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There Is a Ticking Time Bomb in the Ukraine
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Between the fallout of the murder of General Soleimani and the coronovirus, the Ukraine has been somewhat forgotten, which is understandable, but also potentially dangerous. The “young and dynamic” President Zelenskii has more or less been forgotten, especially by the legacy corporate ziomedia. This does not, however, mean that the situation there did not evolve or, in fact, that it is not becoming extremely dangerous. So for those who did not keep an eye on the Ukraine, here is a short summary of what has been going on:

Summary of developments

First, Zelenskii has proven to be a total ZERO. Simply put, neither he nor his team can get anything done, anything at all. I really mean nothing, nothing at all.

Second, while initially the victory of Zelenskii seem to indicate that the Ukronazis had suffered a crushing defeat, it now is completely obvious that Zelenskii lacks the will, or the means, or both, to tackle this huge problem. Now the Ukronazis are back in force, they provoke Zelenskii on a daily basis, but the man is simply unable to react and reassert his authority.

Third, in social and economic terms, the Ukraine is in free fall. Following years of chaos and corruption the Ukraine is now a deindustrialized country which can sell only three things: men (for menial jobs in Poland and in the EU), women (prostitution) and its “black soil” (chernozem). Once the land is sold, it will give the Ukrainian budget enough money to keep up the appearance of a state for a few more month, maybe a year or so. After that – it’s show over, curtain down, lights off and everybody go home…

Fourth, it is pretty clear who the kingmaker of the Ukraine is: Arsen Avakov, the “eternal” (by Ukrainian standards) Minister of the Interior. He not only has real firepower, he also seems to be able to turn the Ukronazi “spigot” on and off depending on his personal needs and circumstances. Unlike the bona fide nutcases, Avakov does not strike me as a Nazi at all, in fact, I would say that he is non-ideological – he is all about “pure power”. This makes him a much more desirable “partner” for the Empire than real nutcases.

Fifth, while the Minsk Agreements are still more or less on the agenda, at least officially, the Ukronazis have been vocal enough in their protests to basically completely stall any meaningful negotiations. Yes, prisoners will probably be exchanged, but beyond that I see any real progress as exceedingly unlikely. For all practical purposes, the regime in Kiev has made it very clear: there will be no negotiations with the Donbass, which simply means that there will be no negotiated solution. It’s that simple, really.

Six, COVID19 has hit the Ukraine very, very hard. The problem is that the authorities, which fully knew that they had no means to do anything meaningful began by thumping their chests and saying that there were no cases in the Ukraine only to then suddenly decree drastic quarantine measures. And yet, the true information is seeping out: Ukrainians hospitals are full of cases, mostly un-diagnosed, and many have already died. Officially, and as of right now, there are only 14 confirmed cases in the Ukraine, and only two fatalities. But absolutely everybody knows that these numbers are totally fictional and that the real number of cases remains unknown due to a lack of testing kits, not a lack of cases. MDs in Ukrainian hospitals are sounding the alarms, but nobody is listening.

Seventh, the situation is made even worse by the fact that there are not credible alternatives to Zelenskii. There IS an opposition in the Ukraine, the typical Ukronazis nutcases and the generally pro-Russian politicians who are categorically and absolutely unacceptable to the (much larger) Ukronazi opposition. Thus, there does not appear to be any political solution or alternative to the current regime. Right now, the two politicians who appear to be the most competent are Vadim Rabinovich and Elena Lukash. These two are very sharp and, frankly, very courageous, but they don’t have a power base powerful enough to take on the Nazis. Finally, there is Viktor Medvechuk whose main quality is also his biggest weakness: he is considered close to Putin. These are all rather smart and courageous figures, but compared to the power of an Arsen Avakov – they are just soap bubbles. Will that change in the future? Maybe, but not in the foreseeable future.

Possible scenarios

When a country enters a dramatic and deep systematic crisis, something must inevitably eventually give. Right now there are relatively few protests simply because there is no political force of personality which could inspire people to rally and struggle for change. Most Ukrainians are both absolutely exhausted and absolutely desperate. They are into the “survival mode” which history has taught them and they simply wait. Frankly, I can’t blame them. My advice to all my Ukrainian contacts has been “get out of there while you can”, but if you can’t get out, then going into a survival mode is the only option.

Right now, the Ukronazis feel energized and they are back with a vengeance demanding that the Ukraine finally be transformed into the Banderastan they have been dreaming about for generations (except they don’t use the word “Banderastan” but prefer the expression “Banderstat”. Their strength is in their unity and firepower. Their main weakness is that most Ukrainians hate them. A most dangerous combination.

Some observers have suggested that a coup might take place. I doubt it because I don’t see any person capable of leading such a coup. Avakov would be ideal, but he is *already* in power, he does not need a coup at all. Furthermore, if an openly Ukronazi regime replaces Zelenskii, this will only further deepen the distress of the general population.

The truth is both as simple as it is terrible: there is no solution for the Ukraine. None whatsoever.

So what could happen next?

The basic ingredients are pretty predictable: protests, civil unrest, violence and, eventually, a break-up of the Ukraine into several entities.

In theory, this could be avoided, but in order to do this, at the very least, the following basic conditions have to be met:

  1. The West and Russians must work together in a major reconstruction effort to rebuild the entire country, not only the war-devastated Donbass
  2. The regime in Kiev must be acceptable to all three: the West, Russia and the Ukrainian people
  3. The Ukronazis need to be disarmed and, when needed, either jailed or expelled

As you can immediately tell, this is not happening.

Yes, some have begun thinking about this issue, see, for example, this very interesting report from the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG), in particular, take a good look at the “Economic Steps” and “Political Steps” suggested in this report. The fact that a guy like Gen (Ret) Breedlove, former SACEUR and rabid Russia-hater, could sign this document is, by itself, quite amazing.

However, with the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic AND a brutal oil war threatening most economies of our planet, I expect the western nations to simply lose interest in the Ukraine: they will be too busy scrambling to recover from the political fallout of the SARS-CoV-2 crisis. As for Russia, there is absolutely no way that she will agree to foot the bill for the reconstruction of the Ukraine, nor will she provide the forces needed to get rid of the Ukronazis. Which means that for the foreseeable future, the Ukraine will be mostly left on its own. Russia will, of course, continue to support Novorussia (for example, SARS-CoV-2 testing kits have already arrived from Russia) while distributing Russian passports to anyone wanting one (the vast majority of the people of Novorussia).


The SARS-CoV-2/COVID19 pandemic will have huge political repercussions worldwide because in this specific case, not only will the AngloZionist propaganda machine not be able to hide the truth from the people (if anything, all sorts of fake news and crazy rumors will have more “street cred” than what the politicians tell us), but the consequences of this crisis will be felt everywhere, including at home. So Trump can go on in each of his pressers about how everything in the USA is “the best”, “the greatest” and “the mightiest”, but the truth is that the this virus will reveal not only the total inability of the private sector to save the day, it will also reveal how utterly dysfunctional the US, along most other western states really are (no, Walmart and Amazon will not save the day). No wonder the western politicians are scrambling to show how “involved” they all are – they are simply trying to cover their rear end for the inevitable “lessons learned” moment coming for all. Maybe at some point in the future will see most US Americans reconsider what they think they know about Socialism and Libertarianism, especially when it becomes clear how different the reaction to the virus was in China and Russia compared to the EU or US.

The sad truth about the “indispensable nation” is not slowly coming out. First and trickle, but then the inevitable tsunami
The sad truth about the “indispensable nation” is not slowly coming out. First and trickle, but then the inevitable tsunami
Them Chinese commies not only beat the virus in a record time, they are helping the dying capitalists (who, by the way, are not helping each other!)
Them Chinese commies not only beat the virus in a record time, they are helping the dying capitalists (who, by the way, are not helping each other!)

But what will be only embarrassing for US politicians will, barring some kind of miracle, hit the Ukraine with consequences far worse than what we have seen up until now.

For the time being, the Ukronazis are explaining that the Nazi salute is just perfect for this situation: not only do hands not touch, but the palm of the saluting head is facing the sun, which is hygienically good (that, and a lot of Nazis are pagans, sun worship is common amongst them).

Right now, in what are still the early stages of the pandemic, almost nobody is paying attention (most folks in the West have yet to understand that security, any and all form of security, must always be collective to be effective). Right now, the bigger danger comes from the Ukrainians returning home from abroad. But this will soon change, and the danger will become Ukrainians leaving the Ukraine. At this point the EU countries will have to turn to the Kremlin for a common response to what promises to be a major disaster.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Coronavirus, Ukraine 
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  1. Mr. Hack says:

    “Blah, blah, blah…Ukro-Nazis… for the foreseeable future, the Ukraine will be mostly left on its own…blah, blah, blah…Ukro-Nazis.”

    I would suggest that Saker heed his own adivce – leave Ukraine alone, he’s not up to the task of discussing Ukraine beyond his usual moronic insults and cliches.

  2. The million, or so, Ukrainians who re-located into Russia, during the Crimean crisis, made a great life-saving decision. Russia has a handle on the virus, whereas, Ukraine has become a foul smelling cauldron of nasty bat soup.

    • Replies: @Melotte 22
  3. ” It is the economy stupid” (Clinton).
    This is what I did claim long time ago.
    If Russia will stop buying products from Ukraine, Ukraine will die in one week!

    • Replies: @Popeye
  4. A123 says:

    Not much of a ticking bomb. Simple chloroquine appears to be effective at treating WUHAN-19 infections. (1)

    Can Ukraine make this on its own?
    Or, can it obtain a reliable supply for a nation that is not as hard hit?

    It is a generic for malaria, so the cost should be low.

