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Trump Dreams vs Trump Reality – Hopes Still Permitted!
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For a lot of Trump supporters the past week has been a painful one. Whether we chose to react with abject panic or pretended like nothing happened, something did happen and it was something big: the Three Letter Agencies pulled-off a de facto coup against Donald Trump by forcing him to fire his most important foreign policy advisor and the man who had dared to declare that he wanted to reform the bloated and largely ineffective US intelligence community.

There is no way of putting a brave face on what happened. Not only because it showed that Trump is not loyal to those who are loyal to him, but because this episode pretty much killed what I would call the “Trump dream”. I chose my words carefully here. I speak of “Trump dream” as opposed to the Trump reality. Let me explain.

The “Trump dream”

When Trump won the elections the spectrum of hopes about his actions was very wide. It ranged from “Trump will forever reshape the international system, end the Empire and bring peace and prosperity to the USA” to “he will never be as bad as Hillary no matter what he does”. On that spectrum, here is what I would list as the key elements of the “Trump dream”:

  1. Draining the swamp: kicking the Neocons down to the basement they crawled out of 24 years ago, reforming the US intelligence community, possibly even dissolving the CIA or, at the very least, subordinating it, and the JCS, to the President.
  2. Making peace with Russia and negotiate a “grand bargain” which would clearly spell out how the USA and Russia would act towards each other and jointly against common threats. At the very least, this would imply an agreement on the Ukraine and Syria.
  3. Work with Russia to create a new European security system which would keep NATO as a political organization, but which would “dilute it” into a new security framework ranging from Portugal to the Ural mountains and which would include a 21st century version of the Conventional Forces Europe treaty.
  4. Stop pouring billions of dollars into the Empire and redirect the immense resources currently wasted on war, aggression and subversion back into the United States and their decaying infrastructure, medical care, education, small business, etc. Until now, the main profitable sectors of the US economy were either the military-industrial complex or finance. The hope was that Trump would kick-start the “real” economy: the production of goods and services.
  5. End what I would call the “dictatorship of the minorities” and replace it with a restoration of the sovereignty of the majority of the American people over their country. The “Rachel Maddows” who used to be the “ideological masters” of the AngloZionist regime would be gently ushered towards the doors and replaced by people most Americans could identify with.
  6. Law and order would be restored to the USA and the uncontrolled flow of immigrants would finally be regulated at least to some degree.
  7. Last, but most definitely not least, Trump would not act on this stupid, counter-productive and self-defeating Iran-bashing and China-bashing rhetoric. Remember – what I am listing here is not a realistic evaluation of what Trump might do once in power, but what I deliberately called the “Trump dream” with emphasis on the second word. Sure, there might be those who wanted Trump to deliver on his threats and possibly even start a war with Iran or China, but I have not met them. (Then again, these are not people I like to be around). Again, this is my, subjective and personal outline of what I think many (most?) Trump supporters were dreaming about, nothing more.

Following the past week, I would say that, for the most part, this dream is now over, especially points 1,2,3 and 5, points 6 and 7 are on life support and only 4 is having of chills and a runny nose but might still live.

They key, of course, is point 1: draining the swamp. In other words, wrestling the power away from the Neocons and the US ‘deep state’ and putting it back where it belongs: in the hands of a President with a mandate of a majority of the American people. That is, alas, the biggest loss we all suffered last week: the man who was supposed to drain the swamp got a humiliating smack-down by a deep state drunk on its own infinite chutzpah. The biggest deal is not that Flynn was sacked, although that is a big deal, but the fact that the deep state forced Trump into publicly betraying Flynn and sacking him instead of those who were involved in this palace coup (including Pence himself).

What the deep state demonstrated this week is that everybody in the Executive Branch serves not at the pleasure of the President, but at the pleasure of the deep state, including probably Donald Trump himself.

By terminating Trump’s #2 the Neocons have now shown the world that everybody else (#3, #4, etc.) and possibly #1 are all here only to the extend that they, the Neocons, let them. I am personally convinced that unless Donald Trump finds in himself the courage to mount a major counter-attack, the Neocons will find a way of kicking him out of the White House before his term ends. That is typically their style: sending “messages” and “making an example”.

If Trump “behaves” they might, possibly, let him do a little of points #6 (law and order) and #4 (redirecting some money to the US homeland). As for point #7 (Iran and China bashing), that is the only part of his program which they will enthusiastically support (thereby also ending the dream of him not acting on that crazy nonsense).

So yeah, this is bad, and barring a miracle, the dream is really over.

However, let’s put that right back in perspective.

The Trump reality

If the dream is over, that is hardly a reason to become despondent or to claim that supporting Trump was a mistake. Please always keep in mind what the alternative was: Hillary Clinton.

One of my favorite Russian commentators, Ruslan Ostashko, brilliantly put it when he said:

Not a single rational person was expecting Trump to display true friendship or love for Russia or an immediate recognition of Crimea (as part of Russia). Our joy at the election of Trump was linked to a single factor: with Clinton we would had no chances, none at all, to agree on anything. If Clinton was now sitting in the White House we would not be discussing the issue of the recognition of Crimea or the future of US sanctions. We would be trying to guess when the nuclear war would start, we would be studying our bomb shelter maps, how to use a Geiger counter, and how to count the correct dosage for iodine tablets.

He is absolutely right, of course. This is also exactly what I wrote on November 9th following the election:

So it has happened: Hillary did not win! I say that instead of saying that “Trump won” because I consider the former even more important than the latter. Why? Because I have no idea whatsoever what Trump will do next. I do, however, have an excellent idea of what Hillary would have done: war with Russia. Trump most likely won’t do that.

I never was a “Trump dreamer”. I was merely a Trump hoper meaning that I had hopes that Trump would not only be better than Hillary, but that he might deliver on, at least, some of his “dream” message.

But if the choice is the Neocons humiliating Trump or thermonuclear war – then I pick the former, with gratitude.

Furthermore, however unpleasant this thought might be to many Americans, it is an undeniable fact that the United States is currently the host upon which the AngloZionist parasite feeds and which this parasite uses to try to subjugate the entire planet.


What is happening now is that the Neocons and the deep state have succeeded in re-taking control of their host, but only at the cost of a major weakening of that host. And that is objectively good for our planet. Just as the coup in Turkey ended up gutting the military and security services and dramatically curtailing their ability to influence the events in Syria (this is, in part, why Erdogan is now playing ball with the Russians and the Iranians), the ongoing color revolution against Trump is gutting the power of the American host and, thus, of the AngloZionist parasite. For one thing, the entire political establishment is so deeply involved in the struggle for power inside the USA, that very little bureaucratic energy is left to deal with anything else. Furthermore, in political terms, the “indispensable nation” and “city upon the hill” are now the laughingstock of the planet. The next time around some State Department propagandist starts regurgitating the usual chunk of propaganda prolefeed about democracy, human right and fair elections he will be greeted with a hysterical laughter and screams of “physician, heal thyself!!”. And, frankly, God only knows where this process might lead us next. I, for one, would absolutely not exclude the possibility of civil war in the USA. And before that statement gets greeted with jeers and the usual set of ad hominems, let me remind you that I predicted the civil war in the Ukraine when almost everybody else was in total denial (see: The gates of Hell are opening for the Ukraine, written on Nov 20th, 2013). At this point in time, I am not predicting a civil war in the USA, but I am saying that it has become a real possibility.

Civil war or not, all the Neocons and the deep state are doing is accelerating the inevitable collapse of the USA as a world hegemon. True, Trump could not have prevented it, but he could have negotiated it, using the still immense power of the USA to get the best possible deal from the other big actors. If a person falls off a skyscraper, there is no way of preventing him of hitting the ground – but whether he has a parachute or not will make a huge difference to him on how he will land. That is what Trump could have done – making a “descent on the breaks” as the Russians expression goes. The skills to make that happen are straightforward: realism, willingness to negotiate, ability to understand the other guy, the courage to give up that which is not sustainable, etc. That is the exact skillset that the Neocons totally lack. What they can do is double-down, then double-down again, and then double-down some more. And that kind of maniacal attitude always leads to catastrophe.

Whatever may be the case, the big story for the foreseeable future will be the infighting inside the US deep state. Why infighting? Because Trump is also part of the deep state, he did just suddenly pop out of nowhere ex nihilo, he had, and still has, powerful backers. That’s the, comparatively speaking, the good news. The bad news is that the faction of the deep state which is backing Trump appears to be the weaker one. And Trump himself is not exactly a knight in shining armor, to put it mildly. Still, if we imagine that by some aggregate measure of power the anti-Trump forces inside the deep state are, oh, 70% and the Trump supporters are therefore 30%, the infighting between the 70% and the 30% will leave very little energy to either party to deal with Russia, China or Iran.

It is a sweet irony that the big proponents of divide et impera did just that to themselves, is it not?


It is way too early to become despondent. Yes, the “Trump dream” is probably over, it was beautiful as long as it lasted, but now the “Trump reality” is taking center stage and we all need to learn how to operate in this new context. We need to carefully and systematically study this new reality and carefully parse it for all the risk and opportunities it presents us with. And there are a lot of great opportunities, along with very real risks, to be discovered. Just the fact that the leaders of the Empire have turned against each other is a God sent blessing! Let’s use that to the max.

Coincidence or not, but the Duran is reporting that the Chairman of the JCS, General Joe Dunford, and General Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the Russian military’s General Staff have met in Baku. This is the first such meeting since January 2014 and it took place in a “cordial atmosphere”. In fact, Dunford reassured Gerasimov that there are in fact no plans to deploy US ground troops to Syria (there are, of course, already several thousand US troops on the ground in Syria, both sides know that, but both sides also know what Dunford is referring to: regular armed forces).

Can you imagine such a meeting under Hillary?

What happened is really simple. With the election of Trump, the Neocons suffered a crushing defeat and it took them less than a month to regroup and castrate Trump. This is bad and the “Trump dream” is over. But we – the resistance to Empire, as still in very good shape. After all, Trump was never *our* candidate, he was the candidate of the part of the deep state which we, opponents of the US deep state in toto, supported as a lesser evil: and we were right – he was and he still is the lesser evil. Furthermore, the party which really lost the most is the Trump-supporting part of the deep state, and they now enough power left (10, 30 or 45 percent – that does not really matter) to regroup and fight back. And if/when they do fight back, we still have to give them our support simply because that is the moral and pragmatic thing to do. Right now, Trump looks like Yanukovich, true. But I think that he is also a far smarter and much more honorable person than Yanukovich. Call me naïve, but my gut feeling is that Trump cares for the USA and that he wants to do the right thing. I might be wrong, of course. But at least so far I do not see the clear signs of the total rot and corruption which Yanukovich has all over his face. Furthermore, Trump appears to be learning. That is very important. In his latest press conference Trump finally finally showed some real guts and counter-attacked the media, very effectively I would say. And remember how fast Trump learned from his first defeat in the debate against Hillary? Trump might be a fast learner and if that is really the case, then he might learn some most useful lessons from the entire Flynn debacle.

Hopes still permitted 🙂

So hopes are still permitted. Not expectations – those are always bad. But reasonable, reality-compatible hopes. Like all humans, politicians change. If the Neocons don’t succeed in impeaching him, Trump might still end up kicking some ass, so to speak. And if they do impeach him, they will further weaken the Empire. So, all in all, I would say that while we had a very bad week we are still on good shape.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Deep State, Donald Trump, Neocons, Russia 
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  1. nsa says:

    Trump appears to be a tabula rasa on which anything can be written…..with no fixed beliefs at all. One look at his appointments and the truth is self-evident. What about the GS sheisters right now backing their trucks up to the US Treasury loading dock? Or the washed up military bloodletters who look like they just strayed out of the VFW bar? Or the worthless jooie family friends and relatives who are obvious Izzy Firsters? Or the vile neocon Pence….talk about an incentive for one of the agencies to give Trump a JFK style job termination. The verdict is in….Trump is an outright fraud and Jooie Butt Boy.

  2. Seua2557 says:

    I agree with your view that one faction of DS “selected” Trump (since the elections are rigged) as the lesser evil, and that faction is not delusional. No-one becomes POTUS without “approval”, which is conditional upon following the script. Trump has tried to stray, maybe testing the length of his leash. But he is learning. We’ve seen him “presidential”, and bombastic, too, according to his audience. There’s certainly some method in his “madness”. Can he overcome his myriad, and increasing, enemies? The alternative is horrifying.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump is such a dissapointment.

    It was cringe worthy seeing Trump being made to bend the knee in real time. Throwing Flynn under the bus and taking the neocon Pences side was incredible to watch.

