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Week Fifteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: When No News Is Good News
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We could say that the Russian intervention in Syria has settled into somewhat of a routine: the Russians are bombing, a lot, and the Syrians are advancing on almost all fronts, but slowly. While those who expected a rapid collapse of Daesh followed by a series of major government victories might be disappointed, I am personally rather encouraged by these events. Here is why:

If the Syrians did not win in a rapid Blitzkrieg it is first and foremost because such a Blitzkrieg was never a real possibility. The Syrians never had the numbers to concentrate enough forces on one attack axis and to subsequently exploit a breakthrough. The Syrians also lack the firepower needed to prepare the Daesh defenses before attempting such a offensive. In fact, a secondary role for the Russian AirSpace forces has been to provide from the air the firepower the Syrians lacked in their ground forces. However, while a Blitzkrieg is always very impressive, if risky, there is another time tested form of warfare, attrition warfare, which can also yield results. I am not talking about a WWI kind of attrition warfare, of course, but one specific to the Syrian conflict.

The Russians are steadily degrading Daesh on many levels: they are hitting their command posts, their ammo dumps, their logistics and supply routes, their training bases, etc. Since a lot of those targets have now been destroyed, the Russians are also providing more and more close air support, that is to say that they are now flying sorties in direct support of Syrian army operations. There is also mounting evidence that Russian officers are now working closely with the frontline Syrian units. This closer cooperation and coordination between the Russians and the Syrians has yielded many small victories and at least one major one: the city strategic of Salma, in northeastern Latakia province, has now been fully liberated (check out this video, in Russian but no translation is really needed, for footage of the liberation of this city:

check here for recent progress, subtitled in English, report by the Russian General Staff:

On the negative side, the Syrians and Russians have still not found a way to deny Daesh its major advantage: the ability to pump more and more combatants into Syria through Turkey and other countries. At this point in time, it is unclear who has the advantage in this competition: whether the Syrians can kill Takfiris faster than Daesh can import them or not. Regardless, what is certain is that the Syrians are advancing and that tells me that while the influx of new combatants is definitely a problem for the Syrians, it is not one which has made it possible for Daesh to stop the Syrians from advancing.

I have already mentioned in the past that the Russians are also supplying the Syrians with advanced artillery systems which will gradually restore the Syrian’s ability to have organic and powerful firepower in their ground force units.

One very interesting news item came out recently: there are reports that Russia is now directly providing weapons to Hezbollah. If these reports are confirmed (more or less, nobody will ever acknowledge that officially, of course) then this would be a very elegant response to the Israeli bombings of Hezbollah arms depots. As for Iran, we can be quite sure that they can get almost anything they would need from the Russian market anyway. In other words, Russia will be slowly but surely rebuilding the Syrian capabilities.

Still, the big event of the past two week is a non-event, really. It is the fact that the US-led “alternative coalition” is achieving exactly nothing. Not only was the big conference in Saudi Arabia a total failure after Ahrar al-Sham walked out, but the recent Saudi attempt are creating a crisis with Iran have also petered out without yielding any tangible results. Ditto for the French intervention in response to the massacres in Paris: the Charles de Gaulle sailed to Syria and then nothing. Literally nothing of any significance happened. As for the World Hegemon, it appears that Uncle Sam simply does not know what to do: all we have seen out of Washington is a series of vapid statements following by nothing. As for the Turks, they are now dealing with an internal situation which is getting worse by the day and they also appear to have no idea what to do about Syria.

This is why I think that “no news is good news”: because no news means that Russia is the only game in town: whatever the pace of the Russian-Syrian advance against Daesh, they are the only ones getting anything actually done while everybody else is in complete disarray.

For a while, the Pentagon was floating the idea of a US backed Kurdish offensive against the city of al-Raqqah, presented as the “capital of Daesh”, and some US special forces were sent in to help the Kurds, but it rapidly turned out that the Turks categorically opposed that. Worse, the Kurds also refused to provide cannon-fodder for a US run operation against Daesh. So much for that grand plan.


In other words, and in this moment in time, there appears to be no workable plan from the US, NATO, EU, Turkish, Saudi, etc. The only actor which not only has a plan, but which has now been pursuing its long term goal are Russia and Iran. It is also worth noting that the Russian-Iranian plan has build-in flexibility: if possible, the Russians and Iranian want to get the best situation on the ground before engaging in any negotiations about the future of Syria. If that is not possible and the Empire insists in doubling-down yet again, then the fall-back plan is simple: militarily defeating Daesh.


The best proof that the Russian side is willing to sustain a long campaign is the recent SOFA (status of forces agreement) signed between Russian and Syria which basically regulates the Russian presence in Syria and which does not have a time limit. In fact, if either side wants to withdraw from that agreement it has to give a one-year warning to the other side. It is likely that the Iranian and Syrians also have a very similar agreement but that it has not been made public.

There is a lot of speculation about a possible Russian ground operation in Syria. I don’t buy this notion at all. Not only have Russian officials and military experts dismissed such an option, but the Russian military is simply not configured for such a long-range power projection. Yes, Russia could, in theory, send in and Airborne forces and then have then supported by a naval task force, but that would run counter to Russian military doctrine and pose very serious potential risks. Barring something truly extraordinary, I don’t see the Kremlin going for such an extremely dangerous gambit.

So the plan appears to be the following one:

  1. Stabilize the Syrian government (done)
  2. Attrition warfare against Daesh (in progress)
  3. Re-build the Syrian armed forces (in progress)
  4. Establish a permanent Russian military presence (done)
  5. Prevent the imposition of a no-fly zone by the US/NATO (done)
  6. Force the Empire to negotiate with Assad (in progress)
  7. Disrupt the Turkish, Saudi and Qatari support for Daesh (in progress)
  8. Co-opt as much as possible of the armed opposition to Assad into a common anti-Daesh front (in progress)
  9. Provide military aid to Iran and Hezbollah (in progress)
  10. Keep Daesh combatants away from Russia and her allies in the Caucasus and Central Asia (in progress)
  11. Try to convince the Europeans that their stance in the Middle-East (and elsewhere) is self-defeating and that they must work with Russia to restore stability (no results so far)
  12. Try to drive a wedge between the US and Europe (no results so far)

I think that this plan successfully combines short-term and long-term objectives and that it has a good chance of succeeding, at least in the first 10 objectives. Alas, I don’t see any signs that the US grip on Europe (via the subservient European comprador elites in power) is getting weaker. If anything, the complete flop of Hollande’s trip to Washington proved that even France has no real sovereignty left.

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  1. Che Guava says:

    Like your analysis, in my opinion, the wedge, point 11, and point 12 would be very nice developments for the world, but there are powers in the hidden states that absolutely will permit neither.

