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Russian Tu-160 Bombers in Venezuela
Rusty museum antiques or the Star War's Death Star?
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Remember what happened when the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier sailed around Europe to reach the eastern Mediterranean? NATO leaders were making fun of the black smoke coming out of the ship’s engine while at the same time shadowing the Kuznetsov as if it was the Death Star from the Star Wars series and as if its final goal was to obliterate the British Isles. Frankly, this is nothing new. Even during the Cold War, western propagandists liked to dismiss all Soviet weapons systems as junk while at the same time declaring that they were the terrifying weapons of a Mordor-like Evil Empire set to destroy the entire Free World. This time around, we are seeing exactly the same pattern yet again:

NATO is busy intercepting “museum pieces”
NATO is busy intercepting “museum pieces”

The US Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker declared that these aircraft were so old that they were “museum pieces.”

Mike Pompeo (who makes even Nikki Haley look almost smart and almost sweet!) angrily declared that this was a case of “two corrupt governments squandering public funds, and squelching liberty and freedom while their people suffer.”

Diego Moya-Ocampos, a senior analyst for IHS Markit Ltd, a London-based global information provider, declared that “This is Russia trying to force the U.S. to say, ‘listen if you withdraw from this and if you make these moves in Europe, we will make these moves as well.'” He also added that a “Russian base would represent a much larger investment in Venezuela than Russia has signaled it’s willing to make, as well as a larger provocation to the United States.”

There is so much military illiteracy in the AngloZionist Empire that, once again, I decided to engage in some much needed LikBez to try to set the record straight.

First, the basics: the Tu-160 is, indeed, a supersonic heavy strategic bomber, meaning that they have the speed and range to strike targets at long distance (how far depends on the load, the availability of in-flight refueling and flight profile; usually a max range of 12’000km is quoted). While the Tu-160 can carry regular (“dumb”) bombs, its primary weapons are cruise missiles, specifically six Raduga Kh-55SM/101/102/555 missiles or twelve AS-16 Kickback missiles. The former has a range of about 4,500–5,000–5,500 km (2,800–3,100–3,400 mi; some sources even claim as much as 10,000 km (6,200 mi) range with a flight endurance of 10 hours. The AS-16 is a short range weapon with a range of 300 km (160 nmi) which can fly at 40,000 m (130,000 ft) and then dive at a speed of Mach 5. Both of these missiles have a low radar cross-section, advanced guidance (including terminal), onboard electronic warfare kit and maneuvering capabilities. Finally, these missiles exist in several variants including conventional, nuclear and anti-ship. The first conclusion, these figures suggest, is that Russia does not need to send her bombers anywhere near the US to deliver a powerful conventional or nuclear strike: with a range anywhere between 4500km and 10000km the main missile armament of the Tu-160 does not require this bomber to be anywhere near the target at the moment of launch of the missile. Instead of attacking from Venezuela, the Tu-160 can fire its missiles from over the polar cap and still strike the continental US.

This is true for bombers, but this is even more true of ship or submarine-based ballistic and cruise missiles.

Second, this is hardly the first time the Russian military paid a visit to Venezuela: Russian Aerospace bombers visited the country in 2013, and Russian Navy ships did so in 2008. Nothing happened then, and nothing happened now.

I will admit, this is a scary looking “strateg” (as these supersonic heavy strategic bombers are called by their crews)
I will admit, this is a scary looking “strateg” (as these supersonic heavy strategic bombers are called by their crews)

So what’s all the hysterics all about?

I think that this is all about internal US politics and, shall we say, “information management”: every time the Russian military visits Venezuela, the US public comes dangerously close to finding out three things the Neocons and their Deep State desperately want to keep a secret from the US public:

  1. The US mainland is completely undefended for the very simple reason that (almost!) nobody is threatening it.
  2. Russia has the means to deliver conventional and nuclear strikes anywhere in the US.
  3. We have never been as close to a full-scale conventional and nuclear war as we are today.

Let’s look at each one of these statements one by one.

The US is totally undefended because nobody threatens it

True, Russia and (to a lesser degree) China, can strike the US. But since they could only do that at the cost of a terrible counter-strike by US conventional and nuclear forces, US force planners and analysts are pretty darn confident that neither Russia nor China will initiate such a strike. Besides, unlike the AngloZionist Empire, neither the Soviet Union nor Russia has ever planned for an attack on the US or Europe.

Quick reminder for the believers in “western values” – this is what the wonderful western allies had in store for the Soviet Union by the end of WWII:
Plan Totality (1945): earmarked 20 Soviet cities for obliteration in a first strike: Moscow, Gorki, Kuybyshev, Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Saratov, Kazan, Leningrad, Baku, Tashkent, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Magnitogorsk, Molotov, Tbilisi, Stalinsk, Grozny, Irkutsk, and Yaroslavl.
Operation Unthinkable (1945) assumed a surprise attack by up to 47 British and American divisions in the area of Dresden, in the middle of Soviet lines. This represented almost half of roughly 100 divisions (ca. 2.5 million men) available to the British, American and Canadian headquarters at that time. (…) The majority of any offensive operation would have been undertaken by American and British forces, as well as Polish forces and up to 100,000 German Wehrmacht soldiers.
Operation Dropshot (1949): included mission profiles that would have used 300 nuclear bombs and 29,000 high-explosive bombs on 200 targets in 100 cities and towns to wipe out 85% of the Soviet Union’s industrial potential at a single stroke. Between 75 and 100 of the 300 nuclear weapons were targeted to destroy Soviet combat aircraft on the ground.
But the biggest proof is, I think, the fact that none of these plans was executed, even though at the time the Anglosphere was safely hidden behind its monopoly on nuclear weapons (and were Hiroshima and Nagasaki not destroyed in part to “scare the Russians”?) See here for more details

However, if the people of the US realize that they don’t have any credible enemy, they might wonder why their country spends more on “defense” than the rest of the planet combined. They might even get angrier if they came to realize that even though their country spends more on “defense” than the rest of the planet combined, they remain entirely unprotected.

Russia can wipe out the United States

During the Cold War, the vast majority of US Americans knew that the USSR could wipe out the US in a massive nuclear strike. However, since the end of the Cold War, this fact has been somewhat pushed back away from the awareness of most US decision makers (hence their frankly suicidal rhetoric and policies). Nowadays the big difference with the Cold War is that Russia can strike anywhere inside the United States using only conventional weapons. Two years ago I wrote a detailed analysis on how Russia is preparing for WWIII so I won’t go into all the details here, but just mention one excellent example of this new conventional capability of the Russian military:

Take the Kalibr cruise-missile recently seen in the war in Syria. Did you know that it can be shot from a typical commercial container, like the ones you will find on trucks, trains or ships? Check out this excellent video which explains this:

Just remember that the Kalibr has a range of anywhere between 50km to 4000km and that it can carry a nuclear warhead. How hard would it be for Russia to deploy these cruise missiles right off the US coast in regular container ships? Or just keep a few containers in Cuba or Venezuela? This is a system which is so undetectable that the Russians could deploy it off the coast of Australia to hit the NSA station in Alice Springs if they wanted, and nobody would even see it coming.

And keep in mind that the Kalibr is not the only conventional/nuclear-capable missile (ballistic or cruise) which Russia can unleash against US military targets worldwide, including inside the US. The weapons systems listed by Putin in his now famous speech are all formidable weapons in their own right (see Andrei Martynov’s excellent analysis of the military implication of these new weapon systems and my own analysis of their political implications). Some readers might mistakenly think that Russian conventional missiles are somehow less of a threat than nuclear ones, but that would be a major mistake. In deterrence and escalation theory it is crucial for each side to have what is called “escalation dominance” at all levels of the retaliatory spectrum. Simply put, the so-called “Mutually Assured Destruction” (or MAD) is a very weak posture because of its very low first-strike stability (due to the “use them or lose them” force structure) and because using nuclear weapons is, under a MAD posture, equivalent to suicide. However, having small tactical nukes and, even more so, conventional strategic weapons gives Russia a significant escalation dominance advantage which the US cannot match. In a 2017 article I debunked in some details the two crucial US American myths about the US military posture; the first myth is the myth of the US military superiority and the second myth is the myth about the US invulnerability, so I will just repeat here that these two myths are total bunk. The reality is that the US is *extremely* vulnerable to Russian conventional strikes (see the article I mention for all the details): Russia has a wide choice of conventional weapons, ranging from hypersonic ballistic missiles to long-range cruise missiles. Furthermore, Russia has absolutely no need at all to send two Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela to somehow increase that capability.

