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Making Sense of Russian Political Ambiguities
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Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin

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Introduction: the world is not Hollywood

The past couple of weeks saw a number of truly tectonic events taking place simultaneously in the US, in Russia, in Israel, in Syria, in Iran and in the EU. I think that it would also be reasonable to say that most of those who opposed the AngloZionist Empire have felt feelings ranging from mild disappointment to total dismay. I sure did not hear many people rejoicing, but if somebody was, they were in the minority (uncharacteristically, Mikhail Khazin, for example). These reactions are normal, we all form expectations which can be, and often are, disappointed. Still, even when the news is clearly bad it is helpful to keep a number of things in mind.

First, people, countries and events are not frozen in time. They are processes. Processes, by definition, are subject to change, evolution and (even radical) changes in direction.

Second, each process carries within itself the seeds of its own contradiction. This is what makes processes dynamic.

Third, people are imperfect. Even good people make mistakes, sometimes with tragic consequences. Yet it would be wrong to separate them all into either “infallible hero” or “abject villain and loser”. In fact, I would argue that any kind of mistake, especially a serious one, carries within itself its own contradiction which, in turn, can end up “energizing” the original process by creating a different set of circumstances.

All this is to say that the real world is not like Hollywood when the outcome of the story is only 90 minutes or so away. The real world is at war with the Empire and in this war, like in any other wars, there are mistakes and losses on both sides Both sides make mistakes and the results of these mistakes affect the future course of the war.

I would argue that in the past couple of weeks Russia suffered not one, but several PR disasters. I would also argue that the Zionists have had some tremendous PR successes. I will list them further below, but I want to suggest to you that PR disasters and successes are not quite the same as real-world, tangible victories. Furthermore, PR disasters and successes can sometimes be useful, as they reveal to the world previously overlooked, or underestimated, weaknesses. Finally, PR disasters and successes, while existing mostly in the realm of perceptions, can have a real-world effect, sometimes a dramatic one.

The usual chorus of Putin-haters who immediately declared final victory is completely mistaken and their reaction is the reflection of an infantile understanding of the complex world we live in. In the real world, a person like Putin can, and usually does, commit mistakes (PR and real-world mistakes) and the enemy can mount very effective counter-attacks. But the outcome of the war is not decided on a single battle. Furthermore, in politics, like in regular warfare, tactical mistakes and successes do not at all imply operational or, even less so, strategic successes. During WWII the German military usually performed better than the Soviet one on the tactical level, but the Soviets were superior on the operational and strategic levels. We all know how that war ended. If you want to read a good analysis and debunking of the “Putin caved in” nonsense, I recommend the article ”Russia Betrayed Syria”: Geopolitics through the eyes of a fearful “pro-Russia” Westerner” by Ollie Richardson.

The other extreme is to deny, against all evidence, that there is a problem or that mistakes have been made. That kind of stubborn flag-waving is actually unhelpful as mistakes are inevitable, and the first step towards mitigating them is to recognize them. The extreme version of that kind of flag-waving (pseudo-)patriotism is to denounce a person brining up problems as a traitor or a defeatist.

It is with all this in mind that I would like to revisit what has taken place and try to gauge what the real-world consequences of these PR events might be.

Part one: Putin disappoints

Quick summary: Putin re-appointed Medvedev, appointed Alexei Kudrin as Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russia and Vitalii Mutko as Deputy Prime Minister in charge of construction, he then hosted Bibi Netanyahu in the Kremlin while the latter bombed Syria right before, during and after Netanyahu’s visit. Finally, there is the disgraceful zig-zag about the S-300 for Syria: first, yes we will do it, then, no we won’t. All these events can, and should, be carefully analyzed and explained, but I don’t think that it makes sense to deny that most people feel a sense of disappointment over it all (except, of course, the bright geniuses who will claim that they knew all along that Putin was “fake”, but this is precisely the “Hollywood-thinking” types on whom any real analysis would be lost in the first place).

I would argue that even those who think that this is no big deal and that nothing terrible happened will not, if they are honest, deny that Putin must have known, without any doubt, that his decisions would be unpopular with the Russian public and that, very uncharacteristically for him, he deliberately chose to ignore his only public opinion and favor other considerations. That is something very new and, I think, something important.

There are roughly two camps vying for power inside the Kremlin: I call them the Atlantic Integrationists and the Eurasian Sovereignists. The former group is a pure product of the 1990s. We can think of them as “liberals”, IMF/Washington Consensus/WTO/WB types; folks who came to power thanks to the regime of oligarchs which ran Russia from about 1990 to 2000 and which was both deeply pro-American and which had extremely close ties to Israel and the various political Jewish and Zionist organizations in the West. The latter group is primarily a product of the armed forces and the security services. The “bridge” between the two is, by the way, the Russian military industrial complex in which both groups are represented. Unsurprisingly, most Russian “elites” (defined simply as people who made their fortune or, at least, a good living in the 1990s and after) support the Atlantic Integrationists, while most “regular” Russian people overwhelmingly support the Eurasian Sovereignists. This is why Putin is so popular and Medvedev never was. What is interesting is to look into how these groups relate to Israel and Zionism.

In a past article, I have already looked at the complex and multi-layered relationship between Israel and Russia. At this point we need to look a little deeper and see how each of these groups relates to Israel and Zionism.

Atlantic Integrationists: unsurprisingly, they are pro-Israeli to the hilt. For them, Israel is a totally normal country, even to be admired, as they all have personal/family and business ties to Israelis in Israel and in the US. While there is no official version of AIPAC in Russia, let’s just say that the ADL would give the Atlantic Integrationists a perfect score for loyalty and service.

Eurasian Sovereignists: here, things are much more complicated. Some Eurasian Sovereignists are profoundly anti-Zionist ideologically, while others don’t really care. But even for those who have no love for Israel, or who are deeply opposed to the Zionist influence in Russia in the 1990s or even today (especially in the Russian media), do not necessarily find it useful to say much about it. Why? Primarily because they think, and I would say correctly so, that being pro-Russian (in the sense of patriotic and wanting a truly sovereign Russia) does not have to entail being anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish. Furthermore, there are, and have always been, patriotic Russian Jews who have been an integral part of the Russian culture and history. Just like I often write that for Russians, Muslims are not “aliens” in the way many westerners perceive them, and Jews are not “aliens” for Russians either. This is why you can often meet the following Russian type: they will bitch and complain about all the Jewish “crooks and politicians”, but have “good” Jews as their closest and best friends. This is not blindness at all, this is the expression of the fact that to loathe an ideology is one thing, but to collectively feel hostility towards a group of people you know very well is a completely different proposition. I will never cease to repeat it: Russia is, has always been, and still remains a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society in which the presence of “others” simply is a fact of life.

Then there is the WWII factor, which the Israelis and Russians Zionists have been extremely skilled at exploiting to the max: Russians and Jew are united in a common memory of the horrors the Nazis inflicted upon them and they also often sense that West Europeans and Americans are, well, maybe not quite as sincerely sympathetic to their plight even if political correctness forces them to pretend to be. As a result, you will find that most anti-Zionist Russians, while surely not “ADL compatible” in their views, hate the Nazis and everything western racism stands for no less than Jews would. If fact, when faced with the modern wave of rabid russophobia, many Russians say “we are the new Jews”, meaning that everything evil on the planet is blamed on them regardless of fact or logic. Like it or not, but that common memory does bind Russians and Jews in a profound way.

I can already imagine the rage and disgust my words above will trigger in western Jew-haters for whom the world is split into two groups: Jew-haters (good) and all those who “sold out” to “the Jews” (as if there was such monad as “the Jews”). All I can tell them is this: don’t project your reductionist world view on others, especially not on Russia. If you do, you will never “get” Russia and you will be stuck with the kind of proverbial nonsense like “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”.

Part two: The Empire Strikes back

The past couple of years have been terrible for the Zionists, both in the US and in the rest of the world. First, there was the crushing defeat of their candidate in the US and the election of a candidate they rabidly hated. Then there was the Russian military intervention in Syria which prevented them from overthrowing the last secular “resistance” regime in the Arab world. In Russia, “their” Atlantic Integrationists were slowly but surely losing power and all in all, the western sanctions turned out to be a blessing for Russia. Putin’s popularity was soaring to new heights and the the global “Zionist house” was on fire. In the US, the Zionists counter-attacked with lightening speed and with a devastating effectiveness, breaking Trump in about 30 days (as shown by Trump’s betrayal of Flynn and later Bannon). After that, Trump made appeasing AIPAC his full-time job.

But that left another problem: while the US was re-taken under control, Russia, in the meantime, had succeeded in developing the capabilities to completely negate the entire US ABM system, to make much of the surface fleet obsolete and severely to impair the ability of US airpower to operate in airspace contested by modern Russian air defenses. In other words, in purely military terms, this was “game, set, match for Russia”.

[Sidebar: to those shocked by this statement and who would dismiss this as “Russian propaganda” I will submit the following: US military power is predicated on the following:

  1. The ability to deploy a carrier strike group anywhere on the planet.
  2. The ability to protect that carrier strike group from any major counter-attack.
  3. The ability to strike any country in the world with enough missile and airstrikes to break its will to continue to fight.
  4. The complete and total control of the skies (air supremacy). US forces simply never train for a combat scenario where they don’t control the skies or, even less so, when their enemy does.
  5. The very strong belief that no enemy would dare attack major overseas US bases.
  6. The very strong, quasi religious, belief that US military technology is superior.
  7. The absolute certitude that the US mainland would never be hit in a counter-attack.

None of the previous beliefs are based in reality anymore and, in fact, their opposite is true. This is why when dealing with a near-peer or peer enemy the US armed forces are more or less useless. The only very notable exception is the US nuclear triad and the US submarine fleet. The current situation in Syria (and by implication, Iran and Russia) is finally gradually bringing this new reality to the awareness of US decision-makers and military commanders.]

This is why Russia, albeit with only a tiny contingent, succeeded in turning the tide of the war in Syria and even now presents the AngloZionists with a frustrating challenge: a (comparatively) tiny contingent of Russian forces completely derailed the Empire’s plans for the entire Middle-East: not only is there a real change of peace breaking out in Syria, but the situation is far from having the Takfiris and Shia killing each other in Syria and Lebanon (a key part of the Israeli plan for the region). Hezbollah, Iran and the Syrians are now in a victorious coalition on the ground with the “Axis of Kindness” forces roundly defeated.

So the Israelis decided on a simple, very effective and very dangerous counter offensive plan: 1) start a war between the US and Iran by creating an acute crisis as a result of the US reneging on its legal obligations and 2) bait Iran into a counter-attack in response to Israel air operations against Iranian and pro-Iranian forces in Syria. But for that plan to succeed, Russia needed to stay out.

So far, at least, it looks like the Israelis have convinced the Russians to stay out. But is that perception really well founded?

Part three: factors inhibiting Russia

First and foremost, as I have already explained in great detail in the past, Russia has absolutely no legal or moral obligation to support, protect, arm, train or otherwise assist anybody in the Middle-East. None. Russia has already done more for Syria than the entire Arab/Muslim world combined with the notable exception of Iran and Hezbollah. As for the Arab/Muslim world, it has never done anything for Russia and still is doing nothing. So those who like to whine about Russia not doing enough simply have no case whatsoever.

Second, the Russian air defense and air forces in Syria have only one mission: to protect the Russian task force in Syria. Whoever got the idea that Russia is supposed to shoot down Israeli aircraft or missiles over Syria has not been paying attention to public Russian statements about this. The notion that the Russian task force in Syria is there to engage US/NATO/CENTCOM forces is just as ridiculous.

Third, and contrary to a frequently held misconception, the Syrian government, Iran, Hezbollah and Iran have different agendas in the Middle-East. Yes, they are de-facto allies. They also have the same enemies, they often work together, but they all think of their own interests first. In fact, at least in the case of Iran and Russia, there are clear signs that there are several ‘camps’ inside the Russian and Iranian government and the ruling elites which have different agendas (I highly recommend Thierry Meyssan’s recent articles on this topic here and here). To think that any or all of them will instantly come to the defense of any one of them is supremely naïve, especially when the aggressor (Israel) is backed by the full power of an already warmongering Empire run amok.

Fourth, the sad reality is that Russia, unlike Iran, never took a principled position concerning the nature and behavior of the state of Israel. I very much deplore that, and I consider it a shame, but I hasten to add that this shame is shared by every single country on the planet except Iran, Bolivia and, maybe, to some extent Turkey. Not to excuse anything, but only to explain, there is very little awareness amongst Russians about the true nature and behavior of the Israelis, and most of what makes it to the media is hopelessly pro-Israeli (hence the almost constant presence of the likes of Iakov Kedmi, Avigdor Eskin, Evgenii Satanovskii and other Israeli agents – they don’t even really bother to deny it – on Russian TV). The Russian media, especially the TV stations, could easily get a “ADL seal of approval”. Simply put: the vast majority of Russians don’t feel that the plight of the Palestinians or the constant Israeli attacks on neighboring countries is their problem.

[Sidebar: such a view can appear very self-centered until you recall the kind of “gratitude” Russia got in the past from her former interventions. There are countries out there who exist only because Russia decided that they should exist and which today are members of NATO. I won’t even go into the “Slavic brotherhood” or, for that matter, “Orthodox brotherhood” nonsense. The only people with whom Russia truly has a strong bond are the Serbs. The rest of them were more than happy to backstab Russia as soon as convenient. Thus history has taught Russia a painful lesson: give up on any naïve notions of gratitude or brotherhood. Very sad, but true. Today, even countries like Kazakhstan, Armenia or Georgia are showing a very ambivalent (and even ambiguous) attitude towards Russia. As a result the idea that Russia owes some form of protection to anybody out there has almost no support in Russia.]

Fifth, even the Eurasian Sovereignist’s analysts and media in Russia have this absolutely amazing “blind spot” about Israel and the Zionist ideology: I think of analysts whom I sincerely admire and respect (like Sergei Mikheev or Ruslan Ostashko) and whose analysis is superb on pretty much everything and who simply never mention the power and influence of what is clearly a powerful pro-Israeli lobby inside Russia, especially in the Russian media (even when they mention the power of the Israel lobby in the US). Considering how different the tone of much of the Russian Internet is, the only explanation I have for this situation is that any public anti-Israeli or anti-Zionist statements are career-terminators in Russia (we also clearly see the same phenomenon at work with RT and Sputnik). You can completely forget about any Russian religious figures speaking up, and that goes both for the Orthodox and Muslims: they all take their orders from the Kremlin and have no personal opinion on anything (I am only talking about the “official” senior religious leaders – the rank and file faithful do not display this type of behavoir).

Sixth, there are plenty of people in Russia who fully realize two simple things: first, a war between Iran and the Empire would be disastrous for the Empire (and therefore great for Russia) and, second, the Iranians are also “problematic” allies at best who have their own version of “Atlanticists” (remember the “Gucci Revolution”?) and “Sovereignists”, which means that tensions, or warfare, between Iran and the US would be greatly advantageous for the anti-US camp inside Iran (just like the rabid russophobia of western politicians did more to re-elect Putin than any of his own campaign rhetoric). To put it crudely, if the Israelis are dumb enough to attack the Iranians, and if the Americans are subservient enough to Israel to join into the fight – why should Russia take great risks and openly stand in the way? Finally, any conflict with Iran (which will most likely also involve the KSA) will have oil prices skyrocket. What do you think this will do to the Russian economy?

Seventh, the war which Israel is currently waging against Iran and pro-Iranian forces in Syria is entirely a symbolic war. Even the Pantsir which was recently destroyed by the Israelis (with the usual pro-Israeli PR campaign) was not even on combat alert: the unit was not even camouflaged and its crew was standing around and smoking. The Israelis are masters at making this look all very impressive and heroic, but in military terms, this is nonsense: they clearly hit a unit which was not even part of the action (whatever that “action” was).

The basic rule of warfare still remains valid today: unless you can put boots on the ground, your efforts will never have a decisive military effect. And thank God for the fact that nobody in the “Axis of Kindness” has any credible ground forces; not the Israelis (remember 2006?); not the Saudis (look at Yemen); and most definitely not the US (when is the last time they beat somebody capable of resisting?). That is why the AngloZionist Empire always tries to use proxies like the Kurds or the “good terrorists” to fight on its behalf. Thus the Russian military specialists fully understand that even if the Israelis bombed Syria for the next several months, they would not be able to change the fundamental correlation of forces on the ground. Hence, the Israeli strikes are mostly about PR.

Still, for all these reasons, and more, we all have to come to terms with the fact that Russia is what I would call a “limited actor” in the Middle-East. I have been saying from day 1 – when some were having visions of Russian airborne divisions (supported by MiG-31s!) landing near Damascus – that “the Russians are not coming” (see here, here, here, here and here). Furthermore, I tried to explain that the Russians are under no obligation whatsoever to protect or save anyone anywhere, including in the Middle-East (see here). Finally, I tried to explain that the Russian-Israeli relationship is a multi-layered and complex one (see here) and that Putin is facing some tremendous internal opposition which he has failed to successfully tackle (see here). But trying to describe a complex reality is often a futile task in a world in which simple, black and white, binary-kind of representations are the rule and where every complex argument is immediately turned into a long list of straw-man misrepresentations. This is still very much the case with the latest developments.

Those who say that “Putin sold out” are wrong, but so are those who think that “the Russians are coming” to save anybody. It is just not going to happen. Russia will not fight a war against Israel (unless she is attacked first) and Russia will only support Iranian operations and policies insofar as the Iranians negotiate a deal with the Russian and coordinate their efforts. As soon as Iran, or Hezbollah, make a move without prior consultations with Moscow, they will be on their own to deal with the consequences.

Part four: is Russia caving in to Western and Israeli pressure?

Setting aside the issue of the Russian role in the Middle-East, there remains the issue of why Putin failed to deliver on what was clearly a mandate of the Russian people to get rid of at least of the most hated personalities in the Russian government. Most folks in the West know how toxic Kudrin is, but the promotion of Mutko is nothing short of amazing too. This is the man who is most to blame for the gross mismanagement of the entire “Russia doping scandal” operation and who is absolutely despised for his incompetence. Now he is in charge of construction. There is even a good joke about this: Putin put Mutko in charge of the construction industry because the Russian construction market badly needs some doping. Funny, sure, but only so far. When I see Rogozin removed for his “poor management” (now put in charge of the Russian rocket and space industry) and Mutko promoted, I wonder if they have all gone crazy in the Kremlin.

