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Putin and Russia Are Facing a Very Serious Crisis in Belarus
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Some of my longtime readers might have noticed that I rarely (if ever!) wrote about Belarus or President Lukashenko. As always with the blog, there is a reason for why I do mention something and no less a reason why I do not mention something. In the case of Belarus or Lukashenko, my reason for not writing about them was the exactly why I never wrote about the Ukraine before 2013: I was both uninspired and mostly disgusted with what I saw taking place there. And I did not feel strongly enough to write about it. That changed for the Ukraine with the Euromaidan.

Now the events in Belarus force me to address this very unpleasant topic: Belarus is facing a complex and dangerous situation which might well result in a major crisis inside Belarus and even a loss of sovereignty. But first, before we look into what just happened, let me begin with a quick “mini-primer” about Belarus. Here is what I think everybody ought to know about this country:

  • Belarus is a completely artificial creation, even more artificial than the Ukraine. At least in the Ukraine there were “westerners” (Galicians) who truly were not Russians at all (you can think of them as the “real Ukrainians” if you want) and whose hatred for everything Russian was every bit as rabid as the one of the Interahamwe of Rwanda. There is no meaningful equivalent to the Banderites in Belarus.
  • Lukashnko was no more pro-Russian than Ianukovich. This is crucial. Lukashenko was always pro-Lukashenko, not pro-Russia. Both the West and Lukashenko like to say that Belarus is the only real Russian ally. This is false. Technically, Russia and Belarus are supranational union states. However, it is true that Lukashenko tried to use the historical identity between the Russian and Belarusian people to demand that Russia help him out over and over and over again. And until recently, Russia did.
  • As a country, Belarus is a quasi perfect police state with an extremely competent and feared KGB (yes, in Belarus they kept the name) which controls everything and everybody. This is also crucial for reasons I will explain below.
  • As for the Kremlin, it always wanted to foster a reunification with Belarus but this process was never fully completed due to regular problems, and even crises, between Moscow and Minsk. Russia poured in immense sums of money to keep the Belarusian society from crashing.
  • Finally, Belarus is really a poor country with very limited resources. For Russia, however, Belarus is a crucial military ally, one which plays a central role in Russian defense plans. If the US and NATO were successful in taking control of the country, this will be a major strategic threat for the Russian security.

These are just a few pointers to compare and contrast Belarus with the Ukraine.

Now let me summarize what just happened.

The Belarusian authorities have declared that “hundreds” of men (supposedly Russians) have been sent to Belarus with nefarious intentions. Lukashenko has since officially confirmed that he got this info from the Ukrainian SBU. The men themselves were described as terrorists, insurgents, members of the “Wagner” PMC, subversives, etc. and their goals were described as killing Lukashenko, triggering a new “maidan” in Belarus, create chaos, etc.

Frankly, the Belarusian authorities never got their story straight and, frankly again, this really makes no difference at all. Here are two things which I consider as indisputable:

  1. Russia would never even consider using force or illegal covert operations against Lukashenko and/or Belarus
  2. The Belarusian KGB knows everything of any importance taking place in Belarus

I would even argue that argument #2 very much supports argument #1.

Whatever may be the case, it appeared that a group of Russian security guards had been recruited by a Belarusian firm to provide security in various countries (Sudan and Venezuela is often named). They traveled to Belarus and planned to fly out of Minsk for their final destinations. They were delayed, apparently deliberately, then they missed their flight and were told to go and rest at a hotel which happened to be located not far from the residence of Lukashenko. In the middle of the night, a KGB swat team moved in with flash-bang grenades and guns drawn and brutally arrested everybody in spite of the fact that none of the sleepy Russians offered any kind of resistance. No weapons of any kind were found, no evidence of any covert plans either, but the authorities declared that since these men were not drinking or harassing waitresses and since they kept to themselves, this was a clear proof that they were on a secret mission (I am not joking!).

All of the above is absolute and utter nonsense and we should not get distracted by the minutia of this clearly fabricated pretext.

Here is what really happened.

It now appears that the Ukrainian secret service SBU (which does nothing without Uncle Sam’s approval) mounted a complex covert operation to try to get Belarus and Russia into a confrontation. The entire operation, including recruitment, purchase of airline tickets, etc was, in fact, run from the Ukraine. This was also the biggest mistake the Ukies did: they did not hide their actions well enough and it took the Russians special services less than 24 hours to figure out the entire plan and leak it to the media (in Russian). The fine details are still being ascertained, but the bottom line is this: the Ukrainians pretended to be a security firm looking for men with proven combat experience, especially those who fought in the Donbass against the Ukronazi forces. Once recruited for some pretty typical guard duties, these men were to be flown to Minsk where they would miss their plane and be left waiting for the next opportunity to leave Belarus. At this point, the SBU seems to have contacted the Belarusian KGB and “warned” them about Russian “mercenaries” sent by Russia to kill Lukashenko or, at least, overthrow him.

It is also obvious now that the SBU specially wanted Russians which had combat experience in the Donbass to then ask Belarus to hand them over to Kiev. Such a demand was made almost immediately for most of the men in this group.

So far so “good” (not really, but you know what I mean), but here is when the Belarusians and Lukashenko himself started to act really strangely.

The first logical step for the Belarusian authorities should have been Lukashenko calling Putin and asking for an explanation. Alternatively, the head of the Belarusian KGB could have called the head of the FSB and ask him for clarifications. But, instead of doing that, the Belarusian KGB organized this ridiculous “seizure” of the Russian “mercenaries” while the latter were asleep in their hotel and had no idea whatsoever what was going on.

Next, instead of working with the Russians, Lukashenko just gave a long interview to one of the most talented and most morally repugnant Ukie journalist, Dmitrii Gordon (who proudly proclaims that he is an SBU agent).

But then it only got worse.

Lukashenko pounced on the opportunity to, yet again, engage in his typically long-winded rants against Russia. He even went as far as to suggest that Belarus might extradite some of these Russian men to the Ukraine (which, as we now know, had provided a list of wanted men to the Belarusian KGB). From these actions it became immediately clear to the Russians that Lukashenko was playing some kind of dirty game in the last days before the Presidential election which took place on Sunday.

So what could explain the outright bizarre behavior of the Belarusians?

Reason one: Simply put – Lukashenko’s popularity is declining as fast as the disposable income of the Belarusians.

Reason two: The US is clearly engaged in major strategic PSYOP to seize control of Belarus.

Reason three: The Belarusian state in its current condition is simply not viable and never was.

Let’s take these one by one.

While nobody doubts the outcome of any election in Belarus, it is also pretty uncontroversial that most Belarusians do support Lukashenko. The point is not whether Lukashenko would win, but only by how much he would win? The elections yesterday yielded the lowest possible and acceptable result for Lukashenko: 80%. This figure is really meaningless, all it shows is how good the Lukashenko regime is at winning elections. This time, however, there appear to be more protests than in the past and, unlike what happened in the past, the protests are not limited to Minsk and they have now spread to other cities. So while Lukashenko was never at risk of officially losing the election, a maidan-like protest remains a clear concern for him.

Pompeo in Belarus: only a coincidence, of course
Pompeo in Belarus: only a coincidence, of course

But there is much more to this story.

Following a meeting between Lukashenko and Pompeo, the US will now open a (very big) embassy in Minsk. For years the West has been calling Lukashenko all sorts of names, and now it is suddenly “all smiles”.

Is that really a coincidence?

I very much doubt it.

But it even gets much worse than that: the US is sending one of its most capable and dangerous officials to subvert Belarus: I am referring to Jeffrey Giauque, a State Department intelligence official with a long track of successive destabilization missions.

Listen to him introduce himself to the Belarusian people:

In fact, it is now pretty obvious that the entire provocation with the Russian “terrorists” was carefully crafted and implemented by a joint US-Ukrainian effort. Had the Ukie SBU not been so sloppy with how they organized it all (it took the FSB less than 24 hours to get a full and accurate picture of what had happened) this plan might have succeeded. In fact, it still might.

But blaming it all on the US, the SBU and Lukashenko really does not tell the full story.

The truth is that Belarus is a completely artificial state, much more artificial even than the Ukraine, and it is a state which simply cannot survive by itself. Neither can it hope to survive forever on Russian aid. And while looking at the roots of Ukrainian nationalism is important and interesting, such an exercise is useless in the case of Belarus since Belarusian nationalism is something truly a-historical and artificial and which really has no foundation outside western ideological dogmas.

While the Soviet Union’s Marxist and generally russophobic ideology regime always fostered the emergence of local nationalisms (and even created previously non-existing “nationalities”), Belarusian nationalism was something which never got much traction, which is hardly surprising since any distinction between a Russian and a Belarusian is much smaller than the differences amongst Russians who now live in a very diverse and truly multi-ethnic society. Still, from the point of view of the Party Nomenklatura and their western curators, not splitting away Belarus from Russia while such countries as the Ukraine or Kazakhstan declared their independence was unthinkable, thus a kind of weird compromise was reached which was supposed to reassure both the people of Russia and those of Belarus. Some agreements were made, others were endlessly negotiated about (especially any energy deals!) and what eventually resulted from this all is this weird and artificial statelet of only 10 million people. As for its leader, he declared that Belarus will follow a “multi-vector” foreign policy which I would summarize as follows: pump as much money out of Russia as possible, while at the same time seeking support from the AngloZionist Empire.

Yes, I know, Lukashenko is called the “last dictator of Europe” and he is not popular in the West. My point is that his lack of popularity is to be credited to the West, and not to him. Over and over again, Lukashenko tried to get support (meaning “money”) from the West and now Pompeo & Co. have apparently decided to make “their” son of a bitch “our” son of a bitch. What I mean by that Lukashenko was the textbook case of the “our son of a bitch” phenomenon, but not for the West – for Russia. I furthermore believe that like all “sons of bitches” (including “theirs” and “ours”) – Lukashenko has now turned into a liability for Russia.

There is another very worrisome development taking place now: in this entire business the Belarusian KGB was either hopelessly incompetent (which it ain’t!) or penetrated by western agents. I find the second explanation much more likely.

If we now assume that the Belarusian KGB has been penetrated and compromised, then this is very bad news for Lukashenko who might find himself in the same situation as, say, Nicolae Ceaușescu, who was betrayed by his own secret services (we can also remember how many US/Israeli agents were in high positions around Bashar Assad until the war in Syria forced them to pick a side).

Frankly, while the CIA and the rest of them are not very good at some things, they are truly world-class masters in the art of corrupting officials and this might have already happened in Belarus.

Right now, there are riots in Minsk and in other cities and while in the capital the riot police has things mostly under control, there have already been cases of riot cops running for their lives to avoid being lynched by the mob. As of the time of writing this (Monday 21:50 UTC) the Belarusian KGB has declared that they are hunting down the worst agitators and rioters, but considering how easy it has been for the Ukrainian SBU to trick (or, worse, infiltrate) the Belarusian KGB, I am not feeling very reassured by this verbiage: special services are here to take care of dangerous problems, not to make big statements.

Right now, the latest we hear from the Belarusian KGB is that they prevented the assassination of the main opposition figure Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Heck, this might even be true, considering that the (clueless) Tikhanovskaya would make a perfect “sacrificial lamb” (and an terrible politician, should she ever be elected). But this also looks like some interests inside the Belarusian KGB are courting Tikhanovskaya. Both versions are equally bad, I think.

How serious is all this?


There are already (false) rumors spread by Polish media about Lukashenko having fled Belarus in his aircraft. This rumor is clearly designed to create the (wrong) impression that Lukashenko is the next Ianukovich: while I equally dislike both of these men, Lukashenko is a much tougher man than Ianukovich ever was.

Furthermore, the kind of media-campaign waged now by the western, Polish and Ukie media is unprecedented in its magnitude and it will be very hard for the regime to regain control of the country.

As for Lukashenko, he now seems to have reversed his tune somehow: after accusing Russia of treating Belarus not as a brother, but as a partner, now he says that he spoke to Putin and got a 5 page document explaining it all, and now he says that Russia and Belarus will be brothers after all.

Not very convincing, to say the least.

This is what Lukashenko’s “multivector” policy looks like…
This is what Lukashenko’s “multivector” policy looks like…

Quite logically, Lukashenko’s popularity in Russia, which was never that high to begin with, is now rapidly degrading and many analysts who, in the past, praised Lukashenko for his (supposedly) “firm” policy towards the West are now openly voicing their disgust. An increasing number of Russians are now openly wondering with this entire “supranational union state” concept. As for Lukashenko’s much vaunted “multi-vector policies” they look like a banal case of trying to sit between two chairs.

It now appears pretty obvious that the leaders of the Empire stopped hating Lukashenko only long enough to give a short lived and semi-credible appearance of benevolence; now they are already talking about reintroducing sanctions on Belarus and on Lukashenko personally.

This is all extremely dangerous for Russia for the following reasons:

  1. Lukashenko is an absolutely terrible “our son of a bitch” (they always are!) to back and his latest antics have shown the Kremlin that Lukashenko is very much part of the problem, not of the solution.
  2. If Lukashenko remains in power, it will be only thanks to his (mostly very effective) repressive apparatus which might be enough to silence the opposition, but not enough to make Lukashenko truly popular.
  3. Lukashenko himself is clearly both dishonest and unprincipled. He does not care one bit about Russia (or Belarus for that matter), he cares only about himself. In other words, as long as he remains in power, Belarus will be a major concern for Russia.
  4. If Lukashenko is overthrown, be it by a KGB plot or a Maidan-like violent insurrection, we can be pretty darn sure that whoever comes to power will be 1) vetted by the USA and 2) rabidly anti-Russian.
  5. Belarus does not have much of an economic significance for Russia, but for security and, even more so, military reasons Belarus is absolutely vital to the Russian security

This last point needs to be further clarified. Not only is Belarus located in a strategically crucial location, the Belarussian armed forces are very well trained and equipped (no comparison to the Ukie forces) and they represent a major military asset for the Kremlin. There are also Russian forces deployed in Belarus. Finally, the contacts between the Belarusian and Russian military are very friendly and very deep. To have NATO take over Belarus would truly be a major problem for Russia (one that she can deal with, but it would require a major re-thinking of the threat from the West).

So where do we go from here?

It seems to me that if Putin does “more of the same” Russia risks seriously losing Belarus which, at a time when the Ukrainian Banderastan is falling apart, would really be a crying shame. Right now, Russia needs to contain the “Ukrainian infection” while, at the same time, preparing an after-Lukashenko (before it is too late). Obviously, Lukashenko will not gracefully resign, so Russia needs to find a tool in her toolkit to force him to do so.

Personally, I have always believed that fully reincorporating Belarus into Russia would not only solve the “Belarusian problem” but that it would also solve the “Lukashenko problem”. I am confident that Russia has more than enough influence and resources in Belarus to force a change. Yes, that would be both difficult and dangerous, but not doing so could result in a much worse outcome. Russia needs to act. Quickly and resolutely.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Belarus, CIA, Lukashenko, Russia 
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  1. Tick Tock says:

    Glad to see that finally no one cares what the Saker has to say. What a long winded vapid tale of nothing.

  2. Z-man says:

    Russia should annex Belarus post haste.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Derer
    , @Michael Dubin
  3. I do respectfully disagree. Russia did not care much for Donbas which was worth something, so why they would care for Belarus which is not really worth anything. So let US pick up that problem.
    US is piling up their own debt and Bielorus and Ukraine will help a little bit to US debt.
    Russia will easily compensate by making some more nukes. Bought friends do not worth too much anyway.

  4. @Tick Tock

    It’s plain well and obvious that the Saker knows a helluva lot more about the Belarus mess than some outdated analog clock.

    • Agree: AKAHorace
  5. csucsu says:
    @Tick Tock

    You are really stupid , this time he is right .

  6. The article is an excellent analysis of a significant geo-political problem that has so far received scant attention. And we know it is sensitive when we have people like Tick Tock so eager to troll. And we know he’s a Zionist troll because his only weapon against an unpleasant truth being made public is an attempt to trash the messenger – whose experience and level of expertise is several orders of magnitude above the stupidly-named Tick Tock.

    The US is indeed attempting a takeover of Belarus, just as they managed with the Ukraine, and as they tried but failed to do with the Crimea. Belarus is one more chess piece on the board being positioned for World War Three.

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @Contraviews
  7. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia needs to just take over Belarus militarily and peacefully depose Lukashenko. After all, the people are for intents and purposes Russian. The US can’t do anything other than make an official protest. Lukashenko could be given a new job as Russia’s envoy in Greenland.

    • Agree: El Dato, Steve Naidamast
    • Replies: @Jordi
  8. @Tick Tock

    “Glad to see that finally no one cares what the Saker has to say. What a long winded vapid tale of nothing.”

    Well you apparently read it so you must care. You even troubled yourself to disparage the piece, so you must care quite a bit.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  9. Between this and Anatoliy Karlin, I’m very excited about the in-depth news and analysis on Belarus.

    What vapid and empty criticism, Tick Tock. If you don’t like the guy, you could have proved your point by writing nothing.

  10. uradel666 says:

    Another slapdash from “Tri Medved’a”….

    No insights

  11. Kiza says:

    An interesting analysis as usual and a shit magnet as usual (nobody ever attracts commenter shit like this author).

    In reality, Russia did to Turkey what US is doing to Belarus now. Only Erdogan is a much more skillful SoB than this Belarus cheap trash SoB. Just look at the photo – they could compare their ponchos, but even Pompous Maximus has a bigger frontal lobe that this trash. I would not buy a kilo of cucumbers from this character.

