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Trump Should Follow Putin's Example in the Coming Crisis
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Watching the last Presidential debate was a rather depressing experience. I thought that Trump did pretty well, but that really is not the point here. The point is this: no matter who wins, an acute crisis is inevitable.

Option one: Hillary wins. That’s Obama on steroids, only worse. Remember that Obama himself was Dubya, only worse. Of course, Dubya was just Clinton, only worse. Now the circle is closed. Back to Clinton. Except this time around, we have a woman who is deeply insecure, who failed at every single thing that she every tried to do, and who now has a 3 decades long record of disasters and failures. Even when she had no authority to start a war, she started one (told Bill to bomb the Serbs). Now she has that authority. And now she had to stand there, in front of millions of people, and hear Trump tell her “Putin outsmarted you at every step of the way” (did you see her frozen face when he said that?). Trump is right, Putin did outsmart her and Obama at every step. The problem is that now, after having a President with an inferiority complex towards Putin (Obama) we will have a President with the very same inferiority complex and a morbid determination to impose a no-fly zone over Russian forces in Syria. Looking at Hillary, with her ugly short hair and ridiculous pants, I thought to myself “this is a woman who is trying hard to prove that she is every bit as tough and any man” – except of course that she ain’t. Her record also shows her as being weak, cowardly and with a sense of total impunity. And now, that evil messianic lunatic with a deep-seated inferiority complex is going to become Commander in Chief?! God help us all!

Option two: Trump wins. Problem: he will be completely alone. The Neocons have total, repeat total, control of the Congress, the media, banking and finance, and the courts. From Clinton to Clinton they have deeply infiltrated the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, and the three letter agencies. The Fed is their stronghold. How in the world will Trump deal with these rabid “crazies in the basement“? Consider the vicious hate campaign which all these “personalities” (from actors to politicians to reporters) have unleashed against Trump – they have burned their bridges, they know that they will lose it all if Trump wins (and, if he proves to be an easy pushover his election will make no difference anyway). The Neocons have nothing to lose and they will fight to the very last one. What could Trump possibly do to get anything done if he is surrounded by Neocons and their agents of influence? Bring in an entirely different team? How is he going to vet them? His first choice was to take Pence as a VP – a disaster (he is already sabotaging Trump on Syria and the elections outcome). I dread the hear whom Trump will appoint as a White House Chief of Staff as I am afraid that just to appease the Neocons he will appoint some new version of the infamous Rahm Emanuel… And should Trump prove that he has both principles and courage, the Neocons can always “Dallas” him and replace him with Pence. Et voilà!

I see only one way out:

The (imperfect) Putin model

When Putin came to power he inherited a Kremlin every bit as corrupt and traitor-infested as the White House nowadays. As for Russia, she was in pretty much the same sorry shape as the Independent Nazi-run Ukraine. Russia was also run by bankers and AngloZionist puppets and most Russians led miserable lives. The big difference is that, unlike what is happening with Trump, the Russian version of the US Neocons never saw the danger coming from Putin. He was selected by the ruling elites as the representative of the security services to serve along a representative of the big corporate money, Medvedev. This was a compromise solution between the only two parts of the Russian society which were still functioning, the security services and oil/gas money. Putin looked like a petty bureaucrat in an ill fitting suit, a shy and somewhat awkward little guy who would present no threat to the powerful oligarchs of the semibankirshchina (the Seven Bankers) running Russia. Except that he turned out to be one of the most formidable rulers in Russia history. Here is what Putin did as soon as he came to power:

First, he re-established the credibility of the Kremlin with the armed forces and security services by rapidly and effectively crushing the Wahabi insurgency in Chechnia. This established his personal credibility with the people he would have to rely on to deal with the oligarchs.

Second, he used the fact that everybody, every single businessman and corporation in Russia, did more or less break the law during the 1990s, if only because there really was no law. Instead of cracking down on the likes of Berezovski or Khodorkovski for their political activities, he crushed them with (absolutely true) charges of corruption. Crucially, he did that very publicly, sending a clear message to the other arch-enemy: the media.

Third, contrary to the hallucinations of the western human rights agencies and Russian liberals, Putin never directly suppressed any dissent, or cracked down on the media or, even less so, ordered the murder of anybody. He did something much smarter. Remember that modern journalists are first and foremost presstitutes, right? By mercilessly cracking down on the oligarchs Putin deprived the presstitutes of their source of income and political support. Some emigrated to the Ukraine, others simply resigned, and a few were left like on a reservation or a zoo on a few very clearly identifiable media outlets such as Dozhd TV, Ekho Moskvy Radio or the newspaper Kommersant. Those who emigrated became irrelevant, as for those who stayed in the “liberal zoo” – they were harmless has they had no credibility left. Crucially, everybody else “got the message”. After that, all it took is the appointment a few real patriots (such as Dmitri Kiselev, Margarita Simonian and others) in key positions and everybody quickly understood that the winds of fortune had now turned.

Fourth, once the main media outlets were returned back to sanity it did not take too long for the “liberal” (in the Russian sense, meaning pro-USA) parties to enter into a death-spiral from which they have never recovered. That, in turn, resulted in the ejection of all “liberals” form the Duma which now has only 4 parties, all of them more or less “patriotic”.

That’s the part that worked.

So far, Putin failed to eject the 5th columnists, whom I call the “Atlantic Integrationists” (for details, including their names, see here) from the government itself.. Even the notorious Alexei Kudrin was not fired by Putin, but by Medvedev. The security services succeeded in finally getting rid of Anatolii Serdyukov but they did not have power needed to put him in jail. I still think that a purge will happen while Alexander Mercouris disagrees. Whatever may be the case, what is certain is that Putin has not tackled the 5th columnists in the banking/finance sector and that the latter have been very careful not to give him a pretext to take action against them.

Russia and the USA are very different countries, and no recipe can simply be copied from one to another. Still, there are valuable lessons from the “Putin model” for Trump, not the least of which that his most formidable enemies probably are sitting in the Fed. One Russian analyst – Rostislav Ishchenko – has suggested that Trump could somehow force the Fed to increase interest rates, which would result in a bankruptcy domino effect for US banks which might be the only way to finally crush the Fed and re-take control of US banking. Maybe. I honestly am not qualified to have an opinion about that.

What is sure is that for the time being the USA will continue to look like that:

A homeless man, possibly a veteran, has built a "corridor of flags" to get people to give him money. Florida, October 2016.

A homeless man, possibly a veteran, has built a “corridor of flags” to get people to give him money. Florida, October 2016.

Rich on cheapo patriotism and otherwise poor.

Hillary thinks that this is a stunning success. Trump thinks that this is a disgrace. I submit that the choice between these two is really very simple.

To those who are saying that there cannot be a schism in the AngloZionist elites, I will reply that the example of the conspiracy to prevent Dominique Strauss-Kahn from becoming the next French President shows that, just like hyenas, AngloZionist leaders do sometimes turn on each other. That happens in all regimes, regardless of their political ideology (think SS against SA in Nazi Germany or Trotskists against Stalinists in Boshevik USSR).

Of brooms and body parts

Leon Trotsky used to say the Soviet Russia needed to be cleansed from anarchists and noblemen with an “iron broom”. He even wrote an article in the Pravda entitled “We need an iron broom”. Another genocidal manic, Felix Derzhinskii, founder of the notorious ChK secret police, used to say that a secret police officer must have a “burning heart, a cool head and clean hands”. One would seek weakness, or even compassion, in vain from folks like these. These are ideology-driven “true believers”, sociopaths with no sense of empathy, profoundly evil people with a genocidal hatred of anybody standing in their way.

Hillary Clinton and her gang of Neocons are the spiritual (and sometimes even physical) successors of the Soviet Bolsheviks and they, just like their Bolshevik forefathers, will not hesitate for a second to crush their enemies. Donald Trump – assuming he is for real and actually means what he says – has to understand that and do what Putin did: strike first and strike hard. Stalin, by the way, also did exactly that, and for a while the Trotskists were crushed, but in the years following Stalin’s death they gradually bounced back only to seize power again in 1991. I think that the jury is still out on whether Putin will succeed in finally removing the 5th columnists from power. What is sure is that Russia is at least semi-free from the control of these people and that the US is their last bastion right now. Their maniacal hatred of Trump can in part be explained by the sense of danger these folks feel, being threatened for the first time in what they see as their homeland (I don’t mean that in a patriotic sense – but rather like a parasite cares for “his” host). And maybe they have some good reason to fear. I sure hope that they do.

I am rather encouraged by the way Trump handled the latest attempt to make him cower in fear. Yesterday Trump dared to declare that since the election might be rigged or stolen he does not pledge to recognize their outcome. And even though every semi-literate person knows that elections in the USA have been rigged and stolen in the past, including Presidential ones, by saying that Trump committed a major case of crimethink. The Ziomedia pounced on him with self-righteous outrage and put immense pressure on him to retract his statement (which, by the way, contradicted Pence’s stance). Instead of rolling over and recanting his “crime”, Trump replied with this:

Beautiful no? Let’s hope he continues to show the same courage.

Trump is now doing what Jean-Marie Le Pen did in France: he is showing the Neocons that he dares to openly defy them, that he refuses to play by their rules, that their outrage has no effect on his and that they don’t get to censor or, even less so, silence him. That is also what he did when, yet again, he refused to accuse the Russians of cyber-attacks and, instead, repeated that it would be a good thing for Russia and the USA to be friends. Again, I am not sure that how long he will be able to hold that line, but for the time being there is no denying that he is openly defying the AngloZionist deep state and Empire.


The United States is about to enter what might possibly be the deepest and most dangerous crisis of its history. If Trump is elected, he will have to immediately launch a well-planned attack against his opponents without giving them any pretext to accuse him of politically motivated repressions. In Russia, Putin could count on the support of the military and the security services. I don’t know whom Trump can count on, but I am fairly confident that there are still true patriots in the US armed forces. If Trump gets the right person to head the FBI, he might also use that agency to clean house and deliver a steady streams of indictments for corruption, conspiracy to [fill the blank], abuse of authority, obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty, etc. Since such crimes are widespread in the current circles of power, they are also easy to prove and cracking down on corruption would get Trump a standing ovation from the American people. Next, just as Putin in Russia, Trump will have to deal with the media. How exactly, I don’t know. But he will have to face this beast and defeat it. At every step in this process he will have to get the proactive support of the people, just like Putin does. Can he do it?

I don’t know. Honestly, I doubt it. First, I still don’t trust him. But, more relevantly, I would argue that to overthrow the deep state and restore true people power is even harder in the USA than it was in Russia. I have always believed that the AngloZionist Empire will have to be brought down from the outside, most probably by a combination of military and economic defeats. I still believe that. However, I might be wrong – in fact, I hope that I am – and maybe Trump will be the guy to bring down the Empire in order to save the United States. If there is such a possibility, however slim, I think that we have to believe in it and act on it as all the alternatives are far worse.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Putin 
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  1. Dan Hayes says:

    Thank you for your analysis. I too don’t trust Trump. Paraphrasing Peter Brimelow, by nature of being a politician Trump is untrustworthy. But he’s all we’ve got and therefore deserves our support. I believe that one of his biggest problems is for his would-be voters/supporters to become dispirited due to the main stream media drumbeat that his is a “lost cause.” This may be a MSM falsehood since there is evidence, e.g. the very reputable IBD poll, that he is still in the game. Trump may or may not be a false hope, but he’s all we’ve got! Of course, these are essentially your own sentiments.

