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“I think that the American empire is very much over already, but it hasn’t been put to any sort of serious stress test yet, and so nobody realizes that this is the case”

If I had to characterize the current international situation using only one word, the word “chaos” would be a pretty decent choice (albeit not the only one). Chaos in the Ukraine, chaos in Venezuela, chaos everywhere the Empire is involved in any capacity and, of course, chaos inside the US. But you wouldn’t know that listening to the talking heads and other “experts” who serve roughly the same function for the Empire as the orchestra did on the Titanic: to distract from the developing disaster(s) for a long as possible.

I decided to turn to the undisputed expert on social and political collapse, Dmitry Orlov whom I have always admired for his very logical, non-ideological, comparative analyses of the collapse of the USSR and the US. The fact that his detractors have to resort to crude and, frankly, stupid ad hominems further convinces me that Dmitry’s views need to be widely shared. Dmitry very kindly agreed to reply to my questions in some detail, for which I am most grateful. I hope that you will find this interview as interesting as I did.

The Saker

• • •

The Saker: How would you assess the current situation in the Ukraine in terms of social, economic and political collapse?

Dmitry Orlov: The Ukraine has never been viable as an independent, sovereign state and so its ongoing disintegration is to be expected. The applicability of the concept of collapse is predicated on the existence of an intact, stand-alone entity capable of collapse, and with the Ukraine this is definitely not the case. Never in its history has it been able to stand alone as a stable, self-sufficient, sovereign entity. As soon as it gained independence, it just fell over. Just as the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), it had reached its peak of economic and social development just as the USSR was about to collapse, and it has been degenerating and losing population ever since. Thus, the right model for discussing it is not one of sudden collapse but of steady degeneration and decay.

The Ukraine’s territory was stuck together by the Bolsheviks—first by Lenin, then by Stalin, then by Khrushchev. It was Lenin who lumped in its eastern regions (Donetsk and Lugansk specifically) who previously were part of Russia proper. Stalin then added eastern lands, which were at various times Polish, Austro-Hungarian or Romanian. Finally, Khrushchev tossed in Russian Crimea in a move that was unconstitutional at the time, since no public referendum had been held in Crimea to decide this question as was required by the Soviet constitution.

Prior to this Bolshevik effort, “Ukraina” was not used as a proper political or geographic designation. The territory was considered part of Russia, distinguished from the rest by a prefix “Malo-” (small) and called “Malorossiya. The word “ukraina” is simply an archaic form of the Russian word “okraina” (outskirts, border land). This is why the definite article “the” is required: the Ukraine is literally “the outskirts of Russia.” The Soviets endowed this border land with a make-believe identity and forced many of its inhabitants to officially declare their ethnicity as “Ukrainian” in a successful bid to gain an additional seat a the UN.

This political concoction was supposedly held together by a Ukrainian ethnic identity, which is itself a concoction. The Ukrainian language is some combination of southern Russian village dialects with a bit of Polish thrown in as flavoring. It has a lilt to it that Russians find enchanting, making it well suited for folk songs. But it never had much practical merit, and the working language of the Ukrainians was always Russian. Even today Ukrainian nationalists switch to Russian if the subject matter is demanding enough. Religiously, most of the population has been for many centuries and still is Russian Orthodox.

In my conversations about the Ukraine with many Ukrainians over the years I discovered a shocking truth: unlike the Russians, the Ukrainians seem to have exactly zero ethnic solidarity. What binds them together is their commonality of historical experience as part of the Russian Empire, then the USSR, but this historical legacy is being actively erased. After the Soviet collapse and Ukrainian independence there followed a campaign to de-Sovietize and de-Russianize the Ukraine, deprecating this common historical legacy and replacing it with a synthetic Ukrainian identity based on a falsified history that is alien to most of the population. This fake history lionizes Nazi collaborators and attempts to rub out entirely all memory of the Ukraine’s once very active role in the larger Russian world.

Thus we have a mostly Russian-speaking, historically mostly Russian territory where most of the people speak either Russian (some of them with an accent) or a sort of Ukrainian patois called Surzhik, which is Ukrainian-sounding but with mostly Russian words (the overlap between the two languages is so great that it is difficult to draw the line between them). Supposedly proper Ukrainian is spoken in the west of the country, which had never been part of the Russian Empire, but it’s a dialect that is mostly unintelligible in the rest of the country.

In spite of this confused linguistic situation, Ukrainian was imposed as the language of instruction throughout the country. Lack of textbooks in Ukrainian and lack of teachers qualified to teach in Ukrainian caused the quality of public education to plummet, giving rise to several generations of Ukrainians who don’t really know Ukrainian, have had little formal instruction in Russian, and speak a sort of informal half-language. More recently, laws have been passed that severely restrict the use of Russian. For example, people who have never spoken a word of Ukrainian are now forced to use it in order to shop or to obtain government services.

The artificial, synthetic Ukrainian identity is too thin to give the country a sense of self or a sense of direction. It is a purely negative identity: Ukraine is that which is not Russia. The resulting hole in public consciousness was plugged by making a cargo cult of European integration: it was announced that the Ukraine was leaving the Russian world behind and joining the European Union and NATO. Most recently the intent to join the EU and NATO was written directly into the Ukrainian constitution. In the meantime, it has become abundantly clear that neither EU nor NATO membership is the least bit likely, or necessary: the EU got everything it wanted from the Ukraine by forcing it to sign the Association Agreement while giving nothing of value in return; and Ukrainian territory already serves as a playground for NATO training exercises.

Thus, with regard to social collapse, there really isn’t much to discuss, because the term “Ukrainian society” has very little basis in reality. If we drop the conceit that the Ukraine is a country that can be viable if separated from Russia, what can we say about its chances as part of a Greater Russia?

Here I have to digress to explain the difference between a proper empire and the USSR. A proper empire functions as a wealth pump that sucks wealth out of its imperial possessions, be they overseas, as in the case of the British Empire, or part of the periphery, as in the case of the Russian Empire. The latter inherited the traditions of the Mongol Empire that predated it. The Mongol term “tamga” was often used to indicate the annual tribute to be collected from newly conquered tribes as the Russian Empire expanded east. (Many of these tribes were previously Mongol subjects who understood the meaning of the term.)

Here is the key point: the USSR was not a normal empire at all. Instead of functioning as a wealth pump that pumped wealth from the periphery to the imperial center, it functioned as a revolutionary incubator, exploiting the resources of the core (Russia) and exporting them to the periphery to build socialism, with the further goal of fomenting global communist revolution. The various ethnic groups that were grossly overrepresented among the Bolsheviks were all from the periphery—the Jewish Pale, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, the Caucasus and the Baltics—and they thought nothing of sacrificing Mother Russia on the altar of world revolution.

Their revolutionary zeal was hindered by its utter lack of practical merit. As this came to be recognized, Leon Trotsky—the great exponent of world revolution—was first exiled, then assassinated. Later, when it became clear that without appealing to Russian patriotic sentiments the task of prevailing against Nazi Germany was unlikely to succeed, Stalin brought back the Russian Orthodox Church and made other efforts toward the restoration of Russian ethnic identity that were previously decried as retrograde and chauvinistic. There were significant setbacks to this process as well: in the 1940s a group of communist leaders from Leningrad attempted to promote Russian interests through regional cooperation. They were purged and suffered political repression in what became known as the “Leningrad affair.”

Luckily, the idea of Russia as a disposable staging ground for world communist revolution was never fully implemented. However, the tendency to exploit Russia for the benefit of its Soviet periphery remained intact. The USSR’s most significant leaders—Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev—were not Russian; Stalin was a Georgian while the latter two were Ukrainian. All the other Soviet republics had their own communist party organizations that developed cadres to send to Moscow, while Russia itself lacked such an organization. The inevitable result was that most of the other Soviet republics were able to suck resources out of Russia, making them far more prosperous than Russia itself.

Thus, the image of the USSR as a typical empire is simply wrong. The right mental image of the USSR is that of a prostrate, emaciated sow (Russia) being suckled by 14 fat, greedy piglets (the other Soviet Socialist Republics). For all his numerous failings, Boris Yeltsin did one thing right: he dismantled the USSR (although the way he went about it was beyond incompetent and verged on treason).

If you are in need of an explanation for why Russia is now resurgent, increasingly prosperous and able to invest vast sums in hypersonic weapons systems and in modernized infrastructure for its people, this is it: the 14 piglets had been sent off to root for themselves. This bit of perspective, by the way, puts paid to the rank idiocy of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Grand Chessboard”: his theory that Russia wants to be an empire but cannot do so without the Ukraine shatters on contact with the realization that Russia hasn’t been an empire for over a century now and has no need or desire to become one again.

In any case, these days empires are a bit retro, you know, and not at all useful except as a way for silly Americans to finish bankrupting themselves. Russia needs reliable trading partners who can pay their own way, not ungrateful dependents clamoring for handouts. Just bringing Crimea up to Russia’s contemporary standards after 30 years of Ukrainian neglect has turned out to be a monumental task; as far as doing that for the rest of the Ukraine—forget it!

So, armed with this perspective, what can we say about the Ukraine from the contemporary Russian perspective?

First and foremost, it is a freak show, as attested by the content of Russian talk shows on which Ukrainian experts appear as clownish, indestructible cartoon characters: whenever their risible arguments on behalf of the Ukraine blow up in their faces, for a moment they stand there charred and furious, then brush themselves off and appear in the next segment fresh as daisies. This freak show has certain didactic merit: it helps the Russian body politic develop powerful antibodies against Western hypocrisy, because it was Western meddling that has made contemporary Ukraine into the horrible mess it is. But this was, in a sense, inevitable: deprived of the Soviet teat, the Ukraine has been attempting to suckle up to the US and EU for 30 years now and, failing that, has been carving up and roasting its own loins.

Second, the Ukraine is a rich source of immigrants, having lost around a third of its population since independence. Much of its population qualifies as Russian: linguistically, culturally and religiously they are perfectly compatible with the Russian population. Ukrainians are already the third most populous ethnic group within Russia (after Russians and Tatars) and Russia has been able to absorb the Ukrainians that have been fleeing to Russia in recent years. As the Ukraine’s population dwindles, a natural sorting-out is taking place. Those who are most compatible with the Russian world tend to move to Russia while the rest go to Poland and other EU countries.

Lastly, there is a significant amount of fatigue in Russia with the Ukrainian subject. It is currently a major topic of discussion because of the farcical presidential elections currently taking place there, but more and more one hears the question: “Must we continue talking about this?” There just isn’t anything positive to say about the Ukraine, and people tend to just shake their heads and switch to another channel. Thus, the final element of the Russian perspective on the Ukraine is that it’s painful to look at and they would rather go look at something else.

However, this is not to be. For ample historical reasons, Russia remains the Ukraine’s largest trade partner. Russian and Ukrainian economies were conceived of as a unit, based on the same set of plans, standards and regulations. In spite of concerted politically motivated efforts by Ukrainian leaders to sever these links, many of them have stubbornly remained in place, for lack of alternatives. Meanwhile, the Ukraine makes very little that the European Union or the rest of the world would want, and very little of it complies with EU’s voluminous standards and regulations. Specifically, the EU has no use at all for Ukrainian manufactured goods, and primarily sees the Ukraine as a source of cheap raw materials and labor.

It is Russia that supplies the nuclear fuel for the Ukraine’s aging nuclear power plants which provide well over half of all the electricity there, while Russian coal (anthracite, specifically) supplies much of the rest. But, for political reasons, Ukrainian officials are loath to admit the fact that the umbilical cord that connects the Ukraine to Russia cannot be severed. For example, they do not buy Russian natural gas directly but through intermediaries in the EU and at a mark-up (part of which they pocket). On paper, the Ukraine imports gas from the EU; physically, the methane molecules piped in from Russia never leave Ukrainian territory; they are simply diverted for local use.

By the time the USSR collapsed, the Ukraine was its most highly developed and possibly its richest part, and some people expected that, having thrown off the Soviet yoke, its future would be too bright to look at without goggles. It had abundant natural resources (fertile land, coal) and an educated labor force. It manufactured numerous high-tech products such as jet aircraft, marine diesels, helicopter engines, rocket engines and much else that was the best in the world. Instead, what has occurred is several decades of thievery, stagnation and decay. By now the Ukraine has lost most of its industry and the Soviet-era infrastructure has decayed to the point where much of it is worn out and on the verge of collapse. Industry has shut down and the specialists it once employed have either retired or have gone off to work in Russia, in the EU or in the US. (Some Ukrainian rocket scientists have apparently gone off to work in North Korea, and this explains the DPRK’s recent stunning successes in rocketry as well as its unlikely, exotic choice of rocket fuel: unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine.)

The Saker: What about the Donbas republics? How would you compare the situation in Novorussia with what is taking place in the Ukraine?

Dmitry Orlov: The term “Novorossiya” (New Russia) goes back several centuries, to the time Catherine the Great expanded the Russian Empire to include Crimea and other southern possessions. What Lenin reassigned to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic were Russian lands, Donetsk and Lugansk regions among them.

There are several other Ukrainian regions that are almost entirely Russian—Kharkov and Odessa specifically—but Donetsk and Lugansk are not Ukrainian in the least. This is why, after the government overthrow of 2014, when it became clear that the intentions of the Ukrainian nationalists who seized power in Kiev were to oppress the Russian part of the population, these two regions decided to strike out on their own. The Ukrainian nationalists reacted by launching a civil war, which started exactly five years ago, and which they have lost. To save face, they have declared their defeat the result of a “Russian invasion” but have been unable to present any evidence of it. Had the Russians invaded, the result would have been a replay of Russia’s action in Georgia in August of 2008, which lasted about a week.

The Ukrainians are continuing to lob missiles into the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk, causing sporadic civilian casualties. Once in a while they stage minor skirmishes, suffer casualties and pull back. But mostly their “Anti-Terrorist Operation,” which is what they are calling this civil war, has turned into a propaganda initiative, with the mythical “Russian invaders” invoked at every turn to explain their otherwise inexplicable string of defeats.

After some amount of effort by NATO instructors to train the Ukrainians, the instructors gave up. The Ukrainians simply laughed in their faces because it was clear to them that the instructors did not know how to fight at all. It was then decided that the “road map” for Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO should be set aside because the Ukrainians are just too crazy for sedate and sedentary NATO. The trainers were then replaced with CIA types who simply collected intelligence on how to fight a high-intensity ground war without air support—something that no NATO force would ever consider doing. Under such conditions NATO forces would automatically retreat or, failing that, surrender.

Meanwhile, the two eastern regions, which are highly developed economically and have a lot of industry, have been integrating ever more closely into the Russian economy. Their universities and institutes are now fully accredited within the Russian system of higher education, their currency is the ruble, and although in terms of international recognition they remain part of the Ukraine, it is very important to note that the Ukraine does not treat them as such.

The Ukrainian government does not treat the citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk as its citizens: it does not pay their pensions, it does not recognize their right to vote and it does not provide them with passports. It lays claim to the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk but not to the people who reside there. Now, genocide and ethnic cleansing are generally frowned upon by the international community, but an exception is being made in this case because of Russophobia: the Russian people living in Donetsk and Lugansk have been labeled as “pro-Russian” and are therefore legitimate targets.

Russia has been resisting calls to grant official recognition to these two People’s Republics or to provide overt military support (weapons and volunteers do filter through from the Russian side without any hindrance, although the flow of volunteers has been slowing down of late). From a purely cynical perspective, this little war is useful for Russia. If in the future the Ukraine fails completely and fractures into pieces, as appears likely, and if some of these pieces (which might theoretically include not just Donetsk and Lugansk regions but also Kharkov, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk) clamor to join Russia, then Russia would face a serious problem.

You see, over the past 30 years most Ukrainians have been content to sit around drinking beer and watching television as their country got looted. They saw no problem with going out to demonstrate and protest provided they were paid to do it. They voted the way they were paid to vote. They didn’t take an issue with Ukrainian industry shutting down as long as they could work abroad and send money back. They aren’t enraged or even embarrassed by the fact that their country is pretty much run from the US embassy in Kiev. About the only ones with any passion among them are the Nazis who march around with torches and sport Nazi insignia. In short, these aren’t the sort of people that any self-respecting country would want to have anything to do with, never mind absorb them into its population en masse, because the effect would be to demoralize its entire population.

But the people of Donetsk and Lugansk are not like that at all. These coal miners, factory workers and cab drivers have been spending days and nights in the trenches for years now, holding back one of Europe’s larger militaries, and fighting for every square meter of their soil. If the Ukraine is ever to be reborn as something that Russia would find acceptable, it is these people who can provide the starter culture. They have to win, and they have to win without any help from the Russian military, which can squash the Ukrainian military like a bug, but what would be the point of doing that? Thus, Russia provides humanitarian aid, business opportunities, some weapons and some volunteers, and bides its time, because creating a viable new Ukraine out of a defunct one is a process that will take considerable time.