    I agree with the author that Putin with his pathological passivity is the problem. Is he again watching the Olympics whilst the CIA is now crapping in his European front yard (as it did with Ukie in his back yard)? Putin’s famous waiting for the body of his enemy to float down the river is sometimes a good approach, but more often it encourages the other side to up the price. Of course, if Putin prevented the Uki “revolution” before then there would be no Belarus “revolution” in the making now.

    The author’s (hinted) suggestion of a Belarus military coup would be most welcome to solidify the Russian near abroad.

    What I know from the previous “color revolutions” is that who works for the CIA is very well known in each country, it only takes a little bit of guts to kick or snuff those out. A few compromised Belarus KGB heads would roll and that is it. After that new democratic election and then the Crimea model. Let the West scream and froth, this is always fun to watch (I really enjoy this hyper-frustrated, endlessly-repeated “annexation” meme). It is not fun only when the West kills its own people (by hand of its Uki proxies) to impose sanctions on Russia (MH17).

    PS. Lukashenko should be sent with his stolen millions to exile in the West.

    • Replies: @padre
    , @Mefobills
  12. Only two points to make:

    1- It’s incredible that “Nazi” appears just once in a Saker essay;

    2- All that matters here is that Lukashenko was literally the only leader in the world to reject coronamania and lockdowns: whatever else be true, we must support him because of this single fact.

  13. Petermx says:

    I visited Minsk last year and I consider it to be one of the nicest cities I have ever been to. It is very clean, in immaculate condition (streets, buildings, etc.), it has nice restaurants and malls and many buildings are adorned with flowers. It is a very attractive city. It puts Lviv to shame and I think western Europe could take some tips from Minsk on how to do things. I felt perfectly safe walking around Minsk and I had the impression the people were generally happy.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  14. Tom Welsh says:

    How likely (or possible) would it be for the Belarusian people to emulate the Crimeans and ask to be readmitted to Russia?

    I agree that that would be the ideal solution.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  15. Tom Welsh says:
    @Tick Tock

    “What a long winded vapid tale of nothing”.

    What an obvious troll.

    Tick Tock’s comment can be interpreted in either of two ways.

    1. He did not read the article, and merely wrote a rude dismissive comment in order to sow confusion.

    2. He is employed by the same people who are trying to cause trouble in Belarus, and does not like experts like The Saker explaining everything so comprehensively and clearly.

    I think the article is one of the best and most useful I have seen this year.

  16. Miro23 says:

    This last point needs to be further clarified. Not only is Belarus located in a strategically crucial location, the Belarussian armed forces are very well trained and equipped (no comparison to the Ukie forces) and they represent a major military asset for the Kremlin. There are also Russian forces deployed in Belarus. Finally, the contacts between the Belarusian and Russian military are very friendly and very deep. To have NATO take over Belarus would truly be a major problem for Russia (one that she can deal with, but it would require a major re-thinking of the threat from the West).

    So where do we go from here?

    Put the military in charge for a short time. Identify and remove the KGB pro CIA group. Give Lukashenko a non-optional one way flight to the West, and look for an intelligent/non corrupt leader who can represent and enable what the Belarussian people actually want. Later run a free election.

    The main business is to get Pompeo (ZioGlob/CIA) + Lukashenko out as cleanly and quickly as possible.

  17. What can be done about that criminal government, the World Mafia? How can they be stopped?

    They are furious that they don’t own Russia and their aggression is huge, on all sides. Why the aggression against Iran? Absolutely no reason for it! Absolutely none! Except Russia. Iran will be a nice forward base against Russia.

    Come to think of it, Iran and Russia are committing the same unspeakable offense. They are independent! How dare they! So, not available for plundering by the World Mafia. Horrible!

    Maybe China is the key. China is wide awake watching all these machinations by the World Mafia, and knows she will be next.

    Or maybe Putin could offer Lukashenko a mansion in Moscow and a lifelong lucrative role, a symbolic high office in the Russian government, an advisory role.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Hodd
    , @Fr. John
  18. Carlos22 says:

    What’s happening was inevitable, how long has that guy been in power 1994! LOL

    It’s not like Russia didn’t get a warning via Ukraine.

    They need to do something fast or they can expect NATO there in the near future all dejavu.

    Belarus is not Crimea it has 9 million people many of them young who are tempted by the EU and money making opportunities there.

    If Russia acted the US would make it a disaster lots of pics of students jumping on tanks On CNN to stop Russian aggression.

    I think I know how this movie ends not good for Russia expect some shiny new US missiles and tanks on your boarder soon.

    • Replies: @Derer
  19. jiri says:

    Send in the little green men.

  20. GMC says:

    Good article ! Russia has had plenty of time to figure out that the governments of Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine are already hostile to them, because of the regime changing Nato, Cia and US State dept. and other paid off nationals. Yes, Belarus is in big trouble and let’s not forget that after MaiDan over 100,000 Ukies moved there, work there, or are paid to start another color revolution. President Putin’s ” live and let live sovereignty” was a perfect policy for the Evil Empire to walk into these countries – of course lots of money for bribes and promises to a poor underpaid government worker helps. Look out Smolensk – here comes some more Russians – coming over to the safe side, where life is – normal.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @RatMan29
  21. Dimitrii says:

    Lol a whole bunch of nonsense

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
  22. SIMP simp says:

    For security reasons Russia must conquer the entire planet.

    • Agree: Svevlad
    • Replies: @hu_anon
  23. El Dato says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    we must support him because of this single fact

    The logic in this statement eludes me.

  24. @Petermx

    Better than Lviv? Interesting. I’ll check it out when there’s a chance, hopefully before that woman Tikhonovskaya and America fuck it up.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  25. gotmituns says:

    totaly dumb artical…

  26. On the plus side, at least Uncle Sasha (unlike Uncle Vova in Russia) declined to subject his country to a ruinous and ridiculous Corona-lockdown. Then again, that may only have made The Empire even more determined to depose him.

    Read about how the IMF made Lukashenko and offer he couldn’t refuse some months ago:

    Honorably enough, Uncle Sasha refused. He even famously went on television denouncing the whole Corona-scam in public, blaming global élites. And since then? Belarus has functioned normally, with only about 500 dead (mostly very elderly).

    • Agree: Mefobills
  27. hu_anon says:
    @SIMP simp

    Russia has been in a steady retreat since 1989, her buffer zone with the West is now mostly gone.
    Unfortunately no country can escape the poz of US cultural influence, especially the more wealthy and educated classes are flocking to globohomo everywhere, this is undeniable.

    • Replies: @SIMP simp
    , @Derer
  28. Svevlad says:

    I think rendering it into a basket case like the Ukraine would be the best solution. Why?

    Just like the Ukraine, they’ll starve and die on their own. Virgin lands that can be easily taken and settled with more loyal populations.

  29. padre says:

    What exactly did Russia do to Turkey?

    • Replies: @Kiza
  30. @Zarathustra

    … so why they would care for Belarus which is not really worth anything.

    Maybe Russians remember being invaded from the awest one too many times.

    As for the solution, it would seem sending a team of assassins would have been a good idea. I guess the Ukies figured it was a plausible scenario.

  31. Miro23 says:

    Furthermore, the kind of media-campaign waged now by the western, Polish and Ukie media is unprecedented in its magnitude and it will be very hard for the regime to regain control of the country.

    The Poles need to disconnect from this really fast. They share a long frontier with Belarus.

    They’re going to be under all kinds of heavy pressure/threats from Pompeo and the ZioGlob/CIA to foment trouble and help destabilize Belarus, which makes a historic risk/opportunity for the country.

    The risk is that they cave to the ZioGlob/CIA, join in the attack, and become the front line of the demonic NWO threat to Russia.

    The opportunity, is to realize that ZioGlob/CIA (officially the USA) is in no way their friend. Resist the big NWO threats/bribes, and insist on neutrality. Nothing wrong with following Switzerland as, “a country without allies and without enemies”.

    • Replies: @Jake
  32. I fail to understand the reference to the Interahamwe. After all anyone who’s done any independent reading knows perfectly well that there was no Hutu on Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, but the exact opposite; Ugandan armed, trained, and financed Tutsi forces who invaded Rwanda and massacred Hutu and Twa civilians. The Interahamwe (and Impuzamugambi, another outfit that nobody talks of for some reason) were militia that tried to protect Hutu civilians and fight back when the weak Rwandan military and gendarmerie, crippled by a weapons embargo, were overwhelmed. By the way, Tutsis in the Rwandan armed forces overwhelmingly remained loyal and fought alongside their Hutu comrades against the Ugandan Tutsi invasion. The “Rwanda genocide” is as much a myth as “Saddam’s WMDs”, “Gaddafi’s Viagra rape gangs”, “Putin’s 2016 election interference”, or “Saddam’s gas attacks.” The Interahamwe, therefore, was not motivated by hatred, but by self defence.

    Now coming to Belarus. I will say right away that my only knowledge of Belarus comes from the film “Idi I Smotri”, so it’s not as though I have any independent information on it. I do however know that there is a language called Belarusian which is separate from Russian; therefore, logically, there is a Belarusian people who are separate from Russians, and in turn a people and a language argue that a state of those people and language, viable or otherwise, is not artificial.

    I’m in any case wondering exactly what the Saker wants Russia to do about Belarus. Assuming the country is really the basket case the Saker says, how exactly is Russia supposed to pay to integrate and assimilate it even if an annexation was possible? Have Belarusians asked for integration with Russia? The Donbass people have, and yet Russia has not annexed the Donbass. Russia has not annexed Transnistria, South Ossetia, or Abkhazia either, no matter how advantageous they would be strategically. So what exactly is so different that Russia would want to annex Belarus, given that the people haven’t even asked for annexation?

    How is this annexation to take place anyway? Are the Belarusian armed forces – well trained and armed, the Saker says – going to surrender without a shot? Will they be bribed with money and/or promotional opportunities to accede to Russia? How would the Russian army feel about Belarusian troops being paid more than and promoted over the heads of Russians? If the KGB is so efficient, how are they supposed to be stopped from learning of the plan and exposing it at the earliest? What if the Belarusian army and people resist integration? What will Russia do then? Fight an aggressive war, like it did not do in Ukraine?

    Then there is the fact that Russian foreign policy under Putin has always been reactive, not proactive. In other words Putin only acts when his hand is forced. He could have easily sent forces into Ukraine to stop the Maidan; he could have overtly packed South Ossetia with troops to avert the Georgian invasion (Medvedev was only a front for Putin); he could have sent troops into Syria before Assad’s government was on the brink of collapse at the hand of Obama’s jihadi headchoppers. Putin either waits till he has no other option before acting, or does not act at all (Libya, the zionist entity’s bombing of Syria). What makes the Saker think he’ll change this time around?

    Then, do the Russian people want to integrate with Belarus? Remember the excuse still occasionally put forward by Russians excusing the murder of the Soviet Union: “Russia cannot feed the other republics”. Later, those who wanted Chechnya to be allowed to secede said “Russia cannot feed the Caucasus”. Will those people agree to “feed” Belarus? What happens when Russians are asked if they want Belarus? It’s not like historically Russian Crimea.

    I suggest that Putin demand an official military alliance with Belarus, no matter who is in power in either country, an alliance of at least fifty years. Since security is the only reason put forward by the Saker as a reason to annex Belarus, and since Belarus can’t be annexed without, let’s say, complications, that should do it.

    • Replies: @Derer
  33. Sean says:

    Pompeo in Belarus: only a coincidence, of course

    He was invited by the government of that country as a way of making clear it cannot be taken for granted. Action by Putin in Belarus will only doubly ensure that Trump does not get re-elected. And what price Putin’s s “multivector” strategy vis-à-vis the US and China surviving the Biden regieme?

    Post Putin, Russia is fated to go the same way as France after De Gaulle, when the country got inexorably drawn into Germany’s orbit. The next set of Russian leaders will phrase their policy as neutralising China through engagement, but really they’ll need China to pay for the Russian living standards to be maintained. Putin can pay up and subsidise Belarus, or fast forward to Russia falling under the sway of the Dragon.

  34. Jake says:

    Is Giauque a Mormon? Is his wife of Slavic ancestry and has become Mormon?

  35. Jake says:
    @Tick Tock

    Irritates and/or scares you that much, does he?

    Those determined to have the Anglo-Zionist Empire rule every square inch 0f the world, whether they be Liberal imperialists aching to make the world bow to abortion, blacks, and gays in addition to Jews and Moslems; or they be Jewish and ardent Semitophile Neocons; or they be ‘race-conscious’ non-Neocon, VDARE-slobbering WASP Empire fanboys singing ‘Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the Waves,’ must necessarily hate not just people like the Saker, nor even just Russians, but, eventually, all whites who refuse to bow to the Anglo-Zionist Empire with its lidless eye.

  36. Mefobills says:

    The West is attacking to then grab resources. Why?

    Once you inherit wealth, you tend to think that it’s naturally yours, not part of society’s patrimony for mutual aid. You see society in terms of yourself, not yourself as part of society. You become selfish and increasingly predatory as the economy shrinks as a result of your indebting it and monopolizing its land and property. You see yourself as exceptional, and justify this by thinking of yourself as what Donald Trump would call “a winner,” not subject to the rules of “losers,” that is, the rest of society. That’s a major theme in Greek philosophy from Socrates and Plato and Aristotle through the Stoics. They saw an inherent danger posed by an increasingly wealthy landholding and creditor ruling class atop an indebted population at large. If you let such a class emerge independently of social regulation and checks on personal egotism and hubris, the economic and political system becomes predatory. Yet that has been the history of Western civilization.

    The west is run by financial capital, which in turn is globo-homo. It is (((international))) capital which emits from corporate private banking. This construct also includes on-selling debt instruments into markets. It includes absentee stock owners of corporations, where said corporations only care about making their absentee stock holders happy. It includes company voting shares given over to banks to the vote the stock. It includes cross ownership of companies at the board level, to then conspire.

    It has always taken a king to smash oligarchic wanna-be types. The King in turn has to have the backing of the majority of the people.

    The west has no checks on personal egotism and hubris, its economic and political system is predatory, and wants to in-debt and strip Belarus, much as it did to Russia in the 90’s.

    The Aristocracy of finance capital reviles Kings, because a King is the only power able to thwart their rent takings.

    the economics discipline sidesteps the phenomenon of wealth addiction. If you take an economics course, the first thing you’re taught in price theory is diminishing marginal utility: The more of anything you have, the less you need it or enjoy it. You can’t enjoy consuming it beyond a point. But Socrates and Aristophanes emphasized, accumulating money is not like eating bananas, chocolate or any other consumable commodity. Money is different because, as Socrates said, it is addictive, and soon becomes an insatiable desire [ἀπληστία, aplêstia].

    The insatiable desire of wealth addiction makes western globo-homo finance oligarchy a fanatical and psychopathic enemy.

    The west is attacking at a weak point, where the King (Lukashenko) requires sanction by his people. If Lukashenko is playing nice with globo homo then he deserves to be deposed. Although I find it implausible he is playing nice, especially after giving globo-homo the finger during the CoronaVirus episode.

    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
  37. Jake says:

    The jokes about stupid Poles do have a basis in fact. Poles have an overriding tendency to become obsessed with one thing to the point that they miss a whole host of things that can see them battered, perhaps to the point of national death.

    Right now, Poles, those seen as Liberal and Moderate and Conservative, see very little more than that somehow the USSR was bad for Poland, and the USSR’s capital was Moscow, and therefore Russia is the threat to Poland.

    Very few Poles can start to imagine that Polish Marxists had anything much to do with the terrors Poland faced while ruled by Marxists. Virtually no Poles can imagine it possible that a fairly large number of Poles in early and mid-1930s were enamored with German National Socialism, and many of them were ardently pro-Germanic language and Germanic culture, which means they were not just anti-Slavic in terms of Russia; they were anti-Polish as well.

    And it seems that almost no Pole can allow himself to see that what the Anglo-Zionist Empire intends for Poland, as soon as the threat of an independent Russia is ended, is flood Poland with blacks and brown Moslems and gay groups with near bottomless bank accounts, while Jews come to own and control at least 50% of the nation’s wealth.

    EU membership has already lured hundreds of thousands of very bright, youngPoles away from Poland and intio a life of cosmopolitanism that eventually becomes pro-Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @HeebHunter
    , @Whiskey
  38. Realist says:

    Russia should annex Belarus post haste.

    How would they do that without pissing off the US?

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Derer
    , @Herald
  39. SIMP simp says:

    That’s because most (non-russian) east europeans, myself included, would rather live a materially prosperous and peaceful life under the delusional globohomo of the EU and NATO, then live in poverty and strife under the knout of corrupt and uncouth russian siloviki.
    Russia doesn’t have a right of using other countries as buffer states, especially when those countries hate them for a long history of devastating invasions, annexation, looting, deportations, executions and forced russification.

  40. The zionist controlled ZUSS is trying to cause another Maiden revolution in Belarus and another reason why Belarus is being targeted is that they refused to be LOCKED DOWN by the covid-19 hoax, scam , psyop and so they are targeted for destruction.