    • Replies: @mp
    , @Joe Wong
    , @Anonymous
  2. Damn, this essay should have been printed in every voter pamphlet. Of course, only 0.5% of Americans are capable of grasping it.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  3. Sorry Abe. It’s enough to fool most of the people, most of the time.
    Trump is sadly the last, worst hope for democratic accountability, so thoroughly disenfranchised by an elite de facto oligarchy. I would say the only Russian connection is the one that involved the Yeltsin enablers of the Wall Street and oligarchy looting of Russian state assets, who understandably harbor both resentments of being thwarted and dreams of returning to the golden alcoholic daze.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "Richard Sampson"] says:

    Can you please explain to me what a Ukrainian Nazi is, I don’t understand it. What do they believe?

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  5. 1KoolKat says:

    I agree with your point that either candidate will not make a difference. Because there are forces at work in the world that cannot be stopped. I see a war coming and I see America losing big time. The US global hegemon will be replaced by a world order of nations will that usher in a new dark age.

  6. Rehmat says:

    A Ukrainian Nazi mean that horrible nationalists minority which want their cleansed off Jews and Russians.

    After the fall of the pro-Russian government of the elected president Yanukovich, the leader of Right Sector, Aleksandr Muzychko, has pledged to fight against “Jews and Russians until I die.” The Right Sector is country’s most organized and militant political party. Russian press has accused some of party leaders being fighting along Muslim Chechen separatists against Russian army. On the other hand, Jewish-dominated western media has labeled the Right Sector, “Neo-Nazis”. Some of party’s supporters did volunteer to join Nazi party to liberate Ukraine from the Jewish-ruled Soviet Russia.

    In addition to Right Sector, the other major political parties behind the protests was the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” Svoboda, which holds 37 seats in Ukrainian parliament and is a pro-Israel nationalist party. Israel First Sen. John McCain along with Tyahnybok addressed an EuroMaidan rally early this month. Victoria Nuland, the Jewish Assistant Secretary of State, also held a friendly meeting with the party leaders during first week of this month. In March 2013, Oleh Tyahnybok hosted Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Dinel. He told his Israeli guest: “I would like to ask Israelis to also respect our patriotic feelings. Probably each party in the Knesset is nationalist. With God’s help, let it be this way for us too.” One has to agree with Tyahnybok on this point – but then Svoboda party is not one of “G-d’s Chosen people” party like Israeli Knesset.

  7. nsa says:

    Putin managed to create a climate in which all but about 1 million jooies moved to israel. Is it a coincidence Russia then began to recover its strength, having been at least partially cleansed? Why have jooies been evicted en masse from 140 countries in the last 1500 years? It’s called self-preservation, dummies.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Rehmat
    , @gwynedd1
  8. metamars says: • Website

    “By mercilessly cracking down on the oligarchs Putin deprived the presstitutes of their source of income and political support”

    I don’t see the relevance of this strategy, here in the US. The print media seems to be dying out, anyway. The television media is supported by a large amount of advertising. There’s obviously a lot of medical ads, but after that dominating sector, there seems to be a wide variety of commercial interests.

    The media in the US has a large entertainment factor, and in this sense is more of a cultural phenomenon, than would be the case otherwise. Also, I found it fascinating that, when I lived in a house with two teenagers, about 10 years ago, neither had a political bone in their body, but were steady consumers of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, which touched on serious issues. In a similar vein, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has turned to video games to educate kids about civics (see

    I think Trump should attack not just the media, but also the almost monolithic (as far as I can tell) celebrity/Hollyweird bias against him. And furthermore, he should attack the dissing (including by celebrities and some media) of ideas like patriotism, national pride, realpolitik, secure borders, etc., that Trump is embracing.

    And he should do that CULTURALLY. (Readers would do well to check out Antonio Gramsci’s writings, in conjunction with this strategy.)

    I laid out some of these ideas as part of an essay I wrote this past week (that has gotten no attention, at all). From “How Peter Thiel Could Put Trump Over the Top (with inspiration from tecchie Berners) – Part I” @

    How Peter Thiel Could Put Trump Over the Top (with inspiration from tecchie Berners) – Part I from The_Donald


    I. Intro and Caveats

    a) The title is chosen less because of Thiel (that I know little about), than because of a crying need to think and act outside the box. I suppose somebody from the Trump campaign will see this, but given how near we are to the election, I don’t expect any great things from them. This, in spite of the fact that Trump (or a surrogate) had promised a “different kind of campaign”. The campaign has been different mostly because many of Trump’s positions are well outside the mainstream of the “serious” political class. (For example, making NATO members pay their fair share, and questioning NATO, itself.) However, I don’t see where the campaign is doing anything strikingly different to allow Trump’s positive messages to get out, as well as to force greater awareness of the defects of Clinton’s positions and history. Part of the solution is technical, part is financial, and part is creative. Thiel, thus, serves well as a symbol of the sort of leadership needed, even if he personally is not up to the task. Paypal’s creation was largely an exercise in creative, technical problem solving, and Thiel can fund a pro-US, pro-Trump movement, without any help from the Trump campaign. As movers and shakers (i.e., leaders and influencers) are always desirable, if Thiel is up to the task, especially given the lateness of the hour, it seems to me highly desirable that the actual Thiel play the Peter Thiel role that I am sketching out.

    b) From the technical and creative perspectives, Thiel can be thought of as the analog of the creative Bernie Sanders tecchie supporters, who did such a wonderful job, and which is still in evidence at I don’t expect Thiel, the individual, to do any coding, but rather hire extreme coders to knock out whatever software infrastructure is needed.

    c) Trump is a very flawed candidate, having no experience as a politician, as well as being having only modest communication skills. While he appears to be learning the need for self-censorship, he was slow to figure this out (or internalize it, as the case may be.) He also has personal failings, including salacious ones, that I have no need to discuss, further. One of the most dismaying things about the Trump candidacy is that he (warts and all) could have been well ahead of the gravely flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton, but instead is trailing her. Had Trump had better discipline, instead of relying on shoot-from-the-hip pronouncements that unnecessarily offend, are factually incorrect, annoyingly general, and/or even bizarrely wrong, he would be performing much better. As Trump doubtless has access to lots of good political advisers, I will assume that he has lots of good advice that he could choose to follow. In particular, I hope that Pat Buchanan is advising him about messaging, as his essays tend to be compelling, with enough detail to make his arguments stick. (Note: I wrote this paragraph before watching the 3rd debate, last night. Trump was underwhelming, continuing to show evidence of lack of discipline. A subsequent interview with Joel Skousen, dissecting both Trump and Clinton, was on the mark. Trump would do well to take Skousen’s counsel, though it’s too late In terms of the debates.)

    d) Even if Trump had applied himself to developing more than a minimal level of competence in political skills, the onslaught of media and celebrity bias against him would still present a formidable barrier to success on November 8. This document is more about addressing the lack of outside-the-box support that would counteract the cultural and systemic forces arrayed against the non-conformist Trump. It is about methodology and programmatics. It is not about improving Trump as a candidate. I mostly leave that job to others. 

    e) Having said that, I may make at least make implicit suggestions about memes that could and should be propagated. This will make my suggestions about missing, outside-the-box campaign infrastructure less abstract. But hopefully, these memes might find their way into Trump’s rhetorical repertoire, as well.

    II. Getting Trump’s Positive Messages Out, as Well as Information on HRC’s Negatives
    Intro: I’ve been writing and posting, on online blogs and forums, about politics for over 10 years. One of the first things I wrote about (if not THE first), was how politically sterile public venues are. I almost never see a politically related advocacy ad on a billboard, for example, and mentioned them specifically in my first writings. All these years later, we have the TPP threatening our very sovereignty, and nothing has changed in terms of accessibility in public venues. (I don’t consider online venues, even though in a sense “public”, in this category.) I live in NJ, and have never seen a billboard, been handed a flyer, seen a public protest, or seen a poster (other than a few that I had placed) against TPP. My God, if THAT monstrosity doesn’t merit educating the public, in a ubiquitous local, if not face-to-face manner, then I don’t know what does.

    The Trump campaign shows no sign of what I’ll call “massive retail public education”, either. I’m on the Trump email list, and I get lots of solicitations for campaign contributions. Since about 80% of US campaign funds go for media ad buys, I don’t doubt that the Trump campaign is spending most of their campaign cash in that way, also.
    Of course, media ads are highly desirable. But consider their limitations. An ad will typically not last longer than a minute at a time. Ultimately, the media company can refuse the advertising (as happened to Ross Perot). This will reinforce tendencies to self-censor. The thinking public will naturally tend to be leery of campaign ads, by any agency. The face-to-face element, which can convey authenticity and excitement, is completely missing. Furthermore, the face-to-face element affords opportunities for recruitment into local campaign efforts, that standard media cannot provide.

    At the end of the day, I am painfully aware that, while millions of Americans may know as much as I do about both Trump and Clinton, and still be firmly in the Clinton camp (thus making nuclear war with Russia more likely, amongst other sins), there will be many more millions who will basically be making an uninformed decision, based on 1 minute TV commercials, a dozen (biased) news stories, some entertaining shows by Bill Maher and Saturday Night Live (that mock Trump), and a debate or two. I’ve also noticed (via the postings of a couple of female Facebook friends), lots of touchy feely stories posted to Facebook, that completely lack contradictory context, which indirectly sell the Clinton candidacy via an emotional, identifying narrative. My guess is that these ‘Facebook stories’ are extremely effective, at least with women, but I am not sure whether or not the Trump campaign cannot respond in kind, even if it wanted to. (Facebook founder and CEO Zuckerberg is well known to be in Clinton’s camp.) The ignorance of the American public is an addressable problem (except possibly via the touchy feely Facebook narrative technique), but not by following the typical campaign communication methodologies.


    SUGGESTION: Massive pamphleting.
    It’s somewhat difficult to imagine the American revolution without pamphleting. Remember Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”? From “Print, the Press, and the American Revolution” @

    ” Two major types of print shaped the political processes of the American Revolution: pamphlets and newspapers. Pamphlets became strategic conveyors of ideas during the imperial crisis.


    As Bernard Bailyn wrote in the foreword to his 1965 book, Pamphlets of the American Revolution, there were more than four hundred pamphlets published in the colonies on the imperial controversy up through 1776, and nearly four times that number by war’s end in 1783.


    According to Bailyn, the pamphlets—“booklets consisting of a few printer’s sheets, folded in various ways so as to make various sizes and numbers of pages and sold . . . for a few pence, at most a shilling or two”—were the “most important and characteristic writing of the American Revolution”

    (While newspapers played a key role in the American Revolution, the media is corporate owned, and serves plutocratic interests. It will not play a decisive, positive role (overall) in a Trump campaign.)

    Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” was first published in 1775. Flash forward 241 years, and we can imagine Paine’s amazement at how ubiquitous is the ability to create pamphets, in the present day. Besides ubiquitous personal computers and printers, there are not only print shops everywhere, printing can be ordered online, and delivered to your door.

    In spite of the continued erosion of personal rights in the United State, we can still (mostly) pass out pamphlets on public sidewalks I’m aware that some towns require a smallish fee, on the order of \$30.