A war between the US and Russia will probably happen soon unless the US changes its suicidal political course

One truth which is never mentioned by the AngloZionist propaganda is that Russia has retreated as far as she can and that there is a broad consensus in Russia among both the political elites and the people that Russia cannot retreat any further. God knows that even if all the “Putin caved in” propaganda is nonsense, it remains nonetheless true that the perception of the western elites is usually a strange mix of dismissing Russia while, at the same time, presenting Russia as the number one enemy on the planet. I don’t know whether the people making these statements really believe them or not, but the resulting policy is one of a total and never-ending hostility mixed in with a quasi-religious belief in the superiority and even invulnerability of the “collective West.” And this is precisely the kind of mindset which results in stupid and bloody wars! Let me repeat this again: Russia has already done all she can to avoid a war with the US, and there is nothing else she can do; in contrast, every single US policy towards Russia is bringing us one step closer to an almost inevitable war.

The two Tu-160’s in this context: think of it as a *gentle* wake-up call

4 Russian aircraft in Venezuela is all it took to freak out the Empire
4 Russian aircraft in Venezuela is all it took to freak out the Empire

The importance of the visit of the two Tu-160’s to Venezuela is not military, but psychological: by showing up so near the US in such a highly visible manner, the Russians are not threatening the US or sending some kind of message to the US military. What they are doing is trying to gently wake up the media-zombified US population by showing it that yes, the “evil Putin” has the means to “reach” as far as the US if needed. This, while hardly any big news to the US military, seems to be coming like somewhat of a shock to a lot of folks in the US. The reality is that a single modern Russian SSBN in port in Russia is a far more formidable threat to the US than these two bombers, but that is not something that anybody is willing to admit to the people of the US, so Russia sent her two bombers in a clearly visible way to force even the corporate Ziomedia to mention it.

In case of a shooting war between Russia and the US, a couple of Russian bombers won’t make much of a difference, but if they can act as the proverbial tip of the iceberg and, maybe, finally get the US public (or, at least some of its representatives) to wake up to the real threat and demand that the US pull-back from its current full-scale confrontation with Russia, then this would be a good result.

A much more serious threat: A Borei-class SSBN docking in its home port of Severodvinsk in northern Russia
A much more serious threat: A Borei-class SSBN docking in its home port of Severodvinsk in northern Russia

If not, then at least the Kremlin has shown support for the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan people by proving to the world that the famous “Monroe Doctrine” is long dead and that the putatively “sole superpower on the planet” can do absolutely nothing to prevent Russia (or any other country for that matter) from openly thumbing a collective nose at Uncle Shmuel.

Will that be enough?

I doubt it. But nothing is preventing Russia from trying other, possibly more explicit, “wake-up calls.” For example, a Russian Borei-class SSBN could fire a few of its SLBMs in a ripple-launch and have them land somewhere close enough to the US to force the US media to pay attention (usually the Russians use the Kura missile test range in the Russian Far East, but these launches are entirely ignored in the West). So why not strike some target in, say, Venezuela? Of course, before any such launch, Russia would fully inform all the countries affected, especially, the US and use either a dummy or a conventional warhead. And, of course, these missiles would be fired from the submarine’s dock, without even leaving port, not necessarily the main dock, but one situated further out on the Kola Peninsula would be an option. Heck, the Russians could even invite the foreign press corps, and the military attaches accredited in Russia and transmit the full thing on TV. This kind of demonstration runs very much against the Russian military culture and its maniacal obsession with secrecy (such a launch would not be without risks), but surely it is worth taking such a risk if that can bring the AngloZionist leaders and the population they rule over to their senses. Okay, maybe my idea is far-fetched, but you get the idea. Russia needs to not only talk but actually *show* that her weapons can reach well-inside the US (and anywhere along the extremely fragile US coastline) and then wait and see whether the Americans want to engage in serious, meaningful, talks finally (as opposed to the ridiculous short chats Trump’s handlers allow him to have with Putin when they meet at some kind of summit; apparently “tweeting” is an accurate representation on how Trump’s brain works…).

Conclusion: All wars eventually end. The critical question is “how?”

Russia and the Empire have been at war since at least 2014. This has been an 80% informational war, 15% economic war and only 5% (or less) a kinetic one. But the Empire is running out of stupid accusations and hollow threats, its economic warfare has been a dismal failure, and all that’s left is to “go kinetic” which would be a disaster for all parties. Bottom line:

The US dream of subduing Russia is long dead.

The US dream of threatening Russia is long dead.

The US dream of remaining the sole superpower (aka “World Hegemon”) is long dead.

What can the US do in this situation?

To trigger a kinetic war would be suicidal. Bullying Russia with threats does not work. Pretending like reality is not happening is the current US strategy, but it is clearly unsustainable (and every Tu-160 visit to Venezuela further undermines it).

I don’t see any other solution than to put an end to this war and (finally!) negotiate a global peace plan with Russia.

If not, expect many more Russian military hardware getting closer to the US borders.

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  1. Erebus says:

    The importance of the visit of the two Tu-160′s to Venezuela is not military, but psychological:

    Agreed, but not (imho) the way the Saker thinks.

    The Tu-160s made the headlines, while the AN-124 heavy cargo lifter and IL-62 passenger jet that accompanied them went largely unnoticed.

    Maduro was in Moscow the week before signing “strategic agreements”. Methinks the real story revolves around what got delivered. I’d wager that the TU-160s “escorted” a shipment of SAM complexes and/or an EW suite, and the personnel to install & operate them.

    • Replies: @J Garbo
  2. Renoman says:

    Might delay the overthrow of Venezuela by about 5 minutes! Everyone know the the US has their eye on all the beautiful oil.

    • Replies: @Giuseppe
    , @Wally
    , @Capn Mike
  3. Giuseppe says:

    The Russian military visit to Venezuela only increases the likelihood of a US intervention in Venezuela for more reasons than oil, one being the Empire’s loss of face in Syria as a result of Russia’s success there. Russia’s visit has transformed Venezuela into a proxy for the Empire’s deepest longing, the reduction of Russia.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  4. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    “Besides, unlike the AngloZionist Empire, neither the Soviet Union nor Russia has ever planned for an attack on the US or Europe.”

    Sorry, I just couldn’t take you seriously after that.

    • Agree: Tyrion 2
    • Troll: Parisian Guy
    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
    , @Anon
  5. Has anyone ever noticed the corporate media gets itself in a tizzy, when Trump reaches out to Putin. Its like they don’t want Trump negotiating with Putin because it would kill the narrative that Russia is the boogeyman, needed by the military industrial complex and the corporate media.

    Or maybe it’s the world’s central bankers are sensing a possible rapprochement between the US and Russia, could interrupt their banking empire. Adding China to the mix, could really shake them up. Imagine a new rival to their corrupt banking system. A collective big 3 is a potential threat to the world’s central bankers,
    and they realize that. Too bad Trump isn’t intelligent enough to realize this.

    Seeing the world’s central bankers own the corporate media, the propaganda would be out in full force against this from even happening. The central bankers originated in Europe, so a new banking system alliance coming out of the USA, Russia and China would threaten the world bankers. Then we could expect an all out propaganda war from the corporate media vilifying Trump, Russia and China.

    • Replies: @Joekoool102
  6. @Joekoool102

    Bottom line, expect the corporate media to continue vilifying Russia.

  7. @Anonymous

    Agreed. It’s’ a fact that Stalin planned to attack Hitler and invade Europe, which is why Hitler attacked the USSR first. It’s also why the USSR suffered such horrific losses. They were not in a defensive posture.

  8. @Fidelios Automata

    One of the leaked “activities” of “Integrity Initiative” aka “Institute for Statecraft” are on promoting the rewriting of history, like equating Holocaust with Soviet purgues, or whitewashing nazism, especially in the Baltics….

    I would include in their efforts the overwhelming wave of commenters in the so called “alt-media” who arrived around the Ukrainian Maidan and previous years of US elections holding, precisely, this points in mass…


    8 Links of the Integrity Initiative with extremism in the Baltic States and Ukraine

    Some activities of the Integrity Initiative in the Baltic states and Ukraine, where people who consider themselves Russian make up large minorities, appear likely to foment sectarian hatred and civil conflict.

    8.1 Holocaust revisionism

    The Integrity Initiative works closely with the Lithuanian government and armed forces. The officially-encouraged spread of Holocaust revisionism in the Baltic States has been documented in detail by the magazine Defending History. Lithuania and Latvia have passed laws that limit discourse about the Holocaust in their territories and deny the role of local helpers in the Nazi genocide. In Ukraine a law passed in 2015 assigned officially protected status to the OUN and other organizations that collaborated with the Nazis and played a key role in the mass murder of Jews.