    PEACE 😷


    • Replies: @Amy
  5. Sergio says:

    Rajewski, you have swallow ed another misnomer, Nazi, which is Yddish for “half prson”, as in AshkeNazi, meaning ” half Jew”. It has nothing with NSDAP. It is so easy for AshkeNazies to fool people, even supposedly educated ones.
    I do not know about Ukrainians but they are NOT nazies. They look to me as nacionalists, antimoskals. They are probably supported by all Slavs: Polaks, Slovaks, Chechs,etc.
    The Evil Empire #2 must be dismantled asap and for sure by 2025.
    Come to your sences.

    • Disagree: Crazy Horse
    • Replies: @Gunnar
  6. lessons learned

    Hopefully Covir will teach the nations to look after their own, and not pursue wars abroad.

    Isn’t this an essential principle taught by our Founders? Too bad it takes such a terrible blight to teach it.

  7. @Mr. Hack

    i think the Saker have a better grasp about the ukraine then you mr hack.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @AnonymousUkr
  8. Anonymous,[603] • Disclaimer says:

    ProTip: Excessive use of the ‘NAZI’ slur diminishes your credibility greatly.

    There are other words that can be employed to describe the people you don’t like in Ukraine. NAZI is a cheap, sensational, generic slur that doesn’t help us understand the people you don’t like in Ukraine or their views and motivations.

    • Replies: @Gunnar
    , @Wally
    , @Parfois1
  9. Gunnar says:

    “Nazi” has all to do with NSdAP….I forgive you if you know no German. The word “Nazi” has its roots in Bavaria, a German province with a strong dialect. They said instead of “Nationalsozialist” (National socialist) “Nazi”, just to have a short name. It was not pejorative at this time. Forget that bullshit about Ashkenazi jews, everyone who knows some European history will laugh his ass off when you tell him your story 🙂

    • Agree: Alfred, Crazy Horse
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  10. Gunnar says:

    But the people the Saker refers to as “Nazis” are exactly that: Nazis. There are lots of other people in Ukraine, most of them very fine. But there are Ukrainian fascists there who deserve no respect. They make heros out of Stepan Bandera, a disgusting, brutal and immoral being and his ilk, Nazi collaborateurs, scum as brutal as today’s Islamic State. So, the Saker calls them “UkroNazis” – and if that is not right, then only because not every Nazi was as brutal and depraved as Banderas clique.

    • LOL: Wally
    • Replies: @JamesD
    , @suicidal_canadian
  11. Smith says:

    Yeah, about disarming le “nazis” part, I don’t think even Russia will risk that in the middle of a pandemic.

    Leave Ukraine alone, Saker, or do the disarming yourself.

    Also, it’s the Chinese virus.

  12. Lol says:

    We don’t mind Ukrainian prostitutes so there’s no reason for the EU to foot the bill either.

    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
  13. Could there be forces that may in fact favour a temporary Nazi Banderistan to act as a magnet for the world’s neo-Nazis much like ISIS’s caliphate did for the international jihadis? Since Nazis now seem to be so hated in the Wests and are treated almost like Islamic terrorists, attracting them to a reignited civil war in Ukraine to finally crush them there may be in the interest of liberals in the West. Of course the US and the EU could covertly support these neo-Nazis much as they did with the jihadis, and also send its own forces to meddle there. And many extremist leftist communists and anarchists could also go to support the other side, and western governments would be quite happy to get rid of them too. If this is really being planned then the Saker’s advice for Ukranians to get the hell out of there while they still can is not such bad advice, although their refugees and immigrants will then become a burden to others but still preferred to the Third World ones we now get. What I mean is the sort of thing we’ve seen in the Middle East but now replayed in Europe. Even Russia may have an interest in developing the situation in such a direction as they could also then extend their military presence in the Ukraine, whether jointly with some EU and US peacekeeper, or separately. It could be profitable for arms dealers and the MIC. Is this scenario far fetched? They could ship all their trouble makers over there and continue implementing their NWO programme unmolested by extremists of the right and left. And the media would love it too to keep us glued to the screen with horror stories from the battlefields in the middle of Europe. I’m just brainstorming here.

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Wally
  14. Smith says:
    @Commentator Mike

    That would be interesting, a “neo-Nazi” state.

    But I doubt anyone would allow that to become an actual thing, even if “neo-Nazi” are disorganized.

  15. der einzige says: • Website

    What’s worth analyzing this man for?

    2019 Saker man of the year: Tulsi Gabbard and Donald Trump

    Tulsi Gabbard Suspends Campaign, Endorses Joe Biden

    for Saker: if the fucking censor allowed other voices to discuss on your website, you would know in advance how wrong you are.

    • Replies: @George
    , @Quartermaster
  16. George says:
    @der einzige

    Tulsi Gabbard Suspends Campaign, Endorses Joe Biden

    What was she supposed to do? She couldn’t do her town halls anymore. The only thing left for her was political survival.

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Smith
    , @A123
  17. Smith says:

    I don’t know, endorse literally anybody else?

    • Agree: SteveK9
    • Replies: @Amon
  18. JamesD says:

    Stepan Bandera, the man imprisoned by Nazis and sent to a German concentration camp? That guy?

  19. bluedog says:

    Hmm ‘A Chinese virus’ prove it if you can for I’m sure the entire medical profession would like to pick your mind,oh forget it for its only barren ground.!!!

  20. A123 says:

    The DNC 2024 nomination battle has begun.

    Quid Pro Joe the Burisma Bribe Boy has a 100% chance of catastrophic loss to Trump. Based on Biden’s apparent commitment to pick a “black female” for VP, none of the major candidates are in the running. The next train leaving the station is 2024.

    The Globalist clique is now lining up for the ‘privilege’ of picking up the pieces.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @Christophe GJ
  21. Yawn.

    is this saker guy Jewish? He obsesses about Nazis a lot.

    Ukraine is currently run by Jews, not Germans.

    All of this is irrelevant. The little Wuhan flu is not important in the scheme of things, simply because it will kill off people who are well beyond breeding age. demographics is destiny, and with a paltry reproductive rate and young Ukrainians fleeing to other countries, the future is bleak for the country whether the Chinese flu kills a few old fogies or not.

  22. Wally says:

    “NAZI is a cheap, sensational, generic slur that doesn’t help us understand the people you don’t like in Ukraine or their views and motivations.”

    Particularly cheap & just plain stupid since the original ‘Nazis’ did not do what is alleged.

    Saker is pathetically indoctrinated.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Troll: bluedog
  23. @JamesD

    the guy who collaborated with the nazi’s in ukraine and was responsible for such events as Babii Yar.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  24. Mikhail says: • Website

    Yo Saker:

    The Wiki entry on Rabinovich notes that he wants Ukraine to be federalized without being called such, since it makes some nervous.

    So true! Rabinovich’s call (which I’ve previously advocated before reading the Wiki entry on him) will possibly become evident in a mutually agreed settlement.

  25. Mikhail says: • Website
    @Mr. Hack

    Vintage Hack, hacking away again.

  26. PeterMX says:

    The term “legacy corporate ziomedia” is probably a cowards way of describing what he knows to be true, that Jews dominate the world’s media, that they own and run much, much more if it, by far, than any other ethnic group. Germanys National Socialists had a more accurate and honest term that I have heard them use in speeches, “Jewish media”. It’s much more accurate for the fact that Zionists (ziomedia) don’t even have to be Jewish. Many American politicians in the Jews pockets (which is almost all congress and the senate) are Zionists. But it wasn’t Zionists that took over the Ukraine again, it was Jews. They didn’t take over Ukraine for Israel, but for Jewry, just as the murderous Soviet Union was not created and domnated by Zionists, but by Jews.

    I wish the ukronazis (or actual Ukrainians) had the power this thick headed communist ascribes to them. Unfortunately, they do not. Jews now dominate the country again. As any historian that is of any value of all knows, the Jews carried out the Russian Revolution and dominated the Soviet government for many years afterwards, playing the dominant and then major role until sometime after WW II ended. Russian president Putin knows this, Winston Churchill knew this and Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels knew it, and they all said it. The difference between them is the Germans were not going to stand aside and let the Jewish Bolsheviks extend their murderous intentions into Spain and the rest of Europe, including Germany and carry out the murder of tens of millions of more Christians, as they had already done in Russia and Ukraine.

    The only way this old commie The Saker can explain how so many Ukrainians, Belarussians and even Russians, many being grateful Christans including nuns and priests, could welcome the invading Germans as heros liberating them from hell is to call them all, including the Christian clergy, “NAZIS”. What a thick headed liar. The USSR was the most murdreous regime in history until the communists in China took over and the Germans did their best to stop them from extending their murderous intentions into Germany and the rest of Europe and murder tens of millions of more Christians, as they had already done in the USSR in the 1930’s. Which army was the more more moral and humane army, the Germans, or the commies under Jewish leadership can be seen by the fact that in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, not to mention Latvia, Estonia and in other Republics, significant numbers of people welcomed the invading Germans as liberators and some joined the Germans and fought the murderous communists. And contrary to the Saker’s lies and proaganda, the Germans frequesntly helped the Russians and Ukrainians rebuild their houses and churches and tried to make their lives better. Obviously, the murderous Reds, who had already murdered tens of millions of Soviets and were now murdering as many Germans as they could, leaving behind booby traps in buildings all over the evacuated USSR so they could blow the unsuspecting Germans to pieces before escaping east were not treated the same and neither were the Jews left behind who paid for what the Jewish Bolshevik leadership did.

    Compare the sometines welcoming Soviets to the fact that nowhere in Germany, absolutely nowhere did Germans welcome the murderous gang raping Russians, who gang raped two million German women, ranging in ages from 15 or younger to elderly women in their 80’s, with this being encouraged by the Jeiwish Bolshevik (and now honored Israeli) Ilya Ehrenburg in his wartime propaganda for the communist regime. Not only did the Germans not welcome the murderous Reds, they didn’t welcome the murderous British or Americans either, and all over eastern Europe the people feared the invading Soviets and their women were raped by the Russian army too. Only the Jews might have sometimes welcomed the commies but even they fled alongside the retreating Germans knowing they might be victims of the murderous Reds.

