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Russia and the Next Presidential Election in the US
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Illustration by Kent for the Saker Blog

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Intro: not a pretty picture

Let’s begin with a disclaimer: in this article, I will assume that there will be a US Presidential election in the Fall. Right now, it appears to be likely that this election will take place (there appear to be no legal way to cancel or delay it), but this is by no means certain (see here for a machine translated and very interesting article by one Russian analyst, who predicts a diarchy after the election). Right now, the state of the US society is both extremely worried (and for good reason) and potentially explosive. It is impossible to predict what a well-executed false flag attack could do to the US. There is also the possibility of either a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, etc.) or even an unnatural one (considering the condition of the US infrastructure, this is almost inevitable) which could precipitate some kind of state of emergency or martial law to “protect” the people. Finally, though at this point in time I don’t see this as very likely, there is always the possibility of a coup of some kind, maybe a “government of national unity” with the participation of both parties which, as Noam Chomsky correctly points out, are basically only two factions of what could be called the Business Party. There might come a point when they decide to drop this pretense too (just look at how many other pretenses the US ruling elites have dropped in the last decade or so).

Alexander Solzhenitsyn used to explain that all governments can be placed on a continuum ranging from, on one end, “states whose power is based on their authority” to, on the other end, “states whose authority is based on their power“. In the real world, most states are somewhere between these two extremes. But it is quite obvious that the US polity currently has gone very far down the “states whose authority is based on their power” path and to speak of any kind of “moral authority” of US politicians is really a joke. The (probable) upcoming “choice” between Donald “grab them by the pussy” Trump and Joe “creepy uncle” Biden will make this joke even more laughable.

Right now, the most powerful force in the US political system must be the financial sector. And, of course, there are many other powerful interest groups (MIC, Israel Lobby, the CIA and the ridiculously bloated Intel community, Big Pharma, the US Gulag, the corporate media, Oil, etc.) who all combine their efforts (just like a vector does in mathematics) to produce a “resulting vector” which we call “US policies”. That is in theory. In practice, you have several competing “policies” vying for power and influence, both on the domestic and on international front. Often these policies are mutually exclusive.

Last, but certainly not least, the level of corruption in the US is at least as bad as, say, in the Ukraine or in Liberia, but rather than being on the street and petty cash level, the corruption in the US is counted in billions of dollars.

All in all, not a pretty sight (see here for a good analysis of the decline of US power).

Yet the US remains a nuclear power and still has a lot of political influence worldwide and thus this is not a country anyone can ignore. Including Russia.

A quick look at Russia

Before looking into Russian options in relation to the US, we need to take a quick look at how Russia has been faring this year. The short of it would be: not too well. The Russian economy has shrunk by about 10% and the small businesses have been devastated by the combined effects of 1) the economic policies of the Russian government and Central Bank, and 2) the devastating economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic, and 3) the full-spectrum efforts of the West, mostly by the Anglosphere, to strangle Russia economically. Politically, the “Putin regime” is still popular, but there is a sense that it is getting stale and that most Russians would prefer to see more dynamic and proactive policies aimed, not only to help the Russian mega-corporations, but also to help the regular people. Many Russians definitely have a sense that the “little guy” is being completely ignored by fat cats in power and this resentment will probably grow until and unless Putin decides to finally get rid of all the Atlantic Integrationists aka the “Washington consensus” types which are still well represented in the Russian ruling circles, including the government. So far, Putin has remained faithful to his policy of compromises and small steps, but this might change in the future as the level of frustration in the general population is likely to only grow with time.

That is not to say that the Kremlin is not trying. Several of the recent constitutional amendments adopted in a national vote had a strongly expressed “social” and “patriotic” character and they absolutely horrified the “liberal” 5th columnists who tried their best two 1) call for a boycott, and 2) denounce thousands of (almost entirely) imaginary violations of the proper voting procedures, and to 3) de-legitimize the outcome by declaring the election a “fraud”. None of that worked: the participation was high, very few actual violations were established (and those that were, had no impact on the outcome anyway) and most Russians accepted that this outcome was the result of the will of the people. Furthermore, Putin has made public the Russian strategic goals for 2030,which are heavily focused on improving the living and life conditions of average Russians (for details, see here). It is impossible to predict what will happen next, but the most likely scenario is that Russia has several, shall we say, “bumpy” years ahead, both on the domestic and on the international front.

What can Russia reasonably hope for?

This is really the key question: in the best of situations, what can Russia really hope for in the next elections? I would argue that there is really very little which Russia can hope for, if only because the russophobic hysteria started by the Democrats to defeat Trump has now apparently been completely endorsed by the Trump administration and the all the members of Congress. As for the imperial propaganda machine, it now manages to simultaneously declare that Russia tried to “steal” COVID vaccine secrets from the West AND that Russian elites were given a secret COVID vaccine this Spring. As for the US Dems, they are already announcing that the Russians are spreading “disinformation” about Biden. Talk about PRE-traumatic stress disorder (to use the phrase coined by my friend Gilad Atzmon)…

Although I have no way of knowing what is really taking place in the delusional minds of US politicians, I am strongly suspecting that the latest hysteria about “Russia stealing COV19 vaccine secrets” is probably triggered by the conclusion of the US intel community that Russia will have a vaccine ready before the US does. This is, of course, something absolutely unthinkable for US politicians who, (sort of) logically conclude that “if these Russkies got a vaccine first, they *must* have stolen it from us” or something similar (see here for a good analysis of this). And if the Chinese get there first, same response. After all, who in the US legacy media would ever even mention that Russian or Chinese researchers might be ahead of their US colleagues? Nobody, of course.

I would argue that this mantric Russia-bashing is something which will not change in the foreseeable future. For one thing, since the imperial ruling elites have clearly lost control of the situation, they really have no other option left than to blame it all on some external agent. The “terrorist threat” has lost a lot of traction over the past years, the “Muslim threat” is too politically incorrect to openly blame it all on Islam, as for the other boogeymen which US Americans like to scare themselves at night with (immigrants, drug dealers, sex offenders, “domestic terrorists”, etc.) they simply cannot be blamed for stuff like a crashing economy. But Russia, and China, can.

In fact, ever since the (self-evidently ridiculous) “Skripal case” the collective West has proven that it simply does not have the spine to say “no”, or even “maybe”, to any thesis energetically pushed forward by the AngloZionist propaganda machine. Thus no matter how self-evidently silly the imperial propaganda is, the people in the West have been conditioned (literally) to accept any nonsense as “highly likely” as long as it is proclaimed with enough gravitas by politicians and their legacy ziomedia. As for the leaders of the EU, we already know that they will endorse any idiocy coming out of Washington or London in the name of “solidarity”.

Truth be told, most Russian politicians (with the notable exception of the official Kremlin court jester, Zhirinovskii) and analysts never saw Trump as a potential ally or friend. The Kremlin was especially cautious, which leads me to believe that the Russian intelligence analysts did a very good job evaluating Trump’s psyche and they quickly figured out that he was no better than any other US politician. Right now, I know of no Russian analyst who would predict that relations between the US and Russia will improve in the foreseeable future. If anything, most are clearly saying that “guys, we better get used to this” (accusations, sanctions, accusations, sanctions, etc. etc. etc.). Furthermore, it is pretty obvious to the Russians that while Crimea and MH17 were the pretexts for western sanctions against Russia, they were not the real cause. The real cause of the West’s hatred for Russia is as simple as it is old: Russia cannot be conquered, subdued, subverted or destroyed. They’ve been at it for close to 1,000 years and they still are at it. In fact, each time they fail to crush Russia, their russophobia increases to even higher levels (phobia both in the sense of “fear” and in the sense of “hatred”).

Simply put – there is nothing which Russia can expect from the upcoming election. Nothing at all. Still, that does not mean that things are not better than 4 or 8 years ago. Let’s look at what changed.

The big difference between now and then

What did Trump’s election give to the world?

I would say four years for Russia to fully prepare for what might be coming next.

I would argue that since at least Russia and the AngloZionist Empire have been at war since at least 2013, when Russia foiled the US plan to attack Syria under the pretext that it was “highly likely” that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against civilians (in reality, a textbook case of a false flag organized by the Brits), This means that Russia and the Empire have been at war since at least 2013, for no less than seven years (something which Russian 6th columnists and Neo-Marxists try very hard to ignore).

True, at least until now, this was has been 80% informational, 15% economic and only 5% kinetic, but this is a real existential war of survival for both sides: only one side will walk away from this struggle. The other one will simply disappear (not as a nation or a people, but as a polity; a regime). The Kremlin fully understood that and it embarked on a huge reform and modernization of the Russian armed forces in three distinct ways:

  1. A “general” reform of the Russian armed forces which had to be modernized by about 80%. This part of the reform is now practically complete.
  2. A specific reform to prepare the western and southern military districts for a major conventional war against the united West (as always in Russian history) which would involve the First Guards Tank Army and the Russian Airborne Forces.
  3. The development of bleeding-edge weapons systems with no equivalent in the West and which cannot be countered or defeated; these weapons have had an especially dramatic impact upon First Strike Stability and upon naval operations.

While some US politicians understood what was going on (I think of Ron Paul, see here), most did not. They were so brainwashed by the US propaganda that they were sure that no matter what, “USA! USA! USA!”. Alas for them, the reality was quite different.

Russian officials, by the way, have confirmed that Russia was preparing for war. Heck, the reforms were so profound and far reaching, that it would have been impossible for the Russians to hide what they were doing (see here for details; also please see Andrei Martyanov’s excellent primer on the new Russian Navy here).

While no country is ever truly prepared for war, I would argue that by 2020 the Russians had reached their goals and that now Russia is fully prepared to handle any conflict the West might throw at her, ranging from a small border incident somewhere in Central Asia to a full-scaled war against the US/NATO in Europe.

Folks in the West are now slowly waking up to this new reality (I mentioned some of that here), but it is too late. In purely military terms, Russia has now created such a qualitative gap with the West that the still existing quantitative gap is not sufficient to guarantee a US/NATO victory. Now some western politicians are starting to seriously freak out (see this lady, for example), but most Europeans are coming to terms with two truly horrible realities:

  1. Russia is much stronger than Europe and, even much worse,
  2. Russia will never attack first (which is a major cause of frustration for western russophobes)

As for the obvious solution to this problem, having friendly relations with Russia is simply unthinkable for those who made their entire careers peddling the Soviet (and now Russian) threat to the world.

But Russia is changing, albeit maybe too slowly (at least for my taste). As I mentioned last week, a number of Polish, Ukrainian and Baltic politicians have declared that the Zapad2020 military maneuvers which are supposed to take place in southern Russia and the Caucasus could be used to prepare an attack on the West (see here for a rather typical example of this nonsense). In the past, the Kremlin would only have made a public statement ridiculing this nonsense, but this time around Putin did something different. Right after he saw the reaction of these politicians, Putin ordered a major and UNSCHEDULED military readiness exercise which involved no less than 150,000 troops, 400 aircraft & 100 ships! The message here was clear:

  1. Yes, we are much more powerful than you are and
  2. No, we are not apologizing for our strength anymore

And, just to make sure that the message is clear, the Russians also tested the readiness of the Russian Airborne Forces units near the city of Riazan, see for yourself:

This response is, I think, the correct one. Frankly, nobody in the West is listening to what the Kremlin has to say, so what is the point of making more statements which in the future will be ignored equally as they have been in the past.

If anything, the slow realization that Russia is more powerful than NATO would be most helpful in gently prodding EU politicians to change their tune and return back to reality. Check out this recent video of Sarah Wagenknecht, a leading politician of the German Left and see for yourself:

The example of Sahra Wagenknecht is interesting, because she is from Germany, one of the countries of northern Europe; traditionally, northern European powers have been much more anti-Russian than southern Europeans, so it is encouraging to see that the anti-Putin and anti-Russia hysteria is not always being endorsed by everybody.

But if things are very slowly getting better in the EU, in the bad old US of A things are only getting worse. Even the Republicans are now fully on board the Russia-hating float (right behind a “gay pride” one I suppose) and they are now contributing their own insanity to the cause, as this article entitled “Congressional Republicans: Russia should be designated state sponsor of terror” shows (designating Russia as a terrorist state is an old idea of the Dems, by the way).

Russian options for the Fall

In truth, Russia does not have any particularly good options towards the US. Both parties are now fully united in their rabid hatred of Russia (and China too, of course). Furthermore, while there are many well-funded and virulently anti-Russian organizations in the US (Neo-cons, Papists, Poles, Masons, Ukrainians, Balts, Ashkenazi Jews, etc.), Russian organizations in the US like this one, have very little influence or even relevance.

Banderites marching in the US
Banderites marching in the US

However, as the chaos continues to worsen inside the US and as US politicians continue to alienate pretty much the entire planet, Russia does have a perfect opportunity to weaken the US grip on Europe. The beauty in the current dynamic is that Russia does not have to do anything at all (nevermind anything covert or illegal) to help the anti-EU and anti-US forces in Europe: All she needs to do is to continuously hammer in the following simple message: “the US is sinking – do you really want to go down with it?”.

