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The Neocons and the “deep State” Have Neutered the Trump Presidency, It’s Over Folks!
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Less than a month ago I warned that a ‘color revolution ‘ was taking place in the USA. My first element of proof was the so-called “investigation” which the CIA, FBI, NSA and others were conducting against President Trump’s candidate to become National Security Advisor, General Flynn. Tonight, the plot to get rid of Flynn has finally succeeded and General Flynn had to offer his resignation. Trump accepted it.

Now let’s immediately get one thing out of the way: Flynn was hardly a saint or a perfect wise man who would single handedly saved the world. That he was not. However, what Flynn was is the cornerstone of Trump’s national security policy. For one thing, Flynn dared the unthinkable: he dared to declare that the bloated US intelligence community had to be reformed. Flynn also tried to subordinate the CIA and the Joint Chiefs to the President via the National Security Council. Put differently, Flynn tried to wrestle the ultimate power and authority from the CIA and the Pentagon and subordinate them back to the White House. Flynn also wanted to work with Russia. Not because he was a Russia lover, the notion of a Director of the DIA as a Putin-fan is ridiculous, but Flynn was rational, he understood that Russia was no threat to the USA or to Europe and that Russia had the West had common interests. That is another absolutely unforgivable crimethink in Washington DC.

The Neocon run ‘deep state’ has now forced Flynn to resign under the idiotic pretext that he had a telephone conversation, on an open, insecure and clearly monitored, line with the Russian ambassador.

And Trump accepted this resignation.

Ever since Trump made it to the White House, he has taken blow after blow from the Neocon-run Ziomedia, from Congress, from all the Hollywood doubleplusgoodthinking “stars” and even from European politicians. And Trump took each blow without ever fighting back. Nowhere was his famous “you are fired!” to be seen. But I still had hope. I wanted to hope. I felt that it was my duty to hope.

But now Trump has betrayed us all.

Remember how Obama showed his true face when he hypocritically denounced his friend and pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.? Today, Trump has shown us his true face. Instead of refusing Flynn’s resignation and instead of firing those who dared cook up these ridiculous accusations against Flynn, Trump accepted the resignation. This is not only an act of abject cowardice, it is also an amazingly stupid and self-defeating betrayal because now Trump will be alone, completely alone, facing the likes of Mattis and Pence – hard Cold Warrior types, ideological to the core, folks who want war and simply don’t care about reality.

Again, Flynn was not my hero. But he was, by all accounts, Trump’s hero. And Trump betrayed him.

The consequences of this will be immense. For one thing, Trump is now clearly broken. It took the ‘deep state’ only weeks to castrate Trump and to make him bow to the powers that be. Those who would have stood behind Trump will now feel that he will not stand behind them and they will all move back away from him. The Neocons will feel elated by the elimination of their worst enemy and emboldened by this victory they will push on, doubling-down over and over and over again.

It’s over, folks, the deep state has won.

From now on, Trump will become the proverbial shabbos-goy, the errand boy of the Israel lobby. Hassan Nasrallah was right when he called him ‘an idiot‘.

The Chinese and Iranian will openly laugh. The Russians won’t – they will be polite, they will smile, and try to see if some common sense policies can still be salvaged from this disaster. Some might. But any dream of a partnership between Russia and the United States has died tonight.

The EU leaders will, of course, celebrate. Trump was nowhere the scary bogeyman they feared. Turns out that he is a doormat – very good for the EU.

Where does all this leave us – the millions of anonymous ‘deplorables’ who try as best we can to resist imperialism, war, violence and injustice?

I think that we were right in our hopes because that is all we had – hopes. No expectations, just hopes. But now we objectively have very little reasons left to hope. For one thing, the Washington ‘swamp’ will not be drained. If anything, the swamp has triumphed. We can only find some degree of solace in two undeniable facts:

  1. Hillary would have been far worse than any version of a Trump Presidency.
  2. In order to defeat Trump, the US deep state has had to terribly weaken the US and the AngloZionist Empire. Just like Erdogan’ purges have left the Turkish military in shambles, the anti-Trump ‘color revolution’ has inflicted terrible damage on the reputation, authority and even credibility of the USA.