We can all argue ad nauseam why exactly this has happened, but let’s first agree on one simple fact: Putin has failed to purge the Atlantic Integrationists. The big expectation of him getting a strong personal mandate from the people and then finally kicking them out of the Kremlin has, alas, been proven completely unfounded. There are a couple of interesting explanations out there such as:

  • Objectively, the Medvedev government has done a very decent, if not good job, with the economy. True, some/many believe that mistakes were made, that there were better economic policies available, but it would be hard to argue that the government completely failed. In fact, there are some pretty strong arguments which indicate that the Medvedev government (see this article discussing this in detail and it’s machine translation here and this article and its machine translation here)
  • Putin’s very ambitious internal economic growth program needs the support of the interests represented by the Atlantic Integrationists. In fact, internal development and economic growth are the core of his very ambitious political program. Possibly not the best time to purge the Kremlin from those who represent the interests of Russian big business.
  • The Medvedev “clan” has been weakened (see here for details) and now that it has been put on a much shorter “technocratic” leash, it is far less dangerous. In fact, it has been been subdued by Putin and his allies. Lavrov and Shoigu are both staying, by the way.
  • Trump’s reckless behavior is deeply alienating the Europeans to whom Putin is now presenting negotiation partners which they would trust (imagine Merkel and Rogozin in the same room – that would not go well!). Check out this excellent article by Frank Sellers in The Duran looking at the immense potential for Russia-EU cooperation.

Meh. I am personally unconvinced. How can Putin say that he wants serious reforms while keeping the exact same type of people in command? If indeed the Medvedev government did such a great job, then why is there any need for such major reforms? If Putin’s power base is indeed, as I believe it to be, in the people, then why is he trying to appease the financial elites by catering to their interests and agenda? Most crucially, how can Russia free herself from the financial and economic grip of the Empire when the Empire’s 5th column agents are (re-)appointed to key positions? And in all of Russia was there really nobody more qualified than Mutko or Kudrin to appoint to these positions?

Of course, there always this “Putin knows something you don’t” but I have always had a problem with that kind of logic which is essentially an open-ended universal cop-out. I hope that I am wrong, but to me this does strongly suggest that Putin is on the retreat, that he has made a major mistake and that the Empire has scored a major victory. And I will gladly admit that I have yet to hear an explanation which would explain this, never mind offer one of my own.

On the external front, has Russia caved in to Israeli pressure? Ruslan Ostashko offers a very good analysis of why this is hardly the case: (I don’t necessarily agree with his every conclusion, but he does make a very good case:

Yes, Netanyahu *did* with his repeated strikes on Syria, thumb his nose at Putin (that famous Israeli chutzpah at work for you!), and yes, Putin wining and dining Netanyahu was a painful sight and a PR-disaster. But on substance, did Israel get Russia to “betray Iran”? No, and not because the Russians are so heroically principled, but because Israel really has nothing to offer Russia. All Israel has is a powerful pro-Israel lobby inside Russia, that is true. But the more they use that lobby the more visible it becomes, the more questions at least Eurasian Sovereignists will ask.

The Israelis sure don’t want to give the impression that the run Russia the way they run the US, and Netanyahu’s reception in the Kremlin recently has already raised a lot of eyebrows and the impression that Putin caved in to the demands of this arrogant bastard are not helping Putin, to put it mildly. A lot of Russian analysts (Viktor Baranets, Maksim Shevchenko, Leonid Ivashev) wonder what kind of arguments Netanyahu used with Putin, and the list of possibilities is an outright uninspiring one.

Part five – another truism: there is a difference between excellent, good, average, bad and terrible

Even if the situation in Russia has changed for the worse, this is hardly a reason to engage in the usual “Putin sold out” hysteria or to declare that “Russia caved in”. Even when things are bad, there is still a huge difference between bad and worse. As of right now, Putin is not only the best possible person to be the President of Russia, Russia also continues to be the objective leader of the resistance to the Empire. Again, the black-and-white “Hollywood” type of mindset entirely misses the dynamic nature of what is going on. For example, it is quite clear to me that a new type of Russian opposition is slowly forming. Well, it always existed, really – I am talking about people who supported Putin and the Russian foreign policy and who disliked Medvedev and the Russian internal policies. Now the voice of those who say that Putin is way too soft in his stance towards the Empire will only get stronger. As will the voices of those who speak of a truly toxic degree of nepotism and patronage in the Kremlin (again, Mutko being the perfect example). When such accusations came from rabid pro-western liberals, they had very little traction, but when they come from patriotic and even nationalist politicians (Nikolai Starikov for example) they start taking on a different dimension. For example, while the court jester Zhirinovskii and his LDPR party loyally supported Medvedev, the Communist and the Just Russia parties did not. Unless the political tension around figures like Kudrin and Medvedev is somehow resolved (maybe a timely scandal?), we might witness the growth of a real opposition movement in Russia, and not one run by the Empire. It will be interesting to see if Putin’s personal ratings will begin to go down and what he will have to do in order to react to the emergence of such a real opposition.

Much will depend on how the Russian economy will perform. If, courtesy of Trump’s megalomaniacal policies towards Iran and the EU, Russia’s economy receives a massive injection of funds (via high energy prices), then things will probably stabilize. But if the European leaders meekly cave in and join the sanctions against Iran and if the US succeeds in imposing even further sanctions on Russia, then the Medvedev government will face a serious crisis and the revival of the Russian economy promised by Putin will end up in an embarrassing failure and things could also go from bad to even worse. As for right now, our always courageous Europeans are busy handing the latest Eurovision prize to an Israeli (Eurovision prizes are always given to countries the EU leaders want to support) while the self-same Israelis “celebrate” the new US Embassy in Jerusalem by murdering 55 Palestinians (and promised to kill many more). So let’s just say that I am not very hopeful that the Europeans will grow a spine, some balls, a brain or, least of all, acquire some moral fiber anytime soon. But maybe they will be greedy enough to reject some of the most outrageous US demands? Maybe. Hopefully. After all, the European supine subservience to the US has to have cost the EU billions of dollars already…

Part six: dealing with the S-300 fiasco

The entire S-300 business for Syria has been an ugly mess but, again, more in the PR realm than in the real world. The constant “we will deliver, no we won’t, yes we will, no we won’t” creates a terrible impression. The explanations for this zig-zag make things only worse. Let’s take a look at what those who do not disapprove of this zig zag are saying. Their arguments go more or less as follows.

  • The S-300s would place the Israeli Air Force at risk not only over Syria, but also over Lebanon and even Israel. This is overkill because Russia never moved into Syria to fight a war against Israel. So the entire idea of delivering S-300s to Syria was a bad idea in the first place.
  • Syria does not really need S-300s. Lavrov and others mention the S-300s as a threat (because the Israelis really fear these systems), but in reality what Syria needs are Buk-M2E (see analysis in Russian and it’s machine translation here).
  • The Russians made a deal with Israel and in exchange for the non-delivery of the S-300s (see analysis in Russian here and the machine translation here) they are getting something very tangible: Israel will stop supporting the “good terrorists” in Syria thereby making it much easier for Damascus to finish them off.

I don’t like these arguments very much except for the 2nd one. First, I do agree that the Buk-M2E is a very modern and capable system with some advantages over the S-300 in the Syrian context, but I would still add that the infamous sentence “Syria has got all it needs” is an absolutely terrible and ridiculous statement (read Marko Marjanović devastating critique of it in his article “Israel Took out a Syrian Pantsir Air Defense Unit, S-200 Radars. Russia: ‘No S-300 Transfer, Syria Has All It Needs’” for Russia Insider). I think that this “Syria has all it needs” is yet another of these self-inflicted PR disasters and an absolutely ridiculous statement until you take it one step deeper.

So, if by “Syria has all it needs” you mean “Syria has no need for any other help” or “the Syrian air defenses can deal with any Israeli or US attack” – then this is total nonsense. Agreed. But if you just rephrase it and say “Syria has all the types of weapons it needs”, then I think that this is basically true. By far the single most important air defense system for the Syrians is the Pantsir-S1, not the S-300 or any other system.

As early as June of last year I wrote a column for the Unz Review entitled “Russia vs. America in Syria” in which I had a section entitled “Forget the S-300/S-400, think Pantsir”. I wrote that at a time when most observers were paying no attention to the Pantsir at all, and the entire world seemed obsessed with the S-300 and S-400s. I still believe that the Pantsir is the key to the outcome of the struggle for the Syrian airspace. But Syria, and Iran, need many more of them. Basically, the ideal situation is numerous Russian, Iranian and Syrian Pantsirs all over Syria, all of them integrated with already existing Russian long radar capabilities and supported by modern electronic warfare. With enough Pantsirs deployed and on full alert (not like the one the Israelis recently destroyed) and fully integrated into a single air defense network, the Syrians would be able to mount a very robust air defense capability, at a relatively cheap cost, without offering the Israelis any high value and lucrative targets.

Pantsirs can deal with most of the US and Israeli threats even if, unlike their S-300/S-400 counterparts, they cannot engage aircraft at long distance (hence the suggestion to deploy some Buk-M2E’s to approximate that capability). The truth is that S-300’s were never designed to operate more or less autonomously or to intercept cruise missiles or bombs. Yes, they *can* do that, but they were designed to deal with long range high value targets and within a multi-layered system which included many other systems, such as the Buks, Tors, Pantsirs and even Iglas and Verbas MANPADs. That multi-layered air defense system is currently absent in Syria and would take a lot of time and money to deploy. In contrast the Pantsirs can function completely autonomously, can detect any target up to 50km away, track and engage it 20km away, protect itself and others with its 30mm guns up to 3km away. Pantsirs can even do that while moving up to 30km/h on rough terrain. This makes it an extraordinarily effective and survivable air defense system, which is relatively easy to hide, deploy and engage with no warning for the enemy. By the way, the Pantsir can also use both its 30mm canons and its missiles against ground targets, including tanks. No current air defense system can boast such a combination of capabilities.

Russia needs to deliver as many of those Pantsir-S1 systems to Syria as physically possible. A large number of Pantsir’s in Syria would present Israel and the US with a far bigger headache than a few S-300s. Currently there is something in the range of 40-60 of such Pantsir’s in Syria. This is far from enough considering the magnitude of the threat and the capabilities of the threat. That number needs to be at least doubled.

However, and regardless of the real-world technical and military aspects of the issue, the Russian zig-zags gave the world a terrible impression: the Israelis attack a Russian ally, then the Russian promise to do something about it, then Netanyahu goes to Russia, and Putin meekly caves in. This is all a massive self-inflicted political faceplant and yet another major mistake by Putin and other Russian leaders.

Frankly, the main Russian mistake here was to *ever* mention S-300s deliveries to the Syrians.

Part Seven: the lessons from the Divine Victory of 2006 – survival is victory

In 2006 Hezbollah inflicted a massive and most humiliating defeat upon Israel. And yet, there is some pretty good evidence that it all began by a mistake. Not by Israel, by Hezbollah. Check out this now often forgotten statement made by Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah:

“We did not think, even one per cent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me, if I had known on July 11 … that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not”

Amazing, no? Hassan Nasrallah spoke these words after Hezbollah’s superb victory against the “invincible Tsahal”. The truth is that Hezbollah had underestimated the violence and magnitude of the Israeli attack. Not only that, but Israel did not lose a single inch of its territory while all of Lebanon, not just the south, was viciously bombed and scores of civilians died. Hezbollah did destroy a few “indestructible” Merkava tanks and almost sank the Israeli Navy’s flagship. But compared to the damage and pain inflicted by the Israelis, this was nothing. Even Hezbollah’s missiles had a comparatively small effect on the Israeli population (mostly just the typical Israeli panic). And yet, even if politicians did not want to admit it, it was as clear as can be for both sides: Hezbollah had won a “Divine Victory” while the Israelis had suffered the worst defeat in their history. Why? For a very simple reason: Hezbollah survived.
That’s it and that’s crucial. Olmert and his goons had set out to destroy Hezbollah (or, at least, disarm it). This is what Trump will probably try to do to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this is what the AngloZionist Empire is trying to do to Russia: eliminate it.

Once the goals are thus defined, then the definition of victory is also obvious: surviving. That’s it.

For Hezbollah, Iran or Russia to defeat Israel, the US or the entire Empire, there is no need to plant a flag on the enemy’s main symbolic building like what Soviet soldiers did in Germany. All they need to do to win is simply to survive because the other’s sides survival is predicated upon their elimination, it’s really that simple. Israel cannot claim victory as long as Hezbollah exists, the US cannot claim world Hegemony if Iran openly defies it, and the AngloZionist Empire cannot clain world hegemony over the our planet as long as the Russian civilizational realm openly challenges it. So while all the talk about the Iranians wanting to “wipe Israel off the map” is just a typical ziomedia invention, it is true that by their very existence Hezbollah, Iran and Russia do represent an existential threat to Israel, the US and the Empire.

This is the biggest and the fatal weakness of the AngloZionist Empire: its survival depends on the colonization or destruction of every other country out there. Every independent country, whether big and powerful, or small and weak, represents an unacceptable challenge to the hegemony of the “indispensable nation” and the “chosen people”, which now try to rule over us all. This might well be the ultimate example of Hegelian dialectics at work in geopolitics: an Empire whose power generates it’s own demise. Many empires have come and gone in history, but the globalized world we live in, this dialectical contradiction is tremendously potentialized by the finite conditions in which empires have to operate.

Conclusion one: support for Putin and Russia must only be conditional

Over the past few years, Putin and Russia haters were predicting doom and gloom and all sorts of betrayals (or Novorussia, Syria, Iran, etc.) by Putin and Russia. Then time passed and all their predictions proved false. Instead of just talking, the Russians took action which proved the nay-sayers wrong. This time however, the Russians said and did a number of things which gave *a lot* of fuel to the Putin-haters and the only way to undo that is to take real action to prove them wrong. Right now as a result of these self-inflicted PR-disasters Russia looks very bad, even inside Russia were many Putin supporters are confused, worried and disappointed.

Externally, the Syrian and, especially, the Iranians need to come to terms with the fact that Russia is an imperfect ally, one which sometimes can help, but one which will always place its personal interests above any other consideration. In a personal email to me Eric Zuesse wrote “I think that Putin and Netanyahu are negotiating how far Israel can go and what Russia can accept — and what cooperation each will provide to the other — drawing the red lines of acceptability, for each side”. I think that he is spot on, but I also think that Putin is wrong in trying to make a deal with Israel, especially if a deal is at the expense of Iran. Ostashko is right. Objectively Israel has very little to offer Russia. But if this kind of collaboration between Russia and Israel continues, especially if Iran is attacked, then we will know that the Israel lobby inside Russia is behind these policies which go counter to the Russian national interest. We will soon find out.

In the meantime, Lavrov can’t try to get a deal going with Israel and, at the same time, whine about the “US Plan on Arab Troops Deployment in Syria ‘Sovereignty Violation’”! How about the never-ending violation by Israel of Syria’s sovereignty? How it is less repugnant than the one being perpetrated by the US? Are such statements not fundamentally hypocritical?

We can observe a paradox here: Putin has criticized the evil immorality of the western society and imperial policies many times (most famously in Munich and at the UN). But Putin has never said anything about the evil immorality of the state of Israel. And yet Israel is the center of gravity, the nexus, of the entire AngloZionist Empire, especially since the Neocons turned Trump into their subservient lackey. In this, and in so many other areas, Russia needs to follow the example of Iran whose leaders have shown far more morality and principled policies in spite of Iran being much smaller and comparatively weaker than Russia.

In 2006 a thousand men or so of Hezbollah dared to defy the entire AngloZionist Empire (the US was, as always, backing Israel to the hilt) and they prevailed. Russian soldiers have shown time and again, including recently in Syria, they they have the same type of courage. But Russian politicians really seem to be of a much more tepid and corruptible type, and there is always the risk that Putin might gradually become less of an officer and more of a politician. And this, in turn, means that those of us who oppose the Empire and support Putin and Russia must imperatively make that support conditional upon a clearly stated set of moral and spiritual principles, not on a “my country right or wrong” kind of loyalty or, even less so, on a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of fallacy. Should Putin continue in his apparent attempts to appease the Israelis a new type of internal opposition to his rule might gain power inside Russia and new internal tensions might be added to the already existing exernal ones.

Right now Putin still has a lot of “credibility capital” left in spite of his recent mistakes. However, Putin recent decisions have raised a lot of unpleasant questions which must be answered and will so in time. In the meantime, as they say in the US, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and settle for anything in the middle”. The Scripture also warns us not to make idols of leaders: “Trust not in princes, nor in the children of men, in whom there is no safety” (Ps 145:3 LXX). The worldly evil we are fighting, today in the shape of the AngloZionist Empire, is but a manifestation of a much deeper, spiritual evil: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12). The young men and women from the Shia movement Amal got it right when they chose the name “Party of God” for their movement when they created Hezbollah in 1985. And Iran was right when it became an Islamic Republic: if we want to defeat the Empire we need to always let spiritual matters and moral crieria remain above any of our “pragmatic” worldly political considerations or national/ethnic loyalties: that is how we can defeat those who place a dollar value on absolutely everything they see in their narrow materialistic worldview.

Conclusion two: the quest for “Russian values”

Russian political ambiguities are the direct result of the fact that Russia, as whole, has yet to define what “Russian values” really are. The historical Russia was founded on Patristic Christianity and the Roman civilizational model and the Soviet Union on Marxism-Leninism. The 1990s marked the total triumph of materialism run amok. But unlike Hezbollah or Iran, the “New Russia” (as I like to call it) is not based on anything other than a Constitution written mostly by US advisors and their proxies and a general opposition to the western civilizational model (especially since 2014). Being against something is not an inspiring, or even tenable, political or moral stance (as the White Guards discovered during the Russian civil war). Furthermore, in her confrontation with an AngloZionist Empire which stands for absolutely nothing besides base instincts, Russia needs to stand *for* something, not just against something else. As long as Russia will not firmly define and proclaim a set of spiritual/moral values she stands for, the current zigs-zags will continue and Russian policies will prove to be inconsistent, at best.