There are many opportunities to deliver that message. The current US/Polish efforts to prevent the EU from enjoying cheap Russian gas might well be the best example of what we could call “European suicide politics”, but there are many, many more.

Truth be told, neither the US nor the EU are a top priority for Russia, at least not in economic terms. The moral credibility of the West in general can certainly be described as dead and long gone. As for the West military might, it is only a concern to the degree that western politicians might be tempted to believe their own propaganda about their military forces being the best in the history of the galaxy. This is why Russia regularly engages in large surprise exercises: to prove to the West that the Russian military is fully ready for anything the West might try. As for the constant move of more and more US/NATO forces closer to the borders of Russia, they are offensive in political terms, but in military terms, getting closer to Russia only means that Russia will have more options to destroy you. “Forward deployment” is really a thing of the past, at least against Russia.

With time, however, and as the US federal center loses even more of its control of the country, the Kremlin might be well-advised to try to open some venues for “popular diplomacy”, especially with less hostile US states. The weakening of the Executive Branch has already resulted in US governors playing an increasingly important international role and while this is not, strictly speaking, legal (only the federal government has the right to engage in foreign policy), the fact is that this has been going on for years already. Another possible partner inside the US for Russian firms would be US corporations (especially now that they are hurting badly). Finally, I think that the Kremlin ought to try to open channels of communication with the various small political forces in the US which are clearly not buying into the official propaganda: libertarians, (true) liberals and progressives, paleo-conservatives.

What we are witnessing before our eyes is the collapse of the US federal center. This is a dangerous and highly unstable moment in our history. But from this crisis opportunities will arise. The best thing Russia can do now is to simply remain very careful and vigilant and wait for new forces to appear on the US political scene.

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  1. Anonymous[183] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump will win re-election.

    The Zionists will tailor everything towards Trump as they have benefited more than ever.

    • Agree: mark tapley
    • Replies: @Herald
  2. The Russia Collusion = Chabad-Lubavitch

    • Agree: mark tapley
  3. JasonT says:

    Good analysis.

    I would add that Russia should also start opening channels of communication with various organizations in Canada, especially those in the far north. While Canada is small politically, it is vastly bigger than the U.S. in natural resources, very strategically located and right next door to Russia.

    • Agree: annamaria
  4. selma says:

    Why anyone in the west would have to love Russia if no one in the east (of Europe) does it either. Why should any other country in the world love Russia when Russia have sold them all out to the western “partners” (Serbia, Cuba, Vietnam, N. Korea, Libya etc. etc.). Russia is having what it deserves. Russia is disgusting.

    • Disagree: Malla
    • Troll: Derer
  5. I really agree with you that the “blame Russia” and “blame China” thing has gotten out of hand in US politics. Whether it will turn into a shooting war seems doubtful to me, as the government is still full of people who are looking out for their own interests and know that a full-sized war with Russia, China, Iran or whoever will not advance their interests.

    But who would have guessed, a few years ago, that “Russian asset” would become the all-purpose insult for Democrats to use, not just against Republicans, but against other Democrats?

    With Republicans I think that “blame China” is stronger. China makes a good scapegoat for the economic situation in the United States. But convincing the working class that China is the source of their problems (and that Mr. MAGA is going to solve those problems by standing up to China) requires ignorance of the crucial facts about the trade relationship between those two countries.

    Namely, that the trade deficit exists only because the Federal Reserve chooses to create huge amounts of new dollars each year for export to other countries, and it’s only possible for US exports to fall behind imports so badly (and thus put so many American laborers out of work) because the Fed is making up the difference by exporting dollars. Granted, it isn’t a policy that the US can change without harming the interests of its own upper classes; at the same time, it isn’t a policy that China could force on the US without the people in charge of the United States wanting it.

    This is a topic I’ve dealt with a few times on my own blog.

    Why I Don’t Fear Chinese Hegemony:

    Nobody Will Win The Trade War:

  6. aandrews says:

    …at worst, the crisis will move to a new stage….

    Highly likely.

    I think Trump can win, though, if he successfully hangs the escalating Antifa/BLM mayhem around the Democrat’s necks. Normal, salt-of-the-earth-type Americans won’t vote for the party of Maoist mayhem. I just hope their numbers are still sufficient. So, really, the mayhem needs to worsen and get ultra-bad, and Trump needs to carefully respond with just enough law enforcement to bait the Democrats into defending the insurrectionists and their tactics and loudly condemning Trump’s “fascist” response. Normal people will see the true story and in the privacy of the voting booth, not vote Democrat. And if you think the other side lost their minds after the 2016 election….

    • Replies: @aandrews
  7. aandrews says:

    Maybe they’ll start going after churches, Bolshevik-style.

    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @Hiram of Tyre
  8. Jake says:

    Even a Papist such as myself must say that this is an excellent article.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  9. Jake says:

    There are 4 choices for the small countries to have as their Big Power ally:

    1) the Negro-worshipping, gay-worshipping, Mohammedan-loving [to try to bribe them not to kill Jews] Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    2) Islam, Arabic or Turkic: Anglo-Zionists will not allow any nations to become Iranian influenced Mohammedan.

    3) Red Chinese sanctioned Marxism.

    4. Russia.

    Which do you prefer and why?

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @Druid
    , @Anon
    , @nokangaroos
    , @Smith
  10. It is pretty clear that saker is just a Kremlin shill. Not to say that I harbor any love for the kike empire in the west.
    The outcome of 1945 was truly horrible. The only winning move is not to participate.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
    , @Mefobills
  11. uradel666 says:

    Stop talking about Russia!
    It is a shit hole. It is not even a country…
    It does not exist! !!!

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  12. GMC says:

    Thanks Saker – I would have loved it, had Alaska been able to hang on to the 90s relationship with Russia. It was a perfect match, except that Russian economy { as we were told} was just tanking, and they had no money to throw into the tourist trade. Not that us Alaskans, expected much more than what our bush villages had to offer. lol But , I’m afraid this will never happen again, with the Zio freaks in charge of the US. I recall when I was flying and living in McGrath in the 90s, that a womens Russian helicopter team dropped down to refuel and I was workin on my cessna about 50 yrds away. I saw about 6+ really good looking Russian chicks come out of those choppers, and us guys were floored ! We started to communicate with them, they told us that they were re -tracing the WW II lend lease route and were headed to the lower 48. Just about the time we started getting close tho, an old Lady colonel jumped out and put the girls in place – lol . I also remember the Magadan hockey team came over to play against our University teams Anchorage and Fairbanks. My neighbor here in Kryme, was on that Russian team – small world. Ya, Russia and Alaska would be a great match today – just gotta get rid of Washington. Thanks for the memories.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Nick Kollerstrom
  13. Druid says:

    Jake, ad usual you’re a disgusting pig. If you are representative of the USA, I would support it’s downfall!

    • Replies: @Jake
  14. Anon[398] • Disclaimer says:

    3) Red Chinese sanctioned Marxism.
    Because whether China is red sanctioned Marxism or not, check the history of being ally of China, not very bad:
    after WWI, WWII, ally of China won the World War.
    after Korea war, NK, ally of China, keep their regime in their own hand.
    after India-China war, Pakistan, ally of China, keep their regime in their own hand against expansive Indians.
    after Vietnam war, Vietnam, ally of China , keep their regime in their own hand.
    after cold war, US, ally of China, win the cold war and become the only hegemony of the world.
    really not bad, huh?

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Alfred
  15. For what it’s worth: “Trump & Barr cancelling election” – Veterans Today (VT)

    VT is a site that combines some impressive disclosures of real truth, with some odd stuff that is fabricated – the site’s co-supremo says they intentionally publish self-discrediting fake stuff so they don’t get shut down for printing the true material, the reader must decide what is real

    This was published with anti-Trump intentions but maybe it’s what America needs? -It’s a fun read in any case

    Donald Trump has issued a [secret] presidential order cancelling the USA election based on a national emergency, COVID 19 and Chinese interference tied to “treason” by Joe Biden and key American political figures whose names are already on arrest warrants

    Attorney General Barr had, some weeks ago, presented Trump an opinion allowing him to overrule an election using emergency powers

    Arrest warrants for more than a dozen state governors and a similar number of mayors of major cities have also been issued

    GOP operatives across the US are meeting secretly with police officials telling them to no longer take orders from civil authority and that they are now, by presidential order, members of a secret militia answerable only to Donald Trump

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Alden
  16. padre says:

    Interesting, of all countries, you find Russia disgusting, because it didn’t help, but you didn’t mention, against whom should Russia have helped them!And, don’t price yourself so highly,Russians are not craving for your love, they would be satisfied, if you just let them be!

    • Agree: annamaria
  17. Emily says:

    Sorry Saker, I rarely disagree with you.
    But here I must.
    ‘Another possible partner inside the US for Russian firms would be US corporations ‘
    So you think Russia should look at cosying up to the likes of Gates and Bezos…?
    That would be me gone and millions of others who have respect for and support Russia.
    These are the criminal lizards who are the NWO.
    As we see in the USA – corporations and politics = equal fascism – the classic definition..
    These corporatons are funding Antifa and BLM.
    The US Corporations are the antithesis of what Russia needs to stand for.
    The 99% people, not the 1% corrupt, manipulative and greedy corps.
    How many of these should Russia go courting?
    Here are the near 300 of these corporations and chains funding the violence and destruction in the USA today.
    Poison ……
    Which chalice should Russia pick up.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @mark tapley
  18. anarchyst says:

    Russia isn’t a problem.
    It is laughable to think that Russia influences American politics.
    israel not only has its hands on American politics, it controls American politicians directly.
    The “elephant in the room” is israel.
    israel should have been turned into a glass parking lot on 8 June 1967…the day after the deliberate attack upon the USS Liberty (GTR-5).

  19. @uradel666

    I agree

    Its Russia which is looking forwards to yet another bust up,not America

    This Saker chap has to be one of the biggest kremlin propaganda champions going

    This isn’t an analysis,just feel good propaganda for pro Putin fan boys

    • Agree: Alden, mark tapley
    • LOL: Alfred
  20. “…until and unless Putin decides to finally get rid of all the Atlantic Integrationists aka the “Washington consensus” types which are still well represented in the Russian ruling circles, including the government.”

    Putin’s regime is merely a less unbearable version of the Yeltsin regime, with open loot by oligarchs replaced by less overt loot by smaller scale actors. Putin is exactly as beholden to the neoliberal capitalist system as Yeltsin. To expect Putin to change sides as this point is ludicrous.

    “…Russia and the Empire have been at war since at least 2013, for no less than seven years (something which Russian 6th columnists and Neo-Marxists try very hard to ignore).”

    I have no idea what a “neo” Marxist is (apart from a blatant made up term to taint us by association with the neo-Nazis), but as a Marxist, which the Saker obviously is not, it’s obvious to me that the Imperialist States of America has been at war with Russia since the Yeltsinite attack on the Moscow parliament in 1993, and probably from the failed patriotic coup of 1991. If we ignore the Saker’s idea of a war since 2013 it’s only because we know it’s twenty years out of date.

    Things will never improve between Amerikastan and Russia and don’t need to. Amerikastan is sinking and will sink; Putin will, if he continues on the neoliberal capitalist track, sink Russia as well in the end.

  21. @anarchyst

    If Amerikastanis love the zios so much why don’t they give them a homeland in Amerikastan? That would solve everything.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  22. The video link to Sahra Wagenknecht’s report was the best part of this article although the article itself was spot on if one has any respect for reality.

    I keep waiting for Germany to tell NATO and the US to get the hell out, but their political establishment is just as corrupt as the US’s.

    The amount of money the US Fed Gov steals from the population in taxes and regulation or causes loss of purchasing power by increasing debt could be much better put to use than shoveling it into the military to murder people around the globe. The entire Fed Gov will, I hope, disappear like fart gas as a result of the economic collapse in the making.

  23. As always, Saker delivers bitter (for russophobes) truth. The reaction of some commenters is like a demonic seizure, so he must be right on!

  24. anarchyst says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    The zionist “small hats” have already infected the USA. They already have a “home” here. It’s called “jew York City”…

  25. … devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

    There is no such thing as a “COVID-19 pandemic”, neither in Russia nor elsewhere.

    At worst, we are talking about a similar impact as a severe influenza.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  26. @Quasi the Man

    … or pneumonia (aka the ‘old people’s disease’) that kills 2,560,000 people / year.

    Btw, the common cold is a coronavirus.

    • Replies: @Quasi the Man
  27. A123 says:

    Certainly Trump’s inevitable win is better than Burisma Biden.

    — The NeoConDemocrats would put troops into Ukraine on inauguration day.
    — Under Trump, a Russia controlled Syria can be made Iran-free and U.S.-free. Biden would stay in Syria forever.

    There are huge opportunities for Christian Putin and Christian Trump to work together now that the RussiaGate hoax is over.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @anonymous
  28. Fred777 says:

    Antifa did start going after the churches but then quickly stopped. Antifa’s handlers probably realized they were about to radicalize the normies and create some very severe blowback.