    You can literally see the deep state at play here with Pence playing the George Bush roll to Ronald Regan where the VP was planted to reign in the president.

    Trump was really nieve to bring so many insiders into his inner circle and not expect them to turn on him.

    Trump’s only chance was to come out swinging and arrest Hilary on day one and to not get distracted with divisive issues like muslim travel bans and tough talk to Mexico.

    But Trump was exposed as someone who doesn’t have the stomach for taking on the deep state nor the competence.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Anonymous
  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    In this age of Trump, aka Literally Hitler(though one might say Ironically Hitler since he is surrounded by certain powerful Jews), we know lots of progs and globs are under extreme duress, mostly due to auto-fear-mongering that actually wants to believe in the very worst. This is the paradox of ultra-pessimism or the ‘black pill’. It has therapeutic value of certainty even as it portends doom. In some ways, it is easier to resign oneself to the worst possible scenario because it offers certainty. In contrast, an element of hope leads to anxiety that, maybe just maybe, the ‘good guys’ will win. Of course, hope also has therapeutic value, but it breeds anxiety because it keeps you rooting against all odds. In contrast, total pessimism may lead to doom-and-gloom mindset, but you don’t have to worry about losing anymore. You figure your side lost, and that’s that.

    And, extreme reaction offers the therapy of self-righteousness. If one believes that Trump is an a**hole with lots of bad ideas but some good & valid ideas, one cannot feel totally justified in his anti-Trump-ism. But if you say he is Hitler and devil incarnate, it makes YOU the noble hero or martyr. So, even though believing that Trump is Hitler and the devil himself is depressing and fearful, it also feels kinda good because your enemy is none other than Hitler Redux.

    Progs are esp going nuts because one of the dominant mode of Western Culture since the 60s(and even earlier) has been therapeutism. We no longer subscribe to a tragic and hardy view of life. No, the world must do things to cater to us, soothe us, hold our hands, be sensitive, offer us advice, assure us, listen to us, and etc. Such social mindset led to a culture of sensitivity and touchy-feely-goodiness. Granted, the effect has been uneven. After all, therapy requires some degree of catharsis. Some people have to cry out in pain that they are hurting, suffering, and etc. So, the groups that tend to be most vocal, articulate, demanding, creative, clever, and/or relentless in their hysterics have garnered the most sensitivity pokemon points.


    This has led to a paradoxical political culture where we are expected to be most sensitive toward certain groups that have become the least sensitive. We must be touchy-feely with those who are most touchy-meanie. So, blacks can howl like nuts about ‘black bodies’ and ‘black lives’. They can holler in political speeches, rap music, with gangster gunfire, and threats, BUT, such antics are not seen as hate or insensitivity. They are treated as cries of pain and pleas for help. It’s not blacks being rude or nasty or hostile or arrogant. No, it’s poor Negroes wailing in pain in search of catharsis from all that historical and social trauma. So, we must accommodate these poor babies. Jews and homos, and increasingly Muslims, are also very good at this. Howling, throwing tantrums, screaming, ranting, seething, hissing, and etc. Just listen to Tim Wise. Feminists are less good at this because women just don’t have the vocal power and aggressiveness of men and homos and Muslim nuts. Lesbians do it better because they have some manliness. But someone like Ashley Judd just comes across as inane yapping about her ‘nasty womanhood’ seeking catharsis in the age of pussy-grabbing Trump rapist. Black women are somewhat better at it cuz they are wilder and have louder voices, but black feminism isn’t really a thing. Black women generally just identify as black, and black culture is so sexualized — being called a ‘ho’ is a badge of honor — that black women and white feminists don’t really see eye to eye. When black women are about the pu**y, they gyrate their groins in lustful performance. When white women are about pu**y, they put on cute pink hats as a ‘statement’.
    It’s physical vs cerebral.

    Anyway, the contradiction within therapeutic culture is plain to see. On the one hand, a therapeutic society is supposed to calm all of us, make us all nicer and more kindly and more sensitive and more in tune with the harmonious side of us that is under constant pressure by hectic modern life. But the very existence of therapy presupposes that some people or many people are suffering from something. And in order for them to be treated, they must pour our their trauma in cathartic fashion, and that is never a pleasant(or sensitive) process. (Those who demand sensitivity on our part don’t show any sensitivity to others since they are so wrapped up in their own pain, real or imagined.) It can range from BLM riots to feminist rape culture hysteria to Jewish fears of Trumpen-fuhrer to homo fears of Christo-fascists electrocuting homos to tranny granny trauma that they might not be allowed to wee wee in girls room to Muslims fretting that they won’t be allowed into the West to freeload on whites.. and maybe blow up a few things for Allah.
    Now, white people have gripes too, but therapeutism, as practiced in the West, is closely aligned with PC, and PC says certain groups have legit trauma while others don’t. So, those WITHOUT valid trauma license must be infinitely patient, sensitive, and receptive to those with valid trauma accreditation, such as Negroes, Jews, homos, feminists, illegal aliens, and even Muslims. (It’s telling that the Palestinian-American at Fort Hood was a therapist blind to his own rage, which others, esp whites, were expected to be sensitive to.) Over time, such an schema was bound to lead to some groups becoming spoiled crybabies while others became over-stressed babysitters. Catharsis is supposed to lead to healing. But under the current therapeutic regimen, it never does. If anything, the PC-favored-and-diagnosed groups keep going for one catharsis after another and after ad infinitum. Instead of seeking healing and resolution with the final catharsis, they just aim for the next one and then the next one. Instead of healing, they got more reeling. They’ve become addicted to the treatment and no longer care for the cure. After all, if they were to be declared cured, they would no longer get special preference and attention. It’s like some of the patients want to remain in the clinic in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. In the real world, they are nothing. But in the ward, they get special treatment as people afflicted with problems. It’s like Fred G. Sanford’s heart attacks. A way for special attention.

    For a time, the special trauma was reserved for blacks and Jews. But then, homos got onboard. Homos being homo, they dramatized their trauma in more flamboyant ways. Every year, we must have massive homo parades as a kind of therapy for homos to feel ‘pride’ because they would be sooooo triggered and depressed otherwise, whoopity doo. And once this mutated into gender politics that suggested that the gender binary of ‘male’ and ‘female’ was all wrong, even perfectly normal kids began to wonder if, gee, they are really a mix of male, female, homo, and whatever than simply male or female. And once this mindset spread, even perfectly normal middle class kids who haven’t much to complain wanted something to complain about. It became the New Normal. So, maybe some affluent white kid in college might one day feel that he isn’t really male but ze-male or some such, and therefore in need of special consideration, safe space, and protection from potentially triggering micro-aggressions, like those who might laugh at the very notion of ze-male, xe-male, etc.
    And colleges is a a perfect place for such lunacies cuz high school is a depressing time for many. High school is where there are popular kids and unpopular kids. If you’re ‘unpopular’, you get no love and attention. But in college where ideology plays a bigger factor in social and academic life, someone who was a zero in high school could dye her hair green, take on some silly gender identity, and feel simultaneously oppressed and empowered, or empowered by invoking oppression. The OLEANNA factor. Colleges are more ideological because professors can create their own ideological agendas. In high schools, most teachers must just stick to teaching the basics of science and math and english. After it’s over, the students leave. But in colleges, professors are allowed to cook up some School of Thought. Also, if ALL students must leave high school after four yrs, many college students remain forever in the college environment by becoming professors, advisers, or some campus activist. In this sense, even though college is more advanced than high school, it does a poorer job of promoting maturation among the students. (For some, the relative lack of discipline leads to excessive partying and flunking out, something that was more difficult in highschool under the watchful eyes of parents.) High schools must turn freshmen into seniors ready for graduation. There is no post-high-school studies in high school. After 4 yrs, you must leave!! In contrast, college students can potentially stick around forever on campus. B.A, then M.A. then Ph.D then professorship, and etc. Indeed, a lot of professors are really little more than college-students with jobs.
    And if some college student enters a dumb dumb department(like in OLEANNA), he or she never needs to grow up. He or she can be stuck in college-radical mentality forever. Is it any wonder that some boomers who never left the academia still act like they’re 60s revolutionaries? Many colleges are the “parent’s basements” writ large and paid for by the government or rich donor class.

    So, we have the eternal catharsis syndrome among certain groups. Though conservatives complain that they are ignored and brushed aside, the positive side of such ‘neglect’ is they’ve come under greater pressure to grow up, be tough, and put away childish things. If a Jew, homo, Negro, feminist, or etc acts like a crybaby, he or she is pampered and doted on by society. But if a white conservative acts like that, he is told to shut up and grow up.
    But if white conservatives are the most mature and well-mannered people in America, shouldn’t they be the model for Jews, blacks, homos, and etc to emulate? But PC logic doesn’t work like that. White Conservatives need to grow up and man up because they are NOT deserving of pity and compassion. They must be made to carry the pail and mop up the floor. In contrast, certain other favored groups have every right to act like Helen Keller in THE MIRACLE WORKER, and it is up to OTHERS to clean up the mess, be it black riots, Wall Street meltdown, neocon war meltdown, feminist hysterics, AIDS epidemic, and etc.
    (Of course, the message of THE MIRACLE WORKER is the opposite of current therapeutism. We know that Helen Keller was born with a condition deserving of pity. BUT, the movie says that is no reason to indulge her or spoil her. What is needed is tough love that compels her to stop acting like the Regan in THE EXORCIST and try to learn something for a change. Pity is necessary precondition at times, but it mustn’t indulge the worst tendencies of the afflicted. After all, the mentor-figure Anne Sullivan suffered from eye problems herself, but she didn’t wallow in self-pity. She has tough Yankee work ethic, and did all she could to make herself useful in the world. In a sense, THE MIRACLE WORKER could be seen as Yankee vs Southerner thing. The Southerner, having lost the Civil War, was endlessly wallowing in self-pity, stuck in the past, and blind to new possibilities. His kind needed a good hard kick in the behind by a tough-minded Yankee. There used to be tough-minded Yankees, but what happened to them? Boston protestants are now just a bunch of silly homo-worshipers. The difference between Anne Sullivan and Nurses Ratched is Sullivan really wants her ‘patient’ to gain freedom through self-control whereas Ratched wants to keep the men castrated forever so that they’ll cling to the mother hen. She clips their wings so they can never fly away.)

    Anyway, the hysterics we’ve seen during and since the election owes something to the therapeutics that took over our culture. We have high schools that offer ‘counseling’ to students over something that happened far away. So, if an earthquake hits California, students in Massachusetts should be able to see a counselor if they feel ‘saddened’ by the event. And daytime talk shows like Donahue and Oprah popularized therapeutism nationwide even among the hoi polloi. Granted, just in case things get too mushy, there is Dr. Phil and Judge Judy to offers some reality-check balance. But to the extent hat Dr. Phil owes his success to Oprah, he won’t attack the belly of the beast.

    In the Current Year, political defeats take on psychological significance. It’s like Rachel Maddow rather deranged reaction to Trump’s win. Not only do these people feel that something is politically or socially wrong with America. There is something PSYCHICALLY wrong with America. It is like a demon-possessed nation. Therapeutism over the years have conditioned these people to believe their minds are in sync with history itself. The world exists to cater to their desires, will, dreams, hopes, and agendas. They deserve to win always not simply because they try harder but because it is psycho-cosmically ordained and just. And this mindset took greater hold with Obama’s victory. I mean Jewish and Homo power could even will a black guy to become president despite his funny name. He was Mr. Hope. And he could even push ‘gay marriage’ and trannies in the military with almost no opposition. Wish it and it comes true!! He won re-election, and even the GOP could only produce cucks. Even though Progs detested Bush II, his sheer ineptness and goofiness seemed to confirm their conviction that conservatives have no future. Also, the platform of Bush, Romney, and McCain was essentially Globalism Lite. So, all of history seemed to be heading in the direction as willed by the GLOB-PROG psychic will. It was as if what began as psychoanalysis became a kind of psychic network. History seemed to be in sync with Glob-Prog agenda, and nothing could stop it. The worst possible scenario would be Jeb Bush as president, but he wouldn’t be that triggering since he is Mr. Cuckaroo.

    But Trump happened. It was especially triggering since he was supposed to be a joke.

    Trumphenom was threatening to the GLOB-PROG for two reasons that were actually contradictory. On the one hand, Trumpism was anti-PC and anti-therapeutic. His style was tough and hard, blustery and saying it like it is. He seemed to enjoy triggering people.
    While the Proglob disliked this side of Trump, that wasn’t what they feared the most.
    What the Proglob really fears is that there is a counter-therapeutic element in Trumpism. They fear that he has awoken the side of White Politics that is calling for its own catharsis, and this is where the ‘literally Hitler’ fears enter into the fray.