The first one is obvious. So let me clarify the second one. In their hate-filled rage against Trump and the American people (aka “the basket of deplorables”) the Neocons have had to show they true face. By their rejection of the outcome of the elections, by their riots, their demonization of Trump, the Neocons have shown two crucial things: first, that the US democracy is a sad joke and that they, the Neocons, are an occupation regime which rules against the will of the American people. In other words, just like Israel, the USA has no legitimacy left. And since, just like Israel, the USA are unable to frighten their enemies, they are basically left with nothing, no legitimacy, no ability to coerce. So yes, the Neocons have won. But their victory is removes the last chance for the US to avoid a collapse.

Trump, for all his faults, did favor the US, as a country, over the global Empire. Trump was also acutely aware that ‘more of the same’ was not an option. He wanted policies commensurate with the actual capabilities of the USA. With Flynn gone and the Neocons back in full control – this is over. Now we are going to be right back to ideology over reality.

Trump probably could have made America, well, maybe not “great again”, but at least stronger, a major world power which could negotiate and use its leverage to get the best deal possible from the others. That’s over now. With Trump broken, Russia and China will go right back to their pre-Trump stance: a firm resistance backed by a willingness and capability to confront and defeat the USA at any level.

I am quite sure that nobody today is celebrating in the Kremlin. Putin, Lavrov and the others surely understand exactly what happened. It is as if Khodorkovsy would have succeeded in breaking Putin in 2003. In fact, I have to credit Russian analysts who for several weeks already have been comparing Trump to Yanukovich, who also was elected by a majority of the people and who failed to show the resolve needed to stop the ‘color revolution’ started against him. But if Trump is the new Yanukovich, will the US become the next Ukraine?

Flynn was very much the cornerstone of the hoped-for Trump foreign policy. There was a real chance that he would reign in the huge, bloated and all-powerful three letter agencies and that he would focus US power against the real enemy of the West: the Wahabis. With Flynn gone, this entire conceptual edifice has now come down. We are going to be left with the likes of Mattis and his anti-Iranian statements. Clowns who only impress other clowns.

Today Neocon victory is a huge event and it will probably be completely misrepresented by the official media. Ironically, Trump supporters will also try minimize it all. But the reality is that barring a most unlikely last-minute miracle, it’s over for Trump and the hopes of millions of people in the USA and the rest of the world who had hoped that the Neocons could be booted out of power by means of a peaceful election. That is clearly not going to happen.

I see very dark clouds on the horizon.

(Republished from The Vineyard of the Saker by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, Neocons 
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  1. This is disappointing, and probably ill-advised, but I think it’s far to early to draw any conclusions.

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
    , @Anonymous
  2. KenH says:

    I just read a mainstream news source who conceded that there is no proof that Flynn did anything illegal. Trump should have overlooked the fact that Flynn may have had a light discussion about sanctions with the Russian ambassador.

    I had mixed feelings about Flynn but it now appears that he was a voice of reason concerning Russia. If Pence has his druthers the new NS advisor will probably be a Russophobic neocon and if not Jewish then definitely one of their goy errand boys.

    AIPAC wants the U.S. isolated from Russia and other nations and wants to make us an international pariah just like Israel is.

  3. Randal says:

    Rather over the top, I think, but some important points.

    Flynn was rational

    Not on the topic of Iran he wasn’t.

    And that’s rather the issue with the whole Trump regime. The areas where its members promise an embrace of sanity and an escape from the irrational, bipartisan US elite interventionist groupthink that has caused disaster after disaster over the past three decades, are repeatedly balanced and largely negated by other areas where they seek to double down on that insanity and groupthink.

    That’s the nature of elite groupthink idiocy, I suppose. Being opposed to interventionism, whether the US-uber-alles or the “humanitarian” form has been so toxic to any kind of high level career in politics, media or the wider foreign policy community in the US for so long that there are few if any senior people who are not where they are because they pander to one or other of the interest groups seeking to profit from murderous US interference in foreigners’ business. It’s just not possible to form a credible administration from the few people who are not corrupted in that sense.