  2. Situation seems broadly positive so far. It now seems certain that the moderate Russian response to Turkish shootdown of their plane gave Russia an important moral victory, US withdrawal of planes from Turkey, and more Russian freedom of action against Turkish-backed rebel supply lines on the northern frontier, while Turkey’s ambitions in Iraq are causing some friction with Daesh. The general European mood seems to be to let Russia get on with it, while US opposition to Russia stabilising Syria has stepped down a notch or two – and may fall further during the Presidential campaign, since Republican drumbeating against Russia clearly does not capture the mood of the US public.

    I think the biggest danger for Russia in 2016 is not from Syria but from the US (State/CIA/Soros) fomenting a new crisis in eastern Europe, whether in Ukraine or elsewhere. From what I’ve seen, right-wing Europeans & Americans will rally against Russia in European crises, where they will not in Middle-Eastern crises. The Russian Bear threatening to gobble up Latvia is the sort of thing that plays well, much better than Russia bombing ‘our’ ‘moderate’ jihadis in Syria.

    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @tbraton
    , @Avery
    , @tbraton
  3. Renoman says:

    Vlad Putin, leader of the free World!

  4. Durruti says:
    @Simon in London


    Nice summary – except.

    Democrat gang in USA is more anti Russian & anti Syrian/Assad & as pro Zionist as Republican gang.

    Essentially, there is little difference between the 2 pretend opponents in the pretend ‘democracy.’
    Our Republic was destroyed on November 22, 1963, when our last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated (and his government overthrown in the first of what are-now referred to as “Arab Springs,” by the Zionist/American Oligarchs. Last Presidential election it cost$4 billion to stage the circus election show, to elect Hollywood actor, Obomber.

    In short, there is as much (actually more) “drumbeating against Russia” from the Democrats than from the Republicans. Republican candidate Trump has declared he would support Russia’s efforts to defeat terrorism in Syria. No Democrat has come close. And former Republican Congressman, Ron Paul, has called for all American troops to be brought home (his website is full of progressive and pro-peace advocacies).

    In America, we must Restore our Republic!

    • Replies: @Simon in London
    , @Hunsdon
  5. Rehmat says:

    Some of Sakers’ “Russian moral values” – ignoring the fact that those values are no different than as Joe Biden’s “America’s Jewish values”.

    1. Putin, as prime minister, did meet Hizbullah delegation in Moscow over five years ago. How come Putin has decided now to give some rockets to Hizbullah when Netanyahu government had already accused the Islamic Resistance of increasing its rocket-power from 30,000 in 2006 to 100,000 in 2014?

    2. “Iran can get anything it wants from Russia!!!” LOL, Russia had been dragging its feet to deliver S-300 since 2007 under Israeli pressure. In 2011, Tehran took Moscow to international arbitrary court over non-delivery of S-300. Moscow, reportedly returned a part of money ($160 million) to Tehran.

    In May, 2015, pro-Israel Jewish news commentary website, ‘The American Interest’ in an editorial claimed that the delivery of S-300 is mainly delayed because with S-300 in Iranian hands, it will be very difficult for Israel if it decided to carry airstrikes on Iranian military targets in the future.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  6. tbraton says:
    @Simon in London

    “The Russian Bear threatening to gobble up Latvia is the sort of thing that plays well, much better than Russia bombing ‘our’ ‘moderate’ jihadis in Syria.”

    I hate to correct you, but the correct term in plain English is “moderate terrorists.” The two phrases might mean the same thing, but I don’t think too many Americans really know what a “jihadist” is, not being particularly good at foreign languages. At least Americans have a somewhat shaky understanding of English.

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @NoseytheDuke
  7. @Durruti

    I agree – what I meant was that not all of the US Right can’t relied on to follow State/CIA/Soros in rallying vs Russia over Syria, whereas they WILL rally with S/C/S against Russia over white Christian European lands perceived to be threatened, as when S/C/S precipitated the war in Ukraine.

  8. tbraton says:

    I believe you are totally ignoring the effect on the S300 deal of the UN sanctions and the effort to reach a deal with Iran re its nuclear program. Russia did not want to complicate the latter by going through with the S300 deal with Iran. According to a May 26, 2015 article by Agence France-Presse:

    “President Vladimir Putin last month lifted a ban on supplying Iran with the sophisticated systems, following the landmark framework deal Tehran struck with the West over its nuclear program.

    He said several days later that Iran is “demonstrating very high flexibility and clearly wishes to reach a compromise on this nuclear program,” which is why Moscow lifted its own ban.

    The decision sparked condemnation from Israel and concern from Washington, as it came before the lifting of the sanctions by the UN Security Council, which originally caused Moscow to freeze the deal.”

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
    , @Rehmat
  9. Avery says:
    @Simon in London

    {…The Russian Bear threatening to gobble up Latvia..}

    You are repeating Neocon disinformation.
    When did Russia allegedly “threaten” to gobble up Latvia ?
    What is there in Latvia for Russia to gobble up ?
    Russia already has access to the Baltic Sea via its own militarized Kaliningrad.

    Russia has no historical claim to Latvia: for what purpose would Russia want to take Latvia ?
    What is the payoff ? There is none: only trouble and problems.

    Warmongers in US have been hyping the non-existent Russian “threat” to Latvia to give NATO an excuse to place offensive weapons there (…and other Baltic republics) to threaten Russia.

    • Replies: @Simon in London
  10. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It appears that Daesh is indeed being eroded. With their huge influx of money to finance themselves along with their supplies being squeezed it appears they’ll wither on the vine. If it becomes seen as a losing bet the potential recruits will thin out. The foreign sponsors of all this are losing their ability to help their cannon-fodder in the field. However, afterwards, what happens? Can the Syrian state recreate itself as it was previously with it’s former borders? Will rebels receive amnesty and go back to their former lives? Will the government take steps to rebuild everything that was destroyed and integrate all parts of the population into a sense of being a part of the country? Can they build a secular and nationalist country out of this rubble? It seems likely that the foreign sponsors of Daesh will have as their next project the thwarting of Syria as a reconstituted state and try to destroy it’s chances and leave it hobbled. They do not want Syria as a victorious, resurgent state newly equipped with Russian anti-aircraft systems and a large, competent army. The Syrians may start making claims upon the Golan Heights once again. The Syrian-Iranian-Lebanese Hezbollah coalition might emerge stronger than before and that might pose a problem for those who have been their enemies.

  11. JohnM says:

    One development (depending on how accurate and how immediate its impact) that I find potentially very interesting is the Joint Russian/Jordanian war room. A link from Debka (much as I distrust anything these loons publish)

    Jordan is very much in the “boomerang came back” situation in dealing with the US/KSA/Turkey/Qatar takfiri policy. This has a potential of moving the pivot point in the area.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  12. iffen says:

    Does the “t” stand for tedious?

