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Russia's Kidnapping Problem
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No, this will not be an article about Russians kidnapped in Chechnia (that was a very long time ago) or somewhere in a combat zone. I will be talking about the US and Iran. First, here are a few links for context:

Quick update: the Iranians have declared that the detention of Iuzik was not an espionage case, but a visa violation which will be resolved very soon.

Next, I would like to clarify a few things before discussing what I think is “Russia’s kidnapping problem“.

In the case of Iuzik, I do not think that she was a spy for anybody, including the Israelis. Why? For one thing, I read that she entered Iran with a passport stamped with an Israeli visa. That is not very smart, especially for a putative ‘spy’ and, besides, even the Israelis are not that arrogant (or incompetent). Furthermore, if the Iranians (who have truly world class security services!) had really suspected Iuzik they had many other options including:

  1. Setting up a sting operation and film her doing something illegal
  2. Feed Iuzik all sorts of bad info to confuse her bosses and smoke out any spies in Iran
  3. Contact the FSB and warn the Russians about her real professional profile

These are just the three most obvious ones. There are many more.

Finally, spies are not arrested immediately upon arrival, this really makes no sense whatsoever (what would be the point?).

Some have noted that Iuzik is closely linked to all sorts of toxic Russian “informal” or “non-system” opposition groups. That is absolutely true and I am sure that Iuzik has no more love for Putin than she has for Iran. And maybe she truly loves Israel. But that does *not* make her a usable spy while this could have made her a “victim of Putin’s regime and hatred for real journalists“, at least if the Russian Foreign Ministry had not acted immediately and firmly. The truth is that these Kodorkovskii-type of “journalists” are no threat to Putin or his “regime”. That is precisely what makes them so angry and why they have to invent “persecutions” ex nihilo.

So what happened here?

My guess is (and I hope and ask my Iranian friends to correct me if I am wrong!) that this is not about Iuzik herself. I see two possibilities:

  1. The Israeli visa really infuriated somebody at the IRGC and that person acted impulsively
  2. This is the result of internal infighting in Iran

The first one is obvious, so let me explain the second one.

A lot of Iranians harbor plenty of reservations about Russia, some are even outright hostile or suspicious. They are not alone, there are also plenty of Russians who do not trust the Iranians. In the first case, the history of wars and Russian interventions (not to mention the Soviet support for Saddam Hussein’s war on Iran!) is the cause. In the Russian case, the Iranian attitude towards Afghanistan, Chechnia and, especially, Bosnia created a bad image of Iran (and, to a lesser degree, Islam) in some circles in Russia. There is nothing new here, other countries have had the same problem (France and Germany, Russia and China, etc.). My guess is that somebody somewhere in the Iranian power structure saw this as a way to create problems between Russia and Iran. The telltale sign for me is that Iuzina was arrested, according to various reports, by a IRGC special forces team (that is what is done with real spies to prevent them from killing themselves or destroying evidence). Thus a REAL anti-spy method was used on somebody who was self-evidently NOT a spy. If so, that plan failed, since the Russians immediately summoned the Iranian ambassador who immediately promised to solve this issue.

The case of Iumasheva is much more primitive. This is simply the latest attempt of the US deep state to try to make the Russians do something in retaliation which could then be used to prove how evil and devious the Russians are. As for offering her to grab a coffee on the way out, it is simply a lack of education of the FBI agents involved. Maybe they wanted to hit on her, or brag to their pals about taking her out, or maybe they simply wanted to show some kindness and did not realize how this kind of clumsy “kindness” would be seen in Russia (where women have a very different status than the poor women of the United States).

So these two cases are completely unrelated and do not form a pattern.

Except they do, alas, and this is the real Russian kidnapping problem.

Where whining will get you in Russia
Where whining will get you in Russia

In the public opinion (both in Russia and outside Russia) Russia simply looks weak and easy to bully. Now, of course, inside Russia these kinds of views are mostly held by pro-US “liberals” who are just waiting to fan any flame against Putin and the Kremlin. Most people inside Russia do actually understand the reasons why Russia does not retaliate in kind (Maria Zakharova just repeated it all on TV recently, Russian speakers can listen to her here). She summed it all up by mentioning the Russian proverb “На обиженных воду возят” whose direct translation into English makes no sense whatsoever: water is carried on the backs of offended people. This proverb comes from the times of Peter I when canalizations were not available everywhere and when some dishonest employees of the state who were supposed to deliver the water by carriage for free began charging money for this. When Czar Peter her about that, he punished these crooks by making them pull the horse-carriages themselves. Nowadays the word “offended” takes a different meaning of “pouting” or “whining”, so I would (very freely) translate it as “whiners get screwed” or something to that effect. An even freer translation could be “don’t bitch and you won’t be treated like one”. Simply put, concepts like “oi vey!” or “gwalt” are not Russian ones 🙂

When westerners are outraged, they typically do a lot of talking. They threaten, they complain, they protest, they denounce, etc. Russians typically say nothing, take the pain and concentrate. Furthermore, complaints, threats or protests are seen as signs of weakness in the Russian culture. For example, the advice given to anybody going to jail in Russia is “не верь, не бойся, не проси” which means “don’t trust, don’t fear and don’t ask/beg”. If the so-called “Russian studies specialists” and other experts in the West understood this key feature of the Russian mindset they would not misread Russia so often.


