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Re-Visiting Russian Counter-Propaganda Methods
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Everything we were told about the Soviet Union turned out to be a lie,
but everything we were told about the West turned out to be true

Russian joke

In May of 2016 I wrote an article for the Unz Review entitled “Counter-Propaganda, Russian Style” in which I tried to show the immense difference between the old, Soviet, approach to propaganda and counter-propaganda and the approach taken by the Russian authorities today. The main difference was this: if the Soviet went out of their way to prevent western propaganda from reaching the Soviet people, the Russians are nowadays doing the exact opposite: they are going out of their way to make sure that western propaganda is immediately translated and beamed into every single Russian household. What I propose to do today is to share with you a few recent examples of what Russian households are regularly exposed to.

By now, you must have heard about the CNN report about how the evil Russkies used Pokemon to destabilize and subvert the US. If not, here it is:

In Russia this report was in instant mega-success: the video was translated and rebroadcasted on every single TV channel. Margarita Simonian, the brilliant director of Russia Today, was asked during a live showbe truthful and confess – what is your relationship with Pokemon, do they work for you?” to which she replied “I feed them” – the audience burst in laughter.

The Russian Pokemon was just the latest in a long series of absolutely insane, terminally paranoid and rabidly russophobic reports released by the western Ziomedia, all of which were instantly translated into Russian and rebroadcasted by the Russian media.

One of the techniques regularly used on Russian talkshows is to show a short report about the latest crazy nonsense coming out of the United States or Europe and then ask a pro-US guests to react to it. The “liberals” (in the Russian political meaning of this word, that is a hopelessly naïve pro-western person who loves to trash everything Russian and who hates Putin and those who support him) are intensely embarrassed and usually either simply admit that this is crazy nonsense or try to find some crazy nonsense in the Russian media (and there is plenty of that too) to show that “we are just as bad”. Needless to say, no matter was escape route is chosen, the “liberal” ends up looking like a total idiot or a traitor.

In my May 2016 article I mentioned several examples of particularly heinous and offensive foreign characters which are regularly invited to the Russian talk shows including rabid Ukie nationalists, arrogant Polish russophobes and, last but not least, US reporters working in Moscow. To balance out these truly repugnant characters, mentally sane and credible foreign guests are also invited, typically from southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain). So the typical “guest matrix” ends up looking like this:

Good guys Bad guys
Russians Patriots Russophobic Liberals
Supported by Southern Europeans Ukies, Anglos, Germans

This is a formidable propaganda technique for a number of reasons. For one thing, it joins the internal and external russophobes at the hip in a kind of “guilt by association” which forces them to try to help each other which, if course, only makes them all look even worse (their negative traits reincorcing each other). There is not need to label anybody as “traitor” when the people in question do a great job placing that label upon themselves when they try to explain away all the crazy and hateful anti-Russian nonsense the western Ziomedia constantly spews. An average Russian who hears a Russian liberal explaining that the “Russian Pokemon” story might be based reality immediately wonders how much the CIA pays this SOB to say that kind of nonsense. But here is where this is getting really cute:

It ain’t the CIA paying that liberal – the Russians are doing it themselves!

A few days ago a major article appeared in the newspaper Komsomolskaia Pravda (yup, they kept that old and, frankly, silly sounding name which translates to “Truth of the Communist Youth League”) which revealed that some of the most offensive guests on Russian talkshows are paid a lot of money to spew their anti-Russian propaganda. Here are the top paid guests:

  • Viacheslav Kovtun (Ukraine): 500’000-700’000 rubles (about 8’700 to 12’000 dollars) each month
  • Michael Bohm (US): 500’000-700’000 rubles (about 8’700 to 12’000 dollars) each month
  • Iakub Koreiba (Poland): no less than 500’000 rubles (about 8’700 dollars) each month

According to the KP investigators, these guys have legal contracts and they pay Russian income taxes. So this is all very legal and quite pluralistic to boot: the only people who can seriously accuse the Russian government of trying to crack down on the opposition, pro-western political parties or anti-Putin ideas are folks who have have absolutely no factual knowledge about Russia *at all*. Either that, or they are deliberately lying. And that includes the vast majority of the western political leaders (in the US and in Europe) who are now scrambling to increase the budgets of the traditional western propaganda outfits such as VOA/RL/RFE or who want to create new propaganda outlets to “bring the democratic message to the Russian people”. In reality, the Russian people are fed a daily dose of western propaganda (aka “democratic message”) courtesy of the Kremlin, and that is something which the imbeciles in power in the West can’t even begin to imagine, nevermind deal with.

What is becoming increasingly evident is that western propagandists simply don’t understand the world they live in, especially the US Americans. Think of it: all the major countries involved in WWII had their own propaganda machine which was targeted exclusively at their own population and which was almost never seen by the other side. Likewise, during the Cold War, the frankly stupid people in charge of the Soviet propaganda machine spent immense resources trying to block the western propaganda from seeping in from under the Iron Curtain. As for the Soviet propaganda in the West, it did have a measurable effect (just look at the influence of various Communist Parties in Europe during the Cold War), but never enough to beat the base appeal to hedonism and consumerism promoted by the best and most effective branch of the western propaganda apparatus: Hollywood.

Nowadays, this has dramatically changed and the Russians understood that much better than anybody in the West: in the age of the Internet and satellite TV you cannot target your message solely at a domestic audience, nor can you prevent the other guy’s propaganda from reaching your own domestic audience. The Americans are still operating as they did in the mid 1970s: they target their biggest propaganda efforts at the domestic audience as if the entire world was not carefully parsing everything CNN and the rest of them have to say, and they believe that the West is only unpopular in Russia because of “Putin’s control of the media”. It would be impossible to be more out of touch with reality than these people. The truth is that about 80% or more Russians support Putin precisely because they are exposed to the western propaganda machine and its message on a daily basis.

How is that possible?

For one thing, the Russian counter-propaganda is not aimed at some isolated group of people, but is essentially the same, be it on RT or Sputnik broadcasts for foreign audiences or on the main Russian TV channels. The Russian propaganda effort is global and internally consistent.

Furthermore, and at the risk of sounding like a Russian propagandist myself, I would say something which is quite evident, but still hard to believe: the Russians have no need to lie, their propaganda is fundamentally truthful, fact based and logical. There is no Russian equivalent of the Pokemon story. And when the western leaders demand that Russia withdraw her forces from the Donbass, the Russians have no need to make up some convoluted story about how the Russian military is in the Donbass but that these forces are as invisible to the observer on the ground as they are invisible to the satellites in space. The Russians don’t have any need to lie about their operations in Syria because what they say they are doing there and what they are actually doing there is one and the same: liberating Syria from Daesh. I could multiply the examples, but my point is simple: unlike their US American counterparts, the Russians are not engaging in policies which they cannot justify before their own public opinion or before the public opinion of the rest of the planet. Sounds simple? Then why is it that the US seems to be comprehensively unable to say the truth about anything they do?

Being truthful does not prevent the Russians from being crafty however, and the way they “jiu-jitsu” the western propaganda output to their own benefit is very clever. Clearly somebody in the Kremlin has learned the painful lessons from the dysfunctional and, frankly, ridiculous Soviet propaganda machine.

Contrast that with the kind of self-lobotomy the German media is inflicting upon itself when it calls anybody who is not rabidly anti-Putin a “Putinversteher” or a “Putin understander”. As if not understanding somebody ought to be considered a mark of intelligence or as if agreeing with anything Putin would say ought to be seen as a clear proof or moral depravity. Is is really so surprising that a media capable of coming up with a concept like “Putinversteher” is in no condition to complete with the Russian media? Can anybody imagine the Russians labeling somebody a “Merkelponimatel”? Of course not, instead they invite some garden variety doubleplusgoodthinking German journalist on a live talk show and make sure he gets to defend those who came up with the notion of “Putinversteher”, which that idiot will most certainly try to do, if only because of a misguided sense of professional solidarity with his colleagues back at home. The Russian audience will love it, listen to every word of it, and then go to bed with an absolute conviction that their European neighbors have gone batshit-crazy.

