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The Empire Splits the Orthodox World – Possible Consequences
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In previous articles about this topic I have tried to set the context and explain why most Orthodox Churches are still used as pawns in purely political machinations and how the most commentators who discuss these issues today are using words and concepts in a totally twisted, secular and non-Christian way (which is about as absurd as discussing medicine while using a vague, misunderstood and generally non-medical terminology). I have also written articles trying to explain how the concept of “Church” is completely misunderstood nowadays and how many Orthodox Churches today have lost their original patristic mindset. Finally, I have tried to show the ancient spiritual roots of modern russophobia and how the AngloZionist Empire might try to save the Ukronazi regime in Kiev by triggering a religious crisis in the Ukraine. It is my hope that these articles will provide a useful context to evaluate and discuss the current crisis between the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Moscow Patriarchate.

My intention today is to look at the unfolding crisis from a more “modern” point of view and try to evaluate only what the political and social consequences of the latest developments might be in the short and mid term. I will begin by a short summary.

The current context: a summary

The Patriarchate of Constantinople has taken the official decision to:

  1. Declare that the Patriarch of Constantinople has the right to unilaterally grant autocephaly (full independence) to any other Church with no consultations with any the other Orthodox Churches.
  2. Cancel the decision by the Patriarch of Constantinople Dionysios IV in 1686 transferring the Kiev Metropolia (religious jurisdiction overseen by a Metropolite) to the Moscow Patriarchate (a decision which no Patriarch of Constantinople contested for three centuries!)
  3. Lift the anathema pronounced against the “Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko by the Moscow Patriarchate (in spite of the fact that the only authority which can lift an anathema is the one which pronounced it in the first place)
  4. Recognize as legitimate the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate” which it previously had declared as illegitimate and schismatic.
  5. Grant actual grand full autocephaly to a future (and yet to be defined) “united Ukrainian Orthodox Church”

Most people naturally focus on this last element, but this might be a mistake, because while illegally granting autocephaly to a mix of nationalist pseudo-Churches is most definitely a bad decision, to act like some kind of “Orthodox Pope” and claim rights which only belong to the entire Church is truly a historical mistake. Not only that, but this mistake now forces every Orthodox Christian to either accept this as a fait accompli and submit to the megalomania of the wannabe Ortho-Pope of the Phanar, or to reject such unilateral and totally illegal action or to enter into open opposition. And this is not the first time such a situation has happened in the history of the Church. I will use an historical parallel to make this point.

The historical context:

The Church of Rome and the rest of the Christian world were already on a collision course for several centuries before the famous date of 1054 when Rome broke away from the Christian world. Whereas for centuries Rome had been the most steadfast bastion of resistance against innovations and heresies, the influence of the Franks in the Church of Rome eventually resulted (after numerous zig-zags on this topic) in a truly disastrous decision to add a single world (filioque “and the son” in Latin) to the Symbol of Faith (the Credo in Latin). What made that decision even worse was the fact that the Pope of Rome also declared that he had the right to impose that addition upon all the other Christian Churches, with no conciliar discussion or approval. It is often said that the issue of the filioque is “obscure” and largely irrelevant, but that is just a reflection of the theological illiteracy of those making such statements as, in reality, the addition of the filioque completely overthrows the most crucial and important Trinitarian and Christological dogmas of Christianity. But what *is* true is that the attempt to unilaterally impose this heresy on the rest of the Christian world was at least as offensive and, really, as sacrilegious as the filioque itself because it undermined the very nature of the Church. Indeed, the Symbol of Faith defines the Church as “catholic” (Εἰς μίαν, Ἁγίαν, Καθολικὴν καὶ Ἀποστολικὴν Ἐκκλησίαν”) meaning not only “universal” but also “whole” or “all-inclusive”. In ecclesiological terms this “universality” is manifested in two crucial ways:

First, all Churches are equal, there is no Pope, no “historical see” granting any primacy just as all the Apostles of Christ and all Orthodox bishops are also equals; the Head of the Church is Christ Himself, and the Church is His Theadric Body filled with the Holy Spirit. Oh I know, to say that the Holy Spirit fills the Church is considered absolutely ridiculous in our 21st century post-Christian world, but check out these words from the Book of Acts: “For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us” (Acts 15:28) which clearly show that the members of the Apostolic Council in Jerusalem clearly believed and proclaimed that their decisions were guided by the Holy Spirit. Anyone still believing that will immediately see why the Church needs no “vicar of Christ” or any “earthly representative” to act in Christ’s name during His absence. In fact, Christ Himself clearly told us “lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen” (Matt 28:20). If a Church needs a “vicar” – then Christ and the Holy Spirit are clearly not present in that Church. QED.

Second, crucial decisions, decisions which affect the entire Church, are only taken by a Council of the entire Church, not unilaterally by any one man or any one Church. These are really the basics of what could be called “traditional Christian ecclesiology 101” and the blatant violation of this key ecclesiological dogma by the Papacy in 1054 was as much a cause for the historical schism between East and West (really, between Rome and the rest of Christian world) as was the innovation of the filioque itself.

I hasten to add that while the Popes were the first ones to claim for themselves an authority only given to the full Church, they were not the only ones (by the way, this is a very good working definition of the term “Papacy”: the attribution to one man of all the characteristics belonging solely to the entire Church). In the early 20th century the Orthodox Churches of Constantinople, Albania, Alexandria, Antioch, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, and Romania got together and, under the direct influence of powerful Masonic lodges, decided to adopt the Gregorian Papal Calendar (named after the 16th century Pope Gregory XIII). The year was 1923, when the entire Russian Orthodox Church was being literally crucified on the modern Golgotha of the Bolshevik regime, but that did not prevent these Churches from calling their meeting “pan Orthodox”. Neither did the fact that the Russian, Serbian, Georgian, Jerusalem Church and the Holy Mountain (aka “Mount Athos”) rejected this innovation stop them. As for the Papal Calendar itself, the innovators “piously” re-branded it as “improved Julian” and other such euphemism to conceal the real intention behind this.

Finally, even the fact that this decision also triggered a wave of divisions inside their own Churches was not cause for them to reconsider or, even less so, to repent. Professor C. Troitsky was absolutely correct when he wrote that “there is no doubt that future historians of the Orthodox Church will be forced to admit that the Congress of 1923 was the saddest event of Church life in the 20th century” (for more on this tragedy see here, here and here). Here again, one man, Ecumenical Patriarch Meletius IV (Metaxakis) tried to “play Pope” and his actions resulted in a massive upheaval which ripped through the entire Orthodox world.

More recently, the Patriarch of Constantinople tried, once again, to convene what he would want to be an Orthodox “Ecumenical Council” under his personal authority when in 2016 (yet another) “pan Orthodox” council was convened on the island of Crete which was attended by the Churches of Alexandria , Jerusalem , Serbia , Romania , Cyprus , Greece, Poland , Albania and of the Czech Lands and Slovakia. The Churches of Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia and the USA (OCA) refused to attend. Most observers agreed that the Moscow Patriarchate played a key role in undermining what was clearly to be a “robber” council which would have introduced major (and fully non-Orthodox) innovations. The Patriarch of Constantinople never forgave the Russians for torpedoing his planned “ecumenical” council.

Some might have noticed that a majority of local Churches did attend both the 1923 and the 2016 wannabe “pan Orthodox” councils. Such an observation might be very important in a Latin or Protestant context, but in the Orthodox context is is absolutely meaningless for the following reasons:

The theological context:

In the history of the Church there have been many “robber” councils (meaning illegitimate, false, councils) which were attended by a majority of bishops of the time, and even a majority of the Churches; in this article I mentioned the life of Saint Maximos the Confessor (which you can read in full here) as a perfect example of how one single person (not even a priest!) can defend true Christianity against what could appear at the time as the overwhelming number of bishops representing the entire Church. But, as always, these false bishops were eventually denounced and the Truth of Orthodoxy prevailed.

Likewise, at the False Union of Florence, when all the Greek delegates signed the union with the Latin heretics, and only one bishop refused to to do (Saint Mark of Ephesus), the Latin Pope declared in despairand so we have accomplished nothing!”. He was absolutely correct – that union was rejected by the “Body” of the Church and the names of those apostates who signed it will remain in infamy forever. I could multiply the examples, but what is crucial here is to understand that majorities, large numbers or, even more so, the support of secular authorities are absolutely meaningless in Christian theology and in the history of the Church and that, with time, all the lapsed bishops who attended robber councils are always eventually denounced and the Orthodox truth always proclaimed once again. It is especially important to keep this in mind during times of persecution or of brutal interference by secular authorities because even when they *appear* to have won, their victory is always short-lived.

I would add that the Russian Orthodox Church is not just “one of the many” local Orthodox Churches. Not only is the Russian Orthodox Church by far the biggest Orthodox Church out there, but Moscow used to be the so-called “Third Rome”, something which gives the Moscow Patriarchate a lot of prestige and, therefore, influence. In secular terms of prestige and “street cred” the fact that the Russians did not participate in the 1923 and 2016 congresses is much bigger a blow to its organizers than if, say, the Romanians had boycotted it. This might not be important to God or for truly pious Christians, but I assure you that this is absolutely crucial for the wannabe “Eastern Pope” of the Phanar…

Who is really behind this latest attack on the Church?

So let’s begin by stating the obvious: for all his lofty titles (“His Most Divine All-Holiness the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch“ no less!), the Patriarch of Constantinople (well, of the Phanar, really), is nothing but a puppet in the hands of the AngloZionist Empire. An ambitious and vain puppet for sure, but a puppet nonetheless. To imagine that the Uber-loser Poroshenko would convince him to pick a major fight with the Moscow Patriarchate is absolutely laughable and totally ridiculous. Some point out that the Patriarch of Constantinople is a Turkish civil servant. While technically true, this does not suggest that Erdogan is behind this move either: right now Erdogan badly needs Russia on so many levels that he gains nothing and risks losing a lot by alienating Moscow. No, the real initiator of this entire operation is the AngloZionist Empire and, of course, the Papacy (which has always tried to create an “Orthodoxerein Ukraine” from the “The Eastern Crusade” and “Northern Crusades” of Popes Innocent III and Gregory IX to the Nazi Ukraine of Bandera – see here for details).

Why would the Empire push for such a move? Here we can find a mix of petty and larger geostrategic reasons. First, the petty ones: they range from the usual impotent knee-jerk reflex to do something, anything, to hurt Russia to pleasing of the Ukronazi emigrés in the USA and Canada. The geostrategic ones range from trying to save the highly unpopular Ukronazi regime in Kiev to breaking up the Orthodox world thereby weakening Russian soft-power and influence. This type of “logic” shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the Orthodox world today. Here is why:

The typical level of religious education of Orthodox Christians is probably well represented by the famous Bell Curve: some are truly completely ignorant, most know a little, and a few know a lot. As long as things were reasonably peaceful, all these Orthodox Christians could go about their daily lives and not worry too much about the big picture. This is also true of many Orthodox Churches and bishops. Most folks like beautiful rites (singing, golden cupolas, beautiful architecture and historical places) mixed in with a little good old superstition (place a candle before a business meeting or playing the lottery) – such is human nature and, alas, most Orthodox Christians are no different, even if their calling is to be “not of this world”. But now this apparently peaceful picture has been severely disrupted by the actions of the Patriarch of Constantinople whose actions are in such blatant and severe violation of all the basic canons and traditions of the Church that they literally force each Orthodox Christian, especially bishops, to break their silence and take a position: am I with Moscow or with Constantinople?

Oh sure, initially many (most?) Orthodox Christians, including many bishops, will either try to look away or limit themselves to vapid expressions of “regret” mixed in with calls for “unity”. A good example of that kind of wishy washy lukewarm language can already be found here. But this kind of Pilate-like washing of hands (“ain’t my business” in modern parlance) is unsustainable, and here is why: in Orthodox ecclesiology you cannot build “broken Eucharistic triangles”. If A is not in communion with B, then C cannot be in communion with A and B at the same time. It’s really an “either or” binary choice. At least in theory (in reality, such “broken triangles” have existed, most recently between the former ROCA/ROCOR, the Serbian Church and the Moscow Patriarchate, but they are unsustainable, as events of the 2000-2007 years confirmed for the ROCA/ROCOR). Still, no doubt that some (many?) will try to remain in communion with both the Moscow Patriarchate and the Constantinople Patriarchate, but this will become harder and harder with every passing month. In some specific cases, such a decision will be truly dramatic, I think of the monasteries on the Holy Mountain in particular.

On a more cynical level, I would note that the Patriarch of Constantinople has now opened a real Pandora’s box which now every separatist movement in an Orthodox country will be able to use to demand its own “autocephaly” which will threaten the unity of most Orthodox Churches out there. If all it takes to become “autocephalous” is to trigger some kind of nationalist uprising, then just imagine how many “Churches” will demand the same autocephaly as the Ukronazis are today! The fact that ethno-phyetism is a condemned heresy will clearly stop none of them. After all, if it is good enough for the “Ecumenical” Patriarch, it sure is good enough for any and all pseudo-Orthodox nationalists!

What the AngloZionist Empire has done is to force each Orthodox Christian and each Orthodox Church to chose between siding with Moscow or Constantinople. This choice will have obvious spiritual consequences, which the Empire couldn’t give a damn about, but it will also profound political and social consequences which, I believe, the Empire entirely missed.

The Moscow Patriarchate vs the Patriarchate of Constantinople – a sociological and political analysis

Let me be clear here that I am not going to compare and contrast the Moscow Patriarchate (MP) and the Patriarchate of Constantinople (PC) from a spiritual, theological or even ecclesiological point of view here. Instead, I will compare and contrast them from a purely sociological and political point of view. The differences here are truly profound.

Moscow Patriarchate Patriarchate of Constantinople
Actual size Very big Small
Financial means Very big Small
Dependence on the support of the Empire and its various entities Limited Total
Relations with the Vatican Limited, mostly due to very strongly anti-Papist sentiments in the people Mutual support and de-facto alliance
Majority member’s outlook Conservative Modernist
Majority member’s level of support Strong Lukewarm
Majority member’s concern with Church rules/cannons/traditions Medium and selective Low
Internal dissent Practically eliminated (ROCA) Strong (Holy Mountain, Old Calendarists)

From the above table you can immediately see that the sole comparative ‘advantage’ of the PC is that is has the full support of the AngloZionist Empire and the Vatican. On all the other measures of power, the MP vastly “out-guns” the PC.

Now, inside the Ukronazi occupied Ukraine, that support of the Empire and the Vatican (via their Uniats) does indeed give a huge advantage to the PC and its Ukronazi pseudo-Orthodox “Churches”. And while Poroshenko has promised that no violence will be used against the MP parishes in the Ukraine, we all remember that he was the one who promised to stop the war against the Donbass, so why even pay attention to what he has to say.

US diplomats and analysts might be ignorant enough to believe Poroshenko’s promises, but if that is the case then they are failing to realize that Poroshensko has very little control over the hardcore Nazi mobs like the one we saw last Sunday in Kiev. The reality is very different: Poroshenko’s relationship to the hardcore Nazis in the Ukraine is roughly similar to the one the House of Saud has with the various al-Qaeda affiliates in Saudi Arabia: they try to both appease and control them, but they end up failing every time. The political agenda in the Ukraine is set by bona fide Nazis, just as it is set in the KSA by the various al-Qaeda types. Poroshenko and MBS are just impotent dwarfs trying to ride on the shoulders of much more powerful devils.

Sadly, and as always, the ones most at risk right now are the simple faithful who will resist any attempts by the Ukronazi death-squads to seize their churches and expel their priests. I don’t expect a civil war to ensue, not in the usual sense of the world, but I do expect a lot of atrocities similar to what took place during the 2014 Odessa massacre when the Ukronazis burned people alive (and shot those trying to escape). Once these massacres begin, it will be very, very hard for the Empire to whitewash them or blame it all on “Russian interference”. But most crucially, as the (admittedly controversial) Christian writer Tertullian noticed as far back as the 2nd century “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church”. You can be sure that the massacre of innocent Christians in the Ukraine will result in a strengthening of the Orthodox awareness, not only inside the Ukraine, but also in the rest of the world, especially among those who are currently “on the fence” so to speak, between the kind of conservative Orthodoxy proclaimed by the MP and the kind of lukewarm wishy washy “decaf” pseudo-Orthodoxy embodied by the Patriarchate of Constantinople. After all, it is one thing to change the Church Calendar or give hugs and kisses to Popes and quite another to bless Nazi death-squads to persecute Orthodox Christians.

To summarize I would say that by his actions, the Patriarch of Constantinople is now forcing the entire Orthodox world to make a choice between two very different kind of “Orthodoxies”. As for the Empire, it is committing a major mistake by creating a situation which will further polarize strongly, an already volatile political situation in the Ukraine.

There is, at least potentially, one more possible consequence from these developments which is almost never discussed: its impact inside the Moscow Patriarchate.

Possible impact of these developments inside the Moscow Patriarchate

Without going into details, I will just say that the Moscow Patriarchate is a very diverse entity in which rather different “currents” coexist. In Russian politics I often speak of Atlantic Integrationists and Eurasian Sovereignists. There is something vaguely similar inside the MP, but I would use different terms. One camp is what I would call the “pro-Western Ecumenists” and the other camp the “anti-Western Conservatives”. Ever since Putin came to power the pro-Western Ecumenists have been losing their influence, mostly due to the fact that the majority of the regular rank and file members of the MP are firmly behind the anti-Western Conservative movement (bishops, priests, theologians). The rabid hatred and fear of everything Russian by the West combined with the total support for anything anti-Russian (including Takfiris and Nazis) has had it’s impact here too, and very few people in Russia want the civilizational model of Conchita Wurst, John McCain or Pope Francis to influence the future of Russia. The word “ecumenism” has, like the word “democracy”, become a four letter word in Russia with a meaning roughly similar to “sellout” or “prostitution”. What is interesting is that many bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate who, in the past, were torn between the conservative pressure from their own flock and their own “ecumenical” and “democratic” inclinations (best embodied by the Patriarch of Constantinople) have now made a choice for the conservative model (beginning by Patriarch Kirill himself who, in the past, used to be quite favorable to the so-called “ecumenical dialog of love” with the Latins).

Now that the MP and the PC have broken the ties which previously united them, they are both free to pursue their natural inclinations, so to speak. The PC can become some kind of “Eastern Rite Papacy” and bask in an unhindered love fest with the Empire and the Vatican while the MP will now have almost no incentive whatsoever to pay attention to future offers of rapprochement by the Empire or the Vatican (these two always work hand in hand). For Russia, this is a very good development.

Make no mistake, what the Empire did in the Ukraine constitutes yet another profoundly evil and tragic blow against the long-suffering people of the Ukraine. In its ugliness and tragic consequences, it is quite comparable to the occupation of these lands by the Papacy via its Polish and Lithuanian agents. But God has the ability to turn even the worst horror into something which, in the end, will strengthen His Church.

Russia in general, and the Moscow Patriarchate specifically, are very much in a transition phase on many levels and we cannot overestimate the impact which the West’s hostility on all fronts, including spiritual ones, will have on the future consciousness of the Russian and Orthodox people. The 1990s were years of total confusion and ignorance, not only for Russia by the way, but the first decade of the new millennium has turned out to be a most painful, but also most needed, eye-opener for those who had naively trusted the notion that the West’s enemy was only Communism, not Russia as a civilizational model.

In their infinite ignorance and stupidity, the leaders of the Empire have always acted only in the immediate short term and they never bothered to think about the mid to long term effects of their actions. This is as true for Russia as it is for Iraq or the Balkans. When things eventually, and inevitably, go very wrong, they will be sincerely baffled and wonder how and why it all went wrong. In the end, as always, they will blame the “other guy”.