    • Replies: @aandrews
  29. TG says:


    Just as an aside, the “sanctions” levied against Russia by the Untied States might have been the best thing that ever happened to Russia. It has to a great extent insulated Russia from parasitic finance, and encouraged domestic industry.

    One is reminded that, from 1976 to about 1965, the United States was a functioning autarchy, foreign trade was never more than about 3% of the GDP, and within this isolation and with abundant resources because the strongest industrial power the world had ever seen. It was only after ‘free’ trade and globalism that America started too decline…

    The biggest blow the West could strike against Russia, would be to drop the sanctions. Let the big banks come in, let them buy up the politicians and extract rents and tie the country up in unplayable debts. But the West, for all it’s arrogance and (for now) power, is too blind to see that…

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  30. @brabantian

    I have read a lot of VT over the years, and normally when they say “Trump” and “Presidential secret order” what they really mean is some low level bureaucrat in the basement of some obscure .gov agency has drafted a contingency plan.

    There are millions of those contingency plans floating around, and you are more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to see any specific one of them implemented in the real world.


  31. Jake says:

    That is very selective history, to say the least.

    I do think it true that a country can be allied with China and not be ruined, as long as that country is ready and able to resist Chinese cultural influence. The basic history of China, regardless of dynasty (Marxism is a dynasty) is that 10-12% of the population owns/controls 60-75% of the nation’s wealth. There is a middle class of another 15-20%, and everybody else is desperately poor.

    The Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire are reproducing that as quickly as they can. But they are doing so not from Chinese patterns and influence but from Jewish patterns and influence and from WASP patterns and influence vis a vis non-WASP natives of the British Isles.

    • Replies: @cassandra
    , @mark tapley
  32. Jake says:

    So you want the world swaddled in Negro-worshipping, gay-worshipping Anglo-Zionism?

    Or you want the world to submit to Arabic Mohammedanism?

    Perhaps both. Jews will take that, as long as Jews are close to 50% of the world’s billionaires.

  33. @Emily

    You are absolutely correct!
    There is enormous difference between Russian and US society.
    US is one time use throw away society. Particularly packaging.
    US is now drowning in its own garbage.
    Also US and western countries are now polluting the world oceans.
    It is not happening in Russia. Russia is still pristine. as God created it.
    Everything has god and evil in it. US progress is now payed for it dearly.

  34. @aandrews

    Maybe they’ll start going after churches, Bolshevik-style.

    Notice how Masonic Lodges are always left untouched in centuries of “revolutions” (French, Russian, Cuban, etc).

  35. Alfred says:

    with the participation of both parties which, as Noam Chomsky correctly points out, are basically only two factions of what could be called the Business Party

    Chomsky has never been known to say anything negative about his tribe. 🙂

    “Chomsky: Cutting off military aid to Israel would have “major effect” on Middle East”

    • Thanks: Agent76
  36. Alfred says:

    All in all, not a pretty sight (see here for a good analysis of the decline of US power)

    Broken link. Please fix.

  37. Lots of people can’t see the forest for the trees. Go back and and look at history. The Bolshevik take over and plunder of Russia was an entirely Zionist Jewish enterprise financed by massive agricultural, industrial and financial aid from Wall St, the U.S. government and other International (Jew) bankers such as Jacob Schiff who gave invested 20 million (in 1917 dollars). This Zionist tyranny that cost the lives of at least 30 million Russians was kept afloat initially by Red Cross aid funneled to the Bolsheviks and then by 5 year programs by the U.S. (see Anthony Sutton, Wall St. and The Bolshevik Revolution) or not only would the communists (Jews) never have been able to get in power, they would have been eliminated very quickly.

    The USSR was set up in WW1 along with the bridgehead in Palestine for strategic positioning and resource control. The Germans were beat back and the monarchies mostly destroyed in Europe so that everything was in place for the second phase using WW2 to finish the Germans off, deliver half of Europe into Jew control and set up the USSR in the thesis – antithesis game of the Cold War. Russia was a country that barely had any native technology, could not even feed itself and depended on Jewmerica for it’s survival but we were constantly told by the MSM how powerful they were.

    The Zionist front of communism being a transient facade has now been thrown in the trash as Lenin said it would be. The Zionists have now moved on to the phony War On Terror after manufacturing 911 as their catalyst for “a New Pearl Harbor” as called for by the Jew Neo Cons, Trotskyite followers of the Hegelian Apostle Leo Strauss.

    Russia is still part of the Zionist program as is the Zionist created entity of China. They both will continue to be built up. Then expect them to combine forces militarily for an attack on Jewmerica. This will set up a crisis situation where the Zionists will be able to implement Martial Law that will give them the excuse to initiate the U.N. Sustainable Development Initiative, Agenda 2030-21 to eliminate property rights and therefore all liberties.

    If this sounds farfetched then look around at all the cucked idiots going around in useless masks breathing their own waste products back into their lungs fearing the latest hoax perpetrated by the Zionist criminals to condition the barnyard animals, and use as a cover for the theft of trillions more by the banking cartel for their Wall St. cronies as they are setting up to make even more on another dangerous fake vaccine.

    • Agree: Alfred
  38. Herald says:

    A Trump re-election will virtually guarantee civil war, but that is still a better option than a Biden hot war against Russia. Either way though, the country is totally fucked.

    • Replies: @Wally
  39. I’m a bit disgusted with a plurality of the respondents on this thread. Saker does appear to present some valid insights regarding the relationship between nationalist Russia and globalist gadzillionaires who own virtually every significant institution in the U.\$. Though disturbingly still possessed of (or is it by) a presumably privately owned central bank, it is an uncontrovertible fact that a considerable majority of the Russian people, as evidenced by their recent plebiscite, have confidence in President Putin and the general thrust of his policies.

    Putin has connected with something deep within the soul of Mother Russia and its people, the Narod. Without question there is no genuine political leader in this ruptured republic. The prostiticians in the District of Corruption are all about money, power and materialistic prestige. Congre\$\$ consists (with precious few exceptions) of a gaggle of waiters, with hands out for tips from the financial elite and their archons and minions. There is scarcely a whiff on integrity in the whole damn scene. Both political parties are simply the right and left arms of the plutocratic oligarchy–all too much of it being of the Judeocratic persuasion. These are facts. The machinery of state power is totally in the hands of scoundrels and thieves. By comparison, Putin and his administration do work to unify and strengthen their country.

    So my disgust is with a combination of terminally deluded victims of mass mind-kontrol who clutter up this thread…some of those posters, though, are biorobotic paid mercenary minions of the comprehensive Interagency Integrated Database…in other words shameless, slithering shills.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  40. @Zarathustra

    You must be joking !

    Moscow has an absolute enormous hill,no,hills ,of garbage on its outskirts,toxix rotting trash,that know one knows what to do about

    The Kremlin currently has plans to dump toxic waste,including nuclear waste,in some godforsaken place in its ‘outback’

    The whole country is littered with old redundant Soviet towns and cities,rusting rotten relics of its past

    Its countryside is full of abandoned villages as people move to the few urban centres or leave Russia completely

    Its iconic lake is polluted,and to cap it all its tundra,about 60% of the land mass of Russia,was permafrost,is now melting causing further environmental damage such as the recent oil spill

    Anyone who thinks Russia is pristine has obviously been taken in by Putin splashing about in lakes

  41. @Emily

    Most of the big corporations are interlinked in the Zionist network. Same board members move from one to the other. Another part of the problem is that whenever you get big government, you get big corruption. The gov. is now involved in everything so the the Zionists are in a position that enables them to pass favors on to their cronies and damage anyone that doesn’t go along with the program. Most people can be bought out and the profit driven corporations are even worse.

    Russia has not recovered from the plunder of the Bolshevik Jews. That was just a brutal form of monopoly capitalism that is the essence of the Zionist syndicate we all are up against. Today piratized not privatized Russia is suffering a less severe form but it is estimated that half Jew Putin and his oligarch cronies control ap. 30% of the Russian economy. all of this insider theft was “codified and Legalized” by Larry Summers and the Harvard Jews. Same thing is happening in Jewmerica and moving lots faster now with the theft under cover of the fake virus. Don’t forget in 08-09 the bailout for billionaires cost the regular economy trillions then too. No problem, the Jews at Black Rock picked up some great bargains as they will this time.

  42. Big Tech shuts down free speech and truth

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @Hiram of Tyre
  43. @anarchyst

    You vile anti-Semite! How dare you state the truth! I am informing ADSL, \$PLC, AIPAC, Saban, Adelson, and Hasbara Central. Some day soon we will outlaw your ilk, hunt you down and exterminate you. Meanwhile, expect many angry comments from Hasbara shekel earners and independent Zionist fifth columnists. /sarc/

  44. @Patagonia Man


    Or even Malaria at 400K p.a. Because in real terms, the 670K figure for Corona does not hold up. Take out the 50+% false reporting, and we may be getting closer to the truth.

    Just FYI: Here is the list of the most deadliest diseases. The lowest still comes in at 1.2MM p.a.

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
  45. JVC says:

    Seems to me that Russia/China, along with some other smaller players, have been laying the foundation for a new world currency, and the interbanking means of circulating it with out the swft/imf/world bank USG control.
    So—when are they going to make their move, and cut the USG power off at the knees??? There is no rational reason for the USG to be interfering in projects like Nordstream 2, or the huawei 5g roll out , and all the other sanction meddling, just because both could hurt the US bottom line. About time for involved parties to protect their own bottom line, and that cannot happen until the financial monopoly of the United States is broken.
    So, while the dollar is weak, and gold is strong, lets get on with it–Russia, China, et al.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  46. @HeebHunter

    On the contrary, he strikes me as a Russian patriot.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @alwayswrite
  47. Per the Saker:

    The real cause of the West’s hatred for Russia is as simple as it is old: Russia cannot be conquered, subdued, subverted or destroyed.

    I would add that Putin (a masterful statesman) tamed Russia’s oligarchs. The greatest fear of America’s oligarchs might well be a similar taming by a masterful American statesman. Hence the refusal to allow anyone other than corrupted mediocrities anywhere near nominal power in the US. And hence the entirely genuine hatred for Putin. He embodies their worst nightmare.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  48. “Russia will never attack first (which is a major cause of frustration for western russophobes)”

    Now that team orange clown (with the full support of congress) has done away with the doctrine of mutually assured destruction, apparently replacing it with the concept of a “winnable” nuclear war (impliedly by way of a devastating first strike), the time may come when Russia may have to either strike first or be struck first.

    Also, what about the case where the empire is finally successful in starting a war against Iran, for example, and the war goes badly for the empire (i.e. Iran is inflicting some serious damage), whereupon the empire resorts to nukes. Would Russia just sit back and watch, or would Russia then realize that the monster has to be put down?

    “The real cause of the West’s hatred for Russia is as simple as it is old: Russia cannot be conquered, subdued, subverted or destroyed.”

    In a sense that’s true as far as it goes, but it really doesn’t explain very much. Lots of countries are unable to subdue, subvert or conquer other countries but that in itself doesn’t generally lead to “hatred.” The simpler and more profound explanation is that the empire does what it does because it’s evil. And the evil empire is analogous to an aggressive cancer: either the cancer wins and the patient dies, or the cancer is completely eradicated and the patient survives. There is no peaceful coexistence with the evil empire just like there is no peaceful coexistence with glioblastoma. You cannot negotiate with it to find some kind of a reasonable compromise.

  49. In the next US presidential election, we are going to have a choice between a psychologically immature moron and a senile moron. If that is Putin’s fault, he should be faulted for solar eclipses.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Wally
  50. @JVC

    The US government and FRS seem to be hell-bent on destroying the value of the US \$: when someone issues debt obligations (treasuries) and then buys them himself because there are no other takers, you cannot help smelling a rat.

    The crash of the \$ will hurt everyone, but some will recover faster than others. Euro and yen would be buried with the US \$, but assets in less US-dependent countries that have real economies producing things other than hot air will likely fare better. Which leaves Russia, big China, South Korea, and some SE Asia countries.

  51. @Jake

    From (((occupied))) Europe, that´s an easy one: 3) most definitely.

    As the Russian saying goes Heaven is high and the Czar is far, i.e.
    whatever the Chinks would do to us cannot possibly be worse than (((Them))) and their auxiliaries breathing down our necks; besides, their de facto Confucianism – apart from time-provenness and aesthetic appeal – looks like the most sensible path from a biologistic POV also.
    (Good relations with Russia would be nice to have – my mother was born in Alexanderdorf near the present LDNR line of contact – but would follow as a matter of course )
    It´s not like it would turn us into Albania any longer – quite the contrary 😀

  52. @alwayswrite

    Tell us why you are not a Putin fan.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  53. aandrews says:

    Read that link. Publication date of yesterday, at NBC, no less.

    It’ll be the next thing. I can’t wait!:)

  54. @Stanley Dundee

    “And hence the entirely genuine hatred for Putin. He embodies their worst nightmare.”