But if foreigners are bad, and Russian liberals are bad, what could be even worse?

Russian liberals abroad of course. And they also exist.

Meet Owen Matthews and Greg Vainer. Oh these two are soooo cool!!

First, Owen Matthews. The man has an official Wikipedia page, so first check it out here. What is Wikipedia bio does not indicate, however, is the kind of background Matthews comes from. In his biography Matthews claims that his maternal grandfather, Boris Lvovich Bibikov, was the first Secretary of the Chernigov regional Communist party Committee, awarded with the Order of Lenin, and that in October 1937 he was charged with violation of the 58th article of the criminal code and executed. So he was a Party apparatchik. Bad enough, but it gets much, much worse.

According to my Director of Research, this information might be misleading. There are historical records including the lists of the NKVD officers that indicate that Boris Lvovich Bibikov never worked for the government of Ukrainian Soviet republic and never was the 1st Secretary of the Chernigov regional Communist party Committee, but was a high profile NKVD (secret police) officer and he worked in the Central Apparatus of the UKB NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR (which, if true, that would make him, by definition, a mass murderer). Indeed, the First Secretary of the Chernigov regional Communist party Committee from January 1934 till August 1937, was Markitan Pavel Filipovich, and after him, Mihailov Aleksey Dmitrievich. As for Bibikov himself, he was eventually shot during Stalin’s anti-Trotskyist purges of 1937. So whether Bibikov was “just” a Trotskyist Party apparatchik or a member of the genocidal gang of russophobic maniacs known as the “NKVD” – Matthews’ hatred for Russia clearly stems from the fact that Stalin executed his grandfather and that his family fell from the top echelons of the Bolshevik regime to the unenviable status of “enemies of the people” (which I personally think every Soviet Trotskyist amply deserved).

Owen Matthews: The russophobic pompous ass

Owen Matthews: The russophobic pompous ass

[Sidebar: I don’t think that it is fair, ethical or logical to blame a person for his/her ancestors. I myself am also distantly related to one of the worst murderers of the early Bolshevik regime, and I don’t consider myself guilt of, or in any way bound to, his actions. However, in his book “Stalin’s Children” Matthews clearly takes sides with, endorses and, possibly, even covers up for his Trotskyist Commissar grandfather and that makes him a fair target for criticism]

Matthews himself made his entire career in the growing wave of russophobia in the West and that is why he is a regular guest on Russian TV: I think that nobody comes even close to Matthews is expressing a total condescension to anything and everything Russian. The man literally oozes, radiates, russophobia and contempt. I would say that while his hatred for anything Russian is typical Trotskyist, his immense complex of superiority is definitely British. And that combination make him an ideal guest for Russian talk shows. If anybody truly embodies the notion of “the West truly rabidly hates and despises us” it is Owen Matthews.

Greg Vianer is very different. As much as Matthews is the ideal prototype of the condescending British racist, Vainer is a caricature of the arrogant US American. Of course, Vainer is no more US American than Matthews is really British! Vainer’s real name is Grigorii Vinnikov and he is also a Russian Jew. The funny thing is that this Grigorii insists that he be called “Greg” (in Russian “Грэг”) even though the entire audience knows that he is Grigorii. Needless to say, right there his persona sets off a powerful rejection reaction. But where Vainer is truly at his best is when he defends the US. Which is paradoxical since in the US he is known as a petty crook who had to flee the US (with his client’s money) to avoid prosecution. Says so not yours truly, but Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (backed by other Russian sources, see here and here).

Greg Vainer: The petty crook

Greg Vainer: The petty crook

Ain’t that all precious?! Instead of a Brit and a American what we really have are two very typical types of russophobic Jews. Neither of them qualify as “Russian liberals” at all, and the audience senses immediately.

What we have here is a layered cake:

  • Layer one: on the surface, these guys present themselves as British and American.
  • Layer two: in reality, by their knowledge of Russian (Matthews: decent; Vainer: native) it is clear that they are émigrés with some kind of roots in Russia.
  • Layer three: in reality both are Jews, one the offspring of a family of Trotskyist Commissars and the other a petty crook. Both a caricature, really.

Could the Russians who hire them to appear on talkshows possibly not know that?

Of course they do, that is precisely why they hire them: to let them spew their anti-Russian hatred on a weekly basis to educate the Russian public on the type of characters which in the West are considered opinion-makers (especially Matthews, of course).

So where is the bona fide Russian liberal?

He exists, of course. Introducing Alexander Nikolaevich Sytin.

His biography is boring (you can check a machine-translated version by clicking here) and as far as I can tell, he is “legit”, in the sense that he is truly Russian and that he is what he claims to be: a political scientist and a historian. But, oh boy, he is also a class act for sure! Not only does Sytin regularly express the most fantastically russophobic views on Russian TV, he also penned some amazing articles including one entitled “The Destructive Terroristic Role of Russia in the World Community” and another one entitled “How the World Should React to the Destructive Terroristic Activities of Russia”. The main thesis of Sytin is that Russia is a terrorist state. This triggered such an outrage that a group of citizens has joined the well-known Russian commentator Ruslan Ostashko in a collective lawsuit demanding punitive damages from Sytin. The logic for their lawsuit is that since they are all Russians, the claim that Russia is a terrorist state damages their credibility and offends them. Of course, what they are really doing is forcing Sytin to defend his statements in court. Predictably (at least for anybody who knows Russian liberals), Sytin has freaked out, he is now trying to apologize and wants to avoid a lawsuit. Ostashko and the people supporting him (thousands of people apparently) want their day in court. It will be fun to watch where all this goes.

Still, there are a few interesting moments in Sytin’s biography. For example, being a historian and a lecturer in the Russian and Soviet history per trade he managed to get a high profile position as the head of a section and project manager in Yukos just when a convicted felon and a suspected murderer Mikhail Khodorkovsky was organizing the giant oil company with the western backing. Despite having no expertise in the oil industry, Alexander Sytin worked at the YUKOS Oil company till October 2003, when Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the director of YUKOS was arrested and charged with fraud. Immediately, control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos were passed to a banker, Jacob Rothschild. Sytin had lost his cushy job at the YUKOS when the company went bankrupt, and nationalized. It’s possible that Sytin also had lost his share of his company in a process. it’s also possible that he is now representing the interest of the Rothschild Asset Management that recently lost its lengthy legal battle to the Russian state. The company you keep, right?

What really matters here is not so much what Sytin did in the past as the fact that he, using an expression Zionist love, is a real “self-hating Russian” and, more importantly, a living image of what such a self-hating Russian can say and defend. Looking at him most Russian probably think “God forbid these guys ever come back to power again!”.

Alexander Sytin: The prototypical Russian liberal

Alexander Sytin: The prototypical Russian liberal

Truth be told, Matthews, Vainer and Sytin are all typical useful idiots. They appear to sincerely believe that when they go on Russian TV to spew their russophobic views they are achieving some kind of result. Well, I guess, technically they are, but certainly not the one they hope for. If anything, seeing these hate-filled clowns triggers a powerful reaction against everything these guys claims to stand for.

Okay, so the Russian counter-propaganda effort is a very sophisticated and effective one. But is it ethical?

I think that it very much is. Here is why

First, as I said, the Russians do not fabricate lies. What they report is usually factually true (I say usually because I know too much about how journalism really works behind the scenes to have any illusions of the “they always say the truth” kind).

Second, they are using the enemy’s own stupidity. Nobody would call Aikido “unethical” yet it is based on using your opponents moves and force against him (“combining forces” in Aikido terminology).