    Trump himself is equally mixed, as far as the prospects for shifts to sensible policies are concerned, and his main promise on foreign policy was as an outsider to that groupthink idiocracy, willing to say the unsayable on NATO, on Russia, on Syria etc. At one level, he clearly understands that “America first” is the way to go, but he is beset by people spilling interventionist poison about how “vital” it is that the US instead confront whatever overseas dragon their interests are served by the US confronting. There’s simply no way to know which way he will jump on issues like Russia, Iran and China, and a lot must depend upon who gets his ear.

    It’s still too early to say, imo, but the omens are not all good.

  4. Randal says:

    1.Hillary would have been far worse than any version of a Trump Presidency.

    This is clearly true, and it’s important to recognise that things could always, easily have been far worse.

    2.In order to defeat Trump, the US deep state has had to terribly weaken the US and the AngloZionist Empire. Just like Erdogan’ purges have left the Turkish military in shambles, the anti-Trump ‘color revolution’ has inflicted terrible damage on the reputation, authority and even credibility of the USA.

    This is also true, in the sense that even if the worst Trump outcome materialises, and he chooses to go down the idiot route of confronting Russia, China, Iran or Syria or whatever other target for US interference for the benefit of dual loyalty and other interest groups presents itself, instead of attending to America’s interests first and last as he should, the redeeming feature is that he will find it far harder to carry the US satellite states in Europe with him, since their elites are still fully paid up members of the globalist/social liberal elite that had Clinton as their standard bearer, and they loathe Trump irrevocably. No matter how far he goes in pandering to their demands, they will take the first available opportunity to stab him in the back and throw his corpse to the dogs.

    And the open division and in-fighting within the US elites between those loyal to their elected President and the “never Trump”-ers makes the US look a far less reliable ally to those countries in Asia which might have gone along with a confrontation of China, for instance.

    So it’s still the win-win situation that the election of Trump always was, for sanity.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  5. 5371 says:

    It’s not so much the loss of Flynn himself that’s depressing, but the circumstances. A scandal devoid of substance was ginned up against someone who’d been on board for a long time, and Trump didn’t fight for him. If he doesn’t do a better job going to the wall for Bannon, then things really will be dire.

  6. plantman says:

    It’s actually worse than it looks:

    “With his son-in-law out-front, Trump’s approach to the Middle East is shaping up as similar to previous administrations, catering to Israel and Saudi Arabia even to the extent of wholesale lying to the American people about who is the main backer of terrorism.

    Trump also may be isolating his new Secretary of State as Tillerson apparently looks to more realist options and fights to limit neocon influences in making U.S. foreign policy. But Tillerson is facing a challenge in staffing the State Department without turning to veterans of past administrations with close ties to the neocons….

    Now, with the neocons having found a backdoor into the Trump administration via son-in-law Kushner, the prospects for a sharp break with the long reign of disastrous neocon policies in the Middle East have grown dimmer.” Robert Parry

  7. bluedog says:

    Not so sure about sanity as little exists at least not up there anyway,if Trump begins dismantling the empire then I would say yes but from his words of rebuilding the empire (military) missiles etc and a new bogyman Iran, then I say they fully intend to ride it out until the collapse of the economy…

  8. But if Trump is the new Yanukovich, will the US become the next Ukraine?

    Sadly, we already are.

  9. Diogenes says:

    I am afraid the Saker has read too much into this Fynn story and had gone overboard with disillusionment.
    It’s incorrect to conclude Trump is defeated and the Neocons and Globalists have won. This is just one battle in a long war besides let’s see who Trump chooses as a replacement for Flynn. Trump is in damage control mode stubbornly keeping Flynn would result in more trouble for him.

    I read an interesting perspective on the meaning of the Trump phenomenon [see link]
    “President Donald Trump is not fighting a war on the establishment: he’s fighting a war to protect the establishment from itself, and the rest of us.”[Nafeez Ahmed]

    Another view of Trump is that he waging a war to overthrow the American Financial Oligarchy which is responsible for the evisceration of Middle-Class prosperity which I find very congenial.