    Evil hates a good example.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  55. cassandra says:

    10-12% of the population owns/controls 60-75% of the nation’s wealth

    That statistic for China is surprisingly better than I would have guessed. According to the CBO chart at,

    the US was at about the same level in 2013: “The top 10% of families held 76% of the wealth in 2013, while the bottom 50% of families held 1%. Inequality worsened from 1989 to 2013”

    Indications are that the worsening has only continued since then, and with all the money being poured into the stock market by the Fed this year, 2020 is on track to be exceptionally iniquitously inequitable.

  56. Xaxa says:

    Trump ‘re-election’ is certain. All roads are paved toward it. In fact and so far Trump is the best Neocon/Deep State’s man they found. Stop pretending Saker!

  57. Agent76 says:

    June 17, 2020 America: An Empire Eating Itself

    Empire has one trick – divide and conquer. When it runs out of territory, nations, and people abroad to consume, it turns inward on itself.

    Jul 3, 2020 Independence Day Under Dictatorship

    The US is under rule by decree, not by rule of law. Looking at the original list of grievances the Colonists had against King George, it looks like most of them are met – and then some – by our current system of government. Can we regain our independence?

  58. Wally says:

    “A Trump re-election will virtually guarantee civil war, but that is still a better option than a Biden hot war against Russia. Either way though, the country is totally fucked.”

    – We already have a civil war.

    – Either way there will be no “hot war against Russia”. That’s just silly.

    – And there is no “Biden” there.

    – The US is much, much better off with Trump, it’s not even close. Especially if you value free speech, fighting violence, and at least some semblance of a market economy devoid of the ‘Green New Deal’ scam.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Herald
  59. Wally says:

    So who do you think would be a better US President than Trump and why?

    Name names, be specific, please do not dodge.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  60. @ploni almoni

    …..Because he’s a crypto fascist

    He came to power off the back of what some claim was state sponsored acts of terrorism,Moscow bombings,1999, look it up!

    He’s had twenty years to turn the economy around and hasn’t,basically lived off high oil and gas prices

    He encourages ultra right wing people in Europe and elsewhere,whilst endlessly blathering about how Russia saved the world from such people in the past,even though the old Soviet Union helped start ww2

    He’s indulged Russia in an insane foreign policy basically destabilising Europe,much of which is based upon the perverse ideology of people like Dugin,look him up,basically a neo nazi,if you can be bothered!

    He’s invaded parts of Ukraine, Putin that is,and then claims they’re actually Russian!!!,perhaps he should try that with Alaska,wasn’t that also Russian once ?????

    Unfortunately to many people think Putin is some sort of genius,he isn’t,he’s all Russia currently has,which isn’t much

    He’s not some sort of 5 dimensional chess player,just another desperate authoritarian in charge of of a slow motion train wreck of a country

    So what happens after Putin????

    It’s called kicking the can down the road,hence his recent referendum stunt,which contrary to what the saker says,was actually a mass fraud perpetrated against the Russian people,many incidentally aren’t happy in the east

    Russia is heading towards another bust up,sooner or later,Putin is nothing more than a bent ex Soviet communist educated idiot,now totally out of his depth due to covid,which he hasn’t personally managed

    The Saker knows this but he can’t publicly admit it,at least not yet,he’ll probably wait,and then blame everyone except Putin!

    • Thanks: ploni almoni
    • Troll: Derer
    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
    , @annamaria
  61. anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    Even a Papist such as myself

    What is that? Somebody who craves for some back action, regularly doled out by their Pagaholic priest? All in the name of “spiritual guidance,” the pagan-godless way.

  62. @Jake

    Yes: The communist regime of Mao was installed by the Zionists of Jewmerica. China is the model for the globalist tyranny of the NWO. The Chinese lead the other elites with their social credit total surveillance cities and have the cattle under more control.

    The U.S. has had the benefit of a dynamic free enterprise system with limited gov. and individual liberties to drive the capitalist system of opportunity form all, but this is fading away because of the socialist policies implemented in the last 110 years that have consolidated the wealth at the top, massively increased gov. regulations and spending on transfer payments and on huge military expenditures in the Zionist manufactured conflicts since WW1 until the present wars for Greater Israel.

    The transfer of wealth is a built in feature of the central banking cartel along with the manipulation of interest rates to create the boom and bust cycles in order for the insiders to game the market. The bailout for billionaires program of 08-09 and now the new theft of trillions under cover of the fake virus will accelerate currency depreciation and further destroy businesses, jobs and whats left of the middle class. Standard level of depreciation since the Zionist installed the banking cartel in 1913 has been 50% every 17 years. This moves wealth to the top.

    The Zionist U.N. plan of the Sustainable Development Initiative – Agenda 2030-21 will be an extreme austerity situation. The new feudalism planned for the goyim will have very few at the top of the hunger games society.

    • Agree: Malla
  63. anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    Christian Trump??!!!


    You have just admitted to what a pathetic godless abomination this pagan mangods-worshipping faith has become… or, perhaps what it always was.

    Zio-chrizzie lowlifes like you are in the same league as that retarded blob of lard!

  64. Alfred says:

    after Vietnam war, Vietnam, ally of China , keep their regime in their own hand.

    The ally of North Vietnam was Russia.

    China blocked the transit of Russian weapons to North Vietnam. After North Vietnam defeated the Americans, with Russian help, China invaded North Vietnam and was defeated.

  65. marryne says:

    For Saker it is always about Russia, Russia, Russia…Sure, Russia is a big world power, it used to be and it is now. It is so mostly because of its military, which draws its strength and know-how from the USSR (meaning it is not strictly Russian). However, Russia will never again be a superpower as the USSR had been. It was possible then only because of the (historically) unparalleled appeal of the communist ideology. Firstly and objectively, Russia does not have an economy necessary to support such a status. Secondly, Russia has no sufficient population which, again, is a limiting factor to its economy. Putin probably realized that although he did not realize that the Putin-inspired immigration from the former Muslim republic of the USSR will not alleviate the problem. But again, who would even want to go to today’s Russia if not Asiatic muslims. It will slowly but surely make Russia not much different from the West. Muscovites, just like New Yorkers are already leaving the city, those who can afford.
    And, subjectively, Russia or the Russians don’t have the most important ingredient fort the superpower status – the MENTALITY. The recent (1990-2020) Russian history clearly displays that. It shows that in order to realize the centuries old dreams of the few (so called “elites”) Russia as a nation and as country had put itself to the downward trajectory: As an empire it sold Alaska; as a civilization – it destroyed itself by dismantling the rest of the empire, the USSR. As an ally it abandoned and handed over the most Russophile german friend and ally E. Honecker and others to the “partners” in the west. And, as an orthodox and Slavic “brother” it betrayed and abandoned the only people that have always loved Russia – the Serbs. As an ally it behaved recklessly and treacherously. Russia will do the same again. So, hate Russia.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  66. Ko says:

    Since 2016 I’ve always believed Trump will be legally elected in 2020 but the DNC/Deep State will reject the result much more forcefully and violently than they’ve been doing since 2016. The DNC/Deep State will establish a shadow government minus the shadow. It will not be Joe Biden leading it but someone much younger, possibly Biden’s VP choice – who was (will be) selected to replace Biden should Biden actually win. Hell, it may even be Hussein since he’s such a treasonous pussy and easy to manipulate. The communists behind the scenes (aren’t they always such cowards) currently coordinating BLM and Antifa riots all over America will again use rioting but with firearms and bombings. This must be met with a military response and the violence will be nationwide. At some point either Trump declares martial law and outright civil war ensues, or a military coup takes over with or without Trump as a figurehead and they crush the communists and leftists while right wing militias join in the hunt. The only wild-card is if race driven factionalism within lower ranks cause wide divisions and some officers break away – then the whole show is over and there will be no place safe from people with guns and bad intentions. We will be fighting over food and gasoline. At least, like in China, there will be plenty of dogs to satisfy hunger.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mark tapley
  67. @Wally

    To Wally and Herald: How many Presidential election circuses have you guys seen. Probably a lot of them like me. Any adult in Jewmerica should know that the Presidency is totally controlled by the Zionists. It has been since 1912 with the Wilson ad. Look at the two top contenders both put up and paid for by the Zionist Jews. The puffed up adolescent ignoramus Trump couldn’t get elected dog catcher in a real unrigged election process. Same thing for the professional long term crook and senile self professed Zionist Biden. These are just puppet actors that the Zionist rulers prop up to make the goyim think they have a choice. Both fake parties put up a show about the Chinese, the Russians, the impeachment, abortion, etc. but the real issues as far as the Zionist agenda of Wars for Israel or more money for Israel or anything else that matters to the criminal zionist syndicate is not questioned by either side.

    Do you not realize that there has to be a dichotomy presented to the goyim? The zionists are not going to tell you “this is our agenda no matter what.” They want you to believe that all of them are getting the best deal for you that is possible. The issues that Wally mentions are part of the often used Hegelian Dialectic. To present the extreme (for now) antithesis and then offer you the alternative, “well it could have been worse” when that was the program all along. This has been going on for ever. A good example is Britain in the early 1900’s and how Parliament and the people were tricked into the horrendous WW1 by the small elite group of Zionists. They are putting on a play but it makes no difference which puppet actor is propped up in the front office.

    • Replies: @Herald
  68. Alden says:

    Sounds good. I’m hoping to be appointed commissar of universities and colleges. First step, round up and detain every university employee including part time hangers on and janitors and food workers.

    And then……. revenge of the normal Whites.

    Next I’ll take on the judiciary and the MSM.

  69. @Alfred

    This entire enterprise was funded and controlled by the U.S. Zionists. We built the Soviet Union. We provided the engines for the ships to deliver supplies to N. Viet Nam. The trucks that were used on the Ho Che Min trail were built by Ford Motor Co. in the plant we built for our soviet dependents. Read Hoover Institute researcher Anthony Sutton on this. China at this time was an incredibly weak and backward country. China was installed by the Zionists and is part of the Zionist network. China has many internal problems and most of the population is still impoverished. Just keeping the people under control is a big job for the Chinese gov.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Malla
  70. cassandra says:

    Putin’s difficulty is that Russia is really too important for the West to ignore.

    Western elites, and not just in the US, but in the EU and the western-hemisphere in general, are facing a problem: people are beginning to notice that human values are not universal. This had been one of the main pillars for the existence and credibility of a technocratic elite, specifically for the people to trust the elites to implement some unspecified but benevolent neo-enlightenment.

    Putin became truly anathema first when he rejected western neoliberal criminality because

    it was destroying his country, secondly, when he thwarted amputation of Crimea by color revolution, and thirdly, when he kept calling out NATO/EU expansionism for what it was. This made conversion of Russia to the neoliberal finance and ‘universal value” system even less likely than the conversion to Roman Catholicism prophesied at Fatima. Putin decided that Russia would live by its own values, thank you very much. Russia could still have been an arms-length ally, but Anglo-Zionist geopolitical extremism forced him to make cause with a clearly adversarial China, and encouraged him to circumvent the western currency system as well.

    But peoples within the west were also developing this NGTOW (Nations Going Their Own Way) attitude. Hungary and Poland were already becoming thorns in the side of the EU over the “human value” immigration, and the elections of Trump and Brexit were further assertions of populist preferences. Other politicians like Wagenknecht, LePen and Salvini are nurturing this movement elsewhere. It remains to be seen whether the neoliberal oligarchy, by dialing up propaganda and censorship, and by using Orwellian cancel terrorism, can quell this awakening rebellion.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
  71. @marryne

    Russia is all about neo liberal value,if such a thing exists

    Anyway,they’re busy selling themselves out

    Capital flight is enormous,especially through London

    Ask yourself why????

    Because British intelligence knows absolutely the places all this money goes to

    British intelligence aren’t stupid, they’ve played this game for centuries

    Which gives them enormous leverages over the Russians,who are trapped by this age old system

    Putin knows this as do all Russian oligarchs

    Money rules,not silly hypersonic weapons !!!!

    Which doesn’t come into the sakers evaluation

    Basically,the saker doesn’t understand power,money power!!!

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @cassandra
    , @Derer
  72. Alden says:

    Any military coup will be a left wing one.

    Obama had 8 years to force conservative senior officers out and install left wingers like the Jew immigrant Vindemann brothers. And the service academies have taught left wing race and sex politics for 30 years.

    The military is getting as pro non Whites, gays, trannies and anti American as the universities. Plus there’s all those black master sergeants and sergeant majors who have immense power and networks.

    It’s like the French army a decade before the revolution, from LaFayette to the NCOs and enlisted men who joined the revolution at the beginning.

  73. @alwayswrite

    This is too much stupidity to address point-by-point. Your refrain is “crypto-fascist-Putinazi”, so we know where you’re coming from. A few articles over, CJ Hopkins – a fellow leftist – is making fun of idiots like you.

    Why do you bother reading Unz Review? If you’re a troll or paid shill: bad job! Take a page from the Wiz of Oz or other trolls around here who hide their provenance better. This way, you just end up on the do-not-read list pronto, which you just did.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  74. Alden says:

    Sounds great. Why did the 90s friendship end?