The Saker: What is your take on the first round of Presidential elections in the Ukraine?

Dmitry Orlov: The first round of the elections was an outright fraud. The object of the exercise was to somehow allow president Poroshenko to make it into the second round. This was done by falsifying as many votes as was necessary. In a significant number of precincts the turnout was exactly 100% instead of the usual 60% or so and counted votes from people who had moved, died or emigrated. All of these fake votes went to Poroshenko, allowing him to slither through to the second round.

Now the fight is between Poroshenko and a comedian named Vladimir Zelensky. The only difference between Poroshenko and Zelensky, or any of the other 30+ people who appeared on the ballot, is that Poroshenko has already stolen his billions while his contestants have not had a chance to do so yet, the only reason to run for president, or any elected office, in the Ukraine, being to put oneself in a position to do some major thieving.

Thus, there is an objective reason to prefer Zelensky over Poroshenko, which is that Poroshenko is a major thief while Zelensky isn’t one yet, but it must be understood that this difference will begin to equalize the moment after Zelensky’s inauguration. In fact, the elites in Kiev are currently all aquiver over their ingenious plan to sell off all of Ukraine’s land to foreign investors (no doubt pocketing a hefty “fee”).

The platforms of all the 30+ candidates were identical, but this makes no difference in a country that has surrendered its sovereignty. In terms of foreign relations and strategic considerations, the Ukraine is run from the US embassy in Kiev. In terms of its internal functioning, the main prerogative of everyone in power, the president included, is thievery. Their idea is to get their cut and flee the country before the whole thing blows up.

It remains to be seen whether the second round of elections will also be an outright fraud and what happens as a result. There are many alternatives, but none of them resemble any sort of exercise in democracy. To be sure, what is meant by “democracy” in this case is simply the ability to execute orders issued from Washington; inability to do so would make Ukraine an “authoritarian regime” or a “dictatorship” and subject to “regime change.” But short of that, nothing matters.

The machinations of Ukraine’s “democrats” are about as interesting to me as the sex lives of sewer rats, but for the sake of completeness, let me flowchart it out for you. Poroshenko got into second round by outright fraud, because the loss of this election would, within the Ukrainian political food chain, instantly convert him from predator to prey. However, he was none too subtle about it, there is ample proof of his cheating, and the contender he squeezed out—Yulia Timoshenko—could theoretically contest the result in court and win. This would invalidate the entire election and leave Poroshenko in charge until the next one. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Another option would be for Poroshenko to cheat his way past the second round (in an even more heavy-handed manner, since this time he is behind by over 30%), in which case Zelensky could theoretically contest the result in court in win. This would invalidate the entire election and leave Poroshenko in charge until the next one. Lather, rinse, repeat. Are you excited yet?

None of this matters, because we don’t know which of the two is the US State Department’s pick. Depending on which one it is, and regardless of the results of any elections or lawsuits, a giant foot will come out of the sky and stomp on the head of the other one. Of course, it will all be made to look highly democratic for the sake of appearances. The leadership of the EU will oblige with some golf claps while choking back vomit and the world will move on.

The Saker: Where is, in your opinion, the Ukraine heading? What is your best “guesstimate” of what will happen in the short-to-medium term future?

Dmitry Orlov: I believe that we will be subjected to more of the same, although some things can’t go on forever, and therefore won’t. Most worryingly, the Soviet-era nuclear power plants that currently provide most of the electricity in the Ukraine are nearing the end of their service life and there is no money to replace them. Therefore, we should expect most of the country to go dark over time. Likewise, the natural gas pipeline that currently supplies Russian gas to both the Ukraine and much of the EU is worn out and ready to be decommissioned, while new pipelines being laid across the Baltic and the Black Sea are about to replace it. After that point the Ukraine will lose access to Russian natural gas as well.

If the Ukrainians continue to surrender unconditionally while placating themselves with pipe dreams of EU/NATO membership, the country will depopulate, the land will be sold off to Western agribusiness, and it will become a sort of agricultural no man’s land guarded by NATO troops. But that sort of smooth transition may be hard for the EU and the Americans to orchestrate. The Ukraine is rather highly militarized, is awash with weapons, full of people who have been circulated through the frontlines in Donbas and know how to fight, and they may decide to put up a fight at some point. It must be remembered that the Ukrainians, in spite of the decay of the last 30 years, still have something of the Russian fighting spirit in them, and will fight like Russians—until victory or until death. NATO’s gender-ambivalent military technicians would not want to get in their way at all.

Also the dream of a depopulated Ukraine to be turned into a playground for Western agribusiness may be hindered somewhat by the fact that the Russians take a very dim view of Western GMOs and wouldn’t like to see GMO-contaminated pollen blowing across their border from the West. They would no doubt find some least-effort way to make the attempt at Western agribusiness in the Ukraine unprofitable. Orchestrating a smallish but highly publicized radiation leak from one of the ancient Ukrainian nuke plants would probably work. Rather weirdly, Westerners think nothing of poisoning themselves with glyphosphate but are deathly afraid of even a little bit of ionizing radiation.

The Saker: What about the EU and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe? Where is the EU heading in your opinion?

Dmitry Orlov: The EU has a number of major problems. It isn’t fiscally or monetarily healthy. As a whole, or as its constituent nations, it is no longer capable of the exercise of its full sovereignty, having surrendered it to the US. But the US is no longer able to maintain control, because it is internally conflicted to the point of becoming incoherent in its pronouncements. Overall, the structure looks like a matryoshka doll. You have the US, as a sort of cracked outer shell. Inside of it is NATO, which is an occupying force across most of Europe right up to the Russian border. It would be useless against Russia, but it can pose a credible threat of violence against the occupied populations. Inside of NATO is the EU—a political talking shop plus a sprawling bureaucracy that spews forth reams upon reams of rules and regulations.

Since none of this military/political superstructure is actually structural without the key ingredient of US hegemony, we shouldn’t expect it to perform particularly well. It will continue as a talking shop while various national governments attempt to reclaim their sovereignty. British referendum voters have certainly tried to prod their government in that direction, and in response their government has been experimenting with various methods of rolling over and playing dead, but a different government might actually try to execute the will of the people. On the other hand, the governments of Hungary and Italy have made some headway in the direction of reasserting their sovereignty, with public support.

But nothing has really happened yet. Once the political elite of any nation has been thoroughly emasculated by the surrender of its national sovereignty, it takes a while for it to grow back its chest hair and to start posing a credible threat to transnational interests. Even in Russia it took close to a decade to thwart the political power and influence of the oligarchy. We can see that the empire is weakening and that some countries are starting to balk at being vassals, but nothing definitive has happened yet.

What may speed things up is that Europe, along with the US, appear to be heading into a recession/depression. One effect of that will be that all the East European guest workers working in the west will be forced to head back home. Another will be that EU’s subsidies to its recent eastern acquisitions—Poland and the Baltics especially—are likely to be reduced substantially or to go away altogether. The influx of returning economic migrants combined with the lack of financial support are likely to spell the demise of certain national elites which have been feasting on Western largesse in return for a bit of Russophobia.

We can imagine that this swirling tide of humanity, ejected from Western Europe, will head east, slosh against the Great Wall of Russia, and flood back into the west, but now armed with Ukrainian weapons and knowhow and entertaining thoughts of plunder rather than employment. There they will fight it out with newcomers from Middle East and Africa while the natives take to their beds, hope for the best and think good thoughts about gender neutrality and other such worthy causes.

These old European nations are all aging out, not just in terms of demographics but in terms of the maximum age allotted by nature to any given ethnos. Ethnoi (plural of “ethnos”) generally only last about a thousand years, and at the end of their lifecycle they tend to exhibit certain telltale trends: they stop breeding well and they become sexually depraved and generally decadent in their tastes. These trends are on full display already. Here’s a particularly absurd example: French birth certificates no longer contain entries for father and mother but for parent1 and parent2. Perhaps the invading barbarians will see this and die laughing; but what if they don’t?

No longer able to put up much of a fight, such depleted ethnoi tend to be easily overrun by barbarians, at which point they beg for mercy. In turn, based on the example of the late Roman Empire as well as similar ones from Chinese and Persian history, granting them mercy is one of the worst mistakes a barbarian can make: the result is a bunch of sexually depraved and generally decadent barbarians… to be easily overrun and slaughtered by the next bunch of barbarians to happen along.

What will spark the next round of Western European ethnogenesis is impossible to predict, but we can be sure that at some point a mutant strain of zealots will arrive on the scene, with a dampened instinct for self-preservation but an unslakable thirst for mayhem, glory and death, and then it will be off to the races again.

The Saker: What will happen once Nord Stream II is finished? Where is Europe heading next, especially in its relationship with the US and Russia?

Dmitry Orlov: The new pipelines under the Baltic and the Black Sea will be completed, along with the second LNG installation at Sabetta, and Russia will go on supplying natural gas to Europe and Asia. I suspect that the fracking extravaganza in the US is entering its end game and that the dream of large-scale LNG exports to Europe will never materialize.

The nations of Europe will gradually realize that its relationship with Russia is mostly beneficial while its relationship with the US is mostly harmful, and will make certain adjustments. The Ukraine, its natural gas pipeline system decrepit and beyond repair, will continue to import natural gas from Europe, only now the methane molecules will actually flow to it from the west rather from the east.

The Saker: How do you see the political climate in Russia? I hear very often that while Putin personally and the Kremlin’s foreign policy enjoy a great deal of support, the pension reform really hurt Putin and that there is now an internal “patriotic opposition” (as opposed to paid and purchased for by the CIA & Co,. which is becoming more vocal. Is that true?

It is true that there isn’t much debate within Russia about foreign policy. Putin’s popularity has waned somewhat, although he is still far more popular than any national leader in the West. The pension reform did hurt him somewhat, but he recovered by pushing through a raft of measures designed to ease the transition. In particular, all the benefits currently enjoyed by retirees, such as reduced public transit fees and reduced property taxes, will be extended to those nearing retirement age.

It is becoming clear that Putin, although he is still very active in both domestic and international politics, is coasting toward retirement. His major thrust in domestic politics seems to be in maintaining very strict discipline within the government in pushing through his list of priorities. How he intends to effect the transition to the post-Putin era remains a mystery, but what recently took place in Kazakhstan may offer some clues. If so, we should expect a strong emphasis on continuity, with Putin maintaining some measure of control over national politics as a senior statesman.

But by far the most significant change in Russian politics is that a new generation of regional leaders has been put into place. A great many governorships have been granted to ambitious young managers with potential for national office. They are of a new breed of thoroughly professional career politicians with up-to-date managerial skills. Meanwhile, a thorough cleaning out of the ranks has taken place, with some high-ranking officials doing jail time for corruption. What’s particularly notable is that some of these new regional leaders are now as popular or more popular than Putin. The curse of gerontocracy, which doomed the Soviet experiment, and which now afflicts the establishment in the US, no longer threatens Russia.

The Saker: You recently wrote an article titled “Is the USS Ship of Fools Taking on Water?” in which you discuss the high level of stupidity in modern US politics? I have a simple question for you: do you think the Empire can survive Trump and, if so, for how long?

Dmitry Orlov: I think that the American empire is very much over already, but it hasn’t been put to any sort of serious stress test yet, and so nobody realizes that this is the case. Some event will come along which will leave the power center utterly humiliated and unable to countenance this humiliation and make adjustments. Things will go downhill from there as everyone in government in media does their best to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist. My hope is that the US military personnel currently scattered throughout the planet will not be simply abandoned once the money runs out, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if that is what happens.

The Saker: Lastly, a similar but fundamentally different question: can the US (as opposed to the Empire) survive Trump and, if so, how? Will there be a civil war? A military coup? Insurrection? Strikes? A US version of the Yellow Vests?

Dmitry Orlov: The US, as some set of institutions that serves the interests of some dwindling number of people, is likely to continue functioning for quite some time. The question is: who is going to be included and who isn’t? There is little doubt that retirees, as a category, have nothing to look forward to from the US: their retirements, whether public or private, have already been spent. There is little doubt that young people, who have already been bled dry by poor job prospects and ridiculous student loans, have nothing to look forward to either.

But, as I’ve said before, the US isn’t so much a country as a country club. Membership has its privileges, and members don’t care at all what life is like for those who are in the country but aren’t members of the club. The recent initiatives to let everyone in and to let non-citizens vote amply demonstrates that US citizenship, by itself, counts for absolutely nothing. The only birthright of a US citizen is to live as a bum on the street, surrounded by other bums, many of them foreigners from what Trump has termed “shithole countries.”

It will be interesting to see how public and government workers, as a group, react to the realization that the retirements they have been promised no longer exist; perhaps that will tip the entire system into a defunct state. And once the fracking bubble is over and another third of the population finds that it can no longer afford to drive, that might force through some sort of reset as well. But then the entire system of militarized police is designed to crush any sort of rebellion, and most people know that. Given the choice between certain death and just sitting on the sidewalk doing drugs, most people will choose the latter.

And so, Trump or no Trump, we are going to have more of the same: shiny young IT specialists skipping and whistling on the way to work past piles of human near-corpses and their excrement; Botoxed housewives shopping for fake organic produce while hungry people in the back of the store are digging around in dumpsters; concerned citizens demanding that migrants be allowed in, then calling the cops as soon as these migrants set up tents on their front lawn or ring their doorbell and ask to use the bathroom; well-to-do older couples dreaming of bugging out to some tropical gringo compound in a mangrove swamp where they would be chopped up with machetes and fed to the fish; and all of them believing that things are great because the stock market is doing so well.

At this rate, when the end of the US finally arrives, most of the people won’t be in a position to notice while the rest won’t be capable of absorbing that sort of upsetting information and will choose to ignore it. Everybody wants to know how the story ends, but that sort of information probably isn’t good for anyone’s sanity. The mental climate in the US is already sick enough; why should we want to make it even sicker?

The Saker: Dmitry, thank you so much for your time and for a most interesting interview!

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  1. I think this paragraph is the most profound and significant in the whole interview but a great read all up.

    “I think that the American empire is very much over already, but it hasn’t been put to any sort of serious stress test yet, and so nobody realizes that this is the case. Some event will come along which will leave the power center utterly humiliated and unable to countenance this humiliation and make adjustments. Things will go downhill from there as everyone in government in media does their best to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist. My hope is that the US military personnel currently scattered throughout the planet will not be simply abandoned once the money runs out, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if that is what happens.”

    The far flung military is my main thought too in the event.

    • Replies: @slorter
  2. Biff says:

    But, as I’ve said before, the US isn’t so much a country as a country club. Membership has its privileges, and members don’t care at all what life is like for those who are in the country but aren’t members of the club.

    If you paid attention to history, it’s always been that way – from the beginning. That cornball constitution was written for Club Members Only.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Walt says:

    This article states the facts about Ukraine perfectly. The U.S. deliberately supported the chaos that now exists in Ukraine . American attempts to seperate Russia & Ukraine will fail. Another geopolitical lose by America.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "Red in OleVirginny"] says:

    Interesting article. Here in the USA many folks don’t subscribe to the recent attempts to restart the Cold War with Russia. Russia is not my enemy – communists are. At home and abroad. One thing Mr. Orlov didn’t touch on is the 500-600 million firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition in the hands of private US citizens.
    In 2017, Americans bought 25.2 million guns, 2.5 million more guns than possessed by every law enforcement agency in the world put together.
    Between 2012 and 2017, Americans bought 135 million guns, that’s 2 million more guns than the combined stockpile of all the world’s armed forces. We are the most heavily armed people in the history of the world.
    If things go really bad here it will be something the world has never seen before.
    Let’s pray for peace – shall we?
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  5. Anonymous [AKA "tuesdayissoylentgreenday"] says:

    Greetings Red,

    You are correct.

  6. Anonymous [AKA "posetong"] says:

    great article but he needs to look at the shit hole Russia is in with non employment, Bums on the street, mental problems, drugs, and so, on along with there eventual bankruptcy. it will eventually go to war with China at some point because the stupidity of the Russian communist reds giving tech. to the red commie Chinese will bring them to territorial war. the Russians have bed down with dogs ( china) and it is getting ticks right now. China will turn on Russia at some point in there fake and phony love affair and when it does it will be hell for them or they will nuke each other.

  7. @Anonymous

    The Jewish-Bolsheviks are behind America’s diversion to attacking Russia. They are infuriated that Russia cut off their looting under Yeltsin.

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
    , @Sam J.
  8. Biff says:

    One thing Mr. Orlov didn’t touch on is the 500-600 million firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition in the hands of private US citizens.
    In 2017, Americans bought 25.2 million guns, 2.5 million more guns than possessed by every law enforcement agency in the world put together.
    Between 2012 and 2017, Americans bought 135 million guns, that’s 2 million more guns than the combined stockpile of all the world’s armed forces. We are the most heavily armed people in the history of the world.