    Both the Lithuanian and Latvian governments promote the double genocide version of Holocaust revisionism, which equates the (undisputed) political repression in the Baltic states during the years of Soviet rule to the genocide directed against the Jewish populations of those countries. In November 2010 the UK ambassador to Lithuania (Simon Butt) drafted and sent a letter to the the President of Lithuania, co-signed by the ambassadors of Estonia, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, that expressed concern over the growing manifestations of antisemitism and denounced the ‘double genocide’ version of history unequivocally:

    “Spurious attempts are made to equate the uniquely evil genocide of the Jews with Soviet crimes against Lithuania, which, though great in magnitude, cannot be regarded as equivalent in either their intention or result”

    In May 2011 it was announced that Butt had retired from the Diplomatic Service (at the age of 53) and would be replaced as ambassador to Lithuania by David Hunt.

    The Integrity Initiative documents report that Lithuanian armed forces have been training the British Army’s 77th Brigade:

    ” Lithuania has become particularly important in our network due to its expertise in dealing with Russian malign influence and disinformation. We currently have four centres of expertise in Lithuania. Since 2015 we have had a close link with the Lithuanian Armed Forces Stratcom team, currently drawing on their expertise, with the support of the Lithuanian Chief of Defence, to educate other national clusters on effective methodologies for tracking Russian activities. We initiated a link between this team and the UK 77 Bde, resulting in 77 Bde adopting the Lithuanian techniques.”

    8.2 Neo-Nazism

    As documented above, the Integrity Initiative works closely with StopFake, which has downplayed or denied resurgence of Nazism in the Baltic states and Ukraine. For instance in this article StopFake defends military boot camps for children run by the Azov Battalion. The Azov Battalion was founded in 2014, and its first commander was Andriy Biletsky, who previously headed the neo-Nazi group Patriot of Ukraine. The US Congress has banned the use of US aid for provision of ‘arms, training or other assistance to the Azov Battalion’.

    StopFake has defended Ukrainian parliamentary speaker Andriy Parubiy against French commentators who have denounced him as a Nazi. When Parubiy visited Scotland, David Leask, one of the journalists listed by Integrity Initiative on its social media team, reported in almost identical terms to the earlier StopFake defence of Parubiy following his visit to France that Parubiy is now ‘on the centre-right’ in Ukrainian politics. As the centre ground in Ukrainian politics is now aligned with policies that in most other European countries would be identified as those of the extreme right, it is difficult to dispute the assertion that Parubiy is on the centre-right in Ukrainian politics. A detailed study by Katchanovski (2015, updated 2018) has implicated Parubiy’s group in what is now widely held to have been a false flag massacre of Maidan protesters on 20 February 2014.

    Source: “Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative”

  9. peterAUS says:

    One truth which is never mentioned by the AngloZionist propaganda is that Russia has retreated as far as she can and that there is a broad consensus in Russia among both the political elites and the people that Russia cannot retreat any further.

    Yes it can. Several places. Properly packaged and delivered to serfs and will buy it. As so far.

    Bottom line:

    The US dream of subduing Russia is long dead.

    The US dream of threatening Russia is long dead.


    I don’t see any other solution than to put an end to this war and (finally!) negotiate a global peace plan with Russia.

    There are two other solutions.

    If not, expect many more Russian military hardware getting closer to the US borders.

    Probably; not many more, though.

  10. Sean says:

    This event resulted in a full alert being passed up through the military chain of command all the way to President Boris Yeltsin, who was notified and the “nuclear briefcase” (known in Russia as Cheget) used to authorize nuclear launch was automatically activated. Yeltsin activated his “nuclear keys” for the first time. No warning was issued to the Russian populace of any incident; it was reported in the news a week afterward.

    Lets hope Russia can tell, the difference between a nuclear attack and a Scandinavian weather balloon by the time another drinking Russian is pres.

    a full-scale conventional and nuclear war

    This is gibberish. A war can be conventional. A conventional war might initiate the first use of nuclear weapons, which would end all conventional operations by both sides and start an esculating tit for tat (probably a single battlefield weapon exchange at first). But, “war” cannot be fought with nuclear weapons.

  11. @Fidelios Automata

    You know…there has been very serious academic discussion on this topic…and it is very reasonable to reject your claim.

    But the bigger issue is the pro-Hitler stuff(Marcus Cicero)…..I am Alt Right in my world view…and I don’t like Hitler and the Nazis….Just look at the situation in the Ukraine. Perhaps you want war with Christian Russia?

    A better option for Germany in 1939 would have been a coup…Hitler is murdered…..the SS is exterminated….and allow for the possibility of a coup in the Soviet Union…..

    And rejecting Hitler and his evil spawn the Ukraino Nazis does not in anyway require allegiance to Israel….

    I despise the Bosnians, and from a pure Racial-Tribal perspective:Japan deserved the two nukes…and I write this as someone who greatly admires the Japanese People….

    • LOL: byrresheim
  12. And I do think it is simple as this:It’s a Surgically-Mutilated-Tranny-Freak-Global-Homo-PEDERAST war of aggression against Christian Russia……Christian Russia is the threat of a sane viable alternative to the homosexual-pederast-necrophilliac General James Mathis USMC(diagnosis by exclusion…that’s how they do it with ALS)…. and the biological mutant lifeform Rachel Maddow……THANATOS WRIT LARGE!!!!=these two repellant geneline deadends…….or perhaps General Mathis and Rachel Maddow are a viable cockroach breeding pair…..

  13. There is most definitely room in HELL!!! for the narcissistic psychopath WAR CRIMINAL Mike Pompeo…specifically room in Satan’s personal toilet bowl…among Satan’s more notorious floating turds Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton…

  14. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    This is bad move. It gives cause to the warmongers in the US. Also, there’s no guarantee that the current regime in Venezuela will long survive. Russia shouldn’t draw too close.

  15. Even the old b17 bombers can still fly, so I’m not surprised they got a couple of these relics up.

    • Replies: @Uslabor
    , @ProfessorChops
  16. In his WWII memoirs Churchill is proud on that when WWI was over, he ordered much WWI artillery to be greased thoroughly and stored.
    Forgot what he did when WWII began with these museum pieces.
    They were installed on the British isles, I suppose.
    In 1940 a French WWI artillery piece still was widely used.

    Present Russian retaliatory capacity is from the 70ties, ‘simple’ intercontinental ballistic missiles with each four or five warheads.
    Present USA systems can easily destroy them in flight.
    The problem is that Russia seems to have 1600 of them.
    They are mounted in trucks, so are not in fixed positions, thus difficult to destroy before launching.
    Russian trust in these weapons is such that inflatable ones now are being produced, satellites seem to be unable to see the difference between real and fake ones.

    The Israeli Iron Dome system is just capable of destroying some 75% of the primitive missiles Hamas launches from Gaza to Israel.
    In 1918 in parliament Churchill stated that it did not matter to him if someone was killed by poison gas or by a bullet.

    I suppose any victim is not interested in if he’s being killed by a museum piece or by state of the art weapons.

    One more thing, in the Falkland war Thatcher ordered a to be scrapped Vulcan to fly from GB to the Falklands and back, dropping one bomb.
    In the Iraq war the to be scrapped Warthogs were the best weapons the USA had against Saddam’s tanks.
    Israel then was terrified by Saddam’s WWII VII’s.

  17. @Giuseppe

    As far as I know Venezuela since many years has Migs equipped with Chinese Silk Worm missiles.
    The USA has no defence against these missiles;
    The USA cannot destroy the Migs because they operate from jungle strips.
    So I’m unable to understand the fuss about stationing a few bombers in Venezuela, except for propaganda purposes, as we see here in Europe all the time.
    Some Russian bombers flying over the North Sea, some Russian navy ships going through the Channel: NEWS !
    NATO flying close to Russian borders, just defence, of course.

  18. All this, basically, out of the love of money, on several levels by important wealthy and powerful constituents, for whom both the enormous profits of supplying war materials and the possible spoils of war are irresistible.

  19. The author falls into the very trap he claims to be criticizing: Russia is both threatening and non-threatning at the same time!

    • Replies: @Wally
  20. George says:

    The picture has a ‘Russian’ AN-124 among other aircraft. Isn’t the AN series Ukrainian?