Third, outrageous, over the top and disgusting as some of the clown shown on Russian TV are, they do not misrepresent the reality of the AngloZionist Empire. Yes, sure, true russophobes are a tiny minority in the West at least where the people are concerned (especially in southern Europe and the US), but practically the regimes in power in the West controlled by russophobes or by their puppets. As for the western Ziomedia, it is wall-to-wall russophobic to such a degree that I would call it unambiguously racist.

So yes, the Russians are using the immense arrogance and poorly-concealed hatred for Russia of some of the more pompous and least intelligent representatives of the West to make paint an absolutely fair and accurate representation of the western ruling elites. If the message was “everybody in the West hates you” then this would be grossly unfair, deceptive and unethical. But when the message is “the western elites hate you” then the message is absolutely fair, truthful and ethical.

We will soon find out whether the Trump Administration will demand that Russia Today and Sputnik register as foreign agents (with the total and enthusiastic support of the US Ziomedia, of course). The US Congress will do what it always does – appropriate more money to try to solve the “Russian problem” by throwing dollars at it. NATO countries will get with the program and “follow the lead”. The Ukronazis in Kiev are doing even better: they are re-activating old Soviet-era jammers to prevent Russian broadcasts from reaching the areas currently under Nazi occupation. I will not be surprised if a full-scale witch-hunt against Russian sympathizers and/or agents in the US (including Ron Paulians, libertarians, real progressives and yours truly) will eventually be unleashed by the frustrated, frightened and totally clueless US ruling class. If that happens the only thing protecting us all will be the First Amendment (something which, at least so far, the Neocons have not succeeded in destroying). No First Amendment in Europe, but neither is the risk of a crude police crackdown as imminent there. For one thing, the European elites are very very slowly, by tiny steps, waking up to the reality that their abject and total subservience to the US has put them in an extremely uncomfortable situation. They are still far from the full realization that Russia has much more to offer Europe than the US, but the first cracks are appearing, which is good. Furthermore, Europe being politically far more diverse than the UniParty system in the US, the chances of a major crackdown on dissent are much smaller. Finally, it is pretty clear that a lot of folks in southern Europe, even in the media, are more or less pro-Russian, even if they don’t always say so openly.

One of the main weaknesses of the US political elites is that they never bothered to seriously study political science, nevermind Marxism and, even less so, Hegelian dialectics. Which is too bad for them because they are now completely overlooking the fact that the internal contradiction of the AngloZionist propaganda machine are creating a reaction which will make Russia Today, Sputnik and the pro-Russian Internet even more attractive to the western audiences than it already is. In fact, every effort to crack down on “Russian propagandists” will only serve to strengthen the latter, making the perusal of pro-Russian sources something sexy and exiting.

Western style "diversity"

Western style “diversity”

As for the Russians, they will continue to report about, for example, drag queen Xochi Mochi reading stories to children in the Michelle Obama Public Library as part of LGBTQ History Month and then invite the likes of Owens, Vainer or Sytin to prime-time talk shows to comment on the event and they will make sure that each one of them gets all the time needed to fully express his thoughts and feelings 🙂

Putin’s popularity will soar while the western Ziomedia will explain it by the total control the authoritarian “Putin regime” has over the Russian media.

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  1. Cyrano says:

    “You can’t handle the truth” – was the famous line from the movie “A few good men”.

    Many people believe that this is the main purpose of propaganda – to tell people something that they can “handle” – which usually is a sugar coated lie.

    The real purpose of propaganda in the US actually is slightly different. The reason why the US government prefers to tell their subjects lies – i.e. propaganda is not because the people can’t handle the truth, it’s because the US government wouldn’t be able to handle its citizens if they dared to tell them the truth.

    Thus the purpose of propaganda in the US is to make their population more manageable. I think that there is also a cultural difference between US and Russia in how they see the purpose of propaganda.

    The Americans see propaganda as useful tool, which when applied skillfully on the domestic population removes the need to oppress them – which they would have to do to their population if they tell them the truth and don’t like the reaction of the population after they’ve been told the truth.

    This is called “democracy” – avoid telling them the truth and remove the need to oppress them, which you will have to do if you tell your people a truth that they can’t “handle”.

    The Russians have different approach – which is deeply rooted in their history and culture. The Russian government is less uncomfortable with their population knowing the truth, because if the Russian people don’t like the truth, and react to that, the Russian government is more inclined to resort to some kind of oppression on their population – if they think it’s in the interest of the Russian state.

    Me personally – I like the Russian approach better, I hate lies even if they are told in the name of “democracy”. It’s better to tell the truth and face the music than be deceitful.

    • Replies: @Arioch
    , @Proud_Srbin
    , @gwynedd1
  2. Randal says:

    Good piece.

    Clearly important truths, for anyone wanting to understand both the recent past and the present that developed out of it:

    As for the Soviet propaganda in the West, it did have a measurable effect (just look at the influence of various Communist Parties in Europe during the Cold War), but never enough to beat the base appeal to hedonism and consumerism promoted by the best and most effective branch of the western propaganda apparatus: Hollywood.


    Third, outrageous, over the top and disgusting as some of the clown shown on Russian TV are, they do not misrepresent the reality of the AngloZionist Empire. Yes, sure, true russophobes are a tiny minority in the West at least where the people are concerned (especially in southern Europe and the US), but practically the regimes in power in the West controlled by russophobes or by their puppets. As for the western Ziomedia, it is wall-to-wall russophobic to such a degree that I would call it unambiguously racist.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  3. Randal says:

    For one thing, the European elites are very very slowly, by tiny steps, waking up to the reality that their abject and total subservience to the US has put them in an extremely uncomfortable situation.

    This is one reason why, as I have noted before, the current drive by many of the usual suspects and the rest of the war lobbies in the US to overturn the Iran deal is not necessarily something to be feared. Indeed for those recognising the problems of US interventionism as among the most urgent facing the world, it’s probably a win-win situation. Fail, and the US/Israeli/Saudi warmongers have suffered a defeat. Succeed, and they have probably set themselves up for an even more costly defeat.

    The Iran deal is widely popular in Europe, even amongst business and other elites, as having halted the necessity for complying with and paying lip-service to the transparently irrational and/or dishonest US nonsense about Iran, and the economically costly and intellectually insupportable sanctions used by the US to wage economic war on that country in the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    If the deal is breached by the US regime, the said regime will massively lose credibility worldwide. There will then be a struggle wherein the US tries to coerce its European and British client states to return to waging economic war against Iran. That risks an open refusal, which will seriously damage US control and quite possibly bring it to an end. Russia and China have already started to develop economic and financial structures beyond the reach of Washington. The door will be open for European businesses and governments to walk through it, to the new world beyond.

    If it doesn’t itself trigger such final breaks, the process of imposing Washington’s will will create huge resentment and set the scene for such breaks in the near future.

  4. The average US American’s experience with Russians in the past forty years has come from Rambo films and Red Dawn (the first one). Long gone are the days when films like The Russians are Coming exposed Americans to Russians as human beings rather than as killing machines of an evil state. When Putin or Lavrov appear on American TV, which is not very often, it is only in very tightly scripted sound bites that fit the narrative blathering from the talking head telling the viewer what to think about the Russians and their “misdeeds.” Perhaps the only friend the Russians have in American media these days is Rush Limbaugh … mull that over.

    You can get RT on a few cable providers in the US. In my hometown, you have to pay for the “Russian Package” to get it, though I found RT America once on basic cable in Dallas. I doubt many Americans even know RT exists, much less seek it out. I get the European version via U.K. FTA satellite, and wonder how long it will be before it is knocked off the air by Ofcom.

    If I want the truth about the US and U.K., I generally can count on getting it, albeit a bit spun, from RT. If I want the truth about Russia, I generally have to ask one of my Russian friends, though RT, to its credit, does occasionally take a pole at the best. If I want to hear what Putin and Lavrov are actually saying, I rarely get that in any Western Media, but RT will let them go on without significant editorial.