[Sidebar: here I want to contrast the Russian society at large with the Russian armed forces who, besides having a lot of good equipment, have a very strong and clear ethos and a rock solid understanding and clarity about what they stand for. This is why Russian soldiers have consistently and spontaneously been willing to sacrifice their lives. The Russian civilian society still lacks that kind of clarity, and Russian politicians, who are no better in Russia than elsewhere, often make use of that. The Russian armed forces are also the one institution with the strongest historical memory and the deepest roots in Russian history. I would argue that they are the only institution in modern Russia whose roots truly go back to before the 1917 Revolution and even much further back than that. As descendant of “White Russians” myself I have always found it uncanny and, frankly, amazing how much closer I have felt to Russian military officers than to Russian civilians. To me it often feels as if there were two types of Russians simultaneously coexisting: the “new Russian” type (still in the process of being defined) and the military officer corps (Soviet or post-Soviet). That latter type almost instinctively made sense to me and often felt like family. This is hardly a scientific observation, but this has been my consistent personal experience].

There is a very high likelihood that Israel will succeed in triggering a US attack on Iran. If/when that happens, this will trigger a political crisis inside Russia because the space for the current political ambiguities will be dramatically reduced. On moral and on pragmatic grounds, Russia will have to decide whether she can afford to be a bystander or not. This will not be an easy choice as their shall be no consensus on what to do inside the ruling elites. But the stakes will be too high and the consequences of inaction prohibitive. My hope is that a major military conflict will result in a sharp increase of the power and influence of the military “lobby” inside the Kremlin. Eventually and inevitably, the issue of Israel and Zionism will have to be revisited and the pro-Israeli lobby inside Russia dealt with, lest Russia follow the same path to self-destruction as the US. For this reason the concept of “true sovereignization” is the one patriotic slogan/goal that Eurasian Sovereignists must continue to promote (regardless of the actual terminology used) because it points towards the real problems in Russian internal and foreign policies which must be addressed and resolved. This will be a long and difficult process, with victories and setbacks. We better get used to the idea that what happened in the past couple of weeks will happen again in the future.

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  1. Alden says:

    Much too long to read on a computer screen. How many pages if printed out 80,90,100?

    I did read something about Russians still glorifying themselves because they defeated the Germans

    Maybe it would have been better if the Germans had defeated and occupied Russia and killed all the commies.

    At least then the Russians would not have been able to activate all their FDR agents and forced school desegregation, affirmative action, government aided and abetted black on White crime and the damage the greatest generation and their baby booner children did as soon as they got back from the war.

    More I read Saker the more I think it’s too bad Russia was on the winning side of WW2.

  2. 76239 says:

     “there is always the risk that Putin might gradually become less of an officer and more of a politician.”

    A distinction without a difference. The military is thoroughly political. All branches within the government are political machines. No exceptions. Shit floats to the top, just like in politics. Its not who you know, but who you blow just like politics.

  3. A truly amazing article and the most amazing thing of all is the totallack of even one paragraph of the existence of China. This article could have been written, word for word, by a defender of the Empire and the China omission would have been identical. TheKey player on the world scene manages to wear the clock of invisibility like the Shadow of old time radio and movies. Quite a feat!

  4. m___ says:

    Second, each process carries within itself the seeds of its own contradiction. This is what makes processes dynamic.

    “what makes processes dynamic”, could it be “more then just linear”? Referring to changes of direction regardless of interaction(group dynamics) with other processes. Example: the Roman Empire process, growing then imploding?

    Discard as pendantic in case.

  5. yurivku says:

    Too many words. The bad actions of Russian leaders were correctly denouted.
    But the conclusions are vague. Shortly we could say – everything is bad, we have some hopes, but near future will show …

    I agree with the last statement with one change – probably not near, but some future will show. Level of Putin’s desisiveness shown to be quite low.

    But if ZUSUK will be so stupid to put Russia in a corner soon, yes, we can see some bright pictures, maybe those will be the last ones.

    • Replies: @Paw
  6. yurivku says:

    Maybe it would have been better if the Germans had defeated and occupied Russia and killed all the commies.

    I would prefer that Germans destroyed your country and killed your parents. It could’ve saved me of reading you, moron.

    • LOL: Biff
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Alden
  7. Ruiner says:

    Isn’t the control of the natural gas pipeline going from Syria and onto Europe reason enough for Russia to to choose a side? Israel and Russia could get it done just as easily as if not easier then Russia Syria.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  8. In the end, because of Putin’s shenanigans, Russia will lose the war in Syria.

    Putin is a jerk, never to be trusted.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  9. Randal says:

    Even the Pantsir which was recently destroyed by the Israelis (with the usual pro-Israeli PR campaign) was not even on combat alert: the unit was not even camouflaged and its crew was standing around and smoking. The Israelis are masters at making this look all very impressive and heroic, but in military terms, this is nonsense: they clearly hit a unit which was not even part of the action (whatever that “action” was).

    Not sure how an AD unit can be “not part of the action” anywhere in any meaningful sense in the midst of an ongoing surge of strikes within a strategic campaign of air attacks such as Israel is waging against Syria.

    Without knowing the context (how long had it been stationary and out of ammo/action, as it reportedly was at the time of the strike, and what was the context for the Israelis getting a missile through to it when it should have been covered by other operational defences), it’s hard to know how much its loss should be put down to Syrian fault, and how much to Israeli/US technical competence or just to the vagaries of war.

    But it certainly doesn’t look good and that’s of course why the Israelis are so keen to publicise it.

    As for the Saker piece, as usual lots of good points and some not so good, but that’s about all one can expect on such complex topics. Imo he’s rather over-stating the case in excusing the Russian failure to halt the ongoing Israeli assault on Syria. Yes, Russia has no formal alliance with Syria or Iran committing it to defend them (and by the way these are attacks on Syria not just Iran, though occasionally they hit Iranian forces within Syria and allied with Syria – the claims of targeting just Iranian forces are Israeli propaganda to create a seeming pretext good enough for the pro-Israeli media in the US sphere). But to say there is no moral onus on Russia whatsoever to do so is simply overstating it – Iranians, Syrians and Russians are fighting side by side in Syria and that in itself creates some moral pressure not to stand by and watch your allies get butchered with impunity when you can do something about it.

    But from a purely pragmatic point of view, failing to halt the Israeli attacks is damaging to Russia, on at least two counts. First, it unavoidably creates a perception of weakness and/or betrayal, and of unreliability and two-facedness. In a more concrete sense, though, the simple fact is that Iranian, Syrian and Russian interests are in fact fundamentally aligned in Syria and diametrically opposed to the Israeli objective, on the core issue, which is the survival and stabilisation of the Syrian state. Israeli impunity and the level of attacks it is now carrying out are incompatible with the goal of stabilising Syria, and will have to be stopped at some time if that goal is to be achieved.

    If the Russian government thinks that by appeasing the Israelis it can somehow hope that they might be persuaded to slow down or halt the attacks, perhaps if the Iranians pull out, then the Russian government is profoundly naïve. Claims that the strikes are motivated by Iranian presence are pretexts, not reasons. If that pretext goes, another will be found. The Israeli goal remains to destroy the Syrian state, destroy Hezbollah and destroy Iran as a regional rival. Israel does not need to do these things – claims that it is under serious threat are outright propaganda lies. It wants to do them, in order to gain in regional power over its rivals and increase further its impunity to continue and escalate its ongoing settler colonisation programs enabled by the US.

    Those objectives are important enough that it isn’t going to halt in pursuing them as a favour to Russia, no matter how meek and submissive the Russian government acts, but they are not important enough for Israel to face open conflict with a major power for them. Israel does these things because it can. When it is forcefully told that it can no longer do them, it will stop doing them.

    One can certainly argue (and I have done so in the past) that the time isn’t right for Russia to put a halt to Israeli attempts to destabilise the Syria government, though that argument grows increasingly threadbare. One cannot argue credibly, I think, that it will not be necessary to do so at some point soon.

    • Replies: @Per/Norway
    , @Miro23
    , @peterAUS
  10. ohmy says:

    This is a very good interpretation of the recent events which have confused us all. Personally I think any and, all deals Putin has made with the Western Zionists have a short shelf life as, there seems to be no contract the West will honor short of complete capitulation. Patience is a good thing here and,, Putin knows in the end Russia is the prize. So, I believe right now he is smart to play short ball with Washington and, Tel Aviv. There’s a level of immaturity in guys like Netanyahu and, Trump. Let me just say, they have their egos to protect.
    Saker, what do you know about AI as it relates to Tyler, anything? Is this a topic which can excite from you an article or, two?

  11. Anonymous [AKA "Mega SCI dump"] says:

    “the “New Russia” (as I like to call it) is not based on anything other than a Constitution written mostly by US advisors”

    That’s a bit harsh. Judging by what the Russian command structure has been seen to say and do, they are evidently based on rights and rule of law, not on the perverted US model but on black-letter customary and conventional international law. Russia dominates US performance in terms of human rights,

    They took over from France as the world’s most articulate advocate of rule of law, and did it better. In Syria they stressed pacific resolution of disputes, notably by brokering Syrian chemical weapons disarmament through OPCW. They also press-ganged a military staff committee and enforced UN Charter Article 47 at gunpoint, using all the megatonnage needed. Now they’re the world’s policeman, and they’re not USA-style asshole cops. They’re taking the role of international civil servants in the UN Charter’s sense. That may be one reason why they’re not consistently kicking US ass, as we would wish: Peace is the law. Friendly relations – it’s the law, A/RES/25/2625.

    Not that they’re perfect examples of rights or law – the indicators show that in the specific respect of invitations to special procedures, they’re about as bad as the USA, and that’s pretty bad. And your point about double standards on Israeli impunity is very important. But their opposition to the West is not general, but meticulously grounded in law. Recall that they justified even a vital interest, Crimean accession, in terms of the Kosovo precedent set out by the ICJ.

  12. @Randal

    the pantsir was being reloaded.. no rockets in the tubes, maybe that is how it was not part of the action;)
    weapons without ammo cant do their intended operations as far as i know,,

    • Replies: @Randal
  13. Randal says:

    Being out of ammo doesn’t mean being “not part of the action”. It means you should be either be being reloaded or getting under cover to reload, or be covered by other systems, or both.

    Were the autocannons out of ammo as well? If it was running low on ammo shortly before, why wasn’t it already on the move towards cover, since the S1 can reportedly fire on the move? If it was under such rapid and sustained attack that its ammo was exhausted in a saturation attack (and that of its covering systems as well, bearing in mind it was reportedly located at a major airbase), and it had no time to move or be reloaded before it was hit, then it absolutely was not “not part of the action”.

    I take no joy in pointing it out, but this was a clear defeat for the Syrian AD systems, however you explain it. It’s not the end of the world – losses are inevitable in combat. Lessons can be learned. But it can’t be airily dismissed as “not part of the action”.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @peterAUS
  14. Anonymous [AKA "Malcolm Tucker"] says: • Website

    What “cancellation” of which promise to supply the S-300?? There never was any promise to do so to start with. There were only certain questions asked by the JMSM in certain time before the long-planned visit of Netanyahu on May, 9. The Russian generals had to give some sort of replies. An ambiguous ones. But the JMSM of course made a conclusion that Russia indeed is planning the sale. Fast-forward to 9th of May, Bibi comes/Bibi leaves, and the same JMSM would ask the new questions. To which Moscow obviously had to voice a denial. As a result – Bibi is a hero at home, while Putin was made look weak.

    • Replies: @thorby baslim
  15. Erebus says:

    The photos I’ve seen indicate that the system (if really the same one) had indeed fired off its missiles and was ready to move as its hydraulic stabilizers had been retracted, and its radar panel folded. If the crew left the system uncamouflaged and were “standing around smoking”, that can suggest a number of different possibilities. It may indicate a breakdown in discipline, but they may have been awaiting orders, or even had a mechanical breakdown en route to a new location. Likely a combination. Who knows?

    So, maybe not “part of the action” in the sense that it was actively targeting/firing at incoming missiles, but definitely “part of the action” in the sense that it had been obviously doing just that moments before. If its missiles and auto-cannon had seen some successes, it may even be seen to have “won” rather than been part of a “clear defeat”.

    In any case, it seems that surprisingly little damage was done. The system was hit in the front cab area and looked eminently repairable in the photos.

    The SAA has seen some discipline problems in the field, and since a number of the the general staff defected early in the war, a disjointed command & control system. Under Russian tutelage, they’re vastly better today than they were 2 years ago, but perhaps not quite there yet. If the reports from late 2015 are to be believed, the Russians were very frustrated with how the SAA operated, and basically had to impose discipline by threatening, and then actually leaving.
    My guess is that that’s a large part of why the Russians are reluctant to provide potent weapons such as the S300. The political implications of using them can outweigh their military utility, and so must remain under strict control. If somebody starts shooting down US or IL jets at stand-off distances, things can get uncomfortably complex very quickly. The Russians don’t need that to worry about along with everything else.

    • Replies: @Randal
  16. Anonymous [AKA "SimplifiedTruth"] says:

    If people (esp. the Saker) would remember that Putin is a jew, we could have saved 8400 words. See Putin’s passport.

    • Replies: @ValmMond
  17. Russia and Russians will have to come to terms with the fact they are disliked in large parts of Eastern Europe, with the possible exception of Serbia.

    There are reasons for this, whether just or unjust.

    The reaction to comment #1 which might be seen as sarcastic seems a case in point.

    I am certain that unfortunate accidents like the coup in Ukraine might in the future be avoided by a bit more self-awareness and awareness of massive prejudices inherited from an often less than glorious past.

    One has to see, however, that in the Ukrainian case, like in the Georgian case before, Russia acted swiftly and decisively to reach a position which might be considered better than the status quo ante before the Free West™ started its sheganigans. So perhaps the awareness exists and the contingency planning is in place?

    That is why I still have more than a little hope for Syria and by extension christendom in Syria and Lebanon. All to often it is forgotten that these wars in Arabia are also wars against the christion minorities in Arabia.

    • Replies: @Respect
  18. Randal says:

    It may indicate a breakdown in discipline, but they may have been awaiting orders, or even had a mechanical breakdown en route to a new location. Likely a combination. Who knows?

    Yes, I’ve probably seen the same videos and as you say (and as I pointed out in my original comment), we can’t really know what all the context is. Only those who were there and those who get access to any after action reports for the Syrian and Russian military will ever know, and anything we hear from them will be filtered through all sorts of propaganda channels.

    But I maintain the position I originally stated – there is no plausible scenario that does not make this a tactical defeat for the Syrians and/or the Russian suppliers, as all your suggested scenarios do to varying degrees. Though one could argue that the rapidity with which the damage limitation was undertaken by the Russians (releasing pics and analysis showing that the system itself was at least out of action (as opposed to “not part of the action”) when it was hit) suggests they are starting to catch up with US sphere information warfare. On the other hand, of course, this was designed to protect the Russian interest in the credibility of their machine at the expense of putting the blame on the Syrian operators, so it’s still a win for the Israelis.

    So, maybe not “part of the action” in the sense that it was actively targeting/firing at incoming missiles, but definitely “part of the action” in the sense that it had been obviously doing just that moments before. If its missiles and auto-cannon had seen some successes, it may even be seen to have “won” rather than been part of a “clear defeat”.

    Indeed, and perhaps the fact that it was able to be hit, despite presumably being still covered by numerous alternative defence systems (including presumably other S1s, given it was reportedly at a major airbase) will be a useful corrective to those who tend to overstate the potential defensive perfection of any air defence network.

    My guess is that that’s a large part of why the Russians are reluctant to provide potent weapons such as the S300. The political implications of using them can outweigh their military utility, and so must remain under strict control. If somebody starts shooting down US or IL jets at stand-off distances, things can get uncomfortably complex very quickly. The Russians don’t need that to worry about along with everything else.

    Yes, I’m sure that is a concern, though the overriding need to end the current position of Israel continuously attacking Syria with impunity should in the end negate such concerns – the Russians should simply turn that around on the Israelis and make them understand that they will supply the Syrians with “what they need” if the Israelis do not stop.

    At the moment the Russians look either two-faced or weak (and perhaps they are both) in the face of Israel. That’s not a look Russia can afford to have come to be their characterising feature, in the long run.

    We shall see what happens after the World Cup.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @peterAUS
  19. m___ says:
    @Robert Magill

    the total lack of even one paragraph on the existence of China

    The restriction of context, anything can be true as one limits the environment of the argument, is a systemic of communication. Another one, the ‘bend‘, drawing a linear argument and at some point …just bend it, and wind up out of context. And on. In case of myopia, as you pointed out, “lie by omission”, “omit part of relevancy”, etc. is a rule of journalism. It is lectured at Universities(not as such, such as other).

    The intellectual middle-class of scribes see this as superior cognizance, intellectual prowess, the dull example of these “qualities” at fundum is Noam Chomsky. He has been at it the longest, and got away with it every single time. As a mechanic he pulls apart the carburettor and blames a tar speck.

    For once, although guilty at other occasions, the author might be guilty in an irrelevant way. The(his only? certainly not) phenomenon goes way deeper.

    The China omission requires public(the firm concept of confining context is well known to the author and used privately) a reassertion of the author’s world-view: a global cocoon of elite rulers exists, morphs and shapes as a living creature, is mostly infighting, thus building floating consensus as it goes. As a secondary consequence(attaching importance in policy making to Trump and in a lesser measure to Putin, silence on Xi) the secondary row role of politicians in this game as middle class mercenaries concerned with grooming ignorance is real and not “conspiracy theory”. This evident observation cannot be made by consent, all of the journalistic, book compiling crowd is sinning conscientiously. Admitting this changes the rule of the game, sort of after “the world is flat” a situation. Questioning the quality of this global rule is the basis of insight. The guessing of interactions and outcomes on the world scene, by speculating on how the global elites regardless of territorial physical presence, and nation, of corporate or public, ethnic identity, and any other secondary parameters will wager their next move, must pull the wagon-load of predictions.