    One of the curiosities of the unpleasantness between Russia and Ukraine is that the only buyer of Ukrainian tech was Russia. NATO has not rushed to support Ukraine by buying Ukrainian anything. Neither have NATO nations bought any Ukrainian kit for their civilian airlines. Why can’t Airbus or Boeing assemble whatevers in Ukraine? My answer is that the Ukrainian colored revolution was propelled by a small group of western bureaucrats and was never supported by the actual governments involved. One put into place the Ukrainian revolution never had enough suction to suck any governments into supporting the Ukrainian economy.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  21. eah says:

    With 300,878 billion barrels of proven reserves, Venezuela has the largest amount of proven oil reserves in the world.

    Other than the above, I cannot see how it is in Russian interests to send warplanes — even antiquated warplanes — to a “shithole” like Venezuela, and by doing so risk Monroe Doctrine-esque tension with the US.

  22. Z-man says:

    Mike Pompeo (who makes even Nikki Haley look almost smart and almost sweet!) angrily declared that this was a case of “two corrupt governments squandering public funds, and squelching liberty and freedom while their people suffer.”

    Good one!
    I call him meat head Mike.

  23. @Anon

    Christian Russia has been pushed too far by GLOBAL HOMO PEDERAST AMERICA…..Paul Craig Roberts for years:”WHEN WILL RUSSIA PUSH BACK?”…Well, Russia is now pushing back….because the existential threat is now very real….

    We are now back in the realm of “CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS” time….

    I wish you all would take down your JFK pinup boy posters…God knows what you glued it to the wall with……We are living and breathing in 2018 despite JFK….The Zabruder Film…well, I enjoy watching it….with a six pack and cornbeef and cabbage..and the JFK autopsy photos…fun to watch also….JFK WAS A WAR HAWK…..

    Jackie O was a filthy whore…. however, this French Whore along with a Russian Commie Naval Commander prevented the extinction of the Human Species……well, the Russian Commie Naval Commander most definitely did…….for sure….

  24. Admiral Kuznetsov? Why not Admiral Ushakov?

  25. The Zionist controlled U.S. gov has surrounded Russia with military bases and so it is good that Russia is showing the flag in Venezuela and it would be even better if Russia opened up some bases in Mexico on the border with the Zionist U.S. , turn about is fair play!

  26. Joke of the month (from Russia insider):
    Mathis is so angry now that he went to the dog house all by himself.

    • Replies: @hunor
  27. @Beefcake the Mighty

    What is interesting here that US was shut out from Minks agreements all the way.
    What is totally humorous that US MSM did not notice it ever.
    Not even Psaki mentioned it,

  28. wayfarer says:

    Suicide Jockeys and Risk-Tolerant Adrenaline Junkies

  29. Avery says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    { It’s’ a fact that Stalin planned to attack Hitler and invade Europe, …..}

    Nope: it’s not a fact.

    It’s a myth created and sustained by apologists for Hitler, fueled in part by a book written by a disgruntled GRU guy, a traitor, who was working for British intelligence.
    Suvorov is no professional historian: he is an amateur hack; his book is bunk.

    The theory that the Red Army was in any position to invade Nazi Germany has been thoroughly debunked, particularly by professional military historian David M. Glantz. Glantz is an American and has no axe to grind, unlike the traitor “Suvorov”.

    IF Stalin was supposedly going to invade Nazi Germany, the militarily sound thing to do would be for Wehrmacht to lie in wait behind defensive lines and then destroy Stalin’s armies on German soil. The superb Wehrmacht could decimate the Red Army without much trouble, being on their own homeland and being very close to their supplies and such. Blooded, decimated German troops fought ferociously on their own homeland as the Red Army steamroller was getting closer and closer to Berlin 1944/1945.

    And……Not go deep into Soviet Union, and have one of their most powerful armies wiped out at Stalingrad, for example.
    And it is no big secret that Hitler coveted the vast fertile lands of Ukrainian and Russian steppes West of the Urals. Hitler remembered quite well from WW1 that Germany was almost starved to death via food blockade, and was determined to have absolute food security for Germany.
    Bye, and bye, there was unlimited fertile, agricultural lands East of Germany. The fact that it belonged to somebody else was “minor” problem: easily solved by exterminating the Slavs who undeservedly were living there.

    Hitler and his war criminal Nazi gang were responsible for invading the SU, and causing death and destruction on an unimaginable scale.

  30. Z-man says:

    Start looking at around the 30 minute mark about who really controls American foreign policy.
    BTW, these are my kind of Christians. Thumbs up!

  31. I disagree. Trump is pulling US Troops out of Syria, which is Russia’s Med base, similar to the US and Bahrain. That is a pretty good gesture, .
    The Russians buying a new base in the Caribbean is a little concerning, but WWIII?

  32. hunor says:

    The doghouse is his rightful place.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  33. @Avery

    Such a pity that USSR archives tell a quite different story:
    Bogdan Musial, ‘Kampfplatz Deutschland, Stalins Kriegspläne gegen den Westen’, Berlin 2008
    Besides, anyone who followed FDR’s policy with regard to the USSR, knows that already in 1933 USA USSR cooperation against Hitler Germany was agreed.
    Technical military cooperation began at once:
    Franz Kurowski, ‘Balkenkreuz und Roter Stern, Der Luftkrieg über Russland 1941 – 1944’, 1984, Friedberg
    In vain Kennan tried to explain to ambassador Davies, a nephew of Morgenthau sr, how the thirties trials in Moscow were just show.
    If FDR knew in advance of the August 1939 Molotov Von Ribbentrop agreement, I do not know.
    It of course was convenient that at the time FDR was fishing before the Canadian coast.

  34. Pontius says:

    If the Tu-160 is a museum piece, what does that make a B52?

    • Replies: @Lurker
  35. Wally says:

    Right, the US, now the #1 exporter of oil needs Venezuelan oil. LOL

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @Krollchem
  36. Ahoy says:

    @ Giuseppe #3

    A redused entity cannot reduce any body else. Don’t forget that in Kiev took place the coronation of the first Russian Tsar in 1000 A.D. Ukrane will return to the fatherland soon.

    In December 19, 2018 Tramp changed the whole game on the planet. From now on, the events will be running so fast we will not be able to keep track of.

    Keep in mind also. that the terms United States of America, Inc. and America do not mean the same think. Tramp has promised to do America great again.

  37. Wally says:
    @Michael Kenny

    No, Russia is simply responding to US/Israeli threatening behavior. Basic stuff really.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  38. Well, Tu-160 is a bit younger than B-52, which is still used by the US air force. Judging by its age, it’s a museum piece (along with B-52). Judging by the hysterics these two Tu-160 caused, these are super-weapons. Then again, no sane person would trust globalist elites in anything.

  39. JLK says:

    { It’s’ a fact that Stalin planned to attack Hitler and invade Europe, …..} Nope: it’s not a fact.

    On one hand, the Soviet Union was manufacturing so many tanks that it seems a good bet that Stalin was planning aggression to the West at one time or another. On the other hand, the USSR was caught completely by surprise by the German invasion, so they probably didn’t expect conflict in a near term timeframe.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  40. Wally says:

    Yawn. Are you ever right on anything?

    “IF Stalin was supposedly going to invade Nazi Germany, the militarily sound thing to do would be for Wehrmacht to lie in wait behind defensive lines and then destroy Stalin’s armies on German soil.”

    No it is not, you’re laughably illogical & know nothing about military actions, necessities.
    The German preemptive attack caught the planned aggression before it entered German soil, before the Communists could take the initiative, gather momentum.
    It would have been illogical to let the Communists take the initiative, enter and harm Germany at all?
    As usual communist sympathizers make no sense.

    Operation Barbarossa Was A Preventive Attack:

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  41. Wally says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    The offensively oriented & positioned Soviet troops, armaments, planes, airfields, supplies & support staff resulted in massive destruction & captures by the Wehrmacht.

    Germany had no choice but to attack before the Communists established the all-important military initiative.


    • Replies: @Simpleguest
  42. Z-man says:

    True but Putin is also trapped by the fact that the Zionists have one thing in common with him. Territory that both wont let go. One legitimately, Russia with Crimea and the Donbas and one illegitimately, the Zio-sphere with Palestine.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  43. M Edward says:

    For decades the U.S. has tested nuclear weapons to confirm their functionality. As a result there is nuclear radiation all over the planet and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have died as a result of cancer, leukemia, etc…..

    NATO needs to commit a first strike against China and Russia and destroy their military and governments….

    Yes, their will be fallout and millions will die. But this is inevitable. Russia and China WILL eventually attack the U.S. and Europe and that will be the end of any hope of ever living in a free world.