    “In the mid-twentieth century, many Western left strategists talked about the need for an alliance with the medium-sized businesses against monopoly capital. Paradoxically, such an alliance formed now spontaneously around the figure of Trump, who is supported by workers, farmers, small entrepreneurs, and provincial intellectuals. Only this bloc is not dominated by progressive left-wing intellectuals, but by a rude and politically incorrect Manhattan bourgeois.” Boris Kagarlitsky

  10. Perchance Trump may yet pull together a Samson option.

  11. Svigor says:

    Eeyore, Eeyore, Eeyore! The world revolves around Russia, and American foreign policy! Eeyore, Eeyore, Eeyore!

  12. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    We are going to be left with the likes of Mattis and his anti-Iranian statements. Clowns who only impress other clowns.

    Flynn was known to be anti-Iranian too and fact is, he, if my Alzheimer doesn’t fail me, was the one who “put Iran on notice”–a policy statement, I suspect, not exactly coordinated with Trump. So, I wouldn’t read too much in that. A lot depends on who will replace Flynn. Now, in the same time–it is true, continuation of even Neocon-light foreign policy means economic collapse for the US and eventual disintegration along several major regional lines. Present US economy (much if which is virtual) is not sustainable anymore one way or another.

  13. Sean says:

    Naa, the problem is the Hollywood PR of the special forces is so good it is believed even by those in the military. In reality the snake eaters units attract unprofessional gossipy characters like McCrystal or unstable personalities like Flynn, and not just in the US

    Vladimir Vasilievich Kvachkov (Russian: Влади́мир Васи́льевич Квачко́в; born 5 August 1948) is a Russian former Spetsnaz colonel and military intelligence officer, known for being arrested and charged for the attempted assassination of politician and businessman Anatoly Chubais in 2005, for which he was jailed for three years until he was acquitted on 5 June 2008. Kvachkov did not admit nor did he deny his role in the assassination attempt, instead declaring the act not criminal, and that the elimination of Chubais and the present Russian government was justified as Russia is under the occupation of a “Judeo-Masonic mafia”.

    What a nut, he tried to kill Chubris because his motorcade had caused an obstruction, and blamed it on the Jews.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. Ryan says:

    It is of course disheartening. However everything I read about Flynn indicated he simply didn’t have the personality for the job. He did that press conference where he “put Iran on notice” like an idiot. He has a reputation for not being a good leader. And I really wouldn’t put it past him to have actually lied to Pence about the content of his conversation like the administration is saying.

  15. pyrrhus says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    I agree. The other plus is that Flynn was far too hawkish on Iran, which is not only a stupid military mindset, but a dead end. Russia is not going to allow the US to install missiles and radar in Northern Iran….

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Half your comments at the Unz Review are apologia for Jews and their interests. That’s really what seems to have gotten your goat about Kvachkov – that he dared to be so hostile to them.

  17. Gen. Flynn had some good ideas, but a whole lot of bad ones, too. Folks I trust said he was on the whole not a reality-based thinker and impervious to ideas he hadn’t thought himself, some of which of his own were frighteningly ill-conceived. A loose cannon temperamentally, Trump was the only star Flynn had left to hitch himself to. If he lied to Pence and Trump, he would be dangerous to an administration’s decision making, because truth would be out of their loop. Optics of this might be bad, but, it fits this season’s Washington reality show: “You’re fired!”

  18. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Russia is not going to allow the US to install missiles and radar in Northern Iran….

    Judging by the revealed today “snafu” in Russian-Iranian relations (Rogozin’s cancelled visit to Iran), Russia knows that Iran has to become more cooperative on the trade front in order to have a good protection. There is no doubt that there is a very serious anti-Iran sentiment in Trump’s Admin. Flynn was one of several people who view Iran as clear and present danger.

  19. Need an NSA who is dovish to both Iran AND Russia (and the world, generally).
    And untouchable by the Deep State.
    Any candidates?

  20. KA says:

    Some one ( a neocon thug) advised Obama to bomb Iran to save his presidency . Clinton preempted any suggestion by bombing Sudan . I am waiting to hear a neocon blurt out same suggestion – Bomb Iran and save the presidency .

