every dollar allocated by Congress for black welfare goes to six-figure salaries for the white bureaucrats administering the “programs.” No wonder that Starbucks crowd in Bethesda got on their knees, trying as they did to transfer guilt for their crimes onto white ranchers in Montana and dairy farmers in Vermont so the fleecing of taxpayers can go on forever].

    So, if this CHOP prototype in Seattle is a hit among the Democratic Karens, manginas, and their pampered offspring, it’ll become a permanent, interactive human zoo in all the “sanctuary” cities. White urban leftists, Wall St and corporate bigwigs paying the bills, and those rich Hollywood celebs can safely sashay among black actors like it was an interactive human zoo. CHOPs will also serve as a warning to blacks that if they don’t wear their ghetto costumes and read the liberals’ script for them like Al Sharpton and BLM do, they’ll be dispensed with in a hail of teargas and their services like water, electricity, and food cut off without ado. Blacks do realize the Dems are replacing them with Hispanics at warp speed and what’s necessarily on the agenda once they become an unnecessary burden on limited bureaucratic graft, don’t they?

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @fnn
  83. Is this about Trump? Why then is BLM and Antifa doing their thing in Western European countries? Why are the useless cops standing down both here in the US and Europe when its the vibrant and woke doing the looting and rioting? But if someone whites effectively defends himself, the cops are to the rescue of Antifa and BLM? Doesn’t matter if its here or Europe, the unionized police protect the left even if they are the targets of the left. Like I said its not about Trump. Something far bigger thing is going on here. I do agree the masters of this haven’t thought this thru, and underestimate the savagery they intentionally fostered and released.

  84. @Digital Samizdat

    It means Chop Off Their Heads!

  85. @ThreeCranes

    What you call “a perfect syllogism”, most thinkers would call “circular reasoning”.

    The syllogism, however pointless, was correct and easily converted to classic form for presentation, so the only dispute would be over one premise or both.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  86. @Really No Shit

    “The Orange Man is the long awaited messiah!”

    Please! Please! Not so early. I just ate breakfast and I’d like to keep it………

    • Replies: @RobbieSmith
  87. @jbwilson24

    Nice analysis.

    Smart people in America would have started realizing they were ruled by a tiny cabal of vampires by around 1965. I figured it out for real sometime after 9/11, but I had some inkling before that as well. The interesting thing about this sort of a situation is how do you even know they are your “sonsabitches”, your vampires, because the attack surface is ideal for a well-equipped clandestine operation, alls you gotta do is roll, what, 50-100 people, and you got the whole enchilada. Hardening a polity against attack is a civilian architecture expression of the same ‘network-centric’ warfare maxims, i.e. the exact opposite of our totalitarian pyramid structure, distributed, decentralized, redundant, autonomous, etc. Put another way, if your polity consists of 300 million bootlickers and 10,000 ‘elites’, it’s a fragile target for interlopers, saboteurs, and vulnerable to capture. If sovereignty is manifested from the ground up — 300 million actualized, sovereign, intelligent folks, then polities even at the ground level have their own intelligence capabilities, certainly basic counter-intelligence fundamentals, basic security with transparency. Very difficult or impossible to subvert, capture, roll, such a resilient continental polity, at the federal level of organization. Would have to change the judiciary completely, back to a natural rights based constitution. (… more elaboration…).

    People need to self-organize to sustain life at the local level. Chaz seems like a failure, but it’s the right idea. Not in downtown obviously, but if you gave all those people a farm and told them to make a little utopia, they’d give it a shot. Maybe they’d fail, but would everyone fail? Everyone is looking for an exodus from the corporate nightmare plantation, where they are just consumers and human resource units. Even six figures these days is just a higher level slave, chasing baubles, ‘houses’, whores or whatever. Most normal healthy people would take subsistence farming on a nice patch of land to this inhuman dreck. I think engineering, innovation, industrial production can come back, but it can’t come back under the present power aegis of legacy corporate and financial powers; they’ll just poison everything, they need to be purged. Complex industrial products can actually be built by a sophisticated organization of small and private machine-tool owners. There are many new organization possibilities.

    This ‘loss of sovereignty’ representend by Chaz only presents a political problem for Trump if he mis-understands the situation with respect to the operational philosophy of the authors of the constitution.

    The election is a bunch of horseshit, people need to focus on taking back their mental cycles, their health, some fucking land they can control with about 100 other people, support their lives, then look to higher orders of organization.

    That stream-of-consciousness fast-as-I-can-type thing was all supposed to be apropos to your suspicion that there is a faction wanting “4th gen conflict”, e.g. civil war here. Yes. Could be a foreign-controlled faction, a domestic one, or a transnational crime team (Spectre?) kind of thing. Could be accelerationists. Could be, who knows. The way it’s set up now it obviously cannot continue to function. Myself I think some sanity could be generated at lower levels of organization (community, county, state-level), and then a healthy upper level (state, federal) polity and bureaucracy could be re-constituted. To me it’s more about cohesive representation than elections, which are typically made into spectacles which distort minds. Voting is a process technique, a tool in the box, a tool for generating consensus on some issue.

  88. Actually, Bernays, in his book Propaganda, spells it out nicely in the first chapter that is headed “Organizing Chaos” where he writes in the first two paragraohas:

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an importsnt element in democrastic society. Those who manipulate this unseens mechanism of society constiutute an invisible government which is the true ruling power.

    “We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely be men we have never heard of. This is the logiucal result of the way in which our democratic society is morganized. Vast numbers of mhuman beings must coopwerate in this manner if they are to live together in a smoothly functioning society.

    “Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware ,of the identity of their fellow members in the inner circle. ”

    I have not the slightest doubt ther situation is being manipulated exactly as and and by those hidden forces exactly for the for the purposes Bernays described, and that people are reacting to condiions that have been set up and designed to achiweve it.

  89. Turk 152 says:

    This chapter illustrates who the real criminals are, it’s not the blacks, the Hispanics, foreigners or immigrants. It is the scheming politicians, oligarchs and military subversives running this country and the world. Their insurgency tactics which have destroyed numerous countries are now being turned on US citizens.
    Russiagate and Ukrainegate failed, so these scoundrals just upped the ante.

    I never understood why so much energy is spent attacking foreign nobodies and boogeymen.

  90. @PraxisVonNiEs

    Every time I hear a “Luther is to blame” reference, I point out that Luther considered himself to be a good Catholic. His theses were primarily based on indulgences being used as a means for a Pope to accumulate wealth, and other Papal “options” that had nothing to do with the New Testament upon which the Church claims it is based. He was one of a long line of reformers. The only reason for his success, is that successive Popes has tightened the grip over trade in the Holy Roman Empire, and many German Princes used the opportunity to break free. The Papal response could have been another Summa Theologica, instead it chose to announce Luther was to be executed. RC’s seem to forget Luther later published On the Jews and Their Lies, which was also considered a no-no by the RC Church, as the doctrine was that Jews would, sooner or later, convert. Compared to Luther, Vatican II was every bit as damaging and Pope Frankie is a bigger heretic.

    • Agree: Mefobills, kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  91. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    They are creatures who will sell their grandmothers to the devil to make a buck. They will do anything. Without limit.

    If kneeling is necessary to make a sale, or to get a promotion, or to keep their jobs, then kneeling it will be. This is kneeling on order.

  92. fnn says:

    Yes, blacks are pretty useless. They’re only useful to ZOG as objects of religious adoration. How long can that last?

  93. I noticed in the UK, the clearly staged propaganda event of a black man ‘rescuing’ a white man in London.

    “The image of Patrick Hutchinson’s selfless act has now spread across the globe. Hutchinson told CNN on Sunday it was the first Black Lives Matter protest he attended, and he helped the white man on Saturday because he didn’t want the main reason for the protests to be lost in one moment of violence.”

    The Daily Mail breathlessly reports:

    The image that proves good men really can change the world…

    The majority sheep will fall for this crap, ~sigh~

    • Replies: @Pentheus
  94. @Anon

    It is ironic that the age economic neo-liberalism insists on multiculturalism. It demands all economic models be beholden to corporations and privately owned central banks, but the “culture” of a non-Whites be retained when those people move to (formerly) White countries, while the culture of the White countries must change.
    Throwing all the money at the problem used to be called pissing into the wind.

  95. Agent76 says:

    Jun 15, 2020 12 Most Brutal Civilizations Of All Time

    Bloodthirsty barbarians and evil empires are not just the stuff of modernity. From ancient times until today, there have been civilizations that simply defied the laws of civility and decency, butting right up against brutality in their bid to conquer more land and rule their people with an iron fist.

    • LOL: the grand wazoo
  96. Republic says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    There should be riots in the UAE,where the foreign workers are treated like slaves

  97. @dvorak

    Even when the election was stolen for JFK by Mayor Daley, Republicans accepted the result.

    True, but it wasn’t the Electoral College that was at issue, it was dead people voting, and people voting several times. It seems that tactic has been has gone nation wide. Nixon understood perfectly well what had happened, but weighed the challenge against the damage to the country, and chose not to challenge. There is no real evidence Kennedy was part of that scam, as he didn’t like Daley but got along with Nixon.

  98. Paul says:

    Limousine liberals (many of them Democrats) objection to American police use of the knee-on-neck technique, while having no problem with Israeli use of it on the native Palestinian people, is interesting to notice.

  99. @Nosquat Loquat

    The Spanish are no more Visigothic than they are Arab or Roman. Less, actually

    DNA studies and anthropologists disagree. Spain is a “composite of Nordic and Mediterranean racial types”, and the DNA in the regions of Spain where the people who fought the Arabs back to Africa is majority Germanic.

    • Replies: @Nosquat Loquat
  100. Miro23 says:

    From the linked article:

    Poverty is not the mother of crime — crime is the mother of poverty, and, in turn, urban decay. What new business owner should spend his life savings on opening a business in a neighborhood where it cannot be reasonably assumed to be safe from arson, theft, or vandalism? What parents of young teens would not leave a threatening, violence-riddled community the moment they get the means to move elsewhere?

    And he quotes Sowell:

    Detroit did not have a massive riot [in 1967] because it was an economic disaster area. It became an economic disaster area after the riots, as did black neighborhoods in many other cities across the country. Moreover, riot-torn neighborhoods in these cities remained disaster areas for decades thereafter, as businesses became reluctant to locate there, reducing access to both jobs and places to shop, and both black and white middle-class people left for the suburbs.

    Then, there’s the aspect that the US suffers from criminality at all levels. Blacks may operate at the street level, rioting and looting local businesses, but elites aren’t doing anything conceptually different. Their special interests looting (healthcare, education etc.) impoverishes the public, and saddles it with enormous debts to also inflate QE bubbles and pay for ME wars

    The end of the road here is a place like the Philippines (Francisco Sionil José, “We are poor because our élites have no sense of nation”) – although the US will surely break up first rather than accept that level of degradation.

  101. It is quite obvious to anyone with intelligence above clinical retardation: Deep State is using DNC and large greedy corporations to organize and finance, and BLM and Antifa morons to execute an unlawful power grab. I have to repeat myself: the whole operation illustrates that the elites degenerated beyond salvage. They think they are undermining Trump, but in reality they are undermining the Empire. That’s how the whole world sees it.

    This looks like death throes more than anything. If Deep State succeeds in installing senile Biden as a figurehead in the White House, it would find (to its surprise, because of lack of the ability to foresee even immediate consequences) that the influence of the Empire in the world has eroded, and there is no way back. If (which appears more likely) their actions cause a strong backlash among normal people and Trump gets reelected, the erosion would still remain irreparable. So, due to their crazy actions, the Empire is slowly sliding down the drain in either case.

    If I believed in God, I’d wish everyone behind these riots to rot in Hell, the financiers, organizers, and foot soldiers alike.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @anon
    , @Jake
  102. Pentheus says:


    Anyone whose assessment ignores that Trump has barely been allowed to govern in any normal kind of domestic political circumstances, is a total liar.

    Anyone who is saying “He should send in Federal troops etc.” is a moron or troll or agent provocateur, and by no American definition is a conservative.

    1. In the US, “conservative” means the understanding that the states are still sovereignties, who have surrendered certain powers by compact. This continues to be true. Even libs, though “triggered” by “states’ rights” bogeyman phrase, are still ardent believers in state sovereignty. E.g., state constitutions being more liberal than US Const., sanctuary cities, etc. Look at Cuomo in this CV19 thing: he loves being President of the People’s Republic of New York, which yet still allows him still to blame Trump for lack of Fed. funding.

    2. The rioting etc. is in Blue states. Let them reap what they have sown and solve their own problems. The non-lib “innocents” trapped in those states/cities will have to use their own interests/indignation to oppose it AT THAT LEVEL. Never forget, that there are many millions of non-den/lib voters in Blue states/cities, whose votes DON’T COUNT in the Electoral System, and therefore their Trump support is irrelevant. e.g. Upstate NY vs. Downstate/NYC. The “innocents’ need to change their own states’ internal Dem party hegemony.

    3. Trump would be a total idiot to get involved any more than he is doing. The Dems/libs desperately want a “Kent State” incident. Trump ain’t taking the bait, fortunately.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @schnellandine
  103. @AnonFromTN

    If I believed in God, I’d wish everyone behind these riots to rot in Hell, the financiers, organizers, and foot soldiers alike.

    In and of itself, the demise of the Empire would have been a good thing. Problem is, they ruin the country.

  104. Ron Unz says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Vermont and Maine vote very differently from Idaho and Wyoming.

    Well, that’s the reason that statistical analysis is more useful than concentrating on particular small cases. Here’s the chart from my 2013 article, showing the correlations between white support for Republican presidential candidates and three different demographic factors across all our states:

    Although I haven’t updated these correlations for the 2016 election, when you consider how the different states voted, I don’t doubt that the pattern remained. For example, California is one of the least white states but also has a rather small black population, and California whites voted for Trump at a rate about 20 points less than whites elsewhere in America.

    I had discussed this in much greater detail in a previous 2011 article:

    • Replies: @Tim too
    , @Mefobills
  105. botazefa says:

    All the video I’ve seen shows what looks like peaceful daytime BLM protest marches, mostly younger people and apparently middle class and up. Very organized. Coordinated signage. Obviously political protesting. Harmless.

    Then there is the looting, occurring at night, disorganized, no signage. Fair to say a chaotic bunch of young Blacks.