    What I find amusing is that during the Cold War, American media elites were falling all over one another to kiss Soviet A**, but even though many of these same elites accuse Putin of being a closeted commie, they portray him as evil personified; I guess he isn’t Communist enough for them.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  5. German_reader says:

    Yes, sure, true russophobes are a tiny minority in the West at least where the people are concerned (especially in southern Europe and the US)

    I don’t know, does that really sound plausible to you given the “Russia stole our election” hysteria in the US?
    More generally, I think people outside of the US need to get beyond the idea that the problem with America is just its government, the military-industrial complex, influential lobbies etc., and that the average American is totally blameless. An awful lot of Americans do support aggressive interventionism abroad, and this includes many, many Trump supporters (one need only look at the readers’ comments on a Breitbart piece about North Korea or the Iran deal…these people’s ideas of national greatness have militarism and armed interventions – “showing who’s boss, who’s Number one” – as key ingredients). I don’t think the kind of anti-interventionists commenting here at Unz review are that representative on the whole.

    • Agree: Cyrano
  6. @The Alarmist

    Gotta love auto-correct … “pole at the best” should be “poke at the bear.”

  7. Randal says:

    I don’t know, does that really sound plausible to you given the “Russia stole our election” hysteria in the US?

    I think Saker is probably not including the general mass of ignorant propaganda victims as “true Russophobes”.

    US popular opinion on Russia seems pretty mixed, albeit there are certainly plenty of gormless victims of the wall to wall Russophobic propaganda (that’s – in its recent guise – mostly partisan anti-Trump in motivation, in truth) in the US. Here’s a recent poll (July);

    But on the broader issue of relations with Russia, Americans don’t appear to be in a bellicose mood. Asked whether it’s better for the U.S. to build relationships with Russia or treat Russia as a threat, 59 percent said they want to build relationships, compared to 31 percent who want to treat Russia as a threat.

    Registered Democrats were more interested in treating Russia as a threat than Republicans, but 46 percent of them preferred building relationships, 2 percent more than those who favored taking a more aggressive stance. Republicans were far more interested in building relationships, with 67 percent in support.

    The poll also asked Americans whether Trump’s goal of improving relations with Russia was good or bad for the U.S. While a five percent plurality favored the goal, there was again a sharp partisan divide. 70 percent of Democrats said Trump’s goal of improving relations with Russia was bad for the U.S., and 75 percent of Republicans consider it good.

    More generally, I think people outside of the US need to get beyond the idea that the problem with America is just its government, the military-industrial complex, influential lobbies etc., and that the average American is totally blameless. An awful lot of Americans do support aggressive interventionism abroad, and this includes many, many Trump supporters (one need only look at the readers’ comments on a Breitbart piece about North Korea or the Iran deal…these people’s ideas of national greatness have militarism and armed interventions – “showing who’s boss, who’s Number one” – as key ingredients). I don’t think the kind of anti-interventionists commenting here at Unz review are that representative on the whole.

    Yes, I agree with this, for sure.

    It’s true that ordinary Americans are deluged in interventionist and militarist propaganda from the cradle to the grave, and that is perhaps some explanation if not excuse, but the fact does remain that Americans re-elected Clinton, Bush II and Obama (though admittedly they were hardly provided with decent alternatives, but that again shows how they are prepared to vote for warmongers in primaries), and elect and re-elect warmongering interventionist scum like John McCain to Congress time after time after time.

    There is clearly a problem in American culture and their political structure that makes them particularly open to manipulation in this area (which is not to say the same isn’t true of other countries, mind you).

    • Replies: @German_reader
    , @Johann
  8. Arioch says:

    > There is no Russian equivalent of the Pokemon story

    Half true.

    When Pokemon Go was announced, it was widely speculated that this technology may be used to both hoard unexpecting game addicts into some places (like, moving nazi and antifa crowds together, where their firght would be imminent; or nazi and aggressive ethnic minority; or competing sport teams fans, etc) or background surveillance and spying (by placing pokemons in the places, game operator wants to see in photo).

    This was quite a hot topic, and i think those potential dangers are real. Just looking how pseudo-private companies like Facebook engage in swept political censorship makes one ask “how Pokemon company is different?”.

    There indeed was no allegation that US Gov’t actually utilizes this already, but there definitely was a lot of debate about laying frameworks and public habits to start doing it.
    Not only Russia but many other states and companies limited Pokemon Go at their premises.

    Now, what we see is CNN merely combining the real fears about Po-Go embedded capabilities (which, i repeat, were shared by many Russians) with the typical “Putin is under your bed because all the patriots say so” fundamentalists claim.

  9. Arioch says:

    You have also account for Russia being here an underdog.

    Russia’s information outlets are much weaker than USA’s and globalists’ ones.
    Russia has only RT and Sputnik against CNN/Fox/WaPo/MSNBC/PB/BBC/DW/AFP and what not

    Russia just can not engage in symmetric warfare and win by overwhelming force, Russia only has overwhelming weakness here.

    So, Russia has to take truth into allies, not because it likes it that much more, but because it does not have a chance to fight symmetrically, lies with lies and fires with fires.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  10. German_reader says:

    which is not to say the same isn’t true of other countries, mind you

    I don’t know, tbh I can’t really think of any other country whose political culture is as bizarrely warped as that of the US. I personally don’t really approve of Russia’s actions in Ukraine (though I can understand the reasons for them), and certainly there is quite a bit of jingoistic sentiment in Russia as well – but at least its goals are limited, and its underlying perception of reality (Russia confronted by a hostile West) isn’t totally irrational. Many Americans have this weird view of their country as a global redeemer nation, a force for good against a world of darkness (“the last best hope of humanity” etc.). And then there’s the bizarre paranoia constantly cultivated in American culture (both in popular culture like television series, but also in serious political statements)…there’s always some foreign evil-doer supposedly plotting against virtuous America. I find this immensely irritating given how the US has one of the most secure geopolitical positions on earth and suffered minimal trauma (compared to all other combatants) even during the catastrophes of the world wars. According to that logic the US apparently can’t ever be secure unless there is permanent American global hegemony. Which of course will inevitably lead to conflict.

    • Agree: reiner Tor
  11. This is a good, accurate article.

    Another great example of this is the entire Inosmi phenomenon, which translates Western MSM texts into Russian. As one my acquaintances pointed out, it was a “machine that turned naive, simple-minded, West-loving normies into hardcore ultranationalists.”

  12. Truth is the best weapon. By trying to close Soviet union to western news Soviet leadership made things worse. Soviet people than refused to believe even truth about the West believing everything transmitted by those voices. And that despite ussr being in most areas in far better shape than modern Russia. Current Russian propaganda and international policy is head and shoulders above what was passing for those back then managing to achieve excellent results for little expense. Way to go.

  13. Issac says:

    Much of Europe is presently jailing its citizenry over reactionary tweets and facebook posts. I wouldn’t think it accurate to describe them as unwilling to use oppression. In point of fact, I think they’re far more willing to directly undermine political reactionaries than the Americans. The American Establishment seems content to stick with propaganda, bureaucratic scheming, and judicial subterfuge.

    • Replies: @Wally
  14. @Arioch

    I have access to almost all of the sources that you mentioned and a few more. All have their faults but some are so bad that I cannot watch them. RT is definitely one of the best.

    Only today I watched RT showing Hillary Clinton being interviewed with RT simultaneously showing screenshots from other media exposing and refuting Clinton’s blatant lies. The same technique is used with others such as government (US and EU) spokespersons and officials. It is very effective, in my opinion.

  15. Mathias says:

    Average Finnish experience about Russia is sadly still from era of Leonid Breznev, cheap vodka and real socialist bar girls of late 1970’s and 1980’s. However hundreds of thousands of people who have visited in Sankt Petersburg and Vyborg during the last 10 years have noticed huge gap between western propaganda and real progress and development in real life Russia.

  16. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    the average American is totally blameless.