    It’s one thing for Trump to say that we all need to grow up and stop complaining and become good Americans. That is one part of Trumpism. But another side of Trumpism, subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly, plays on white resentment and suppressed white rage. Over the years, so much abuse, neglect, and humiliation has been heaped on White Americans that there is a potential for serious tremors in US and Europe. Such tremors in Russia of the 90s led to rise of nationalism. During the Obama yrs, the proglob media spared nothing in heaping abuse on GOP as dying old whitey party. The attitude among some globalist elites is that white power is just a beached whale or a piece of carcass that could be pissed on. The Newsweek cover of Obama the Conqueror was just one of the many. In sports, music, demographics, sex culture, education, and etc, whiteness, especially white maleness, seemed to be fading into wussy cuckhood. And so, anti-white abuse just piled on and on. And cucks like Bush, Romney, and McCain just took all the insults and beatings. Bill Maher even joked that Romney after defeat looked like a cucked husband. Of course, such abusers knew their remarks would be deeply wounding to many white Americans, but they didn’t care since they were so sure of their total and eternal victory. So, who cares if whites are angry? They no longer have the power, numbers, connections, and representation to do anything about it. Something like Trumpism was not supposed to happen. But it did. And now, the very people who’d been insulted, spat on, pissed on, and slapped have representation in Trump(at least somewhat). And because their humiliation went so far, could their anger be about to explode?

    Though Trump is nothing like Hitler, the dangerous thing about Hitler was he was both anti-therapeutic and ultra-therapeutic. On the one hand, he mocked the Jewish psychobabble and exhorted the Germans to be heroic, manly, tough, and hardy. But his brand of ultra-nationalist trimphalism was a kind of massive collective therapy to cleanse the nation of psychic demons that were most potently represented in the figure of the Jew. Hitler played on the themes of Germanic heroism, but there was also an element of Germanic victim-ism and trauma-ism. Germany had suffered the great ‘wrong’ of defeat in WWI(by the stab-in-the-back), economic hardships, and cultural degradation. So, it was a time for the German catharsis to purge all that is bad to make way for a new healthy orderly society. His vision wasn’t merely socio-economic but sorcerer-psychological. He promised the magic cure to heal the German body and soul and to ‘make Germany great again’. To a physically and psychologically wounded people, therapeutism has great appeal. And part of Hitler’s appeal was that his oratory had a cathartic effect for the German masses who felt so lost and disoriented. It’s like Ossie Davis said of Malcolm X that, whatever his faults, X made black men feel like a MAN.

    On some level, the globalists must know that many white Americans have suffered both physically and ‘psychically’ since the end of the Cold War. There is White Death. But there is also cultural degradation. During the Great Depression, many Americans suffered, but the moral culture remained intact and served as spiritual insurance through hard times. Most Americans had moral fiber and national character.
    But the sheer vulgarity and venality of pop culture since the 60s(much of it owing to Negro and homo influences), the spread of drug culture, the breakdown of family, and decline of church compounded the problems of economics. After all, even with rust-belt towns in the age of globalism, no one need to worry about starving in America. Everyone is assured of food, clothing, roof over head, and even free medicine.
    Also, plenty of white people did very well under globalism, especially if they had elite professional skills and lived in cities. But, the moral and cultural degradation of America had rendered many white Americans vulnerable to socio-economic upheavals. Imagine if Ma Joad had a ring in her nose and if Pa Joad had an ass tattoo and smoked meth in THE GRAPES OF WRATH, and the entire family’s idea of culture is watching Jerry Springer and Family Guy. Imagine if the mama in RAISIN IN THE SUN watches TV all day, cares mostly about fancy fingernails, and watches twerking biatches in music videos. There goes the culture. Real culture is insurance against bad economic times. Lose the culture, and there is nothing to hold people together hard times. Beyonce’s songs and latest gossip about Miley Cyrus aren’t going to give you direction when things are down. And it’s not going to keep a family together. We now live in the Planet of the Apes of Wrath.

    So, there’s a lot of messed up white folks too. They too are angry, confused, and in search of catharsis. But for so long, there were told that they are NOT deserving of sensitivity, hearing, consideration, and etc because they got ‘white privilege’ or because they are ‘racist’ or ‘homophobic’, in which case they deserve to suffer in misery, as the likes of Tim Wise keeps reminding them.
    In some ways, the Proglob fear of Trumpism suggest that they know of their role in the humiliation of the white middle class and working class. After all, it is the guilty party that most fears the reckoning. Japanese and Germans were fearful as WWII wore on because they knew they’d caused so much harm to other nations. So, it just made them more desperate in their war effort and violence. If the proglog did nothing wrong to white Americans, they have nothing to fear. But their nervous fear is sign that they know that they’ve been responsible in the deracination and de-industrialization of much of America. So, when Trump’s inauguration speech said something about the forgotten Americans, the proglob got cold feet. Trump said many Americans lost out while some in the big cities got everything. Who would those fortunate people be? The globalist elites fear nationalism because the targets are them.

    Now, Trump’s power has been greatly exaggerated. Washington DC is wall to wall Democratic. Deep State is hostile to him. All the globalist centers of power in NY, SF, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and etc are against him. He hasn’t all that much room to maneuver. But the Proglob fear that he has tapped into something beyond politics. Not just an idea or -ism but an -ality, a psychological state. An -ism is abstract and dry. It exists in the mind. A sentiment can be soft and sappy, like Jeb Bush’s love for illegal aliens or George W. Bush cwying over Kanye West saying he doesn’t like black people. Goo.
    In contrast, Trumpism seems to have tapped into something in the white racial psyche, a convergence of ideas, fears, hopes, rage, hatred, and love based on something deeper and more ancient than theories, propositions, constitution, or even tradition. Psyche is the home of the warrior, poet, prophet, lover, hero, hunter, creator, destroyer. It is both lower and higher than any law, ideal, or tradition. It is both more animal and more spiritual than merely ‘human’. It is the source of greatest inspiration and greatest dangers.

    Trump himself is essentially a brash philistine and has no clue why the Proglob hate him so much. He sees himself as a blowhard(he knows it) civic nationalist who is trying to restore some order in the globalist disorder. But his enemies, especially among the globalist intellectuals, sense in Trumpism an implication of something much grander and darker. Trump doesn’t know what he has awakened.
    This awakened hero, giant, or monster may take on greater vitality and learn to walk on its own two legs. Or, maybe it can be killed in the crib while it is opening its eyes and learning to walk under Trump’s protection. But the important thing is his enemies, especially the intellectual types, know that Trumpism isn’t just about white politics or economics. It has something to do with white psyche, a consciousness that is bigger than any set of rules, ideals, or laws. Trump doesn’t know this, but his style manifests it. The connection between his words and his emotions are fast and furious. The ‘psychic’ connection between the public man and personal feelings is too apparent for anyone to miss. This is so different from other GOP candidates whose every word had little to do with their ‘temperaments’ paved over with PC cement many times over.

    Trump brought back white emotions back to politics, but it’s more than that. After all, even John McCain has been known to ‘lost it’ and get angry. It’s really about where the emotions come from. With someone like McCain, it’s just personal ego losing control. With Trump, the emotions connect with the deeper well of what a lot of white patriots are feeling. And this is what the Proglob fear most. It’s not so much that many Trump supporters may agree with certain policies of Trump, which would be a political issue. Rather, there seems to be a groundswell of shared feelings that go deeper than politics. It is a kind of feeling that Jews feel among each other. Blacks feel it too in their shared sense of blood and history. But whites have been told that they mustn’t have any such ‘atavistic’ feelings since whites are historically guilty(and therefore undeserving of tribal unity) and innately prone to bring about another holocaust if they don’t expunge themselves of the white soul.

    Trumpism is also deeply disturbing and troubling to white gentile opponents of Trump because, over the years, they invested so much time and energy into expunging their own sinful whiteness to be ‘inclusive’ and merge wicked whiteness with the superior nobility of other races. This wasn’t easy since the natural tendency of most people is to feel closer to their own kind. But because PC told them it was the righteous thing, white progs did everything to raise their children to be un-white, embrace non-whites, worship homos, celebrate the Other, atone for various historical sins, and etc. They went against their own nature to become Good People. Sure, they had to hear anti-white slurs and insults from Jews, blacks, browns, and others, but they taught themselves to laugh along and ho-de-do since evil whiteness must be mocked.
    They went along with the sanctimonious homilies of CucKen Burns. They raised their kids to believe that Degrassie Tyson is the greatest scientific genius of all time.
    Also, since no one can take too much abuse, the white progs have crafted a clever way to redirect most of the anti-white invective toward the ‘deplorables’. That way, they could be on the side of anti-white PC and Diversity while rigging them so that most of the slings and arrows would be lobbed at conservatives and other ‘racists’. So, if blacks at HAMILTON bashed whites, the ‘good whites’ could flatter themselves that they are with the noble blacks, and the REAL TARGET is the ‘bad whites’ who still cling to Bibles and guns. They were offered Political Dispensation IF they collaborated with the right side of history against the ‘racists’ and ‘deplorables’.
    White progs did all that, and they thought they too had a seat at the Globo-Diversity Table. Since they are ‘good whites’, there’s no reason to punish them as much as the ‘bad whites’ who must be the ones to be removed to make more room for Diversity.

    But Trump’s presidency messed up this narrative, especially since unapologetic Trump turned the tables on the globalists and said YOU GUYS ARE THE ONES WITH PRIVILEGE WHO’VE BEEN HOGGING EVERYTHING while American citizens, white and black, have been shunted to the sidelines in a game rigged to favor the urban elites and invasive immigrant masses.

  5. Dan Hayes says:

    The Saker:

    Flynn’s demise is very problematic for the reasons you have perceptively pointed out. Flynn had the knowledge and experience to thoroughly clean out the deep state rogue intelligence agencies since he knew where the bodies were buried (and had previously deposed of a few on his own).

    Pence played his expected role of water carrier form the Republican Establishment. He will be the “reasonable alternative” when it’s time to depose Trump.

    And probably worst was Trump’s throwing overboard one of his earliest and most loyal supporter. The knives are already being sharpened for Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon. Judging by prior performance, Trump will most likely throw them to the wolves once the baying increases.

    • Replies: @Ivan K.
    , @Aschwin
  6. Yes.

    I have been fighting your analysis/talking-point position for days now. I have, however, come to the realisation that Mr Trump is not my favourite person. I agree that he probably has America’s interest at heart in a violent sort of way – he has defamed Mr Putin (killer) and spoken ill of a dignified and honourable man. This I can’t go along with.

    I am fearful of the outcome but re-assured that in four years the Empire is predicted by an academic, whose name I will try to locate, to fall as have all others and for the same reasons.

    Since I believe at the end of the day no-one escapes their actions I am not overly worn down by the antics of various ones.

  7. I agree with much that is written. He has done what he has said to a degree. He has not appointed prominent neocons into office to the disappointment of the Washington Post. Its nice to see their dreams dashed. The wall has yet to be built so we will see if he keeps that one. He was always a big supporter of Netanyahu and he signaled repeatedly that he would be hostile to Iran. He is still those things but shockingly he criticized Israel on settlements.

    Now for the Empire. The US like the Athenian (Empire) Delian League needs funding. Trump recognizes that the US cannot afford the Empire in its present setup so that is why he tells the Europeans to pay their share (which they haven’t been doing). He might feel more obligated to stick it to Russia if the Europeans stopped ripping the US off.

    The most serious issue is that Trump has joined the Israeli-Saudi alliance against Iran and its allies. Israel wants the rest of the Middle East to be razed to the ground while Saudi Arabia wants all the Shia and their allies dead. Trump talks about “Radical Islam” but he is supporting it by supporting the Saudis and their policy in the Middle East. He hides this with promising to have concentration camps (or is it bases for Al Qaeda) in Syria for the refugees that he doesn’t want into the US. This sounds perfectly rational until one realizes that the safe zones in Syria are controlled by the Syrian government. However he says the terrorist sponsors (the Gulf States) are going to pay for these safe zones. He makes it sound like a good deal because someone else is going into debt for American imperial presence in Syria. He is continuing the policy of fighting the terrorist and supporting the terrorist sponsors. I wonder if the US is training the terrorist to fight a modern army by giving them experience through actual combat and supplying it with arms as the CIA has done. The Iraq war was a training ground for ISIS. I was hoping Trump would be hostile to the Gulf States for their support for terrorism. Why did he ally with them, letting them off the hook, and give Saudi Arabia arms to continue its massacre? That is a mystery to me. He continued the irrational war on (training) terror without a second thought. The Gulf States should have been in his ban.