    Then there’s the rioting, which is also apparently a nighttime gig for youthful thugs and provocateurs. This cohort is the confusing one that maybe makes people think antifa or deep state is involved. The Saker would have us believe that all this is being coordinated by rival liberal/conservative Deep State factions. He’d have us believe that explanation with zero hard evidence.

    Why ascribe to malice that which can be explained by 40 million mostly youthful out of work liberals with extra cash in their pocket thanks to covid-19 unemployment benefit expansion overreaction?

    No doubt this is dangerous stuff, but blaming Black people or the deep state is a retardedly predictable reaction. Blame the wealthy.

    I wish Democrats would nominate Bernie. He’s the only truw threat to the wealthy, who are, after all, to blame.

    But since the Democrats are gonna nominate Biden I have no choice but to vote for Trump. If I have to accept trannies as serious and sane people then I should at least get free healthcare. I’m betting there are a lot of people out there like me, and we never participate in polls.

  106. Pentheus says:

    Yes, the arsonist who saves a fellow arsonist from the fire they’re pouring gasoline on. What a hero!

  107. @Sokrates

    “if about 10000 decent white Americans … do the same”

    You are seeking some kind of shared-human response from an institution that does not recognize your humanity. The entire financial sector is an instrument of Baal.

  108. botazefa says:

    Trump is weak and completely in effectual! He should have federalized the national guard and or sent in military units to stop the chaos after offering support and the Dem governor’s failing

    If Trump does that, it will be portrayed successfully as him using Federal troops against peaceful protesters. He will be impeached and judging from the Republican Senate’s complicity in the BLM narrative, Trump will end up resigning.

    I plan to vote for Trump. If he sends in the troops I don’t vote.

    • Troll: fnn
    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  109. Tim too says:
    @Ron Unz

    And there is the incumbent vs newbie challenger. Incumbents are supposed to have an advantage, that would throw it to Trump. (Blindfolded, I’d say incumbent wins.) And so the statistical analysis could be further broken down into categories on those lines.

  110. Turk 152:

    ‘This chapter illustrates who the real criminals are, it’s not the blacks, the Hispanics, foreigners or immigrants. It is the scheming politicians, oligarchs and military subversives running this country and the world.’

    The ole TEOMEIMF again.

    Speaking for myself, can’t wait to see ‘Gods own country’ break up. Problem will be getting normies to start thinking–something they’ve NEVER done.

  111. @Mustapha Mond

    “Black lives will matter to the democrats only through early November.”

    About the same time the corporate media will lose interest in the Chinese virus. But lots of damage will already have been accomplished, including the godawful amount of money thrown at undeserving and untalented blacks in the culture industry. Talented and deserving non-blacks will starve whilst blacks, flush with cash, degrade the culture even further.

  112. botazefa says:

    The mask has already dropped. We are openly told that this is no longer a “white” country. That “people of color” will run the show. And they have shown us what this means. Any attempt by whites to organize and act on their collective behalf is demonized, outlawed and ruthlessly suppressed

    Are you a US citizen?

  113. @DrWatson

    Nice tree! Pity about the Northern Chinese.

  114. druid55 says:

    And the money will just burn later when the mob goes on a rant and burns the new buildings down again!

  115. Alden says:
    @Desert Fox

    Don’t forget the 1688 English Glorious Revolution. It was an Amsterdam Jewish bankers revolution to put their puppet Dutch William on the throne of England.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  116. Mefobills says:
    @Paul holland

    Federal Reserve Full Tilt “printing” is channeling into the finance sector, not the real economy. Mostly is is swaps of cash for trash. This then holds up the trash price of paper finance instruments, thus bailing out the gamblers. It is backstopping risk in the finance sector, and increasing finance “claims” on the real economy. The real economy then shrinks and/or has extra burdens. It also increases finance take over into more of a plutocracy of the 1% owners.

    The real economy of production lacks purchasing power. Some people don’t even have 200 dollars to scrape together in case of an emergency. The real economy of producers comes under pressure to sell their patents, lands, businesses to the 1% finance class. Small business and local economy disappears.

    The Weimar inflation was different in that it was private banks creating loans due to shorts. These private banks were creating loans based on foreign “external credit” of dollars, pounds, and gold. It was mostly Jewish “creditors” out of London/Wall Street who were running the scam. German private bank credit as money did go into the real German economy of production and did influence Mark exchange rates.

    The whole situation really pissed off Schacht, who prior to this was learning Hebrew to better communicate with the “International Banker.” Schacht drops the dime on the whole affair in his book, “The Magic of Money,” copyright 1967.

    All hyperinflations in the modern era are due to exchange rate pressures. ALL OF THEM, except Zimbabwe, which was black run and hence is excluded from the data set.

    Hyperinflation mechanism is modeled as unwanted positive feedback. The system goes into run-away, and you get hyperinflation. Engineers are familiar with unwanted positive feedback, or others may be familiar with a screeching microphone at a concert.

    More foreign bear raiding to short the mark, which puts more downward exchange rate pressure, which makes for more bear raiding. How George Soros operates today is similar.

  117. Alden says:

    Why should Trump or any Republican president do anything to protect the democrat cities?

    Let them destroy themselves and set back gentrification by 50 years.

    The democrats are the anti White party. That’s the essence of the Democrats, hatred of Whites.

    The republicans aren’t pro White. But at least they aren’t as profoundly and viciously anti White as the democrats.

    So let out democrat cities destroy themselves. They hate us. Why should we hate them?

    On a practical note, any intervention by a Republican President in democrat cities will be endlessly propagandized as Hitler invading Poland.

    • Agree: SteveK9
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @VinnyVette
  118. So, what happens to the Diversity Coalition? Many Non-Black Minorities would have noticed that the Democratic Party and Establishment don’t care about them when blacks loot, riot, and burn things down. It’s only BLACK Lives Matter, at least according to the current narrative. For the most part, it was mostly about homos and trannies. Will this lead to bitterness among Non-Black Minority groups? Will they feel betrayed?

    According to Steve Turley, the rise of BLM undermines leftism because it means the rise of tribalism, even if of a bad kind. (Watch Video Below.) BLM is about black identity and black pride. Following Turley’s logic, the rise of BLM will lead to fracturing among Diversity as each group will cling closer to its own tribalism.

    But what if that doesn’t happen? What if a certain tribalism becomes a kind of ‘triversalism’, one where a particular tribe becomes universally adulated by other tribes? In a way, the US was ‘triversal’ from the beginning. Non-Anglos looked to Anglos as dominant, most powerful, and even most admirable. And so, non-Anglo whites revolved around Anglo identity and power. They sought to become Anglo-ized. This was true even of German Jews with deeper roots in the US; they aspired to be like Boston Brahmins and Anglicized their Jewish-sounding names.
    Anglo culture, language, habits, and values become the standard for other groups. Though sold as Americanism than Anglo-ism, to become American was essentially to become Anglo-ized in one way or another. Anglo Way Matters. But because Anglo-Americans didn’t spell it out, their star was fated to fade. (Though Islam is a universal faith, it did for Arab culture what Americanism did for Anglo culture, at least for quite a long spell. To become a Muslim meant submitting to the ways and customs of the Arab peoples. For a time, Islam was disseminated only through Arabic, deemed a holy language of the Prophet.)

    The rise of Jewish Power has been a kind of ‘triversalism’. If we follow Turley’s logic, Jewish ethnocentrism, tribal identity, and even supremacism should have led to the rise of similar tribalism among other groups. Instead, what we’ve seen is just about every group in both parties hail Israel, praise Jews, and pledge to do everything for Zion. If Liberal homos and Conservative Evangelicals have one thing in common, it is total commitment to praising Jews, remembering Holocaust, and supporting Israel(because it’s God’s Land or the nation with the biggest homo ‘pride’ parade). Though the Shoah is remembered as a uniquely Jewish tragedy, it has been ‘universalized’ to the extent that all the other peoples are to acknowledge Jews as the most tragic people on Earth, therefore deserving of the most sympathy.

    So, it is not true, as Turley argued, that rise in tribalism of one group necessarily leads to counter-tribalisms in other groups. Spanish insisted on the primacy of their culture, language, and identity in the New World, but this didn’t lead to counter-emergence of indigenous identities. Instead, the native browns submitted to the stronger tribal-centrism of the Conquistadores, and Spanish Identity became the ‘universal’ in Latin America. After all, what do whites in Argentina have in common with browns in some Mexican village? They are united by Latino ‘triversal’ identity.

    And look at the rise of homos. While homos are not really a tribe, they constitute a much-hyped identity and interest group. As homos(and even truer of trannies) are a tiny minority in all nations, one might think their identity and ‘pride’ would mean NOTHING(or even something negative and hostile) to the great-great majority that is straight. Or, in counter to homo identity, straight people would insist even more on their normal identity. But instead, homosexuality and even tranny business have become the unifying ‘universal theme’ among so many straight people the world over. Homos praise themselves, and straights praise homos…. just like Jews praise themselves and goyim praise Jews. There are now ‘gay pride’ parades all over the world, not just in US vassal-states but even in Vietnam that lost 2 million in resistance to US imperialism. Even Cuba cucked to globo-homo-mania.

    And this also seems to be the case with blacks. By Turley’s logic, the rise of BLM should lead to similar identity movements among other groups: Brown Lives Matter, Yellow Lives Matter, Red Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, and etc. But blacks have gained ‘triversal’ value. They are now seen as so special, tragic, magical, awesome, and/or whatever that so many non-black groups look to blacks as the people deserving of special love, sympathy, and concern by ALL the peoples of the world. Indeed, look at BLM protests and riots all over the world, even among whites in Europe. Blacks dominate pop music and sports, and that means they are main heroes of youths all over the world. Chinese boys worship NBA stars as gods. White women got jungle fever for black dongs, and white cucks have Jungle Faith in the Magic Negro. Jewish Media Control promoted black tragedy as the greatest AFTER the Shoah. Even though the number of blacks killed by lynching is minuscule compared to other tragedies — more Poles died at Katyn in a single event than all the blacks who were lynched by whites over a 100 yrs —, but Hollywood and World Media fill the eyes and ears of the world with ‘Muh Holocaust’ and ‘Muh Slavery’ narratives. And even though there is non-stop narrative about black suffering in US history, there is no discussion of how the US, even with slavery, lifted blacks up from savagery where they didn’t even have written language and the wheel. Indeed, if the world now believes that slavery is evil, it’s only because their minds have been colonized byWestern Morality.

    Anyway, the fact that so many non-Jews, non-homos, and non-blacks flock around those three groups as the Holy Three of globalism shows that not all tribalisms are the same. If all tribes were of the same value, the rise in tribalism in one would likely lead to rise of counter-tribalism in others. But if a particular tribe is deemed especially great, awesome, noble, and/or magical, its apotheosis might become the unifying idol for other tribes.
    It’s the same with individuals, which is why individualism never leads to egalitarianism. The rise of pride in one individual doesn’t necessarily lead to similar or counter-rises in other individuals. Rather, the Great Individual becomes the focal point of lesser individuals, a kind of human cenotaph around which other individuals rally. The rise of fuhrer-ism in Adolf Hitler didn’t lead to the rise of counter-fuhrer-ism in other Germans. Hitler’s great individuality led to the dissolution of the individual agency and pride among other Germans who came to mindless shout ‘Heil Hitler’.

    It goes to show that idolatry can be bigger than any ideology. Jews, Negroes, and Homos have attained ‘triversal’ power. As their stars burn brighter, the lesser stars of other groups don’t try to burn equally as bright but willingly accept the superior radiance of the Holy Three as the defining light of the galaxy.

    • Replies: @Regulo
  119. Dumbo says:
    @Nosquat Loquat

    This “Plywood” character is a troll, no need to take him seriously. Just check his comment history.

  120. Mefobills says:
    @Ron Unz


    Keep an eye on rank choice voting in Maine. Full implementation of RCV will shift your data set in coming years. Data comparisons to other states will be less of an “apples to apples” scenario.

  121. fnn says:

    It’s not a conspiracy, but through the MSM everyone knows the shot.

    The New Mexico footage is amazing. No cops in sight while the mob destroys the statue and curb stomps those who oppose them. Then a whole swat team arrives after the Antifa guy is shot while trying to stab a counter protester.— Sam Jones (@baitthesquirrel) June 17, 2020

  122. @Sokrates

    Sounds good, if the number is ten million instead. We need too many to be sued, collected on, or locked up, for this and many other peaceful acts of rebellion and defiance against the plutocrats.

    Better way to hurt the powers that be is to simply not charge and borrow in the first place. Do without unnecessary things, if that is what to takes to get by cash-flowing.

  123. @Dumbo

    Yes, I should think that is undoubtedly true. I have worked on the shop floor of about twenty factories in Britain and I have never detected even a spark of revolutionary thinking among any of my workmates. I think that Mao’s insight that “all successful Chinese revolutions involved the collaboration of the peasants and the intellectuals” probably applies roughly to all successful revolutions, by which I mean that without the intellectuals, the leadership is lacking and without the peasants on the side of the revolution, the opposition will have control of the countryside, while the cities cannot feed themselves. (This is where the Comintern’s advice {You must rely on the Industrial Proletariat!} to the Chinese communists was not merely stupid, but almost fatally disastrous.) This, I suppose too, makes “tipping sections of the petty bourgeoisie into the proletariat”, as is happening right now, very dangerous to the ptb.

  124. Ahoy says:

    @Desert Fox @69

    Hey Patriot!

    The liquidation that you are referring to is already happening. Always indirectly and under the table. The standard ZUS way. Always under the disguise of Georgy Swartz(Soros) human wrights.

    Under the guidance of Planned Parenthood the liquidation of the American woman is going at a machine gun rate.

    Stay strong and head up. God wins.

  125. @Alden

    NonAfricans and non-“antifa” of any background should have their lives, businesses, homes, and vehicles protected with any necessary force. That is what the damn police are for.

    If the city and county cops can’t do it, won’t do it, or aren’t allowed by city/county authorities to do it, send the National Guard or even military to kill every looter without hesitation. Stack ‘em like cordwood and see if the monkeys, anarchists, communists, etc. are quite so brave the next day.

    Those of us in the demographic, cultural, and/or political minority in the cities go through enough at the hands of these traitorous and cruel city governments and their preferred violent pets. We shouldn’t be left defenseless. This is what a country and a people means. You don’t just abandon us — peaceful white, hispanic, asian people just trying to work, raise families, worship, enjoy life, improve our area — and say some disloyal lazy crap like “you shouldn’t be living there anyway.” That will come to characterize your town too, in time, if our forces don’t lawfully eliminate large numbers of the aggressors.