    China, Russia and Israel are the biggest threat to free humanity and if they are not subdued it’s all over….

    There is no other choice.

    • LOL: Melotte 22
  44. @Wally

    “Germany had no choice but to attack…”

    Well, in hindsight, it better didn’t attack.
    So, obviously, Germany did have other choices.

  45. @hunor

    Igazodvantestver. Well? he is proud of his name mad dog.

  46. @Fidelios Automata

    You are confused. All Russian czars and to the lesser extent even general secretaries of politbyro considered their holy duty to protect Slavic states in Europe. They did not give a rats arse about rest of Europe.

  47. @M Edward

    So far I never seen anybody on this site who would be plain stupid.
    Until this day.
    But then you still could be agent-provocateur.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  48. @M Edward

    Conveniently forgetting that Israel is the tail that wags the imperial dog? Until the Empire crashes and burns, along with its sidekicks, we have no chance of living in a sane world, let alone free.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @M Edward
  49. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Do you mean to say that you never read comments of the “Michael Kenny” or “Quartermater” personages? Lucky you!

    • Agree: bluedog, Melotte 22
  50. Pontius says:

    I remember the great sigh of relief when the Berlin wall came down. It was like a dream come true. I thought we were entering a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

    I guess it was just a dream after all.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  51. @Wally

    It’s not about needing the oil; it’s about controlling the price. The more of the supply you have your hands on, the more you can influence the price. Russia wants to sell oil at \$100/barrel, while America wants to keep the price at \$50 to limit Russian income. So far America is winning this price war, the only war that really matters.

    The toys, the airplanes and submarines, are pretty though.

    BTW, while we are all engaged in a white man’s pissing match, the Chinese are eating our lunch. WAKE UP!

    • Replies: @RERB
  52. Anonymous[311] • Disclaimer says:

    If the TU 160 is a museum piece does that make the eight engined B 52 an actual dinosaur?

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  53. peterAUS says:

    I remember the great sigh of relief when the Berlin wall came down. It was like a dream come true. I thought we were entering a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

    The same sentiment exactly.

    I guess it was just a dream after all.

    If only.
    Became a nightmare, actually.

  54. @Anonymous

    Absolutely! And the B-52 is proof that heavy bombers, like jet airliners, have been a mature technology for half a century. There have been no significant changes, and there will be none. That’s why we keep the same old horses running, like the laughable Tu-95 turboprop.

    And for every Tu-160 that can launch ziggy-zaggy Russian cruise missiles, there is a squadron of those American dinosaurs, plus B-1s (mini Tu-160s) that can do the same, ten-fold.

    Welcome back to MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction.

    BTW it is guaranteed that the US Navy knows at all times where those loud, lumpy Borei submarines are. Just looking at them, you can tell they can’t slip silently. They are detectable.

    Gee this boyhood penis-comparing sure is fun, Saker boys! It won’t matter in the end, and maybe that’s the author’s point.

    Once again: Look at China. That is the 800-pound gorilla in our little classroom here. Time to get along and unite for our mutual well-being against massive, East Asian growth.

    • Replies: @Parisian Guy
  55. Fritz says:

    There is no such thing as rivaling states or nations.
    Just compare the B1 and the TU160 here. The TU160 is just a bigger B1.
    There is only one system, the beast system.
    They worked together on the supersonic passenger projects, Concorde and TU144, delivering the tech for big supersonic aircrafts.

    This started long before, we are told they copied the B29, making the TU4, so the nuclear scare could start, until today, as above. What a tale.

  56. RERB says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    “So far America is winning this price war, the only war that really matters.”
    No, no, no

    The U.S. Shale Oil Industry Bloodbath Spreads As Oil Price Meltdown Continues

  57. Mulegino1 says:

    Nonsense. The position of the Soviet forces on June 22, 1941, is all that matters in this debate. They were clearly staging in offensive formations along the Romanian border, the Carpathians, and the other western frontiers of the USSR. There was no defense in depth, no shoring up of defensive fortifications, no strengthening of the Stalin Line. Those are the primary reasons for the initial spectacular success of Barbarossa, i.e., that the Soviet forces were caught in their most vulnerable positions, staging for a westward offensive.

    Virtually everything that we have been told or taught about the Second World War is a bald faced lie and an inversion of the truth.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
    • Replies: @Anon
  58. Mulegino1 says:

    Absolutely correct. According to the sick worldview of establishment historians , Germany was under a constant moral imperative to starve to death, undergo total cultural subversion, remain weak and await foreign aggression while assuming the fetal position.

  59. El Dato says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Agreed. It’s’ a fact that Stalin planned to attack Hitler and invade Europe, which is why Hitler attacked the USSR first.

    Fact, eh?

    This meme is so retarded that anyone believing it should wash down the last of his brain with 100% proof vodka.

    In an alternative history, this MIGHT have happened in the 50s or so.

    In true history, it happened in 1920. Only Germany was not involved, the Poles were.

    It sure didn’t happen in 1941.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  60. M Edward says:

    I stated that, “China, Russia and Israel are the biggest threat to free humanity and if they are not subdued it’s all over….”

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  61. @JLK

    ” On the other hand, the USSR was caught completely by surprise by the German invasion, so they probably didn’t expect conflict in a near term timeframe. ”

    Sorge informed Moscow about the exact date of attack, do not now remember how much in advance.
    Weeks, I guess.
    F.W. Deakin and G.R. Storry, ‘The case of Richard Sorge’, New York, 1966
    Sorge was quite angry that apparently Stalin did nothing, he did not even get a reply to his message.

    According to Musial Hitler’s attack was three weeks before the planned USSR attack.
    Bogdan Musial, ‘Kampfplatz Deutschland, Stalins Kriegspläne gegen den Westen’, Berlin 2008

    My conclusion is that when Stalin got the exact date he could not do anything.
    Orders had been given, the Red Army was busy getting into the attack positions.
    Stalin had purged the army of all capable officers, the preparations for attack were such that at the moment Hitler attacked the Red Army was a logistical mess, soldiers, officers, weapons, etc, at different places.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  62. Uslabor says:
    @Eddie Van Halen

    Relics…….like the US B-52s and Eddie Van Halen?

  63. Lurker says:

    Or the B-1 for that matter.

  64. If that ain’t a Russian B-1B, I’ll eat my headphones.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  65. Anon[812] • Disclaimer says:

    Because you know for a fact such attacks have been planned — or do you.

  66. Sparkon says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Stalin “did nothing” to preempt the Wehrmacht’s attack in the same way Roosevelt did nothing to stop Kido Butai, the Imperial Japanese Navy’s carrier strike force, even though both leaders had abundant warnings from many sources of impending attack .


    Because it was the plan all along to goad, intimidate, infuriate, and trick the Germans and the Japanese into attacking, and to let them strike the first blow so that the whole world would know who was the aggressor. Thereby, the Allies could let the spilled blood fuel patriotism, and seize the moral high ground as victim. The German attack unified the various Soviet nationalities, solidified KPSS control over Russia, and enhanced Stalin’s power as absolute tyrant as nothing else could have.

    During the war, an enormous amount of American material, treasure, and knowledge flowed from the United States to the Soviet Union via the Lend Lease program. It has been remarked by more than a few historians that the Roosevelt administration was entirely infiltrated with Reds.

    In the 1950s, American Senator Joe McCarthy tried to bring to the public’s attention the extent of Communist influence and presence in the United States. For his efforts, McCarthy was vilified and hounded by the media in an all-out campaign of vilification, the success of which is reflected in the concept of McCarthyism being synonymous with a witch hunt, just one of many things believed by the American public that are entirely false.

    Not a Witch Hunt but rather a Red Alert preempted by a smear job on the boob tube.

    Any witches rode off to fly another day.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  67. Anonymous [AKA "Ersatz Naugahyde"] says:

    Kinda looks like a Carter-Era B1 Bomber if you squint no?

  68. Z-man says:
    @David Baker

    Similar but considerably bigger.

  69. @M Edward

    And now you have stated it twice, thus doubling the proof of your idiocy.

  70. @Fidelios Automata

    It is NOT a fact the Stalin intended a strike against Nazi Germany. There is no legitimate historiography to support such an assertion. You are just ignorant or spewing lies. Either way, you’re dead wrong.

    • Troll: Beefcake the Mighty
    • Replies: @anon
    , @L.K
  71. @Eddie Van Halen

    The TU-160s are far newer than the US B-52’s. The US strategic bombers were introduced in 1962!