    • Replies: @tbraton
  13. @Avery

    I was talking about the kind of (false) propaganda that works on Western conservatives.

  14. Sean says:

    Saker still writing as if the FSA are ISIS, even though the Russians do not claim that, and offered to negotiate with the FSA a few months ago.

    The Assad regime, with Lebanese and Iranian infantry plus Russian heavy weapons and air suport clearly has a higher proportion of foreigners fighting for it that the rebels have. The rebels have more numbers because Syria is a country of 22 million and 80% are Sunnis who are less likely to fight for an Alawite led regime. Only the backward tribal Sunnis have stuck with Assad.

    The Russians are helping Assad to encircle Aleppo, which as anyone who listens to the interviews with Syrians flooding into Europe knows is where many of the refugees come from. Assad is targeting the developed Sunni heartland and population centre, not the ISIS core territory.

  15. tbraton says:
    @Simon in London

    “and may fall further during the Presidential campaign, since Republican drumbeating against Russia clearly does not capture the mood of the US public.”

    The only Republican candidate not beating the drums against Russia is Donald Trump, and he is likely to be the Republican nominee. He has spoken out against establishing “no-fly zones” in Syria and in favor of cooperating with Russia and Assad to defeat ISIS. This important aspect of his policy has been obscured by all the attention his “anti-immigrant” stance has drawn. I think his foreign policy stance captures the mood of the U.S. public and will stand in stark contrast to that of Hillary Clinton in the general election. After all, Ms. Hillary voted in favor of the Iraq War as a Senator in 2002, strongly pushed for war against Libya and Qaddafi as SOS in 2011 and is now advocating “no-fly zones” over Syria as a candidate in 2016. If he is the nominee (which appears likely at this time), Trump will trounce Hillary Clinton in the November election, and Trump’s foreign policy positions will play a big role in that triumph. At least, that is my opinion.

    • Replies: @Simon in London
  16. Sherman says:

    This article is a joke.

    Last Sunday “60 Minutes” visited a Russian Air Force base in Syria and interviewed Russian military officials about the war.

    By the Russians own admission they have only recaptured 1% of the Syrian territory lost to ISIS.

    In other words, despite months of expensive Russian bombardment they can barely contain ISIS.

    This is a costly and ineffective war for Russia.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Thirdeye
    , @Art
    , @5371
  17. Avery says:

    Yes, of course: Russians are going to admit to MSM “60 minutes” their real objectives and their real progress.

    Roughly 80% of Syria’s population is in government controlled territory.
    Roughly 80% of the territory the cannibals control is empty boondocks.

    And if this is allegedly a “costly and ineffective” war for Russia, then youse cheerleaders for the throat-cutting IslamoFascist cannibals should sit back and enjoy the imminent demise of that Russian effort. No ?

    The joke is on you.

  18. Thirdeye says:

    Jordan is very much in the “boomerang came back” situation in dealing with the US/KSA/Turkey/Qatar takfiri policy.

    By that do you mean Jordan is the boomerang or the thrower?

    • Replies: @JohnM
  19. Art says:

    In other words, and in this moment in time, there appears to be no workable plan from the US, NATO, EU, Turkish, Saudi, etc.

    This is ridicules, there is a plan – it comes from Zionist Israel – the Jew want Assad gone – period!

    The feckless Europeans follow Washington and clearly Washington is going to do what Israel wants – end of story.

    This could be over if Turkey would stop allowing new ISIS fighters into Syria. The US government is silent about this – WHY?

    • Replies: @Simon in London
  20. Thirdeye says:

    You obviously know nothing of the compositions of the various forces or the status of operations. Nationalist forces are in Aleppo not surrounding it, genius.

    • Replies: @Sean
  21. Thirdeye says:

    You obviously haven’t been keeping abreast of developments on the ground. SAA is closing in on the ISIS stronghold at Al Bab, which is key to their remaining supply routes from Turkey. The relief of Kuweires is starting to pay off strategically. ISIS just got creamed trying to launch an offensive at Deir Ezzor. On the Al Qaeda end of things, there is wholesale collapse happening in northern Latakia. And that’s in rugged terrain that favors defense. The liberation of Salma started the dominoes falling.

    If 60 Minutes is your main source, you’re out of your depth commenting here. Time to STFU, read, and learn.

  22. JohnM says:

    Jordan helped facilitate the takfiri attacks on Syria by providing supply/training and bases. CIA and the other hodgepodge foreign services funneled assistance to the takfiris with tacit acceptance of the Jordanian government. Admittedly less than Turkey but still a substantial amount. This helped (and is still helping) to further radicalize their own religious radicals.

    Jordan probably figured that they would export this problem to Syria and Iraq. Now their exporting is being pushed back into their own border. Those radicals are back with no prospects and they are going to look for someone to blame.

    So Jordan is the thrower, the takfiris are the boomerang. Now the Jordanian King has to deal with their “to get along, you have to go along” consequences.

  23. Thirdeye says:

    It seems likely that an explicit deal for the S-300s quid pro quo with the nuclear deal was worked out between Moscow and Tehran in advance of the nuclear deal. Funny thing is, the paired S-300 and nuclear deals give Iran the deterrent that Israel dreaded as a possible outcome of the Iranian nuclear program.

    • Agree: tbraton
  24. Sean says:

    Western Aleppo is FSA and the gains in Aleppo made by Isis (who the FSA had expelled form Aleppo city) came when the Russians started hitting the FSA pinning them down and in effect acting as ISIS’s air support.

    A few hours ago fighting in Al-Bab is just one of up to seven fronts on which regime forces are seeking to advance in Aleppo province, capitalising on a Russian air campaign that began on September 30.

    The various battles are intended in part to cut rebel supply lines into Aleppo city, the provincial capital and Syria’s second city.

    The city itself is divided and regime forces are now hoping to effectively encircle the opposition-held east.

    Most of the English speaking refugees in Germany who are being interviewed on the BBC say they are from Aleppo.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  25. Thirdeye says:

    Developments since the liberation of Salma indicate some significant progress in the SAA’s capabilities for maneuver-oriented warfare than The Saker was apparently aware of when he wrote the article. That’s not a reflection on The Saker, since until very recently I was unaware of them too. The battles in northern Latakia are now maneuver battles, with major gains by the SAA towards the Turkish border in difficult terrain. In the Turkmen Mountains, west of Salma, there is a pincer movement underway directed against the Al Qaeda stronghold of Al Rabiyah, again in difficult terrain. Liberating Al Rabiyah would isolate what has been a very tenaciously defended area. There has been talk of major maneuvers from the Aleppo area to either split Al Qaeda’s positions in Idlib or seize a portion of the Turkish border west of Aleppo. I have been skeptical of such talk, but maybe my skepticism was unfounded.