    How about crush the looters and rioters AND take qualified immunity away from the pigs as well?

  126. @Pentheus

    Trump would be a total idiot to get involved any more than he is doing.

    Didn’t stop him from running his totally idiotic mouth.

    Funny how ‘conservative America’ denounced the Negro Hawaiian Prince for drawing lines in the sand and going turtle shell when they were crossed. He was a piker compared to Twatting Tubby T, biggest bullshitting ass in world history.

    Past time for some other worthless puke to be installed to irritate us. Maybe it’ll be someone bad enough to inspire ‘conservatives’ to get off their asses and resist the obvious.

  127. @Ahoy

    What this reference does not address is that the police are not there primarilyto protect the public from criminals but to protect the ruling class from the other classes. If in their so-to-say ‘spare time’ they can fit in solving murders and burglaries, helping distressed children and finding stray dogs, stopping speeding motorists and arresting drug-dealers, they will, usually, willingly do so but it is not their primary purpose and it shows!

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  128. @JohnPlywood

    Your link only proves my point. (You should learn how to read these things.) Celtic is not Germanic, though of course over the millennia there were minglings of these groups as with so many others. And your link only covers the tiny region of Asturias.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  129. fred777 says:

    “You could have said on September 1, 1939 that most Poles will never accept the Wehrmacht. How did that make any difference?“

    The Poles fought back.

    • Replies: @kerdasi amaq
  130. Another example of “what goes around comes around”…that is, the elites want all us “little people” black and white killing each other off while they live in gated communities…meanwhile (Saker gets this one right) rural whites with plenty of guns and ammo–and skills to repair their houses/cabins/whatever, grow food and hunt–and buy meat and milk from local ranchers/farmers and take care of their chickens/ducks/pheasants etc–and land to create veggie gardens while keeping the varmints out (rodents, javelinas, squirrels, grasshoppers, etc.)..and rural blacks as well….folks I don’t see any rural blacks taking part in these looting ops….will just sit back and let it happen to the cursed cities where pussies and wussies walk around with smart phones all day having contact with almost no one…socially distancing wearing masks, of course….go for it, wussies…and if you decide you think you can loot our land owned by real men and women with guns and ammo…watch out for mountain lions and bears and 600 pound feral hogs….you think cops (that is, “pigs”) are bad? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahhaah!

  131. Promoting BLM all over the world is the Imperialism of Guilt.

    Western Powers used to practice an Imperialism of Pride. “We whites are awful pride, and you lesser humans must serve our great pride.”

    Now, Western Powers are under Jewish Rule, and they export the Imperialism of Guilt. “We whites are awful ashamed, and ALL OF YOU humanity must share in our guilt… even if you peoples had nothing to do with the Shoah or slavery in America.”

    So, it went from All the World should follow Whites because Whites have so much to be Proud about …. to…. All the World should follow Whites because Whites have so much to Atone for.

    Why is this dangerous? Because it forces the particular Guilt of Whites on the entire world. Palestinians were among the greatest victims of this mindset. The Imperialism of Guilt argued “Because whites feel guilt about what was done to Jews in WWII, all the world must share in the guilt and pay the price.” So, Palestinians were made the pay the price of ‘white guilt’ even though the Pallies had NOTHING to do with WWII or the Shoah. And when Pallies resisted Zionist Imperialism? They were judged by the Imperialism of Guilt. They were branded as ‘anti-semites’ even though their reason for anti-Jewish resistance had NOTHING to do with European Antisemitism. According to that craven sniveling cuck-historian Andrew Roberts, the WORLD was guilty for not having done enough about the Shoah. How laughable. Most of the world had NOTHING to do with European affairs or the machinations behind WWII.


    After the Cold War, the Imperialism of Guilt led to Wars for Israel that killed who-knows-how-many-people and destroyed who-knows-how-many-lives in the Middle East and North Afrca. But such wars and aggression were justified on grounds of Imperialism of Guilt. If whites feel guilty about Jews, so should all the world, even though most of the world never had anything to do with ‘antisemitism’. Not supporting Zionism and Israel interests would constitute a new antisemitism, the rise of new hitlers, and new holocausts. So, the West felt compelled to support More Jewish Wars. And even though Israel is the most powerful and most bullying nation in the region, we must all stick with the Western Guilt narrative that says Jews are always scrappy underdogs struggling to survive against ‘hate’.

    And now, the Imperialism of Guilt is spreading Negrolatry all around. Most nations had nothing to do with blacks, let alone the Atlantic Slave Trade. But the White Guilt Narrative is being made standard all around the world. Many nations worship Mandela above their own heroes, idols, and leaders. They know more about the Negro Victim Narrative than about their own peoples.
    So, even browns, yellows, Hindus, and etc. must all share in special sympathy for blacks. If not, they are ‘racist’. What applies to whites due to their ‘historical guilt’ now applies to the whole world. Japan never conquered Africa or brought over black slaves. But if Japan doesn’t open up to blacks, it is ‘racist’. Of course, Cuckpan is doing just that, and its idols are being taken over by blacks, and so Japan is over in the long term. In Europe, the result of the Imperialism of Guilt is already evident and very dire. Even European nations that had NOTHING to do with imperialism, Atlantic Slave Trade, and the like now share in the White American Guilt. Swedes and Finns also feel a need to sympathize with the Noble Negro and open their nations to Africans. If not, they are ‘racist’ just like Southern rednecks.

    Now, some people may welcome White Guilt Imperialism as a case of the US undermining its own legitimacy and power. After all, if white Americans are telling the world how evil and lowly they are, wouldn’t it undermine the American Hegemonic enterprise? Yes, but ONLY IF the US were still ruled by whites and ONLY IF White Guilt applied equally to all groups, e.g. Palestinians, Syrians, Russians, Iranians, etc.

    But the fact is the US is not white-ruled. It is Jewish-ruled, and BLM is merely a Jewish Power Ploy to boost the cult of White Guilt to keep whites subservient to Jewish Supremacist Power. After all, the Narrative of BLM doesn’t focus on Jewish exploitation of blacks, Jewish role in the slave trade, Jewish use of gentrification, Jewish push for the Israelization of US police force, Jewish use of globo-homo to send black interests to the back of the bus, and etc. BLM narrative is all about white working class police ‘brutality’ and ‘white legacy of slavery’. So, BLM is less about black power than about Jewish supremacist power using ‘white guilt’ to keep whites browbeaten. Jewish Power is saying to whites, “We Jews are holy, whereas you whites are vile and guilty. So, to redeem your ugly souls that oppressed all those innocent blacks, you whites need to serve us Holy Holocaust Jews in securing Imperialist Hegemony over the world.”
    Notice US embassies are not putting up signs that say “Palestinian Lives Matter” or “Syrian Lives Matter” or “Libyan Lives Matter”. Or considering how many Russians died in the privatization or piratization schemes of the 1990s, “Russian Lives Matter.” No, Jews only push Black Lives Matter as a tool of ‘white guilt’ to keep the whites subservient as the cuck-race that blindly supports Jewish supremacist imperialism around the world that has killed or destroyed millions of lives through wars, sanctions, and financial piracy.
    This is why those who see the BLM as fatal to US imperialism are wrong. Sure, it does tarnish America’s reputation by making it seem a ‘racist’ country. But it is a Jewish gambit. Jews know that the MOST IMPORTANT component in the maintenance of Zio-Angluck(Zionist-Anglo-Cuck) Hegemony is white submission to Jewish Power. As BLM will further shame whites, whites will feel even more compelled to serve the Holy Peoples: Jews, blacks, and homos. Indeed, look at Trump. He’s cucking to Jews and siding with the Negroes against the Police.

    In some ways, the Imperialism of White Guilt about Blacks will be even more damaging than the Imperialism of White Guilt about Jews. Whereas the latter led to the destruction mainly of North Africa and the Middle East, the Universalization of the Guilt Cult around Blacks will lead to the Afro-savagerization of entire nations around the world. Canada and UK used to be mostly black-free, but now, it’s deemed ‘racist’ for anyone there to say NO MORE BLACKS. Even though blacks commit the most crimes and cause the most problems, the Imperialism of Guilt about Blacks will mean the global media will ignore stories of black thuggery/savagery while amplifying any story of a Dead Innocent Negro because Black Lives Matter More, or BLMM according to the Imperialism of Guilt. After all, black military men have been known to rape and even murder Japanese women in Okinawa. But has the US embassy ever held up a sign saying ‘Japanese Lives Matter’? No. Japan and other nations are constantly excoriated for their less than 100% ecstatic perception of blacks while little is made of bad black behavior around the world. The Ugly African makes the Ugly American look mild by comparison… but Jews control the global media and narrative, and Negroes be Holy.

    • Agree: Malla
  132. Mefobills says:
    @Nosquat Loquat

    Many national socialists were against “Blonde Rapture” and advocated a countries genetic character to be mixed European.

    National Socialism evolved out of Germanic civilization thinking, which predated Hitler by centuries. Not being conquered by Rome was the largest modality, and consider also that evolutionary theory was rampant post Darwin.

    What constitutes “racially foreign elements” was a matter of controversy within the NSDAP. Various ethnic groups comprise European civilization: Nordic, Gallic, Basque, Slavic, Baltic, Mediterranean and so forth. Pioneer racial hygienists maintained that intermarriage among diverse white clans produces a superior being. In 1924, the analyst Hildebrandt published an essay explaining, “The highest standard of living evolved where the Nordic race represented the leadership, but intermixed with others who adopted its culture.”

    Also, the national socialist “intelligentsia” warned against “blonde rapture” of the nordics. They noticed the placid demeanor of Scandinavians.


    “The least spontaneous (Nordics), he surpasses all other races in steadfastness of purpose and cautious foresight. Thinking ahead, he subordinates his driving impulses to long-range goals. Self-composure is perhaps the most distinguishable trait of the Nordic race. In this lies a significant part of the ability to create civilizations. Races lacking this quality are incapable of following through and implementing long-term….

    Above link is a free download, then go to the section named “Racial Hygiene.”

    Bottom line: Extreme K selected people types are a function of the fourth ice-ages. Those tribes that survived this period learned counting by watching the seasons. They followed animal herds and learned husbandry. They did long range planning to survive harsh winters. They evolved civilizational shame or guilt control mechanisms. You don’t get along, then your are expelled from the tribe, which was a death sentence.

  133. @schnellandine

    Here’s his argument:

    Intelligent people talk about strikes

    Non-intelligent people talk about race

    You are a member of the class of people who talk about race

    Therefore you are not a member of the class of people who is intelligent.

    This is not a syllogism. It is two separate arguments, the major premises of both being assertions of fact and not self-evident.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  134. Trinity says:

    I voted for Trump but I’ll be damned if I see what difference it made. I don’t think “our” votes have counted for much for forever. I can’t see America voting themselves out of this mess to be honest. And yet tens of thousands will still show up to this latest MIG Rally and think their voice is being heard. And what is the alternative to Trump? In that corner, we have an old geezer who proclaims his love for all things Zionist, even claims to be a Zionist himself, good old Creepy Joe Biden.

  135. @anon

    Brutus thought he was restoring the Roman Republic when he killed Julius Caesar.

    The split among US elites (to go after Russia first, or China first) and use of street chaos against Trump may bring down the US like Brutus helped to unintentionally end the Roman Republic.

    My guess is that street chaos will be used by the elites until the election after which the elected will shut it down.
    I also think Trump will likely win again – the people just outside the inner cities will vote for law and order.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  136. @Reg Cæsar

    You example does not does not logically contradict the statement. The statement says how they are likely to vote in the PRESENCE of blacks. Not how they will vote in the absense.

  137. anon[928] • Disclaimer says:

    They think they are undermining Trump, but in reality they are undermining the Empire. That’s how the whole world sees it.

    In the epic work Paradise Lost by Milton an infamous entity states:

    Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven

    Nothing new under the sun in human relations.

  138. @foolisholdman

    I’m not convinced that your Marxist interpretation of the function of police applies to America’s situation today. Today, it is the Police who have been marginalized by the Ruling Elite. This is a very dangerous move and these are dangerous times for the Elite. It is a gamble.

    When a politician argues for the elimination of the police, then they are breaking the Law. They took an oath to uphold the Law and now they are undermining the very means of doing so. Why would anyone want to dismantle the police if not for the reason of breaking the law with impunity? They want to defund the police so that they can put up a version of law enforcement that will be accountable to them and them only. This is unconstitutional.

    But if they succeed, then it won’t matter whether it’s unconstitutional or not. There will be no effective power to oppose them.

    No, in this case, right now, conservatives and Alt Righters must make friends with the Police. We need them. We need to separate them from the Ruling Elite. We need to reassure them that if they aid in the arrest and prosecution for sedition of those who are calling for their defunding, then their jobs and pensions are secure, that there will be a government of new persons who are willing to defend the Constitution.

    Democrats today are running a great risk. They advocate treason and are practicing sedition. If a judge were to rule such, they could and should be arrested and tried. We need to act while the police are unhappy with the ruling Democratic Elite.

    This is not about overthrowing the government. It is about wresting government back from the control of aliens who are themselves actively subverting our Nation’s laws. Now is the critical moment. Those calling for defunding must be fired or arrested. If we lose this battle, then they will create their own police force and we are truly doomed.

  139. Jake says:

    You refer to Marxists in Russia? Yes, Jews were grossly overrepresented among them, but so were Latvians. Perhaps the two worst monsters were Stalin and Beria, both Georgian.

    That aside, there is the more important matter of Karl Marx and his hosts: the UK WASPs.

    Perhaps you can explain that, as well as Engels.

    Why would the first WASP/Anglo-Zionist Empire have harbored Marx and Engels?

    • Troll: Truth3
    • Replies: @Jake
  140. @ThreeCranes

    One standard form, among others:

    P1: All intelligent people talk about strikes.
    P2: You speak only of race.
    C: You are not intelligent.

    Pointless maybe, perhaps wrong premises (thus wrong conclusion), but a valid syllogism.

    major premises of both being assertions of fact and not self-evident

    Doesn’t matter. Premises can be overtly fantastic or provably false; still valid syllogism.

    P1: All spiked helmets fry eggs for breakfast.
    P2: All eggs are asphalt.
    C: No spiked helmet fries asphalt not.

    Valid. Premises false. Conclusion false.