So this is what happens: each time somebody in the West kidnaps a Russian citizen (or does not respect their diplomatic status) the Russian officials very boringly and vapidly protest, mostly behind closed doors and publicly repeat the canned sentences about “US obligations under international law”, about how the boorish behavior of the US will end up boomeranging and even further discredit the country which modestly fancies itself the “city on the hill”, “indispensable nation”, the “land of the free”, “home of the brave”, etc.

This all simply reeks of weakness to non-Russians (just see Paul Craig Robert’s article above!).

And that is a REAL problem for Russia.

In Asia, everybody “gets it”. The Iranians understand that absolutely perfectly and do not mistake politely smiling diplomats with Russian weakness (Iran’s future is, in so many ways, becoming dependent on Russia and the Iranians know that very well; just as with the Putin-Xi alliance, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Putin also understand each other perfectly). Hence their immediate reaction. As for the Russians, they also understand that this was not a hostile act on the part of Iran as a country but either a bureaucratic screw-up, or a case of Iranian infighting (which happens in Russia too!).

But in the West, Russia’s apparent passivity and even taste for pain only triggers bewilderment and frustration and I believe that Russia needs to address this problem for the following reason:

Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of Obama and Trump, the AngloZionist Empire is tanking much faster than anybody (including myself) would have ever thought. True, Europe is still a US colony, but the “natives are being restless” and there are all the signs that at least the “Old Europe” (aka “western Europe”) is slowly coming to its senses and realizes that the US not only fails to deliver much, but even cannot really punish very much either. Not only that, but the “Old Europeans” will vitally need Russia’s help to deal with the “New Europeans” (aka “eastern Europeans), wannabe colonial servants and full-time Empire-brown-nosing regimes when the EU finally tanks (which, at least to me, is not an issue of “whether” but only a question of “when”).

So far, and as long as Russia continues to look like a willing punching ball of the US, future potential allies will always wonder whether Russia is a paper tiger or, even worse, a “pretend-resister” and a pushover in reality.

Europe and the Americas are no more a Russian foreign policy priority, if only because right now the US is “not agreement capable” while the EU is trying to find some middle-path between the US, Russia and the nutjobs in the East. True, Russian foreign policy priorities are now in the South, the East and the North. But let’s not confuse cause and effect here. A truly sovereign US or EU would be an superb partner for Russia in so many ways that she cannot but do everything she can to try to change current US and EU perceptions.

So what could Russia do?

I will immediately exclude all actions which would be illegal under international and Russian law. The fact that a political Neanderthal acts like a thug is no reason for civilized people to emulate him or retaliate in kind. Each country, each nation, has to decide for itself whether the rule of law (national or international) is something which matters to it or not.

However, I believe that there are legal actions the Russians could take.

For one thing, the Russians could get much, much more assertive at the UN. I get it, Lavrov had to say that he was sure that Trump and Pompeo had nothing to do with the latest illegal denial of visas of Russian officials to the UN: he was trying to help Trump who probably really had nothing to do with this. But Pompeo?! Of course Lavrov and everybody else understand that this could not have happened without Pompeo’s go-ahead. How much did Lavrov’s diplomatic talk help Trump? I don’t think that it made any difference. And it did make Lavrov look plain silly (a very rare case indeed!) in the eyes of the western public. Was it worth it? I don’t think so!

Next, so far the Russians have failed to really put pressure on the US worldwide, but the reality is that she has plenty of options to hurt US security, political and economic interests. For example in Africa where Russia (and China) have gained a lot of traction in recent years or in Latin America where Russia could provide much more political support to opposition groups to local comprador regimes (say in Brazil, Colombia or even Mexico!). I don’t mean do what the USSR did and waste millions on local Communist parties or by single-handedly supporting the local economies. But the Russians could begin using political methods (covert and overt) to being showing the US intelligence community (which will immediately detect this) that there is a price to pay.

What would be important in this case would be to start very “low”, with a few actions here and there, just enough to get the US Americans to notice and then to protest in back-channels. Once this happens, the Russians could simply say “you treat us as hostiles, fine, but there will be a price to pay”. The first time around Uncle Shmuel is unlikely to notice, but once this become a pattern, especially an increasing one, trust me, he will notice!

And, consider this: the US is already, and has been since at least 2013, engaged in a full-spectrum aggression on Russia and they have pretty much exhausted all nasty measures which the USA could implement more or less safely. Escalating further by, say, disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT, or try to impose a no-fly zone over Syria or try to disconnect Russia from the Internet, or blockade Russian ships – these are all measures which are often mentioned, but which would definitely trigger a dangerous Russian retaliation. The Russians have made several (very uncharacteristic) warnings about that and the US Americans most likely understood that perfectly. This is also what happened when the Ukronazis were on the verge of an attack on Russia and Putin decided to (again very uncharacteristically) warn Kiev that any such attack would have major “consequences for the Ukrainian statehood“. All the Ukrainians, most of them being either Russian or understanding the Russian political culture, immediately understood what that meant and the much announced offensive was scrapped.