  21. ChrisD says:

    I think sanity and the voice of reason is required to balance the Saker’s ranting and raving about the neocons. Saker’s raison d’etre is to be the pro-Russia, anti-CIA mouthpiece on Unz so his biases are bleeding obvious. Firstly, Trump has not been defeated by anyone. Let us not forget his massive, unprecedented and world-changing victory in November. He is beginning to work through the labyrinth of Washington, with its bloated bureaucracy and less-than-prudent intelligence agencies who leak daily to the NYT and WaPo (two liberal media outlets left red-faced after the election and who now want revenge).

    Trump has been open and welcoming to his enemies since winning, being magnanimous and meeting with Silicon Valley, Wall St, and Obama’s left-overs. The challenge for him now is to remove elements who are hungry for war. Flynn was one such element – a toxic, preening self-promoter hell-bent on carpet bombing the Mid East and pushing the Mullahs in Iran into a corner. Flynn’s resignation is an extremely good thing, and Trump would not have let him go if he didn’t make the Art of the Deal cost-benefit analysis in his head before accepting Flynn’s resignation. Trump is the only one who has a genuine affection for Putin and for Russia, it’s not a talking point incepted into his head, it’s his own personality. He is drawn to Putin and will not risk war over petty nonsense. Flynn on the other hand was a loose cannon, a man who would rather promote himself by giving a press conference ‘putting Iran on notice’ instead of quietly and sensibly advising his President behind the scenes.

    The Saker is, to be blunt, completely wrong here and he may well need to book a few appointments with a psychologist to see if his Russophilia and CIAophobia can be tamed a little. Trump’s next steps will include consultation with Bannon, Pence, Preibus and Conway and build a consensus on what is to be done about the leaks in the intel community, how best to manage the intel chiefs (via Pompeo and Comey), how to empower Tillerson at DoS and free him from the shackles of pro-Clinton shills who infest every level of that God-forsaken government department, and how to press ahead with re-negotiating trade deals, and returning America to a realist foreign policy. These are no easy tasks, each one would be a challenge for any normal politician, let alone a man with zero political experience save a larger-than-life election campaign. Let’s pray for Trump and his administration, and ignore nutjobs like The Saker from now on.

    • Agree: Intelligent Dasein
    • Replies: @KA
  22. attonn says:

    Trump’s best feature – and the one that won him admiration of the “deplorables” – was his take-no-prisoners pugnacity. He never retreated. Never apologized. Always hit back.
    That he rolled-over so easily on Flynn is a bad omen, indeed.

    • Replies: @Ivan K.
  23. KA says:

    Flynn was not disliked because of his anti-Iran stance That made him a favorite among the Neocons and the media He would have been long gone or not even up for selection without anti Iran stance
    . But the Neocons also know that they would be able to find a dozen like him in DC who would embrace same position on Iran. They will not suffer any casualty by drowning him in the toilet. But they will lose the opportunity to weaken Trump and force him to listen to them if they did not pounce on him now on the allegations raised . The chaos creating power of this anti Flynn maneuver will ripple outward and limit Trump
    s movement It will raise doubt among his supporters His action will be challenged second guessed doubted and even openly questioned ,possibly even by the cabinet member. It is dangerous The presidential prestige and power that speak without being uttered will be eroded . It is the perceptions that made LBJ quit . We might see a redux . TRump needs to focus on core issues – illegal immigration,and anti war positions , on bringing the off shore money back to US , on tightening banks , on education and not on Obama care not on travel ban not on abortion not on family business not on 1 or 2 China policy . Those are losing propositions and he would only encourage unnecessary distraction and fight

    • Replies: @ChrisD
  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Anatoly Karlin


    Trump’s only chance was to jump out of the gate swinging and to go on the offensive.

    Instead Trump meekly waited till the deep state came to him.

  25. ChrisD says:

    Nobody said Flynn was disliked because of his anti-Iran stance. I disliked him because of that, but my point there was that his loss is no big loss at all. The fact the leaks are occurring is what Trump needs to frame as a deliberate attempt to undermine democracy and his Cabinet. This will work, and galvanize his base against the Deep State even further. It’s not easy to fight a war on 3 fronts (Dems, MSM and the bureaucracy), let alone when one of those fronts is meant to be supporting you.

