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Would Russia Use Nukes to Defend Khmeimim?
Week Nineteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria
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The past week saw no decrease in the tense confrontation between Turkey and Russia over Syria. While Russia’s position is simple – ‘we are ready to fight’ – the Turkish position is much more ambiguous: Turkish politicians are saying one thing, then the opposite and then something else again. At times they make it sound like an invasion is imminent, and at times they say that “Turkey plans no unilateral invasion”. Since a UN authorized invasion of Syria will never happen, this means some kind of “coalition of the willing”, possibly NATO. The problem here is that the Europeans have no desire to end up in a war against Russia. At the same time, the US and France refuse to allow a UN Resolution which would reaffirm the sovereignty of Syria. Yup, that’s right. The US and France apparently think that the UN Charter (which affirms the sovereignty of all countries) does not apply to Syria. Go figure…

There are persistent rumors that top Turkish military commanders, categorically oppose any attack on Syria and that they want no part in a war with Russia. I don’t blame them one bit as they understand perfectly well two simple things: first, Turkey does not need a war, only Erdogan does; second, when Turkey is defeated, Erdogan will blame the military. There are also signs of disagreements inside the USA over the prospects of such a war, with the Neocons backing Erdogan and pushing him towards war just as they had done with Saakashvili while the White House and Foggy Bottom are telling Erdogan to “cool it”. As for the Turks themselves, they have shelled Kurdish and Syrian positions across the border and, on at least two occasions, a small military force has been seen crossing the border.

From a purely military point of view, it makes absolutely no sense for the Turks to mass at the border, declare that they are about to invade, then stop, do some shelling and then only send a few little units across the border. What the Turks should have done was to covertly begin to increase the level of readiness of their forces then and then attacked as soon as Russians detected their preparations even if that meant that they would have to initiate combat operations before being fully mobilized and ready. The advantages of a surprise attack are so big that almost every other consideration has to be put aside in order to achieve it. The Turks did the exact opposite: they advertised their intentions to invade and once their forces were ready, they simply stopped at the border and began issuing completely contradictory declarations. This makes absolutely no sense at all.

What complicates this already chaotic situation is that Erdogan is clearly a lunatic and that there appears to the at least the possibility of some serious infighting between the Turkish political leaders and the military.

Furthermore, there appears to be some very bad blood between the USA and the Erdogan regime. Things got so bad that Erdogan’s chief adviser, Seref Malkoc, said that Turkey might deny the US the use of Incirlik Air Base for strikes against ISIL if the US does not name the YPG as a terrorist group. Erdogan later repudiated this statement, but the fact remains that the Turks are now directly blackmailing the USA. If Erdogan and his advisors seriously believe that they can publicly blackmail a superpower like the USA then their days are numbered. At the very least, this kind of irresponsible outbursts shows that the Turks are really crumbling under the pressure they themselves have created.

Still, the fact that Turkey has not invaded yet is a tiny minute sign that maybe, just maybe, the Turks will give up on this crazy notion or that they will limit themselves to a ‘mini-invasion’ just a few miles across the border. The military would probably prefer such a minimal face saving option, but what about Erdogan and the crazies around him?

Maybe the Turkish military ought to realize that the country is ruled by the madman and do something about it?

Still, the Russians are taking no chances and they have put all their forces into high alert. They have very publicly dispatched a Tu-214r – her most advanced ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) aircraft. You can think of the Tu-214R as an “AWACS for the ground”, the kind of aircraft you use to monitor a major ground battle (the regular Russian A-50Ms are already monitoring the Syrian airspace). In southern Russia, the Aerospace forces have organized large-scale exercises involving a large number of aircraft which would be used in a war against Turkey: SU-34s. The Airborne Forces are ready. The naval task forces off the Syrian coast is being augmented. The delivery of weapons has accelerated. The bottom line is simple and obvious: the Russians are not making any threats – they are preparing for war. In fact, by now they are ready.

This leaves an important question to be asked: what would the Russians do if their still relatively small force in Syria is attacked and over-run by the Turks? Would the Russian use nuclear weapons?

At least one reporter, Robert Perry, as written the following: “A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians have warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save their troops in the face of a Turkish-Saudi onslaught”. Is that really possible? Would the Russians really use nuclear weapons of things get ugly in Syria?

The Russian Military Doctrine is very clear on the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. This is the relevant paragraph:

27. The Russian Federation reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use against her and (or) her allies of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, as well as in the case of aggression against the Russian Federation with the use of conventional weapons in a way which would threaten her very existence as a state. The decision to use nuclear weapons is taken by the President of the Russian Federation.

There is no ambiguity here. Unless Russia is threatened as a state she will not use nuclear weapons. Some will, no doubt, say that the official military doctrine is one thing, but the reality in Syria is another one and if the Turks overrun Khmeimin Russia will have no other option than to use nukes. There is a precedent for that kind of logic: when the US deployed the 82nd Airborne in Saudi Arabia as part of Desert Shield the Pentagon fully understood that if the much larger Iraqi army invaded Saudi Arabia the 82nd would be destroyed. It was hoped that the USAF and USN could provide enough air sorties to stop the Iraqi advance, but if not it was understood that tactical nuclear weapons would be used. The situation in Syria is different.

For one thing, the Russian task force in Syria is not an infantry tripwire force like the 82nd in Iraq. The terrain and the opposing forces are also very different. Second, the Russian contingent in Syria can count on the firepower and support of the Russian Navy in the Caspian and Mediterranean and the Russian Aerospace Forces from Russia proper. Last but not least, the Russians can count in the support of the Syrian military, Iranian forces, Hezbollah and, probably, t he Syrian Kurds who are now openly joing the 4+1 alliance (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah) turning it into a 4+2 alliance I suppose.

There is one important feature of this 4+2 alliance which ought to really give the Turks a strong incentive to be very careful before taking any action: every member of this 4+2 alliance has an extensive military experience, a much better one than the Turkish military. The modern Turkish military is much more similar to the Israeli military in 2006 – it has a great deal of experience terrorizing civilians and it is not a force trained to fight “real” wars. There is a very real risk for the Turks that if they really invade Syria they might end up facing the same nightmare as the Israelis did when they invaded Lebanon in 2006.