    The zionist controlled ZUSS is not content unless they are destroying countries.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  41. Rich says:

    It’s starting to look like the American Empire is unstoppable. They already have all the Warsaw Pact nations in NATO, and have moved in on former Soviet republics. Russia has been pushed further back, and now, if Pompeo’s appearance means the Belorussians are joining up, what stops the Empire? If I went by many of the authors and commenters here, I’d have thought the “Anglo-Zionist Empire” was in retreat, instead, all I see is it moving forward, claiming more territory, and amazingly enough, not having to fire a shot. The only thing that can stop it now, is overreach, but maybe they’ve figured that out, too. It’s amazing.

  42. Carlos22 says:

    Surprised Russia haven’t tried to retire him off by now?

    Few million for a villa somewhere and nice package, in exchange for smooth union between countries surely he and Putin must know the end is near?

  43. anon[413] • Disclaimer says:
    @SIMP simp

    That’s because most (non-russian) east europeans, myself included, would rather live a materially prosperous and peaceful life …

    Where? Only if it is in China. Have you been following the US news? Do you see much peace and prosperity in the US cities lately? Or do you think everything will work out with President Biden?

    • Agree: Derer
  44. pjotr says:

    As always when reporting on Russia Saker’s analyses are strictly and uncritically pro-Russian. They are without historical depth, as if everything started yesterday. I will just say that it all started more than 30 years ago and that Lukashenko played no major role in dismantling USSR or in the ensuing chaos. He is not better or worse than for example Putin. He always showed dislike for the oligarchical Russia. It is illogical to accuse him of treachery while the Yeltsinista government still rules Russia. The processes put in motion by the Russian elites several decades ago are coming, one way or another, to their logical conclusion.

  45. GMC says:
    @SIMP simp

    Lol oh poor me Russia today is Just like the Zionist infected Soviet Union _ Not. If this American Who grew up in little Warsaw (Chicago) can live in Ru. FED. AND NOT HAVE ONE PROBLEM HERE _ WTF is with your head.? You are one f U pussy.

    • Replies: @SIMP simp
  46. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Might be a wise idea, let lukashenko save face to some degree. Seems this could be accomplished by telling lukashenko to agree to the Union agreement in full already.

    Just wondering, though: is lukashenko so unpopular and perceived as so corrupt that the belarussian people will resent the union as a final “lukashenko project”?

    Would it be wiser for putin to first replace lukashenko and then have the successor sign the completion of the union agreement?

    Either way, the US and vassal countries’ media will report one-sidedly and in a misleading, deliberately incomplete fashion to criticize whatever russia or belarus do other than outright surrendering ther sovereignty snd cultures.

    However Putin does it, events now suggest that he should get it done soon and conclusively. Do something to actually directly benefit the people of Belarus in a visible way, e.g. pick a single crooked plutocrat “connected” to the lukashenko regime, confiscate his wealth, and use it to shore up some program such as retirement or healthcare, or to pay for some beginning union costs.

  47. @anon

    Very good question, sir. Your point becomes perhaps even stronger when we say “President Kamala Harris” or her ilk. Just consider the increased (and justifiable) resentment and fear of white americans — really, any sensible nonAfrican Americans —at being ruled directly by an angry african with an ax to grind and enormous fed power at her disposal.

  48. @anon

    Very good question, sir. Your point becomes perhaps even stronger when we say “President Kamala Harris” or her ilk.

    Just consider the increased (and justifiable) resentment and fear of white americans — really, any sensible nonAfrican Americans —at being ruled directly by an angry african with an ax to grind and enormous fed power at her disposal.

    There is no reason to think that US cities can be productive with the ever-changing draconian lockdown of life and commerce. There is also no reason to think that US cities can be reasonably safe and civilized, even in the downtown business districts, when the Democrats’ hatred of white people (or mispla ed white guilt) leads them to prevent / forbid police from using neccesssry force to protect the rest of us from constant african violence, intimidation, harassment, and destruction of “the public square.”

    As dire poverty, homelessness, theft, muggings, and racial tensions rise further, will the US be able to spare the troops to interfere in belarus or poland or otherwise tighten the encirclement of russia?

  49. I agree with the Saker that Belarus is “absolutely vital to Russian security.” The US and NATO have a different perspective on this crisis of course. Perspectives aside, the two are moving closer to world war, a path they’d be wise to change. They could lose everything over a fiefdom, as so often happens in history, which is following its unsettling pattern.

  50. Miro23 says:

    And it seems that almost no Pole can allow himself to see that what the Anglo-Zionist Empire intends for Poland, as soon as the threat of an independent Russia is ended, is flood Poland with blacks and brown Moslems and gay groups with near bottomless bank accounts, while Jews come to own and control at least 50% of the nation’s wealth.

    True enough. Poles see themselves as friends and partners of some sort of fantasy 1950’s Anglo America. Ronald Reagan was (and still is) enormously popular and Margaret Thatcher attracted enthusiastic crowds wherever she went.

    In reality Pompeo’s CIA/ZioGlob America is the core of Israel’s global Empire. And their attitude to Poland is not good. The Poles can see that something’s wrong, but don’t want to face the reality of the systemic rot in the US. For example:

    – The ADL targeting Poland for Jewish compensation and property restitution. Israel managed to suck 100 billion dollars out of Germany since 1950 and now they want to start on Eastern Europe since there’s something worth taking. Much of the Polish city property they owned came into their hands through debt shuffling in the great inflation of 1923 (same as Germany) turning out ethnic Polish owners.

    – Bloomberg (2020): “The Pentagon’s new ground-based missile defense system being built in Poland is now running as much as four years behind schedule, delaying a project intended to intercept potential attacks on Europe by Iran, according to officials.” Who could possibly believe that?? Certainly not Russia who logically place NWO collaborator Poland as a front line target.

    – The homosexual mafia running the EU (for example Guy Verhofstadt) threaten financial sanctions on Poland if the country’s Government “continues to breach the rule of law and European values.” For these so called European Values read his own warped ZioGlob/Woke LGBT values + mass non-European immigration.

    Poland quickly needs to make these connections and clear out the idea of US friendship. Treat the US at best neutrally.

    “What’s the cadet motto at West Point? You will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do. I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It’s – it was like – we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.” — Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo — Texas A&M University (April 15, 2019)

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @Patagonia Man
  51. Mefobills says:

    Russia won’t let Belarus fall. The west has Chutzpah and is insane to pull on the Bear’s tail. Globo-Homo has more than met its match with the combination of China and Russia.

    Let’s put it in context. Would the U.S. allow Texas to fall to Mexico, especially if Mexico was under control of say … China?

    Seventy percent of Belrusians speak Russian at home. 84% of the population is Belarusian, which is Slavic. 8% is Russian/Slavic. 3% are Poles.

    Christian Orthodox is the dominant religion.

    Jews are down to .1% today from a high of almost 9% in 1926.

    And there you may find out why the Chutzpah. Ukraine was home of the Pale of Settlement, and Belarus may also be considered former Jewish Territory (in the Jewish mind, which looks backward and remembers any perceived injustice to the tribe.)

    The rural population was 70% in 1913 and has declined to 30% today which means the population is now mostly urban. Being urban means that liberalism can make inroads, as urban centers tend to be liberal.

    Globo homo will lose despite being able to whip up liberal sheeples in urban centers.

  52. gotmituns says:

    Should we land an expeditionary force at Murmansk?

    • Replies: @Oikeamielinen
  53. Petermx says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    Lviv will be a very nice city when they are able to fix up the broken side walks and huge traffic jams. It has beautiful architecture (it’s European, Minsk’s buildings are “Stalinesque”).

  54. Rahan says:

    Belarus should have a referendum right now this autumn, overseen by the EU and Russia, on joining the RF.

    If the answer is “yes”, then as a federal republic (or 3-4 such) is has elections for a governor and a state assembly.

    If the answer is “no”, then as a sovereign republic they have free and fair elections overseen by the EU and Russia to decide who the next people in charge should be. Obviously, Russia demands legally binding non-NATO promises.

    Either way Lukashenko’s time is up. He had some decent years, especially before the 2008 world crisis, but since then it’s been just a stagnating Brezhnevist “stability”, and in the last years he’s been making mistake after mistake. He’s literally no longer fit for the job, not in 2020 and beyond. Had he stepped down circa 2006, he’d have been remembered as a solid statesman who stabilized and saved Belarus when it needed stabilizing and saving.

    He could have made a career out of this. Or even became an eternal governor of some Zasranskii Krai in Russia, as a candidate from the commies. Hell, he could have taken over KPRF (or boosted one of the smaller Stalinist competitors) on the strength of his performance in Belarus up to 2006-8.

    But guys like him just don’t know when to quit. If we take 15 years to signify one human generation, then 15 years is the maximum a leader can be adequate in a fast changing hi tech world. When generations change leaders should also change. Elites should rotate.

  55. “It seems to me that if Putin does “more of the same” Russia risks seriously losing Belarus which, at a time when the Ukrainian Banderastan is falling apart, would really be a crying shame.”

    As I see it, if Putin wasn’t such a timid weakling, the barbarians might not be at the gates right now.

    The self-professed “law-and-order president,” orange clown, needs to be put on the defensive for a change.

    For example, with a presidential election looming and many Americans sick and tired of COVID-19 – to the point that people are shooting each other over masks – why not try to make an investigation into the origin of SARS-CoV-2 an election issue in the U.S.?

    Can you imagine the outcry if Ft. Detrick was a Russian biowarfare lab that was closed down for unspecified “breaches of containment” while at the same time, at a retirement community 50 miles away, dozen of residents were sickened with a “mysterious respiratory illness” (which apparently caused three deaths) whose symptoms were remarkably similar to those of COVID-19?

    The evil orange clown and his handlers would be all over that in a microsecond, accusing the Russian government of unleashing SARS-CoV-2 on the world and demanding an international investigation. So why doesn’t Vladimir Putin do the same? As the virus rages, the U.S. economy crumbles, and people fight over masks, the “mysterious respiratory illness” in Virginia last year should be given the international attention it deserves.

    And then there’s the lingering 9/11 issue. If Russia can be publicly accused of the attempted murder of the Skripals with poison gas, the U.S. government can be publicly accused of complicity in the 9/11 false-flag attack.

    Vladimir Putin should be at the UN right now holding a copy of the recently published final report by Hulsey et al. “A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7” while demanding an international investigation into 9/11.

    But no, he’d rather sit there mute. What’s he afraid of, sanctions; an attempt to stop Nord Stream 2; weapons shipments to Ukraine; an attempt to destabilize Belarus? Apparently not, since these things are already happening. Do Putin and the Russian government still not realize what’s going on in the world?

    • Replies: @haha
  56. I agree that Luka is shit. I also agree that the other “candidates” in their “presidential elections” are even bigger shit.

    However, I am not sure that Russia needs to place Belarus burden on its shoulders. It would be best for Belarus (and Russia, incidentally) if Luka is replaced by someone capable and credible, with Belarus remaining associated with Russia but sort of independent. I don’t know how feasible it is now.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @yurivku
  57. Z-man says:

    The ZUS Government has already sanctioned the Russians up the wazoo.
    They should also annex the Russian parts under control of the separatists in Ukraine. For that they should make a deal with the comedian turned politician in Kiev. He may be Jooish but he’s a diluted version who wants to get along with Vlad. I think.

    • Replies: @Realist
  58. Derer says:

    “(Russia) Pissing off the US.”

    …is becoming a mild joke. When the sanctions are turned into benefits and reserve holding at 61% and declining, the pissing off have lost the resonance.

    • Replies: @Realist
  59. @Zarathustra

    Russia did not care much for Donbas which was worth something,

    If by “not care much” you mean did not invade, or accept the request of the separatists to join the Russian Federation, it would seem that you don’t see the big picture. Donbas would have given NATO an excuse to start shooting, and provided no opportunity to show that the Ukies had no intention of living up to the Minsk Accord. As bad as the situation in Donbas may be, it is a festering wound that will handcuff Kyev, making it more difficult to join NATO.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  60. @Rich

    Russians are slow to react, it’s in their character, unlike the hysterical hyperactive westerners, but when they move … well, you’ll all know. Just keep prodding the bear and see where it gets you.

  61. haha says:
    @Harold Smith

    Putin is perhaps a disciple of the great American President Calvin Coolidge. A memorable Coolidge quote is “If you see ten troubles coming your way, rest assured that nine will fall in the ditch before they reach you”. There is actually a lot of wisdom behind this seemingly passive, do-nothing approach.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  62. Thim says:

    When it was revealed that Putin had sent in two teams of terrorists to create a Maiden like event on Victory Square, it was clear that Putin was trying to get rid of Lukashenko.

    The Saker confirms this. Time to depose the President who just won the election, everyone hates him. Do a Khadafi on him, is what Saker wants. So yes, Putin is going after Lukashenko.

    Lukashenko made Putin look like the fool he is during this virus hoax. And Putin, the old fool, is still pushing the hoax.

    Belarus remains white, and the people are happy. Russia is now filled with Muslims, and at the current rate will be a majority Muslim within 40 years. The people are notoriously unhappy. The native Russian birth rate has collapsed, far below replacement levels.

    Time for all to recall that Saker is extremely pro Muslim. Does the lack of Muzzies in Minsk really bother him that much?

    So my proposal is, reunite Russia, make Minsk the Capital, and Lukashenko the dictator.

    Putin can go to the firing squad as a terrorist, for the crap he pulled last week.

  63. Derer says:

    “Russia should annex Belarus…”

    Why? Can you see the trend US is interested in bankrupt Kosovo, Afghanistan or Belarus because of Russian proximity. The proximity means nothing for today’s military technology of ballistic missiles …the US ruling elite is stuck with horses. Russia will have good reason to trade for oil rich Venezuela.

  64. Derer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    there is a language called Belarusian which is separate from Russian

    As much as Texas dialect from New York. Texas should ask for independence.

  65. @Marshall Lentini

    I agree. BTW, Americans can enter visa-free for 30 days at the Minsk airport (on non-Russia originating flights) and for 10 days at the Polish land borders at Brest and Hrodna.

    You’ll think you went through a time tunnel to pre-1965 America! Clean, friendly, prosperous, at least seemingly so—I didn’t know about Russian subsidies. Still, you don’t see a lot of corruption and inequality I usually associate with client-state economies. And the young people all seem to speak excellent English—even those working at fast food joints.

    Complete opposite of Ukraine, especially outside Kiev (e.g., Karkhiv—what a depressing sty). If Belarus is a dictatorship and Ukraine is “free,” comparing the two would make an excellent advertisement for dictatorship. If I were looking for a place to raise children, Belarus beats any country I can think of, including the U.S. (and the women… Be still my foolish heart!)

  66. @haha

    Perhaps, but that was before the invention and proliferation of nukes for example. Nowadays unfortunately, such passivity in the face of relentless, escalating provocations by a determined enemy might not be such a good idea.

    • Replies: @Derer
  67. Thanks, Saker. I’ve not looked at this website for a while, but I am grateful for the first credible analysis of what’s happening in Belorussia that I’ve seen anywhere.

  68. @AnonFromTN

    But isn’t the West making it impossible for belarus and ukraine to remain neutral or friendly towards both russia and the west? The West wants those countries thoroughly under their thumb, to destroy the native traditional culture and religion, to control and profit from their natural resources, to enserf the people to Jew and WASP “financiers” and bankers, and of course to push troops and missiles even closer to russia’s borders, including Moscow and SPB.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  69. Derer says:

    Putin can always tease Washington toothless bullies with Venezuela. What can they do? Sanctions are actually benefits and bully is scared of minnow like N.Korea…although was quite heroic in invading Grenada.

  70. FB says: • Website

    Well…Saker did provide some interesting info about the behind the scenes skullduggery…but that’s basically a storm in a teacup…it’s a minor incident that’s already irrelevant…

    The rest of Saker’s ‘analysis’ is buffoonish as usual…

    Lukashenko has broad and deep support among the people…especially the people that count, the ordinary working folks that are family-oriented and responsible and decent citizens…it may not be 80 percent as the election results claim, but no serious person is disputing that it’s at least 50 percent and perhaps quite a bit more…

    The biggest clue that Saker is clueless is his claiming that the Belarus economic system is ‘unworkable’…which is demonstrably false…it works very well, with all the major industries from the Soviet era continuing as state-owned enterprises, instead of delivered unto the grubby hands of oligarchs as in Russia…

    Lukashenko and Putin have a long history of disagreement…and I think mostly this is due to the fact that Putin is still beholden to the oligarchs, despite the fact that the absolute worst transgressors and outright criminals have been sidelined…

    Saker, like many Putinists like to paint Lukashenko as power hungry and simply caring about being in control…whereas in fact he is driven almost entirely by principle…

    And you know what, many Russians know that and would welcome the completion of the union of the countries so that they could vote for Lukashenko as president of the Russian Federation…

    That is the real reason why Putin and Lukashenko have been at loggerheads for a long time…it is mostly because of Putin’s insecurity about facing a real rival, who has the creds that come with socialist principles…something Putin only pays lip service to…

    Putin has of course been a very competent leader and has delivered a lot of real results, but it’s clear by now that he is only willing to go half way and the job of fully reviving Russia will be left unfinished…because he actually believes in capitalism…Lukashenko doesn’t…

    That’s the whole problem in a nutshell…

    Saker’s talk about military and security issues is ridiculous for many reasons…not least being that the US empire of delusion is about to implode for good…what have they managed to do by overthrowing the Ukrainian government…?