Conclusion: Russian still often suck at PR

Yes, RT was huge progress, and even Sputnik probably has a function for the western audiences. And ladies like Zakharova sure are a HUGE progress compared to the stone-faced Soviet spokesmen. But, simply put, this is not enough.

Furthermore, even inside the Russian society there are real patriots (not just western agents) who are getting mighty fed-up with the Kremlin’s, let’s kindly call it “meek” or “hyper-polite” attitude. Meekness is a great quality, so are good manners. But other attitudes and actions are needed when faced with rogue thug-like regimes, especially when those regimes are both self-worshiping and appallingly ignorant.

I have already mentioned in the past that I believed that the “retirement age reform” was a mistake and that it would create a new, patriotic, opposition to the Kremlin’s policies and even, but to a lesser degree, to Putin himself. This did happen, even if Putin’s last-minute intervention kinda softened the blow and, eventually, this topic was if not forgotten, then at least not the top issue.

Then there has been, for years now, a weird policy of apparent appeasement of the Nazi regime in Kiev. Since Putin’s very public threat, since he refused to even take phone calls from Poroshenko and since the Russians have FINALLY begun handing out passports to the Ukrainians, things have somewhat improved on that front. But for YEARS the Russian opposition (patriotic or not at all) was warning about an imminent “sellout” of Novorussia and that hurt the Kremlin (even if that sellout never happened).

I think that it is high time for Putin or Lavrov to start “not taking calls” from Trump or Pompeo, initially figuratively but, if needed, maybe even literally.

As for the patriotic opposition to Putin, there would be a very easy way to deal with it:

  1. start listening to it and show much more firmness
  2. finally give the boot to some of the more toxic 5th columnists in the government
  3. invite that opposition for a real national debate in various public forums (Valdai, TV, radio, etc.)

I think that many of these patriotic opponent of the Kremlin would be glad to fully support Putin if he did that. If he fails to do so, this opposition will only grow. Right now the Kremlin is “lucky” that this patriotic opposition has not succeeded (yet?) in presenting a single halfway credible political figure to lead it. To my great regret, most of the folks involved are angry, bitter and deeply resentful that they have been almost completely ignored by the Kremlin. But this will inevitably change, especially if the current government continues to look weak, indecisive and not truly patriotic at all.

Thus, I believe that, both for external and internal reasons, the Kremlin needs to develop and implement a much firmer policy towards US-ordered kidnapping of Russian citizens. I also believe that this will happen once the political costs for the Kremlin of its current “politeness” become even higher.

One more thing – remember the US seizure of Russian diplomatic buildings in the US? Putin’s response was very typically Russian: he invited the children of US diplomats to Christmas ceremony in the Kremlin. For a short while, he did look like the proverbial “better man”. But what since? NOTHING! Another President sits in the White House and the buildings are still under illegal US control. Did Putin’s “better man” attitude do anybody any good? Especially in the long term? I sure don’t think so. There is a simple truth that every cop knows: narcissistic thugs do not appreciate good manners. There is a lesson here.

PS: I just saw this video of Iumasheva explaining what happened to her:

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  1. ‘Murka saves the world for democracy;
    Dances her victory lobotomy.

  2. Yeah Saker, I too marvel at the passive way Russia deals wth what most nations consider insults. Anyway, that will change in good course. I visit Veteranstoday, even though Duff is becoming increasingly arrogant, vulgar, and not a fan of you, I have to ask. Recently Duff wrote that RT and Sputnil are, now more than ever, dominated by to phrase it kindly, Israeli forsters. Is he correct?

    • Replies: @escapeefromNWO
  3. Anonyous says:

    > “не верь, не бойся, не проси” which means “don’t trust, don’t fear and don’t ask/beg”

    Good advice! I consider that as valuable as a gold nugget. Thank you!

    • Replies: @Gg Mo
  4. Gg Mo says:

    “Russia” (those in power , The Bolshevik Oligarchs) can use circumspection, gravitas etc as excuses, because it is yet another character of their host nation. (Russia, in this case) But the TRUTH is that Russia is another country who’s parasite has grown fat through their instituted policies through-out the centuries. See/hear from their own (father of lies) lying/co-opting/blame-shifting, “victimnood”, mouths. “Putin, KGB, Chabad, and Mossad.” Know More News. Video below.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  5. Svevlad says:

    Russia has that problem that it has the North European autism and East European stoicism at the same time.

    They need a more temperamental spokesman, a showman – a Saul Goodman type character crossed with Mussolini. Anyone a little more south might do the job – someone who has some Balkan or Caucasus heritage are probably the easiest. Heck, I’d train Marko Milošević for the job, just to rub the nose of the west for what they did in Yugoslavia, which was the overt starting point of basically all the shit happening now (the covert one was a series of events from WW2 to today, most especially the Iran-Contra thing)

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
    , @Sam Coulton
  6. Arioch says:

    > But the Russians could begin using political methods (covert and overt) to being showing the US intelligence community (which will immediately detect this) that there is a price to pay.

    Utterly irrelevant advice. The article is about public perception.

    Even if Russia indeed would reflexively ( as in “reflex”, = irrationally) trade blow for blow it would not make a difference.