    Another question I have is is the Shia Crescent’s survival worth thermonuclear war for Russia and is its destruction worth thermonuclear war for Trump? Trump promised hostility towards Iran and he is fulfilling that promise. When/if the Iran war happens I wonder who is going to foot the bill and what will Russia do in response.

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  8. I don’t exclude the possibility of a civil war, though I do find it hard to imagine what specific form it could take.

    The US does not have a clearly defined ethnic/ideological gradient like the Ukraine, nor is it an ethnic/religious patchwork quilt like Syria. More critically, the most “thymotic” whites tend to be in places with a high percentage of minorities who would strongly support the post-Trump junta (the South), whereas the most highly white areas are also the most “cucked” ones (the North East and the Pacific North-West, so I don’t see the National Seccessionist Forces taking off there anytime soon). That leaves us with just… the West Virginian People’s Republic. Just doesn’t have the right ring to it.

    I would be interested to see The Saker to sketch out what precisely he envisions when he speaks of a US civil war.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
    , @headrick
    , @KenH
  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    For those who would like a little more hope in Donald Trump despite recent events … An intriguing ‘white hat’ argument for Trump talks about this:

    Chart of 1500+ paedophile arrests since Trump took office 4 weeks ago:

    A ‘DHS Insider’ – US Dept of Homeland Security, allegedly – speaks of how the war of Trump’s team upon the US establishment, is focusing on the massive paedophile rings, including the corrupt child-services bureaucracies that are ripping children away from parents in order to transfer them into paedophile hands

    This ‘DHS Insider’ and various others, say that now high numbers of lower-level paedophile persons are being arrested, in order to gather evidence on higher-ups, the blackmail process of politicians etc … and that this will go right up to the top across all branches and agencies of US government

    On this view, all of Trump’s pro-Deep-State actions and stances and seeming submission to the neo-cons etc, are cover for the anti-paedophile operation which is what will really bring down the old regime

    A fantasy perhaps, but one can quietly hope a little

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  10. But if the choice is the Neocons humiliating Trump or thermonuclear war – then I pick the former, with gratitude.

    I view nuclear weapons as antique artifacts used a couple of times in 1945, deemed quaint but cranky, then put in storage like ancient suits of armor in glass museum displays to astound and befuddle onlookers… us.
    Big and bad as they are; they can only kill us once. It’s been seventy years; let’s move on.

  11. Anonymous [AKA "Italian KnowNothing"] says:

    This post by M.K.Bhadrakumar, a former Indian ambassador turned writer, is a good example of how “a candid world” is following the attempted coup against Trump and drawing lessons about what has gone on behind the scene for decades.

    Really, the prayers of billion of people are with your President.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  12. Recently, I posted something to a WAPO comments section of an editorial similar to what The Saker posts above, Hillary would have gotten us into a war, and was, essentially, condemned and laughed off the comment section by quite literally dozens of Hillary supporters.

    Frankly, I was surprised that what to me and to many others was quite obviously Hillary’s intention to militarily confront Putin (who doesn’t back down, by the way) had either not at all occurred to her supporters or, if it had occurred, had been wholly discounted as a possibility.

    Now, I’m an independent voter; recently cast votes include one for G.W. Bush, one for Kerry, two for Obama and now one for Trump. It seems I’m often voting as much against one candidate rather than necessarily voting for the other candidate. But that was certainly the case with the Hillary Trump contest.

    Indeed, it seemed so certain that Hillary would be elected that in early October I made emergency evacuation plans for myself and my wife (to West Texas near the border area of Big Bend) and my son (to New Zealand, those plans were put into effect and he’s there now working) and for my daughter (to Cuba, her husband’s family is Cuban). That’s how seriously I thought was the risk of Hillary getting us all killed.

    The Liberals didn’t seem so sense this AT ALL.


  13. Randal says:

    I was never a Trump dreamer, just a strong supporter of Trump, so perhaps that explains why I wasn’t as upset by the loss of Flynn (a deeply flawed individual in policy terms) as were many, like Saker. Especially, as far as I can tell, Russophile types who seemed to buy into items 2 and 3 of Saker’s dream list with rather naïve excitement.

    There was never any possibility of a “grand bargain”, nor of a new European order shared between the US and Russia. The best we could plausibly hope for would have been a dialling down of the US’s open aggression towards Russia.

    The worst, as it happens, would be a Trumpist turning of the US’s guns on Iran and/or China and a naïve Russia dropping its allies in the hope that an alliance with the US would be better for it – that was never likely, either, outside the wet dreams of some US-uber-alles Americans and overly naive Russian dreamers, but it would be as bad as Clinton staying in power, imo.

    Anyway, I remain of the view that we’ve had a lot of loud noise from the Trump administration, a lot of it concerning, but as yet no clear action that will allow us to assess its prospects for improving on the US’s dire past three decades’ performance as the world’s dominant power.

    Only time will tell.

  14. @Anatoly Karlin

    The US does not have a clearly defined ethnic/ideological gradient like the Ukraine, nor is it an ethnic/religious patchwork quilt like Syria.

    The ethno-religious stuff is never the root cause, it’s just bullshit for inflaming idiots among the masses.

    It seems to me there’s a clear split in the US: globalists vs economic nationalists. Should violent confrontation become someone’s goal, an appropriate dichotomy of identities (no matter how moronic) can be introduced. Just like it’s happening in Ukraine, where to most people both Ukrainian and Russian languages and cultures have always been (and still are) equally indigenous.

    • Replies: @Dissenter
  15. @Anon

    That was epic. Maybe you should start your own blog if you’re going to write 4500 word comments!

    Seriously though, lots of good points and well worth reading.

  16. headrick says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Might be that the states will begin to defy the federal government and the federal government will not find it politically possible to federalize the state national guard like
    Eisenhower did in little rock. California, et. al. will go their way, and the red states will go their way. Don’t know, but short of the raw use of federal power as Lincoln wielded it, and even Ike did,well maybe the culture war will cause a fissures on natural lines, and maybe that is a good thing. The left wants their fiefdom. Maybe the knuckle dragging troglodytes like me want ours. So let it be so. Why worry when some court defies the federal government. If you are not willing to make them kneel with federal power, you can’t win by appeal to the heady promise of a an empire any more. Both right and left are disinclined to be hypnotized by that as much lately. That is the glue that holds the federal idea together, and if the ethnic and cultural forces exceed rewards of being able to run things from the throne, it might come apart. If the bully dream shows its shabby true nature in the foreign policy arena due to confrontation with Russia in their back yard over things that are really in their essential national interest, and a ignominious back down may cause the luster to come off that dream. I hope so before we all are killed in a testosterone fueled gang fight.

  17. @nsa

    Trump appears to be a tabula rasa on which anything can be written…

    Seems more like a toiletta inanus into which anything can be dumped.

    While I’m forever grateful that the dunce ex machina rescued us from Hillary and a boatload of Repblikkin cucks, Trump’ll do a Jesse Ventura without the class. In other words, whatever little good he does will disappear as fast as he does, and that’s too bad.

    “As [Mr. Riegel] shows, the corruption of the news is mainly in the hands of the nationalistic politicians, and their purpose everywhere is to array nation against nation. They are thus preparing the way for another war. It might be prevented if they could be overthrown, for people in general have little interest in their neighbors, and would not cherish hatreds if they were let alone. But getting rid of these warlocks involves a long series of problems that still baffle human ingenuity. As things stand, turning out one gang is often only preliminary to installing a worse.”

    -H.L. Mencken, “Tainted News”, The Yale Review, December, 1934

  18. Donald Trump antagonizes Christian Russia over Crimea…

    Donald Trump authorized military aid to ISIS=SAUDIA ARABIA…

    Donald Trump wants to exterminate Hezzbollah…a Muslim-Christian self-defense force….in Syria…

    Donald Trump wants to bomb Shia Muslim Iran on behalf of Greater Israel…

    Donald Trump wants to keep importing Chinese “Americans”….

    Get ready for an international war…and a race war within the borders of the US…

  19. nickels says:

    I agree with the dire assesments.
    I have resolved however to throw full support behind Trump.
    This is critical to counter the color revolution.
    I wear my Trump hat about and wear lots of MAGA red. We should build our own color counter-revolution.
    Sinking off in despondency will only guarantee the color revolution against Trump succeeds.
    Trump does learn and has signalled his continued desire for peace with Russia. That is something. And the return of prayer to the public square might just bring us help in ways unimaginable.

  20. KenH says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    The US does not have a clearly defined ethnic/ideological gradient like the Ukraine, nor is it an ethnic/religious patchwork quilt like Syria.

    The U.S. is most definitely a racial and ethnic patchwork thanks to mass third world immigration. The U.S. is now home to more racial groups and different ethnic strains within racial groups than Syria is. The fault lines in America are racial whereas in Syria they are mostly religious.

    Nevertheless, Syria’s present is America’s future as the saying goes and what form the coming civil war takes is anyone’s guess but it is coming.

  21. Global 2/19/2017
    During the first week of January 2017, there were no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere in the world.

    As Israel Shamir reported to us back in December our carrier fleet was in drydock because the Russians demonstrated a device that disables ships, etc. etc, etc by affecting all the copper aboard.

    No carrier is at sea anywhere in the world for the first time since WWll.

    So why haven’t those awful Russians, Chinese or enemy de jeure attacked us? Let’s all cut the tough guy crap for a change.

    • Replies: @Anonymouse
  22. Wade says:

    What about Tillerson firing half the state department. Isn’t that a sign Trump/Tillerson are fighting back against the deep state?

    • Replies: @SteveM
  23. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Look at Trump’s Florida rally and be impressed. He’s bypassing the gatekeepers and going directly to the masses of citizens all around the country. They cheer and applaud him everywhere he goes, much to the consternation of those who thought they held the keys. He’s done more in a few weeks than his predecessor did in eight years. It shows us what weak, ruinous garbage the last three presidents have been. The president’s wife, an elegant woman, started off with the Lord’s Prayer. Can you imagine, the nerve, to actually do something like that in public? Even as a secular person I’m impressed. He’s been in office less than a month and hasn’t gotten his entire staff in place yet people are expecting instant miracles. There’s all these naysayers and defeatists trying to spread discouragement just like they did before the election when he supposedly had ‘no chance’ and thus we were to just stay home on election day. It’s only the beginning and it’ll be a hard slog to change the culture. What happens in America has a ripple effect throughout the world so forces previously bottled up by the establishment in Europe can be expected to grow. In this way we’re benefitting other people around the world and not just ourselves. The peace and freedom of the entire world is at stake. There’s no choice but to go forward. Trump himself may someday be seen as the turning point and as the first step. That’s the hope.

  24. @anonymous

    Nude model high fashion model whore…why do you think Trump married her..Trump wants war with Christian Russia..

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  25. Anonymous [AKA "Septentrionist"] says:

    The Flynn incident was embarrassing, yes, but he’s only been in office for barely a month. Maybe give him a liiitle more time before calling the whole thing a failure?

    • Agree: European-American
  26. When they say “MELANIA is ELEGANT”…I think another another two-bit whore like Jackie O married to another narcissist cockroach hell bent an starting nuclear war with nuclear with Russia…

    Elite fashion models are known to be coke snorting whores-call girls for hire…Barron’s mother is a f……g whore…

    Cockroach Mickey Pence threatens Russia with War in Munich Yesterday from a Munich whorehouse outhouse in the back….with the Kraut COMET PIZZA MERKEL PEDOPHILES FROM HELL!!!

  27. Che Guava says:

    I like the Saker’s article here (as usual).

    Arrest Hillary on day one?

    If he had ever sincerely wanted to do that (I think he may have, at times, with at least an indiction, investigation, facts. then pardon, as I suggested would have been the right course last year), he decided to play magnaminous.

    If he had not, he would have had judicial activists interfering from day 2, blocking her indictment and any continued investigation.

    I was interested on Sunday, our state broadcaster had Sunday (morning) Debate on the topic, with senior reps. from several parties. Political commentary in Japanese, particularly on foreign matters, is generally brain-dead for at least two decades, and a few friends who don’t read much in English complain about that, but some of this was interesting.

    Most were still holding some hope, of course the two most owing to past CIA activities never said anything that meant anything.

  28. Dear Saker

    Let us stop bullshitting:Donald Trump is going to use the Native Born White American Working Class Male Teenager Population from the economically distressed American Heartland as canon fodder for Jared Kushner’s Greater Israel…

    And since the canon fodder issue affects my family in a real-time-way……I will oppose the Israeli owned Trump Regime with every fibre of my moral and spiritual being against the Trump-Greater Israel DEEP STATE!!!