There is no doubt in my mind that the latest maneuver of the AngloZionist Empire in the Ukraine will yield some kind of feel-good and short term “victory” (“peremoga” in Ukrainian) which will be followed by a humiliating defeat (“zrada” in Ukrainian) which will have profound consequences for many decades to come and which will deeply reshape the current Orthodox world. In theory, these kinds of operations are supposed to implement the ancient principle of “divide and rule”, but in the modern world what they really do is to further unite the Russian people against the Empire and, God willing, will unite the Orthodox people against pseudo-Orthodox bishops.


In this analysis I have had to describe a lot of, shall we say, “less than inspiring” realities about the Orthodox Church and I don’t want to give the impression that the Church of Christ is as clueless and impotent as all those denominations, which, over the centuries have fallen away from the Church. Yes, our times are difficult and tragic, but the Church has not lost her “salt”. So what I want to do in lieu of a personal conclusion is to quote one of the most enlightened and distinguished theologians of our time, Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos, who in his book “The Mind of the Orthodox Church” (which I consider one of the best books available in English about the Orthodox Church and a “must read” for anybody interested in Orthodox ecclesiology) wrote the following words:

Saint Maximos the Confessor says that, while Christians are divided into categories according to age and race, nationalities, languages, places and ways of life, studies and characteristics, and are “distinct from one another and vastly different, all being born into the Church and reborn and recreated through it in the Spirit” nevertheless “it bestows equally on all the gift of one divine form and designation, to be Christ’s and to bear His Name. And Saint Basil the Great, referring to the unity of the Church says characteristically: “The Church of Christ is one, even tough He is called upon from different places”. These passages, and especially the life of the Church, do away with every nationalistic tendency. It is not, of course, nations and homelands that are abolished, but nationalism, which is a heresy and a great danger to the Church of Christ.

Metropolitan Hierotheos is absolutely correct. Nationalism, which itself is a pure product of West European secularism, is one of the most dangerous threats facing the Church today. During the 20th century it has already cost the lives of millions of pious and faithful Christians (having said that, this in no way implies that the kind of suicidal multiculturalism advocated by the degenerate leaders of the AngloZionist Empire today is any better!). And this is hardly a “Ukrainian” problem (the Moscow Patriarchate is also deeply infected by the deadly virus of nationalism). Nationalism and ethno-phyletism are hardly worse than such heresies as Iconoclasm or Monophysitism/Monothelitism were in the past and those were eventually defeated. Like all heresies, nationalism will never prevail against the “Church of the living God” which is the “the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15) and while many may lapse, others never will.

In the meantime, the next couple of months will be absolutely crucial. Right now it appears to me that the majority of the Orthodox Churches will first try to remain neutral but will have to eventually side with the Moscow Patriarchate and against the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew. Ironically, the situation inside the USA will most likely be particularly chaotic as the various Orthodox jurisdictions in the USA have divided loyalties and are often split along conservative vs modernizing lines. The other place to keep a close eye on will be the monasteries on the Holy Mountain were I expect a major crisis and confrontation to erupt.

With the crisis in the Ukraine the heresy of nationalism has reached a new level of infamy and there will most certainly be a very strong reaction to it. The Empire clearly has no idea what kind of dynamic it has now set in motion.

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  1. Anonymous [AKA "Sai Baba Sufi"] says:

    Same problem with Muslim Ummah. Are we Persian Muslims/Turkish Muslims/Malay Muslims/Arab Muslims/Kazakh Muslims or just Muslims as One entity?

    Accepting The “One” means dilution of the “Many” and accepting the “many” means dilution of the “one”

    Man can never escape dialectics or atleast strike a right balance except by the grace of God.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @attilathehen
  2. peterAUS says:

    Nationalism, which itself is a pure product of West European secularism, is one of the most dangerous threats facing the Church today.


    ….the Moscow Patriarchate is also deeply infected by the deadly virus of nationalism


    Happens when realities clash with self-delusions. One of ways out.


    • Replies: @MeMyselfandI
  3. Religion is opium for masses. Whom Sacker is kidding? Those попы care for nothing but power , influence and money. Church as a whole has nothing to do with highest power if that power is actually exist. They are mere humans who pull the wool in front of people’s eyes. They are also anything but austere. Check Patriarch Kirill watches and cars.They do not need Empire to start bikering among themselves for said power and money.

    • LOL: FB
  4. Nationalism, which itself is a pure product of West European secularism, is one of the most dangerous threats facing the Church today

    On the other hand, Christianity, a product of effete idealism, is one of the most dangerous threats to the survival of the West. Christianity works hand-in-glove with our stinking governments, providing the moral and spiritual authority for the mass immigration and Islamization which are destroying Western nations. Christianity could have allied itself with the people but it chose, instead, to betray us. It is the enemy of the white race. To the Church, nationalism is a threat. To whites, nationalism is our saviour.

  5. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    Ultimately the cause of this split of the Orthodox Church is Satan. And of course Satan’s loyal servants running the AngloZionist Empire. Catholic writer E. Michael Jones does a great job explaining the real forces at play in the modern world (in his books and talks- see video below).

    Btw, to all the pagan atheist commenters, take a bow. The oligarchs of the AngloZionist Empire applaud you. They need you useful idiots to further destroy and divide Christian civilization. You’ve swallowed their Darwinian atheistic bullshit hook, line & sinker.

  6. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    More E. Michael Jones. Good stuff.

  7. The Catholic Pope is obviously a filthy, stinking, homosexual pig-as are his Cardinals. I was born and raised Irish Catholic….Catholic Schools all the way.

    The Protestant Churches no better. Deep South Evangelical Christianity is a Cargo Cult that worships a Jewish State.

  8. Giuseppe says:

    As for the Papal Calendar itself, the innovators “piously” re-branded it as “improved Julian” and other such euphemism to conceal the real intention behind this.

    Russia finally changed to use of the Julian calendar to be in line with the European practice (alas, too late) just as Europe was changing from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. If the ROC places such importance on the calendar, why won’t it revert to following the calendar in use prior to Peter I’s reforms of 1700, the year he forced the Julian calendar on Russia (with not even one full month’s notice)?

  9. The Catholic Church and Deep South Evangelical Christians couldn’t even stop the legalization of homo marriage. It’s even worse than this:The Catholic Church said it was quite alright for homos to be in the Boy Scouts…with full knowledge of the consequences of this:The massive emboldening of Hillary Clinton’s homo-pedophile Hollywood and Homo-pedophile-mutilated tranny-freak ANTIFA. A direct consequence of this is the Democratic Party violent coup…..Old Farting Hairy Irish Catholic Bulldyke Rosie O’Donnel’s violent threats in the news today…….. against Trump when Hillary Clinton lost on Nov 3 2016….And this, ushered in RUSSIA HACKED OUR ELECTION!!!……

    The current Catholic Pope is so obviously an old farting homosexual pedophile….as is Cardinal Timmothy Dolan…..

    My hatred of the Catholic Church these days knows no bounds….

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. Another reason to hate the Catholic Church:The Catholic Church= Mike Pompeo…mentored by Papal Advisor…Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon…….

    Pompeo the Cockroach….as it….(Mike Pompeo is an it, as is that other well known BLATARIA….Hillary Clinton)….is known to the residents of Satan’s filthy stinking reeking toilet bowl……waaaaaaaaay down in putrid HELL!!!!!!!

    Don’t mind the split infinitive…they are really quite alright….only a girly boy grammar NAZI!!! would shriek about it…..

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    My hatred of the Catholic Church these days knows no bounds….

    Apparently. You’ve become a little bitch for the devil. Why don’t you join the Orthodox Church and work on your salvation. Life is short. Eternal solitary confinement, separated from God, is infinitely more horrific than the most gruesome popular portrayals of hell.

  12. Saker

    The Nationalism you hate is Nazi Nationalism…which I hate also. The SJW and ANTIFA have no idea what Nazis Nationalism is. Nazi Nationalism is historically specific in space and time…and it is very wierd….and in it’s updated 2018 version in the Ukraine has the full backing of Hillary Clinton….Barack Obama…..Kamala Harris….POTUS 2020 SHEMALE MOOOOOOOCHELLE!!!……..and the homosexual-pedophile-surgically-mutilated-tranny freak Charlottesville SJWs and Antifa……THEY BE THE REAL NAZIS!!!!…..

    It is a mystery to me why Richard Spencer didn’t throw the NAZI!!!! charge right back ….with photos of Black Female West Point Cadets flashing the Black Power!!! salute in a group photo on the West Point Military Academy Campus………at the SJWs and ANTIFA after they accused him of it….I would have done it nonstop…unrelentingly….

  13. @Anonymous

    Since you are so enamoured of the current homosexual pedophile Catholic Pope in Rome….you might want to consider joining him and the homo Kenyan Foreigner Barack in a hot tub in a gay Chicago Bathouse the next this homo Italian Pope visits America…….Deep South Evangelical Christian Pastor, the fat and sweaty, rancid pig John Hagee, will probably want to join the three of you…so make sure to reserve a real big hotub…..

  14. nickels says:

    Guitar masses in Cathedral of Christ the Saviour or bust.

    On another note, while the historical claim to Ukraine by Moscow is not really at questions, the Ukrainians certainly had cause to turn to Germany in WWII, given that the alternative was the Reds.
    Their side of this tale is always painted as neo-facism, which their actions in 2014 certainly did not help, but I do have to wonder about their story in this tale, independent of their horrific and despicable Western backers.

    • Agree: byrresheim
    • Replies: @byrresheim
  15. @Johnny Rottenborough

    Yeah. It’s amazing how the West has survived almost two millennia of Christian domination. How did those effete Christians manage to convert the heathen tribes, turn back the Muslims, then colonize and convert over half the world? How did modern science and technology arise and evolve to such heights in a Christian context? Christians are such pansies, it’s odd that so many of them have so many children.. How do they manage to prosper and survive? Inexplicable.

  16. @fitzhamilton

    fitzhamilton—Yesterday’s achievements are undeniable. Equally, today’s betrayal is undeniable. At some point during the last century, Christianity turned against the white race.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  17. FB says:

    Wow…what an amazing article…the detail that Saker brings to this subject is breathtaking…

    I had to scramble for the dictionary to find out that ‘Phyletism’ or ‘ethnophyletism’ [from the Greek ethnos ‘nation’ and phyletismos ‘tribalism’] …is the conflation between Church and nation…[sounds bad…]

    ‘Monophysitism’…the apparently wrong belief among some that ‘Christ’ has a single [mono] nature…as opposed to the ‘correct’ interpretation of his divine and human duality…[again, very bad…]

    So I heaved a sigh of relief when the author noted that these and other heresies [such as iconoclasm…ie the breaking of icons] were eventually ‘defeated’…[WHEW]

    And who could forget the Battle of the Calendars…

    ‘In the early 20th century the Orthodox Churches of Constantinople, Albania, Alexandria, Antioch, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, and Romania got together and, under the direct influence of powerful Masonic lodges, decided to adopt the Gregorian Papal Calendar (named after the 16th century Pope Gregory XIII).

    I’m sure the Saker will be relieved to know that despite this temporary setback, the Julian Calendar [after Julius Ceasar] did eventually prevail as well…being today the universal calendar of astronomy, science, the military, and software coding…heck even GPS uses it…see the Julian Day…

    [Once again, the forces of the Redeemer prevail]…

    And then of course we have the centuries of intrigue and betrayals…all those treacherous ‘robber councils’ etc…it is perhaps worth mentioning also the original such apostolic act of denial, and eventually repentance…that of St Peter…

    All’s well that ends well…

  18. barry says:

    The three doormen who opened the door to the destruction of the Church are the same ones who destroyed the country: Mikhail, Boris and Vladimir. No point looking elsewhere.

  19. @Anonymous

    “Little bitch for the devil” would seem to describe Catholic priests these days, not ol’ WBM.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. @Sergey Krieger

    Regimes that have made war on God have historically been punished, harshly and rather consistently so – tens of millions killed in the USSR (the lost generation born in the 1920s were the children of the Tsar murderer generation); and now it is primarily the secular countries doing away with themselves with mass population replacement.

    While this does not rigorously prove God’s existence as such, it certainly does show that belief in Him is evolutionarily adaptive. And thus correct, in the long-run.

  21. @peterAUS

    Where do you see a contradiction here?
    The HIV virus is a pure product of the continent of Africa and yet people in Europe and America got infected by it, right?
    Can you explain what is crazy about this?

  22. peterAUS says:

    Where do you see a contradiction here?


    The HIV virus is a pure product of the continent of Africa and yet people in Europe and America got infected by it, right?


    Can you explain what is crazy about this?

    This time you at least got the question right.

    See, the thing with asking questions is they tell a lot about the person asking. Add the thing as “waste of time and energy” and even you can connect the dots, I am sure.

    • Replies: @MeMyselfandI
  23. Anonymous [AKA "A. -H."] says:

    First, the petty ones: they range from the usual impotent knee-jerk reflex to do something, anything, to hurt Russia to pleasing of the Ukronazi emigrés in the USA and Canada.

    That is true.


    Celebrating Nazis Is Wrong. Period.

    ”On Sunday, April 22, on the eve of the G7 Summit in Toronto, Freeland hosted a brunch in her private home. In attendance that day were all the Foreign Ministers from the G7 countries, with a plus one in the form of Pavlo Klimkin, Foreign Minister of Ukraine. No, Ukraine is definitely not a member of the G7, but Freeland wanted Klimkin front and center to make sure he put the ongoing crisis in Ukraine at the top of the G7 Summit agenda.

    That’s all well and good, as a lit powder keg such as Ukraine in the middle of Europe, polarized between NATO and nuclear-armed Russia is certainly a global concern. Freeland has also never denied the fact that she is proud of her Ukrainian-Canadian roots.”

    ”Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee told the Times of Israel that this Nazi parade was “a scandalous event that should not be allowed to happen in Ukraine in which murderers of Jews and others are glorified.”

    Andrew Srulevitch, director of European Affairs at the Anti-Defamation league wrote on Twitter, “Ukrainian leaders need to condemn such marches, where Ukrainian extremists celebrate Ukrainian Nazi SS divisions (1st Galician), giving Nazi salutes in uniform in the middle of a major Ukrainian city.”

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @jilles dykstra
  24. utu says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    God works in mysterious ways. He can bring evolution believers to be on his side.

  25. @peterAUS



    This time you at least got the question right.

    but you don’t seem to be able to give a cogent reply.
    let me try again: where to you see something crazy about the notion of something appearing in location X and infecting something in location Y?
    Do you understand the question now and, if yes, can you answer it?
    Or will you just evade it by putting more “next” and “?!?” to try to hide the embarrassing fact that your initial post was simply stupid?

    • Replies: @FB
    , @peterAUS
  26. FB says:

    You must be new here…our Potatohead Pete is still trying to figure out what day it is…

  27. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    “Little bitch for the devil” would seem to describe Catholic priests these days, not ol’ WBM.

    Haha, you’re so adorable. Such a loyal hasbara of the Christ-hating oligarchs pushing the anti-Catholic bullshit narrative. Prof. Philip Jenkins/Baylor U./John Jay College/et al. have done all kind of studies and analysis and have shown that the rates of sexual predation/predators is proportionally lower among Catholic clergy than in public education and even among Protestant denominations. But since these entities are loyal to the oligarchs and the AngloZionist Empire you’ll never see them targeted with this kind of bullshit propaganda. Not that that matters to you, RadicalCenter. Now go off and post shit about how Assad is a monster who gasses his own people and the U.S. is in Syria only to fight ISIS.

  28. I’m from Russia and here is my prediction: there will be no “religious conflict” in the Ukraine. Instead, churches belonging to ROC will be one by one expropriated by Ukrainian regime. The locals are powerless bydlo, and will do as they are told. They would embrace Satanic church, if this is what the authorities told them to. Authority in the Ukraine is derived from violence, not faith.

  29. @Anonymous


    4-5 years ago when the current Pope landed on US soil, first Americans he met were homo….he shook hands with a gay porn star. I’m making the case against the Catholic Church….Mainstream Protestant Churches…..and US Deep South Deep Evangelical Christianity…….something has gone terribly wrong.

    I write this as someone whose first cousin…a cousin I am very close to… one of Mother Theressa’s Nuns……The White and Blue…..I am someone who has been up to the Franciscan Monastery up in Mel Gibson’s hometown in Westchester NY……The Adirondack Trail passes right through it……….at least ten times….

    • Replies: @Anon
  30. Usual orthodox paranoid propaganda from Shaker.
    Nothing new to see here

  31. peterAUS says:

    but you don’t seem to be able to give a cogent reply

    Not to you.

    let me try again: where to you see something crazy about the notion of something appearing in location X and infecting something in location Y?

    I’ll try again too: next….

    Do you understand the question now and, if yes, can you answer it?


    Or will you just evade it by putting more “next” and “?!?” to try to hide the embarrassing fact that your initial post was simply stupid?

    Your “handle” has only two posts on this site. Not you, of course.
    There is more to “online presence” than just handle change.

    Try again some time. Change handle and couple of other things too.
    Could help. Maybe.

  32. Somebody(s) in the State Dept, CIA, MI6, Mossad got to Bartholomew. Ultimate object in splitting Ukraine Church is to divide the country and bring it or most of it into NATO. This scheme is so diabolical as to be the work of Antichrist. Natoization of Ukraine could easily result in WWIII. God have mercy on us all. Спаси и сохрани.

  33. Interesting article – vital information!
    Can anyone possibly imagine the MSM or even so-called conservative outlets giving any degree of clear discussion of what is happening in the Orthodox Church?
    Personally, I think the real issue among denominations is learning and understanding the Biblical languages, translating to the modern tongues. The over-use of Latin (instead of Greek, Hebrew) led the Bishops of Rome to some regrettable mis-steps.

    For Western Christians who care about the Holy Word, this site is encouraging for Christians who are disgusted with the cucks and diversity cultists taking over their denominations (i.e., Russell Moore in the SBC, etc):
    Faith and Heritage dot com

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  34. Anonymous [AKA "Aivanhov"] says:

    Yes it can.Through humility which in short supply.Humble in the dust thou where you came from.

  35. Wally says:

    This is how lying Jews & their neo-Marxist shills try to win all arguments.
    “Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee told the Times of Israel that this Nazi parade was “a scandalous event that should not be allowed to happen in Ukraine in which murderers of Jews and others are glorified.”
    Andrew Srulevitch, director of European Affairs at the Anti-Defamation league wrote on Twitter, “Ukrainian leaders need to condemn such marches, where Ukrainian extremists celebrate Ukrainian Nazi SS divisions (1st Galician), giving Nazi salutes in uniform in the middle of a major Ukrainian city.” ”

    Another big pile of Zionist propaganda debunked with ease.

    What “murders of Jews’ are they referring to? Heretofore they have no proof for such claims. None.
    The fact that Israel gives weapons to ‘Nazis’ is more proof that the ‘holocaust’ claims are BS.
    American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz:
    on Irving & ‘holocaust’: Ron Unz: A Defender of Truth:

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  36. ” most Orthodox Churches are still used as pawns in purely political machinations ”
    Who is the pawn of whom is open for discussion.
    When reading these words I remember seeing Putin in an orthodox church, in a ceremony showing his respect for the church, not looking very happy.
    Religions have tremendous impacts, as we saw in 1979, when the Islam was able to drive away the USA’s puppet shah from Iran.
    The USA is still fighting the consequences.

  37. @Anatoly Karlin

    I live in the country that seems to be the most atheistic in the world.
    Cannot see any punishment

    • Replies: @Rogue
    , @Epigon
  38. @fitzhamilton

    See the explanation in
    Felipe Fernández-Armesto, ‘Civilisations’, London, 2000
    And no relation with christianity.

  39. @War for Blair Mountain


    Why are Evangelical Protestants so much poorer than Catholics or (usually) Lutherans. Not to mention Jews-who are (Sort of) white.

    In America the word “Baptist” is usually associated more with poverty than than Roman Catholic-which is associated with middle-class Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans.