    One thing I can assure this thick head The Saker of is that Ukrainians (or ukronazis as he calls them) have virtually no say in Ukraine today and Jews dominate the country, including the government and the mass media there. I recall conversations I had about twenty years ago with two female Russians friends (one better described as an acquaintance) and when the subject of Jews came up, they were definitely not loved, nor was concern expreswed about how many were made into soap bars or lamp shades during WW II. But in the last year and a half I have had two conversations with two separate younger Ukrainian women, one just a few days ago, demonstrating the complete dominace the Jews have over Ukraine. Both talked zealously of the suffering of the Jews under the Germans with absolute certainty that everything they were repeating was 100% true, repeatng the hatred the Jews have driven into their heads for years no doubt and doing it straight to the face of a German. And while they are doing this, the suffering of the Ukrainians under the Jews has been pushed under the rug and there are open discussions of tearing down statues of Ukrainian heroes like Bandera in the country because he fought the murderous Reds.

  27. Amy says:

    This has been in the news for two months. I dont know how much stock we should put into it. Why hasnt italy jumped on it? They are markimg the oldest for death, run the experiment on them.
    Seems like usa selling hope and calm.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  28. Jeff says:

    Agreed. I’m surprised that Saker doesn’t give the Jews more blame here. They’re consolidating their power/ownership/wealth while the country is in duress. And that’s probably the prime reason why the US/Israel isn’t interfering – their friends are making out quite well as is.

    • Agree: Alfred
  29. A123 says:

    Why hasnt italy jumped on it? They are markimg the oldest for death, run the experiment on them.

    They probably have, but Italy is a worst case scenario.

    The Fake Stream Media has for years refused to cover illegal Muslim migration to Italy. Those illegals carried tuberculosis [TB].

    Then for more years to maintain political correctness they refused to cover elderly Italians catching Islamo-TB. Which while awful was not immediately life threating.

    Add WUHAN-19 to years of established Islamo-TB in an elderly population in Italy… The combination becomes very lethal.

    Simple common sense shows the problem is disease bearing, illegal Muslim migration. Yet the politically correct FSM obeys sharia-values and refuses to cover it.

    PEACE 😷

  30. seeuhay says:

    Mr. Sakerovich

    Ukraine has its own borders, because some incorrigible dreamers thought that carving out a large chunk of Russia would destroy her high tech industry, located there by Khruschev, an Ukrainian nationalist, while depriving her of the double harvests of the black Ukrainin soil. We now know that that was only a wet dream. Not the first one either. Russia is stronger than it ever was, and more so, it is defiant of the morons who thought that with their crayons they can draft a new world order. FYI. A famous socialst, H. Himmler, mused that “what does not kill you, will make you stronger”.

    I cannot help to notice, that the free gifts are always unappreciated, and thus dissipated soon into the wind, as in “the fool and his money are soon parted”.

    And then what? Chew on that one a bit.

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Tool Book and Rifle
  31. Parfois1 says:

    NAZI is a cheap, sensational, generic slur that doesn’t help us understand the people you don’t like in Ukraine or their views and motivations.

    Well, one can be excused for using words which are descriptive of a set with some generally identifiable characteristics with another set who share those same characteristics. Applying the useful duck test and propositional logic, one arrives to a valid conclusion as the Russian diplomat Lavrov did when explaining why the Russian Aerospace Forces were killing scores of jihadis in Syria:

    “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right?”

    So, if the UkroNazis look like … – you know the rest.

  32. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Simply put, neither he not his team can get anything done,


    My advise to all my Ukrainian contacts


  33. China ships masks to the Ukraine.

    Ukraine sells them to Spain.

    Should I really feel sorry?

  34. @Gunnar

    forgive me for being a dumb goy but my highschool education taught me that the nazis were a german political party that wanted to united germans in germany and the surrounding countries but was defeated 75 years ago. What does that have to do with Ukraine? Are they trying to unite the German people and if so, why? Also, why do they care about Germany politics?

    • Thanks: Liza
    • Replies: @bluedog
    , @Gunnar
  35. Henry415 says:

    Real persuasive stuff. Frothing at the mouth and calling people Nazis.

  36. Alfred says:

    “THE MEMORY of the “massacre” of Jews at Babi Yar is painful to all politicians. But evidence shows it never happened. Aerial reconnaissance photos taken before and during World War II show mass graves of victims of the Soviet Cheka/NKVD, but an absence of Jewish mass burials.”

    Found any skeletons yet at Babi Yar? Still looking?

  37. Henry415 says:

    I wasn’t familiar with “The Saker”. A quick scan of his articles will show readers the warped perspective that forms the basis of the current article.

  38. slorter says:

    At the end of the day your last sentence sums it up and reality will have to be faced!

    At this point the EU countries will have to turn to the Kremlin for a common response to what promises to be a major disaster.

    • Agree: Alfred
  39. tiredofit says:

    Follow the money train. Insider Trading is already sweeping Capitol Hill like a hot fire after Congressional members have been found out on dumping stocks on many of the Corporations that they chair or have mega millions invested,only to pull off a Napoleon sham!

  40. its “black soil” (chernozem).

    I know a people worth the soil.

  41. WHAT says:

    Gotta love the wailing and buttblasted damage control by the likes of AP and other svidomit subhumans.
    Jewkraine is not a real country, “ukrainian” is not a real language, and truth hurts so good, ragul scum.

    • Agree: Felix Keverich
    • Replies: @Meimou
  42. All Ukrainians who don’t want to join USSR 2.0 (which russia is building) are nazis…..Cheap russian propaganda that only dumbest fools still believe.

    Also, people who share lots of common ideas with nazis and who don’t mind nazism to come to power in the West, are using “nazi” as a slur like some typical leftist cuck.

    • Agree: bluedog
  43. Thank’s Saker, for our daily dose of fear porn
    Psyop alert!

    Los Angeles Coronavirus intake center is completely empty and a joke and people with bio hazard suits chilling eating next to people with just t-shirts @HenryMakow

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  44. I agree with Mr. Hack. Saker, Anatoly Karlin and others detract considerably from their credibility with the “Ukrainian Nazis” meme. Too bad, because some good percentage of your observations are valid.

    Ukraine has a Jewish President. Poroschenko was half-Jewish. The leadership of the Rada is largely Jewish. This in a country that is (depending on who is counting) less than 1% Jewish. Jewish Nazis??? The world has never seen such. Give it up!

    The Western Ukrainian parties, the most strongly anti-Russian, were not in evidence in the last elections. It was a referendum on Poroschenko’s leadership. Or lack thereof. He did not have his heart in reform, in attacking corruption. Zelensky looked like a breath of fresh air. Turns out to be more of the same old corrupt system A system which has more in common with Russia than these authors would care to admit.

    There are some bright spots. Ukraine is leery of NATO. Socially, most people here are put off by the same things that repel Putin: sexual liberality, social liberality, immigration… We have a lot of common interest with Russia. I would like to see us find common ground in partnership with Russia, not as part of Russia.

    Coronavirus will be a major reset. I hope it is an impetus for us to once again find common ground. It will be hard to overcome the anti-Russian animus built up here over the past six years, but the earlier we start, the better.

  45. @A123

    Quid Pro Joe the Burisma Bribe Boy has a 100% chance of catastrophic loss to Trump.

    I hope you’re right, but the coronavirus virus could be a game changer. Dishonest democrats could claim he bears a special responsability in his handling of the domestic / medical virus crisis in the US. Yet, Donald Trump took about the same mesaures as every other leader in the world.

  46. @Mr. Hack

    Saker is only interested in promoting what is good for da Jew, therefore, it’s always propaganda and nothing else … Ukrainians and Russians don’t mean Shit, period!

    • Replies: @GordonKahl
  47. The situation in the Ukraine is what happens to a country under zionist control and the same can be said for the ZUS, the zionists have a mission to destroy every nation on earth, read the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, it can be had on

    • Agree: Robjil
  48. @Johnny Walker Read

    Looks familiar. A picture with two clowns in spacesuits next to a bobby without any protective clothes emerged during another hoax: Skripal “poisoning”.

  49. @Graham Seibert

    Jewish Nazis??? The world has never seen such.

    Ever since the creation of the state of Israel the world sees this daily.

  50. Truth3 says:

    So called Saker (Faker) should have been booted off Unz long ago.

    This latest gag piece of disinformation only confirms he is a psyop tool.

    • Agree: utu
    • Disagree: Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @bluedog
  51. The other thing this Saker guy does is insist upon putting Anglo in front of Zionist as in ‘Anglo-zionist’ when the power of the Anglo is dwindling fast, and the only utility left for the Anglo is as a front man. To what level of abject and impoverished existence must the Anglo sink before it is dropped from the front of that deceptive phrase?

    • Agree: Truth3
    • LOL: Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  52. @Gunnar

    Forget that bullshit about Ashkenazi jews

    Would that be the bullshit first stated by Benjamin Freedman around 1946, who dared the Ashkenazim to disprove him? You know, the guy who was at Versailles and outed the bankers as the cause for the harsh treatment toward Germany in the Treaty?

    There are many contemporary books written by British citizens exposing the lies about NSDAP Germany. They are buried or ignored. Most people forget, or don’t know, that the “war crimes” at the Nuremburg Kangaroo Court were ex post facto. That is, made up after the fact. I’m not suggesting that the NSDAP were perfect, but they, like Mussolini, had to be stopped, because they were demonstrating ways that actually improved the quality of life for citizens, that were neither communist nor capitalist.