In the meantime, the Russian backed Syrian forces are still advancing. Since the beginning of their counter-offensive the Syrians have succeeded in recapturing all of the strategic locations in western Syria in slow and incremental steps and they are now threatening Raqqa. See for yourself:

The bottom line is this: the size and capabilities of the Russian task force in Syria has been expanding and the level of collaborations between the elements of the 4+2 alliance has been increasing. Add to this the capability to deploy a regimental-size (and fully mechanized) Airborne force in Latakia if needed, and you will begin to see that the Turks would be taking a major risk if they attacked Russian forces even if Russia does not threaten the use of tactical nukes. In fact, I don’t see any scenario short of a massive US/NATO attack under which Russia would use her tactical nuclear weapons.

Frankly, this situation is far from resolved. It is no coincidence that just when a ceasefire was supposed to come into effect two terrorist attacks in Turkey are oh-so-conveniently blamed on the Kurds. It sure looks like somebody is trying hard to set Turkey on a collision course with Russia, doesn’t it?

Making predictions about what the Turks and their Saudi friends will do makes no sense. We are clearly dealing with two regimes which are gradually “losing it”: they are lashing out at everybody (including their US patrons), they are terrified of their own minorities (Kurds and Shia) and their propensity for violence and terror is only matched by their inability in conventional warfare. Does that remind you of somebody else?

Of course! The Ukronazis fit this picture perfectly. Well, guess what, they are dreaming of forming an anti-Russian alliance with the Turks now. Amazing no? Just imagine what a Ukrainian-Turkish-Saudi alliance would look like: a real life “Islamo-Fascist” gang of thugs combining hateful fanaticism, corruption, incompetence, violence, strident nationalism and military incompetence. A toxic combination for sure, but not a viable one.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Syria, Turkey 
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  1. Thirdeye says:

    Apropos of probable Russian response to a Turkish invasion:

    Turkey will probably not make a major move without assurance of NATO backing, which seems highly unlikely.

    • Replies: @Sean
  2. attonn says:

    If I understand it correctly, Turks don’t really plan to advance into Latakia. They simply want to occupy a relatively small chunk of land north of Aleppo to prevent Kurds from forming a continuous slice of territory along all Syria-Turkey border.
    Right now, Syrians themselves need to ask Kurds to not advance any further out of their western enclave, while Syrian Army and its auxiliaries keep clearing out the rest of the country.
    Once jihadis are defeated and peace is restored across most of Syria, Russians can reform Syrian military into the finest fighting force in the Middle East, capable of resisting Turkish onslaught on its own.
    After that, Kurds should be allowed to complete the reunification of their lands.

  3. It’s maddening trying to figure out wtf is going on here- how crazy the Turks and Saudis are (no question about Banderistan- at least we know they’re crazy- and stupid), how much conflict there is and how deep is the rift between Obama, CIA, Pentagon, State Dept, and various players in the US Foreign Policy establishment, including rifts among people within each of those appendages of the USG, and how much of this all is deception by the US ala Engdahl’s recent piece in NEO. Not that they’re the only ones to practice it. Time will tell, but with so much tension and risk of things getting out of control, it would at least be nice to be absolutely sure about a few things. So I know who to blame I guess when WWIII breaks out. But seriously. I wonder if anybody really knows wtf is going on in the minds of the relevant players here.

  4. slorter says:

    Interesting article and one that shows a new element to the struggle. The Turks as with the Israelis are good at fighting people who cannot fight back but when you have a seasoned fighting force different story! Maybe when they are faced with a touch of uncertainty and dire consequences it will produce a peaceful rational outcome!

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Your article would have been much better if you restrained yourself from naked propaganda and hyperbole. For instance, how many times you called Erdogan lunatic and crazy? That kind of carelessness really cheapens your material.

    Having said that, you made a good point when you wrote, “It sure looks like somebody is trying hard to set Turkey on a collision course with Russia!” This is an excellent point. Saker, instead of the one sided propaganda, may be you should make some effort and analyse how catastrophic a war between these two countries will be for both counties and their leaders. May be the cooler heads will prevail.

    • Replies: @Randal
  6. The advantages of a surprise attack are so big that almost every other consideration has to be put aside in order to achieve it. The Turks did the exact opposite: they advertised their intentions to invade and once their forces were ready, they simply stopped at the border and began issuing completely contradictory declarations. This makes absolutely no sense at all.

    The obvious answer is that the Turks are using military manouvres to mask a surge in arms shipments to Syria. Don’t know why this should be such a big mystery when Russia did the same thing wrt Ukraine in 2014.

  7. ” they are dreaming of forming an anti-Russian alliance with the Turks now.”

    Sadly, I have even seen my Ukrainean friends, & friends-of-friends, make pro-Islamic State comments, such is their hatred of Russia. They see Turkey, Saudi, the Arab Islamist terrorists of Daesh & Al Qaeda, and the USA with Ukraine as all part of an anti-Russian alliance. Sadly I fear there is some truth in their viewpoint, though the USA is never a reliable ally, and if the Islamists ever won then the women of Ukraine would be enslaved, the men murdered and the boys castrated by their erstwhile Muslim ‘allies’.

  8. “I don’t see any scenario short of a massive US/NATO attack under which Russia would use her tactical nuclear weapons.”

    I’m sure Russia does not expect to have to use tactical nuclear weapons on Turkish forces; I expect that a Turkish invasion could be blunted by Russian conventional air power and Syrian/Hezbollah ground forces. However it does seem conceivable they might be used (within Syrian territory) if absolutely necessary to prevent the Russians being overrun & killed/captured.
    Because it is a credible threat, it is likely to be effective as a threat, and thus they won’t need to do it.

    Biggest danger is if Rubio is elected US President, appears to promise unconditional US military support to Turkey, they rely on that and attack. Or Rubio orders a ‘no fly zone’ which brings Russia & the US to blows directly. I think the election of Rubio or any other fully neocon-controlled candidate looks very unlikely now, though.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Thirdeye
    , @Jim Mooney
  9. Randal says:

    Turkey can make a small advance into Syria to grab a strategic strip of ground easily (the operation would be done in a few hours). If Turkey does that, the Russians can just protest and pick off the Turks at their leisure by arming the local Kurds and Syrian forces to the teeth. But Turkey probably cannot make a further push into Syria (Aleppo, Latakia or Raqqa) without effective close air support, which would need pre-emptive suppression of Russian air defences. Seems to me the most likely reason for a Russian threat to use nukes would be to deter any idea of the latter which, while unlikely, is serious enough in its consequences for the Russians to be unable to just ignore it.