  72. @Buzz Mohawk

    BTW it is guaranteed that the US Navy knows at all times where those loud, lumpy Borei submarines are. Just looking at them, you can tell they can’t slip silently. They are detectable.

    How are you so certain?
    Do you get any experience in acoustics and fluid mechanics?
    It is obvious you don’t. If you got, you would have know that one cannot conclude as you did by “Just looking at them,“. Acoustics is one of the most counter-intuitive sciences. Most of the cases, the prejudices are erroneous.

  73. anon[155] • Disclaimer says:

    It is NOT a fact the Stalin intended a strike against Nazi Germany. There is no legitimate historiography to support such an assertion. You are just ignorant or spewing lies. Either way, you’re dead wrong.

    how do you know?

    they had already invaded Poland and Finland and took over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – why would they stop there?

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  74. L.K says:

    There is no legitimate historiography to support such an assertion. You are just ignorant or spewing lies.

    There is PLENTY legitimate historiography that supports Stalin’s aggressive aims against Germany, therefore you are the ignorant one here… or maybe you are just another sad little LIAR like Avery.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union there was a partial opening of Soviet archives(closed again for obvious reasons) and many Russian historians – and non-Russians – have refined the evidence for Stalin’s aggressive aims. An incomplete list of just the Russian historians/researchers include:
    Besides the more well known former Soviet intel officer , Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun (Viktor Suvorow), Russian military historian Dr. Mikhail Meltiukhov of the Russian Institute of Documents and Historical Records Research, Russian historian M. Nikitin, V. A. Nevezhin, Colonel V. D. Danilov, Igor Bunich, Irina. V. Pavlova, V. L. Doroshenko, Boris Sokolov, B.N.Petrov, Vladimir Neveshin, M. Solonin, Constantine Pleshakov, Dr.Alexander Pronin, Prof. Dr. Maria Litowskaja, Colonel Kiselev, Dr. Dschangir Nadschafov, faculty director of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, P. Bobylev, T. Bushueva, Y. Felshtinskiy…

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @EugeneGur
  75. zack says:

    The b-52 was introduced in 1955:

    “The B-52A first flew in 1954, and the B model entered service in 1955. A total of 744 B-52s were built with the last, a B-52H, delivered in October 1962. The first of 102 B-52H’s was delivered to Strategic Air Command in May 1961. The H model can carry up to 20 air launched cruise missiles. In addition, it can carry the conventional cruise missile that was launched in several contingencies during the 1990s, starting with Operation Desert Storm and culminating with Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

  76. Lurker says:

    Britain also started supplying equipment to the USSR after the German invasion.

  77. Capn Mike says:

    Little known fact: The vast majority of that (kinda heavy, not light crude) is refined in the U.S.!! (St. Croix, USVI).

  78. Anonymous [AKA "Greg Horrall"] says:

    The US MIC’s dream of keeping the tax money flowing into its coffers is not dead. The unusual level of attention given to the Tu-160 fly-in to Venezuela just helps support that dream, fitting perfectly into the framework of Cold War 2.0. If the US could find a container ship carrying some Kalibrs or a Russian boomer patrolling not far off one of its coasts, that’d be even better, but maybe just a little too good. An all-out war would be bad for everyone’s business, but keeping a cold war going sure helps both sides to keep their GDPs up…wasting money (earth and human resources) on stupidity instead of using those resources to build a cooperative and earth-resource-sustainable global economy.

  79. Deschutes says:

    There is a grammatical mistake in the last sentence of this article: ‘…expect many more Russian military hardware…’ Since hardware is an uncountable noun, the quantifier cannot be ‘many’ and must be changed to ‘much’.

  80. yurivku says:

    The picture has a ‘Russian’ AN-124 among other aircraft. Isn’t the AN series Ukrainian?

    No, it’s USSR’s aircraft. But in geographical sense it is Ukranian aircraft. More exactly – *was*.
    Antonov himself was sent to Kiev from Russia to build a plant and about 90% of AN’s spair parts were produced in USSR, then in Russia.
    It’s because of it UKies are not capable to produce a single AN-124 now, but Russia can and will do it soon. Not to say Russia has alternatives like IL-76 and others.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  81. Trinkets and shiny baubles for the infantile baboons who rule in Venezooula. Exchange for oil, I would wager.

  82. Agent76 says:

    Oct 3, 2018 S-300 launchers, interceptors & radars unloaded

    Russian Defence Ministry video shows ‘Russian servicemen rapidly unload an S-300 launcher, radar and control vehicles, as well as the mounting of surface-to-air interceptor missile tubes onto a hauling unit.’

  83. Did the Native Born White American Working Class consent to being murdered by Hindu “American” Sundar Pinchai?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  84. @War for Blair Mountain

    Since when do the American elites ask the consent of Native Born White American Working Class? Either the Americans rise up and overthrow the elites, or they will be used and discarded, like condoms. As there are no signs of the former, the latter is the most likely scenario. A pity.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  85. EugeneGur says:

    they had already invaded Poland and Finland and took over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – why would they stop there?

    The war of the USSR with Finland started on November 30th 1940. The USSR entered eastern Poland to the Curzon line on September 17th of 1938.

    By that time, Hitler has accomplished the following, briefly: took Austria (March 1938), dismembered Czechoslovakia, helped by Poland, following the Munich treaty ( Sept 1938, courtesy of Britain and France), annexed parts of the Baltic countries, again assisted by Poland (Memel region, Vilnus region), and officially started WWII by invading Poland on September 1st of 1938. This is not counting numerous coups in the assorted European countries that took place at that time making them into Hitlers allies. Why would Hitler stop there? No reason.

    And he didn’t. The following steps were Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, which essentially put the entire continental Europe under Germany’s control. Not to mention the continuous battle with Britain until May of 1941, when it slowed down for the preparation of the invasion fo the Soviet Union.

    Given the timing of these evens, the Germany’s actions cannot possibly be considered reactive to anything the USSR did. On the contrary, it was the USSR that reacted to the constant aggressive expansion of the Nazi Germany.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @JLK
  86. Avery says:

    {… or maybe you are just another sad little LIAR like Avery.}

    Still smarting from the Stalingrad pictures I generously shared with you a while back, Schweinhund?
    You know, where victorious Red Army soldiers are watching over fertilizer being made from charred chunks of Nazi pigs slaughtered on Russian soil. Volgograd countryside is beautiful green these days: must be the alleged Übermensch Nazi fat pigs working hard for the Slavic ‘Untermenschen’. Long after they made the mistake of invading Mother Russia.

    Here you go again, enjoy:

    Heil Hitler!
    Sieg Heil!

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  87. Avery says:

    Germany started re-arming, in secret, soon after Treaty of Versailles of signed.

    As soon as Nazis and Hitler came to power in 1933, German re-armament went into high gear, but still largely in secret. Hitler was planning since Day 1 to avenge the humiliating Treaty of Versailles.

    In 1936 Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland, again a violation of Treaty of Versailles, in his long term preparations for major wars of aggression and invasion.

  88. JLK says:

    officially started WWII by invading Poland on September 1st of 1938.


  89. @Avery

    Go back to pretending to care about what the Turks are doing to the Kurds.

  90. @JLK

    He also got the date of the Russo-Finnish war wrong. It’s one thing to be too stupid or lazy to check Wiki for dates, but you’d think a Team Russia nut-hugger would know these things.

  91. EugeneGur says:

    There is PLENTY legitimate historiography that supports Stalin’s aggressive aims against German

    What makes you think the view of these people are accurate even we set aside the question of their legitimacy? The views expressed by Rezun, for example, are most certainly neither. But they might simply be wrong, or you might be misinterpreting their views.

    I don’t know the position of all people you mentioned but I can tell you that, for example, the position of Dr. Meltiukhov is much more reasonable. Nobody denied that the Soviet General Stuff considered different scenarios – this is their job, after all – and the Soviet Union, knowing full well a war with Germany was coming, developed approaches how to enter that war to its advantage. However, having various scenarios doesn’t mean they’d ever be put in action as Dr. Meltiukhov explained in his many interviews, and we’ll never know whether any would’ve been. He says that Hitler’s attack on the USSR made whatever plans and intentions the Soviet leader might’ve had irrelevant, and history went they way it went, which is perfectly correct.

    Looking at today’s situation for comparison, NATO troops are concentrated on our borders, and military drills simulating attacks on our territory (Crimea, Kaliningrad) are conducted on the regular basis. Should we take is as preparations for an imminent invasion and nuke you all preemptive-like? Or, perhaps, we should defer that for an actual invasion when and if it happens?