    1. Public would not know. Frankly, this well might really be happening this very minute, and neither Saker nor any of his readers would not.
    2. There are many Russian tourists to USA and few undercover actions that would not lead to out of hands escalations. Would Russia really became this automaton, USA would quickly exhaust Russia of all “measured” counter-blows, and THAT time Russia would really be weak, for it would be unable to continue reflexive policy it committed to.

    > The fact that a political Neanderthal acts like a thug is no reason for civilized people to emulate him or retaliate in kind.

    Jews argue differently, they say if you want to send a message to Neanderthal – you must talk Neanderthal language.

    And being civilized is synonymous to what is described in this article for being meek. Talking too silent for Neanderthal to hear.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  7. Antiwar7 says:

    Russia has that problem that it has the North European autism and East European stoicism at the same time.

    Brilliant. Did you come up with that yourself?

    • Replies: @Svevlad
  8. Svevlad says:

    Yes, it best describes this mentality, don’t know how else to put it

  9. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    Balkan cucks are pushovers, they let Northern Europeans like Trump shove them on TV.

    Aren’t Caucasus people a kind of literal slave race, that recently got Zerg Rushed by Russians?

    There is absolutely nothing southern Europeans have to offer the North. They’re not even good for manual labor.

    • Replies: @Svevlad
    , @Anon
  10. JVC says:

    Well, Saker, Paul Craig Roberts and others have been talking quite a bit about western perception, and, Saker in this piece mentioning the internal perception of “Kremlin” response to western provocation. Although it does seem to be a weak response when a strong one might be better, I like to think that an old western saying is at work here. Putin, et al are playing a waiting game, and time is on their side. They are giving the USG enough rope to hang itself, and I believe it soon will. This country is bankrupt in every way one can be–moral, economic, etc. I am an old man who learned many years ago in the jungles of S E Asia that our great white father in Washington has always spoken with a forked tongue, and always will. There cannot possible be much time left in this current cycle, and the concept of multi-polarity can’t take hold soon enough.

    • Agree: bluedog
  11. Svevlad says:
    @Sam Coulton

    Eh, of course the president of m*ntenegro, a colony is going to be a pushover, it’s why he was brought to power in the first place

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
  12. Robjil says:
    @Gg Mo

    Russia only had the Pales growing fat in Russia itself since 1917. It not centuries in Russia. Solzhenitsyn’s 200 years together -Russians and the Pales (Jews of the Pale) book, banned in the English language, is about the 200 years from 1769- 1980s.

    In the first hundred years, Russians did not allow Pales to immigrant outside the Pale of Settlement. It is only since 1917 with the creation of the Soviet Union when the Pales did an invasion immigration of the Russian Empire. They took over many top positions all over the former Russian Empire.

    Russian Empire kept the Pale culture out of Russia with the Pale of Settlement. It was to protect the Russian peasants from Pale merchants, liquor sellers and money lending scams. This Pale area is outside Russia now again. The Pale of Settlement region is the Baltics, Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, and Moldavia. US ukraine returned to full Pale culture. It has a Pale president and a Pale Prime Minister.

    The US had the Pales for a lot longer since 1881 when the riots started in the Pale after the assassination of Tsar Alexander II . 36 years more than Russia itself. The US had more time for the Pale culture to worm itself up everywhere in the US.

    One of the reasons many Pales hate Russia so much is that their roots there is not so long. It has been only been since 1917 and its Soviet roots. The Pales have deeper roots in Pale lands such as Ukraine.

    It is ironic. I remember growing up that Pales hated Ukrainians. They would not like it if one said they were of Ukrainian origin. Ukrainians were blamed for “collaboration” with the Not-sees. Now, out of nowhere with Pale control of Ukraine. Ukrainians are the greatest.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  13. @Robjil

    You see aspects of this in the West as well: Ukraine’s history of collaboration with Nazi Germany is completely suppressed, and the rehabilitation of Nazi symbols by various right-wing parties (really just hired muscle) is simply ignored.

    • Replies: @Sean
  14. Wally says:

    Saker simple mindedly said:

    “Then there has been, for years now, a weird policy of apparent appeasement of the Nazi regime in Kiev.”

    Indeed, Israel supplies large amounts of armaments to these “Nazis / Ukronzis”, which further proves the fact that ‘the Nazis” simply did not do to Jews what is alleged.

    ‘Levi: Hey Eliezer, these Nazis, neo-Nazis want all us Jews exterminated again.

    Eliezer: Fabulous, then let’s ship them tons of weapons’.

  15. Remnants of the drunkard i DESTROYER of Russia for the second time in the last century will DO absolutely NOTHING against their PARTNERS and MASTERS, aka 5 headed beast, 5 eyes and “international” community.
    Citizens of Sovereign and FREE DPRK, doesn’t have these type of terror as they do not allow terrorists “diplomatic” or “journalistic” as well as ANY kind of exchanges with “democratic “world”.
    Russia MAY one day become FREE and Sovereign but it is not guaranteed.
    USA started Sovereign, look at it TODAY!

  16. Miro23 says:

    Not only that, but the “Old Europeans” will vitally need Russia’s help to deal with the “New Europeans” (aka “eastern Europeans), wannabe colonial servants and full-time Empire-brown-nosing regimes when the EU finally tanks (which, at least to me, is not an issue of “whether” but only a question of “when”).