    The question is, what would they use them against? The obvious use of tactical nuclear weapons would be against a concentrated armoured thrust, and against the air bases used to launch attacks on Russian air defences. But a nuclear groundburst or low level airburst at Incirlik, say, would kill a lot of Americans and make a NATO response more likely. It’s doubtful how effective a high level airburst would be.

  10. 5371 says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Well, the Turks are very stupid if they don’t understand that, while the DNR/LNR were fully capable of dealing with the svidomites with the help they got, their own liver-chomping friends are not up to stopping the current offensive in similar fashion. I think they do understand it and hence are at a loss.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  11. Randal says:

    Your article would have been much better if you restrained yourself from naked propaganda and hyperbole. For instance, how many times you called Erdogan lunatic and crazy? That kind of carelessness really cheapens your material.

    Agree with this. Erdogan clearly isn’t a lunatic. He might be misguided, and unduly rash, and particularly so in the current immensely frustrating situation he has placed himself and his country in, and it might be arguable that he might therefore act irrationally, from a calmer perspective.

    But leaders of nations are rarely if ever actually insane in the conventional sense, and the assertion that leaders who refuse to share or cooperate with the particular western groupthink current at the time are insane is a depressing staple of US sphere propaganda.

    That said, we all are tempted by the odd bit of hyperbole now and again. I’m certainly not immune to that.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  12. Rehmat says:

    Another flavor from Shaker Ice Cream.

    May be Shaker doesn’t know, but Putin certainly know that if Russia use nukes against Turkey, Russia could face a nuclear retaliation from Erdogan as Turkey is in possession of over 87 nuclear bombs stored at NATO base in Turkey.

    There is no bad blood between Washington and Ankara. For Shaker information – the “Bad Blood” is between America’s powerful Jewish Lobby and Turkey’s ruling AKP, a so-called “Islamist party”.

    Önder Sığırcıkoğlu, a 19-year veteran of Turkey’s Intelligence Agency MIT, who was handed a 20-year sentence for opposing MIT intelligence sharing with CIA and Mossad on Syria. After 32 months incarceration at Osmaniye prison, Sığırcıkoğlu made his escape to Syria while being transferred to another facility. In a recent interview, Sığırcıkoğlu criticized Erdogan’s Syrian policy while claiming that Turkey is still run by the Crypto Jews behind the scene.

  13. The past week saw no decrease in the tense confrontation between Turkey and Russia over Syria.

    While Turkey was shelling northern Syria the Russians were just complaining. Not exactly a tense confrontation. Judging from that tough Russian response I can say with a high degree of confidence that nukes will not be used. By the way this is the second time Russia has backed down when confronted with Turkish aggression.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Avery
    , @Thirdeye
  14. Russian doctrine has always considered tactical nukes as merely an advanced form of artillery. They would use them in that situation. Full stop.

  15. Avery says:

    {Russia could face a nuclear retaliation from Erdogan as Turkey is in possession of over 87 nuclear bombs stored at NATO base in Turkey.}

    Turkey is in possession of nothing.
    US nukes stored at various NATO bases are under US control.
    No US nukes, even those in European counties, are under a foreign country’s control.
    All US nukes are 100% under American launch codes.

    You know as much about nukes as your insane claim that USSR and Ottoman Turkey fought several wars.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Rehmat
  16. @5371

    Karlin: “The obvious answer is that the Turks are using military manouvres to mask a surge in arms shipments to Syria.”

    Shipments where? To the Azaz Pocket? At this point, how do Turkish shipments of anything get anywhere in Syria beyond the Pocket?

    Maybe that’s what they’re doing, but it would seem to a very tactical utility if that.

    Saker: “From a purely military point of view, it makes absolutely no sense for the Turks to mass at the border, declare that they are about to invade, then stop, do some shelling and then only send a few little units across the border.”

    It may be that Erdogan simply doesn’t know what to do at this point and is playing for time. He wants to internationalize the conflict, either by bringing NATO in or by closing the Turkish Straits and receiving NATO backing in cutting the Russian logistical artery, but he hasn’t found a way to achieve either of these goals at an acceptable level of risk.

    Saker: “While Russia’s position is simple – ‘we are ready to fight’ – the Turkish position is much more ambiguous…”

    Actually, I don’t think that is Russia’s position at all. It may be the image that Russia is projecting for deterrence purposes, but Russia doesn’t want to get into a war any more than Turkey does. That’s the thing about the whole Syria business and why it has gone on so long with so many feints, half-gestures with so much parry and so little thrust–NONE of the participating powers, aside (in part) from Iran, wants to be bogged down in ground combat or put in a position where they can be portrayed as the aggressor.

    Russian policy has been very carefully calculated and modulated. They’ll fight Turkey only if they can’t avoid it through policy nuance and maneuver.

    • Agree: Kiza
    • Replies: @krollchem
    , @Kiza
  17. Avery says:
    @Regnum Nostrum

    {By the way this is the second time Russia has backed down when confronted with Turkish aggression.}

    btw: 1,300 hotels catering to Russian tourists in Turkey are up for sale, after the Russians “backed down”. No more agricultural exports to Russia. No more new construction projects for Turks in Russia. Turks are losing \$billions. Russia is losing nothing. Turks still buying Russian gas and paying hard currency for it.

    btw: as to the shelling of Kurd areas in Syria. Turks are too stupid for Russians. Turks expected Syria to retaliate and shell into Turkey, so the little-girl Erdogan could run to Big Daddy NATO for protection. Nothing doing: Russians did not take the bait. Instead SAA, with Russian AF cover, is grinding down the cannibals infesting Syria. The #1 priority.

    btw: when Turks told Russia to stop bombing their Turkmen kin, Russian AF and Syrian artillery “backed down”, and started pulverizing the Turkmen terrorist infestation. Bombardment intensified several fold to show how much Russians cared about the yapping from Turk jackals. 1000s of Turkmen fled Syria. Russians sure “backed down” all right.

    Russian leadership will deal with Turks on their own terms: not what Turks expect.