    • Replies: @Eudoxia
  29. Dissenter says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Oh, wait, for a so long rant against minorities´crying, you passed all the post complaining( crying out ) about “how unfair the world has been to the good Whities”.

    Btw, that I recognized you, Bro93, for your style, as when you invent words by adding a -, your allusions to characters from American popular “culture” which only an American could know, and for to mention certain terms/ideas typical of you and your ideology ( LaRouche ), like that eternal talking about Hamilton, that ideas about Germany and Hitler ( already read at Saker´s cafe ), the “boomers”, and generally your blatant racism ( that I could see very clear when you linked that excerpt from Quigley about the inferiority of Hispanics, Muslims and Mediterraneans in general, and hatred for progresiveness and all that could sound “left”, although you are not so explicit at Saker´s since you interpret the commentariat there more progressive than this one.

    Seeing you here freely expressing your real ideas, one can understand why you and your group from the LaRouche organization were thrown over the commenter “elsi” at the beginning of past year with the goal to get her out of expressing her opinion at that blog. It gets clear as cristal all that talk about “cadres” referred to her, since you all viewed her as a danger in the prospect of this past election and why he was attacked and provoked in mass by your group till she was definitely banned after the election.

    Btw, I noticed that you were ubiquitous there every day every hour when “elsi” was still commenting and now you are much less prolific, well, even I would say that you now rarely show yourself over there.

    I always knew you were not but a White supremacist…….It was obvious by your patent and unsurmontable”exceptionalism”….Then you have how LaRouche and InfoWars promote each other…..and how these are so promoted ( and protected against criticism ) in certain blogs, like Saker´s, where you are all day spreading your propaganda and where you have been allowed to achieve supremacy over other ideologies which present there before and now have been erased.

    • Replies: @Dissenter
    , @Anonymous
  30. @Che Guava


    Yes that’s true…but it would still have focused a laser beam of rage againstthe Clinton’s among Trump Voters…There can never be enough rage and hatred towards the Clinton’s…

    Trump didn’t do it because Donald is onboard with the Clinton’s war against Christian Russia…and Shia Muslim Iran.

    Trump most definitely should have appointed a special prosecutor to indict the smelly-hairy- bulldyke with ingrown yellowed toenails and lust for young smelly Saudi twat…

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Disagree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Che Guava
  31. Dissenter says:

    My response was adressed to Anon, that of the long essay on White Supremeacism, and under his post was published.
    I do not know how in the Earth it appears as response to Mao Cheng Ji, to whom I have nothing to say, by now.

  32. Dissenter says:

    Oh, wait, for a so long rant against minorities´crying, you passed all the post complaining( crying out ) about “how unfair the world has been to the good Whities”.

    Btw, that I recognized you, Bro93, for your style, as when you invent words by adding a -, your allusions to characters from American popular “culture” which only an American could know, and for to mention certain terms/ideas typical of you and your ideology ( LaRouche ), like that eternal talking about Hamilton, that ideas about Germany and Hitler ( already read at Saker´s cafe ), the “boomers”, and generally your blatant racism ( that I could see very clear when you linked that excerpt from Quigley about the inferiority of Hispanics, Muslims and Mediterraneans in general, and hatred for progresiveness and all that could sound “left”, although you are not so explicit at Saker´s since you interpret the commentariat there more progressive than this one.

    Seeing you here freely expressing your real ideas, one can understand why you and your group from the LaRouche organization were thrown over the commenter “elsi” at the beginning of past year with the goal to get her out of expressing her opinion at that blog. It gets clear as cristal all that talk about “cadres” referred to her, since you all viewed her as a danger in the prospect of this past election and why he was attacked and provoked in mass by your group till she was definitely banned after the election.

    Btw, I noticed that you were ubiquitous there every day every hour when “elsi” was still commenting and now you are much less prolific, well, even I would say that you now rarely show yourself over there.

    I always knew you were not but a White supremacist…….It was obvious by your patent and unsurmontable”exceptionalism”….Then you have how LaRouche and InfoWars promote each other…..and how these are so promoted ( and protected against criticism ) in certain blogs, like Saker´s, where you are all day spreading your propaganda and where you have been allowed to achieve supremacy over other ideologies which present there before and now have been erased.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  33. Ivan K. says: • Website
    @Dan Hayes

    Flynn’s demise is very problematic ….. Flynn had the knowledge and experience to thoroughly clean out the deep state rogue intelligence agencies since he knew where the bodies were buried (and had previously deposed of a few on his own).

    1. Trump and Flynn remain close , as evident by how DJT spoke of Flynn, and this view of mine is seconded by political insiders like Adam Gingrich & Steve Pieczenik. What I mean is that Trump can utilize Flynn’s knowledge now just as he would a week ago.
    2. The NSA position of Flynn was not even executive one. At the time of his promotion, I heard from his enemy he was actually relieved that he’s on picked for such a semi-symbolical place.

    And probably worst was Trump’s throwing overboard one of his earliest and most loyal supporter.

    3. I’ll take the freedom to repeat, who’s in your professional team or out is quite independent of how you stand with them personally. This is not a royal court for a person to have “symbolical” ((c)The Saker) meaning. Nor a folk tale. This putting the cart before the horse to write the tale in anticipation of living it is obscene.

    Entrepreneurial spirit has largely abandoned America, viz. the mass naysaying and hand-wringing.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  34. @Robert Magill

    Fake news. USToday reports an American carrier group is heading towards the South China Sea to show the flag and confront the PRC.

    • Replies: @Robert Magill
  35. SteveM says:

    What about Tillerson firing half the state department. Isn’t that a sign Trump/Tillerson are fighting back against the deep state?

    The center of foreign diplomacy is moving back to the Pentagon where it sat exclusively under George W. Bush. Foreign policy will now be made by Military Brass with war-monger predilections in the White House and the Pentagon. The State Department will resume its role as a flaccid, useless appendage.

    Trump is being actively turned to Neocon Orthodoxy by his militarist advisors. I.e. more belligerent Global Cop shenanigans with massive increases in “defense” spending.

    It’s all over but the crying for those hoping for a rational U.S.foreign policy under Trump with less interventionism and a lower cost to the taxpayers.

  36. @Anonymouse

    Thanks for sending your fake news report.

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Most times, you can bet on someone’s race/ethnicity on just observing their broken grammar and unsteady wordage.
    Few lines below, they’ll whine about “white supremacism”, with no fault.

    Then, if they are specially outspoken and sincere, they’ll admit they haven’t got how commenting here works yet. Which will fail to surprise anybody.
    Still, nobody chooses their IQ.

    • Replies: @Dissenter
  38. kek says:

    “For a lot of Trump supporters the past week has been a painful one”.

    Fake news on the first sentence, this may be a new record. For Trump supporters every day is a blessing and breadth of fresh air especially when compared to the previous 8 years of Anti-American rhetoric and utter chaos created by the inept slacker Obama.

    Trump is keeping his promises and keeping the pro-American train rolling. Build that wall and deport, that’s why I voted for you. Anything and everything else is just more gravy on the meat loaf. Great time in Florida yesterday thanks for coming.

  39. The US does not have a clearly defined ethnic/ideological gradient like the Ukraine, nor is it an ethnic/religious patchwork quilt like Syria.

    It doesn’t matter. The war shitz can always divine some sort of excuse. The enemy du jour can, and at some point will likely be, anything.

    A classic example consists of the various Red Scares around WW1 which were transmogrified into cozying up to Stalin even when he was allied with the Nazis, then the Reds went right back onto the shit list, then faded away, only to be replaced by Putin’s Russia.

    Don’t blink or Russia will suddenly appear to be our buddy til they’re not any longer.

  40. @kek


    Trump antagonizes Christian Russia over Crimea on daily basis..

    Trump gave the green light to give military aid to ISIS=Saudi Arabia..

    Trump wants wants US Troops +Military excercises on Christian Russia’s border..

    Trump wants US Special Forces in Syria to exterminate Hezzbollah..

    Trump on board with Military aid to Israel…

    Trump wants to bomb Iran…

    You OK with all of this pro-ISIS enthusiasm from Trump?

    Go fuck your green frog with Paul Kersey…

    • Replies: @kek
  41. edNels says:

    Letting his loyal appointment to Security Secretary Flynn get tossed by the secret society who is supposed to be under his strict command, (they report to him only!) means Trump isn’t in command. He should be Fihahhd!

  42. Agent76 says:

    Feb 5, 2017 Trump’s New World Order

    The new boss is starting to look a bit like the old bosses…

  43. Dissenter says:

    Oh, wait, another “supremacist” comment…this time on IQ…possibly the same Anon, who, curiously, is all day complaining at Saker´s about other anons, when he started at Saker´s precisely as Anon in 2007, to then be Brother Anon, to then become Bro93, out of some strange “conspiracy theory” about number 93 related to that flight on 9/11 explained by a former confessed Satanist called Passio whose videos and rocambolesque theories he is promoting all day at Saker´s, apart from all that weird stuff coming from the LaRouche org., the Schiller Institute and InfoWars

    Have you consider the possibility that mine has nothing to do with race but, simply, English is not my mother tongue?

    I am West European most probably whiter than you could ever be, and, but, of course I have no obligation to know every of your “cultural referents”. Then you have that these racial issues have never been any of my worries, nor of most of people in Europe, but seem to worry more ( too much to be sane, I would say ) “certain people” in the US.

    Since these clear hints of “supremacism” remind us, Europeans, of the worst of our continent´s history, it is easy to understand why The Donald, and his Movement, as they call it his supporters, has ignited all the warnings on the other side of the Atlantic, uniting against this threat forces that until now had little in common for what to fight. To put it middly, like many people, even of progressive tendence, joined the Trump election to avoid the menace of an assured war with Clinton ( obviously being blind to what this really means, but discovering at increasing pace ), the same way a presidency whose aim, amongst others, was the destruction of the EU, has just provoked an almost forgotten and unprecedent solidarity in the EU against a much bigger evil than ideological difference could represent.

    Another thing may be not, but in Europe we can recognize Fascism and all illnesses it brings whenever we see it at first sight, if not because we all, more or less, have suffered under it quite a lot, a difference of you, who always remain safe on the other side of the Atlantic, despite promoting and financing always all the mess.

    • Replies: @pelagic
    , @Sam J.
  44. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @Johnny F. IVe

    “Trump talks about “Radical Islam” but he is supporting it by supporting the Saudis and their policy in the Middle East. ”

    Excellent observation. Trump is not stupid so he must realize this. I believe Trump tends to use bluster such as anti-Iran rhetoric to put off his political adversaries even though he does not necessarily intend to back up the rhetoric with any significant action

  45. Anonymous [AKA "Lord Kev"] says:

    You can tell all this from a month? The Presidency is at least a 4 year marathon, not a sprint. Extensive TV watching has shortened your attention span. Go learn how to paint a picture or something, it will help your thinking.

  46. kek says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Polly want a cracker? You sound like you have the CNN parrot living in your head. Another day of making stuff up.

    In the immortal words of Valery Jenrette Elections have consequences. We hold the high ground now take all your leftist friends and go jump in front of a train.

  47. Sean says:

    It’s not Trump’s job to help- foreign countries get themselves out of the trouble they got into by believing this world rewards forbearance, as Russia did before Putin. Trump never said he was a pacifist or isolationist, he has no objection to military pressure on anyone threatening US supremacy, which Russia cannot help but do when it defends its own interests. This is the tragedy of the world as it. All this crap about secret cabals and deep state IN COUNTRIES ONE DOES NOT LIKE , WHILE IGNORING THE SAME APPETITE FOR NATIONAL AGGRANDISEMENT IN COUNTRIES ONE DOES LIKE, is failure to see the world as it is. The US is strong and makes full use of its strength to interfere in other countries, it doesn’t want to end up like Russia.

  48. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    President Trump distracts mass media with tweets and statements. The Trump team is working hidden from view on immigration, energy and child safety. The big media people are scared of revelations. They have many exposures to hide and when the light comes on them they will have nowhere to run.

    International people want no war with Russia, no war with China, no war with Iran. Why would normal people want any war? Peace is good for lives and jobs and community. Who are the people who want war? What are they doing?

  49. CCZ says:

    If you want an alternative history view of the results of a Hillary presidency, check out:

    Hillary delusions or satire (or are they the same)? Makes one appreciate what we have!