    It’s something of a top-down situation. After all, America is where the art of PR was refined and is a large industry, pushing everything from consumer goodies to whatever cultural/political ideas are being sponsored at the moment. American is a big island and most in it grow up in something of a bubble. They are tone-deaf in understanding other countries. Middle-class people I know with decent educational track records seem competent at carrying out the functions of their job but transform into embarrassing babbling fools when giving their opinions on anything foreign. Another thing to keep in mind is that half of the population is mentally average or below average and so what they think about anything beyond their range of experience is pretty much worthless. Of the various commenters giving their opinion on different websites about the Iran nuclear deal how many have actually read it? Mostly they know zero about it. That’s pretty much it, Americans know very little so when dealing with them one has to act as one does with a simple-minded neighbor and humor them: yes, you’re the fairest one of them all!

  17. Issac says:

    “Middle-class people I know with decent educational track records seem competent at carrying out the functions of their job but transform into embarrassing babbling fools when giving their opinions on anything foreign.”

    In fairness to the American proles, their country is equivalent in approximate size the European continent. Few proles know anything of politics outside their continental bubble on either side of the Atlantic. Jingoism on either continent is equivalent and opposite from my experience as a third party to both. Americans prefer their jingoism to be patriotic and feign ignorance about Europe as unimportant. Europeans prefer their jingoism to be passive-aggressive and feign understanding about American politics that they do not have. Israelis tend to split the difference by taking a great deal of interest in both and claiming their largely uninformed opinions are unimportant.

  18. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    To conclude, from the analysis of 1 program, that Russia’s whole political communication strategy is super professional and way more sophisticated than “the West’s” seems a clear overstretch. The conclusion may be true, but it does not follow from the evidence presented.

    In fact, the program’s general recipe (use of opponent’s egregious examples, a bit of humor, giving air time to ‘extreme’ spokespersons and basic knowledge of audience nature) is what Sailer does.

    Putin does have going for him, however, the fact that he is governing with Russia’s best interests at heart. Or can credibly hold that position. For propaganda purposes, half the battle (legitimacy and support of the governed) is won right there. Another good chunk can be won by claiming the defensive: ” we are attacked by anti-Russian forces”. The use of a common threat (real or perceived) to rally the people is well known in politics, whether campaigning or governing. What does not strike me as Putinesque is to underestimate the adversary, as the author does.

  19. Russia Today was a worthy channel that put the Russian point of view and posted positive stories about Russia. Decades of positive stories are what Russia needs. But it is boring work to do.

    RT has become a ridiculous parody that barely comments on Russia (perhaps another channel is needed). It is designed to attract conspiracy theorists and obsessives. It uses editing tricks at two levels. Some obvious heady handed edit to distract analytical attention from a deeper level. That’s very good production to be sure.


  20. A great RT technique is to simply post segments of American government news conferences.

  21. Saker speaks well and true when he speaks of his home turf, but, living in crackpot Pentagonia, he perhaps does not yet realize how far the European Drang nach Osten is already afoot.

  22. Wally says: • Website

    Issac said:
    “Much of Europe is presently jailing its citizenry over reactionary tweets and facebook posts. I wouldn’t think it accurate to describe them as unwilling to use oppression. In point of fact, I think they’re far more willing to directly undermine political reactionaries than the Americans. The American Establishment seems content to stick with propaganda, bureaucratic scheming, and judicial subterfuge.”

    Thousands of people in Europe have been sentenced to prison, fined for scrutinizing and voicing their opinions on the impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.
    Which is an admission of the fraudulence and the inability of the ‘holocaust’ storyline to withstand scrutiny.
    Here is where free speech on the absurdly impossible ‘holocaust’ is illegal, violators go to prison for Thought Crimes

    • Replies: @Issac
  23. What is the author’s point? That Putin uses the same modern propaganda techniques as everybody else? Is that news? One assumes that modern Russians are no more fooled by such crude and simplistic propaganda than are people elsewhere. That also isn’t news. So what’s the author’s point?

    • Troll: L.K
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @NoseytheDuke
  24. Johann says:

    I have to agree that Americans are their own problem with their constant “USA! USA!USA!” war chant at all international competitions. At the last Olympics the American girl on the swimming team who won the gold medal rudely refused to shake hands with the second place Russian winner. When the America girl soccer team beat team Sweden, the captain of the Americans publically insulted the Swedish team. Americans lord it over other countries. The fact that they call their nationalistic sports championships ” the World Series, the super bowl etc shows their innate jingoism. Most Americans cannot get enough of WWII fims where the Americans are depicted as the sole victors over Germany and that D day is celebrated every year as representing the America defeat of Naz Germany when in fact the Nazi Wehrmacht was totally destroyed at Stalingrad two years earlier. They refuse to admit that their trillion dollar Defense(War) Department has not won a decisive victory since 1945 when they bombed Hiroshima. Yes, the Americans are the paper tigers that they were once depicted as.

    • Replies: @Wally
  25. Wally says: • Website
    @Michael Kenny

    Kenny needs to actually read what The Saker wrote.

    also recommended:

    Russia-Gate Jumps the Shark
    Russia-gate has jumped the shark with laughable new claims about a tiny number of “Russia-linked” social media ads, but the US mainstream media is determined to keep a straight face

    Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet?
    + review of other frauds

  26. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Everyone must spread this message to know how far the ziofascists go to control the world. people of Texas receive NO Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds If YOU BOYCOTT ISRAEL.

    [Dickenson, Texas Residents Told No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds If You’re Against Israel

    Israel’s sinister influence over US policy extends to tiny Dickenson, TX, population around 19,000, ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, residents needing help.

    Getting any requires certifying in writing the following on signed applications:

    “(T)he Applicant verifies that the Applicant:

    (1) does not boycott Israel; and

    (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.”

    Recently passed Texas law requires state contractors to certify no opposition to Israel. At a signing ceremony, Governor Greg Abbott called Texas Israel’s “No. 1 trading partner in the United States,” adding:

    “Texas is proud to reaffirm its support for the people of Israel and we will continue to build on our historic partnership…Anti-Israel policies are anti-Texas policies, and we will not tolerate such actions against an important ally.”

    Earlier Supreme Court decisions affirmed the right of free expression, including political speech and protests, protected by the First Amendment.]

    Federal, state and local governments are prohibited from requiring individuals to certify political beliefs for employment, contracts or other benefits.

  27. Sean says:

    Putin is secure yes, but this Pokomon nonsense is all about internal American politics not the Putin regieme. Russia just isn’t that important to America. They don’t need it for anything. When at the Iceland summit Reagan offered to share all US star war tech and place nukes under international control Gorby refused because the US wouldn’t even give Russia American milking machine technology .

    By 2013 relations had improved so much America sent the Air Force general then in charge of the ICBM force to Moscow where he ran around loose as a goose.

    Russia had to use military action and now all forms of cooperation and technology transfer by America have ended. Send in the clowns.

    Russia didn’t really have a choice; their chosen destiny is to be one of the superpowers, but their fate is to be isolated and decline into insignificance.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  28. Cyrano says:

    Wishful thinking, bud. You need to have your head examined. Russians are the comeback kids. They always have been. Just when everybody thinks that they done, they find a way to win.

    • Replies: @Sean
  29. gerad says:

    Contrast this with ukrop tv…..not one single pro-russian voice, just some liberast economist dipshit who has fallen out with Putin and hates Russia, or the late Vorenenkov

    There are very very few American or British correspondents who go on Russian tv ( or radio) I believe that this is not only because they are russophobic scumbags who are afraid of getting beaten-up (intellectually) but also because they are pig-ignorant about Russia…..and have less than average Russian-speaking skills.

    Ariel Cohen (whilst a think-tank neo-con idiot, at least has it in him to front-up and appear on Russian tv, even on Poedinok), Matthews and Bom are fairly unheard of in western media Russia circles,Fillipov ( an extremely thick dickhead) of the Washington Post has gone on a few times….but the large majority don’t.

