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The Headless Chicken and the Bear
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Introducing the headless chicken

The EU has a major problem: it is run by a comprador class which is entirely dependent on the United States. Okay, that by itself is not the problem I am referring to. The problem I am referring to is one we could call the problem of the decapitated chicken: a decapitated chicken can run without a head, but it sure does not know where it is running or why. This happens to all comprador classes when their beloved masters suddenly vanish. This is exactly what happened to the European ruling classes when Trump came to the White House: they “lost their head” and they began running all over the place, obviously achieving nothing. Now that the Neocons gave Trump the boot, the EU rulers are desperate to show the new US leaders that they only hated Trump, not the US, and what better way to show your complete submission than by barking at the Asiatic Mordor of the East known as “Russia”?

This latest PSYOP was apparently organized in the US last fall, while Trump was still in power, at least nominally. This makes sense, just like the huge “Patriot Act” was carefully prepared months, if not years before 9/11 happened. This time around, some US intelligence agency (probably the CIA) then passed the baby to the German BND which was supposed to act as an intermediary to give the US “plausible deniability”. The big problem is that the Germans apparently screwed things up, and the plan was a flop: the latest sacral victim failed to die (again!). As for Putin, he used his executive power to allow Navalnyi (who was on parole) to immediately fly to Germany for treatment as soon as the Russian medics stabilized him. From there on, everything went south and Navalnyi’s curators scrambled to save whatever could be saved.

They produced a movie about Putin’s palace in Crimea, only to have Russian reporters film the location and prove that this movie was a total fake. Then they sent Navalnyi back to Russia figuring that if the Russian authorities arrested him huge protests would follow or, alternatively, if the Russians did nothing, Navalnyi would be able to create chaos during an important election year in Russia. This resulted in another flop, not only were the crowds in Russia small, their behavior was deeply offensive and even frightening to most Russians who have seen enough Maidans and color revolutions to know how this stuff ends. As for Navalnyi, he was arrested immediately upon landing, and his parole was revoked.

Of course, all this was reported very differently in what I call Zone A, but while this made it possible for the authors of this PSYOP to conceal the magnitude of their failure, in the rest of the world and, especially, in Russia, it was pretty clear that this ridiculous buffoonery had failed. That outcome presented the EU headless chicken with a major problem: on one hand, we protest about “Putin murdering his own people with combat gasses” while on the other we are about to complete North Stream 2 (NS2), which we need to remain competitive; if we continue, we will lose NS2 and we will alienate Russia even further, but if we stop acting like an idiot on suicide watch, our overseas masters will make us pay. EU leaders obviously failed agree on a plan so, just like a headless chicken, they ran in all directions at the same time: they publicly protested, but also sent as top official, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission Josep Borrell, to try to appease the Russians. Borrell actually did a decent job trying to placate the Russians, but this time something went very wrong. Not only was Foreign Minister Lavrov very blunt in his public comments, the Russians also expelled 3 EU diplomats for participating in the demonstrations even while Borrell and Lavrov were talking. This is when the proverbial bovine excreta hit the fan, at least in EU whose “watchdog media” (here I use the term “watchdog” as meaning “immediately barking at anybody daring to stray from the official propaganda line”) went crazy and accused Borrell of caving in to the Russians. Some even demanded Borrell’s resignation. As for Borrell himself, he did what all western officials do after a visit to Moscow: he changed his tune as soon as he came back home. Finally, Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, added that “The task [of Borrell] was to carry out a public flogging, which, I think, they planned very carefully, it was a cascade of topics: talks about rallies, talks about journalists, and making [Alexey] Navalny the main theme of the discussion”. According to Zakharova, this plan failed because Russia insisted on discussing the “real issues“.

Interestingly, the Russians did not expel any US diplomats (at least not yet) in spite of the fact that these officials all agreed that the origin of the PSYOP was from overseas and in spite of the quasi-certainty that US officials must have been present, at least in the Moscow and Saint Petersburg protests. To its credit, the US embassy in Moscow did recommend to all US citizens that they stay away from illegal demonstrations. This is an ongoing crisis and by the time this analysis is posted, things might have changed dramatically. My purpose today is not to look at the US or the EU, but at what I believe is a major shift in Russian policy.

At this point, we should not see the expulsions of the 3 EU diplomats as anything more than just a “shot across the bow”, a way to indicate that the winds have changed. But these expulsions are not big enough to qualify as a real, painful, retaliation. Why?

Because the real slap in the collective face of the EU was the press conference of Lavrov and Borrell in which Lavrov was truly uniquely direct and candid. For example, Lavrov bluntly said ” We are proceeding from the assumption that the EU is not a reliable partner, at least at the current stage. I hope that in future strategic attention will be given to the EU’s fundamental interest in its closest neighbours and that the talks we have held today will promote movement to a more constructive trajectory. We are ready for this“.

Translated from diplospeak into plain English, this means 1) we are fed up with you and 2) we don’t need you.

This blunt statement is what triggered all the subsequent hysterics in Brussels about Borrell being ill treated by the Russians and Borrell’s subsequent declaration that “Russia does not want a constructive dialog” and that the EU must now decide if it still wants to get closer to Russia or if it wants to distance itself from a country slipping into authoritarianism.

In western parlance the degree of “democratism” or “authoritarianism” is solely defined by the willingness of a country to be a satrapy of the Empire. Under this definition, all sovereign countries are “dictatorships” and all AngloZionist satrapies are paragons of democracy.

Has the Russian bear had enough?

Just two weeks ago I wrote that With “Biden” in the White House, the Kremlin Now Needs to Change Gear and I believe that this is exactly what we are seeing today. Here is my evidence:

  • The tone of the Russian has changed and is much more direct and blunt
  • The fact that the three EU diplomats were expelled while Borrell was in Moscow was a very deliberate slap in the EU’s collective face
  • The tone of the Russian media has also changed, journalists and experts are all expressing their utter disgust with the EU and are calling for less words and more actions
  • The NS2 lobby in Russia (who advocated a policy of total non-confrontation at least until NS2 was completed) is rather absent from the public discourse. This might mean that this lobby has thrown in the towel or, alternatively, that the block I call “Eurasian sovereignists” does not consider NS2 as vital for Russia (they are correct, by the way) and that putting the squeeze on the EU is much more important (again, I agree with them here too).
  • The EU’s other anti-Russian vendetta, I am referring to the recent attempt at overthrowing Lukashenko, has also failed. However, this PSYOP was so rude and crude, and the EU acted with such arrogance that it really gave Russia no other option than to take action, not only by flying Tu-160s along the Belarussian border or by selling S-400s, but also by using highly symbolic diplomatic countermeasures.
  • The Russian Aerospace Forces (2 Su-24M, 2 Su-27s and 2 Su-30SM) have conducted mock missile strikes against USN ships as soon as they entered the southern waters of the Black Sea. Note: the same day Chinese aircraft conducted a mock attack on a US carrier in the Pacific.
  • Russia has now deployed both the Bal and even the formidable Bastion coastal missile defense systems. This, combined with the formidable capabilities of the Southern Military District and the Black Sea Fleet which turns the entire Black Sea into a shooting range and any hostile ship into an easy target for the Russians. Clearly, the Russians are fed up with the arrogance of the USN.
  • Defense Minister Shoigu has just announced a major increase in the production of high-precision and hypersonic weapons.

These are just a few examples of a much longer list of changes which are taking place before our eyes.

So far, the EU did not get the message at all. At least officially. But witnessing the infighting taking place not only over Borrell’s trip, but also about what to do about vaccines (The Lancet has just posted a major article entitled “Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine candidate appears safe and effective” which basically said that all the western nonsense about Sputnik-V being BOTH 1) unsafe AND 2) ineffective were lies) I can clearly see that the EU rulers are seriously worried. Right now it sure looks like the EU is losing the “COVID propaganda war” and that all these russophobic states (except the hardcore nutcases of 3B+PU) will have to now ask Russia for her vaccines. So far the only official EU reaction was to expel 3 Russian diplomats and somewhat protest. But these are clearly the opening shots of a much longer confrontation between Russia and the EU.

The crucial factor to consider here is this: while the aggregate power of the US+NATO+EU+5EYES is bigger than Russia’s, the mental paralysis of the EU leaders makes the EU alone already much weaker than Russia. Of course, since Biden’s administration is a who’s who of the most hysterical russophobes imaginable, chances are that the US will interfere and attempt to back the anti-Russian factions in the EU. Considering the tone used by Russian officials over the latest USN provocations in the Black Sea and the Sea of Japan, I don’t doubt the Kremlin’s determination to act both in words and with actions.

And then there are the subtle threats which the general public is rarely exposed to. The latest example is a highly specialized article entitled “Rationale for the combat use of aviation to disrupt an integrated massive air strike during a multi-domain operation of the enemy” which explains how Russia could disrupt and defeat a NATO attack. I won’t go into all the (very interesting) details here, but I will just say that the authors declare that Russia can go from a policy of deterrence by nuclear forces to a policy of (conventional) deterrence by having the means to “inflict comprehensive defeat (upon NATO countries) using all types of weapons within the deterrence of inflicting an unacceptable complex defeat on it with all types of weapons within the framework of preventive actions under the conditions of the danger of local war threatening the Russian Federation“. In truth, this is not the only Russian specialized article discussing the future of warfare, and what makes this one truly unique is that RT, of all places, decided to post an article about it entitled “Russian Air Force experts publish plan to neutralize NATO forces in all-out war with bombing strikes“. This really looks like the Kremlin wanted to make absolutely sure that western politicians (as opposed to western military analysts who read that stuff on a daily basis anyway) would think long and hard about what US military plans for NATO really would mean for the EU.

Then there is the outcome of the Polish military command staff exercise Winter-20 which resulted in, I kid you not, Russia completely defeating the Polish military in 5 days only! (For details, see here, here or here). Again, there is nothing really new here, the US and/or NATO have conducted plenty of exercises which had the “Russian hordes” defeating the “forces of democracy and progress”. And, again, the real difference was in the Russian coverage of this news: for the first time the Russians openly made fun of NATO and of the (always paranoid and insanely russophobic) Poles. In truth, the Russians always knew that the Polish military is as good on pompous ceremonies and parades as it is inept on the battlefield, but that kind of open contempt is something new, at least from the state supported media.

So far, the EU clearly is not coming to terms with this new reality. The latest (breathtakingly stupid) EU plan to try to scare “Putin” (here “Putin” is the collective Kremlin boogeyman, not necessarily VVP): Svetlana Tikhanovskaia has appealed to the wife of Navalnyi, Iulia, to become the “she president of Russia”. Yes, seriously. Iulia Navalnaia as President of Russia!

As for Navalnyi’s supporters in the EU, they have decided to create a Russian government in exile. Again, this is not a joke. By the way, the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of this “Russian Government in Exile”, Leonid Volkov, initially declared that the illegal riots should be halted, only to be told otherwise by his handlers. He immediately made a required 180 and declared that protests will resume. This is how Maria Zakharova bluntly, and very officially, reacted on Facebook to his “change of mind”: (minimally fixed machine translation)

NATO doubles down

On February 4, 2021, Volkov declared that the protests in Russia were canceled and will resume in the spring and summer. “We will not hold a rally next weekend…The wave of protest must end at a high point. Because if we continue to decline, it will be terribly demotivating and frustrating for everyone… We will prepare well and hold something big both in the spring and in the summer. We will never give up our demands.” Then, on February 9, 2021, Volkov changed his mind and announced that the campaign will continue in February. “We’ll make it much trickier” he added. What happened between February 4 and 9 and forced the “opposition” to radically change tactics? Everything is quite simple – on February 8, 2021, an online meeting with Volkov and Ashurkov took place at the Permanent Mission of Poland to the EU in Brussels, in which EU countries, the United States, and Britain took part. And in fact-this was a meeting of the NATO countries. The NATO members instructed the “opposition”, and in fact their agents of influence, how to continue “more cunning” to conduct subversive work. Too much money and resources have already been invested by the West in this story to wait until spring. They clearly understand: in the spring, the information campaign pumped up by Westerners will be blown away. They can no longer juggle the topic of “chemical weapons” without presenting the facts – they are pinned to the wall. So they double down.

As for Navalnyi and his supporters, Zakarova was even more direct, saying “stop calling them opposition, they are NATO agents!”.

As I have explained many times, western politicians double down not when they feel strong, they double down when they feel weak and when they place their hopes in the willingness of the other side not to seriously further escalate.

And, just to make sure that the Empire can win the battle for the “hearts and minds” of the Russian people, the Brits are now counting (again) on Pussy Riot to release a song in support of protests. Again, while this does sound like a joke, it is not.

Now comes the best part: there are a lot of signs that the EU will, again under the pious pretext of “solidarity” follow the 3B+PU politicians and, if not recognize such a government in exile, at least treat its members as real officials. That is also supposed to also terrify the Kremlin, I guess. But if that is the best the EU can come up with, VVP and the people of Russia, can sleep in peace.

So where do we go from here?

Making predictions is a tricky thing when dealing with both 1) countries with limited agency/sovereignty and 2) countries led by incompetent/delusional politicians. The many theories of deterrence out there all assume what is called a “rational actor” and a truly sovereign state. What is certain is that the Empire and its EU protectorates will only increase what I call “petty harassment measures” to try to offend and humiliate Russia (stuff like this crap). In response to such “ankle biting” Russia will do two things: drop any pretense of diplomacy and denounce these “ankle bites” for what they are (provocations) and further turn to Zone B (aka “reliable partners”) for partnerships. Russia will also bluntly spell out to the Europeans the risks they are taking with their ill-conceived sabre rattling along the Russian border. Sadly, this probably means that, just as the Chinese Navy recently, the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navies will have order to engage any aircraft or vessel threatening Russia (so far these are only rumors, but they are persistent and seem to have strong backing in the Duma). This is a very dangerous development as western politicians, being primarily ideological (and, therefore, delusional) creatures will always prefer to play a game of (headless) chicken hoping that the other guy will back down. The fact that the “other guy” (both Russian and Chinese) in the past did, indeed, back down and show restraint only further encourages western politicians to double down forever no matter what. For these reasons I would call the probability of an actual military clash between US/NATO and/or Russia/China as “likely in 2021”. As for the future of NS2, I always assumed that EU politicians can count their Euros and realize that the EU needs that project way more than Russia. Frankly, I am not so sure now: counting on the mental abilities of a headless chicken is probably not a good idea! Neither is counting on the courage of the type of politicians whom Boris Johnson once called “supine invertebrate protoplasmic jellies“.

It appears that Russia and the EU are on a direct collision course. Frankly, I welcome it, in spite of the obvious dangers. Why? Because nothing except a real confrontation can bring EU politicians down to the real world back from the La-La land they currently live in. The Russian bear needs to smack down the headless chicken. Hard.

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  1. Jay Roach says:

    The US controls Europe.

    But who controls American Politicians.

    The Jewish Israeli Lobby.

    They wanted Syria’s Assad gone so they could steal more Arab land. And Putin nixed that.

    That simple, folks!

  2. Saker

    Russia is gonna probably have start reading Turkey the riot act also.

    Here is the scenario that worries me:

    The Russian Army and the US Army do patrols in Syria…what two feet apart? There have already been close calls. There are now photos of Global Homo US Army Troops with rainbow flags attached to their tents-right across the contact line. One can imagine, a lone global homo US Army Soldier emptying his military assault rifle onto Russian troops during Patrol…….The big question:What happens next? Does the Russian Military overide Mr. Diplomacy and Restraint Vladimir Putin and level the US Military in Syria with Kalibur Cruise Missiles?This is a question directed at Sparks Fan Andrie Martyanov also.


  3. You have two mutually exclusive choices:

    1)You can sniff Tom Brady’s jockstrap and count the number of bacteria in Tom Brady’s jockstrap(Richard Spencer and Mark Brahmin(worshipper of the Roman “God” Jupiter)


    2)or being obsessed with BRINGING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!!!!!

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  4. If you’re talking about “compradors” then you’re talking like a socialist. This is not a criticism. Go ahead. Talk about compradors till your face turns blue and pretend like crazy that you’re not talking socialist analysis. It doesn’t matter. Because, eventually, down that road, you’ll have to come face to face with the only question that matters, “Where all de money went?”

  5. @obwandiyag

    Oh shut the blank up you very dull creature…you and Milton Friedman’s house Negro Thomas Sowell..

  6. Exile says:

    America/Israel and NATO are apparently not going to change their approach despite the shift in both hard & soft power between the neoliberal/NWO and the pro-sovereignty blocs in the last two decades. And Europe is going to suffer worst from this.

    It’s going to require another major military humiliation and/or serious “regime change” in the US/Israel core of neoliberalism before this situation improves on the “Western front.”

    Until then, the best hope the disenfranchised American & European peoples have rest in the leadership of Russia & China – to resist being baited into the wrong sorts of conflicts while applying pressure against the globalists on all fronts short of total war.

    The “containment” shoe is on the other foot now. It’s up the the “commies” to bring down the monolithic Rainbow Empire in the same fashion pressure was applied against the USSR.

  7. So the mathematicians over at Fields Medal winner Terence Tao’s blog have signed a petition demanding that young mathematician Ilya Damanskii be set free by Russian Authorities. Damanskii is a young Nevalany supporter. Do any of you Russians here at Unz Review know anything about this? Or is there more to this story than Damanski being some innocent young Russian….I smell a rat…and the rat is Anthony Blinken….

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @El Dato
  8. EU ‘elites’ are totally deracinated, morally defunct and with no contact with reality. Caught between Scylla (the USA) and Charybdis (Israel) anyone with any moral and intellectual integrity was long ago purged because they would not prostrate themselves low enough, or fast enough, to these ‘Gods Upon the Earth’. Biden and his administration of Zionazis might just represent the terminal farce of the American Century, which means that ‘interesting times’ are ahead.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  9. @Jay Roach

    Zionastistan controls Europe, directly. When you can be arrested for wearing a ‘Free Gaza’ T-shirt on the streets of Paris, the jig is well and truly up.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  10. Germany is key to Europe. The American empire ordered Germany to double its low military spending, they said no. Trump threatened to close American military bases in Germany, polls showed most Germans didn’t care. They ordered Germany to cancel a new NatGas pipeline to Russia, they said no. Once they oust that Neocon puppet Merkel, the empire will be in trouble.

    • Agree: Petermx, Biff
    • Thanks: SolontoCroesus
  11. cranc says:
    @Jay Roach

    What is the status of the relationship between Russia and Israel ?
    If it as simple as you say – and Saker himself seems to refer consistently to the US-NATO-EU ‘Anglozionist empire’, then surely Russia would recognise Israel as the key ideological opponent to its vision of a multipolar world order ?
    Yet this is not what I read. Russia has deep and cordial and increasingly close ties to Israel, even as Israeli jets illegally bomb Syria on a regular basis. This is never explained.

  12. I’d say Biden is the headless chicken…his brain is dysfunctional and he’s as “chicken” as one could get…so “chicken” he’s surrounded by 20 thousand plus National Guardsmen. And I betcha Commie Kammy also scares the “chicken” outta him, which is why he feels he needs to take our guns away. Because Commie Kammy is also chicken (sh*t, but still…) So I guess those Euro psychos are just chicks if you know what I mean… Bwahahahahahahahahhahah!

  13. mijj says:

    So, the Russians fear Poland’s Military parades, Wile the Poles fear Russia’s Military fighting ability.
    In a nutshell illustrates – Illusion vs Integrity = West vs East

    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  14. The EU is not irrationally running around like a chicken without a head. Anyone familiar with chickens knows that headless chickens are not much good for anything except to satiate a hunger pang, in which after a small amount of time the same problem will present itself. It is more like someone or other has gone and put a leash on the chicken. The chicken will then explicitly walk in the direction that its leash leads.

    The EU is not heading to a confrontation on Russia’s doorstep. More likely, their leash is headed to Syria, where the “New Middle East” project, put on hold for four years, will begin its construction again. The leash will try to put a new coat of paint on Syria, where instead of just one Syria, there will be several better shiny new states (missing the Golan Heights of course).Then the leash will start on the next building project called Iran and Hezbollah. It seems this is where Russia may decide it doesn’t like the looks of the new proprietorship, having already established friendly relations with the old.

  15. @obwandiyag

    “Compradors” is a honorific for these ticks – it implies agency; “reeves” is the word he was looking for.

  16. Headless chicken is a good metaphor for the current regime in the Di$trict of Corruption. With Clueless Joe at the helm and Susan Rice is not so nice in holding his feet to the mounting flames of his accelerating level of mental decay, while Kamala’s Foote and the chorus of previously cloistered academicists prepare the stages of the planned Transition; a farcical Impeachment dog n’ pony show demonstrates the banality of evil, as no way can they attain a super majority in the Senate, nor can they concoct a sustainable excuse for the demonization of that grandstander, the mass of Maga-capped “deplorables” and assorted millions of pissed-off Americans who have been slammed by the Plandemic/Scamdemic and then that evidentially stolen (S)election—all to the point where even many of the 60 million or so of the actual Biden voters are getting a bit restless while they devoutly swallow their daily dose of Boobtoob Noose in questing for the reassurance that there is much to fear, yet their little world is still normal –or is it?