    From all I have been able to read on the “Ukronazis” they have no such plan. If they do, they are unable to articulate it in a coherent manner.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  53. George says:

    Death rate per 1000. The Coronavirus might even lower the Ukrainian death rate.
    1 South Sudan 19.3
    2 Lesotho 15.1
    3 Lithuania 14.8
    4 Latvia 14.5
    5 Bulgaria 14.5
    6 Ukraine 14.3
    7 Serbia 13.6
    8 Russia 13.4
    9 Belarus 13.2
    10 Afghanistan 13.2

  54. @PeterMX

    My former boss’s parents emigrated from Ukraine (Galicia) post WWI. He often remarked that he had learned his wariness of Jews from his parents, who were farmers. He acknowledged that his wariness was nowhere near the outright mistrust of his parents and their steadfast refusal to deal with Jewish vendors or buyers they may have encountered, going out of their way to avoid them. He said it was more common among “Ukrainians” in rural areas than urban areas, but generally speaking there was an uneasy relationship between Ukrainians and Jews due to the long history of interaction in Ukraine.
    The exception was the Germanic Mennonites who emigrated from Ukraine. Their medieval religious belief about money and usury, made them turn to Jews to handle financial affairs.

    Today, centuries of interactions between groups, whether racial, religious, or other, are dismissed with a waive of the hand as irrational hate. It’s never that simple.

    • Replies: @PeterMX
  55. Robjil says:

    It is a very strange and odd culture – Ukronotsees would good term for it. They don’t know what they are doing. It is all emotional. Zionists are at the head of the camp in ZioUkraine. Poro was half Jewish. The second president is Jewish. Shabbos Goys are not trusted to be “leaders” in ZioUkraine. They might go off the Zion uber alles track in ZioUkraine.

    Zionazi is a good term for the present rulers of the west.

    The real Nazis were trying to help their people in the 1930s.

    From Sept. 1 1939 to May 8 1945, whatever the Nazis did is not “allowed” to be studied freely. So it is a mystery what really happenned to most of us.

  56. @Amy

    This has been in the news for two months.

    It depends on how you want to look at “news”. French doctors discovered it was effective against another Corona virus, SARS, more than 15 years ago, at the end of the outbreak. It was published then, but not “news”, since the threat was essentially over.
    As for the Italians, would they ever take advice from the French? Since the French alerted the Chinese, who have tested and found it to be effective, the Italians may take the advice from the Chinese.

  57. Agent76 says:

    June 18, 2019 US To Send \$250 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine

    Saying that the new package was intended to enhance democratic civilian control of the military, the Pentagon has unveiled a package of around \$250 million in military aid to the Ukraine. They emphasized the US commitment to supporting Ukraine.

    May 15, 2017 Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Rule in Europe’s Heartland

    Will Donetsk Rejoin Russia? The nation shares a near-1,500 mile land and sea border with Russia. Stop NATO’s Rick Rozoff earlier explained Ukraine is “the decisive linchpin in plans by the US and its NATO allies.

    Sep 9, 2016 US funded Ukrainian army is terrorizing civilians, 2016

    Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army.

  58. @AnonFromTN

    LOL. You know what I mean. We need a clever new usage that would have the same acronym. Nationalistic Ashkenazi Zionist Incindiary? Non-goyish Atheistic Zealot Inquisitor? We could have a contest.

  59. @Graham Seibert

    Could you source your claim with respect to myself? kkthx

    • Replies: @Graham Seibert
  60. @AnonFromTN

    The world has never seen anything but, except when Hitler copied the Jews but got which was the Chosen Race wrong.

  61. Patricus says:

    Does anyone tire of labels like Ukronazi, or Anglo-Zionists or ziomedia? The German National Socialist movement of the 1930s and 1940s has nothing to do with modern Ukraine. Anglos and Zionists are quite a small minority in the world. Despite the claims of some the medias of the world are not organs of zionism. If that was the case no one would read any media.

    One could call Russians of 2020 “Bolshevik savages” or “Stalinist murderers”. Like the other names these also have no bearing on current reality.

    Nazi ideology belongs to the past, which few really understand. Calling everyone one dislikes a Nazi is dumbass in action. Call the Ukranians Corona viruses, or sexually transmitted diseases–please something more original than “Nazi”.

  62. Mefobills says:

    To what level of abject and impoverished existence must the Anglo sink before it is dropped from the front of that deceptive phrase?

    In many of my comments here at Unz, I have documented the exact time and events…. where the Anglo was parasitized.

    Prior to the big bang event in 1694, England was not a usury driven or super-predator country.

    So, you are right, the Anglo is a host for a parasite. A good parasite will convince its host, that said parasite is a baby, to be nurtured. The parasite may even tell its host where to eat and drink, and when to reproduce.

    BUT – there are many many Anglos who have bought into the construct, and have their eyes wide shut. Infiltration of middle-eastern magick religion methods, especially caballa and zohar are now deep into Masonic Lodges.

    You can test yourself by answering the following questions:

    Is Creditor over Debtor?
    Is Capital over Labor?
    Are usury mechanisms allowed?
    Are in-groups allowed special status?

    If any answer is yes, then welcome to Anglo-Zionist worldview. And… your twisted religion is either silent on the above questions, or is in alignment.

  63. @JamesD

    Yes! The very same Bandera who was an agent for the Nazi secret services and was known with the code name Consul II.

  64. @Mr. Hack

    There is a much better publication for the Faker’s long-winded ramblings than the Unz Review. It’s called Jewish Currents. Or any other jewish rag, for that matter. Yes, Ron Unz is also Jewish, but he is honest and has his heart in the right place.

    The Faker is a hasbarat in disguise who knows as much about the Ukraine as he does about the Sombrero and the Loopy galaxies. Oh, and Long live Svoboda, the Right Sector, and Stepan Bandera!

    • Troll: Mikhail
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  65. There is no time bomb ticking in Ukraine. It is slowly rotting, bleeding able-bodied people East and West. The only way it could become a bomb is if it creates another Chernobyl or an equally impressive catastrophe on one of the remaining chemical plants. Only in this case the EU will cooperate with Russia to bring some level of normalcy there. Otherwise, it will continue being the Goblin Reservation (using Clifford Simak’s book title), with little to no attention to it. Europeans, faced with serious challenges, promptly forgot about Ukraine. The Foreign Affairs Council on Monday 23 March 2020 will be replaced by a videoconference of ministers of foreign affairs starting at 11:00, where Ukraine is not on the agenda. Ukraine will likely enjoy a moment of dubious fame if Dems actually nominate clinically senile Biden: Trump has a lot of material on his corruption in Ukraine. That will be promptly forgotten after the elections, no mater who wins. The Empire tried making Ukraine a battering ram against Russia, found the hard way that something rotten through and through cannot serve as a battering ram, and simply gave up. The Empire is perfectly happy now with Ukraine being just a pile of shit – it stinks next to Russia, and the Empire does not give a hoot about European vassals it will also stink into.

  66. Amon says:

    But that would get her suicided by the DNC (Clinton Clan)

  67. @Tool Book and Rifle

    Oh, and Long live Svoboda, the Right Sector, and Stepan Bandera!

    Commendable coming-out. Very few people outside of goblin reservation openly admit being Banderites. One correction, though: that scum was Stephan, not Stepan.

    • Replies: @Tool Book and Rifle
  68. By now shouldn’t the Ukrano-NAZIs have followed the Vindmans and stormed the Russian border, fighting to the very last Ukrainian? When Obama/ Biden/ Nuland and other clowns overthrew the elected crook in 2014 and replaced him with their (even more) corrupt crooks, the per capita GDP of Ukrainians dropped by half as the Americans and Ukrainian Americans fed heavily at the corruption trough. Now that Hunter Biden has lost his job there, what’s in it for America?

  69. Wally says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Your use of the bizarre term ‘neo-Nazis’ tips your Zionist hand. It’s based upon a laughably false assumption taken from Zionist propaganda.

    Since it’s known that the original ‘Nazis’ didn’t do what Zionists like you curiously wish they had done*, please tell us what you think is wrong with a ‘neo’ version.

    * An on point Ukraine example is the totally debunked Zionist claim about an alleged mass murder of 34,000 Jews at a site called Babi Yar.

    * recommended from
    Babi Yar: The [alleged] Einsatzgruppen ‘Killings’:
    Excavation Result: No Enormous Human Remains as Alleged at Babi Yar:

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  70. bluedog says:

    Perhaps its just that high school education or not reading enough that confuses you,but the nazis mentality was that everyone who didn’t think like them or looked like them should be destroyed, (does that remind you of someone or country with that mentality today)so the 1,000 year plan would live forever.!!!!

  71. bluedog says:

    That’s what they all say when it gets to close to the truth, than the trolls come out to try and work their magic,!!!!

  72. Popeye says:

    Oh, my friend, wait please! The EU is having a very big very important meeting and will rescue Ukraine! Macron and fraukanzellor Angela said so only yesterday..

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  73. @Popeye

    Ukraine is no longer on the agenda. As Russian joke from a well-known (to Russians) book puts it, “rescuing drowning people is the duty of drowning people themselves”.

    • Replies: @anon
  74. anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    “Ukraine is no longer on the agenda.”

    Don’t be too hasty. Here’s Part I of long piece by Greisha Eliason. Ukrainian misadventure has legs, may limp back into focus.
    Donald Trump’s Ukraine Server- How the FBI and ODNI hacked and influenced the American psyche

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  75. sally says:

    Mr. Smith, <=the probability of a coup is null because a person capable of leading such a coup has not surfaced. ?

    I tell a story, about my college days.. Studying one April evening, in my room, about 7:30 pm I heard a sound similar to a crowd at a football game “Panty raid, Panty raid” <= being inquisitive I joined the crowd, and soon it came to the circle where all of the girls dorms were, looking up at the three story buildings from the windows could be seen clouds of female undergarments floating in the wind toward the waiting hands on the ground. Only the campus cops with blue lights and tear gas guns separated the chanting male crowds from the inviting female humanity that occupied the building from which clouds of panties were continuously being extruded into the atmosphere.