    Catholics are religious-often fervently so. But it is the Evangelical Christians that we associate with utter destitution in the US, not Italians or Irish.


    Can someone tell me this?

  40. @Anonymous

    ” as a lit powder keg such as Ukraine in the middle of Europe, polarized between NATO and nuclear-armed Russia ”
    Deliberately created by the EU, with NATO support, I suppose.
    Redundant organisations seek new goals.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  41. Seraphim says:
    @Johnny Rottenborough

    The ‘West’ is already a walking corpse. It committed spiritual suicide long ago, when it replaced Christianity with tribalism.

  42. @nickels

    The stereotypical answer of a certain class of Russians to this, and it is getting on my nerves:

    the holodomor did not happen.

    anyway, the joos did it.

    also, Russians were victims as well.

    Last, but most charming: who are you to complain? A Nazi or what?

    What I really like about these people: they can spend endless time wondering why Germans, despite all that happened in the early fourties, are more liked in Eastern Europe than they are.

    Hint: might have something to do with Germans owing up to the hideous past and acting accordingly, these days.

    • Replies: @Epigon
  43. Anonymous[184] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Yours is a hamster wheel rationalization extraordinaire.

    The most brutal wars in human history have been between European Christian nations. Tell me again how worshiping a Jewish Rabbi who openly denounced European Gentiles (Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, Luke 22:25 for starters) is evolutionarily adaptive for Europeans.

  44. Anonymous[184] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sarah Toga

    Why would Europe’s religion have to be in an Asian language, Hebrew, instead of its native tongue? Hmm? You’re the diversity cultist.

    • Replies: @Sarah Toga
  45. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Pope Francisco recently canonized Pope Paul VI .

    So the 3 revolutionary Popes that dismantled what was left of the Catholic church with the II Vatican Council are now saints : John XXIII , Paul VI and John Paul II

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  46. Anon[263] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Jewish Rabbi Jesus was a flaming pederast. It’s no surprise priests follow his example. They learned this is semen-ary:

    “There was reclining on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved….He, leaning back thus on Jesus’ bosom…” John 13:23-25

    • Replies: @Alden
  47. Anon[263] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jewish Rabbi Jesus himself was loyal hasbara. “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel.”

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  48. @Anon

    Why’d they crucify him then?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @jacques sheete
  49. @Seraphim


    Northern Ireland aside, you could always distinguish tribes by their denomination.

    You know an Episcopalian is not going to have a name like LaSardo or O’Brien.

    There are more Lutherans than Catholics in Minnesota and few of them look like Al Pacino.

    There are some crossovers. Bosnian and Albanians are white and Maltese are essentially Arabs who happen to be Christian.

    But overall, denomination denotes tribe.

    An American who is evangelical Protestant by birth will not be Italian or from the East Coast, by an and large.

  50. @jilles dykstra

    …They rang Putin up and asked if he could please invade Ukraine to give them an excuse for tax payers.

    Weirdly enough, Ukraine was Clinton’s obsession and not Trump’s. She became particularly obsessed with Russians, for some reason, following the election.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  51. @Seraphim

    Seraphim—I rather like the sound of tribalism. It is thanks to the white race that Christianity spread throughout the world, but, by encouraging mass immigration into the West, Christianity is now stabbing its benefactor in the back. Betrayed even by Christianity, whites are clearly on their own and it is my hope that tribalism will be taken up enthusiastically by the white race, preferably before we become powerless minorities in our own countries.

  52. Rogue says:
    @jilles dykstra

    You’re referring to the Netherlands I presume.

    You yourself have posted comments about how your own country is doing a steady job of abolishing itself via 3rd world mass immigration.

    You don’t consider that might be punishment?

    Nature abhors a vacuum. The countries that rid themselves of Christianity will eventually take up another religion.

    Most likely Islam in the case of Western Europe.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  53. Epigon says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Young ethnic Dutch are degenerate and shallow ignorants on average, and your main cities are cesspools of homoglobalism and foreign enrichment.

    Dutch mentality and morality have been deeply corrupted.

    • Replies: @Alden
  54. Anonymous[269] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You demand a White man to analyze Jew-on-Jew violence? One may as well explain black-on-black murders in Detoilet. Or the Communists assassinating the Communist Trotsky.

    The only noble fellow in the whole Jew Testament is the White Roman Patriarch Pilate. He didn’t care if the Jews caused there to be one fewer Jew.

    Must I add that, in the whole New Testament, there appears but a solitary figure worthy of honour? Pilate, the Roman viceroy. To regard a Jewish imbroglio seriously — that was quite beyond him. One Jew more or less — what did it matter? (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    • Replies: @Alden
  55. Epigon says:

    If Russians are to be blamed for Holodomor, who is to be blamed for Red Terror and 1921-1922 Russia famine, which was worse than Holodomor?

  56. Anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Dismantling Jew-worship. Who cares, except Jew-worshipers?

    • “We worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.” (John 4:22)
    • “To the Jews ‘belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship.’” (Catechism of the Catholic Church)

  57. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:

    Christianity is universalist/globalist according to the L’ Internationale Jew who started it.

    • Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19
    • Proclaimed in his name to all nations. Luke 24:47
    • For Jewgod so loved the whole universe [kosmos]…that the universe [kosmos] might be saved through Jewgod. John 3:16-17

    Tribalism is close-family nationalism. Natal, the root word of nation, means related by birth. If you’re against people liking to associate politically their birth-related kin, you’re bellyaching at the wrong website.

  58. @Jeff Stryker

    That could be a myth. If true, probably a very complicated answer. White Christian Southerners created an amazingly great Celtic-based music tradition…..that is listened to all around the world.

    Southern Elites were very violent in their opposition to the Working Class Native Born White Labor Movement in the American South….

    Deliverance was pure unadulturated (((HOLLYWOOD))) hatred of the People of Appalachia. And this is the Paradox:Why does the Working Class Native Born White American population of the American South worship Israel and Jews in general?

  59. What on earth does any of this have to do with politics? Putin is just making a fool of himself by meddling in all of this!

  60. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Both Islam and Christianity are closely-related Abrahamic desert religions originated in Asia and ill-suited to European forest peoples. One’s loyal to Jerusalem, the other’s loyal to Mecca, both foreign cities. Six one way, half a dozen the other.

    “The Quran derives from a Syriac Christian lectionary.”

    The Christian Origins of Islam (Peter J. Leithart, First Things)

    If Islam does take over Europe, simple-minded white people like the Jew-worshipers Seraphim and Vox Day (wait, he’s Injun like Elizabeth Warren) will be loudly proclaiming how Islam is essential to the West, and will relegate the former reign of Jew-worship to the status of paganism.

    Nice thing is, they will not longer be worshiping the Jews, so it won’t be all bad.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Rogue
  61. @Sergey Krieger

    Those попы care for nothing but power , influence and money.

    Funny how people get all bound up in arcana when that’s really what’s always going on.

  62. @Anatoly Karlin

    Regimes that have made war on God have historically been punished, harshly and rather consistently so – tens of millions killed in the USSR…

    Were those 10 million part of the regime or were they victims of it?

  63. Anonymous[365] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    You ask, “Why does the Working Class Native Born White American population of the American South worship Israel and Jews in general?”

    Because the book they’re carrying into church today and pounding into their kids’ heads states:

    • John 4:22 “We worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.”
    • Acts 3:25 “He said to Abraham, ‘Through your offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed.’”
    • Romans 1:16 “The Jew first.”
    • Romans 9:4 “The people of Israel, chosen.”
    • Romans 15:27 “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.”
    • Philippians 3:3 “For it is we [Christians] who are the Circumcision.”
    • Philippians 3:20 “But our citizenship is in Jewheaven.” (which is the Israeli capital city Jerusalem, Rev. 21:2)

    Yet some of these Jew-worhipers still have the chutzpah to allege that “there is no “Judeo-Christianity,” apparently because the exact terminology judeo-christian isn’t found in the Jew Testament.

    Believing that only a Jewish Rabbi can save a white man from being a bad, bad boy worthy of a roasting in hell by a Jewgod has consequences.

  64. @Jeff Stryker

    Why’d they crucify him then?

    Class conflict. Again.

    Look up the definition of “lost sheep.”

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  65. @War for Blair Mountain

    Of all your comments, this one is the confessional… you should feel absolved. Hopefully, you were not abused!

  66. @War for Blair Mountain

    DELIVERANCE was based on a novel by James Dickey, who was not Jewish.

    Dickey and Reynolds (Who was half-Cherokee and looked kind of Mexican) were from Georgia.

    Reynolds made another film with the same director called SHARKY’S MACHINE where he played a hick cop whose city is invaded by two mafia brothers. Italians were portrayed badly in that film.

    I don’t think Jews are much-loved in the South.

    • Replies: @Wally
  67. @jacques sheete

    Islam would have spread to Europe if Christianity had not been around.

    • Replies: @Anon
  68. @Anonymous

    Europeans today are not even reverting to paganism. They are purely atheistic nihilists.

  69. @War for Blair Mountain

    Hollywood Hatred of Appalachia.

    DELIVERANCE took place in Georgia but why would the Jews dislike Appalachians in particular? Irish-Catholics, Italians, now the Arabs are their tightest competitors on the East and West Coast. Always have been.

    Burt Reynolds serious films (DELIVERANCE, SHARKY’S MACHINE, STICK) were fairly topical for their time.

    One could say that the (PRODUCERS) of SHARKY’S MACHINE had something against Italians since the film was about a hick cop falling in love with a hooker belonging to a Capo of Capos bribing a governor.

    …Henry Silva is pretty hilarious in that film as the junkie assassin “Billy Score”.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  70. anarchyst says:
    @Johnny Rottenborough

    You are absolutely correct. I, along with many others walked out of a Catholic Mass when the priest in the pulpit declared that “not only were blacks deserving of equality, but most were better than the white man”. THAT was the “last straw”…the Vatican II Ecumenical Council put the final nails in the coffin.

  71. Not a peep out of the Catholic Pope about the slaughter of Russian Orthodox Christians in the Eastern Ukraine….

  72. Rogue says:

    Well, I’d suggest being careful what you wish for …

    Christianity began a demise within Europe after the First World War. In Britain, church attendance fell off a cliff following that conflict.

    The more secular Western countries have become, the more they’ve become cucked.

    Of course, many churches have often aided and abetted in this madness as they try not to be too unpopular in an increasingly hostile environment.

    The loyalty of Christians is to the New Jerusalem, not the earthly one in the state of Israel.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  73. @Anonymous

    Islam is a Christian heresy so all it teaches is false. Also, most Muslims are blacks/Asians, not Western. I have no interest in the beliefs of blacks/Asians as long as these groups are not in the West or segregated.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  74. Rogue says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    As a non-American, it’s always been obvious to me that Hollywood has been antagonistic to the American South, especially if said Southerners espouse any Christian beliefs.

    It’s only once the internet took off that I made the connection to Jews plus Hollywood equalling hostility to White Southerners.

    Apart from Jewish influence, not much of Hollywood is exactly moral, regardless of ethnicity.

    A book I read in the 90s (for sure a bit dated now) had the church attendance figure for the USA at 60%, and Hollywood at 10%. I was surprised the Hollywood percentage was that high.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  75. Robjil says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Nuland is the one who rang up and asked if the US could please invade Ukraine with Banderite genocidal crazies. Nuland’s taking of Ukraine with a few bags of cookies was the greatest bargain since the Native Americans sold Manhattan for trinkets, worth 24\$, to Dutch. A few decades later, the Dutch themselves made a huge mistake by giving away New York to the British.

    Here is the video of Ms. Nuland’s call, that may lead to WIII. Is she a new Helen of Troy that launched a thousand ships. She also states the lovely phrase F**k the EU at the end of the coup talk. Lovely century we live in. Where is the peace and love that we were promised in 1960s, 1970s?

  76. Unfortunately Saker’s attack upon the Filioque plays right into the hands of the oligarchy’s drive to destroy mankind by denying man’s abilities and potential as a being made in the image of God.

    It is Lyndon LaRouche and associates who correctly identify the Filioque as essential in the flowering of the Renaissance and the rise of the Nation-State, of that Platonic Christian Republican revival based upon the dignity of humanity.

    Here is a short on the Filioque Doctrine:

    A book review on why the Eastern Churches deny the Filioque, to which the question might be asked- Is the Saker an adherent to the Moscow as the Third Rome prophecy?

    The following essay situates the Filioque as relevant to the defense of Christianity, of Western Civilization in struggles similar to what we are experiencing today, as basically the same operations are being run.

  77. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:

    Metropolitan Hierotheos is absolutely correct. Nationalism, which itself is a pure product of West European secularism,

    Its not. Christianity is’t even 2,000 year old, and has as its core a foreign mythology (hence its gravity toward anti-nationalism). Nationalism is as old as civilization.

    is one of the most dangerous threats facing the Church today.

    So? Who said that the Church takes precedent over civilization and tribe? Who says that is the greater good?

    From where I sit, our nations are now moral and demographic hellholes and the Church played no small role in opening the door to that situation. Where is the Church’s evidence of a net good outcome?

    If the Church wanted to assure its survival, then it needed to facilitate holiness on Earth via promulgation of a morality that successfully defended that state of man.

    At the moment, we have the opposite of that and that isn’t because we didn’t or don’t have enough Church. The pre-Christians would have never allowed things to progress to this state out of spiritual pressure to be weak in the face of those who hate us and are incompatible with civilization.That path was the path of the Church.

    During the 20th century it has already cost the lives of millions of pious and faithful Christians

    Okay, Jew-commie apologist. Laying the results of the 20th century on those that rose to defend the world from who you cite below both insults the intelligence of your readers and reduces the integrity of your total argument.

    (having said that, this in no way implies that the kind of suicidal multiculturalism advocated by the degenerate leaders of the AngloZionist Empire today is any better!).

    You will have one or the other. No middle ground is possible. If you say its possible and reduce nationalism but fail to defend against the communists, then you are their tool. Also, I don’t see any visible Anglo power. Only Jewish power.

    And this is hardly a “Ukrainian” problem (the Moscow Patriarchate is also deeply infected by the deadly virus of nationalism).

    You’ve yet to describe how nationalism is a deadly virus. In response to my claim, I suspect another round of vague logic and accusations that omit history.

    Like all heresies, nationalism will never prevail against the “Church of the living God”

    It seems misplaced for the Church to outlaw a specific political stance when it provides no defense against (and even facilitates) its antipode. If the church involves itself in life and death politics, then it must accept the consequences. Period. It would better serve God and the nations by remaining neutral. That it has not done that, an fights more zealously against nationalism, reveals its actual use.

    Second, you have no idea what the words mean that you use. You put on the air of a knowledgeable armchair theologian, but have restricted yourself to Christian dogma and myth that has always used occluded language. You have no idea what the phrase “living God” means. You take florid sounding language and use it as a rhetorical device. What I know about the “living god” is that he dies as a matter of course. This occurs after his maturity. You will see this again, the unholy growth will stop, and holiness will return to the world.

    which is the “the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15) and while many may lapse, others never will.

    “Never” isn’t an oft used concept in Christianity. In fact, the Bible is a tale of cycles. While your current political ideology is moral and spiritual poison, perhaps you can be saved and so I’m kindly warning you to be prepared for them.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  78. Anonymous[176] • Disclaimer says:

    Christians are traitorous dual-citizens. Says so right in the Jew Testament:

    • “But our citizenship is in Jewheaven.” -Philippians 3:20
    • “So now you Gullible Goyim are no longer strangers and foreigners. You are citizens along with all of Jewgod’s holy Jewpeople.” -Ephesians 2:19

    AIPAC isn’t half as bad of an influence on American foreign policy as is Christianity.

    You mentioned the word “cuck.” The New Testament can’t get past the first chapter of the first book without glorifying divine cuckoldry, which gets celebrated every Winter Solstice.

    • “Before they came together, she was found to be pregnant.” -Matthew 1:18

    Worshiping a cuckspawn bastard and lauding the pathetically submissive Beta Orbiter Joseph for the last 2000 years has certainly rubbed off. Merry Cuckmas.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  79. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Islam would have spread to Europe if Christianity had not been around.

    That’s an ahistorical statement.

    In fact, Islam (and more accurately the mud tribes that adhered to it) did spread to Europe in the time of Christianity. The period of Christianity wholly encompasses their advance toward Europe then and now.

    In the time of the pre-Christians, those same people were successfully and entirely kept quarantined from Europe in central Asia where they prior were successful in pushing Whites to Europe. Having our backs to the sea was eventually required for successful defense.

    Again: today, Christianity wholly facilitates the spread of Islam to Europe. The Pre-Christians would have slaughtered every last one of them and celebrated the task.

  80. Cyrano says:

    Whoever said that religion is opium for the masses was onto something. Although, the Ukrainians looked intoxicated even without this latest controversy over religion. They believe that the west is in love with them.

    Let me clear something for them: The west (its elites) are not in the business of love. They are in the business of using people. The western elites don’t love even their own people, let alone the Ukrainians.

    This is the current school of “thought” of the western elites: To love your own kind is racist. To pretend to love every other kind is pinnacle of humanism. Or as I like to call it – degeneracy.

    The truth is, the western elites don’t love anybody except themselves They are just too stupid to realize that they are unsustainable by themselves. If they destroy their base of people like them – they are done. All their money wouldn’t be able to buy them a ticket on the newest Elon Musk rocket headed to another inhabitable planet and away from the wretched earth that they in their stupidity destroyed.

  81. A theologian you are not Saker. Maybe if the Christian world hadn’t split in the 11th century (and I’m not ready to blame it all on the Catholics) things would be much better now. Stick to Russian military and geopolitics something you’re much more qualified for. Am getting tired of the Catholic hating every time the subject is brought up.

  82. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    AIPAC isn’t half as bad of an influence on American foreign policy as is Christianity.

    I agree with you on some of your other statements, but lets not get ahead of ourselves and give a pass to the head of the dragon. Also, let’s accurately identify its head.

    The American Jewish Committee( AJC) is the most powerful political group in the Western World (and thus probably in the world) and the Church’s political views are general mirrors of the AJC’s agenda.

    AIPAC is a secondary organization to the AJC and often acts as a convenient distraction away from the AJC. The modern mainstream liberal agenda is dictated entirely from the AJC, as are the actions of all Jewish groups.

    The AJC is a central command for Western Jewry, with its dominant district in NYC, and monitors the USA via its Jewish reps in each one of its districts: covering the entire nation.

    In that role, it acts as an intelligence operation that is able to respond quickly to any opposing political action anywhere in the USA. By its own admission, it has “unparalleled access” to government officials. It can order the dissemination of propaganda from major (Jewish) news outlets in response to any threat.

    In short, there is no counter movement without a specific focus on the AJC. No Christian group compares.

  83. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:

    Christianity is a Judaic heresy, so, by your logic, all it teaches is also false. And the most faithful Christians are Negroes.

    Black Americans “are markedly more religious on a variety of measures than the U.S. population as a whole.”

    Hell, Christianity is the State Religion of Zambia! I have no interest Jewish nonsense that appeals to the Negroes’ low IQ.

    “For the message about the cross is nonsense…the nonsense of our preaching…Not many of you were wise by human standards…not many were noble…” (1 Co. 1.18-26)

    And Cuckianity openly recruited Africans (Acts 8:26-40 – Philip and the Ethiopian), setting up Blacks as “teachers and prophets” (Acts 13:1).

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  84. Agent76 says:

    This is Church

    A provocative video highlighting the often neglected concept of Christian discipleship and evangelism.

    Apr 21, 2015 Gospel starts with “Go”

    This clip is from “The Way of the Master” TV program

  85. peterAUS says:

    Pretty much agree, overall.

    An advice if I may: it’s very easy to get Saker (and his fanboys, actually current Kremlin regime fanboys) .
    It all starts, ends, with everything in between: is it good for the current regime in Kremlin ?
    Hehe… should be easy to get that on this site; the same approach “they” have for “is it good for the tribe?”.