    Strange idea. It’s the East Europeans that are resisting mass non-European immigration and opposing multicultural/SJW values – not Western Europe.

    In fact they’re getting into trouble for it –

    “TOP MEP GUY Verhofstadt has lashed out against the member states “who take EU money” without embracing the bloc’s values at a clear swipe at the eurosceptic leaders in Hungary and Poland.”

    In an irate Tweet Mr Verhofstadt attached an article about France saying that they no longer want to pay for Poland and Hungary.

    The Belgian MEP said: “There is no place in our union for countries who take EU money but reject our shared values! #ValuesFirst.”

    The blast follows France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian making it clear his country will not finance a populist Europe.

    Poland /Hungary are currently more in line with Russian values. The “colonial servants” in these countries are historic anachronisms which are fading out. Their real interests involve friendship and co-operation with Russia, and the actual sociological disaster is Verhofstadt’s hopeless SJW/LGBT open frontiers West.

    • Replies: @escapeefromNWO
  17. alexander says:


    Here is the situation in the United States.

    Post 9-11, the neocons took over the shop.

    They defrauded the American people into launching an illegal, unconstitutional war of aggression in Iraq.

    They never raised taxes on Americans to pay for the war, because they knew if they did, the war would be over before it began,…so they printed the money, stealing trillions of dollars from future generations of Americans (who had no say in the matter)

    While they were printing out all these trillions, they were pocketing as much of it as they possible could, Stuffing hundreds of billions of future taxpayer dollars into their shoes, their sleeves and their underoos.

    They took a small percentage of their booty, and used it to buy off every single crooked politician in DC.(which is all of them) so nobody would say boo. Anyone in DC who even tried to protest, was either ousted in the next election cycle, or run over by a milk truck.

    This Neocon policy of PRINT AND PILFER, went on, right through the Obama administration.

    As a consequence, our national debt EXPLODED from a modest 5.6 trillion in 2000 to a whopping 21.4 trillion in UNDER SIXTEEN YEARS. This level of rapacious overspending has never been seen in US History, and not one penny of it went into building up the US economy or its infrastructure, it all went into the pockets of our “lie us into war” neocon war profiteers.

    All the other world powers, most especially Russia and China, have been watching this , they know “exactly” whats going on, Most Americans haven’t been … because their very own media oligarchs, are among the exact same guys who have been PILFERING ALL THE LOOT.

    On DAY ONE of the Trump administration, President Trump should have called in the marines and started seizing the assets of every single crooked neocon oligarch who lied us into these catastrophic criminal wars,

    This would have paid down a substantial portion of the heinous war debt their lies created, and gotten the country back in the green.

    With TRILLIONS of stolen dollars back on the US balance sheet , our DEBT / GDP ratio moves back into the positive.

    A cleaned up balance sheet, combined with an administration willing to uphold its “treaties” reignites international confidence in our treasury bonds and secures our dollar as the worlds reserve currency for decades and decades to come.

    Has this happened…..hell no…..but IT SHOULD !

  18. Sean says:

    Russia has suddenly found the unalloyed boon of a US president who does not regard Russia as a greater threat than China. He is being severely criticised by the American establishment for his outlook.

    What does Saker recommend? Why, Russia treating America like Dirty Harry would treat a narcissistic criminal. Of course! A brilliant scheme whereby Russia does exactly what its enemies wish it would do, makes every Western government including America’s completely lose patience with Russia, and prevents Trump from being reelected. A great loss to the diplomatic service this Saker.

  19. Sean says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    Comical Ukraine accepted Western security guarantees in return for giving up nuclear weapons, even though it was perfectly predictable (Mearsheimer predicted it) they would face Russian aggression. Being betrayed and attacked has a way of making people less nice. If the Ukrainians are becoming Nazi Cyborgs, who has made them that way? Russia not the West.

  20. Current russian regime is olygarhic, capitalistic, anti people. All they worry about is their cash flows, trade and stability to keep money flowing.
    Some say there was increased nationalization of major industrial assets. Ok. But who is benefiting most? Same old nomenklatura. All this to make cash cows for ruling class which is beuracrats who led those enterprises and their underlings. Just check Muller, Sechin and others incomes. Are those incomes justified?
    The number of dollar billionaires skyrocketed under Putin while there is pension reform, various schemes to screw population and decide state problems at population expense. No wonder russia acts meekly with partners. Russia is just another capitalistic state that heavily depends upon international trade and markets. Gotta be careful of course.
    Also, putin is 65? Isn’t it the time to start thinking beyond Putin, who is, let’s be frankly, just the best choice out of very many bad choices, which just make him preferable by default.
    USSR for all faults was mega country directed into the future both demographically and economically. Russia on the other hand is parochial leftover from what used to be great country with shrinking population and thieves at the top.
    So far, the foundation built by USSR and momentum has been carrying russia forward but how long will it last considering overall policies of the current regime.
    No wonder they cannot protect own citizens and do not react appropriately. I am sure with so many professionals there is ways to hurt USA where it really hurts without resolving to thuggish behaviour as retaliation.