    The little man behind the curtain keeps the levers turning and the buttons pushed, but even among his most trusted minions, the levels of completely in-control confidence is slipping and sliding along those snow-clad, iced-over Maryland freeways feeding into the Di$trict. Distracted by the weather and all the pretty new razor-wire fences hanging out as post-Christmas decor, all those govmint workers are all worked up about everything they can imagine as visions of Nightmares on Elm Street haunt the dreams of those pro$titicians cowering behind their desks in Urination’s Capitol.

    Chicken with its head cut off. Even Net & Yahoo’s boys in the Mo$$ad are scratching their skulls and mumbling in Yiddischer accented latterday Hebrew about those most trusted votes for the regime in their little green beanies and sideburnt dreadlocks, maintaining Talmudic Orthodoxy by refusing to take the nice little jabs courtesy of Pearly-toothed Gate$ and his depopulation agenda, while the five most grand Rabbis come up with eight different opinions as to how they may keep the comedy on stage as the ghost of Leonard Cohen sings “Alleluia” during the flyover of those F-35 trillion dollar, no-bid , cost override contracts held by their favorite London Bank$ters, hoping and praying that if one of them crashes and burns, it occurs on his neighbor’s backyard and not his own.

    Meanwhile, at a celebrated hotel, up in the Catskills, skilled mountebanks of comedic one-liners and only so, so slightly off-color jokes, frets as to how he can multi-task by giggling up the yentas while Hi$ Honor cooks up a New Deal with the Diamond-cutter from Antwerp and his rented Shiksa blonde from Hootervile, Tennessee while awaiting his clue to drum up the Shekels for the latest AIPAC fund-drive for a new memorial honoring the late, late show featuring that pencil magnate from Atlanta who ended up swinging from the type of tree normally reserved for those Blackmen who were sposta take the rap for his dirty deed with that little Phlegan fluff.

    Life gets complicated anymore. Ya gotta get a scorecard.

  17. neutral says:

    It is pretty clear that ZOG wants Russia to become yet another thrall state. The Russian response is completely lame, here you have foreign states openly declaring that they want to rule Russia, and the Russian government response is to continue to conduct diplomacy with them. At the very least they should have expelled all ZOG diplomats by now, not this wishy washy nonsense.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  18. Plenty of Europeans are pro Russian. The potentially new leader of the German Christian democrats Laschet is being vilified in the English language (ie US and British) for being pro Russian and pro Assad. Macron is also making overtures. The Eastern European’s are somewhere in the middle.

    Russians need better propagandists though. Saker isn’t it.

  19. @Jay Roach

    (((They))) will never forgive Russia for the fact Stalin defeated Trotsky and thus broke Jewish power in the Soviet Union. They led the Bolshevik revolution, they killed the tsar and his family, and as far as they were concerned Russia and the rest of Soviet Union were theirs. Then along came a rustic from the Caucasus who outsmarted and out-executed them. How could that be? They determined on revenge and thus “American” Trotskyites became neocons. Russia had to be destroyed, no matter that that would entail the mutual destruction of the country they claimed to have given their allegiance to, the United States. The Soviet Union may be gone, but Russia must still be punished. If anything, they consider the abandonment of communism a further betrayal

    By the way, this is no conspiracy theory but abundantly documented history. Bill Kristol’s father, Irving Kristol, was a confirmed Trotskyite. Max Boot, who is much younger than the senior Kristol, was born in Moscow and is obviously filled with resentment over the fact his ilk doesn’t rule Russia. Like the older neocons, he too wants revenge!

    The fact US foreign policy is dominated by such individuals is yet one more reason why all decent men the world over pray for the inevitable downfall of the mass of putrefaction called the United States to happen soon. If it does not, neocons may yet drag us all into nuclear holocaust.

  20. @Carlton Meyer

    Germany is the key, true … they also just passed an eye-watering law against
    (non-existent) “right-wing violence”.
    Opposition is holocaust – Wyshinski would be proud of it.

    Hungary is still holding (and to think how many centuries it took to domesticate them 😉 ).
    Germany is an enemy state and occupied – don´t expect too much.
    And even if the Tigers broke free [ahem], all their beloved neighbours
    (“partners”, “allies”, ad lib.) would gang up on them.
    Still, their National Masochism ™ is precarious, and a certain (((hysteria))) is palpable.

    Anti-NATO propaganda should be the path of least resistance –
    man wird sehen 😀

    • Replies: @Refl
    , @Onan the Barbarian
  21. I had read the RT piece, but it says nothing … a little detached musing about
    preemptive strike/forward defense against an all-out conventional (yeah, right)
    NATO strike – a nano-nothingburger.

  22. Tom Welsh says:

    “…High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission Josep Borrell…”

    How pompous can they get? Anyone whose title includes the adjective “High” should be presumed the lowest of the low.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  23. Tom Welsh says:

    “Then there is the outcome of the Polish military command staff exercise Winter-20 which resulted in, I kid you not, Russia completely defeating the Polish military in 5 days only!”

    That actually represents a huge improvement over 1939, when Polish generals boasted that if war broke out they would be in Berlin within a week.

    History turned out otherwise.

    “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

    • Replies: @tango37
  24. Tom Welsh says:

    ‘Svetlana Tikhanovskaia has appealed to the wife of Navalnyi, Iulia, to become the “she president of Russia”’.

    As in the case of Juan Guaido, no need for anything as old-fashioned as an election. (For obvious reasons).

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  25. Miro23 says:

    For example, Lavrov bluntly said ” We are proceeding from the assumption that the EU is not a reliable partner, at least at the current stage. I hope that in future strategic attention will be given to the EU’s fundamental interest in its closest neighbours and that the talks we have held today will promote movement to a more constructive trajectory. We are ready for this“.

    Lavrov is following Putin’s line (Davos speech), ergo that Russia is ready to interact with Europe as a mutually respectful equal partner – but not with Europe as puppet of the US NWO, NeoCon , ZioGlob/CIA crowd. Hopefully the Germans are listening and can reassess their true interests.

    Also the Poles, who urgently need to wake up to the fact that that they have more in common with Putin’s Russia than they do with ZioGlob NWO USA.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: Lucy Lipinska
  26. Refl says:

    nothing except a real confrontation can bring EU politicians down to the real world back from the La-La land they currently live in

    They will not leave La-La-land in their lifetime. The only way out is real world destruction brought upon Western decadent societies, with all its impact on the lives of us, the people.
    These unspeakable non-wits are have destroyed their countries with the financial crisis and have covered up for it with the imigration crisis. Then they have covered up the imigration crisis with their corona ga-ga. By my estimate, the only thing to cover up for this again is war. At the same time, with corona Western societies have been transformed into war economies. The people have been silenced with stay at home orders and muzzles.

    In one of these articles here, it might have been the Saker, I have read that modern warfare is not guided by a general staff, but by the swarm of military and intelligence people, who work into the overall direction of getting their war started. Under this aspect, the preparation is about complete. The only piece missing was a commander in chief, who would be willing to sign the necessary orders to start large scale military operations, because such a thing cannot be performed by the swarm. Certain operations still need definite orders. Obama shreeked back over Ukraine, Trump would not do it, but this one is physically demented enough to sign the orders without realizing that he is signing the death warrant for his own empire.
    This should also explain why the Democrats did not at least try to put up an outwardly acceptable candidate. Only a demented old man can play the role assigned to Joe Biden.

    • Agree: Onan the Barbarian
    • Replies: @Rednose-airline
  27. Russia of late indeed is becoming more assertive, most likely because it is confidant their militairy capabilities have become superior to that of their adversaries. NATO and US know that very well, but will never let on. Their provocations are nothing more than grandstanding. However what would Russia do in Syria if confronted with increased American aggression in that country? That’s what I like to know. Russia is deeply involved in Syria supporting that country in defeating ISIS. Russia has a strategically important navy base there too. Biden so it seems wants to rekindle the war in Syria supported by Israel and will find a pretext to do so.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  28. Refl says:

    Germany is an enemy state and occupied – don´t expect too much.

    Look at what Germany is actually like these days, and you will be astonished, how many of its people no longer have German origin! And that without even counting the “refugee”-assault of 2015 following. By that measure, the German guilt-complex should very soon die out and hopefully, among its slav and arab succesors some adults will arise to take over.
    For the record, I am a teutonian museum character and not worried the least little bit.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @ThreeCranes
  29. @War for Blair Mountain

    Mr. Spencer has been the only serious right wing political analyst in America for 4 years now, which is why Mr. Unz does not publish him.

  30. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    tell me about tranny story time do Russians do have that? no well go Russia

  31. MayRay says:

    Israeli attacks on Syria are purely for domestic consumption. Bullies always have to prove how tough they are to themselves and their people. Israel is only doing what their satellite the US does, but in a smaller way.

    Hitting empty buildings due for demolition anyway, and claiming great victories is the Israeli way. They are all mouth and no feet. You should not believe what the media or the Israeli state (the same entity in actuality) claims.

    Most Israeli strikes are agreed before hand with Russia. The Israelis need to save face for their cowardly fascist habit of killing civilian Palestinians. These useless strikes against Syria are purely symbolic and are used to deceive the Israeli and US populations.

    Besides, more than 60% of Israeli citizens are not Jews, let alone practicing Jews. Israeli is changing due to massive immigration of non-Jews from Russia, and in a generation will change from the rulers of the US to a Russian outpost…and there is nothing the Zionists can do about it.

  32. onebornfree says: • Website

    “It appears that Russia and the EU are on a direct collision course. Frankly, I welcome it, in spite of the obvious dangers. Why? Because nothing except a real confrontation can bring EU politicians down to the real world back from the La-La land they currently live in. The Russian bear needs to smack down the headless chicken. Hard.”

    Question: Who you want to be fucked over by, the Russian government, or the EU?

    Answer: It doesn’t matter, cos either way you’re gonna get fucked, hard.

    This article is just a part the shell game, part of the Kabuki theater, a divide and conquer distraction to distract the reader slave from the fact that either way [more Russian government or more EU government] that they will lose even more freedom.

    Fuck Russias government, and fuck the EU government. Fuck all governments, and fuck their idiotic, pseudo-intellectual apologists too, e.g. “The Saker”

    Reality check:

    “The state, I call it, where all are poison-drinkers, the good and the bad: the state, where all lose themselves, the good and the bad: the state, where the slow suicide of all — is called “life.” Just see these superfluous ones! They steal the works of the inventors and the treasures of the wise. Culture, they call their theft — and everything becometh sickness and trouble unto them! Just see these superfluous ones! Sick are they always; they vomit their bile and call it a newspaper. They devour one another, and cannot even digest themselves.”Friedrich Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”

    “The ultimate goal of the State is to cultivate absolute dependency on it by its subjects. This is because until this happens there is a real danger that those governed will one day wake up and realize that the State is not only entirely unnecessary but actually malignant; a malevolent force actively impoverishing society to the benefit of it’s elites” Mark Jeftovic

    “The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress.” Murray Rothbard

    “The State is a gang of thieves writ large – the most immoral, grasping and unscrupulous individuals in any society.” Murray Rothbard

    No regards, onebornfree

  33. @Refl

    Maybe it will take someone from the Irredentà again?
    Austrians are more level-headed – and have more experience with Turks 😀

  34. @Anonymous

    During the glorious Family Values Rule-eight years of it -of Bill and Hillary Clinton,a Russian male infant was adopted by a US homosexual couple. This Russian infant was raped and murdered by this gay couple.

    The Democratic Party war against Russia and Vladimir Putin has an underlying fanatical rage that fuels the attempt to break and destroy Russian society so as to bring Russian Society back to the Yeltsin Era where Democratic Party Voters can adopt and rape Russian Infants. POTUS Trump and the vile slug Mike Pompeo were, and still are, onboard with this. America will probably be nuked by Russia in 2021. And I really don’t understand Paul Craig Roberts enthusiasm for the SATANIC FUNGUS known as Donald Trump.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  35. MLK says:

    As I explained at the time, the Navalny poisoning was an anti-Trump set-piece. Its function was to delay the completion of Nord Stream II and ensure Russia’s adherence to the bargain.

    I have a simple rule, if I can figure out the principal contours of a geopolitical play then they are obvious to everyone. Thus the Radio Silence from all concerned over Nord Stream II, including not the least the purported Cold War 2.0 Obama Democrats and Neocons, has been a incessant tell.

    Set aside all the anti-Russia arm-waving for a moment and consider the basics. Nord Stream II is a longterm geopolitical objective of Russia. The Obama administration, followed by Hillary, intended to gift it to Russia in return for playing along with their Trump frame-up. If they had succeeded with the steal in the 2016 election, Russia would have stood down and stealthily substantiated the narrative that it has compromised businessman Trump years before. We would have heard all concerned ramen that that is “What Russians do!” and everyone getting back to business sans Trump and MAGA.

    We can be confident in this because the 2020 election was their successful this time do-over. The payoffs from Democrats and a thoroughly compromised permanent USG came fast. Pay attention to actions, not words. The latter is intended for the chumps.

    Biden immediately extended START for five years. No negotiation, just a big wet kiss. This was most especially a gift for China, whom Trump has insisted must be part of the agreement given its Strategic Alliance with Russia. This doesn’t even merit a mention from The Saker. Maybe he missed the news.

    Nord Stream II is a baldly obvious gifting to Germany and Russia for anti-Trump services rendered. Silly Trump, he thought he was supposed to be for Amercia. In other words, negotiate with foreign powers in the American interest. It isn’t that the Democrats and the various Neocon filth didn’t extract something in return, it just wasn’t in the US national interest.

    I must confess that I do like the trolling implicit in the Navalny set-piece. They’re not even hiding their contempt for you characters forced to play along because of your confusion and biases. Why would Putin send Navalny to Germany unless it was to ensure he adhered to a bargain wholly to his liking.

    Both internally and vis-à-vis foreign powers, a thoroughly compromised American leadership is Christmas every day. We’re only getting started on what foreign powers will extract in return for furthering Trump and MAGA’s destruction:

  36. @Supply and Demand

    Sometimes I gotta keep Richard Spencer honest…and Marl Brahmin also.

    Watching the NFL induces cuckholdery in White Males. White Males shouldn’t be outsourcing their Manhood to Tom Brady.

    If you have seen those horrific Wounded Warrior Project Infomercials….You know, all those limbless Vets-delimbed in Iraq and Syria-missing 1/2-3/4 of their brains were protecting multimillionaire jock Tom Brady’s freedom!!!! So good of them to do this.

  37. idealogus says:

    “They produced a movie about Putin’s palace in Crimea, only to have Russian reporters film the location and prove that this movie was a total fake.”
    Where I can see the video who debunked Putin’s palace narative and prove that was fake? I can’t find it so easily.

    • Thanks: Badger Down
  38. @nokangaroos

    Germany is no longer the key to anything… it is broke, castrated, and focused on self-destruction, with the German “elites” openly declaring their intent to gradually replace the population with Africans. Current stage: No vaccination for German citizens until all of Africa has been vaccinated (at German cost, of course), and German churches blantantly investing millions of € into ships for human trafficking.

    The French are the main troublemakers… they want the Polish border at any cost, even if it requires turning Germany into an African shithole first and inheriting the mess (they are believers in the Magic Dirt theory and actually convinced that upon setting their foot onto French soil all the niggers and towelheads will suddenly turn into erudite black gentlemen and Muslim model citizens, purified by the contact with the nonpareil French culture). Odd enough, it seems their claims are legit – the terms of the Peace of Westphalia, which in 1648 granted France and Sweden joint overlordship over Germany, were never revoked, and France has always been trying to get control over declining Sweden (thus, Napoleon installed Bernadotte as Swedish ruler), which incidentally is also brimful with niggers and towelheads by now and definitely not in a state to meddle with anything outside Scandinavia.

    Hungary will hold its ground… the Hungarians know very well they are on their own, as they have always been, and there is a marked “bunker mentality” around here. No point in trying another colour revolution – they attempted this years ago, and the Sorosians crept home weeping after their first pro-EU rallies were met with disdain and derision by an overwhelming majority. Even of those who did not vote for Orbán, most are very happy to see Soros’s pseudo-university gone and were seriously annoyed when the German embassy in Budapest started displaying the faggot flag alongside with the Federal colours. Gyurcsány is a complete moron, running along Hungary’s well-secured southern border screaming “Tear down this wall”, and nobody taking notice.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos, Rurik
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  39. @Ray Caruso

    If you never forgive and never forget, it means that you’re dragging around a long list of enemies. Borne down by your past. Forever burdened. No wonder they wail so loud. Lamentation.

    I see now what Christ means by “Forgive Thine Enemies”. It means liberation from the weight of one’s accumulated grievances. How tremendously liberating not to drag one’s grievances around with one like a tear-sodden security blanket. To let go of one’s past is to outgrow the child within one, the formerly helpless victim. To hang on to one’s grievances is to indulge the hurt child within one. How can this be good? How can the new flower burst forth if one is perennially looking back and not forward?

    “Never forgive, never forget” has to be one of the most crippling life strategies ever devised.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  40. @War for Blair Mountain

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Would be interested to see such a photo, too.

  41. Refl says:

    Speaking about Austrians, the point gets clearer still: While Germany has some 83 mio. people, Austria merely has 6 mio. Of these more then 4 mio. live in and around Vienna, which has been a cosmopolitan city ever since. If you think of Austrians as a mountain people, those will count by some hundred thousands rather.
    Demographically, the game is over. And considering the ease, with which people here have allowed themselves to be shut up with muzzles, it is not even a pity.
    Idiots deserve to be treated like idiots – and if you are stuck in the middle with them, you’d better develop a good sense of irony.

  42. annamaria says:
    @Jay Roach

    The aged ladies of PussyRiot have decided to shake their old gear:

    The lead singer of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot – long-time critics of President Putin – has released a song in support of the protesters: Nadya Tolokonnikova spoke to the BBC.

    It is truly amazing that not a single synagogue has invited these freedom-fighters to give concerts for their congregations. But Mr. Clinton loved, loved the “girls.”

  43. @Refl

    Their plan in the USA is to add foreigners till we number a billion people. There’s a lot of empty land in America and they intend to fill it with whomsoever is willing to migrate here. Our total spectrum dominance police state will shoehorn these bewildered masses into the worker/consumer slots allocated for them.

    They are salivating over the prospect of feasting on Russia’s immense resources which they will acquire after Putin’s death. As in the USA and Europe, they will flood Russia with Africans. They can bide their time. The corruption of Germany with aliens is a side show, an Hors d’oeuvre.

    Once you go black, you can never go back. People ask, “Why would they want to import such dysfunctional people? Don’t they realize that it will harm their economic well-being in the long run?”

    They may realize it but that doesn’t count. Their main goal is revenge and they don’t care if their long-term welfare is consumed in their burning rage. They are like a man possessed.

  44. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “you can be arrested for wearing a ‘Free Gaza’ T-shirt on the streets of Paris”

    Is there documentation for this allegation? I’d appreciate it so that I can point this out to others. If true, totally outrageous!

  45. @Contraviews

    From my perspective, Russia isn’t doing all that much to resolve the Syria situation. It’s like they got to a certain point and then decided that was enough. If Russia wanted to throw everyone out of Syria, that would happen, and quickly; they have the men and materials to do the job.

    I want to know what game they’re playing, because it’s not working towards ending the fighting in any meaningful way.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Disagree: Tony massey
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @JasonT
  46. @MayRay

    Israel is becoming a bit less Jewish, and the trend may accelerate, but the claim that 60% of Israeli citizens are not Jews is wrong.

    This Jerusalem Post article from last month, January 2021, states that the Jewish percentage in Israelis is indeed dropping, but from a level of seventy-two percent (72%):

    This 2016 Pew Research study likewise indicates that Israeli adults were over 70% Jewish five years ago:

    The ultra-Orthodox / Haredim population is growing faster than the traditional-Jewish and secular-Jewish populations in Israel. The J-Post article above reports that the majority of immigrants are non-Jewish, and that the percentage of Arabs is slowly but steadily growing.

    This source puts Arabs at 21% of Israel’s population, 2 million out of 9.2 million in 2020:

    If (1) ultra-Orthodox Jews have a consistently higher fertility rate than other Jews in Israel and (2) Arabs have a slightly higher fertility rate than secular Jews, then we may expect that the under-18 population of Israel is less than 70% Jewish, though more of those Jewish kids will be Haredim. Looking for a source on this.

    If these fertility and immigration trends continue, we could see an Israel in 2050 that is severely polarized between a Haredim zealot contingent approaching 15% of the population, Arabs around 22% of the population, and “neither Jew nor Arab” growing to as much as 15%. Non-ultra Jews would start passing below 50%. But that is not certain and is likely a few decades off.

  47. @nokangaroos

    Send a new Mozart, please. With the Charlie Chaplin lookalike whose name I keep on forgetting, things did not turn out so well. 😊

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  48. @nokangaroos

    The Austrians don’t bother having children and lack the sense and courage to exclude new Muslim settlers from their country. Thus, there is no sign of a serious will to prevent the eventual Muslim takeover of Austria.

    What the Austrians have been doing is trumpeting mostly minor or symbolic gestures of resistance. And even those are sometimes struck down by the disloyal imperious courts:

    The most practiced religion in the capital Vienna’s schools is Islam, and this has been true for seven years already:

    Establishment media sources inside and outside Austria predict that Muslims will comprise at least 20% of Austria’s population by 2046, just a generation away, and I think that probably understates the problem:

    More significant is the composition of the youth in Austria. Austrians are old and getting even older, while Muslims in Austria are much younger. Same demographic death spiral as in England, Russia, and most of Europe. What matters most is not the percentage of X group versus Y group on the whole population, but the number of women of safe childbearing age in each group.