  26. Chaban says:

    Just saw the reports on the 13-year old Russian virgin living in Germany who was kidnapped and raped for days by “migrants”…

    Something that girl deserved according to The Faker’s way of thinking…

  27. tbraton says:

    “Does the “t” stand for tedious?”

    Apparently, it does, if you think so. Which raises the very real question of why you bother reading my posts, unless the “i” in “iffen” stands for “idiot.”

  28. Rehmat says:

    I would rather let the three pro-Israel Jewish sources;The American Interest, Agence France-Presse, and the Defense News to decide who is NOT LYING.

    My personal advice to government in Tehran on August 17, 2011, was: Never Trust Russia. Why? Because Russia believes most of US-Israeli lies about Iran’s civilian nuclear program. It had supported all four anti-Iran illegal sanctions by the ZOGs (the US, Britain and France) at the UNSC. Moscow’s criticism of additional unilateral sanctions by the US, EU, Germany, Canada and France – is nothing but a joke. Russia still occupies several Muslim lands like Israeli Jews.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  29. tbraton says:

    “Russia still occupies several Muslim lands like Israeli Jews. ”

    Well, you must admit that Muslims still occupy lands that were originally Christian, such as Turkey and Egypt, wouldn’t you? You do concede, I hope, that Christianity was invented more than 600 years before Islam? Or do you believe, as a good Muslim, that there is no going back. that once a country becomes Muslim, it remains Muslim? That’s seems like a very good argument for permanently barring all Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S. You must be terribly embarrassed as a Muslim that so many Muslims are fleeing ill-governed Muslim lands for better governed Christian lands. Why are so many Muslim Syrian refugees fleeing to nominally Christian Western Europe and not closer Arabic and Muslim neighboring countries like the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan?

    • Replies: @marwan
    , @Avery
    , @Rehmat
  30. @Sean

    “Only the backward tribal Sunnis have stuck with Assad.”

    While the secular, moderate Sunnis support Al-Nusra et al? Hmm.

    Typical backward, tribal Assad supporter:

    Secular, moderate, pro-Western rebel:

  31. @tbraton

    Yes, I can’t be sure but I think you’re probably right. I hope so, anyway.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  32. Art says:

    Hey Sherm – tell us Little Jew, how many nukes are your Big Jew hiding from humanity? – yours Art

    p.s. How is the girl ogling at the Palestinian’s beach today?

    • Replies: @Sherman
  33. @Art

    According to Seymour Hersh, Israel has provided intelligence to the Syrian govt:

    Of course this may be sane, anti-Likud elements within the Israeli military opposing their own leader’s policy, just as he decribes how the US military opposed the US State Dept/CIA/President’s policy of overthrowing Assad. But from Haaretz etc I definitely get the impression Israel doesn’t really want ANYONE winning the war – not Assad, not the Jihadis either.

  34. Art says:

    But from Haaretz etc I definitely get the impression Israel doesn’t really want ANYONE winning the war – not Assad, not the Jihadis either.

    Keeping up with Israel’s ruses and subterfuges is like keeping up with the Kardashians – permanent chaos is their game – only Israel’s chaos is so deadly for everyone.

  35. Jon0815 says:

    The only Republican candidate not beating the drums against Russia is Donald Trump, and he is likely to be the Republican nominee. He has spoken out against establishing “no-fly zones” in Syria and in favor of cooperating with Russia and Assad to defeat ISIS. T

    Ted Cruz – the one GOP candidate with a good shot at beating Trump- also opposes a no-fly zone.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  36. @Sean

    ” Only the backward tribal Sunnis have stuck with Assad.”

    Nope. Another blogger of this parish – Anatoly Karlin – has a map that shows that opposition to Assad is strongly correlated to the frequency of cousin marriage. Multi-generational cousin marriage knocks off about an SD of IQ.

    It is the tribal Sunnis who are the bedrock of IS, Ahrar as-Sham and al-Nusra etc The bedrock of the FSA are the legions of unicorns and fairies who inhabit Syria (according to the Western MSM)

    • Replies: @Sean
  37. Sherman says:

    Hi Little Art,

    Palestinian’s should be Palestinians’.

    I see how you must have been at the top of your class at Harvard! Your buddies in the trailer park must be real proud of your command of the English language!

  38. Zimriel says:

    If I may make a stylistic point: words like “liberate” are propagandic. Armies never liberate territory; they just take it. Maybe life will be freer in that territory after they take it (and take all the women in it). But this is after-the-fact reasoning.

  39. marwan says:

    muslims also occupy traditionaly hindu areas such as indonesia , traditionally buddhist areas such as afghanistan .

  40. Avery says:

    Well said [tbraton].

    Rabid anti-Christian IslamoFascist [Rehmat] spewing daily dose of anti-Christian putrid vomit, while living somewhere in North America (Canada ?), enjoying the safety and security provided by the Western/Christian civilization. The tolerance and safety provided by Christians to a IslamoFascist bigot to daily spew his anti-Christian hatred.

    Pretty telling the anti-Christian IslamoFascist retrograde Islamist supremacist is not living in one of the IslamoFascist “paradise states”, such as Saudi Arabia.
    The Islamist hatemongers can’t wait to get out of the Islamist Hellholes they are stewing in.
    Yet as soon as they get to and settle in Christiandom, they start their IslamoFascist proselytizing.

    IslamoFascist savages.

    Hey, [Rehmat]: you don’t like Christians, then go back and live in your choice of Islamist Sultanates, you IslamoFascist anti-Christian bigot.
    Get out of our lands.

  41. @tbraton

    I got the impression that Simon used the term ‘our’ ‘moderate’ jihadis in Syria.” specifically to illustrate the absurdity of US policy.

    I would think that Americans are not alone in not being particularly good at foreign languages as most of the English speaking world lags in that department. Americans typically do lack the nuance when using English that English people and many colonials do but on the other hand they are generally more direct and get their point across all the same.

    As for knowing what jihadist means I would say that the Americans on this site most certainly do. I would also say that a random survey in most British cities would also turn up quite a few people who would look at you and say, pardon? (or more likely, what?) at the mention of the word. The dumbing down of society has been especially successful all across the English speaking world.


    • Replies: @tbraton
  42. 5371 says:

    A Jewish-American Princess like Sherm gets all her information on public affairs from “60 Minutes”? Go figure.

  43. tbraton says:

    My post was meant in a lighthearted way. It wasn’t intended to be critical of Simon in any way. Sorry you missed the intended humor.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  44. Hunsdon says:

    Look, I’m plenty enthusiastic about what Trump and Ron Paul have said about Russia in Syria, but we can’t pretend that’s the mainstream or establishment GOP. The Established GOP is dead set on hating Russia, and the man on the street is all too frequently still caught up in 1983.

  45. tbraton says:

    “Ted Cruz – the one GOP candidate with a good shot at beating Trump- also opposes a no-fly zone.”