  21. Totally excellent article about Russian mentality.
    Russian attitude is:::: So what! It does matter! In the end when all chips will be down we will win.
    And they do have a history to prove it.

    Also this fact eliminates idiotic lies of claims that Bolsheviks and Stalin did kill millions of Russians.
    What did happen that Russian people, as we say” just took it.”

    Yes Bolsheviks did kill indiscriminately Russian nobility and excessive wealthy people.
    And Stalin did kill few hundred Jews,
    But millions? (Give me a break.)

    (I do estimate that at least 80% did return from Siberia when their tine was served.)

    • Agree: Cyrano
    • Disagree: Richard P
    • Replies: @Richard P
    , @Richard P
  22. @Sean

    There is no such thing as Ukrainian people.
    Ukrainian population consist of Russians, Polaks, Hungarian, Romanian, Gypsies,Tatars, Turks,…….etc.
    There is no one person who is Ukrainian.
    Ukrainian is a fictional person.

    • Replies: @Richard P
  23. Gerad. 12 says:

    ” we are being too nice, what to do?

    Russian government have not taken advantage of the golden opportunity Kirill Vyshinsky ‘s comedically unjust arrest provided . Look on any western search engine and you will see that not a single western media outlet over a year covered his arrest, or his ongoing trial ( never mind writing opinion pieces as they do for any liberast nonevent in Russia) ……… UNTIL that is, the possibility of a prisoner exchange became likely, at which point these scum started promoting a direct swap and a direct equivalence of Vyshinsky and the lowlife cretin, oleg Sentsov ,whilst still refusing to draw ANY attention to their western audiences about the “reasoning ” or details behind Vyshinsky’s arrest. I believe this is solely because they knew any way they spun it, were they to have reported it , could only make the Kiev regime appear even more corrupt and evil than usual

    Let us not forget that arresting RIA Novosti bureau chief in ukraine for ” state terrorism” should be a huge international story.

    Western journalists not publicising this action, being silent for a year and then advocating a swap of him with the sewer-level director and terrorist Oleg Sentsov as if it were an equivalence , is openly anti-state activity against the Russian Federation. It is not in any way journalism ( even just printing out SBU BS would have been journalism,albeit of the most corrupt type) and non reporting is an aggressive act.

    Immediate arrest followed by deportations of every single Moscow correspondent of western media ( with the occasional losing an eye or a leg of them in custody) would have been and is the best response. They are then forced to send new journalists, hopefully having learnt some lessons. For Russia nothing bad could happen because they could just draw attention to the Vyshinsky case, and the western collobaration with Ukraine

  24. Republic says:

    Imagine FSB interrogating a US senator?


    Actually a US Senator was interrogated by Russian officials about 14 years ago in an airport in Siberia, on August 29, 2005.

    That was Senator Obama who along with Senator Lugar were detained for three hours at an airport in Perm,Russia.

    They both had to surrender their passports and were kept in a small room.

    the Russians wanted to inspect the US aircraft and the American delegation from the Senate Foreign Relations committee refused.

    They both were on a week long tour of major weapons facilities where US funds were being used to secure or destroy nuclear,chemical or biological weapons

  25. Robjil says:

    Why should Florida get nukes if it left the Union? Ukraine left the Soviet Union, so no nukes. If it wants nukes, then it should join Russia again.

    Ukraine USSR voted exactly at the UN like Russia USSR.

    Ukraine US votes exactly at the UN like USA.

    Same thing going on. Ukraine US still has nukes in its capitol, Washington. Just like Ukraine USSR had nukes in its capitol Moscow.

    Same old, same old. Different channel.

    In 2017, the 10 countries with the highest voting coincidence with the United States were, in descending order: Israel, Micronesia, Canada, Marshall Islands, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Palau, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

  26. When your opponent is publicly self-destructing, sometimes standing back and letting them have centre-stage is the best approach. Russia will likely never get the benefit of good press in the Western media, but the Western media will certainly not survive the implosion of the West.

  27. @Arioch

    Response can be asymmetric but must be painful. You can talk to Neandertal on let’s say bear language. I am pretty sure every self respecting neandertal understands bear language well.

    • Replies: @Arioch
  28. Arioch says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    Doing so you risk to gradually internalize this kind of answers as new norm and turn neanderthal yourself

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  29. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Coulton

    ” There is absolutely nothing southern Europeans have to offer the North. They’re not even good for manual labor ”

    well , if you think so , if you think that french , italian , spanish , portuguese , serbian , south russians , etc… are not good for manual labor …. what can I say …….. you just lack respect for south europeans , it is your problem . Maybe you can go go teach swedish Greta to do some useful knitwork and go back to school instead of acting like a crazy witch arround the world .

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  30. Sean says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    You’re the expert, being a 9/11 False Flaggot
    His main preoccupation throughout his career, I argue, was not the Soviet Union…but Anglo-America and capitalism, fear of which drove his anti-Semitism. Far from putting the German people on a racial pedestal, Hitler was in fact deeply pessimistic, some would say realistic, about their weakness in the face of their “Anglo-Saxon” rivals. […] Not long after, Hitler encountered the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) at Flanders. …Then, in mid July 1918, the List Regiment ran into their first Americans at the Second Battle of the Marne. They were forced to beat a hasty retreat, but not before taking some prisoners. … a seminal event in his life.