  141. @Nosquat Loquat

    The links contradict several of your points:

    -By showing that Asturias, the origin region of the Spanish crown, is genetically predominantly Germanic (ancestry that was acquired in the 1st millenium CE during the Germanic migrations), and not “intermarried with Meds”.

    – That Spain today is a mix of Nordic and Mediterranean types, not “predominantly Med”.

    – That Northern Europeans were responsible for the accomplishments of the Reconquista and also the settlement of Florida.

    The links are consistent with more recent studies from nearby Italy, showing increased Northern European ancestry there as Germanics moved in and conquered the peninsula in the 1st millenium CE.

    Good night Med pride.

  142. Here is a list of business that have financially supported BLM (sources provided)


    1. 23andme:
    2. 72andSunny:
    3. Abbey Road Studios:
    4. The Academy (the Oscars):
    5. Activision Blizzard:
    6. Adidas:
    7. Airbnb:
    8. Alaska Airlines:
    9. Amazon:
    10. American Airlines:
    11. American Express:
    12. American Apparel:
    13. Apple Music:
    14. Astro Gaming:
    15. AT&T:
    16. Atlantic Records:
    17. AWS:
    18. AXE:
    19. Barnes & Noble:
    20. Bank of America:
    21. Bergdorf Goodman:
    22. Bethesda:
    23. Ben & Jerry’s:
    24. Billboard:
    25. BMW:
    26. Boost Mobile:
    27. Bratz:
    28. Burberry:
    29. Call of Duty:
    30. Capitol Records:
    31. Canada Goose:
    32. Cisco:
    33. Citigroup:
    34. Conde Nast:
    35. Converse:
    36. Crunchyroll:
    37. CW:
    38. CVS:
    39. Degree:
    40. DIRECTV:
    41. Discord:
    42. Disney:
    43. Doritos:
    44. Doulingo:
    45. E! News:
    46. Eight Sleep:
    47. ESPN:
    48. FedEx:
    49. Fender:
    50. Formula 1:
    51. FOX:
    52. Frosted Mini Wheats:
    53. Funimation:
    54. GameSpot:
    55. Goldman Sachs:
    56. Google:
    57. Grindr:
    58. Harry’s:
    59. HBO:
    60. HBO Max:
    61. Help Scout:
    62. Hershey’s:
    63. H&M:
    64. Hulu:
    65. Indiegogo:
    66. Intel:
    67. IKEA:
    69. Kickstarter:
    70. Levi’s:
    71. LinkedIn:
    72. L’Oreal Paris:
    73. Logitech:
    74. Lululemon:
    75. Louis Vuitton:
    77. Madden NFL 20 (shared by EA, EA Games, and EA Sports):
    78. Marvel Entertainment:
    79. MATTEL:
    80. McAfee:
    81. Mercedes Benz:
    83. Microsoft:
    84. Napster:
    85. NASCAR:
    86. Netflix:

  143. SteveK9 says:

    ‘As I have said it many times, I don’t believe that the term “race” has a scientific basis, nor do concepts such as “Black” or “White”. ‘

    The Saker keeps repeating this, but I’m not sure what he means (perhaps I haven’t read the right article by him).

    If I look at the skin color of a native African and a typical Norwegian, can I not detect a difference? If I measure the reflectance of the skin of these two individuals can I not measure an objective, quantifiable (Scientific) difference?

    Yes, there are all shades of skin color from the blackest Nigerian, to the whitest Swede. But, does that mean there is no valid concept of ‘Black’ or ‘White’? It would make little sense to think of some arbitrary dividing lines between ‘Black’, ‘White’ and everyone in between, but if you wanted to do so, you could. Perhaps that is what he means?

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Uomiem
  144. c matt says:

    I don’t believe that the term “race” has a scientific basis, nor do concepts such as “Black” or “White”.


    So if a Black man and a Black woman procreate, it is just random chance that the offspring is also Black? Same for Asians and Whites? Biology (a subset of science) has nothing to do with it?

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  145. c matt says:

    while most Republicans will never accept a Biden presidency.

    I think you over-estimate the size/existence of the balls of most Republicans. Fact is, a Biden presidency will likely have less unrest as the Left will have no target to protest, and the Right (most of it) will go back to business as usual as long as it can turn a buck.

    • Agree: fnn, botazefa
  146. The Saker: ” I still don’t see a civil war taking place in the USA …”

    The Civil War never really ended. 1861 was only the formal opening of hostilities between the two Christian factions that have dominated American political thought since the founding of the country. It’s a religious war, at one time between abolitionists and slave owners, and now between “liberals” and “conservatives”. One side believes, as a matter of faith, that blacks and whites are inherently equal in every way, and that therefore any racial disparities in wealth or worldly success must be due to EEEEvil white behavior. The other side, the side that formally lost the War in 1865, now says it has got its mind right and believes in absolute equality of blacks and whites too, but resists the conclusion that disparate racial outcomes are due solely to EEEEvil white behavior. The refusal to face reality on both sides means that the war will go on indefinitely, or at least until whites have been wiped out as a significant American demographic.

    Riots, pulling down or defacing statues, mass censorship, and re-writing history were all features of the first Christian religious upheaval too, during the fall of the Roman Empire. All were techniques pioneered by Christians, just business as usual for these fanatics. The only thing different in modern times is that belief in Jesus as God has become optional for both sides. The quintessentially Christian moral vision of a single humanity united in equality under a single, universal code of ethics remains, burning stronger than ever.

    • Troll: GazaPlanet, kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @kerdasi amaq
  147. c matt says:
    @Chris Cosmos

    Problem is, there will be far more CHAZs than RAZs (Redneck Autonomous Zones, or whatever you want to call the DR/White equivalent). The CHAZs will be allowed to bloom by TPTB, while any attempt to RAZ will be crushed by the full force of the state.

    Compare Waco/Ruby Ridge with the current CHAZ.

  148. @botazefa

    Doesn’t matter. Those who will vilify him are not his voters! The MSM and Dems are going to try to place the blame on him regardless… So the right thing to do, is doing the right thing.

  149. @Alden

    In theory I agree. But it’s his fucking job to protect the country. You now have a successful paramiltary coup in Seattle under his watch. Yeah we know it’s the Dems fault and they should have to own it, not going to shake out that way. He’s the president the buck stops with him to preserve law and order. The Dem governor’s have basically commited acts of treason. It’s up to the president to stop them and the coup. The insurrection act was passed expressly for this purpose! To give the president the ability to stomp it out.

    • Replies: @anon
  150. @c matt

    just random chance that the offspring is also Black? Same for Asians and Whites?

    What is this Black, Asians, and Whites of which you speak? I know not of these things.


    The Exoplanetary Ostrich

  151. Anonymous[324] • Disclaimer says:

    The split among US elites (to go after Russia first, or China first) and use of street chaos against Trump may bring down the US like Brutus helped to unintentionally end the Roman Republic.

    The US elites right now are like Grandpa in the story:
    “I’d rather die in my sleep, like Grandpa, instead of screaming in terror, like the passengers in his car.”
    They are like French Aristocrats debating the order of precedence while the Paris mob marched on the King’s castle. Obvious but ignored events will rule the day for at least the next six months.

  152. Anonymous[324] • Disclaimer says:


    Charles Murray, _Human Diversity_
    Robert Plimin, _Blueprint; The MIT Press.
    Michael Z. Williamson, _A Long Time Until Now_ (fiction)

    Maybe races don’t exist outside of racetracks, but _something_ exists that has about the same characteristics. Saying that “races don’t exist” is like the 1960s radicals saying they were opposed to war, but fully supported national liberation struggles. It’s called “quibbling”, a form of lying.

  153. BuelahMan says:

    It could mean the possibility of States to break-up with Union.

    What, like the south did when being overly taxed and centrally controlled by a rogue government?

    Wouldn’t that be a hypocritical hoot?

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  154. I still don’t see a civil war taking place in the USA ….

    Take another look … there’s a civil war in progress, but at the moment only one side is mobilised and fighting. The other side needs to decide if it is going to remain curled up in a foetal position while taking a beating, or instead to finally put an end to the problems.

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
  155. Truth3 says:

    The image is totally wrong. I call Fake News.

    This image was taken in 2017, and the masks are to hide their identities.

    They don’t want to let the world know who trhey are, in that they have to each blow Jamie Dimon the Diamond Jewboy weekly.

  156. Truth3 says:

    “Jew Lies Matter!”

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  157. guy1986 says:

    Spaniards are degenerates. Islam would’ve been great for you godos, maybe your women would actually have children.

  158. @obwandiyag

    Who could guess how the anticipation of further mayhem following a Trump re-election in the voter’s mind thus becomes greater than mayhem itself. And who else knows this? ..the voter.

    You play with qui bono,senor, but your tail says bow wow.

  159. @Curmudgeon

    Whatever Luther considered himself to be, he was not a “good Catholic.” Luther said that “I must admit that there is some evil in God and some godliness in Satan.” That informs all of what Luther said and did. He is not as much of a Satanist as John Calvin, but close enough. As for “Jews and their Lies,” it takes one Dualist to know one, and does not keep them from biting each other’s tails. The Jehovah’s witnesses, who are the same, have completely cottoned on to what the Jews as well.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  160. Svevlad says:

    The flyovers always have an advantage. It’s usually who wins.

    And remember who Pol Pot used to conquer Cambodia – the same rural “deplorables”. We all know what happened after.

    Though, if you ask me, nothing of value would be lost. Most US cities have become shitholized, they won’t be deshitholized without extreme violence and totalitarianism anyway

  161. @JohnPlywood

    Haven’t most European monarchies been characterized through the ages as a maze of trans-national empire building marriages, annulments, special dispensations, indulgences, divorces, bastard sons etc.? They did manage to keep it huwhite and nominally Christian though until Megan Markle came along.

  162. nickels says:

    This is the white Goddess and savior we have all been searching for:

  163. At some point, Jungle Fever became Jungle Faith.

    • Replies: @Jake
  164. @R.C.

    It seems to me that Stephen Ray Baca Jr. had good reason to shoot Scott Wilson in self defense after Wilson was swinging a skateboard as a weapon aiming it at Baca’s head. Reasonable fear of grave bodily harm and no possibility of flight would allow deadly force be used in self defense, and there’s no nonsense there about proportionate response. If he hadn’t fired, the mob would have taken his gun.

    Seemed to me he was openly carrying, which requires no license. Also, there’s no law on brandishing, so it’s legal to walk around with a pistol in your hand if you don’t have a suitable holster for open carry.

    Baca’s father was the county Sheriff for quite some time. Three different takes:

    • Replies: @anon
    , @RudyM
  165. Good interview on power of Israeli Lobby

  166. vot tak says:

    A refreshingly non partisan, non racial based alternative analysis.


    Bipartisan Deadlock: Working People and Youth Must Call for President Trump’s Resignation Now! Joe Biden is Not An Alternative


    “Mr. Trump as the self proclaimed “Law and Order” President, has already tried to convince the military to carry a soft coup to establish his position as the Authoritarian President, but failed. However, the Trump Administration saw this first attempt as a rehearsal that needed some corrections and adjustments. The Administration has concluded that more provocation is needed to divide the nation into two clear camps, that of pro-Trump and anti-Trump.

    Considering these alarming facts, the question remains should working people and youth direct their energy and hope toward a Biden victory in the presidential election for fundamental changes? The answer is NO.

    This unique political situation has drawn people with different backgrounds to a live discussion to change the current dysfunctional system. Some young activists based on the occupy movement experience have, as an experiment declared a few blocks of the city of Seattle as a “Free Cop Zone”. Although the atmosphere is festive and participants are peaceful, they have not presented a clear short or long term plan. The working people, in general, are watching these events sympathetically from the sideline. The Trump Administration is calling these young people “ugly domestic terrorists” while Democrats are buying time to intervene forcefully at a later time and end this saga as they did with the occupy movement.

    Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis are propagating an unsubstantiated narrative that if Joe Biden became the next occupant of the White House, people would have a better chance to fight for their demands.

    These intellectuals have closed their eyes to the undeniable reality that today both Democratic and Republican corrupt parties have no credibility among the majority of people. Mr. Biden’s record as a senator and as Vice-President is as reactionary as any GOP leader.

    Also, it must be noted that Democrats might disapprove and criticize President Trump’s behavior in front of the TV cameras; but since 2016 in the House of Representatives, they have had no problem giving President Trump everything he asked for and sometimes even more!”

    • Thanks: Uomiem
  167. anon[100] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Almost makes you think the Jews, Dems, and China collaborated to cook up Covid to get rid of Trump.

    Not the Jews, but some Jews, the ones from the Davos clique.
    In Davos, you find Soros, Gates, the WHO, UN people, IMF, EU people, the FAANG, Chinese oligarchs etc…
    Those people did support ex-IMF Dircctor DSK in his attempt to create a world currency.

    The Chinese do target the American empire and the dollar, and they managed to exaggerate (by subtly suggesting a cover-up) the threat of the Covid in order to trigger a Western over-reaction. With great success, as the Western economies are in shamble. Trump isn’t directly the target of the chinese, but he is the target of Davos globalists.

    The question is: what happens with China and the Davos clique if Trump loses? Will they agree on a new world currency? Under whose control?

    • Thanks: anon8383892
  168. Richard B says:

    Great comment!

    There was a lot in it worth responding to.

    But, for the sake I’ve time, I’ve chosen this one because it speaks to the heart of the matter.

    European Civilization is under siege. Whites must rally but we must not be stupid. Don’t make yourself a easily prosecuted target. Fight back, but do so from anonymity.

    This is probably the single most important problem facing those under attack.

    My gut response is that those who value freedom and know they’re under attack will have to get to a point where they no more listen to or respect the demands of the hostile elite and their proxies any more than the elite and their proxies are willing to listen to them.

    Only then will it become a war.

    It’s certainly not one now. It’s an attack. An unlawful and vicious attack.

    It’s true that many have simply lost the will to live. That’s obvious.

    Others are clinging to life by concealing their cowardice in virtue signalling, hoping against hope that it’ll buy them a place in some PC heaven. It won’t.

    But let them find that out for themselves.

    In any event, sooner than later those under attack will have to respond.

    It’s either that, or wait their turn to be killed by the mob.

  169. The longer this nonsense goes on, the better Trump’s re-election chances. Sure, lots of whites who aren’t lost cause liberal whack jobs were shocked by the George Floyd incident into sympathy for the Black cause, with all the protesting and kneeling to BLM it entailed. But as the riots and white-shaming keep going, what always happens will happen – those whites will first get bored with it, and then finally they’ll get angry.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  170. Erebus says:

    Thanks for the post. Interesting P(s)OV interestingly presented.