  30. Sean says:

    You say

    The Americans see propaganda as useful tool, which when applied skillfully on the domestic population removes the need to oppress them

    True that this is all about domestic US politics. Russian has been the catch-up country for half a millennium. For the West to see Russia as an equal, Putin would need to take Draconian measures in relation to work discipline. It would be better for Russia if Putin was less worried about his popularity and more about the prospect of Russia ceasing to be an advanced power.


    • LOL: L.K
    • Replies: @Cyrano
  31. Cyrano says:

    I think you’re totally misreading the situation, my friend. Putin is a true patriot, he wants to see Russia’s greatness restored – which in my humble opinion it never went away to begin with, except for that brief period under that buffoon Yeltsin.

    For Putin, his popularity is not his ultimate goal, but it only derives from his successful accomplishment of his real goal – making Russia great.

    As for your assertion about Russia playing catch up to anyone for half a millennia – maybe, but definitely not in military terms. In military terms, when Russians “play catch-up” they more often than not end up surpassing those that they were supposedly “catching up” to.

    • Replies: @Sean
  32. Mikel says:

    One of those Saker articles that makes you want to read the next, although you know that four times out of five you will be deeply disappointed.

    I find this information about the messages that ordinary Russians get on their TVs interesting and credible. But, as usual, he can’t help indulging in exaggerations. For example, when he says that in Russia there’s no equivalent of that Pokemon story. One of the reasons why I don’t frequent Russian media much is precisely because I have a low tolerance to conspiracy stories.

    I also think that the Russian habit of denying the obvious (it was not Russian troops taking over Crimea but local “self-defense forces”, the Malaysian Airlines downing was not a tragic mistake of the rebels, etc) make a poor impression in the West. They may be using clever tactics for the domestic audience but still need to learn to communicate better with the West.

  33. Wally says: • Website

    Johan, you said:
    ” the Nazi Wehrmacht was totally destroyed at Stalingrad two years earlier.”

    That’s arm chair amateurism taken from perhaps the so called ‘History Channel’.

    No it wasn’t “totally destroyed”, not even close. It was a defeat, no doubt, but there was plenty left in the Wehrmacht tank at that time.
    Recall Germany’s later taking of Kharkov, one quick example.
    Also, there would have been no Kursk or any of many other big battles that followed Stalingrad if what you claim was true.

    I think what you meant to say is that by the time the US invaded Normandy, Germany was heavily depleted; that is a fact.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  34. Issac says:

    Yes and as I understand it Russia has similar holocaust speech codes. All the more evidence for my point that Europe and Russia are more heavy-handed than the Americans with their direct socio-political oppression.

    • Replies: @Wally
  35. @Wally

    By that time Germany already lost.

    • Replies: @Wally
  36. @Mikel

    Downing of Malaysian airline was anything but tragic mistake (at least in the sense you put it).
    And anyone in the West (or East, North and South, for that matter) who knows how to calculate probability for a given chain of coincidences to take place and knows what gematria is will laugh at your statement.
    These things are not discussed publicly, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just FYI.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  37. Wally says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    By what time?

    The war ended in 1945.

    good debate forum here:

    WWII Europe / Atlantic Theater Revisionist Forum

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  38. Wally says: • Website

    Indeed, I did not disagree.
    As my map indicated / indicates:


  39. @Michael Kenny

    Michael, after reading several of your bizzaro-world comments a better question would be, “What is Michael Kenny’s point?”

  40. Cyrano says:

    They say that one of the true qualities of a ninja is to make himself invisible in plain sight. By this criterion, the real true ninja of the west is the truth. It is nowhere to be found, and yet it’s there in plain sight.

    Unfortunately, the mission that the western masters of this ninja have in mind is not to assassinate the lies, but to commit hara-kiri.

    Don’t try to blame the Russians for qualities that are almost uniquely western – extreme unwillingness to tell the truth. The truth doesn’t need creative interpretation – if you need someone to interpret the truth for you – that means that you are already too stupid and the interpretation is only going to make the things worse.

  41. An example of poor, unconvincing Russian propaganda:

    ‘Leveled like Dresden’: Raqqa aid haste hints at cover up of ‘barbaric destruction’ – Moscow

    An example of sophisticated, highly effective propaganda – American-style – broadcast tonight on 60 Minutes:

    Inside al Qaeda: Living and working with terrorists

    • Replies: @Kiza
  42. @Mikel

    Having a low tolerance to “conspiracy” stories probably means that you are a coincidence theorist. FYI, the vast majority of crimes, large or small, actually do involve conspiracies.

    • Replies: @L.K
  43. @Cyrano

    Modern day slavery is much more merciful, democratic and humanitarian than the ancient and older ones.
    Blessed be the Corporate Masters.

  44. Kiza says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Every Hasbara troll has the right to chose which propaganda he believes in (obviously the one of his Zio-Israeli side), but that does make his propaganda convincing to the rest of the world. The less convincing, the more desperately you keep repeating that your Hasbara Talmud Vision (TV) propaganda is the one which is convincing or even truthful.

    Your personal one is so brainless that you think that someone would believe that you support Philip Giraldi just because you say so.

  45. @Wally

    No need to argue. Germany lost war by the time allies landed. It was agony by then. I am not interested in history rewriting nonsense.

  46. Cyrano says:

    There are 3 parties to the tragedy of the Malaysian airplane – the Ukrainians, the Russians and the west.

    It has already been established that the Ukrainians are stupid for letting themselves being bamboozled by the west into illegitimately changing their government via an illegal coup, but for the tragedy of the Malaysian airplane I actually primarily blame the western morons.

    I mean, what was the logic there, why didn’t they declare South-Eastern Ukraine a war zone – like it was – and reroute the commercial flights away from that area?

    Did they believe that by admitting that there is a war going on there they would somehow “weaken” the wonderful Frankenstein state that they helped create? Did they believe that by playing stupid they would actually weaken the Russians instead – by pretending that the Russians can’t possibly cause any significant disturbance against the “capable” and “legitimate” Ukrainian state that they helped create?

    Was that the idiotic logic behind this? Or where they actively participating in setting the stage for what actually happened? Because you don’t really need a psychic powers to predict what could actually happen if you send commercial aircraft flying over a war zone.

    Either way, the responsibility for what happened to the Malaysian plane lies squarely with the west – from orchestrating the coup, to playing aloof to the fact that there is a war going on and for organizing a phony “investigation” whose “conclusion” you could have predicted even if you are not from this planet.

    • Replies: @AB_Anonymous
  47. Joe Hide says:

    Wow! Eye opening examination of using Truth as a most powerful weapon!

  48. or a member of the genocidal gang of russophobic maniacs known as the “NKVD”

    This is hilarious, and so typical of Saker. Instead of buying his trash at face value, you need to have a look at the NKVD. It was mostly Russian. Georgians were OK as long as they remained in their own little SSR, but, with the exception of Beria, who was able to ingratiate himself, even Stalin didn’t like Georgians all that much.

    I also find it funny he would call someone he doesn’t like a “pompous ass.” The term describes Saker to a “T.”

    • Replies: @gwynedd1
  49. jack ryan says: • Website

    I’m getting a good response to my efforts to use humor to deflate these humorless, paranoid Russiaphobe conspiracy mongering loons in the (sorry to have to say it) ZioMedia mafia.

    When some humorless, bitter Clinton supporter or worse, Neo Con Bush war monger supporter starts going on and on that


    I confess that Yes, I would very much like to be in bed with Russians like Anna Kournikova or any of those very beautiful Russian tennis players and I don’t really care if some are working with the KGB.

    It’s reality that really no one wants to be in bed with the likes of Hillary Clinton – certainly not her husband Bill.

    Or how about those nasty Zio Harvard Law hags on the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginzberg (twin of the Wicked Witch of the West) or that creature Elena Kagan?