    The way in which Hitler remembered and interpreted the war was central to the development of his world-view. His encounter with “the English”, left him in awe of the British empire. Over the next 25 years or so, he would repeatedly come back to the “toughness” of the British. He explained this through the superior racial qualities of the “Anglo-Saxon” Britons, developed over hundreds of years of struggle and empire-building. Hitler, who was otherwise adamantly opposed to democracy, even admired the Westminster parliament, which he regarded as a leadership selection process far superior to the alleged Babel of German and Austrian parliamentarianism.

    Even more intense was the fear and admiration that Hitler felt towards the United States, which he generally referred to as “the American union”. He was impressed by the sheer size and wealth of the country, and its modernity, as expressed by automobiles and other consumer products. Above all, Hitler regarded America as the model of settler colonialism and racial perfection, in which the dominant Anglo-Saxons “anglicised” later “high value” European arrivals

    ‘Empire is collapsing’ clowns are living in a fantasy world, meanwhile Russia is fighting in its former heartland. I know military men who worked with the Ukrainian army and they literally drink vodka for all day every day. Russia’s military performance in Ukraine is on a par with their diplomatic skills in Ukraine.

    • Troll: L.K, Richard P
  31. @Arioch

    I did not say to behave like neanderthal. Actually speaking bear language to neandertal does not have to be thuggish.

    It is not 1941. Russia has got enough means to keep next neandertal at arm length. There is more options to be less patient and a bit more decisive. You know, finding that best possible response to nort look indecisive to outsiders while hurting or humiliating neandertal enough to make him think next time before doing something. Neandertal knows he cannot go full neandertal because the bear has means…

  32. @Anon

    Quote: “Maybe you can go go teach swedish Greta to do some useful knitwork and go back to school instead of acting like a crazy witch arround the world .”

    Reply: [insert gravely voice] How dare you?!


  33. “No, this will not be an article about Russians kidnapped in Chechnia (that was a very long time ago) or somewhere in a combat zone. I will be talking about the US and Iran.”

    Hey Ron – perhaps you should nip this welfare collecting alien dishonesty in the bud? Readers who want to be click baited into articles should go read buzzfeed – which is probably a bit too honest for muh sakuh to begin with.

  34. Same applies to China somewhat although completely different culture to Russia.
    Problem with China (acting too soft, beside its business ,Chinese entrepreneurs, interests in the US) is that it thinks everybody else understands Confucianism!! NO. The West has no clue about Confucianism was part of the great negotiating power set during the Warring States period , before Qin Sihuang 225BC. So expecting the thugs parties to ‘get it’ aint gonna work. It takes both side to ‘understand’ and the West (USA) certainly doesnt ‘understand’.

  35. @Sean

    Not sure how you’d know what these “military men” were drinking, since you were facing the other way.

    • Replies: @Sean
  36. Sean says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    He is an ex officer in the British army who was working on UN peacekee with Ukrainian soldiers chosen to go abroad , and they were over the drink drive limit from breakfast onward. They did not look drunk, because they were so used to it. These are the people Russians need tanks to defeat.

    No wonder Hitler did not take Russia seriously except as a place Germans could emulate the Anglo Saxon colonisation of America. The Russian failing to build metaled roads meant the German advance was over bottomless bogs masquerading as main highways, but they stopped at Smolensk for almost two months. America gave Stalin nearly half a million trucks.

    Advanced populations tend to have more gay people in them, and none is more advanced that the British, who created the world’s first commercial state and the largest Empire. It is not really racial, but who can doubt that middle class people in the ground zero economic area of the world are more likely to be gay that a backward country such as Russia in which there are towns without a central sewerage system like something from the 19th century. There are fewer homosexuals in Russia? Big deal.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  37. @Sean

    You’re still gay.

    • Replies: @Sean
  38. Pandour says: • Website

    Who are these jokers who run this obscure site The Saker.According to them Russia is all sweetness and light and the embodiment of the loftiest moral values and filthy rich Putin,president-for-life, a former KGB criminal is a great fellow.For one, I suggest they take a good hard look at the human toll exacted by the Russians in the First and Second Chechen Wars and the tragic toll exacted on the civilian population.

  39. Sean says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    I know that you would be willing to say that to my face in the real world, because you would not have to fear anything instantly happening to you. That is why I respect false flaggotry: you and others of your kidney accept the consequences that follow from your perceptions. I will hear of your vigilante justice against the 9/11 conspirators you have identified any day now, I am sure. Meanwhile keep up the digital affronts from behind a pseudonym, which can never be mistaken for empty flouts and jeers.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  40. @Sean

    It’s not facing you that would be my concern, it would be turning my back.

  41. Sean says:

    I think your concern is about switching the laptop off, because you fear seeing your reflection in the screen.

  42. Richard P says:

    Perhaps you’re either ill-informed or naive on the fate of the Cossacks? The Bolsheviks not only murdered Nicholas II and his entire family, but also brutally killed no-less than 62 million — and perhaps up to 70 million Orthodox Christians.

  43. Richard P says:

    I suggest reading Petition 35: Jews as Instigators of the Revolutions.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  44. Robjil says:
    @Richard P

    First Revolution in Russia in 1917 started on Purim day.