  171. Richard B says:

    If you are intelligent

    from the font of all wisdom: race don’t matter

    If you’re intelligent you don’t post dumb comments, call yourself “the font of all wisdom” and then write things like “race don’t matter.”

    But you did.

    So, you’re not intelligent.

    It’s a perfect syllogism.

  172. aandrews says:

    White Women Burned Down the Atlanta Wendy’s
    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    June 17, 2020


    Fox News:

    Atlanta officials released photographs on Tuesday of a second suspect in their arson investigation at a Wendy’s, which was burned down following the death of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks.

    Images of the two arson suspects, both white females, were shared during a press conference at a fire station on Manford Road, according to Fox 5.

    Previous pictures reportedly showed one suspect wearing black clothing and a facial covering. The new photos show another woman without a mask, wearing a black top with a purple shirt wrapped around her waist and a necklace.

    Reporter Portia Bruner of Fox 5 tweeted the images following their release and said the authorities would soon be giving additional updates.


    • Replies: @vot tak
    , @aandrews
  173. starthorn says:

    Well well well I just keep adding to the list of businesses I’m no longer frequenting.

  174. vot tak says:

    It would be hilarious if discovered these women had trump regime/gop connections. Interesting a comment I tried posting here mentioned the wendys torching by a white woman, but got blocked. It contained Sputnik and RT articles, though, not a daily stormer one…

  175. Now get this tattooed to the inside of your eyelids, people:

    “Conclusion: this is no popular revolution at all”

    [emphasis mine]

    The Saker is right on the money!

    As Orwell said all those years ago …

    “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish a dictatorship.”

    [emphasis mine]

    Of course, the argument that will be put to the people, is the so-called “revolution” needs to be protected against those who want to go back to the previous way of life. But, objectively, we see that the revolution wasn’t really about “Black Lives Matter” or whatever the mantra is – rather, it’s about someone/s taking advantage of the situation by emotionally manipulating people into supporting a revolution – to become a dictator.

    So, I’m going out on a limb here, (which may not occur until after the NOV 5 Prez Election) …

    1. putting these “protests” in an historical context, if the US intel “community” (and vested interests) can assassinate a democratically-elected President, JFK, with impunity – and after 57 years there’s been only one arrest, with no charges laid, i.e., the committal of a perfect crime in broad daylight and in full view of the nation – what won’t they do?;

    2. already, any US President’s Executive Orders are rule by decree i.e., dictatorship (yes Congress has some oversight, but they play along as a controlled opposition – nothing demonstrated that more than the bank bailout by Wall St’s ‘boy’)

    3. Now, considering that the US 3-letter intel agency realized decades ago that the Left could magnify issues far better than even the MSM could …

    when we see the political Left agitate / riot for the release of prisoners from jails, we can know with certainty that this was always a zionist-jew inspired tactic to destroy the fabric of American society – to make people even more afraid, and hence easier to control.

    Why? Because the release of prison inmates, incl. violent criminals and the mentally insane was a Bolshevik tactic – and as we all know, 80-85% of Bolsheviks were jew.

    It seems to me, the only way the political Right, Trump & US patriots can win this national debate is – instead of allowing it to be twisted into an issue of human rights / racial equality (tragic as deaths resisting police arrest are) – is to reframe it as a law and order issue.

    … and even if they ‘win’ this time and Trump does get reelected, be not surprised that there’s further disintegration of the American polity (with even petitions for states to secede) in 2021.

    We’re watching a trainwreck in slow motion!

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  176. meh says:

    “I suspect that if those WN bikers try to show up in Seattle,”

    White Nationalists? WTF are you taking about?

    “Bikers for Trump”, if they were real, would be boomertard cuckservatives, not White Nationalists. White Nationalists gave up on Trump at least a year and a half ago, if not earlier.

    Charlottesville was about defending historical monuments, not about defending Trump. WN support for Trump was always qualified on Trump backing up his promises with action: build the wall, deport the illegals, reduce or stop legal immigration, mandatory e-verify, end birthright citizenship, end chain migration, stop foreign wars, bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA, end H1B and other visas bringing in foreign workers, stop anti-white policies and legal persecution of whites, mandatory voter photo ID, end voter fraud, purge the voter registration rolls, etc.; none of which Trump has done (worse, he has doubled down on a lot of these anti-white policies); the only promises Trump has kept are promises to J3ws, Israel, and billionaires.

    Bikers for Trump are not WN. GOPers are not WN. Boomertards are not WN. Cuckservatives are not WN. Alt-light are not WN. Magatards are not WN. Boomerwaffen are not WN. 3%ers are not WN. Oathcuckers are not WN. Boogaloo Bros are not WN. Qtards are not WN. Lolbertarians are not WN. TradCaths, Nickers, Groypers, and AmNats are not WN (unless crypto). Etc.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  177. I thought the saker was an objective researcher and columnist. I was obviously wrong. Nothing more than controlled opposition. A gate keeper.

    He wants you to believe the Trump administration is genuine, and really is against the democrats and media. This is complete tripe.

    ALL leaders are selected first, and then offered up for the people to “choose”. They ALL work for the elite Banksters of the world.

    The media vs Trump narrative is fake. Any administration in the past, if a journalist stepped out of line would be refused access to the white house press conference. Trump on the other hand has decided to not only keep the worst lying journalist, Jim Acosta, in the press group, but STILL has him sitting front row!

    • Agree: GazaPlanet, Uomiem
  178. @Patagonia Man

    already, any US President’s Executive Orders are rule by decree i.e., dictatorship

    Common misunderstanding. An executive order can be constitutional. Most aren’t.

    I believe cross-branch delegations (e.g. congress ‘authorizing’ president to declare war, congress leaving blanks in legislation to be filled in after it’s passed) are unconstitutional, and all non-congressional legislation is barred, but if a president wants to put in writing something he could’ve legally said aloud, and wants to call it an executive order…

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  179. anon[977] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s up to the president to stop them and the coup. The insurrection act was passed expressly for this purpose! To give the president the ability to stomp it out.


    So many agencies, so many trolls.

    • Troll: VinnyVette
    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  180. anon[977] • Disclaimer says:
    @David riskanalyst

    It seems to me that Stephen Ray Baca Jr. had good reason to shoot Scott Wilson in self defense after Wilson was swinging a skateboard as a weapon aiming it at Baca’s head.

    The skateboard is one thing. The shout of “I’M GONNA F*CKING KILL YOU”, followed by presenting what sure does look like a knife in his left hand, at a distance of less than 20 feet, that’s another thing entirely.

    • Replies: @David riskanalyst
  181. anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says:

    We survived 700 years of Islam and defeated the Arabs

    Your pagan-godless kind did not defeat anybody. Empires have always been difficult to sustain, and they diminish and crumble on their own. Just look at the unfolding demise of the most powerful and evil empire to ever exist on earth… The Great Satan!

    You “survived 700 years of Islam,” by rejecting its true monotheism, and steadfastly clinging to pagan polytheist mangods-worshipping godlessness, and you rejoice for what?

    You reject the One God of everything, including of the blessed Christ, put the blessed man on a pedestal, associate him and others with the Almighty One, and you rejoice for what?

    You do not realise that, in effect, you are rejoicing your ultimate fall into the eternity of Hell… for the Almighty One has forbidden Paradise to the mangods-worshippers, and the godless.

    They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allah [God] is the Messiah, the son of Mary” while the Messiah has said, “O Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.” Indeed, he who associates others with Allah… Allah has forbidden him Paradise, and his refuge is the Fire. And there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers. : Holy Quran 5:72

  182. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    You were nothing but a bunch unkempt disease ridden invaders who would have been easily annihilated like the Vikings who came before you if you hadn’t been such filthy scum who hadn’t taken a bath in centuries thus becoming lethal bioweapons in the process.


    • Agree: vot tak
    • LOL: GazaPlanet
  183. @schnellandine


    True, I just didn’t want to go into all the constitutional exceptions, but its certainly heading that way – rule by decree, that is, if the US lasts another couple of decades.

  184. Jake says:


    Typical avoidance response of persons serving either the WASP part or the Jewish part of the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. Or knowingly serving the whole of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire because Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy. WASP Empire has bestridden the globe since the 17th century, and it has therefore been planting seeds of philoSemitism across the planet since then. WASP Empire has even protected Karl Marx and facilitated the flow of his ideas, not for a couple of years, but for the final 2 decades of his life.

    If you are truly anti-Marxist, then you must also condemn the UK for harboring Marx and thereby spreading Marxism. And when you look into what all made it possible for Marx to be a free man in London starting in 1850, you will find the meteoric rise of Jews in the UK and the overseas British Empire that was underway even before the American Revolution. And that will lead you back to the Anglo-Saxon Puritans and their Judaizing heretical theology, which led, inevitably, to archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell making the deal with Jews that allowed Jews legally to be English citizens once again and, more that that, granted Jews special rights and privileges denied to the vast majority of natives of the British Isles.

    And then you need to spend a great deal of time learning about the late 19th century and early 20th century British playing spy games in Russia and outside Russia with Leftists, including Marxists, featuring a large number of Jews, in order to bring about some kind of revolution in Russia.

    Of course, they know all about such things down at the ADL and the SPLC and AIPAC and the CIA and the Mossad and SIS/MI6.

    • Replies: @Paul Greenwood
  185. Jake says:
    @Priss Factor

    This is yet another example of what sound Medieval theologians meant when they asserted that if heresies are allowed to flourish, eventually they will flip the world upside down so that insanity is embraced as sanity, immorality is embraced as morality, and chaos proliferates.

    In other words, instead of Christ the King, you get Satan the King.

    • Replies: @NobodyKnowsImADog
  186. Jake says:

    Yes, this is the Deep State of the Anglo-Zionist Empire at work. It wants to make certain that the US cannot have anything comparable to a Yellow Vests movement, and riling up the Numinous Negroes is guaranteed to produce violence that makes most people freeze, trying to figure it out.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  187. botazefa says:

    “Bikers for Trump”, if they were real, would be boomertard cuckservatives, not White Nationalists. White Nationalists gave up on Trump at least a year and a half ago, if not earlier.

    Channeling Monty Python, who are you so wise in the ways of White Nationalist organizations?

    I have always thought WN groups are a big like Kaiser Shose from The Usual Suspects – a ghost story to scare people.

    Seriously, how many people out there are card carrying, dues paying members of a group advocating turning the US into a white nation? I’d be shocked if, for example, the KKK had membership of more than a couple thousand.

    Educate me

    • Replies: @anon8383892
  188. @anon

    Lol? Now that’s as brilliant a counter arguement as I’ve ever seen.

  189. jay says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    The Men have become Women and the Women Men.

  190. @BuelahMan

    No I do not think so.
    It would be a logical outcome.
    And with all due respect taxes had nothing to do with break up.
    It was all about control of foreign trade. (Cotton in this case.}
    Central government had a choice to increase tariffs on imported English textiles but somehow did not come up with this solution.

  191. @botazefa

    I can’t answer your question, but I do have an ontological point. A black-nationalist is someone who wants to advance the well-being of their people, doesn’t necessarily mean someone who wants to turn the USA into a black country. That would be some variation on black-supremacist. Extrapolate. Myself in real life have met plenty of varieties of ethno-nationalist, but few supremacists, if any. The supremacist spectre may be mostly Gladio noise, but there are plenty of ethno-enthusiasts wanting to reverse the plight of their folks. Any ethno-enthusiasm is a problem for oligarch cabal as it increases identity and solidarity, counter to the human-resources brainwashing protocol. It sounds like a tacky movie, well, not my fault. The escaped Nazi meme always rung false and tacky to me, but I’ve given it a lot more credence in recent years. They are kind of stupid. Life in this Boch world is comical and grotesque. Maybe we can improve it.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  192. @ploni almoni

    Luther motive was that he did not want to contribute to funds that were needed to build St Peter Basilica. It is now time to bar all German tourists to view Basilica and also Sixteenth Chapel.

  193. This is exceptional.
    All good people comments became sarcastic!
    What does it signifies?
    I do not know!

  194. Without Kerensky stupidly implementing “General Order No.1” he might have prevented the disintegration of the Russian Army and the Workers & Soldiers Soviets. After all a few months later Germany failed to follow Lenin’s call and the Army under Noske liquidated the Spartakists.

    Trump simply failed to select a loyal crew because he let others “recommend” and ended up with a Fifth Column in an Administration supposedly going to drain the swamp.

    Now he simply needs to emphasis States Rights and demand Governors use the National Guard – after all these Governors face election in November. He needs to turn the spotlight on Senators and Congressmen in Disrupted Districts and sympathise with Oppressed Shopkeepers and Cowed Citizens held hostage by Political Terrorists.

    The main thing is to emphasis Trump has started no wars unlike his predecessors and that John Bolton was hell-bent on war with Iran, China and Russia which would make Covid-19 look like a touch of the vapours when set against smouldering radioactive US cities.

    Remember the Maoist Dictum ‘ “villages encircle the towns” – Trump needs to get the cities isolated and watch the educated, prosperous, family-oriented escape leaving New York where it was in 1970s when Felix Rohatyn had to run the Municipal Assistance Corp to save the city from insolvency.

    Cities boomed on financial engineering and now they are defunct unable to finance themselves because Covid-19 has shown you can use distributed-processing and remote-working. If theatres are closed, restaurants, stores – you might as well live outside and order online.

    If students want “safe space” they get it in a basement or attic with Online Learning and no need to engage in Campus Antics or suppression of free speech and ideas.

    The riots are the “herd” seeking purpose – they have no manifesto and will become increasingly irrelevant. When Tucker Carlson can get the highest ratings in US TV for a 20 minute monologue on Fox about BLM and its funding – you can see which way people are focused and it is going to generate quite a backlash which will shatter the Democrat Party

    • Agree: anon8383892
    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  195. @Jake

    British “spying games” in Tsarist Russia were hardly involving “Marxists” especially since MI6 forerunner was not even founded until 1909 and its job was to focus on the German Reich and its military build up of the Kriegsmarine.

    When MI6/SIS took an interest in Russia it was to overthrow Lenin. That is why it brought the Menshevik Trotsky back from New York, why Trotsky was aided by George Alexander Hill “Major Hill” to set up GRU.