    That’s why, on this very site, nationalism is bad, at the moment. Even Russian nationalism. Just for the moment, of course. Otherwise Russian nationalism is the only path to save Russia from The Empire. And back. Whatever.

    ..the Moscow Patriarchate is also deeply infected by the deadly virus of nationalism


    At the very moment when nationalist parties start to gain traction against the Globalists.

    In response to my claim, I suspect another round of vague logic and accusations that omit history.

    Doubt it. It will go straight for hard name calling. “Ukronazi” probably.

    If the church involves itself in life and death politics, then it must accept the consequences. Period. It would better serve God and the nations by remaining neutral. That it has not done that, an fights more zealously against nationalism, reveals its actual use.


    But, overall, I wouldn’t get to hung on this article. It’s just reaction to current things in Ukraine.
    Nationalism is only bad there. Ukrainian nationalism that is.

    In the next articles, if they aren’t dealing with that region, nationalism will, be, again, just the best thing. Italian, Greek, Spanish, French, English, Scottish, Hungarian, Serbian….you name it.
    Not so much Polish, of course. Ambivalent about German.

    Just one rule:
    “Is it good for Kremlin”.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  86. Blizzard says:

    This persona Saker the Christer writer is one very confused creature, which is to be expected as he is a follower of the most contradicted religion. One one hand he speaks about Russian culture, history, faith, identity and nation, its Russian Orthodox Church – one of many Orthodox Churches and their Christ-given right to exist as a Christ Church – and on the other he embarks on that Christer myth of “children of Adam and Eve” that has always sought recognition of an international global humanity — much as the Jacobines, Trotskyite Bolsheviks, and indeed Judeo-Christers from whose myths all the imperial atrocities were born, wanted – which denies existence of cultures, races, nations, ethnicities, etc. So the author starts by pointing to the existence (and indeed its God-given right) of his Orthodox Church and Russian nation which he cherishes, but then he follows-on to deny its Russian Church, ethnicity and national culture the right to exist. Only in a simple-minded, indoctrinated or carrying-indoctrination utterly confused Christer persona can such contradictions and contrasts happily coexist alongside each other (in this instance both existence and non-existence of something is promoted by the Christer writer, which are traditional ploys and practices of the Christers after all). Such confusion, all born of Christer lies, myths, fables and fairy-tales.

    Strange also that those true uncorrupted “early” Christians clearly had no notions of a global, cosmopolitan, “child of Adam and Eve” man; for them there were only men: Romans, Greeks, Scythians, Egyptians, etc., so they clearly understood the existence of ethnic, cultural and racial stock of their followers. Also one should note the different religions encompassed in the Bible: the God of the Old Testament is the God of Jesus, the God of Israel and the only God, whereas the New Testament have a different God Christers made centuries after the death of their founder: it is the Egyptian trinity of The Father Osiris, The Mother Isis and The Son Horus, i.e. the Christian adopted version of the Egyptian myth in which Jesus was made a God, part of the God that is. Christers are a wellhead of contradictions. It’s a corrupt religion whose crimes against other religions and cultures they were representing is too numerous and so vast even to begin mentioning.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @peterAUS
  87. @Anonymous

    Echoes of History: Cuck, give me your religion for the West and Western people.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Seraphim
  88. Blizzard says:
    @Johnny Rottenborough

    Christianity is a religion whose crimes are well documented against indigenous European Slavic, Germanic and Celtic religions. If Europeans care for their biological and cultural survival, Christianity must be purged from European soil and those indigenous European religions rediscovered, reawakened and reborn. For Europans Christianity is the same as Islam: both belong to the Middle East from where they were imported. If Christianity, liberalism and Islam remains, Europeans as a race with all its national flavors, will disappear. It’s a battle for survival.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  89. Robjil says:

    It is good for the Kremlin is not so bad these days. From 1917- 1938, that would be a very bad thing. 500 BC fanatics ruled the Soviet Union during that time. In the west, we are ruled now by 500 BC fanatics. Thus we have the 1991 war on Iraq which “magically” ends on Purim day. The 2003 war on Iraq “magically” started on Purim. The 2011 war on Libya “magically” started on Purim. Is a war on Iran “magically” planned for Purim 2019? No one cares if a people cares about themselves. It is when terror and war is promoted, then there is a problem. The 500 BC ideologues ruling the west push for endless war, terror and biolabs for its goals. The seven nations to destroy game has to be the most barbaric theme ever proposed by any civilization. Yet, silence about it about it by our 500 BC press in the west. I say 500 BC because most of themes of our wars come from around that time. The seven nations to destroy for Yahweh’s Israel comes from Deuteronomy 7.1-2 written in about 500 BC.

  90. Seraphim says:

    A moment of comic relief. What makes is even more comical is the serious tone that those ‘Blizzards’ sport, as if they have something profound to say.

    • Replies: @Blizzard
  91. Them Guys says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The Apostate Cyrus Scofield version of the KJV Bible has done far more to create their abject worship of Jews & Israel, than probably any other cause or reason.

    A few years ago I happened upon a website Map photo within an article at a different website I was reading about this issue. I checked out that Map, which basically was the entire USA Map. And it had a small, very tiny, Red dot placed in every location/city etc. That folks bought and used that Scofield bible. IIRC, it was made based mainly on actual records of that bible’s sales.

    There were a small few tiny red dots scattered around most of American states, and a few areas had more red dots, enough in a few places to look like a good portion of a city was red dotted. But once you looked at the Southern states, especially every southern state that were in the civil war and were the confederate army states, which basically covered everything from the east parts of Texas, across to Fla. and north as far as Tenn and KY states. The massive portion of those 10-12 states were either totally covered in Red entirely, or very close to entire state was Red. Which means those places are where the vast huge majority of Scofield bibles were both Bought & Used and their number one primary Bible source…If it had been done with a percentages numbers included, that Map would likely claim that at least 99% of Scofield bible devotee’s resided in those deep south states.

    Now, either yes you know way its so important, or not. And if not knowing about why the scofield bible version is called an apostate bible by me and many others?…Then all I can tell you is, if you really want to know the real deal about it all…You Must do your own homework and research. For this issue is far too involved to write of here.

    However, the main basics are that, Scofields bible version’s, each of at least Three times it was Re-written!…Was orig wrote and published in around 1904 or 7?? Very early first decade of 1900 era anyways. And Mr. Scofield first started as a fully Failed, Husband, Father, Gambler, Drunken Souse, Politition, Lawyer, Convicted Felon, and IIRC? Even tried to be a preacher too. (?).

    After all his many failures, and fails at several attempts to gain vast wealth \$\$, he finally met a man named Rothschild…Which was one of the orig Rothschild family head, Amstel Mayer (?sp), grandsons I think it was. And after scofield lamented his woes at his failures etc. to his new pal. The new pal Rothschild offered to help scofield get his many times rejected bible finally published.

    So, scofields warped, wrongly interpreted bible version finally had a wealthy backer who also had pals in high places etc and found a way to get the bibles published and earn scofield a fortune. The Bible has No copyright…It being Gods Word. So anybody can write a bible version, get it published and sell it and get rich if it sells well….Scofields version sold like proverbial Hot Cakes! Especially in the south and deep south states areas.

    What scofiled did was to copy verbatim, every orig word of the centuries old KJV bible…But then he added his very Own interpreted meanings to about, 57%+ of every verse from very begining of Genesis…Right to last verses in book of Revelation.

    Now one must consider that Cyrus Scofield was No actual bible scholar nor any authority in the least….Ironic how most folks who swear by that bible must never have questioned as to, just Why should they trust any bible version authored by such a true scoundrel, eh?…Yet even today after just over aprox 110 years now of that bible being so popular with Southern Baptists and various other denoms of Protestant sects/cults(?), it is quite obvious a vast majority who use and swear by that bible version must have never ever questioned it or even questioned Who was Scofield.

    Basically and with Rothschilds help via his zio connections, sccofields version promotes an abject and constantly repititious worship of all things Jew and Israel state. Last Re-write was just prior to the 1967 Israeli War…Where changed verses and perhaps even added verses(?) were again, Doctored up to get Christians who use it to better support Jews & Israel during 1967 War, a War we now Know for Certain and is well documented was started By Israel and zioJews, period. After well over fourty years or more, Many high level Jew israeli officials, and other Jews admitted to this as has also various prior secret USA Govnt docs etc admit Israel started that war. Not any Arabs or arab state.

    Ok back to scofield…His bible from recent article I glanced at, is now touted as Americas number One in total bible sales. I never ckecked if true or not, but enough copies have been bought in past 110 years since it landed upon usa shores for sale, to make it true. Landed here due to Nobody dared to agree to publish it until his pal Rothschild did a Jewy dance with influence type folks in England IIRC, and got some small publisher to publish it…All well known publishers rejected it and claimed it was Pure Blasphemy!…Which was and Is correct.

    Much is avail online about that bible version, how it began, got published and who the hell was Scofield etc….But basically I doubt you can find any other reason or source that is so responsible for causing the current, and past 100+ years worth, of Total Apostasy, and fully wrong beliefs inbedded into now, 65-Million or more usa Christians minds, mostly called evangelicals now.

    Most are more loyal to state of israel than to own nation of America, and many, many have admitted to it on live camara or yutube videos made on this issue.

    ZioJewry–Israel state-Jews in general, would have Never, ever gotten such a massive strangle hold on the American people, and its Fed Govnt. If not for Scofields bible version…I perhaps cannot “prove” that…But once you comprehend this Via actual research on he and his bible version, I believe every sane adult will agree with me on this. No matter what fed gov officials and agencys attempt to do…They always need a huge portion or even majority of the nations citizenery to fully agree and approve or their plans fall apart fast usually. So too would current ziojews agendas and Israel issues and wars etc cease to exist or even to have gone so far, if not for Scofields royally falsely interpreted version of the kjv bibles verse meanings.

    It is the Main source and reason you hear loony evangelicals spewing their “Oh But, But, God said we Must Bless them Jews or America wont get blessed!” Its Scofield induced lunacy and falsified mambo jambo straight from their apostate preacher men, who attended seminary schools where scofields bible is their number one Text teaching book!…Plus they also have Jew Rabbis, and Jewish secular professors as teachers at those seminaries….Hense a nation embroiled in Jew issues like none other in history. With a massive dose of abject worship of Jews and every possible issue Jewish to boot.

    Just ask such clowns…”So please Tell me..What and Where are all those great God Blessings for America, since we have done more for Jews and Paid out more Moneys for Jews and Israel state than anybody else in known history”…..Most will give you their Deer in Headlight stare, then snap out of it and call you a vile Jew hating Antisemite! maybe a Nazi too!…But NONE can nor will point to or declare of…ANY so called great Blessings, nor even a small Tiny blessing in or with or for America, since 1948…Because NONE have occured!…We have gotten many more Curses upon our nation, and selves, ever since those foolish apsostates began chanting an endless..”America must Bless them Jews and Israel state, or else god wont bless us and america” Falshood, direct via scofields bible as taught. Most vote for Neocon Shabbo goys, or Jew Repubs. And those repub neocon Shabbos Goy officials, either were also marinated since small kids in Scofield’s falsehoods, or the few who weren’t have succumbed to enticing Jew and Zio Shekel Bribes. So to have most of todays pastors who preach same or similar pro-Jew falsehoods. Two at least, John Haggee and Jerry Fallwell, even each got a Free Lear or Gulfstream, Private Jet! From state of Israel & wealthy usa Jews for being such good and obedient Shabbos Goy Pastors.

    If all this has not as yet turned America into that new Babylon city of Revelation, and perhaps even also in a Combo of New Babylon Plus the Beast that arises from the Sea with, is it, Ten heads? Or seven heads with ten crowns?…Either way, They have, or soon will have turned our Nation into the worlds leading Anti-Christ, Anti-Christian, Anti-European White, country on earth..We need not refer here to various other bads and wrongs and, purely evil agendas and actions or Wars we have endured thanks to our national and international Jewish and Zionist Crews of hijackers. Whom could Not acomplish such agendas without help and vast approval of that, 65-Million so totally Duped souls prior mentioned here.

    I persoanlly believe, that while the NT verses which decalre how at some point God is going to Send a great Delusion, for such folks and the luke warm types to accept of etc. May contain several issues or parts to that grand delusion, I still think that this total Jew worship and support for Israel zios and its wars etc…Has to be Prime number One part or beginning of that delusion.

    And if so, I doubt anything is ever going to really and fully awaken many if any of those duped, 65 million lost apostate souls that are our friends and family and neighbors. If I am correct, it sure dosen’t spell future good or sucess for America as a nation, eh. Sorry to sound so downer on it all. But it is what it is, and I sure cannot fix it. I hate to admit it, but even after over 45+ years now of speaking out everywhere, pivate and publicly, family & friends and mostly total strangers I happen upon in public venues and the street etc…Hate to admit that, while I can’t know for certain how many have actually got the message, and have awakened?…I do know I have barely had a dozen or Less folks ever yet tell me that I caused their awakening and they are a changed person now, like most awake folks here at unz forums are…Very low results for me so far, and am now too old to do much more or even care any longer. Like Apostle Paul said…”I am confident I have run the race, ran it to end, did my very best, and thats about all I can do, so am ready for whats next no matter what.” Not verbatim Pauls words, but very close enough I reckon, eh.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Art
  92. peterAUS says:

    Saker the Christer writer is one very confused creature…
    At one hand he speaks about Russian culture, history, faith, identity and nation, its Russian Orthodox Church – one of many Orthodox Churches and their Christ-given right to exist as a Christ Church – and on the other he embarks on that Christer myth of “children of Adam and Eve” that has always sought recognition of an international global humanity……which denies existence of cultures, races, nations, ethnicities, etc.

    Sums it well.

    The Rule “is it good for Kremlin” enhanced to “is it good for Kremlin NOW”:

    The former is about not giving ethnic groups/nations/races within Russian Federation any ideas re separatism and such.
    The later is about Ukrainians not taking that PROPERTY, plus probably reigniting violence in the region.

    Not important, really.

    This could be:

    Christers are a wellhead of contradictions. It’s a corrupt religion whose crimes against other religions and cultures they were representing is too numerous and so vast even to begin mentioning.

    Christers only or, say, all three Abrahamic religions?

    BTW, any suggestion as which religion would be good for race/nation? Say, white race in USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand?

    Actually, just saw:

    Christianity must be purged from European soil and those indigenous European religions rediscovered, reawakened and reborn.

    An interesting thought.

    • Replies: @Blizzard
  93. Rogue says:

    Your hostility to Christianity is duly noted.

    Salvation is from the Jews. As a Christian, there’s no getting around it. Jesus fulfilled that particular requirement, though it began with Abraham.

    Look, I’m no great fan of the Jews and there is plenty of Scripture that doesn’t paint a very noble picture of them, both Old Testament and New. But God used the ancient Hebrews and then the Jews to fulfill His plan for all humanity. Well, more specifically, of those that would accept Christ as Lord and Saviour.

    It was God’s choice. Getting annoyed by that is not a good idea.

    And despite the NT saying a number of quite positive things about the Jews and God’s (positive) future plans for them, Jews generally regard the NT as “hateful and hurtful”, to quote a former ADL chairman.

    I used to be a Christian Zionist, but have abandoned the Zionist part in recent years. It is actually idolatrous, apart from anything else. I’m convinced of the rightness of patriotism, but worship of one’s country or ethnicity is likewise idolatrous. Applies equally to both Jews and the goyim.

    Anyway, let the West discard Christianity if it wishes. It certainly seems determined to do just such a foolish thing. However, religion and spirituality are natural to the human being – and nature abhors a vacuum. Going back to pagan gods like Odin, Thor, Jupiter, Zeus or whoever else won’t work. Why? Because people actually believed in those “deities” back then. Nobody believes in them anymore. So just won’t work.

    No. Islam is the most likely candidate for Western Europe. So the true God will be rejected for a counterfeit.

    Merry Cuckmas? No, more likely Salaam-Alaikum.

    Careful what you wish for …

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  94. Blizzard says:

    Those are extremely grievous crimes you mention: destruction of indigenous cultures and their religions by supplanting and converting it with Christian religion which worked feverishly to destroy those cultures and ethnicities it was transplanted on. Culturocide along with genocide. JudeoChrist-Jokobine-TroskyteBolsevik-“enlightened” liberal way.

  95. Rogue says:

    Won’t happen mate.

    The ancient Slavs, Germans, Celts etc. actually believed in their “deities”.

    Good luck with getting people to believe in them today. As it is, the “deities that you referred to were a right bunch of wimps when it came to their confrontation with the Christian God.

    There is nothing in the Christian gospel that encourages national or ethnic suicide, when read in it’s proper context. For example the biblical statement about there being neither “slave nor free” referred to the spiritual condition of those who accepted Christ, not their equality in the material world. Same applies to “male and female”.

    Christianity equals liberalism? Not from my neck of the woods.

    Dream on about resuscitating pagan crap. Won’t happen, but Islam probably will. It’s the post-Christian West that has most fervently embraced the new dogma of cuckiness. Quite noticeable that the Hungarians and Poles are proud of their Christian identity and are the least cucked nations in Europe.

    • Replies: @Blizzard
  96. Art says:

    “The Church of Christ is one, even tough He is called upon from different places”. These passages, and especially the life of the Church, do away with every nationalistic tendency. It is not, of course, nations and homelands that are abolished, but nationalism, which is a heresy and a great danger to the Church of Christ.

    Christian idealism is universal – it is fundamental to humanity – it has true meaning for every human being. Without idealism humanity falls backwards into barbaric tribalism.

    We cannot have a good world without people doing idealistic things – it is impossible. Good begets more good. Tribalism separates people – idealism brings people together for a better future.

    The tenets of Christian philosophy are: live with hope, respect life, love your neighbor, seek truth, forgive, and extend grace to all.

    Those ideals are the engine of prosperity and freedom. Follow those tenets and human life will flourish. Those tenets know no limits – they are intellectual – they can be understood by everyone – they will work in every land and every genetic line.

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Rogue
  97. Blizzard says:

    Abrahamic religions? Islam has nothing to do with Abraham (neither does Christianity even though it refers to Abraham in its tales). God of Christians are not the God of Abraham. God of Muslims is not the God of Abraham. Only Torah Hebrews can claim to be Abrahamic religion along with the Old Testament Christians who reject any and all contradictions of the New Testament in relation to the Old. As for religion of Europeans in conquered land of Australian and North America, any religion which would put forth protection of their self-preservation and interests would be a good option: Baltic, Suemi, Celtic, Slavic or Germanic religions or all of them each having its own certain region would do just fine I am sure. Christianity, liberal atheism or Islam will not.

  98. Anonymous[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish storytellers told you that a Jew is necessary to save you, and you’re gullible enough to believe a Jewish tale. That’s stupid.

    No, Jews imposing themselves to save Whitey from himself was NOT God’s choice. The Jewish deity Jehovah hates God/Gad/Gott/Gotin/Godin/Woden/Odin, and the Bible says so very plainly.

    “But you who forsake Yahweh, who forget my holy mountain, who prepare a table for Gad/God…” Isaiah 65:11

    Of course, dishonest and conniving translators carrying the Jews’ water have borrowed many Nordic terms and traditions from Europeans to fool them, including the term God/Gad/Gott/Gotin/Godin/Woden/Odin, and inserted it into the Jewish written Bible to fool Europeans.

    There’s no need to continue playing the dumb fool. See you in Hell (the underworld ruled by Loki’s half-dead daughter), brother, when you get your brain de-Kiked. It’s beer, brats, and babes for all comers. Certainly a better place (no matter what Jewish tales you’ve heard) than a flamboyant-decorated (Rev. 21:21) Kike-heaven that forbids straight sex (Matt. 22:30) that the degenerate pederast Rabbi Jesus promised. And do you really want to be his bride? Are you really deep in your heart a Jew-worshiping faggot?