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  92. Shark says:

    The Russian ability to strike conventionally at long ranges can be directed at the power grids of its adversaries in Europe and North America. Transformer stations are very vulnerable and difficult to repair. Damage to them would lead to prolonged black-outs across wide swaths of these countries. Ramifications would be absolutely devastating for both technical and social reasons, especially if a conflict occurred during winter. The social aspect is particulary interesting because Russia has a clear advantage with respect to it. Countries like the US, Britain and France sit on absolute powder kegs of social and ethnic tensions. Widespread power outages would immediately lead to civil-war-like conditions. Russia has a a lot more societal trust and general hardiness of its population to bring to bear in such a scenario. Russia also has a lot more strategic depth in its civil defense in case the conflict goes nuclear. Many more urban Russians than urban Westerners have access to contryside dwellings to retreat to. Many Russian cities also have deeply dug-out subway systems that are comprehensively prepared to serve as public shelters. That’s not to say that Russia could simply absorb a war conducted by exchanging long-range strikes. In terms of civil defense its situation, nevertheless, appears to be decisively stronger than NATO’s.

    Russia could achieve escalation dominance by striking at transformer stations using long-range conventional cruise missiles. As many Russian city dwellers as possible should then evacuate to the countryside immediately. NATO would be left trying to keep itself afloat against its urban regions sinking into absolute anarchy.

    As clear-cut as this scenario sounds, the difficulty with it is imagining any political context in which it might occur. It is difficult to imagine a NATO not being accutely aware of its achilles heel with respect to civil defense and societal cohesion. Russia, on the other hand, needs to ask itself the perennial question “And then, what?” NATO is still on a collision course with Russia if only due to its internal dynamics, any self-awareness on its part evidently not stopping it. For Russia, the question is more one of how to channel the confrontation that is probably inevitable in a way that plays to its strengths.

    • Replies: @Melotte 22
  93. @yurivku

    Westerners think that Ukraine developed all that herself. But real picture of what Ukraine is without Russia has emerged. And it is not pretty. Many forget that eastern Ukraine is actually Russia.

  94. @AnonFromTN

    I always wonder what for Americans got so much guns. To shoot each other? There seems never has been a case of some shooter going and killing elite members and opening real hunt in them similar to what happened in Russia in 19th century.

    • LOL: Ron Unz
  95. peterAUS says:

    There seems never has been a case of some shooter going and killing elite members and opening real hunt in them ….

    Figuring out why could be an interesting exercise.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  96. @Sergey Krieger

    Indeed, the fact that no mass shooting in America is ever directed against elite interests is revealing. Not unlike the fact that none of the Islamic “terrorist” groups that claim to hate Israel ever strike Israeli targets. Wouldn’t you say?

  97. JLK says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    There seems never has been a case of some shooter going and killing elite members and opening real hunt in them similar to what happened in Russia in 19th century.

    There was a shooting attack on Republican members of Congress at a softball game a few years ago, if you consider them elite.

  98. Erebus says:

    Figuring out why could be an interesting exercise.

    I think it’s deceptively simple.

    It’s analogous to a full-grown elephant restrained by a fragile rope to an equally fragile post. He could obviously snap either or both with no effort. The reason he doesn’t just walk off is that he’s been restrained by the same rope and post since childhood. The notion that it’s unbreakable has informed his life narrative ever since he tried and failed (and got punished) as a youngster. “The rope is unbreakable” says his life story, and so he remains imprisoned within a narrative that has little connection to his true situation.

    Similarly, our western elites have constructed a socio-political narrative that makes them invisible. It permeates all of national life to the point that very few people are even remotely aware of the deeper reasons behind events and the choices and decisions they may make related to those events. To the extent a person may be aware of the influence of (EG) a Soros or Adelson on their lives, these people remain “unreachable”. Leaving aside those cases where “things don’t add up” and a false flag is indicated, it’s simply easier to go postal locally.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  99. EugeneGur says:

    Yes, of course, my mistake.

  100. Krollchem says:

    Just a few counterpoints:

    (1) The US is not a net exporter of oil.

    (2)Most of the fracking “oil” is actually condensate which must be mixed with real oil to be refined.

    (3) All tight oil regions (Eagle Ford, etc) are in steep decline except the new discoveries in the Permian basin.

    (4) Fracking wells deplete rapidly with an 80-90% depletion within three years.

    (5) Bank loans for fracking wells generally exceed the life of the wells and almost all wells are a net loss on a well-to-well basis.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  101. @Shark

    No need for engaging conventional ICBM. Simply disabling satellites would have a very similar effect.

  102. J Garbo says:

    Tu 160s do not “escort”, they bomb or launch. The Saker is right, These beautiful beasts are PR, very visible though not very practical, ie PR.The death strike on the US would come from subs stationed off the coast, invisible until too late. Fortunately, the few smart people in the military know this. The sabers are rattling but still in their scabbards. Praise Zeus.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  103. bluedog says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    Its coming and closer then many think….

  104. peterAUS says:

    Well…well….a coherent, thoughtful and even, oh my, civil remark. No underhand swipes and not even a hint of that customary derision. That’s new. You O.K?
    Must be festive season.

    Let’s see will there be any response to this comment of mine. Probably a few. Good. This is one of those “heavy” topics most people aren’t comfortable with, for obvious reasons.

    Onto the comment, which is interesting.
    So, it boils down to:
    Guys willing to “go postal” are dumb. In spite of all of human knowledge and instant information at their fingertips they can’t comprehend who their real enemy is. Add to it short temper, apparently, and low impulse control and we have those stupid things every now and then.

    Don’t think it’s that simple.
    There are plenty of guys who know exactly what’s going on, have access to tools, know quite well how to use them and, still….don’t do that.

    My take: they aren’t keen to give their life, literally, for……what?
    In essence, at this stage, it would be a pointless sacrifice.
    Why would anyone with a brain (and those do have it) sacrifice their life and, on top of it, destroy or/and damage lives of all those he cares for…for nothing?

    That act would change nothing.
    On top of it, there is something else which would happen. Something rather nasty.
    Like those “slithers” you see when tip over a rock, so let’s not go there. We just have to be aware of that, I guess.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  105. Erebus says:
    @J Garbo

    Tu 160s do not “escort”, they bomb or launch.

    I know that well. Apparently, you didn’t notice the quotation marks around “escorted”.

    Anyway, my point was that delivering the Antonov’s and Ilyushin’s cargo was the underlying purpose of the trip. The Tu160s served to direct attention away from those cargoes, and the psychological effect Saker refers to simply facilitated the misdirection.

  106. APilgrim says:

    There is the ‘Monroe Doctrine’.

    And so the redoubtable Mr. Putin must go.

    Because ‘We’ will AGAIN go to war over the Monroe Doctrine.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  107. Erebus says:

    Don’t think it’s that simple….

    You’re right of course. Things always get murkier and murkier the deeper you go.

    To a large extent, dumbness includes the inability to fully internalize complex narratives, so dumb people tend to shun all that “human knowledge and instant information”. They’re more likely to listen to unarticulated rage, but they’re not alone. Quite clever people do strange, even horrible, things when the narratives that kept the Abomination at bay collapse. (cf: Joseph Conrad) Simply put, the prevailing narrative collapses for some people before it does for others. How long did Kurtz spend in the jungle before “he went native”? Years.

    I suspect that the guys who know what’s going on and have the means of doing something about it are simply not angry or politically motivated enough about the situation to take the trouble or the risk. “I’m alright Jack” drives most people’s daily life, as, I assume it drives theirs. They won’t get motivated until the public mood turns angry and vindictive enough that the repercussions of murder diminish, or even disappear.

    IOW, The Day of the Jackal types couldn’t care less, and the ones who do care are too grounded in the still prevalent socio-political narrative to break it themselves.

    The Western mood may be anxious, and a vaguely ominous sense permeates the air, but at this stage neither the public nor the authorities are anywhere near approving cold-blooded assassinations of elites. That takes chaos. Think Reign of Terror. The world has to trip over a point where long-standing, embedded socio-political narratives shatter and the madness of competing narratives rules the body politic. We may be headed for a Ceaușescu moment – omens abound, esp in the US – but we ain’t there yet.

    As for “customary derision”, isn’t it customary to treat derisible comments with derision? What should one treat them with, customarily?


    • Replies: @peterAUS
  108. APilgrim says:

    1) The US IS a net exporter of oil.

    2) Most of the “fracking-oil” is actually condensate which can be poured directly into the tank of your gasoline/diesel car, and requires NO Refining.