    Bruce Lockhart and Sidney Reilly wanted Lenin dead – and the British role was to get rid of Bolsheviks. As for “Marxism” it was the rantings of a German journalist from Trier living in London on the money from the Engels textile business. He was as irrelevant as any other scribbler in London.

    It was Lenin who was the unbridled opportunist and he was already incapacitated by 1920. Hitler gave Bolshevism another 30 years of life just as he gave the US 30 years of patents and technology until it all ran out in late 1960s

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  196. orionyx says:

    Putting RACE at the center of our political life may have unexpected benefits to future pro-White activists.

    B..b…but Saker says there’s no such thing as race, so how would that work?

    Saker probably puts salt in his coffee and sugar on his steak, because there’s no scientific difference between the two, any more than between two different human races. Race has no more meaning than breeds of dog, so that’s why we use dachshunds to round up sheep in la-la-land.

    • Replies: @anon8383892
  197. orionyx says:

    The comments you don’t post show you at the peak of your intelligence, Ob.

    The others, as in this post – not so much.

  198. botazefa says:

    A black-nationalist is someone who wants to advance the well-being of their people, doesn’t necessarily mean someone who wants to turn the USA into a black country

    That is a valuable addition here. To me, in the US vernacular, a ‘white nationalist’ is the lowest form of life. It is someone drooling hatred for all non whites who advocates a white only nation. Self professed WNs may describe themselves as similar to Black Nationalists, but the general public perception is that they are something entirely different.

    Myself in real life have met plenty of varieties of ethno-nationalist, but few supremacists, if any.

    That’s been my experience too. However, as I’ve gotten older and into career and family I don’t think I know anyone who would admit to even being ethno-nationalist. I think that that most educated people think it feels gross to admit allegiance to our own white racial group. We should be better than that, of course. We should value people for what is on the inside, but stereotypes are intellectually sticky. As a result, we feel like hypocrites because all our friends are white. But, I digress.

    Someone wearing KKK robes blaming Blacks for everything is going to be borderline retarded, on average.

    Any ethno-enthusiasm is a problem for oligarch cabal as it increases identity and solidarity, counter to the human-resources brainwashing protocol

    Are you sure about that? I would think anything that distracts the bourgeoise from the many crimes of the wealthy would be a welcome thing.

    The escaped nazi thing I’ve dismissed that too, although you may be onto something.

  199. @Jake

    Gretchen, stop trying to make ‘Numinous Negroes’ happen. It’s not going to happen.

    How many years now? Every other post.

    The toaster-strudel fortune must allow for better leisure than this.

  200. This is an insurgency. It requires a counter-insurgency.
    Anyone who wishes to learn more should go to George Webb on YouTube. He has done excellent research, as have other citizen journalists, to show who Antifa and BLM are. They are not the friendly college kids next door. They are violent Marxist extremists.

    Unfortunately, the Jew spew ‘Media'(allowed since 2012 to propagandize thanks to Obama removing a statute forbidding this) is in bed with Billionaire psychos and have set up a revolutionary movement under direct control of the DNC.

    This is a CIA color revolution come to America folks.
    Act accordingly.
    Name the Jew.
    Clean your ar-15.
    Stockpile ammo.

  201. Regulo says:
    @Priss Factor

    This concern for Blacks is a blip on the screen in the US; it’s Latinos who Americans are consistently fawning over; whether its the Left and the Right all are open to allowing Central Americans to come here unvetted. Everyone is learning Spanish, everyone eats Hispanic food, Spanish names are given a Spanish pronunciation, not so any other language. Latino culture is replacing Anglo [American] culture .Revisionist history is going on; Spanish are said to have helped the US win independence from England, displacing and erasing the French from US historical narratives . Black culture is temporarily pandered to like now in time of Black rage, but America is appropriating all things Latino. The reason socialism is no longer a dirty word among the young in the US, is because of Latino immigrants who are not brainwashed with an American exceptionalism capitalist puritanism,[ if you’re rich you must be good] they are like the rest of the world; the role of government IS too provide for the well being of its citizens. heath care, job,income housing . Black Americans are Anglo Americans culturally.

  202. @anon

    By SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN, Associated Press, 17 June 2020
    Prosecutors amend charges in New Mexico protest shooting


    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — An investigation into a shooting that occurred as protesters tried to tear down a statue of a Spanish conquistador in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is far from complete and charges against a man accused of opening fire after demonstrators chased him were amended, prosecutors said Wednesday.

    Under the amended complaint, Steven Ray Baca, 31, was charged with battery over his interactions with three women during the protest. He’s also facing a charge of unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon. Authorities say he did not have a concealed carry license.

    District Attorney Raúl Torrez said it’s too soon to pursue a charge related to the shooting that left one man seriously injured because investigators still need to identify key witnesses, verify video of the incident and gather more evidence to determine what led to the gunfire.

    Prosecutors also are pursuing police body camera video as well as sworn statements from undercover officers at the scene.

    Baca, once a candidate for the Albuquerque City Council, remained in custody. His attorney, Jason Bowles, has requested the court to quickly review the circumstances and order Baca’s release while prosecutors investigate the case.

    Torrez said he recognizes that people are on edge and deeply divided over a number of issues. Much of the information provided by the community about Monday night’s protest and shooting seems to come from an ideological perspective, he said.

    “Frankly, we’ve been put in a situation too many times in this community where investigations are rushed,” he said. “As prosecutors who have to uphold an oath to be objective and impartial, we can’t do that. We have to get it right, and more than anything we have to demonstrate that the criminal justice system works and that it’s fair and it’s impartial.”

    Bowles said the district attorney’s decision to fully investigate the case was appropriate. He pointed to video showing one protester hitting Baca with a skateboard, while there were shouts in the crowd to “kill him” before he was tackled and struck and then confronted by another protester wielding a knife.

    “With multiple assailants attacking him with weapons, Mr. Baca at that point had no choice but to defend himself using force,” Bowles said in a statement. “We believe that the district attorney’s office should not file charges as this is very clearly an appropriate exercise of self defense.”

    Albuquerque police turned over the investigation to the State Police, and the FBI was assisting.

    Police tactics also will be reviewed amid criticism that officers did not step in soon enough despite warnings that the situation was deteriorating. Police units that had been monitoring the protest moved in minutes after the gunshots rang out and used tear gas and rubber bullets as they took Baca into custody and aided the man who was shot.

    That man, Scott Williams, remained hospitalized.

    Baca had been among those trying to protect the statue when protesters “appeared to maliciously pursue him,” according to an initial criminal complaint.

    Video taken moments before protesters started chasing Baca showed him throwing a woman to the ground as she was backing into him and blocking him with outstretched arms.

    Bowles said his client is being held on what amount to misdemeanor assault charges involving women who haven’t been identified. He described Baca as a caring and kind individual who has no criminal history.

    The violence in Albuquerque followed a celebration in northern New Mexico on Monday where another statue of Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate was removed and placed into temporary storage ahead of a scheduled protest in Alcalde.

    Likenesses of Oñate have long spurred debate in New Mexico, where he’s celebrated as a cultural father figure in communities along the Upper Rio Grande that trace their ancestry to Spanish settlers. He’s also reviled for his brutality among Native Americans.

    Leaders of a coalition that represents New Mexico’s pueblo communities are hopeful a “fair and meaningful resolution” can be found as government officials consider how to handle the growing discord over the statues and other representations of the Spanish conquest.

    J. Michael Chavarria, governor of Santa Clara Pueblo and chairman of the All Pueblo Council of Governors, said violence needs to be avoided and the path forward should be one that recognizes a shared history and the richness of the state’s respective cultures.

    “A statue in honor of a man who committed crimes against Pueblo people should not be on prominent display without context,” Chavarria said. “I appreciate the decision of Rio Arriba County and the city of Albuquerque to remove these symbols of conquest, genocide and racial injustice.”

    • Replies: @anon
  203. Truth3 says:

    Jewish scumbag of the day.

  204. The Saker doesn’t do journalism, he does propaganda.

    This is an insurgency.

    The Media, with an ownership dominated by billionaire Jews, was freed from using propaganda by Obama (he rescinded the statute against its use in 2012).
    BLM and Antifa are well funded by wealthy Jews (Soros is just one of many funding and organizing these groups). Youtub: George Webb for greater detail.
    The Floyd killing is a Hoax. The evidence is extensive; search for a good summary. Floyd’s ‘murder’ was a staged event used as a spark to initiate race riots by low IQ leftist Antifa morons and ghetto blacks, both are easily manipulated groups unable to distinguish Jewish propaganda from truth. Officer Chauvin is not in ‘THE VIDEO’ and this will not go through the court process without a great deal of grease (corruption).
    The DNC is heavily involved in what is playing out on the streets of America.
    This is a coup. The world has been watching a coup of Donald J. Trump’s presidency which began before he even won the election in 2016. These riots are an escalation of this dynamic and an indication of the level of desperation by the conspirators.
    The criminality of Democrats and many RINO’s is so blatant that Trump is nearly alone in functioning as an effective government at the Cabinet level. The ConJob19 hoax saw the majority of Governor’s arrayed against him as well as mayor’s in most large cities. This is a full court press.

    Folks, elements of the shadow government, the federal bureaucracy, Congress and Senate are absolutely terrified at the prospect of a Trump second-term. While I have sincere doubts as to how deep certain conservative and religious Jews have their claws into Trump, I have seen enough evidence to convince me that their is abject terror across the board at the prospect of Federal trials for corruption, sedition, etc. Recently, Rod Rosenstein testified and clearly signalled a willingness to throw people under the bus.

    IMO, many of the criminals in D.C. are terrified. Add to this, the crooks at the Federal Reserve Bank, working with Steve Mnuchin, have nearly completed one of the biggest looting operations in history: over 5$ trillion ‘borrowed’ by banks as the Federal Reserve feasts on the futures of America’s children and their great-grandchildren.

    If not for ConJob19 and Race Riots 2020, the biggest story would be the economy and the national debt. It is not.
    Don’t think for even a second that didn’t take an incredible amount of effort by many deeply corrupt insiders who are prepared at ANY COST to stop the American people from seeing their criminality.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  205. @Blankaerd

    Private capital will benefit from any privatization of policing. Bank on it.

    I see that as ancillary.

    The main thrust of this is to inject race into the national consciousness: jew spewing at the masses about ‘systemic racism’ is a classic jew con- ‘here, you two fight’.
    Meanwhile, Mnuchin and the BlackWater boys are looting the American people. Since September 2019, likely up to 6$trillion. We will probably never see a breakdown.
    We are being divided and looted.

    Americans could expel these parasites tomorrow and we would still be on the hook. The only alternative is to use an EO, and the long arm of the U.S. military, to repo the funds that have been looted by these criminals OR to repudiate the National Debt (not something anyone with a brain wants to do other than as a re-negotiation tactic; see Argentina, $150 Billion IMF loan deal back in ’02).

    Either way, we are past the point of civil arguments.
    Either we break the monopoly of AIPAC’s hold over both parties or we kiss the West good-bye.

  206. anon[294] • Disclaimer says:
    @David riskanalyst

    This article is surprisingly well written and contains some facts missing from the AP article you linked.

    Lopez was carrying illegally, he does not have a permit to carry.
    His actions at the statue were foolish, it’s almost a “What Not To Do” pamphlet.
    After arresting Lopez and the Civil Guard, the Albuquerque cops cleared the area, so evidence was lost or rendered useless – it certainly appears from images that the Antifa pulled out a knife, but there’s no chain of custody so it’s moot.

    The Albuquerque DA comes across as a steadier man than the mayor or the governor.

    The Antifa who was shot is 39 years old. Let that sink in for a bit. Most of the people I see in the various vids look to be in their 20’s, but some older. That guy is not some frustrated college student, unless he’s a perpetual grad student.

    The Antifa are much better organized than most people realize. Their geographic reach is limited for now, but they are working to change that. The SPAZ / CHOP in Seattle is an example of what they want….pretty much the same as now, only with them in charge.

    We now return to the interminable history back-forth.

    • Replies: @David riskanalyst
  207. @Jake

    Thank for demonstrating standard boiler plate Marxist historical ‘analysis’.
    It is most informative to see junior college grads spew this nonsense
    On the street in South Philly this is known as ‘social justice warrior faggotry’ or, alternately, ‘jewspeak’.

  208. @botazefa

    No doubt this is dangerous stuff, but blaming Black people or the deep state is a retardedly predictable reaction. Blame the wealthy.
    Why don’t we blame the individual for his/her choices?
    Or is that too far a stretch for the junior college crowd?

    There is a massive amount of data that shows co-ordination and incitement. These are not organic events. The media and others created an environment into which easily manipulate morons, like you from the sounds of it, took the bait and are now out in the streets’protesting’ ‘systemic racism’.

    If it wasn’t dangerous it would be laughable.

    Freedom is a fragile thing. We are being systematically stolen from, all seemingly legal, by the Federal Reserve Bank, Blackwater and Steve Mnuchin. When they are done, the American people will have an additional 5-7$ Trillion in debt added to the National Balance Sheet as a Liability. Debt. Slavery.
    You and all the other leftist morons fell for ‘Covid’ and now you fell for ‘Racism’. The stupidity of the left and the cunning of the predatory class, the heart of which is Jewry, is destroying the West and our young believe that the number issue facing the country is ‘Racism’.

    I wouldn’t believe this [email protected] if I hadn’t seen it.

    • Agree: Rabbitnexus
    • Replies: @botazefa
  209. @orionyx

    Compare an attack dog to a little fluffy show eunuch dog and tell me there is no meaning in the breeds of a dog.

  210. @anon


    Are you lost?

    Lopez was carrying illegally, he does not have a permit to carry.

    That’s not a syllogism because open carry is legal in NM. Only concealed carry requires permit.

    Was he carrying concealed when he was shoving the unidentified women? If so, that wasn’t wise, but NM law allows people without a concealed carry permit to “transport” a concealed weapon with no round in the chamber and loaded magazine(s) in a separate pocket.

    Was he doing that? We’ll find out.

    Yes, the DA makes me feel proud to be a longtime Burquean.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Johnny Walker Read
  211. @Mefobills

    A clinic of brilliantly unique insights providing the road map necessary for overthrowing Jew tyranny by eradicating Jew parasitism.