    • Replies: @GMC
  75. @Wally

    So who do you think would be a better US President than Trump and why?

    A patriotic US president should do quite a few things:
    1. Drastically cut “defense” budget and withdraw US troops from most of ~600 bases the Empire has abroad.
    2. Normalize relations with other countries: current US foreign policy gives other countries the choice of being either obsequious vassals or enemies.
    3. Balance the budget.
    4. Heavily invest in crumbling US infrastructure.
    5. Revive industry in the US, which would require huge changes in taxation policies.
    6. Dramatically improve US education, from elementary school up.
    7. Reform US healthcare, with a view of making it healthcare, rather than extortion racket it is today.

    There are many other things, but anyone attempting to do even half of those listed would be promptly JFK’ed by the Deep State. That is why there is no one in the US politics decent enough to even talk about real problems, not to mention attempting to do what needs to be done to save the country. Hence, I can name no names.

    As things stand, even Trump is better than senile and corrupt Biden. But being better than that piece of shit is not a big achievement.

    • Agree: Alfa158
  76. hu_anon says:

    China allowed Soviet arms through to North Vietnam and was herself giving weapons to them. The Soviets didn’t trust the Chinese though, so they preferred to transport more advanced weapons on ships rather than by train through China, to prevent the Chinese from getting a close look on these.
    China attacked Vietnam for invading Cambodia, but this war exposed the weakness of the Chinese Army. Deng Xiaoping was able to push through military reforms after the debacle.

  77. @Ko

    You are being duped by the Zionists. The DNC the RNC are both controlled by the same elites. Trump has always been controlled by the Zionist Jews. The senile self proclaimed Zionist Biden has worked form them for 40 years. They are both puppet actors that the real rulers prop up in the front office.

    BLM and ANTIFA are proxy warrior groups for the Zionist Jews as laid out by the Frankfurt School to demoralize and destabilize western nations. These paid activists, opportunists and useful idiots could be taken care of by the local law enforcement as the constitution mandates if allowed to do so. The goal of the Zionist criminals is to create enough chaos and breakdown that people will demand that the national gov. step in with martial law. This is exactly what the Zionists want so they can get rid of the locally controlled police and implement a gestapo of thugs that are accountable only to the elite at the top.

    The zionist politicians and their operatives from the mayors to the Governors on up need to be thrown out of office. That is the first step in restoring the Republic.

    • Agree: Alden, Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Ko
  78. @Harold Smith

    Putin is just another thug carried over from his crony, the alcoholic Yeltsin. He is a partner in crime with the oligarchs and together they control a large part of the Russian economy. His political opponents have been either puppets stuck up in a sham election (like Trump and Biden) or like the credible opposition who end up dead. Read “The less You Know the Better You Sleep” by David Satter or watch his videos on Russia.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
    , @Derer
  79. annamaria says:

    Mrs./Mr. alwayswrite, this forum is obviously above your grade. You need to do some learning (the alternative media has excellent analysts) instead of immersing in the stinky products of presstituting MSM controlled by 6 zio-corporations.
    Your hysterics about Russia’s alleged attempts at destabilizing the EU are particularly entertaining. For starter, 1. learn about US bases in Europe and beyond, and 2. read about the consequences of the wars of aggression (also known as Wars for Israel) in the Middle East for the EU.
    If you are in search of neonazi, turn your attentions to a great project run by ziocons and neonazi in Ukraine. See Grossman, Kolomojsky, Zelinsky, Nuland-Kagan, Pyatt, Carl Gershman (NED), and the whole Kagans’ clan united with Banderites… What can go wrong?

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  80. @mark tapley

    LOL! So you recommend that I learn about Putin and Russia from a Jew liar who writes things like:

    “The attempted murder of Russian former double agent Sergei Skripal in the U.K. represents a serious escalation. The March 5 attack, in which his daughter Yulia was also poisoned, shows that Moscow is directing terrorism toward defectors and using it as a political weapon against the West. The West should respond by imposing sanctions against President Vladimir Putin himself.”

    You’re an ignorant fool, Mark.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  81. Alden says:

    There’s a lot Saker doesn’t understand.

    His every post is a bloviating, blithering, blathering clip and paste bombast of MSM doom and gloom headlines that America is doomed and Trump did it in only 3 1/2 years.

    So if Saker is as un informed about Russia as he is about America I’m skeptical about his posts. Rather trust my Russian immigrant friend who buys the tickets for relatives to visit her here rather than visit them back in Russia. She prefers functional infrastructure and reliable consumer goods.

  82. anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    On the contrary, he strikes me as a Russian patriot.

    Same difference.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  83. anon[153] • Disclaimer says:

    As Putin himself said, “The force of the United States bureaucracy is very great. And there are many facts that are not visible to the candidates until they become President. And the moment one gets to real work, he or she feels the burden.”

    The Russian government has no illusions about CIA’s rotating puppet rulers. Nothing that CIA cares about is going to change. CIA is going to suck this nation’s blood like a Plum Island deer tick till it kills it. No one will miss the USA.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  84. @Harold Smith

    I did not write any of the above. You have a copy of what I wrote. Nothing in your wording relates to what I wrote. You need to tone down your remarks and act like an adult.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  85. It’s a sad world when the brothers of the United States and Russia cannot unite to destroy our Enemies.

  86. Anon[398] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark tapley

    A prostitute see all woman as whore and proud of her carnality.
    A slave perceive all human being as slave and proud of his master.
    A demon understand all creature as devil and proud of its sin.
    Yes, be proud. You are the greatest of all.

  87. @anon

    Thanks for clarifying for both of you assholes. In essence, you confirm Saker, as to the deep hatred of Westerners for Russia. Communism, etc. are just excuses.

  88. Mefobills says:

    It is pretty clear that saker is just a Kremlin shill. Not to say that I harbor any love for the kike empire in the west.

    From Wiki:

    ‘The Saker’ is a pseudonym of Andrei Raevsky, an ex-patriot Russian domiciled in Florida. Prior to emigrating to the USA he had lived in Switzerland where he was granted Swiss citizenship. He worked for the International Red Cross and was later employed as a military analyst by the Geneva-based UN Institute for Disarmament Research.

    I like to read what Andrei says, but I am always mindful that he is Russian Orthodox (if memory serves), and was a military analyst.

  89. @Alden

    Make sure to bring her on as a contributor here, you crazed man-hating banshee. I remember about you flipping out over commenters here criticizing insane white Western women. This may be why.

  90. @mark tapley

    Idiot, I quoted David Satter, the jew liar you referred me to. Anyone who would make the absurd statement he made about the Skripals is a shameless liar not worth listening to. That you take him seriously makes you an ignorant fool.

    BTW Putin is far from perfect (at the least he’s a weakling who’s made many mistakes IMO) but he is not the monster you and your jew liars make him out to be.

    • Agree: Derer
    • Replies: @mark tapley
  91. @anon

    As Putin himself said, “The force of the United States bureaucracy is very great. And there are many facts that are not visible to the candidates until they become President. And the moment one gets to real work, he or she feels the burden.”

    This sounds like stuff I have written.

    It sounds like he has outstanding intelligence from low and mid-level managers within the US .gov bureaucracy.

    If that is the case, he probably has a pretty good idea how the sausage is made as well.

    With that kind of knowledge, you can actually influence policy–and keep the anti-Russia hysteria somewhat under control.

  92. aandrews says:

    “2020 Is For All The Marbles” – Exposing America’s White-Black-Nationalist Color Revolution
    by CJ Hopkins via The Consent Factory
    Wed, 07/29/2020 – 23:05

    “2020 is for all the marbles. The global capitalist ruling classes either crush this ongoing populist insurgency or God knows where we go from here. Try to see it through their eyes for a moment. Picture four more years of Trump … second-term Trump … Trump unleashed.

    Do you really believe they’re going to let that happen, that they are going to permit this populist insurgency to continue for another four years? They are not. What they are going to do is use all their power to destroy the monster, not Trump the man, but Trump the symbol. They are going to drown us in impeachment minutiae, drip, drip, drip, for the next twelve months. The liberal corporate media are going to go full-Goebbels.

    They are going to whip up so much mass hysteria that people won’t be able to think. They are going to pit us one against the other, and force us onto one or the other side of a simulated conflict (Democracy versus the Putin-Nazis) to keep us from perceiving the actual conflict (Global Capitalism versus Populism). They are going to bring us to the brink of civil war …”

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  93. Derer says:

    What about China…it is highly unlikely that China would remain neutral in any suggested conflict between Russia and disintegrating West or more correctly Anglosphere. Hell will freeze sooner before China would join condescending and irritating Satan.

    USA system of governance has reached its potential and since the 70’s has been declining to pathetic level of counterproductive squabbles exposing dishonest/corrupted quest for power and complete disregards of improving quality of life for its populace.

  94. Derer says:

    You are delusional about the sad state of the USA failing system of governance.

  95. Derer says:
    @mark tapley

    Have you finished high school? Let me guess you believe in hateful gossip written by American mainstream gossipers. Change your sources, otherwise you will remain misinformed.

  96. GMC says:

    We were told that the economics of Russia was in deep trouble and the people had no money for the flights to Anchorage. Also , that the Airlines were not making enough money in order to continue the service and the Russians didn’t really have the facilities /infrastructure to maintain the US Airlines. This was probably – fairly honest to us, but after 25 yrs and a renewed Russian economy now- I still can’t take a plane east from Vlad or Magadan to Anchorage and visa versa. This shows that the US Gov will not allow Alaska and Russia to become the natural friends they could be. There is no freedom left to associate personally with other peoples of the world – as long as the US Gov is corrupt and diseased. Spacibo Alden.

  97. @Parsnipitous

    People ask,they then get an answer they don’t like ,based upon the evidence of Russia over the last twenty years

    Not my problem people don’t like the truth,not trolling,the truth,however if people wish to they can dance down the yellow brick road,but don’t be surprised when things turn out bad again in Russia

  98. @Alfred

    Only a deluded military illiterate will believe that China was “defeated” in Vietnam. By the tube Consuming withdrew after 27 days, gaming captured all the border area including the cities of Cao Bang and Lang Son, Vietnam had withdrawn its forces to defend Hanoi and had held back troops to be sent to Cambodia to resist further Chinese advances. Vietnam’s fond hope that the USSR would support it with anything but words also went down the toilet. Only in propaganda believed by idiots did Vietnam “defeat” China.

  99. @annamaria

    The so called alternative media you refer to is more like a safe place for conspiracy theories,a veritable echo chamber of old clapped out nonsense endlessly regurgitated across dozens of sites,which I’m more than familiar with

    This saker chap for example operates one such site,a very odd collection of anti globalist anti imperialist types who hate America and the west in general,but seem to think,if thats what passes for thinking,that a new better global order will come from Putin,the ultra nationalist communist Chinese,and the religious dictatorship of Iran!!!!

    I mean is that for real???

    Are people like the saker honestly thinking that the above countries will create a better world?

    Putin basically follows a zero sum game of propaganda against the west,his kremlin propaganda channel RT international facilitates this weaponisation of alternative news,which you think informs you,well i think Stalin used the expression, ” useful idiots” so yes he’ll side,Putin that is, with all manor of ugly right wing types in Europe,and he’s obviously got a good fan club going in America

    Putin invaded Ukraine,and people then call Ukrainian Nazi’s for wanting to defend their own sovereign territories,which according to the Putin fan club are in actual fact Russian!!!!

    Well they’re aren’t Russian,so Putin would do well to hand them back and concentrate on mending his own broken economy,besides Crimea has practically no water,so soon it’ll have no value at all

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @AnonFromTN
  100. @Parsnipitous

    Who strikes you as a Russian patriot???

    Did you mean the saker?

    If so my understanding is he was born in Switzerland,was a Swiss citizen,before he moved to America

    If he’s such a big Russian patriot he should move to Russia and renounce his US citizenship

    But i suspect he wouldn’t really enjoy the economic conditions of Putins ‘modern’ Russia

    • Agree: mark tapley
    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  101. @Harold Smith

    You like to throw out adolescent insults at anyone who disagrees with you. Satter exposes Putin as just another Zionist operative and murderer. The worst always come to the top in big parasitic governments. Putin is a typical example of ostentatious despotism.

    • Agree: alwayswrite
    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  102. Malla says:
    @mark tapley

    You forget that the State Department put Castro in power too. Read the book called the “Fourth Floor” on the clandestine role played by ZOGUSA Govt to put Castro in power.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  103. I very much agree with The Saker: “This is a dangerous and highly unstable moment in our history.” All appear to be preparing for war. But can care and vigilance avoid the apocalyptic war no one wants?

  104. @aandrews

    There is no rise in populism. Just the ongoing program of demoralization and destabilization as laid out in the Jews Frankfurt School. “Trump unleashed.” This obsequious puppet actor and cheerleader for Netanyahu and the thugs of Israel will do the same thing he has always done, talk about how he is Israels greatest friend and grovel before the Zionist agenda, nothing else.