    Well, I trust Trump’s judgment a lot more than I trust Cruz’s. At least Trump is able to focus on what is supposed to be the main threat, i.e., ISIS, and has expressed a willingness to work with Russia and Assad to defeat ISIS.

    Cruz, on the other hand, bemoans the “intrusion” of Russia into Syria and seeks the overthrow of Assad, even while seeking to defeat ISIS.
    “Putin has been unmoved by the Obama administration’s threats of isolation on the international stage, and economic sanctions have on their own been no deterrent to his opportunistic behavior. More of the same will not result in success.
    We need a coherent plan to address both the specific crisis in Syria and the challenge posed more broadly by Putin’s resurgent Russia. The good news is that America still has options — if our leaders can summon the will to exercise them.
    For starters, in Syria we can’t double down on the failed strategies that have given Putin his opportunity to intervene. We are now two years out from President Obama’s proposed intervention after al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people.”

    In addition, there was his implied threat issued before the Las Vegas debate to use nuclear weapons to defeat ISIS (make “the sand glow in the dark”). As far as I am concerned, Cruz allows his blind devotion to Israel to cloud his judgment about what is in the interests of the U.S. He is one step removed from being a neocon imo. I don’t trust his judgment at all.
    As I stated before, he might make a good AG or Supreme Court nominee, positions where he can’t do much harm and has checks on his power. I certainly wouldn’t trust him as President.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  46. annamaria says:

    “… Cruz allows his blind devotion to Israel to cloud his judgment about what is in the interests of the U.S.”
    Actually, by peddling the “sand glow in the dark” plan, this ignoramus behaves as an enemy of humanity. There should be enough of educated Israelis to see the danger of Cruz’ radioactive project for the well-being of the whole region, including Israel.

    • Agree: tbraton
    • Replies: @RobinG
  47. Sean says:

    The Russians publically offered to negotiate with the FSA a few months ago so tell them the FSA is ISIS. There is a unicorn in The Last Unicorn, or maybe you think it is just an evil pony disguised as a unicorn to trick little girls.

    And cousin marriage does not make one ineligible to decide who to to vote for in ones own country, or fight in the civil wars that are the outcome of unrepresentative minorities trying to rule a country till the crack of doom.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @jimmyriddle
  48. RobinG says:

    “…..this ignoramus behaves as an enemy of humanity.”

    Cruz is the spawn of Satan. In his NH speech he railed how the US sailors shouldn’t have surrendered. He’s a feverish war-hawk with missionary zeal.

    God help us if Trump is not the nominee. Did anyone see the Dem. debate last night? My stomach turned over when Killery and the Berner vied for worst agenda in Syria. Couldn’t watch the rest.

    I’ve been trying to point out to ‘progressives’ —

    BERNIE – You may love his domestic proposals, but because of Republican Congress he won’t be able to do them, so it’s just rhetoric. BUT, he will, as commander in chief, be able to do stupid, horrible things abroad. (Of course HRC is even worse.)

    TRUMP – Just the reverse. Even if he gets his agenda through Congress, his policies are mostly non-fatal and reversible. BUT, he will be able to do sane things abroad such as speak to Putin, not invade foreign countries, and keep us out of WWIII.

    Anti-war progressives should be pulling for Trump.

    • Agree: Thirdeye, Bliss
  49. Thirdeye says:

    The Guardian article is about Aleppo the province, not Aleppo the city. Your quote from the Yahoo article actually supports my point, that western Aleppo city is, and has always been, held by pro-regime forces. Aleppo city has been a stagnant front for quite some time now.

    • Replies: @Sean
  50. Rehmat says:

    “Turkey and Egypt were Christian lands” – LOL.

    Though Turkey is 99.7% Muslim, it’s dotted with churches and synagogues. Contrary to that Muslims ruled Greece for 350 years, Malta for 220 years, and Sicily for 150 years – but there is no mosque left for Muslim minority to pray.

    Egypt is 85% Muslim, it’s also dotted with churches and has few Jewish religious shrines, and even a Crypto Jewish president Gen. al-Sisi (born to a Spanish Jewish mother). Contrary to that Muslims ruled Spain for 850 years, but no mosque was spared by the Christian fascists after 1492.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @schmenz
    , @tbraton
  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “cousin marriage does not make one ineligible to decide who to to vote for in ones own country”

    No, it doesn’t. But it does depress IQ of the tribes that are the bedrock of the Sunni rebels (who are not big fans of man-made laws and democracy, btw).

    And as Karlin pointed-out, low IQ in sub-populations explains a lot of the economic inequality in Syria, just as it does in the USA. Knowledge of this doesn’t stop Blacks hating the evil whitey, or cousin-marrying Sunni peasants hating Christians and Alawis.

  52. @Sean

    “cousin marriage does not make one ineligible to decide who to to vote for in ones own country”

    It doesn’t, but it depresses the IQ of the tribes that form the bedrock of the Sunni rebels.

    And, as Karlin pointed-out, low IQ in sub-groups explains a lot of the economic inequality in Syria, just as it does in the USA. Knowledge of this doesn’t prevent Blacks resenting the evil Whitey, or cousin-marrying Sunnis hating Christians and Alawis.

  53. @tbraton

    I got the intended humour but the joke pivoted on Americans being stupid. I merely pointed out that the dumbing down of society was pretty evenly spread throughout the Anglosphere which saddens me but it’s become too hard to deny.

  54. Avery says:

    {…Though Turkey is 99.7% Muslim, it’s dotted with churches and synagogues. …}

    1,000s of Armenian churches were destroyed by invadonomad IslamoFascist Turks.
    The rest were converted to mosques or barns.
    Typical behaviour of Islamist nomad savages.
    That is after the Turkic IslamoFascist savages committed Genocide against the indigenous Christian peoples.
    And there are no so-called “it’s dotted” with churches and synagogues, you lying anti-Christian IslamoFascist bigot.

    {… no mosque left for Muslim minority to pray….}

    Go and pray in Mecca: that is Muslim land.
    Get out of Christian lands, IslamoFascist savages.

    And get out of Christian North America, you anti-Christian IslamoFascist parasite.
    You have a problem with Christians? Then get out: go and live with your Wahhabist head-choppers in the Islamist paradise of Saudi Arabia.

  55. schmenz says:


    Why do you write such rubbish, like your last sentence? Do you even care about historical truth, or are you so blinded by irrational views that you refuse to even consider history?

  56. tbraton says:

    ““Turkey and Egypt were Christian lands” – LOL.”

    You know, Rehmat, I am utterly astounded at your ignorance of history. Or maybe you’re one of those backward Muslims who think the world began with Mohammed. It is generally acknowledged that Egypt was part of the Byzantine Empire before it was conquered by the forces of Islam in the 7th century A.D., as was much of the Near East and, later, what is now Turkey.