    Pfft. Whoop dee doo. Those little pop-guns are nothing against ideas, much less military tactics, and weapons. Is your 30/06 gonna bring down a bomber at forty thousand feet, or a nuclear missile at fifty? Not a chance.
    More to the point, and just like now, they are more likely to use them on each other.

    • Replies: @bluedog
    , @Erebus
  9. bluedog says:

    Hmm do you really think they are going to bomb the cities back to the stone age, or nuke them for something to do,do you even have a ghost of an idea of how many troops (try a million or a million and a half) it would take to control the cities thru the land,I rather doubt it.!!!

  10. Erebus says:

    I think Red’s point was embedded in this statement…

    If things go really bad here it will be something the world has never seen before.

    I don’t think he was talking about fending off high-flying bombers, but Americans fending off other Americans.

    He has a point. Never has so divided a population been so awash in lethal weaponry. It could get very ugly if the divisions deepen and the inevitable demagogues and hot-heads come out of the woodwork. A Cultural Revolution with 5-600M firearms floating around would all too easily devolve into a bloodbath.

    • Agree: Andrei Martyanov
    • Replies: @European American
  11. @Erebus

    It won’t be the “division” of the two factions that will be fighting against each other (the Right has most of the guns), no, it will be when Food distribution avenues are interrupted for a week or two, at most. Now that’s when we’ll see things get downright medieval in the streets.

    • Agree: Cortes
  12. annamaria says:

    reposting (#7) for posetong: “The Jewish-Bolsheviks are behind America’s diversion to attacking Russia. They are infuriated that Russia cut off their looting under Yeltsin.”

    Add to this group the MIC and its war profiteers of all stripes.

    The anti-zionist path:

  13. Anonymous [AKA "Richard Sauder"] says: • Website

    The political chattering class(es) will soon be caught out for the demonic, vacuous, ignorant fools they are, all over the world.

    Those who survive the coming 5 to 15 years will have to be much wiser, or they will be dead.

    I set out a Preliminary Program For A Survivable World here:

    If something like what I lay out is not done and very, very soon, then humanity and much of the rest of the biosphere on this planet are toast. Tardigrades, lichens and cyanobacteria may survive, but more complex life forms will perish in droves, in a short period of time as the planet becomes uninhabitable for higher life forms, like horses, whales, turtles, orange trees, ferns, lilacs, ducks and parrots.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  14. Anonymous [AKA "Calhoundawg"] says:

    “Saker,” your “survive Trump” comments are imbecilic and ignorant, with not one example or reference. Exactly which part of Trump’s resounding succsesses — from foreign policy to the U.S. economy — shall we “survive?” What we very well may NOT survive are the trials, legal proceedings, indictments, convictions, and imprisonment of virtually every high-ranking official in the Obama administration, including Obama, himself. Treason and sedition are crimes punishable by death and the list of qualified applicants is long and well-known!!

  15. Cortes says:

    The number of “consignment” shops I saw in Florida a few years back really surprised me. Since then I’ve been told by people whose judgement I trust that some small towns in the northern Midwest feature permanent yard sales.

    Could be nothing, I suppose, but I wouldn’t be amazed if these were really symptoms of a slow motion, genteel version of the babushkas peddling their family heirlooms during the Yeltsin catastrophe of the 1990s. Evidence of collapse in expectations?

  16. Anonymous [AKA "VEE3"] says:
    @European American

    Not to mention while we are having a civil war, USA gets attacked from southern border, Gulf coast, Northwest coast, & parts of northern border…….Take your pick.

  17. JackH says:

    I’m an American living in Odessa, Ukraine and, I must say that, with respect to you speaking of shitholes with regard to unemployment in Russia; the US has actual unemployment and inflation in the double digits, as confirmed by The US government has had to change the methods of computing unemployment, inflation, etc., to conceal the truth from Americans and the rest of the world. If you have traveled to Russia lately, you would see a stark difference in terms of various infrastructure when compared to the US. The metro in Moscow is a gem, the airports are modern, clean and void of the numerous, surly immigrants and native born Americans one must deal with when returning to the US from abroad. Even places like Kiev, Ukraine with it’s 2 major airports, (Borispol, and Zhuliany, now refered to as Kyiv International) are beautiful, modern and Odessa has a beautiful, gleaming new terminal. Donetsk had one of the best and most beautiful and modern airports in Europe (and soccer stadiums) until the US government’s illegal coup in Kiev, and the resulting campaign of genocide against the people of Donbass, and these modern facilities serve as a reminder that the US government has squandered trillions of dollars on never-ending, illegal wars against nations posing ZERO threat to Americans, all of which are based on lies and initiated at the behest of the owners of the US, i.e., Israel! The saddest thing is that the dumbed-down, brainwashed American population still believes in the propaganda of US exceptionalism, in spite of evidence to the contrary everywhere they look! Americans buy the “Russian aggression” BULLSHIT, despite the US having military installations in 900 or so locales outside it’s borders, and a military presence in 140 nations! That FACT alone summarizes the fate that lies ahead for the US and Americans. All dying empires attempt to expand their influence by force when in a state of emergency and significant decline. To the US and the American population; may you both Rest in Peace.

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Rubby2
  18. Buster says:

    Apart from the lousy spelling . I would suggest that Mr Poontang is suffering from too many viewings of Dr Srangelove .
    When was the last time that he looked under the bed for those damned commies?

  19. bbtesla says:

    A brilliant if horrifying assessment of the Ukraine’s – and in particular- the US’s future.

  20. @Anonymous

    Northwest coast


    • Replies: @Hibernian
  21. @European American

    no, it will be when Food distribution avenues are interrupted for a week or two, at most. Now that’s when we’ll see things get downright medieval in the streets.

    And emergence of the war-lords most of who will emerge from the so called “right-wing” and mostly from people with military backgrounds. Those will be those particular skills in organizing and disciplining rudimentary para-military units, organizing their logistics, guards functions and proper tactics in urban combat, punitive (robbery) functions and organization of escorts which will trump (no pun intended) any skills in marketing, fashion design and strategic forecasting, not to mention journalism–primary fields for SJWs and diversity snowflakes–that will decide the issue. Cities as we know them will die.

    • Agree: Erebus, Sergey Krieger
    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  22. @Anonymous

    Take your pick.

    Most likely special warfare and intelligence units deploying to prevent a mayhem with US nukes. Expect a bizarre possibility of GRU and US military cooperating in this case. Good plot for a movie.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  23. Mitia says:

    D. Orlov once again proves his intellect and genius. Nikolai Gogol was “Ukrainian” born but considered himself a Russian Orthodox Christian first and foremost. “Holy Russia” was born in Kiev. Even estranged Ukies know and are drawn towards this. Such a pity they have fallen under the hand of the Evil One in the midst of such a rich land and culture. To you in the upcoming week Mr Orlov: XB☦️.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  24. Erebus says:
    @European American

    It won’t be the “division” of the two factions that will be fighting against each other…


    In addition to the merely political, the divisions are marbled through America’s body politic along geographic, racial, ethnic, religious, ideological and societal lines. That’s a recipe for the emergence of war-bands under local demagogues in ways similar to Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya after the state collapsed. Their internal divisions opened immediately into chasms as soon as the centre could no longer hold. It takes generations to get out of that kind of hellhole and the US shows every sign of being headed there.

    A similar thing happened in China as it fell apart early in the 20th century, and to a lesser extent in Russia in the ’90s. Just enough of the state apparatus remained in Russia that it could be saved with little bloodshed by a patriotic remnant. China’s ethnic homogeneity, and its shared history helped hold it together through its 100 yrs of rule by war-bands.

    • Replies: @Iris
  25. Erebus says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Expect a bizarre possibility of GRU and US military cooperating in this case.

    Why “bizarre”? I seem to recall the US “helping” Russia secure their nukes as the USSR fell apart. I don’t, however, remember any movie at the time.

    There’s the further possibility that northern states will try to join Canada. WA, MT, and ND, perhaps SD & WY would fit right in, and they’d be bringing a significant percentage of the US nuclear arsenal with them, and most importantly the bulk of the Minuteman arsenal.

  26. Anonymous [AKA "Donald Canaday"] says: • Website

    A 10 euro coin in hungry to honor king Fernando that assinated and started world war 1. The coin has inscription as follows: Republik Osterreich, schloss artstsetten 10 euro 2004.. on other side coin is as follows: erzhezog franz Ferdinand herzogin sophie v hohenberg.

  27. Anonymous [AKA "Marc Veilleux"] says:

    Dmitry: Your analysis on Ukraine and Russia for today is very good; but your knowledge of the past history of Ukraine and Russia is very poor, perhaps coming from fake history. Even about Stalin, you seem to ignore very important facts; for exemple, Stalin wanted to completely erased the Russian Church (as well as other believers in God) from the memory of all Russians. What stopped Stalin was the successful invasion of Poland by the Germans, and definitely by the invasion of the Soviet Union by the Germans. Without this invasion, which was not an agression but a defensive action (because it was obvious that the Soviets were going to invade Europe), the Russians would still be without any national identity or any patriotism: they were totally brainwashed into the internationalist communists. But more important, you seem to ignore that Moscow was never the Head Office of International Communist; the Head Office was in New York since 1872. And Russia was feeding the soviets republics as well as China’s revolution and many other with the money and technologies coming from the U.S. or its allies. Jews and freemasons were always supporting communism; they still are but today they will use the new technology instead of military to control all individuals. And don’t kid yourself, Russia and the U.S. are still colliding toward the same goal; this doesn’t mean that Putin is aware of this! The Deep State give access to all informations worldwide; they don’t give access to all informations to the good guys!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Sergey Krieger
  28. Greg S. says:

    Mr. Orlov is one smart dude. All I might add about Ukraine is the most succinct summary of the situation I have come across: the USA set up Ukraine to be an anti-Russia so Russia in turn encouraged the Donbass to be an anti- Ukraine. And thus things were frozen in place ever since.

  29. Anon[387] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m sure Dmitry Orlov would love that. He’s been fellating himself over the coming collapse of the USA for more than a decade now. It’s pretty much all he ever writes about.

    Orlov is a sick and hateful man. His intelligence isn’t going to save him. I wouldn’t want to be in his position when he gets the reactions for fanning the flames of hatred, and making money off of it. His audience of well-to-do insulated Boomer Europeans simply can’t get enough of the Anti-America porn. That’s hardly a basis for a healthy relationship though. More like companions on the road to hell.

  30. Stogumber says:

    Well, I don’t live in the region and I have no sympathies for the Maidan putschists and their followers. On the other hand, every informed European knows that Ukrainian nationalism existed at least a century before Lenin. In this time it was directed against Poland and, in a way, against Austria, but when the the Russian Soviets came to occupy Ukraine it was quite naturally directed against Russia. So the Soviets didn’t invent Ukraine, even if they lumped too much Russian-settled territories into it.

    If Orlov doesn’t accept these rather simple facts, I wouldn’ trust him on anything else.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  31. Bliss says:

    China will turn on Russia at some point in there fake and phony love affair and when it does it will be hell for them or they will nuke each other.

    That is far more likely to happen than Civil War II in the US.

    This Orlov guy is clueless:

    I think that the American empire is very much over already, but it hasn’t been put to any sort of serious stress test yet, and so nobody realizes that this is the case. Some event will come along which will leave the power center utterly humiliated and unable to countenance this humiliation and make adjustments.

    That’s nothing but wishful thinking. “Some event will come along.” Lol. Dream on Dmitry.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  32. Anonymous [AKA "Dmitry Orlov"] says:

    And don’t kid yourself, Russia and the U.S. are still colliding toward the same goal; this doesn’t mean that Putin is aware of this!

    LOL! We have a winner of the most preposterous comment contest. Not sure what you are “colliding” toward but you are certainly “aware” of a lot more than you know!

  33. A totally unrepentant imperialist. At one with an English Brexiter.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @Matra
    , @Hibernian
    , @Parbes
  34. @Erebus

    Why “bizarre”? I seem to recall the US “helping” Russia secure their nukes as the USSR fell apart. I don’t, however, remember any movie at the time.

    I am talking about even closer cooperation if shit hits the fan big time in the US. Up to a point of combined operations under the conditions of US Armed Forces themselves disintegrating. I, of course, am talking about extreme scenario of massive institutional collapse in the US. It is possible. How probable? Well, I don’t know.

  35. @Bliss

    Dream on Dmitry.

    You have a very unfortunate handle which long ago is associated with the state of being unaware. Yes, let’s leave it at that–unaware.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  36. AP says:
    @Philip Owen

    And also one who deliberately peddles nonsense to naive ignorant people.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  37. Brandon says:

    Orlov seems like an intelligent chap. Which makes it all the more puzzling how he could completely forget about…or ignore the fact the the population of the United States is an Armed Citizenry. Orlov’s comments about militarized police suppressing any sort of rebellion are ludicrous. The US, with the most powerful and sophisticated military in the world…is making little headway fighting small bands of RPG and AK armed goatherders in Afghanistan. Is Orlov saying that in a country of 3.8 million square miles of forests, fields, mountains, deserts and urban areas of every size…with over 300 million people…many of whom are well armed…and where the citizens outnumber police officers 1000 to 3.4…that a few cops with armored vehicles are going to put down any uprising by groups or even lone individuals? LOL…LOL…LOL. The so-called “authorities” couldn’t even stop the LA riots which occupied only a few city blocks in area.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @NoseytheDuke
  38. AP says:

    Moreover most US cops are from the local communities, it’s not all a government monolith.

    • Replies: @Brandon
    , @Anonymous
  39. Iris says:

    That’s a recipe for the emergence of war-bands under local demagogues in ways similar to Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya after the state collapsed

    I don’t think any such thing can ever happen to the US, Erebus.
    The apocalyptic outcome of the country breaking down in violence as described in some comments could only happen if (1) powerful malign foreign intervention was consistently at play, or if (2) the USA lacked of modern, educated leaders able to face a strategic crisis, or both (1 & 2) as was the case in the countries you mentioned .

    If the US was to lose its hegemonic status and become only a regional power, I don’t see China or Russia setting out to subvert its sovereignty.
    And the US being a modern country with a sufficient critical mass of educated people, it will recover from the chaos caused by the collapse of the imperial status quo. Such collapse will free the US from serving the Zionist existential agenda, and although some violence will manifest initially, the military institution will hold the country together and new national political forces will emerge.

    The sovereignty of the US will never be challenged. The difficult, cultural problem that will perpetuate is the social inequality within the US. Best.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  40. Beckow says:

    …although some things can’t go on forever, and therefore won’t

    In other words, trends continue until they don’t, making predictions very dicey. That’s why most ‘prophets‘ ended up focusing on personal salvation and afterlife. Future comes out of the present, we just don’t know how. Any of the dozens of trends could be true, but how they will combine and influence each other, is beyond comprehension.

    People also get too emotional about the civilizational noise about abstract concepts like pensions, civil wars, surveillance, far-flung military bases, stock markets, etc… It is more likely that future will reflect the current underlying physical realities around the world: there are rich geographies like North America, Russia, parts of Europe; there are well-organized, smart nations used to postponing gratification, generally refrain from excess, and know how to fix plumbing (Europeans, East Asians, and a few others).

    Then there are the perennial sh..tholes: used to be called the Third World, with a recent massive spill-over into the West. What will most likely happen is that the well-endowed and the sh.tholers will continue mixing and parts of the West will be lost, unfortunately some of the best parts. But after some turbulence and losses, the civilised and the not-so civilised will go on much like right now. Chaos has always been with us and people eventually figure out how to keep it in its place.

    The only real danger is that a subset of the uncultured from the Third World will assume enough power in the still technologically advanced West and proceed to blow it up; out of spite, ignorance, lack of restraint, or because they like things to go boom-boom. Of course, with enthusiastic help from the end-of-line cohorts in the West that are good at standardised test taking and elite-whoring.

    We had a preview with the Obama mania. Fortunately the main character was inept, low-energy and rather restrained. Next time it could be a real nutcase with deep unfixable traumas and a taste for universal justice. Or we could have less level-headed leaders in Russia and China who would engage in the bait. Then it might go boom and what language is taught in the Donbass schools or how many bathroom signs are posted in North Carolina won’t matter one bit. But I am an optimist…

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  41. 3163830

    Sorry about the formatting snafu:
    Spacing was dropped after I clicked publish, with no chance to delete post.
    After line 1, the letters are supposed to form a cross under the “O” of “demOcracy.”