    • Replies: @Regnum Nostrum
  18. In answer to the title of this article: No. Of course not. I didn’t read the article but I’m assuming even The Saker admits that it wouldn’t.

    But what gives? I thought Syria was winning?

    Face it, Syria sucks and is losing. Enjoy your remaining time with the Syrian Christians because they will all be dead in a few years.

  19. annamaria says:

    The US deciders have been enjoying pulling the strings of their marionettes in the Middle East in order to keep Russians’ anxiety over an imminent war. Most important, the US needs to maintain the dangerous tension that is intended to assuage the Zionists’ irritation with the “wrong” turn of events regarding the Yinon Plan.
    “…the US and France refuse to allow a UN Resolution which would reaffirm the sovereignty of Syria…The US and France apparently think that the UN Charter (which affirms the sovereignty of all countries) does not apply to Syria.”
    Should we need to know more? There is no power to international law when ziocons feel so.

    • Replies: @Colinjames
  20. Wally says: • Website
    @Simon in London

    Good points all around.

    The Turks really have no chance and would be rolled up in a matter of days. The Turks would toss out Erdodgan and there you have it.

    IMO, the Russians are quite aware of the Rubios / neocons / Israel Firsters and will do whatever they need to do prior to the US elections.

    Not to mention the Europeans fatigue of the US crashing their already fragile economies by limiting trade with a big Russian market. It would be a ‘coalition of the broke’. Won’t happen.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  21. marwan says:

    [It’s not acceptable for a commenter to use a variety of different names in order to mask his identity, even if he’s occasionally gotten away with it in the past. Henceforth, you must always use your most frequent past name or Anonymous. If not, don’t be surprised if all your future comments are summarily trashed.]

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  22. annamaria says:

    Your reply is perhaps too optimistic, considering the degree of unaccountability allowed for ziocon ideologues.

  23. Wally says: • Website


    Even if Turkey managed to seize facilities where US nukes are located they could not just aim them and blast away.

    The numerous codes that would be required would be impossible for them to acquire. Not even the commanders of the nuclear facilities have such codes, those codes can only come from higher up.

    The false argument that various elements of any government or some insurgent force could seize nukes and threaten the world is utter nonsense.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  24. Fredrik says:

    The answer to the idea that the Turkish military should get rid of Erdogan is that Erdogan may be insane but he’s not stupid. He spent his first decade as man-in-charge getting rid of any general capable of a coup.

  25. Sean says:

    Nato helps members who are attacked, but members are under no obligation whatsoever to come to the aid of fellow member Turkey if it attacks another country (again). Moreover many western countries gave Ukraine a security guarantee to give up the ex Soviet nukes on its territory, and then did nothing when it was attacked by Russia. No great power will confront the armed forces of Russia because it has nuclear weapons. The Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons and it was attacked.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I could not disagree with some of your conclusions more.

    Russia is not ready to get in a war with a large modern military such as Turkey. It is one thing to get in a war with Georgia or Ukraine, whose militaries, by any stretch of the imagination, are not ready and are not even in the same universe as Turkey. That said, Russia could eventually defeat Turkey In Syria), but not after a bloody slugfest that would result in many hundreds if not thousands of dead soldiers and many millions spent on what? Driving Turkey out of Syria and then what? stalemate? Occupation of Turkish territory would be impossible for Russia.

    Like I mentioned at the beginning, Russia is in no position for a protracted conflict with a modern military. If Turkey did invade Syria, setting up a small buffer zone and claiming it as self defense from Syrian Terrorists claiming to be refugees, the US, UN, NATO and even Russia would be hard pressed to refute that claim. In my opinion, if they did this and they had diplomatic US backing in the of form of diplomatic cover, Russia would be foolish to challenge it militarily. As long as Russian troops are not in danger, Russia would be foolish to start a larger conflict.

    Turkey of course, would have to understand if they took such a course, then their goals would need to specific and limited. They would need to also go in with such a force as to deter any large scale challenges from Russia and they would need to tell the world what specifically would need to happen in order for such a buffer zone to no longer be needed.

    I also would take you to task for calling Erdogan insane. He is not insane, but instead is letting events, Russian machinations with the Kurds, and emotion cloud his judgment. He should be working more closely with the US to work with the YPG to defeat Assad and ISIS, despite difference of opinion regarding how Turkey views the YPG.

  27. Rehmat says:

    But Moshe darling – Turkey being a NATO member, it would have access to nukes stored on its soil if attacked by Russia. The only exception to that rule would be if the Zionist entity ever dared to attack Turkey.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  28. Rehmat says:

    Thank you for your warning BIBI.

  29. krollchem says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    Your post stimulated my epiphany that I underestimated the martial arts aspect of war. You pointed out that the parry and thrust tactics by Turkey are meant to provoke Russia to over-react and create an excuse for NATO to put further pressure on Russia (e.g. close off the resupply via the Straits and via the English Channel in the case of Russian non-military transport ships. Fortunately, when Putin and other Russian leaders understand this and when they use the term “Western partners” they really mean Sparring partners.

    In response to your “shipment to where” question: Turkey is actively transporting (through Turkey) hundreds of Al Qaeda and associated terrorist groups and arms from Syrian Idlib province to the Azaz pocket to hold the city and the surrounding countryside. Thousands of Turkish militias including the Fascist Grey Wolves are joining this effort.

    If you go to the comprehensive warfare website: you will note that the Turkish backed ISIS controls the territory West of the Euphrates River from Jarabulus city down Hwy #216 to Manbij city. The Turkish resupply route to the ISIS capital of Al Raqqah follows South on hwy#216 and connects to hwy #4 along Lake Assad and crosses the Assad dam at Al Tabqah to Al Raqqah and also further south at hwy#6.

    Turkey is facing an attempt to close this corridor by the US backed Kurdish forces just south of Manbij
    and by the Syrian Army is closing in on Hwy #4 North of Al Tabqah from Hwy#42. ISIS forces have recently been forced to counter the Syrian forces that have taken some strategic hills

    IMO, Turkey is massing troops to hold to corridor between Azaz and Jarabulus city. The Turkish military would only go in if Al Qaeda and militia groups fail to stop the SDF, Kurds and SAA. These fresh militia units allow ISIS to focus their forces on controlling the resupply corridor to Al Raqqah.