    Absolutely nothing, except to make all of Europe more sympathetic to Russia and less sympathetic to the ridiculously failing Washington…

    Look at the fissure between Germany and the US…the German people are not going to be dictated to like some tinpot country…I keep seeing more and more German politicians are politely using the word ‘partner’ for the US, where previously it had been ‘ally’ and ‘friend’…

    The idea of Nato threatening Russia is way past its use before date…that project is toast…there is a new alignment emerging and the center of mass is shifting to Eurasia…Putin knows that too of course, and perhaps he just likes to move with deliberate caution…

    But what we are seeing now with Belarus is that the Russian oligarchs are basically whipping up this fury against Lukashenko, because his socialist integrity is still a threat to them…Putin is going along with it, mostly due to the pressure from the fifth columnists…including Saker…

    • Thanks: Vidi
    • Replies: @Kiza
  71. There are already (false) rumors spread by Polish media about Lukashenko having fled Belarus in his aircraft. This rumor is clearly designed to create the (wrong) impression that Lukashenko is the next Ianukovich: while I equally dislike both of these men, Lukashenko is a much tougher man than Ianukovich ever was.

    I have seen similar information about the flight on Russian media website ( part of Rambler& Co located in Moscow )

    Самолет Лукашенко вылетел из Минска

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  72. Derer says:
    @Harold Smith

    Putin knows, and you too, that Washington bully is toothless and has currently more on his plate than Russia. Precisely, because of proliferation of nukes and long range delivery, the proximity means nothing. BTW before numerous Siberian silos are destroyed, the US cities would burn. Remember the next WW would not leave US soil untouched like the previous two – and bully knows that.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
    , @Derer
  73. A single state solution ended when Dimitry Ayatskov, appointed as ambassador to Belarus, never made it to Minsk. At a private dinner to celebrate his appointment, he said that it was his task to reunite Belarus with Russia. Yeltsin introduced Ayatskov to Clinton as the next President of Russia. All downhill from there.

    Keeping Belarus sweet with cheap oil was as foolish as keeping Ukraine sweet with cheap gas (which didn’t stay cheap). Bought favours are not enduring.

  74. Korbashi says:

    A very good article with some excellent information.

  75. R2b says:

    Sweden, a couple of weeks ago, promptly declared in state-tv, that from now on ”Vit-Ryssland”, (White-Russia), is hereafter officially to be called Belarus. Tonight Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, is reported to have fled, to an unknown location, in Poland(?), after declaring victory in the election, and demanding a recount. Luke is said to have gathered 80%.
    Interesting, and timely article!

    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  76. Realist says:

    I hpoe Russia is ready for more US interference.

  77. Realist says:

    The ZUS Government has already sanctioned the Russians up the wazoo.

    I agree.

    They should also annex the Russian parts under control of the separatists in Ukraine.

    My point is in an election years Trump my do something even more stupid than normal.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Z-man
  78. @SIMP simp

    Maybe the Russians wouldn’t care so much about “buffer states” if the US weren’t constantly regime changing and destroying sovereign nations it doesn’t control and NATOizing Eastern European countries so Russia ends up surrounded by hostile standing armies armed with nuclear missiles.

    If you want to join globohomo “civilization” and became a mindless consumer zombie (or an indentured prole) in lands with no culture and no future where women sport beards and swing penises…that’s your choice.

    But don’t rationalize it by projecting US imperial fantasies onto the Russians and turning reality on its head.

    • Replies: @SIMP simp
  79. SIMP simp says:

    Am I supposed to be impressed that you are an american? You lot are renowned for how ignorant of culture and history you are. And you can’t write properly even in your own language.

  80. @Realist

    Do it the day after the us election, then.

  81. Imagine if Putin had reacted quickly to downing of SU-24 in Syria by Erdogan and company In 2015.
    Being the Judo master and past Spymaster, he is patient and waits for his opponent to show weakness and makes a quick move when the time is right to defeat the opponent. It’s clear to me watching since 2014 that Putin is the only person who could handle mercurial Erdogan better than anybody including NATO and the rest. Lukashenko is a small potato compared to Erdogan.
    When it comes to Belarus, Putin has many more tools to handle than he had in Ukraine and Syria, including but not limited to relative homogeneity of the population and current security architecture with Belarus.

    • Replies: @Vidi
  82. @RadicalCenter

    The West wants those countries thoroughly under their thumb,

    That’s the imperial idea. The Empire does not tolerate anything except obsequious vassals. If you refuse to lick imperial boots, you are declared an enemy. Interestingly enough, this stupid stance greatly increased the popularity of many anti-imperial leaders (Castro, Ortega, Assad, and Maduro immediately come to mind) and made piles of shit out of those countries that chose the Empire (Kosovo, Ukraine, etc.). If imperial/globohomo lackeys win, Belarus is also destined to become a pile of shit.

    • Agree: Rurik
  83. @Włodzimierz

    I have seen similar information about the flight on Russian media website

    Lenta, like Dozd, Meduza, and their ilk, is a liberast (libtard in English) source. There is a lot more freedom of speech and variety of opinions in Russian media than in the “democratic” West.

  84. @Derer

    It’s not a matter of “proximity” (or any other aspect of the loss of Belarus) per se, that’s the problem. Rather, the apparent attempt to turn Belarus into another imperial client state is more clear evidence (on top of the already mountainous pile) that the U.S. “government” will continue its efforts to isolate, damage and destabilize Russia, and will not stop until Russia is neutered (or the world is a smoking ruin).

    If Putin continues to do “more of the same” – essentially nothing – failing to even attempt to strike at the empire’s apparently vulnerable spots, e.g. 9/11 and SARS-CoV-2, the day will come when the only option Russia will have will be war.

    IOW why not put the U.S. “government” on the defensive for a change, and give Trump and his jewish-supremacist colleagues something else to occupy their time rather than plotting the next act of treachery.

    • Replies: @Derer
  85. Micron says:

    I see lots of fallacies and simple-minded analysis here.

    Most prevalent falsehood, or at least misconception, being that Russia should somehow act in a knee-jerk way and automatically counter a color revolution with a counter-revolution of its own. At the very least, this is something that should be carefully evaluated, as it is not at all clear that the benefits would outweigh the costs.

    In fact I can see several arguments in favor of doing nothing. Let’s assume the JUSA get their way and turn Belarus into an Ukrainian-style shitshow. This would automatically mean a net influx of high-skilled Belarusians into Russia, which, as Saker correctly points out, are nothing else than ethnic Russians, thus boosting Russia’s demography (just as Ukraine has poured hundreds of thousands of skilled workers into Russia).

    Another benefit would be to reinforce Putin’s position (as well as all nationalist & rightwing tendencies) in Russia by letting the Anglos come right on Russia’s door. This can have a net positive impact on Russia’s social cohesion. After all, Israel has been surrounded for 70 years and positively crave this permanent hostility, as it enables all their crazies to gradually push Zionism’ grand plan into the masses.

    Really, I think it all comes down to the military / strategic question, as in : does Russia need a land bridge to Königsberg or not ? I’m not sure. It’s not WWII anymore, we live in an era of Sarmat ICBM and hypersonic missiles. Granted, it’s marginally more annoying to have a handful of overweight NATO sissies and dollar-waving CIA thugs in Minsk rather than in Warsaw, but apart from staging meaningless maneuvers and installing even more useless anti-ballistic systems (which they are apparently even not able to setup in Poland) I don’t really see them crossing the threshold of a minor annoyance, like some sort of noisy and smelly mosquito.

    All in all, if I were Putin I’d even be tempted to give the American partners an helping hand. The alternative is simple ; if, after seeing what happened to Ukraine since 2015, a majority of Belarusians still want to try the Western way of life, no amount of Russian influence will help. On the other hand, if the majority firmly rejects it, Russia will have solidified its front yard without any effort. No really, even though I’m not a big fan of Putin regarding economic policy, on the external front I have to say he has always been 100% consistent and coherent in this regard.

    • Replies: @Herald
  86. Herald says:

    Pissing off the US is a noble cause.

    • Agree: Realist, annamaria
  87. Z-man says:

    My point is in an election years Trump my do something even more stupid than normal.

    He likes Putin and Russia. He might do something stupid domestically but not internationally unless the NEOCONS push him into something with Iran. Iran might also be stupid enough to rile him, but I think not.

    • Replies: @Realist
  88. Saker missed the “Irish Candidate” dimension.

  89. RatMan29 says:

    Georgia and Ukraine are anti-Russian for good reason: Russia now occupies provinces in each without cause or right.

    Ukraine should have kept its nukes.

    As for the color revolutions, Soros did those. One hopes Trump’s CIA knows better than to try to extend NATO’s protection to places its logistics can’t reach now that the Turks have turned their coat and serve Russia.

    • Troll: FB, GMC
    • Replies: @Jazman
    , @RadicalCenter
  90. Hodd says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    If you tried opening your eyes you’d find Russia and China are ‘owned’ by your Mafia just as Saker is.
    The only FREE country left is North Korea. And that is only in the part not dependent on Russia or China.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Malla
  91. haha says:

    Yes, but maybe the nuclear missiles, too, will join the nine other troubles in the ditch!

    Just kidding.

  92. @Jake

    If Polacken werent stupid they wouldnt have been raped for centuries despite being a major European ethnicity.

    They are arrogant and ignorant. If the Germans and Russians hadnt shaken them down, the US would. Which it does.

    The Prussians should have finished the job.

  93. anon[234] • Disclaimer says:

    you see..when I rad the Saker all the indecisiveness and uncertainly, hesitancy and reluctance to be direct and decisive relative to one obvious interest pisses me off totally

    that Belarus is crucial to Russian security is true so therefore that’s it! end of story.

    America would not even get as close as the Saker describes here. Lukashenko would have been long gone, dispatched in some way… Belarus reincorporated and that situation solved

    what the hell is Putin doing even allowing a state as crucial to Russian security get so much out of hand?

    there is nothing going on in Belarus for the people that would not be better for them inside current Russia?

    this is a problem that developed because of the same stupid hesitancy and indecisiveness I pointed to above.

    that is impression I have of the Saker. it is the same one I have of Putin and the Russian state.

    that kind of silly indecisive behavior allows such unnecessary crisis to develop by allowing the Americans opportunity to meddle and threaten Russian interests everywhere… where there should be no opportunity for that at all

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @AnonFromTN
  94. Jazman says:

    In physical reality,Ukraine held NOTHING.
    Weapons were in possession of 12th directorate forces,answering to Moscow.Warhead design was never done in Ukraine,neither was any kind of warhead production
    You writing nonsense.
    Believe me,if Ukraine had physical possession of anything,9/11 would have been carried out with nuclear weapons and in several locations.
    Them [email protected]#%os have tendencies to sell craziest things.
    Kid,when you have nothing to say,say nothing.
    You’ll look substantially smarter that way.

    • Agree: Robjil, AnonFromTN, GMC
    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  95. Herald says:

    Yes, if Putin allowed Belarus to become the new Ukraine, then you would have to question whether he is still fit for his current job. Even without the Belarus fiasco, things were generally coming to the boil and any new weakness on Russia’s part could be disastrous.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  96. Herald says:

    Little need for too much analysis. A quick look at the map makes it clear, that Russia would be incredibly stupid to let Belarus fall into the wrong hands.

  97. Derer says:
    @Ayatollah Smith

    The US is indeed attempting a takeover of Belarus, just as they managed with the Ukraine,

    The US did not managed Ukraine yet. The big problem for the US is, the populace of these countries are predominantly anti-Zionist. Zelinsky is a short term oddity.

  98. @anon

    there is nothing going on in Belarus for the people that would not be better for them inside current Russia?

    You naively assume that people are rational. They are not. Your statement would be just as true applied to Ukraine, as it was a lot more prosperous and populous in the USSR, so what? Gullible sheeple in Ukraine screwed up their country. There is no law saying similarly gullible sheeple in Belarus won’t screw up theirs.

  99. Milton says:

    Putin has been lukewarm in his dealings with the Western the Deep State. For this reason God will vomit him out of his mouth. Just a quick read of the Old Testament shows that God treats the lukewarm more harshly than the outright wicked, for the reason that “to whom much is given much is expected in return”. Putin and Russia have been given much power; they weren’t given it just to squander it playing nice with Team Neocon. Here’s praying that Putin will come to his senses, and quick.

    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  100. Derer says:

    Poland is ruled by the Zionist elite, exactly like the US, Anglo block or France is, perhaps Ukraine?, however the victimized populace is predominantly anti-Zionist.

    In the eventuality of a WW, the anti-Zionist block would be formed by: Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Muslim block regardless of Sunni or Shia.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @RadicalCenter
  101. Derer says:

    I understand your sentiment, however Putin is a great strategist sometime you have to let bleed or lure predator into the trap. He will perhaps cultivate American wounds through oil rich Venezuela with Chinese help.

  102. FRITZ says:

    For us Americans, who are the “ Galicians” mentioned? Surely not the same ones as in Spain?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  103. @Curmudgeon

    For Russia the situation is tricky. Putin could accepted the request of Donbas and Lugansk and NATO would move a finger. The decision not to accept the request was more political. It would incite fear and hatred in former communist Europe. Putin knows and most of the people know that time is on Russian side. Even Global warming is on Russian side. So Russian policy is just wait it out.
    Even if all Europe joins NATO, they will not attack Russia.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  104. Cyrano says:

    To me it’s obvious that big part of the problem with the Belarusians is their attitude. These people are full of themselves. What irritates me the most, is them having the guts to call themselves Belarusians (for those of you unfamiliar with the issue – the name Belarusian comes from the 2 words: Bella – which is Italian for pretty or beautiful and Russian). What are they trying to imply, that they are the Pretty Russians, as opposed to the rest of the Russians who are not? The nerve of these people.

  105. Vidi says:

    Perhaps Putin could save Lukashenko from a coup attempt.

    In 2016, Putin saved Erdogan from a such an attempt, and this has led to Turkey shifting slightly eastwards. Though the Saker has correctly derided Turkey’s attempt to “sit between two chairs”, the shift has been significant. Before, the Turks were faithful servants of the Empire; when commanded to do so by the US, they obediently shot down a Russian jet (a Sukhoi 24), thereby risking the fury of a nearby superpower, putting the survival of their country at risk. We are all lucky that Putin kept his head and didn’t escalate. This probably gave time for Erdogan to realize how reckless he had been, and perhaps he stopped following US orders slavishly. This probably lead to the coup attempt in 2016: the US wanted to replace Erdo with a more obedient slave. But after being rescued by Putin, Erdogan has noticeably softened his position against the Russians.

    Perhaps Putin can do something similar with Lukashenko. Judging by how easily the flight containing Russians was diverted, there are significant pro-US forces in Belarus. And from Lukashenko’s jittery reaction, he must truly think a coup against him is about to happen. Maybe Putin can save the Belarussian leader.

  106. @Miro23

    “Poles see themselves as friends and partners of some sort of fantasy 1950’s Anglo America”

    Roman Catholic Poland is historically a wedge between Protestant-German capital and technology OTOH and Orthodox-Russian natural resources and manpower OTO – a marriage that has scared the pants off the Kabal since German Unification (1871).

    We see this played out still via US sanctions against Nordstream to this day.

    Not unlike the Mideastern zionist entity and (since the US Federal Reserve Act, 1913) the USA, itself, Poland is yet another of the Anglo-Zionist’s zombie nations run by remote control from the City of London, aka ‘The City’.

  107. @Cyrano

    Your claim is incorrect.

    The name Belarus is closely related with the term Belaya Rus.

    The term Byelorussia was only used officially until 1991.

    • Replies: @csucsu
  108. @FRITZ

    No, of course it has nothing to do with Spain (even though some really crazy Ukies say that it has). Here is some info:

  109. Rnaught says:

    Russia will never ever, ever, ever let Belarus slip into the Western orbit. It needs Belarus as a buffer state to add strategic depth to would be invaders from the West. The Poles in 1605, the Swedes under Charles XII in 1707, the French under Napoleon in 1812, and the Germans—twice, in both world wars, in 1914 and 1941.

  110. vot tak says:

    Interesting, but not surprising, since it would defuse saker’s standard chicken little hysterics, that no mention of the jeans color revolution is mentioned. That one fizzled. As this one is fizzling, despite saker’s hysterics, Lukashenko demonizing and demands of what Russia should do. In a few more days the regime changers will be spent and Belarus will return to normal.

    As for Lukashenko switching over to zionazia, dream on, saker. The guy has run Belarus for 25 years in spite of your peoples’ nonsense, and is obviously not one of your trumps.

    While saker tries to present Lukashenko as a sell out now, in previous articles, before his likudian ordaned switch to a more neocon line of hasbara, he described him and Belarus as Russia’s closest neighbor of the ex Soviet countries, and that Lukashenko’s occasional anti-Russian rhetoric was more about showing he is independent of Russia, rather than hostile to Russia.

    Let’s look at the geopolitical reality here.

    The saker is pushing a Lukashenko regime change line, and demonized L. in concordance with the zionazi-gay establishment. In addition he pushes Russia taking over, a major propaganda coup for zionazia if they did.

    Russia has done quite well acting in ignorance to what saker demands she do. Must be rather frustrating to the aspie. ;-D

    • Agree: FB
    • Troll: ploni almoni
    • Replies: @SveVid
  111. anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    Otherwise they are all doomed . Buddhism has to join the fray also in league with Islam and Christianity . History tells us that the world regresses under Zionsim . It also regresses under Hinduism of RSS BJP upper caste variety which has always been the only game in the town of Hinduism. Buddhism lost the social cohesion and peaceful journey of progress because covert and overt accommodation to Brahimincal Hinduism and for allowing syncretism with the Hindus practices ,and in the process reintroducing Brahmincal inequality unegalitarianism , and systemization of economic exploitation .