    • Replies: @Cleburne
  99. Blizzard says:

    What’s wrong, Christer? Have your illusions been so fully shattered and your ignorance of the subject so thoroughly exposed that all you can mutter is a pathetic try at an insult? Even there you show failure as your insult is devoid of any meaning thus making itself into a mockery. My arguments are profound as is my knowledge on the subject, whereas yours do not even exist.

  100. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:
    @Them Guys

    The Bible was a fraud written by lying Jewish authors long before Scofield inserted his notes.

    “There were a lot of people in the ancient world who thought that lying could serve a greater good.” -Bart Ehrman, author of Forged: Writing in the Name of God–Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are.

    Like the Apostle Paul unthinkingly admitted:

    “For if the truth of God hath more abounded by MY LIE unto his glory, why yet am I also adjudged a sinner?” -Romans 3:7

    Yes, I know Paul is attempting to deny lying, but he’s admitting that other Christians accuse him of lying, and those bald-faced lies preserved in the Bible are the point of study in Ehrman’s several books. If you don’t like deceit, you certainly won’t like the Jewish-written Jew Testament.

    • Replies: @Anon
  101. Anon[649] • Disclaimer says:

    Like the Apostle Paul unthinkingly admitted:

    Interesting. How do you decide when Paul is thinking and when he is not? By whether what he says is convenient or inconvenient?

  102. Rogue says:

    I’ve met the true God. He’s the Father of Jesus Christ. You obviously haven’t.

    There’s still time. I suggest you make a plan.

    Calling me a faggot? What a nasty little man you are.

    But call upon the true God and you can become something much bigger and better.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  103. Anon[260] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s a flowery synopsis of Christianity that, while popular among Jew-worshipers, doesn’t square with what the Jewsus character actually said.

    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34

    Ludgwig von Mises summed up Christianity much more accurately.

    [Jesus] rejects everything that exists without offering anything to replace it. He arrives at dissolving all existing social ties…. The motive force behind the purity and power of this complete negation is ecstatic inspiration and enthusiastic hope of a new world. Hence his passionate attack upon everything that exists. Everything may be destroyed because God in His omnipotence will rebuild the future order…. The clearest modern parallel to the attitude of complete negation of primitive Christianity is Bolshevism. The Bolshevists, too, wish to destroy everything that exists because they regard it as hopelessly bad.

    (Socialism, p. 413)

    Think Peace? You got Jesus wrong, and he explicitly stated so.

    • Replies: @Art
  104. Rogue says:

    Thank you.

    A very good comment.

  105. I love your work
    one thing that you could clarify. Nation is like a cup for water. a tool. Aif you dont want to slurp the water on the ground… Nation adherence makes possible for a personality to develop, to communicate. the next vessel is faith, the universal cup. There is almost a kind of nationalism, that is needed and important…

    Would love to read what you say to that, how would you formulate it?

  106. Anonymous[851] • Disclaimer says:

    A male “bride” of another male is a faggot. Enjoy consummating your perverted marriage with a swarthy Jewish Rabbi. I have not the slightest interest in being a Bride of Kikest.

    And no, I haven’t met some magical deity, like you and the Jewsus character, who heard the voice of Uranus.

    • “And lo a voice from Uranus, saying…” (Matthew 3:17)
    • “…and a voice came from Uranus, which said…” (Luke 3:22)

    Yes, the Bible actually states that, many more times than those two verses. 2 Peter 2:4 even includes the mythological tale of Uranus casting the Titans into Tartarus.

    If you have heard magical voices from Uranus in your head like the Rabbi Jewsus did, well…let’s just say it’s not something I’d go around telling everyone.

    “Religion is organized schizophrenia.”

    Dr. Robert Sapolsky
    The Biological Origins of Religion
    Bio 150/250 Lecture, Stanford University, Spring 2002

    • Replies: @Rogue
  107. Josecanuc says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    “The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum.” Havelock Ellis, 1924

    “Israel delivered, Israel alive is the unmistakable sign of God’s distinctive, holy, active presence in the world. Judaism is true to the reality of human life in this world, a world whose true king is God, the Jews’ God For Jews like Halevi, Judaism is to be embraced as a way of life because it holds out a truthful way of life.

    Or, as Solomon Schechter succinctly stated the matter at the turn of the century, “Judaism
    means to convert the world.”

    “What they profoundly disagreed about was the proper way…. to serve that God. the Alenu, the prayer near the close of every service, the horizons of that conviction take on world-encompassing proportions. Though the exact origins of the prayer are obscure, its plain meaning is not. After reaffirming the unique destiny God has allotted the Jewish People, namely, to acknowledge him as the “King of kings of kings”, those Jews chanting the prayer then declare: “We therefore hope in you, Lord our God, soon to see your splendor…perfecting the world through the Kingdom of the Almighty….Then will all the inhabitants of the earth recognize and know that to you every knee must bend, every tongue pledge loyalty….May they all then give honor to the glory of your name, and may they all accept the yoke of your kingdom, and may you rule over them soon and for all time.”

    In short, Israel has the character it has – different, holy, kadosh – because God has the character he has. By performing the mitzvot, God’s commandments, Israel makes manifest God’s holy character to the world.” Israel Shahak, Jewish History Jewish Religion

    “For, insane as it sounds, it (Orthodox Judaism) is nevertheless plain…on close examination, the real most deep seated ideological motive behind the Zionists persistent hostility towards the Palestinians…” Israel Shahak, ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’:

    “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from Religious convictions.” Blaise Pascal, 1623-1662

    “The community of Israel observes these commandments not primarily because they are expressions of “God’s will to be obeyed, but because they are manifestations of God’s character to be embodied in Israel’s ongoing story.” Rabbi Michael Goldberg

    “The whole world is mentally sick, much more so, we Jews.”
    Arthur Ruppin- Zionist leader, sociologist, one of the founders of Tel Aviv, taught ‘Sociology of the Jews’ at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1939

    “There are yet great truths to tell, if we had either the courage to announce or the temper to receive them.” Benjamin Disraeli (‘Of Israel’) Prime Minister, England, 1956

    “The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur.” Alfred North Whitehead

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Art
  108. Art says:
    @Them Guys

    Them Guys,

    An excellent comment on the Schofield bible and its negative role in current day America.


    Think peace — Art

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  109. Art says:

    In short, Israel has the character it has – different, holy, kadosh – because God has the character he has. By performing the mitzvot, God’s commandments, Israel makes manifest God’s holy character to the world.”

    What total BS – just look at Israel’s behavior.

    The old testament Jew god is mean and cruel – just like Israel is. The mythical Jew god thinks nothing of 2,000,000 men, women, and children being in an open-air prison (Gaza).

    His image and character is that of a puny nasty little guy, filled with hate for Israel’s 7,000,000,000 neighbors.

    The Jew god found in the Talmud is incompatible with humanity – he must go away.

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Rogue
  110. Art says:


    Gee — Hasbara Central has a great cute and paste system.

    (It is an intellectual crime to use quotes to advance the evil that is happening in Gaza.)

    Think Peace — Art

  111. Rogue says:

    Nothing alters the fact that you come across as a shrill, nasty little man.

    Turn to the true God and you can be something better. Much better, in fact.

    Dr This One or That One doesn’t impress me. They arrived at their conclusions long before they studied any material.

    BTW, hell is eternal separation from God, as an earlier poster commented. A dreadful place of no love, no hope, no faith, no compassion, no goodness, no anything considered virtuous in the world in which we live.

    It’s a frightening thought.

    As for acknowledging the one true God, I will never hide it. It’s a joy to tell whoever is interested in hearing it. I bible-thump nobody.

    I’m very far from a righteous person, so don’t want to sound preachy. But ask God to prove Himself to you. Maybe you’ll be surprised.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  112. Blizzard says:

    Those religions weren’t about deities, they had their own traditions, mores and virtues those deities represented and whose members strove to match. There is nothing in Christian gospel that encourages ethnic suicide? You have obviously never read a Bible nor are you bright by nature to understand by yourself the read substance from my posts which specifically referred to a point of Christian gospel that advocates it. So you display natural dullness and elemental ignorance. Good for you libtard.

    Liberalism was born from Christianity. Have you not heard of so-called “Enlightenment” and Reformation? That’s where liberalism came from. And Enlightenment ideals came from Judeo Christian myth of “children of Adam and Eve” embedded with some merchant ideals of making more laborious man which capitalists and lordlings can exploit better for their enrichment, which is also where merchant ideology of capitalism came from. Liberals don’t have Christian morality, but pagan one characterized by yearning for sensual pleasures and adhering only to one’s selfish individual interests, thus they are no Christian even though they trace their origins to their longing for “freedom” from Christian moral “oppression” and judgement.

    Enlightenment brought you liberal paganism which, just like Christianity and Islam, advocates global, cosmopolitan man — i.e. rejects existence of races, ethnicities, national cultures, etc. That’s what those 2 monotheistic religions and the atheistic pagan one have in common and share. You can think of them as the 3 plagues ever yearning to spread themselves. Note that Christianity is by far the weakest of the 3 as it doesn’t offer the bribe of sensual pleasures and selfishness as an approving behavior nor does it offer freedom from judgement of misdeeds like the liberal plague does, rather it disciplines their adherents to obey Christian moral codes. Or it did. Islam is the winner among the 3 as it has the most zealous followers. When the economies supporting liberal lifestyles die, that’s where liberalism ends, as liberalism is only a corrupting force of nihilism brought to you by the bribes of pleasures, riches, freedom from judgement and hedonistic lifestyles. Without such bribes liberalism is just a nihilistic wasteland ready to fall on the first onset of some stronger wind current.
    That’s where you are libtardo. If you want to save yourselves, embrace your old selves Christinity and liberal paganism killed long ago, and start purging lest those plagues destroy your biological distinctiveness. It’s one’s natural imperative to save its biological selves. No imperative is higher in order than biological self-preservation those plagues are dead set to destroy.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  113. Rogue says:

    Hmm, would appear I’ve misread you.

    The OT is scripture – just as much as the NT. The Talmud is not scripture.

    To quote someone else: “the New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed, the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed.”

    ‘Tis what I believe.

    Brief anecdote: both Billy Graham and Robert E Lee decided to accept the Bible as God’s word, despite wrestling with much of it. That’s my position too.

    • Replies: @Art
  114. Anonymous [AKA "Uncle Ted Bergoglio"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Pompeo is not Catholic

  115. Art says:

    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34

    That quote is completely out of character for Jesus – Jesus said “blessed are the peace makers” and “live by the sword die by the sword.” The only people he attacked were the Jew money changers at the temple (the bastards are still with us).

    Ludgwig von Mises summed up Christianity much more accurately.

    [Jesus] rejects everything that exists without offering anything to replace it. He arrives at dissolving all existing social ties…. The motive force behind the purity and power of this complete negation is ecstatic inspiration and enthusiastic hope of a new world.

    Another hateful Jew – what a fool – that new world is Western culture – Christianity built Western culture – Ludgwig von Mises was surrounded by Christianity.

    Ludwig von Mises’s adherents have destroyed Americas economic culture – they have transferred and divert America’s wealth into Jew hands. How many million homes to the Jew bankers now control – sucking up middle class wealth?

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  116. “…the real initiator of this entire operation is the AngloZionist Empire and, of course, the Papacy…”

    No. The papacy and the Roman Catholic Church are gone because of biology, i.e., race. Westerners (who are not black/Asian) are discovering that a universal church is the cause of the problems in the West today because of its acceptance of blacks/Asians. The RCC has a new trinity: homos, groids, gloids. The homos (who are mostly white) have taken control of the RCC. They have destroyed the RCC so there will be nothing left for blacks/Asians. The papacy will be moved to the Congo or the Philippines. Devil pope Frannie doesn’t really care about the Orthodox Church. He doesn’t care about the RCC in China. His main goal is for gays to be accepted in the RCC. That will happen. This is goal of the youth synod being held right now. The RCC in the USA will be almost gone by 2020.

    As for the Anglo/Zionists, they are being dealt with. The Christian Zionist churches are closing. However, I do support the state of Israel because the Jews in the West need a homeland and they will have to move to Israel. I don’t care about low IQ, quadroon-octoroon Palestinians. They can move to any country in the Middle East. I want Muslims out of the West.

    Many American RCCers who have left the RCC are converting to Orthodoxy. This is good because the churches are racial/ethnic. The RCC is multi-culti so this is why it supports the illegals from Latin America. The Americans will help Orthodoxy to grow and flourish.

    The real problem is someone like E. Michael Jones. This evil, degenerate, insane, anti-Semitic cuck is a perfect example of the Western male who is destroying the West. I saw the video featured in comment 5. The incoherent, stupid babble spewing from his lips is beyond belief. He babbles about Logos. He has no clue what Logos is. He blames everything on the Joooooz. No, it’s not the Jooooz. It’s cucks like him who will OSCULUM INFAME black/Asian priests-popes who are the problem.

    He babbles about Tanzania and India and doesn’t understand what caused their lack of development. Tanzania is African with an average IQ of 72. Caucasians are the smartest race, Asians are second and blacks are last. Nothing can be done for blacks because of their low IQs.

    Ancient India (Aryan) was destroyed when the Aryans started mixing with Asians. The caste system was started to try to keep the races separate. As we can see today, it did not work. The average Indian IQ is 82. India will never be great again.

    The ancient Egyptians (Caucasians) were destroyed by mixing with blacks. Modern day Egypt has an average IQ of 84 and is a shithole. Today’s Egyptians are not related to the ancient Egyptians and they will never build a civilization like that of ancient Egypt.

    Then Jones babbles about Islam. Islam is a Christian heresy. That was the pre-Vatican II RCC teaching. The idea that we can have some kind of Logos conversations with low IQ black/Asian Muslims is insanity. Jones likes to travel to Iran (average IQ 84) where he can perform his anti-Joooooz schtick.

    I watch his youtubes and he is becomes more deranged with each one. In a recent youtube, he blamed the priest homo crisis in the RCC on the Jews. Jews had nothing to do with this.

    The first thing that is needed is separation. Blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims will need to be repatriated or segregated. Then we can focus on rebuilding the West. As a Western woman, I will never accept black/Asian priests in any Western church. Jones needs to deal with this reality.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Anon
  117. Alden says:

    John wasn’t a child. He was a grown man even if he didn’t have a beard.

    Pedophiles have sex with children Children are universally defined as 12 and under. None of Jesus’ associates in the book of myths and fairy tales were children. Yes I know there’s a quote suffer the children to come to me.

    Gay men are very very very attracted to teen age boys. The homosexual priests are attracted to teens and young men and each other. Sex with 15 and 16 year olds is illegal in most of America and Europe, but it’s not pedophilia.

    The mind of a liberal is an empty sink.
    If the faucet is turned on and the propaganda claims a priest doing a 16 year old is pedophilia they believe it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  118. Alden says:

    17 th and 18th century Calvinist Amsterdam was widely known for homosexuality.

  119. Stan says:

    Oswald Spengler said Faustian man is discontented with the Christian scheme, he finds it irksome, he is in rebellion against the God of the Jews. The tensions come out in Milton’s Satan and are explicitly developed in Blake. What is Goethe’s solution? He invents a different God, a completely benevolent father figure. ….the Faustian or Protestant spirit. Or Aryan spirit. One could say it is anti Semitic. It is opposed to the Jewish God.

  120. Alden says:

    I do care very deeply about foreign kids in ICE detention. I want them parachuted back into their own countries.

  121. Alden says:

    The incoherent babble spewing from your keyboard is beyond belief.

  122. Alden says:

    Who cares if there are black and Asian catholic priests? It’s their church. It’s their business.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  123. Cleburne says:

    @Rogue, I think the honorable Mr Blizzard has declared himself unable to offer any arguments to refute you.

    And you’re right of course. Mr Blizzard might peruse the works of Robert Lewis Dabney, Presbyterian divine and chief of staff to Stonewall Jackson. and that might cause Mr Blizzards peculiar views to be shattered — and honestly it owes a good deal to Jewish slanders or Christianity.

    Christian Zionism via the Scofield Bible is heretical, one of the more successful ones.

  124. Rogue says:

    Yap, yap, yap, a load of utter crap.

    I’m not a “libtardo”, which I presume means a 21st century leftist-liberal. I’m anything but.

    Your worthless load of waffle is just a big fat pile of horse manure.

    Clearly, you have a big belief in your own self-importance.

    I don’t – neither mine or yours.

    The bible is about spiritual regeneration – not earthly regeneration which it consistently (in the NT) tells us will fall away like chaff.

    This world will not endure – at least not in it’s current form. That is the message of scripture and I believe it.

    But I believe that loyalty and patriotism to one’s country or nation are good things, to be commended. Nothing in the Bible that suggests differently.

    Worshiping one’s country or nation is a different matter. It’s idolatry.

    Pagan “deities” were little queers who folded like a cheap suit when confronted by the Christian God. I mention this not out of triumphalism but because of the laughable crap neo-pagans come out with in support of their supposedly “tough”gods.

    They weren’t tough or strong – they were weak, feeble and ineffective. Not surprising as they didn’t exist.

    The true God is a God of love – what a wonderful truth! Why anyone would have an issue with that is beyond me.

    Anyway, prepare yourself for a (most likely) Islamic future.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Blizzard
    , @Anon
  125. Art says:

    Hmm, would appear I’ve misread you.

    The OT is scripture – just as much as the NT.

    Sorry – I have no intent to deceive.

    I believe in God – and Love Jesus – and do not hold the bible as the last word on either.

    My contempt for the Jews is genuine – I believe in “doing no harm.”

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  126. Anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    You come across to me as being just like the degenerate Rabbi Jewsus.

    “Jesus’ experiences can be potentially conceptualized within the framework of Paranoid Schizophrenia or Psychosis NOS. Other reasonable possibilities might include bipolar and schizoaffective disorders. … hyperreligiosity … Suicide-by-proxy is described as “any incident in which a suicidal individual causes his or her death to be carried out by another person.

    (The Role of Psychotic Disorders in Religious History Considered
    Evan D. Murray, M.D. Miles G. Cunningham, M.D., Ph.D. Bruce H. Price, M.D.
    The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2012; 24:410-426

    Hell is the underworld of Loki’s half-dead daughter. You won’t find Hell in the Bible, except in dishonest European translations that stole the term from Nordic mythology.

    Separated from the pederastic Jewish Rabbi that you worship? Hell, even as you define it, sounds like a wonderful plan to me! But ask a doctor about those voices in your head. Maybe you’ll be surprised.

  127. @Rogue

    I never got that from Smokey and the Bandit or Burt Reynolds other body of work.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  128. Anonymous[309] • Disclaimer says:

    That quote is completely out of character for Jesus? LOL, nice try to dismiss the Bible, but no, Jesus’ unhinged words are completely in character for a fanatical leader of a true believer movement, as noted by Eric Hoffer in his famous text The True Believer.

    Still, not one of our contemporary movements was so outspoken in its antagonism toward the family as was early Christianity. Jesus minced no words: “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me.” When He was told that His mother and brothers were outside desiring to speak with Him He said: “Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother, and my brethren!” When one of His disciples asked leave to go and bury his father, Jesus said to him: “Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.” He seemed to sense the ugly family conflicts His movement was bound to provoke both by its proselytizing and by the fanatical hatred of its antagonists. “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.”

    Eric Hoffer, The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements. (Harper, 1951)

    Jesus was morally reprehensible, especially on family issues. See Chapter 3. “The Hateful Jesus: Luke 14.26” in Hector Avalos’ The Bad Jesus: The Ethics of New Testament Ethics. (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2015)

    Furthermore, Jesus’ adherents have destroyed Americas economic culture – they have transferred and divert America’s wealth into Jew hands. How many million homes to the Jew bankers now control – sucking up middle class wealth?

    “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.” (Romans 15:27)

    There’s AIPAC’s blood-funnel model, right in the pages of the Jew Testament.