    You throw out ambiguous terminology without defining it. The word democracy does not appear in either the Constitution or it’s companion document, the Declaration of Independence. This is because the founders understood that it always leads to tyranny and dictatorship. That is why the globalists always go out of their way to use the term and appropriate it for their subversive programs.

    Capitalism and free enterprise are the mainspring of human progress. Monopoly capitalism as practiced under big government socialism, communism or any system that supresses the individual rights to the “collective good” is a ploy used too grab power for a politically connected few.

    Populism is when the popular dissatisfaction of the masses is utilized by the Jew controlled media as in the Wall St. demonstrations by the useful idiots or anything the globalists want to disparage in order to nullify opposition. The Zionists will always send out a “savior” to rally the goyim with “hope and change” or “make Amer. great again.”

    The Zionists know that 95% of the cattle will never do anything as long as they get 1 meal per day (even a vegan meal). This is self evident when you can see how easy it was to get the barn yard animals to fall in line with the fake virus and the psychological methods (masks, isolation, distancing) in order to condition the goy. No civil war, just descent into totalitarian global government.

  105. @Malla

    Yes: Everything the government does is a lie and a fraud. That is a very good example of how as Roosevelt said “if it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” This also leads into the phony “missile crisis” involving the homosexual Zionist puppet JFK.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @Malla
    , @Derer
  106. @Alden

    Where do you find “functional infrastructure” and “reliable consumer goods?” I need a good can opener.

  107. @alwayswrite

    Ah, you bring back my childhood when seven year old’s would say “if you don’t like it here you can always leave!” And: ” It’s a free country!”

  108. @mark tapley

    Why, you are raving mad!

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  109. anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Justvisiting re 94, one expects no less of the competent Russian security services. Fortunately, we all have outstanding intelligence from low and mid-level managers within the US gov bureaucracy including but not limited to Prouty, Agee, Snepp, Manning, Kiriakou, Steele, Ritter, Tice, Snowden, Schulte and a host of others,, and gargantuan dumps wafting through torrents on the internet and i2p. Everybody knows the US government is CIA.

    As far as influence goes, Russia can sit back and let the G-192 (the whole world) handle it. The G-192 is the UNCTAD bloc, and their capacity building initiative works at all levels of society: governments, firms, academic institutions, civil society organizations, arts and culture, common citizens and the people at large. A highly capable Occupy facilitator of my acquaintance was a UNESCO youth ambassador. The OHCHR has worked US civil society into treaty body and charter body review processes. Every authentic peace movement undertakes active international solidarity. The outside world is teaching Americans how to stop taking shit from their police state.

    From CIA’s point of view, one of the many benefits of its COVID-19 biological weapon is global quarantine of US citizens. Less travel and migration by the US subject population means less of the most intensive capacity-building. But it’s too little, too late, as world-standard civil society is here now, and propagating by the intellectual equivalent of community spread.

  110. Vojkan says:

    Where is it written that Russia should defend Serbia? Where is it written that Russia should defend North Korea? Where is it written that Russia should defend Libya? I don’t know about Vietnam but Cuba would have been “regime-changed” decades ago it weren’t for Russia.
    Seriously, why should Russia waste resources on defending a flock of disloyal, deceitful ingrates like Serbs?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Derer
  111. @ploni almoni

    You can verify the information. Those that believe the Zionist lies of the MSM whores and don’t question the narrative are like docile sheep on the government plantation. That is the worst mental condition to be in.

    Anyone that was not able to see the standard manufactured spin of 911, WMD’s, global warming, fake Floyd, the ozone layer is being depleted, the oceans are dying, all the fake viruses and lots more scams is a dupe for the Zionist conspiracy. The consequences are the loss of our liberties. As Orwell said: if you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on the human face… forever.

  112. Ko says:
    @mark tapley

    Yes, in your words it makes sense. I wasn’t considering the ZOG.

  113. @mark tapley

    “You like to throw out adolescent insults at anyone who disagrees with you.”

    Sorry you feel “insulted” goofball, but it’s not my fault that you’re an ignorant, pompous asshole who cannot be taken seriously.

    “Satter exposes Putin as just another Zionist operative and murderer.”

    Satter is just another shameless jew liar who cannot be taken seriously, just like you.

    For example, in your post #109 above you said:

    “This also leads into the phony ‘missile crisis’ involving the homosexual Zionist puppet JFK.”

    This is a good example of the absurd, simple-minded bullshit that you relentlessly spew all over this forum.

  114. Russia should have toughened it out.

  115. Malla says:

    Cuba would have been “regime-changed” decades ago it weren’t for Russia.

    LOL Cuba did have a USA backed regime change, the regime change which brought Castro into power. Castro was cladenstinely backed by the State Dept. Followed by 600 different attempts to kill Castro by the CIA (LOL) including exploding Cigars. Ya rite!!! LOL.
    And a supposedly comical Bay of Pigs “invasion” instead from a fully functional U.S. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on the island of Cuba. Ya rite!!!!!

    • Agree: mark tapley
  116. Derer says:

    You must be Kosovo or Bosnian Muslim…exposed by the obvious hate.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Vojkan
  117. cassandra says:

    Russia is all about neo liberal value,if such a thing exists

    Interesting declaration. Care to elaborate on your thinking?

  118. Derer says:

    Soon “British” becomes little England and that including Wales.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  119. Derer says:

    You created this post all by yourself or with the help of your deranged psychiatrist.

  120. Vojkan says:

    Nope, I’m Serb, of the royalist, anti-communist sort, the kind that knows what truthfulness, loyalty, dignity and honour mean, the kind that doesn’t tell a lie in the very first sentence he utters when making someone’s acquaintance, unlike you folks who have imposed sanctions on Serbs West of the Drina river, who have sold their faith for a lunch, who are proud of their mass-surveillance software, who hire Tony Blair as advisor, lick Merkel’s ass, elect a closet fag as president who then appointed a militant lesbian on the US govt payroll as prime minister, who welcome any punk who has spat at Serbia to show just how open-minded you are, badmouth the Russians at every opportunity when you’re with your Western “partners”, publish official road maps of Serbia that show Kosovo outside her borders, make business in Kosovo with Kosovo mobsters and exclude Kosovo Serbs from those business deals, and then when your Western partners shove it deep up your ass, go crying mummy in Moscow.

  121. Herald says:

    “A Trump re-election will virtually guarantee civil war, but that is still a better option than a Biden hot war against Russia. Either way though, the country is totally fucked.”

    – We already have a civil war.

    – Either way there will be no “hot war against Russia”. That’s just silly.

    – And there is no “Biden” there.

    – The US is much, much better off with Trump, it’s not even close. Especially if you value free speech, fighting violence, and at least some semblance of a market economy devoid of the ‘Green New Deal’ scam.

    I am not sure why you really bothered to reply, as you seem simply to be doing nothing more than nitpicking.

    Basically, all I am saying is that no matter who wins in November, the country will still be totally fucked. Do you disagree and if so why?

  122. Vojkan says:

    Btw, I don’t hate you. Only lesser forms of life like Croats, or the so-called Bosniaks or the so-called Montenegrins, or the Ottoman imports from the Caucasus that occupy Kosmet deem you worth of hatred. You disgust me.

    • Replies: @Derer
  123. Herald says:
    @mark tapley

    There are plenty of people out there, who might well learn something of use from what you have posted, but rest assured, I am not one of them.

  124. @alwayswrite

    I take it you express a consensus view of the good people of your native Shitville who never travelled father than neighboring Dungville? As they say in Odessa, “Crimeans are traitors: they ran away from the madhouse and left us behind”.

  125. @TG

    “It was only after ‘free’ trade and globalism that America started too decline…”

    Sorry, it was when the US government started to grow like Topsy that America’s competitiveness was flushed down the toilet.

    The US has too many laws (over two million), too many lawyers (more than any other country in the universe), too many control freaks (whose only ability is that of expanding their control), and too many useless, brain-dead voters (whose sole reason for existing is to enable the lunatic asylum called government to exist).

    America put a loaded to its head, pulled the the trigger, and shot itself in the ass.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  126. While some contributors here are busy ”shooting the messenger’ & arguing about the Saker’s bona fides :

    Its been reported that: Trump suggests delaying the US election.

    Talk about waving a red rag at a bull!

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  127. @Derer

    … excluding Wales!

    If you recall, when the invasions by the Angles, Jutes, Saxons and later, the Danes, started the original inhabitants, the Britons (Celts), fleed westward to modern day Wales.

    So when, and notice I say ‘when’, and not ‘if’, Scotland regains its independence and N. Ireland reunifies with Eire, the Republic – the Welsh with their own language and their own culture will also seek their independence!

    … and there’s nothing that ol’ man Rothschild in his banksters’ head offices in the City of London (aka ‘The City’) can do about it!

    Its inevitable.

    Happy days!

    • Agree: mark tapley
    • Replies: @mark tapley
  128. Derer says:

    You wrote: “Seriously, why should Russia waste resources on defending a flock of disloyal, deceitful ingrates like Serbs?”

    That is a hate of badly mistreated Serbs by criminals like Blair and Clinton. I am not from Balkans but I am on the side of Serbia in her fight against imported Muslim mercenaries and NATO idiots.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  129. @selma

    In response to Selma

    What did any of these countries do for Russia ??? Or should I say the USSR ????

    Accept suck it dry, They were given financial help and when Russia needed help they all turned their backs!!!

    People like you Selma make me sick always about what you want / what you get/ but never can say what you did for Russia!!!!

    Even today as Russia rise you see countries wanting Russia to give them free things without any reciprocal benefit to Russia.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  130. Vojkan says:

    “That is a hate of badly mistreated Serbs by criminals like Blair and Clinton.” Blair was hired as advisor by the current president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, when he was prime minister. The current prime minister, Ana Brnabić, worked for various US consultancy firms on projects financed by USAid, an offshoot of the US State Department that the US uses as an instrument of “soft power” in foreign policy, while Hillary Clinton was sec. of state. She’s straight out of a Soros production floor. Serbs elected Vučić. Serbs gave him a 75% majority in parliament late June. Why should Russia trust such people?
    It is a historical fact that Russia has been Serbia’s ally, that she has come to Serbia’s rescue several times and that she has never been Serbia’s enemy, and it is a historical fact that Serbia has never been Russia’s ally. She has never supported any policy by Russia but she expects support from Russia.
    On the other hand, there are two countries Serbs truly admire, Germany and the UK, both countries that have bombed Serbia repeatedy during the 20th century and both countries responsible for turning 2 million Serbs into refugees during the 1990s.
    You don’t save people against their will. Serbs don’t want to be saved. They have sold their faith for a lunch.
    And as I said, it’s not hate, it’s contempt.

    • Replies: @Derer
  131. @Simple guest worker

    Even today as Russia rise you see countries wanting Russia to give them free things without any reciprocal benefit to Russia.

    Thank goodness, they will be disappointed. Russia no longer buys the deceptive pleas of pretend “brothers”. The last “brotherly” country that got something for nothing was Belarus, and it looks like this will end soon. I do hope that Putin won’t save Lukashenko, like he saved pathetic nonentity Yanuk. Luka deserves to be hanged by “zmagars” (or “litvins”, or whatever those suckers call themselves), and I hope that’s what is going to happen to him.

  132. Derer says:

    Do not forget the difficult road of Serbia to EU needs some unpleasant pretense. Look at Poland or Hungary – once they became members.

  133. Derer says:
    @mark tapley

    This also leads into the phony “missile crisis” involving the homosexual Zionist puppet JFK.

    Are you posting from a straitjacket…a puppet is not assassinated but protected, also a homosexual would not want Marylin Monroe in horizontal position.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  134. Smith says:

    As a Viet, I make peace with myself, hold my nose and choose the CCP chinks in this case.

    My country has beef with China, but USA is incompetent and I think Putin reveals himself to be not as great as thought (total indecisiveness in Libya and Syria), EU too far away, and Japan can only barely defend itself. And in choosing horse, always choose the strong horse.

    Might as well bite it and ride with the chinks, we might learn a thing or two from them. Let’s Make Asia Great Again.

    We viets, the chinks, the japs, the koreans, let us not fight each other for the delight of other races!

    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist
    Vietnam successfully pushed back the chinks, deposed Pol Pot and protected the integrity of Vietnam’s mainland, so we achieved our military objective.

    We lost the islands afterwards, but meh, it’s a small price compared to independence. Vietnam has times on its side.

  135. You must believe everything the Jew media tell you. Everything the gov does is a lie and a fraud. Just like WMD’s, global warming, Los Vegas shootings, fake Floyd, the phony missile crisis and the current fake virus. JFK was known to be a queer from way back. Read Jerry Oppenheimers book on Kennedy and his long term partner Lem Billings.

    There are lots of problems with the governments version of the assassination story. Miles Mathis brings out some information on this worth considering. Mathis also covers JFK the queer. The gov. can come up with all kinds of stories involving women including Monroe (Mortensen-Baker).