    It’s fight for the soul of humanity .

    • Replies: @Anon
  112. Derer says:
    @Harold Smith

    It isn’t that important but my post 102 was meant for you. By an error I click on my name.

  113. Vidi says:

    When it comes to Belarus, Putin has many more tools to handle than he had in Ukraine and Syria, including but not limited to relative homogeneity of the population and current security architecture with Belarus.

    … and the Ukraine’s educational example of the dire things that can happen when some people fall for Western propaganda.

  114. @Cyrano

    Huh? Beautiful?? Belarussia is White Russia.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  115. @Cyrano

    You are a practical joker one!
    It is Bielarus (at least the pronunciation)
    It means White Russia.

  116. csucsu says:

    Belarussian , the first part is pronance bjelo meaning white Belorussian Whiterussian .
    Same thing with the capital of Serbia Belgrade pronounce bjelograd meaning whitetown

  117. csucsu says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Your claim is even more incorrect see my response to that other dumbo Cyrano.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  118. SveVid says:
    @vot tak

    Yes Lukashenko has “sold out” to the extent that he thought he could take a multi vector approach to foreign policy. So he has allowed foreign NGO’s, allowed Polish media, openly flirted with Nato just to show that he can stand up to Putin who has been pressuring him to get on with unification if he wants to keep getting subsidies and access to the Russian Market.

    Obviously Luka’s gamble has backfired big time.

    Going by the latest news and videos, it looks like he will manage to suppress the protests. But it can only be a temporary respite. Putin told him what’s expected of him in his congratulatory note for his re-election…

    It’s up to Lukashenko to decide which way he wants to go…the ball is in his court

  119. Kiza says:

    Russia separated Turkey from NATO like US is separating Belarus from Russia.

    BTW, I was wrong about Belarus and Russia. If Putin were to help a coup in Belarus, the Russian (Jewish) oligarchs standing behind Putin would devastate the Belarus socialist economy in a couple of industries that Belarus is still the best in the World in (e.g. trolley uses). Belarus must keep its niche market to prosper, not to fall under the tender mercies of the “Russian” oligarchs. I am saying this although an anti-leftist only because being anti-oligarch is more important than being anti-communist. Oligarchy is never capitalism, more like feudalism.

    This problem makes the situation even more complex than the Saker’s description. Maybe Putin understands this and is not willing to attempt the one country – two systems that turned out so bad for China in Hong Kong. Therefore, keeping hands off Belarus is the correct approach as long as Russia can save its lesser evil in Lukashenko from the CIA no matter how much he cooperates with CIA. After all, he did not deliver the Novorussians to Ukronazis.

  120. polistra says: • Website

    I’ve been suspicious of TheSaker for a while. This piece verifies that he’s solid pure 100% Deepstate. No longer bothering with the false flags, just pure Soros.

    • Replies: @hum2
  121. Kiza says:

    After posting my comment above I read yours and realised that we described almost the same situation of Belarus versus Russia. The only two differences are that you appear pro-socialism and that you attack Saker. But I do agree the most on an important point that the Russian oligarchs would never allow for the Belarus socialist model to survive because it is so much better for people than their neo-feudal model.

    Saker was somewhat successful in pulling me in the wrong direction by placing that obnoxious photo inside his article. It was a manipulation by association, Lukashenko probably just wanted to meet his enemy.

    Finally, Belarus is too close to Russia to fair like Venezuela and Putin is not watching the Olympics again (good timing Belarus elections). Let us hope that Lukashenko does not give Putin enough reason to do anything more than just protect him from CIA, as has been done so far. Lukashenko himself will clean up his KGB of CIA agents.

    • Replies: @Derer
  122. Whiskey says: • Website

    That is not an accurate reading of Polish history. First they were carved up as a conquered, enserfed people in the 18th Century by Prussia, Russia, and Austria. Then they were carved up AGAIN by the Germans and Russians. Then fought over by both. Then made slaves again in their own nation by Russians. Who in turn have made no secret of the idea that the USSR should be reborn. Putin himself talks about it all the time.

    This is the reason his natural allies, the conservative Poles, and Czechs, and even the Hungarians have real issues and distrust of Russia. Having been ruled by Russia in one form or another makes the peoples of each of these nations distrustful of the old colonial master coming back and enslaving them.

    The Poles fought and lost to the Russians, Prussians, and Austrians, being too weak and divided and facing far superior forces. They won against the Russians in the 1920s, but lost to them and the Germans in 1939 who were more numerous, better equipped and allied. The lesson for Poland is to have a superpower that is distant to help guard against one that is close and dangerous. That lesson is never going to be unlearned, it is human nature.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  123. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    Given the elimination of Buddhism from S India, and western India by 6 -7 th century , from eastern India by 12 th century and Nepal around same time by the calculated coordinated conspiratorial activities of Brahminism, by the treachery , by insertion of false equivalence and philosophical distortion, and creation of confusion by the Brahmins .

    World is seeing a similar upsurge of Brahminism in India whose result would be massive marginalization and enslavement of the non upper caste . Resistance to this is getting crushed by marketing poltical- economic activity as religious cultural renaissance and by marketing it as attempt at reclaiming historical status lost under the foreign rules.

  124. SIMP simp says:

    Is the presence of russian soldiers in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, Crimea and Donbass a projection of US imperial fantasies onto the Russians?
    If you think russian occupation is conducive to culture read about the fate of polish intellectuals, both under the tsars and under the bolsheviks.
    The muskals have been imperialists since before the US is a thing. That’s how they created an empire that was stretching from Warsaw to Alaska and then a brutal ideological bloc stretching from the Elbe to the Mekong Delta.
    And even now some russians never gave up on that imperialism as you see from The Saker, Karlin etc.

  125. @csucsu

    I never said that the meaning of the prefix ‘Byel’ didn’t mean ‘ white’. I know that it means ‘white’.

    I was refuting Cyrano’s claim of invoking the Italian ‘bella’ meaning ‘beautiful’.

  126. @Milton

    Your moniker is well chosen. But Biblical zealotry applied to statecraft is often folly.

    I believe Sun-Tzu might say, “The West is doing a fine job destroying itself. Why push it?” The intelligent captain wins without war. Militancy has no place in a world bristling with nuclear weapons.

    Let zealotry apply itself to devotion to God—good works, prayer, Scripture study, and Church. Applied to the contests between states, it invites reciprocal zealotry from the other side, a clash of wills, and war.

    The West will attempt to bribe, seduce, or connive Belarus into becoming an extension of Nato. Putin must make it worthwhile for Belarus to remain on Russia’s side, which they already are by heritage, language, and religion. A cool head and hand will prevail.

  127. yurivku says:

    Belarusian comes from the 2 words: Bella – which is Italian for pretty or beautiful and Russian).

    You are wrong. Bela (Бело) – is russian word white. So, Belorussia – is White Russia.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  128. yurivku says:

    Luka is replaced by someone capable and credible, with Belarus remaining associated with Russia but sort of independent.

    Agree. But like in ukraine silent majority can loose against angry active minority.
    As in UKi people were fed up with Yanyk, in Belorussia people are fed up with Luka.
    So results of this revolt can be different.

  129. Alfred says:

    the name Belarusian comes from the 2 words: Bella – which is Italian for pretty or beautiful and Russian

    It comes from белый (belia) which means “white, Caucasian, whitey, honky, lily, blanch, pale”. рус (rus) is the Russian / Ukrainian race.

    If you like, Belarus means “White Russian”

    BTW, they have some gorgeous-looking girls there.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  130. .. I don’t much get the strategic nature of Belarus – so there is a flat march to Moscow from the Polish border, almost as much as from the Belarusian border. In the end the citizens need to be protected. Maybe you get a minute or few more warning for nuclear launches.

    Honestly, let the Belarusian people choose, and let them suffer their doom. If they want to join Russia? Sure, at the directly democratic level, if not? Fine.

    Russia is a Switzerland on steroids, it should declare armed neutrality, and ignore the Orcs around the world.

    • Replies: @FB
  131. Alfred says:

    enserfed people in the 18th Century by Prussia, Russia, and Austria

    1- Polish serfs had more rights than Russian serfs under Imperial Russia.

    2- When the Polish aristocracy and middle class rebelled against Russia in 1848, the peasants were on the side of the Russians. They preferred having Russian masters. Hence the failure of the uprising.

    The notion of nationhood did not exist at that time. Don’t forget that Russia’s most successful ruler was the German Catherine the Great. The British won at Waterloo because their king was Hanoverian and called on his “German” troops – they outnumbered the British.

    Here is the Jewpedia version. I didn’t read it, but I am sure it is full of falsehoods and skips over important facts.

    Greater Poland uprising (1848)

  132. vot tak says:

    What’s With the Flag? The Sordid Past of Banner Flown by Belarusian Activists

    “The white-red-and white flag was also used between 1942 and 1944 in Nazi-occupied Belarus and it was worn on the patches of Belarusian volunteers in the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS.

    In March 1945 the majority of those Belarusian soldiers surrendered to the US Army in Bavaria and many ended up emigrating to the United States, rather than returning to the Soviet Union.”

    Always trusted colaborators of the west.

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  133. c.urious says:

    I wonder why is it that Belarus, according to Saker, is not a viable state but for example Latvia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Luxembourg or Montenegro are?

  134. slinavko says:

    Just to be nice and friendly and unwilling to learn anything from the past, recent and otherwise, but eager to relearn it all by himself personally and lose a lot in the process (in despotic countries one man decides everything, no checks and balances), Putin first in 2001 abandoned Cuba, then in 2002 he abandoned the Kosovo and Serbs, in 2014 he abandoned historic Russian lands and Russian population in Ukraine, and now as things stand Belarus will be lost either very soon or in the foreseeable future. For NATO the next stop will inevitable be Moscow itself. The distance from the island of Cuba to the Russian border is approximately 9 000 km. Such is the eastward retreat of Russia since Putin taking power. It took him less than 20 years to accomplish all of that. Did somebody say that Russia is on the rise?

  135. On the other hand. If Lukashenko is either deposed and replaced by a US/NATO stooge or “turned out” by the Empire, what we would have is another failed state/NATO dependency along with Latvia, Estonia, etc….Another NATO/petro-dollar money pump with little military significance other than providing new targets for Russian ordinance. The future of NATO ultimately hinges on the economic viability of the EU. And that doesn’t look so good these days. No EU? NATO is toast. Putin is buying time waiting for the Empire to continue its maniacal overreach and ultimately run out of stacks of cash for its NATO dependencies. Putin and Russia sing along with Mick Jagger “time is on my side.”

    • Thanks: FB
  136. Archange says:
    @SIMP simp

    @SIMP simp

    I see that your respondents are oblivious to the bleak reality of Russia. Here is a typical example. After having lived in the UK for a few years and learned how to brew good bier, a Russian went back to his home town and opened a small brewery there. His beer was good and he met with success. A few years after, the local boss took a liking to the business and simply took it from the guy with the help of a local judge. But the new brew master brewed bitter piss and the brewery stopped making money. The boss got hold of the Russian guy and asked for the recipe. The guy refused and was simply shot. The brewery folded in the aftermath.

    Ponder this example. Sure, you are fine until some siloviki or local boss wants something from you : money, land, furniture, wife, etc. Then you are helpless.

    • Agree: SIMP simp
  137. FB says: • Website
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    You are misunderstanding the situation in Belarus…

    There are very few people that want to join the west…that is a very important fact…

    Those that are demonstrating have various kinds of complaints…some of them don’t like Lukashenko, and others are just the run of the mill fifth columnists nurtured by the CIA and its global spider web of color revolution and destabilization…

    Some may be pro-Russia, and elements in the Russian oligarchy may be encouraging them…which would also explain why Luka is directing some animus towards Putin…

    There is always some dissatisfaction in any society, but almost always a lot of these people are in distinct groups that may have quite different and opposing objectives…

    The US cannot gain any traction in Belarus like it did in Ukraine…even in Ukraine, the majority now have buyer’s remorse…

  138. @Jazman

    You are utterly clueless. When Ukraine became independent the Nukes passed to Ukraine and they controlled them. Ukraine gave them up only because of the Budapest Memorandum, which Putin has now violated on the thinnest of pretexts.

    Saker is also clueless. He’s no “expert” and all he does is spew various conspiracy theories that he creates. Saker is good for a laugh, and that’s the only reason to read his garbage.

    • Troll: FB
    • Replies: @FB
    , @Jazman
    , @Robjil
    , @vot tak
  139. @SIMP simp

    You are correct about Russia. The government has been imperialistic for centuries, and that includes the Soviet Union. Putin is simply the current version of the Tsar, and his behavior is no different than that of the Tsars. Saker, alas for him, is utterly clueless on this and does not have the courage of his convictions. If he did, he would be living in Russia now. Instead, he lives in the US, the belly of the beast he so loves to condemn.

    • Agree: SIMP simp, Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  140. FB says: • Website

    You are a quite amusing combination of a severely retarded loser, and a neocon shill that only ever shows up to troll the Saker comments section…

    Once again, your nonsense is easily debunked [as always]…

    The Ukraine NEVER had control of the nuclear weapons on its soil…those remained in the chain of command of the Strategic Rocket Forces, which remained under Russian control…

    Formally, it was CIS control, the successor entity to the Soviet Union, as per the Alma-Ata Protocol…but in fact it was Russia, as the successor state of the USSR that retained the military chain of command, including the strategic rocket forces…

    When Boris Yeltsin became Russian Defence Minister on 7 May 1992, Yevgeny Shaposhnikov, was appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the CIS Armed Forces (Russian: Объединённые Вооружённые силы СНГ)…

    By the time the international agreement on non-proliferation came about in 1994 [Budapest Memorandum]…it was the west that was pushing for Russian nukes to be removed from Ukraine and Kazakhstan…

    From the debate on the matter in the UK House of Commons in 1993…

    Mr. David Evans: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list those countries which possess nuclear weapons capable of being delivered to targets in the United Kingdom.

    The Minister of State for the Armed Forces (Mr. Jeremy Hanley): Such weapons are possessed by Russia, China, France and the United States.

    Some weapons are also possessed by Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, but these are controlled by the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    So you are blowing massive flatulence as usual, GOOF…

    Jazman was absolutely CORRECT…the Ukraine was NEVER in control of those nuclear weapons, nor could it have launched them…that could only come down from the chain of command which was in Moscow…

    And it was the west that wanted them removed…

    • Agree: Jazman
  141. Jazman says:

    What you are writing is utter BS . Are you comedian ? Who talking about Saker he is not expert and especially you have zero knowledge regarding nuclear weapons and Ukraine .

  142. @SIMP simp

    A brilliant mind. No two brilliant minds. How beautiful.

  143. Robjil says:

    If the US states went independent, fifty altogether, would each one have nukes?

    Nukes are controlled by Washington, not by the states.

    Thus, when the fifteen republics of the USSR went independent they did not have control of the nukes.

    This nuke nonsense is ridiculous. Ukraine was a newbie to statehood. It never was an independent nation in history before 1991. Should a newbie be given the keys to nukes to play with them because the insane US Ziontopia thinks so?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Miro23
  144. Derer says:

    Unfortunately no country can escape the poz of US cultural influence,

    Do you mean drugs and violence? They sober up from that culture very fast. The post war European immigration to US is dying out and the new generation was raised on drugs and violence creating “cigar” Clinton and declining country.

  145. @vot tak

    I’m just sure you would be stupid enough to want live under Stalin. They had lived under him, and even as POWs they were more free than in Stalin’s dictatorship.

    • Troll: vot tak
    • Replies: @vot tak
  146. Putin’s biggest problems are those he created in Russia because of his greed and incompetence.

    • Troll: GazaPlanet
  147. Derer says:

    Lukashenko himself will clean up his KGB of CIA agents.


  148. Derer says:

    This is an excerpt from an American movie from a small town in New Mexico. Nice try…define the “local boss”.

  149. Mefobills says:

    Here is Moon of Alabama’s take:

    The predicted color revolution attempt in Belarus proceeds as expected:

    Tsikhanouskaya, who drew tens of thousands of people to her campaign rallies, refused to recognize the preliminary official results announced by the TsVK on August 10.
    “I consider myself the winner in the presidential election,” she said in Minsk.

    Tsikhanouskaya said her opinion was based on what she called “real protocols” collected at the majority of polling stations, which, according to her, prove that she won the election. She also charged that the official results announced by the TsVK were rigged.

    Meanwhile, Tsikhanouskaya’s supporters announced they would stage a mass demonstration against the official election tally on August 10 at 7 p.m. (1600 GMT/UTC) in central Minsk.


    U.S engineered attempts to overthrow a foreign government by stirring civil arrests are usually named after a color or, at times, a flower. Thus we had an “rose revolution” in Georgia, a “green movement” in Iran and an “orange revolution” in the Ukraine.

    But now the CIA and its assortment of supporting organizations seems to have run out of color choices. How else can one explain that their latest attempt in Belarus is called a “slipper revolution”.

    • Thanks: Robjil, Miro23
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  150. Mefobills says:

    Putin is a stickler for the law. He wants his civilization to be law abiding and moral. He wants the world order to be multi-polar and law abiding.

    Your example sounds like a lot of BS out of alignment with known reality. And, even if it did happen, it would be an exception not the rule.

    Russia is angling to be one of the easiest places in the world to start business.