    We may soon see a Vienna dominated by Muslims — a minority but a large, rapidly growing, and confident one — and the other Austrian states relatively European/Western in population and culture but also changing for the worse.

    Would be interesting, though sad, to see an updated version of the book “Submission” that’s set in Vienna 2040.

    (On the upside, perhaps the ascendant Muslims of Austria will put an end to the sick farce that is homosexual “marriage” and the promotion of perversion, mental illness, and self-mutilation to the young people (“transgenderism”). Too bad the actual Austrians and Christians couldn’t get that done without inviting immivaders to do the job for them.)

  49. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    This article is complete and unabridged hasbara !!!
    Barbara Lerner Specter runs the EU , you mendacious shabbos goy!!!!

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  50. Pindos says:

    Kamala is a Brahmin married to a jew. Soon the jews will control India and 1.4 billion to offset the Chinese.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  51. Erebus says:

    … in a generation (Israel) will change from the rulers of the US to a Russian outpost…and there is nothing the Zionists can do about it.

    Though I’ve heard nothing about the “massive immigration of non-Jews from Russia”, there are ~1M Russians who came during Soviet times and their off-spring. They’ve never really assimilated and are all but 2nd class citizens, but for Putin’s purposes they’re both [a] Russian, and [b] they’re there.

    I believe that this is the reason behind Putin’s making nice to Israel. As Israel’s attack dog sickens and dies and Exodus II begins, Putin’s first concern will be to make sure those ~1M Russians stay put. He takes a lot of flak for it, but looking in his crystal ball at a future map of the M.E., I’m convinced he sees an unsinkable Russian aircraft carrier where the old Israel used to be.

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
  52. The Lancet has just posted a major article entitled “Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine candidate appears safe and effective” which basically said that all the western nonsense about Sputnik-V being BOTH 1) unsafe AND 2) ineffective were lies.

    Not … exactly. The Lancet is a political rag, but in this case they’re just publishing the formal results of the Phase III trial, their scrutiny at most limited to seeing if there were any internal inconsistencies, or wild claims that can’t be reasonably supported like they failed to do with that extremely ludicrous anti-HCQ paper claimed case data.

    And the early criticism of Sputnik-V was entirely earned by the politicians who boasted about it one month before the Phase III trial was started. If you don’t have Phase III data you only have a vaccine candidate, it might in fact be worse to take it than not. Now that Gamaleya etc. have done a very clever 3:1 ratio of vaccine vs. placebo subjects Phase III trial, taking a risk if the placebo arm didn’t get enough cases quickly, they have as of December US FDA strength safety data, and what strikes me as sound and probably European and maybe FDA strength efficacy data.

    Now Russia and its manufacturing partners have to get the vaccine made in quantity and it should make a serious dent in the problem as a high efficacy “active” vaccine like the mRNA ones, the major thing hindering it except for the freeze dried version being that it requires normal medical freezing like Moderna’s (on the other hand, it should be a lot more physically robust than the mRNA ones, which in the field can make a big difference in real efficacy).

    • Replies: @Zoran Aleksic
  53. profnasty says:

    The cities of Europe have burned before
    They may yet burn again.
    If they do you’d better understand
    Washington will burn with them.
    Omaha will burn with them
    Manhattan will burn with them.

  54. @Ray Caruso

    (((They))) will never forgive Russia for the fact Stalin defeated Trotsky and thus broke Jewish power in the Soviet Union. …. Then along came a rustic from the Caucasus who outsmarted and out-executed them.

    That’s an intriguing perspective, one I’ve often wondered about but never seen elaborated.

    Do tell us more.

  55. @Ray Caruso

    (((They))) will never forgive Russia for the fact Stalin defeated Trotsky and thus broke Jewish power in the Soviet Union.

    That doesn’t match with my reading of the history, rather it took until the founding of Israel for the Jews in the USSR to demonstrate they had a higher allegiance to it. That’s what decisively tipped the power struggle to Stalin and allowed him to start comprehensively breaking their power in the USSR. Prior to that they were among other things “Stalin’s Willing Executioners,” apparently not being terribly disturbed by the purge of Trotsky in 1929.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  56. Antiwar7 says:
    @Jay Roach

    I think the main reason for Israel to try to topple Assad in Syria is to stop the land bridge for weaponry between Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the only military force on their border that’s defeated them.

    That’s a much more compelling reason than taking a bit more land.

  57. Walter says:

    Saker is generous in his estimates, but his foundations are European. I agree with his assessment.

    But an American foundational view suggests 6 months or less to war – as the regime of Mr 10% and the Great Lay is illegitimate t must find legitimacy by war and victory, and this must be gained during the Machtergreifung “window” – the brief period following the coup.

    As to their chances of success…

    They do not have military superiority and cannot get it back again in the time they have.

    They’ll lose. And be swept away.

    That’s too bad. They say Mr 10% is a nice guy, fond of children too. The Great Lay? For her, well, the pathway to legitimacy goes through the bed room, and she can’t service 80 million guys, can she?

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  58. Calm before the storm.
    Iran is like forever on Israels mind. The person can become US president only if the person promises something to Israel. Trump took care of all the crumbs. Jerusalem embassy, Golan heights, and cancellation of nuclear treaty with Iran. For Biden remained only one option.
    That option is direct attack on Iran.
    The Jews do worry that Russia may help Iran.
    So Western Europe and US actions are only intimidation of Russia to stay out of conflict with Iran.
    There is probably under table diplomacy to get Russian promise.
    Russia did interfere in Syria. So there is possibility that Russia will interfere in Iran.
    The Russian Caspian see flotilla could give Iran significant help

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  59. @War for Blair Mountain

    “Creature” –you’ve touched on it. The jury’s still deliberating on the actual race of this thing.

    Some say it is merely a disgruntled white liberal cadet who, frustrated with its personal sense of worthlessness, seeks attention by means of outrageous statements clothed in negroidally splendid adjectives.

    Others hint the name is an anagram, e.g.: aboding & windbag

  60. @Carlton Meyer

    I wish you were right about Germany starting to defend her interests, Carlton Meyer. I however find it unlikely, as Germany is not governed by patriots. No country in Europe is; Russia might be an exception…

    • Agree: Petermx
    • Replies: @Petermx
  61. USA, Europäische Union (Deutschland) und Russland.
    Und hinter und über allen der Adel des Geldes.
    Und das kommt in dem Bericht kaum vor. Leider.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  62. The EU has a major problem: it is run by a comprador class which is entirely dependent on the United States…
    In western parlance the degree of “democratism” or “authoritarianism” is solely defined by the willingness of a country to be a satrapy of the Empire.

    Compracracy. Imperiocracy. Hegemocracy.

  63. Of course, since Biden’s administration is a who’s who of the most hysterical russophobes imaginable

    Name the Jews

  64. Alfred says:
    @Ray Caruso

    (((They))) will never forgive Russia for the fact Stalin defeated Trotsky and thus broke Jewish power in the Soviet Union.

    Stalin had 3 Jewish wives. The Kremlin was allegedly full of Jewish beauties during his time. Some believe the was begotten from a wealthy Georgian Jew and his Jewish maid – and farmed out to a non-Jewish family. How does this fit in with your hypothesis?

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @RT
  65. Alfred says:

    I think the main reason for Israel to try to topple Assad in Syria is to stop the land bridge for weaponry between Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    Shipping stuff by sea is so much easier and cheaper. Hezbollah has full access to various ports. No one can prevent Iran shipping millions of barrels of sanctioned oil daily – a few thousand tons per month of weapons should be a cinch.

  66. @That Would Be Telling

    Stalin´s persecution of the Hechaluz (Zionists) dates from the early 30s,
    but the secret services were exclusively jewish until 1954 (Iwan A. Serow/KGB).
    The US coopted the Organisation Gehlen (Nazi military intel, to become the BND)
    in 1945 not because they were so good (they were) or so popular
    (they weren´t spectacularly) but because every last of their own (((agents))) in Europe had become useless in one swoop.
    As usual things are complicated, but the lineage Bronstein -> Strauss -> “Neocons”
    is indisputable; and their hatred for Mother Russia goes back to Catherine the Great.

    • Thanks: That Would Be Telling
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  67. @Onan the Barbarian

    – As the saying goes Austrian genius manifested in selling the Great One as German and Beethoven as Austrian 😛
    Mozart, I´m afraid, was technically Bavarian.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  68. The EU is not a headless chicken. They are doing exactly what their (((globalist))) masters command. I used to actually read Saker’s articles through, but I have stopped doing so. His articles could be simplified down to West = bad, stupid, incompetent while East = Good, smart, efficient. He almost never touches on the hundreds of millions of abortions in the Soviet Union/Russia, the censorship of speech that is not popular, the corruption, etc. He almost always has to complain about imaginery “Nazis” as well. If anyone thinks that the East is a free, moral alternative to the west, I have a bridge to sell them. Has no one here ever heard of the “one child policy” and forced abortions? In many ways the Chinese Government was evil incarnate. The West is terminally corrupt and evil, and run by (((International financiers))). So is the East, even if some of the big players are of a different ethnicity. I think that Saker is an unwitting cheerleader for the New world order.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  69. @Ray Caruso

    Broke Jewish power in Russia? Lol. I must have missed all this anti Jewish activity from Putin.

    Or does “breaking Jewish power” mean a few less Jews in government, while still enacting fully Jewish policies?

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  70. @Antiwar7

    – As already noted it´s not the land, it´s the water – the Litani and the Bekaa.
    Their fossil water is gone, and the Jordan is done for also;
    no water, no pomerantz.

    If they wanted to “stop the weaponry”, why not do so (more cheaply) in Iraq?

  71. Thim says:

    The Russkies are actually laying pipe now, out there in Danish waters. And it’s a very cold winter in EU land. So Moscow can be a bit more assertive. Especially with a brain dead nonentity as US President. The europygmies need that gas.

  72. anonyms says:

    Talking about Russian media, I visit sometimes, because it can be amusing to see their spin on the daily news, as opposed to CNN’s spin.

    RT is a state-controlled media rag, and it makes no bones about the Breitbart-like rightwing nature of itself, and by extension the regime it speaks for.

    The latest example of its mendacity is giving a regular OpEd space to a serial racist offender, and fake narrative peddler, Damian Wilson;

    By ditching climate change for Sikh separatism…

    The young Greta & Sikh separatism?!! Rofl! This is a direct narrative copy of the rightwing hindutva mofers ruling there. The farmers protest has nothing to do with “Sikh separatism.” It is a blessed battle against cronyism.

    If at all it happens, hopefully, I will take great pleasure in watching both accursed entities, AmeriKKKa/euRape and Russia, at each other’s throats. May this low intensity animosity between AmeriKKKa and its minions, and Russia persist for decades to come.

    Putin-the-Shirtless, needs to be cut down a few notches, me thinks.

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  73. @mijj

    if you would categorize the “East” as “integrity”, I have a bridge to sell you. Denying the holocaust is illegal in russia and carries a 5 year prison sentence; they had well over a hundred million abortions, they are terminally corrupt as is China and most of the East. East vs West is mostly a false paradigm where you have corrupt oligarchs vying for power. The ethnicity of the players may vary, and they are not necessarily on the same team, but they are both evil and deeply in bed with the (((bankers))).

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  74. Biden bragged about writing the Patriot Act in 1995, but it took 9/11 to revive it.

    There were rumors(?) that a 5000 page Patriot Act 2.0 was available January 7, amazing how fast these Gestapo/Stasi/ NSA/ CIA people can respond to something like the capitol protests, yet the FBI never seems awake when a shooter threatens.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Agent76
    , @Majority of One
  75. Bookish1 says:

    Do not forget Mein Fuhrer he is lurking in the shadows with all the answers to our problems if we can just recognize that and get off our asses.

  76. Steve22 says:

    Karma is a bitch. For the treasonous Russian snake (as opposed to Russian bear) things will inevitably get worse before they get better. It actually took more than 30 years of hard work for the Russian comprador elites who still rule from the Kremlin to get to this point. Oh, that little facility in Lourdes, Cuba, how priceless would it be today .

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Anonymous
  77. @War for Blair Mountain

    The scenario of U.S. troops getting killed in an incident with Russian troops is precisely what BiBi and the Nuttbars want. They want Greater Israel and they want it bad. They don’t care how much American or other blood is spilled for them to get it.
    These maniacs have no moral limits whatsoever.
    I believe Israeli strategy is to try to get China to go along with their expansion to the Euphrates and to offer something China wants badly: more military high-tech, straight from Raytheon and the rest of the MIC. If Israel can satisfy China in some why then the Russians will be forced to go along with their allies.

    Lots of ifs though.

    • Disagree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  78. @anonyms

    Actually I do not know how but RT is really getting good now.

    • Agree: Bookish1
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  79. @cranc

    It can be explained if you accept that there is collusion at the top.
    My reading of how the average Russian understands the 20th century is that they are as ill-informed about the ‘Great Patriotic War’ as the average American is about ‘World War II’. That is, neither countries populations has had access to all the facts and both believe the court historians’ tall tales. All in all, both are victims of their national myths.

    Probably the worst off in this respect are the German people. They’ve been lied to twice and told that they are not only responsible for both wars but are the epitome of evil.
    Absolutely laughable. We truly live in upside down world.

  80. Agent76 says:

    Apr 4, 2019 NATO EXIT: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

    NATO is a criminal entity, an instrument of the Pentagon. There is no “Alliance”. There is military Occupation.

    Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With USA

    • Thanks: Alfred
  81. Agent76 says:

    What they never teach us in our schooling years.

    January 10, 2014 *500* Years of History Shows that Mass Spying Is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent *It’s *Never* to Protect Us From Bad Guys*

    No matter which government conducts mass surveillance, they also do it to crush dissent, and then give a false rationale for why they’re doing it.

  82. The current West is about diversity of color and homogeneity of thought, the thought being ‘cucking to Jews’.

    Preferable is homogeneity of color and diversity of thought, which was the formula for Western Success.

    Indeed, it’s easier to have diversity of thought in a homogeneous color setting as there will be less sensitivity about hurting the Other’s feelings.

    What use is diversity of color if they all say the same thing: Worship Jewgromo.

  83. @Zarathustra

    Having tuned into Putin and Lavrov’s actions over the years, it strikes me that Russia has very quietly drawn a line in the sands which wash portions of the northern beaches of the Persian Gulf. In other words it is not improbable they have let it be known that the silent red-line includes all the borders of that land which borders them on the other side of the Caspian Sea. It just happens to be their neighborhood and any serious messing around in that area has already received a preemptory Nyet.

    Mama Bear has a huge paw which can swat mosquitos, gnats and other pests which might tend to disturb her den. By most metrics, Russia’s military is world-class and currently unbeatable, whether conventionally or by more heavily engaged means.

    The Persians themselves, though they have not committed aggression against any other country in more than 200 years, constitute one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. They invented the game of chess. The word “checkmate” derives from their words “Shah Mat”…the Shah is dead. The last one, a tool of the Empire, died a few years after the Ayatollah’s squads drove him out.

    Perhaps the most interesting scenario would unfold should Mama Bear get the notion to supply the Persians with S-400’s. That happens and NOBODY invades their air space. Currently, aerial defense is their weakest flank. Their naval and missile forces totally dominate the Gulf. This grants them the power to shut down the oil-supply from that region (except perhaps from Iraq and themselves and to their most favored customer: China). Other East Asian, as well as European nations would be left in the dark and immobilized within weeks. Not a fun perspective.

    All national governments understand these realities. There will be a lot of huffing and puffing, yet their bluff is being called. Will the crashing crazies, anxious to protect the petro-dollar from further slippage as the mainstay of the Empire, commit rash acts? We cannot rule that out, though it would be a hail-Mary pass, a desperate gamble on the part of those who will not even contemplate the possibility that their planetary control gambit will result in checkmate.

  84. I’d say Biden is the headless chicken…his brain is dysfunctional and he’s as “chicken” as one could get…so “chicken” he’s surrounded by 20 thousand plus National Guardsmen.

    That’s an accurate assessment. Indeed I would submit that Used-Depends Joe (Grand-Paw Sniffy) has less of a functioning brain than the chicken pictured at the head of Saker’s article, who was at least smart enough to serve as a circus performer for over a year:

    They need to remove the wildly inappropriate 19th-century “Statue of Freedom” at the top of the Capitol dome and replace it with one of Mike (pictured above) as this is much more representative of the creatures who walk the halls of that particular temple of stupidity and evil, not to mention the open-air gulag they rule over filled with morons and idiots who continue to believe the lies spewed daily. Likewise, bald eagle needs to be replaced by Mike as the Rotten Banana Empire’s national emblem. To make certain it is PC, the new emblem can be painted in the Banana Legion’s favorite rainbow pattern.

  85. @Alfred

    Though Stalin’s real surname, Djugashvili, signifies “son of a Jew”, the man was inherently and perhaps totally schizophrenic in his relationship with the Khazarian Talmudists. One possibility is that his Judaic side forbearers were not of the Khazarian tribes, but more akin to the Mizrahim, the Middle Eastern Jews who are made up of a blend of ancient Hebrews and converts to that monotheistic mania.

    There can be little doubt that Josip maintained a love-hate relationship with the Khazarian schemers and plotters. They knew, of course, of his heritage and thereby he was able to rise in the Party’s infrastructure to the point where he was able to seize power. Still a bit nervous atop the throne, Stalin initially cooperated lavishly with the multitude of Khazarians occupying top positions in the “nomenklatura”. Over time, he was able to inject his own people into key slots. This allowed him to oust Bronstein (Trotsky) in ’29.

    This was followed by kissy-face to the other ranking Khazarians, such as his chief toady, Lazar Kaganovitch. Lazar was Khazarian Royalty as his name (like “Ju$tice”Elena and Robert, the Neoconman, both being Kagans) indicated he was descended directly from the hereditary ruler (Kagan) of the Khazarians. Lazar was most useful in the Holodomor against the Russian and particularly the Ukrainian peasants, some 9 million of whom perished by governmentally imposed starvation due to the Soviets seizing all their carefully sequestered food supply.

    So the old Bolshevik Khazarians continued to feast on caviar and vodka at their well-appointed dachas until 1937 where they were unpleasantly surprised when they were “obliged” to self-denounce in the great Show Trials and then promptly dispatched with a bullet to the base of the skull. So much for Khazarian hubris.

    But if reports are true, Stalin kept on trusting certain individual Khazarians including the doctors who were said to have poisoned him in March of ’53. They may have gotten the last laugh on Djugashvili, but his ultimate successor, Nikita Khrushchev, completely ignored the pleas of those Khazarian members of the middle ranks of the Nomenklatura who wished fervently to rise several notches into platforms of control over the Soviet Union.

    Yes, Stalin was a bit of an enigma wrapped in a puzzle—quite schizophrenic as well as more than a bit psychopathic. Yet, it was this man who incredibly for a Georgian of partially Mizrahim. descent, evolved into a Russian nationalist. Perhaps that is why Vladimir Putin, himself of a Slavic, Finnic, Nordic blend, considering his physiognomy and the area of Russia of which he was a native; continues to hold Stalin in some esteem, both for saving the country from Hitler’s legions and for also doing so in the face of a deeply infused Khazarian control mechanism.

    Russian nationalists versus those who still resent the overthrow of their Empire by the Rurik-descended Tsar along with the Persians almost a millennium ago. Khazarians have long memories. Unfortunately for them, so do the Persians and the Russians.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Steven80
    , @RT
  86. Alfred says:

    From your article:

    The annual lease on the Electronic Radar Station is around 200 million dollars, without taking into account the maintenance of staff. With this money we can buy and launch 20 reconnaissance satellites, and purchase around 100 radars.”

    It would seem to me that this logic is even more true today. $200m in 2002 is equivalent to $400m today. One could launch and maintain loads of satellites for that annual expenditure.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  87. @michael888

    FBI? Their primary contemporary reason for existence is to create criminals. Nose around the cubbyholes of the internet, doing a search for “psychotronic weaponry”. You might encounter a article from October of last year which gives a well researched account on that secretive phenomenon. For shits and giggles check out what all the academicist experts on Wikipedia have to say. They uniformly, on paid cue, denounce the very idea as something even more ludicrous than how they knock on “conspiracy theorists”.

    Seems psychotronic weaponry, where they can literally beam low-frequency radio waves into one’s subconscious limbic region of the brain. They can over-ride the rational cerebrum-frontal cortex that way. The “fight or flight” lower animal instincts take over.

    Can they influence “crazy shooters”? Of course. Gun-control, via media reports on “gun-violence” is extremely high on the globalists agenda. They demand total control. Armed citizens could result in some of their bully-boys getting hurt in the process of firearms seizures. Who knows, even some of their mid-ranking minions might even get taken out of the equation. Messy.

    To the ruling elite, privately owned means of self-defense presents a stumbling block to their best laid plans. Psychotronic weaponry is the prime means via those “crazy shooters” along with their media’s constant fear-porn, by which they can keep those suburban soccer moms glued to Boobtoob Noose and remaining “on message” while they enact legislation enabling their bully-boys to swoop in on residences of suspected gun-owners right across the fruited plain.

  88. annamaria says:

    No rush. Give time to the ZUSA’s minions to arrange self-destruction.