  50. Dunno why Unz is giving a platform to this wacko. “AngloZionist regime”? Please.

    And of course his list of Trump “dream” items is ass-backwards. No one in the electorate gives a damn about the Crimea. Maybe they should, but they don’t. Trump’s mandate is to fight the invasion and to be trade protectionist. End. Nobody gives a damn about Flynn.

  51. Virgile says:

    Will Trump hire Bolton at the NSA so as a gesture of peace with the neo-cons? Would he then be able to stay out of their ‘regime change’ policy?

    • Replies: @Ivy
  52. Tomster says:

    All that will matter in the end (and we ARE talking the end of days of our insolvent republic) is which way the Pee-Gone boys (below brass) will go – and whether or not, and for how long, they will be willing to shoot their own people. History has gone both ways in such scenarios – it was no doubt much easier for Napoleon to fire cannon on Parisians because he was a Corsican.

  53. @Gandydancer

    Trump”s fundamental moral mandate is not to start nuclear war over Crimea for Jared Kushner’s Greater Israel.

    • Replies: @Gandydancer
  54. @kek

    Richard Spencer

    Behold how your KEK anti-Christian Black Mass is a direct road to the mass murder of millions of Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia!!!

    • Replies: @kek
  55. Art says:

    The great strength of the Deep State is the Jew MSM – they set the Jew’s war agenda in the public’s mind.

    Trump is making the MSM look bad – he is making them look like petty, bitchy, dishonest Presstitutes. The Jew media’s stomping and snorting opposition to everything Trump does, makes him look better on Russia, Iran, and China.

    The people of America do not want more war. Trump is one success away from taking control of foreign policy in the public’s mind.

    There is good news – China is stopping N. Korea from exporting coal to their country. N. Korea desperately needs the export money. This really hurts them.

    Did Trump cause this with his “one China brouhaha?” Did he make a deal?

    If he accomplishes anything like that – he will be king of foreign policy in the public’s mind.

    Peace — Art

    China to suspend all imports of coal from North Korea

    China will suspend all imports of coal from North Korea starting Feb. 19, the country’s commerce ministry said in a notice posted on its website on Saturday, as part of its efforts to implement United Nations sanctions against the country.

  56. Ivy says:

    John Bolton is a loose cannon neo-con and should not be part of any administration, IMHO. Surely there are other candidates to consider.

  57. Eudoxia says:

    By terminating Trump’s #2 the Neocons have now shown the world that everybody else (#3, #4, etc.) and possibly #1 are all here only to the extend that they, the Neocons, let them. I am personally convinced that unless Donald Trump finds in himself the courage to mount a major counter-attack, the Neocons will find a way of kicking him out of the White House before his term ends. That is typically their style: sending “messages” and “making an example”.

    He has mounted a major counter attack. Tillerson is busy firing and re-assigning the 7th floor of the State Department – the Omega of the shadow government. I have noticed that CNN and CBN are also carrying this story aside from Russia Insider. They are putting their usual slant on things though but they aren’t covering it up or trying to hide it. It’s happening. He may just be roping in the MSM in which case if he succeeds in both taking out the Omega and gaining the upper hand with the MSM then that Trump dream is very much alive and kicking and is fast becoming a reality.

  58. pelagic says:

    “Another thing may be not, but in Europe we can recognize Fascism and all illnesses it brings whenever we see it at first sight, if not because we all, more or less, have suffered under it quite a lot, a difference of you, who always remain safe on the other side of the Atlantic, despite promoting and financing always all the mess.”

    Wow, is that really how you see us? How did I miss that in history class?

    No need to go into European power centers “promoting and financing always all the mess” for centuries but there is an issue here of pattern of performance. Europeans may be perspicacious in seeing the smoke of a fascist fire from ten miles away but if you cannot put the fire out I wouldn’t brag about your gift of vision. If you keep suffering under similar horrors “quite a lot” then it seems your uncommon wisdom has failed you.

    I’m curious about a few things from your European perspective: Do you see the Muslim invasion of Europe now as a threat of any kind to your way of life? Is it unreasonable to believe that the EU, in its fully implemented phases, would be yet another experiment in (European) fascist control?

  59. artichoke says:

    “Tough tough tough” is not usually the way to win in politics or international diplomacy! There is realpolitik, and war is a very technological, logical, practical thing (while also being hell) if it comes to that.

    Now look at what Trump has gotten so far. His ENTIRE cabinet, almost entirely hated by the Dems, minus Puzder. Was Puzder important? Not that I can see. But he’s gotten Sessions who scares the Dems and the Pedos and all sorts of slime creatures to death. He scares many Republicans to death, probably, but they were whipped to vote for him.

    He also got Tillerson, whom the Dems know they cannot control.

    He got his EPA guy who could do all he can to end the EPA.

    He got his Education person who is unfriendly to the education establishment.

    In the old days one could not have such a cabinet. But now that Harry Reid went with the Nuclear Option, Trump can! This is a dream cabinet for him.

    He got 3 regulations repealed. He got one piece of legislation passed and signed. All of them divisive things that the Dems HATE. He hasn’t bothered to do one single bipartisan thing. And he’s won, and won, and won.

    He could have kept Flynn because why not, there’s no serious dirt out on him. But he chose to cut him loose. Do we know the real reason? I don’t know, but whatever, I can’t see that Trump was really forced to do it. It was an executive decision, and he’s good at making those.

    Trump still needs the Republicans as a united force, to get Gorsuch through, to repeal & replace Obamacare, to change taxes. And to give him a few votes for infrastructure, along with the ton of Dem votes he’ll probably get. So it’s no time to “go it alone”. So far Rubio, McCain, Graham, all of these senators are Never Trumpers but they are reliably voting for everything he wants. It was not necessarily expected he could get his way with only 52 votes in the Senate, but he’s done it, and not by appeasement but by slick dealmaking or whatever it takes. He hasn’t compromised — I think he fired Flynn because he saw a need to fire Flynn.

    The 9th Circus has made an absurd ruling against him, and that’s hurt by allowing in some people we intended to keep out. But nobody can blame that on Trump. And he’ll turn it around (say, just extremely vet everyone from the 7 countries — so they will never pass it.) so those 9th Circus clowns will wish they hadn’t tried to play President. (And when SCOTUS is firmly in his hands, THEN he’ll appeal this original order to SCOTUS to slap down the Circus, just for good measure.)

    And he’s rooting out leakers.

    So far Trump is scoring about 120 on a scale of 100.

  60. kicking the Neocons down to the basement they crawled out of 24 years ago,

    What significant thing happened in 1993?

    And it’s not all the (Jewish + a few) neocons; USA has its own home-grown basement-dwellers, a few families of them, in fact.

    The Roosevelts dramatically concentrated & expanded the functions and power of the US presidency;
    Harry Truman was a carry-out boy, institutionalizing the covert programs Franklin Roosevelt set in motion.
    The Dulles Brothers grew those covert programs like crab grass.

    George Herbert Walker Bush’s family has been profiting from war since daddy Prescott Bush bet on both sides of US war against Germany.

    According to Fara Mansoor, G H W Bush is responsible for installing Ruhollah Khomeini in power in Iran, to take the place of the ailing, soon-to-die Shah Pahlavi.

    G H W Bush is also the key decider in waging war against Saddam, to establish USA as global hegemon in the vacuum resulting from the fall of the USSR.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  61. Eudoxia says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Okay calm down WBM – I hear what you are saying. I have had serious trepidations with Trump myself. I am not from the US but Australia. I too have a son who I have no intention of allowing to become cannon fodder for anybody. I have been watching geopolitical activities for well over 15 years now. I too do not like an anyway, shape or form that Trump most certainly appears to be pro Zionist. Jarred Kushner in the position he is in is less than comforting. However, in saying that I don’t think Trump is just any President. It may very well be a case of him keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. We also have a problem with control. The deep state has been too long under pernicious control of the Neocons. It is exceedingly important this is dismantled. What I see occurring is a divide between the Zionists and the Neocons both vying for control. Two sides of a dirty coin. He can only take one side on at once.

    The first domino has fallen in this regard. The two major enemies this administration has at present is the Deep State and the MSM. If I were him I’d be doing exactly the same. When we think he’s been got at and compromised he does something else to put these rats in their place.

    Would it be not safe to assume that you can’t clean two sides of a dirty coin at once. Maybe he is taking on the priorities as he see’s them. You can’t do it in one hit. Baby steps are required in a. order to stay alive; and b. do a thorough sweep in the areas that one is cleaning and finish the job. Give it time, allow him the grace to continue. We know there is a huge divide in TPTB so
    steady, steady wins the race. Maybe Trumps loyalties in the long run are not the Israhell at all but to Trump’s America – the one he wants to make great again.

  62. Eudoxia says:

    I know that may sound crazy because wait you might say aren’t Zionists Neocons. Well yes but I do see a split. The reason I say that is because the Neocons are behind the Ukraine debacle. It was also the Neocons under Oboma who supported the ceasation of settlements in Israel also supported by the EU. The TPP was going to be used as a fusion/marriage of sorts between the EU and the US and practically everything in between.

    If the Zionists who are clearly behind Trump at present were in control of the 7th floor, the Omega of the deep state then Flynn would still be in and the Clinton camp would be under a bus right now. As that isn’t what is happening then there is a clear divide – just what that divide is is anyone’s guess. Time will tell and we shall see, but I strongly suspect it is going to reveal itself in the coming weeks at the rate this thing is unfolding.

    It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.
    It’s what you know for certain that just ain’t so……………………Mark Twain

  63. Anonymous [AKA "R.U. Serious"] says:


    You are not so foolish. You likely work for the deep state. Any student of the deep state knows there is no us and them, there is the blob with tentacles all over, the tentacles called to attention when something important comes to the fore. Sure there are factions, compartments, partisans, whiners, losers, patriots, and comedians. Perhaps there are even a few very serious people. But your simplistic arguments and positing that there are sheer divisions between the ins and the outs, the lefts and rights etc is comical. Thank you for ypur comic relief.

    • Agree: utu
  64. joe webb says:

    The Saker outdoes himself with very premature and outlandish claims. I hope this finishes the Saker as a writer to be reckoned with. That means, that anybody qctually thinks seriously about anything that he ejaculates regularly.

    Since I find UR to be more and more useless, if the Saker is correct, I will voluntarily move to Canada, I mean anywhere else than here. And the there is the Blair Mtn. madman…it would be no nice if he were elsewhere.
    Joe Webb

  65. @Eudoxia

    From an Alt Right perspective:Donald Trump and Jared Kushner do not get a blank check to use Working Class Native Born White American Teenager Males as canon fodder for Greater Israel….

    We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  66. RobinG says:

    Thank you for bringing this up:

    “G H W Bush is also the key decider in waging war against Saddam, to establish USA as global hegemon in the vacuum resulting from the fall of the USSR.”

    Aside from oil, money, regional and world hegemony, and Jewish schemes for eretz Israel, GHW Bush just wanted to dispatch “Vietnam Syndrome” by thrashing some country, and Iraq was the victim of opportunity.

    • Replies: @Eudoxia
  67. Eudoxia says:

    George H W Bush is without doubt one of the most vile and eviliest man on this planet ever to exist. He is raw malice. It is all he has flowing through his veins. He has firmly embedded the Deep State – I hope upon hope Trump destroys this apparatus that he has created since JFK. These predatory psychopaths see everything as open game and what is worse they think they are entitled to it. His greed an unsatiable desire for control, dominance and ultimate power while reducing all those he conquers to dust, starvation, disease and misery must surely come to an end very soon and the sooner the better.

    • Replies: @Robbie-1
  68. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So if you don’t bow down to emperor Trump you are a leftist? Did someone violate your safespace?

    I am far to the right of Trump and I don’t buy into him. He is owned by Isreal and shows no balls to take on Walstreet, the Saudis, jews, or anyone else.

    Seeing him back down with only mild pushback from the deepstate was cringeworthy.

    I don’t owe anything to Trump. If he wants my loyalty he will have to earn it by proving he is America first.

    The left right paradigm is fake by the way. Only the weak minded fall for it.

    • Replies: @kek
  69. Aschwin says:
    @Dan Hayes

    He stuck by his campaign manager when he was falsely accused of assault. The Flynn resignation is painful but I see why it was inevitable, he got caught lying afterall.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  70. RobinG says:

    You said, “The two major enemies this administration has at present is the Deep State and the MSM. If I were him I’d be doing exactly the same.”

    I’ve been delighting in his bitch-slapping the press, but how real are the slaps? Are we being fooled by a master showman? From (other people’s) tweets:

    “Trump, of course, does not in any way believe the media is the enemy. Feeds off it and some of his advisers see press as good cardboard cutout stand-in for actual rival for time being. Trump need/craves the press. But his supporters mostly don’t know he’s playing a game, but he succeeds, as he did at his press conference, in getting media to talk about itself a lot. Which turns off voters.”