    In this case there was no one most people would call a leader, it was spontaneous, instant, impulse driven; the result of three beer drunk bored-silly guys, they started it, but were too drunk to continue. They marched from the pub into the street, yelling panty raid, panty raid as often young male students did on these spring time evenings. This time, this day, this minute, for no known reason, the collective masses of men housed in the town join each other in the streets (their numbers nearly half of the male student body took up the call, soon over 20,000 students were converging to participate in a spectacle that can only be appreciated by personal observation. It happened in five maybe ten minutes, but it lasted hours. It involved people who barely knew each other, but it consumed all resistance It was a crowd, a mass of humanity, growing, moving and acting without a leader, a crowd that moved on impulse, and a crowd that overwhelmed the forces assigned to deny them. The police cars were moved by lifting hands off the street to the pillars of the buildings, and the police were relieved of their weapons, the doors to the dorms were opened from inside, and presto, the party began.. This would happen three or four times a year.

    So I do not know about your premise?

  76. @Wally

    That’s the term widely used to describe certain people today. Even AA, who used to claim openly that he was one of them, is now condemning them using the same term, especially after the Charlotesville fiasco and now their stance on the Weinstein case. Ok, in regard to those in the Ukraine maybe I should use the term “Banderite”. I know the originals don’t exist any more and the Neo ones are an insignificant minority but their presence is blown up beyond any sense of proportion by the MSM and the liberals, Zionists and leftists. Yeah I know but I use it like the senseless term “anti-semitism”. Can’t always be too pedantic to put a point across.

    • Replies: @Wally
  77. @Anatoly Karlin

    I’m going to retreat quickly. While you do not appear to be much of a friend and admirer of Ukraine, I could not find that you used the Ukrnazi term. My apologies.

  78. @Smith

    Can Chinese show resit for it, or bill of sale from US?

  79. Truth3 says:

    Unz Website Poll of the Day…

    Is Nonny Mouse a Joo?

    Vote YES by agreeing.

    Vote NO by disagreeing.

    • Agree: Meimou
  80. Ukraine?

    Ukraine is not Nazi! Ukraine never was Nazi and never will be Nazi.
    The term Ukronazi is an oxymoron.
    From the time indefinite the Ukraine one time or the other was ruled by Vikings, Goths, Visigoths, Franks, Tatars, Huns, Magyars, Poles, and Turks, And eventually Russians.
    All these nations eventually moved out, but the remnants of this nations are today inhabitants of Ukraine.
    Ukraine is modern Babylon.
    Did Babylon survive? I have to ask!!!!

  81. Wally says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Thanks, you make some good points.

    However, back to my point, the reasons that the term is so loaded is due to easily debunked propaganda. It’s classic GIGO, ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

    You complain about the absurd usage of “anti-semitism”, I certainly agree.
    But it’s current usage only has bite because of twisted, Euro-white bashing propaganda, aka: the “holocaust” narrative and things supposedly ‘Nazi, neo-Nazi’ that go with it.

    I knew you and I could eventually talk.


    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  82. Juri says:

    Well, there is 100 million people in Eastern Europe. And people have lived in the same place for centuries so we know our history. It is impossible to sell bad nazi, good commie down here. It is very weird that otherwise smart Russia tries to sell the dumbest myth on the planet Earth down here. What the point is ?

  83. Maybe off-top. In Lugansk a ceremony was held to commemorate 32 children murdered by Ukrainian army by shelling Lugansk People’s Republic in 2014-15. The youngest victim was 27 days old. For those who can read Russian, here is the list of all victims, with names, dates of birth, and dates of murder:

    If you think these were unintended “collateral” casualties, here is what former Ukrainian president Porky, on whose watch these crimes were committed, said: “Our children will go to schools and kindergartens, their children will sit in basements…” “That’s exactly how we are going to win this war”.

    The scum did not win this war, and never will.

  84. @Wally


    I’ve once explained my stance on rejecting the term “anti-semite” and not to repeat in detail, but obviously because the Palestinians are semites and the Khazars are not. But old habits die hard, and for want of a better word I maybe do sometimes use it in the conventional generally accepted but erroneous way.

    Regarding WWII, all sides committed crimes and atrocities, and all had their war propaganda, and winners write the history … we all know that. Still, we have to disagree on that. And I know we should learn from the past so as not to repeat the mistakes, but I prefer to focus on the present and future.


  85. @anon

    Ukrainian misadventure has legs, may limp back into focus.

    The cripple might limp back into focus, but nobody doubts that it’s a cripple any longer. Creatures like that are called in Russian “victims of an abortion”.

  86. “muh nazis”

    This guy’s the worst writer on unz

  87. Sakerberg pollutes the website with more inane babbling about Ukronazis, implying that Ukrainians are bad for not wanting to be assimilated into Putin’s decrepit empire of Lenin-worship and Eurasianism, all held together by stupid WW2 propaganda that’s been recycled from the old Soviet era by its Jew mafia ruling class. Ukraine isn’t much better but at least Ukrainians- as well as basically all non-Russian Slavs- understand that Bolshevism was nothing more than genocide and slavery. Russians seem hoodwinked by the propaganda and consider it some kind of golden age, even though Bolsheviks killed more Russians than the Germans ever did, or would have. Russia will never be anything more than a gas station until it firmly rejects Bolshevism as an era of foreign tyranny.

    • Agree: NobodyKnowsImaDog
    • LOL: bluedog
  88. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    “Mr. Hack” still believes that the zionists-cooked union of banderites & ziocons should produce a gloriously prosperous Ukraine for Ukrainians. Dream on. The Russophobic Banderites, both in Ukraine and Canada, have sold their motherland and their souls for ziocons’ shiny trinkets.

    The comment section on Saker’s site:

    A Second Israel is a project some Khazarians talk openly about Ukraine. Of course, that is after Ukraine is emptied and Russia is broken.

    If “Mr. Hack” et al still have some illusions and do not recognize the Eretz Israel plan for Ukraine, here is a quote from”‘Encyclopedia Judaica: The Crimean Affair:”

    One of the pretexts [for the closed antisemitic trial of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) held in Moscow from May to July 1952] may have been a memorandum presented in the summer of 1944 by members of the Committee to the Soviet leadership containing a proposal to create a Jewish Soviet republic in the Crimea (the Tatar population of which was exiled by Stalin by May 1944) on the territory of the former German republic of the Volga.

    Noting the successes of the Jewish national regions in the Crimea and in the Kherson region, the authors of the memorandum based their proposal on the lack of a geographical base of a significant part of the Jewish population of the Soviet Union and on the need to grant the Jews equality in governmental-legal terms with the other nationalities of the Soviet Union.

    They also expressed the hope that “the Jewish masses of all countries, in particular the United States, would give substantial aid” to building up such a republic. Despite the rumors that some members of the Politburo of the Central Committee (Lazar Kaganovich and Vyacheslav Molotov) were favorably disposed toward the idea of the “Crimean Plan,” it was rejected in 1944.

    Note the amazing, “the Jewish masses of all countries, in particular the United States, would give substantial aid. “Ukraine had been marked by zionists already at the beginning of the 20th century. A certain Senior Partner at Kuhn Loeb & Co comes to mind. See the source of financial support for some leading Jewish Bolsheviks:

    From his base on Wall Street, he was the foremost Jewish leader from 1880 to 1920 in what later became known as the “Schiff era”, grappling with all major Jewish issues and problems of the day, including the plight of Russian Jews under the Tsar…

    The name of Lazar Kaganovich should certainly ring something for Banderites’s ears: Kaganovich was in charge of Holodomor, the man-made famine that was an instrument of mass-murder of native Ukrainians in 1932-1933.
    In 2014, the “most victimized” had struck again, coming with cookies, snipers, and a doll of Yatzenyuk (Ukrainian Juan Guaidó) for a president of “liberated Ukraine.” The ongoing civil war and the unfamous auto-da-fe in Odessa have followed.

    • Agree: derer
    • Thanks: bluedog
  89. @AnonFromTN

    Start by learning how to write, hasbarat. The name is Stepan, or “Степан” in Ukrainian and Russian. Check your own Wikipedia, it’s more than PC enough.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  90. Cking says:

    The history of Ukraine must include the Bolshevik Terror; it is still a memory in Ukraine that gives legitimacy to the Ukronazis and yet Israel has supplied arms and whatever to their militias. I can see why Putin does not want a Nazi, Israeli supplied, force on his border. I thought president Zelenski was on to something when he went to Russia and sat down before Putin. However if the Ukrainian president was asking for the return of Crimea, as a leverage device for economic support, he was always wasting everyone’s time. As you say, the Ukronazis will never accept rapprochement with Russia, which is what Zelenski did attempt, no matter the geopolitical assessment. Ukraine, is the West’s forward base to attack Russia; it’s tragic for the people who did not make this bed and will have to lie in it. Ukraine’s human capital, brains and labor, by the diktats of the West’s Imperial system we call Globalization, are consigned to whoredom. Monstrous, and only the Ukraine people can change this.

    I have to say, although declared, the Coronavirus is not a pandemic and therefore political leadership and the citizenry everywhere ought to be looking at the ‘Corona-pandemic’ as a control mechanism, with the power to retire heads of state. Reality is not what is foisted on us. Why the Coronavirus now that puts everyone on Earth under house arrest? How will the reorganization of the US financial system shake out; out of the Greatest Depression, get ready for a One World Currency system.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  91. @Tool Book and Rifle

    The thing I like best is when hasbara are calling others hasbara. Referring to their own Wiki in the same breath is the cherry on the cake. I take it they pay extra shekels for shamelessness.

  92. @Cking

    Russians respond with humor to everything, including current “pandemic”. Here is one of the best jokes about it: “coronavirus taught everyone to wash their hands regularly; the theme of the next pandemic – turn signals”.