    It’s certainly feasible for Thiel to organize a modern army of Thomas Paines. He could create the content and serve it over the internet as .pdf files. Trump supporters would not only do the work of printing out and distributing the pamphlets, but the cost would be borne by local supporters (with multiple, locally defined crowdfunding web pages to support locals whose zeal exceeds their pocketbooks.) The flyers and pamphlets would list a crowdfunding link or two, as well as a “crowdactivism” link. By “crowdactivism”, I simply mean informal, local groups of people who will pass out flyers, together. Some people have cars, others don’t. Some people have video-enabled smart phones, and other don’t. (The videos might be useful to draw attention, over the internet, to the entire massive pamphleting effort. More importantly, especially if they are being streamed via something like Periscope, they can provide evidence which will inhibit violent or intimidating disruptors, and perhaps lead to their prosecution.)

    SUGGESTION: Calling out and (entertaining) mockery of celebrity Clinton supporters.
    I’m aware of exactly one Hollywood type celebrity (Susan Sarandon) who is clearly not a Trump fan, but can still rationally discuss the multitudinous defects of Hillary Clinton’s positions, history and character. More commonly, we get blinkered statements, like Elton John recently opining “We need a humanitarian in the White House, not a barbarian.” Apparently, political genius Elton John knows nothing about the death and destruction his “humanitarian” favorite has brought forth, in Libya and Syria. Apparently, Elton John knows nothing about Clinton call for a(n illegal) no-fly zone in Syria, (doubtless framed as a “humanitarian” no-fly zone) which could lead to nuclear exchange with Russia, if not worse.

    If this sort of extraordinarily ignorant or hypocritical support by cultural elite types was rare, it’s potential to degrade what declining democratic (small “d”) options the electorate has remaining wouldn’t be so bad. However, partly because it is less than rare, partly because cultural influencers have extraordinary access to the public mind and discourse, and partly because (to put it kindly) a lot of Americans are hardly intellectual, these cultural distortions of the public square are crying out to be counteracted. Whether Elton John’s ignorance is to blame, or whether he’s just completely hypocritical about his “humanitarian” favorite, his statements shouldn’t go unchallenged in the CULTURAL arena. “CULTURAL arena” can be taken to mean both venues like youtube and facebook, as well as the (biased) news media, that nevertheless will find it difficult to avoid covering entertaining events that might boost their ratings. (A dynamic reminiscent of court jesters).
    The cultural response should be entertaining – parodies of Elton John’s support of his “humanitarian” favorite, not documentaries are what is called for. This means hiring talented actors and script writers, and maybe soliciting or promoting amateurs.

    Nor should cultural provocations go unchallenged in the political arena. At this stage of the game, it would mean dedicating smallish segments of campaign events to either live productions of parodies, or else showing them on giant screens. Part of the civic pitch to the attending public, then, is not just the standard “Don’t forget to vote on election day!” But also, “don’t forget to facebook Space Man’s pro-Hillary rant!”. (Space Man is the parody of Elton John, who sings “Rocket Man”, with altered words that educate about “humanitarian” Hillary’s dealings with Libya, Syria, and the whole sorry cast of “humanitarian” terrorists.)


    Part II of this article may not appear until next week. But briefly, when I get the time, I would like to write about:

    1) Documenting vote fraud (both by doing a public-citizens’ exit polling; and also by filming vans of people pulling up to voting areas, taking care to get their license plates on camera. The post mortems will not only tell us who owned the vehicles, but where they went to.) Thiel would create the web infrastructure to support the online organization of these efforts, including backup storage for the video, and maybe creating a backup app to Periscope, in case it conveniently malfunctions on election day.

    2) Trump producing a daily (or thrice-weekly) video segment, say 15 minutes long, laying out details for various of his policy proposals, plus details of of what is wrong or dubious about Clinton’s proposals. I suggest that his campaign consult with Joel Skousen on the content of such videos. (This idea doesn’t involve Thiel, except as an adjunct promoter.) These videos would need to navigate the middle ground between broad generalities, that only impress fanboys and fangirls, and wonkish productions that would put most people to sleep.

    3) Similar to 2), producing Trump-hosted videos, where domain experts do most of the talking. A desirable duration is, I would think, 30-45 minutes. In particular, the panels of experts would deal with topics such as a) climate change (see Heartland institute for lists of domain experts, e.g., speakers in these videos: b) anti-terrorism, in particular, it’s intersection with immigration and “nation building” in the Middle East, wherein we support terrorists (“rebels”) to do our dirty work.

    4) Making “touchy feely” type productions that I’ve mentioned. ”

  9. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “they were harmless has they had no credibility left.”

    as they

  10. Sean says:

    Beware predictions of an upcoming acute crisis. “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation,”

    • Replies: @Kyle McKenna
  11. map says:

    Just a couple points on Putin.

    He is a very enigmatic character. While he was a part of the Russian security services, he cut his teeth in civilian politics as a staffer in the mayor of St. Petersberg’s office. He is known for being extremely loyal and effective and that is why he was able to move through several different administrations. He has ties to Russian security service, but acted very independently from them in many instances, calling into question how much of security apparatchik he really was.

    He was, however, heavily influenced by the chaos of the Yeltsin era and his policies are driven to avoid that outcome at all costs. Though the standard academic canon on Russia in the 90’s does not state this explicitly, there is no way to interpret anything that happened during that anything other than outright looting and weakening of Russia. Putin will not forget that.

  12. Beckow says:

    Putin might come across as an enigmatic character, but if you look closer he is very straight-forward. His philosophy and likes/dislikes are very common in Russia (and most of post-communist east). He is a very common man with uncommon power and discipline.

    Most people there dislike communism, but also don’t care for anti-communism. They know that things were not that bad before 1990, but they also don’t want to go back.

    They know that a bunch of hustlers (often kin of former nomenklatura) with help from clueless or greedy Western busy-bodies destroyed the economy and stole what they could. They also know that it is not easy the reverse it.

    They like the West, but feel betrayed and patronized. They understand that “white working class” is one group that can be attacked and insulted in the West internally, and externally only Russia and sometimes disobedient groups in Hungary or Poland (or La Pen) can be demonized and dismissed. That is a form of subtle racism that has led to a counter-reaction. People can be confused about many things, but they know when they are disliked. (And claptrap about “loving Russian classics” doesn’t change anything).

    Putin is very representative of the common man. That includes self-doubt and caution. He is that rare person in human history who got power without being born into it, or being selected and groomed for it, or using violence and ideology to come to power. He never hides his policies behind “inevitability” as all ideologues always do. I think he is rather refreshing. Let’s see how his story ends.

  13. @Sean

    Agreed. Our ‘democracy’ is a total sham at this point, but nations can degenerate a lot more than this one has before breaking. Ultimately there will be a dictatorship, perhaps confirming the Putin analogy, but meanwhile our oligarchs are fairly happy with things as they are now.

  14. Diogenes says:

    It should be needless to say that Trump should not emulate Putin because Trump is already being discredited by the US MSM for sympathetic remarks in regards to Putin. Trump is a loser because he is disowned by the establishment and no amount of deplorable people power can change that. Middle class Americans, visible minorities, women etc, can see Trump is a dangerous, ignorant, racist Authoritarian and therefore flock to the deceitful, dangerous establishment demagogue or feminist demi-goddess who will surely betray them just as Obama did. The real choice or best bet in this election are the also rans or those who don’t vote to empower a corrupt political system. You can’t emancipate yourself via the ballot box it requires hard work like civil disobedience or the dangers revolting. Before doing that try the Also- Rans first.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @dahoit
    , @CalDre
  15. The basis of the world’s political problems can be seen in just about any bathroom mirror.

    Look into one, it’s almost a complete certainty you will be looking at the problem.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  16. utu says:

    You know nothing about Jewish emigration form Russia.

  17. MJMD says:

    Excellent analysis. A few things:
    1) you’re absolutely right not to trust Trump. The trouble with Trump is that he was never for real; he really does fit the text book definition of a “demagogue” in that he will make outrageous promises, regardless of any ability to fulfill them, in pursuit of power. What makes Trump special is that he seems to have been simultaneously canny enough to identify the most popular promises (with patriotic Americans) that no other politician was making and too naive to anticipate the ferocity of the establishment’s defence when he started challenging the neoliberal consensus.

    2) a minor point, but the “neoconservatives” are out. They’re jumping on the Hillary train too late, and their spots are already filled by neoliberals/liberal internationalists/interventionists of the Victoria Nuland/Samantha Power stripe. Two sides of the same coin, as you say, Trotskyists vs. Stalinists, especially as the end results of their policies are largely the same in practice, but still worth noting. Further, I will say, in defence of the neocons, that however cynical they may have been they at least believed in a transcendental dimension to human life. The earnestness of the neoliberals, their genuine belief that everything will really be alright if we leave all problems for the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to solve, is far worse.

    3) of course the US deep state will be particularly hard to overthrow. Recent overreach aside, the US deep state has been remarkably successful! That’s why you’re mad if you think Trump can trust the army. Or at least the officer class, many of whom no doubt belive their genuinely felt American patriotism is fully compatible with furthering the US elite’s control over the world by any means necessary. The thing is, they may be right! Particularly if a return to constitutional limited government as envisioned by the Founders is now functionally impossible. In a way, it would almost be a disaster to dismantle the US deep state from within: it would allow real fascists (not Trump’s mob, yet) to claim that all was going well up until the “stab in the back.” So you’re right that defeat from without, or some other splash of cold water provided by actual reality, remains the most likely end for it.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @VICB3
    , @Stonehands
  18. Unless and until the somnambulent US Joe and Jane Six-Pack awaken to clean the Augean stables of finance once and for all, the country will simply continue its decline, given that when all is said and done, government, education, the media, etc., are all dependents of Mama Money. No “man on a white horse” can do this alone: it requires a revolt of the masses. Sadly, it’s likely too late for that: the yeomen have left the room.

    I strongly doubt Putin is insane, so a nuclear war is unlikely unless the neo-cons (and we all know who is meant by that) see their power threatened and decide to go full Masada. The whimper ending seems far more likely than the bang.

  19. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The Neocons have total, repeat total, control of the Congress, the media, banking and finance, and the courts.

    There is a faction that has total control of Congress, the same faction that invited Israeli PM to speak to the Congress, where they wildly cheered their Master. Congress also rushes free money and weapons to Israel on a regular basis, while telling us Americans there’s no money to repair our falling-apart infrastructure.

    This same faction has complete control of the FED, even the deputy, Stanley Fisher, was a former Bank of Israel president.

    Ditto for the US Treasury, which can’t find any WASP Americans to head that outfit. Same goes for those TBTF Wall Street casinos, which are in worse shape now than in 2007.

    As for the media, including Hollywood, well that should be obvious.

    I’m being circumspect so I won’t get the boot for telling too much truth, but you SAKER, you’re being disingenuous.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. A good piece by the Saker. We have heard a lot about Trump’s flaws (which are numerous and very real) but I doubt anyone other than a self-obsessed billionaire egotist from the Establishment could ever have put himself in shouting distance of the White House. There are a few other cleverer and maybe principled politicians like Ron Paul but they simply would have got (or did get) blown away.

    Trump has three cards he can play in the face of a hostile Congress and Establishment. First he can just say no; he may not be able to introduce legislation but he can at least refuse to sign off on things (like sending weapons to Ukraine, or getting any more involved in Syria). Second he can name and shame for example Lockheed Martin over the F-35 fiasco. He can mobilise public opinion to get behind him on reform and use that as leverage to get some new blood into the Republican Party.