    “Basic admission that it’s logrolling. Constricts debate between Trump and NYT, buttresses both and gets wider public to disengage.”

    Re: Trump and Big Media — “The powers collude and the people get screwed. And not in a good way.” — Husseini’s First Law of Politics

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for the guy, and I understand that dark forces are aligned against him (we believe 😉 )…. Oh dear, you see how fuzzy it gets when ….

  71. Erebus says:

    Well, I started scribbling and then took a break to read M. K. Bhadrakumar. Having read the transcript of Trump’s 75 minute press conference, he is appalled at the sight of America’s political dirty laundry hanging out for all the world to see. The damage being done to Brand America is incalculable.

    Look at the extent to which the military-industrial complex and the intelligence establishment in Washington goes to thwart any attempt by Trump to improve US-Russia relations. It’s a sickening scenario that without wars and bloodshed America cannot have a future — that the prospect of detente, peace and co-existence becomes so abhorrent a proposition for the Deep State as to stage an insurrection against the elected head of state.
    No, this is more than about swamps. What we see here is nothing else than metastatic cancer. The cancer cells in America’s body polity have broken away to enter the bloodstream and the lymph system. Doctors call it “stage 4” cancer.

    A subset of the Pentagon-MIC-Intelligence complex has declared open war on what’s left of American democracy, and are hell bent on preserving whatever Imperial prospects remain open after the dust settles. For them, the only future worth having is Global Hegemony. They care nothing for the damage they’re doing to the American republic, to its body politic, or to its citizens’ well-being. It is a small comfort that their hubris blinds them to the damage they’re doing to the prospects of their own agenda.

    Hope now hangs by two threads:
    – that the Deplorables raise their voices, and if necessary their arses, and let Washington know that they expect to get what they voted for. Though not heard as often as it should have been, a large part of what they voted for is to not get vaporized.
    – that Iran, Russia, China and other powers hold their ground, and hold their budding alliance(s) together. If a military encounter occurs, whether in Syria, the Black Sea, the Gulf, the SCS, or in the Baltic region, the collateral hope is that it is not only short, but that it results in such a military debacle as to gob-smack the Hegemonic agenda.

    It may take the latter hope to raise the former, but if it does the endgame will begin in earnest. Staggered by the waves of anger from rank ‘n file citizens, military and intelligence personnel, the faction may be sufficiently taken aback as to slink back into the ooze. Then the swamp draining can begin.

  72. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    We need a People’s Media and Citizen’s Journalism.

    It exists but they are disjointed and fragmented.

    Someone needs to create a format that brings together all the info to morally invalidate the Deep State for its imperialist war crimes and MSM for having played key role in aiding globo-imperialism.

    Also, we need to expose the puppet masters who own and control MSM.

  73. Sam J. says:

    While I’m dismayed at the loss of Flynn, Flynn posted on events that may very well needed to be kept quite at this time. In other words he ran his mouth on ongoing investigations. I think the deep State has been lazy, felt invincible and sloppy. I think they’re running guns, drugs, prostituting children and who knows what else. I think they’re going to be busted big time. There’s always 9-11. He has them by the balls.

    On 9-11 Building #7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped beside it in free air for roughly 108 feet. This means the building had no resistance to falling except air. Impossible without explosives.

    All materials fall the same speed in a gravity field disregarding air friction which I don’t thing we need to worry about for a building falling. So the speed of our imaginary rock falling next to the building is just gravity related. The speed of the buildings falling, the exact same as the rock, is just gravity also. This means that there was NOTHING to slow the fall of the building. The density of the material under the imaginary rock falling was air. The building fell the same therefore the density of the material under the building was also air. We know this is not true. Building #7 was not hovering in the air. The lower portions of the building were demoed out from under it.

    It’s makes NO difference how big the fires were. The buildings density never reached the same value as air! The fires did not boil away the building structure where it was light as air! All the talk about damage, fires, this, that, all bullshit because the building fell with all four corners almost level the same speed as a rock in AIR. If a building falls as fast as a rock and the rock is falling through JUST AIR then the building is falling through JUST AIR also. Simple equivalence. 1=1, 2=2, big rock falling in air=small rock falling in air=building falling in air. One problem is people sometimes believe that a really heavy thing will fall faster than a lighter thing. Not true. Look at this video of the Apollo astronaut dropping a feather and a hammer on the Moon. They land at the same time.

    This is one of the best videos I’ve seen on the building #1 and #2. It’s by a Mechanical Engineer. It’s very interesting by itself even if you don’t believe in any conspiracy, it’s shows the towers, how they’re designed and there’s no hold your breath type speculation stuff.

    They’re screwed big time. One Presidential live broadcast away from complete ruin. Trump would then have the support to fire the top 10% of all intelligence agencies and the top 10% of the military too for letting it go on.

  74. Another nugget of joy to contemplate that grew out of the ‘Hillary lost’ view of the elections is that those that have or want them still get to keep their guns.

  75. Sam J. says:

    Blah, blah, blah, “racism”,blah, blah, blah, “White Supremacist”,blah, blah, blah, “Nazi”. Heh…didn’t I see you on TV?

    You should move. There’s a whole planet full of not Whites out there. I bet you would like it.

  76. Sam J. says:

    “…I am West European most probably whiter than you could ever be,…”

    Ahh. A Jew. I’ll remind you that your people have told us over and over and over that you’re not White. Therefore you should move to Israel.

    In the off case, probably very small, that you’re not a Jew you should move to Africa. Prove you’re not a Supremacist and be at one with the people of the Sun. The true humans. The enlightened ones.

  77. More totally unsubstantiated butt muffins from the idiot Saker, who, apparently not content with being about as accurate on the American political scene as a broken sprinkler head, has now proven himself to be a condescending Jerk Store as well. Nobody in real life ever subscribed to what you call the “Trump Dream.” We all knew this was going to be a long, drawn-out struggle against the Deep State. We were neither shocked nor rendered hopeless nor ensconced in optimistic denial by any of the events that transpired over the last week. Thank you very much for your missive granting me permission to hope, though. I can’t tell you how much we who actually stood by the man for the last year and a half and who fight daily beside him appreciate these approbative warrants from the peanut gallery. As a token of my thanks, I invite you to print out this comment, fold it into an origami swan, and gracelessly shove up your hindquarters, moron. Don’t ever write anything like this again.

  78. Parsifal says:

    Saker is lucky he didn’t live through the Great Patriotic War or he’d have a lot of explaining to do to the NKVD troika.

  79. @Sam J.

    If 9/11 TRUTHERS want to convince the world of their scientific and engineering claims regarding the collapse of THE TT AND BUILDING 7….there is a very simple way to do it:DEMAND A SCIENTIFIC HEARING!!!

    Go camp outsid the NIST…demand a video taped scientific presentation with the NIST ENGINEERS AND PHYSCISTS…explain in a PowerPoint presentation how NIST PHDs in physics and engineering got freshman physics physics wrong about the collapse of the TT and building 7…put the video of the seminar with NIST phycists and engineers up on You Tube so the 9/11 Truther scientists can show how grossly incompetent the NIST phds in physcists and engineerings really are…then you can put the evil “genious” fart joke Bush Family in jail….forever!!

  80. kek says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Very dramatic. No one brought up Richard Spencer but you. Spencer will be killing millions of Russian Christians? Check your mind it appears to have left the building on that one.

  81. kek says:

    So if you don’t bow down to emperor Trump you are a leftist? Did someone violate your safespace?

    Bow down? Your interpretation of words not mine. Fuck off on the safe space comment, overused by all you parrots be more original.

    I am far to the right of Trump and I don’t buy into him. He is owned by Isreal and shows no balls to take on Walstreet, the Saudis, jews, or anyone else.
    Far to the right? Could care less. Owned by Israel? Very dramatic where’s the proof. Take on Wall Steet sounds very Liz Warren like sure you are to the right of Liz not Trump lol.

    Seeing him back down with only mild pushback from the deepstate was cringeworthy.
    Obama holdovers are being purged and one of the leaks has been identified do better research.

    I don’t owe anything to Trump. If he wants my loyalty he will have to earn it by proving he is America first.
    Don’t owe Trump anything? Really could care less. Plenty see he’s putting America 1st, not hard to see that one.

    The left right paradigm is fake by the way. Only the weak minded fall for it.
    Really voting HRC is the same as voting DJT? This is just another overused false statement you picked up along the way and have been parroting. Lazy thinkers, get real.

  82. Dissenter says:
    @Sam J.

    So now you have adopted this Sam J. nick, haven´t you, Bro93?

    I know by your obsession with numerology and all that “conspiracy crap” you are so keen on repeating to exhaust any audience at your shot.
    The thing is that nobody understand anything you say when you engage in this explanations clearly our of your field of expertise, as you would have been able to test, if you were not so embeded in yourself, since almost nobody interacts with you there in the cafe.

    Do not be so heavy, man. You have a whole mess in that brain, it´s you who clearly have the “brain imbalance” you are always claiming the “cattle” has, in a clear expression of your delusionalgrandeur.

  83. @kek

    Trump owned by Israel


    Trump greenlighted 100 million $$$$ in military aid to ISIS=Saudia Arabia…Our Friend Israel’s very good friend…

    Trump threatens Christian Russia over Crimea..

    Trump threaten’s Shia Muslim Iran on behalf of Our Friend Israel…

    • Replies: @kek
  84. @kek

    Why use the handle KEK..KEK is a handle-avatar for Native Born White American Race Patriotism-Advocacy….which I suppport…

  85. Che Guava says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I meant to hit agree, but accidentally pressing disagree, sorry, I am very tired.

  86. kek says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    In the immortal words of Ben Bradlee “Where’s the goddamn story?”

    Where are the links to your sources? If Salon, Daily KOS, Slate, Huffington, or some similar rag don’t embarrass yourself with a reply?

    Furthermore what I use for a handle is no ones business except mine.

  87. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    kicking the Neocons down to the basement they crawled out of 24 years ago

    It was on Reagan’s watch when neocons got on board. Jeane Kirkpatrick being one of the more prominent ones.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  88. Anonymous [AKA "Appellaunt"] says:

    I find it interesting that a billionaire who does not exactly represent a rags to riches story is embraced as the savior of the embittered common white man. Historically any typical version of Trump was not to be trusted unless the textbooks try their best to convince you differently.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Anon
  89. @War for Blair Mountain

    “Trump”s fundamental moral mandate is not to start nuclear war over Crimea for Jared Kushner’s Greater Israel.”

    Neither Israel or “Jared Kushner’s Greater Israel” has the slightest interest in the US starting a nuclear war over Crimea. As I already said, and as you comment demonstrates, this “AngloZionist regime” business is a mental illness.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  90. Hibernian says:

    He’s only the second generation of wealth. He worked on construction sites for Dad. He went to a military high school. He grew up in an “Outer Borough,” that is to say, New York’s own version of “real America.” I’ve never liked him, I voted for Gary Johnson, but I’ve come to understand his appeal, and I pray for his success. I realized soon after his campaign began that he was a lot less implausible than a lot of other rich people would be, in the role he chose, especially considering he’s an urban Northeasterner.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  91. bluedog says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Hmm one who really gets it amazing but it should read when the neo-cons took over but don’t tell the Saint Reagan worshipers that…

  92. utu says:

    More and more I think that neocons vs. non-neocons is a false dichotomy. With or w/o the neocons America is still the Empire. The Empire does not need Jews to be evil. It was always evil. Besides, does MAGA really mean the Empire w/o the Jews? No. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @alexander
  93. @Gandydancer

    this “AngloZionist regime” business is a mental illness

    I agree with utu (above) that the phrase should be ‘imperial regime’. But then, what’s in a word; if the guy prefers ‘AngloZionist’, presumably to emphasize certain specific imperial practices, how’s that “a mental illness”? It’s just an expression…

  94. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Historically any typical version of Trump was not to be trusted unless the textbooks try their best to convince you differently.”

    Not a matter of Trust but of Trade.

    Trump wanted to be president, and he could only become one with the support of the ‘deplorables’.

    ‘Deplorables’ wanted someone to represent them, and only a very rich guy could run a maverick campaign.

    So, it is give-and-take.
    A business deal.

    Not a matter of trust.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  95. Che Guava says:
    @Sam J.

    That is poor sophistry or very bad analogy, I am sure that you are not supid enough to not know that the condition for a feather and a rock falling with the same gravitational acceleration is not being in a fluid medium.