    In response to your earlier question:
    “If Turkey closed the Straits under the provisions of the MC, would that trigger a Russian cut-off of gas?… But if Erdogan is not willing to risk the energy cut-off, then what is his strategy? What was the November air ambush supposed to accomplish?”

    I believe that Erdogan is being controlled, or at least channeled by “the Masters of the Universe” whose strategies have a long time-line. Given Western support, Erdogan’s government might be willing to suffer energy shortages for a couple of years until other gas pipelines are built. The West and their Salafist allies are still hoping for a gas pipeline and will prevent Syria and Iraq from taking the Sunni regions under current ISIS control!

    In post #120 of
    I responded in detail about the Syrian gas pipeline geopolitics and how Turkish water diversion, La Nino drought in Syria, Poor Syrian irrigation practices, and long term soil fertility degradation setup conditions for a CIA provoked civil war.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  30. @Colinjames

    follow the money and power trails. whoever benefits short and long term are who you need to blame. honestly, what good does blame do? if WWIII does happen, human race might become extinct. only reason that hasn’t happened yet is because there is no 100% missile defense vs nukes yet.

    Buy guns and plenty of ammo. you never know when you might need it. just keep it under lock and key to make sure it is safe in your home.

    • Replies: @Colinjames
  31. @Anatoly Karlin

    Who are the Turks arming these days?

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  32. Thirdeye says:

    There was never a chance that ex-Soviet strategic forces would remain in any former Soviet republics other than Russia. The coupling of removal of nukes with the Budapest Memorandum is a myth. The other facet of the Budapest Memorandum was Ukraine’s neutrality, which had been wobbly since 2005 until it was renounced outright by the coup government in 2014.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Sean
  33. Thirdeye says:
    @Regnum Nostrum

    Erdogan isn’t flailing around looking for NATO backing because the Russians “backed down.” He’s flailing around because his proxies in Syria are getting their butts kicked and he can’t do anything about it.

  34. There is now noise that the Saudis say they have nukes. Well, you’d expect the worst spoilers on the ME to do something even worse than they have already.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  35. Thirdeye says:
    @Simon in London

    The neocon candidate with the best chance of winning is Hillary, not Rubio. She also wants a no-fly zone and has not given up on the Syrian regime change project that she initiated. Her electoral strategy is based on her vagina and sundry culture wars inanities distracting left-liberals from her neocon substance.

    • Replies: @Simon in London
  36. @Simon in London

    Add Hillary to the Neocons. She’s just as belligerent. Which means Russia better wrap this up before the US Inauguration.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  37. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There was a report in the media that a NATO official warned Turkey that it could not count on NATO support were it to initiate hostilities. NATO is the American led organization whereby the resources of the lesser members are to be added to US directed actions and not the other way around, to have the tail wag the dog. The Turks are obviously trying to suck the Americans into being their backup but which wouldn’t be such a good deal from the American point of view. Should things escalate where more parties are drawn in it would probably be mutually understood to be a limited war such as Korea and Vietnam had limits. Turkey certainly has had huge paranoia about the Kurds for a long time now, sensing them to be the weak underbelly of the current Turkish state.

  38. RobinG says:

    Thanks, I love good map!

    You said, “The West and their Salafist allies are still hoping for a gas pipeline and will prevent Syria and Iraq from taking the Sunni regions under current ISIS control!” We are now just two weeks away from the “Summit on Saudi Arabia” in DC, organized by CodePink.

    While it’s a fine idea to examine the US-Saudi relationship (and they even want to “release the 28 pages”), ever since I heard about this, I suspected that it’s also an effort to divert attention from the US-Israel SPECIAL relationship. Will this ‘summit’ blame the Saudis for everything, starting with ISIS and Syria? Will they even acknowledge the Yinon Plan and the Saudi-Israeli alliance? How about the Deep State and our 5th column Israel Lobby?

    The agenda reads like a progressive gatekeeper event. If you are anywhere near DC, you might consider attending – and putting some life into the Q&A’s.
    Dates: March 5- 6, 2016
    Times: Saturday, 8:00am to 9:00pm | Sunday, 8:00 am to 5:00pm
    Location: The UDC David A. Clarke School of Law (4340 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008)
    CODEPINK, along with The Nation Magazine, Institute for Policy Studies, Peace Action, and many other organizations (see below), is hosting a two-day summit examining the policies and practices of Saudi Arabia and U.S.-Saudi ties.

    • Replies: @krollchem
  39. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Mooney

    Saudi Arabia claimed to have them from Pakistan from the time they financed their nuclear development . Not really new information .

    Interesting news from Russia that I didn’t see posted . Car bomb in Russia kills 2 , Islamic state takes responsibility .

    Interesting news from Nigeria that I didn’t see posted . 30 men killed and dozens of women and children taken into slavery . Boko Haram claimed responsibility in the name of Islam .

  40. Rehmat says:

    Pakistan has very good ‘nuke ratings’ with the Zionist entity since when David Ben-Gurion was the prime minister. The Jewish Lobby have blamed Pakistan helping N. Korea and Iran in developing nukes. Since Saudis lacks nuclear scientists, they are storing their nukes bought from Israel in Pakistan ready to be used against Pakistan’s oldest Muslim ally, Iran.

    On august 27, 2015, Jewish Washington Post’s bureau chief in Pakistan, Tim Craig, repeated his last year’s lies about Pakista’s nuclear threat to US allies in the region. This time he predicted that within less than ten years – Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal could become the world’s third biggest after United States and Russia. I sincerely wish Craig’s Talmudic prophecy come true……

    • Replies: @anonymous
  41. Kiza says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    With all due respect to Saker, I was thinking the same as you whilst reading his analysis:
    1) Erdogan is a bit off, but he is not mad/crazy. Erdogan is buying time at the moment, attempting to get support for his military adventure from NATO allies, in the form of their participation; I do not think he will attack Syria with Saudis only, without the direct NATO involvement in the form of bombers, AWACS, Patriot batteries etc. He will supply troops only if NATO supplied everything else for the invasion.
    2) Russia is posturing on its readiness to fight, but this is better than giving an impression that it will take it on the chin, as it did the SU-24 ambush. Even the story (with plausible deniability) about defending Khmeimim with nuclear weapons could have been part of this initiative – to discourage adventurism by both Turkey and its NATO allies. It is obvious that NATO is sitting on both chairs: of peace and of war – it publicly criticized Turkey for shelling Syria, but vetoed the Russian resolution trying to prevent Turkish attack on Syria.