    Third and crucially as regards what the Saker has written he can promote the ‘Audit the Fed’ bill for which there is some Congressional support as part of the process of curtailing the power of the Fed and Central banks.

    Putin’s lesson is very clear. You have to pick the wins and use these as leverage for wider reform. As the example of Russia makes clear true change is a very long affair but Putin achieved a lot in his first 2 years which established the basis of his credibility with the Russian public.

  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Why have jooies been evicted en masse from 140 countries in the last 1500 years? It’s called self-preservation, dummies.”

    Slowly we are getting smarter. If only we were taught this lesson about jooies in our skools and universities our thoughts and efforts could now be focused on tasks that advance the human race but sadly we are sidelined again in order to punish the undesirables.

    Let’s do it right this time around and send a message that will NEVER be misunderstood.

  22. Kiza says:

    A very good analysis by Saker and then a catastrophically bad last paragraph: “I do not trust him”, what a whiny little writer. Who cares if Saker trusts him? Yes, Trump will face the “plata o plomo” choice that the Ziocons will give him, but the size of his ego is unlikely to make him accept “plata”.

    I have written a while ago that Trump is less of a Putin than Putin, whilst US needs more of a Putin than Putin. But he will give it a go and I trust him to try.

    Putin’s short stature, ill-fitting suit, face of a Dostoyevsky’s little imperial bureaucrat (paper-pusher) tricked the Russian Ziocons into discounting him as a treat. Judging by his looks, they could never see a leader in him whilst he turned out to be one of the greatest in the Russian history. Thus, Putin had also a huge benefit of surprise, which Trump will not have, he will have to crawl every inch of the necessary change.

    In conclusion,
    1) if Hillary wins – a rapid decline of the fractured country stooped to utter corruption and wheeling-dealing of the dirtiest kind (everything is for sale, every law, every position, pay-to-play)
    2) if Trump wins – constant lockdowns of the government by the Ziocon controlled branches, that is a dysfunctional government, all blamed on Trump (as almost every word of his creates outrage in MSM now).

    One would almost wish for Clinton win just for this moronic media bashing of Trump to stop, my eyes, ears and my liver cannot take so much sewage any more. Imagine the next for years looking like the last couple of months of this election!?

    • Replies: @dahoit
  23. Rehmat says:

    NOPE – your “one million jooies” moved to the Occupied Palestine when Putin was in diapers. Putin’s Israeli Jew buddy Avigdor Lieberman was born in the Zionist entity. Soviet Union, as one of the godmother of the Zionist entity, like Nazis, deported tens of thousands of local Jews to replace Muslim majority.

    Some Russian Christian writers and patriots claim Putin was born to very poor Jewish parents and raised by a Russian Orthodox couple. He is very popular among Russian Jewish communities. Many of Putin’s officials and supporters are Jew oligarchs.

    Last year, rabbi Aleksandr Boroda, president of Russian Federation of Jewish communities, told 1400 Jewish delegates attending an annual religious conference that if Putin is ever removed from power, Russian Jews will be facing serious danger….

    • Replies: @5371
  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It seems like there is no hope this time around. They will throw the election. Some people think that Trump was catapulted to his current position in order to have his friend Hillary shoe horned into the office. Afterall, DJT has groomed his entire family for dual American-israeli citizenship. The Art of The Deal is his core, wishy-washy with a fanatical lust for jew confetti.

    Now is the time for “the people” to find and enable our president for 2020. Find him now, and educate America about our jew problem and how our new candidate will solve the jew problem.

  25. Kiza says:

    Further, I agree with Mercouris that the purge of liberals in Russia is unlikely, as long as they keep the national interest in their focus. These people are experts in their fields, it is easy to purge but where to find adequate replacements? I am sure that they have no grain of patriotism in themselves, they would work gladly for the former Ziocon masters who pillaged Russia. But the rumours of the purge are helping Putin keep them in check and focused on the task of making the Russian capitalist economy healthier – the rumour is his stick. It is not socialism any more, central planning and control can exists only in some crucial sectors of the economy and finance and even there not forever.

    Although under heavy Western sanctions, the Russian finance sector appears healthier than the US one under Fed, because the US have given the keys to the hen-house to the fox to guard.

  26. @1KoolKat

    “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever…………..Nothing the Gentiles do will meet our needs, our demands. We want a world of our own.” Maurice Samuel (or Samuel Maurice – cannot remember! The one who wrote “You Gentiles.”

  27. Che Guava says:

    Good evening, The Saker.

    I was going to post on your blog site, but there are so many replies there, I returned to Mr. Unz’s site.

    Agree with you in general, as most of the time.

    Have two questions.

    Do you know of a detailed history of the betrayals from the early mid-80s USSR to the mid-period of Yeltsin’s debacle?

    I can only read it if in Japanese or English.

    Know many of the incidentals, but there was clearly a conspiracy running in those years, not just the rootless cosmopolitans who grabbed the loot, foreign agents other than them in the CPSU, etc.

    Maybe such a detailed tale does not yet exist.

    On a lighter note, have you seen the movie Kin Dza Dza?

    If not, I strongly recommend it.

    It is the last great SF movie of the USSR, and very prophetic. Former USSR commentors agree. Also a masterpiece.

    I liked it enough to see it twice at the cinema, then buy the DVD, only know a few words of Russian (except the loan words), but the Japanese subtitles seem accurate.

    It was only really popular here and in former USSR, if you have not seen it, you must.



  28. @1KoolKat

    “I see a war coming and I see America losing big time.”

    There may be a war coming, and the US may “lose” in the view that it will no longer be a global hegemon, but the two-ocean defence perimiters mean that the US will continue to exist as a political entity, and, like Russia these days (although a shadow of their Soviet predecessor), will nevertheless be able to project consequential power owing to a formidable nuclear arsenal …. assuming that arsenal is not loosed in the upcoming war.

    Like that scene in Holy Grail when Arthur chops off the arms and legs of the Black Knight, the US will simply say, “Alright, we’ll call it a draw.”

    • Replies: @colm
  29. @Drapetomaniac

    I always liked the comment, “Have you ever considered the fact that you are at the centre of all your problems?”

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  30. mp says:
    @Dan Hayes

    @ DH: “I too don’t trust Trump…”

    How did the article imply that the author “did not trust” Trump? Instead, the author indicated that Trump will have a time of it, and must act swiftly to consolidate his power.

  31. Sherman says:

    Hey Andrei

    Maybe it’s time for pet owners in south Florida to learn a bit more about your views on the “Ziomedia”.


    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  32. Roberto says:

    Interesting article from a fine and healthy mind.

  33. “You can’t emancipate yourself via the ballot box it requires hard work like civil disobedience or the dangers revolting. Before doing that try the Also- Rans first.”

    Would it be too much trouble to take an hour off from civil disobedience and revolution and vote for Trump. What have you got to lose?

  34. Saker, this article is about as useful as an analysis of the 1995 Super Bowl.

    Trump is over and done. Judging from his more recent exploits as a Spoiled Brat, that’s a bullet we dodged. Goodbye and good riddance.

    Problem is Hillary, a more sure Doom than Trump could ever manage. With Her Majesty, we can expect a limited war of some sort coming in the next two years. That war will establish the basic profile of the dictatorship — either pure “military” dictatorship, or some configuration of Israeli-controlled puppet-state — under which we will be living afterwards. Our standard of living will decline at a steady rate until we reach the depths of the 3rd-world, two-class model.

    We either begin NOW to organize and plan for revolt, or we go down without a fight.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @WorkingClass
  35. @The Alarmist

    I always liked the comment, “Have you ever considered the fact that you are at the centre of all your problems?”

    I always liked the comment, “Wherever you go, there you are.” Maybe it’s a corollary?

    • Replies: @utu
  36. 5371 says:

    [Further, I will say, in defence of the neocons, that however cynical they may have been they at least believed in a transcendental dimension to human life.]

    It’s rather generous to call “the Jews must get their way about everything” a transcendental dimension to human life.

  37. 5371 says:

    [Some Russian Christian writers and patriots claim Putin was born to very poor Jewish parents and raised by a Russian Orthodox couple.]

    Actually, this idea was invented by Chechen separatist propagandists in 1999, who could hardly be called “Russian Christian writers and patriots”.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  38. Che Guava says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith


    You already have an Israeli-controlled puppet state.

    Sure, I read of the latest attack on Trump, by an old porn star, do you really believe her account?

    Especially since it precisely coincides with the launch of her new ‘net shop?

  39. I see the situation a little differently. In a sense, “America” is like a heart attack patient just brought into the emergency room in critical condition, i.e. at death’s door.

    The patient’s care can be broken down into two phases: (1) immediate emergency care to prevent death, and (2) long term treatment involving a change in diet and lifestyle.

    In this case Trump is the emergency room doctor whose job is to help the patient survive the acute crisis.

    All Trump would have to do is to obstruct the Jewish agenda for a while (since time is not on the Jews’ side) and that would get the patient through the crisis, IMO.

    The Jews have been working for years to consolidate power in the executive branch, which creates a double-edged sword. It works well for them when their 100% controllable puppet ruler holds the office, but it’s a problem if a less than 100% controllable renegade gets in there.

    But beyond obstructing their agenda of world domination and control, by simply not cooperating with it, the Jews have another problem; a potentially far more serious problem: Trump can force an investigation into Jew crimes such as 9/11.

    A real investigation into 9/11 may be enough to break the Jewish grip on power in the corrupt “West”.

    This makes me think that the Jews will do everything possible to start WW3 before letting Trump occupy the office. I see it as a case of “he who rides a tiger can never dismount” (lest he be mauled to death).

    And this is why the present situation is so dangerous.

  40. utu says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    “Wherever you go, there you are.”

    Wherever you go your ass is right behind you.

  41. @John Jeremiah Smith

    “We either begin NOW to organize and plan for revolt, or we go down without a fight.”

    The Trump candidacy IS the beginning. It is the coming together of individual elements of the resistance. We can now distinguish between our friends and our enemies. The resistance has started without you.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  42. Dan Hayes says:

    Thank you for your measured and appreciated response to my comment. Regarding the first sentence of your counter- comment: in the article the author stated “First, I still don’t trust him.” I wholeheartedly agree with your second counter-comment.

  43. DaveE says:

    Either way, we’re looking at a civil war in America. Which will work exactly AGAINT ziocon interests, at least for now.

    No, Zion needs the US intact, to take on Jewry’s #1 problem, Putin and Russia. I can’t see them throwing in the towel in Syria, for example, without a serious effort to bring the US army to Putin’s doorstep. (Putin has already survived at least two assassination attempts, which has gotta piss them off even more. )

    It’s Big Decision Time for the zios. Wait until the election is over, civil war is almost guaranteed, which means Putin will have free reign in Syria and elsewhere. That’s gotta be hard to take, for all the shekels Zion has invested in ISIS.

    These next two weeks will be interesting.

    I think Trump may be planning to hit them where they won’t recover– the Fed. He’s already been making small noises about financial reform. If he gets serious about ending the Fed, the ziocons will wither and blow away like weeds. All their other crime rackets depend on massive amounts of stolen money. Take away that, it’s ovah for the Chosenites.

    Give Trump one thing. The guy’s got guts. He may have bit off more than he can chew, alone, but he’s got a LOT of supporters covering his back. For one guy to take on the entire Jewish Mafia, even as minimally as he has, speaks volumes about his leadership and courage.