    • Replies: @Art
  129. Anonymous[666] • Disclaimer says:

    Nice try to conflate pederasty (the term I used) and pedophilia (which I have never mentioned), but your attempt at muddying the waters doesn’t work.

    Pederasty in ancient Greece was a socially acknowledged romantic relationship between an adult male (the erastes) and a younger male (the eromenos) usually in his teens.

    Pederasty, as defined above, is the deviant behavior found in several passages of the Jew Testament in which Jesus and Paul indulged.

  130. Anonymous[354] • Disclaimer says:

    But I believe that loyalty and patriotism to one’s country or nation are good things, to be commended. Nothing in the Bible that suggests differently.


    Jewsus specifically commanded his followers to “hate” their own kin (Luke 14:26) and “forsake” their own blood and soil (Matthew 19:29) for a traitor’s “hundredfold” payoff.

    And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. (Matthew 19:29)

    So just stop lying already. Everybody has access to the Jew Testament and can see through those lies.

  131. Them Guys says:

    Art, thank you very much for the nice words. Too bad we cannot get many of those Scofield bible loon dupes to visit unz forums eh. Between the many, many great and wised up posters here, some even I’d say are gifted writers in their very well articulated posts, I’d wager that at least a few such duped souls could fast be awakened fully. Although from my experience in face to face dealings with them types, most are very hard core believers in all their pro Jew spew. So brainwashed that I believe many if it were possible would rather have been born a Jew. Perhaps that is a key component in their goofy attitudes eh?…Maybe they so worship Jews and all things Jewish, that they actually are envious of Jews…..They sure act that way.

  132. @Alden

    Black/Asian priests-popes are a problem for the West. Have you heard of the Kalergi plan? The RCC had this plan to flood Western Europe with priests from Nigeria. Fortunately, the churches are closing so quickly, this won’t happen. I heard about this plan a couple of years ago on the “trad” RCC website Churchmilitant and EWTN, the cable RCC channel. E Michael Jones believes that African Catholics can immigrate to Europe and they will assimilate. Here in the USA, the RCC has been the biggest supporter of illegals from Latin America and plans for amnesty.

    The RCC is a universal church with dioceses all over the world. They are biggest human trafficking institution on the planet. The RCC works with Soros. What they do is destroying the West.

  133. Wally says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “I don’t think Jews are much-loved in the South.”

    Is that why South Carolina now has a law against “anti-semitism”?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  134. anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:

    then colonize and convert over half the world

    Yes, convert over half those heathen idiots with more of your pagan polytheist heathenism. The white Christians are so selfless that they can’t help but freely share their godlessness and spiritual-soul-rot with everyone. LOL!

    How did modern science and technology arise and evolve to such heights in a Christian context?

    Yes, like your glorious achievements in modern science and technology will help you godless on the Day of Reckoning. LOL!

    Christians are such pansies, it’s odd that so many of them have so many children

    I don’t know about the past, but you heathens sure are turning into pansies now…


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  135. Anonymous[350] • Disclaimer says:

    Your contempt for Jews is fake. Jesus was a Jew, and salvation is from the Jews, and you love them. You believe in fakery.

  136. @Them Guys

    Born a Jew in simple terms-

    1. Generally Jews are lower upper middle-class suburbanites-parents make a combined 6 figures. This is hardly rich but would seem so in Podunk towns or cities.

    2. Jews are divorced as often as any other whites but fathers do not simply abandon their kids and fail to support them. They are a part of their children’s life, financially and otherwise.

    3. As a result, Jews do not grow up wretchedly poor because Dad is a lawyer or dentist.

    4. Jews can afford to put their children through university. So their children will probably obtain marketable skills.

    5. Many would like to live in Hollywood and work with famous people, sure.

    6. The East and West Coasts appear to have a particular regional importance.

    7. Jews and Asians are worldly. They travel frequently and live overseas. They are not veritably trapped in some decaying or stagnant community. If the going gets really tough ethnic whites can (And do) simply move back to Italy, Israel or China. Like Linh. They have that option.


    1. Generally the people who dislike Jews the most are lower middle class or even lower class. Their parents were young and had minimal incomes when they were born.

    2. Many of the people who dislike Jews the most are children of single parents or divorce. They were brought up in family dysfunction.

    3. Often their parents were blue-collar. Nobody in their family was a PHd. I’m not Jewish but both my parents were PHd’s and so is my brother.

    4. A good number of lower or lower middle class whites are extremely bright. No matter. They attend lousy public schools. They experience dangers from minorities. This puts a damper on scholastic achievement…and anyhow, their parents cannot afford college.

    5. Lower class and lower middle class whites seem enamored of Hollywood. Jews and Asians are largely indifferent to it. Even though Jews are heavily representative, few of them actually want to be Andrew Dice Clay or Ron Jeremy. Jews watch the same television as whites, go to the same films, masturbate (I presume) to the same porn. But the effect is different.

    6. I am from Southeast Michigan and if you are stuck in those sort of cities you are worth nothing. Your property is worth nothing. People in Flint and Detroit could not even sell it for enough to pay rent somewhere else. There is no economy there that trickles down. Same with smaller cities and towns.

    7. Lower class and lower middle class whites have not been anywhere. They don’t have the safety net of returning to England like Linh. They’ve never been out of their state or overseas, except maybe to Juarez once. Hispanics, Jews, Asians, Italians, Indians all have the option to pull up stakes and return to their ancestral countries. Most of them have been playing hopscotch back and forth on airplanes their entire lives. Lower and lower middle class whites do not even know where their ancestors are from. They need a DNA test to figure that out. When you don’t know what your European origins are it makes for a weak white nationalists.

    8. Drugs. Sure, Jews do drugs. Lots of cocaine, from what I understand. They seem partial to blow, from what I have seen. But they do not completely ravage their lives with drugs. Asians are responsible for heroin-it all comes from the Far East. But lower and lower middle class whites just get wiped out by drugs. There are very few Jews hooked on meth at the age of 14. Less Jewish parents are addicts. Less children are born to addict parents. Along with drugs comes arrests and jail time and records for petty crime. DUI and possession with intent. Shoplifting. Burglary tools.

    Am I wrong about any of this?

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  137. @Wally

    Why did it need the law in the first place?

    There are more Jews in New York than South Carolina, so why aren’t there laws on the books up there?

    The funny thing is that the ethnic urban whites-Polish Catholics, definitely Italians (Who share many of the same genes) and Irish-are anti-Semitic to a degree. Definitely it exists in New York City or New Jersey.

    Arab-Americans are anti-Semitic.

    Why is their no law in Dearborn, Michigan against it?

  138. @Them Guys


    1. Jews are bright. Not geniuses on average, but bright enough not to lose their jobs to some Indian who was living in a Central American jungle last week.

    2. Jews won’t rob you. The chances of getting mugged or raped by Jews in Long Island is low. I would not hang around low bars in Brooklyn but generally Jews won’t mug or assault you.

    3. Jews are able to use birth control and a load of trashy Jewish sluts are not down at the county welfare office. Sarah Silverman can do whatever she wants sexually, I don’t care at all. If she has abortions until she is sterilized I don’t care at all. She is not popping kids out-of-wedlock.

    4. Jews are not ravaged by drugs. Maybe some Hollywood cog goes to rehab for cocaine but they are not robbing trailer parks or peddling ass on the street. First crack cocaine ravages rural and exurban whites, then meth, now heroin. It is like lower and lower middle class whites are guinea pigs for whichever drug Mexican mad scientists wants to pump through the sticks and exurbans.

    5. Jewish families might be dysfunctional or not. I’m not a Jew. But they do not become a problem for the general public. Few Jews end up in public care or Emergency shelters or homeless teens.

    6. Jews seem to pay taxes and seem to hold white-collar jobs.

    7. Jews are often white-collar criminals and apparently many of the Russian mafia are Jews but they are not turning any neighborhood into a war zone. They are not cutting the heads off high school girls like MS-13. Predictably, they are intelligent enough to stay out of jail.

    8. Jews are not complaining that their cities need Federal bailouts.

    9. Jews are not spreading AIDS to the same extent as another Non-Asian Minority.

    10. Jewish neighborhoods are not disintegrating or decaying. They look quite nice, in fact.

    I’m not pro-Jewish but someone please tell me what Jews are doing that is not abstract (Soros etc.). What are Jews doing ON THE STREET?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Robjil
    , @Them Guys
    , @tac
  139. Anonymous[130] • Disclaimer says:

    Cuckold = beta orbiter Joseph to Mary’s cuckspawned bastard Jesus.

    When you ask for something, ask nicely, dumb cunt.

  140. Rogue says:
    @Jeff Stryker


    I’m referring to Hollywood generally.

  141. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    The contempt by Slaves of Rabbi Jewsus for White peoples’ cultures comes through clear. Thanks for demonstrating the goal of your invasive Jew-worship cult.

  142. Anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    Matthew Heimbach converted to Orthodoxy, and found out quickly that they are not racial/ethnic. Christianity has always been internationalist/universalist, and was recruiting blacks from the very start, in Acts 8:26-40 with the Apostle Philip converting the Ethiopian, and Acts 13:1 with Simeon the Nigger being elevated to a leadership role.

    • Agree: Josep
    • Replies: @attilathehen
    , @Josep
  143. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Ah, Sarah Silverman, such a sweet, sweet J.A.P. And dear, dear Soros, so unobtrusive “ON THE STREET.” As if the culture war the Jews carry against whites is only “ON THE STREET.” What a propagandized term.

    Do you get paid to write these long-form, 10-point flowery homages to Jews?

    If not, do you have enough respect in you for your own blood to write a similar bouquet to your own people? It’d be easy, White midwestern folks from Mich./Ohio/Ind. are the nicest I’ve ever encountered, nothing close to your slanted caricature of them.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  144. Anonymous[631] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Wow, a long-form, 8-point diatribe denigrating Whitey to contrast with your long-form, 10-point flowery paen to Jews. You’re a busy, busy writer. Can you squeeze in some work for me? Can you write outside of the anti-White/pro-Jew paradigm with which you seem so comfortable? What is your rate?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  145. Blizzard says:

    Fake Christer, you are just a liberal clown. Protestants are no Christians. They are fakes. There is no Christian spirit in them. You cannot be both liberal pagan and Christian, just as you cannot support anti-Christian ideologies like the parasitic capitalist exploitation and also be Christian.

    Do you know what the word pagan means? It means professing a religion other than Christianity, Judaism or Islam. It also refers to a person who has no religion. By very definition liberals are pagans.

    As for pagan gods, their followers were either conquered or the belief in their own religion was found lacking and thus accepted conversion of their own will, that means some fought for their gods, their culture and their faith but lost, while others surrendered. So they didn’t fold like you say, they were defeated and subjected to cultural colonization and biological destruction. Christianity like Islam has spread by sword. You don’t think anyone would accept that degenerate religion dead set on destroying their biological selves, do you? Nobody sane accepts something foreign which spells its doom, doom for his people and doom for its culture. That’s why there is nobody to fight for Christianity, and rest assured that liberal pagans are not going to fight against their colonization if confronted, they will surrender like harlots they are.

    You speak like a liberal hippy clown, “god is love” and whatnot. God is not love. You have juvenile childish notions about things. If you seek love, try visiting Woodstock or some other liberal orgy to experience it. Or a brothel. That would do too just fine I am sure. Your thoughts betray you, liberal pagan. You would quench like a candle in the wind.

    Again, you are not a Christer to “believe” anything, least of all some stories in the Bible which you never read, liberal pagan.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  146. Blizzard says:

    Christers destroyed that religion Christianity, corrupting it with their changes and reforms by adding stories, tales and interpretations centuries after the death of the founder Christ. Islam did not. In Islam adding or changing Muhhamad words would get your head cut off. In Christianity you get celebrated by committing such frauds. Christianity speaks of creation, yet it shows no respect, awe or reverence for the various races and ethnicities of humanoid creation, instead it wishes to contaminate or destroy them completely thus proving themselves to of the devil’s work. Like I said, it’s a corrupt, degenerate, criminal religion in perpetual contradictions with itself thus per se proving Christers’ lies, fabrications, fairy-tales and fables added in the collection of stories.

    As for Islam, I think it could be a great thing if it starts beheading liberal pagans for their sins and godlessness. Divine Islam punishing the wicked liberal pagans. I find that notion to be faith-inspiring.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  147. Rogue says:

    More horse manure.

    Or maybe it’s pig manure.

    Whichever, it’s still a load of crap.

    Here’s an article about internal divisions within the Orthodox church, which is of minimal interest to me seeing as I’m not a member.

    But you and various anons, unless you’re all the same individual, feel the need to rant obsessively about your hatred for Christianity.

    Aren’t you at the wrong site? Those who presumably have the most interest in this article aren’t interested in your views and your worthless, tedious blather.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
    , @Blizzard
  148. Anonymous[631] • Disclaimer says:

    There are no liberal pagans. Keep your terms straight. Words do have meaning.

    Pagan means “religion of peasants.” Snake-handling is one current pagan practice. Conservative Christianity practiced in rural areas is mostly pagan, concentrating on the pagan elements included in Christianity to get whole European nations to swallow it. See Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth

    Christianity has always been a metropolitan religion, hence they denigrated peasant practices as “pagan.” Today’s liberals that want to destroy society are the True Christians, emulating Jewsus and his cult followers who also openly called for society’s destruction:

    1. International Globalist agenda. (Matthew 28:19)
    2. Muh equalism. (Galatians 3:28)
    3. Refugees welcome—or else. (Matthew 25:31-46)
    4. Africanized. (Acts 8:26-40, Acts 13:1)
    5. Communism. (Acts 4:32-35, Acts 6:1)
    6. Despise success. (esp. Luke 6:24, also Matthew 19:21-24, Mark 10:21-25, Luke 12:13-21, 16:19-31, 18:22-25)
    6. Reject your own blood and soil. (Luke 14:26, Matthew 19:27-30)
    7. Hate your life. (Luke 14:26, John 12:25)
    8. Love enemy’s life. (Matthew 5:43-46)
    9. Don’t bother reproducing. (Matthew 24:19, Mark 13:17, Luke 21:23, Luke 23:29)
    10. Teh GIBS! (Matthew 5:40-42, Luke 6:29-30)

    • Replies: @Blizzard
  149. @Anonymous

    You have not answered my questions. Not one.

    That’s a reflection of your IQ.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  150. @Anonymous

    My questions remain unanswered.

    Why aren’t Jewish neighborhoods decaying or disintegrating?

    Why are so few Jews in jail?

    Why is the out-of-wedlock birth rate for Jews so low? Some of you will say it is because they are ugly but clearly Sarah Silverman has been dicked by every race except perhaps for New Guinea tribesman.

    Why don’t Jews have drug epidemics in their communities?

    None of my questions are answered. You can call me a “crypto” (I’m not) or a “shill” (I spent most of my working life in a Muslim country).

    But you cannot explain to me why.

    It is not flowery. It is just facts. Statistical fact.

    So explain it.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Art
  151. Robjil says:
    @Jeff Stryker


    Here are some street action that the entire world is noticing. It is worst than Climate Change. The world does not care how little people of any type act. It is the big ones that this site is concerned about.

    Big H denial – is a five year penalty in many European countries. Even non-natives who travel to these European countries may be entrapped. A Canadian brother and sister are in jailed in Germany now for possibly five years. Alfred and Monika Schaefer are their names.

    Iraq 1991 war ended on Purim day.

    Iraq 2003 war started on Purim.

    Libya 2011 war started on Purim.

    Seven nations to be destroyed for the NY/ Pentagon false flag. Where does this lovely concept of destroying other nations come from? Deuteronomy 7.1-2 written in 500 BC. This OT passage is the main driver of the destruction of the middle east.

    The OT reckless destruction of nations and peoples can be endlessly done over and over again according OT Judaic sources. A command (OT recklessly destruction) may fulfilled without being limited to anytime. Descendants or imagined descendants can destroyed at any time in history. This is how the endless war games are going on and on with 500 BC advisors in full power in the US and in the western world. The Judaic term for reusing the violent actions of the OT is noheg l’doros ( for all generations). Thus according to Judaic 500 BC followers the OT has not ended. It to be reused for all generations.

    9/11 – Judaic Gemetria combo. Ten Sefirot – ten sefirots are divine energy that creates and sustains the world. According to Sefer Yetzirah – “ten and not eleven; ten and not nine” . Ten is a complete, balanced and the holy orders of powers. Nine represents something painful but needed like birth. Nine months makes a child. Eleven is considered destructive excess, the ego going one up on God. According to Judaic sages “whoever adds detracts”. Eleven signifies evil and curse. No one should be using the 9/11 term anymore, it only glorifies the doers.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  152. Anonymous[171] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You didn’t answer my simple question on your hourly rate for writing long-form flowery bouquets in praise of the Jews, which is a reflection on your IQ–by your very own standard–and your motive.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  153. @Robjil

    If Bush was able to convince his lower middle class GOP to lose thousands of lives and run up a deficit so that Jews could have a happy Purim day I’d say that makes whites fairly stupid, doesn’t it?

    • Replies: @Robjil
  154. @Anonymous

    Jews wouldn’t pay me. They seem indifferent to the praise or antipathy of non-Jews.

  155. Robjil says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    That is what this site is a about – Wake up time. Time is getting late. The 500 BC fanatics are closing on humanity. Censorship is rumbling and crushing dissent all over the place. Caucasians, “white” is a color and not a race, they are not stupid; they have no freedom of speech. Censorship and control in media by 500 BC fanatics is all rage in the west and much of the non-west.

  156. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Islam is the most likely candidate for Western Europe. So the true God will be rejected for a counterfeit.

    Ah, good old reverse-psychology fear mongering.

    True god? Meaning the human-like mangod of Christianity?

    Counterfeit? Meaning the One, Infinite, Unique God of the universe and everything beyond, of Islam?


  157. Art says:

    That quote is completely out of character for Jesus? LOL, nice try to dismiss the Bible, but no, Jesus’ unhinged words are completely in character for a fanatical leader of a true believer movement, as noted by Eric Hoffer in his famous text The True Believer.

    Here is the bible quote: 32And the multitude sat about him, and they said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren without seek for thee. 33And he answered them, saying, Who is my mother, or my brethren? 34And he looked round about on them which sat about him, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! 35For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.

    He seems to be saying to love god and to love everyone who loves god, like they were family? What’s the beef?

    Think Peace — Art

    p.s. Eric Hoffer’s True Believer is a favorite – it enlightened me to politics and mass movements. 100,000 True Believers are going to show up for Trump today – ???

  158. Them Guys says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    And if the FBI had a Top Ten Most Wanted list, for the Worlds Top Ten Consumers of….

    KoolAide…..You Jeff would definitely get a Top Spot on that FBI Top Ten KoolAide list.

  159. Them Guys says:

    Yes ironic how some folks bitch and do so constantly about an issue they claim does not even exist!

    As if they have sever Mental problems, eh.

    I personally do Not believe Martian aliens exist or ever did..yet I don’t dedicate my awake hours telling everybody I can, how much I Hate aliens from other planets… which do not exist!

    Such abject Foam at mouth pure Hatred seems unhealthy mentally, no?

    • Replies: @Anon
  160. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Hey Stryker – here is the real Jew – and here is you.

    He is a Zionist sniper with a hi powered rifle – killing Gaza women and children trying to enter their own country.

    His American counterpart will attack any fellow American who objects to the outrages of Zionism. He will get on the internet and shriek and bellow that Jews are victims. He grabs the benefits of Western society, as he selfishly destroys it. He does everything to promote chaos – manipulating the body politic into hate groups. He promotes war after war – our blood our treasure squandered.

    That is the American Jew – that is YOU!

    Think Peace — Art

  161. @Anon

    Heimbach is a member of the Orthodox church and likes it because the churches are racial/ethnic. I don’t know if you’re also Anon 130 but again, come up with a religious/spiritual plan for the West.