    The USSR was a Zionist Jew enterprise from start to finish, totally dependent on Jewmerica’s constant agricultural, financial and industrial aid, read Hoover Institute researcher Anthony Sutton. He even shows photocopies of contracts. They were propagandized at first as the great “workers paradise” by the Jew MSM. Thousands of Amer. even sold there possessions, got on a ship and went to Russia where they were immediately thrown in the Gulag. Later this narrative was switched around by the Zionists, and the Russians became the great formidable enemy. This was just part of the thesis-antithesis hoax to swindle the taxpayers and drive bigger military appropriations. Cuba was all set up as part of this scam.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  136. @Patagonia Man

    We hope that is the case and they can achieve self determination and independence. I am afraid that there has been so much damage done by the Jew’s Kelergi Plan and the gradual drift into socialism that the opportunity for national and individual freedom will be lost. Look at the British Empire on which the sun never set. After letting the Jews get established by their agent Cromwell they have gradually through spending on wars, socialist programs and immigration all at the behest of the Zionist Jews, lost their empire and ruined the country.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  137. @mark tapley

    Well I agree with you Mark, up to: “lost their empire and ruined the country”, altho’ from the POV of ordinary, working class men and women – they have certainly ruined their own country!

    What the Brit zionist-jew banksters have done is financially reeled back in their old empire – and positioned despots in place to keep bleeding those countries, esp. their former African colonies. See: The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary) (1:18:01)

    And to make matters worse, the the EU (which is really a a banksters’ cartel and not a democratic institution as it ignores national votes &/or forces nations to vote again until an affirmative vote is achieved on EU treaties) funds African nations’ opposition parties – to allow those countries to have the illusion of “democracy”. It also serves the ‘divide and conquer’ mantra of the ruling elites as well.

    But here’s the real sinister part – 3 months, or so, before their national elections, the EU pulls the plug on its funding and, surprise, surprise!, the opposition doesn’t win the election – so the despot continues in power for decades – bleeding the country via:
    – interest on debt,
    – privatizing their national assets, and
    – not paying a fair price for their nations’ resources.

    Imperial exploitation – big time!

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  138. @Patagonia Man

    Yes, the Zionists now can take over financially instead of militarily using surrogates. As you point out the E.U. is just regional control and destruction of national sovereignty by the banking cartel implemented one region at a time. This disaster would have been avoided if the people had guarded their liberties, instead of buying into the transparent lies of the globalists.

    Carroll Quigley Quote

    “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank…sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”

    ~ Carroll Quigley

    The Zionists have financial control over all countries of any consequence. They are very close to achieving total control with the imposition of their long planned feudal society. The goal of the Zionist Jews has always been the destruction of all the countries followed by a global totalitarian system run by them. I will put your video on my list to watch. Thanks.

  139. @GMC

    Hey, GMK from Alaska, How about we all celebrate March 30th as US-Russia friendship day – the day Russia gave Alaska t0 america! Would it catch on?

  140. @Patagonia Man

    Just another propaganda piece from the Jew MSM whores. To change the election schedule would require a constitutional amendment. It is very important for the Zionists to maintain the Presidential election facade because it focuses the goyim’s attention on an event where both of the contenders have been approved by the top Zionists of the CFR and gives the appearance that the goyim are making a difference.

    History Prof. and CFR researcher Carrol Quigley:
    The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

    This is what Jewmerica has had since the syphilitic puppet actor for the Jews, the near invalid Woodrow Wilson. Trump fills the same role. He is just a cheerleader for Greater Israel and the Kazar thug’s agenda.

    The bombastic often inane comments by Trump are scripted to imbue an image of a patriotic American that is making Jewmerica “great again.” This is done with all of the Presidential puppet actors as much as possible. The queer JFK (read Jerry Oppenheimer and Lawerence J. Quirk, also The Dark Side Of Camelot) was afflicted with Addisons disease and had back problems so bad that much of the time he could not walk up steps. Johnson made fun of him because it was known that JFK had an incurable STD. The MSM portrayed a Camelot image of a vigorous athletic and dedicated family man.

    As just one more (of many) example is Reagan. A Illinois sports caster, he was brought to California by the Chicago (Jew) mob where he was pimped by the big MCA Jew Lew Wasserman (read Dark Victory -Ronald Reagan, MCA and the Mob). He was a liberal while in his position as Pres. of the Screen Actors Guild but changed his stripes when he was moved over to be a political con man. He was always portrayed as a traditional hard working conservative who liked to chop wood and eat jelly beans. All just a stage play for the goyim. Trump does the bidding of the Zionists. There are only two qualifications to be President of Jewmerica. First they have to be a completely corrupt and second it has to be someone the Zionists have dirt on.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  141. Totally agree Mark.

    In fact the people of that island-continent Australia were aware of Trump’s mob connections as early as 1987 – when he applied for a casino license in their largest city of Sydney.

    Their state government knocked him back for that reason.

    16 August 2017 Trump’s bid for Sydney casino 30 years ago rejected due to ‘mafia connections’

    “Cabinet documents reveal police warned NSW government about approving a 1986-87 plan to build city’s first casino in Darling Harbour (sic)”


    • Replies: @mark tapley
  142. @mark tapley

    “The USSR was a Zionist Jew enterprise from start to finish…”

    Not exactly; at least not “to finish.” The world is a more complicated place than you imagine. Stalin purged most of the jews from power in the USSR.

    The last straw may have been just after Israel was created. The USSR at first supported Israel, but Stalin then completely turned on zionist jews, apparently seeing them as ideologically conflicted and untrustworthy; they were a threat.

    Zionist jews do not support Arab nationalist governments, and since it’s a matter of historical fact that the USSR supported the Arab governments in the Arab-Israeli conflict, it’s clear that the USSR – at least from the early 50s onward – was not run by zionist jews.

    You have to understand that “communism” as conceived by Marx was just another jew scam. Communism, in any particular place, is only acceptable to jews when THEY are at the top, and that was the whole point of it: to enslave the non-jewish balance of humanity.

    Marx was the ultimate fraudster: a satanist pretending to be an atheist. He was the original social justice warrior – an egalitarian poseur pretending to do something good for the oppressed proletariat while robbing them of culture, religion, spirituality, etc. – anything and everything that might enable “the people” to resist their satanic depredations had to go. Communism, as devised AND IMPLEMENTED by jews, is the political embodiment of satanism, apparently conceived and implemented as a “spiritual jihad” against God. (In Biblical terms, jewish communists apparently seek to bring about the fulfillment of Isaiah 14:13,14).

    Jews apparently saw the USSR as a useful geopolitical platform to spread their satanism by force and fraud, throughout the whole world, but at some point, Stalin must have come to understand their intention and to successfully oppose it.

    So what happened? The jewish collective, having lost power in the USSR then used “the (corrupt) West” to oppose the evil USSR.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  143. @Patagonia Man

    Watched 57 minutes of the videos you recommended on the Spider Web. It brought out some good points, but became tedious on the Caribbean Islands. The elite control the governments and so they are therefore able to manipulate their finances to gain advantages not available to the rest of us. I don’t have a problem with them trying to escape taxes but the laws should be the same for everyone.

    This is the way the founders of the U.S. had set up our system so that all taxes, duties, imposts etc were apportioned according to the population. This low tax and very limited gov. caused huge economic growth never before seen. Had we stayed on that course instead of becoming a socialist European style crony tax and spend racket run by the Zionist Criminal syndicate we would be miles ahead in a system that did the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Many of the people on Unz promote the so called “public banking” and more taxes on investments. Until we drastically cut the size and scope of gov. and get rid of the banking cartel none of this will work.

    The Zionist elite have financial control. They have their operatives in most key positions in all governments of any consequence. This includes Russia and China. They are accomplishing financially much of what had formerly been done militarily. Britain has become mostly a financial intermediary in this process. The Anglo conspirators that began with the Boer War led by the Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner as documented by Gerry Docherty in “Hidden History The Secret Origins of The First World War” were co-conspirators with the Zionist Jews including Lord Rothschild and Paul Warburg. Their plan was to bring America back into the British Empire, destroy Germany and deliver Russia into the hands of the Jews along with the bridgehead of Palestine. Not content to instigate the first world war, Britain also instigated the second. They would have been far better off to have just traded with and maintained peace as The Germans desired. The Zionists will use every trick in the book to leverage their financial control into the total control of a new feudalism of global tyranny but Britain’s glory days are gone.

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  144. @Harold Smith

    Lets look at how Stalin “purged the Jews.” In 1935 at the height of Stalins power the Central Committee of the Communist Party, that is the main governing body consisted of 59 members. 56 of those members were Jews. Now it is known to be 57 because now we know that Stalin was a Jew. His real name meant “son of the Jew” and was from a Jewish region. He spoke Yiddish and was married to a Jewess. That only leaves two (Labov and Ossinsky) who were not Jews and both of them were also married to Jew bitches.


    Note After the great purge ordered by Stalin at the end of 1936, the top ranked officials of the 40 Soviet Republics, that is the party secretaries who held the actual executive power, consisted of 4 Russians, 2 Armenians, 1 Georgian, 1 Buryat and 41 Jews. What a purge!

    I stated that the USSR was a wholly controlled Zionist enterprise. The great Russian writer Dostoievsky recognized what was coming as early as 1887 although the Jew controlled publishing houses have tried to keep this information hidden as they have with Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Among Us.” Dosoievsky wrote “Their Kingdom is coming. The unlimited despotism of their ideology is now only beginning. Under this tyranny human kindness and neighborliness as well as the longing for justice will fade away; all Christian and patriotic ideals will perish for ever!”

    The following big American bankers gave money for the Bolshevik Revolution : Jacob Schiff, Guggenheim, Max Breitung, and the Banking House of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. the directors of which were Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff and S. H. Hanauer. All Jews. In Europe large amounts not money were contributed by The Westphalian-Rise Syndicate, Lazare Brothers of Paris, Gunsbourg of St. Petersburg, Speyer and Co. of London and the Nya Banken of Stockholm. All Jews. Do you think they did not control this Zionist facade from start to finish?

    International banker and 20 million dollar donor (in 1917 dollars) to the Bolshevik cause Jacob Schiff said” I don’t call it communism but rather Judaism. The Zionist Jews that instigated the world wars controlled the so called communists, insured that the reactionary Hitler came to power and also controlled the administration of the Zioinist puppet FDR.

    You are correct on Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy). His purpose was to destabilize the proletariat as well as their natural allies the bourgeoisie (middle class) for the benefit of the newly emplaced industrialists (monopoly capitalists) and also to attack the European Monarchies in. order to install the Jew run “democracies.” Marx uncle was Lyon Philips, founder of one of the first big industrial corp. Marx was funded by him all his life. Marx was from a well of family of Rabbis. His mother’s sister was married into the Rothschilds.

    The Kazar Jews officially determined to gain the bridgehead of Palestine at the first Zionist Convention in 1897. The Yinnon Plan for Greater Israel in place since the early 80’s is to break up or Balkanize all of the Arab countries that isn does not control already such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. That is why their main satellite Jewmerica is working to overthrow Syria and Iran. Do not make too much of the Soviet activities in the Middle East. This was just part of the facade to pull the goyim in. To give the Soviets some much needed credibility as a viable enemy even though most of their equipment fell apart.

    You misunderstand completely the purpose of the USSR. Forget about Stalin. He changed nothing one way or another and was finally eliminated in the usual power struggle. Remember the Soviet Union was totally dependent on constant agricultural, industrial and financial aid from the U.S. from its inception till the very end. Hoover Institute researcher Anthony Sutton documents this in his books. The zionists must create an enemy. This accomplishes two things. First it allows them to change society, to get the goyim to accept more taxes, more government control more military spending too “defend against the powerful enemy.” The Zionists can accomplish more in one or two years of war than they can in 50 years of a peaceful society. When there is a war or the preparation for war this creates big profits for the Zionist Syndicate as an immediate benefit.

    The Jewish collective, allied with the other Zionists has not lost power. They have just moved on further down the socialist road of tyranny. It was incredibly expensive to keep the Soviet facade going, so they just stopped propping it up. Lenin had said that the USSR was just a transitional phase. Now we have the manufactured “War On Terror” for Greater Israel. This is much cheaper and more flexible. A lot of people were finally catching on to the Soviet “menace” anyway. Just as we built up the Soviet hoax in order to be used as the Hegelian Dialectic thesis-antithesis (one of the Zionists favorite tools) you can expect the same plan to be used with Russia and China in the not too distant future. Jewmerica has transferred lots of technology to both of them (we put the Chinese communists in power )and I expect that once they are more militarily capable they will join in a war against the U.S. This will set up a situation where the Zionists can impose martial law and instigate the long planned Agenda 2030-21.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  145. @mark tapley

    “Lets look at how Stalin “purged the Jews.” In 1935 at the height of Stalins power the Central Committee of the Communist Party, that is the main governing body consisted of 59 members. 56 of those members were Jews. Now it is known to be 57 because now we know that Stalin was a Jew. His real name meant “son of the Jew” and was from a Jewish region. He spoke Yiddish and was married to a Jewess. That only leaves two (Labov and Ossinsky) who were not Jews and both of them were also married to Jew bitches.”