    After the strange murder of Seth Rich, the political “workers” in DC don’t have much choice but to follow religiously the plutocracy’s diktat. The FakeBook, Google, and YouTube are in a full censorship mode, up to the prettiest details (the holobiz is all rage on YouTube right now). The concept of human decency has perished among the western MSM and big IT institutions.

    The US governing apparatus has been rotting bad and now it stinks to the heavens. (By the way, do Biden and Nancy use Depend?) The populace is powerless, which is good for the “haves” but only to a certain extend. In a time of crisis, the dumbed-down populace will not be able to save the country.

  89. annamaria says:
    @Eugene Norman

    Thank God Russian has not devolved onto the fraudulent Freud’s nephew’s hell of propaganda.

  90. Navalny is a joke. I nominate Juan Guaido for the RF president.

  91. @stevennonemaker88

    Saker is simply a naïve fool who thinks the sun sets and rises in Moscow. Russia desperately needs the west and is hurting badly because Putin has chosen to be an idiot and is doing little other than weakening and impoverishing his country. It’s a shame because Russia has the resources to be the equal of the US economically.

  92. annamaria says:

    It is ironic that the USSR has won in Israel. Eat that, AIPAC.

  93. @Walter

    (- I´m pretty sure a few gals voted for the Golden Golem also 😉 )

    Otherwise, excellent … I´m just not sure whether to get depressed or hopeful.
    Solshenitsyn held that meaningful social change only accrues from big-time
    LOST wars (i.e. the cause of the American sclerosis is obvious).
    Interestingly he did not peruse the proximate examples (Russia and Germany)
    but Sweden (who got their imperialism cut off by Peter the Great at Poltawa 1709
    and have not regrown it since).
    Now everybody and his mama have been rather unkind re: Swedish self-assertion
    but can there be any doubt the pedestrian Swede is better off for it?
    (the Swiss were still a glorified band of brigands 200 years ago – bad example).

    Most Americans and all the rest of the world should savour the prospect …

  94. EugeneGur says:

    My reading of how the average Russian understands the 20th century is that they are as ill-informed about the ‘Great Patriotic War’as the average American is about ‘World War II’

    “Your reading”, whatever that might be, is quite wrong. The Russians have a very good understanding of the Great Patriotic War simply because they lived through it. Besides, extensive databases are available for anyone to check the events including the fate of individual Army units or even people.
    The Russians also have access to different “historians’ tales” as opposed to the West where there is only two opinions, the approved and wrong.

    As to the Americans, the ignorance about anything and everything is unparalleled in the Universe.

    • Agree: yurivku
  95. Skeptikal says:

    ” but because every last of their own (((agents))) in Europe had become useless in one swoop.”

    I can’t follow this.

    Whose “own”?
    Does “their own agents” refer to US agents? Or German agents?
    Who became useless?
    If German agents became useless, what was the point of co-opting them?

    Surely the Soviets also knew who these agents were.


  96. tango37 says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Do you have a reference for that quote from some Polish general ? Rydz-Smigly and the rest of them were in over their heads but I scoured the internet and couldn’t find any such utterance. It seems to be Nazi propaganda akin to the Polish cavalry charges against tanks. Their plan was to hold out against the Germans for a time until the French and British attacked from the west. They knew that they had zero chance against the Germans one on one given that they would be attacked from 3 sides and given their profound inferiority in training, armour, airpower, communications and logistics. Once their Allies failed to appear and once the Soviets stabbed them in the back on Sept.17, the result was a foregone conclusion and they knew it. As for these military exercises, there are lots of caveats. Here are some from one of the references the Putin stooge cited:
    “At the same time, they do not allow us to assess the real mobility of troops, the level of combat training of soldiers and officers,” he said in an interview with RIA Novosti. – Especially in computer simulation. So the conclusion about the defeat of Poland in four days should be treated with caution. In addition, there are many questions to the introductory ones that the Polish army used. For example, on what principle they took into account the support of the air forces of NATO countries and how much time they spent on training in the pre-war period.”
    “The very fact of the publication of such data suggests that this is a propaganda campaign,” the expert said. — To mobilize the people, Russia is presented as a powerful, aggressive military power that will take over Poland in just four days. In addition, this is an attempt to activate other countries, to draw their attention to the danger of Russia.”
    ” Kureyev added: the results of the exercises do not mean that the Polish army is very weak. “This is certainly a signal to the allies, and the desire to make the population” feel the Russian threat, ” the expert believes. — It is also a way to motivate the part of the officers who do not believe in the war between Russia and NATO. In addition, thanks to the simulation, the Poles will certainly begin to develop new plans for a hypothetical war, taking into account the real capabilities of their army.”
    Given all that, it’s a grave error for them to put all of their eggs in one basket with the dying empire. Very much like them doing so in 1939 with the French and British. It’d be better for them to attempt to reconcile with the Russians to get over the historical angst. Who knows, maybe some day the Germans will want their land back. But, “the past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

  97. @That Would Be Telling

    So the Lancet medical journal is a political rag. ??? The English med journal favouring something ( anything ) coming from Russia? Has this rag quality of the journal been the case for like ever or has it just started with this article?
    The outcry against the Sputnik V was earned by the RF politicians who boasted about it prematurely? Otherwise the West msm would be heaping praises since day one. ???
    And there are problems concerning the making it quantitative as well as the storage methods which will undoubtedly hinder the efficacy of the vaccine. I see it sucks.
    I can’t really pinpoint what you dislike ( to put it mildly ) more – the Russian jab or Russia.

  98. Skeptikal says:

    “Mozart, I´m afraid, was technically Bavarian. ”

    “Technically,” because his father was born in Augsburg?
    I don’t think so. Augsburg was a free city, so technically not part of the Kingdom of Bavaria.
    His mother was a native Salzbuergerin. Mozart was born in Salzburg.

    Anyhow, the terms “Germany/German” and “Austria/Austrian” are anachronistic when applied to the 18th century German-language sphere.

    Furthermore it is not the Austrians who “sold” Hitler as a German. It was Hitler himself who considered himself German because he came from the German-speaking portion of the Hapsburg Empire and also considered that portion of the empire part of Grossdeutschland.

  99. @Refl

    At the same time, with corona Western societies have been transformed into war economies.

    Over here, north Germany, there is no transformation to war economies. You need the people, the weapons, the infrastructure and many more to do that. Further you have to refocus the technology. Myself has some insight in German industry. There is nothing in that way. All companies i work for try to keep the Russia trade going and customs just looks the other way.

    If you fail the opposite side will conquer you and uses your resources. Currently not even that is necessary. Methink that lot of people are tired about the never ending US assaults against peace and freedom. The dumb, dumber, dumbest propaganda and lies. The open and unvarnished face of despotism and trade war war war only for its own benefit without regard for allies.

    • Thanks: nosquat loquat
    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Refl
  100. @Tom Welsh

    Given Navalny’s record, so completely hidden by the Western fakestream media scum, Iulia can only be see as a gangster’s moll.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  101. @EugeneGur

    They lived through it so they immediately understand everything about the War? Amazing
    Then why do they tolerate criminalizing doubting the ‘Holocaust’?
    Why do they buy the lie that Hitler was the aggressor as opposed to Stalin?
    Why the lack of awareness that significant portions of the population immediately supported the Germans?

    I have heard nothing from Russian’s ever questioning the narrative of the ‘Great Patriotic War’.
    Yet in America, despite the ignorance of the masses, many have managed to extricate their minds from the Holocaust lie and to view the conflict very differently, particularly with respect to FDR and Churchill’s motives and behaviour. And this despite the incredibly hostile environment created by a left-wing, Jewish dominated academia and main stream ‘press’.

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  102. @idealogus

    That is censorship in the ‘Free World’ idealogus.

  103. @Montefrío

    Tried to Google it but it’s been memory-holed. Believe me I read it, but whether it was true at the time, I do not know. But it makes eminent sense given France’s TOTAL subjugation by the Zionazis.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  104. @Majority of One

    Thank you!
    I was for a long time trying to figure out what can US do to Iran. I could not come out with any liable possibility of effective damage to Iran to neutralize it.
    In any case Iran would be capable to stop the shipping in Iran sea.
    And I do not even try to evaluate out the consequences of it

  105. See my posting on #89. That October article on electronic weaponry got gremlinized by parties unknown, thought the usual susspects are likely implicated. Article appeared in the 10-7 global

  106. Avery says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    {“The big question:What happens next? Does the Russian Military overide Mr. Diplomacy and Restraint Vladimir Putin “}

    Nothing happens next.

    How do I know that?
    Because I remember.
    Kremlin – and Putin – have been baited many, many times, and they don’t take the bait, because they play the long game – to benefit Russia.

    Exhibits A, B, C,….

    1. NATO goaded Turks to shoot down a Russian Su24, hoping Kremlin would overreact and get mired in a massive conventional shooting war with Turks (&NATO) in Syria. Nothing doing.

    2. Unknown sources – e.g. NATO – targeted a couple of Russian colonels and a general (if memory serves) with mortars in Syria and killed them. The targeting was precise, proving NATO gave someone the location of the Russian brass. Again, they were hoping Russia would overreact. Nothing doing,

    3. A group of Russian nurses and their aid tents etc were precisely mortared and killed. Again, see #2.

    4. Israel shot down a Russian Il-19 killing a couple of dozen Russians, supposedly by mistake. Same story.

    5. Ukro-Nazis murdered a large number of ethnic Russians in Odessa. War crimes by NATO supported Kiev continued in Novorussya. Russia could have rolled over Ukraine in a couple of weeks or so, if it chose to. But NATO hoping for such a scenario was sorely disappointed.
    Smart move on Putin’s part.

    Many people see that as a Russian weakness, Maybe it is.
    But I see it as playing a strong long game.
    NATO and Russia’s enemies want her to get deep into a bloody muck and bleed profusely.
    Russia is wise enough to resist the urge.
    There are many other examples of GloboSorosistas desperately trying to get Russia to get into a bloody mess and drain itself so that the SorosaVultures can swoop in an steal her immense natural resources.

    Russia cannot afford to get involved in a dawn out conventional fight with NATO’s prostitutes.
    That is exactly what US & UK want, both of which – safely away from continental Europe – want exactly that. They could not care less if all of Europe get smoked.

    Russia wants an intact (Western) Europe, particularly Germany and France, for mutual future benefit. Expecting US & UK to become impotent sometime in the future., and leave Europe alone.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Thanks: Majority of One
  107. @Rednose-airline

    As a triply occupied nation: By U$ forces since l945, by millions of gastarbeiters and by the central bank$ters who got their original start in Frankfurt am Main and continue to make that city the center of German banking.

    Harken back to the days of Furst Otto von Bismarck’s “Drei Kaiser’s Bund” and look eastwards as did Willi Brandt.

    Will Germany awaken from its imposed slumber? Is the spirit still present throughout Deutschland? If so and if the invaders are repelled over the next 10 years or so, Germany might yet recover its honor and history as the most civilized and advanced of Western nations up to August 1914.

    Be wary of “Perfidious Albion” as Napoleon called the Sceptered Realm. It was the conniving Benjamin Disraeli, the highest minion for the Rottenchild Crime Clan, who engineered Tsar Nicholas II into abandoning Bismarck’s arrangement to preserve the peace and switch over to alliance with the cunning British and the revanchist French. With that re-alignment war became inevitable and four empires fell, to be replaced by bank$ter dominated regimes.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  108. @RoatanBill

    Perhaps President Putin wants Assad to remain insecure, utterly dependent upon and beholden to Russia. That way Assad (or successor) has to let Russia keep its naval base there. If so, I don’t blame Russia at all.

    • Agree: Tony massey
    • Thanks: RoatanBill
  109. @Quartermaster

    Quarter past four: Do you really feel the need to spew your ignorance of geopolitical reality on a site such as U.R,?

    Are you a U$ Airfarce veteran? Do you religiously get your information and opinions via boobtoob noose? Sure looks that way to me.

    Lurk here all you like. You can learn much from SOME of the posters. If a poster closely reflects your own personally adopted views, you will not learn much from that one. I see you as a programming victim who is a bit upset because Unz sports so many who are not, unlike yourself, fully “on message”.

  110. tango37 says:

    There are very few remaining who lived through it but as a nation they are acutely aware of the immense price that the U.S.S.R paid. But historical memory can be manipulated for all kinds of purposes. Some 70% of Russians have a positive view of Stalin according to a 2019 poll.
    That is astounding. A mass murderer who one can argue was far worse than Hitler. His incompetence and paranoia led directly to the military disasters of 1941 and 1941 in which they suffered countless millions of casualties. Is that taught in Russian schools?

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  111. Passer by says:

    The west is on a self admitted long term decline you poor thing, countries are reorienting themselves towards multipolarity. Russia is moving away from the declining west. You should go back to the kindergarten, this is not a place for children to talk.

  112. @Majority of One

    Very cool tidbit about the origin of “checkmate.” I had never heard that. But here it is to confirm your statement:

    My wife is Filipina and tells me that when people are playing chess over there, they use the term “mate” pronounced MAH-tay. She thinks they got it from the Spanish, which would make sense given Filipino history and the etymological blurb cited above.

  113. Skeptikal says:

    A hundred million abortions???

    Please document this.

    You seem to be obsessed with abortion, so surely you can provide readers with a source for this rather fanciful-sounding figure.

    The total population is 144 million.

    If half are females and of those, maybe half are of child-bearing age . . .

    Oh, forget it.

    You sound like a cage rattler of some kind!

  114. @War for Blair Mountain

    POTUS Trump and the vile slug Mike Pompeo were, and still are, onboard with this.

    Well Pence may be, but I am not so sure about Trump. The thoroughly unlikable, foul mouthed (((Rosanne Barr))) was telling everyone that would listen (before being de-platformed) that Trump’s DOJ was arresting more pedophiles an at any time in past, and was cracking down on trafficking of under age children. Of course she’s a “conspiracy theorist”.
    Is it a co-incidence that Epstein and Maxwell were arrested on Trump’s watch? Florida attorney Bradley Edwards, who represented one of Epstein’s accusers, stated that Trump was the only “high powered” person that came forward to help. Virginia Guiffre, in a deposition for her lawsuit against Maxwell, said journalist Sharon Churcher’s articles about Trump being involved were not true.
    As for Roberts, I suspect that, as someone on the “inside” and knowing how things actually, not theoretically, get done, he sees Trump as a disrupter. Even Reagan, under whom Roberts served, was frequently hamstrung by a number of these people, and Reagan had the advantage of being Governor of California. I’m not so sure his enthusiasm is about Trump, beyond Trump’s ripping the mask of US foreign policy and exposing the deep state media for what it is.

  115. @Antiwar7

    I think the main reason for Israel to try to topple Assad in Syria is to stop the land bridge for weaponry between Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon,

    Apparently, you have never heard of Eretz Yisrael

  116. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    i hope that the bear finally get some chicken too. This bullshit has gone for faaar to long now. (300 Years as far i can tell)

    This is how it looks like if an Empire goes down. 1990 was the pinnacle of it, then 2001 they try to extend this…2008 makes the first cracks. Now i waiting for the great “rift”.

    The SJW shit that goes down in the US maybe a slow landslide instead of a “rift” and maybe only a preamble to the real rift, but with the DS again in Power they should be desperate by now and will try something stupid.

    I mean REALLY stupid, like, sinking a Russian Warship in the middle terrain or something like this. We will see.
    But i like your predictions and so i make mine here, but to get a better picture i include the actual flashpoint of the empires demise in it:


    What will NATO do? Nothing, because it can’t do anything beside barking anymore.
    The whole MIC corruption Debacle with F35/Eurofighter, outdated AEGIS “renew” programs and Snowflake Corps all over the NATO.
    No real counterpart for the T14 and no new Missle Program from ANYONE (Hypersonic Programm from the US will take YEARS and will cost far to much to even consider to be finished in this corrupted state).
    Leaves the Drones/Robots alone, and you can’t win shit with drones alone. The NATO was a real deterrent in 1990 but then they declared “the end of history” and forgot that Russia survived somehow.
    Full of outdated equipment that falls apart and or is pretty much useless (Tiger Eurocopter without nosegun anyone?) and a Imperial Main Army that is already overstretched beyond breaking?

    …now we have a whole Clownbus full of “Armys” that can’t even bomb a country for two Weeks straight…
    A Country that had NO AIR DEFENSE WHATSOEVER. Let alone a full blown Atomic Superpower with reformed Army, Navy and Airforce.
    NATO is a Joke right now an russia knows it. and start laughing at it openly like you described above.

    Will it reform? i doubt it. The empire is breaking apart right now and this NATO Stuff is EXPENSIVE. i guess it will wither away with the new Eurocorps forming and US Start to focus on Asia. It has survived the Warsaw pact by 30 Years…impressive. but now it is the time to put it to rest.

    Turkey? have to decide now. If it will stay in the NATO (as deterrent against russia…lol?) or will it finally realize that the NATO is done and leave for good and join russia. That means it have to bend over and stop this BS in Idlib. This would also mean that IL will lose some Airplanes in the near future (hopefully, they got far to cocky recently).
    (For whom whos wondering what i refer to: Turkey try to use the NATO back in 2015 for their own agenda (shoot down Russian plane) but failed hard (US denial of §5 for Turkey) and is now unofficial out of NATO (Look it up how turkey reacts over the years and how erdogan went to Moskow one day to apologize, and what went down afterwards. It is VERY interesting how a Country change his geopolitic affiliation in clear daylight and i am fucking amazed how it looks like that Russia has PLANNED this shit for years))

    I wonder how the US will Appease the Turks now, if they get them their new settler region in Idlib? or dropping the Kurds? if they dropping the Kurds things will be interesting here in Germany, who is DEEPLY involved with this Story (Foundation for science and politics in Berlin is the main hub for it). Also France got into Trouble because of it (and they already knew it).
    They HAVE to give in to the Turkish demands or they will loose the Dardanelles and ircilik.
    The Dardanelles are only a minor sub asset to harass Russian in the black sea but Ircilik…Ircilik is one of the main Airhubs for the EU Part and the Ramstein extension for the US. If this is closed down for what ever reason…well, i guess…Cyprus here we go again? War in the Mediterranean, nothing less.
    But i guess unlike trumps elephant diplomacy the DS will find some better ways to prevent at least the war.
    But for the close down? I hope not. really, i hope the turks shut it down for good. this will kick things in motion like nothing else.
    Why is Ircilik so important? Hmm, Israel support? Reaching the MENA at all? They can’t route everything over the Indian Ocean without being harassed by China and Iran. And North Cyprus is already occupied by Turkey…and both (Russia and Turkey) are already all in in Libya…implications? Nothing but fun in the Mediterranean sea for the EU. The US Bases that are founded recently in Israel are locked by Turkey and can’t be supported from the South. Gibraltar is a Joke in modern times and can’t do shit if properly bombed with missiles. Russia can close of the Mediterranean without even to sweat. Israel will be on it’s own.

    What will Israel do? They can’t do shit. with their puppets in this weakened state, they are on their own and with a fed up Bear and Wolf on his Borders…anyone recognize that the UN has moved in to Palestine to investigate…FOR WAR CRIMES?
    Even if they find nothing (of course), this move alone is a very clear message.
    Israel have to stop bulling his neighbors or it will get a very hefty Bill to pay. Maybe with a “Golan” at the end of this bill. And it doesn’t matter if the have “the bomb” or not. S400 will able to intercept them and Russia or maybe even turkey will known no restrain in glaze them. Israel knows this and has tuned down a bit but i guess Turkey will not be satisfied by it. We will see. I hope for the Palestine, it will be peaceful.

    Syrian? Hmm. sadly for this war torn Country, i suspect his Creation was purposefully made that way all back in 1922, and was lay out to disrupt the Peace in that region for the benefit of the UK (or better “the West” right now). Israel was only the cherry on top of it.
    I guess that we will see a indefinite “occupation” of Syria or that Russia and Turkey together made a move to finish it for good. i wish the later but fear the former.
    Why? better a fast and gruesome end but eternal suffering. I can’t see a future here for Syria at all. Russian only wants it Bases their, they don’t need the Country at all. Turkey sees this still as their own province from back in the days, the US sucking away the Oil and the Kurds already nibbles the Northen parts away. No Army, no future and less to no Hope for a Country that was purposefully made to dissent.

    The Kurds? Well they have a saying: “no friends but the Mountains” yeah if your taste in “Friends” is THAT BAD all through your thousands of Years of history, their is no wonder you haven’t any.
    Stop Bootlicking foreign powers and start fighting for independence and freedom or die trying. Their is no other way.
    The Kurds have to make a stand on their own. no exceptions. They can, absolutly, even against a full blown all out war against Turkey. The sacrifices will be horrendous, no doubt, but they have to make the turks pay so much that they finally give up on ruling them and leave them alone. But for this they have to unified first…and this is a nearly impossible task. “all but my clan”…this is NOT how you win fights against other nations. they have to be only “Kurds” regardless of clan, to archive anything. Right now a lost cause and only fuel to the trouble. sadly. They deserve better, but have to made it alone.