    Sweden is the perfect example for a revival of the Viking culture and religion. Swedish men can get together, form a Viking party and say they will fight for the survival of the Swedes. They can say that they don’t want any religion that is not indigenous to the Swedes. I’m not seeing this. Many Swedes criticized Christianity, but now that they have an opportunity to create something specifically for Sweden, they aren’t doing this. Swedes are cowardly cucks.

    You are just like all the other cowardly, cuck commentators who always criticize Christianity, but never come up with an alternative.

    I’ve always stated: first, repatriate and/or segregate blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims from the West. The West is not any of these. Then we can focus on creating a religion/spiritual practice for the West.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Seraphim
  162. Seraphim says:

    Please, don’t answer to this braindamaged imbecile. You waste your time and you won’t change him. He is incurable. Watch his answer to me (he won’t be able to refrain to put on show his idiocy). Have fun.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  163. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why are so few Jews in jail?

    Why don’t Jews have drug epidemics in their communities?

    How prophetic!

    Jews have created the greatest drug epidemic in American history.

    Some day the America people are going know the whole story of Oxycontin – and the greed of its Jew producers.

    If there is any justice, they will rot in jail before going to hell.

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  164. Josep says:

    We have a winner!


    “Phyletism is, again, placing one’s worldly identity, identity as a pilgrim in this world, above his identity as a member of the Kingdom of Heaven, as a baptized Christian who is no longer a member of this world, first and foremost, but is a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. And we have the words of the Apostle Paul, which we all I’m sure know, but which is good to recall. “There is neither Jew nor Greek for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” And just before that he says: “You are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized in Christ, have put on Christ.””

    “Phyletism is the name of an ecclesiological heresy which says that the Church can be territorially organized on an ethnic, racial, or cultural basis so that within a given geographic territory, there can exist several Church jurisdictions, directing their pastoral care only to the members of specific ethnic groups. A Church council in 1872 officially defined and condemned this heresy. It reacted to a proposition made by Bulgarians of the Patriarchate of Constantinople who wanted to establish a Church jurisdiction, sanctioned by the Turkish government, on the territory of the Patriarchate: The formation in the same place of a particular [local] Church based on race which only receives faithful of that same ethnic group and is run by pastors of only of the same ethnic group, as the adherents of Phyletism claim, is an event without precedent.”

  165. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:


    […]It turns out that the notorious Matthew Heimbach was recently received into the Orthodox faith at a parish in Bloomington. The parish priest has just posted an announcement on the church website reading, in part:

    Orthodoxy rejects the teaching that churches or countries should be divided along racial lines.


    Church To Orthodox Fascists: Repent!

    Since your lies are continually disproven, why do you try to keep telling them? Nobody trusts a liar, and you are as untrustworthy as the worst.

    • Agree: Josep
  166. Seraphim says:

    The Swedes cannot ‘create something specifically for Sweden’, i.e. a ‘revival’ of the Norse mythology, because it is dead for more than a thousand years. The Norse ‘paganism’ (Perun and all that stuff) was buried forever by the Baptism of the ‘Rus’ Vikings in the waters of the Dnieper. And that was their greatest achievement.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  167. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:
    @Them Guys


    God/Gad/Gott/Gotin/Godin/Odin exists, and I’ve never said otherwise. The Jewish deity Jehovah hates God. Bible says so.

    “But you who forsake Yahweh, who forget my holy mountain, who prepare a table for God…” Isaiah 65:11

    You can never, ever address that your foreign Jewish deity hates God, coward. You’re an intellectual fraud, just like all traitorous Jew-worshipers selling out your own blood and soil for a “hundredfold” (Matthew 19:29) payout from the Superkike fictional character to whom you have pledged allegiance.

    • Troll: Them Guys
  168. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you now reject the Jew Testament, Seraphim? It appears so.

    St. Paul states that it is you who is an ignoble imbecile. Noble, intelligent Europeans like myself do not believe Jewish storytelling nonsense, which is rather upsetting to Jewish storytellers and the ignoble imbecilic dupes like yourself who swallow Jewish nonsense.

    1 Corinthians 1:18-26 “For the message about the cross is nonsense…the nonsense of our preaching…Not many of you were wise by human standards…not many were noble…”

  169. It really is funny when the Saker raves like a moron about falsehoods. His commentariat is no better, raving about Christianity like the fools they are.

    Saker, Russia is Nazi occupied, not Ukraine, and Kirill is about as corrupt as any of the worst clerics that ever lived. Were Kirill a Christian, Ukrainian Autocephaly wouldn’t bother him. Instead, it’s a threat to his wealth and power, and his main rival for the Patriarch’s throne looks like he may displace Kirill, which scares the man to death. The ROC has never recovered from the days of the Soviet Union, and never will.

    500 BC fanatics? You people need to get of the drugs. It really is badly affecting your cognition.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  170. Blizzard says:

    You summed up liberal pagan and Christer activities quite nicely using your manure analogy: Christers are spreading horse manure, whereas you liberal pagans are doing the same with your pig manure. If Christers hadn’t been stupid horses, they wouldn’t have destroyed themselves and created liberal pagan plague to replace themselves with; and if liberal pagans weren’t pigs, they would be Christers. Cowardly Christers with their longing to reflect their creator, whose meek and contradicting persona other Christers created centuries after his death, created you voracious liberal pagans, their monstrous horrid offspring. I am no friend of the Christers’ duplicitous, contradicting nature and their liberal tumor I despise. Other humanoid cultures, ethnicities and nations are buried in the belly of the beast of Christianity and their horrid liberal pagan offspring which need help to free themselves. Thus I provide that help. But humanoids are hardly the reason of my interest in killing the beast. There are myriads of lifeforms whose very existence is threatened by the feeding of the liberal pagans and their insatiable hunger to consume more. Many lifeforms teeter on the brink of extinction caused by humanoid use of their habitat or them directly as the fuel for lifestyles of liberal pagans. So you see, liberal tumor, I have great interest in seeing you destroyed and your ravenous reign of carcinogenic terror ended. It’s imperative. Like I said, it’s the battle for survival of myriads lifeforms, including the filthy humanoid one. Guardians get summoned in most incredible places. I fight for the survival of the habitats which sustain them and in the process for their own survival as well as my own, killing liberal tumors and occasionally some Christers which still spawn and spread them, their imperial tumors.

  171. Blizzard says:

    You libtards. Have I not given you the exact definition of the word pagan? I remember I did.

    Pagan. A noun meaning:
    1. An adherent of a polytheistic religion in antiquity, especially when viewed in contrast to an adherent of a monotheistic religion.
    2. One who has no religion.
    3. An adherent of a religion other than Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.
    4. A hedonist.

    Liberals are pagans by all 4 (3 in fact) views, thus I aptly named you liberal pagans. Now since you are a liberal pagan, I can see how you see the word as offensive for yourself, especially since you regard yourself as “enlightened” which should in your opinion mean some pretty great things. This is not a kindergarten and I do not deal with euphemistic, fake, fraudulent liberal definitions of words or things. I can see why they call you snowflakes.

  172. Anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Dead for more than a thousand years? No, it’s just you who is intellectually brain-dead.

    God’s name (other European names Gott/Gotin/Godin/Woden/Odin/etc.) is spoken every day, by many people, including you.

    Also, today isTuesday, named to honor the Norse god of war, Tiu, or Tyr, the son of Odin. Wednesday, named to honor Odin, or Woden, chief god in Norse mythology. Thursday, named to honor Thor, Norse god of thunder. Friday, named to honor the Norse goddess of love, Frigg, or Frija.

    You keep honoring Gott and Tiu and Thor And Frigg, day after day, week after week. Welcome to the party, pal.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  173. Robjil says:

    In our time, 500 BC fanaticism is the biggest and most dangerous problem of our planet. Why 500 BC? Most of the Old testament/Torah was written in 500 BC. Some parts were written a little later, so this is just an approximate time. The most violent and destructive themes of these books is being used in our time for endless war and world hegemony policies. 500 BC fanaticism is no joke sadly. The OT commands (calls for destruction by God of the OT) are not considered final thus they can be revived “for all generations” (noleg l’doros). Descendants or imagined descendants of the condemned by God in the OT can be destroyed at any time in history and endlessly. We are living with this insanity in our time. The middle east is a total mess with this OT “for all generations” (noleg l’doros) destruction mania.

    Seven nations to destroy comes from Deuteronomy 7. 1-2 written in 500 BC. Wesley Clark mentioned this seven to destroy game for the NY/Pentagon false flag. Why must Jerusalem be the capital of Israel in our time? It was the capital of Israel in 500 BC. Why is the Purim a huge theme for many our wars in the middle east? Purim is another BC theme from the OT. The first Purim happened in Iran in about 423 BC, so it happened a little later than 500 BC but it is in the approximate time. An attack on Iran would return Purim to its roots. Thus “all the eyes are on the prize” by our 500 BC rulers are focused on Iran. An attack on Iran would return Purim to its roots, thus the greatest Purim prize of all. Iraq was Purimized twice. 1991 war ended on Purim. 2003 started on Purim. Libya 2011 war started on Purim.

    Ukraine is not a nation anymore. It is a US deep state puppet terror state. It has no independent policies outside what the US deep state says. It votes the same way as the US votes at the UN for all its policies. It is a sad spectacle on the stage of the world. Nulandistan would be good name for US/Ukraine. It even has a US bio-lab that is developing bio-weapons – for humans, plants and animals to be used against Russia. This perhaps the most dangerous and immoral thing that the US is doing in the world. Diseases should never be used as weapons.

  174. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Your definitions are as fluid as your gender. Not surprising from a blizzard composed of snowflake upon snowflake.

  175. Anon[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Rogue: This world will not endure – at least not in it’s current form. That is the message of scripture and I believe it.

    Ecclesiastes: Generations come and generations go, but the earth abides forever.

    So much for your belief in Jewtales. Depends on what part of the scripture you pick-n-chose to like best, eh? LOL

    Ecclesiastes is the only charming book ever written by a Jew.
    -Ernest Renan (1823 – 1892)

  176. @Art

    Meh, they said the same thing about PCP, then crack cocaine, then meth…

    I suppose the Jews were behind those drugs too.

    You sound like a black blaming the CIA for the crack cocaine epidemic in the ghetto.

    • Replies: @Art
  177. @Art

    I’m not Jewish American. Jews are not victims of anything, being uniformly middle-class to upper middle-class white-collar urban minority.

    Because I am neither Arab nor Jewish, I am really not that outraged at what goes on in some desert country on the border of North Africa.

    George Bush’s GOP constituency of lower middle class and rural Flyover whites promoted the Iraq War, most Jews are Leftists who opposed the Iraq War. They always oppose right-wing wars and have since Vietnam.

    It is funny how Republican chickenhawks will accuse Jews of being anti-American left-wingers for opposing a war and then 10 years down the road they will blame the war on Jews who voted for Al Gore.

  178. @Art

    “Manipulating the body politics in hate groups”?

    Here is the problem from the perspective of a middle-class, semi-educated (Bachelor’s degree anyhow) and “ethnic” (As in I grew as a hyphenated American) white from a progressive Northern city.

    The White Trashnationalists are just that. They are just so, so ignorant and untraveled and well…stupid.

    They talk about white nationalism but don’t even know where their ancestors are from without a DNA test. This is really odd to us Northerners who can identify one another by last name.

    They barely graduate high school and their parents are always too poor to send them to college. Why would you have kids if you could not afford to send them to college.

    Catholics changed with the time but they as Evangelical Protestants still marry the first girl they have sex with and have kids and then find themselves broke and unable to attend college or enter into skilled-trades programs because they are 20 or 21 and have a kid.

    Their marriages always break up because they were so young and their kids always go on about dysfunctional childhoods where Dad is gone by the time they are 5 years old and Mom was a wild slut who left them with her grandmother.

    At least urban whites get all the partying out of their system before they marry and have kids. At least urban whites grab some qualifications before they start a family. At least urban whites in Northern cities KNOW where their ancestors are from.

    When I was young in Arizona the rednecks were all “tweaking” on meth and ephedrine pills were the epidemic because the stupid white rural rednecks and urban white trash were using these as the ingredient for meth and NOW YOU CANNOT GET DECENT COLD MEDICINE WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION.

    No worries, the stupid rednecks and urban/exurban white trash found some other pill to abuse.

    I hate to bring up “whiggers” again but at least in the old days white proles listened to Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest and the worst you had to worry about were bad mullets and the occasional suicide when a record was played backwards.

    I’m sure all of the white proles I knew in the low-income apartments of Phoenix, Arizona when I was a young man came to a bad, bad end.

    • Replies: @Art
  179. @Blizzard

    What does Evangelical Protestantism actually DO for folks like you? I mean what are the benefits?

    Why are you always poorer than Catholics or Jews or Hindus?

    Heck, they’re poorer than pagans.

    Why are Evangelical Christians generally less well off than Catholics, Jews or Hindus?

    What is the reason?

    I keep asking a SIMPLE QUESTION and none of you answer it.

    Instead again and again and again I am accused of being Jewish (I’m not) or supporting some country in the Levant I don’t care a whit about at all.

    My question is purely economic.

    Why are Evangelical and Born Again Christians A) earning a median income that is low and near-poverty level and b) living in economically depressed areas?

    Can someone just ANSWER my question.

    Why are Catholics and Hindus and Jews earning more and living in cities with a better standard of living?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Colin Wright
  180. @Blizzard


    Well they seem to have a higher median income on average, don’t they?

    I’d bet dollars to donuts that less of the white ones end up on the country on welfare or lose their job to some Indian from the jungles of Central America.


    This has not hurt Asians or Hindus in the United States. They don’t seem to be as poor as Evangelical Protestants, do they? The regions where they are most heavily represented have a higher standard of living than those of the bible belt.

    I’ve asked this question 90 times and nobody answers it.

  181. tac says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Dual-citizen, Israeli-firsters, Jew supremacists parasites are-when all their onion layers been peeled back–simply attached to a single issue and its perceived significance: survival of Israel. When this evil incarnate is finally dealt with, will the world would once again be removed from another stagnant period of reoccurring the dark ages.

    Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are, and those few dare not oppose themselves to the opinion of the many, who have the majesty of the state to defend them; and in the actions of all men, and especially of princes, which it is not prudent to challenge, one judges by the result.

    — Machiavelli from The Prince : CHAPTER XVIII

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  182. @tac

    What was their issue before Israel became a country 70 years ago?

    And why should I care about a bunch Semites killing one another in a foreign country.

    You’re going to talk about foreign wars but if the GOP had not gotten the white prole vote for Bush and Gore had been elected there would have been no Iraq War and no subsequent power vacuum in the Middle East.

    Texas rednecks with their oil monopoly cartels backed Bush in order to lay their hands on Iraq’s oil supply.

    This then created the Middle East we have today and led to the refugee crisis, Yemen, ISIS etc.

    I agree about fiscal funds subsidizing Israel, however.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  183. Seraphim says:

    Not by Russians, nor by Greeks, peoples who follow the ‘Jew Testament’.

  184. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Meh, they said the same thing about PCP, then crack cocaine, then meth…

    I suppose the Jews were behind those drugs too.

    Hey Stryker,

    Your idols the Oxycontin Jews’ name is Sackler (they are going to hell after they die in jail).

    (Of course the Jew media did hype drugs in the sixty’s and seventy’s.)

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  185. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Nordic whites are wild, and unable to adapt to the zoo cages of civilization like lesser-capable, more-domesticated, slave-like brown people. Difference between wolves and dogs. Dogs survive in confinement better than wolves. Wolves are wretched creatures in domestication, like feral whites.

    Catholics are generally darker skinned, with more negro-blood, than Evangelical Protestants. Same with Hindus. They do better in domestication/confinement than wild whites.

    When civilization collapses, and it will, feral whites will survive, especially if there is another brutal ice age, the forge of white privilege. If the global warming runs away, less chance. It’s a matter of adaptation to extreme cold, which takes extreme intelligence that only whites possess.

    There’s your answer. Don’t bellyache about not being answered again.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  186. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Say Stryker,

    You must be really hurting having to dump on your fellow Americans the way you do. Is there anything we can do for you? We don’t want you to endlessly suffer so. We can feel your pain.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    p.s. More and more Americans are getting to know your idols the Jews. These things are slow to grow – by mighty in the end – ride the wave dude.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  187. @Art

    At least Jews take responsibility and don’t blame whites for the fact that Amy Winehouse or Lenny Bruce were junkies that ended up dying.

    They are not blaming anyone for the fact that Sarah Silverman is a slut or blaming white consumers for corrupting their daughters into becoming porn stars.

    Jews at least acknowledge responsibility for their actions-they are not blaming Mexico or Latin America for the fact that so many Hollywood Jews end up deviating their septum with Peruvian nose candy.

    Asians and other groups also went through the 1960’s and 1970’s.

    Korean store owners in black ghettos could try crack cocaine and get hooked through the bag on it. But they don’t.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  188. @Anonymous

    White proles are not “Nordic”. Those would be German and Scandinavian Lutherans.

    The Bible belt is Anglo-Celtic. Baptists and Methodists are from England.

    Its terrible how feral German-Americans are. I mean look what they did to cities like Milwaukee (Which they build) or Queens (Which they predominated).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  189. @Art

    I’m not hurting badly. If you have not read my comments in other articles I left the United States in 1999.

    I can sort of sympathize with white proles.

    My existence was unrewarding in the United States that I happily left in 1999.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Art
  190. Robjil says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    WWI – 500 BC (Old testament fantasy) fanatics wanted to knock out the Ottoman empire in order to get Palestine. Britain wanted Germany out, since it was competition.

    500 BC fanatics and Rothschild fake money pushers wanted Russia out, since Russia was not in the Rothschild fake money scam at the time. After the Tzar and family was killed a saying by one of the killers was written on a wall of the room of the killings. It was a quote from a German Jewish author, Heinrich Heine. It was written in German. Here is the English translation. “Belsatzar was, on the same knight, killed by his slaves”
    The writer purposely misspelled Belshazzar to have the Tzar in the word at the end. Belshazzar, was a Gentile king of Babylon, who in the Old testament saw “the writing on the wall” that foretold his destruction in Daniel 5. He was killed in punishment for his offenses against Israel’s God.
    Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917 was main possible by WWI.

    WWII- the goal was to knock out Germany, get the Big 6 million game running. Hitler should have not set up camps for Jews. It fit the 6 million game that the 500 BC fanatics were pushing since 1823. The mass destruction of Central/Eastern Europe, the forced mass movement of millions of people in these regions and the communist take over of Eastern Europe made it possible to push any narrative as needed for the creation of Israel.

    1948 – Israel created. The deal was done. We are dealing with the deal on a massive scale today.

    The wars in the middle east are Israel wars.

    Why would Purim fit into it if it was not? Iraq 1991 war ended on Purim. 2003 Iraq ended on Purim. 2011 Libya ended on Purim. This wars are not based on oil. The US has plenty of oil. Israel is getting the Iraq oil and not the US.

    Also, crack cocaine really was sold by CIA. Gary Webb exposed that and was suicided for that in 2004.

  191. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Yes, yes, the people who make up Heritage America, about which you piss and moan in long-form, 10-point diatribes. Thanks for naming all the specific areas I had in mind, the original Northern lands of the Whitest of the Whites. Germans, Scandinavians, Anglo-Celtic are all areas of constant Viking trade and similar Northern Europe genetics.

    Source: Viking Age Trade Routes in North-West Europe

    You begged and begged for an answer, and you finally received your wish. Even a little 8 year old girl would have remembered to say a simple thank you. It’s unfortunate you have not yet reached that level of maturity.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  192. Anonymous[445] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    If your existence was unrewarding in the United States, then your writing sounds like a humiliating tale of sour grapes. Your diatribes against Whites is more a reflection on your personality, and why you moved to live with more comfortable brown people. At least there’s travel now for those who aren’t capable of reaching the low hanging fruit that seems easy to reach and enjoy to the rest of us.