  26. 1. Flynn had alienated Pence, Pompeo and Mattis. He had lied to Pence causing Pence to humiliate himself on TV. The guy had to go.

    2. Flynn is an anti Islam fanatic. He thinks we were in a war against Islam instead of a war against Globalists. He has some very neoconnish foreign policy views.

    3. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better contrary indicator than The Saker. If he says that this is a disaster, that means it’s probably a good thing.

    4. The pro Iran morons here who see this as some kind of victory for their side seem to have missed that the super Iran hater Mattis is one of the guys who pushed Flynn out. Sorry losers, Iran is still destined for extermination.

    You win some and you lose some, and I always strive to be clear eyed and admit to a defeat or loss when they happen. Denial does us no good. But I just don’t see this as a loss other than that it lets the media and Left feel like they got a scalp. But really it appears that Flynn had to go for mostly internal reasons.

  27. Ivan K. says:

    Trump’s best feature – and the one that won him admiration of the “deplorables” – was his take-no-prisoners pugnacity.

    He never retreated.

    Never apologized.

    Always hit back.


    That he rolled-over so easily on Flynn is a bad omen, indeed.

    Ah, I would something quite different, since NO one changes his character at seventy, all of a sudden.

    “The rolling-over” is just a misperception. The information-deprived public has a misperception.

    So, what could be the actual case?

    He found independent reason to fire him, reasons that are unknown to the public.

    Trump is driving on a long car trip with malicious passengers who bother him about how a part of the steering system is “bad.” They are even probing it. You can’t stop them: the law protects the civil servants like polar bears. At the same time, you, Trump find out:
    That part is really not as good as you expected.

    What happened is this:

    The driver wants to make sure the steering system would serve him well. He decided to replace the part.

    He thinks a slightly unreliable steering system + unreliable passengers is lack of reliability too much.

    What is more, having a more reliable vehicle just helps dealing with the crazy teens in the car.

    Losing the psychological moment! Losing! – some cry out.


    Mature seniors retain confidence and the upper hand anyway. No Michael Jordan would “lose” because of a miss. Mature people look at the big picture.

    A long road lies ahead.

  28. 1KoolKat says:

    Putin played it brilliantly, 1st Russian attempted to influence the US election to curry favor with Trump. The purpose was rapprochement (easing tensions) with the West and the easing of sanctions. Obviously that is not going to happen now and probably never will because the neocons stand in the way. This looks like he failed but wait…….

    2nd The fact is, either true or false many Americans on the left believe Putin interfered in the election and Trump is illegitimate. That caused deep divisions in the US and weakens the Trump presidency who will have to contend with opposition throughout his term.

    I don’t believe the neocons want conflict with Russia they want containment and subjugation. They want an obedient compliant Russia like they had with Yeltsin.

    Putin will not play along with the neocons and wants to restore Russia as a major player in world affairs. He has modernized the Russian military both conventional and nuclear. He has restored and formed new alliances with other like mined nations. He has broken out from the containment of the west. And finally he has succeeded in dividing the American people and weakening the new president. America is in deep deep trouble 🙁

  29. Remember how Obama showed his true face when he hypocritically denounced his friend and pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.?

    Oh, come on! Obama, like most politicians is nonreligious, but like most politicians he has to pretend to swear allegiance to a church, preferably one that has a lot of members. The Wright church was/is big in black Chicago. That Obama sporadically attended does not mean that he was speaking in tongues or going door to door asking people if they were saved, or claiming to believe that the Bible is literally true in every detail.

    Wright stepped off the reservation, forcing Obama to disassociate himself from some of Wright’s more extreme proclamations, just like no politician would go along with Rev. Pat Robertson’s theories that God sends hurricanes to punish homosexuals. Preachers are entertainment, but they are not taken very seriously by intelligent people, because they don’t realize that an Act of God is only insurance company jargon to evade responsibility.

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