    Here’s something I posted on October 27, 2015:

    “prior to spread of Islam in the 7th century the people of Egypt, for the most part, did not speak Arabic or have the same ethnic stock as their Arab conquerors. That territory belonged to the Byzantine Empire (aka the Eastern Roman Empire) and practiced largely Christianity. I believe that was what Reg Caesar might have been referring to when he said the “west bank of the Nile” should be returned to its “rightful owners.” That would be the Copts. According to Wikipedia: “Christianity was the religion of the vast majority of Egyptians from 400–800 A.D. and the majority after the Muslim conquest until the mid-10th century[18] and remains the faith of a significant minority population. Historically they spoke the Coptic language, a direct descendant of the Demotic Egyptian spoken in the Roman era, but it has been near-extinct and mostly limited to liturgical use since the 18th century. They now speak Arabic.”

    Now, if you have any authority that says differently, you should post it, Rehmat. Otherwise, we have to conclude that you are an ignorant man spouting nonsense, which some of us know already.

  57. joe webb says:

    Revealingly….”Alas, I don’t see any signs that the US grip on Europe (via the subservient European comprador elites in power) is getting weaker. If anything, the complete flop of Hollande’s trip to Washington proved that even France has no real sovereignty left.”

    The sacker furiously rides his anglo-american-zionist hobby horse, his communist/socialist/Head Negro (for the MLK ceremony of racial equality book of Humanity Rising clutched in one arm, with the other whipping the creaking wooden horse.

    The sacker is himself sort of a Trojan Horse inserted into the relatively Trump-loving Unz Review.

    Why you guys take him seriously is beyond me. HIs is a Nationalism Without Race, like a New Age nut and berry milkshake….fit only for children. “Comprador”…please spare us the commie-Third World-Speak of yesteryear.

    Not to be cryptic, Europe has its history, and its own homegrown Liberalism, which has , strangely enough, a pedigree unrelated to the US. The Liberal World Consensus, call it whatever you like, is a legitimate development not dominated by the Jews and Washington. Washington is a large factor to be sure, but politics is more complicated than the sacker’s simple-minded and even fanatic and maybe Duganesque national bolshevism..

    Europe will ultimately lead the way as it frees itself from the Jew Merkel and her shabbas goyim.
    The European Right gives the sacker the willies for he worships the Darkies. The sacker is really a communist and therefore, any analysis by him must be subject to scrutiny.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @annamaria
  58. annamaria says:
    @joe webb

    “Remember how in spring 2014, the NATO-backed junta started hunting the Russians in Ukraine, and how people were found hanged on the trees because they were Russian? Remember, how the junta’s tanks moved against civilians in Donbass and people were trying to stop tanks with their bare hands? Russians had called for Europe to stop the spread of fascism in Ukraine. European politicians and its media furiously denied the allegations, and to prove the absence of fascism in Ukraine, massacred hundreds of the Russians in Odessa and Mariupol. It was highly publicized as the heroic fight against “Russian aggression.” Remember?
    Among the people who were burned in the Labor Union building in a beautiful port of Odessa were a local poet, a pregnant woman, several children and a teen student of Odessa University, whose mother, a professor of the same university was trying, to no avail, to save him in the midst of murderous crowd bused from Kiev and the Western parts of Ukraine.”

    One cannot find this stuff on MSM. Wonder why….

  59. annamaria says:

    Mr. Kolomojsky, a darling of WSJ, has emerged as one of the main designers of the Odessa auto-da-fe when dozens of civilians were burned alive.
    Doom Sternz:
    “Ten days before the Odesa tragedy a secret meeting was held in Kiev, chaired by the incumbent president Olexander Turchinov, to prepare a special operation in Odessa. Present were minister of internal affairs Arsen Avakov, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service Valentin Nalivaychenko, and the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Andriy Parubiy. Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskiy, the Kiev-appointed head of regional administration of the Dnepropetrovsk region, was consulted in regard to the operation.
    During that meeting Arsen Avakov has reportedly came up with the idea of using football hooligans, known as “ultras,” in the operation. Ever since his time as the head of the Kharkov regional administration he has worked closely with the fans leaders, whom he continued to sponsor even from his new home in Italy. Kolomoisky temporarily delivered his private “Dnieper-1” Battalion under the command of law-enforcement officials in Odessa and also authorized a cash payment of $5,000 for “each pro-Russian separatist” killed during the special operation.
    A couple of days before the operation in Odessa Andriy Parubiy brought dozens of bullet-proof vests to local ultra-nationalists. Ultranationalist militants from the extremist Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA-UNSO), who could be recognized by their red armbands, were also used during the operation… Fifteen roadblocks were set up outside of Odessa, secured by militants under the personal command of Kolomoisky’s “Dnieper-1” Battalion, as well as Right Sector’s thugs from Dnepropetrovsk and the western regions of Ukraine. In addition, two military units from the Self-Defense of Maidan arrived in Odessa, under the command of the acting head of the administration of the president, Sergey Pashinsky – the same man who was caught with a sniper rifle in the trunk of his car on Feb. 18 on Independence Square (Maidan) in Kiev. The role of the Odessa police forces in the operation was personally directed by the head of the regional police, Petr Lutsyuk, and his deputy Dmitry Fucheji.”
    Where is the Interpol when we need it?

    • Replies: @joe webb
  60. joe webb says:

    HI Annamarina, I am not clear on what your point here is. The game of Fascists vs. Communists continues in the writing the sacker.

    I do not think that it is that simple. Far from it. Without a lot of attention on my part paid to Ukraine, I assume that it is plain old nationalism that accounts for its problems. Maybe also ethnic divisions among Slavs. We have our ethnic divisions as in Canada, Belgium, England/Ireland, and the Balkans.

    This is not fascism, it is just ethnic struggle.

    The sacker is a MLK and Stoic (Humanity! for All ) kind of guy. This does not invalidate completely his thinking if he sticks close to the facts. However, his orientation is pro-communist/Russian and thus requires attention.

    Please tell me what your point is with regard to your above posts, in the context of the sacker’s and my comments. thanks, Joe Webb

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @annamaria
  61. annamaria says:

    The alleged boss:
    Here we arrive at the heart of the matter: Re-examining the premises of US policy in the Greater Middle East will necessarily jeopardize suppositions—about the efficacy of the US military presence and projecting US military might—that have enabled the national-security establishment to prosper for decades. The bureaucratic and corporate components of that establishment will view with alarm any hint of diminishing the emphasis that the United States assigns to possessing and wielding so-called hard power. The military-industrial complex looks to [defense secretary] Carter to preserve the status and prerogatives its members have long enjoyed. Based on his performance thus far, their confidence is entirely justified.”

    • Replies: @joe webb
  62. annamaria says:
    @joe webb

    “Without a lot of attention on my part paid to Ukraine…”

    Saker provides a great service to the community of free thinkers, by using his ability to both collect and present information that has been categorically unavailable on MSM.