    US news which is a zionist organization rates Russia as #23 in entrepreneurship worldwide.

    I’m agreeing with Derer, nice try but your attempt rates a FAIL.

  151. FB says: • Website

    Yeah sure clown…

    We’re supposed to believe this little bullshit story about how some fellow was stripped of his little beer business by Putin and his mafia…just because some dirtbag with ZERO commenting history on this website says so…?

    Ponder this dirtball…

    I have been involved with the Russian aerospace industry for more than two decades…your little bullshit story is something that NEVER happens…but is in fact completely typical of troll farm tripe that little fleas like you are instructed to spread…

    Ordinary folks and small business owners have very real access to social justice…that is one of the very first things I learned about Russia years ago, that went directly against the disinformation in the west…

    The corruption in Russia is at the very high levels of business, and is comparable to the kind of corruption that is rampant in the US defense procurement industry…in Russia, the defense industry is relatively free of corruption compared to the United States, because it is government controlled…but in industries like energy, banking and others, where powerful private oligarchies are still in charge, there is indeed a lot of legalized corruption…

    But what this clown is saying here is the complete opposite of reality…

  152. Only one small correction. Russia doesn’t have PMCs. What Russia does have is ЧОП (=private security groups). Names of several members of one such group (Mar), which accompanied Russian humanitarian convoys to Donbass, were – as the result – posted on the Ukrainian nazi site Mirotvorets. They are the ones (and with the same spelling inaccuracies) that now appear on the RB’s ‘mercenaries” list (even though Mar itself stopped its operations and was dissolved in 2018).

  153. @RatMan29

    It is untenable to claim that Turkey serves Russia. Erdogan and his ilk will keep trying to regather the ottoman empire and murder and oppress white europeans and christians when they have the power and opening to do so. As such, they are no friends of russia —big tourism and agricultural trade notwithstanding.

    The nuclear missiles belonged to the ussr, not to the ukrainian SSR, and thank God the nuttier anti-russian faction in ukraine does not have such weapons.

    Not only was russia right to honor their kin’s request for Crimea to RE-join Russia, it looks increasingly like Russia should have kept the Donbass region after the ussr disbanded in 1991 (as well as northern Kazakhstan).

  154. @Hodd

    Sadly, you might be right about russia, even china. Don’t know.

    But you lost me at “North Korea is a free country.” We must be using the word freedom very differently. You seem to mean nationally sovereign, but those north koreans do not have any reasonable modicum of individual liberty.

  155. @Derer

    Other than possibly the fairly sparsely populated and relatively Bundeslaender of former East Germany, there is no apparent reason to think that most germans would ever dare to criticize, let alone actively fight, zionism or anything associated with Judaism.

    Quite the contrary. German self-hatred, misplaced guilt, and cowardice are well entrenched, earlier and perhaps even worse than the usa.

    • Replies: @Derer
  156. @Robjil

    Should a newbie be given the keys to nukes to play with them because the insane US Ziontopia thinks so?

    As a matter of fact, the US leaned heavily on Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to surrender the nukes left on their territory to Russia. The Empire was afraid of leaving hand grenade in the hands of a monkey. Some Ukies fault the US for that. Fact is, if any nukes were left in Ukraine, they would go the same way as the rest of Soviet armaments left there: they’d be sold to the highest bidder. I guess that’s exactly what the US was afraid of.

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Thanks: Robjil
  157. @Mefobills

    If it’s slipper revolution, I can suggest some new names to CIA free of charge: condom revolution, dildo revolution, piss revolution, turd revolution…

  158. @Archange

    Curious to look into that. Could you please tell us the name of the man, and the name and location of his brewery? The folks here who can read Russian presumably can check on this then.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  159. @Quartermaster

    I don’t fully “trust” Russia and don’t doubt that they might do much more if they had a more dominant power position (abusing its power as the us government has brutally abused its power abroad).

    But let’s be blunt: the usa “just” kills, injures, terrifies, impoverishes, and displaces the country’s people — millions in the past twenty years alone in Iraq and Afghanistan directly, in Syria, Libya, and Yemen indirectly with us gov help to islamist warlords and the saudis — without actually annexing their land. Yes, that is so much better than Russia.

    In the past thirty years, how many people have the russians killed and how many have american troops killed? How many countries have been bombed or invaded by each? Actually would like your answers.

    Did the US attack and occupy territory that was never part of the usa while russia merely had a heavily ethnic Russian region vote to RE-join its country? You know the answers to all of these. Are you getting paid or do you simply believe that the US can do whatever it wants, you can invent your own facts, and Russia is always wrong?

  160. vot tak says:

    Good nick selection, shlomo. You are indeed only a quarter of the master of your own will. 😀

  161. anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    Am not Russian or even one of its slavic tribal relatives, but have always known that the name of the country called Bielorussia, Byelorussia or Belarus means “White Russia” in Russian (and probably Ukrainian, Serbian and all other Eastern and Southern Slavic languages). Comes from the Russian word “белый” for white, which I easily looked up on Google Translate. I’ve encountered it as a common root for many Slavic and Jewish-Slavic surnames, the shortest of which would be “Biel,” the equivalent of White in English or Weiss in German.

    Why are they called “White Russians?” Why are Ukrainians called “Little Russians?” They were all in the orbit of the main contingent of Eastern Slavs known as the “Great Russians,” who got their name from the Nordic “Rus” who founded the state which encompassed Novgorad, Petrograd, Kiev, Moskva and numerous other great and still extant cities in the region which persist to this day. The whole civilisation is to be commended for taming such a hard cold wilderness and transforming it into one of the most modern and innovative states on the planet in record time after first contact with the always self-congratulatory West. Moreover, they’ve done the feat several times after sporadic subjugation by the likes of the Mongels, Nordics, Germanics, Roman, Greek and Turkic civilisations.

    They always transfrorm and re-create themselves in record time, being among the most resilient people on the planet. They’ve done it most recently under Putin, following collapse of the Soviet state. Obviously, the right leader (though sometimes brutal and maybe not even ethnically Russian) comes along and pulls the society ahead to a leadership role on the planet writ large. If you are objective, you’ve got to admire the Russians and their close kin who should be proud to share common roots.

    Instead, the West always strives to tear it down, like they did to the Byzantine culture and most other real and potential competitors. I guess the Romans started that strategy of full spectrum domination and ultimate annihilation rather than co-existence with Carthage. Or perhaps the die was cast with Athens’ extermination of Troy.

    As I see it, basically, Bielorussia and the Ukraine played the role of the 50-yard line as the Western, Catholic, Roman-oriented Poles vied with the Eastern, Orthodox, Great Russians for all the turf between the 20’s. What were, factually the 20’s beyond which the ball could never be pushed? I suppose the Oder River in the West and the Ural Mountains in the East. Any genuine Russians in the audience will correct me if I am wrong about those specifics. Certainly explains why German haplotypes are strongly admixed with Slavic all the way to Juteland. The Wendic, Sorbian, Lusatian, Veneti and Kashubian states may have passed into history, but their genetic markers still strongly persist throughout East Germany.

    • Replies: @yurivku
    , @Philip Owen
  162. @RadicalCenter

    The folks here who can read Russian presumably can check on this then.

    That story is either from the “democratic” 1990s or made up. I don’t think the poster wants it checked in either case.

  163. Jordi says:

    I think you are right, but military acts come with risks (of military defeat). How about a Lukashenko forced retirement (backed by threat of assassination) witha referendum on joining the Russian federation ?

  164. vot tak says:

    One can find attractive women everywhere. By attractive I mean women who do not paint their faces to look like some fashion statement. Adolescents wallow in the shallowness of what is popular with their peers, whom are essentially monkey indoctrinated, monkey obsessed. But those who grow up eventually see the error of their ways and realise their childhood fantasies are cardboard cut outs, mass produced, like their minds were.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  165. @Mefobills

    Your example sounds like a lot of BS out of alignment with known reality. And, even if it did happen, it would be an exception not the rule.

    His example would sound half believable if he tied it to the immediately pre-Putin era when the disgusting American-born Jew Jeffrey David Sachs disguised in Harvard Crimson acting as consultant to the Russians in the transition of their economy from commJewnism to free market brokered the theft of a large portion of their economy by his fellow (((tribalists))).

    But only half believable even then because the world’s uniquely elite criminal class, the Jews like Jeffrey David Sachs, don’t burden themselves with small-time theft (except when they go to the grocery store) of small ventures like microbreweries, they swing for the fences always attempting and often succeeding at stealing entire national economies.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  166. @vot tak

    But those who grow up eventually see the error of their ways

    Back in the day when The Guardian had comments, there was a discussion of tattoo removal. One commenter asked whether you’d remove a tattoo you made when you were 16 years old. Another responded that he wouldn’t, as that tattoo would remind him how stupid he was at 16.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  167. @R2b

    Belarus means white Russia. That’s as inoffensive as calling Germany Deutschland or Italy Italia. [email protected]

  168. Derer says:

    Unfortunately, you might be right, however it is hard to believe that Germany will stay neutral. In view of the US opposition to important Nord Stream project or US occupation of Germany for 75 years must be affecting Germany’s public opinion.

  169. Cyrano says:

    I am deeply hurt because my theory of how Belarus got their name – Bella – pretty – Pretty Russians – got such a cold reception.

    I have no choice but to float another theory. It’s my sincere belief that Belarus got their name after the actor Bela Lugosi. What was so appealing about this actor? Well, he was famous for playing Frankenstein, so here is my theory:

    After the collapse of the USSR, the citizens of Belarus got so depressed that they named their country after the Frankenstein actor – Bela Lugosi. The hope was that their country too, can undergo a miracle transformation and become undead – same as Frankenstein.

    I believe that the citizens of Belarus were nostalgic about their communist past and wanted that part to become undead – to live forever. That’s why they have hard time parting with Lukashenko, he is basically Bela Lugosi reincarnated – he never goes away in his capacity as Frankenstein (I’m just kidding, I actually like Lukashenko).

    If only the voters in the last elections in Belarus had the presence of mind to wear necklaces made of garlic at the ballot boxes – what can I tell you – the course of history could have been changed.

  170. anon[833] • Disclaimer says:

    Er, Lugosi was famous for playing Dracula, not Frankenstein. Karloff was famous for the role of Frankenstein’s monster. So, you’re saying Lukashenko was like the soul-less undead bloodsucker, not the patchwork of dead body parts who feared fire.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  171. Quintus says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    Absolutely. Luka must be given some credit for resisting the lockdowns.

  172. @Cyrano

    There is certain truth to what You are saying.
    In Russian you can say Biela devushka which means Pretty virgin girl.
    In English if you say white girl it means strictly color of the skin.
    There is the same thing with color red.
    You can say Krasnaja devushka, which means beautiful girl.
    And it does not mean red skin girl.

  173. yurivku says:

    I suppose the Oder River in the West and the Ural Mountains in the East. Any genuine Russians in the audience will correct me if I am wrong about those specifics.

    Well, I’m Russian from “Great Russia” and I know facto of our history. I didn’t get your point of Oder-Ural.
    But the fact that the West always tried and always will try to eliminate us is true. Because we’ll never subdue to anybody. Wrong it or right, but we’ve got our own way and will follow it.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  174. Realist says:

    He might do something stupid domestically but not internationally unless the NEOCONS push him into something with Iran.

    So when Trump does something stupid…it’s somebody else’s fault?

  175. Frank37 says:

    You can’t miss Saker’s studious avoidance of the fact that Lukashenko has been the only leader who not only refused to impose cruel and nonsensical measures for a supposed “pandemic”, but had the courage to denounce the attempts by world credit institutions such as the World Bank, to make any financial assistance contingent on te imposition of measures based on the “Italian model” which has been one of the cruelest to date.

    That Saker has swallowed at face value the currenty “pandemic”, a double down of the 2009 “pandemic” which was a proven fake, but this time with criminal and totally illegal measures, means he has lost all credibility in my eyes.

    The man seems to be in la-la land with regard to what’s going on.

    Have you seen what’s going on in Australia?

    Is Saker aware of the catastrophiuc effects of lockdowns on people’s health and the economy.

    Does anyone realize that, in recent memory, the only place where surgical face masks were forcefully imposed on a group of people was in Guantanamo? They were imposed for the specific purpose of enhancing torture by making breathing more difficult. This report is from 2006

    How much more obvious can it be that none of this has anything to do with a “pandemic” that is entirely media-driven?

    Such nonsense!!

  176. @Archange

    When did that happen? I have colleagues who have had their children mutilated by kidnappers. The now adult children live abroad now. Two Mormon missionaries in my usual city were kidnapped for ransome. Some friends had businesses stolen by armed men stealing the company stamps. All of this was over very quickly once Putin became President, certainly by 2004. The memory of what went before is why he is so popular.

    Tax reform has made honest business possible.

    Bank reform has made money laundering difficult.

    Elimination of gambling has also made money laundering difficult. Cash was disappearing before Covid-19.

    Private business has always been honest.

    Most state officials have been neutered by electronic tendering. At peak, under Medvedev, 50,000 officials were under suspension and awaiting trial on corruption charges. This was so effective, that it is now difficult to get senior officials to undertake large projects. Yakunin, the boss of RJD, who managed the Sochi road and railway (also advocated the Donbass insurgency) was sacked over rumours of corruption.

    There are laws against excessive inspections of small businesses. Over zealous inspectors get jailed.

    If your story is from the mid to late 1990’s, I believe it. Not now. Not for at least a decade.

  177. @anonymous

    I came across an explanation for “White”. In Mongolian, the directions of the compass have colours (and like the Irish, they consider “Here” a direction so there are 5). The colour for West is White. So Belarus is some strangled form of West Russia derived via Mongolian logic. Russian nationalists do call Belarus, West Russia so perhaps there is some mad logic in this.

  178. hum2 says:

    Yep, Saker is a FUD agent serving the Empire. I their articles PCR, a Neocon, and Saker, a Trump fanboy, referred to each others. With Russians like Orlov and Saker Russia does not need any more enemies.

  179. Cyrano says:

    Sorry, I totally messed that one up. You are absolutely right.

  180. @gotmituns

    Vladivostok is handier if you are on the west coast.

  181. @Tom Welsh

    Little doubt NATO is afraid of that and is trying to figure out a way to sabotage such.

  182. @Frank37

    Wholeheartedly agreed.

    I enjoy reading The Saker’s work but hope that he will seriously review this organized, detailed list that doctors in Switzerland developed to explain their firm conclusion that the virus has been intentionally and egregiously exaggerated. They conclude also that the covid-19 death stats are dishonest and unreliable.

    Saker, look especially at the median age of people said to have died of covid-19. Per these doctors’ thorough research, median age is EIGHTY-SIX in Italy and 80 in other places as well. Quarantine, if any, should have been limited to quite elderly people — and even then it should have been their choice how to live and what risks to take, not a mandate (especially if they wouldn’t pose much more (if any more) threat to the lives of all the people around them in public who are not very elderly or immunocompromised.

    Nobody has ever even persisted in claiming that this virus has proven substantially more dangerous than other strains to people who are not elderly with some serious pre-existing respiratory condition, cardiac condition, or seriously compromised immune system. Still less has anyone ever produced evidence for such a notion. (Moreover, even if there really were 160,000 deaths “caused by” covid-19, that still would not mean that it poses a serious threat to the great majority of the population. There still would be no sound basis for the destructive inhuman lockdown excesses imposed on us, on our russian friends, and almost all non-elite people on the world.)

    While we are it, one of the most interesting, talented, and engaging columnists on, Anatoly Karlin, could stand to reconsider the plan-demic too. Just my two kopeks 😉

    Breathe free and live free together!

  183. Mikel says:

    I am deeply hurt because my theory of how Belarus got their name – Bella – pretty – Pretty Russians – got such a cold reception.

    I always thought that you had a point, only it’s worse than you think.

    Why do Belarussians call themselves White Russians? Are they trying to imply that the rest of Russians are not White??

    Anyway, I am very disappointed with this article by the Saker. He didn’t touch upon the obvious connection between Medieval Franks and the current events in Belarus and I don’t even remember reading the expression “Anglo-Zionist Empire” in this piece.

    His analyses are no longer what they used to be.

    • LOL: Hugo Silva
    • Replies: @RT
    , @vot tak
  184. annamaria says:

    The US as an empire with aspirations, a reminder: “9/11: 10 Years Later”

  185. RT says:

    The rest of Russians are called Великоруси, which means Great Russians.

    • Replies: @Mikel
  186. @Frank37


    I’ve never seen/heard it reported in the MSM and only because I happen to know academic medicos – the common cold is a coronavirus.

    In addition, on average 2,560,000 people around the world die of pneumonia every year .

    Do we go into lockdowns for that?

    But getting back to Saker, he was focusing on the Belarus election and so-called regime change/color revolutions attempts by the US-NATO partners.

    If he starts bringing in more and more contentious topics – his articles will become too long – and fewer and fewer people will read them.


    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  187. vot tak says:

    Extensive foreign interference in Belarus attempting to ‘destabilize’ country, but it’s not coming from Moscow – Russian MFA

    “We expect that professional cooperation by the investigative committees, prosecutor generals’ offices and other agencies of the two countries will help clear up the situation involving the detention of 33 Russian citizens as soon as possible,” she said. “It is important to stress that the attempts to find a ‘Russian connection’ to the latest unrest in Belarus are groundless.”

    Instead, Zakharova cryptically noted that “there have been signs pointing in a different direction.” Related evidence, she disclosed, has been shared with the Belarusian side and is also obvious to the public at large.