  42. Brandon says:

    @AP You have a point but the picture may not be that simple. The militarization of the police takes many forms. Yes, we’ve seen an increase in use of military tactics by police…and during the Bush and Obama years we had decommissioned military hardware disseminated to police departments throughout the country…which I should add is really caching behavior. The Feds spread the gear to both rural and urban departments all over…and that gear can be recalled or commandeered if needed…so it’s more like a loan, or a case of “hold this armament for us.” Secondly, those friendly, upstanding hometown police departments you refer to are staffed almost exclusively by former military personnel and many are still active in the reserves and National Guard because, for the past few decades, police departments have given preference to hiring ex-soldiers. It is not a long shot for the government to exploit this situation. After all, they’ve basically infiltrated the police profession…whether intentionally or not is up for debate… but this is what we are stuck with. We have the tiger by the tail…the bull by the horns. I do see the possibility of County Sheriff’s – who are perhaps the only and truly legitimate law enforcement agents in this country as they are ELECTED OFFICIALS – joining forces with the Citizenry.

  43. Trump is soon to be the first president impeached for thought crimes.
    “1984” visits the White House.

    “Burning down the House” 1983 Talking Heads (edited)

    I’m an ordinary guy
    Burning down the house

    There has got to be a way
    Burning down the house

    Maybe you know where you are
    Fightin’ fire with fire

    Three hundred sixty five degrees
    Burning down the house

    Baby, what did you expect?
    Gonna burst into flame

    Some things sure can sweep me off my feet
    Burning down the house

    Staring into the TV set
    Fighting fire with fire

  44. Matra says:
    @Philip Owen

    Remainiacs believe that Brexiters are all imperialists. The same Remainiacs also believe that Brexiters are Little Englanders with no interest in the outside world.

    • Agree: Cortes
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  45. Erebus says:

    I don’t think any such thing can ever happen to the US…

    I do, and moreover I think the US is past the formative stages that have been visible for a while.
    One of the reasons I think so is precisely because from what I can see…

    … the USA (has) lacked… modern, educated leaders able to face a strategic crisis,

    … for the last 2, possibly 3, decades.

    America’s strategic crisis came in the ’90s, immediately following the collapse of the USSR. At that time, its leadership got sidelined in favour of clique of harebrained ideologues whose ideology is not only alien, but corrosive. The net result is that the National interest was abandoned, if not actively undermined in favour of an Imperial agenda benefiting the ideologues and a tiny elite to the detriment of the nation and the population. Unfortunately, neither modernity nor education prevented the gross miscalculations that drove their Imperial agenda into the ditch.

    Their Imperial ambitions are now unrecoverable, but with the national fabric rent, they’ve created a recipe for a Constitutional crisis for the simple reason that it is completely unclear whether a coherent, widely accepted vision of the National interest can even be coherently generated at this point. Everything I look at says “Doubtful”.

    The last time that happened in America, a brutal civil war broke out that exceeded all previous for carnage. That’s, of course, no guarantee of a civil war breaking out this time, but the trend is not America’s friend here. The USSR came very close to a civil war as it came apart, and as it did America’s eventually following in its footsteps was a matter of some discussion both internally and externally. “Eventually’s” turn is coming ’round at last.

    … I don’t see China or Russia setting out to subvert its sovereignty.

    Fully agree.
    It is not in their, or the world’s, interest to see the US fall into the abyss. Today, the repercussions would shatter a great many of the institutional structures the world is dependent on, not least of which is the USD’s reserve status. Imagine the world’s central banks waking up one day being, in aggregate, some 60% poorer. Can you say “Global Depression”?

    Both Russia and China and others have made all manner of overtures to help America’s elites out of their dilemma. Alas, the ideologues are still in charge and the hour is getting late.

  46. Iris says:

    America’s strategic crisis came in the ’90s, immediately following the collapse of the USSR. At that time, its leadership got sidelined in favour of clique of harebrained ideologues whose ideology is not only alien, but corrosive.

    Thanks, Erebus, great comment as ever.

    There is no doubt that the collapse of the USSR triggered intellectual decadence in all of the Western world. Historian Webster Tarpley very insightfully made the correlation.
    While the USSR was still a geopolitical competitor, the US and its area of influence had to deploy intelligence and persuasion to convince of their superiority. Once the USSR collapsed, hubris took over, it was believed that “History had ended” leaving in place a sole hegemon, and that no pretence was required anymore. Political and social thinking went downhill. The trash called “commercial popular culture” now served to the masses on TV is another consequence.

    But has the education and modern political vision really disappeared? I don’t know much about America, and can talk only about Europe, but this is what I think, for what it is worth.

    The body of knowledge that supports modern political vision has not disappeared: it is suppressed and oppressed because Zionist control has taken over almost all political processes. The takeover was gradual, and while certainly favoured by the US patron emerging as sole hegemon, it has also a more specific and organic root cause: financial globalisation.
    Financial globalisation represented the key milestone at which point countries’ sovereignty was almost abolished, and political personnel were chosen on the basis of their compatibility and complacency with the Zionist existential agenda.

    Anyway, this is was the case in both the UK and France, and was even more visible in France, where critical mind used to be valued and institutional propaganda was not so established.
    In neither countries can politicians question whether policies are serving the national interest, or whether they are good for Israel. It has become impossible to do so.

    Does it mean that there are no “jail break” attempts? Definitely not. The false flag terror attacks under President Hollande’s term were organised because (1) he tried to normalise relationships with Russia, (2) he got cold feet with the subversion of Syria (which was openly and “independently” championed by Hebraic FM Laurent Fabius).

    Current French President, Macron, for all his flaws, is not the complete puppet he is portrayed to be. He also makes attempts at favouring the national interest by dealing directly with Russia.
    We don’t know yet what pressure he is submitted to: people are eager to hear about the inquiry into the fire at Notre-Dame.

    The point is, political capabilities haven’t disappeared, they are suppressed by the overwhelming balance of power in favour of the covert Zionist forces at play. And sadly, these forces wouldn’t not be so formidable without the backing of their US “patron”.

    If a seismic shock was to happen that would remove credibility to the existing European political systems, new political forces will come to being because there still exist people with modern vision and integrity that could organise them.
    Such a seismic shock is bound to happen anyway: if Israel hasn’t caused a major showdown in the ME by then, it will be a long overdue recession.

    The US is said to be different from Europe because of the number of personal weapons in circulation, but personal weapons are completely pointless against military forces. There will be a lot of civil unrest, but as long as the US military holds together, the country’s geographical can never be threatened.

    What seems more likely is not an American civil war, but very bloody Israeli retaliations on US soil, should the US face the need to change direction in its foreign policy. Best.

  47. El Dato says:

    “THE MUTE GODS – Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”

  48. bluedog says:

    Lets just what resounding successes has Trump had as he tries to start three more wars, Venezuela Ecuador,Cuba (we don’t like their governments he brays as he brings in the hit man from the contra days) and moving more troops into Syria from Iraq,to put it very bluntly the economy sucks as inflation and health care eats up the little bit of dole that he gave to the working class, while the 1% waxes in the sun from the very very very large cut in taxes (including himself) that he gave to them, while adding another two or three trillion to debt.As far as foreign policies the buffoon doesn’t have one as he twits and twitters from his golden cage while singing the song out of Israel,he would be one of the worst president if not for the fact that we have had a long list of presidents going waaay back.!!!

  49. Rubby2 says:

    As a pretty well informed American citizen. I agree with most everything you say, “JackH.”
    I don’t know when last you visited the US, but what Orlov describes “chaos” it is a perfect word to describe America today.

    Today, I went “uptown” to visit a shop where the wealthy live in Portland, Oregon. Upon leaving, it wasn’t more than three blocks down from there that I started to seeing the homeless, dirty and unkempt; people strung out on drugs, hungry-appearing with some screaming filthy language for all to hear.
    Like all large cities, we see this huge contrast between the small concave of the wealthy, vs a growingly significant population, drugged out, homeless, ill-fed and angry-looking. You also have the commoners who look away at the poor and the miserables and turn their faces away.

    As a child growing up in the 60s, when we visited a metropolis, like San Francisco, you could come across a sparse population of “beggars.” Not anymore. Before it’s over, thanks to the Almighty \$\$ in the pockets of the wealthy and super wealthy, all the rest of us will be out on the streets begging for food.

    • Replies: @JackH
  50. If the concern is that the empire will be so broke it won’t even repatriate its legions how exactly is said exhausted imperial Washington going to put down secession movements? Post imperial America will balkanize. There is plenty of room for three or more new republics. Some will fare better than others.

  51. @Cortes

    I’m a flea market guy. As retail shrinks resale increases. The competition in resale is intense. Locally you have yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets. Nationally you have e-bay and others. Americans are selling their belongings in an effort to make ends meet. Flea markets traditionally traded in antiques and collectables. Increasingly we trade in clothing, tools, pots and pans, etc. WallMart’s everyday low prices are becoming unaffordable.

    If you want to eat during the coming reset learn how to repair things. Buying new will not be an option for the 99%

    • Agree: Cortes
    • Replies: @Cortes
  52. Erebus says:

    If a seismic shock was to happen that would remove credibility to the existing European political systems, new political forces will come to being because there still exist people with modern vision and integrity that could organise them.

    Mao famously observed…

    “There is great disorder under heaven. The situation is excellent.”

    New political forces will inevitably come into being, but there’s no reason to be hopeful that “modern vision and integrity” will compete successfully against demagoguery in every place. The “strong man”, promising to bring “stability”with simple answers to complex questions, will win far too often to be dismissed.

    In Mao’s case, he had two (or more) sets of answers, depending on the audience and ultimately he set China on the right path, but for every Mao there’s a hundred Pol Pots and Bokassas who are more likely to open the gates of hell.

    With its long history and traditions, one can hope that modern vision and integrity will prevail in much of Europe, but it is not unlikely that the EU would shatter. America is in a very similar place. If a seismic shock removed the credibility of the federal govt, I have no great hope the country would stay together.

    There will be a lot of civil unrest, but as long as the US military holds together, the country’s geographical can never be threatened.

    How long will the US military hold together? How long before it splinters along the same fault lines as the legal and political structures that currently hold the country together?

    Then there’s the State militias (called National Guards) who are, at least de jure, controlled by State Governors. In addition to the Pentagon-based military, there’s 50 “mini-armies” in the country, each attached to its state.

    In fact, each state contains within itself almost all of the judicial, security, and political structures, including a constitution required to constitute itself as a stand-alone country. Some even have their own “central bank”. There’s also quite a few inter-state organizations and treaties, so a budding Foreign Affairs system is already in place between them.

    So, while I agree that no foreign power is likely to threaten it geographically, the USA has everything in place to divide itself, including an increasingly apparent social impetus to do so. That said, it’s by no means beyond the pale that certain states, or parts of states may wish to join Canada or Mexico. It may be hard to believe that the USM would start bombing Seattle to keep Washington State from joining Canada, but the fact of the matter is that cities were targets for both armies in the American Civil War and many were razed to the ground.

  53. Anonymous [AKA "Chris D"] says:

    You, so to speak, took the words right out of my mouth with the best response to Mr Orlov. I read his article more and more confused by his denial of a self-standing Ukraine with arguments that assumed the opposite. I was especially confused by the fantasy of a Ukrainian uprising against the West’s attempt to turn Ukraine into an agricultural colony.

    Do you know of anyone who gives a levelheaded assessment of the region – like Patrick Cockburn for the Middle East?

  54. @Andrei Martyanov

    So far Miller report averted civil war. So there will be relatively settled quiet until elections.
    I do not think Natanyahu will convince Trump to attack Iran.
    Nothing exciting will happen in world during next two years.

  55. JackH says:

    I returned to the states in late 2017 for a wedding. I was horrified to see the vast number of fat slobs and the lack of interest exhibited in anything other than sports or arguing about the left versus right.

    As one who has delved deeply into matters of the history of the USA and the US, and the respective governments, I was particularly interested in your statement regarding being an American citizen. Are you sure of your status? Can you tell me the difference between being a US citizen and an American citizen? I’ll be very interested in your reply 😁 I can almost guarantee you that it’s not what you think!

  56. Excellent interview, which should be red by the so-called Western elites. Unfortunately, they don’t read.
    Ukraine, like Kosovo, is a pipedream of Western imperial and neo-colonial elites on their march to dominate the world. Both so-called states are US protectorates. Everywhere the Western colonialists and aggressors set their foot on; they created chaos. Ukraine, plain and simple, is the outskirts of Russia, and the artificial state of Kosovo is just another US American aircraft carrier in the Balkans to control all of Europe.

  57. Anonymous [AKA "paetawa"] says:

    Nothing wrong with Orlov. All he is doing is applying lessons learnt in Russia’s collapse to the USA’s impending collapse. That is not sick or hateful, just pragmatic.

    You, on the other hand, come across as an insecure, overly entitled whiner who cannot handle the thought of an end to your supply of pointless distractions.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  58. @Erebus

    A really interesting analysis of Ukraine’s ‘non existence’ by Orlov. And he must be right that the American empire is already over. Maybe there won’t be one ‘stress test’ but death by a thousand cuts, which is how most Empires collapse? It’s already clear that Uncle Sam can’t just bark and things happen – recent examples include the defeat of proxies in Syria, the farce of ‘Random man’s’ supposed Presidency of Venezuela, Germany refusing to abandon Nordstream or Italy signing up to China’s belt and road initiative. However, Orlov does seem miss the real – and indeed strong – possibility that the USA will break up. This may the only real hope for the remaining decent segment of the population. Comment 53 by Erebus lay this out well and personally I find the most interesting of all. However, would this be a bad thing? If the viable states (almost all with still majority European hardworking non-gender-bending populations) could find a way of hiving themselves off from the rest, you could have the basis for a well run country. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, anything that distracts the USA from its worldwide wrecking operations, is a good thing. I’d be interested if Erebus – or anyone else with detailed knowledge of US states – could suggest a group of contiguous states that might break away and have the means to defend themselves against the rest (although one doesn’t see Hispanics, Afro-Americans or LGBT maddened gender-bending ‘whites’ as much threat – while the non-assimilating Jews seem all set to scurry off to Patagonia when the balloon goes up.)

  59. @Erebus

    Mao paraphrased Lenin’ s : ” the worst, the better” phrase. Basically it is excellent timing for revolution to succeed, power to be taken and things to be changed. In terms of USA considering USA is not actually a nation but motley crew of various races and ethnicities which as a single entity completely lost cohesion. USA also lacks any positive organization and any leader of Lenin Mao talents and vision to rescue USA when shit hits the fan. I think it will be the worst scenario. All the violence ingrained in American culture and lots of guns will bring what USA has been doing abroad home. The real catalist will be hunger.

  60. @Erebus

    So, I will be living again in super power. Then Canada joins Russia and I will be back home without much fuss. Lol. Interesting scenario.

  61. mp says:

    Other than his attempts to Make Israel Great Again, where are Trump’s ‘resounding successes’? Where is ‘the Wall’. You know, the one Mexico is going to pay for? Where is our ‘Russian ally’? You know, the one that was supposed to help us fight Isis. You know, the Isis that we were, by the way, supposed to ‘bomb the hell’ out of? Where is the withdrawal from Syria? Where is the ‘remaking’ of NATO? Where is ‘revitalizing’ the ‘inner cities’? Where is repeal and replace? Where are all the ‘smart’ people he knows that were going to help make his administration and the country strong and powerful? Instead of that we got Javanka. LOL

  62. Cowboy says:

    Thus, with regard to social collapse, there really isn’t much to discuss, because the term “Ukrainian society” has very little basis in reality. If we drop the conceit that the Ukraine is a country that can be viable if separated from Russia, what can we say about its chances as part of a Greater Russia?

    Orlov is a jewish-supramacist jerk. Why doesn’t he just come out and call them “Untermensch” the way his people lied and accused Germans of at Nuremburg. Just like practically every other kvetching jew, Orlov smears the Ukrainian ZOG army as being “Nazi”, yet it is blatantly ZOG. Sure, those Galicians may want to protect their homeland and ethnic roots, but they are still Jew puppets being jerked around by Jews like Orlov.

    This article illustrates how Ukrainians are clever and Ukraine could be a rich, prosperous country if they could just shake off the jews that have been running the show since long before the Holodomor.


    Despite its mission to keep people and their property secure, the company’s treatment of customer video feeds has been anything but, people familiar with the company’s practices told The Intercept. Beginning in 2016, according to one source, Ring provided its Ukraine-based research and development team virtually unfettered access to a folder on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service that contained every video created by every Ring camera around the world. This would amount to an enormous list of highly sensitive files that could be easily browsed and viewed. Downloading and sharing these customer video files would have required little more than a click. The Information, which has aggressively covered Ring’s security lapses, reported on these practices last month.

    At the time the Ukrainian access was provided, the video files were left unencrypted, the source said, because of Ring leadership’s “sense that encryption would make the company less valuable,” owing to the expense of implementing encryption and lost revenue opportunities due to restricted access. The Ukraine team was also provided with a corresponding database that linked each specific video file to corresponding specific Ring customers.