    Let’s make some comparisons. Consider Mr. Higgins of Bellingcat fame, a specialist in selling women’s underwear (till recently). His approach to the situation in Ukraine is apparently not pro-communist… And look at the loving attention Mr. Higgins has been receiving from the US government, the Atlantic council, and King’s College of London. Or consider Mr. Shaun Walker, another prolific informant on all things Ukrainian and all things Russian. His voluble opuses for the Guardian are so obviously servile to the interests of the NATO/Pentagon bosses, that they are painful to read. Walker is a pure case of a presstitute. There is an army of such opportunists.

    Where else one can find an honest and expert review of events in the Middle East and Ukraine if not on Saker ( and Sic Semper Tyrannis by the honorable Colonel W. Patrick Lang (

    As for “This is not fascism, it is just ethnic struggle,” the story of Odessa massacre (and the celebration of Bandera, the famous Nazi collaborator, by Kiev regime) demonstrate unequivocally that the main characters of the US-installed junta are indeed neo-Nazis. By the way, Mr. Kolomojsky (who “delivered his private “Dnieper-1” Battalion under the command of law-enforcement officials in Odessa and also authorized a cash payment of $5,000 for “each pro-Russian separatist” killed during the special operation”) is a Jew with an Israeli citizenship (he has relocated to the US). Mr. Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian minister of internal affairs and another “activist” of the Odessa massacre, is Armenian. So much for the supposedly ethnic struggle in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  63. joe webb says:

    well, I continue to think that the bad guys vs. the good guys is useless.

    Bandar may have been a fascist, but so what? One could easily call all kinds of eastern europeans fascists for their wartime behavior. Fascists vs. communists again, or fascists vs fascists. Communists have also been known to invade one-another.

    If these words were eliminated and some real political science were deployed, we would be much better off.

    I am pro Russian, and pro Ukrainian. That puts me again in no man’s land again I guess. Just because people are killed, slaughtered, etc. does not mean anything definitive. People get killed in political struggle. We in the US are not used to this …we live in a bubble, which may soon come to an end….pop!

    The jews hate Russia. Fact. So anyone in Ukraine that opposes Russia/Putin is a good guy. The fact that this or that person is not a Ukrainian means nothing. What is needed is a General survey of the folks showing up on both sides. Also, what they have to say is also instructive. Where are the reporters in this regard who have not signed up on either team?

    I suspect but do not know that 90 plus per cent of the Ukrainian regulars and irregulars are Ukrainian nationalists. The rest would be adventurers, etc.

    The US supports anyone that will carry its water against Russia. That does not make them fascists. However, I read that some of them self-describe as fascists. OK fine. That in itself means next to nothing to me. Israel is fascist. Sometimes I think I am a fascist, but that would be a 100 % White nationalist, who believes in moderation and free speech, etc.

    What is a fascist? Someone who puts country first, economy second, his people first and last, and today wants to return the Others to their original countries…repatriation. What is wrong with that? This is the only basis for world peace….people want to hang out with their own people, race.

    The only people who do not want this are White and Jew liberal international capitalists who will exploit their profit centers by selling out everybody, especially their own race. Of course, jews will not sell out their own people. They never do that, the Madoffs notwithstanding.

    No military adventures, everybody stays in their own country of origin, White race as the best race, but even if not, who cares, it is our race, my race and that is where my loyalty lies. Other White countries have to stop invading one-another, and the old Fascism vs. Communism follies have to be put behind us. Communism was an absolute monster with its 100 million dead. I will take a fascist a hundred times over a communist or a commieliberal. Liberalism , the pimping little sister of communism…Wilmot Robertson..The Dispossessed Majority, about 1973

    Fascism is the more or less human condition. Tribe, country, race….that is what will solve all our solvable problems. The other problems will always be there, like Pride, Greed, etc. There is no solution to that except higher intelligence/good temperament and eugenics to improve the doubtful human stuff…even white human stuff. That is why I am a conservative, no dreamy Humanity for me.

    I suggest that the youngsters who want to play fascists and communists read some history, starting even with our great ancient Greeks, who continually beat one-another up to the point that they killed themselves off…hyper individualism was their main problem…..ego,me me me me me

    Joe Webb

  64. joe webb says:

    Bandera … correction.

  65. annamaria says:
    @joe webb

    The pen name is Saker. Here is more on this true fighter, principles, intelligent, and courageous:
    “The Saker…describes himself as European born son of Russian refugees from the Bolshevik Revolution. He has two US college degrees and worked in Europe as a military analyst until his opposition to the US/NATO sponsored wars in Chechnia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo cost him his career. He retooled as a software engineer and began writing in response to the nonsense spewed by the Western media. The Saker knows several languages which, together with his background, provides him access to information not available in the presstitute media.

    • Replies: @Stephen R. Diamond
  66. joe webb says:

    Annamarina, ok fine. So what?

    There are legions of (us) scribblers around. The apparent fact that his opposition to the US wars against the Slavs means that he basically was good on that one. However, it also suggests that he is a slav nationalist, which is fine with me, but he is still a kind of communist.

    Paul Craig Roberts went ’round the bend years ago.

    Anyone who tosses around slogans is suspect (anglo zionist imperialists ) etc.

    Is there a New World Order? probably but it is the Liberal Order of international economic globalism and nobody would claim that it does not exist. It is not a slogan. Just the other day, a jewyorktimes guy (Kristoff) in all simplicity and naivete wrote that the problem with the GOP is that it does not know how to sell globalism to its base. Globalism is the Order that the media breathes as well as gets paid by. Running dogs of international capitalism, not to mention the jews, jews, jews. And Kristoff can worry about the Trump fascist and hector the GOP to sell its base on globalism, as if they have not been peddling these lies for decades now.

    To suggest, like Trump, that globalism is not good for the USA or its people, is Liberal heresy.

    The putative anglo zionist order is insufficient to account for the more or less general world acceptance , meaning international elites, of globalism. That globalism may soon be discarded by immiserated workers in the US and Europe. Trump trumpets the possibilities of a nationalist (White) economic order.

    The denial of Europe having an independent (of the US) point of view and history, particularly of war on its soil, like Russia, is just rhetoric and unworthy of serious consideration.

    Europe appears to be heading faster toward ridding itself of its untermenschen than
    the US. Merkel, the east German communist apparatchik with a Social Democratic face is about to find herself trashed by the electorate …over the next couple years. Europe, in other words, exists despite the sacker’s communist view that it is merely ‘comprador’ to Uncle Sam.

    This usage also betrays his age, an old Third World Revolution de-colonializer.