    First, apparently you’re not only ignorant but a liar. Stalin was NOT a jew. You disagree? Prove it.

    Second, the jews’ loss of power in the USSR was a process which took place over 25 to 30 years or so, with the last straw being the creation of Israel. That the USSR supported the Arab governments in the Arab-Israeli conflict proves my point, which proves you wrong. Period. The end.

    Finally, since many of the publications that would support what I said are behind a pay wall, I’ll just quote some relevant paragraphs from a relevant Wikipedia article on the subject.


    “The extent to which Joseph Stalin was antisemitic is widely discussed by historians. Although part of a movement that included Jews and rejected antisemitism, he privately displayed a contemptuous attitude toward Jews on various occasions that were witnessed by his contemporaries, and are documented by historical sources.[1] As the leader of the Soviet Union, he promoted repressive policies that conspicuously impacted Jews and, according to his successor Nikita Khrushchev and others, he fomented the doctors’ plot as a pretext for further anti-Jewish repressions.


    After the incapacitated Lenin’s death on 21 January 1924, the party officially maintained the principle of collective leadership, but Stalin soon outmaneuvered his rivals in the Central Committee’s Politburo. At first collaborating with Jewish and half-Jewish Politburo members Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev against Jewish arch-rival Leon Trotsky, Stalin succeeded in marginalizing Trotsky. By 1929, Stalin had also effectively marginalized Zinoviev and Kamenev as well, compelling both to submit to his authority. The intransigent Trotsky was forced into exile.


    During his meeting with Nazi Germany’s foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, Stalin promised him to get rid of the “Jewish domination”, especially among the intelligentsia.[16] After dismissing Maxim Litvinov as Foreign Minister in 1939,[17] Stalin immediately directed incoming Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov to “purge the ministry of Jews”, to appease Hitler and to signal Nazi Germany that the USSR was ready for non-aggression talks.[17][18][19][20]

    According to some historians,[who?] antisemitic trends in the Kremlin’s policies were fueled by the struggle against Leon Trotsky.[21][22]

    In the late 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s far fewer Jews were appointed to positions of power in the state apparatus than previously, with a sharp drop in Jewish representation in senior positions evident from around the time of the beginning of the late 1930s rapprochement with Nazi Germany. The percentage of Jews in positions of power dropped to 6% in 1938, and to 5% in 1940.[18]


    Despite Stalin’s willingness to support Israel early on, various historians suppose that antisemitism in the late 1940s and early 1950s was motivated by Stalin’s possible perception of Jews as a potential “fifth column” in light of a pro-Western Israel in the Middle East. Orlando Figes suggests that:

    ‘After the foundation of Israel in May 1948, and its alignment with the USA in the Cold War, the 2 million Soviet Jews, who had always remained loyal to the Soviet system, were portrayed by the Stalinist regime as a potential fifth column. Despite his personal dislike of Jews, Stalin had been an early supporter of a Jewish state in Palestine, which he had hoped to turn into a Soviet satellite in the Middle East. But as the leadership of the emerging state proved hostile to approaches from the Soviet Union, Stalin became increasingly afraid of pro-Israeli feeling among Soviet Jews. His fears intensified as a result of Golda Meir’s arrival in Moscow in the autumn of 1948 as the first Israeli ambassador to the USSR. On her visit to a Moscow synagogue on Yom Kippur (13 October), thousands of people lined the streets, many of them shouting Am Yisroel Chai! (The People of Israel Live!)—a traditional affirmation of national renewal to Jews throughout the world but to Stalin a dangerous sign of ‘bourgeois Jewish nationalism’ that subverted the authority of the Soviet state.[32]’


    In November 1948, Soviet authorities launched a campaign to liquidate what was left of Jewish culture. The leading members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee were arrested. They were charged with treason, bourgeois nationalism and planning to set up a Jewish republic in Crimea to serve American interests. The Museum of Environmental Knowledge of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (established in November 1944) and The Jewish Museum in Vilnius (established at the end of the war) were closed down in 1948.[35] The Historical-Ethnographic Museum of Georgian Jewry, established in 1933, was shut down at the end of 1951.[35]

    In Birobidzhan, the various Jewish cultural institutions that had been established under Stalin’s earlier policy of support for “proletarian Jewish culture” in the 1930s were closed down between late 1948 and early 1949. These included the Kaganovich Yiddish Theater, the Yiddish publishing house, the Yiddish newspaper Birobidzhan, the library of Yiddish and Hebrew books, and the local Jewish schools.[36] The same happened to Yiddish theaters all over the Soviet Union, beginning with the Odessa Yiddish Theater and including the Moscow State Jewish Theater.


    During the night of 12–13 August 1952, remembered as the “Night of the Murdered Poets” (Ночь казнённых поэтов), thirteen of the most prominent Yiddish writers of the Soviet Union were executed on the orders of Stalin. Among the victims were Peretz Markish, David Bergelson and Itzik Fefer.

    In a 1 December 1952 Politburo session, Stalin announced: ‘Every Jewish nationalist is the agent of the American intelligence service. Jewish nationalists think that their nation was saved by the USA. . . They think they are indebted to the Americans. Among doctors, there are many Jewish nationalists.’ [39] He also notably quoted Jean-Jacques Rosseau’s “eat the rich” in this speech.

    A notable campaign to quietly remove Jews from positions of authority within the state security services was carried out in 1952–1953. The Russian historians Zhores and Roy Medvedev wrote that according to MVD General Sudoplatov, “simultaneously all Jews were removed from the leadership of the security services, even those in very senior positions. In February the anti-Jewish expulsions were extended to regional branches of the MGB. A secret directive was distributed to all regional directorates of the MGB on 22 February, ordering that all Jewish employees of the MGB be dismissed immediately, regardless of rank, age or service record. . . .[40]”.

  146. @Majority of One

    Your “disgust” is hilarious. Saker has proven one thing over time, that he is not merely uninformed, but misinformed. Most of what Putin does with the military is done in fear for his regime, and is designed to, hopefully, put fear into his neighbors. Russia is declining demographically and economically. All Putin has to Russia is drag her down the road to perdition. Putin has his aspirations to revivify the Soviet Empire with himself as the new Tsar. All Putin has established is another kleptocracy with himself as one of the major beneficiaries.

    It’s sad that you don’t have sufficient knowledge to realize what is actually happening. Russia’s steady decline will land her in deeper water and result in her destruction. The appointment for Russia’s destruction may be read about in Ezekial chapters 38 and 39.

    • Agree: alwayswrite
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  147. @alwayswrite

    The problem of the nationalities is as much of a problem for Putinist Russia, as it was for the Tsars and the Soviets. The possibility of the final break up of the Russian empire is just as real as it ever was. Putin has done nothing to solve the problem because his thinking is still rooted in the Soviet Union and he is quite unable to do anything about it.

    • Agree: alwayswrite
    • Replies: @mark tapley
  148. Your quoting Wikipedia and the other Zionist controlled court historians. Naturally they want to cover the Jews tracks just as the MSM does in everything else the Zionist Jews are involved in. The entire Bolshevik enterprise was managed by the Zionist Jews with help from Wall St. Of the original 486 members of the first Soviet governing body only 16 were not Jews. I have already covered the almost total control by the Jews in Stalins governing bodies. The Jew Bankers provided the financing to get the Bolsheviks started. Since there was a preponderance of Jews in practically all the higher positions after they had plundered everything of value, they fell upon each other. A good example of this is Genrikh Yagoda the Jew head of the S0viet NKVD and responsible for millions of deaths. Jews also ran 10 out of 11 of the Gulag systems. Since they held the power through out the whole propped up facade erected by them to begin with, who would have gotten rid of them. I got Lenin and Stalin mixed up as far as name derivation. An easy mistake. However since we know that privately among his friends (almost all Jews as was his wife) Stalin spoke Yiddish, that almost certainly indicates Jewish heritage.

    Solzhenitsyn confirms who was running things in Russia. Read his book “200 Years Among Us. I think he would be a reliable authority. I believe the Reporter from The London times, Robert Wilton who was in St. Petersburg during the Jew takeover sums things up pretty well: The whole record of the bolshevism is indelibly impressed with the stamp of alien invasion. The murder of the Tzar, deliberately planned by the Jew Sverdlov and carried out by the Jews Goloshekin, Safarov, Voikov, and Yurovsky, is the act not of the Russian people, but of this hostile invader.

    You need to tone down your acerbic attacks and calling me a lier. I have noticed you use this vindictive style on others that don’t share your views. We may have disagreements but this does not not call for that kind of adolescent behavior.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Harold Smith
  149. @Quartermaster

    Putin does not want to solve the problem because he and his oligarch friends are the main beneficiaries of the “piritization” of Russia. After being plundered by the Jews under the mantra of communism for 70 years they now have a new Kleptocracy in control.

    Russia never had the opportunities of a limited government and free enterprise as the U.S. used to have. The Russian people have always suffered under an autocratic regime. Things were improving quite a bit under Nicholas II, and things looked very favorable. That is why the Bolsheviks (Jews) with massive aid from the Jew bankers and Wall St. had to move on the situation when they did.

    This plundering by the elite is what is happening here. The banking cartel begun in 1913 has supercharged big gov and spending for the Zionist wars by utilizing the fiat credit system that could not be done with borrowing or direct taxation. At an average rate of 50% every 17 years, this has had a devastating impact on the middle class.

    Now they really have Sovereign immunity as shown in the 08-09 bailout for billionaires and now another theft of trillions more under the cover of the fake virus.

    • Disagree: alwayswrite
  150. @mark tapley

    # 154 is reply to Herald Smith- guess I failed to note that.

  151. @mark tapley

    “Your quoting Wikipedia and the other Zionist controlled court historians.”

    First, that would be “you’re” not “your.” (Maybe you can find a helpful third grade student in your neighborhood who can explain it to you).

    Second, this is exactly the kind of dismissive rhetoric that I would expect from a shameless bullshit artist like you, goofball.

    The Wikipedia article has references that you can look up. You can also use google to look things up, e.g. “the night of the murdered poets”; or are you, as I suspect, too stupid, lazy and/or dishonest to do that?

    “Naturally they want to cover the Jews tracks just as the MSM does in everything else the Zionist Jews are involved in.”

    So you’re the only one in the universe who somehow knows what really happened in the USSR and why (and everywhere else in the world for that matter)?

    “The entire Bolshevik enterprise was managed by the Zionist Jews with help from Wall St.”

    Why can’t you get it through your thick skull that Stalin turned the tables on the jews in the USSR? After Lenin’s death, Stalin rose to the top and incrementally purged jews from power. This is a generally accepted historical fact not open to debate.

    “You need to tone down your acerbic attacks and calling me a lier.”

    First, that would be “liar” not “lier.”

    Second, if you would stop being dishonest I wouldn’t call you a liar.

    “I have noticed you use this vindictive style on others that don’t share your views. We may have disagreements but this does not not call for that kind of adolescent behavior.”

    And I have noticed that you’re a shameless bullshit artist, spewing an endless stream of ahistorical bullshit here while studiously ignoring and/or disparaging anything that doesn’t fit your simple-minded view of the world. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously, right?

  152. @Quartermaster

    The Putin fan club don’t do honest debate or analysis

    Instead they maintain this mythological belief system of Russia,its so called unique civilisation and the godhead of Putin

    There’s little point in trying to reason with them !

  153. Well?
    You do not understand.
    It is not about winning anymore.
    It is about who will be the first looser.

  154. @mark tapley

    The Zionist elite have financial control. They have their operatives in most key positions in all governments of any consequence. This includes Russia and China. They are accomplishing financially much of what had formerly been done militarily. Britain has become mostly a financial intermediary in this process. The Anglo conspirators that began with the Boer War led by the Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner as documented by Gerry Docherty in “Hidden History The Secret Origins of The First World War” were co-conspirators with the Zionist Jews including Lord Rothschild and Paul Warburg. Their plan was to bring America back into the British Empire, destroy Germany and deliver Russia into the hands of the Jews along with the bridgehead of Palestine. Not content to instigate the first world war, Britain also instigated the second. They would have been far better off to have just traded with and maintained peace as The Germans desired. The Zionists will use every trick in the book to leverage their financial control into the total control of a new feudalism of global tyranny but Britain’s glory days are gone.

    An easy to watch documentary exposing WW1:

  155. President Trump Lists The Criminals At Press Conference; Possibly Treason (2:03)

    This is the real reason Wikileaks’ Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange is a political prisoner – and why the Dems, the New York Times and Washington Post came up with the cover story of Russiagate – because, as we know, if Killary went down for treason – they would have had to investigate Obama – and the kleptocracy’s ‘boy’ (who delivered for the TBTF Wall St banks after the ’08 GFC) – has to be kept clean to be able to be pressed into service at any time of their bidding in the future.

    So, why are cover stories used to control explanations, I hear you ask?

    ‘Cos the Kabal must always maintain plausible deniability.

  156. Smith says:

    With Trump removal troops from Germany, I’m sure I would support him (at least from the internet).

    Still voting Trump.

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