    “If [someone] knew a reporter or competitor’s email address, [they] could view all their cameras.””
    At the same time, the source said, Ring unnecessarily provided executives and engineers in the U.S. with highly privileged access to the company’s technical support video portal, allowing unfiltered, round-the-clock live feeds from some customer cameras, regardless of whether they needed access to this extremely sensitive data to do their jobs. For someone who’d been given this top-level access — comparable to Uber’s infamous “God mode” map that revealed the movements of all passengers — only a Ring customer’s email address was required to watch cameras from that person’s home.

    Ukraine’s only real problem is Jews pretending to be Ukrainian, just as Russia’s biggest problem is Jews like Orlov pretending to be Russian. In the end it is always the rich jews living in Ukraine getting Ukrainians to fight Russians who were stood up be rich Jews living in Russia.

  63. Iris says:

    How long will the US military hold together? How long before it splinters along the same fault lines as the legal and political structures that currently hold the country together?

    I understand what you mean: the US national consensus has been broken so much beyond repair that if and when a “seismic crisis” happens, the advent of a new consensus will depend on the emergence of a providential leader, which is far from being a rational political blueprint.

    The flaw in the parallel I made with Europe is that, unlike the US, European countries have a more homogenous national identity that may make it easier to face a seismic political crisis. Europe, however, with its “homogenous identity”, was the central foyer that caused two world wars. So not sure it will fare better than the US. And you are 100% correct about the EU, it cannot survive under its current form.

    There is no doubt that the US has caused an imperial apocalypse worldwide that will stain its image in History. However, Russian analysts which lash out at the US and ignore the Israel elephant in the room are missing the point. Kind regards.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  64. @Andrei Martyanov

    Let’s not. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

  65. @Brandon

    A prepper on the You Tube thingy has stated that 90% of armed Americans would willingly hand over their arms to government forces in exchange for food should the excrement ever come into rapid contact with the cooling fan at some point in the future. It’s a sobering thought and one that I hadn’t considered (I could hold out for probably as much as 3 or 4 months at the most, and aren’t in the US) but there may be some truth in it. Nobody really knows but it’s a pretty safe bet that those would be truly terrible times for all except those with private jets and the fuel to get them to New Zealand.

    • Replies: @Realist
  66. Why should I take seriously a blowhard science fiction writer as any kind of authority on Ukraine?

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  67. Sean says:

    As one would expect Orlov is very good about the history of the USSR, but he greatly underestimates the complexity and thus the ultimate robustness of liberal Western countries. They may not have the oil and gas but there is a great deal of administrative and infrastructural resources in the West, and while the state might stumble it will not fall.

    In terms of the people who make up the population of the West, yes that is changing and not for the better, but the government can compensate more than enough and the state will not fall. The West will get mightier yet. As for Ukraine, no one cares about Mackinder now because Chinese rather than Russian or German plans for world domination are coming into focus.

  68. This is all going according to plan, the zionist satanic plan as laid out in the protocols of zion, chaos, wars, satanism, terrorism, et. al. , all this is the zionism plan for their demonic NWO!

  69. EoinW says:

    I don’t see Canada as some oasis of sanity as insanity wrecks the USA. The only reason Canada has a higher standard of living is because Canadians have a universal health care system. It means that they aren’t slipping through the cracks as rapidly as Americans are. Nevertheless that health care system has been under attack by Canada’s political elites for 25 years. I’m sure – as Niomi Klein might suggest – the next economic crisis will be used to transform that system into a system in name only. Take away that and Canadians are in as bad, if not worse shape than Americans.

    Perhaps northern states may wish to join Canada simply because Canadians won’t be armed to the teeth and slaughtering each other. The anarchy will need to be pretty bad in those states for that to happen. Economically Canada could be worse off than America. Plus, without arms, Canadians will be much easier to manipulate and control by their ruling elite. The country has had it pretty easy by riding the coat tails of two world empires. Canada, however, is riding the coat tail of the American Empire all the way to the crash landing.

    It shall be interesting to see what happens. In the western world we are talking about the most spoiled people in human history. At this point we are all a bunch of spoiled brats. We’re a nice, well meaning people. In a society of easy money, uber materialism and no social nor fiscal responsibility, it’s easy to be nice. If an economic crisis hits to shake the system to its core then we shall see what we are really like.

  70. Mr. Hack says:

    For somebody to write this incredible piece of nonsensical BS in 2019 about Ukraine and Ukrainians is unforgivable. Any simple fact check would show that these are the mutterings of a madman. That Saker would print this dribble here only shows the low level of contempt that he has for his readers, who if they believe this level of nonsense should be thought of as ‘Saker’s little Suckers‘! 🙁

    • Replies: @bluedog
    , @bluedog
    , @annamaria
  71. Anonymous [AKA "God Bless America"] says:

    Sean is like Kate Smith queefing patriotic songs out her beefy labia. Sean’s latest contentless pledge of allegiance invokes ‘administrative resources.’ That means CIA pukes writing more red tape and get-out-of-jail-free cards like the Huston memo, the operational files exemption, Section 202, and OCO to make the US even more totalitarian and kleptocratic. When Russia gets fed up they are going to decapitate Sean’s crooked shit government so fast you won’t know what hit you. And we’re going to need a transparent nationwide lottery to allocate hangman jobs for Nuremberg II. Every American is avid to shit out the greasy worm bolus of CIA kleptocracy. When that happens, submissive downtrodden Americans will finally have world-standard human rights like the Russians do:

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
    , @Sean
  72. Erebus says:

    European countries have a more homogenous national identity that may make it easier to face a seismic political crisis.

    Absolutely, and my comments had that in mind, even if I didn’t make it explicit.

    Europe, however, with its “homogenous identity”, was the central foyer that caused two world wars.

    Europe, at least as individual countries, has the option to sign on to China’s BRI and Eurasia’s transformation. That can help save those whose political elites have their nation’s interests at the forefront. America seems determined to do nothing but try to stymie Eurasian development, and doubtless a few European elites will want to continue to place their nation’s eggs in that basket. I see that as a potential dividing line between two Europes – Atlanticist and Eurasian – with every potential for conflict between them. One can hope they figure out a way to live long enough for Atlanticism to become totally obsolete.

    … Russian analysts which lash out at the US and ignore the Israel elephant in the room are missing the point.

    I’m not sure only Russian analysts are guilty of that. In any case, Orlov has lived in the US long enough to be an “American analyst”.

    • Agree: Iris
  73. Ruprecht says:

    “The artificial, synthetic Ukrainian identity is too thin to give the country a sense of self or a sense of direction. It is a purely negative identity: Ukraine is that which is not Russia. ”

    This is the most salient point about Ukraine. The negative-identity is a dangerous thing. You when have no positive identity the only unifying thing you have is hatred for the “other” which you are not. The danger comes when the “other” is bigger than you. At some point it will grow tired of your bellyaching and hate-mongering and give you a good bitch slap.

    It’s strangely reminiscent of Canada, believe it or not. It really has no positive identity, just a “we’re not stupid Americans!” negative identity When the US-bashing isn’t doing its job the country splinters. Its regions essentially hate each other, or have contempt for each other. English-French; East-West; Quebecois-Federalist. Out West the separatist movement is growing like never before, and will only pick up steam once the economy nose-dives.

    The negative identity is also apparent in modern identity politics. Feminists, professional minority special interests, and the like have hitched their wagon to hating white males. This, too, is a dangerous game. It can only end one of two ways: either 1) white males (and those not on board with identity politics) will give them a bitch slap, or 2) white males will become a small enough minority to actually subject state-sponsored repression. Either way, it won’t be good.

    Essentially, Mr. Orlov is right on the money when it comes to the negative identity, whether Ukraine or wherever.

    • LOL: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @EoinW
    , @Galan
  74. @Erebus

    The last time that happened in America, a brutal civil war broke out that exceeded all previous for carnage.

    The Taiping Rebellion in China, starting a bit before and running about the same time, killed millions of people. The US Civil war did not exceed that.

    • Agree: Bliss
    • Replies: @Erebus
  75. Hibernian says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Means coast of the pacific northwest, I believe. A subdivision of the West Coast.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  76. Hibernian says:

    I’ve posted this before on Anatoly Karlin’s blog: Ukrainians are a distinct group in Chicago and no one confuses them with either Russians or Poles. Sure, Western Ukrainians are like Poles and Eastern Ukrainians are like Russians, and there are diaspora populations on both sides and disputed border areas. The great bulk of Ukrainian territory had the distinction of being under Muslim rule during one era and/or rule by the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth in another era. This is what makes The Ukraine unique. The argument that Ukraine means “outskirts” and this is not a proper name for a sovereign nation is an especially weak one. Place names arise for all sorts of reasons.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Jake
  77. Hibernian says:
    @Philip Owen

    Despite my (relatively mild) Irish nationalist sympathies and my concern about a hard UK/Repub. of Ireland border I recognize Brexiteers as true British patriots, like other nations’ patriots, and anything but imperialists. Fake Tory Brexiteers who are really Remainers are another matter, they are imperialist in the nth degree

  78. Hibernian says:

    The EU is as imperialist as the day is long. It is a reincarnation of the Holy Roman Empire minus Christianity, although the Catholic church had an influence at the start.

  79. Corvinus says:

    “All he is doing is applying lessons learnt in Russia’s collapse to the USA’s impending collapse.”

    You mean he is applying lessons learnt to what he believes could be the USA’s impending collapse. In other words, he is speculating. It could go down how he describes, or not. We really don’t know.

  80. aandrews says:

    “Some event will come along which will leave the power center utterly humiliated and unable to countenance this humiliation and make adjustments.”

    Something as described in John Michael Greer’s fictional Twilight’s Last Gleaming: a burned out U.S. aircraft carrier laying on its side on an African beach, which would definitely possess “bad optics”.

    The story made my skin crawl so, I didn’t even finish the book. (The president winds up committing suicide.)

  81. Jews are nuts and masochists. Jews have eaten through US democracy. I do not know when and how,but US democracy is finished. The military dictatorship is on the horizon. That is inevitable now.
    The Jewish game is over.
    Jews simply never learn.
    All Jews will be exported to Israel.
    So there will not be another Holocaust.

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
    , @Corvinus
  82. Sean says:

    There is an old RT documentary about an American academic who has spent years living in a provincial Russian city working as a teacher while she researches Soviet government records about the Stalin constitution and decision making. Well worth a look.

  83. pyrrhus says:
    @william chandler

    Absolutely true, the Trotskyite/Neocons hate Russia with great passion, and loved the money they were looting from the country. Putin put an end to that, so he is evil…

  84. pyrrhus says:

    “All Jews will be exported to Israel.
    So there will not be another Holocaust.”

    Ultimately the world will see both…

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  85. [[ Orlov and his Russian Jewish family emigrated to the US in the 1970s ]]

  86. Jew Lemkin tells us exactly how the Jews planned genocide and destroyed the Ukraine:

    In much the same way the Jews at the SPLC along with the Jewish 1965 Immigration act are destroying the US:

    THe Jewish genocide of America!

  87. Realist says:

    great article but he needs to look at the shit hole Russia is in with non employment, Bums on the street, mental problems, drugs, and so, on along with there eventual bankruptcy.

    Sounds like like the US

  88. EoinW says:

    Good point on the negative identity. National Socialism in Germany was all about hatred of “others”. The Nazis ended up consumed by that hatred. You must offer people something positive to be sustainable. That certainly applies to nation states.

    I agree with you on Canada. It’s never really been a country, regardless of how much it pretends to be. There’s no such thing as Canadian culture. Canadians say as much calling themselves multi-cultural. Sorry hockey and curling isn’t enough to say they have a culture. Canadians’ love/hate relationship with America is what they are all about. They take in everything American and travel to the states any chance they get. Yet they bash America endlessly. The psychological dynamic is fascinating. Everything they criticize Americans for, Canadians are just as guilty or worse. The USA serves as an excuse for Canada to behave badly but pretend they aren’t. The Trump issue is a perfect example. Donald Trump is more hated in Canada than he is in America. No one is allowed to say anything nice about the guy. Yet who is first to send troops to the Baltic states or impose sanctions against Venezuela. Naturally Canada – saying one thing and doing the other, as usual.

    I’m not sure if Canada does break apart in the near future. Quebec and Alberta are candidates for sure. The thing is that the Canadian education system is such an effective brainwashing tool that the one unifying thing Canadians have is they all think of themselves as nice, little liberals. You see this unity in the reaction to Trump.

    You are correct that it shall end badly for certain special interest groups. The Jewish and Gay communities are overplaying their hand. This is tolerated when everyone’s living standards are relatively good. Throw an economic downturn, or worse, at people and they’ll become very angry. Next they’ll begin to target those they consider different. Minorities like Jews and Gays have been in everyone’s face for an annoying long time.

  89. “The Saker” is a pseudonym for a top level American military analyst who lives in Florida, the author of the leading blog .. The Vineyard of the Saker, which gets an astounding 50,000 page views per day. ”

    • Replies: @Republic
  90. Corvinus says:

    “Jews are nuts and masochists.”

    You mean some people, including Jews, have qualities that would lead them to be labeled as “nuts” and “masochists”.

    “Jews have eaten through US democracy”

    I didn’t realize that it was considered a food.

    “I do not know when and how,but US democracy is finished.”

    Maybe to you, but not others.

    “The military dictatorship is on the horizon. That is inevitable now.”

    All you are doing here is speculating. You really have no idea. Now, ASSUMING it to be true, what are you prepared to do about this situation? Bitching on a blog is impotent conduct on your part. Be a patriot and pull a St. Breivik.

    “All Jews will be exported to Israel. So there will not be another Holocaust.”

    Wait, I thought the Holocaust never happened? Furthermore, how do you propose to conduct such a massive undertaking? Who are your supporters? How will you address those who oppose your plan?

    Have you even thought this through?

  91. Corvinus says:

    “Ultimately the world will see both…”

    Highly unlikely. Now, if this endeavor is so important to you, why don’t you go all Rambo and begin this process?

    Or, are you just another impotent arm chair warrior?

    • Replies: @C. ThunderCock
  92. Realist says:

    A prepper on the You Tube thingy has stated that 90% of armed Americans would willingly hand over their arms to government forces in exchange for food should the excrement ever come into rapid contact with the cooling fan at some point in the future.

    A large majority of armed Americans live where food is produced. The ones that would be in a world of hurt are the shitlibs in large metropolitan areas.

    • Replies: @nsa
  93. That guy Orlov ignores parts of reality that do not fit his theories. He should have been a theologian – this is normal practice in that branch of human endeavor.

    While he is right that Ukraine is going downhill, it does not mean that it was inevitable. He ignores the core Ukraine, where people do speak Ukrainian – Poltava and neighboring regions. It is a real language, uncontaminated by Polish or German, in contrast to Western Ukrainian dialects. Yes, because of Tsars and Bolsheviks, Ukraine bit off several times more than it could chew. Ukraine of 1991 was extremely heterogeneous. But that did not doom it: it could have become a decent federation or confederation with several official languages, following the example of Switzerland or Singapore.

    Unfortunately, all its “leaders” were thieves (here Orlov is right), and they decided that rabid nationalism is the best smokescreen for their thievery. Things went downhill because of these two factors: widespread thievery of the elites that used the most destructive smokescreen possible.
    While Ze beats Porky at least 3:1 in the second round, people vote against Porky more than for Ze. I don’t understand Ukrainians who expect anything to change after the election of Ze. Yes, Porky is a thief, but his enemies (Including Kolomoisky) are just as much thieving scum as Porky. The problem is not so much that Porky is a thief, the key problem is current suicidal course of Ukrainian elites, trying to sell their unfortunate country as a battering anti-Russian ram to the Empire and its European arm NATO. As long as this policy continues, nothing good is in store for Ukraine. Unfortunately for Ukraine, this is not easily reversible: a lot of Russians say that Ukrainians are not brothers, as it is shameful to have brothers like that. It would likely take a generation or two before Russians will stop despising Ukraine.

    As for the Empire, it will lose its imperial clout, but even that would take a decade or two. Internal civil war is highly unlikely. Of course, with weakened state institutions, black-majority areas will become more like Haiti, but they are approaching that state even now. What the majority of posters on this site ignore is that most black crime is directed against blacks, typical for Haiti – the only pro-black racist state in the Western hemisphere that exists as a failed state since inception, for more than two centuries now. White- and Mexican-majority areas are likely to maintain order, with or w/o police. The only thing that can lead to a civil war in the US is continued mass migration from shithole countries.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  94. @Corvinus

    You obviously do not live in US and you have no clue about what is happening.

  95. awry says:

    Interesting interview with a Russian Chauvinist by a Russian Chauvinist. I’m no fan of Ukrainian nationalism as a Hungarian, but there are some laughable statements there, and didn’t even read the full text yet.
    The USSR didn’t exploit its subjects? Come on, the Comecon was a scheme to exploit Eastern Europe to benefit the USSR… true, the living standards in EE were higher but that was only because these countries were vastly more civilized before 1945 compared to Russia. Same applies to the Baltics.