    “We have observed unprecedented pressure exerted on Belarusian authorities by some foreign partners. There are clear attempts of foreign interference in the affairs of a sovereign state to split society and destabilize the situation,” she added, going on to emphasize that Moscow has witnessed these tools employed in other countries many times.

    Attempts to spoil relations between Russia and Belarus are bound to fail, Zakharova continued. “Russia has been and will remain a reliable ally and friend of Belarus and the fraternal Belarusian nation. We are confident that any attempts to cause a rift between us are bound to fail,” she said. “We urge everyone to show restraint and prudence. We reaffirm that we are interested in a stable domestic political situation in Belarus. We hope that the situation in that country will stabilize and return to normalcy soon.”

    While saker may continue his panic spiel:

    “When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

    By “some foreign partners”, likely MZ is referring to pindoland, ukronaziland and the land that inspires the well deserved polish joke.

    The jeans color revolution, mk. II is experiencing its expected demise, as mk. I did. The zionazi-gays pushed this one to more extreme levels than the first, but the things are more desperate now, as all the extremists from the zpc/nwo are, especially the likudite freakshow, which trump and the neocon/white supremacist factions represent.

  188. vot tak says:

    Why the long face, guardianista, saker is essentially on your side.

  189. vot tak says:

    Did saker’s peacenik “man of the year” just declare war on Iran?

    US Seizes Four Iranian Tankers, Now En Route to Houston – Report

    “US officials told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that the US had seized four Iranian tankers on the high seas allegedly loaded with Iranian petroleum in violation of US sanctions. The four vessels are now en route to Houston, Texas, a major petroleum port.

    According to the WSJ report, the tankers Luna, Pandi, Bering and Bella were all seized without the use of military force in recent days. The effort was reportedly motivated by the arrival of five Iranian fuel tankers in Venezuela earlier this year, which delivered 1.5 million barrels of gasoline to the country, which is similarly placed under restrictive economic sanctions by the United States.

    Two of the ships just seized, the Bering and the Bella, were previously intimidated into canceling their shipments to Venezuela in the aftermath of the flotilla. Both ships are registered in Liberia but owned by Greek shippers.

    The seizure was enabled by a civil-forfeiture complaint filed by US prosecutors in July, which initially aimed to seize Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela, but also encompassed future shipments elsewhere.

    On August 10, Pakistan seized an Iranian tanker in the port of Karachi at the behest of the US government, but as the name of the tanker was never reported, it’s unclear if it is one of the four now en route to Houston.”

    Phony legalese for piracy.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @vot tak
    , @Anonymous
    , @vot tak
  190. it would be nice to know what exactly lukashenko and his circle are thinking now. judging by their recent actions they aren’t thinking much at all.

    my advice to lukashenko- consider hussein and khadafi. both loved, then hated by the west. hussein was loved as an invader of iran, hated as an invader of kuwait. khadafi was loved as a reformed dictator, hated as a pan-africanist. closer to home let’s look a little southwest.

    ceausescu was loved as a soviet maverick and was loaned lots of money. when he could not pay it back and couldn’t keep hold of his country the west had local proxies summarily kill him.

    enjoy the western praise for the actions you took against some hapless russians lukashenko. the color revolution is apparently still on. you may want to see if yanukovich would like a housemate.

  191. anonymous[379] • Disclaimer says:

    In American football the field is 100 yards long. The 50-yard line is at exactly the center with goal lines at each end of the field. The object is to carry the football all the way across the opponent’s goal line, the equivalent of check-mating the king, though you must do this several times (more times than the opposition does it to you) and maintain dominance for 60 minutes of playing time to “win” the game. Most of the action does not take place near the goals, those are fairly well-defended. Most of the action occurs between the two 20’s, in the form of a constant back and forth. In fact, the territory between the 20’s and the goals is called the red zone–implying an existential threat, if your opponent gets that far! In my analogy I sought to identify the two 20-yard lines beyond which the West (most often Poland and Germany, but also France etc, now the US and NATO) and the Russian state never, or hardly ever, advance the ball. And if there is gain or loss, it is usually transient. On second thought, probably the Urals are too far into Russian territory to be accurate. More likely, the area of back and forth is probably limited to an area between the Oder and the Dnieper. Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltics and the other Visegrads basically represent that territory between Russia and the West that is the point of most sustained conflict.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @yurivku
  192. vot tak says:
    @vot tak

    October Surprise: Will War with Iran Be Trump’s Election Eve Shocker?


    “Was Donald Trump’s January 3rd drone assassination of Major General Qasem Soleimani the first step in turning the simmering Cold War between the United States and Iran into a hot war in the weeks before an American presidential election? Of course, there’s no way to know, but behind by double digits in most national polls and flanked by ultra-hawkish Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump is a notoriously impetuous and erratic figure. In recent weeks, for instance, he didn’t hesitate to dispatch federal paramilitary forces to American cities run by Democratic mayors and his administration also seems to have launched a series of covert actions against Tehran that look increasingly overt and have Iran watchers concerned about whether an October surprise could be in the cards.

    Much of that concern arises from the fact that, across Iran, things have been blowing up or catching fire in ways that have seemed both mysterious and threatening. Early last month, for instance, a suspicious explosion at an Iranian nuclear research facility at Natanz, which is also the site of its centrifuge production, briefly grabbed the headlines. Whether the site was severely damaged by a bomb smuggled into the building or some kind of airstrike remains unknown. “A Middle Eastern intelligence official said Israel planted a bomb in a building where advanced centrifuges were being developed,” reported the New York Times. Similar fiery events have been plaguing the country for weeks. On June 26th, for instance, there was “a huge explosion in the area of a major Iranian military and weapons development base east of Tehran.” On July 15th, seven ships caught fire at an Iranian shipyard. Other mysterious fires and explosions have hit industrial facilities, a power plant, a missile production factory, a medical complex, a petrochemical plant, and other sites as well.

    “Some officials say that a joint American-Israeli strategy is evolving — some might argue regressing — to a series of short-of-war clandestine strikes,” concluded another report in the Times.

    Some of this sabotage has been conducted against the backdrop of a two-year-old “very aggressive” CIA action plan to engage in offensive cyber attacks against that country. As a Yahoo! News investigative report put it: “The Central Intelligence Agency has conducted a series of covert cyber operations against Iran and other targets since winning a secret victory in 2018 when President Trump signed what amounts to a sweeping authorization for such activities, according to former U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the matter… The finding has made it easier for the CIA to damage adversaries’ critical infrastructure, such as petrochemical plants.”

    Meanwhile, on July 23rd, two U.S. fighter jets buzzed an Iranian civilian airliner in Syrian airspace, causing its pilot to swerve and drop altitude suddenly, injuring a number of the plane’s passengers.

    For many in Iran, the drone assassination of Soleimani — and the campaign of sabotage that followed — has amounted to a virtual declaration of war. The equivalent to the Iranian major general’s presidentially ordered murder, according to some analysts, would have been Iran assassinating Secretary of State Pompeo or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, although such analogies actually understate Soleimani’s stature in the Iranian firmament.

    In its aftermath, Iran largely held its fire, its only response being a limited, telegraphed strike at a pair of American military bases in Iraq. If Soleimani’s murder was intended to draw Iran into a tit-for-tat military escalation in an election year, it failed. So perhaps the U.S. and Israel designed the drumbeat of attacks against critical Iranian targets this summer as escalating provocations meant to goad Iran into retaliating in ways that might provide an excuse for a far larger U.S. response.”

  193. @Cyrano

    After the collapse of the USSR, the citizens of Belarus got so depressed that they named their country after the Frankenstein actor – Bela Lugosi. The hope was that their country too, can undergo a miracle transformation and become undead – same as Frankenstein.

    This is when I started to laugh. Cyrano, this is one of your best in a long while. Despite minor mis-identification of Lugosi. Pleasure, man. ;))) Undead is a good term to use.

    • Thanks: Cyrano
  194. Miro23 says:

    If the US states went independent, fifty altogether, would each one have nukes?

    Nukes are controlled by Washington, not by the states.

    The answer to this, would be for the nukes to stay where they are, under the protection of the military – but have the political control switch from Washington to a Confederation of American States Defense Group (key people selected by all 50 states – with a small activation group).

    The logic here, is that with power held by the 50 states and little by Washington – then Washington can in no way retain control over the military or nukes – or, for that matter, anything else of much importance.

  195. Mikel says:

    The rest of Russians are called Великоруси, which means Great Russians.

    There seems to be a lot of confusion in this thread. There are White Russians, Great Russians and, of course, there are also Little-tiny Russians, very much in the news in the last few years (although with a different name).

    Well, and then there’s the Invisible Russians, that make us all vote for candidates that we don’t really like at election time.

    Lots of variety, in the Russian sphere.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @RT
  196. Miro23 says:

    Back in the day when The Guardian had comments, there was a discussion of tattoo removal. One commenter asked whether you’d remove a tattoo you made when you were 16 years old. Another responded that he wouldn’t, as that tattoo would remind him how stupid he was at 16.

    Probably the same as clothing and social attitudes. Round here there are plenty of scruffy, old, sick, pot smoking hippies (aged 65 – 70 years), dressed exactly the way they were as teenagers. Others in the cohort have distanced themselves from this as far as possible.

    So far, I haven’t met any who dress like hippy scruffs to remind themselves how stupid they were in 1968.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  197. Anonymous[379] • Disclaimer says:
    @vot tak

    I don’t think even the Nazi scum committed armed robbery until they first declared war on a country and attacked it under force of arms. These “seizures” pursuant to baseless illegal US economic sanctions are nothing but acts of unprovoked aggression (war). It was the US and only the US that violated and repudiated the multilateral nuclear treaty, not Iran or any other signatory. Washington’s lies on the matter are totally hollow. All Iranian commercial vessels need to be armed to the teeth with the formidable ship killer missiles developed by China. They are entitled to protect themselves against American pirates and thieves (and undoubtedly murderers if given the opportunity).

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  198. Thank you so much. This analysis of the current situation in Belarusia has given me a better insight of what is happening in that country. The writer is dead right Putin has to act quickly and decisively to prevent an extremely perilous and dangerous situation to develop. If a US orchestrated Maidan kind of coup were to happen and Belarusia were to fall in the western camp, it will only be a matter of time and NATO troops will be practically right on !oscows doorstep, conducting provocative militairy exercises. It would be an enormous victory for the western warmongers. On the positive side I gather from the article that the Bellaruse population is against Lukoshenko and predominantly pro Russia. (Correct me if I am wrong) . If this is indeed the case than Putin, in order to prevent a very ugly situation getting out of hand and Russia having the vast majority of the Belarusian population and army on its side, has the full right to interfere in the internal developments of this important neighbour even if need be militarily.

  199. @Ayatollah Smith

    Read my comment I agree . If Bellaruse falls in western hands an extremely dangerous situation develops when NATO troops are on Moscows doorstep conducting provocative exercises endangering world peace. The article indeed is an excellent analysis of a geopolical problem. I gather that some folks are unable to follow and understand the rational of this analysis.

  200. @Mikel

    There used to be also PodKarpatska Russ.
    But that is gone now.

  201. Given current Western ‘news’ coverage I’d say that the regime change operation / color revolution is already petering out.

    Today, Western ‘news’ is reporting “hundreds” – not thousands – of protestors are in the capital – with many tight camera shots – to obscure how many protestors there actually are – and reporters are focusing only on the women who are wearing white – and showing pics of protestors with scratches & bruises who’ve been manhandled by security forces.

    I mean to put all this into perspective (while having the potential to get out of hand) we’re talking 15,000 – 20,000 protestors in Minsk – and several thousands in the regional cities of a country with ~9.5million people.

    What’s that as a percentage?

    You do the math.

  202. vot tak says:
    @vot tak

    Iran denies 4 of their ships have been taken over.

    Iranian Envoy Says None of Its Cargo Ships, Including Those Carrying Gasoline Have Been Seized by US

    “The Wall Street Journal earlier claimed, citing anonymous officials, that four Venezuela-bound Iranian cargo vessels loaded with fuel, the Luna, Pandi, Bering, and Bella, had been seized by the US.

    Iran’s Ambassador to Venezuela Hojat Soltani has denied media reports about the seizure of Iranian cargo vessels carrying gasoline to the Latin American country by the US, calling such claims a piece of “psychological warfare by the US propaganda machine”. He stressed that the ships actually seized have nothing to do with Iran and its help for Venezuela in the form of fuel shipments.

    “The tankers are neither Iranian, nor do their owners or flags have anything to do with Iran. The terrorist Trump just wants to cover up the humiliation of his failure against the great nation of Iran by scattering false propaganda”, Soltani said.

    The Marine Traffic service shows that all four vessels presumably seized by the US have not updated their positions in the tracking system since May or June, with most of them sailing under the Liberian flag. However, the media claims that the tankers were privately owned and allegedly hired by Iran for the job. The newspaper claims they were originally a part of a larger flotilla allegedly sailing towards Venezuela and escorted by an Iranian Navy ship, but these four peeled off from the group at some point.”

    It’s not clear what happened, other than the u.s. did not seize the ships as they were sailing on the high seas, as claimed by the media.

    • Thanks: FB
  203. @Patagonia Man

    the common cold is a coronavirus

    It’s many different coronaviruses. Flu is also caused by a coronavirus. The common thing of all coronaviruses is that, in contrast to most pathogens, they suppress our immune response, so you don’t stay immune for long.

    Of course, those who were planning to make big bucks on corona-scare won’t tell you that. They also won’t tell you that new flu vaccine made every year and injected into millions of unsuspecting people never passes through a standard three-phase clinical trials, as that would take more than a year and make vaccine useless. So, pharmaceuticals make oodles of money on those vaccines, which are, strictly speaking, not properly tested. But as pharmaceuticals feel that they are losing potential billions due to Russian corona vaccine, they do their best to criticize it for having been tested exactly like they test annual new flu vaccine. Doublethink rules.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @FB
    , @Jazman
  204. @Anonymous

    These “seizures” pursuant to baseless illegal US economic sanctions are nothing but acts of unprovoked aggression (war).

    What else is new? The Empire ruined international law long ago, with illegal bombing of Serbia. After that it committed many acts of aggression against various countries. This is a continuation of its usual “law of the jungle” policy.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
  205. FB says: • Website

    …new flu vaccine made every year and injected into millions of unsuspecting people never passes through a standard three-phase clinical trials, as that would take more than a year and make vaccine useless.

    Thanks…didn’t know this technical fact…very very important…

    I personally have NEVER accepted a flu vaccine in my life…there is plenty of reason to be completely mistrustful of the pharma industry…if not any kind of malicious intent, but for sure large amounts of incompetence…

    I will not be accepting a covid vaccine either…even though I am convinced that this disease can be quite a bit more nasty than any flu…

    The best bet is to not get sick in the first place…social distancing and wearing a mask etc…

    Unfortunately a lot of people don’t mind carrying on as usual when they feel they are coming down with something…instead of staying home…this is the problem…so it becomes like defensive driving, you just have to assume that every idiot out there is going to run into you…

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  206. hu_anon says:
    @SIMP simp

    True, but it is a delusion to think that the prosperous and peaceful life will continue forever, unfortunately this is not what “globohomo” future holds apparently. The memories of the ’90’s when it seemed that we have arrived at the end of history and an eternal benevolent neoliberal new world order are just memories now.
    Unfortunately countries with no civic traditions tend to be like that you describe. Strong leaders become mafia bosses, their cronies are too hungry and want to take over everything. Here in Hungary it is not as bad as in Russia, but there are similar phenomena. My ideal would be a conservative nationalist state with a statesman like Portugal’s Salazar was. He was intelligent, deeply religious and apparently he genuinely cared about the interests of his people. He did not have a family (maybe he was closeted gay), so no nepotism. But despite this, the leftists color revolutioned his regime and led the country to poz.

    • Agree: SIMP simp
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  207. @FB

    I personally have NEVER accepted a flu vaccine in my life…there is plenty of reason to be completely mistrustful of the pharma industry…if not any kind of malicious intent, but for sure large amounts of incompetence…

    Very wise. I always tell students that pharmaceuticals are in exactly the same business as weapons companies – making money. Neither gives a hoot whether people live or die.

  208. @hu_anon

    But despite this, the leftists color revolutioned his regime and led the country to poz.

    Now, let’s correct the timing. First, Salazar died in 1968. Second, Caetano, with no credentials you ascribed to Salazar, became dictator. Third, Caetano was overthrown in 1974.

  209. @anonymous

    Paranoid Russian view of history. It is not all about Russia.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @yurivku
  210. @Miro23

    I distanced myself at the time. We had skinheads too.

    Underneath all the hippy froth most with modestly longish hair played sport (much more than now) and studied hard. The big factories and their sports teams and sports fields have mostly gone.

  211. @Philip Owen

    It is not all about Russia.

    Sure. World history is not all about Russia. It is not all about formerly Great formerly Britain, either.

  212. Jazman says:

    That is true and Russian vaccine is going to be cheap around 10\$ , also as production goes up price will be even lower

  213. bronek says:

    Obama died and went to heaven. When he was there, God didn’t know what to do with him. So Obama, while waiting for the verdict, suggested that he be allowed to go back to earth for a few hours. God agreed.

    He went to colourful New York. He walked into a bar. He told the bar man to give him scotch on the rocks.