    The US? Well this is an interesting one. I say, Civil War or separation until 2030. Things shifting with Light speed right now. Can only make a bet how it goes out.
    Big tech censorship and the reaction to it will also affects the EU. But the Net will finds it’s way…i have read some interesting story’s how a future net could looks like. From the mess that is depicted in Cyberpunk to the full body immersion that is in “otherland” it will defines how the Western world will look like in 50 Years. Wasteland or Wonderland and it will be decided in the US by how the changes will be that happens RIGHT NOW. truly interesting time we live in. even if it means to be a curse in china. i am all in on this one.
    For the US itself…hmm hard one. War? unlikley but possible. secsession? i can’t really see it. Texas and Commiefornia goes? Hmm regardless how it goes. The US will change in one way or another and the Empire will end for sure. And with it all the Trouble in th middle east. After nearly 300 Years of suffering in that region finally peace? hmm…i a country that is filled with weapons to the brim? people that was fed lies since decades? robed away their future with debt? Teaches bullshit all over the place and has a goverment and law system that looks more like a company than a actual government? Yeah i would give the Secession part a try. Texas will do it first and become The Cowboy Country”, and the Rest will break down to Mad Max levels and burn like in this old destopian Film “America 2000”

    Russia: will trucking along with China and will fortify his position. btw. this country is the ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD that has everything on his own soil to be a first world superpower. i can’t stress this enough. Russia truly needs nobody and having diplomatic relations with anyone in the world is only courtesy nothing else.
    Guess this one is the only one that will not change really at all. It will get a bit richer than it is right now but will not reaches Western levels. The Russians are not that type of people. Any war, that anyone will dear to start, will be short, hot and bloody expect for Russia. unless someone push the Button, but even the DS Crazys in Washington not dear this yet. Russia will be russia and will not change much in the future.


    The EU as a whole? Don’t get me started. as a whole i can’t tell. too many different interests involved here and not even close to be unified like you described here. Urban has his own agenda, Poland too. the SJW infestation in the UK and Scandinavia will do his own damage. the Downfall of Greece will do the other in the south. There are promising things thou, but they are so deep buried under all the BS, i can barely see it.

    The UK. puh they will try to be the British empire all over again? i doubt it. i guess they will go down the gutter like the US, with all the SJW BS that is going on right now. maybe secession too with Scotland goes to the EU? we will see. It will be going down to be a shit hole like in the “Children of men” will festering a few Years an maybe recoup some of it’s powers in a decade or two. that will be somewhere in 2050.

    France. Well, they are masters of Revolution. And they have already started. Wonder when they find the Guillotinen again. Things will get messy if they are really fed up. it’s boiling right now, wonder when they exploding. Army can’t do shit right now even if some units really though, foreign legion too but that’s it, all the “carriers” and bombs are only to keep us Germans away, nothing else. they have to reform. Guess it’s time for a new republic…again. What it it this time? Number five or already six? Can’t tell. It will be messy, it will take decades and a outcome is not predictable.

    Germany? Things are calm here the whole time. SJW tries here and there but nothing that takes root at all. refugees are not THAT of a Problem for a Culture that was a Highway for others for centuries. The social benefit system, even in his nerved and stretched state that is it in right now, helps a lot. As long we have our food and no one shot us for no reason we’re fine. If Berlin tunes down the work exploitations a bit we could go forever in this state. That’s is, for the worst or the better, merkels doing. No body love this frigide “anzugshosenzäpfchen” but she can keep things calm. Maybe this will be our savior, against all other outcomes. maybe.

    The Empire infestation on the other hand is the real deal here. we have lost our sovereign in 45 for good and keep the pretense of it until recently. With a dying empire at hand, we have to develop our own government again. NS2 is a pretense how it could go, but…the last few times? wasn’t going smooth at all. every time someone gots greedy and fucked it up really hard. hopefully the third time it works out somehow. Otherwise…well, “all good things are three” we say here. Get your Pip-boys ready, this will be a hot one.

  117. @Zarathustra

    There are a couple of interview type programmes I watch on RT, not because I think they are particularly good, rather they often have Eastern and Non Europeans giving opinions on what they see as US foreign policy maneuvering. On what is happening in the US, with the cancel culture, the Eastern Europeans easily give examples of how the USSR operated in the same manner.

  118. JasonT says:

    I think it likely that Russia is stringing out the U.S. (and the rest of the West) until the West collapses under its own stupidity. The only reason Russia is in Syria is to prevent the U.S. from taking it over, not to throw the U.S. out of Syria. The U.S. will leave when it collapses into its own toilet in not too many years from now.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Disagree: Tony massey
  119. @Skeptikal

    Of course they did not have 100 million abortions in one year, however they have had probably hundreds of millions since it was legalized in 1955. It is hard to come by concrete data on such things for many countries. In the US people have aborted over 50 million babies since 1973. The point is that Russia was and is corrupt, and like the west in many ways. It is not some kind of free, moral, alternative to the west. As to your request, document it, I will:

    From Abortions in Russia before and after the fall of the soviet union by Tomasz Wites:

    “Since 1955, abortion became again a common and generally accessible, as well as basically free of charge procedure”

    “From the estimates performed yearly by the medical personnel dealing with abortions it follows that in the soviet union, a country with population of almost 290 millions, 6 t 7 millions abortions were performed each year”

    “Since the early 1990s we have full data concerning abortions performed in Russia.”

    “In 1991, the year of the fall of the soviet Union, 3,608,000 abortions were performed in Russia”

    “(in 1998, 2,346,000 abortions, in 2000. 2,114,000)”


    “In 2001, 1.31 million children were born in Russia, while 2.11 million abortions were performed.”

    Заявление главного акушера и гинеколога России, директора Научного центра акушерства и гинекологии Владимира Кулакова [Statement by Chief of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Russia, Director of the Scientific Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vladimir Kulakov] (in Russian).


    Even with a low estimate of 2 million per year, they end up with well over a hundred million. the real average is probably closer to 4 million if you consider all forms of Abortion. The west is evil and it is legal for people to kill their babies; the same as Russia.

  120. Aedib says:

    Yiulia Navalnaya left Russia

    Is this the first step by Eurocrats to recognize her as “president of Russia”? If this is the promised UE sanction, Eurocrats are even more stupid than they look like.

    • LOL: nokangaroos
  121. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Great comment. Much of WW2 history is propaganda. The allies like to talk about how bad Germany was for the “Blitz” which killed some 40,000 civillians in half a year of bombing… While conveniently leaving out how the the Allies killed over 100,000 civilians in one night bombing Tokyo (and many other similar raids on Germany).

  122. annamaria says:

    Always entertaining. The Jewish-Ukrainian accent is a plus.

    • Agree: Seraphim
  123. @Skeptikal

    If a woman uses abortion as her only method of birth control, she can become pregnant several times a year.

    A woman can get similar results with the morning after the night before pill without ever knowing it. That’s so early that almost nobody objects and I certainly don’t. [email protected]

  124. annamaria says:

    “Answer: It doesn’t matter…”

    — This is so because neither you nor your ancestors fought for the motherland. When people cherish their families and language and traditions, they fight like lions for the dear hearth.

    The US has been a gangster state for quite a while. As Major General Smedley Darlington Butler (the most decorated Marine in U.S. history) said, “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer; a gangster for capitalism.”

    The country is hollowed out by corporations and banksters. All that is left, is a rotten corpse of a great promise. There is nothing left to fight for. The citizenry has been dumbed down and corrupted.

    A report on an informed attempt to save the middle class in the U.S.:

    Wall Street killed the truth squad and protected the profits from job and investment offshoring. This is what happens to elected officials when they attempt to represent the general interest rather than the special interests that finance political campaigns. The public interest is blocked off by a brick wall posted with a sign that says get compliant with the Establishment or get out of politics.

    As for the “direct collision course” re the EU and Russia, the collision course has been imposed by the Master-oligarchy of U. S. on the hapless vassal EU.

  125. Hojer says:

    steinbergfeldwitzcohen wrote:

    …Probably the worst off in this respect are the German people. They’ve been lied to twice and told that they are not only responsible for both wars but are the epitome of evil.
    Absolutely laughable. We truly live in upside down world.

    In fact the first part can be right to large extent – think which other national state then Germany, Austria can be blamed from starting WWs. The laughable and tragically upside down is the second part: despite nations/races do not exist according to progressivists Germans and whites in general deserve to pay and perish for the sins of their forefathers…

  126. Parbes says:
    @Majority of One

    “The Persians… invented the game of chess. The word ‘checkmate’ derives from their words ‘Shah Mat’…the Shah is dead.”

    You are an Iranian chauvinist who lies and distorts historical facts to pump up Iran/Persians and give them undeserved credit. You figure that most of the “dissident right” reader/commenters on this blog are ignorant and credulous semi-educated U.S. redneck types, who are also (rightly) deeply unhappy with the current state of their nation; so you try to sucker-manipulate them into admiring Iran/Persians by presenting falsified quasi-historical information. The game of chess was NOT invented by Persians – it was invented in ancient India. Even the original name of the game, “chaturanga”, is a Sanskrit word. Although it might well be true that the word “checkmate” derives from the Persian “shah mat”, that would be an artifact of the fact that the game of chess SPREAD to the West via medieval Persia and the Near East (a geographical inevitability) – not because it was first INVENTED by Persians.

    And by the way – how about chess in Iran today? When the religious fanatic Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in Iran in 1979, one of the first things his regime did was to BAN the playing of chess in Iran – on the grounds that the habit of chess-playing encouraged THINKING, rather than blind zealous belief and devotion as the regime wanted. How is the latest situation regarding chess in Iran today? Is that ban still in force? Is it possible to play chess in public (I know that there are individual Iranians who play chess online), organize a chess tournament, etc., in Iran today? If not, WHY NOT? And if the ban is no longer valid, then WHERE are the Iranian teams in international chess competitions?

    • Agree: Seraphim
  127. Walter says:

    In re matter of abortion… It is of course a morally compromised matter to attempt to weigh out killing babies. I myself don’t like it. It seems to me to lie in the realm of women and their business, and privacy.

    However on the social scale, in the public arena, the matter of babies is a vital matter and liable to political input and power.

    In that arena any discussion of babies and reproduction is silly without the facts, the science.

    Accordingly, please let’s begin by reading the science. For a start, see

    A video>

    If you’ll forgive a bad pun, “in a nutshell” vastly and rapidly declining fertility is going to make abortion more or less necessary (due to deformities) at the same time that the number of conceptions drops below “k” and we all disappear into the dust (if Mr 10% and his cohort don’t get us kilt first).

    The implications of the science are also clear – the sexual dysphoria, and the sudden increase in homosexual behavior, seem to be driven by the same chemistry.

    Don’t, please reply. Read the boffins papers…and the book.


    • Thanks: annamaria
  128. Seraphim says:
    @Majority of One

    There were the Germans who sabotaged the Dreikaiserbund and the Reinsurance Treaty of 1887.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  129. @Parbes

    Parbes: You are most confused about my identity. I happen to be neither an Iranian (at least in this lifetime) nor a chauvinist as I am essentially a spirit living a 3rd dimensional lifetime in these declining and devolving days of Kali Yuga. I presume you are conversant with that concept.

  130. @Seraphim

    Please explain. Were they actual Germans and not shabbas Goys?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  131. Diana says:

    Russia under Putin still is selling Russian oil and gas for dollars and euros, or NATO currencies. Check.

    Just like the Soviet Union sold Russian oil and gas for US dollars at the height of the Cold War (instead of asking for gold or rubles in payment) thereby aiding and abetting the evil empire by propping up the petrodollar system.

    Putin enabled Turkey (de jure NATO country) and Israel (de facto NATO entity) to defeat de jure Russian ally Armenia in Karabakh and encircle both Russia and Iran by establishing military bases and NATO presence in the Caucasus.

    Putin collaborates with the Turks (NATO) in Syria and sells the Turks (NATO) sophisticated strategic arms (S-400s) and builds nuclear power plants in Turkey (NATO territory).

    Putin does not demand the US (NATO) to leave Syria (Russian ally). Putin does not ask Israel (de facto NATO ally) to stop bombing Syria (Russian ally).

    Could the alternative media be part of the same psyop as the perfidious MSM?

    We ask the Saker. (But he does not answer.)

    Thank you.

  132. Vojkan says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Pompous titles are a masonic thing. Lot of fancy, lot of nuisance, little meaning. As ludicrous as it sounds to any normal person, the “brothers” take pride in it. It would be laughable if they weren’t so noxious.

  133. @stevennonemaker88

    You prefer women dying of septic, backyard, abortions, do you 88?

    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  134. Jimmy-Bee says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    ‘Oh shut the blank up.’ Hey, this is a forum committed to freedom of speech. You shouldn’t be telling commenters — even ones you find to be problematic — to ‘shut up’…

  135. Vojkan says:

    Well, regarding WWI, though whether German or Austrian aspirations were more or less legitimate than the British or French ones is debatable – regarding the right to have colonies, imho they were equally illegitimate -, there is no doubt that the conflict itself was started by the Austro-Hungarian and German empires. From there, it can indeed be argued that the conditions of peace imposed on the not so clearly defeated powers opened the way to a second world war, but in the chain of events, it is still German aggressiveness that provided the initial thrust that set things in motion, even before WWI, with the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, justified by the necessity to defeat France in order to unite Germany.
    However, all that was a long time ago and the world should have moved on. Obviously, it hasn’t. As evidenced with the meddling in the Balkans, Germans still make a fixation on the Versailles Treaty. Sometimes they even look as if they were actually still living in 1871.

  136. @ThreeCranes

    “Never forgive, never forget” has to be one of the most crippling life strategies ever devised.

    That may well be, but if your enemies, regardless of whether they have a valid grievance, refuse to forgive, then you you must be prepared to fight. Russia is the main focus of the neocons’ hate, but those of their persuasion ultimately want to destroy or at least enslave all White Christians, and they have wanted to do so from the very beginning. They didn’t accept Jesus as the messiah even though he fulfilled every relevant Old Testament prophecy because they wanted a messiah who would lead them to world conquest, not one who would convert the world to faith in God.

  137. Steven80 says:
    @Majority of One

    That’s plain wrong, “djuga” means trash in georgian, “shvili” means he is from poor family (middle class georgian names end with “itze” and “atze”, rich family names – with “ani”). Shvili means “son of “, literally. In 1939 the Soviets forbade the story about what the name means (there was a schloar called Ivan Djavahishili that investigated the family origins and then disappeared) and later a soviet scholar Gebanitse in 1981 concocted the story that djuga means steel. I’ve a georgian friend, their whole country knows the story. They all laught at how trash turns to steel

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Zarathustra
  138. @Alexandros

    Your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired, as we were discussing Stalin, not Putin. Lol.

  139. @Pindos

    Wrong. Kamala is a literal outcaste since caste passes from the father, not the mother, and her father is a black Jamaican Christian.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  140. Refl says:

    I appreciate that you have insights that I don’t have, but the fact that German companies want to keep the relationship with Russia going does not contradict my point. The fact remains that international trade has been brought to a near standstill and that all the economical dislocations that would result from a sudden outbreak of war have already been forcefully induced.
    A war is not brought about by first telling everyone in the country to get ready and then launch it on advance notice, but by bringing the people, who in their good senses don’t want it, to the point of no return. The arsenal has been built up on the other side of the Atlantic and has been brought over here for years already. It is deficient, but the instigators don’t calculate properly anyhow.
    The media have had their dress rehearsal to spew out the most outlandish propaganda. Any opposition can bee easily identified by the fact that they don’t bow to the corona god. The rest is achieved with masks and stay at home orders.

    The destruction of their “own” side in a war does not hinder the mad men behind the scenes, as they can feast on the corpses of their own people just the same. And indeed, people are fed up with angloamerican assaults on freedom and peace. The empire has lost the war for the hearts and minds. Therefore, it is high time for them to go for the showdown.

  141. Alfred says:

    I’ve a Georgian friend

    That reminds me of that old line “I have a Jewish friend” 🙂

    Your friend does not explain why Stalin – given the enormous choice of beauties in the USSR – should get married to 3 Jewish women. Do you think Jewesses are more beautiful than Slavic / Uzbek / Kazakh / etc. girls?

    • Replies: @Steven80
  142. Dany says:

    They plan to start the war from the NATO countries Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Poland & the Baltics. UK and USA will provide ships and aerial. Turkey & Co (5 countries, one people) will attack from SE.
    This will leave the core NATO dry. I only see one way to counter that. Your opinion, @Saker?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  143. annamaria says:

    Diplomacy is for adults:

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov previously questioned whether dialogue with the West had any purpose: “Those people who are responsible for foreign policy in the West do not understand the need for mutually respectful conversation. Probably, we should just stop communicating with them for a while.”

    Do you always check the political correctness of your food & clothing & gas?

  144. Steven80 says:

    You are right – I cannot be sure. And there was an article in the russian internet that his granddaughter Maria Maksakova has DNA haplogroup that is predominant in the ashkenazis. If he was indeed a jew, he would have hidden it pretty well. So you may be right. But in my defense, I have read (most of) his biography, written in 1949
    and it seems the guy liked this types of women which were dark and small. He had other women that were quite ugly, I remember googling some of them while reading the biography and was puzzled at his tastes.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  145. annamaria says:

    There is no sense to “fight” with the senile NATO and the chihuahuas in “Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Poland & the Baltics.” Since all major decisions are made somewhere in Banksters bunkers, this is where the full-force response should be focused on.

    The pitiful condition of the US infrastructure (beginning with the electric grid) and the dumbed-down and “minorized” population leave little hope for the survival of the ZUSA.
    “Aristotle and Plato must go. After targeting statues, race activists now aim to topple the ancient founders of Western thought:”

    The opportunistic brass and the thoroughly corrupt MIC should know pretty well that the ZUSA is militarily impotent. If the ideological haters of a ziocon kind have a bright idea to use nuclear weaponry against Euroasia via Europe, that will be the end of the City of London & Federal Reserve. – The City et al. and the MIC’s mega-dealers know this and understand the consequences.

    The “haves” do not have a patriotic constituency to protect their riches. Uncle Schmuel and the perfidious Albion are looking into a bleak future and don’t like it.

  146. Mirann says:

    The big gas station known as Russia, that, with exception of nuclear bombs, social regression and despotism, has nothing else to offer to the world, should be simply dismantled as it itself happily took part in doing the same to others in partnership with the “partners” pretending to be an important power led by important people. Primarily, I have in mind Yugoslavia and then Serbia and Montenegro, but also some other countries and peoples which previously always stood by Russia. Therefore, the “partners” in the West should be politically proactive and at once simply recognize the political independence of, for the start, Muslim republics of Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia. This will inexorably set the things in motion. The treacherous oligarchy won’t be able to survive for very long. The big gas station will finally cash in on its treasonous investments.

  147. @Steven80

    Stalin was sentenced twice by Czar to Siberian Gulag. He twice escaped and walked all the way to Petrograd. (Leningrad). Some members of the party for that reason started to call him man of steel.
    Eventually he adopted the name Stalin (man of steel).

  148. Tom67 says:

    Problem with the Saker is that he doesn´t understand that an embrace of China will mean the evisceration of Russia in the long term. Now Russia gets a power high but there will be a terrible reckoning. The first pound of flesh that China demanded and got was Mongolia. And that was only the start. The penetration of local administrative units by China in Siberia is growing apace. So will the copying and improvement of industrial areas where Russia still has an edge.

    Ultimately Russia is on the same trajectory like Europe. Only delayed. Chechnya (and the Caucasus to some extent) have been pacified for the price of giving internal independence. (Meaning the writ of the central goverment for instance the FSB doesn´t run there anymore). Some time in the not so distant future internal independence will translate into outright independence. Or at least in the attempt. Then all hell will break loose.
    Russia isn´t a country anymore whose soldiers marched to Berlin with a sack of sunflower seeds. From what I gathered travelling thru Russia you have exactly the same problems with young ethnic Russians as you have with young Europeans. No way there can be a repeat of the first let alone the second Chechen war. Russian society will not be able to stomach it. Just apart from the fact that 20% and more of Russian recruits are already Muslims and the number is growing. Russian recruits aren´t put into the same units as Muslims anymore as the latter mercilessly bullies the former.

    The wild card is Central Asia and the stans. China has coopted and bought the local elites. At the same time as she has embarked on an experiment the world has never seen before: employing AI and constant and ubiquitous surveillance to effect the psychic remaking of a whole ethnicity. That is the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. China is quickly making herself the most hated country in central Asia. For now the whole shaky artifice holds. But I suspect not forever. When the governments of the Stans will come crashing down as they must then China will have to intervene. Very interesting will be the role of Iran. For now Iran is shackled to China by US sanctions. Once they are lifted I expect the Stans looking to Iran for inspiration and a civilisational model. That was the role of Iran in the region throughout history. At least that is an optimistic take. The pessimistic take would be that China succeeds in Xinjiang and then successfully transfers this model to the Stans.

    Russia will then be no more than an appendix of China

  149. @Mirann

    Why is this insane obsession with Russia. Russia does not bother anybody. Why not just let it be.
    Leave Russia alone. Why not leave every country in the word alone,and leave it to its fate. At the times of Czars, Russia considered its duty to protect Slavic countries. Russia does not do it anymore. Russia now does not care.
    Russia does not even care about Ukraine where is still majority of Russian orthodox population.
    Why cant you? Who do you think you are?

    • Agree: Commentator Mike, Alfred
    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  150. @Vojkan

    Well, regarding WWI, though whether German or Austrian aspirations were more or less legitimate than the British or French ones is debatable – regarding the right to have colonies, imho they were equally illegitimate -, there is no doubt that the conflict itself was started by the Austro-Hungarian and German empires.