    The latter goes beyond the case of the author though. The history of the last two centuries and embryonically twenty or more are treated by public intellectuals, jurists, historians, politicians in the same manner. Binary(as used spot on by the author Saker in the concerned article) has it going for long, long way to go.

    Redefining “scope” in a reason based context including a better definition of “who” rules, would explain many things in a relevant way, but by convention is taboo. It would go a long way as to interpreting local phenomena in a comprehensible way to a quality intellect(top tier general readers of It would also redefine the concept of identity in a meaningful way. Say defining a Soros not so much as a Jew, but rather as part of a sub-group of humanity that includes and approaches, a Brasilian millionaire with a severe add-mixture, a Slav oligarch in the shadow of Putin, some family members of Xi, a share holder in the off-shore paradise of Israel, a Libanese Syrian in Silicone Valley an on. The Jew, Gentile, Negro the matter would identify maybe his logistics as such, not his interests. As wealth travels, IQ travels, so do global elites.

    The reader first and the subservient scribe secondly, being on a diet of inferior data acquisition as compared to the de facto elites, having first hand data if they desire so, could be a great “reverse engineering” tool. One step further. The best manager of such a tool would be an open-source library of algorithms, that allows outliers outside of the power bulbs to grasp better understanding out of bigger chunks of cow-web data.

    So your comment is of such relevancy that …it cannot be made, but for garbage-ing the 99.9 percent of all wording on the internet and the press, any historical and recent public communication and insider communication(corporations, banks, all administrative structures(Congress, CIA etc.)). Clutter no less.

    By correctly pointing to the rotten apple in a single article (noChina/Saker), …you basically entered the same trap. That is ignoring the systemic and denouncing a single “excess”. Very Chomsky like, by accident.

  20. Sean says:

    Incredibly obvious, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Seamus Padraig
  21. ValmMond says:

    See Putin’s passport.

    What about it? Does it say “jewish” under nationality or is it the star of David watermark?

  22. Miro23 says:

    The Israeli goal remains to destroy the Syrian state, destroy Hezbollah and destroy Iran as a regional rival. Israel does not need to do these things – claims that it is under serious threat are outright propaganda lies. It wants to do them, in order to gain in regional power over its rivals and increase further its impunity to continue and escalate its ongoing settler colonization programs enabled by the US.

    In fact it seems to go further. Planned Greater Israel expands territorially to include Jordan, Lebanon, most of Syria, western Iraq (oil producing regions), all the Gulf States, all northern Saudi Arabia (oil producing regions) and the Sinai and other parts of Egypt.

    It’s the Israeli Imperial dream of becoming a World Power and also controlling the world’s oil supply, somewhat analogous to Hitler’s dream of a German World Empire based on colonization of the East and a Greater Germany extending to the Urals.

    Both are/were racist-Imperialist projects with the difference that the Germans tried to realize the dream using their own military (insufficient) while the Israelis are trying to do it using US forces.

    How long the US plays along (or rather is intimidated into playing along) with this one sided project is an open question – and there’s clearly the issue of how Israel is going to win these wars without troops on the ground. At least Hitler had most of his army in Russia and detailed plans for post-war ethnic German settlement.

    The Americans aren’t going to fight more large scale ground wars in the Middle East and Israeli/US proxy forces have failed – so that leaves the destruction of the Middle East from the air – which doesn’t really further the Greater Israel project. Political control on the ground stays the same – generating even greater anti-Israeli/anti-American sentiment (if that is possible).

    Russia correctly opts to keep clear of this mess, and there is only negative blowback for Israel and the United States – actually serving to isolate internally destabilize these countries.

  23. Rich says:

    Were your parents part of the Bolshevik cabal that killed tens of millions? Did they starve the Ukrainians, rape, murder and pillage the entire Russian nation? Were they guards in the Gulags? KGB agents or informants? Maybe they were commissars in the 2nd World War who shot unarmed Russian soldiers in the back if they refused to charge into Nazi lines? Nazis or Communists, both were just as bad for the Russians, and the rest of the European peoples. Although, I’d guess that if the Germans had won the war, there’d be no Muslim invasion today. Probably wouldn’t be too many Poles or Czechs either, though, so I’m not sure it’s a fair trade-off. Maybe if the American segregationists had remained in power we’d all be better off?

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @yurivku
  24. expands territorially to include Jordan, Lebanon, most of Syria, western Iraq (oil producing regions)

    Jordan, Lebanon, MOST of Syria, and western Iraq are definitely NOT oil-producing regions compared to say eastern and southern Iraq.

    The result is the rest of your comment is disturbingly suspect. Not very convincing.

    • Agree: Momus
  25. What a long winded piece of damage control. Putin revealed himself to be a zionist and a thrall of Israel.
    Putin lost his standing as an impartial leader. In fact he is not a leader. He is just another NWO puppet playing his role in the destruction of mankind.
    Get it through your thick head saker. When Putin had Netanyahu as his honored,hand holding guest on Russia’s most Holy Holiday,VE Day he revealed to the world what he really is.
    No amount of long winded articles defending the little zionist will change that. The icing on the cake was Netanyau bombing Syria(after a false flag blaming Iran) and then slaughtering the Palestinians by the thousands wounded and over 60 dead.
    Putin is either a thrall or Netanyahu pooped on Russia and Putin. Which is it saker?

    • Replies: @James Brown
  26. @Ronald Thomas West

    The guy who runs Fort Russ is a former democratic party activist and union thug IMHO! Bans anybody who disagrees with him too.

  27. Calling people who oppose Israel and it’s zionist policies Jew haters and anti-semites also reveals the saker to be a zionist disinfo agent.

  28. @Anonymous

    Putin looks complicit in the Israeli bombing of Syria right after Netanyahu got home from being Putin’s honored guest. He looks complicit in the slaughter of Palestinians also.
    What was Putin thinking by having Netanyahu at the VE Day celebrations,Russia’s most Holy Holiday.
    Putin and Trump are both ziopuppets. It would appear.

  29. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:


    Putin and racist Russia against Iran, Syria and Muslims like Trump have connection with JEWISH MAFIYA

    The Putin-Assad Summit in Sochi Proved that “Balancing” Yields Results

    [Putin and Trump both are connected to Jewish Mofiya. Putin has a plan to execute The Jewish plan, Oded Yinon. Putin has already deep connection with the traitor kurds, the terrorists.

    President Putin’s feting of “Israeli” “Prime Minister” Benjamin Netanyahu as his guest of honor during last week’s Victory Day celebrations shocked many people who were hitherto unaware of the extent of the Russian-“Israeli” strategic and military partnerships, especially given that this visit was bookended by back-to-back bombings of Syria right before and after the summit took place. Even more surprising to some was that Russia almost immediately afterwards announced that it would not be giving its S-300 anti-air missile defense systems to Syria, which led to howling accusations that President Putin “sold out” his Mideast “ally”. The truth of the matter is a lot deeper than the demagogic allegations would lead one to believe because Russia is actually conducting a complex “balancing” act all throughout the Mideast as explained by these following five analyses:

    “Russia’s Foreign Policy Progressives Have Trumped The Traditionalists”
    “Russia’s Grand Strategy In Afro-Eurasia (And What Could Go Wrong)”
    “The Syrian ‘Show’ Must Go On”
    “Could It Be Any Clearer? Russia Is ‘Urging’ Syria To ‘Compromise’, Now!”
    “Russia Is Already ‘Balancing’ Iran In The Mideast”]

  30. Erebus says:

    At the moment the Russians look either two-faced or weak (and perhaps they are both) in the face of Israel. That’s not a look Russia can afford to have come to be their characterising feature, in the long run.

    Yes, from certain perspectives it does indeed look like that, but I doubt many of us here are very aware of the calculi being used at the state level, and especially of Russia’s. “Losing face” may be the equivalent of sacrificing a pawn.

    There are some complex processes underway, involving a bewildering number of moving parts. “Russiagate” is imploding in the US at an accelerating rate, heading for a constitutional crisis. The 2 Koreas are cooking up a scheme between them (w/ support) to end the US’ domination of the W. Pacific. More critical than all, in my view, is Trump’s abrogation of the JCPOA. This has put the US on a trajectory at odds with its allies, and played directly into the hands of its adversaries. As evidence of the latter, Merkel and Putin have met 2x in May, and Germany’s new foreign minister has also visited with Lavrov. It may well be the geo-political tipping point.

    Remembering Obama’s & Kerry’s words at the the time the JCPOA was agreed…
    Obama in Aug ’15:
    “Instead of strengthening our position as some have suggested, Congress’s rejection would almost certainly result in multilateral sanctions unraveling… We’d have to cut off countries like China from the American financial system… trigger(ing) severe disruptions in our own economy and, by the way, rais(ing) questions internationally about the dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency.
    John Kerry, a few days later:
    “If we turn around and nix the deal and then tell them, ‘you’re going to have to obey our rules and sanctions anyway,’ that is a recipe, very quickly, for the American dollar to cease to be the reserve currency of the world.

    With the EU now agreeing to transact with Iran in EURs, Obama’s & Kerry’s words look to have been much more than hyperbole, “Losing face”, in these circumstances may be nothing more than what you do as you play rope-a-dope while the big guy punches himself out.

    We shall see what happens after the World Cup.

    I think that’s colouring current events more than we give it credit for. It’s an opportune time for rogue nations to play games and throw tantrums, but I think a new set of rules will be introduced after the show is over.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  31. Avery says:

    {Maybe it would have been better if the Germans had defeated and occupied Russia and killed all the commies.}

    Maybe it would have been much better for Nazis to have occupied whatever putrid swamp you are from and killed off pond scum like you.
    Nazis invaded Soviet Union in order to exterminate the Slavic peoples, the supposed Untermenschen, take their fast, fertile lands, and populate them with the alleged “Master Race”.
    Except they turned out to be somewhat less than “Master”, because those Untermenschen chased the pitiful remainders of the Nazi invaders all the way back to Berlin, and those Untermenschen Red Army soldiers pissed on the ashes of the supposed “Master Race” leader.

    (Hitler’s bloviations about Bolsheviks and all that was just a convenient excuse and to snow his military who might be less than enthusiastic about murdering civilians of SU.)

    btw: it is not too late for youse and your buddies to put on your uniforms, polish up your jack-boots, grab your weapons…….and invade Russia. Who know maybe youse will get lucky and will get a gift wrapped Sarmat express -delivered right to your address.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Stonehands
    , @yurivku
    , @Alden
  32. @thorby baslim

    “Get it through your thick head saker.”

    It’s Impossible!

    You don’t understand. It’s called “Love”. “The Saker “, like PCR, who is a “first class intellect”, contrary to “The Saker”, who is just an Alt-Media “expert” in “Putin” and “Russia”, are in “Love”.
    When you’re in “Love”, you can’t see, you can’t understand.
    You can accept everything. You can justify everything. You can explain everything.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  33. Roberto says:

    The idea that Trump was turned around in 30 days is silly.

    The correct term would be “bait and switch operation.”

  34. Miro23 says:

    There’s nothing guaranteed here, but unilaterally abandoning the JCPOA Iran deal and threatening sanctions against Europe, Russia, China and Japan is putting more stress on US alliances.

    Also, facing off against the UN with regard to Israel, moving the US Embassy, ignoring the Israeli duck-shoot of unarmed Palestinian protesters, and the whole question of covert support for ISIS and for the Gulenist coup against Turkey’s government (inc. the attempted murder (?) of President Erdogan).

    Turkey is a key part of NATO (at least for the moment) and Erdogan legitimately won a closely contested election.

    Individually these actions maybe don’t matter, but put them all together and it’s not surprising that countries are re-assessing their relationships with the US (and with each other) outside the US sphere.

  35. US Chickenhawks wanting to play armchair general with the lives of Russian military personnel to have them placed in harm’s way for non Russian interests.

    If these Chickenhawks want “recompense” for Jewish/Israeli dominance in the USA, they should fight their own battles themselves.

  36. TT says:

    8, 000 words of lengthy contradicting points from Saker deluded by Putin acts in Syria war recently. Being disappointed by the spineless Putin repeated kowtow to ZUS & betrayal of allies, its nothing sweet to crow about, so let’s continue the illusion.

    If Israel zionists does really controlled US, & Putin is indeed Nethanyahoo zionist buddy, there won’t be a ZUS lead USNato attack to destroy Russia all these years, & Russia won’t be joining Syria side. ZUS also wont be regularly attacking Russia positions & shot down its fighter jets. Hence such argument is fundamental flawed to begin with.

    What may happen is Putin cut a deal with Nyahoo last mth, to give away Iran’s precise positions for Israel free bombing in exchange of brokering a no FUKUSI missiles attack on Russia positions, starting from T4 airfield with no retaliation. Been happy with the cheap deal after getting called bluff by Trumps tweet of smart missile coming in 48hrs, Putin hinted S300 delivery to milk Nyahoo further successfully, hence a hand holding PR stunt in Russia great parade day.

    Likely a Putin’s move to placate ZUS hawks to start loving Russians. Hence, we are seeing an about turn of ZUS new target now, with US zionist congress start shrieking China is US greatest threat. If russophobia fade away quickly replace with sinophobe, we can know this is true.

    For Saker to say Iran isn’t Russia ally so its ok to throw it under the BUS for Israel free bombing, which happen to every Russia allies in history – Georgia, Ukraine toppled Prez, betrayed Syria SAA Assad, sacrified Iran, …& of course its often boasted strategic ally China who saved Russia skin, is very doubtful.

    Russia refused to intervent Syria war regardless how its ally Syria Assad(hosting Russia navy base) was massacre by FUKUSIz terrorists for years, even keep its promise to Israel to break its promise with Assad on a paid S300 deal.

    Only after Iran went to see Putin did he intervented, happily declaring Russia had cut a deal to build the huge Iran-Qatar gas pipe project via Syria to supply EU together with North Stream2. So Iran is the initiator of Russia intervention.

    But Iran viewed ME as its existential important, knowing once Syria down, Iran is next. So it will never agree to Putin’s quickie plan to split the spoils among vultures – Russia, ZUS, Israel Yinon, ZUS-Iz puppet Kurdistan & Nato Turkey Ottoman Empire. It tactically build up its Shiah Crescent to prepare a perpetual war against FUKUSIz-KSA aggression with Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq Shiahs, Houthis. This directly threaten Israel & foolish KSA security, hence Nyahoo cut more deals with Putin, incl destroying Iran bunker hidden missiles in Syria with precisie location(who provide?).

    In many times sync with ZUS, Putin had hinted a compromised Syria with all terrorists, with frequent drawn down of RuAF as threat to Assad to comply. Likely Assad didn’t cave in with Iran & Hezbollah support, so Putin continue his brinkmanship of RuAF come & go, but never once defend SAA-Iran against ZUS attacks. If Russia dare not defend its own army to retaliate, what’s more to say about allies it never give a damn. Assad will rather fight to last man than give up 2/3 of its homeland to enemies voluntarily.

    ZUS as it name suggested, is controlled by zionists occupying every United Snakes gov positions, with all kinds of interests, such as Yinon plan to destroy 7 countries in 5yrs, linking a oil pipe from Saudi & Israel offshore gas field stolen from Lebanon to supply EU. MIC & more defense budget.

    After repeatedly whine & falsely smear China is doing nothing to help Russia in Skirpa Norv gas scandal & Syria war, Saker decided to skip it altogether now. Its too embarrassing to see China Prez Xi is beating up ZUS so manly with Chinese most cherished integrity & credibility, in every fronts – trade war retaliation, SCS built up & confrontation, Taiwan Straits live firing war game (US didn’t even dare whimper once, unlike previous sending a/carrier to intervent), successful protection of allies Mauritius & Philippine, clear warning of ZUS & Trumps against attacking NK. This make Putin’s spineless west bootlicking & petty dealing style with ZUS-Isr in betraying every allies, appear so humiliating & painful to cognize. Hence the best is to ignore it, like West msm.

    China indeed earned its respect from FUKUSI & world, they mean what they said, starting from Korea war pay with blood. Every russophile like to crow how mighty is Putin trying to avoid WW3 by bending in every posture for ZUS, but China proved by its action why it can openly call ZUS Paper Tiger without consequence, while FUKUSIz call Russia Paper Tiger to attack it without slight concern.

    What’s wrong with Russia when it has all the military edge but dare not stand up? Her undying love to be with the white west is deeply ingrained in Putin’s team, nothing about Russian zionist influence. If Putin is zionist joos as some claimed, he will sell Russia to ZUS & fight Iran like ZUS. Russia is still closely collabrating with its “partners” FUKUSI in every strategic fronts as long they want her service, including supplying rockets, titanium, metallurgy, aerospace, building new space station now, ..hoping one day FUKUS new leaders can appreciate & accept her into elite West white club G8 again, making her a Nato member to be 8 Alliance Bandits again to start another Opium War.

    So why Russia refused to drop declining hostile West club for a prosperous friendly East Alliance esp a foreseen rising Hyperpower China?

    Its the 2M sqKM of stolen China lands come with its huge East Jp sea 200km EEZ. A powerful China at its border will make Russia relegate into 2nd rate nation aka gas station, with great pressure to return the stolen land & vast resources.

    Will Russia destroyed by FUKUSIz? Not when China is still backing it in every aspects now to keep its economy booming & not isolated in world stage. Russians had also proven it will fight fiercely when its motherland is been invaded, so no one will try attack it directly until collapsing its economy & military.

    Hence, Putin know Russia is safe at moment, so she will do whatever juz not to destroy the West relationship irrevocably in direct confrontation that may dent Russia superpower dream & White West club membership, no matter how humiliating. Will her relentless endurance bear result to prove Putin indeed is the great Grand Chess Master with all his shrewd calculated moves?

    Time will tell when unstoppable rising China has brought down ZUS hedgemon, with Russia the loser neither West nor East, finding no friends & allies in its historical betraying strategy.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
    , @seeing-thru
  37. Iris says:

    Very correct and relevant.

    With petroleum and gas products accounting for 65% to 70% of its exports, and the oil price bound to remain low due to a global economic slowdown, Russia cannot afford to further openly antagonize the powers that control the commodities markets (AngloZionist).

    And Putin will keep treading carefully with their representatives within Russia, the “Atlanticists Integrationists”.

  38. Renoman says:

    Too long, brevity is your friend, learn it!