    That year, International Women’s Day serendipitously coincided with the festival of Purim, which marks the salvation of the Jewish people, in part through the audacious bravery of Queen Esther. Tens of thousands of men and women joined the workers of the Putilov factory who had already been striking for several days. Marching in the streets of Petrograd they demanded an end to the continuous food shortages, an end to the war, and an end to the Tsarist autocracy. Michoel Dworkin, a graduate of the Tomchei Temimim yeshiva, was in the city at the time and recalled that the Rebbe delivered a discourse marking the festival. It began with the passage from the megillah in which Haman, the arch-foe of the Jews is advised to “build a gallows fifty cubits high” (Esther, 5:14). Though originally intended for Mordechai, the righteous Jew, Haman himself was ultimately hung upon it instead. Unfortunately, no transcript of the discourse is extant.25T

    • Replies: @Richard P
  45. HEREDOT says:

    It’s a waste of time to read this stupid Russian nationalist. This Russian chauvinist also censors every idea he doesn’t like. You can try that shit site!

  46. HEREDOT says:

    Unz, you’re not censored here, thanks. Saker has a lot to learn from you.

  47. Richard P says:

    Thanks for the insight and article. It was a fascinating read.

  48. Richard P says:

    There is no such thing as Ukrainian people.
    Ukrainian population consist of Russians, Polaks, Hungarian, Romanian, Gypsies,Tatars, Turks,…….etc.


    This is true any many fail to recognize that there are no ethnic Ukrainian people. One of my ex girlfriends was born and raised in Ukraine, but both of her parents were Russian. She had a Russian name, too.

    • Replies: @Pandour
  49. Pandour says: • Website
    @Richard P

    So you who can neither read Russian or Ukranian and who has not even consulted English translations of Russian and Ukranian sources claim there are no Ukranian people.Stick to U. S. history,of which most Americans have not a clue.The Russification of the Ukraine,like the Baltic Republics,to you never happened.Stick to video games.

  50. Richard P says:

    You’ve clearly missed the context of my comment. Nonetheless, I’m very familiar with Russian and Ukrainian affairs. Furthermore, I’ve spent significant time in Russia for various professional and religious engagements. Moreover, I can speak basic Russian.

  51. Richard P says:

    The Russification of the Ukraine.

    It’s apparent that you’re an anti-Russian troll. You’re lecturing me on Ukraine, but it’s you who referred to the aforementioned country as “the” Ukraine. It’s Ukraine, not “the” Ukraine as the is derogatory when applied in this context.

  52. Richard P says:

    For clarification, my comment regarding ethnic Ukrainian people was in reference to post-Independence. Furthermore, a significant amount of Russians fled to Crimea as the White’s lines deteriorated during the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Immigration into Ukraine (postindependence (1991)) has been mainly ethnic Ukrainians already living in nearby countries (for example in 1993 they were 90% of all immigrants); other immigrants were mostly Crimean Tatars and people fleeing wars in Azerbaijan, Transnistria and Chechnya (a region in Russia).

  53. Richard P says:

    There is no such thing as Ukraine.

    “Write this down: There is no such thing as Ukraine,” says Mozhaev, who goes by the nickname Babay, or Bogeyman. “There are only the Russian borderlands, and the fact they became known as Ukraine after the [Bolshevik] Revolution, well, we intend to correct that mistake.”

  54. @the grand wazoo

    I have published many comments on RT some of the comments critical of the Zionists and of the Apartheid regime ; the comments disappeared without trace in a few minutes . So I assume that either the supervisor of the on line comments of RT is a Zionist or the whole website is controlled by members of the tribe .
    Another thing that makes me suspicious . A few years ago my wife and I went to Russia on a conducted tour . During the few times that we were away from the group , we were followed and harassed by people clicking the cellular phone when we were sighted .
    I interpreted this act as a sign that the Jewish Mafia controls Russia too . Of course my wife and I are object of interest by the western secret service agencies , because we know a few Australian secrets of state . But I would have never imagined that we would be followed and monitored in Russia too .

  55. @Miro23

    ” The shared values of the west ” ? ? Like imposing the rotten policies of mass immigration of non – integrable people , This policies has been imposed on the population without consultation , a sign of non existing democracy in the EU .

  56. @Sean

    ‘Empire is collapsing’ clowns are living in a fantasy world, meanwhile Russia is fighting in its former heartland. I know military men who worked with the Ukrainian army and they literally drink vodka for all day every day. Russia’s military performance in Ukraine is on a par with their diplomatic skills in Ukraine.

    Where to begin with this one? …

    First of all, no Russian, not even hardcore Russian nationalists, would ever claim that Ukraine (which in Russian, rather suggestively, means “the borderlands”) is in any way Russia’s heartland.

    Second, if those friends of yours drank vodka with the Ukrainian army (that is, the government forces) all day, that suggests the drinking problem lies with Kiev, not with Moscow.

    Third, Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, limited as it was (and Ukrainian nationalists would claim likewise), was still good enough to destroy, in a few weeks, some 80% of Ukraine’s military materiel. This is not my saying this, but the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. I could give you links, but this is a matter of public record so far as people who follow this conflict are concerned.

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