    Keep your powder dry, in any case.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  44. @Che Guava

    You already have an Israeli-controlled puppet state.

    I anticipate the Israeli presence in the US, after the conversion to the rich-poor 2-class system, to be noticeably more evident. It kinda depends on whether the US military takes control of the domestic government — supplanting the Federal, that is. Assuming that would be Air Force dominated, and considering the extent to which the AF officer establishment is over-the-top Xtian whackos who dream of the New Temple in Jerusalem, the Israeli control might be lightly felt. However, if it is direct supplanting of Federal system with Israelis, anticipate legislation that provides Israelis with some sort of Enhanced Citizenship, say of an “aristocracy in all but name” version.

    Sure, I read of the latest attack on Trump, by an old porn star, do you really believe her account?

    As a non-manipulated non-idiot, I pay no attention to the MSM’s various shenanigans. Assuming there are enough real Americans to achieve a 50.01% majority for Trump, which I rather doubt, it seems clear that the 1%’s control of the election system is more than adequate to adjust those numbers and give Hillary 270 electoral votes. Trump is finished.

    America is over. Get used to it.

    • Replies: @edNels
  45. @WorkingClass

    “We either begin NOW to organize and plan for revolt, or we go down without a fight.”

    The Trump candidacy IS the beginning. It is the coming together of individual elements of the resistance. We can now distinguish between our friends and our enemies. The resistance has started without you.

    Thank you. It is much safer for me if you think as you do.

    The Trump candidacy does what the old timey feministas called “consciousness raising”. I’m not knocking it, but it is a long way from transitioning into a true understanding of the need for revolution, and the beginning of a concerted effort by real Americans to bring that to fruition.

    There is a great deal of foundation remaining to be laid. I’m working on that part — and I hope you don’t notice it, Commissar.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  46. @DaveE

    No, Zion needs the US intact, to take on Jewry’s #1 problem, Putin and Russia.

    I believe their #1 problem is insatiable greed, not Russia. Israel works with Russia all the time — something you don’t see covered in the US MSM because Israel knows that most dumbass Americans have been propagandized with Russia as an enemy — damn near a full-court press from the Hill-monster’s camp on that score.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @DaveE
  47. Alden says:
    @Che Guava

    That porn actress is represented by that hag Gloria Allred. I don’t think she has actually ever got so far as depositions let alone a real trial in her lawsuits against wealthy men. Allred is worth about 25 million in shakedown profits, although some of that is just real estate whose value increased millions of dollars over 30 years.

    Why are porn actresses always called “stars” instead of actresses?

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @Che Guava
  48. pyrrhus says:

    Trump needs to be ready to: 1. cancel thousands of existing Executive Orders with an immediate Executive Order, and 2. Implement his plans with new Executive Orders. Ike did it, deported more than a million Mexicans, and sent troops to Little Rock–both acts that theoretically were beyond his authority.

  49. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    “Israel works with Russia all the time”

    Israel plays it both ways. Notice it never condemns Jewish-American War on Russia.
    Israel plays good cop while coordinating with Jewish-America as bad cop.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  50. @John Jeremiah Smith

    You refer to consciousness raising. You refer to me as Commissar. It’s possible you have mistaken me for a commie. You say you are working on laying a foundation. You are articulate and your point of view is defined and consistent. You identify the right enemies. I wish you well.

    But you say “Trump is over and done. Judging from his more recent exploits as a Spoiled Brat, that’s a bullet we dodged. Goodbye and good riddance.”

    Trump is hammering our enemies daily in the only political arena actually existing in this time and place that is accessible to us proles. He has millions of followers while you are an army of one. Trump is actually doing something. You are just an anchor on his ass.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  51. @WorkingClass

    Trump is actually doing something. You are just an anchor on his ass.

    You’re attacking me because you’re annoyed I observe that Trump is finished. Trump’s “doing something” is being steadily counteracted by the MSM. He will lose the election, and all his words will be discredited by the MSM — hammered relentlessly.

    I sympathize, but sympathy accomplishes nothing.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  52. DaveE says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    Israel works with zionist assets in Russia, but not Russia proper, at least not lately.

    But you’re right, it’s not a clear black /white issue (no pun intended) when you’re dealing with a mob as widely dispersed and infil-traited as Zion.

  53. utu says:

    Trump forced the System to show its true face. Everything and everybody and the kitchen sink was thrown to fight Trump. By doing so they exposed themselves. Now we know who they are and what do they stand for. Trump showed that American democracy is just a Potemkin village. Just a facade. For this they are indignant and furious. Still Trump is a very very imperfect vehicle that brought this. But only somebody with yuuuge ego of Trump could have accomplish it. Everybody else would have caved in long time ago.

  54. Boris says:

    Putin propagandists think Putin is good. Shocking.

    Andrei Raevsky is not very good at hiding his allegiance.

  55. macilrae says:

    It seems to me that Donald’s absolute priority will be to secure the military, the CIA and the FBI with persons of unshakable loyalty to the ’cause’ – if he wins, and I personally predict a surge in Trump’s favor in the remaining days (and, mark you, he has to do one hell of a lot better that 50.1% to counter the rigged electoral process); if he wins, he has a couple of months to get the appointments right.

    An assassination attempt seems to me extremely likely.

  56. dahoit says:

    In Trump we trust,Trump or bust.
    Good article.
    As to Trumps sincerity,I can only hope he is a true American patriot,who will by default know our mortal enemy is zion and globalization,and act accordingly.
    The FCC would be the best place to start,by eliminating all this media borg of special(Israeli)interests controlling all.
    And yes,the military might contain some ambitious dupes or fifth columnists,but the core is definitely American patriot based.
    And the ZNN hysteria over Trump being out of the running is of course misdirecting manufacturing dissent nonsense,as he is in it to win,and will,unless we are majority traitor.

  57. edNels says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    That’s a good point. Here, snippet:

    However, if it is direct supplanting of Federal system with Israelis, anticipate legislation that provides Israelis with some sort of Enhanced Citizenship, say of an “aristocracy in all but name” version.

    But I don’t think that element will desire to change the operation very much, since it works best when they hide in the shadows and pull the strings invisibly. They don’t seem to relish to be in the forefront, only as comedians or musicians, scientists, still not right up front where the ”Buck Stops Here”. That’s the problem. Them don’t really want to be responsible like the Father in Paternal, but are some way conditioned to seek a protected subordinate situation, from there to work sub rosa. It’s cultural. Don’t mess up a good thing… ”our good thing”, Don’t make too big of a spectacle of yourself/ ego.

    It’s been working so good, that the world host, maybe is getting a little anemic already. Turd world status coming right up! that won’t stop their looting and 5th column behavior. Must be some reason Trotkyists went to neocon, Stalin hated ’em, too.

    PS: All this preoccupation with new and ever changing ”Legislation”, No, just leave it alone for a while, let those penguins go on vacation for a while.

  58. dahoit says:

    Your last;Yes,it has been unbelievable the cacophony from the ZNN about irrelevant issues while the real issues are totally ignored,and every bad thing about the evil twit porcelain chucky doll is either not or briefly reported on before moving on to Trump destruction.
    But as to your solution?No way .
    Trump is the best breath of political air in almost a century,and a vote for him,is a vote for freedom,and not zionist slavery.
    His speech in Gettysburg was awesome btw.
    He will win,and the MSM are the ones who are being destroyed,as any non ideologue can see he’s getting a raw deal,from serial liars.
    Who purchases their content?Libraries?

    • Replies: @Kiza
  59. dahoit says:

    Helplessly hopeless.Nice philosophy.

  60. Rehmat says:

    Are you accusing Canadian ex-Zionist Jew academic Henry Makow, PhD, being a pro-Muslim Crypto Muslim?

  61. Rehmat says:

    Israel, as a typical bastard – don’t wants to offend its midwife Russia while sucking blood of the US and German taxpayers to support its colonial empire.

    Israel being a bad cop itself knows the difference between a ‘good cop and bad cop”.

    Last week, Mexico a bad cop – Jewish ambassador to UNESCO professor Andre Roemer – and unlike United states, fired the traitor.

  62. Kiza says:

    I do agree that Trump is the best breath if political fresh air that US could come up with in a century. Most of what people blame him for is that he does not say and do like a politician, although it is blatantly clear that he is not one yet.

    I just cannot stand the constant whining of the Western MSM. I do not consume the sewage they dish out, but if I turn on to watch a movie for a few seconds I will encounter another brainless hit piece by another know-nothing ambitious media sleazebag. I want to relax after hard work, not defend myself from this onslaught at my brain. It is like they are showing their sewage down my troat with their media fist, pummelling and pummelling, on every channel and every newspaper even in my country which is not US.

    I do not understand how people can tolerate such aggressive mass showelling of shit, reminiscent of 1984. But I understand how the elite is freeking out from forthcoming changes if they do not manage to steal the election. I understand the elite, I do not understand sheeple.

  63. … the Russian version of the US Neocons never saw the danger coming from Putin. He was selected by the ruling elites as the representative of the security services to serve along a representative of the big corporate money, Medvedev. This was a compromise solution between the only two parts of the Russian society which were still functioning, the security services and oil/gas money. Putin looked like a petty bureaucrat in an ill fitting suit, a shy and somewhat awkward little guy who would present no threat to the powerful oligarchs of the semibankirshchina (the Seven Bankers) running Russia.

    I remember, many many years ago, when Putin first came to power, seeing a photo of either an oligarch or a member of Yeltsin’s family wagging a finger at Putin while seemingly mouthing off orders for the new president. Putin was looking sheepishly towards the ground. I have searched for the photo but I can’t find it. It may have appeared in The Economist, which I used to read at that time.

    The photo, I think, sums up what you have written above.

    Wish I could find that confounded photo!

    • Replies: @Kiza
  64. “Another genocidal manic, Felix Derzhinskii, founder of the notorious ChK secret police, used to say that a secret police officer must have a “burning heart, a cool head and clean hands” ”

    Whenever Sacker talks about Soviet Union his true identity as descendant of “белогвардейского недобитка””not finished off White” is coming to life. What does Sacker and know about Soviet Union? Nothing. Despite all his analytical efforts he will never deserve to be mentioned on the same page as Iron Felix. His page collects all kinds of conspiracies hungry folks like pile of elephant dung attracts dung beetles.
    Were his ilk to win during Civil war many including my dad and his family would have lived their lives in total ignorance and misery as useful slaves to nobility and capitalists.
    Sacker would do well to stop insulting people who definitely were far smarter and better than he ever will be.

  65. From the looks of it Trump is losing this race hence the whole advice is doubly useful.
    We should prepare for the worst.

  66. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    When Russia decided to end communism and ‘westernize’, the question was…
    Should it model itself on Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the US, or Latin America(or Third World)?

    If ‘Eastern Europe’, Russia would have to follow the model of Poland that did everything to win approval of Western Europeans(who were under the control of Americans). Poland was willing to play good doggy to benefits and profits. But it meant loss of Polish sovereignty to EU and then to US as EU was controlled by US.

    If ‘Western Europe’, Russia would have to model itself on Germany, France, and UK, but Russia simply didn’t have the will or ability to catch up to the First World. But even if it could become like Germany, was it a good idea to emulate Western Europe? After all, Western Europe, rich as it is, has no political autonomy and is the vassal of the US. Many Russians were nervous about giving up national sovereignty for economic gain. If Russia were to become like Western Europe, it would mean a prosperous nation with no political independence.