    Erdogan is not in an enviable position, after five years of war in Syria he does not have much to show for the effort. The only profit from the war was the oil smuggling operation that his family enjoyed until the Russians started bombing the oil trucks, but most Turks have only lost from the Syria war. What an unlucky guy, if Libya was his neighbor, Turkey would now own a very oily patch of desert and the imperial family would proudly enjoy neat profits which would keep them in power forever. But Russia got involved in Syria and the sultan’s profits evaporated and his terrorists lead by Grey Wolves are getting their behinds kicked.

    Now the sultan would love to go in with all guns blazing and the Russians folding up at the sight of a NATO armada on the sea, land and in the air. But the West still wants to maintain a pretense that it respects the international laws at least partly, thus it is publicly admonishing Turkey. Will Erdogan and his clique be able to keep their positions even if Turkey does not get an oily piece of Syria? Also, if USrael gets interested in regime change in Turkey, there could be a Turkish Spring. But, I believe that this conflict is just for show. Everybody wants to buy time, delay Russia and Syria until a new POTUS starts blasting Syria away, if the job of cleaning up the moderate terrorists is not finished by her inauguration.

    The only hope for peace is that Israel realizes that even if Assad remains the leader of Syria, the country will be too weak to present a challenge to Israel, especially if the peace agreement removes Iranian and Hezbollah troops from Syria. But, my greatest fear is that Israel would accept peace only if Syria formally gives away Golan Heights to Israel, which Syria will never do. Then we are back to square one – casus belli remains and the Coalition of the Sponsors of Terrorism (COST) just has to find another modus for winning the Syrian war.

    Watch out for more false flags by Turkey, and/or Turkey+Usrael.

  42. krollchem says:

    Glad you found the map useful – note the links in the map to articles that document the situation on the ground. I also keep tabs on the Yemen war to take over the Oil and Gas fields. Interesting that the Saudis have never attacked ISIS or Al Qaeda in Yemen. At least they are losing a lot of armor, planes and ships (11-13) and even Egypt had one of their ship sunk too.

    I hope the Code Pink/The Nation summit on the perverted US/Saudi relationship gets some traction. It would have been good to attend, but I am a left coast person ( not far from Mike Whitney).

    I agree that such discussions are, as you say, run by “gatekeepers”. It is a shame that Americans are kept away from news that doesn’t fit the MSM narrative. Hope you can report at the Unz review on the progress when the time comes.

  43. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    4 Pakistani men kill Chrisitan girl for refusing their sexual advances .

    “How dare you run away from us?” one Muslim man allegedly yelled. “Christian girls are only meant for one thing. The pleasure of Muslim men.”

    Pakistani muslims seem so nice and peaceful !!!!!!!!

  44. Kiza says:

    I usually do not respond to your comments, but I must say that I had a good laugh at your concept of communal nuclear weapons. In reality, it is completely opposite, if US were to use nuclear weapons stored in Turkey, Turkey would become a legitimate target, whilst it has very little say in their use. Most Europeans with US nuclear weapon storage at least understand this, but maybe for the Turks this is too abstract. But, hey, anybody can comment here.

  45. Thirdeye says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    Who are the Turks arming these days?

    Al Qaeda in Syria. There are various factions with different names, but they’re all Al Qaeda affiliates. The Free Syrian Army operates as an adjunct to the Al Qaeda forces. They are largely Islamist. They are also important to the Al-Qaeda affiliates because they are a conduit for American-supplied arms.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  46. @Randal

    “But leaders of nations are rarely if ever actually insane in the conventional sense”

    Certainly not. All of the worst killers and destroyers throughout history were “leaders of nations”.

    They are incomparably more insane than those who are “insane in the conventional sense”.

    • Replies: @Randal
  47. I for one hope that Russia has a couple of spare Father of All Bombs for testing on any invading Turkish troops.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  48. Kiza says:

    The trend in nuclear weapons has been, since the sixties, towards a larger number of smaller yield weapons, far away from the 50 MT Tsar Bomba, which Russia may have inherited from Soviet Union. The reason is that the large bombs such as this are difficult to handle and deploy, whilst they destroy just everything which is usually not the goal in war. Neither strategic nor tactical nuclear forces use such bombs any more, the preferred size for tactical weapons appears to be around 5-100 kT, the ballistic missiles appear to carry up to 10 warheads of 100 kT – 1 MT (1 MT is more than enough to pulverize a city of a few million people).

    The highest level of nuclear war technology is in:
    1) the low-yield fusion – a small size thermonuclear weapon and
    2) amplified-neutron fusion – low explosion force but high radiation weapon. Obviously, the goal is a wide-area removal of the opposing humans – depopulation, whilst leaving the resources intact.

    Naturally, the US is a leader in this killing technology, followed by Russia, Britain and France. Other nuclear nations are still far behind.

    We should not wish this on anyone.

    • Replies: @Historian
  49. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Not disputing that the rebel groups are broadly a bunch of terrorists. But has anyone tried to document the evidence showing that the Free Syrian Army is closely tied with Al Qaeda? I haven’t seen the Saker try. It has been taken here as an assumption without the diligent work of piecing together the evidence.

    It’s a huge vulnerability in the argument against neocons supporting Syrian rebels when the evidence backing up this assumption is not readily available.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
    , @Anonymous
  50. @Astuteobservor II

    The blame thing was tongue in cheek. Not a very obvious joke I suppose. I’m in the process of preparing for the worst. Thanks.

  51. @annamaria

    Good comment. I’m up to date on all things Syria, I generally have a good handle on the machinations of the US and friends, but I do find this situation particularly perplexing. Still.

  52. Historian says:

    Neutron bombs? What is this, 1988?

    The US withdrew its neutron bombs in 1996.

    Russia has neutron bombs only on its ABMs.

    France tested a couple of neutron bombs but never deployed them.

    China tested a single neutron bomb, but they never deployed it. They even stated before their test that they didn’t need a neutron bomb, and they were just establishing their right to build a neutron bomb.

    The British never tested a neutron bomb.