  93. Meimou says:

    Gotta love the wailing and buttblasted damage control by the likes of AP and other svidomit subhumans.
    Jewkraine is not a real country, “ukrainian” is not a real language, and truth hurts so good, ragul scum.

    We goy are all subhuman to you chosen one.

  94. Gunnar says:

    Forgive to be an intelligent German, who knows what that has to do with Ukraine. Perhaps you should read a bit about the role of Nazi-collaborateurs like Bandera in Ukraine from 1941 on.

  95. @Gunnar

    Foorgive to be an intelligent German …

    Whatever that may mean in German, dear sir.

    Anyway: do read the wikipedia on Bandera and do take heed of the dates. Bandera was held captive in KL Buchenwald for most of the war. Given the obvious bias of the -pedia, this factoid should make even an indoctrinated German think once, if not twice.

    This is not an attempt at whitewashing Bandera, just a hint that the story is more complicated than post bolshevik Russian propagandists allow for.

    • Replies: @Gunnar
  96. Gunnar says:
    @but an humble craftsman

    There are a lot of documents regarding Stepan Bandera in German language. So far I know they are – at the moment – not accessible trough the internet. I don’t have the time and resources to reproduce them here ( and because of Corona all libraries in Germany are closed) – so I have to say what I remember from seeing them: 1) Stepan Bandera was recruted in Concentration Camp. The interviewing officer thought of him as a perfectly immoral and brutal man. 2) Even members of the SS and Wehrmacht complained about the “counterproductive brutality” of Bandera and his ilk (as they did about the Croatian Ustashe). 3) Banderas men were only good at brutalizing people. To set them against partizans and let them terrorize the villages in German occupied areas was a decision of the Germans after ONE known fight with the Red Army which ended after 45 minutes with catastrophy for Banderas men.

  97. @Gunnar

    Banderites were “heroes” against unarmed civilians. They had no compunction about murdering women and children of all ages, or about cutting the bellies of pregnant women open, killing the fetus and expecting mother.

    That is why Germans delegated the dirtiest jobs in the occupied territories to that subhuman scum. Germans despised them, but used them nonetheless.

    When Banderites met armed resistance, their cowardice came to the fore. That’s why Germans used their ilk for real fighting only once, out of desperation, in 1944. Waffen SS division “Galitchina” consisting of Banderite volunteers was annihilated by the Red Army at the front in no time.

    That’s also why the Red Army troops believed that Banderites do not deserve a bullet, and hanged them instead. I never thought that I would fault Stalin with softness, but here it is: he should have exterminated surviving Banderite vermin, rather than send them to camps, thus allowing the scum to survive.

    • Replies: @Gunnar
    , @Staudegger
    , @AP
  98. @Gunnar

    Even members of the SS and Wehrmacht complained about the “counterproductive brutality” of Bandera and his ilk (as they did about the Croatian Ustashe).


    Reminds me of Karl Koch, whom they executed for murdering prisoners at a death camp. Kinda defeats the purpose, no? The SS must have been really confused about their role as ethnic cleaners if they kept punishing the people doing the cleaning.

    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
  99. @AnonFromTN

    They had no compunction about murdering women and children of all ages,

    The Allies had no compunction about incinerating hundreds of thousands of civilians alive in Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Spare me the moralism.

    cutting the bellies of pregnant women open, killing the fetus and expecting mother.

    This is what Bolsheviks did when they invaded Europe. If this claim comes from Soviet sources, it’s certainly projection of their own crimes. They did the same thing with the massacres at Katyn and Babi Yar, where Soviet propaganda took their own atrocities and accused the Germans of them.

    Also, “Banderites” is a misnomer since Bandera himself spent most of the war in German concentration camps. The ethnic cleansing of Poles, for example, was orchestrated by Mykola Lebed, not Bandera.

    But it’s all moot. The Allied nations committed the worst atrocities of the war, so they don’t get to lecture anyone else about inhumanity.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  100. Number6 says:

    The clown that wrote this is obviously a katsap sympathizer … everyone who understands Ukraine KNOWS tere is no such place as “the ukraine” except to followers of the maniacal midget

  101. Erebus says:

    I take it they pay extra shekels for shamelessness.

    Shamelessness (and disingenousness) are prerequisites for employment at base rate. Literacy, numeracy, and the ability to develop structured arguments are what earns the bonuses.

    Doubtless following the adage that “Quantity has a quality of its own”, the bonus earners have been pulled off the line and we’re left with salvo after salvo of shameless mental defectives.

    Frankly, though I miss the bonus earners, their management had no option. If your scarcest/smartest/costliest missiles can’t get through the air defence, sending in wave after wave of your most plentiful/cheapest is the only move you’ve got. So it is with Trolls.

  102. @Lol

    Virus of Didgnity which Russian swine used to GULAG is afraid

  103. @Per/Norway

    are you retarded? Ukraine had 6 presidents, every time opposition won. very tolerant country, even too tolerant. that clown Sucker works for bloody KGB mafia for which organised crime in Ukraine is working in destroying and robbing that country.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  104. @NobodyKnowsImaDog

    says KGB mafia which caused WW2 and Hitler rise and killed 100 million people in peaceful times. Bandera was in concentration camp since beginning of war, moron. Bolsheviks were Nazi mentors who invented gas van.

    • LOL: bluedog
  105. @AnonFromTN

    Is this all you can come up with? You really are clutching at straws, aren’t you?

    In the Ukraine, Stepan Bandera is a national hero. Like Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in the South. For all true Southerners, that is. And like George Washington, Davy Crockett and Charles Lindbergh for all true Americans.

    Anyway, don’t worry, this is all a plot hatched by Hitler and Bormann from their secret hideout in Para-gay.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  106. @seeuhay

    Actually, that quote is from Nietzsche, not Himmler. Here’s the original: Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker. What does not kill (or destroy) me, makes me stronger.

  107. AP says:

    Waffen SS division “Galitchina” consisting of Banderite volunteers was annihilated by the Red Army at the front in no time.

    Just a note about your usual stupidity when it comes to Ukraine.

    Bandera’s organization was vehemently opposed to the creation of the Galician Division.

    Waffen SS Galicia consisted mostly of volunteers who wanted to fight Bolsheviks but who did not want to join UPA because they were not Banderists. Two of them were even nephews of a former PM of Poland. It’s last commander was Pavlo Shandruk, a former Russian Imperial officer, then Ukrainian and Polish officer, who obtained Poland’s highest military honor:

    And they fought fairly well against the Bolsheviks.

    From 1 April until the end of the war, with a strength of 14,000 combat troops and 8,000 soldiers in a Training and Replacement Regiment, the division fought against the Red Army in the region of Graz in Austria[27] where in early April it seized the castle and village of Gleichenberg from Soviet forces (including elite Soviet airborne troops from the 3rd Guards Airborne Division) during a counterattack and on 15 April repulsed a Soviet counterattack. The division at this time maintained a 13-km front.[11][28] …. Due to his performance during the battles surrounding Gleichenberg, Waffen-Obersturmführer Ostap Czuczkewycz was awarded the Iron Cross, 1st class.[29] The Division suffered heavy casualties while in Austria, with an estimated 1,600 killed or wounded.


    In July the division was sent to the area of Brody, where heavy combat was under way, and was attached to the 13th Army Corps.[11] Together with six under-strength German infantry divisions, the Galicia Division was responsible for holding a frontage of approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi).[11] On 8 July, the 13th Corps was transferred to the 1st Panzer Army.[11] The Galician Division was placed in reserve. Deployed at Brody were the division’s 29th, 30th, 31st regiments, a fusilier and engineering battalion, and its artillery regiment. The 14th SS Field Replacement Battalion was deployed fifteen miles (24 kilometres) behind the other units.[18]

    On 13 July, Soviet forces under the command of Marshal Ivan Konev launched their attack. By the next day, they routed a German division to the north of the 13th Corps and swept back an attempted German counterattack.[citation needed] On 15 July, the 1st and 8th Panzer Divisions along with the Galicia Division bore the brunt of a fierce assault by the Soviet Second Air Army, who in only a five-hour period flew 3,288 aircraft sorties and dropped 102 tons of bombs on them as they attempted a counterattack.[19] On 18 July, the division’s Field Replacement Battalion was destroyed with its remnants fleeing west, whilst the remainder of 13th Corps, consisting of over 30,000 German and Ukrainian soldiers, was surrounded by the Soviets within the Brody pocket.[18]

    Within the pocket, the Galician troops were tasked with defending the eastern perimeter near the castle and town of Pidhirtsy and Olesko.[18] The Soviets sought to collapse the Brody pocket by focusing their attack of what they perceived to be its weakest point, the relatively inexperienced Galician Division, and on 19 July attacked.[18] The 29th and 30th regiments of the division, supported by the division’s artillery regiment, put up unexpectedly fierce resistance. Pidhirtsy changed hands several times before the Galicians were finally overwhelmed by the late afternoon, and at Olesko a major Soviet attack using T-34 tanks was repulsed by the division’s Fusilier and Engineer battalions.[18]

    On 20 July, the German divisions within the pocket attempted a breakout which failed despite early successes.[18] The Division’s 31st regiment was destroyed in fighting. A second German breakout attempt that began at 1:00 am on 21 July ended in failure. ten miles (16 kilometres) to the west of the pocket, however, a German Panzergrenadier Regiment broke through Soviet lines and briefly established contact with the Brody pocket, resulting in the rescue of approximately 3,400 soldiers, including approximately 400 Galicians, before being repulsed.[18] By the end of that day, in the face of overwhelming Soviet attacks, the 14th Division as a whole disintegrated.[18] Its German commander, Fritz Freitag, resigned his command and decreed that everyone would be on his own during the breakout. He and his staff formed their own battle group and headed south, abandoning the division.[18] Some Ukrainian assault groups remained intact, others joined German units, and others fled or melted away. The Ukrainian 14th SS Fusilier battalion, which at this point had also largely disintegrated, came to form the rearguard of what was left of the entire 13th Corps. Holding the town of Bilyi Kamin, it enabled units or stragglers to escape to the south and was able to withstand several Soviet attempts to overwhelm it. By the evening of 21 July, it remained the only intact unit north of the Bug River.[18]

    In the early morning of 22 July, the 14th Fusilier battalion abandoned Bilye Kamin. The Brody pocket was now only 4 to 5 miles (6.4–8.0 kilometres) long and wide. The German and Galician soldiers were instructed to attack with everything they had by moving forward until they broke through or were destroyed.[18] Fighting was fierce and desperate. The German and Ukrainian soldiers surging south were able to overwhelm the Soviet 91st Independent Tank Brigade “Proskurov” and its infantry support, and to escape by the hundreds. The remaining pocket collapsed by the evening of 22 July.[18]

    Despite the severity of the fighting, the division maintained its discipline and most of its members were ultimately able to break out of the encirclement. Of the approximately 11,000 Galician soldiers deployed at Brody, about 3,000 were able to almost immediately re-enter the division. Approx 7,400 were posted as “Missing in combat”.