  39. @TT

    Myopically, The Saker wrote: “First, there was the crushing defeat of their candidate (H.R.C.) in the US and the election of a candidate (Trump) they rabidly hated.”

    Hi TT,

    Growing up during the 1960’s, my late- father Charlie often passed on this brief kernel of working class wisdom: “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.”

    In possession of an “asshole,” I have a problem with The Saker’s quote above.

    How did he forget about Trump’s serving as 2016 Grand Master of NYC’s Israeli Day Parade and having gotten AIPAC’s blessing that entailed having legitimacy bestowed upon him to seriously campaign to become the ZUS president?

    Then there’s Sheldon Adelson, key financial supporter & dear friend of P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and who donated millions of dollars to Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

    It’s objectively clear to me that Saker has overstated his case that “they” (elite ZUS Jews) hated candidate Trump.

    uh, TT — By perusing (daily) the Wall Street Journal over the past couple months, one could learn about dramatic changes that are developing with the ZUS economic- relationship with China & N. Korea.
    At times matters look so rosy for the Goldman Sachs Group that PreZident Trump has suggested reheating ex-PreZident Obama’s disparaged T.P.P. souffle.

    No doubt, Russian “Atlanticist Integrationist” assholes love this globalist stuff, including the resulting pressure brought upon the Putin government to OBEY, and subsequently become a “winner,” and eat-from-the-vine in company with the world’s other two Zionist Jew-compatible & intimidating nuclear weapon Superpowers.

    Thanks for making such non-rectal source opinions, TT! Regret the long sentences.

    • Replies: @TT
    , @Alberto Campos
  40. Iris says:

    Very interesting article, but the assumption that Putin caved in to Israel with regard to its recent air attacks on Syrian territory is highly disputable.

    Another very credible version is that the Syrian forces successfully carried a retaliatory strike on the Israeli-occupied side of the Golan Heights, something that has not happened since 1973.
    The “Iron Dome” mostly failed to stop the Syrian missiles. The Netanyahu government had to call for UN stationed forces’ mediation, and that of a “global power” to stop further escalation, as the confrontation demonstrated Israel’s unpreparedness to a strike on its mainland.
    This explains why Netanyahu went to Moscow begging, and as well as the stubborn ferocity on defenceless Gaza, as a way to deflect attention within Israel.

    • Replies: @Iris
  41. Iris says:

    Hasan Nasrullah’s on the latest missile confrontation over the Golan Heights:

  42. Putin is the only sensible leader in the world right now and is preventing as far as it is in his ability a world war , which the Zionist cabal that rules the U.S. and Britain and France and Germany is trying to create.

    The Zionist cabals goal is a NWO with a Zionist controlled one world gov and one of their main ways of achieving this is by continual war and they have had success in creating war hysteria here in America and with this comes fear and gives our Zionist overlords the fraudulent excuse to instill more and more control over us in the guise of national security.

    The Zionists have also used the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN to create ISIS aka AL CIADA and all of their offshoots to terrorize the countries of the ME as part of the Zionist path to a NWO via war and terror which has cost millions of lives in the ME, and in doing so has created a living hell for the people who are under attack in these countries, all via the Zionists.

    God bless Putin and Russia and Assad and Syria for standing against the SATANIC ZIONIST NWO and defending Christians in Syria.

    Israel and the Zionist cabal did 911 and got away with it, and now are destroying America.

  43. @Sean

    Incredibly obvious, isn’t it?

    No, not really. Are you arguing that falling oil prices caused VVP to annex Crimea and deploy to Syria? Or are do you maintain that his actions led to a fall in oil prices? It’s not immediately obvious what you mean.

  44. Respect says:

    Well , the USA will also have to come to terms with the fact that it is more and more disliked in large parts of western Europe . Western europeans are more and more fed up with US militarism , with US santions , with US otanic military occupation bases , with US coups d`Etat aka ” color revolutions ” , with US warmongering and NGO`s , with US arrogance and megalomania , with US barbaric endless wars against the muslims .

    Many western europeans we do not dislike Russia , in fact since misocalic yankees and their assets critizise so much Russia it can only mean that Russia must be good . And we do not give a damm about rusophobic professionals such as Ucrania , Georgia , Poland , Rumanians , the Baltics and other american ass lickers , we do not want them in the EU , all they want is money . In the past they sacked Russia , now they think they can sack more money from the UE and the US ,they are troublemakers led by the biggest troublemaker in the world : the USA .

    • Replies: @Miro23
  45. Wally says:

    “Probably wouldn’t be too many Poles or Czechs either”

    Nonsense, laughable Zionist propaganda

    There is no proof that the Germans would have eliminated Czechs & Poles.
    More garbage in, garbage out.

    • Replies: @Rich
  46. Wally says:

    “Nazis invaded Soviet Union in order to exterminate the Slavic peoples, the supposed Untermenschen, take their fast, fertile lands, and populate them with the alleged “Master Race”.
    Hitler’s bloviations about Bolsheviks and all that was just a convenient excuse and to snow his military who might be less than enthusiastic about murdering civilians of SU”


    Absurd, juvenile, & unproven BS right up there with the fake & impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    Zionists do have active, childish imaginations.

    • Replies: @Alberto Campos
  47. Wally says:

    Saker, out of his league, said:

    Russians and Jew are united in a common memory of the horrors the Nazis inflicted upon them

    What “horrors” would that be? The utterly impossible ‘gas chambers’? LOL

    The ‘6M’ that Jews have been shopping around since at least 1823?

    The claimed & allegedly known 11,000,000 human remains, which no one can show us?

    The “Holocau\$t Industry” in court:
    ‘Please your honor, there really are remains of millions buried in huge mass graves, we know where the mass graves are, … but, but, well, umm, we can’t show the court the human remains. You must trust us, we’re Zionists.’

    The German attack on the USSR communists which was pre-emptive?
    Operation Barbarossa Was A Preventive Attack

    Saker recites what he instructed to say, he simply does not know what he’s talking about in this regard. A common problem of dilettantes.

    See the ‘holocaust’ scam easily & thoroughly debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:


  48. This sounds like panic. The author clearly believes that Putin has capitulated to Israel, that the US will attack Iran and that Putin will capitulate, in regard both to Iran and to Syria, thereby discrediting himself with his elderly Soviet-generation supporters at home which, in its turn will bring him down. The rest seems to be just the author “talking up a storm” to give himself false courage. His claims about two camps in the Kremlin and their relative strength in the population are nothing more than the author’s opinion, for which he produces no factual support.
    The author also tries to play the “Russia won in Syria” line. The Syrian insurgency was predicated on Russian neutrality. Even boots on the ground are useless if you don’t control the airspace above the battlefield. The insurgents had no air force but it was intended that the US would provide air cover against Assad. The US was unwilling to attack the Russian air force, so, once Putin intervened, there was really no choice but to wind down the insurgency and adopt another tactic. The corollary of that is that Putin is irreversibly bogged down in Syria. As soon as he leaves, Assad falls. And the US can re-launch the war at any time. Thus, Putin is caught in a war he cannot win but which he doesn’t dare lose.
    As for Europe, all Putin has to do to get the rest of Europe on his side is to pull out of Ukraine. At that point, he can more or less name his price. If he’s unwilling to do that, the EU and NATO will simply support the US and Israel in Iran for lack of any viable alternative. Germany won’t break ranks quite simply because the Germans’ great fear is to be branded, once again, as the “bad boy of Europe”.

  49. Rich says:

    Well, I don’t know about that. Lebensraum meant that the Germans needed more land for their people and Poland was certainly in the way of this expansion. Czechoslovakia was considered an”economic region” by the Nazis, and Hitler himself had a personal animus toward the Czechs, at least from everything I’ve read. After the Germans took the Sudetenland they left Czechoslovakia pretty much indefensible and at the mercy of the German miltary.

    • Replies: @Wally
  50. Wally says:


    I see no proof that the Germans wanted to ‘eliminate’ the Czechs or the Poles in what you posted. Always look for the other side of the story.

    The Sudetenland was German and those living there overwhelmingly wanted to be part of Germany, they voted accordingly, aka: democracy.
    The Munich Agreement was a fair deal. Chamberlain made the right call.

    Germany wanted the land back that the Poles stole under the Versailles Treaty, which is now widely regarded as a horrific ‘treaty’.

    Whether Hitler liked someone or not is not the same as the false accusation that he wanted to ‘exterminate’ them altogether.

    “Ach,” he said, “we’ve often fantasized about drawing up an indictment against Adolf Hitler himself. And to put into that indictment the major charge: the Final Solution of the Jewish question in Europe, the physical annihilation of Jewry. And then it dawned upon us, what would we do? We didn’t have the evidence.”
    – so called “holocaust historian”, Raul Hilberg


    • Replies: @Cyrano
    , @Rich
  51. Cyrano says:

    I heard a story that the reason why Hitler went on an ultimately self-destructive psychotic rampage resulting in the most devastating war in history was because of personal trauma that he suffered as a youngster while attending a youth camp. I believe he also wrote a book about this– which he titled: “Mein kampf” which of course translated from German means “My Camp”.

    Apparently while attending a summer kampf, Hitler was not only sodomized but gomorrized as well (I think that that there should be a sexual act named after Gomorrah as well, not only Sodom ) Hitler apparently never recovered from the traumatic experiences in the kampf and that’s what set him off on the personal journey to terrorize the world. I guess you can say that after his experiences in the summer kampf he was never again a happy kampfer.

    • Replies: @Wally
  52. TT says:

    Indeed RuA has exhibited its superior integrated weapons & strategy ability to win the Syria war with min casualty. But Putin’s didn’t has the spine to bulldoze ZUS-Israel out even with upper hand, rather strike petty deals to avoid escalation. It knew time is at Russia side, SAA will mob up most rebels & terrorists, and Iran is a powerful tool to bog down FUKUS-Iz.

    These of course are series of shrewd calculated moves to protect max Russia interest, while sacrificing all allies’ core interests. But its a Short term gain, Long term lost.

    Putin has shown the world Russia is not a reliable ally, eager to sell out ally for a bargain. It also ended up losing all its credible deterrent to ward off ZUS attacks.

    Russia already paying high price now for its appeasement strategy, in Ukraine who just get equipped by ZUS with more lethal weapons, losing allies Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Mongolia, all, except Belarus. Let’s see when it will lost Syria & Iran too. Turkey is always two face snake ready to backstab Russia.

    The price & damage for Putin’s petty move is high & long term. China is wiser to present itself as most reliable ally consistently, it will get more allies as it grow in strength.

  53. Roberto says:

    Cyrano, your ignorance is causing you to be delusional

    “Der Kampf” translates into the struggle.

    Has nothing to do with summer camp.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Simpleguest
  54. TT says:

    “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.”

    Lol. And its stink.

    Trumps is likely a carefully groomed Zionist tool. The rest of prez candidates might be similar. Whoever murkans chose, they will all obey their pay master. But Trumps is at least more entertaining without hypocrisy.

    Sheldon Adelson paid \$30M for Trumps campaign & to Republican, so US has to pay back \$30B grant to Israel with \$3T ME war.

    At times matters look so rosy for the Goldman Sachs Group that PreZident Trump has suggested reheating ex-PreZident Obama’s disparaged T.P.P. souffle.

    Reheating TPP is only a bluff for China trade bargain, its dead now as Trumps juz end the trade war with China. He will sell out US soon after China agree to give wide financial sector access to all WS bankers & Goldman Sach.

    We will see many big trade deals in this year. Trumps is best Potus, since money is all he want which China has plenty to spare for peace & trade. So NK & Taiwan will be settled at right price as they don’t affect Israel Yinon plan.

  55. Ram says:

    Putin is apparently a Christian, but I never suspected him of being from the vile variety preached in the Bible belt.

  56. Putin is a self serving agent and money hungry just like many other leaders in the world! The Zionists are done with taking over and corrupting the US Congress and Presidents! Recently the Z’s started on corrupting on owning the Russian officials including Putin. The money hungry leaders are predisposed to corruption and they can be bought easily! For the Z’s though, destruction is the ultimate fate!

  57. Roberto says:

    Putin is Orthodox, not Evangelical. (Two completely different poles of theology.)

  58. Wally says:

    Leave it to the crude Usual Enemies of Free Speech to turn everything into poo-poo, pee-pee talk.

    Regardless, it’s apparent you cannot prove your impossible ‘6M’.

  59. Rich says:

    I wasn’t trying to imply that the Germans were going to set up some kind of camp where Poles and Czechs would be systematically “eliminated” until there were millions of “survivors” collecting benefits. My point was that Czechoslovakia was basically eliminated as a sustainable nation with the loss of the Sudetenland and Poland was in the way of Lebensraum. Am I wrong? Wasn’t it Herr Hitler’s desire to incorporate most, if not all, of Poland under the Greater Reich? I mean he did sign a treaty with the Communists, dividing and eliminating Poland between them. Had he defeated the Soviets, I don’t think Poland, as a nation, would have existed.

    • Replies: @Wally
  60. The author, while making some valid points, misrepresents reality. First, Putin’s popularity soared (virtually doubled from low forties to mid-eighties) after he showed the courage to return Crimea (as Crimean people put it, this time Russia did not betray us). He was not very popular in 2012, and Bolotnaya protests weren’t the only sign of it. In essence, he was not very popular when his policies towards the West were conciliatory, but he became very popular when the US and its sidekicks, in their infinite idiocy, forced him to confront the West head-on. Second, Putin did not choose Medvedev in 2018. He chose that obedient nonentity in 2008 to serve as his seat-warmer. Third, considering all the sanctions and other hostile moves by the US and its vassals (collective West), the economic block of Russian government performed not too bad: instead of being “in tatters”, as a well-known strutting moron said, Russian economy is chugging along at a decent pace. What’s more, Russia built and keeps building many huge infrastructural objects with long-term impact: a bridge to Crimea, Yamal LNG facility, gas and oil pipelines to China, Nord Stream-2, with plans for a bridge to Sakhalin and gas pipeline to Japan. Not to mention power stations and other things too numerous to list, each of which would have been a major project of national significance in most countries. During this period Russia also upgraded its major highways, brought roads in Crimea from pathetic Ukrainian state to Russian standards, etc.
    As for Netanyahu visit and Putin’s ambivalence about Israeli aggression against Syria, Putin got quite a bit out of it straight off. The fact that Netanyahu put on St George ribbon and marched with Bessmertny Polk carrying a portrait of some Jewish Soviet officer annoyed Ukie Nazis and their Washington puppet-masters no end. In the ME Russia for the first time in its long history is not in the thankless business of saving the world, but it the prudent business of looking after its own interests. Neither Iranian, nor anti-Iranian dominance in the ME is in Russia’s interest, Russia wants to maintain reasonable balance: Russia promotes order as much as the US promotes chaos. Considering Saudi policies, which took them out of the equation as sovereign players, the only possible balance in the ME is between Israel and Iran. Both Egypt and Turkey will come to realize this, willingly or unwillingly. As the author rightly said, this is not a cheesy Hollywood movie, this is real life.

  61. @Roberto

    Well, the original was “Mein Kampf” (my struggle). BTW, grammatically correct would be “Das Kampf”, not “Der Kampf”.

  62. Cyrano says:

    I think that Saker is way too critical of Putin with this article. Putin has a weak hand vis-à-vis the west. This historically has been always the case with Russia vs. the West. And the way the west got their strong hand is by constantly wanking to their own image in the mirror – out of pathological self-love.

    The other thing is that the west has always been good at baiting others to make moves that don’t suit them. And while the west have succeeded at becoming a real master baiters – one day they might take the whole thing to a whole new level and really screw themselves up.

  63. peterAUS says:

    ….he’s rather over-stating the case in excusing the Russian failure to halt the ongoing Israeli assault on Syria.

    ….it unavoidably creates a perception of weakness and/or betrayal, and of unreliability and two-facedness.

    Don’t say….

    In a more concrete sense, though, the simple fact is that Iranian, Syrian and Russian interests are in fact fundamentally aligned in Syria and diametrically opposed to the Israeli objective, on the core issue, which is the survival and stabilisation of the Syrian state. Israeli impunity and the level of attacks it is now carrying out are incompatible with the goal of stabilising Syria, and will have to be stopped at some time if that goal is to be achieved.

    Maybe the Russian presence there isn’t about “stabilising Syria”. Just saying.

    …the Russian government is profoundly naïve.

    Or has, say, short term goals re Syria. Or anywhere, for that matter.
    Very….. short.

  64. @TT

    TT, I have admired your hard-hitting, black-n-white style of analyses for some time. I also have goodwill for and admiration of China but urge you to bear in mind that an alliance with Russia is very valuable for China for the time being. Yes, it is becoming painfully evident that Russia is a very undependable and dishonorable ally, but sometimes there are no better choices. China needs to use Russia to secure whatever defense technology it can get from them, even if it entails paying them tons of cash. China also needs to be a reliable and well-paying gas and oil customer for that gas-station state. In the long run Russia will be dead, but in the short run they are still militarily strong, and China needs to gain access to Russian military technology.

    China, too, has been very remiss on the international scene. It could and should have done more for Syria. It could have forced Putin to draw clear lines in the sand by taking part in drawing those red lines. Sadly, China did no such thing. It has no clear and strong position on Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, and other powder kegs of our times. These are and have been China’s serious abdications of responsibility if it wants to play in the big league. Perhaps China is wary of Russia’s long-term intentions, not without reason, and is therefore focussed entirely upon only its own neighborhood. It could be that the Russia-US standoff ends by both joining hands against Europe and China, with Russia opening its vast resources to American profit. Europe has nothing comparable to offer, so perhaps Putin’s fervent wish to being “partners” with the west is simply the desire of joining the “West” at European expense. The man is completely without any principles, so everything is possible.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @utu
    , @TT
    , @TT
  65. peterAUS says:

    You are using “developed world” approach to competence.

    Regime forces could’ve had laser weapons from Star Trek, wouldn’t have made any difference.

    Still the same…..Actually, probably much worse.

  66. peterAUS says:

    At the moment the Russians look either two-faced or weak (and perhaps they are both) in the face of Israel. That’s not a look Russia can afford to have come to be their characterising feature, in the long run.


    We shall see what happens after the World Cup.