    The Israelis have some neutron bombs, but they’re hardly likely to use them in Syria.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    наконец-то хоть что -то близкое к правде или полуправде среди дебильных и заказных статей блядей журналистов

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  54. @Rehmat

    You forgot one mighty important piece of information regarding Russia’s missile defenses. Turkey wouldn’t be able to retaliate if Russia ever nuked it. For starters, Turkey would be totally devastated .. its own nuclear bombs obliterated .. and, secondly, Russia has the most highly advanced missile defense systems on the planet: the S-400 and S-500.
    Anyway, Russia’s not about to nuke Turkey; it’s not an aggressive nation. The only reason Russia’s in Syria is that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad requested Russian air support in his fight against terrorist groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra. The Khmeimim airbase near Latakia is currently being used by the Russians for their supersonic jet fighters and bombers. Turkey has no business interfering with Syria’s conflict with the Jihadis; Assad didn’t ask any other country for help in ridding Syria of the foreign terrorists .. only Russia. After one of its jets .. an SU-24 bomber .. was shot down 4 miles inside Syrian airspace while conducting bombing operations against ISIS, Russian President Vladimir Putin retaliated by bombing Turkmen terrorists in the area and deploying S-400 missile defense systems all across the northern regions in Syria .. thus, imposing a de facto no fly zone over the country.

  55. @Rehmat

    Turkey does not have nukes. If Nato has nukes in Turkey, they are under US control and the Turks can’t access it.

  56. Randal says:

    If you wish to confuse acting according to different but still rational incentives when in a different situation, with insanity, that’s your prerogative. Killing enemies, or potential enemies, even in very large numbers, certainly can’t reasonably be defined as insane per se. It’s what humans do.

    It’s fair to argue that there must be some special sort of insanity that drives men to seek power, but that’s rather a niche position and certainly doesn’t justify the all too common use of “insane” as a term of abuse directed at leaders of enemy countries, just because they are enemies.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  57. @Thirdeye

    I don’t think she’s fully neocon-controlled – she supported the Russian proposal to remove chemical weapons from the Syrian govt rather than use the use of such (likely by rebels I think) in Damascus as a ‘red line’ to bomb them. But while she’s not insane like McCain, she’s certainly a Neoliberal and generally a follower of the Soros agenda.

  58. Thirdeye says:

    Jabhat al Nusra, Ahrar al Sham etc. are more powerful and better financed than the FSA. They’ve got Saudi and Qatari money coming at them hand over fist. They pay more than the FSA. Financial incentives are for FSA to either be recruited by the Al Qaeda groups and to sell the Al Qaeda groups US-supplied weapons. FSA is also exclusively Sunni, like the Al Qaeda groups.

    The standing agreement between the Al Qaeda groups and FSA is that they co-operate on tactical matters. It’s not always an easy alliance. When the northern supply route got cut, the accusations were flying about this or that group abandoning positions and losing the battle. As you can probably imagine, a cease-fire with FSA but not with the Al Qaeda groups is a practical impossibility unless they move to separate areas. But such a move would weaken them both. FSA would see their position weakened as the Al Qaeda groups got overrun next to them. For all intents and purposes, FSA and the Al Qaeda groups operate as one force.

  59. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The city of Aleppo in Syria protects the group “Dzhabhat EN-nusra”, it controls all the strategic areas in Aleppo, it repulsed all the attacks of the Iranians in 2015.
    But in may 2014 “Dzhabhat EN-nusra” swore allegiance to ISIS.
    And now magically the ISIS militants, have become journalists, “the moderate opposition”.

  60. guy says:

    Are you sunni or shia? Just curious

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @schmenz
  61. Sean says:

    They could have had nuclear weapons, which would have deterred Russia.

    • Replies: @5371
  62. 5371 says:

    My aunt could have had balls, which would have deterred my uncle.

    • Replies: @Sean
  63. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Are you sunni or shia? Just curious

    Neither . He is a white nationalist pretending to be a shia supporting sunni .

  64. @Wally

    Even if Turkey managed to seize facilities where US nukes are located they could not just aim them and blast away.

    The numerous codes that would be required would be impossible for them to acquire. Not even the commanders of the nuclear facilities have such codes, those codes can only come from higher up.

    Quite right. And by the way, this was equally true of the old Soviet nukes in Ukraine … are you listening, ‘Sean’?

  65. @Anonymous

    наконец-то хоть что -то близкое к правде или полуправде среди дебильных и заказных статей блядей журналистов

    For those of you that didn’t catch that, here’s the Yandex translation:

    Finally at least something close to the truth or half-truth among the stupid articles and customized whores journalists

  66. The Saker makes a very good point: It appears that somebody is trying very hard to set Turkey on a collision course with Russia. Golly, who could that be? Maybe Israel, ya think. Here is the big picture: the “Christian” nations of Europe are in a conflict with the Christian Russians and the various Muslim factions are fighting each other. Poor innocent Israel just sits right in the middle, a victim of it all.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  67. Sean says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    It can work the other way, the necessary build up cannot be concealed but a deliberately ostentatious build up and talking up of an invasion can be a double bluff in that genuine preparations can taken for sabre rattling.

    The Kurds are the only effective anti ISIS force that the US possesses, so Russia is co-opting them by giving them the basis for a contiguous Kurdish state. With the Kurds concentrating on defending their gains and out of the game with ISIS, Russia and Assad are going to make it a choice between ISIS and the Assad regime. The Russian strategy will require ISIS to move into the areas that the FSA are being blasted out of.

  68. Sean says:

    There is no question Ukraine was given various incentives to divest themselves of the nuclear weapons on their terroitory when they decided to ignore Professor Mearsheimer’s advice The case for a Ukrainian nuclear deterrent..
    Mearsheimer posits that states are always searching for opportunities to gain power over their rivals. He argues that states pursue power because of the anarchic system in which they operate. In international politics, there is no hierarchy, no “night watchman” to turn to when one state attacks another so states are forced to rely only on themselves for security. Thus, states seek to expand their power both militarily, geographically and economically in order to increase their security.

    Sometimes states, like Ukraine, don’t act like that.

    Mearsheimer says in The Tragedy of Great Power Politics” As we shall see, such foolish behavior invariably has negative consequences”. And it did.