    Actually, re-reading your post, you are either that stupid or trying to discredit something by making a stupid post on the topic.

  96. Che Guava says:

    It is a shame to your system that what to most people is extreme wealth is a prerequisite for office. President Hopi-feely-changey Obama sat upon millions of dollars, from corrupt real-estate dealings, when elected.

    He’d never had an election he’d had to contest before that, won his first (the earlier two, his opponents mysteriously disappeared) by playing Michael Luther King, never had a real job before.

    Sick. I am hoping, for USA people, that Trump will be fulfilling some of his better promises.

  97. “Oft expectations fail, and most oft there where it promises; and oft it hits where hope is coldest, and despair most fits.” William Shakespeare

    The mere fact that the “Don” would even consider a key neo-con low-life such as John Bolton for his new national security advisor demonstrates that our scary clown of a president is and always has been nothing but a hard-driven buffoon. According to the NYT, This is what our CINC (Clown in Chief) had to say about Mr. Bolton:” He has a good number of ideas that I must tell you that I agree very much with. So, We’ll be talking with John Bolton in a different capacity.” I feel as though my prayers for a war with Iran have been answered without my even having to pray.

    Dallying with such a devil as Bolton will eventually end up destroying our silly Punchinello Trump. What follows is an example of Mr. Bolton’s and other hard-core neo-con’s nightmarish scenario for the world: “Bolton felt that after Iraq had been dealt with ‘it would be necessary it would be necessary to deal with threats from Syria, Iran, and North Korea.’” [“The High Priests of War”, by Michael Collins Piper; quote from Ha’aretz, Feb., 18, 2003]. Before he joined the first G. W. Bush administration, John Bolton had been a board member of JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). So, this is to whom the “Don” will be talking in the near future! > “Core Members of the PNAC including… John Bolton were among the signatories of an open letter initiated by the PNAC to Bill Clinton calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein.” [Project for the New American Century – Wikipedia]. < The "Don" appears to be Bibi Netanyahu's little jailhouse bitch. So, from whom is Jared Kushner taking his orders? Is it the Israeli embassy in Washington, Deceit?

    • Replies: @Silverthumb
  98. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the Badrakhumar link. I used to follow him regularly at Asia Times, but I hadn’t read any of his stuff recently. His latest post was very interesting.

  99. I may be naive, but I don’t think you give Trump enough credit. One only has to watch the lamestream media continue to be in panic mode, slamming Trump at every opportunity to see that not only is he not controlled by the deep state, but has the vipers on the ropes with the public believing him more than the presstitutes. He lost a minor skirmish in regards to Flynn, but is enough of a negotiator to give in on his less important agendas in order to keep the ones he feels strongly about. Time will tell.

  100. @Invisible Citizen

    You’re skating on thin ice if you’re using the NYT as a source. I wouldn’t use that paper to even wipe with.

  101. Che Guava says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Testing to see if the software allows to switch from accidental disagree to agree, seems it does not. No complaint on that, the result is a little amusing.

  102. AP says:

    America is the heir of Britain, which itself has the essence of a Viking global trade/plundering operation. 21st century Normans…

  103. AP says:

    And before that statement gets greeted with jeers and the usual set of ad hominems, let me remind you that I predicted the civil war in the Ukraine when almost everybody else was in total denial

    No, you predicted a Bosnia, which was a massive free-for-all during which much of the country including the capital was devastated.

    Instead you have a Serbia-and-Kosovo, with most of the country being at peace, and with Russia providing far less support for Donbas than the West did for Kosovo.

  104. Actually, Mr. Silverthumb, skating on thin ice was an activity that my ice hockey buddies and I engaged in often when we were youths, both at the commencement of the outdoor skating season and at its finish: sometimes we even got a little wet, but that did not deter us little rascals since we loved our hours of outdoor skating and drinking ginger ale more than almost anything else. And we were not afraid of falling through the ice nor of the NYT. Both were part of life for us precocious and pretentious little intellectuals.

    Personally, I prefer the texture of toilet paper to the NYT and I certainly don’t want to get that newspaper too close to my face; however, in the real world Mr. Silverthumb there are such things as measurable facts. Our scary clown president did actually interview and seriously consider John Bolton as a candidate for the position of National Security Adviser to the POTUS. This fact is beyond dispute. You and anyone else can read the quote in the NYT. According to the NYT (as well as other reasonable sources of news): “This was the second time Mr. Bolton, an outspoken conservative [the NYT doesn’t describe him as a neo-con] had been considered for a high-level post in Mr. Trump’s administration. Mr. Trump praised Mr. Bolton on Monday [02/20/17] and said he would find a position for him.” (see the NYT article online, entitled: “Trump Chooses H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser.”).

    So, for whatever it is worth to you Mr. Silverthumb dose are da sad little facts – ya’ know what I mean? I have already put my hard copy of this story on the bottom of my parakeet’s little birdie cupola or else I would make a photocopy of it freely available at my e-mail account, [email protected].

    Has anyone else wondered why all of the scary clown sightings that were occurring last year have ceased? Where on Earth did all of those scary clowns go? Well, it seems that they all removed their grease paint and got ‘real’ jobs at the Trump White House.

  105. Art says:

    Every day Trump is being bit by bit, moved into line with the Jew Deep State. First Flynn goes – now Bannon.

    White House: If McMaster Wants Bannon Gone, Trump Will Consider It


    Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster will have control over all staffing decisions on the National Security Council, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Tuesday.

    Spicer confirmed this autonomy would even extend to White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, if McMaster requested his removal from the Council. Spicer continued that President Donald Trump would take such a request “under serious consideration,” if it were made.

    The Jew MSM is giving McMaster a hardy thumbs up – guess what that means? He is another Stockholm victim of Jew terrorism. He has been terrorized into thinking that Israel is the victim.

    Peace — Art

    p.s. Sad, but it looks like Trump may be weaker then Obama.

  106. Robbie-1 says:

    #25 War for Blair Mountain nitwit:

    Go post your drivel and name-calling somewhere else. Your post only reveals how disgusting you are as a human being. If you *are* one.

  107. utu says:

    W/o Flynn and w/o Bannon there is nobody left who has any “original” ideas. Bannon actually is the only one who has a broader vision that is grounded in some coherent philosophy.

    The reports of anti-semitic threats and cemetery desecration are part of the campaign to get Bannon out.

  108. Robbie-1 says:

    #62 SolontoCroesus,

    I think the 1993 date should be pushed back to 1981 with R. Ray-gun’s administration.
    He also got the war-mongering G.H.W. Bush (#41, 1989-93) as the prime war-crazy neo-con into office as VP. Then his same war-crazy son (G.W. Bush, #43, 2001-09) just continued the nutty war-mongering, after B. Clinton (#42, 1993-2001) bombed numerous countries, including Serbia, killing numerous innocents that inspired Al Qaeda to be formed which later became ISIS.
    All 4 of those war-nuts should be forever castigated for their neo-con ways and getting those neo-cons into prominence. I hope Trump can kick most of them out instead of having them inside the State or War Dept.’s (former name of the Defense Dept. starting in 1947, thanks to Truman and that Congress). Because of that important ‘1984’ name change, you can never have enough Defense (even though it is really now mostly OFFENSE), but you can have too much War, and that’s why it was re-named.

  109. Robbie-1 says:

    #69 Eudoxia,

    “George H W Bush is without doubt one of the most vile and eviliest man on this planet ever to exist. He is raw malice.”

    Outstanding! He was filmed in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza when JFK was murdered. He was in the CIA, 12 years before he became Director, despite his feeble protestations of innocence. He is a mass murdering scumbag, who should have been dispatched to Hades a long time ago instead of living to the ripe old age of 92+. I’ll celebrate when he finally goes to his demise and hottest place where he belongs.

    • Replies: @utu
  110. utu says:

    I have different opinion on Bush because I look at different events. Bush wanted to reduce military after cold war but Iraq invasion of Kuwait was engineered. Even then he was reluctant to go to war for Kuwait until he was persuaded by Thatcher who acted as emissary of Masters if Universe. After that war he had highest approval rating of any president ever (90%). He wanted to use this political mandate to curtail Israel settlements by holding money and aid to Israel. This was beginning of his end. He could win this confrontation if he made the matter public and went to people but did not. Media started talking about weak economy and NYT opinion page had negative anti-Bush editorials once a week by Safire from the right ad Friedman from the left. Clinton was parachuted from Arkansas and Perot candidacy served the same purpose as candidacy of Teddy Roosevelt to prevent reelection of Taft. Bush after his actions and hesitancy on important issues could not be trusted by the Masters of Universe. He was the last president before Obama who tried to stand up to Israel’s lobby. He knew what is the deal and he gave up. During a debate he ostentatiously was checking time to let us know that he was just a reluctant actor in a bad play.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  111. bluedog says:

    Well lets face reality they are all as*holes old Bush baited Iraq to go into Kuwait for Israel for they saw them as an enemy young Bush went into Iraq for Saudi Arabia for dumped a ton of money into his campaign and sttole the election by the high court as he said don’t worry Jebby says its in the bag.

    If one traces the Bush family back they were all sons-a-bitches from the first one who fled England in the middle of the night to escape the hangs man noose, for his involvement in trying to blow up a meeting house today of course we would call them by their real names terrorist…

  112. alexander says:

    No Utu,

    The US was not “always” an empire.

    Our “empire-ing” began in earnest, after 9-11.

    Consider the solvency of the USA in 2000….we had a debt to GDP ratio of almost one to two, (5.6 trillion of debt / 9.7 trillion of GDP) on top of the fact we were operating at a 250 billion dollar surplus….the USA was in good shape financially, and we were not really interested in empire, empires or empire-ing.

    Empires were supposed to be evil……there was the Soviet Empire during the cold war, hell bent on world domination, and before that there were the Japanese imperialists and Nazi Germany who both wanted to conquer the world.

    The United States was always supposed to be the beacon of freedom AGAINST empires….. all empires.

    But after 9-11, and the neocon coup, this all changed.

    and its been a complete disaster for the United States , ever since.

    A total disaster.

    Just on the fiscal side ALONE ,These “empire of fraud” muldoons have overspent our nation into oblivion.

    They have racked up 14.3 trillion dollars of debt in a mere sixteen years with all their “Empiring”.

    Or National debt has now eclipsed our GDP ( 20 trillion debt/ 18. 7 trillion GDP)

    This is insane.

    Consider too,how they gutted our constitution.

    Our Patriot Act, instituted after 9-11 , is almost a carbon copy of the “Reichstag Fire decree” instituted (at the recommendation of Hitler), after the Reichstag terror attack in Weimar Germany.

    Please don’t take my word for it…read them both…and get back to me.

    If Fascism, totalitarianism, and empire took over the USA, it did so after 9-11, not before.

    Guantanamo Bay was unthinkable before 9-11, so was “pre-emptive war”, torture , and warrant-less spying.

    The good old USA has gone right down the toilet, riding the Neocon fascist horse of fraud,belligerence, insolvency , lawlessness and “empire-ing”.

    It is a supreme tragedy for everyone that our nation took this turn.

    It is tragic, most of all, for those of us who have lived the bulk of our lives BEFORE 9-11 and the “Neocon coup” ………because we remember what freedom was.

    We remember what our constitution stood for, too.

    The USA was never perfect, Utu, but it was boatloads better than it is now….


  113. What makes me wander is what the next workload of CIA and other 16 intelligence agencies could be.
    I can see only very rare pickings. (Although big ones but dangerous.)

  114. Concerning Flynn; it seems to me that he was only eager beaver. Trump several times declared that Russia is not the first thing on his mind. There was no fight with Pence.
    Only when Neocons stuck their talons into Flynn, Trump had no other option than close the affair.

  115. Louis says:

    It seems to me that President Reagan’s biggest mistake was having Bush on the ticket in 1984. He should have had Jean Kirkpatrick instead. Trump’s biggest problem is having Pence as Vice-President since he is sympathetic to Neocon foreign policy. If Trump is campaigning for 2020 already as the media is suggesting then perhaps he should put Lt. General Flynn on the ticket for 2020. Either that or find a Democrat who is sympathetic to Putin/Russia and put them on the ticket for 2020.

    Any ideas?

  116. @Anon

    Priss factory?

    Your essays are better then all of the regular columnists here. If you must continue through anonymity, than so be it- but the alt. rt. needs a Bard such as you! You are Twain and Mencken on steroids!

  117. @War for Blair Mountain

    Anonymous takes the time to write a thoughtful analysis with wisdom and encouragement; then you chime in like a bad dog…Take your meds!!!

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