    If the ‘US’, Russia would have to develop itself into a post-communist superpower. But it had half the population of the US and lagged too far behind in economy and technology. Not possible.

    Would that mean Russia would turn into something like Latin America? Like Brazil or Mexico? Or Argentina? Would it rise from that level or remain mired in incompetence and corruption like so much of Latin America? In terms of economic output, Russia is on par with some Latin American nations.

    Russia is strange. It has a Latin American economy but has US-level weaponry in nukes and some areas of military prowess. It is a poor great power, something no Latin American nation is.
    Imagine Mexico with the power to blow up the world.

    Or, should Russia follow the East Asian model like China learned from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, etc. But do Russians have East Asian work ethic and concentration?

    At any rate, the idea of ‘westernization’ is a problematic one.
    US is part of the West and so is Europe. But US has dominance over Europe.
    So, if Russia decides to ‘westernize’ into something like Europe, it might mean more economic progress but it also means political surrender to the US. Only by ‘westernizing’ into something like the US can Russia be an independent power.

    Perhaps, Russia would have chosen economic growth in exchange for political autonomy. Wealth is always enticing. Japan is still a puppet of the US but content as such as long as it reaps economic rewards for being whore.
    But Russia wasn’t even given that chance when it half-way tried. In the 90s, Yeltsin was willing to surrender key elements of political autonomy for economic growth, but the globalists just raped and plundered the country so bad that Russia lost both political autonomy and economic well-being. It wasn’t like Poland that was allowed to make economic gain in exchange for political subservience.
    That double whammy of loss of political power and economic security cured Russia of any rosy illusions about the West as represented by American Power.

    But maybe it could have been different. Too many of those involved in privatization of Russia were Jewish, and Jews have vengeful attitude toward Russians for whatever reasons: pogroms, Stalin’s purges, anti-Zionism during Cold War, refuseniks, etc.
    Maybe if Western advisers in the 90s had not been Jews but Anglos and Germans, maybe things might not have been so bad.
    Consider Germany after WWII. Many Jews understandably wanted to grind that nation into nothingness. But Anglo-Americans had the power and allowed Germany to rebuild again. But if Jews had control over Germany after WWII, Germany might have been raped and plundered of whatever remained.

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @Sergey Krieger
  67. Kiza says:
    @Stebbing Heuer

    Then Putin must have still been in his cocoon at the time and later out came a big beautiful butterfly, which thought Jewish oligarchic pillagers a lesson. I would love Putin just for this trick he played on the overly self-confident Jewish Masters of the Universe, because they are oh so smart an invinceable when operating in their usual pack/tribe mode.

    I wrote before that there is a story that Yeltsin was a drunken puppet of his Jewish wife and daughter, who fed him and endless supply of vodka whilst they ruled Russia with their oligarchic friends. In the rare moments of sobriety, Yeltsin understood what was going on and put forward Putin as his own replacement (not uncommon in Russia). Of course, Putin was recommended to Yeltsin by this part of the Russian society which was still operating – the security apparatus (not controlled by the oligarchs), as Saker says. This would explain why Putin is so deferential towards Yeltsin. The Russians blame Yeltsin for what the Jewish oligarchs were doing to Russia under his rule, but perhaps the story is not as straightforward as most people think. Yeltsin left behind a beautiful legacy for national reconstruction and took a great revenge on vodka suppliers. I am sure he would have a great fun time seeing what happened after him.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  68. Trump has dragged every venture he’s undertaken into bankruptcy: Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Shuttle, Trump Steaks (!), Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Tour de Trump (yes, you read it right)…there’s plenty more where that came from.

    Why, then, do folks expect him to save the US of A? Absurd!

    • Replies: @CalDre
  69. Kiza says:

    I think you answered your own question – Russia, unlike Germany, had just too much to be raped and plundered by the Jewish piranhas whilst the Anglos and the Germans did not care. The Anglos did care about Germans and saved them from the ‘Carthago delenda est’ faith that Jews had planned for it after the WW2 loss.

    The Russians being Orthodox Christians and having huge and very rich territory had neither protection nor understanding of the victors of the cold war. The things could not have ended up in any other way then they did – Russia turning towards Asia. At around \$160-170 million people, the Orthodox Christians as a cultural/ethnic group are just too small to ever be an important World power, thus Russia will always remain in the cross-hairs of the Anglo-Zionist plunderers. Only if Russia finds a place on the right hand side of China, and avoids being plundered by the Chinese, can Russia find its place in this World and bring along its other Orthodox Christians (the Serbs, the Greeks, the Bulgarians, the Georgians and so on). I do think that the Chinese have strong interest in treating Russia well, at least in the short to medium term. Now it is just a matter of time to build the Euroasian economic infrastructure – the roads, the railways, the pipelines and the telecommunication cables. Germany is doing the wait-and-see, occasionally taking a minimal part in some of pack-of-wild-dogs military intervention by its master, but I do believe that the Germans will finally understand that being independent from the US is to their benefit, which would give them the right to join this new prosperous union.

    I could envisage the future World divided into two huge blocks, one dominated by the Jewish and Anglo oligarchy and the other dominated by the Chinese oligarchy. They may even have separate Olympic Games, the way things are going.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @giles
  70. Avery says:

    {At around \$160-170 million people, the Orthodox Christians as a cultural/ethnic group are just too small to ever be an important World power,}

    If Jews, at around 15-16 million worldwide, can wield influence on world affairs highly disproportional to their numbers, why can’t 160-170 million Orthodox Christians ‘ever be an important World power’?

    In their day, about 30 million or so English people ruled half the world.
    The sun truly never set on the English Empire.
    Numbers are a factor, of course.
    But more important is what you do with it.
    It’s the attitude.
    It’s self-confidence.
    It’s aggressiveness.
    Orthodox Christians are not aggressive like others.
    They mind their own business: they only fight when they are invaded.
    And they are too forgiving of those who attempted to do them harm.

    Anglo-Saxons in general, and Anglo-Americans in particular, have no such scruples. England spawned US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. It did not happen by accident. Anglo-Americans, maybe 300 million total worldwide, rule the World.

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @Rehmat
  71. @Alden

    Name one who can actually act? They are definitely not Stars, more like Prominent Porn Performers.

  72. CalDre says:

    Trump is a “dangerous, ignorant, racist Authoritarian“.

    Can you please give examples of each of these claims? I’ve seen a lot of the attacks against Trump but I don’t see where these come from.

    Dangerous? How?
    Ignorant? Really? More than Obama or Clinton?
    Racist? Against whom? And please show direct evidence, not support for some policy (such as a wall) and the implication that wanting borders is racist. I want evidence of him hurting someone because of his race.
    Authoritarian? Really? The entire US political establishment is authoritarian. We live in a totalitarian society where every aspect of your life is regulated and controlled. The executive branch of the federal government has enormous power. How is Trump authoritarian in this context? What evidence is there for it? Compare and contrast, for example, to Hillary sending thugs to Trump rallies to incite violence.

    • Replies: @Diogenes
  73. Art says:

    The best article that I have read in two years.

    Vladimir Putin’s Third Way: As Seen Through the Nooscope

    21.10.2016 Author: Phil Butler

    Vladimir Putin’s most recent staff change has western experts baffled. According to the BBC, Mr. Putin’s new chief of staff Anton Vaino has reached the top of the Kremlin pecking order “shrouded in mystery”. However cloak & dagger Mr. Vaino’s appointment may seem though, it’s a clear sign Russia is headed off into a far more progressive policy realm than Londoners or Wall Street financiers would have us believe. Here is a candid look at the Putin way ahead.

    The article:

  74. CalDre says:
    @Shredni Vashtar

    I checked Trump Steaks, that did not go bankrupt (though it was sold for only a few months through Sharper Image and wasn’t successful).

    As to Trump Vodka, the company that produced it (an independent bottling company, Drinks America) did have financial problems which contributed to the failure of Trump Vodka, but did not go bankrupt.

    It seems you are very misinformed or a liar.

    • Replies: @Shredni Vashtar
  75. Kiza says:

    The “orthodox” in the Christian Orthodox is meant to mean close to the original Christ’s teachings, one of which is “the meek shall inherit the world”. So they are meek whist AngloJews are inheriting the world.

    Yes, attitude is much more important than numbers in ruling the World, but the Orthodox Christians have neither. They would be lucky to get accepted by the Asian block and be left alone by the World’s leading plunderers.

    Russia is likely to be a very good part of the old Europe which joined Asia and could bring many non-material things into the union, in addition to vast resources for the Asian manufacturing powerhouse.

  76. Kiza says:

    This US election may answer a very interesting question about public consciousness manipulated by the media – can media over-demonise the undesirable agent of change, where people’s consciousness springs back to the opposite side that the media were pushing into. Some Western people have already done so before with Putin and love him more the more their media demonise him.

    Some call them “liberal media” but in my country there are no other. Even in the US, apart from Fox, there is no medium which was not going first strike nuclear against Trump. Can human brain be over saturated with media bull, no matter if you care about Trump or not? You know like, medicine in small doses, poison in a large dose, what does not kill you makes you stronger? Can we humans develop immunity to Virus Presstitutis?

    I would love to know how many more people tuned out of media news after this election, as I have done a while ago.

  77. giles says:

    You guys are like ziocons in reverse. You are already planning out how trump can putinize power in the usa.
    You are preparing to fight the last war vs. Judeo-bolshevism post weimar germany or judeo-oligarchy in post yeltsin russia. If the clintonistas prevail you ready for a turner diaries scenario. Again you are ready to fight the last war.

    Trump is a controlled opposition.
    If not he would have used the first debate to lay down the gauntlet and call for the president to step down or face a full fledged regime change such as the one that removed mubarak. Street demonstrations are just photo ops to sensationalize a military coup. Such a regime change is about as un american as 1776. When time is up for the ancien regime a caesar a washington a bolivar a lenin a hitler will be there to lead. Like a mother giving birth its going to be bloody even if sanitized later. Obviously lenin and hitler are despicable but so was wyatt earp.

    You cannot fine tune historical earthquakes. Trump is no caesar.
    Trump is the messenger of a tsunami of populist outrage against the final stages of a global nazi purge of useless eaters by 90% to bring order out of chaos for the elite or call them zionazis if you like. Who cares? You have to stop the denver airport mural scenario regardless of who you blame and maybe as soon as november if a no fly zone is imposed in syria. This is not the last war this is the endgame unless we act now.

  78. @Anon

    “Russia is strange. It has a Latin American economy but has US-level weaponry in nukes and some areas of military prowess. It is a poor great power, something no Latin American nation is.
    Imagine Mexico with the power to blow up the world. ”
    Somehow you and and those who think about Russia like you cannot get that one cannot have advanced military and weapons manufacturing without advanced industries, science and so forth. Your opinion is s strange. Not Russia.

  79. giles says:

    Glad to see somebody endorsing george orwell’s dead on prediction of the long term superstate balance of oceania and eurasia as opposed to the fanatical end times ragnarok armageddon fetish.

  80. @Kiza

    Gorbachev and Yeltsin are two major culprits behind what happened. Oligarchs did not exist until those two spawned them. They are just opportunistic scavengers. The whole power was with CPSU.
    I was following Yeltsin since he became the head of Moscow CPSU organization and was watching him being kicked out. The guy caused immediate disgust both in me and my dad. Unfortunately, majority of Russians could not read him.