    Or a little before it and especially


    Not only in Syria.

  67. Art says:

    Putin is the most rational major leader on the world scene. 3M are weak (May, Merkel, and Macron). Trump has gone total Jew, and China’s leader has immortality aspirations.

    Putin’s cooling everyone’s jets over Syria was a wise move. Putting s-300’s into Syria would have produced a war that no one wants. What happened, is that Syria and Israel got to blow off some steam – then all went quiet. Kudos to Putin.

    Israel is as strong as it will ever be – whereas Syria/Lebanon/Iran will slowly obtain more air defenses. In a year or two Israel will not dare to start a regional war. Putins job is to buy those two years.

    Israel has its eye on Iran – rather Israel has the US’s eye on Iran. With sanctions on Russian and Iranian, Trump is driving a wedge between the US and Europe/Asia. Russia is a natural brother to Europe. Europe, Russia, China, and Iran are a rational economic block against the Zionist monetary empire of US/Israel.

    These are perilous times. Trump is a bull in a china shop. The world needs Putin’s steady hand. If Putin can forestall another ME war for a year or two – and work at building an economic block – then the political world will look much different. Empire will fail.

    What the world must fear the most is a false flag operation by Israel/US.

    Everyone who cares about war and peace – must put the possibility of a false flag operation front and center in the collective minds of the world.

    If that does not happen, then we all know, that the Jew media will stampede the world into war.

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  68. peterAUS says:
    @James Brown

    I don’t quite agree.

    My take is that Putin is seen, by those/such people, as the force against The Empire.

    The problem is, he is not, IMHO.

    • Replies: @James Brown
  69. @seeing-thru

    Did it ever occur to you that Russia, as well as China, are defending their own interests, nobody else’s? Tentative alliance between Russia and China was essentially forced on them by stark staring mad US policy.

    • Replies: @utu
  70. @Art

    Let’s be fair to Trump, he is not the first bull in a china shop. The dismemberment of Yugoslavia under Bill Clinton, Afghan and Iraq wars under false pretexts under Bush Jr, the destruction of Libya and Yemen, as well as attempted destruction of Syria and near-destruction of Ukraine under Obama were as stupid and sort-sighted as every Trump’s move. He is continuing the US course of self-destruction.

  71. Iris says:

    Great post.

    All ideological demarcations, left/right, liberal/conservative, are now obsolete and irrelevant.
    The fundamental demarcation is between those who promote peace as opposed to those eager for wars.

  72. Roberto says:

    Anon, it’s der Kampf. Always will be. Maybe you are thinking meinen Kampf?

  73. Anonymous [AKA "paullllllllll"] says:

    Saker can’t write an article where he doesn’t start by calling those who disagree with him names. So who is the infantile one, Snaker? But then again, I have to admit that I start my attacks on Putin by calling out the nauseating, servile apologists that surround him like a cloud of fleas on wings, like Saker.

    I wanted to like Putin. I wanted to believe that when he seemed to challenge the Hegemon on a principled basis and then made moves that came across as commitments to back up his words, he was like JFK, a man who found a soul and a spine in the middle of his presidency. God knows the world needed someone with some brains and guts and some good intentions, especially after Chavez died, and as the malignant Hegemon continued to spread its evil.

    Sadly, doubts set in quickly. Putin was always far too willing to cut a deal with the Hegemon and its allies that always seemed to put the onus on the targets of the Hegemon. Also, Putin always seemed to ride in wearing shining armor too little too late. But now he’s torn off his own mask. Every move he makes now is geared to please the Hegemon and its key ally, Israel. Syria? Iran? Hezbollah? Palestine? Eff them. That seems to be Putin’s despicable attitude now.

    Every defense I’ve seen of Putin’s behavior is blatant nonsense. He’s playing a waiting game? That’s like a doctor in ER playing a waiting game, with a patient bleeding out on the table. He’s trying to balance things? By constantly sucking up to and strengthening the primary aggressors and main power holders? He is only responsible for Russia’s interests? Bullpucky, and even Putin has pointed out again and again the importance of a more balanced and fair and honest global order for all nations.

    In a particularly despicable move, the sometimes halfway reasonable Snaker tries to smear Putin’s critics as ‘jew- haters’. Wow. I did not really think Snaker could go so low. I thought homophobia was his worst vice. But he did go there. And I stopped reading there. This Saker is not just despicable, but evil as well. Such an evil person as Snaker is worth no more of my time.

    After Libya, it was obvious that Syria was next, and that it was a stepping stone to Iran and ultimately Russia, and that the key to Syria’s defense would be stout air defense. Russia refused to provide this and has refused ever since. Sure Russia has no obligation to do the right thing. It has every ‘right’ to be as evil as the Hegemon. And it is. Russia now gets to be the Hegemon’s lap dog for all to see. Hopefully the Russian People won’t have it.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
    , @utu
    , @Alberto Campos
  74. Wally says:

    Hi Rich,
    Recall that what initiated this line of discussion was your claim that ‘there wouldn’t be many Czechs & Poles left’. That certainly implies ‘elimination’. The calm, respectful nature of your follow ups are appreciated, however.

    Czechoslovakia simply lost the Sudetenland, which wasn’t Czech anyway.
    Germany was asked by Czech President Hacha to protect the rest of Czechoslovakia from outside interference.
    Your speculation about Poland and ‘lebensraum’ is just that. Certainly Germany wanted their seized lands back and actually made very fair ‘demands’ on Poland prior to conflict.

    Germany’s treaty with the USSR resulted in Germany designating large amounts of Poland in their sector that was not intended to be Germany, shown on maps as ‘Government General’.It’s difficult to know how much land Germany would have kept had they won. It would seem to me that ‘Gov’t General’ may well have been the next Poland, though the USSR certainly had no provisions for Poland whatsoever.

    It’s always revealing to see the lack of criticism of the communist USSR who seized 60% of Poland.

  75. peterAUS says:

    A bit too harsh, but overall, agree.

    Especially with

    Putin was always far too willing to cut a deal with the Hegemon and its allies that always seemed to put the onus on the targets of the Hegemon. Also, Putin always seemed to ride in wearing shining armor too little too late.

    He’s playing a waiting game? That’s like a doctor in ER playing a waiting game, with a patient bleeding out on the table. He’s trying to balance things? By constantly sucking up to and strengthening the primary aggressors and main power holders? He is only responsible for Russia’s interests? Bullpucky, and even Putin has pointed out again and again the importance of a more balanced and fair and honest global order for all nations.

    As for this

    that the key to Syria’s defense would be stout air defense.

    The key to Syria’s defense is that Assad’s supporters put their shit together.
    They need to fight to defend their country….ALL of them….not relying on Russia, Iran and especially on Hezbollah.
    It’s bizarre that Hezbollah should keep fighting there while able bodied Assad’s supporters lounge around. And those not lounging around still incapable, after all this time, to act as proper soldiers.
    Look at SAA troops in action. That’s an experienced and skillful army? Bunch of, still, inept, lazy, disorganized amateurs.
    After all this time troops should’ve had an expertise rivaling, in that theater, top militaries of this world.
    Just look at them….

  76. Miro23 says:

    Well , the USA will also have to come to terms with the fact that it is more and more disliked in large parts of western Europe . Western Europeans are more and more fed up with US militarism , with US sanctions , with US c military occupation bases , with US coups d’état aka ” color revolutions ” , with US warmongering and NGO`s , with US arrogance and megalomania , with US barbaric endless wars against the Muslims .

    My opinion on this, is that the EU is run much like the US. Both are headed by commercial/industrial oligarchies with elites who are always ready to sell out the public for higher profits with uncontrolled outsourcing etc. (Brexit was a fight against this).

    The current problem is a fight between elites. Nord Stream 2 and the Iran Airbus contract are elite EU projects that the EU’s “friends” in the US shouldn’t interfere with, and, even worse, the US says that this is only the start of the sanctions process if the EU doesn’t disengage from Russia and Iran.

    The EU (Germans & French) know that Skripal and “Russian Hacking” was fabricated BS and they fully support the Iran JCPA agreement that is working well.

    So it’s irritating for them that the Israeli Special Interest is being put ahead of their Special Interest, especially as the European public is starting to wake up to the US free pass on every kind of abuse against the Palestinians (EU elites couldn’t care less, but they do keep an eye on public opinion).

    Result, that the big EU players are reviewing their defensive options, with Russia and Iran as interested bystanders.

  77. utu says:

    Pretty good comment. I does not look good. Putin disappoints. Perhaps we haven’t seen everything yet. Is it the end game? How Russia is going to save its face and how will be allowed to retreat? Many questions but I think you got it.

    I do not agree that Saker is evil though. His aspirations exceed his talents. He can’t write well, can’t think thoroughly, keeps moving the same pieces of lead soldiers from his toy army. He is really a boy who will die a boy. Everybody has an uncle like him though w/o aspiration of writing a blog where he could pose as an analyst. The uncle bores you to death on family gatherings but is basically harmless. One thing: Saker heart is in the right place. He wants good guys to win.

    • Replies: @Alberto Campos
  78. utu says:

    Correct but the alliance did not happen. Russia wants to be a partner of the US on terms the US will not accept and Russia and China distrust each other. There will be no alliance between them.

    The only hope for Russia was to pry off Germany from American sphere. Germany+Russia was the only third force that could save Europe and Russia and keep away the US and China. Lots of anti-Russian actions and rhetoric was really meant for Germany. Germany is still the enemy #1 for the Zio Empire. Pumping up V4 countries like Poland and Hungary was meant to weaken Germany and make a wedge between them and Russia.

  79. utu says:

    Chine is pragmatic and not blinded by some ideological reasons and thus it will be making deals with Russia but it is China’s pragmatism that tells her that Russia in the long term is not dependable. Russia elites are corrupt with no loyalty to a national doctrine that does not exist at the moment unlike China where the doctrine is enforced and discipline is kept. Chinese elites will not sell out as easy as Russian elites.

  80. @Avery

    “…(Hitler’s bloviations about Bolsheviks and all that was just a convenient excuse and to snow his military who might be less than enthusiastic about murdering civilians of SU.)…”

    National socialism was the most successful ideology of the 20th century, that’s why the entire Jewish-controlled world put aside their differences to destroy it.

    • Replies: @Avery
  81. @peterAUS

    “My take is that Putin is seen, by those/such people, as the force against The Empire.”

    It’s their ignorance that impede them to see that Putin isn’t and never was a “force against The Empire”.

    Putin was put in power by the same forces that put Yeltsin in Power. In spite of misinformation, Putin has always obeyed those forces and he’s still obeying them.

    Ignorance and also the “Binary thinking” -good/bad; right/wrong etc..explain the “analysis” and “hopes”of our “experts” in Russia and Putin.

    No one doubts that The Empire is evil. But maybe Russia is also part of the Empire.

    I would suggest that those forces that control the USA, are the same that control Russia.

    All the soap-opera that is going on Syria and Ukraine and soon Iran etc….is very good for the MIC of the west and Russia.
    Russian Elite is as corrupt as the western Elite. That’s just a fact.

    Putin is Christian as Trump is a Christian or George Bush and Tony Blair are Christians.

    And neither should People have hope in China. Give the Chinese elite opportunity for business and they will sell everything.

    Iranians are not stupid. I’m sure they know that as they know that only fools can trust the Russian elite.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  82. yurivku says:

    Were your parents part of the Bolshevik cabal that killed tens of millions? Did they starve the Ukrainians, rape, murder and pillage the entire Russian nation?

    Yes, we did. Also I poisoned Skripal and ate Syrian children.

    How many stupid morons now are here! They think to understand Russian history, dirty imbeciles,
    belonging to most criminal nation of the world. Your ancestors begun forom killing and still continue.
    Try to think a little about your asshats like trump, haley, mccain, bolon … and dig a deep and strong bunker, you’re ruling right there.

    I think the only cure for ZUSUK is total destruction.

    “Higly likely” I’ll quit witing here. Makes no sence, to “метать бисер”.

  83. yurivku says:

    I’m quite ready to recall my experience of dealing with weapons. Those imbeciles understand only that lang

  84. TT says:

    Well, i like to be clear hard in my analysis, but its not something deserve admiration as we do judge wrongly at times. But i prefer not to pretend.

    Indeed Russia is China best ally now, both cobbled by ZUS. While China cover Russia in economy & diplomat against FUKUS sanction, Russia is giving China SU35 & S400 to keep ZUS vultures away. Russia also provide energy security to China & border security, vice versa.

    Actually Russia is natural ally of wasp majority EU, with combine ability surpassing both US & China to form a balance G3. However, Putin been drunk in hubris of sudden wealth accumulated from \$100 oil price (manipulated by FUKUS-KSA to attack China economy then) , bath in G8 glory, had started to step on Sam’s toes repeatedly, eg Snowden. These attracted much wrath from Obama team.

    Putin loved to show off his cult like image, act like a superpower poking FUKUS eyes, hence drawing all the sabotages & sanctions. Putin lacked basic humbleness to rise up quietly, which wiser Deng XP had requested all China leaders to adopt (idiom, to conceal one’s strengths and bide one’s time). So he nearly got Russia sunk if not for Prez Xi help saved his skin.

    When Prez Xi took over China, he understood China has already grown to a level not suited with this strategy anymore. Its time for China to project its rising power for next growth phase.

    ZUS Obomba acid tested Xi in SCS confrontation with little jap-white mixed Adm Harris crowing war start tonight. Xi demonstrated his steel will & his words mean action by putting his chief Navy Adm & senior Generals on Navy warships with all 3 loaded nuke submarines to face off. Its a decree of win the war or never come back. Obomba shit his pants & mend fence in panick. China openly called US paper tiger. Xi etched his Strong Man credibility deeply in FUKUS heart, they seldom dare mock him if you realized. Trumps got his taste of Xi power upon his inauguration to take a Taiwan call.

    Whereas, remorseful Putin dying to return to G8 elite club, has been spinelessly boot licking since, drawing unprecedented humiliation & attack out of contempt from West. From all Putin moves, he had proven himself a very intelligent shrewd leader as well as a showy statesman obsessed with heroic attention. Back by a 1st class technocrat team & stella military, he repeatedly pull off maverick tricks in global stage.

    But the fundamental flaw is, he lacked all basic integrity & dignity of a big country stateman. Repeatedly he sold out all his allies, and pursued excessive appeasement policy towards West. So distasteful that the West call him all kind of derogating names with insulting sanctions. Still he address them partners dearly.

    In Syria war, his often Stop-Go-Uturn-Bluff treacherous & betraying acts have complicated the war, with now FUKUS & Turkey openly occupying huge swath of land. RuA with SAA-Iran-Hezbollah tho have delivered brillant result, they must be very pissed off to be hamstrung by Putin frequent stop order, losing two high caliber Russian generals(Chechnya & Donbass war proven) & many senior officers, with Iran & SAA losing many thousands including snr generals & advisors.

    In short, Putin has ruined his trustworthiness repeatedly in global stage, by making himself a treacherous man always ready to betray every allies for a small bargain. Bird of same feather flock together, hence Erdogan & Nethanyahoo are his soulmates now, ready to back stab each other.

    Thus I concluded all his moves are only to cover his own ass. Now I start to believe what all Russians have been always complaining, his utter corruption with oligarchs & cronyism. A man without integrity & loyalty is never a trusted ally or friend no matter how smart he is. If he can betray every ally, he can sell his country at a right price.

    China, too, has been very remiss on the international scene. It could and should have done more for Syria. It could have forced Putin to draw clear lines in the sand by taking part in drawing those red lines. Sadly, China did no such thing. It has no clear and strong position on Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, and other powder kegs of our times. These are and have been China’s serious abdications of responsibility if it wants to play in the big league.

    Prez Jiang & Hu were observing Deng admonishment to lie low profile. Prez Xi been brought up in a traditional Chinese-Confucian family of a patriotic father General Xi CQ, a peer of Deng, is rightly practising all ancient great leaders way: 修身齐家治国平天下。It means a leader should first cultivate his own morality/virtue, governed his own family, then administered his country well before attempt to pacify the world.

    Prez Xi is still administrating China for 2025 & 2040 phases, with BRI, BoAo, SCO, BRICS, De-dollarization projects on going. China gov & military have only started to overhaul from utter corruption after Xi took power 6yrs ago, purging in millions. Only when he finished admin his country well can Xi start to pacify the world. Without power projection ability in ME, its foolish to act like Macron & May/Boris.

    So China rather took the back stage by backing Syria war quietly in financial(guess who is paying astromical war expenses, soldiers salary, & feeding 10M Syrians with amenities?). China has openly declared to supply SAA weapons & ammunition, war materials. Its special force & whole range of advisors & specialists are in the war zone, to assist & study. Of course the backing of Russia economy is pivotal to allow Putin a unworried free hand & strong domestic support. Don’t boast when you can’t back up with action.

    Palestinian & Israel are ZUS baby no one can intervene military. China at most is to vote against Isreal in UNSC & maintain its non interference policy. Turkey is training tens of thousands Uyghur terrorists for CIA to attack China, so China is trying to woo with trade to stop that. Military strike is out as its under Nato umbrella.

    Ukraine has close relationship with China in trade & military. But it will be nonsensical to expect China poke its nose into Russia sphere. If Putin want, he only need to whimper in day1: Donbass is Russia ally, touch it Kiev will be wiped. War ended. No? But Donbass is only an ally to be bargain off at right price too.

    Xi had already demonstrated his budding limited power projection to protect its allies, Mauritius, Nepal, Philippine, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, PAK, & NK from FUKUS-India military threat. China is watching over Malaysia now, with regime change juz completed last week by ZUS.

    You may ask how about Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Africa, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Armenia,… so many been targeted by FUKUS-India? Without military projection power, talking is cheap. Pls be patient, 2nd a/carrier is testing now, with 3rd one start building soon using Magnetic Propulsion, 4th one is in design now. A new continental nuke bomber K20 still in development. J20 mass production is slow. By 2040, China will has global reach while FUKUS decline to regional power.

    Then again the world will cry out in syn of West, China is hedgmon threatening the world. But Adm ZhengHe never bother to colonize even one island with its world largest fleets touring the world.

    I preder to befriend a strong minded trustworthy China man Xi than a shrewd unreliable Russky Putin. Your choice?