    He first stressess that “Ukrainians don’t exist they are Russians speaking a dialect”, then goes on to claim that Khrushchev and Brezhnev weren’t Russian but Ukrainian…. isn’t that a little contradictory?
    I agree that Ukrainian is a made up identity, but the same can be said of a lot of other ones. A lot of national identities were practically invented by a few intellectuals in the 19th century. For example there was no such thing as Slovakia or Slovak before the 19th century. Then a bunch of intellectuals invented that the Slavic mountain dwellers of Upper Hungary are “Slovaks”, made a Czech dialect the Slovak language etc. The Slovaks’ newly created national identity was purely negative identity too: they are not Hungary. Later not Czechia either.

  96. @Hibernian

    Means coast of the pacific northwest, I believe. A subdivision of the West Coast.

    This is not what I meant. The issue is–WHO, and why would assault the US, especially from the West Coast. If to imagine that China (Russia is not playing dumb games) decides to mount amphibious operation against US West Coast–I doubt that China has real means to do so under the conditions of even part of US Pacific Fleet submarine force still being operational. Chinese amphibious force will simply be sunk many hundreds miles from US Coast. China doesn’t have resources required to mount such an operation. Other than that–diversionary groups? There is always Mexico which in times of upheaval will be easily utilized by special operations forces of hostile or concerned powers to penetrate US proper.

  97. Corvinus says:

    “You obviously do not live in US and you have no clue about what is happening.”

    I am a citizen of that great land and have insight into what is occurring. Now that I cast aside your red herring, address the questions I posed to you.

  98. Hibernian says:

    He obviously does live in the US; however, Ilyana, you are absolutely right that he has no clue about what is happening. He is a typical American liberal.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
  99. Ruprecht says:


    Agree with every word you wrote.

    Canada came dangerously close to finally getting bitch slapped last Summer during the NAFTA reset. Not sure if it put the fear of god into them, but it should have.

    Yes, the special interests are out of control and drunk on their new-found power. They’re starting to even alienate people who might have once sympathized with them. I agree, if the economy goes South there’s going to be a lot of bitch slapping going on.

  100. @awry

    The USSR didn’t exploit its subjects? Come on, the Comecon was a scheme to exploit Eastern Europe to benefit the USSR…

    Yes, by means of supporting East European industries. You know, like Ikarus (wink, wink) or Poland’s shipbuilding industry, which, together with Ikarus and hundreds other major industrial stalwarts of all those COMECON countries simply disappeared, when joining EU. Some exploitation, I say.

    true, the living standards in EE were higher but that was only because these countries were vastly more civilized before 1945 compared to Russia. Same applies to the Baltics.

    You, obviously, have very vague understanding of what being “civilized” means. But I think being moved into the second tier of the EU of the “two different speeds” will help to recognize some “benefits” of said state of “being civilized”.

  101. @Cortes

    Could be nothing, I suppose, but I wouldn’t be amazed if these were really symptoms of a slow motion, genteel version of the babushkas peddling their family heirlooms during the Yeltsin catastrophe of the 1990s. Evidence of collapse in expectations?

    It used to be a wonderful and friendly American city. A gem, really. Not anymore.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Cortes
  102. nsa says:

    Voluntary Compliance: make the penalties stiff enough, and 99% of the law abiding population would comply and turn in their guns, not wanting to attract the federal government’s ire. This is accomplished by making examples of several high profile violators. The best example of this dynamic is the federal income tax. 99% of the law abiding public would prefer to retain their earnings but they file their intrusive 1040s anyways because the penalties are intolerably harsh and essentially life ruining, and the federal tax courts are rigged against the “citizen”. There would be a lot of grousing and bloviating, but only overt ghetto criminals would keep their firearms. Even the cowboy canaries of TX would “voluntarily” comply and turn in their firearms .

    • Agree: NoseytheDuke
    • Replies: @Realist
  103. @AnonFromTN

    Not only that but also are much serious problem. Cities all over the world extended to such a magnitude that they became burdens on the nations. There are too many useless eaters. It did happened before but it was solved by wars. But the war option now is not a viable option.
    Large countries with possibility of self sufficiency are somehow immune.
    It is the small countries that are in danger of demise.
    Natural defense was happening in Europe but multiculturalism did put end to it.
    Fact is that we need a new wold at least twice the size of this one.

  104. Iris says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    This documentary is heart-breaking (and illustrates the point Erebus was making above).

    The American people are being deliberately destroyed with drugs.

    • Agree: Andrei Martyanov
  105. Republic says:
    @Professional Stranger

    He is a Swiss citizen of Russian ethnic origin, with permanent residency in the US. His name is Andrei Raevsky. A former military analyst. Lives in Central Florida. Worked for the International Red Cross in Chechnya. He also worked in the former Yugoslavia.

  106. @Corvinus

    “Nothing is more imperious than weakness when it knows it is backed by strength,”

    I can’t think of a quote that better sums you up little guy (Napoleon was talking about women, but I took the liberty of assuming your gender and that you were actually just a very effeminate man).

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
    , @Corvinus
  107. wholy1 says:

    Been my observation/mantra for quite some time: “what the USA once was, Russia is BECOMING” – a Christian nation-state where the People are increasingly provided the opportunity to INDIVIDUALLY pursue a productive PROSPERITY by righteous intent. If I was younger, I’d be learning Russian the quickest way – by LIVING there!

  108. @wholy1

    You might have been disappointed. Russia is not 100% white, it is not a pathetic tribal state but a multi-national empire. But there are no blacks there, so it does not suffer the worst consequences of “diversity”.

    Russia is not 100% Christian, either: there is a sizable Muslim minority, as well as some Buddhists, Jews, and Confucianists. Most of them are not rootless migrants, though: they live where their ancestors lived. Over the centuries they learned to live peacefully side-by-side with Russians, just like Russians learned to live peacefully side-by-side with them. So, in contrast to dying Europe, there are no hordes of culturally incompatible savages. There is also a substantial number of atheists/agnostics.

    Finally, I wouldn’t advise learning Russian (or any Slavic language) unless you really need to. The grammar is extremely complicated. All nouns have gender (like in French). What’s more, nouns change by case (like in Latin; there are six in Russian, eight in Ukrainian), verbs also change by gender (and tense, like in Germanic languages), etc. Native speakers study proper grammar for many years at school, and still make mistakes. Not to mention idioms and sayings: there are maybe 50 times more in Russian than in English.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  109. Cortes says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Thanks for this.

    I was surprised that there wasn’t a 100% correlation between the persistent offenders and mental health problems, as with the homelessness and addiction.

  110. Realist says:

    Voluntary Compliance: make the penalties stiff enough, and 99% of the law abiding population would comply and turn in their guns, not wanting to attract the federal government’s ire.

    Who is going to enforce these penalties??? Thoses who try to take guns would be killed summarily. If it comes to a civil war the ones most unable to be self-sustaining are the rich elite of big cities. Many would die the first week. Everything they need to live is provided by the middle and lower class (mostly outside the cities).

  111. @AnonFromTN

    “Finally, I wouldn’t advise learning Russian (or any Slavic language) unless you really need to. The grammar is extremely complicated.”

    Good point. This is the reason we teach our kids Russian first and no English until they go to day care first at 4. English is simpler language relatively to Russian. Japanese would be another very complex language for foreigners to learn.

    • Replies: @Republic
    , @AnonFromTN
  112. Cortes says:


    I don’t go myself but I know that the UK phenomenon of “car boot (US = trunk) sales” are immensely popular and probably correspond to your flea markets.

  113. @C. ThunderCock

    Thanks for showing your true colors and intellectual seriousness early after only eleven tedious comments.

  114. slorter says:

    I think that was important an significant as well!

  115. wholy1 says:

    Your informative points “accepted for value”. Thx. I am well aware of many said points being multi-lingual – Thai, Mandarin, Spanish – and quite traveled in several “previous existences/lives”. But to the main point, Russia is [still] a predominately orthodox Christian society, and in part to Vlad’s increasing acquiescence. Got a question: with respect to the Trumpster’s MAGA meme, would you consider a Putin “Make Russia Great Again” approach as [possibly] “valid” also? Personally, I’m much more favorable to “Make America GRATEFUL Again”. Peace.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  116. The US may be in a state of decline. I say maybe because It’s just not that clear. Nations go though periods of ebb, flow and flux. And whether that reflects a decline is dependent on more factors than those expressed here.

    Since the retraction of Russia under the Soviet Union, the US has been engaged in some careless behavior. And since 9/11 our emotional response has only exacerbated the many of the careless choices already in play. I think it is correct that we are currently over exposed and over extended and not shoring up our own internals — very bad calls, every one. However, whether or not that spells doom and gloom is uncertain. And more interesting is whether a said retraction of our own means. The US could stop doing any number of global activities and still remain the number one power on the planet. The question might be for how long.

    I am very suspect of anything akin to some kind of “kumbaya” between Russia and her European neighbors. There is a lot of bad blood there. And even if some manner of new foundation of relations were forged, it would not by definition mean a bridge of alliance.

    If in fact the US is some decline, I mean permanent decline, one should hope that said decline would be slow and gradual.

    No one should be swilling their martinis with joy at such an event.

    While I think our immigration issue is the most likely cause of decay, we are not there yet.

  117. Republic says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    US State Department teaches languages to diplomats. It ranks learning a foreign languages into 5 levels of difficulty for native English speakers to learn:

    Level One, examples, Spanish, French

    Level two, examples, German

    level three,examples, Indonesian, Swahili

    level four, examples, Czech, Polish, Russian,Persian

    level five, examples, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  118. The Swedes (when they used to fight) had a saying, “Never trust a Russian.”. I would like to believe that Putin is a genuine Christian and not a communist and a crook. Politically he obviously has to give mixed signals, but even if he is not totally genuine and just another Rothschild flake, at least what he says is what I believe to be right and in conformity with Christianity. He is opposed to globalism but at the same time he is at this time the strongest advocate in the world for the sovereignty and self-determination of independent nations based on the adherence of each nation to established UN conventions. Trump on the other hand is a most certainly a Rothschild and Zionist shill and even though he is opposed to the globalist movement for a One World World government and claims to what to restore the greatness of his nation, his allegiance to Israel which has virtually milked the US dry makes him disingenuous to say the least. Then there is the screaming-in-your-face fact that with respect to foreign relation the Trump administration has no regard for any UN conventions or the sovereignty of other nations which do not serve the interest of his own nation, except of course for Israel. The reality is that when it comes to recognizing the extremely sociopathic behaviour of destroying resource-rich weaker nations asserting their own sovereignty and independence, the overwhelming majority of Americans will just hide behind their flag and look the other way playing the game that voting is only to determine domestic issues.

    But can the US change? Probably not. It has put all of its Easter eggs in one basket, which is the military one. Whether it actually spends \$850 billion a year on the military (more than all other nations combined) or that is just another 9/11 or going to the moon deception, the nation must spend more than all the major powers together because it has more foreign military bases around the world than all other nations combined. The US economy is intrinsically bound to and dependent on military spending, weapons manufacturing and arms sales. The MIC establishment is firmly entrenched and the entire political system dances to their tune. Hence, US diplomacy boils down to, “Do what we say or we will destroy you.”, whereas Russian diplomacy is, “If you are tired of being pushed around, debt rigged and robbed, we can help you.” Final analysis: Russia wins by attrition of nations abandoning the US or both sides lose in a major war, or the US has to change, get off the military band wagon and respect the integrity of other nations.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @a_german
  119. Jake says:

    This is an important interview with a number of highlights. Here is one of them: “If the Ukrainians continue to surrender unconditionally while placating themselves with pipe dreams of EU/NATO membership, the country will depopulate, the land will be sold off to Western agribusiness, and it will become a sort of agricultural no man’s land guarded by NATO troops.”

    The Nazis assumed that the Ukraine should be a breadbasket for the German Empire. That Germanic nothin was not new to Nazis.

    English is a Germanic language. And Germany is the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the EU. Like Jews, Germanic peoples never give up on taking something they have come to believe they deserve. Unless they are prevented from taking it, they will do anything to take it.

  120. David says:

    Anyone notice the guy’s glasses make no adjustment? They’re just a fashion accessory.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  121. bluedog says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Not much of a rebutel is it which means your a shill or a troll.!!!

  122. bluedog says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Not much of a reply is it short on facts or anything else which means your a shill or a troll.!!!

  123. I am not convinced that Russia had anything to do with out elections. I do think have missed an opportunity to improve relations with several states including Russia.

    Blacks in Russia”

    I think it is a very strange world that given all we know, about migration, especially modern migration — that anyone finds it impossible that blacks exist in places outside of Africa and places blacks were taken to be slaves.

  124. @Republic

    Spoken Chinese is rather simple compared to Russian grammatically and structurally. It is written part of it that makes it hard to learn. Anyway, written part depends upon lots of memorizing and hard work.

    • Agree: Erebus
  125. @wholy1

    In my book the best thing about Putin is that he does more than he talks. In sharp contrast to Trump, who is talking (and twitting) a lot, but did not do anything he promised.

  126. Anonymous [AKA "Bot"] says:

    Well said Red. And what makes Orlov think that those “militarized police” will stick around when the money runs out to pay them and their families are in danger.
    Secession down to the smallest entities possible within one’s towns, communities and even neighborhoods are the only possible hope of averting Orlov’s proclaimed outcomes. The sooner the better.

  127. @Sergey Krieger

    Yep, English grammar is much simpler (almost non-existent in the US). I guess that’s why English replaced French as an international language.

    • Replies: @Jake
  128. Jake says:

    Many places are unique – in fact, all places are unique.

    How many years over the past 1500 has the Ukraine been an identifiable nation of its own, with a rather obviously distinct set of national characteristics?

    The Ukraine is far more like Ireland’s Connaught province than it is like Ireland.

  129. Jake says:
    @Fred Baggins

    “But can the US change? Probably not. It has put all of its Easter eggs in one basket, which is the military one.”

    A nation cannot change unless the cultural values and identity of its Elites change. Unless a nation’s Elites become something different in basic cultural values, proclivities, and identity, that nation will continue to act and be as it has acted and been.

    WASP culture is WASP culture. It was a finished product with the Puritan Revolution, which was based on the Judaizing heresy Anglo-Saxon Puritanism. WASP culture can’t be other than something that sees itself as deserving of ruling the world, no matter the costs to any part of the world or even to the core citizens of a WASP ruled nation. WASP culture that creates an empire will always be revealed to be an Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    The only way the US can change is if WASP culture is replaced.

  130. Jake says:

    Are you really that naive?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  131. @Jake

    Well, the fact that two English-speaking Empires were dominant one after another also helped (although, as one of my colleagues puts it, the US and UK are two countries divided by the same language). However, no language with complex grammar could have played this role, regardless of geopolitical realities.

    • Replies: @Jake
  132. Erebus says:

    You’re right, I forgot about the Taiping Rebellion. Thanks for the correction.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  133. Parbes says:
    @Philip Owen

    A totally unrepentant liar (that is, YOU). At one with the Anglosphere Russophobic MSM “journalist” propagandists.

  134. Parbes says:

    Pot (you) calling the kettle black?

    • Replies: @AP
  135. @David

    Colonel Sanders?

    Those are special Prophet of Doom glasses. They are like a modern day crystal ball. You can get them on Amazon if you can prove you are a Russian expert on everything. They allow the user to see far into the future and maintain a perfect record of being wrong about everything.

  136. 20 pages on the Ukraine and not one word about Cernobyl. Huge areas of Ukraine, Byelorus, and Poland are still contaminated. Huge numbers of the citizens of these places are sick or dying from some form of radiation poisoning or another. Idiot mocks fear of radiation poisoning. Therefore everything he says comes into question.

  137. News of the imminent fall of the US is highly exaggerated.

  138. @Anonymous

    Agreed, those were stupid comments in an otherwise fascinating interview.

  139. @Erebus

    While parts of this comment are quite good, you undercut yourself by failing (or being unwilling) to identify the alien faction that’s taken over America: Organized Jewry.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  140. “The Ukraine has never been viable as an independent, sovereign state and so its ongoing disintegration is to be expected.”

    Rather difficult to do when one is being either attacked or occupied by foreign power(s). How about if everybody leaves it alone for at least 100 years? Let’s see what happens …..

    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @AnonFromTN
  141. Corvinus says:
    @C. ThunderCock

    “I can’t think of a quote that better sums you up little guy…”

    Of course you are referring to yourself and your moniker. You have to puff yourself up like the Pilsbury Doughboy. Praytell, are you a secret king?

  142. @Anonymous

    +1 for using “queef” in a post.

  143. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    He does, but he’s a cuck so he’s convinced himself it’s all part of “progress”.