  81. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    So far, Putin failed to eject the 5th columnists, whom I call the “Atlantic Integrationists” (for details, including their names, see here) from the government itself.. Even the notorious Alexei Kudrin was not fired by Putin, but by Medvedev.

    Putin is economic “liberal” and in this sense he is himself a “fifth column”. That is why economic block which has its roots in Yeltsin and Gaidar times is still there. Last 10-12 years we all observe how Putin moderated somewhat his purely monetarist views in a process which can only be called “training on the job”, and that is relatively acceptable for a person who still admires his mentor–Sobchak. This, however, is drastically not enough and Putin now is well past the point at which excuses could still be found in terms of him being “dependent” on some power blocks inside Kremlin et al. Currently he enjoys an unprecedented level of public and, to a degree, “elite” support which allows him to do what needs to be done, not what he thinks is right, because the problem of “privatization” (in reality–a blatant robbery) of 1990s is not going anywhere and Russia’s “oligarchy” class for the most part has to be seriously “looked at”. Another good start will also be shutting this shyster organization such as Moscow High School of (pseudo) Economics and dismissing Medvedev’s government. The problem? Putin does believe in this government but he doesn’t have too much time at his hands. But even more important question is: does he understand what must be done? I, personally, still believe that he is “learning” but I am beginning to lean towards the point of view that he will remain a pure economic liberal who, for all his merits, will be swept away once another, stronger, version (which is coming) of 2008 will hit global economy. I do, however, have a caveat: I understand that at this stage he has one of the, if not the best, analytical and forecast apparatuses in the world working for him and he, of course, knows on several orders of magnitude more than I ever will–that, for me personally, constitute grounds for giving him a benefit of a doubt one more time. Who knows what are his strategies and plans. But current economic model in Russia is unsustainable and must be replaced, together with the “class” which promotes it.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  82. Anonymous [AKA "JoeyBats"] says: • Website
    @Greg Bacon

    I am supporting Mr. Trump for 1 reason only. It’s agreed that we don’t know how he will perform as president. It’s a leap of faith which drives me and keeps me hoping Trump has the balls to excommunicate the traitors and, put an end to corruption, the stacked media and etc. That will be a great start. In the opposite corner wearing red trunks is Hillary. By now all should be cognizant of what she represents. For anyone who doesn’t know that, if possible she will crown herself queen and, push us further down the drain. So we have a known and an unknown. Things are so f….d up that the unknown is any sane person’s choice.
    This unknown factor has the current leadership crapping in their tighty whities. So, Mr. Trump if you win you will have a mandate from America to clean house. I hope you are up to it.

  83. Helen says: • Website

    Why is everyone now trying to picture Putin as a diabolical figure?! Found this article not so long ago: about panic in America. Is the world really afraid? I think Putin’s (and Russia’s) power is seriously exaggerated.

  84. “…Fourth, once the main media outlets were returned back to sanity….”

    You mean, they started spewing Putin’s approved line. There have been at least two reporters that have been killed as a result of the criticizing Putin’s Regime. One brutally murdered in downtown Moscow in sight of the Kremlin. Even if they weren’t killed by Putin’s order, he at least supported the killing, if not actually approved them.

    Funny, you seem to think “Iron Felix” was a genocidal maniac. Putin is one of his spiritual descendants and has said, in so many words, that there is no such thing as a former KGB operative. O. you can take the man out of the Cheka, but you will never get the Cheka out of the man. That man Is Putin.

    I can hope that Trump will “drain the swamp” but I’m not hopeful. I know Hillary won’t. She’ll try to deepen the swamp so she can hide in it. We’ll have to see if he wins first. If he does, there’s going to be an upheaval of the sort that hasn’t been seen since the War of Northern Aggression.

    You really need to check under your bed for Nazis. Your carrying on about Ukraine being run by Nazis simply kills any credibility you might have. Brutally, it make you look like an utter idiot to anyone who actually knows what’s going on over there. The only place you will find Nazis in government in that part of the world is in Moscow. Putin is a fascist to his corrupt, Chekist core.

  85. Che Guava says:

    Suppose it was by analogy with ‘pop star’ in the first place.

    The first time I heard the term, it was when overseas, and the term was applied by a friend at the time, to the already long-deceased (by AIDs) English performer John Holmes.

    As for ‘actress’, many publications in the English-speaking world would demand ‘actor’ (step up, the stupid Guardian).

  86. Diogenes says:

    While I am surprised by the number of Anti-Jewish bigots who submit comments to the Unz Review I am not surprised that there are a few pro- Trump supporters [trolls?] who might visit this site. As this is not a court of law but rather an opinion platform for predominantly progressive readers I am not going to exert myself to justify my opinions for those of a different persuasion. Take it or leave it; after all it’s merely my opinion!
    As for Trump, one can easily list a dozen other deprecating characteristics of the man which would be evident to any person with sound judgement. As I say most voters can see that but what is more surprising is that more voters can’t see through the flawed political persona of Hillary. Both candidates prove that ” Scum will rise above the cream”!

    • Replies: @CalDre
  87. Mr Saker is at it again; posing as a critic of Western Liberalism while utilizing its values in his article re maxisms, assumptions and ideology. It appears Mr Saker knows nothing about philosophy or indeed Russian history; and nothing at all about so-called Democracy and its historical origins. For his edification I point out the following facts:
    (i) The British Empire invented the myth of Democracy in the mid nineteenth century; the reason being to fool the emerging working class movement and co-op them into supporting the growing/expanding British Empire. The White Man’s Burden where the ignorant nignogs and dark/yellow skins needed enlightened British (Western) Institutions to guide them to cuivilization from darkness. This is pure bull shit! A two party system began in Britain by chance when Henry VIII seized the Catholic Church lands, made himself head of the English Church. He did this on a pretext of a divorce, In actual fact he was bankrupt and had debased his currency having squandered some 7 million pounds accumulated by his skinflint father Henry Tudor (the real killer of the princes in the Tower). Henry VIII sold off a third of the best land in England to the highest bidder, bought largely by merchants (later knighted over time) thereby creating a propertied/monied class equal to the old landed aristocracy. This power base later became the Parliamentary forces who disposed Charles I after a Civil War. It ended the ancient Divine Right of Kings after James II. The Whigs came from this group which led to the Labor Party on the back of the later Trade Union movement. A property qualification was needed in the early days of Democracy (women had no vote) to qualify for Parliament. Needless to say economics was separated from this process and still is.
    (ii) Ancient Greece was a slave society and some 1500 city states tried forms of so-called Democracy over a 500 year period. It was an oligarch of land owners who voted among themselves re who could rule society. The rulers were all property owners. Tradesmen, slaves and women had no say. Only 10% or less had any imput in how society was run. Thus the truth is Democracy only existed for a class… the ruling class; the rest had no powerat all. It is a myth of class propaganda around the world. So cultural imperialism is the basis of this rot. Pray tell Mr Saker, how can a social system in which the wealth is owned by 1%-10% of the population be a Democracy? Political elites are all million/billionaires in the West and elsewhere; is this representative of the great majority? Of those whose labour is owned (as wage slaves) by the monied classes? Do you think a billionaire will give away their wealth if they lost a vote in their own institutions? Genius! Sheer genius!
    (iii) Saker bemoans that the NeoCons are anti-democratic and are really Bolsheviks! This is ignorance of the first order and a blatent lie. Real communism is the polar opposite to the Clinton/Bush/Obama imperialists. Leninism is polar opposite of this world view; elementary reading shows that Capitalism moves from Democracy to Fascism when the system starts to collapse due to usury and lack of surplus value accruation. Capitalism’s history is Boom-Bust and has been for three hundred years. Wars enable capital to revamp itself and survive as a class system. (class a word Saker hates and avoids like the plague) There is no such thing as Democracy Mr Saker, for economics is separated from politics. Therein lies the decite of it all and there lies the rub. Only Lenin’s Democracy of a new class type is real democracy for the masses; not so-called representation or multi-parties. Nazi Germany had multi parties but all had the same policies, militarism, property rights and basic economic forms (Corporate State–highest stage of capitalism). Sound familar? Like the multi-national system of corporate America today. In short a political structure with an attendant ideology; but Mr Saker enshews ideology, thinking liberalism and his nonsense about individual liberty is not an ideology. This when all systems are ideological at base, especially in the attitude to private property, or public property or mixed economy.
    I could go on; but it is obvious in my piece that the Saker is a Liberal shrill of the American school, he thinks personal freedom really exists! (how are we free in a class world of scarcity?) Only the property classes have relative freedom but the masses are slaves to the owners of labor! Again the word that Saker avoids like the devil. Class and class division is ignored like a typical ideological bourgeois. Saker then is a wolf in sheep’s clothing but poses as an independent thinker! Independent of what when all his core values are Western liberalism with all its attendent myths and hypocracy!

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  88. gwynedd1 says:

    I wonder about the the Jews these days . What can be said about them is they had little national loyalty and they kept their wealth mobile. They are like financial horsemen of the Steppe. However I wonder if all that they longed for being realized will end them. They seem to have lost control of Russia and do not control China. The more they move out and the more they settle Israel , they just become a tiny nation state without their global control. They certainly need world government to pull this off because in a world of nation states, they will have a serious problem.

    I also use the word Jew loosely since they are culturally and genetically half European as it is.

  89. VICB3 says:

    “…you’re mad if you think Trump can trust the army. ”

    Respectfully, I’ll have to disagree here. Spending a good deal of time in and around Ft. Bragg – including within the Communities that can reasonably be described as Officer and Senior Enlisted Ghettos – the sheer number of Trump signs and stickers is staggering.

    I will agree that Pentagon Generals and Admirals, the Perfumed Princes, would support the status quo in order to guarantee their various and cushy post-retirement sinecures, but they would face an ever-increasing resistance within the ranks, culminating in various mutinies. Their D.C. disconnected careerism and petty greeds blinds them to this reality I think.

    Indeed, that resistance is already evident, based on the various conversations I’ve had with all armed forces ranks. (Walking the dogs is an excellent icebreaker.) Mention returning to Afghanistan, or involving ourselves further in Syria, and the looks of disgust and intimations of how stupid these various foreign adventure are is telling. Even more so when the topic of goading Russian comes up. Mention Hillary, and lips visibly curl.

    The possibility of a military revolt is there; it just hasn’t reached the surface yet. But the formerly calm clear waters are beginning to be roiled and turbulent.

    Just a thought.


  90. Joe Wong says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Even if Donald Trump is genuine, elected to the POTUS and he got the right person to head the FBI as suggested by the author, Donald Trump will not be able to defeat the well trenched corrupted deep state of the USA. The USA has passed the no return point of dying Empire like the Roman Empire and all other empires in the history, Donald Trump is just like one of those emperors trying to rejuvenate the empire during their passage to oblivion, but it was just too little and too late to overcome the momentum of the well trenched corrupted deep state to change the course of the demise fate of the empire; the USA will follow the same fate as the Roman Empire with the exception that its life as an empire is so short exceptional to all previous empires in the history.

    The only debating issue is whether the USA can be reborn from ashes after it is crashed or it will walk the path of the Roman Empire disappeared like Dodo. Providing American’s shallow root in history and culture comparing to the Romans, and if history can be any guidance, the return of the USA is not optimistic.