    It has been mistakenly suggested[citation needed] that the losses for the 14th SS Division in Brody ran at 73%, higher than the rest of the Corps. The other battle-hardened German units which had formed XIII.A.K. produced similar casualty reports. About 5,000 men of Korpsabteilung ‘C’ which formed the spearhead of the breakout forces escaped the encirclement with sidearms but without vehicles, horses, and other weapons, supplies, and equipment. A total of 73 officers and 4,059 NCOs and men were listed as killed or missing. By comparison, the 361st Infantry Division which deployed fewer troops at the beginning of the battle than the Galician Division and together with it formed the rearguard, suffered equal losses. Between 16–22 July, it sustained almost as many casualties with total losses amounting to 6,310 officers and men (dead, missing or wounded). The necessary manpower required to rebuild this and the other German formations was not available and they were subsequently disbanded and the survivors incorporated into other divisions.
    As for XIII.A.K., the final report of the Corps’s liquidation commission (applicable to its regular army units only) recorded 21,766 killed or missing in action, which together with the 7,000 killed or missing men from the Galician Division brings to the total lost to about 29,000. This figure corresponds with General Lange’s own estimate of a total of 25–30,000 killed in the encirclement.

    On the other hand, the recently declassified secret Soviet General Staff report states that during the course of the battle their forces destroyed more than 30,000 soldiers and officers, 85 tanks and self-propelled guns, over 500 guns of various calibres, 476 mortars, 705 machine guns, 12,000 rifles and submachine guns, 5,843 vehicles, 183 tractors and trailers and 2,430 motorcycles and bicycles. It also claims that over 17,000 soldiers and officers were taken prisoner, 28 tanks and self-propelled guns were captured, as were over 500 guns of various calibres, more than 600 mortars, 483 machine guns, 11,000 rifles and sub-machine guns, over 1,500 vehicles, 98 tractors and trailers, 376 motorcycles and bicycles, in excess of 3,000 horses and 28 warehouses full of military goods. An estimated total number of survivors of all XIII.A.K. units has been given by the adjutant of the 349th Infantry Division as 15,000 officers and men, while a slightly lower figure of 12,000 was subsequently given by Oberst Wilck.

  108. @Staudegger

    It makes more sense to debate philosophy with a dog than anything with a Banderite.

  109. @AP

    I knew that Wiki is full of lies, but this is one of the most blatant and obvious: according to you (and you apparently copy-pasted this from Wiki, even the “reference needed” part) in April Ukie SS division fought near Graz (Austria), but in July it fought more than 500 km to the East, in Brody. So, according to these liars, the front in 1944 moved from West to East. This would have been funny if it weren’t so sad.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @yurivku
  110. AP says:

    LOL, you can’t add. Or you don’t know anything about when World War II was fought. Or both.

    Brody battle was in July 1944. Graz battle was in April 1945.

    So there is no lying involved, only your innumeracy and/or historical ignorance.

    Did you think that the Soviets would be fighting in Graz Austria in April and then all the way in Brody, Ukraine in July soon afterward? Did you think there was some sort of massive counteroffensive to the East?

    Amazing. Even I am surprised by your “thinking.”

    Another clear example of how many Russians suffer brain-collapse when Ukraine is involved. Bitter emotions have such an effect.

    • LOL: Mikhail
    • Replies: @Mikhail
  111. yurivku says:

    As for ukraine we now can just sit on the history river bank and wait for her corpse to swim by.
    Don’t think it will take long. The virus will greatly help.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @AnonFromTN
  112. AP says:

    You’ve been waiting since 1990. Good luck.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  113. @AnonymousUkr

    It is inadvisable to skip the meds your psychiatrist has prescribed. They can’t cure mental disorders, but they can alleviate the symptoms.

  114. yurivku says:

    If it was not so smelly I had no interest in it at all. And you if you are about to defend this peace of shit 1st of all leave the US.

  115. @yurivku

    That is not the issue: Ukraine was committing slow suicide ever since 1991. As the popular joke puts it, when you see your enemy committing suicide, do not interfere.

    The issue is that Ukraine is going to be a huge source of infection even after the epidemic ends in god-forsaken “democratic” countries run by inept ham-handed European liberals. Russia must close the border with Ukraine and all entities that cannot close their borders with Ukraine, and place into forced quarantine everyone arriving from Ukraine or those entities, regardless of citizenship.

    • Agree: annamaria
  116. @Tool Book and Rifle

    In the Ukraine, Stepan Bandera is a national hero.

    First, there is no “the”. Second, the quality of national heroes always matches the quality of countries. What else is new?

    • Replies: @Tool Book and Rifle
  117. @AnonFromTN

    Exactly. That’s why all of Israel could not kiss Stepan Bandera’s behind – let alone the Ukraine’s – if it was standing on top of Mount Everest.

    In any case, hasbarat, Zionism, Marxism and all of Shitsrael are headed right back to the sewer that spawned them. Their days are numbered, they know it, and all the hasbarats and jews in the world cannot change that fact in spite of their MSM and all their money.

    Das Judenreich – the Jewish Reign – is about to end. As Carl Schmitt once wrote: Die Wahrheit geht manchmal unter, aber sie ertrinkt nicht. The truth goes under at times, but it doesn’t drown. Слава Україні. Слава России. Long live the Ukraine. Long live Russia. And long live the White Race!

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  118. @Tool Book and Rifle

    You do need your meds, ASAP. A normal (in a psychiatric sense) person would not mention today’s Ukraine along with Russia. Especially a person pretending to realize that there is Jewish mafia at work in the US and its vassals (including lowly ones, like Ukraine).

    The coup in Ukraine in 2014 was organized by Nuland and her ilk (yes, she is Jewish; what’s more, she is married to an even bigger Jewish scum Robert Kagan), ruled by a number of Jewish oligarchs, mostly approved but one of the greatest Jewish criminals of our times, George Soros. Russia, on the other hand, screwed up Israeli plans in Syria and American Israel-firsters’ plans in many other places, including the cesspool of Ukraine.

    Take your meds. If you don’t have proper meds prescribed, make an appointment with a psychiatrist, pronto.

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Tool Book and Rifle
  119. @der einzige

    for Saker: if the fucking censor allowed other voices to discuss on your website, you would know in advance how wrong you are.

    Saker can’t stand the truth about his idiocy. No one is out to destroy Russia except the Oligarchs and Putin’s mafia. His desire to absorb the neighbors that used to be part of the Soviet Union is a deep desire on his part as he wants to be known to history as the man that restored the Russian Empire.

    Ukraine and others can’t tolerate this. they spent more than enough time under Muscovy’s thumb and have no desire to go back under Moscow’s yoke. Zelensky tried to gain rapprochement with Putin, but that won’t happen unless he kneels at Muscovy’s altar and take the Russian yoke back. It is now known that Putin has no intention of allowing Ukraine a national existence if he can help it. Zelensky is stupid if he really thinks he can put an end to Putin’s aggression by negotiation. Putin has made Minsk a dead letter and pretends to be guarantor, rather than a participant. I guess just because your troops are involved, doesn’t make you a participant.

    Putin has shown he is a liar and not to be trusted. That’s the kind of man Saker idolizes and he stupidly think every one is out to get Russia and Russia is just a poor lamb. Hitler was the same sort of man, and what Russia is now, is what Putin has produced. Russia is a ticking time bomb.

    • Troll: bluedog, Mikhail
  120. @Quartermaster

    Ukrainian joke (not for you, for sane people who might be reading):
    – You say that Crimea is yours, so why don’t you fight for it?
    – We are not stupid. There are Russian troops there.
    – But you say that there are Russian troops in Donbass, and yet you fight.
    – That’s what we say, but in Crimea, there really are Russian troops.

  121. @AP

    A few thousand Banderitas did seek shelter in lower Tatra mountains in Slovakia.

  122. Wow. Saker thinks (((Rabinovich))) is a great leader and has repeated the term “Ukronazis” at least a dozen times, throwing his mental stability into question. Can anyone guess his (((persuasion)))???

  123. @AP

    There were at least 800,000 fighters with Vlasov’s Russian Libetation Army, which collaborated with Hitler, than the puny S.S. forces (less than 50,000) organized in Halychyna. Far more Russians collaborated with Hitler than the Halychany. Not to mention Molotov-Ribbentrop.

    • Replies: @Mikhail
  124. @Really No Shit

    If Saker supports (((Rabinovich))), then who can doubt his ethnic persuasion?

  125. Mikhail says: • Website

    Another clear example of how many Russians suffer brain-collapse when Ukraine is involved. Bitter emotions have such an effect.