  193. annamaria says:

    ZUSA has united with Vatican against Russia:
    Comment section, Suzanne De Kuyper:

    “… the disunity originates from Ukraine, where Russian Christian Orthodoxy was born from the gift from Greece of the Greek Christian Orthodoxy almost 1,000 teas ago.

    … the US Empire has targeted the Greek and Russian Christian Orthodox Structures in order to destroy their power of joined peace over the globe.

    During the Russian Soviet Union when religion was banned, Fathers killed, churches burned, the Orthodox in Russia, hiding themselves in order to stay alive, leaned on the Greeks to help…

    When the Soviet Union crashed, adult Russians flocked to Greek Orthodox Christian Churches to become baptised in their adult-sized marble tubs. There is an unbreakable bond between both lands.”

  194. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    My existence was unrewarding in the United States that I happily left in 1999.

    Wiki proles: The word prole is a shortening of the word proletarian, a term for the working class. The word was made popular by George Orwell in his 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which he uses the word proles (collective noun) to refer to the working class of Oceania (i.e. the proletariat).

    Say Stryker,

    You may or may not be a Jew – but you sure do share their sick arrogant haughty hate for the American Christian working class. Jews look down on everyone just like you do.

    Clearly the American people have done something that has hurt you. We apologize and hope you can forgive us – thus freeing yourself from your all-consuming hatred. Few people write with your loathing and animosity for the religious middleclass.

    We Americans are not ourselves now – the Jews control our country – but we will shake off their evil grip on us – it is written.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

  195. Seraphim says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    What Jews never take responsability for is the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Russians (I am deliberately modest, the score is certainly higher, however much that may displease the professional Solzhenitsyn’s haters). Not only that, they clamor that it was ‘worth it’, otherwise their little runt creation (USSR) wouldn’t have been able to ‘crush fascism, nazism, hitlerism’. Why is Putin ‘Putler’ in their eyes?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  196. Seraphim says:

    The irony is that the ‘white’ people ar actually blacks discolored. It is a genetical defect which affects their brain too, whence their limited capacity of comprehension of the world surrounding them.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Art
  197. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    Purer were her Nazarites than snow, Whiter than milk. -Lamentations 4:7

    “Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. -Psalm 51:7

    “And I saw a great white throne, and him who sat on it.”

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  198. @Art

    The word prole was popularized by Marx. He invented the word.

    I am a white middle-class Christian prole, and I have gone on and on about why life might be better for white middle-class males overseas so I am not going to go over it yet again.

    The problem for white proles-and I was one-is not Jews. It is first and foremost economics. Let me lay it down 10 point again.

    1. White proles have to attend awful public schools. Another poster here mentioned “sexual bullying” from blacks. I would not know about that because I attended Catholic schools. However, it would not surprise me.

    2. White proles are exposed to drugs at a young age because Cholos and Hoodrats flood their neighborhoods with them.

    3. White proles face the threat of gangs roving the streets and public areas where they live like MS-13. It is hard to do well academically in your school when your classmates are Indian primitives who chop girl’s heads off with machetes like MS-13.

    4. White proles have limited income so they HAVE to ride the same public transport and otherwise exist around potential “Chimpouts”. They don’t have the earning power to leave.

    5. I’ll cite the sad case of “Stanley” my Polish-American roommate from Flint who “did the right thing” and married the girl whom he got pregnant. If you are an URBAN white prole, it is hard to move to the sticks. It is hard to move anywhere. The white urban prole’s property is worth little.

    NB This is why white proles live in trailer parks. They are safer there than in efficiency apartments in low-income areas.

    6. White proles are exposed to bad behavior young.

    7. White proles often do not have the money to attend college. And the public schools they attend are not conducive to learning. Teachers are exhausted and underpaid.

    8. White proles have no other entertainment, seemingly, except television. They cannot afford a trip to Paris art museums or a skiing trip in Switzerland. Many of them have never even been on an airplane in their entire life.

    9. White proles often have children young-in their college years. Much of the time, their marriages break up. Out-of-wedlock pregnancy is much, much higher than it is for college-educated middle-class whites.

    10. White proles who live in the sticks are safer than those in cities or exurbs but the job market is even more meager.

    None of this has much to do with Jews. Often times, the white prole has not met a Jew in their entire life. Jews generally earn 5 or 6 figure salaries that allow them to live in nice suburbs.

    I was a white Christian prole who simply moved overseas young because I had no reason not to. These issues do not matter overseas. You don’t face them in Dubai. Only four weeks after Phoenix I was sitting at a cafe on a Dubai beach thinking how nice it was that there were no Cholos or Hood Rats around.

    There were no Jews either, but I cannot really say how Jews affected me personally. I knew some Jews in college of course. And there were some in my neighborhood growing up. I did not feel that they were brain-washing me or controlling my behavior.

    Which leads us to the question of how Jews-an urban middle class ethnic group-affect working class white Christians.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Anon
  199. Anonymous[117] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    RE: Comment #191: I am still awaiting a simple thank you. You begged and begged for an answer to your question. You taunted over and over again that nobody would answer you. I answered you, and then *_____.* Nothing. I’ll bet you’re the kind of guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I’ll be watching you!

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  200. @Anonymous

    I don’t respond to 17 year old Gen Z/last who are in the 11th grade.

    Your quotes of old American films leads me to believe that in addition to being young you are also an Indian or Muslim. Not American and definitely not Nordic.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  201. Anon[136] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Compelled to leave “white proles” decades ago. Obsessively contemplates “white proles” 24/7. Writes long-form comments about “white proles” in 10-point sermons that last way over time. Are you going to give an altar call next? Instead of “Just as I Am,” here’s a better song for your accompanying pianist…

    They were the first thing that I thought of
    When I thought I drank proles off my mind
    When I get lost in brown liquor
    Whites are the only spirits I find

    Clint Black | Killing Time (adapted) | 1989

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  202. Art says:

    The irony is that the ‘white’ people ar actually blacks discolored.

    Man-o-man — good old mother nature – that sure worked out good – didn’t it!

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

  203. Anonymous [AKA "mario alessandro"] says:

    Behold: Catholicism opposes internationalism to the nationalisms of Orthodoxy.. Albeit with the same common doctrine.

    But the States are trying to “Anglicize” .. to Greekize or Russify the national Churches.. Even today, although the Churches of state have been superseded by the secularism of the States ..
    (Side effects of the Protestant Reformation)

  204. @Art

    “American people hurt you”

    Just be a middle-class young man in a lean period living in the low-income underbelly of an American city among the underclass of unfettered white trash (Or Cholos or Hood Rats) with hopeless stunted souls.

    I earned roughly the same menial pay in Dubai and I was much better off there. There was no unfettered white trash and even the working-class white kids of run-of-the-mill blue-collar whites seemed to unfettered and out of control in Phoenix.

    I’m not Jewish at all but the distance between a middle-class white from a suburb in a city like Ann Arbor and the white underclass or working poor is a galaxy.

    Here’s a revelation for you, Art.

    If they all moved overseas young enough, they would have been alright. If they managed not to have kids young and got a job in Dubai at 25, a place where having a kid out-of-wedlock is hard and definitely dangerous, they’d be alright.

    If like me they had simply gotten out of the United States at 25 where soul-destroying drugs are inaccessible anyhow (And I sure would not try to score meth in the Philippines or any kind of drug in Dubai) they would be alright.

    If they were unable to marry until the age of 35 like myself they would have the money to send their children to college-its cheap anyhow.

    If they were overseas, they would be out of the harm’s way of blacks and Mestizos.

    Of course some of the white trash underclass would be so stupid that they would come to a bad end abroad.

    But for most of them, like me, they would be better-off.

    • Replies: @Art
  205. Seraphim says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Stalin was not, but Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kaganovich, Yagoda (to name a few) were.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  206. Seraphim says:

    The Nazirites were not the Norse.
    The one who sits on the great white throne is Jesus in glory, “his face shining as the sun, and his garments white as the light”.
    The washing of the Psalmist is a prefiguration of Baptism.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  207. @Johnny Rottenborough

    ‘…To the Church, nationalism is a threat. To whites, nationalism is our saviour.’

    I suspect that nationalism without Christianity may ultimately imply Nazism.

  208. @War for Blair Mountain

    ‘The Catholic Pope is obviously a filthy, stinking, homosexual pig-as are his Cardinals. I was born and raised Irish Catholic….Catholic Schools all the way…’

    I thought it was the Spanish who always followed their priests either with a candle or a club.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  209. @Jeff Stryker

    ‘…Why are Evangelical and Born Again Christians A) earning a median income that is low and near-poverty level and b) living in economically depressed areas?

    Can someone just ANSWER my question…’

    It seems pretty obvious to me that you’re reversing the relationship. Evangelicals et al don’t become poor because they’re Evangelicals. They become Evangelicals because they’re poor.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  210. Anonymous[762] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    Apparently you never heard of the Martin Luther Memorial Church in Berlin, i.e., the “Nazi Church.”

    Saving a Nazi Church: Aryans on the Altar; Swastikas on the Church Bells

    Nor have you read history. Since I doubt you’ll start to read any, let’s use simple pictures, which are just as effective at invalidating your silly notion:

    The following photos provide a pictorial glimpse of Hitler, how his Nazis mixed religion with government, and the support for Hitler by the Protestant and Catholic Churches in Germany.

  211. Anonymous[153] • Disclaimer says:

    Never said Nazirites were Norse; how’d you concoct that whopper? LOL What you said was that being white was “genetical defect which affects their brain.” Since you’re one of the Jew-worshipers, you only denigrate your Jewbook with your childish falsehoods. Even the Jews recognize White as best.

    What are you, some dumb Negro? Being a darkie is much closer to what you characterized as a “genetical defect which affects their brain.” Never read any science of how stupid blacks are, have you? May as well start here…


    “Studies find that darker pigmented people average higher levels of aggression and sexual activity (and also lower IQ).”

    Darker pigmented people average higher levels of aggression.

    “…the mean IQ of sub-Saharan black Africans is about 70 – at the borderline of mental retardation.”

    African IQ and Mental Retardation
    South African Journal of Psychology, Vol 36, Issue 1, 2006

  212. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    LOL! What a childish imbecile you are at guessing ages; I’m way older than 17/Gen Z. Oh yes, and quoting Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey) from “Full Metal Jacket” makes one…..Hindu! LOLOLOL! Oh god, my sides are splitting!!! But you couldn’t get even the lowest of trailer trash white pussy in Michigan, which is why you had to settle for the easier brown skanks in Asia. “Me love you long time. Me sucky sucky.” I speculate that you just revealed via psychological projection that you’re some Hindu street-shitter who never actually lived in Michigan. You’ve never had pussy in your entire bleak life that you haven’t paid immediate cash, and none of it white.

    P.S. I’m both American and traced ancestors back to those Viking trade routes I illustrated, you pissant liar and ungrateful shitbird.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  213. Robjil says:

    Drugs are a US/ Zion deep state thing. Afghanistan grow 90 percent of the worlds opium. During the Taliban’s time, there was no opium growing at all. Now, US troops are guarding opium crops. The CIA was selling crack cocaine to the inner cities in the 1980s – 1990s- 2000s. Gary Webb exposed it and was suicided for it. The Sacklers are pushing opium prescription drugs in the US. The little sellers are not real problem. The big guys are giving, selling and pushing the drugs on the little guys. Your posts focus on the little guys. The little guys have no say in how things are run and what is done on this small planet. There is a massive censorship of what is really happening in the world with Zion( BC/ Old testament/Torah) fanatics in control of the western media and most of the world’s media. We are very lucky to have a site like UNZ to regain humanity’s yearning to be free. Humans advanced through critical thinking skills. The clamping and stomping down on people who are looking at varied viewpoints is destroying human growth. If this clamp down continues, humanity will descend down the evolutionary ladder to the Chimpanzee level. We are already at the Chimpanzee level in our military games – false flag attacks on civilians, and Seven nations to destroy ( from Deut. 7.12) theme for our middle east wars.

  214. @Colin Wright

    Why when a Catholic priest is outed as a monstrous child-molesting homosexual he always has a name like O’Brien and not Kuklinski or LaSardo.

    It is always an Irish-American. Always.


  215. @Seraphim

    Stalin did Trotsky in and Lenin appointed Stalin over fellow Jewish revolutionaries so the Jews cannot have been completely all-powerful.

  216. @Colin Wright

    Its the same in Bangladesh and other Muslim countries I passed through. The poor go to the mosque 5 times a day.

    The question of WHY the bible belt is poor and Catholic districts or Jewish districts less so remains unanswered.

    Those people who populated it have been in the United States longer than the Irish-Catholics, the Jews, the Italians, the Hindus, the Arabs, the Greek Orthodox.

    Yet all these other groups have surpassed them.

  217. @Anon

    I’d give the following advice to them, having been one-

    1. Don’t marry or have children until you are over 25 years old.

    2. Don’t have children out-of-wedlock.

    3. Find a way to get a college education.

    4. Spend at least a few years overseas. You may find, like me, that the US is not worth returning to.

    5. Smoke pot or drink but don’t use soul-destroying super-addictive drugs like meth or heroin.

    6. Try not to commit petty crimes. If you are going to drink, don’t drive. If you are going to drug, don’t deal.

    7. Place no faith in the US government. It does not want to do much for you. Less in fact, then for blacks, whom it recognizes would be in LA riot non-stop if they were not placated. Less even then for Latinos.

    8. If you’re going to keep firearms in your house or on your person, make sure you follow the legal restrictions.

    9. Don’t argue with blacks or Hispanics. They are not worth getting into a life and death fight with unless they are invading your house. If they call you some childish name like “bitch” or “cracker” remember that your own ancestors built Stonehenge when they lived in trees.

    10. If you do not like watching garbage on television then don’t. But don’t blame Jews.

  218. @Anonymous

    How does a lowland Scot or Ulster Northern Ireland-descended white Baptist or Protestant trace his roots back to Vikings?

    I assume your ancestors hail from Western Scotland or something and you Norwegian blood through this history. That is awfully vague.

    What am I ungrateful about? What would I owe you?

    Quoting old Kubrick film quips seems immature for an older guy. Teenagers call each other “droogs” and

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  219. Anonymous[795] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Looks like Ajeet “Jeff Stryker” Patel is still triggered that he never got any white pussy while he worked at 7-11 in Detoilet on a college visa and had to settle for paid brown “massage” by the I-94 truck stop. It’s no wonder you went back; your envy at seeing all us successful and handsome White Fellows eats you up.

  220. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    If they were unable to marry until the age of 35 like myself they would have the money to send their children to college-its cheap anyhow.

    So Stryker,

    Congratulations – it seems as thou you have found a useful productive life in Dubai.

    You are spending a lot of your time trashing middleclass America (some of it valid). You chide us for our Jew problem. Clearly your anger is not resolved. (Your race anger is unresolvable.)

    Clearly you have some justification on the middleclass. The question is who should you be angry with? You cannot be on this blog and honestly deny the existence of Jew control over our culture. Clearly the American middleclass has suffered under Jews control. From in-tacked families to financial stability – in the last sixty years Jews have destroyed America’s middleclass.

    May I suggest that the difference in living conditions for the middleclass between Dubai and the US – is that one is controlled by Jews and the other not.

    My view is that the American middleclass is just starting to understand their predicament. It is going to take time to turn things right. It will happen.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

  221. @Colin Wright

    Colin Wright—I suspect that nationalism without Christianity may ultimately imply Nazism

    The NSDAP was friendly towards Christianity. Point 24 of the NSDAP programme says that the party ‘stands for positive Christianity, but does not commit itself to any particular denomination.’ This century, with Christianity ‘in decline’ in Europe, nationalism is whites’ best hope.

  222. @Art

    I’m not angry at other races. It is like being angry at a rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes bite. It is what they do. They are more a force of nature than anything else.

    Do you feel anger at saltwater 17 foot crocodiles? They’ll assault and eat you if they can.

    At a certain point, you simply accept the dangers and try to find some way to minimize them.

    The whites to be chided and angry at are “Criollo” whites of Mexico who have not solved their Red Man vs White Man problem.

  223. @Art


    How do Jews affect the living conditions of middle-class whites?


    • Replies: @Art
  224. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    How do Jews affect the living conditions of middle-class whites?


    Gee Stryker — thought you would never ask!

    I will start with the most important one. Jew feminism promoted by the Jew media. The Jew women’s justifiable hate for Jew men has infected our middleclass culture. The result is that by the time they are eighteen, half or more of America children do not have a biological father in their house. This is a major cultural crime.

    Next is economics. Allen Greenspan the Jew Fed chairman created a bubble debt culture that has sucked America’s wealth into the hands of the Jews. He and his funding of junk bonds, have destroyed America’s fiduciary corporate culture. The home price bubble was manufactured by Jews.

    Finally government. The Jews created a situation where all 535 of America’s elected politicians got on their feet and cheered Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu 29 times. How totally wrong.

    See this article on UR. It is all true.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  225. @Art

    Jews grow up with divorce. But white poles marry younger. If you are 30 and marry and divorce it does not destroy your life.

    If you marry at 20 or 21 unrealistically as white proles and start a family under 25 your lack of earning power as a single parent is going to screw up your children’s lives.

    The real problem is the fact that the whites marry younger than Jews. The child of a 23 year old single mother who will never able to go to college is worse off than the child or a divorced Jewish lawyer who is 35.

    • Replies: @Art
  226. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    If you marry at 20 or 21 unrealistically as white proles and start a family under 25 your lack of earning power as a single parent is going to screw up your children’s lives.


    That was in the 1950’s – today in America, 30 is the old 20. Most middleclass kids are not getting married out of highschool anymore.

    Thanks to Jew feminism men are fearful of getting married. The courts screw them over in divorce.

    Hmm – you asked how are Jews screwing America’s middleclass. Besides Jew feminism, what do you have to say about Big Jew wealth and Jew political power in America?

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art


    1. Jews are clever. They find ways to make money.

    2. Jews somehow find a way to put their kids through medical school or law school. There are many genius-IQ white proles and lower middle-class whites whom I have met personally. Their parents simply don’t have the money to pay for college. No matter how intelligent they are.

    3. Jews grow up in nicer neighborhoods and attend nicer schools. I don’t know how the white urban underclass learns anything trying to stay ALIVE in public schools. No surprise they drop out at age 16. It is hard to learn in a snake pit.

    4. Jews do not seem to endure the soul-crushing dysfunction of white prole households. Don’t ask me why.

    5. Jews seem to find other Jews to back them. Anglo-Saxons have always celebrated the elite individualist rugged loner like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. In real life this gets you nowhere.

    6. Jews live nearer sources of money and power. Jews are conspicuously absent from anywhere with little money or power.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  228. Anonymous[130] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “#4…Don’t ask me why.”

    See, you begged and goaded and pleaded for an answer to your question, I gave it to you, and it satisfied your curiosity. And still I get no thank you.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  229. @Anonymous

    Considering that everyone tends to live under Anglo-Teutonic systems of law I’d say your bit about zoos and wolves does not really convince me.

    So no gratitude here.

    I’m unenlightened.

  230. Anonymous [AKA "Aanton"] says:

    Johnny, this is Anton who used to agree with you about Islam and disagree with you about Israel on the Cranmer blog. You recommended me a book by Nicholas Wade about race and genes, a subject on which we did not agree. I found it very poor. But you might be interested in the brand new book “Blueprint” by Robert Plomin, which finds genes for intelligence in individuals. These genes had not been discovered before because there are many tens of thousands of them and the influence of any single gene is very weak, but modern techniques can now sift genes this finely in relation to human attributes. I have no idea if this study has yet been conducted across races (and regardless of the results I believe that all people should be treated well, although not necessarily admitted to one’s own country); but my commitment is to truth, and I wish you to be aware of this book.

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