    Joe Webb

  67. joe webb says:

    .” The bureaucratic and corporate components of that establishment will view with alarm any hint of diminishing the emphasis that the United States assigns to possessing and wielding so-called hard power. The military-industrial complex…”

    Is this PCR? whoever wrote it…it is merely punditry of the left variety.

    The US military has been very circumspect on war in the middle east. Ditto the CIA. Seymour Hersh would be a much better source for this type of analysis than Roberts or just about anyone else. He has lots of contacts in the military and also has a record that goes way back and is pretty good …on the honesty side of things. I suppose he is still liberal, but apparently tells the truth. I don’t read him anymore, so I could be wrong

    As an ex-leftish kind of guy, I am extremely allergic to this type of writing. It is all left wing bull shit and posturing…. as the left used to say, an infantile disorder. I would call it adolescent disorder. In PCR’s case, it may be one part dementia and one part ego.

    A few years ago he claimed that he had seen ‘detention camps” and thousands of plastic ‘coffins’ somewhere in the South. I wrote him and asked for specifics. He returned that he did not remember exactly.

    Ego is the biggest threat to personal success, in any area of life. me me me me me.

    Joe Webb

  68. joe webb says:

    As far as our military goes, if the US continues both its domestic and foreign disasters, it might take over. If Trump cannot do it, maybe they can. It has more genuine conservatives than any other institution. These guys are basically from the South, are of Scots-Irish descent, and don’t take any shit. All the window-dressing around Blackness will be burned in the trash barrel and military guidance will be assured.

    The blacks are insane, the mexers keep coming, the chinese glide in on their money largely made from swindling and slave labor, and the jews keep on hammering Whites and welcoming the untermenschen, all the better to dissolve Whiteness and Whites.

    Joe Webb

  69. Rehmat is totally in the right on this one, not you Paleotards. I hate Paleocons but Muslims at least have their uses.

    Muslims are not occupying any land that doesn’t rightfully belong too them outside of the borders of Greater Israel. Egypt and Turkey are Muslim lands, most of their Islamic population is descended from the indigenous peoples of those lands and Middle Eastern Christians are gutter scum who deserved to lose their countries anyway.

    As for gay fuckboi the Saker, he of course is spinning Russia being stalemated as some type of victory because he considers everything some type of victory. Had he been around in 1948 he likely would have called the expulsion of the Palestinians and the rebirth of Israel some type of tactical triumph against Zionism.

    Face it Saker, you are losing in Syria and losing badly. You too, LK: own up to your defeat!

  70. Sam Shama says:

    Much more muslim immigration is the best thing for the U.S. They have good family values, detest Hollywood culture and generally don’t like the drug-running mexicans and blacks. We should take in as many muslim refugees from the Middle East as possible. It will also be a balancing force against any resurgent white supremacism.

    Now Syria cannot, never was able, to control the Golan. So when Israel takes that territory over it is a huge net positive for the population there. All the various ethnicities in that general area now realize that living under the Israeli state is the best option for them. However it is critical that Israel be able to maintain an unassailable jewish majority. To that end about half the “Palestinian People” need to be moved to Jordan, Syria and Egypt where they really belong. This will eventually be agreed upon by Russia.

    Now Iran is a problem, since they feel they know a thing or two. Well they will learn a thing or two as oil stays below $40 for another 5 years. Plus the Saudis are itching to get into a fracas with Iran. This needs to be done, as will let a lot of bad blood that has been accumulating in the ME to drain. Iran will likely win that war, but will be seriously damaged and come to the U.S. for support, but depending on where oil is we may or may not offer them that help. In any case the 2000 princes and their families would have already left for the island that they are buying from Europe. So the ME will need to be re-constituted and will be done according to the pax Americana model.

    So good things are on the way.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  71. @Sam Shama

    Is that you, Oded Yinon?

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  72. Sam Shama says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    You see, in time you will appreciate the wisdom of this position. Most people in this world have no idea how to create, maintain and further the interests and needs of a nation state. Democracy is highly overrated, as you might already agree. To live peacefully and prosperously the will of a superior culture/system must be imposed and enforced without compromise. Isn’t that what you do in your own home, or do you let the errant children get away with chaos?

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Seamus Padraig
  73. annamaria says:
    @Sam Shama

    ” a superior culture/system”
    Could you be more specific and spell out the name and qualifications of this “superior culture/system?” Who are those magnificent “parents” and bad “errant children” in your book? And how come that your writing alludes so clearly to some famous passages from certain times in Germany?

    “… The weakest nations… were those of impure or mongrel races, because they have divided, quarrelling, and therefore weak cultures. Worst of all were seen to be the parasitic Untermensch (Subhumans), mainly Jews…”

  74. Sean says:

    If you think Aleppo city has been stagnant for quite some time , you must think this satirical article is factually correct

    Fact is Aleppo has been subjected to ceaseless bombardments, now with the Russians’ backing Aleppo city is falling and that is why so many refugees flooding into the west are, as I said, from Aleppo. They are fleeing Assad’s forces, like almost all the refugees.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  75. @Sam Shama

    Israel is not the parent of the Arabs and the Persians, and nor are the diaspora Zionists the parents the white goyim.

  76. @annamaria

    He’s also some kind of religious nut, isn’t he?

  77. annamaria says:

    “They are fleeing Assad’s forces, like almost all the refugees.”
    Correction: “Syrians and Iraqis are fleeing from forces which cause devastation. Whoever that may be. This is war.”
    If you are so undisposed to Assad, what is your choice? – ISIS? Or you have some “unicorns” (moderate jihadis) in mind? After the devastation of Iraq and Libya by the US/EU forces, the west is in no position to lecture on the topics of morality. Moreover, considering that the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East was architected by prominent zio-cons and that the destruction of Iraq, Libya, and Syria conforms with the Oden Yinon plan, the massive loss of lives and devastation in Syria are justly perceived as Israel’s responsibility.

    • Replies: @Sean
  78. jay says:


    Why do you think attrition warfare will work in this case when it failed in Vietnam in the 1960’s?

    • Replies: @Sean
  79. Sean says:

    Mister Saker should pay attention to the example of S. Vietnam in which the US backed Catholic leadership, regarded as cultists by many in the country, had no mass following and no long term future.

  80. Sean says:

    The US could have taken out Assad with one massive air strike. Israel could have easily overthrow Assad by military pressure by a build up in the Golan at any time. Israel is not interested in ending the war any more than they wanted the Iran vs Iraq war to end.

    Israel has built a wall well inside its territory in places they are planning on retrenchment not territorial aggrandisement.

    A spread of the war to Jordan would provide a possible opportunity to expel the West Bank Palestinians, who are the only real problem left for Israel.

  81. annamaria says:

    “…they are planning on retrenchment not territorial aggrandizement..”
    This your statement is not supported with facts. Israel has been strenuously avoiding to finalize its borders. Could you explain, why? Could you produce a map with the definite, official Israeli borders?

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