    • Replies: @utu
  85. Anonymous [AKA "Adonis G."] says:

    If Germans had occupied the Soviet Union, they would have killed not only all the “commies” (with their children), but also all Jews (irrespective of their political affiliation) and most other “Untermenschen”, which includes ethnic Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Poles. And they would not stop at this. They would have used the occupied Soviet territories as a bridgehead to attack the rest of their enemies.

    • Replies: @Alden
  86. annamaria says:

    Guess, “Anon[257]” is an Israeli progeny of Jewish Bolsheviks, who is seething with the visceral hatred for everything Russian. Too many evidence that Zionists prefer Banderites/neo-Nazis (Ukraine) and ISIS (Syria) to decent people.

    • Replies: @Alden
  87. annamaria says:
    @Thales the Milesian

    Enjoy the trusted Albion’ tricks re the Skripal affair and the highly tangential White Helmets affair in Douma: “Scientists Revise Understanding Of Novichok After It Fails To Produce Expected Lethal Effects” “‘No Attack, No Victims, No Chemical Weapons’: Douma Witnesses Testify to OPCW in The Hague”

    Considering the imbecility of both affairs, one can not exclude the leadership of the Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor and well-known scoundrel (an asset of both M16 and the CIA), in arranging the amazing feats:

  88. TT says:

    To demonstrate how Russia msm slot in US fake news to compromise its close ally China position regularly even its a openly known Obama smear campaign. These happen regularly in RT. Putin also remain absolute silent during the SCS crisis. But Saker won’t complaint Russia is not doing anything to help China, but out to sabotage it to keep its 2M sqKM stolen land.

    Philippines vows to protect ‘every single inch’ of its territory after Chinese bomber drills

    RT quoted: The South China Sea, through which \$5.3 trillion worth of goods reportedly passes each year, is subject to conflicting claims by a number of countries, including the Philippines. Both China and the Philippines lay claim to the Scarborough Shoal and the disputed Spratly Islands, despite The Hague’s tribunal ruling in 2016, which said that “there was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources within the sea areas…” Beijing, however, continues to ignore the tribunal verdict, claiming that its islands come with exclusive economic zones, where Chinese people have had activities for 2,000 years.

    In real facts, its fake court with illegal ruling cooked up by shameless liars Obama, Abe & Philippine Aquino, totally debunked by a Singapore Marine Researcher, KT Tan, see ST link.

    China gov probably provided to all countries with more comprehensive reports, attached solid evidences from historical UN, US letters, US map, Jp map, Britiana Map, Canada map, etc. With its own marine expert more detailed interpretation of the illegal fake Hague court – PAC.


    South China Sea: Did the ruling sink the rule of law? Tan Keng Tat For The Straits Times PUBLISHED AUG 31, 2016, 5:00 AM SGT

    Eight reasons why the tribunal ruling was troubling, especially the decision that turned Taiping Island into a “rock” devoid of its own exclusive economic zone.

    On July 12, an arbitral tribunal, constituted under Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), ruled in favour of the Philippines at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague (PCA).

    The tribunal made a landmark decision that, as between the Philippines and China, there was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources, in excess of the rights provided for by Unclos, within the “nine-dash” line map that China has been using to assert its claims of sovereignty over territories in the South China Sea.

    The tribunal also ruled, inter alia, that China had infringed on the Philippines’ rights to fish stocks and resources within its 200- nautical-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ). China rejected the tribunal’s ruling as null and void on substantive and procedural grounds.

    Professor Myron Nordquist, of the University of Virginia School of Law, has opined that the ruling was a “huge mistake” and should be “criticised severely”.

    In my view as a private researcher who has researched the issue for years, the tribunal’s ruling was also weighed down by a litany of controversies as there were eight troubling issues arising from the ruling.

    Taiping Island (above) was ruled to be a rock by the arbitral tribunal instead of an island with its own exclusive economic zone, giving the tribunal the basis to make its subsequent ruling against China’s claims over territories in the South China Sea. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE- PRESSE

    First, some media reports wrongly attributed the ruling to a UN- backed PCA to elevate its impact but that ended when UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric confirmed that the PCA “has nothing to do with the UN”. He added: “The UN doesn’t have a position on the legal and procedural merits of the South China Sea arbitration case.”

    The PCA is not a court. It only provides a registry and secretarial assistance to “arbitral tribunals constituted to resolve specific disputes” for a fee.

    Second is the question of sovereignty. In the 1887 Sino- Franco Convention, France agreed that all the isles east of the Treaty Delimitation Line were assigned to China. That included the Spratly Islands, among others. France attempted to occupy the Spratlys in 1930. China protested and reminded France of the 1887 convention.

    In 1933, colonial Philippines contemplated annexing the Spratlys, but then US Secretary of State Cordell Hull cautioned that “the islands of the Philippine group which the United States acquired from Spain by the treaty of 1898, were only those within the limits described in Article III”. He added: “It may be observed that no mention has been found of Spain having exercised sovereignty over, or having laid claim to, any of these (Spratly) islands.” Japan invaded China in 1937. In the fog of war, France occupied the Spratlys in 1938. Japan evicted the French and colonised the Spratlys in 1939. After its defeat, Japan ceded its claim to the Spratlys, returning them to China. According to Professor John Anthony Carty, British archives show that “there is no dispute regarding the Nansha (Spratly) Islands and that China is the sole title-holder.”

    Yet the tribunal ruled that Mischief Reef and Second Thomas Shoal lie in the EEZ of the Philippines, effectively awarding these two features to the Philippines.

    How a pre-Unclos reef and shoal owned by China could be “awarded” to the Philippines this year by a tribunal was never convincingly explained. Unclos is only the law of the sea and it has no power to award any littoral state with sovereignty or extinguish its pre-existing sovereignty over any territory.

    Third is the issue of jurisdiction. The tribunal had no jurisdiction on matters involving maritime delimitation or historic titles, already excluded by a declaration by China in 2006, pursuant to Article 298 (1)(a).

    Yet the tribunal ruled that China’s historic rights were “extinguished by the entry into force of Unclos in 1994”.

    This begs the question: Why would China bother to ratify Unclos in 1996 if by doing so its historic rights were extinguished?

    Why not defer ratification indefinitely like the United States did? Also, under Article 288(1), the tribunal’s jurisdiction was limited to only disputes concerning the interpretation and application of Unclos.

    The Philippines asserted that: The Scarborough Shoal generates no exclusive economic zone. Five reefs are high-tide elevations. Two reefs are low-tide elevations.

    The International Court of Justice (ICJ) held in 1962, in the South West Africa cases, that to prove the existence of a dispute, it “must be shown that the claim of one party is positively opposed by the other”.

    Mr Alberto Encomienda, former secretary-general of the then Maritime and Ocean Affairs Centre of the Philippine Foreign Affairs Department, told China’s news agency Xinhua that “China has been for the negotiations all along, but from the beginning we are not”.

    Since no substantive negotiation between China and the Philippines took place, there could not be any dispute. The tribunal’s ruling on these assertions could be ultra vires (beyond legal power), thus null and void. Fourth is the question of bias. The rule against bias has to be strictly applied because justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done.

    The Philippines appointed one member of the five-member tribunal. Since China did not participate in the proceedings, four members were appointed by Mr Shunji Yanai, a Japanese judge who was president of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea at the material time.

    Judge Chris Pinto from Sri Lanka was originally appointed, but since his wife is from the Philippines he gracefully resigned to avoid any controversy.

    The Chinese media have voiced a reasonable suspicion that none of the arbitrators were China- friendly. They also pointed out that Mr Yanai is a right-wing nationalist who is a close adviser to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and should have recused himself, as Japan has a serious territorial dispute with China over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands.

    Fifth is the issue of reclamation on disputed features. The tribunal rebuked China for reclaiming land in reefs it considers its own. But according to Mr Encomienda, the Philippines “was the first to do reclamation in the South China Sea, so we cannot demonise China for reclamation”. He revealed that their airfield situated on China’s Zhongye Island, which the Philippines now occupies, “was built on top of live coral reefs”. Sixth, the tribunal rebuked China for blocking supplies from reaching some Philippine sailors staking a claim on Second Thomas Shoal by grounding a ship. But this shoal was itself one of eight features annexed by then President Ferdinand Marcos on June 11, 1978, using presidential decree No. 1596, which violated the United Nations Charter. That decree created the Kalayaan Island Group, whose boundary illegally extended over the Spratlys.

    Seventh is the issue of conflict of interest over the tribunal’s ruling on islands and rocks. The Philippines’ gambit was that no feature in the Spratlys could generate a 200-nautical-mile EEZ and therefore there is no overlapping of its own EEZ. The tribunal stated that its jurisdiction over some of the Philippines’ claims was barred “if a feature claimed by China in the South China Sea were found to be an island, entitled to a 200- nautical- mile EEZ”.

    In 2012, in the case of Nicaragua v Colombia, the ICJ ruled that an island was defined “by reference to whether it is ‘naturally formed’ and whether it is above water at high tide and would generate a (12-nautical-mile) territorial sea”, and to qualify for a 200-nautical- mile EEZ, “it would need to be able to sustain human habitation or economic life on its own” under Article 121(3) of Unclos.

    Taiping Island, occupied by Taiwan since 1946, is a naturally formed, 480,000-sq-m island which is able to sustain human habitation or economic life on its own as it has plenty of fresh water, lush vegetation, locally grown produce, buildings, a hospital, an airport, a harbour and a meteorological station, all supporting over 200 people. Since the Philippines’ entire raison d’etre and the tribunal’s own “legitimacy” hinged on a “game changer” decision on whether Taiping Island is an island or a rock, under the rule of fairness the tribunal should have appointed an independent UN agency to make an impartial judgment, after proper field and hydrographic surveys.

    Instead, the tribunal ignored the ICJ ruling in Nicaragua v Colombia, studied historical documents and maps, and ruled narrowly that Taiping Island is a rock, validating its own “legitimacy”. An invitation to visit Taiping Island was rejected by the Philippines and ignored by the tribunal.

    In my view, this ruling was not only absurd, it also violated the legal principle of Nemo judex in causa sua, meaning “no persons can judge a case in which they have an interest”. To add insult to injury, Taiwan, which lost a 200- nautical-mile EEZ, was not even consulted. Taiwan rejected the ruling as baseless.

    Former ICJ judge Abdul Koroma said such a complicated decision takes years to conclude. But here it took only a week during the merits stage in November last year.

    Eighth is the implication if Taiping Island is not really a rock but can be classified as an island. Taiping Island is about 204 nautical miles from the Philippines. If it is rightly ruled an island with a 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone under Unclos, Taiping’s EEZ will reach the Philippines’ coast and overlap with the latter’s EEZ.

    If Taiping Island, now occupied by Taiwan, has a 200-nautical- mile EEZ and is considered a part of China under the one-China policy, it would validate the nine- dash line map that shows China’s sovereignty claims over the Spratly, Pratas and Paracel Islands, Macclesfield Bank and the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.

    Under Article 15 of Unclos, the new maritime boundary between Taiping Island and the Philippine coast is equidistant or about 102 nautical miles, revealing the eight features, annexed by president Marcos, are from China’s Spratly Islands.

    The tribunal defied conventional wisdom, overreached and arbitrarily ruled that Taiping Island is a rock. The coast was then clear for the tribunal to invalidate China’s historic rights within the nine-dash line without the inconvenience of delimitation. Some analysts have dismissed this as a political decision, which could undermine the integrity of Unclos because Japan now says the verdict’s legal ramifications apply only to China and the Philippines. Japan insists that Okinotorishima, which is “a collection of tiny specks that are barely visible at high tide, located about 1,740km south of Tokyo, is an island with a 200-nautical-mile EEZ”.

    But despite the eight areas of controversy which will keep maritime lawyers and law students busy for many years to come, the good news is that China and Asean issued a joint statement in Vientiane on July 26 without mentioning the divisive arbitration case.

    They have reached a new modus vivendi to resolve the South China Sea disputes “through friendly consultations and negotiations by sovereign states directly concerned”.

    The writer is a Singapore-based commentator on Asian affairs and a private researcher on the South China Sea disputes.

    • Replies: @seeing-thru
  89. Anonymous [AKA "Ezra Pound"] says:

    NO NATION who has less than 15% Africans as a population in its borders can lecture “Westerners” or Americans about racism. To all you Russians who walk around with your noses in the air about “Western Racism”, you deserve to have your country flooded with 85 IQ monsters from Africa. Do that, wait a few years and then come talk about me about “racism”. Sickening. I have always been a Russia and Putin supporter, but when I hear foreigners like the Saker try to lecture us about racism, I just have to laugh. He deserves to have his homeland flooded with feral blacks so he can see why racism exists and why it is right and good that it exists.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @hunor
    , @Corvinus
  90. @Robert Magill

    The defining trait of all narratives that center around this notion that China has some sort of master strategy in effect, like they’re playing the long game, is that they are always substantiated by a whole lot of nothing at all.

    Point in case? Silence and inaction are the characteristics which people single out to when they want to point out how thoroughly under Israel & International Jewry’s proverbial boot a Western nation really is. But, for some reason, some of those people then turn around and try to spin that very same behavior from China as some kind of mystical Chinese battle strategy that’s just so 3D chess that the rest of the world can only manage to interpret it as the very same brand of silent indifference that every other nation on the international stage demonstrates while Israel does as it pleases.

    So what exactly is the benefit in waiting until Israel achieves it’s desired regional superpower status to openly acknowledge them as the threat that they are?

    As I’ve said before, whether one speaks of the biggest international players with the most influence, or the very smallest players with the least to lose. No one is doing anything but sitting quietly and watching Israel do what it wants and get away with it bragging. No one but the direct targets of Israel’s expansionist wars of aggression are pointing so much as a finger, and everyone including China is equally willing to turn 2 blind eyes to those cries while the Jewish MSM gatekeepers do their best to control the narrative for the masses.

    • Replies: @utu
  91. Art says:

    By NOT sending s-300’s into Syria – Putin avoided a major war, which American would have been sucked into by US Jews and Israel.

    Thank you, Mr. Putin – major kudos to you!

    Think Peace — Art

    p.s. Where is MBS?

  92. @TT

    Don’t get worked up about RT and other Russian media. Russian media is as fake as a three dollar bill and about as principled as the Russian government. After reading RT regularly for a year plus I have now turned away in disgust. Here are the three recurring themes in RT, and perhaps in all of Russian society:
    1.) Look how good and clever we are in building these military toys. Look how the West is growing envious and afraid of our hardware.
    2.) Look what a good and clever leader we have in Mr. Putin. He can do no wrong.
    3.) We are waiting for the day when our Western partners will again pet us and praise us and feed us some tidbits. Oh please praise us, see how clever we are. Don’t force us into China’s arms, we view them just like you westerners do. We are a part of the west, please acknowledge us.

    The average Russian knows nothing about China, Asia, or Africa, perhaps even less than the average educated American. Not surprising then that whatever they write about China is what they have learnt from their partners. In any case, they lack the resources of the west, so they just copy and paste whatever is written in the western press. Stop reading RT and other crap put out by them.

    • Replies: @TT
    , @utu
    , @RadicalCenter
    , @Alden
    , @Dmitry
  93. Anonymous [AKA "CK Swift"] says:

    It’s only 16 pages… hardly a along read… and fairly well written to boot.

    • Replies: @Boris N
  94. @Roberto

    He’s just being sarcastic, as usual.

  95. Anonymous [AKA "Stop The ZOG"] says:

    I think the reason you don’t see Russian-state media ever calling out Israel’s violations of other nation’s sovereignty is because anyone who understands what’s going on — knows that Israeli military and US military are the same shit. Israel uses money media and religion to hook the US and the US in turn gives israel what the fuck ever they want.

    Another reason why Russia state media doesn’t call out Israel like they call out the US is because they know the main issue is the US. If the US has no credibility any longer in the eyes of enough people, than their support of Israel will cause Israel to have to subvert their US protectors for the support they desire from everywhere.

    • Replies: @Alden
  96. peterAUS says:
    @James Brown

    Pretty much agree.

    Especially with

    Russian Elite is as corrupt as the western Elite. That’s just a fact.


    only fools can trust the Russian elite.

    As for:

    It’s their ignorance that impede them to see that Putin isn’t and never was a “force against The Empire”.

    wouldn’t know about that.

    It’s a diverse group.
    Some of them are just propagandists doing their job.
    Some are “Team Russia” and all they want is to be the top dog. They don’t mind the rules of the world; they mind that they aren’t on the top.

    And, there is a desperate group of those fed up with The Empire but simply don’t see any challenge to that. It’s not easy to live that way……
    Ignorance is part of it, but desperation is the primary motive, IMHO.

  97. TT says:

    Well RT still do much better than most West sewage msm. I juz wanted to point out Russia isn’t true ally to anyone, including their often bragged China ally to agitate West. Its all like joos biz, calculate to last drop.

    If FUKUS will to bait Putin with G8/Nato/EU membership again, he will dump all allies under bus in a blink. Bcos of such petty habit, FUKUS treated Putin with contempt.

    Putin’s true frienemy are – Erdogan, Nethanyahoo, Trumps, Macron, Abe & India Modi. He will offer roses to Merkel & May instead of middle finger. To know someone, watch who he befriend & how he treated friend in crisis. If he sold all allies at peanut bargain, he will sold his country at a right price.

    RT is Russia propaganda mouth piece, so nothing wrong for it to sing praise of Russia & dig on their West frienemies. It even delicate special column for FUKUS. Russia media war is excellent, China totally suck.

    Try comment in China Globaltimes like UNZ, they will remove & put you as spam. Very low grade propaganda tool with dumbf moderator & pretentious article.

  98. Avery says:

    {National socialism was the most successful ideology of the 20th century,……}

    If it was so successful, then it should have succeeded on its own inside the territory of Germany.
    (plus Austria, and plus Sudetenlenad, which UK and France agreed Nazi Germany could keep).

    {….that’s why the entire Jewish-controlled world put aside their differences to destroy it.}

    NO, Nazi ideology destroyed itself when it invaded SU in order to exterminate the Slavic peoples and steal their lands. Let me repeat: Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union. The ‘entire Jewish-controlled world’ did not force Hitler to invade SU.
    He did it on his own volition.