  144. @AnonFromTN

    This is largely true, but at the end of the day Trump hasn’t started any wars (yet), and there’s a reason liberals despise him (often irrationally).

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  145. Galan says:

    Many countries in the world started their journey with negative identities. Examples include: USA, Norway, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Baltic states, Bangladesh, Finland, Slovakia, and many others. Positive identity requires negative identity. It is sort of dialectical.

    Orlov’s discussion of Ukraine is interesting journalism. But his dismissal of Ukraine shows that he is shallow, and ignorant of the dynamics of state formation. His claim that Ukraine speaks Russian and follows Orthodox Christianity and thus not a nation is false. Not all English speaking countries are under the same state; similarly for German, Spanish and Arabic speaking countries.

    Yes Ukraine will be better off if it has a good relation with Russia and all its other neighbours. Ideally Ukraine should be neural with respect to the west and Russia. But somehow they are in a mess at present. It seems to me neither the West nor Russia want Ukraine to be neural. Ukrainians are paying for it.

  146. aandrews says:

    That would violate one of the fundamental laws of the universe: Nobody can leave anybody the hell alone.

  147. Jake says:

    Is Latin complex?

    English is a very difficult language in many ways because it is a bastard, a half breed. It is Germanic language, but with a large French overlay, and French is Italo-Celtic, not Germanic. That is the reason for the large vocabulary, as well as an endless number of exceptions to almost all rules.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @AnonFromTN
  148. Erebus says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    … you undercut yourself by failing (or being unwilling) to identify the alien faction that’s taken over America: Organized Jewry.

    In defence of my “fail(ure) to identify”, my assumption was that everybody here knows who the aliens are, and I think the fact that they and their ideology are “harebrained” and alien is more germane to the collapse than that they are Jewish.

    At bottom, nations fail when their elites fail. America’s failure is in no small part due to the fact that its indigenous elites failed to hold the aliens at bay. Despite all manner of warnings as far back as Benjamin Franklin, their lack of cohesion and fecklessness resulted in a failure to confront the threat to their own standing as well as the nation’s and they abandoned the field to the alien usurpers.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  149. AP says:

    Someone who doesn’t even know what a kettle is, is mentioning it?

    • Replies: @Parbes
  150. anon[343] • Disclaimer says:

    “n 2017, Americans bought 25.2 million guns, 2.5 million more guns than possessed by every law enforcement agency in the world put together.
    Between 2012 and 2017, Americans bought 135 million guns, that’s 2 million more guns than the combined stockpile of all the world’s armed forces. “

    If the figures are correct , US citizen b in trouble from other citizen but the police and military have nothing to fear .

    To protect Chinese and Korean and Japanese interest , the law enforcement agency will be using their guns against rioting armed citizen .

    People guarding WMD , biological weapons and nuclear facilities will be relocated to these countries or be put under them . The common folks don’t stand a chance of surviving the collapsing country or the new lord from
    Asia .

    They might turn towards small crimes like theft , contract killings, highway robbery and waylaying unsuspecting travelers .

  151. Erebus says:

    English is a very difficult language in many ways because it is a bastard…

    In many ways, that’s what makes it easy to speak adequately well for most casual situations. Even gross mis-pronunciation and grammatical error don’t necessarily stop the meaning of the sentence getting to the listener. Most languages, especially tonal languages, are much less tolerant of the kinds of errors that English seems to take in stride.

  152. @Anonymous

    Only in your dreams! Russia and China, in the past have squabbled over their long border, but neither believe that a war would be beneficial to either of them. They have many more things that draw them together than that set them apart. The foremost of course is their opposition to US attempts at total hegemony.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  153. Anon[181] • Disclaimer says:

    The decline and fall of the United States is likely to be gradual but punctuated by periods of sudden, immense reversals of fortune. Likely, China will continue to make inroads in Asia geographically, perhaps by offering territorial claims concessions in exchange for guarantees that participants not buy American weapons or station American soldiers on their territory. This while China continues economic integration with Europe, which will offer the Europeans more leverage to defy Washington in the future. Russia, on the other hand, will work to forge alliances with Germany and France (and Japan), the thought being that these nations can be used as a counterbalance to forge relationships with wary Eastern European nations. All of this will build pressure that will greatly magnify potential setbacks for the United States should they occur.

    Meanwhile, the US empire will continue making geopolitical mistakes as it has no coherent policy anymore. It cannot have a policy because it is not a coherent nation. The US empire attacks Cuba with sanctions because republicans need Cuban votes to win elections in Florida; it favors Israel, damaging its relationships with Muslim nations in the Middle East, because the Jewish constituency is very powerful and well-connected; it attacks Iran with sanctions because it needs to appease client states like Saudi Arabia and Israel; it cannot institute affordable healthcare because the oligarchs don’t want to pay for it – they have zero sense of civic virtue or loyalty to their fellow citizen.

    The US empire is now a collection of warring tribes that all hate each other and continually demand the US intervene on behalf of their co-ethnics overseas or their financial interests at home. That’s the difference between the sane (90% European) United States of the 1960s and the insane United States of the present (56% European and falling quickly). This will alienate the world, causing nations to distance themselves from Washington least they become the next target of their ire.

    Increasingly, China will dominate all industries as there is no way 200 million white Caucasians in the US, declining in number and increasingly broken and defeated, can oppose a country whose population is projected to top out at 1.44 billion. The Chinese are very smart and determined. They approve of their government and have an optimistic view of the future. They have a cultural and ethnic cohesion that leads to a type of efficiency no longer possible in the US. Witness the automotive, telecommunications, and video game sectors if you disagree.

    The US is a huge country, much larger than every Asian nation save India and China, but yet high-IQ, culturally and ethnically homogeneous Japan has automotive and video game industries that dominate their US competition. American cars and games do not sell in Japan but companies like Toyota and Sony sell gangbusters in the US and around the world. Why? The US is huge, but it lacks cohesion, so it cannot produce quality products…or at least authentic, artistic products any more. For example, Sony is a Japanese company much smaller than their American rival, Microsoft, but yet they have crushed Microsoft’s Xbox this generation; they have been the industry leader for decades and that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon. Microsoft is so desperate to sell their products that they are putting their low-quality games on other people’s hardware (Nintendo). Microsoft has ruined once popular game franchises like Halo because Microsoft is a multicultural, checklist diversity, company whose game divisions have no ethos; their games must cater to every minor group, so they end up satisfying no one. The once culturally relevant Halo series was made by a collection of white guys; they sold out and left. Microsoft then gave Halo over to checklist diversity and now it’s ruined – bad writing, uninspired game mechanics, a formerly seductive female character now covered up and made ugly in the face (can’t let those feminists get mad now can we?), and checklist diversity. Contrast that with Japanese games: most are original, fun, don’t feature checklist diversity (the characters are almost always Asian, animal, or European), many have sexy female characters, there’s very little SJW influence or controversy, and they cater to high-IQ European and Asian audiences.

    In contrast, all of Microsoft’s games are uninspired, poorly designed, and made to appeal to every possible demographic (even ones that don’t play their games), so they lack any sense of authenticity. They suck. Microsoft’s audience mostly consists of low-IQ dude bros, disproportionately non-white. Since Microsoft doesn’t want to appeal to the higher dollar European and Asian audiences with quality, authentic products, they fail in those markets. For example, there was a recent controversy among SJWs where they were mad that a white male was the face of a recent Star Wars game (made by EA). Never mind the fact that Star Wars was created by white males, never mind the fact that the last Star Wars game forced players to play as a Hispanic female. When you have to satisfy an audience of bigots raised to hate Europeans, you can’t exactly make games for that market, leaving it open to competition from Asia which has no such qualms in catering to it.

    In other industries, such as 5G, the Japanese and Koreans hold their own. China looks like it is about to dominate while America’s Apple just barely made the cut off to get a 5G chip into their next iPhone. Intel abandoned their efforts and litigation with Qualcomm almost allowed Samsung and Huawei to leapfrog Apple. America’s Apple may have pulled a rabbit out of their hat at the last moment, but the fact that their competition almost put them out of the market should frighten the empire badly. In the auto industry, Japanese and Korean companies do well around the world. The US can’t sell squat in Japan. I wonder how much longer until China has her own auto industry that’s just as competitive as Toyota, and I wonder if US companies like Ford, GM, and Chrysler can handle the added competition.

    On the whole, things are looking very bad for the United States. Domestically, its core population is demoralized; they are killing themselves off with opioids and gun violence much like defeated Native Americans embraced alcohol after their homes were taken from them. Radical SJWs run wild attacking Europeans and European symbols. European-Americans are harassed endlessly – hundreds of fake hate hoax blood libels have been directed at them over the years, a myriad of now debunked lies have been concocted to explain away their success by envious racial groups (stereotype threat, institutional racism, white privilege). American culture rewrites European history to include non-Europeans, and there is endless racial grievance mongering over past events such as the slave trade. The US congress passes resolutions denouncing white Europeans in all but name. Jealous minorities plot to steal European-American wealth through reparations schemes. Social media deplatforms critics. Non-Europeans get a plethora of Affirmative Action handouts, including prestigious college admissions and high-paying government jobs and contracts (introducing mass inefficiency). And radicals indoctrinated to hate their own doxx their own.

    I can’t imagine Europe wants to be ruled by such an insane bunch forever. It’s just a matter of time before Europeans decide they’d like to go their own way, likely after some unforgivable act: perhaps SJWs will destroy the Statue of Liberty because the face is European. Eventually, Europe will become offended over these attacks. Japan might grow restive watching this, too. I’m sure they’ll think the US will turn its attention to their cultural symbols at some point – maybe they will require them to take in nation-killing levels of immigration from Africa or punish them financially for World War II grievances or diversify/censor their anime and video games.

    I think the US is likely to continue bitterly clinging to empire until the very end. They will bully other countries into not doing business with their Chinese competition, they will sanction other country’s industries, and they will use their military to threaten resource embargoes. Gradually, these efforts will engender distrust, maybe even hate. Eventually, they will not be enough and there will be a sudden fall from grace, likely after the US picks a fight with China and loses, perhaps over Taiwan. Afterwards, Japan may kick the US out of Okinawa after president Stacy Abrams demands they take in millions of her fellow Africans to make up for supposed previous misdeeds (anti-Japanese hate is more prevalent on the Left than you might think).

    The country will devolve into a police state. There is no other way a multicultural society can keep itself together under strain. There will be a veneer of freedom but in reality there will be none. There will be free speech, just not for hate speech (a nebulous category that will expand each year); see South Africa where saying naughty words is a serious crime. The police state will monitor internet activity, identify dissidents, and doxx them/arrest them. Social media will allow citizens to publicly turn in their compatriots for wrong think just as East German children would turn in their parents for political heresy against communism. All social media will be heavily regulated for content; only approved news sources will be allowed. A climate of fear will pervade the arts. Under Obama, authors were turning in their manuscripts to committees of SJWs to be preapproved for content least they publish something met with charges of “toxic masculinity” or some other insane Maoist revolutionary saying.

    The rest of the world may respond to this by limiting access to the American internet just as China wisely did a couple of decades ago. The EU’s Articles 11 and 13 could be construed as just such an attempt.

    After the US empire collapses, the world will look back with a combination of shock and disbelief and wonder how it could have happened. Historians will draw conclusions just as Gibbon did, and some might be right. But they will be mostly wrong in the long term because humans are fundamentally biased to see things from the perspective that justifies whatever dogma they’ve been raised into. The collapse of the US will teach the world nothing, and it will happen to some other power – perhaps all of Western Civilization – at some point. The cycle repeats. People never learn from history.

    But you can learn here: the US collapsed because democracy is a fundamentally short-time oriented system of governance. Human nature in such a system takes over and people live for the moment. The US made a series of horrendous demographic mistakes from the Civil Rights Movement that destroyed their inner cities and education system to mass immigration of dissimilar peoples which made democratic consensus based on policy impossible; and they made a series of devastating economic decisions because low-quality voters were convinced by charismatic politicians that obviously bad policy would be good for them – free trade agreements such as NAFTA and tax cuts for the rich under Reagan. Eventually, society became an ethnic contest of wills, a clash of social class against social class. Short-time oriented voters only cared about their immediate economic interests and, therefore, were uninterested in planning for the future or correcting their mistakes in the present, which ultimately increased in number and scope until they became intractable. As the world changed, this clunky, inferior system of governance was unable to quickly adapt to the new reality, and so it was removed from the equation. The United States self-destructed and was unwilling to correct mistakes because humans, once indoctrinated into dogma, do not change their minds; they continue the system until it cannot continue. It did not continue.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
    , @Corvinus
  154. Sam J. says:
    @william chandler

    “…They are infuriated that Russia cut off their looting under Yeltsin…”

    Exactly. 100% We now need to get rid of the Jews in the US and maybe we can scavenge up enough of a country to not completely implode.

  155. @wholy1

    Let’s just hope that Russia learns from USA’s mistakes and doesn’t repeat them.

  156. Sam J. says:

    “…personal weapons are completely pointless against military forces…”

    This is stupidity bordering on retardation. There’s more deer hunting permits in just one State alone than there are total troops in the whole entire US armed forces. I searched and got a number 1,430,985 troops. Now on a good day, a very good day, there’s a 10 to 1 support to fighters. The number is actually much worse. I’ve heard 20 to 1 but let’s use the better number so you have 140,000 shooters. How in hell are you going to patrol the whole country with that. The reason we’re doing so bad in Afghanistan is simple. We don’t have the numbers. Only 10% are actual shooters and of that amount 30% are in training, 30% are shooters and the rest are refitting from being shooters. Look how many actual fighters there are and the number is minuscule compared to the number of Afghans. It would be even worse, much worse, in the US. So they have armored personal carriers. So what? They have to get out of them to control anything. What are they going to do ride around in these things and command…what?? It’s stupid. As soon as they get out they can be hit and what’s the response??? Even if they stay in them gasoline in coke bottles shot with slingshots means they won’t be able to see anything but fire in them. They going to blow up Billy Bobs gas and grill station with a 1,000 lb. bomb from a F-16 because someone took a shot at them????? That would just make things worse. If we can’t control a bunch of Niggers in the inner cities how you going to control a bunch of rednecks with long range hunting rifles, and they can shoot unlike Niggers.

    I hope the stupid ass Jews think they can control the US with soldiers. Everyone will know they’re the ones that started the civil war and they will be destroyed. Forget gas chambers. Bullets are cheap. Let’s not even mention that good ole boys make up a very large proportion of the actual fighters and will abandon the whole thing and go to the Whites side at the drop of a hat. You will be left with officers, trannys, faggots and Women.

  157. @Beefcake the Mighty

    Correction, the cuck’s cuck has arrived.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
  158. @Erebus

    Well, again, largely true, but somewhat irrelevant because it always helps to be accurate. The issue isn’t an alien elite in the abstract, but a very specific entity (that somehow keeps arising throughout history, this doesn’t happen because of them being lame brained). Doctors don’t treat disease as such, but provide cures in light of the actual cause.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  159. Miggle says:

    Looking from a distance at the appalling horror that is the USA today I have for a while been thinking much the same way. The states have their own armies but they, their people, are being sucked dry to support the military of the warring super-state and its mega-corporations. Just as it wants to suck Venezuela dry.

    But is there a way to ensure that the new republics are not land-locked? Groups of a few of the states, reaching inland but with a beach, say five or six sub-federations or new countries replacing the one evil superstate, seems to me to be the way to go. Then they can all have their own ports and interact with the rest of the world as they do today.

    Maybe the way to save North Americans. And save the world.

    But, as well, de-merge all merged corporations. The swallowing up of corporations by slightly bigger corporations to create giants is probably the real source of America’s woes.

    So, de-merge the USA and de-merge its corporations.

  160. @Beefcake the Mighty

    Liberals hate him because the cackling hyena spent twice as much as Trump and lost.

    It is true that so far he did not start any new wars, but he did not end any old ones, either. His policy of increasing the amount of money fed into an insatiable maw of the US MIC is a direct continuation of what Bush Jr and Obama did. His move of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was supported only some third-rate countries (and very few even of those), his recognition of occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory was supported by no one, his opposition to Nord Stream II is a losing game, etc.

    So, he might be better than cackling hyena, but not by as much as was hoped.

  161. @teachem2think

    Can you name a single country left alone for 100 years? I don’t mean Martians, I mean here on Earth.

    Besides, when you push something deeply divisive in a heterogeneous country, you get civil war even w/o external interference.

    Ukrainians, like Russians, are fond of black humor. Here is a relevant example.
    – If you Ukrainians believe that Crimea is your territory, why don’t you fight for it?
    – We are not stupid, there is Russian army there.
    – But you say there is Russian army in Donbass, and yet you shell it…
    – That’s what we say, but in Crimea there really is Russian army.