  91. CalDre says:

    I am surprised by the number of Anti-Jewish bigots” Really, I see very few here. Far, far more Islamophobes. OTOH many people consider anything other than complete worship of Jews as “Anti-Jewish bigots” and I presume you are also too busy to describe what you mean by that ….

    As all “progressives”, you make up a bunch of adjectives for Trump without describing their basis. It’s not like I haven’t read a whole gamut of attacks against Trump, it’s just they are all so unhinged from reality, usually disingenuously capitalizing on the fact that Trump is not precise in his language (since he ad libs a lot instead of reading a teleprompter or memorizing speeches). I certainly see that he has a lot of negatives, and I myself dislike him, but I just don’t see the support for the spurious allegations you threw out (to recap: “dangerous, ignorant, racist Authoritarian“). On the other hand I do see support for “dishonest, thin-skinned, egotistical, rich”.

  92. Anonymous [AKA "profraccoon"] says:

    The comparison with Putin’s history and leadership is spot on.

    I think Trump has an attack plan, if he becomes president. He needs all the support he can get by loyal Americans who did not (yet) sell out to the zionist new world order. Trump can not purge America on his own, and indeed it has to be done in exactly the right order.
    It is not 100% certain if Trump knows who brought America on its knees, however, there is a change he knows exactly who the ‘deep government’ NWO criminals are. What would happen if he spelled it out for the prestitutes right now: ‘the zionists are our enemy’. Putin took into account the fact that many senior Russians are/were still brainwashed by zio-Jewish communism. He never went against the older ‘communist’ Russians, so he played the “we are against fascism” cart. Trump might play the ‘anti-communism’ cart, and expose communism as a Jewish invention later on. Hitler tried this in Germany, therefore he was attacked immediately by the NWO Jews. However, America might be too big to attack from the outside, so the NWO Jews will do whatever it takes to let Hillary win: the USA is pivotal in the zionist game to wipe out all goyim.

  93. Rehmat says:

    Liar liar your Zionist Jewish pants on fire…..

    The world Jewish population is less than 13 millions.

    They controlled 150 million Russians through money, sexpots, crimes, and treachery – the way they did in many western countries.

    David Brooks in his January 12, 2010 Op-Ed column “The Tel Aviv Cluster” in the Jew York Times boasted many Jewish achievements considering they make-up only 0.2% of world’s population. He claimed that 54% of world chess champions, 27% of the Nobel physics laureates and 31% of the medicine laureates are Jewish. David Brooks also adds that though Jews make only 2% of United States population – 21% of Ivy League student bodies, 26% of the Kennedy Center honorees, 37% of Academy Award winning directors, 38% of those on a recent Business Week list of leading philanthropists and 51% of Pulitzer Prize winners for non-fiction are Jewish. I, too, find them very laudable. But then David Brooks come out of his Hasbara (propaganda) liter-box by equating these Jewish achievement with Israeli achievements – as if the great majority of 12.7 million world Jewish population lives inside Jewish occupied Palestine. In fact there are more Jews in the US than in Israel and its extended Jewish settlements on the remaining 22% Palestinian land. Some of the unique achievements the American Jews made included the only couple which was executed on electric chairs on June 19, 1953 for spying for a enemy country (Russia) – were Jewish Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Furthermore, the traitor who is currently serving life sentence for stealing close to one million US secret documents for a foreign country (Israel) – Jonathan Pollard, is also Jewish. I suppose it’s too late now to agree with Philip Zelikow that the pro-Israel moles in the US government were responsible for the invasion of Iraq to protect Zionist entity. Now the same traitors are pushing Washington to invade Islamic Iran on similar flimsy excuses. Another recent great achiever is Bernard Madoff, who single-handed robbed the Americans of US\$50 billion!!

    • Replies: @Avery
  94. Anonymous [AKA "Greem Lynch"] says:

    I trust Trump. He is an outsider and a businessman. He is the only one who can solve the economy the other one is a no brainer. He is very smart man and he will surround himself with people who are patriotic and obey the constitution. If he does even 1/3 of what he promised I am happy. He knows what to do. He isn’t owned by anybody. I’m sure those who committed corruption and treason will be jailed as he mentioned. He will appoint independent investigators to investigate corrupt Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. All his plans were laid out. Of course, at first, he will appoint key officials who have the same objectives as he does, who will uphold the constitution. I find him a very good man and sincere and love this country. If you look at the interview with Oprah back in 2005. he already saw this country going down because of the corruption going on. Go Trump. He rallies draw by the thousands and thousands more outside all enthusiastic crowd. He is a smart person and I’m sure he will do the best for this country.

  95. @Andrei Martyanov

    It looks like it . I mean Putin being economic liberal. Now, I was checking prices for real estate in Russia. Looks like in this aspect Russia is no different from the West regarding blowing real estate bubbles of the worst kind. Considering Russia demographic issues I wonder how Putin is going to address this issue with housing situation like this. He basically allowed speculators and banks do what they want which is exactly what you stated. Housing situation still being masked by the fact that many have of receive from parents free apartments received for free during Soviet times.
    Basically despite my limited knowledge on what is going on it looks that while in terms of foreign policy and restoration of Russian military Putin is writing himself into historical books as one of the great Russian leaders on economic front he is basically failing Russian people in a big way.
    My father in law also described picture which is far from being glossy.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  96. “…a woman who is deeply insecure”

    I’m not sure where you get that – I always thought her problem was that she was much too self-assured, to the point of refusing to learn from mistakes, be introspective, or really do anything that didn’t somehow increase her personal power.

  97. Avery says:

    {Liar liar your Zionist Jewish pants on fire…..
    The world Jewish population is less than 13 millions.}

    Unlike your frothing hallucinations, the article below was written by a rational Pakistani, who unlike you, an ingrate anti-Christian parasite squatting in Christian Canada – lives in Islamistan Pakistan.

    You will greatly enjoy it, Mohammad.
    And your admiration for Jews will increase even more.
    Who knows, maybe a benevolent, well-to-do Canadian-Jew will hire you as a chauffeur or butler or something. I think you have worked in the Canadian-bacon pig farm shoveling pig s___ long enough: even IslamoFascists need a break now and then.

    [Why are the Jews so powerful ? By: Dr Farrukh Saleem. (The writer is a Pakistani, an Islamabad-based freelance columnist.)]
    (The article was written in 2009.)

    {….So, why are Muslims so powerless ?
    Answer: Lack of Education ! All we do is shout to Allah whole day and blame everyone else for our multiple failures..! }

  98. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Sergey Krieger

    At the very beginning of his tenure (1999 0r 2000, most likely 2000) Putin wrote a huge article in which he discussed Russians’ leaning toward paternalist state. Today, after events of 2008 and, especially, 2014 he seems to be still trying to play with paternalist ideas. In the end, new Education Minister is such a (very pleasant) sign. So, who knows. Hey, at least Astronomy is back as traditional addition to Physics course in schools–this is great! She also is kicking out this whole cabal of VShE-indoctrinated a-holes. This is a very positive development. As per real estate, the dive of the Ruble, actually, helped to level things somewhat.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  99. @MJMD

    The thing is, they may be right! Particularly if a return to constitutional limited government as envisioned by the Founders is now functionally impossible. In a way, it would almost be a disaster to dismantle the US deep state from within: it would allow real fascists (not Trump’s mob, yet) to claim that all was going well up until the “stab in the back.” So you’re right that defeat from without, or some other splash of cold water provided by actual reality, remains the most likely end for it.

    I don’t like what you are saying… but it is a distinct possibility.

    That is why prepping and survival training are so much more fun than going into a trance watching childish ballgames on the televitz.

  100. metamars says: • Website

    I have posted a followup essay to “How Peter Thiel Could Put Trump Over the Top (with inspiration from tecchie Berners) – Part I”. Unsurprisingly, this is called “How Peter Thiel Could Put Trump Over the Top (with inspiration from tecchie Berners) – Part II” @ xxx

  101. Miro23 says:

    Arresting Khodorkovsky sent a very clear message of who was in charge.

    If Trump is elected, he could follow the same line and set up a military tribunal with the power to arrest and question everyone involved with 9/11 (starting with Lawrence Silverstein).

  102. @CalDre

    And you, sir, are clutching at straws. The difference between “business failure” and “bankruptcy” is a technical one.

    If, for example, an all-equity company projects negative cash flows into the far future with no prospect of change, it will fold up the business, equity holders getting little or nothing. This is business failure, if you like.

    If, on the other hand, the company has debt, it has to undergo a more complicated procedure. Debt holders will demand the assets of the corporation, such as they are, and the company will have to go through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    It would appear, then, that you are terribly misinformed AND an ignoramus to boot.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  103. Che Guava says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    If Trump is finished, it will be through the ballot-loading tricks for which ‘centre-left’ parties in English-speaking countries and Europe are well-known.

    Votes from dead people.

    Votes from people without the right to vote.

    People being recirculated to vote more than once.

    • Agree: Kiza
  104. CalDre says:
    @Shredni Vashtar

    The difference between “business failure” and “bankruptcy” is a technical one.

    No, it most certainly isn’t. Bankruptcy is a set of procedures and laws used to escape or reduce debt, meaning creditors lose money. A creditor may also lose money in a business failure (or even in a business success), but may not.

    In particular, in the Trump Vodka case, the brand was successful enough that the manufacturer owed Trump millions in royalties, but was unable to pay (due to losses in other business segments).

    You attributed this failure to Trump, as well as a host of others; I just randomly picked two to focus on and you were wrong on both.

    Sharper Image does not report losing money on Trump Steaks, although sales were too low to warrant selling them (and the fit with Sharper Image was not good, given their other offerings). In the end it was mainly a marketing campaign for the Trump brand. Whether or not that was successful is another story, it would take quite some research, which I’m sure you haven’t done. But Trump Steaks is a household word to a large extent so some brand awareness was accomplished.

    Likely without his presidential campaign it would have been much more positive but in the end what is going to be Trump’s biggest business failure is running to be President, as it has gotten the media in general to non-stop slander him for months.

  105. colm says:
    @The Alarmist

    More likely, the states will go their own way, headed by Texas.

  106. Very good article and analysis.

    I do assign a high probability to Trump being genuine. He is on record being against the US bombing of Serbia in 1999. Very “disreputable,” no real benefit to doing that – but he did it anyway.

  107. @Andrei Martyanov

    He is acting very slowly and he is already 62-63.
    Astronomy is back just like in good old days 🙂 Did not know that it was removed…
    Real estate I mentioned due to Russia demographic issues which require very serious increases in birth rates not for a year or two but for few generations. Now, I checked prices of 1-2 bed room apartments in Voronezh, Lipeck, Orel and Moscow and surroundings. It is definitely in a huge bubble and considering how much it costs to keep paying mortgage at say 14% annual rate and prices I do not see how demography can get improved and it is strategic issue which makes real estate construction a strategic sector and issue too. It is basically all connected to other industries sectors and yes Central Bank…
    Also, considering that those who robbed us in 90′ s took quite a share of the pie leaving the rest with far smaller share. It is basically comes to nationalization of what was stolen, re industrialization and basically in many respects returning to what we had back in USSR with some obvious modifications.

  108. Anonymous [AKA "Sparerib"] says:
    @Dan Hayes

    .5% grasp it, and .25% are women with short hair who wear pants. Gees Saker. Really??? I’m a fan, but you need a good friend who will edit out stupid comments like that before you submit your articles.

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