    Pretty rich given some of your comments regarding Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  126. Mikhail says: • Website

    Quatermaster is a hit and run type, who doesn’t seem to ever answer back (from what I’ve seen) any replies to his hokey comments.

  127. annamaria says:

    Ms. “Quartermaster,” do you really have amnesia re Nuland-Kagan’s and Karl Gershman’s role in the 2014 putsch in Ukraine?

    Ukraine is the biggest prize,” Gershman wrote. “The opportunities are considerable, and there are important ways Washington could help.

    Ukrainian Banderites and their Canadian sponsors have sold their souls (and their Patria) to the “most victimized” ziocons. Look at your prez Zelensky, prime-minister Groysman and their puppeteer Kolomojsky who “serves as the president of one of the main Jewish organizations in Ukraine and holds joint Israeli citizenship.”

    If you are still in the dark, here is a quote from”‘Encyclopedia Judaica: The Crimean Affair:”

    … a memorandum presented in the summer of 1944 by members of the Committee to the Soviet leadership containing a proposal to create a Jewish Soviet republic in the Crimea (the Tatar population of which was exiled by Stalin by May 1944) on the territory of the former German republic of the Volga. …

    They also expressed the hope that “the Jewish masses of all countries, in particular the United States, would give substantial aid” to building up such a republic. Despite the rumors that some members of the Politburo of the Central Committee (Lazar Kaganovich and Vyacheslav Molotov) were favorably disposed toward the idea of the “Crimean Plan,” it was rejected in 1944.

    Ukraine is a target for Eretz Israel, and your Banderite heroes have been most instrumental in hastening the ziocons’ plan. Mazel Tov, Ms. “Quartermaster.”

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  128. @Mikhail

    Psychiatrists tell me that the first rule of their profession is “never argue with a patient”.

  129. RobbnHawk says:

    Cheap worn out labels makes me not want to buy what your sellin’.

  130. @Graham Seibert

    Jewkraine being Nazi isn’t a contradiction you demented clown.

    Mass killings, Mass arrests, Mass control, Mass torture of civilians, infused with semi-paganist pseudo-ideology is what elevates Ukraine to being a Nazi state, wholly independent of the Jews (and other different ethnics) in charge

    The only difference is that 1930s Nazi Germany had much less cretinism.

    Ukraine is controlled externally by the Americans. Galician inbred retards are very lowly represented in the ukrop ruling elite anyway, owing to the fact they don’t produce people of any talent at all over several centuries. Ukrainian “ideology” itself is nonsensical.

    In these circumstances of useless but noisy and US funded Galicians incapable of being in authority, and contradictory/drivel ukrainism…… it is highly coherant to say that Jews (in a state externally managed by the US) have been put in power to manage an ULTRA-NAZI ukraine-united by anti-russianism as an outlet for Nazis.

  131. @AnonFromTN

    I am perfectly well aware of the situation in the Ukraine with regards to the Jewish mafia which is in power in that hapless country, as well as the influence of George Soros, et al.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that Russians and Ukrainians are fellow Slavs and that Svoboda and Right Sector are genuine patriotic Ukrainian movements. Millions of Ukrainians died during the forced collectivization of the early 1930s – the Holodomor, the true holocaust of the 20th century, as opposed to the one made in Hollywood – and the anti-Russian feelings of so many Ukrainians are a direct result of that event, which was suppressed for nearly 60 years in the Ukraine.

    This, coupled with the lingering popularity of Stalin and communism in Russia, is the reason why so many Ukrainians and Poles – among other Eastern Europeans – harbor anti-Russian sentiments. A situation that was quickly taken advantage of by our Jewish Masters and their US and NATO puppets.

    The way Ukrainians feel toward Russians is similar to the way the Afrikaners – and the Irish – feel toward the English. But the day will come when relations between Russia and the Ukraine will be like those between Britain and Ireland, the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay, the Scandinavian countries, or Spain and Portugal.

    In any case, the future belongs to IDENTITY, and I make mine the motto of the American Freedom Party: “Liberty, Sovereignty, Identity.” From identity comes sovereignty, and from sovereignty comes liberty.

    You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, judging from the sheer length and number of your comments. Is “monitoring” pro-white websites that allow comments what you get paid for?

    • Disagree: Mikhail
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Mikhail
  132. @Tool Book and Rifle

    Projecting much? I am paid for my real job, only spend an hour or two after dinner commenting here. Or some time while my samples are incubating and I don’t feel up to writing my papers and don’t have other people’s papers and grants to review. As I stopped watching TV ~15 years ago, I do have time for some fun.

    After what Ukrainian government was doing since 1991, especially since 2014, it would take at least a generation (~25 years) for Russians to be inclined to even consider normal relations with Ukraine. If it still exists, that is.

    • Replies: @Tool Book and Rifle
  133. Mikhail says: • Website
    @Tool Book and Rifle

    You grossly over-generalize in a way that’s quite inaccurate. This screed of yours side-steps the many Ukrainians involved with the Soviet hierarchy. Communism promoted Ukrainian identity. Communism gave Ukraine its greatest land mass. The Golodomar was mismanaged bungling as opposed to a specifically calculated attempt at genocide against one people.

    Svoboda and Right Sector are genuine extremist movements, which some of the the softer of Ukrainian nationalists acknowledge.

    • Replies: @Tool Book and Rifle
  134. @AnonFromTN

    Well, I guess we have one thing in common, I stopped watching TV over 30 years ago. The Ukraine is in the same boat as nearly all of the white nations of the world. It is dominated by a Jewish mafia and the Ukrainians are paying the price.

    It is not “what the Ukraine did to Russia”, it is what Jewish communism and its willing East Europeans stooges did to the hapless nations of Eastern Europe. The one supreme virtue of communism – and this, quite without meaning to – is that it kept Eastern Europe WHITE.

    But the cost in human lives was very high indeed. Extremism did not lose the war. It won. British Major-General J.F.C. Fuller – a former member of Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists – called the Allied victory of 1945 “the victory of Economic Man over Heroic Man”.

    French writer Saint-Paulien called it “the victory of the shark-faced larvae over the dead lions” (la victoire des larves à gueule de squale sur les lions morts). He was not referring to the brave Allied soldiers who fought and died during the war, but to their masters. And now the White Race is dying.

    Maidan Square was a genuine grass roots revolt – race conscious patriots from all over Europe and North America fought alongside their Ukrainians comrades – but that revolt was betrayed by the forces of Jewish high finance. The Israelis even sent special commando teams (“advisors”) to coach the Ukrainian patriots and their allies.

    Politics makes strange bedfellows, so the Jews sent John McCain and others to meet with Oleh Tyahnybok and the leaders of Right Sector. Why? Because it was a chance to weaken Russia, their real target. The Jews love it when Whites fight each other. The end result is what we see today when we look around us. Identitaires des pays blancs, unissez-vous.

  135. derer says:

    “the Jews carried out the Russian Revolution”…correct

    “and dominated the Soviet government for many years afterwards,”… you need to reconcile your assertion with the fact that (only non-Jew in the early Politburo) Stalin, eliminated (executed) all Jews from the leadership starting with Trotsky. In fact Stalin died in 1953 while preparing Jewish doctors trial.

    “murderous gang raping Russians, who gang raped two million German women,”…getting pleasure from a rape is much more human retaliation than getting pleasure from murdering 27 mil Russians mostly civilians.

  136. @Mikhail

    The planned extermination of the Ukrainian and Russian peasantry under Bolshevism – referred to in the newspapers of the time as “the dizzying success” of forced collectivization, i.e. the Holodomor – sure left people dizzy alright. With hunger.

    My ex-wife once met an elderly Ukrainian woman back in the 1980s. She told my wife that her mother kept her at home under lock and key for months on end, so she wouldn’t get kidnapped and eaten. Famine and cannibalism in the very breadbasket of Europe.

    This is what you call “mismanaged bungling”??? Go burn a candle at the altar of Saint Stalin, tovarish apparatchik. Here’s a prayer for you.

    A Stalinist’s Prayer

    That didn’t happen.
    And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
    And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
    And if it is, that’s not his fault.
    And if it was, he didn’t mean it.
    And if he did……
    They deserved it.

    • Replies: @Mikhail
  137. Mikhail says: • Website
    @Tool Book and Rifle

    Upon reviewing our exchange, it’s clear that you divert in an inaccurate way. Initially, you made it a Russian versus Ukrainian matter – only to now backtrack and say that there was collective suffering by both groups – something which I don’t deny.

    You fail to provide substantive info against the belief that the starvation at issue was a primary result of faulty planning under a not so humane system.

  138. “Initially, you made it a Russian versus Ukrainian matter – only to now backtrack and say that there was collective suffering by both groups – something which I don’t deny.”

    Are you for real?

    I never “made it a Russian versus Ukrainian Matter”. You and @AnonFromTN did. Defending Ukrainian nationalism and the Ukrainian patriots who fought for it does not automatically make one “anti-Russian”. I made this very clear to AnonFromTN in my reply of March 20, see number 142 above.

    The last sentence means “Identitarians of the white nations, unite”. I don’t know how much plainer than this I can make it.

    As for failing “to provide substantive info against the belief that the starvation at issue was a primary result of faulty planning under a not so humane system”……did you just come back from Mars?

    Start with the following websites.

    Besides Russia and the Ukraine, communism also crippled all of Eastern Europe – read “Uprising” by David Irving to see how many Jews were in power in Hungary in 1956 – as well as China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and is still going strong in the case of North Korea.

    You can also try The Black Book of Communism (1997), followed by “Du passé faisons table rase!” (2002, Of the past let’s make a clean slate). The latter has not been translated into English but it’s been translated into Bulgarian as “Черната книга на комунизма 2. Част”, Prosoretz, 2004, and into German as „Das Schwarzbuch des Kommunismus 2. Das schwere Erbe der Ideologie, Piper, 2004“.

    Does this provide enough “substantive info” for you, comrade?

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