    3) EXISTING, VERTICAL, conventionally completed, and somewhat DEPLETED wells are now being horizontally drilled, and massively fracked. The production curves are going way up.

    4) All wells have been fracked for over 50 years. Depletion curves are a function of formation permeability.

    5) Most bankers are not that stupid. Those who are will fail. Their problem, not mine.

  109. Patricus says:

    Is it possible the US and Russia could cease hostilities? If Russia collapsed there would be no benefit for America. The Chinese would probably move in and dominate the world’s greatest natural resources. Despite our differences we have more in common than with the Chinese.

    There must be some incremental ways the US and Russia could become long term allies or at least indifferent nations.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @APilgrim
  110. @Patricus

    The “leadership” of the US did a lot to make sure that Russia will never trust the US or ally with it. Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama, and now Trump are pushing Russia and China to an alliance. It is an unnatural alliance, if you ask me, but considering openly criminal behavior of the US internationally, neither Russia nor China has any other choice.

    The collapse of Russia was “predicted” as many times as the end of the world and Second Coming. So, it will likely collapse right after the end of the world, but not before it.

  111. APilgrim says:

    Sure, if we kill ALL the Globalist Scum.

    Some are RINOS. Others are DINOS & Libertines (not Libertarians).

    And I am good with that solution.

  112. Cyrano says:

    I am sure the Russians are shaking in their boots. If you asked them what they have to say about the Marilyn Monroe doctrine, they’ll probably reply “Goodbye Norma Jean”.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  113. APilgrim says:

    I spent much of my youth on SAC bases & ICBM installations. Some electrical parts I designed are used in our nuclear warheads.

    I would just as soon NOT have life in the Northern Hemisphere ended.

    Whether the Russians laugh, cry, or scream, won’t save any of us. The USA has been deadly serious about the Monroe Doctrine for nearly 2 centuries, & we are the most warlike nation, since Rome.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  114. Anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    The “vaunted” Russian military can’t even shoot down an Israeli jet that is bombing Syria, Russia’s ally.

    • Replies: @Avery
  115. Cyrano says:

    Staying with the Tchaikovsky theme, what if next time Russia decides to send instead of a white swan – a nut-cracker? Just kidding. I don’t think Russia has any interests or resources to challenge the Marilyn Monroe doctrine, but I still think that American nations have the right to choose their friends, or does Monroe doctrine forbid the right to independence of those countries?

    As for nuclear annihilation, US has been tap-dancing in that mine-field ever since they invented the nuclear weapons, the more frantic their routine becomes, the bigger the chances that one day they’ll step in a wrong place and the whole thing will go ca-boom.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  116. Avery says:

    {The “vaunted” Russian military….}

    The “vaunted” Israel AF was so afraid of getting shot down by Syria’s ancient S-200 systems that they hid behind the Russian Il-20 like cowards on their bombing run.
    A “vaunted” Israeli F-16 was shot down by Syrian ancient S-200 missile.

    The “vaunted” Israel military got its face punched into a bloody pulp by the hated Hezbollah guerrillas. Israel’s “vaunted” Mossad was unable to detect the expertly concealed Hezb strongpoints, from where Hezb fighters emerged unexpectedly as Israeli armor was moving in, and started picking off one “invulnerable” Merkava tank after another, using, yep, you guessed it, modern Russian anti-tank weapons, which easily defeated the “vaunted” armor of the Israeli tank.

  117. peterAUS says:

    They won’t get motivated until the public mood turns angry and vindictive enough that the repercussions of murder diminish, or even disappear.

    I’d say “attitude”, not “repercussions”.
    Hehe…for example, change “murder” into “removal”. Whatever.
    When THEY kill a lot of innocents, it’s called “collateral damage”. “Deplorables” could use the same method.

    For OBVIOUS reasons any talk about violence on sites like this isn’t advisable, of course. That could be, but it is not, the main reason people don’t want to talk about it.
    The main reason is they do not, really, believe it is good method to achieve their objective. For two reasons:
    -They are, well, “nice” people; truly believe violence against a human being is morally wrong. Majority I guess. Majority of people who type on Internet, that is.
    -Minority that could “pull a trigger” can’t see themselves, still, under threat. Deep in their hearts they do not think the threat is real. Oh, yes, they TYPE a lot, but, really, don’t actually think it’s come to that. They even think it can not come to that. That, inherently, they are so smart that the “other” simply can’t put them into such bad position.

    The Western mood may be anxious, and a vaguely ominous sense permeates the air, but at this stage neither the public nor the authorities are anywhere near approving cold-blooded assassinations of elites.

    Agree. Public I mean. Authorities, don’t think they have any qualms about assassination of those they see as an obstacle. Even internally.
    Externally, they elevated that to the level of circus. Hussein, Milosevic and last but DEFINITELY not the least Qaddafi. Just recollect The Bitch reaction. It was even on TV.

    That takes chaos.

    To start the process it takes hesitance of security apparatus. Uncertainty there. Disillusion with the current paradigm.
    From then on, it can proceed with increasing speed and , ahm, “efficiency”.

    We may be headed for a Ceaușescu moment – omens abound, esp in the US – but we ain’t there yet.

    We aren’t even at random, individual, attempts against the perceived targets. Well, perhaps, except that guy in Norway.

  118. APilgrim says:

    Intercontinental interlopers have been getting their asses kicked for 2 centuries.

    Leave the Americas alone!

    This includes: Russia, ChiCOMs, Japan, Europe, and any other ambitious nations.

    • Troll: NoseytheDuke
  119. APilgrim says:

    Venezuela can continue to enjoy the benefits of progressive politics AKA communism.

    Or they can embark upon a better socio-economic model.

    Or the OAS can intervene.

    We will destroy any other interventions, and the intervenors.

  120. APilgrim says:

    Even that pussy, JFK enforced the Monroe Doctrine.

    Mr. Putin is pushing his limits.

    Hopefully it won’t be necessary to fuckhimup.

    Personally, I admire the man, but he better watch his step.

    • LOL: Melotte 22
    • Troll: bluedog
    • Replies: @bluedog
  121. bluedog says:

    In the old west the term Pilgrim was reserved for a greenhorn who knew nothing ,and I guess that could also apply here>>>>

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  122. Only one thing you have to memorize!!!
    Russians do not bluff, Not ever.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  123. APilgrim says:

    Do you habitually MAKE-UP word definitions?

    From the Oxford Dictionaries:

    pilgrim NOUN

    1A person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.

    1.1 A person travelling to a place of particular personal interest. ‘thousands of pilgrims converged in Memphis for the 16th anniversary of Presley’s death’

    1.2 literary A person regarded as journeying through life. ‘we should recognize our status as mere pilgrims in this world’

    2A member of the Pilgrim Fathers.

    VERB archaic no object, with adverbial of direction Travel or wander like a pilgrim.

    ‘he pilgrimed to his old sporting places’

    Origin Middle English: from Provençal pelegrin, from Latin peregrinus ‘foreign’ (see peregrine).

    • LOL: bluedog
    • Replies: @Sparkon
  124. APilgrim says:


    That’s a joke … right?

    Of course Russians Bluff, and quite effectively.

  125. Sparkon says:

    Do you habitually MAKE-UP word definitions?

    No, he got that one from Hollywood.

    In the cheesy B&W cowboy cult classic The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, John Wayne (Tom Doniphon) calls Jimmy Stewart (Ransom Stoddard) “pilgrim” about 20 times, which seems synonymous with the more familiar term “greenhorn”, but which in secret Hollywood code really means “bad actor.”

    • Replies: @APilgrim
    , @Erebus
  126. APilgrim says:

    Inferred from a 50+ year old movie?

    Yeah, that really competes with the Oxford Dictionary.


  127. Erebus says:

    Your interlocutor has an ulterior motive. Obfuscation.

    He’s averaging 4-5 comments per day, every day, since oiling up his blunderbuss 5 mos ago. His comments, insofar as they can be understood, are not worth your effort, or anybody else’s. I caught myself starting a couple of times and shut it down in time.

    Oh, and Best of the New Year to you and all Unz-ers.

  128. Sparkon says:

    Thanks Erebus, Happy New Year to you as well. Yes, I noticed.

    “pilgrim” … in secret Hollywood code really means “bad actor.”

    It was meant to be a double-hooked barb but was maybe too subtle by half.

  129. Anonymous [AKA "nomba"] says:

    I fully agreed with your analysess. Somebody must advise the united states of america,and also stop them from medling into soverighn countrie.all American plans are weak and arcake.

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