    He Referred to his bringing in millions of Third Worlders and increasing the US illegal population by millions; he asked the bartender, “… how is everything in Afghanistan, are all the Arab nations still causing problems with TelAviv in the Middle East and what was going on in Syria?

    The bartender responded, “there’s Peace everywhere now. After all, we‘ve taken over more and more and now rule the roost.”

    Obama then asked, “…how much do I owe you?” The bartender responded one ruble and five kopecks.

    • LOL: FB
  214. yurivku says:

    thanx for explnation. I know nothing about american football. Actually I don’t like any football preferring the ice hockey.
    But getting back to your analogy – we, Russians never cross the middle line (border) until some fvking enemy crossed it. when it happens enemy long time cure his ass. But when the pain left the enemy (mainly the West) begins planning next attack. We can see it now.
    But this time this attempt could be the very last one.

  215. yurivku says:
    @Philip Owen

    you are an evil old fool who doesn’t hesitate to make money in Russia, however. take a spoonful of novichock and relax.

    • LOL: FB
  216. Aglan says:

    Slowly but surely — and with some American help — the old Polish Commonwealth is being resurrected by its inhabitants, who’ve had more than enough of Bolshevik Russian rule. The result can only mean a better European Union.

    • Agree: Philip Owen
    • LOL: Aedib
    • Replies: @anon
  217. anon[408] • Disclaimer says:

    Frankly, the stupidity of it all is nauseating.
    After all that has been seen in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, how are there still people who believe in American propaganda? Are these people driven by suicidal nihilism? Certainly the leaders just want to steal the national resources and pocket US “aid” dollars, but what do the pawns want? The pleasure of destroying? Do workers think they will have jobs after the “free market” reforms, that will be required by Beltway and the IMF?Or they see the promises of freedom and prosperity and integration into the European Union only as a chance to have a free pass to migrate to London or Paris, thinking that they will have a bright future washing dishes there, as if in the West they still needed the belarusians to this, when there are so many migrants and refugees?

    • Replies: @yurivku
  218. The article, as always when Saker writes about the Belarussians, the Ukrainians or the Poles, is a Russian nationalistic and imperialist rubbish. He seems to ignore history at all! Mr Saker, the Belarussian nation has lost its elites, like the Russian nation as well, but it has better historical record than the Muskovites with the Moscow Principate and the self appointed Empire, in the Great Duchy of Lithuania (a nobility democracy in federal union with the Kindgdom of Poland – Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), the country that contained more Russians than the Moscow Principate and Moscow Empire until the middle 18th century!

  219. anon[408] • Disclaimer says:

    What planet does this type of comment come from? The USSR ceased to exist in 1991.

    • Replies: @Higgins
  220. @yurivku

    Спаси и сохрани.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  221. Higgins says:

    When you fnally come out of your present orbit you’ll find that the USSR is alive and kicking — true, it’s been rebranded as Russia something, but it’s still being run by the same KGB people as always.

    • Replies: @anon
  222. yurivku says:

    Мы русские, с нами Бог. Но даже если он не с нами, мы все одно русские.

  223. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course, and Russia will cease to be the USSR only when it is administered by the CIA, which will send Paul Bremer there, to repeat the wonderful work it has done in Iraq, with all the dismantling of the state and the economy. This worked very well. Then Americans can focus on saving China. Perhaps the freed Russians lend themselves to cannon fodder for that purpose.

    Why argue with neocons?

  224. vot tak says:

    “As for Lukashenko, he now seems to have reversed his tune somehow: after accusing Russia of treating Belarus not as a brother, but as a partner, now he says that he spoke to Putin and got a 5 page document explaining it all, and now he says that Russia and Belarus will be brothers after all.

    Not very convincing, to say the least.”

    Actually, what isn’t convincing here is saker’s attempted smear job. The same sort of smear jobs zionazi-gay guardianistas are in practice of using regularly against those israel wants taken down.

    Belarus’ Lukashenko to move air assault brigade to country’s western border amid protests & NATO activity in Poland, Lithuania

    ” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said an air assault brigade will be moved to the country’s border, amid massive anti-government protests that the leader has dubbed a “color revolution” directed by foreign agents.

    Speaking to state media on Saturday, Lukashenko said he was “worried” that NATO was carrying out military exercises in Poland and Lithuania, regarding it as an arms build-up on Belarus’ borders.

    The president said that Belarus “cannot calmly observe this” and do nothing, adding that he has ordered the transfer of an airborne brigade from Vitebsk to Grodno.

    Lukashenko also slammed foreign countries which he said were attempting to act as “mediators” in the country’s problems, urging them to “put their own business in order” before dictating to Minsk.

    Earlier, Lukashenko said Russian President Vladimir Putin had promised to help him secure his country’s safety, if necessary. According to the Kremlin, the two leaders agreed that the country’s problems “will be solved soon” and that the situation would not harm relations between the two countries.”

    Some more bad news for saker’s benefactors:

    Belarus hands over 32 ‘Russian mercenaries’ KGB accused of ‘planning riots’ – ignoring Ukraine’s extradition demand

    “Last weekend, Lukashenko announced that he had agreed with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to resolve the situation with the detainees.”

    So saker and the guardianistas rack up another big fizzle. But fear not, all is not lost. The norris suka is will rescue zionazia’s color rev:

    Chuck Norris appears in bizarre YouTube VIDEO threatening to make Belarusian President Lukashenko ‘cry’

    “You know that when I slice onions, onions cry. So if you don’t stop what you are doing now, then I will come to one of your residences and make you cry,” Norris warned, without elaborating on his demand.

    The bizarre video was reportedly produced through online platform Cameo, which allows users to pay for “personalized messages” from various celebrities. According to the website, a message from Norris costs \$300.”


    • Replies: @Robjil
  225. @Zarathustra

    Even if all Europe joins NATO, they will not attack Russia.

    Militarily, you are correct. However, Russia is under economic attack in the same way the USSR was.
    The arms race was about making the USSR spend money where it did not want to. The overwhelming majority of the “old” NATO countries care less about the well being of the citizens, as the neo-liberal order sees them as disposable.
    The more that fools in places like Ukraine are roped into NATO, the more costly it is for Russia on the arms side. The time on their side is part of the economic attack. I only hope it is long enough.
    All wars are economic wars, even when the shooting starts.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  226. Robjil says:
    @vot tak

    Chuck Norris should look in the mirror at Zion USA.

    Isis and Al-Qaeda psy ops were used to scare USA and its flunkies for wars for Israel.

    BLM psy ops are now being used to scare the masses of the west to feel “guilt”. Yet, the Top people of the Zion USA feel no “guilt” for destroying the Middle East since 1991, Yugoslavia from 1991-99, or the numerous “color” revolutions to turn them into Zion USA slave labor colonies.

    Corona psy op is all over the world. Why is Chuck Norris so “worried” about Belarus? Isn’t he wearing a “mask” now too? Shouldn’t he be “worried” about the Corona psy op?

    Belarus should be looking at what Zion USA looks like now before jumping in the Zion USA frying pan.

    Poland which has the biggest mouth, is having trouble with Israel and the USA who are both pushing for Poland to pay reparations up to 300 million for pre-WWII Jewish owned property in Poland. Belarus may get such wonderful “medicine” if it joins the “Free” Zion USA and friends.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @vot tak
  227. Robjil says:

    300 million should read 300 Billion for reparations for pre-WWII Jewish property in Poland. This huge bill would destroy Poland, simple as that.

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
  228. vot tak says:

    The norris suka was israeli bought and paid for way back, prpbably from the beginning of his dubious film career. Like stallone, bronson and several others, the guy was, and is, totally beholden to the zionazi-(very)gay propaganda machine.

    How one company turned out dozens of the worst movies ever made

    “Cannon’s cash cow was Chuck Norris, whose successes included the wildly xenophobic “Invasion U.S.A.,” the studio’s answer to “Red Dawn’’ but with Cuban invaders, and the “Rambo’’ clone “Missing in Action.” According to insiders, “MIA’’ was actually a sequel to an already-shot film that was so awful, it got held back. Afterward, the earlier film was marketed as a prequel called “Missing in Action 2: The Beginning.’’

    Years ago I read an interview with the golan-globus parasites where they specifically stated their goal was to produce films that promoted extreme right propaganda in order to help israeli interests in turning the clock back in america to the far right 1950’s times. This would benefit israel and their judeo-nazi geostrategy. Something the opening up of alternative world views and resistance to being exploited and controlled during the 1960s zionazia realised would be a huge threat to their plans of being the dominant order. So they set their machinery to kill it with propaganda. They started their american psywar during the 1970s when both zionazia and their equivalent american/western capitalist oligarchies were desperate to turn back the clock and nullify the 1960’s before this expansion of consciousness in the west nullified their own control of the west. Politically, thatcher in the u.k. was the trial run, the reagan regime being the clincher. Gloan-globus job was to make propaganda in support of this regress to far right mental zombieism. The norris suka, a mental zombie to begin with, was one of their tools. The braindead sod still is.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Thanks: Robjil, FB
  229. RT says:

    The Invisible Russians, the Invisible Americans, the Invisible Germans, the Invisible French……The list is long. There is the huge problem of today, the Invisible ones. Isn’t it rime to become Visible? Because otherwise mostly the scum of the world is visible.

  230. JamesinNM says:

    Belarus must join Russia immediately.

  231. @yurivku

    Russia—vast motherland to many peoples. And homeland to the Church. I believe so long as the Orthodox divine liturgy is celebrated on her soil, God will protect the Russia He loves.

  232. @Z-man

    Russia should have also brutally crushed the Ukrainian CIA coup. But Putin is too weak to do anything. Like Trump, he only complains.

  233. yurivku says:

    but what do the pawns want?

    You’re right of course. But “pawns” just fed up with old stupid fool which rules them. And trying to get rid of that animal not thinking what next.

    • Replies: @anon
  234. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    “But “pawns” just fed up with old stupid fool which rules them. And trying to get rid of that animal not thinking what next.”

    This is not a rational attitude when the existing options are not considered.
    What would eventually happen in Belarus would be the same as in other ex-Soviet countries, the rise of a regime of the Saakashvilli / Poroshenko type, based on ferocious corruption and russophobia, sustained by Washignton while serving as a battering ram against Russia. As for Belarusians, lend themselves to the role of cannon fodder against Moscow, or migrate to Euroland, to wash toilets and drive to Uber, after the entire economy is destroyed by free market reforms.
    And if and when Belarus has its Saakashvilli / Poroshenko / Zelenski, etc., any critic of the government can be “legitimately” declared “enemy of the people”anda “russian provocateur” and silenced by whatever means are necessary, with the obsequious silence of Western custodians of liberalism.

  235. yurivku says:

    This is not a rational attitude when the existing options are not considered.

    Yes. it’s not rational. And I agree with you on all points.
    But look here:

    People are rarely rational. If putin was wise he’d not put all bets on Luka and now Russia is associated with him, which is very bad.

    • Replies: @anon
  236. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    Western juggernaut and their media spokesmen will always accuse Putin of whatever they want, no matter what he does. t is not even a matter of Putin in itself, but of Russia and the need for Western plutocracy to reduce it to insignificance, to the condition of a great Iraq, governed under the supervision of the US State Department and the CIA.

    If Putin actively contemplated other options, the West would accuse him of creating a Belarusian Yanukovych, and perhaps even go so far as to make Lukashenko an anti-Putinist hero, and a victim of the evil Russian-Bolshevik- “Asian” expansionism (summarizing here the entire repertoire of accusations against Russia by the crazy American rightists).

  237. Paul Vernon says: • Website

    The boy who was killed by the regime thugs of course did not lob a grenade – a video shows he did not.

    • Troll: FB
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  238. Malla says:

    The only FREE country left is North Korea.

    Even NK may not be free. Kim Jong-Un and his sister went to a school in Switzerland known to be a school for children of Western Spooks. We already may have NWO.

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
  239. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin turned Turkey from an enemy to a neutral with friendly figure after the shooting incidents at sky and in the embassy

    What did Putin do after losing 20 plus military men in the sky at the Israeli hand?

    Russia is begging for a spot on the western plate .

    It’s behavior is opportunistic and transactional
    until and unless Israel draws a different plan for Russia.

    How it conducts itself with China India Pakistan and Iran is despicable more or less ready to toe west and Israeli lines.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  240. @yurivku

    Explain that to the Central Asians.

  241. @yurivku

    Only in the demented minds of Great Russian supremacists.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  242. @Paul Vernon


    Masquerading as an “independent blogger” now “journalist” Higgins, aka “Brown Moses” is formerly a senior fellow in the Digital Forensic Research & Future Europe Initiative – both projects run by the Atlantic Council (2016-19)

    If we look at the only stories he ‘reports’ on they’re anti-Putin, anti-Assad, anti-Russia and anti-Syria.

    His US Deep State foreign policy/diplomatic credentials are widely known.

    Before we believe anything – we must examine:
    • who’s behind making the claims,
    • are they in a position to know, and
    • what’s their true agenda.

    Otherwise we may find ourselves being ‘led up a garden path’, so to speak.


    • Thanks: Robin Hood
    • Replies: @FB
  243. @Anon

    Anon 284,

    With no disrespect, you’re misreading Putin’s strategy.


  244. yurivku says:
    @Philip Owen

    take another spoonful of Novichock, you need it.

  245. @Curmudgeon

    This is only stupid provocation exactly as the west did to Hitler. Putin does not have a false pride as Hitler. Putin has a cool head. Putin realizes of his immense power tied to dependence of Europe on Russian energy supplies. Also Russian agriculture is being modernized, and there is market for Russian arms.
    Anglo-Zionist empire is itching for Putin’s response to their provocations.
    It will not e coming.

  246. FB says: • Website
    @Patagonia Man

    The so-called ‘Brown Moses’ aka Eliott Higgins is an underwear salesman by vocation…

    He has ZERO training or knowledge in anything remotely having to do with any kind of science, yet he and his stable of retards over at Bellingcrap churn out massive amounts of pseudo-scientific bullshit…

    He once publicly called MIT physicist Ted Postol an ‘idiot’…even though this clown couldn’t even solve a triangle if someone challenged him to do so…

    The guy that invented the widely used video analysis software has publicly denounced this clown as completely misuing the software with his agit-prop bullshit about Syria, Ukraine and other instances…

    It is a complete clownshow…naturally these clowns are supported by the mainstream media and all the stinktanks because of the anti-Russia and anti-Syria propaganda…

    Zero credibility…and anyone that cites Bellingcrap on this website is either a paid shill, or a useful idiot, which is even worse…

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @vot tak
  247. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    started to fear for the future of Belarus when I read news about how the country was becoming “a good place for business”, and that there would even be a “John Galt Club” (!).

    These things are usually poison to society.

  248. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    That Tikhanovskaya contests the result of the election, claiming for himself the same 80% of the votes attributed to Lukashenko, only serves to show that she is an equally or even more authoritarian personality that actual presidente. The only difference is that it serves Western masters.

  249. Fr. John says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “What can be done about that criminal government, the World Mafia? How can they be stopped?”

    Imagine the world ‘outrage’ if the Belarussians voted to ‘annex’ themselves to Mother Russia, just like Crimea did! WWIII

    Imagine the EVIL of those in the USA, who are trying to START WWIII to keep DJT from winning.

    Imagine Cabala Ha’aretz as the Jewzebel of the Demon-crapic ticket, and HER reaction, if she ‘suddenly’ became US Prez!

    The EVIL EMPIRE is not just the USA, it’s also Russia, sad to say.

    cf. Vladimir Moss,

    Then read Anglin’s political/religious observation of it all- fascinating.

  250. Derer says:

    I think I know how this movie ends not good for Russia expect some shiny new US missiles and tanks on your boarder soon.

    So Russia would make a decisive clearing of US mercenaries from Syria but they would give up on their own Belarus – illogical. In due time East Ukraine, Northern Kazakhstan and Belarus Russian inhabitants will be home and US ruling clique’s expansion will fail again like in N. Korea or Venezuela.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  251. @Derer

    Hitelr tried that. Didn’t work.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @Cyrano
  252. @Philip Owen

    Only because Hitler was stoopid enough to take the bait.

  253. Cyrano says:
    @Philip Owen

    Great Britain is trying that as we speak (write, correspond, whatever) The are trying to rebuild the old British Empire – albeit on a much smaller scale – by bringing all the former colonized people into GB.

    I think your formula is better, why colonize other people’s countries, when you can colonize yourself (we are talking about a real colonoscopy here) with the former subjects. Good luck to you, and keep hating the Slavs.

  254. vot tak says:

    “The so-called ‘Brown Moses’ aka Eliott Higgins is an underwear salesman by vocation…”

    Men’s underwear? Or women’s? I would guess men’s given his zionazi sponsorship, the cheesy nature of his propaganda, and his likesitupthebuttsky personality.

    • LOL: FB
  255. Johan says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    The old fashioned dictators are not so tech-savvy and into fiction science. Probably the country doesn’t have access to Zionist movie culture, so the fiction science and science fiction propaganda hasn’t landed yet. Without the decades long ideological preparation which we are so used to in the AngloZionist world, it is no use to try to impose it. Therefor Ziopower and ZioTech first need to get their hands on the country.
    One would almost wish to have such a dictator for ones own Western lunatic asylum.

    An ideology of working hard on the fields and in the sun to be healthy doesn’t really drive evolution, so the question is whether you like to stand still under the direction of an old fashioned dictator, or to go in the wrong direction at the hands of Ziopower.

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