    Most of us still sane and healthy traditional Americans would prefer to be held hostage by ISIS than be in bed with those “American” (Not!) hags.

    Here’s a comic by Farstar that I commissioned, Michale Moore is the customs agent that’s guarding us from sexy Russian tennis player hackers.

  50. @Cyrano

    Yes, this is one of those “special” crimes with “special” logic. Don’t look for a normal
    In such cases the entire investigation is based on Orwellian “all people are equal but
    some are more equal than others”, i.e., “some people never lie and never conspire”.

    The MH17 tragedy is just one of these “special” cases, BTW, related to disappearance
    of MH370 -yet another “special” case impervious to normal logic outside the realm of
    “conspiracy theory”.

  51. gwynedd1 says:

    Well, consider that Russian propaganda is of such poor quality. The US was a colony of a Mercantile empire. Capitalism is a system of goods that are moved based upon the grease of petty lies. Everything you buy is purchased with lies( new and improved, 33% more free, a such and such just the way you want it( a mass produced item of all things) . That is another reason for Russia to be so blunt.

    The problem with the US though these days is how easily our own propaganda can be used to the propaganda of another country. The best American propaganda in WWII was simply to show German propaganda a good deal unaltered. At least a somewhat skillful editing to make the US seem absurd would be appreciated. However its unnecessary. Simply let the audience view what we are being told. That is enough. so now it appears the US must twist Russian propaganda more than the other way around.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  52. gwynedd1 says:

    Really Quartermaster, Mostly Russian? Do you consider the Chancellor of Germany as anything but a Germanophobe? Do you not see similar anti-American sentiment in the American Left? I would consider it all anti-American phobia. So even if it were true , it was anti-Russian.

    The NKVD?

    Trotsky, Stalin, Lavrentiy Beria, Nikolai Yezhov( speaking way too much Polish and Lithuanian for comfort). The Checka was headed by Yadoga, Felix Dzerzhinsky Vyacheslav Menzhinsky which was two Poles and a Jew.

    The Bolsheviks were the minorities of the Russian empire along with malcontented Russians who were accepted among the ranks so long as they hated Russia itself. It was a revolt and one that fell far more along ethnic lines than is advertised.

    And of course things changed after Stalin, particularly after he consolidated power. Korenizatsiya, nativization and all that crap was hostile to a centrally managed empire. The only practical option was the ashes of the old Russian empire so the anti-Russian sentiment ceased in the late 1930s.

  53. Cyrano says:

    I agree with most of what you’ve said, but I agree even more with Saker. I think that the point that he was trying to make is that the truth is the best propaganda – because not only it should be able to withstand even the most vicious counterattacks by “real” propaganda, the truth is also way better at withstanding the test of time.

    • Replies: @gwynedd1
  54. L.K says:

    Nosey: “Having a low tolerance to “conspiracy” stories probably means that you are a coincidence theorist. FYI, the vast majority of crimes, large or small, actually do involve conspiracies.”

    Exactly, Nosey!! You nailed it!

  55. utu says:

    OK Saker, Russian propaganda for the internal consumption might be good, I want to believe you, but Russian propaganda for the external consumption sucks. I know they have no money and all they can afford are underfunded and under staffed RT and Sputnik but they could do their job better.

    Russian media still suffer from the authoritarian mentality where the chief objective of propaganda is to convince people that authorities and their ruler know what they are doing. This might be fine for Russians but it does not work on foreign consumers of their media. RT and Sputnik need to be more aggressive. They need to stop believing what they were taught by some western NGO’s that media suppose to report news only. Media must create reality and make other report it. For example when Seth Rich got killed in Washington, DC in summer 2016 RT and Sputnik should have been covering it 24/7 with various speculations and insinuations. But they did nothing. They got no balls. Goebbels media had the same problem. They were decent to keep Germans happy but for the foreign consumption they sucked. And Goebbels was aware of the problem. Once in exasperation he exclaimed that he wished he had some Jews in German media.

  56. On an ordinary day if I have anything to say about the Saker’s articles it is to mock them … the last one on communism earned my only-in-a-lifetime one-word comment, “derp”. Last I checked it had not cleared moderation.

    Anyway, not today. This article, minus a few nervous ticks, is praiseworthy.

    I only wish to say that what Saker is saying is that Russian propaganda is effective because their adversarial propaganda is so ineffective, so their strongest play is to play the enemy propaganda in its entirety. It does more damage to itself than the finest interlocutors could hope to.

    Before you’re too impressed though, recall this was standard fare during the Cold War, playing Soviet propaganda that is. It mocked itself so we’ll it served as comedy.

    So 3 cheers for turning the tables … just note that playing the other guy’s unintentionally self effacing propaganda is not the same as telling the truth. That’s another thing entirely.

  57. CalDre says:

    An awful lot of Americans do support aggressive interventionism abroad, and this includes many, many Trump supporters (one need only look at the readers’ comments on a Breitbart piece about North Korea or the Iran deal…these people’s ideas of national greatness have militarism and armed interventions – “showing who’s boss, who’s Number one” – as key ingredients).

    Bannon is a Jew idolater who does everything to serve Israel (Breitbart was founded by a Jew, Andrew Breitbart, to further Israeli interests amongst “conservatives”). In fact he is a traitor in the political (rather than legal) sense.

    And I have never met a reader of Breitbart in real life, though I have met a good number of Trump supporters. Their views hardly represent Americans. But on the other hand, I see the same level of jingoistic Russian supremacism on Russian news sites, including the English ones, such as Sputnik.

    The biggest war-mongers in the US are not the conservatives but the Liberals, who want to spread their secular humanist/satanist religion at the point of a gun. In that sense they fit right into the Leninist doctrine of Communism, replete with the underlying (and unbeknown to the average believer in the secular humanist religion) unspoken goal of global Jewish control.

  58. CalDre says:

    The Ukronazis in Kiev are doing even better: they are re-activating old Soviet-era jammers to prevent Russian broadcasts from reaching the areas currently under Nazi occupation

    LMAO, in an article dedicated to proving how superior Russian propaganda is, you trot out this most utterly ridiculous propaganda that anybody who spends any amount of time in Ukraine instantly realizes is an utter, absurd lie!

    Actually having read Sputnik and RT quite a bit, while they do a better job of letting Russians speak for themselves, the quality of propaganda is actually quite poor. And a lot of it is of the neo-Bolshevik, “secular humanist” variety. And certainly while it openly attacks the US on countless occasions, it all but worships Israel and Jews. Which always made me think the head of Sputnik, whatever that gal is, must be a Jewess or one of the many Jew idolaters. Which is it?

    • Replies: @CalDre
  59. Sean says:

    The young man shook his head. “No, I can’t say I’m pro-Putin. There’s too much corruption in Russia, with too much money going to the wrong people. We should become more Western. Instead, we’re moving in the other direction.”

    Finally, I thought, a liberal critic of Putin. The young man continued. “Here it’s not too bad, but in Moscow you can see the change. They’re all over. Please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate anyone, but I feel uncomfortable when there are so many of them. Sometimes, I wonder whether I’m still in Russia.”

    Much had changed since my last visit ten years ago. Driving into the city of Voronezh from the airport, I could see entirely new neighborhoods, supermarkets, office buildings, and the like. In 2003, there was only one shopping mall in the whole city, and it was nothing special. Now, there were malls as huge as any in Toronto. Things had likewise improved for some of our old friends and acquaintances. A few had moved up into the growing middle class, including one couple who showed us their new palatial home on the outskirts.

    Yet the bulk of the population seemed no better off, and in some ways worse off. Ten years ago, jobs were there for the taking. The pay may have been lousy, but it was money. Now, the competition is intense even for those jobs. An unemployed man told me: “It’s hard to find work now. Employers will hire immigrants because they work for much less and won’t complain. And there are a lot of them now, mainly from Central Asia, but also from places all over.”