    I always find myself circling back to the question of “who was the first to mobilize?” which would be Russia. At a higher level, who was unhappy about the current state of affairs? France really wanted revenge for the humiliations of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1 you mention, including losing a couple of provinces, they ignored the old advice of digging two graves before starting. And Russia was unhappy about what was happening to Slavs in the Balkans.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Alfred
  151. @Tom67

    You have right to dream. Everybody has a right to dream.
    Russia has enough nukes to protect its Siberia.
    And concerning its regular armaments Russia has the best.

    • Replies: @Tom67
  152. @Steven80

    … and then there was his well-documented hobby of drawing naked males 😀

  153. gT says:

    You are thinking like an Iranian, too serious. Iran opposes the US and Israel on everything, all the time. Iran seems to think that the only reason for Iran’s existence is to oppose Israel. But you can’t blame the Iranians for thinking that way because they are Muslim. With no alcohol and no pork and no disco in their lives the Iranians can conceive of no other purpose other than martyring themselves in the fight against Satan, the US and Israel.

    Russia on the other hand does not think that the purpose of Russia’s existence is just to fight against the US and Israel. Rather the purpose of Russia is to be Russian, and enjoy the comforts of wine, women and song. So Russia has no problem trading with others, even for dollars. Iran also, sanctions permitting, sells its oil for dollars. Though both countries do deliver more oil if payment is in gold. Russia enjoys toying with the US’s allies, like now with Germany. If the NS2 pipeline works Germany get cheaper gas, if it doesn’t Germany has to get its gas from all way across the Atlantic from the USA. Until war breaks out, Russia will just toy with all the US allies and even the US itself. Casualties are to be expected and so not grieved over too much. So things are not just black and white as is the case with Iran, with Russia there are numerous shades of grey.

    Armenia was, and still is, under the US sphere of influence. Why must Russia go and save a country that speaks badly of Russia all the time. Turkey is a bastard, one moment supporting the US, the next supporting Russia. The US plan was to turn Turkey into an ISIS stronghold to be thrown against Syria, Iran and Russia, but to get that plan to work they first had to get rid of Erdogan, hence the attempted coup against him. But that was not successful, so now Russia trades with Turkey to keep Turkey undecided on who or what they really support.

    Syria used to be strongly under the West’s sphere of influence, numerous CIA black sites were hosted in Syria where freedom fighters were tortured to death. Then the West turned against Syria and tried to use ISIS to bring Syria down. Russia only really got involved in Syria when the Iranians asked them to.

    Russia is just using delaying tactics to avoid war, maybe if they use delaying tactics long enough war will never happen.

    Yes, most of the Alt Right is just part of the same psyop as the perfidious MSM, most of the Alt Right is run by Jews and gays as well, just like the MSM. Real Right-wingers do not tolerate Jews or gays or Chinese.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  154. antibeast says:

    Russia will then be no more than an appendix of China.


    Anyone looking at the map of Russia would instantly recognize that it shares the longest land borders with Muslim Central Asia, Buddhist Mongolia and Socialist China as well as the shortest border with Muslim West Asia via the Caucasus Mountains. The Russian Far East shares a sea border with Japan via the Sea of Japan while the Russian Kuril Islands barely touches the Japanese island of Hokkaido. This unique geography defines the national security imperatives of the Russian State as well as tying the Russian economy to its Asian neighbors.

    This is what makes Russia unique as a Civilizational-State similar to China but belonging to its own Slavic Eurasian Civilization. While the ethnic Russian majority shares the same Slavic Culture as its neighbors in Eastern Europe, the Muslim Russian minority shares the same Islamic Culture as Muslim Central Asia.

    This geophysical fact and cultural reality makes it impossible for Russia to become an ‘appendix’ [sic] of China in the same way that China did not turn into an ‘appendix’ [sic] of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The former Soviet Republics in Central Asia likewise have since become independent States albeit with residual ties to Russia via their ethnic Russian citizens as well as closer economic ties via the Russian-led EEU. Both Russia and China together with the Central Asian States of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan also founded the SCO which has since expanded to include India and Pakistan.

    The Eurasian continent is thus comprised of five distinct Civilizations — 1). Confucianist/Buddhist Northeast Asia, 2). Slavic Eurasian Russia, 3). Islamic West/Central/South Asia, 4). Hindu South Asia and 5). European Europe. There are overlapping regions between and within each of those five Civilizations such as in Russia and India where sizeable Muslim minority populations have cultural ties to to the Islamic Civilization of Central and South Asia, respectively.

    The ideological conflict pitting the West vs the East during the Cold War no longer exists which now behooves the nation-states of the Eurasia continent to come together and create a new international order based on peaceful co-existence of these five major Civilizations. Nobody needs to be an ‘appendix’ [sic] of anyone but everybody can live in peace, progress and prosperity with each other.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Tom67
  155. @berlin-athen

    A rough translation for the 95-plus percent of unz’ers who do not read German:

    The United States, European Union (Germany), and Russia. And behind and above all of them [are] the moneyed Nobility. And that barely shows up in the news. Unfortunately.

  156. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Thanks for trying! I believe you.

  157. gT says:

    The purpose of the USA was to genocide all the other nations on Earth, but the USA couldn’t fulfill that purpose, they could only keep most of the other nations underdeveloped. So another who could do the job was chosen and the USA dually induced to empower that other. That other is China. Now that China has been sufficiently empowered the USA is no longer needed and can just disappear.

    Eventually China will do its job and all that will remain will be the Jews and the poor. The poor are easily managed as one can just give half the poor money to kill the other half. The poor must therefor not be too intelligent.

    So yes, eventually Russia and China are going to come into conflict. And yes, the Russian mommies cry over their boys so much that its chiefly Chechens and the like who volunteer for Donetsk or Syria. The solution is for the Russian mommies to have many sons so they won’t cry so much if they loose a few. The Muslims are strong individually but they can’t manufacture or operate high end technology en masse so are only good for infantry grunt work.

  158. EugeneGur says:

    Why do they buy the lie that Hitler was the aggressor as opposed to Stalin?

    For the very simple reason – because Hitler was the aggressor.

    Then why do they tolerate criminalizing doubting the ‘Holocaust’?

    Perhaps, because they’ve seen it for themselves. In Russia, though, Holocaust is not emphasized nearly as much as in the West, for although the Jews were often the first to die, others were not that far behind.

    Why the lack of awareness that significant portions of the population immediately supported the Germans?

    We know that some did; people wanted to survive, and there are traitors in every nation. So what?

    I have heard nothing from Russian’s ever questioning the narrative of the ‘Great Patriotic War’.

    They do it all the time but, perhaps, not in a way you’d like it. I am sure you don’t speak Russian, so how do you expect to hear anything from Russia? And how would you know what the Russians think?

    If you did, I’d refer you to a UTube channel “Archive revolution” that re-examines the the ‘Great Patriotic War’ in detail from day one to the end based on newly discovered material, Russian as well as German. There are also regular lectures organized by the Moscow city government on various history topic including the war – they are available on UTube as well. There are plenty of other sources.

    Yet in America, despite the ignorance of the masses, many have managed to extricate their minds from the Holocaust lie and to view the conflict very differently

    Forgive me but I don’t find your views particularly well informed or otherwise enlightened.

  159. annamaria says:

    Ms. Mirann, you should check the best among the modern physicists, mathematicians, chemists, astrophysicists, engineers, and such instead of parroting the words of the “hopey” darling of banksters.

    Leave Russia alone. Enjoy the vibrant diversity and human-rights record of the western world (ever heard about Julian Assange?) And don’t forget the $28 trillion of US debt made on the useless greenback supported by some 1000 military bases around the globe. People were murdered by the millions to please the banksters.

    The US is an impotent gangster state ruling over European vassals. You need to visit Detroit, Ms. Mirann, before making this kind of bold statement on this forum.

  160. Anonymous[828] • Disclaimer says:

    hmm, sounds a lot like Washington who has spent years turning the American people into serfs where their pastimes are sex booze and drugs, and the odd part is they love defending their turf as if they really owned it, but they don’t.!!!

  161. EugeneGur says:

    But historical memory can be manipulated for all kinds of purposes.

    I agree, and it has been many a time. I have lived through several such episodes of manipulation for momentary political gains. But these episodes come and go but something fundamental to the life of the nation based in its own historical experience always remains.

    A mass murderer who one can argue was far worse than Hitler.

    He most certainly wasn’t. You see, not the Russians have access to all sorts of historic material that was before hidden from them, and this material is being examined without political agenda, or at least by people with different agendas. Most things told about Stalin’s mass murders turned out to be pure inventions: deliberate lies or myths. People have come to appreciate better the historic context as well as the achievements of the country under Stalin.

    His incompetence and paranoia led directly to the military disasters of 1941 and 1941 in which they suffered countless millions of casualties.

    The citation was much more complex than that. Stalin was most certainly neither incompetent nor paranoid, and the reasons for the initial defeats were many. By the way, whose incompetence and paranoia led directly to France surrendering in two weeks?

    • Replies: @tango37
    , @Anonymous
  162. Anonymous[828] • Disclaimer says:

    Well now lets see just what Russia needs from the U.S., hmm nothing comes to mind even the gay parades can’t draw a gathering in Russia, not missiles because Russia is already ahead by at least a decade or more nor new infrastructure as Russia light years ahead with their new airports rapid rail system, highways, culture well the west really fails to have any at all. Perhaps its time you went back to the Ukraine and ponder this a little more.!!!

  163. @stevennonemaker88

    This whole debate is retarded.

    Russia is awash in children. You literally cannot escape them. If you rent here, you will have at least two rambunctious little brats stomping around on some side of your kvartira.

    You will see mobs, cadres, platoons of children marching to school – sometimes literally, as they’ll be in military uniform.

    Every building has a playground in front. They are always crowded in warm weather. There are schools in every neighborhood, almost always within walking distance. And there is fierce competition to be the first to enroll as spaces go fast.

    Meanwhile, for all the Russians’ alleged commitment to abortion, Italians, Swiss and so on are actually going extinct. All that high civilization has just one end: fatally low turn-over.

    As for Russia legalizing abortion in the first place, ask yourself how many children you’d want crammed into a Soviet kommunalka, and how much less buckwheat you could survive on.

    Whatever moral high-horse you’re on about it, the reality on the ground is totally the opposite.

  164. @Parbes

    Good comment, thank you. I play chess online and see plenty of Iranians. Unfortunately many here at UNZ cannot understand that although the west is very bad in many ways, Iran is also terrible in many respects. The enemy of my enemy can also be my enemy. Idiotic binary thinking is a pitfall even for those who should know better.

  165. @Vojkan

    World War One was started waaay before 1914. It became inevitable when the Rottenchild Uber-Minion, the brilliant but devious Benjamin Disraeli, several times PM of Britain managed by skulduggery to break up Furst Otto von Bismarck’s “Drei Kaisers Bund” among Germany, Russia and the Austro-Hungarian empire.

    This was accomplished via two distinct prongs. One set of agents worked on Russia’s new Tsar, Nicholas II,to join up with Britain and France. The other bunch convinced the rather stoopid Kaiser Wilhelm II to get a bit bellicose in building up Germany’s Kriegsmarine in competition with “Brittania Rule the Waves”.

    That fatal restructuring set the stage for the war. The blame falls primarily on the schemers behind the Rottenchild crime clan and their fellow Bank$ters in full control of the British and French governments.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Seraphim
  166. @gT

    “Real Right”??? C’mon now. Who are you to make that asservation? Back in ’64 I was deeply involved as a student in right politics and though now I tend to be a syncretist, rather than an ideologue, I can spot confusing analyses regarding allegedly conservative perspectives. Go back and do your homework.

    • Replies: @gT
  167. @Vojkan

    I am not a fan of Wikipedia but sometimes it’s useful:

    It can be good for the shape of things, and references to secondary sources which might be good, which should give you references to the primary sources they hold in disdain. And so I see:

    Russia entered World War I in the three days succeeding July 28, 1914 — beginning with Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war against Serbia, a Russian ally. Via St Petersburg, the Russian Empire sent an ultimatum to Vienna warning Austria-Hungary not to attack Serbia. Following the invasion of Serbia, Russia began to mobilize its very large reserve army. Consequently, on July 31, the German Empire in Berlin demanded Russian demobilization. There was no response; hence, on the same day, Germany declared war on Russia.

    Which is one day earlier than the timeline you cite….

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Seraphim
  168. @Mirann

    Crapola!!! Either you are an intel agency stooge or a near-terminally deluded dupe. The We$$$t has turned to shit culturally and most elder Americans realize that it was done deliberately by the stringpullers behind that curtain which Toto keeps opening, but most boobtoob noose addicted Americans are too propagandized to smell the coffee.

  169. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    what is septic? what is backyard? who is 88? Your comment is asinine. Please take the time to write like an adult.

    I prefer society recognizing abortion for what it is: murder. I prefer that it be illegal to murder children. I want people to recognize that a baby’s life is precious and help young mothers who are in a tough situation (adoption, financial help, etc.)

  170. @EugeneGur

    Why do they buy the lie that Hitler was the aggressor as opposed to Stalin?

    For the very simple reason – because Hitler was the aggressor

    And the Comintern was chicken feed? Stalin didn’t stop its official, no secret at all subversion through it against his new allies allies until May 15th, 1943, two years after Operation Barbarosa, which gave permission to the world’s Left to fight Hitler. Anyone who knows anything about Wiemar Germany knows that without the existential threat from the Bolsheviks and then the USSR, and for example its German Communist Party, the Nazis would have been a footnote in history.

    Germany was too close to the USSR for pretty lies in the New York Times to fool people about the stakes, and certainly hadn’t forgotten what Communists had done inside their borders right after WWI. The Bavarian Soviet Republic even lasted long enough for the obligatory mass murders to just get started before it was put down.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  171. Vojkan says:

    So what? Russia did what allies do when allies are attacked. Russia mobilised. Russia did not start the war. Austria-Hungary and Germany started the war. As a matter of fact, Austria-Hungary set itself on the path to war against Serbia with the anschluß in 1908 of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a land with a clear Serb majority back then. Austrians / Germans saw Serbia’s very existence as a threat to their empires, because, well, the spectacle of an independent Serbia could give nations they occupied airy-fairy ideas, like to wish to become independent too. Pretending that Austria-Hungary and Germany started WWI because they had no choice is simply preposterous.

  172. EugeneGur says:

    And the Comintern was chicken feed? Anyone who knows anything about Wiemar Germany knows that without the existential threat from the Bolsheviks and then the USSR… certainly hadn’t forgotten what Communists had done inside their borders right after WWI.

    You do realize, don’t you – or, perhaps, you don’t – that all this piffle doesn’t change the simple fact that Hitler was the aggressor.

  173. Tom67 says:

    China will not annex Siberia outright. Not for a long time. More importantly it will continue to send its emigrants and will subvert local administrative units.It is already happening now and that was (is) a major cause of protests in Khabarovsk in the far East. Moscow closes its eyes as it needs China much more than vice versa. Nukes are no use in a clever strategy like the Chinese are employing. Looking at Chinese history it reminds one of the way they successfully dealt with other Northern Barbarians before.

  174. annamaria says:

    “the Jews were often the first to die” – How do you know? Was it the Anti-Defamation League or Eli Wiesel or Ilya Ehrenburg that have informed your opinions about WWII?
    Please don’t abuse the readers with your sanctimonious sermons.

    What if Germany has responded to the warmongering of the banking cabal led by very wealthy Jewish bankers? You pretend to be an expert in world history but your ethnic prejudice betrays you. Hitler had committed the same crime as Qaddafi by establishing an independent national bank that printed national currency. He saved his great nation.

    Long before the Hitler government began restricting the rights of the German Jews, the leaders of the worldwide Jewish community formally declared war on the “New Germany” at a time when the U.S. government and even the Jewish leaders in Germany were urging caution in dealing with the new Hitler regime.

    The war by the international Jewish leadership on Germany not only sparked definite reprisals by the German government but also set the stage for a little-known economic and political alliance between the Hitler government and the leaders of the Zionist movement who hoped that the tension between the Germans and the Jews would lead to massive emigration to Palestine. In short, the result was a tactical alliance between the Nazis and the founders of the modern-day state of Israel – a fact that many today would prefer to be forgotten. …

    On March 12, 1933 the American Jewish Congress announced a massive protest at Madison Square Gardens for March 27. At that time the commander in chief of the Jewish War Veterans called for an American boycott of German goods. In the meantime, on March 23, 20,000 Jews protested at New York’s City Hall as rallies were staged outside the North German Lloyd and Hamburg-American shipping lines and boycotts were mounted against German goods throughout shops and businesses in New York City. …

    Even Germany’s Jewish Central Association, known as the Verein, contested the suggestion (made by some Jewish leaders outside Germany) that the new government was deliberately provoking anti-Jewish uprisings.

    History repeats itself as a farce when the Jewish State has been actively involved in supporting the self-proclaimed neo-Nazis in Ukraine. There was no reaction from the Jewish Community at large to the obscene cooperation between the zionist Nuland-Kagan and Banderites. Suddenly, the holobiz went soundless, blind, and deaf.

    The US-run ‘humanitarian’ interventions called euphemistically the “Democracy on the March” (aka the invitation to mass slaughter) have been steadily applied to all unpleasing countries while sparing the most abusive despots. The US/Israeli support for ISIS alone should disqualify the hypocrites from lecturing about human rights and such.

  175. @Marshall Lentini

    Fertility rate for Russia was 1.58 in 2018, similar to Germany at 1.57, and Switzerland at 1.52. Ahead of Italy at 1.29, but behind the US at 1.73. All these countries have declining ethnic European populations.

    Your argument that because there seem to be numerous children around where you live somehow means that all vital statistics including those published by the Russian government are false is pretty silly.

    The point of the whole debate is that Russia is being painted as a moral, free alternative to the West when it is NOT. As I have demonstrated, their abortion rates, fertility rates, censorship of speech, etc are very similar to the west, and in many cases worse.

  176. Tom67 says:

    States are the coldest of cold monsters as Nietzsche remarked. All your theorizing won´t change the fact that Russia and China are naturally antagonistic. Russia´s Far East including Vladivostok were only conquered from China in the 19th century.Do you really think the Chinese have forgotten? As to the Stans: they are ruled by corrupt and inept Soviet legacy governments. These comprador elites have become totally dependent on China. All the while China is conducting a revolting experiment with the same population in Xinjiang. I.e. the Uighurs. The comprador elites are caught between a rock and a hard place. Ie. between their own populations which are outraged and the Chinese on whom they are dependent.This will not end well.

  177. @EugeneGur

    You really are a lost little boy you know.
    Just laughable.

  178. @Diana

    Thankyou for your perspective. the East-West paradigm is mostly false. That does not necessarily mean the Russians, Chinese, Americans, etc are actually on the same team. Rather, There are many corrupt players who each want more wealth and power for themselves, but who cannot afford to rock the boat too much. There is also a real group of (((international financiers))) who operate globally and have their tentacles wrapped around the financial system of almost every country in the world. In the east and west you see similar censorship, tyranny, cultural and moral decline, endless lies from the media, etc.

  179. annamaria says:

    To understand Hitler’s reaction to the Jewish declaration of war, it is vital to understand the critical state of the German economy at the time. In 1933, the German economy was in a shambles. Some 3 million Germans were on public assistance with a total of 6 million unemployed. Hyper-inflation had destroyed the economic vitality of the German nation. …

    The Jewish leaders were not bluffing. The boycott was an act of war not solely in metaphor: it was a means, well crafted, to destroy Germany as a political, social and economic entity. The long term purpose of the Jewish boycott against Germany was to bankrupt her with respect to the reparation payments imposed on Germany after World War I and to keep Germany demilitarized and vulnerable.

    The boycott, in fact, was quite crippling to Germany. … The attacks on Germany did not cease. The worldwide Jewish leadership became ever the more belligerent and worked itself into a frenzy. An International Jewish Boycott Conference was held in Amsterdam to coordinate the ongoing boycott campaign. It was held under the auspices of the self-styled World Jewish Economic Federation, of which famous New York City attorney and longtime political power broker, Samuel Untermyer, was elected president. …

    Untermyer concluded his largely fantastic and hysterical address by declaring that with the support of “Christian friends… we will drive the last nail in the coffin of bigotry and fanaticism….”

    However, during this same period, there were some unusual developments at work: The spring of 1933 also witnessed the beginning of a period of private cooperation between the German government and the Zionist movement in Germany and Palestine (and actually worldwide) to increase the flow of German-Jewish immigrants and capital to Palestine.

    How do these jews fare?” – Well. They, beginning with the treasonous Untermyer, were dishonest, sadistic, quarrelsome, and slanderous profiteers.

  180. Vojkan says:
    @Majority of One

    Though I agree with most of your comment, I don’t view Austria-Hungary as charitably as you do. The Austrian elite was every bit as megalomaniac as the German Kaiser and Viennese Jews had as much influence and were just as war-happy as their counterparts in London. I believe Herr Hitler himself wouldn’t contradict me on that.

  181. tango37 says:

    Incompetent? Yeah, I would say so. Just one example. The debacle at Kiev in Sept. 1941. Stalin forbade Kirponos to withdraw the Southwestern Front even though it was clear by Sept.11 that it was facing imminent encirclement. Stalin ordered ” do not abandon Kiev and do not blow up the bridges.” Five days later the trap was closed dooming almost half a million unfortunates. Read Glantz’s Operation Barbarossa Pg. 127 for a portrait of Stalin’s culpability. You seem to be some kind of Stalin apologist. I suppose that The Gulag Archipelago was just Solzhenitsyn’s delusions and that the Germans were responsible for Katyn.