  212. Kneil says:
    @John Nada

    The media is and has been a major problem in this all along. It has gone on way too long with no oversight using it’s monopoly powers at it’s convenience as a tool for the opposition, yet nothing is mentioned about this anywhere. What we are experiencing are the effects of this problem big time.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  213. @Sean

    The Chinese have not been inclined to project power outwards. I cannot imagine them going to such lengths or wanting to risk being caught doing so, as to attempt to direct a revolution or regime change op anywhere let alone the USA. Just as Russia isn’t interested in interfering with US elections because it really matters not one bit which party is in power because nothing much changes either way as far as foreign policy is concerned. To overcome this would require dismantling the corporations which in actuality rule Washington.

    • Replies: @Sean
  214. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    I agree with most of your piece with one notable exception. The Saker isn’t claiming to be a journalist I don’t think. I’d have said he is an analyst. As such his analysis isn’t that wide of the mark nor very much in contrast to what you’re saying.

  215. @Kneil

    Yes, if anything needs banning or defunding it is the Mainstream Media. I’d say it needs regulating and held accountable for falsehoods and bias.

  216. anon[416] • Disclaimer says:
    @David riskanalyst


    Are you lost?

    Yes. I should have written “Baca”.

    Was he carrying concealed when he was shoving the unidentified women?

    I can’t tell from the video. However I cannot see a sidearm in a holster in any of the video, therefore it is likely he was carrying concealed.

    If so, that wasn’t wise, but NM law allows people without a concealed carry permit to “transport” a concealed weapon with no round in the chamber and loaded magazine(s) in a separate pocket.

    That’s pretty odd, but I doubt he was doing that.

    Was he doing that? We’ll find out.
    Yes, the DA makes me feel proud to be a longtime Burquean.

    Let’s just say that so far DA Torrez seems to be sane and able to think, unlike the Mayor and Governor. For example, the Governor nattered about “intimidation” in her statement, but no mention of Antifa. Yet their entire costume is all about anonymizing and intimidation, rather like that of the late Ku Klux Klan: both

    • Replies: @David riskanalyst
  217. Norteno says: • Website

    In reply to the comment about Spanish people in Latin America, I would like to let people know that we are alive & well in Northern New Mexico. Most of NM was settled by direct descendent European Spaniards. Our presence here predates both Mexico, and the United States. Like other European cultures in the US , we also are under vicious communist attack. Soros funded “protestors “ have been successful in eliminating the statues of Don Juan De Oñate from Albuquerque. Communist Soros appointed mayor, governor have All given their tacit approval . So it’s not just other white cultures that are in peril. Europeans banded together to defend Europe from mongol hordes and Islamic moors. Maybe it’s time to revive that spirit here in the US where we have been marginalized and persecuted!

    • Troll: vot tak
    • Replies: @vot tak
  218. Sean says:

    The Chinese have not been inclined to project power outwards. I cannot imagine them going to such lengths or wanting to risk being caught doing so, as to attempt to direct a revolution or regime change op anywhere let alone the USA.

    I am not saying the Chinese would actually attempt anything so promethean at present, they still don’t have control over their own region. The USA was not interventionist, until it established control over its own neighbours and excluded all other powers from influence in the Americas (Monroe doctrine). America then begane interfering and fighting further and further afield. And when in the wake of WWs it was became the most powerful economy in the world, the US had countries overthrown by their own militaries left right and centre.

    For now, recruitment of conspirators would be impossible. A coup against Trump would surely present itself as being patriotic, but in the real world it likely would be tied up with foreign intelligence services. Unless they were a little weak in the head, anyone asked to join an ostensibly patriotic coup would instantly assume that he was being contacted by a foreign backed conspiracy. Assassination would be easy, but I think the Chinese think another Trump term is best prevented by China’s hirelings in Wall St and the liberal business establishment, and their antifa auxiliaries.

  219. vot tak says:

    More israeli likudite faggotry posing as something it is not.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  220. @Paul Greenwood

    The British tried to stop Trotsky in Halifax when he was on his way to Russia in 1917. Pontificate about something else.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  221. botazefa says:

    Why don’t we blame the individual for his/her choices?
    Or is that too far a stretch for the junior college crowd?

    I advocate blaming the wealthy, with cause, for the BLM protests in the streets because it is a well funded operation.

    There is a massive amount of data that shows co-ordination and incitement. These are not organic events. The media and others created an environment into which easily manipulate morons, like you from the sounds of it, took the bait and are now out in the streets’protesting’ ‘systemic racism’.

    The BLM protests are obviously well funded and coordinated. If you have ‘massive data’ showing that riots and looting are being centrally directed you should provide it.

    You and all the other leftist morons fell for ‘Covid’ and now you fell for ‘Racism

    You’re obviously young and ignorant.

  222. @David riskanalyst

    Órálé Bro,

    Our soy boy mayor here in Burque now making threats to defund the police and send social workers on many 911 calls.
    God how I love my fellow “Burqueños” who keep voting Democrat.

    • Replies: @David riskanalyst
  223. Uomiem says:

    Saker is lying. A race denier isn’t one believes that race is non-existent, it’s someone who makes the claim – no one really believes it.

  224. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Check the ethnicities of the “white” rioters. I’d say that the majority of them would be deeply offended that anyone would call them Christian.

    Learn some real history about the War Between the States. The Black Republicans controlled Congress after that war and imposed their civil rights agenda to further their own political purposes. That’s all.

  225. @anon

    Yes. I should have written “Baca”.

    If you lived here as long as me you’d probably know that Baca (cow) “signifies” a prominent family while Lopez is probably peasant or Puerto Rican. He grew up with father being Sheriff, so he knows the law here and it’s at the very least foolish and reckless if he was carrying concealed without a permit.

    “transport” a concealed weapon with no round in the chamber and loaded magazine(s) in a separate pocket…. That’s pretty odd, but I doubt he was doing that.

    Yes, but we see it as a corollary of Occam’s Razor except instead of the simplest explanation it’s the simplest explanation consistent with the law.

    Maybe he didn’t expect having to draw, aim, and repeatedly hit a human target but that’s what happened and that’s why he’s still in jail. It’s usually a misdemeanor anyway. Unlawful carrying could be minor infractions like making verbal or even nonverbal threats while carrying or having the outward appearance of intoxication.

    I don’t know of anyone who’s gotten away with the transporting argument in court but there are many people who take advantage of the Castle Doctrine applied when one is in transit. That is, a gun can be legally concealed when one is in or on a motor vehicle. Courts here have applied that to motorcycles and also to bicycles. I don’t know if anyone’s tried to apply it to them for being a pedestrian but, no that wouldn’t fly here.

    Scott Wilson could have been carrying concealed while alight on his skate board.

    His father is former sheriff. So he knows the law and he also knows plenty of current judges.

    • Replies: @David riskanalyst
  226. starthorn says:

    It takes a certain lack of command of the English language to call something “Juneteenth”.

  227. @David riskanalyst


    Elfego Baca (February 10, 1865 – August 27, 1945) was a gunman, lawman, lawyer, and politician in the later years of the American wild west. Baca was born in Socorro, New Mexico, to Francisco and Juana Maria Baca. His family moved to Topeka, Kansas, when he was a young child. Upon his mother’s death in 1880, Baca returned with his father to Belen, New Mexico, where his father became a marshal.

    In 1884, at age 19, Baca acquired some guns and became a deputy sheriff (whether through purchasing a badge or by being appointed is unclear) in Socorro County, New Mexico.

    His goal in life was to be a peace officer. He wanted, he said, “the outlaws to hear my steps a block away.” Southwestern New Mexico at the time was still relatively sparsely settled cattle ranching country.…

    Frisco shootout

    The Frisco Store in Middle Frisco Plaza
    In October 1884, in the town of Middle San Francisco Plaza (now Reserve, New Mexico), Elfego Baca arrested a drunk cowboy named Charlie McCarty. Baca flashed his badge at McCarty and took Charlie’s gun. McCarty’s fellow cowboys tried to take him by force, but Baca resisted and opened fire on the cowboys, killing the horse of John Slaughter’s foreman, which fell on him and killed him. Baca shot another cowboy in the knee. Subsequently, Justice of the Peace Ted White granted McCarty’s freedom and summoned Bert Hearne, a rancher from Spur Lake Ranch, to bring Baca back to the Justice for questioning relating to what the Justice considered murder. After Baca refused to come out of the adobe jail, Hearne broke down the door and ordered Baca to come out with his hands up. Soon after that, shots volleyed from the jail and hit Hearne in the stomach, resulting in his death.

    A standoff with the cowboys ensued. The number of cowboys that gathered has been disputed, with villagers at the scene reporting about forty present while Baca himself later claimed there had been at least eighty. Allegedly, the cowboys fired more than 4,000 shots into the house, until the adobe building was full of holes. Incredibly, not one of the bullets struck Baca. (The floor of the home is said to have been slightly lower than ground level; thus Baca was able to escape injury.)

    During the siege, Baca shot and killed four of his attackers and wounded eight others. After about 33 hours and roughly 4,000 rounds of open fire, the battle ended when Francisquito Naranjo persuaded Baca to surrender. In May 1885, Baca was charged with murder for the death of John Slaughter’s foreman and Bert Hearne and was jailed awaiting trial. In August 1885, Baca was acquitted after the door of Armijo’s house was entered as evidence. It had more than 400 bullet holes in it. The incident became known as the Frisco shootout. Purportedly, Baca’s defense attorney had false documentation to prove Baca’s legal deputization because Baca’s biography suggests he deputized himself just before the arrest of Charlie McCarty.[1]

    Law and order
    Baca officially became the sheriff of Socorro County and secured indictments for the arrest of the area’s lawbreakers. Instead of ordering his deputies to pursue the wanted men, he sent each of the accused a letter. It said, “I have a warrant here for your arrest. Please come in by March 15 and give yourself up. If you don’t, I’ll know you intend to resist arrest, and I will feel justified in shooting you on sight when I come after you.” Most of the offenders turned themselves in voluntarily.

    In 1888, Baca became a U.S. Marshal. He served for two years and then began studying law. In December 1894, he was admitted to the bar by Judge A.A. Freeman and briefly joined Freeman’s Socorro law firm in February 1895.[2][3] He practiced law on San Antonio Street in El Paso between 1902 and 1904.

    Political life
    Baca held a succession of public offices, including county clerk, mayor and school superintendent of Socorro County and district attorney for Socorro and Sierra counties. In his book The Shooters, historian Leon Metz writes that “most reports say he was the best peace officer Socorro ever had.”

    From 1913 to 1916, Baca served as the official U.S. representative of Victoriano Huerta’s government during the Mexican Revolution. In April 1915, Baca was charged with criminal conspiracy for allegedly masterminding the November 1914 escape of Mexican general José Inés Salazar from the Albuquerque jail.[4] Successfully defended by the New Mexican lawyer and politician Octaviano Larrazolo, Baca’s reputation grew among Southwestern residents.

    When New Mexico became a state in 1912, Baca unsuccessfully ran for Congress as a Republican. Nevertheless, he remained a valued political figure because of his ability to turn out the vote among the Hispanic population. Working at times as a private detective, Baca also took a job as a bouncer in a casino across the border in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

    Baca worked closely with New Mexico’s longtime Senator Bronson Cutting as a political investigator and wrote a weekly column in Spanish praising Cutting’s work on behalf of local Hispanics. Baca considered running for governor despite his declining health, but he failed to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination for district attorney in 1944.

    Metz, his biographer, wrote: “Elfego was, and is, controversial. He drank too much; talked too much … he had a weakness for wild women. He was often arrogant and, of course, he showed no compunction about killing people.” On his 75th birthday, Baca told the Albuquerque Tribune that as a lawyer he had defended 30 people charged with murder and that only one went to the penitentiary.

    In July 1936, several years before his death, Janet Smith conducted an interview with Elfego Baca. Her notes can be found in the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, WPA Federal Writers’ Project Collection. Baca told Smith, “I never wanted to kill anybody, but if a man had it in his mind to kill me, I made it my business to get him first.”

  228. @Johnny Walker Read

    Buerque has changed so much since the 70s when I left the NYC of Charles Bronson’s Deathwish movies for three main reasons: 1) very few jews in the visible power structure; 2) very few negroes both in and out of the power structure; and 3) open carry in the local common law in that judges applied Castle Doctrine to recognize our inherent human right to have concealed weapons in our cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., as we go about our lives outside our property. I think NM is unique in recognizing such a right.

    sunlight is the best disinfectant

    I do free speech performance art in my front yard. See the story at link above, where KOB 4 gave me my three minutes of fame in 2018.

    Provocative signs spotted at home near UNM
    Kasia Gregorczyk
    January 17, 2018 10:25 PM

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — There’s a home in Albuquerque that’s certainly making a statement. But just what kind of message is the homeowner trying to send with signs that read “the Holocaust is a hoax”?

    After getting a picture of the home from a curious viewer, a KOB news crew visited the neighborhood near Vassar and Lomas for a closer look. The signs and what they say catch your attention right away.

    “Schools turn children into zombies.”

  229. As I have said it many times, I don’t believe that the term “race” has a scientific basis, nor do concepts such as “Black” or “White”.

    What a totally assinine thing to say. Forensic lab techs can identify the racial profile of subjects by analyzing their genetic samples using ancestry informative markers (AIM). The debate is not whether races exist but whether they are reliably identified by ordinary people.

    Subjects identified themselves as belonging to one of four major racial/ethnic groups (white, African American, East Asian, and Hispanic) and were recruited from 15 different geographic locales within the United States and Taiwan. Genetic cluster analysis of the microsatellite markers produced four major clusters, which showed near-perfect correspondence with the four self-reported race/ethnicity categories. Of 3,636 subjects of varying race/ethnicity, only 5 (0.14%) showed genetic cluster membership different from their self-identified race/ethnicity. (Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, and Confounding in Case-Control Association Studies, Hua Tang, Tom Quertermous, […], and Neil J. Risch,

    It is true that genetic race does not correspond perfectly with reported race, as the following study notes:

    Genetic analysis of individual ancestry shows that some self-identified African Americans have up to 99% of European ancestry, whereas some self-identified European Americans have substantial admixture from African ancestry. (

    Nevertheless, the fact is irrefutable that racial classifications exist objectively in the human genome and usually correspond to reported race. This does not imply that there are no social constructs associated with race. Obviously there are, but to imagine these have no “scientific basis” is ludicrous.

  230. @Mustapha Mond

    “The Orange Man is the long awaited messiah!”

    Read The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn.

  231. More evidence its not a popular revolution:

    In CHAZ, its not just the $10 they’re being asked to give.

    From @6:45 listen for the word “capital” …. who speaks like that?