    Sour grapes? Perhaps. But it’s consistent with what a Quebec building contractor had told me earlier. “I no longer bother with Russian construction projects because there’s always a Russian company that will put in an absurdly low bid. The only way he can stay within budget is by hiring illegal immigrants. Everyone knows it, but nothing is ever done to stop it.”

    I wasn’t surprised to see Ukrainian refugees in a big city like Voronezh, but it was surprising to see so many in remote farming villages. And each refugee family had a horror story to tell. It’s one thing to hear these stories from professional journalists; it’s another to hear them from ordinary people who aren’t being paid to say what they say. This is an underappreciated factor in the growing anger among Russians against the Ukrainian government.

    After all that’s happened, I don’t see how eastern Ukraine will ever accept being ruled by Kiev. It’s like a marriage that has crossed the line between verbal abuse and physical violence. We were standing outside a fast food kiosk. “I just don’t get it,” said my wife. “Prices are almost as high here as in Canada, yet the wages are a lot lower. How do people manage to survive?” A young man overheard her. “The people who don’t survive are the ones you don’t get to see.”

    Russia seems to be copying the worst aspects of the West.

    Maybe Russia cannot be successfully invaded , but no one thinks in terms of capturing resources by invading a country now. The West is humankind’s knowledge cutting edge and when the Singleton arises I would not be surprised if it is as a result of Russian AI researchers trying to steal a march.

  60. gwynedd1 says:

    It also requires much less skill to use the truth.

    Even the current state of the art in the US, while not truth, is based on truth. Its similar to data mining. The media simply reports on a section of true stories that fits the agenda while it ignores the rest. That is why we have the oath say the “whole truth”. Half truths are even more pernicious lies than a bold faced lie. This is what made Baghdad Bob so amusing.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  61. Cyrano says:

    Based on the theory of relativity, If you float still somewhere in the middle of the universe, and some other object whizzes by with incredible speed – who can tell who was standing still and who whizzed by whom?

    Same thing with the truth and propaganda – if a truth stands still somewhere in the middle of the universe and a giant lie flies by with amazing speed, who can tell which one was the truth and which one was the lie, which one stood still and which one flew by?

    It’s all a matter of perspective and decades worth of conditioning in order to make a casual observer characterize everything that flies by – a lie, except their own lies – which are of course the unmovable bastions of truth.

  62. Pirouette says:

    Another self deluding Saker article that was clearly written with the help of a now empty, vodka bottle.
    Not quite sure who Saker thinks he is kidding but it is mostly himself. Like all Russians and Americans, he has no understanding of Europe at all.
    In Britain terrorists who have neither terrorised anyone, nor threatened to terrorise anyone have been arrested for belonging to a peaceful protest group because the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, says that despite this they are a terrorist organisation.
    You couldn’t make this up, not even Monty Python could get away with this.
    Meanwhile a singer is being prosecuted for a satirical song about the 6 million, and a public speaker who has been judged not guilty by the crown prosecution service is suffering a private prosecution from the chosen people, who clearly believe the crown prosecution service are wrong.
    A genuine Home Secretary would tell the charity that is bringing the private prosecution to stop wasting court time, but Rudd must publically bow to her true masters rather than the general public whom she is supposed to serve.
    Meanwhile Britain still hasn’t left the EU and clearly never will, since its military has amalgamated with the EU’s military.
    None of this Saker is aware of. No American is aware of it outside of politicians.
    Saker quite simply has no idea about anything other than his warped perceptions which like all Anericans I have ever met, is identical to Saker. Perhaps living in the US is doing Saker no good at all?
    I used to regularly read Saker but gave up as he moved further and further away from reality. If he once worked for some Russian intelligence agency, I can readily understand why he no longer does.
    He hasn’t a clue about anything other than the bottom of his last bottle of vodka. Sad. May Saker RIP. Amen.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  63. CalDre says:

    So after making the above post about Sputnik’s sycophancy to Jews, lo and behold, the first Sputnik News article I read is Anonymous Anti-Semitic Flyers Found Posted Around Cornell Campus.

    According to this standard fare of pathetic Russian Jew-idolizing propaganda, which we have heard ad nauseum in the Ukraine context (even though virtually all of Ukraine’s oligarchs, who were behind the coup, are … Jews), some flyers were allegedly put up at Cornell University stating “just say no to Jewish lives.”

    But then go to the article from which this sad propaganda was sourced, and the poster actually reads, “just say no to Jewish lies.”

    What a difference a “v” makes!

    Now, is “just say no to American lies” also “racist”? Oh no, not to the Sputnik propagandists, that is actually a positive, welcome message! Never mind the fact that virtually all US media are controlled by Jews and hence US media lies are, in essence, Jewish lies.

    Sputnik further claimed the poster exhibited “white supremacy” for a call to join the “white gang”. But I take it a call to join the Jewish Student Union isn’t anti-White Jewish supremacism, is it? LOL, of course not, that’s KOSHER!

    Next, the Sputnik propaganda claims the posters featured swastikas. Well, looking at the picture, it’s clearly not a swastika, but a broken sun cross (and the group claims to be the “Solar Cross Society”). Oh, but why let details get in the way of some pathetic, Jew-worshiping propaganda?

    Yes, RT and Sputnik are 100% KOSHER. And unfortunately offer even worse propaganda than the 100% KOSHER NY Slimes or Washington Hoax (also Jew-owned and Jew-controlled instruments of Jewish supremacism).

    I agree with a poster above, Saker needs to stop hitting the bottle, lol.

  64. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The Fifth Column in Russia had a Revealing Day:
    “Grandnephew of GULAG organizer stabbed the Echo of Moscow editor
    “It’s was actually very revealing how after all of them saying something about “Russian Nazis,” “pogroms” and “state sponsored terrorism” they suddenly shut up when the attacker turned out to be a Jew from Israel.
    One of the first order of business for Mossad should be to figure out and to report to the world community, why a citizen of Israel, attacked another citizen of Israel, on the territory of a foreign country. The media in Russia is very careful not to reveal an identity of the attacker and calls him a “foreigner.” Read the TASS article and see for yourself. Now on, a “foreigner” will be our code word for a traveling band of Israeli assassins.
    People combed through accounts of the liberal journalists, they found a copy of Grits’ ID, his complain to the UN, and his correspondence with the journalists of the Echo of Moscow that revealed his personal connection to some of them. People knew exactly what to look for and where to look. The amount of material that was collected and shared is huge. This is one of the most brilliant research operations that Russian community has conducted, and this is the reason why this attack was a failure of its organizers. They are not able to use their psy op against us. You won’t see the portraits of Fengelgauer, like they managed to do with a former Russia Liquidation team member Nemtsov. The children of those who fleece us twice won’t be coming out on November 7th with solemn faces of professional con artists, holding some red rags with the name of Fengelgauer written on them.”

    • Replies: @Anon
  65. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    More on the psyop in Moscow:

    “Following the stabbing, the “liberals” in Russia used the Social media to express their outrage with the government of Russia and blaming the government for the “murder of a journalist” Tanya Fengelgauer, a Deputy Chief Editor of the radio Echo of Moscow. In the long tradition of organized psy ops, five hours prior to the attack an anonymous account posted a picture of Fengelgauer saying “I liked video of the program “Morning with Sasha Plushev and Tanya Fengelgauer/ Alive.”

  66. @Pirouette

    Repeatedly calling the Saker a drunk doesn’t undermine his observations, arguments, or predictions.

  67. @German_reader

    I wonder if what you assume about Trump supporters is true; many people have commented that they voted for Trump specifically because he was the only alternative to a warmonger. Remember he promised to end our foreign intervention hobby and to normalize relations with Russia.

    He has flip-flopped on his promises the way all politicians do, and I have no doubt that there are die-hard supporters who are trying to justify his actions for their own cognitive dissonance, but it’s hard to believe that jingoists voted for the candidate least likely to continue or escalate military conflicts.

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