  182. @EugeneGur

    And the Comintern was chicken feed? Anyone who knows anything about Wiemar Germany knows that without the existential threat from the Bolsheviks and then the USSR… certainly hadn’t forgotten what Communists had done inside their borders right after WWI.

    You do realize, don’t you – or, perhaps, you don’t – that all this piffle doesn’t change the simple fact that Hitler was the aggressor.

    Do you believe that mindless repetition makes a claim true?

    The Bolsheviks started the Protracted Conflict by making war on all who weren’t them. “The Enemy of All Who Live” who turned the 20th Century into an abattoir (although you curiously claim that wasn’t so in the USSR, at least when it came to Stalin). I’d hate to know your attitudes towards self-defense if that’s a “piffle.” For that matter, I would why this claim is so very important to you, but skimming your comments it’s clear who’s side you’re on.

  183. Vojkan says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    My answer in comment #174. I clicked the wrong button and didn’t post it as intended as a reply to your comment.

  184. Passer by says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    Russia is not awash in children. It has negative birth rate and inverse population pyramid. It dropped by half a million people this year. Stop living in la la land.

  185. annamaria says:

    You have mistaken Russia for Ukraine.

  186. annamaria says:

    Try to convince your favorite representatives to establish free healthcare for children. For now, free money is only for Banksters and the MIC. And the MIC has been very good at killing the babies in the Middle East, a lot of them.

  187. Walter says:

    Pretty far off topic, but some people are, or seem to be, under some false notions about W1 and W2

    W1 was decided on by English king. See >

    ‘Find a reason to go to war with Germany’: Shocking letter documents how King George V urged his foreign secretary to justify conflict two days before outbreak of First World War

    A letter documents a meeting between King George V and Edward Grey
    The King urged his foreign secretary to find a reason for war with Germany
    King George V, revealed what had taken place to Sir Cecil Graves in 1933… (the reason was to prevent Germany from integrating Heartland and thus defeating the thalassocratic rule of the Anglosaxon Empire.)

    For W2 see Irving’s (free in full book) “Hitler’s War” (pretty much the deciding factor was rich zionists financing Mr H so as to create “Israel” combined with corrupt ambitions within England, especially Mr C )

    In both matters the US got used by experts. There’s even reason to suspect FDR was murdered by MI6 to prevent US-USSR-China global rule… And that the pliable Wilson was the choice of big banks to save their “bacon”….

    As to more recent—JFK took the slugs to prevent Indonesia from becoming independent, commie, and rich (at the expense of Dulles’ clients, among other “problems”…like zion getting the bomb.

  188. Walter says:
    @stevennonemaker88 Madeleine Albright: Half a Million Dead Children… “The Price is Worth It”

    Policy is set at the top.

    “deplorable” means “nutzlosen” (useless eaters). Action T-4 means killing the innocent and retarded and babies. Action T-4 = “coronavirus” injection of mRNA “vaccine” (all the ferrets died )

    Action T-4 seems to be underway, now, and we’re “it”.

    I too find abortion highly immoral. But it’s not my call, nor yours, it’s up to women and the ruling class. BTW Sinatra’s mother did abortions…(Kitty Kelly bio)

    When “we” have war from Mr 10% how many babies will die? Let’s keep rational. When the “vaccinated” die (like all the ferrets upon re-infection) who will care for the children? Why?

  189. RT says:

    The girl is Stalin’s daughter Svetlana.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Alfred
  190. @Tom67

    What are your sources for these allegations. Personally, I do try to keep up with international developments and particularly the “comprador elites” in the Stans is totally news to me. As for the Soviet/Russian Far East, though they might have been part of Manchuria, it’s highly doubtful they ever had much settlers from the Han Chinese—much more likely Koreans.

    • Replies: @Tom67
  191. RT says:
    @Majority of One

    Stalin’s name Djugashvili means “child of the steel” from “djuga”- steel in old Georgian and suffix “-shvili” – child. The Russian Imperial police – Ohranka gave him the name Stalin as a translation of his name (stall – steel in Russian) and Russian suffix -in. The suffix -shvili is used in the eastern parts.
    Suffix – dze means “son” and is used in the western and central parts of the country – Gongadze, Ordjokinidze.
    Suffix -eli indicates toponims, as from some place – Rustaveli, Tsereteli.
    Suffix -ani is used by inhabitants of Svania – Yoseliani.
    In Megrelia they use suffix -ia, as in Beria, Gamsahurdia, Tutashhia etc.
    In Adjaria and Guria the ending is -shi, Halvashi, Tugushi.
    So you know where is the person from by their family names.
    Simple and no secret meaning.

  192. @RT

    Svetlana vrote some book. It was translated into English.
    She knew that Stalin killed her mother (Officially suicide.) She did not like her father very much,
    ( My granddaughter name is Svetlana also).

    • Replies: @RT
  193. @Tom67

    Emperor Chin built the Great wall of China some 3 thousand years ago.
    As far as I do know Chinese never extended their rule beyond that wall. At least not to the north.
    Mongols went around that wall to conquer part part of the China. I do not know if the went around from see side or the inland side

    • Replies: @RT
  194. Avery says:

    {“Putin enabled Turkey (de jure NATO country) and Israel (de facto NATO entity) to defeat de jure Russian ally Armenia in Karabakh and encircle both Russia and Iran by establishing military bases and NATO presence in the Caucasus.”}

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

    I covered this disaster of Artsakh (aka Nagorno-Karabagh) in another thread: read it, if you really want to know who did what, and who was responsible.
    Hint: wasn’t Putin’s fault.

    The rest of your nonsense about Putin is equally based on nothing, and wishful thinking.
    To wit: you may have forgotten, but before the Russian AF came in and started
    bombing the S_____ out ISIS cannibal scum, the SAA and IRGC troops in Syria were losing the ground war badly to the Terrorist Invaders (…armed, trained, sent to Syria by Turkey, US, UK, Israel, KSA,…..). There would be no Syria today if not for the Russian AF, against which ISIS had no defense, and neither NATO (US,Turkey, UK,…) nor Israel could do anything about it.

    Putin does what is best for Russia in his and his inner circle’s opinion (Lavrov, Shoigu, Intelligence guys), not to please people who think Russia is obligated to fight everybody with whom you (generic you) have a beef.
    Putin knows Russia's capabilities and her limitations.

  195. RT says:

    Yes, “Only one year”, “Twenty letters to a friend”.
    She had a very confused life.

  196. RT says:

    Germans also went around the wall/line Maginot.

  197. Seraphim says:
    @Majority of One

    Actual German shabbas goys and dupes of the Warburgs, Oppenheims, Bleichroeders, Ballins, Rathenaus, Bodenheimers and of course Rothschilds, led by the nose to doing the heavy lifting and wet jobs for them, Eastern expansion of ‘Germanentum’ as the principal objective. Wake up.

  198. antibeast says:

    All your theorizing won’t change the fact that Russia and China are naturally antagonistic.

    Russia and China became allies during the Soviet Era.

    Russia’s Far East including Vladivostok were only conquered from China in the 19th century.

    The Manchus had defeated the Russians which culminated in the Treaty of Nerchinsk of 1689 by which Russia ceded the Amur river region (now called the Russian Far East) which was later acquired back by negotiating the Treaty of Aigun and the Treaty of Beijing with the Qing Dynasty in 1858 and 1860, respectively. That region was heavily populated not by the Hans who were forbidden from moving there but by Koreans, Manchus, Ainus and other indigenous peoples.

    Do you really think the Chinese have forgotten?

    China has already resolved ALL of its land border disputes with 13 neighboring States, including land borders with Russia. The only land border that China has an outstanding dispute is with India which has rejected China’s offer to resolve the disputed border.

    As to the Stans: they are ruled by corrupt and inept Soviet legacy governments. These comprador elites have become totally dependent on China. The comprador elites are caught between a rock and a hard place, i.e., between their own populations which are outraged and the Chinese on whom they are dependent. This will not end well.

    Not true at all. Some of the Stans (Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan) are part of the EEU led by Russia.

    All the while China is conducting a revolting experiment with the same population in Xinjiang, i..e. the Uighurs.

    Western propaganda should not be taken seriously.

  199. gT says:
    @Majority of One

    Oh, so you are saying that real right-wingers embrace diversity. Interesting.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  200. @Zarathustra

    Peace Aid…

    Not sure Sir Paul goes over too well in banksterland. Imagine the shotcallers had some regard for human life and decency. The world might actually be a livable place. God forbid! Will they ever hear the music?

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  201. @onebornfree

    Wow. We dont have libertarians in Russia, thank God. I dont miss the infantilism.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  202. Alfred says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    “who was the first to mobilize?” which would be Russia.

    Russia mobilised long before anyone else. Germany was last to mobilise. Mobilisation is irreversible – like launching MIRV’s today.

    For a detailed look at this important question, forget what they told you at school and read this book. It is full of detailed historical references to back up its text.

    Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  203. Alfred says:

    The girl is Stalin’s daughter Svetlana.

    Correct. She emigrated to the USA. A political refugee. 🙂

  204. @Alfred

    Russia mobilised long before anyone else. Germany was last to mobilise. Mobilisation is irreversible – like launching MIRV’s today.

    Or ballistic missiles of any sort; for example all the US ground based ICBMs, the Minuteman III, each have only one warhead instead of the original three for treaty reasons, we’re limiting our MIRV capability to Trident SLBMs in our Ohio subs.

    18th and early 19th Century train based mobilizations could be so inflexible that per my recent reading on WWI, the supremely badly lead Austria-Hungary sent a huge chunk of their army to Serbia without considering the possible Russian response. After they were entrained and Russia started making its moves, the logistics types had to explain that the only sane way to reverse this decision was to wait until everyone had arrived, then reverse the whole process from scratch.

  205. @Alfred

    It would seem to me that this logic is even more true today. $200m in 2002 is equivalent to $400m today. One could launch and maintain loads of satellites for that annual expenditure.

    You forgot the /sarc tag.

  206. @gT

    Were I to be queried as to which state you might reside, the response would be “confusion”.

  207. I did have a knife made in Sarajevo.

  208. Adam S. says:

    Dear Mr. Saker,

    This is not the first time I’m reading your article and I can say I’m almost always agree with you. I’m a Polish journalist specialising in foreign affairs. I’m a staff member of the Polish weekly “The Polish Thought” which still exists in both – printed and internet – forms. You can imagine that for me as a Pole is very hard to see and accept such a generalising statements as “paranoid and insanely russophobic Poles” but anyway, if I’m longing to be sincere and honest I must say you are right. Such a generalisation is justified because all you can officially receive from Polish authorities is systemic russophobia. There are many, many reasons why it is like that. There is no place here to desribe all of them but there’s one thing everyone can be sure of – Polish governmental circles and also all parliamentary opposition are more or less highly russophobic. The current government and main opposition party are both post-Solidarity creatures and their heads are fed with outdated ideas of fighting tsarist Russia in XIX century and communist Soviet Union in XX century. And I can tell you that no one and nothing can be done about it to heal their minds. They’re done and lost forever. At the same time I can assure you that there are many political and academical environments which are in strong opposition to what the government and parliamentary opposition say and think about Russia. And I can also say that although you can meet russophobic stances and expressions in Polish nation it is very superficial because it’s not a matter of deep negative feelings toward Russia and Russian people but rather it is the result of every-day media propaganda (both – belonging to the government and to so-called opposition) which is really full of hatred against Russia. As I said it’s superficial regarding the people. I remember listening to the reflections of young Polish volunteer serving as a one during the Football (Soccer) Championships in Russia in 2018. He said – in Polish state Radio 1 – that he didn’t know Russia and Russian people before and that they are so much different (in a positive sense) from what he can get to know about them in Poland, in Polish media etc.
    To sum up my short piece – we both know that the Russian-Polish case is wider than an ocean. I’ll be glad if you can read an interview given by me to Euro-Asian Analytical Club. It will help you to know my position and my opinions. This is the link –

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  209. Tom67 says:
    @Majority of One

    I have a tourism business in Mongolia. It is dead for now but might be revived. I am 100% pro Russian as any sane person who lives there. Unfortunately the West´s pressure has resulted in Russia having had to defer to China to a dangerous extent. In Mongolia they have let the “old party” that is the former communist party team up with the Chinese and supress all others. Last election was 80% old party. These people are rapacious bastards without any conscience that will sell their own granny for cash. Now they are selling out Mongolia. Russia had earlier prevented that but now has withdrawn. It was dangerous to talk about what is happening in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia three years ago. Now it is downright suicidal. You don´t even mention those words on the phone if you know what is good for you. And Mongolia is still relatively quiet.

    But things are starting to get interesting in Kasakhstan and Kirgisia. They are most impacted by what is happening in Xinjiang. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have relatives who simply disappeared. The tales of the few who made it abroad are harrowing. The governments of those countries do all they can to suppress any mention in the mass media. After all the elites depend on Chinese money. They stole the foreign currency income of their countries and stashed it abroad. Then – to show their people they are doing something – they took up the Chinese offer of loans for belt and road projects. Now they are on the hook. Their problem is that the relatives are desperate and the Chinese interned quite a few Kaskah and Kirgiz citizens. Desperate mothers and wives are hard to suppress as the Argentine military dictatorship found out thirty years ago. So the powers that be in those countries are between a rock and a hard place. The Chinese are pressing them but if they give in to much then they lose legitimacy in the eyes of their compatriots. A legitimacy that was threadbare from the start. The strata ruling the Stans is basically the same that ruled during Soviet times. Except now they have no ideology no justitification except rigged elections. Any opposition is ruthlessly repressed. For now hardcore islamists have little resonance. On the longer term though Chinese arrogance and the rapacity and ineptitude of local elites will destabilize the Stans. Then China will have to move in to protect her investments and then things will get interesting.

    • Troll: antibeast
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  210. Noodles says:

    Please explain 3B +PU . If you must use symbols please explain them when first used.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  211. The Russian bear needs to smack down the headless chicken. Hard.

    While this is true, herein lies the danger. There is a chance that the Empire and its vassals would react to shooting down NATO airplane or sinking NATO vessel the same way the US reacted to Iranian attack on the US military base in Iraq: lots of lies and stink, but no real action. But there is also a chance that events would spin out of control: Russian response to imperial provocation would trigger NATO response, which would trigger massive Russian response, etc. The worst thing about headless chicken is that it won’t know when the world ends, as it already ended for it.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
    • Replies: @yurivku
  212. Ponder says:

    I am pretty sure its — 3 Baltic states + Poland and Ukraine

  213. Seraphim says:

    How can you avoid being f****d by either Russia or EU? Adopting Nietzsche’s method: masturbation. This is really taking your fate in your own hand. You are one free.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  214. @Tom67

    Thanks, Tom. Even for the few Americans who want to know what’s happening in a growingly critical part of Eurasia, it is very most difficult to obtain any objective and insightful information. Historically, China does not have much of a reputation for imperialistic expansionism, though, of course during the early Maoist era that did happen to be the case in Inner Mongolia, Sinjiang and Tibet. The question would be whether military bases, etc. would ensue from economic domination in Far East Asia and those variegated Stans.

    • Replies: @Tom67
  215. yurivku says:

    But there is also a chance that events would spin out of control: Russian response to imperial provocation would trigger NATO response, which would trigger massive Russian response, etc

    Now it is highly unlikely, but if not to react in near future it will be inevitable

  216. onebornfree says: • Website
    @Ricard Doyle

    “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.” George Orwell

    “The Liberty Movement is not some dying vestige of America’s past clinging to an antiquated philosophy. We are the new wave; the messengers of an ideal of freedom that in the grand scheme of history has been around for only a blink of an eye. Constitutional liberty IS the progress that humanity has been waiting for. We have only been led astray by those who would sell us on our own bondage.The SPLC and others within the establishment accuse the Liberty Movement of arming for conflict against the government. I am here to tell them that is EXACTLY what we are doing. We are arming because the establishment is arming against us. Yes, we are a threat, but only to political and corporate criminals who use subversion and violence to wrest freedom from the hands of good people. I am not afraid to openly admit it. I and many others will fight against any measure or man that seeks to undermine the rights of the people or destroy the founding principles of this nation…” Brandon Smith

    “Regards” onebornfree

  217. onebornfree says: • Website

    So “wank” away, my friend. 😎

    “Regards” onebornfree

  218. annamaria says:

    Where we are right now:

    Yes, secret reasons and corrupt objectives are the culture of the Oligarch controlled nation-state system. But experience shows conspiracy theories foster the kind of investigations that uncover the truth no matter the camouflage of the hide out. That why the social media and search engines are erasing or hiding everything they can challenge the official or allowed narratives. …

    I sense immense worldwide anger toward the USA and its western allies.. both external to the USA and internal to the USA. Western nation-state governed citizens don’t believe one word of government or privately owned mind-control sourced propaganda.

    The problem is not Russia or China or Iran. The problem is the systematic defects of the US oligarchy. The oligarchy has degenerated to a level that is “incompatible-with-life.”

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  219. Petermx says:
    @Lucy Lipinska

    I completely agree with your comment. The truth of your comment is undeniable, especially in the case of Germany. My hope is that the AFD party becomes strong enough to elect one of its members as chancellor some day but I do not know if that will ever happen. Your comment highlights the biggest problem confronting what has been the most powerful and important continent in the world for the last 2,000 years, notwithstanding the USA’s rise to the top in 1945 as a result of Europe’s destruction. But that role for the USA may be ending soon too.

    I commented to a friend a few days ago on a trend I think I have noticed almost my whole life, or at least since knowing a little about the world in my teens, the continuous decline of Germany as an industrial power. Of course, Germany and Europe never recovered to what
    they had been before WW II, but there was what was called the “Wirtschaftswunder” or Economic Miracle in the late 1950’s and 60’s which made Germany an economic power again (after the USA, USSR and later Japan). But since at least the 1980’s there has been a slow but steady decline in
    Germany and western Europe’s industrial power. When it came out recently that the German company BioNTech joined forces with the USA’s Pfizer to manufacture the vaccine BioNTech had
    developed against Covid-19, that was another watershed for German industry. Before WW II Germany had the biggest pharmaceutical industry in the world with companies like Bayer. Germany still had a big pharmaceutical
    industry in the 1970’s and 80’s, although not as big as it once had been. Now, Germany has lost most
    of it’s pharmaceutical industry and that is why BioNTech approached Pfizer. There is no longer a big pharmaceutical company in Germany that can mass produce the vaccine BioNTech developed. Similarly, the drug Hydroxychloroquine was developed in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s before the
    Americans stole it (along with other German industrial secrets) and patented it themselves immediately after the war. I recently read that Germany doesn’t manufacture Hydroxychloroquine either. They invented it but import it from India. The pandemic (if indeed there is one, which I no longer believe) highlights the importance of having your own industry capable of manufacturing products so Europe and Germany don’t have to rely on foreign countries for vital products when those
    countries will surely export them only after they have produced enough for themselves. So Germany needs to get in line behind 320 million Americans and over 1 billion Indians for what we’re told are life saving drugs that Germany developed. And now there is talk of Germany importing Russia’s vaccine against Covid-19. My, how Europe has fallen. But if your people don’t reproduce (which is also as a result of government policy and other nefarious forces hostile to Europeans) and you reply on
    uneducated non-European immigrants to keep your country running, you will drive your country into the ground until its a third world hellhole and you will replace your people with a new people in a slow and “gentle” genocide.

    I strongly believe this decline was given big impetus as a result of Germans self hatred for their own people which also resulted in a government policy against Germans own interests. I think the same thing happened to the rest of Europe (and the USA) starting around the 1980’s when England and France would soon be labelled racist for their colonial past. I also recall when the new view of France’s role in WW II changed starting in the 1980’s. All of a sudden you started reading the Free French were not a very big force during WW II and many French “collaborated”. That became the new byword and as with so many other things, the small but very powerful Jews played a big role in that, as with most of what has hurt Europe. And of course the Jews began pointing at the French for Jewish “suffering”. I’m pretty sure it was a German decision to deport Jews further east for the same reason they arrested German Jews in 1941 and Jews wherever else German forces would be fighting. This was so Jews could not form partisan forces and attack German soldiers as they did in the German-Soviet war.

    When I was in Vilnius two years ago I took a bus tour of the city. During the tour the audio talked quite a bit about the suffering of Jews there in WW II. When my hosts in Vilnius where I was staying asked me what I thought of Vilnius, I mentioned that fact. I said I thought the tour operator talked too much about Jewish suffering in WW II. I heard him repeat what I said to his wife and I had the feeling they felt similarly even before they met me. But from a comment the husband made I could also tell they have been doused with holocaust propaganda since 1990. If you are old enough you might be able to tell me, but I believe the emphasis on Jewish suffering and the so called holocaust only got traction after the collapse of the USSR and communism. I believe you got it from the USA and western Europe.