    “Are you going to give up power and capital and land?”

  232. jared says:

    The american people should unite in protest of our corrupt, inept, self serving and murderous government. This should be done in peaceful protests and in nominating and electing alternative canditates. Candidates should be selected at random from american citizens. They seek to distract and divide us.

  233. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Wouldn’t be surprising if they were to try a major vote fraud to steal the election, something big as compared to the usual grass-roots fraud.

    Of course — that’s been SOP for decades. Bringing ringers into the US to vote / serve as population fillers in urban areas is just part of the process.

    If you want an attack to succeed, and you have the resources, you make “feints” in several places. Ideally, each of the feints might succeed, and have enough troops and logistics to exploit the success until reserves can be moved in to exploit the success further.
    The goal is to make the opposition defend in many places while an attack one particular place is given enough resources to burn through the oppositions weakened defense at that one place.
    This works for politics also, and more so since politics is like Chess — take control of the King and you win the game.

    Major vote fraud: There are limits to vote fraud. The figures I’ve seen say something less than 10% of the vote can be fraudulent in US elections. On of the reasons for this is monetary cost of paying the people who introduce fraudulent votes. People who “harvest” mail-in ballots, for example, don’t do that for free — one way or another, they are paid. Another reason is risk of legitimacy. If more than about 10% of votes are fraudulent, people might get a bit suspicious (as people are now).
    In fact, political organizations voluntarily and ferociously reduce their size to the minimum required to win an election _when the bulk of the vote cancels itself out through misleading propaganda_. This makes these organizations vulnerable to episodes like the Trump win in 2016, when some large part of the electorate does _not_ cancel its vote out by splitting into two approximately equal factions (e.g. usually the group is split, 50% R, 50%D, but if it went 100%R, 0%D it it would swamp the D vote from remaining D groups).

    What can a professional politician do when “populism” (actual democracy) occurs? Well, they usually wait. See chapter “Reformers is Mayflies”, _Plunkett of Tammany Hall_, Riorden/Plunkett. This time they did not wait, and have in fact taken extremely unusual steps to retain control of the Federal Government. IMHO, the existing city based system is in very bad shape, and would permanently vanish, rather like the Whigs once did, were Trump to exercise the usual Presidential powers.

    The permanent government is desperate. The current riots and revolutions (CHOP, for an example) by Democratic constituencies are in Democratic areas. If you look closely at them, the revolutions are against the Democratic city government, not Trump. That is why Antifa leadership of the revolutions has been rejected. The local governments are running their legs off in front of the mobs, trying to act like leaders, but the mobs do not accept them or their proxies.

    Given the above situation, incipient revolt against Democrat urban control, and the impending very large reduction in urban budgets, and the depreciated state of urban infrastructure, and the inability of the urban governments to pay the various local leaders enough to keep them quiet, Democratic governments have only one chance to survive: absolute rule and the institution of a command economy.

    So, yes, in 2020 we could well see massive fraud, even obvious vote fraud of over the historic 10% limit. Not a choice the Democrats would ordinarily take, as it is risky in the short term and very unlikely to succeed in the medium term, but on the whole no bigger a risk to Democrat existence than the recent lockdowns. The alternative is the end of urban control of US politics.

  234. @Anonymous

    Unz and his people are also behind Blacks With Attitude (BWA)

    “his people” ? Who are they, exactly ? And I DO mean “exactly”.

    Sources, or retract, cretin.

  235. @Kali_

    If they were smart Tulsi Gabbard would be their nominee

    SSSssshhh… !! For God’s sake, DON’T tell the Democrats what they’re doing wrong – that way, they’ll keep on doing it !!

  236. aandrews says:

    Turns out she’s the dead blood’s mud shark girlfriend.

  237. vot tak says:

    Video: Ex-Cop Charged With George Floyd’s Murder Verbally Assaulted in Grocery

    “One of the ex-police officers charged with the murder of George Floyd, J. Alexander Keung, was identified in a grocery shop, as a woman filmed him on the video and denounced him for being let out of jail, wondered aloud who put up the cash for his bail and asking if he felt any “remorse about what he did”.

    So who paid the criminals bail. 750 quid isnt small change, even when conpared to bloated police salaries.

  238. a_German_ says:

    The simple reason spending money is the return. The gouverment over here is not stupid as it seems.

    This was and will always more then what was spended.

    Eg. germany transforms the crisis in 2008 to outperform the rest of Europe.

    Now we are facing the next attac of the US Pighole (the hole above the shitholes) and we have to manage that. In a weird situation with an US Puppet Regime installed to destroy the country.

    We are good at war, much better than other countries and turned every defeat in a peacetime win.

    Your riots are a normal everyday situation over here. I live on a place where Antifa revolts are quite normal and there are managed all the time. Except when political will needs some press notes.

  239. Mefobills says:
    @vot tak

    Not likudite faggotry.

    Spainards were in the new world, and they were Europeans.

    Mexico war of independence 1810 to 1821. Spainards are converted into Mexicans. These new Mexicans are not Mestizo’s. There are only some Meztizo’s at this time in history.

    Texas revolution 1835 to 1836.

    Mexican American War 1846 to 1848.

    All of these wars left former Spainards in place, which is how the Southwest has Spanish names for things.

    These people were for the most part Europeans. Go ahead and do some population statistics on this time period, you will find there were not that many Spainards, and hardly any Mestizos.

    America was built by Settlers.

    I count you statement as extreme ignorance.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  240. vot tak says:

    Actually, arsewipe, I was referring to the cemmenter’s far right political view, not whether spaniards were in the americas.

    • Replies: @RudyM
    , @Mefobills
  241. RudyM says:
    @David riskanalyst

    I wish people would stop leaving out the footage of Baca tossing a woman aside before the attack:

    I agree that the police should have stepped in to stop the crowd trying to pull down the statue (especially as there was apparently an undercover police presence in the crowd, though I don’t remember where I read that–I think it was a local mainstream news source), but Baca is not obviously innocent here.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  242. RudyM says:
    @vot tak

    LOL, and you don’t think a lot of people in New Mexico who are descended from the originally Spanish conquerors are proud of their Spanish heritage, you utterly useless ideologue shit?

    This was just published yesterday in the Albuquerque Journal:

  243. Mefobills says:
    @vot tak

    What is wrong with this statement?

    So it’s not just other white cultures that are in peril. Europeans banded together to defend Europe from mongol hordes and Islamic moors. Maybe it’s time to revive that spirit here in the US where we have been marginalized and persecuted!

    Somehow I’m the arsewipe?

  244. @James Scott

    I agree with your assessment re: fascism coming.

    The Tribe has done what no elite can do: FAIL.

    They have destroyed the U.S. financial system. The desperate attempt to shore it up with $5 Trillion will fail. The economy won’t recover. Unemployment will stay high.

    Telling people ‘whitey bad’ is no different than ‘orange man bad’. It is the strategy of a moron.
    I find it incredibly ironic that Jews acquire full spectrum media ownership and still can’t come up with a narrative that is cohesive or intelligent. It is all 90 IQ garbage. It really doesn’t take a lot of brain power for people to realize that the group that dominates in media, finance and government are complete failures who can’t run a functioning system. With all the time the 40+million unemployed will have in the next few years I’m pretty sure they will figure this one out.

    There really is no way out for America’s Jews but when you have 1900 years of being hated for your homicidal behavior* you get pretty good at having a plan b: running away. Being thoroughly hated means needing several option: the Jewish Autonomous Region in Russia, Israel and massive land purchases in Patagonia, Argentina.
    They will be leaving America soon.
    I mean, really, why stay once you have successfully looted the economy for nearly everything of value?
    Fun fact: I recently discovered that the volume of electronic trading on Wall St. means that all sorts of counterfeit shares came into existence over 15 years ago. Estimates are that this has allowed ‘financial criminals’ to loot over 100 $Trillion in the last decade (this was from a recent SGT Report).
    Israel has always been more than a country. The Rothschilds understood that the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean is and will always be a critical, strategic trade junction. Put oil into the mix and I imagine there is no price they wouldn’t have paid to get control of Israel. It has served them well as a center for world-wide looting operations.

    I think that they understand that they will have to pack up and leave America pretty soon. It is becoming too widely known how much Defense Technology has been stolen from America and sold to Russia and China. I’m sure even they realize that the gig is up and this next few years will see significant violence as the Nation struggles to get the 800lb gorilla of its’ back.

    *Kitos War: Jews killed 400, 000 Christians.

  245. @RudyM

    , but Baca is not obviously innocent here.

    Because he threw aside a passive-aggressive dumbass who was wrongfully thwarting his freedom of movement. Right. She got off light.

    If women are to be treated equally, then all of the ‘look what he did to women’ emotion-twanging is a lie. They got in the scrum, they get the scrum.

    Aggressive twats scream, “Kill!” Aggressive twats enter the kill zone.

    Wonder if your cognitive disharmony led you to write, “is not obviously innocent” instead of “is obviously not innocent”.

    I’m starting to love 2020.

  246. dickr says:

    Trumps problem is his beholdenness to Adelson, kushner, bibi. All his downsides emanate from those rotten ties

  247. @RudyM

    LOL, and you don’t think a lot of people in New Mexico who are descended from the originally Spanish conquerors are proud of their Spanish heritage?

    Oh, c’mon. Descended? They’re proud alright, but it’s more fantasy than reality. In the 500 years those “descendents” of the Spanish conquerors are here how many of those family trees show no intermarriage outside that group with mestizos or Anglos, or Asians by way of California or even maybe an occasional negro cowboy? Can you find just one?

    I’ve known many native New Mexicans who proudly announce that they can trace their ancestors back to white people from Spain but they always have brown skin and rounded features that look at least as mestizo as European.

    On the matter of Steven Baca, he’s been released until trial with no bond


    KOB Web Staff

    June 22, 2020 07:12 PM
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Steven Baca appeared in court Monday morning. He will be released from custody and required to report to pretrial services.

    Judge Charles Brown ordered Baca to not attend any protests or have contact with any witnesses. He is also not allowed to carry a weapon.

    According to police, Baca shot a protester multiple times during a demonstration calling for the removal of a Juan de Oñate statue near Old Town.

    Baca faces two counts of battery and an aggravated battery charge against three women at the protest. District Attorney Raul Torrez dropped the charges for the shooting last week.

    The district attorney’s office believes the judge allowing Baca to go free is a mistake.

    “We continue to believe that Baca is a threat to public safety and reserve the right to revisit the possibility of his detention as new witnesses and evidence become available in this ongoing investigation,” a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

    Ryan Laughlin
    June 17, 2020 06:10 PM
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The Bernalillo County District Attorney has some problems with the way the Albuquerque Police Department handled the investigation surrounding the shooting on the night vandals were attempting to bring down the Juan de Oñate statue.

    “On the 16th, I sent a letter to Chief Geier of the Albuquerque Police Department, laying out the reasons why I believe the Albuquerque Police Department should no longer serve as the lead agency for this particular crime that is alleged to have occurred.”

    Torrez noted that the undercover APD officers who were present during the protest were never interviewed. Torrez said the officers are key witnesses, which is part of the reason New Mexico State Police are taking over the investigation.

    Torrez was also critical of how APD handled potential evidence.

    KOB Web Staff June 16, 2020 05:32 PM
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Albuquerque police recovered guns, knives and ammunition following a protest that turned violent Monday Night.

    A man was arrested for shooting a person near Old Town after protesters attempted to tear down a statue of Juan de Oñate.

    “This kind of violence has no place in our city. Our hearts go out to the victim and his family. Last night, this sculpture became more than a symbol, it became a matter of public safety, and today we removed it from its place in front of the Albuquerque Museum until the appropriate civic institutions can determine next steps,” said Mayor Tim Keller during a meeting with top city officials.

    During a briefing with top city officials, it was announced that New Mexico State Police would take over the investigation.

    APD said they handed it over to ensure fairness. All of APD’s techniques for crowd control, response and staging of officers is also under review by the Public Oversight Board.

    “Officers have to balance the need to step in when they think a crime is committed and sometimes that’s not so clear,” said APD spokesperson Gilbert Gallegos. “It might be that a crime might be committed, or they aren’t sure at that point. They have to balance that and the fact that just the presence of a uniformed officer may escalate tensions and lead to violence.”

    Police said smoke was uses to disperse the crowd, and get access to the victim.

  248. @RudyM

    This was just published yesterday in the Albuquerque Journal:

    So what. Albuquerque Urinal is behind a paywall so if you think it’s so important that you want to talk about it, quote the relevant parts. There are plenty of message boards which routinely delete posts that cite hidden articles without quoting from them.

  249. vot tak says:

    Some good news in pindoland for a change.

    Three Suspects Indicted on Murder Charges in Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

    “Travis McMichael and his father Gregory McMichael, as well as William “Roddie” Bryan, were indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on nine counts, including malice murder, felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes announced.

    ​”This is another step forward in seeking justice for Ahmaud. Our team from the Cobb Judicial Circuit has been committed to effectively bringing forward the evidence in this case, and today was no exception,” Holmes said in a statement shared on Facebook.

    “We will continue to be intentional in the pursuit of justice for this family and the community at large as the prosecution of this case continues,” the statement continued.

    The three men are currently being held in a Glynn County jail without bond.

    The McMichaels were charged on May 7 with murder and aggravated assault, while Bryan was charged on May 21 with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.”

  250. posthaste says:

    Germany also gives subsidizes nuke subs to Israel as 75-yr old restitution (never-ending). Even worse is how Germans let Merkel spend billions to turn much of Germany into Muslim no-go zones with gang enforced sharia, then re-elected her! Merkel herself said a few years ago that multiculturalism is a complete failure, but she opened the floodgates to EU’s anti-nation-state globalist agenda.

  251. Weather Report:

    This is not a revolution. This is terrorism. This is led by the 1970’s terrorist network The Weather Underground, Susan Rosenberg convicted for explosives and acts of terrorism, sentenced to 58 years, served 16, pardoned by Bill Clinton, and Bill Ayres regularly featured on Sputnik’s Loud and Clear readio show with ex-CIA John Kiriakou and Brian Becker, and former Organizing For America, Obama camaigner, and public health department employee, all by her own admission, Nicole Rousell, as well as other Sputnik Radio show hosts.

  252. mitchum22 says:

    Anybody know what’s up with Andre? His website has been down and out for over a week now.

  253. @fred777

    The Poles fought back.

    Until Stalin intervened and put a stop to that resistance.

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