  162. @Jake

    English is indeed a bastard language, with some Celtic roots, Germanic base, and French overlay. That shows in rich vocabulary (in British English; in the US most synonyms are disused) and pretty non-intuitive spelling. Most importantly, its convoluted history destroyed most of the grammar: in contrast to the mind-boggling French and not as bad, but still complicated German, English grammar is rudimentary. Even that minimal grammar is dying out in the US, and most Pidgin in the world is based on the US English.

    • Replies: @Anon
  163. @Archie1954

    Russian alliance with China is culturally unnatural, but the US banditry pushed both countries to it. Quite an achievement of degenerate US elites. Historically, Russians are the only white people who lived peacefully side-by-side with Chinese and even intermarried for centuries in South Siberia.

  164. Anon[192] • Disclaimer says:


    In what ways is French grammar significantly more complicated than English?

    French nouns have gender, yes, which is hardly mind-boggling.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  165. @Anon

    Well, 30+ tenses with half of the verbs being irregular in French is mind-boggling. Personally, my desire to learn French was killed by Passe Simple, which is anything but simple: you can’t even recognize the verb, as roots change. Maybe it does not seem too bad for a native speaker, but I am not one.

  166. Sean says:

    Sluggish schizophrenia could have such symptoms as “reform delusions”, “perseverance” and “struggle for the truth”.[29] As Viktor Styazhkin reported, Snezhnevsky diagnosed a reform delusion in every case where a patient “develops a new principle of human knowledge, drafts an ideal of human happiness or other projects for the benefit of mankind”.[41]

    Lots of people have these aggressively obscene thoughts running on a loop inside their head, but they don’t talk about them. Try resisting sexual rumination with dysmorphobic and sexual content for a second, and consider if you are right then the CIA will have a program to identify you, and are arranging something for you right now. Maybe you will get fired, an IRS audit or your computer examined for partially clothed females whose ages cannot be determined with exactitude.

  167. wholy1 says:

    Agreed, Putin is soooo much more a “do as I do” leader. Putin/Lavrov 2024 Hoo-rah.

  168. techguy says:

    Have to disagree about Orlov’s imagery of “shiny young tech workers skipping to work”. I’ve been outsourced twice (and no, the “cheaper” replacement labor wasn’t cheaper in the end – five of them were simply not doing the job at all, for less) from mid-level tech jobs in the USA. Tech people are not part of the “Club”, we are in the same boat as the blue-collar guys to a large extent. Beyond that, I largely agree with his assessment that the American Empire is waning. Having a background in history and having served in the military I’ve recognized we are spread far too thin for some time.

  169. Sand-averse F-35s just deployed to UAE.
    Hardliner new head of Revolutionary Guard. They threaten to close Strait of Hormuz in case of new sanctions readied by ‘Murikanian Guard.
    Fasten seat belts for our next PNAC war.

  170. Anonymous [AKA "AndyWAW2341"] says:

    Poland’s shipbuilding industry, which, together with Ikarus and hundreds other major industrial stalwarts of all those COMECON countries simply disappeared

    Also this is worth mentioning:

    One of the most popular helicopters ever (#5 by number of units produced) was built in Poland. Now the same factory belongs to a Western corporation and produces some parts or assembles helicopters built & designed elsewhere. And the worst part is that most Poles don’t even know by now it existed.

  171. @Erebus

    Hell, I just learned about it recently; I’d be happy to say I knew enough to have forgotten it. It’s like learning after the Berlin Wall fell about the enormous price paid by the Soviets to defeat the Nazis, which you’d never know from the triumphant American films of the same war.

    You do a lot to teach others, and I’m honored to help.

  172. @Iris

    The US is said to be different from Europe because of the number of personal weapons in circulation, but personal weapons are completely pointless against military forces. There will be a lot of civil unrest, but as long as the US military holds together, the country’s geographical can never be threatened.

    Honey! I cannot disagree more.

    Even in case of civil war US military cannot use Bombing airplanes Cannons and Tanks against their own citizens particularly in urban warfare. Government might mobilize the military but it would be personal weapons against personal weapons. Here military would be dispersed in a mater of hours.
    But I do not see any civil war in US as by now. Trump will finish his term, and there is strong possibility that he will win a second term. You must remember that about 45% of Americans do not vote, and they are mostly lazy whites.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @anon
    , @Erebus
  173. a_german [AKA "a German"] says:
    @Fred Baggins

    My business with Russia runs over 25 years now. My partners over there are absolute trustworthy.

    But i will never open a branch there, the system is way to corrupt and criminal. One of the main factors that hinders Russia to become a state matching their capabilities.

    Btw.: My impression is that most westerners underestimate one point.
    Russians never threaten, it’s a weakness in their mindset. They declare and follow that. Sometimes for good, sometimes not.

  174. Iris says:

    But I do not see any civil war in US as by now. Trump will finish his term, and there is strong possibility that he will win a second term. You must remember that about 45% of Americans do not vote, and they are mostly lazy whites.

    Hell0 Ilyana; I hope you are keeping well.

    I saw you have been very busy debunking Brezezinsky-the-Russian-Spy. You have outsmarted all these useless 3-letters agencies, LOL. Well done !

    Thanks for sharing with me you experience in counter-insurgency, too. It may be useful someday, who knows, in case I have a problem with the neighbour.

    More seriously, I do not see civil war in the US neither, God forbid. The military is integrated, and it will do what it does everywhere else: show group discipline, maintain civil order and keep the country together. Personal weapons can nothing against an organised military: that was amply demonstrated by the ground invasion of Libya.

    On another register, what is the solution you recommend dealing with those “lazy whites” not voting? You have so brilliantly resolved the problem of “monkeys” steering civilian aircrafts; this should be an easy one. With kind regards.

  175. anon[208] • Disclaimer says:

    Americans are no different than any other nations
    Civil war will be no different in its make – up , fall out , and evolution .

    Our problem we like other hubristic leaders see ourselves different as exceptional .

  176. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    “this incredible piece of nonsensical BS in 2019 about Ukraine”
    — Here is the credible no-nonsense information from the Kaganat of Nuland:

    Zelenskii did end up giving one real interview, in which he said that Putin was an enemy and that the Donbass should not have any special status. He also said that the fact that Stepan Bandera is a hero for many Ukrainians is “awesome/cool”.

    Having a Russian-speaking Jew say this about a guy who pledged allegiance to Hitler and who massacred scores of Jews is rather amazing, especially on the eve of the Jewish Passover is quite a sight. But then again, the Nazi-occupied Ukraine is the kind of Banderastan were you find Nazis and Jews happily joining forces against their common foe: Russia in general and Orthodox Russia especially.

    Now, the-oh-so-critical Mr. Hack the Ukrainian, could you explain the readers what kind of national self-awareness has brought to power Mr. Yatz (remember Mrs. Nuland-Kagan?), Mr. Groisman (the first Jewish prime-minister of Ukraine), and Mr. Zelenskii (a Jewish man financed by Kolomoisky, a pillar of Jewish community of Ukraine and Israeli citizen with a fondness for neo-Nazis).

    Don’s assign the obvious nonsense and madness to a messenger. The nonsense and madness belong to the rapacious tribe and the useful Ukrainian idiots of “Right Sector” leaning.

  177. @Anonymous

    I agree about the lunatic idea of a new cold war. The people pushing it would have fit in very well in the old soviet system. Dimitry Orlov is an excellent thinker. I’ve been subscribing to his columns via a modest Patreon recurring donation for a good while now. His insights are valuable to me since there is so little in the US media that bears any resemblance to accurate reporting and analysis.

    His columns can be read here:

  178. @Anonymous

    Ah, another Foxnews watcher chimes in. You and Bliss should get a room. He could at least teach you how to spell.

  179. Anonymous [AKA "radkelt"] says:

    Ever heard of Blackwater et al.? U.S military presence in Afghanistan is 50% mercenary.

    • Replies: @AP
  180. I am not in a position to challenge or explicate any of Mr Orlov’s very interesting capsule history of (The) Ukraine (I never understood the role that “The” played!).

    Yet surely it is odd to find no mention or even allusion to the Ukrainian famine in the 1930s – the Holomador.

    Just 90 years ago – does it have no resonance in current Russian / Ukrainian relations? Does it not provide a context for the unfortunate history of Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis in the 1940s?

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  181. AP says:

    So local cops in the USA are mercenaries rather than people of the community?

  182. @RegretLeft

    ” (The) Ukraine (I never understood the role that “The” played!).”

    It may be due to the meaning of the word “oukrainia”, the basis for the name, which is, approximately, “outskirts”. It would follow that native English speakers would say The Ukraine (like the outskirts) while a Russian who speaks English would more likely say Ukraine.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Erebus
  183. fnn says:

    Good point on the negative identity. National Socialism in Germany was all about hatred of “others”.

    I thought it was generally recognized that there were positive aspects to the NS regime in the early years. For example:

    In The Solitary War, the thirteenth volume of Chronicles, Williamson’s semi-autobiographical character Philip Maddison states that Hitler

    freed the farmers from the mortgages which drained the land, cleared the slums, inspired work for all the seven million unemployed, got them to believe in their greatness, each one a German to do his utmost in whatever was his work—in the Arbeitsdienst draining swamp land or making Europe’s new autobahn, stripped to the waist—the former pallid leer of hopeless slum youth transformed into the sun-tan, the clear eye, the broad and easy rhythm of the poised young human being.[19]

    Lest it be objected that Williamson was seeing Germany through rose colored glasses, very much the same description was given in the perennially-published basic anti-Nazi text The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by the American journalist William Shirer, whose hatred of Hitler is beyond doubt:

    The young in the Third Reich were growing up to have strong and healthy bodies, faith in the future of their country and in themselves and a sense of fellowship and camaraderie that shattered all class and economic and social barriers. I thought of that later, in the May days of 1940, when along the road between Aachen and Brussels one saw the contrasts between the German soldiers, bronzed and clean cut from a youth spent in the sunshine on an adequate diet, and the first British war prisoners, with their hollow chests, round shoulders, pasty complexions and bad teeth—tragic examples of the youth that England had neglected so irresponsibly in the years between the wars.

  184. Erebus says:

    Even in case of civil war US military cannot use Bombing airplanes Cannons and Tanks against their own citizens particularly in urban warfare.

    I don’t know about that.

    In America’s 1st Civil War, having no airplanes to drop bombs from, both sides turned cities into rubble using artillery. Less efficient, and a lot more physical effort required than bombardment from the air.

    If the country splits, it would take extraordinary leadership to keep the military from splitting with it. So, you can expect to see quite a bit of bombing should a war break out.

  185. Erebus says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    The issue isn’t an alien elite in the abstract…

    In my view, much of it is. History is replete with foreign elites ruling countries to the countries’ detriment, but to their own advantage and to the advantage of their fellow elites.

    I don’t think we’d be having a very different discussion if the American elite was dominated by, say Hindus or Chinese whose primary goals were to augment and use the US’ global position to gain political power for their home nation and “tribe”.

    There would be differences in style to be sure, and different reactions to the specifics of their domination, but I’d expect there’d be little difference in strategic substance.

    Yes, it is interesting that Jewish “takeovers” have cropped up through the last 2,000 yrs. This time, they’ve outdone themselves and taken over almost the entire West, which makes their impending loss of control different this time. Having fallen short of complete control, they’ve placed themselves in a dangerous situation.

  186. Corvinus says:

    Cool science fiction story!

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  187. Parbes says:

    Weak and dumb. This is the best you can do for your propagandist’s salary?

  188. @Twodees Partain

    As a Russian who speaks (and writes, edits, reviews, etc.) English I would say Ukraine w/o “the”, even though “the” makes Ukies livid (which is fun to watch).

  189. Thank you to those responsible for this insightful interview, I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Orlov’s responses. Wouldn’t it be mind-blowing to see this interview displayed prominently in the Jew York Times? The response from the establishment would be similar to the screams made by monster in the movie Alien when it was being poked by Sigourney.

  190. Erebus says:
    @Twodees Partain

    (The) Ukraine (I never understood the role that “The” played!).

    I always assumed it was used in the same way as in “The Netherlands”, which has a similar meaning.

  191. @Erebus

    Except Dutch don’t have a severe inferiority complex, so they don’t go livid because of that “the”.

  192. I’m resentful I wasted 5 minutes on this guy’s bloviations. Where do I go to get my 5 minutes back?!

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  193. @Erebus

    And we also have the example of “The Sudan” – likely a British coinage. For Sudan and Ukraine it is now rarely encountered (but remembered by those of a certain age).

    You do hear “The Netherlands” … I wonder if that is just some quirk of English? “The Belgium” sounds ludicrous – but “The Netherlands” seems very natural. Whatever connotation it once had is probably just now conventional usage. The Brits fought long wars with them to0, so it probably was some form of put-down as some commenter has noted.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  194. Erebus says:

    … so it probably was some form of put-down as some commenter has noted.

    It is most likely that it’s simply a hangover from times before they were nations and were indeterminate, nameless areas peripheral to a “more civilized” region with a proper name that called them that.
    Both NE & UA denote “outskirts” or “borderlands” and “the Sudan” apparently derives from the Arabic “the lands of the Blacks”.

  195. @John Q Public

    By skipping your 2 min daily masturbation for 3 days? You’ll be 60 seconds ahead.

  196. @Anon

    The psychology of characters like Orlov, Saker, and Martyanov is an interesting subject. All three of them are constantly going on about the greatness of Russia and the degeneracy of America – Orlov’s blog in particular is like one long infomercial for modern Russia, punctuated by catastrophist fantasies about America. Russians are always super-smart, brave, cultured and capable, while Americans are hopelessly fat, lazy, stupid and corrupt.

    Yet all 3 of them live in America long-term, and I don’t think any of them is planning to get back to the Motherland anytime soon. You’d think with the collapse of America any day now (for at least the last 20 years), they’d want to be back in the safety and security of Russia. Yet here they are, still.

    As far as I know, there is not a contingent of Americans living permanently in Russia while writing blogs about how awesome America is and how badly Russia sucks. It’s an interesting discrepancy.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  197. peterAUS says:

    Pretty much.

    The current trend, IMHO, save major (unintentional) BOOM, will continue for quite some time.

    For us in West, reading/posting here, that simply means further “Brasialisation” of our societies.
    Add increasing surveillance state, bursts of political violence and there we are.

    Not a big problem, overall, for aware and smart person. A bit lucky too.

    Or, in practical terms….quite possible to live, rather well actually, in that paradigm.

  198. peterAUS says:
    @Tony Podesta's Art Collection


    Getting worse, though. Those Russians know what they are doing; there IS a certain logic there.

    The really interesting part are Westerners, Americans in particular, buying all that.
    Almost funny.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @annamaria
  199. annamaria says:

    “The really interesting part are Westerners, Americans in particular, buying all that.
    Almost funny.”

    — This sounds as a woeful complain of a ziocon. For Israel-firsters commenting on this site, to complain about the factually-correct information and analyses re Russian Federation is indeed funny.

    This country is not a Bolsheviks haven (yet), where people must mind their words, though the antisemitism canard has inflicted a sizable damage to the First Amendment.

    Moreover, considering the zionists’ stunning success in Ukraine — which is currently ruled by the ethnically Jewish prime minister and the ethnically Jewish president and which is guided by the zionized State Dept (remember Nuland-Kagan and a flock of very active Jewish “defenders of democracy” from the NED?) — the “Westerners, Americans in particular” have a reason to come to their senses and begin paying attention to such competent and talented thinkers as Orlov, Saker (Rayevsky), and Martyanov.

    And what is your choice of authors that you would like recommend for the readers on this forum — the Kagans’ clan oeuvres? Or perhaps, some opuses of certain residents at the Atlantic Council (affiliated with the disinformation platform of Integrity Initiative)? No. Thanks. Not interested.

    Read your E. Higgins and M. Weiss and such at your own risk.

  200. annamaria says:

    Just to show you more samples of real journalism:

    Though, oh horror, these journalists also have something positive to say about Russians re the RF role in Syria.

    The Westerners are buying the truth and resent the opportunists:

  201. @EoinW

    National Socialist did not have a hatred towards anybody. That is a cruel unsubstantiated disgusting statement. National Socialists did have certainly contempt for other states and races.
    Something like Trump when he calls some countries shiteholes.

  202. @Erebus

    Ukraine means March which is always preceded by the definite article. The Welsh Marches, The Scottish March, The Roussillon March The Brandenburg Mark etc.

    • Replies: @AP
  203. Erebus says:

    Ukraine means March

    “March” is an archaic word synonymous with “borderland”. Both are normally preceded by the definite article in English, but a proper name need not have a meaning. So while it may remain “The Ukraine” for Russians due to cultural/historical usage, as a proper name “Ukraine” works well enough in English, and I assume in other languages.

  204. AP says:
    @Philip Owen

    We don’t say the Denmark..

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