    When I visited Lviv, Ukraine in 2018 and 2019 I also learned a lot. Lviv is supposed to be the heart of
    Ukrainian nationalism but some of the people I met there made me feel I was visiting Israel and not Ukraine. One hostile young woman talked a lot about the suffering of Jews and her wonderful experiences in Israel. She could not have been a fan of the Ukrainian national hero Bandera who still has a statue in Lviv (but maybe for not much longer) or the so called “NAZIS” that recently protested against Israel outside its embassy in Kiev, demanding an apology for the Jews killing 8 million Ukrainians in the 1930’s. But it appears Lviv and Ukraine are now apologizing to Jews and not the other way around. Ukraine is now preparing a big monument to Jewish suffering outside Kiev at Babi-Yar where another
    propaganda story will get new impetus, but there will be no apology from Jews for what they did to millions of Ukrainians. When I was in Riga many years ago I saw that the Jews were beginning their preparations for a memorial to Jews there so they could point their finger at Germans and Latvians. There was an atrocity against Jews there, but I don’t see any finger pointing at Jews there either for the Jews role (as leaders of the USSR) when the USSR marched into Latvia in 1940, killing Latvian nationalists and deporting others thousands of miles away where some would eventually return home from in the 1950’s. From what I read, Latvian Jews welcomed the communists when they entered Riga in 1940.

    It’s the same all over eastern Europe. The Jews are indoctrinating people with hatred of Germans and guilt and eventually hatred for themselves. I always wonder if it would be possible for eastern Europeans (and maybe even Germans someday) uniting to tell the story of the Jews dominant and leading role in the murder of millions of east Europeans. The top British historian David Irving revealed it was a Soviet Jew that ordered the massacre of Poles at Katyn. The Soviets apologized, but have the Jews?

    The new American president has a government that resembles the USSR’s government and Hungary’s post-war government. The top ten people in Biden’s gov’t are all Jews and whites (still the majority in he USA) are now openly hated and derided constantly in the Jewish run media as racists, “NAZIS”, anti-Semites and people with “White privilege” among other insults. The ignorant Americans keep comparing the new USA to fascism and “NAZI” Germany, oblivious to the fact they resemble their great and mass murdering WW II Soviet ally. It was dominated by Jews too.

    David Irving on the Jews role in the postwar suffering of Hungarians.

  220. @Tom67

    Deranged, mendacious, racist lunacy.

  221. @stevennonemaker88

    If you think rationally, you must see abortion as not a good. However, it has always happened, and where misogynists like you rule, and it is banned, it still occurs, but unsafely, and women die, which either worries you not, or pleases you, as punishment.
    In a sane and decent society, abortion is minimised, by free availability of contraception, education and decent relations between the sexes. What is your opinion on contraception, by the way? So you reduce abortion to as low a level as possible, while protecting women’s health and well-being. It’s a simple calculus, if you have the moral sanity to comprehend it.

  222. @annamaria

    An indigenous oligarchy is bad enough, with its innate contempt and hatred of the serfs, but where it is set to over-drive is when the ruling oligarchy is somehow alien to the host population, and hostile to it. An invading power like the Normans in England means centuries of repression for the indigenous. Where it is Western imperial expansion, the host population not often is exterminated, and totally or near totally replaced.
    The current situation in the West is that the oligarchy’s extraction machine, ie ‘capitalism’, has been financialised. They no longer are interested in profiting from exploitation of productive labour, but prefer straight financialised parasitism, and to Hell with the proles. The situation is untenable and ever more unstable. It ends in revolt by the serfs and massive repression, or elite pre-emption, in the form of mass extermination of the ‘useless eaters’, or if you prefer a ‘God Upon the Earth’s’ view, you can use Yuval Noah Hariri’s ‘useless class’. Nuclear war may be the route, but it’s too destructive, so it must be biowarfare, perhaps this one, ‘mutating’ to be far more deadly, or more deadly after m-RNA vaccines, or with antibody dependent enhancement, or the next. But it must come soon, because the parasite system is getting awfully ricketty and unstable.

  223. The key difference in the current global affairs is it comes down to Empire vs Alliance.

    On one side, there is the US empire and the countries under its iron wing. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are mere puppets of this empire in the East. And EU is the puppet in the West. The empire has only one power center. The advantage of this arrangement is the concentration of power and easily understood command structure. US and its ‘partners’ are like Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact nations during the Cold War. There is a clear chain of command. US gives the orders, the rest follows.
    If the rest was less willing to follow Donald Trump, it was because the Deep State had the real power and Trump was regarded as a nuisance(soon to be gotten rid of by means fair and foul). Of great significance is that American power isn’t only military, monetary, material, ‘mammonic’, and market-oriented but moral(and spiritual), especially because Jews control the gods. All of the empire are united in worship of the same gods: The icons, idols, & narratives of the Jews, blacks, homos, and ‘diversity/inclusivity'(as defined by Jews, of course, as Israel is allowed to be ethno-nationalist).
    Western Europe was less reverential to the US when the latter was ruled by Anglo-Americans, aka Wasps. While Wasps had pride, power, and prestige, they didn’t go around making themselves out to be holy saint-victims innately possessed of sanctity. They represented earthly power and could be challenged and expected to be. So, even though Europeans were subordinate to Anglo-American Power for military, monetary, and material reasons, they didn’t feel morally(or spiritually) inferior to White Americans; indeed, the Ugly American(which usually meant White Christian American) tropes were common in Europe among all classes.
    Sure, America bailed out Europe after WWII and defended it from the USSR, but it was seen as morally marred by the history of ‘genocide'(of the American Indians), slavery, ‘racism’, and neo-imperialism. Indeed, Anti-Americanism was vogue among Europeans during the Vietnam War when the US was lambasted as the New Nazi-like power. Anglo-Americans were giants but not gods; they were supremely powerful but not sacred. Sanctity was bestowed upon the seemingly pitiable Jews.

    During the Cold War, Europeans didn’t think too much of the sacralization of Jews. After all, WWII & the Shoah and exodus to Israel(and America) had greatly reduced the number of Jews in Europe. Thus, special sympathy for Jews seemed mostly a matter of sentiment, a luxury that Europeans could afford. And besides, the two great empires, US and USSR, following WWII were ruled by white goyim, and no one thought Jews would come to control either. Western Europe spearheaded the sacralization of Jews at a time when the Jewish Community seemed an object of pity. And White Americans also shared in this sacralization without foreseeing the future of Jewish Power in America.
    When a powerless people are sacralized, it may be indulgent and naive, but it can’t do much harm if they remain powerless. Sucking down to the powerless, as opposed to sucking up to the powerful, can’t do much harm. After all, American Indians were sort-of-sacralized in the 60s, but it was inconsequential as Indians lacked to means to gain power. We could sacralize Eskimos or Australian Aborigines, but it’d come to nothing as those people will never amass power.

    But, when whites in Europe and US sacralized Jews at their moment of weakness, they utterly lacked foresight as to future consequences. If you take pity on a little baby bunny, at most it will grow into a harmless rabbit. But if you dote on a tiger cub, it will grow into a giant predator. Jews with their higher IQ, pushy personality, vengeful memory, and covenant-based supremacism, had the potential of (re)gaining tremendous power and taking control of the West. When Europeans sacralized Jews as helpless Holocaust Survivors. And they thought the US, the master over Europe for the foreseeable future, would be ruled by Anglo-Americans or White-Christian Americans. As long as the US-as-lone-superpower was ruled by white Christians, Europeans could hold their own in terms of moral discourse and argument. While Europeans felt a certain degree of gratitude toward White Americans, they felt zero guilt toward them.
    But because Europeans had sacralized Jews as a race of saint-victims(premised on heavy European guilt as mass-murderers or collaborators in the mass murder), they were poorly position to say NO to American Power were Jews to becoming the ruling elites of the US. Wasps were giants but not gods, but Jews came to control the gods. As Europeans chose to worship Jews as an eternally tragic and holy people, they felt compelled to cave to whatever gods controlled by the Jews. Saying NO to Jewish demands was a no-no, tantamount to heresy. If Jews said ‘You celebrate Diversity’, Europeans said ‘We celebrate Diversity’. If Jews said ‘You Cuck to Negroes’, Europeans said ‘We Cuck to Negroes’. If Jews said, ‘You bend over to globo-homo’, Europeans said ‘We bend over to globo-homo’.

    Jewish-controlled US has infinitely more power over the EU than Anglo-America ever did during the Cold War. Jews are deemed holy whereas Anglo-Americans never were. Europe in the Cold War had to shine Anglo-America’s shoes, but EU today has to kiss the Jewish-America’s toes, just like cucky whites grovel at the feet of blacks and wash them. In this sense, the so-called ‘free world’ is really like a theocracy. The US empire of old ruled by White Christians was admired and feared for its money and military, or earthly matters. But US empire ruled by Jews is obeyed as the new Vatican. “Oh holy Jews, please tell us what gods to worship next.” If Jews say, “Men with wigs are women”, the cucks in US and EU fall all over themselves to recite the catechism of “Men are women”. There is a kind of quasi-spiritual unity in the empire as all are expected to worship the same gods. They got homo parades in Japan, BLM marches in S. Korea, and pro-empire Poles are totally into globo-homo and Great Replacement for Poland. Winning plaudits and approval from divine Jews, holy homos, and noble Negroes is their highest sense of good.

    The disadvantage of the current Empire is that the puppet states, while servile and pliable, lack any real sense of innate pride and purpose. They are like mercenaries or puppets always taking orders or looking over their shoulders with no internal sense of worth. They are parrots than patriots. And even though Jews control the gods, the current idols are more of fashion and fancy than substance and meaning. Indeed, if Jew-run US were to vanish overnight, so many minions in the Empire would be completely lost as they utterly lack agency as individuals and pride as sovereign nationals. They would be like TV sets that no longer receive the signals. Instead of pulling up moisture from the roots, they grab vibes from the air.

    On the other side, there is the Alliance. Russia and China are independent and sovereign. Russia doesn’t own China, China doesn’t own Russia. They are allies out of common interests and mutual understanding. Far weaker is Iran, but it too is no puppet. It has an independent government with its own course of action. Iran chooses to work with Russia and China out of shared interests, not out of servility. Russia doesn’t tell China what to do, China doesn’t tell Russia what to do, Russia doesn’t tell Iran what to do, China doesn’t tell Iran what to do, Iran doesn’t tell Russia what to do, Iran doesn’t tell China what to do. Rather, they understand they face similar challenges and coordinate efforts. There is real strength in this as each nation has its pride and sovereignty. The weakness, however, is the three nations can never be as united as the empire with its single command center.

    Not only are Russia, China, and Iran(and nations like Venezuela) independent in government, military, and monetary policy but they control their own gods. Russian government has its own gods centered on Russian history & culture, China has its own gods rooted in Chinese history & CCP mythos, Iran has its own gods based on Islam & Persian history. Venezuela has its own narrative of the Bolivarian Revolution. They are truly diverse in the proper meaning of the word. Not only diverse as different races but in values and narratives, and they respect the right of others to have their own gods. China doesn’t tell Russia to revere Confucius and Mao, and Russia doesn’t tell China to build Orthodox Churches or monuments to Alexander Nevsky.

    In contrast, the US empire requires all its puppets to bow down to Globo-Jewgromo, or globalist worship of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. Indeed, all countries within the empire must elevate Jews, Negroes, Homos, and Foreigners/Immigrants above their own people, culture, and history. Whether it’s France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, or whatever, the Globo-Shlomo Empire demands that they suppress nativism(in favor of invasivism), national pride, & unity-heritage-memory, and instead favor foreigners/immigrants, celebrate the minority homos, adulate the Negro, and remember the Holocaust. In a broad sense, the Alliance is ‘polytheist’ as each nation has control over its own gods, whereas the Empire is ‘monotheist’ as all within the empire are required to worship the gods controlled by Jews.

    Janus-like India is the big outlier in this. On the one hand, it plays along with the US empire, especially in its stance against China. But when push comes to shove, it often chooses an independent path that is unthinkable for Japan or Germany, even for France and UK. Another outlier is nations like Hungary. Though part of EU, it insists on nationalism and its own cultural values.

    Nations that side with the Alliance are accepted as sovereign nations. In contrast, nations that join the empire(or have been forced into it) must cuck to Jews, wave the homo flag, hail the Negro, and welcome the Great Replacement.

    The biggest problem for the empire is it’s an empire-empire, which makes everything far more complicated. In the past, most of America was White Christian, and American Empire reflected White Christian power, pride, and values. White men were tough, hardy, proud, and ready to fight. Today, the US is controlled by Jews, i.e. white christians are totally cucked to Zion. On the one hand, Jews need whites to be hardy managers and soldiers for the Empire, but on the other, Jews need whites to be guilt-ridden toadies without white pride. Jews both weaken whiteness and expect it to carry the burden of empire. It’s like castrating someone and then adding more load on his back.
    Still, white christians are found at all levels of the US empire, and to a naive outsider it may still seem as if the US is a White Christian Power. After all, Joe Biden is said to be a catholic. But in truth, all these whites are hapless and sappy cucks to Jews.

    Also, unlike White Christian American elites of old, Jews don’t primarily identify as American but Jewish, i.e. they feel closer to World Jewry than to goy Americans. Thus, Jewish Power that rules the US isn’t really American but Zionist and supra-nationalist. So, the American Empire serves a bigger empire, the Empire of Judea or EOJ.
    And yet, because the US pretends to be a ‘liberal democracy’ and a protector of the ‘free world’, white cuck christians must pretend they are animated by ‘human rights’, ‘democratic principles’, and ‘muh constitution’ when, in fact, their only modus operandi is “Will it please the Jews and win me more pokemon points for being such a good cucky-wuck?” Also, as part of the so-called ‘free world’, the satellite nations in Asia and EU must also carry on with the pretense that they are free & independent and happily & willingly embracing globo-homo when, if anything, they are puppet-democracies where the elites have little choice but to follow the Washington Line(just like International Communism once obeyed the Moscow Line) and promote decadence, degeneracy, and ‘diversity’ on their own peoples. While the Jew-run US doesn’t usually send in tanks like the Soviets did with Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, it has ways to destroy the reputation, stability, and marketability of any satellite nation by coordinated efforts of media and finance. Furthermore, as so many young ones in satellite nations were either educated in the US and/or brainwashed the ‘Western Media’, they are more than willing to collaborate with the Empire against their own nation and people.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @El Dato
  224. Avery says:
    @Priss Factor


    This must be the longest comment that was honored with an Unz gold frame.
    Kudos to the writer, and the moderator who (presumably) read the entire comment, and decided it is gold-frame material.

  225. @Carlton Meyer

    I thought I read Merkel’s party was still popular… What will change in your estimation?

  226. central says:

    Important to research the Polish leadership. Both the president and his wife have “jewish” roots, in other words zionist tools. Research their biographies. It helps to explain their sickening subservience to american/british interests.

  227. Tom67 says:
    @Majority of One

    Thank you for your kind words. The Chinese have been clever enough until now not to replicate the US system of outright military dominance. Their influence is through trade and money. Nothing really to say against that. But there comes a moment when the iron fist will have to support the velvet glove. The more as the Chinese CP is ideologically completely bankrupt and is relying on extreme Nationalism to shore up domestic support. Whether China already has a base in one of the Stans (Tajikistan) is unknown but suspected. Tajikistan is Persian speaking although not Shiite but Sunni. If Iran wasn´t under sanctions you would already see tension there between Iran and China. Iran is the much more logical power to influence the Stans. That is one breaking point. Furthermore Iran offers a model of how to concile a Muslim past with the demands of modernity. China doesn´t offer any of that. What China has to offer is cold hard cash for the elites in exchange for raw materials. And also cutting edge digital technology to keep the population under control. Something very dangerous as it keeps the pot from boiling over. Instead the pressure keeps rising. Russia is having her own problems and not taking as many guest workers from the stans as before. Very interesting times indeed.

  228. annamaria says:

    The zionist monster worked hard against Germany. The same monstrosity has been working hard against Russia, Syria, and Iran:

    According to Bernays, the key was to dehumanize and demonize the German people by filling American minds with fabricated tales of horror. The compliant media, largely Jewish-owned, obediently carried fake stories of poisoned candy being dropped from airplanes, German soldiers skewering babies like shish kebabs, the raping of nuns, and so much more. …

    Because of Bernays, atrocity propaganda, the deliberate spreading of fabricated evils and inhuman war crimes became the foundation of the Committee’s efforts. With all of this and much more, Bernays and Lippmann turned America into a hotbed of hatred for the entire German population, accomplishing the goal of the Zionist Jews to use the US military as a tool, their own private army in the European war to fulfill their ambition for Palestine, and thus these two men changed the course of history.

    … the goal was to not only invent an enemy but to make that enemy “appear savage, barbaric, and inhumane”, and thus worthy of destruction. This process has been followed many dozens of times in recent history, the latest being the US-Israeli destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria. Usually, the compliant media repeat and embellish the stories without attempts at confirmation and, in virtually every instance, later attempts to confirm the atrocity tales prove fruitless with researchers able to uncover no evidence whatever of the events.

    Hense the hysterics about the research of holobiz stories.

  229. MEexpert says:

    Here is a related article:

    The absurdity of France’s celebrating itself for free expression was vividly highlighted by this week’s decision from that nation’s highest court, one that is a direct assault on basic free speech rights. The French high court upheld the criminal conviction of 12 political activists for the “crime” of advocating sanctions and a boycott against Israel as a means of ending the decadeslong military occupation of Palestine. What did these French criminals do? This:

    The individuals arrived at the supermarket wearing shirts emblazoned with the words: “Long live Palestine, boycott Israel.” They also handed out fliers that said that “buying Israeli products means legitimizing crimes in Gaza.”

    This from a Reuter’s report.

    • Thanks: annamaria
  230. Thanks again! I find it utterly astonishing that such foolishness is not only tolerated but high court sanctioned. Why should these people not have the right to state their beliefs as most do on nearly any other issue? I live in a country that has not sunk to the level of criminalizing criticism of Israel by our citizenry, a fact that pleases me. I believe it’s important to differentiate between the nation of Israel and the Jewish people at large and I find much to criticize about Israel’s political stances. Such criticism should not be equated with “anti-semitism”, given that the latter paints with too broad a brush.

  231. El Dato says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Getting mathematicians and physicists out of jails located behind the Iron Curtain is of course a well-honored tradition from Soviet times and there is nothing wrong with that.

    But the important elements are elsewhere. They are quite kinetic indeed.

    I feel there will be trouble in eastern Ukraine before long. Ukraine seems to have a specific variant of Covid that generates aggravated levels of bunker delirium. Loose talk about joining NATO? That’s going to be productive.

  232. I always enjoy the Saker’s work, but I don’t know why. Humor I guess. This world is controlled by a very small, close knit group of degenerates. Here’s the proof. Every country with a serious tax base has their version of NASA. Technology whether in the area of commerce or the military is for sale. The history war and finance from before the Napoleonic wars, through WW1 and 2, and continuing through it’s different manifestations up to today, points to a conspiracy to control this world. The fact that patents such as these: MicroSoft, patent US10163055B2, AT&T US patent 20130142363, and Microsoft World Patent 02020060606, exist, does not bode well for the future sovereignty of man.
    I’ll give a short explanation: the 1st one is for nano-technology that communicates with the nervous system, and connects it to the IoT, The 2nd one is for the technology to allow transfer of wireless information through skin and bone. And the 3rd, with the number 60606 is for: Cryptocurrency system using body activity data:
    A server may provide a task to the device of a user.
    Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a miming process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to a server. A sensor… coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

    • Thanks: stevennonemaker88
  233. Anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    To be fooled by someone else is bad enough. To be self-deceived is the worst. Now that Stalin’s mass murders are being examined “impartially” they turn out to be just that, mass murders. And you, go along with them, so you freely take the blood of millions upon your head also. Despicable.

  234. Seraphim says:
    @Majority of One

    Actually it was France which courted the Tsar after the non-renewal of the ‘Reinsurance Treaty’ of 1887, arranged by Bismarck, and Bismarck ‘debarcation’ in 1890. Disraeli died in 1880 and the ‘Dreikaiserbund’ was in function from 1881 to 1884. The Franco-Russian alliance was initiated in 1891, under Tsar Alexander III. Tsar Nicholas II acceded the throne in Nov. 1894, ‘inheriting’ the Treaty perfected in Jan. 1894.
    Disraeli was always a staunch anti-Russian. England came late to the ‘encirclement of Germany’, only after the ”stoopid Kaiser Wilhelm II” got more than ‘a bit bellicose’ for his own (and Germany’s) good. The ‘Entante cordiale’ of England and France is of 1904 and the rapprochement with Russia of 1907.
    Please forget about the Cecil Rhodes/Milner Kindergarten/Round Table conspiracy.

  235. Seraphim says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    Trying to make sense of the sentence: ‘Via St Petersburg, the Russian Empire sent an ultimatum to Vienna warning Austria-Hungary not to attack Serbia’.
    St. Petersburg was not in the Russian Empire? The Russian Empire was somewhere else than St. Petersburg?
    In any case Russia didn’t send any ultimatum. It just mobilized. Serbia and Russia were not in a formal alliance. But no matter what spin one puts to blame the war on Russia, a war is started by the one who declares the war.

    • Agree: Vojkan
    • Replies: @Vojkan
  236. Vojkan says:

    Or more precisely, by the one who initiates the hostilities. The Germans at least had the courtesy to declare war, unlike the Americans who don’t embarrass themselves with such formalities before committing aggression.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  237. Seraphim says:

    We were talking of WW1 when respect for formalities were still deemed necessary. The official international protocol for declaring war was defined in The Hague Peace Conference of 1907 (or Hague II).
    WW2 dispensed with these antiquated ideas.

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