  69. schmenz says:

    I think he’s shushi.

  70. schmenz says:
    @Wayne Pacific

    Brilliantly stated, sir. Thank you.

  71. Kiza says:

    Were the neutron bombs deposited in a bank when the US withdrew them? Withdrew them to where?

    The rest of your comment is ok.

  72. @Randal

    a. mentally deranged; crazy; of unsound mind
    b. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the insane.
    2. (Psychology) characteristic of a person of unsound mind: an insane stare.
    3. irresponsible; very foolish; stupid

    1. (not in technical use) mentally unsound or deranged; demented; mad.
    2. of, characteristic of, or for persons who are mentally deranged.
    3. utterly senseless; irrational: an insane plan.

    I consider those who are driven to steal, destroy, and/or kill as nonhuman or insane. Insane is for polite use.

  73. Durruti says:

    The Major Contradiction

    You write, “Furthermore, there appears to be some very bad blood between the USA and the Erdogan regime. ”

    I hope you are correct; however, it appears that the Major (political) Contradiction of our time, is between the Zionist American imperialists, and a loose conglomeration of Anti-Fascist forces, led by Russia. The confrontations over Vietnam, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, and the Middle East, display a clear dichotomy between a reviving Russian Nation, some not yet totally suborned Nations, such as China, and India, and Iran, and the Global forces of Zionist America and their European puppets (definitely not allies).

    To label Erdogan, “lunatic,” is to imply a certain sanity to Hollywood Obomber, Land Thief Netenyahoo (America’s acting President), and the bought American Congress, packed with Caligula’s White Horses.

    Turkey’s leader, Erdogan, murders thousands of Kurds, represses his political opposition, helps to drive a million refugees – North, shoots down a Russian Bomber, and covers for Turkey’s earlier genocide against Armenians. But we must not overlook his ‘partners’ (to use Putin’s term), who have murdered a million Indonesians, 2 million Vietnamese, 100,000 Guatemalans, and, another million Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis, dispersed millions of civilians, and destroyed a dozen nations.

    The imperialist aim for a Totalitarian (by definition), Uni-Polar World Empire, dates back to, at least, the Roman Empire. The Roman Emperors utilized their versions of Blackwater, and ISIS Terrorists, and puppet States, to further their military, political, and economic advance, by their wide utilization of ‘auxiliary’ and other mercenary forces, and puppet states; but the Motor Force behind the overthrow of their Republic (in Dallas-by the Rubicon), the slaughter of the Gauls, the Germans, the Hispanics, the Britons, the Thracians, the Greeks, the Carthaginians, their own peoples, and their Kennedys, (the Gracchi Brothers), and all the others, were the Roman Oligarchs.

    They conquered and they made a desert.

    “They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace.”
    ― Tacitus, The Agricola and The Germania

    When the new Barbarians arrived (approximately) in 400 AD, they rolled over a corpse. They swept through Western Europe, almost without resistance of any kind.

    There is no Easy Hope to be found in the halls of Zionist controlled Washington DC.. Neither Sanders, Trump, nor the others, have been placed there for our use. They are Land Mines blocking our road to freedom.

    The VISION:

    We Americans, (as with our European family), need to restore our Republic/s!

    That is the Yellow Brick Road we must traverse!

    It is the Only Road!


    • Replies: @marwan
  74. marwan says:

    The noble Russians. They only killed 150,000 civilians in Chechnya . I believe Stalin would only consider that a statistic though , and not mass murder .

    • Replies: @Durruti
  75. @Jim Mooney

    Don’t worry, trump is coming, and he is not for pointless war between the USA and Russia over Syria, Ukraine, or anything else that doesn’t directly or seriously affect our security and survival. Nor is Trump in favor of arming and funding Islamist savages like most of the other candidates in both of the old parties.

    Trump can win the republican nomination and he will thrash that lying, murderous, warmonger Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  76. Durruti says:


    Thanks for response. Communication is how we learn.

    The Zionist Americans stoked the Chechnyans as they broke up Yugoslavia, and created Al Quaida (a terrorist outfit), to destroy Afghanistan.

    Americans, butchered 2 million Vietnamese (mostly through bombing civilians – US Senate figures), slaughtered another 100,000+ Guatemalans, a million Iraqis, and a have compiled a long list of other crimes against humanity. Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Philippines, Laos and Cambodia, Native Americans, and more, suffered from American Imperialism. Shall we mention the Palestinians, who are having their homeland stolen by the Zionist Land Thieves, (and the thievery is financed by the American Tax Payers)?

    Imagine what the American military would do if Mexicans residing in the USA attempted to recover the Northern half of their country (and they are the Majority population in much of the area).

    If we compare to the terrorist record of the American Oligarchs, before, or since 1990, the Russians are indeed, “noble.” They resist.

    America, since November 22, 1063, is not a Democratic Republic. It needs repair. Puerto Rico and Hawaii need independence and the return of \$hundreds of Billions of stolen funds and property. African Americans have earned \$Reparations, a thousand times over.

    Let’s clean our own country. Chechnya is in peace; it is a Russian Republic; leave it alone. Tell Nuland, Obomber, McCain, and Kerry to leave the Ukraine and Syria alone, and turn themselves in at the nearest Police Station.

    Let’s heed Ron Paul’s call for the withdrawal of all American Troops – to home.

    For the Democratic Republics!


    • Replies: @marwan
  77. marwan says:

    The Zionist Americans stoked the Chechnyans as they broke up Yugoslavia, and created Al Quaida (a terrorist outfit), to destroy Afghanistan.

    durriti .
    I believe in personal responsibility . The russians killed 150,000 chechen civilians . The responsibility lies with them . Making up zionist conspiracy theories will not help anybody .

    Shall we mention the Palestinians, who are having their homeland stolen by the Zionist Land Thieves, (and the thievery is financed by the American Tax Payers)?

    Indonesia is occupying more than 50 times more land than israel , and has killed more than 50 times more civilians than israel , also with support from the us taxpayer . Do you devote 50 times more outrage towards indonesia , or you don’t care at all because it is exceedingly difficult for you to even come up with a conspiracy theory to blame jews for the indonesian occupation and genocide of papua . Maybe you can find an indonseian jew and blame the whole thing on a zionist conspiracy ?? then maybe you would care .

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