    You apologists or Hitler and Nazis need to stop this nonsense of blaming everybody and their brothers for the what happened to Nazi Germany. Germans did it to themselves. They elected Hitler, and enthusiastically supported and followed him and Nazis as his Wehrmacht was invading one country after another and his SS and Einsatzgruppen were mass murdering civilians in occupied countries.

  99. Anonymous [AKA "COSMIC BUTTERFLY"] says:

    Realize that the only ones DO NOT PARTICIPATE are the Chinese. In the struggle of 3 forces, the passive always wins. CHINA


    • Replies: @TT
  100. peterAUS says:

    ….Nazi ideology destroyed itself when it invaded SU in order to exterminate the Slavic peoples and steal their lands. Let me repeat: Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union. The ‘entire Jewish-controlled world’ did not force Hitler to invade SU.
    He did it on his own volition.

    Of course.
    Wasn’t that the important part of “Mein Kampf” and the very foundation of “Lebensraum”? No need to answer. Of course the “88” boys will disagree but it’s just boring.

    As for this:

    You apologists or Hitler and Nazis need to stop this nonsense of blaming everybody and their brothers for the what happened to Nazi Germany. Germans did it to themselves. They elected Hitler, and enthusiastically supported and followed him and Nazis as his Wehrmacht was invading one country after another and his SS and Einsatzgruppen were mass murdering civilians in occupied countries.

    it was a bit more complicated.
    The regime did deliver something good to German people for a time being.
    And, got consolidated.

    What could be of some interest, for some, is how much of Nazi ideology was actually good and how much bad?
    Or, better, was the bad part so big that the good part simply didn’t matter?
    Was the bad so fundamental that no good actually could come out of it?
    Do I make sense?

    Or, in practical terms…..what part of that ideology, if any, could be reused in the current paradigm?
    Sort of challenge to, say, The Empire?

    At the moment the only challenge is radical Islam.
    These nationalism moves we see here and there, including this Kremlin thing, don’t feel as a challenge.

    So….resurrected part of Nazi ideology could do that, at the moment?

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  101. @peterAUS

    It would be difficult indeed to liquidate the Anglo/Zion central bankers and implement a Jalmer Schact type of fiat spending based on the production of the “workers”- because we are riven by competing factions of lazy, pig-sty Antifa leftist scum who hate America. ..They are more interested in worshiping their orgasms…and all the other weird, depraved- type Marxist balderdash that is foisted on the youth by the Frankfurt school traitors who wield the levers of power.

    The republicans are even worse swine, treasonous criminals abound.

    Obviously, the communist workers paradise has always been for useful idiots only… In reality it is the One
    World Anglo/Zionist technotronic
    banking plantation, ( ZIRP, cashless .. etc.)in conjunction with the corporate surveillance/ MIC.

    If people could find it in themselves to cancel the Comcast and boycott pro/college sports and voting( there is no longer rule of law) this could be a start, rather than just impotent venting online.

  102. @Avery

    And who was it that kicked the Frankfurt School out of Germany?

    And Frank Boaz perfected his communist destruction of western society, where?!

    • Replies: @Alden
  103. utu says:

    You are making good points but it is still good to read RT and other Russian media. Russia’s propaganda is sub-standard. It is typical for an authoritarian system where more effort is put to justify the leadership of the country in the eyes of the population than to to attack the enemies. That’s why you get a lot of boasting about achievements, suppression about setbacks and a lot of our-leaders- know-what-they-are-doing stuff. That’s why RT and Sputnik are not as hard hitting as Western media. But in some respects they are more civil than the Western press w/o excessive vilification and whipping up the emotions of outrage and hatred for the enemies. Not many people nowadays realize that German press of the Third Reich also was way much more rational and subdued and thus civil in comparison to the British and American press.

    • Replies: @TT
  104. utu says:

    China was forced to evacuate 30,000 Chinese workers from Libya. So, certainly China knows very well what the game is being played. Is their silence and inaction a sign they do not know what to do? I would rather assume that they are making extensive calculations and what we see is their outcome. One may however wonder how a culture that put so much value in in restraint, moderation and saving face can cope with the culture that practices unmitigated chutzpah. You can remain silent and composed but at some point you better have a big stick you are willing to use.

  105. utu says:

    So China rather took the back stage by backing Syria war quietly in financial(guess who is paying astromical war expenses, soldiers salary, & feeding 10M Syrians with amenities?). China has openly declared to supply SAA weapons & ammunition, war materials. Its special force & whole range of advisors & specialists are in the war zone, to assist & study

    I wondered about it but I have no idea if this is true. Can you somehow support this claim?

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @TT
  106. @seeing-thru

    What’s the basis for your statement that the average Russian knows nothing about China, Asia, or Africa? Or the statement that they probably know less than the average educated American?

    (Also noticed that you seemed to compare specifically “educated Americans” to ALL Russians. Apples and oranges, no? How about educated Americans versus educated Russians, whatever that means. How about all Russians versus all Americans?

    Do you really believe that the 100 million Africans and Mexicans in the USA know more about China and Africa than the average Russian?

    Lastly, of course RT is a propaganda outlet and should be viewed as such. But to say that they copy whatever the western press says, well, you must be reading a different western press than I am.

  107. Iris says:

    Chinese military fighting Uighur extremists in Syria:

    China provides training to Syrian military (overtly in the health sector)

    Chinese aircraft carriers ordered to join and support the Russian fleet in case of Western Coalition strike in Syria:

    Chinese fleet joins Tartus to protect Syrian harbours against Western Coalition strikes:,

    • Replies: @utu
  108. jose says:

    Putin is an Israel/US stooge. There is no other logical explanation for his refusal to supply Syria with S300 SAMs. Saker is a Putnik apologist.

    • Replies: @Alden
  109. TT says:

    I must admit that i have no evidence to support this claim, except some “rumours” appeared on China military news & discussion groups that soon totally “evaporated”, highly likely a result of censorship. If i do have accessed to such info, it will be treason to leak. Iris give as many evidences.

    But I have sufficient logic to believe those claim that China are there to get real war experience under a controlled situation. There are no better opportunity to gain such complex integrated war from Russia, short of a direct war. USNato have been offering such field training to their allies. This probably help to justify China bank rolling the war as part of military training budget, which Putin also adopted.

    This will prepare China for possible Taiwan liberation that might involve dense urban fighting if traitor Tsai & her Green party declared independent on ZUS order. Hopefully never, Taiwan should not betray its one country principle, but to counter attack China by sending all their best talents to join CCCP. If they can proved to 1.4B Chinese their West democracy leadership & ideology can lead China to better future, they win the war without single shot. But their leaders appalling behavior make me highly doubt they can perform such thaumaturgy.

    • Replies: @utu
  110. TT says:

    ZUS has been always lamenting how they sacrifice so much to invade & subvert many countries for resources control, but ended up with Chinese taking lion share of the business without single shot.

    It happened in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius, Asean, Myanmar, Venezula, Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, EU & Middle East. So will be in NK, Syria & Iran. Chinese knew well, eventually everyone will choose bread over bomb, prosperity over destruction, peace over chaos/war.

    While vultures & bear fight over their killings, Panda chew its bamboo shoots quietly growing fat. Fukus should learn from history that imperialism & colonial carnivorous hunting are not sustainable, vegan style grazing on mutual beneficial fair trade will prevail.

  111. TT says:

    Predicting What a Syrian Peace Deal Would Look Like by Andrew Korybok.

    Without SAA, Iran & Hezobollah blood sacrifice to fight, no amount of aerial bombing by RuAF can win Syria war. The split of spoils are well analyzed in this article:

    Russia got lion share of West with legit Navy base & control of Iran/Qatar gas pipe to EU. FUKUS – oil rich East with 20 bases for invading Iran, Turkey – North & Kurds control, Israel – oil rich Golan Hts.

    Spent Iran & Hezbollah will be asked to leave empty handed or get bomb. Kurds either continue to be US disposable free mercenaries or get destroyed by Turks. Assad reduced to Putin’s puppet, with Syria Constitution to be written by all aggressors in name of Russia sponsored UN motion. ME had learned the true meaning of friendship with white colonists, again. Reality is always cruel, forest law still prevail. So NK declared, to rely security on foreign hands will lead to own extinction.

    The Meaning Of True Friendship
    Syria might very well see the
    conclusion of a formal peace deal by
    the end of the year, and it’s all
    because of President Putin’s
    masterful geostrategic “chess
    moves”. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA)
    and their Iranian Islamic
    Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) &
    Hezbollah allies fought very hard to
    preserve the Syrian state up until the
    eve of the game-changing Russian
    anti-terrorist intervention in
    September 2015, and these ground
    forces have still done all the heavy
    lifting in liberating the majority of the
    country’s cities since then.
    Still, had it not been for the pivotal
    support of the Russian Aerospace
    Forces, Syria might never have
    gotten to this point, though there
    wouldn’t have been a Syria for
    President Putin to save had it not
    been for Iran and Hezbollah.

  112. RobinG says:

    Trump Talks about Infrastructure; RUSSIA BUILDS IT.

    Crimea Has Been Waiting for a Bridge for 100 Years – Putin Finally Delivers on Dream

  113. @ChuckOrloski

    You, TT, seeing-thru = trolls from the same farm.

  114. @Wally

    If you don’t know the difference between the impossibility of the 6M and the reality of the horrible “shoah by bullets” and other mass murderings, or the difference between struggling for the truth or being a bloody nazi, you have no place in my screen. Thus, I’m blocking you.

  115. utu says:

    Perhaps you should write novels. You have no evidence for anything you said. Yes, some of it makes sense to you or me but it doesn’t prove anything particularly because we do not really know what makes sense to China. We have zero evidence of China bankrolling anything in Syria. Perhaps you should use color coding in your comments: red-your invention and wishful thinking, green-statement supported by evidence.

    • Replies: @TT
  116. Corvinus says:

    “NO NATION who has less than 15% Africans as a population in its borders can lecture “Westerners” or Americans about racism.”

    Actually, they have every liberty to chastise those nations about racism (which, of course, does not observable exist).

    “To all you Russians who walk around with your noses in the air about “Western Racism”, you deserve to have your country flooded with 85 IQ monsters from Africa.”

    Not monsters, but human beings. And, besides, remember who FIRST “flooded” Africa with their insatiable desire for mammon and raw materials.

    “He deserves to have his homeland flooded with feral blacks so he can see why racism exists and why it is right and good that it exists.”

    Again, look at history. The colonists who settled the South desired a cheap form of labor–we call it gimmedats ’round these parts–so they could profit handsomely from cash crop agriculture. Then, the plantation owners assumed that regular, everyday people were plow animals to be used and abused. Fortunately, civilized people combated how the immorality of those Northerners and Southerners who engaged in the slave trade and cultivated racial attitudes that still resonate today.

  117. TT says:

    Im not pretending to have insider direct info here, do you have any? We are all here sharing public info & ideas, why make unwarrant attack?

    If you could do like wise in colouring all your comments, then i might consider your moronic suggestion.

    GREEN[But you may end up always in red, since you have much fantasy & invention in all your wishful thinking, without knowing exactly what happen behind with real evidence, at most quoting some msm articles that we are fed with in this matrix world. But don’t write any novel, you will bore all to death with your mathematics algorithm.]

    Its not my duty to gather evidence for people like you, but you should able to google yourself for basic public info. Read up to educate yourself.

    China has declared openly in supplying weapons & ammunition to Syria since Russia joined the war. It also declared to fight Uyghur terrorists there to prevent their return. RT has reported a whole village of Uyghur ISIS in thousands living at Turkey’s border.

    China has also reportedly conducting rebuilding & training there. I doubt utu is bank rolling for all these astromical war & rebuilt expenses including feeding ten millions of Syrians, nor Assad have such hidden cash under his bed to pay the disastrous 7yrs war. Both Russia & Iran under crashing West sanction are hard pressed themselves. Without China, Russia may be in economy crisis.

    • Replies: @utu
  118. TT says:

    You have any evidence, if not do colour them RED? Now all your comments are subjected to this high standard as you have professed.

  119. utu says:

    Thanks. Chinese involvement obviously is possible but no evidence and what pops up here and there I consider to be Russian and/or Israeli disinformation just like the one about Chinese aircraft carrier steaming to Syria in 2015. As far as finances of Syria I think Iran is a major contributor. But certainly it would make sense if China was a major backer behind the scene.

    Take it easy.

    • Replies: @TT
  120. utu says:

    You are falling for silly Israeli and/or Russian disinfo.

  121. @Anonymous

    “Such an evil person is worth no more of my time”
    Please name the ones who are worthy. I would like to know. Promise that I will follow you.

    “After Libya, it was obvious that Syria was next”
    Really? Not Egypt? Not Lebanon? Obvious in your crystal ball, obviously.

    • Replies: @Anon
  122. @utu

    “Putin disappoints”
    Of course Putin wakes up every morning thinking: “Will I – or what shall I do to – please utu today?”

    The Saker “can’t write well”
    Please show us your own papers.

    • Replies: @Anon
  123. TT says:

    Chinese a/carrier entering ME 2015 is obviously nonsense. But China did send in their Navy to join Russian exercise there. It also warned US against attacking Russia positions in Syria & held back its 3 strike groups in SCS by threatening to open another war front in Taiwan Strait with sudden live firing war game recently.

    Indeed Iran is one main direct financier. So are Russia. Some parts of Syria is still functioning with 50% GDP. All are struggling under US sanction.

    But we are talking about China as the only possible one to sustain such astronomical war expenses. US printed \$5T for its Iraq & Afghanistan wars without need to feed their people while stealing Iraqi oils. SCMP correctly pointed out, no one know how involving but for sure Chinese is there to ensure its energy supply won’t fall into FUKUS hand. BRI also run through there.

    Backing Russia with multiple gigantic deals like huge \$400B energy contract is one way with large upfront pay up. So are many large deals with Assad & Iran(20% of \$2T gas field). If they fall like Libya Gaddafi, all investments gone. Isn’t these are all Chinese obvious bank rolling of Syria war in hundreds of \$B?

    Many sites including FUKUS mentioned China is fighting Turkey trained Uyghur terrorists in Syria, with its rumoured China’s “Night Tiger” SF. Such operation do require various integrated supports.

    Its all behind scene. Tones of info in public you can google, no evidence but some common sense prevailed. Go WikiLeaks if you are looking for GREEN hard evidence, not RED unz forum.

  124. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:
    @Alberto Campos

    China Prez Xi, Mao, Deng, Zhou EL, etc. Cuba Prez Castro, NK Kim, Venezuela Prez, Iran Prez & Supreme leader, Philippine Duterte, Thailand Thaksin, Myanmar Than Swee, Cambodia PM Hunsen, Indonesia Sukarno, Malaysia Mahatir,…. They all have spine, don’t lick West boots, never betray allies, don’t honored Nethanyahoo in Victory parade, never called FUKUS partners, …never dying to be part of West. Want more? How about Putin, Yeltsin, Gorbachev?

    GEN. WESLEY CLARK: Well, starting with Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon,
    then Libya, then Somalia and Sudan,
    and back to Iran.

    We admired Russia & Putin/team great performance, but not those spineless West bootlicking & regular sold out of allies. You are Russia troll?

  125. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:
    @Alberto Campos

    Putin wake up daily thinking what should i do & say to make West happy & love me as their white partner, what’s Nethanyahu order to me, today deals with backstabbing Erdogan, more deals with US stooge Modi, what roses for Merkel & May, how to trade off all allies for more peanuts.

    Also what to boast so i will be admired as a divine hero for standing against West bully, bragging on international order & fairness, one who save allies, boasting all formidable weapons to frighten US never to cross redline….but when caught bluffing, scream Alberto where are you… go trolling.

    • LOL: utu
  126. Alden says:

    Your country, Russia was conquered by communist Jews in 1918. They massacred millions of Slav Russians

    And as soon as the Jewish communist rulers of Russia slaughtered the Slav counter revolution the communist Jews turned their attention to America and ruined this country

    Your country is still ruled by Jews Only they are not communists this time but multi billionaire looters of your resources

    And America would be far better off if our American communist Jews had not had the backing of Russian communist Jews in destroying our schools and great cities via the Jews black criminals

    You’re not a Slav country. You’re a nation of Slav slaves ruled by the same Jews you’ve been ruled by since 1918

  127. Alden says:

    By the time Germany invaded Russia Russia was a nation of Slavic slaves ruled by communist Jews.

    As soon as the war was over American communist Jews with the help of the rulers of Russia began the destruction of America using the blacks.

    • Replies: @James Brown
    , @Avery
  128. Alden says:

    Nothing wrong with killing the communists who supported the American communist Jews in their destruction of America

  129. Alden says:

    No, I’m an American full of seething hatred of everything the Russian communist Jews have done to destroy America since they invaded America in 1900, founded the American communist party in 1918, infiltrated our giver men and done its best with their black allies to destroy America and American Whites

    And Russia is still the country of Slavic slaves ruled by Jews it’s been since 1918. Only difference is that the Jews no longer call themselves communist commissars but billionaires who looted the country while the dumb Slavs stood by and let it happen.

  130. Alden says:

    Israel was founded by communist Russian Jews. There are at least half a million Russian jews living in Israel. When they left Russia they took all sorts of science and technology with them

    The Jews who rule Russia are allied with the Russian Jews who founded and still rule Israel.

  131. Alden says:

    Good point. And the Jewish communists who created the Frankfurt school were supported and funded by the Jews who ruled Russia and sent millions of Slavs to the gulag.

    The Nazi Germans took good care of their own people. The Jewish communists who ruled Russia slaughtered millions of Slav Russians

  132. Alden says:

    I agree. Russia is still ruled by Jews and of course they are loyal to Israel first. Like American presidents, Putin ya a Jewish puppet.

  133. @Alden

    See it as payback time.
    As you know, from 1776-1945, the wasp built paradise in America.

    Of course they had to break some eggs to build their paradise: Native American Genocide and Slavery(understandable because we are talking about inferior creatures).

    From 1945, Indians and Blacks decided to take revenge and they decided to let the Jews use them to destroy the paradise.

  134. Anonymous [AKA "vetranp"] says:

    The past couple of years have been terrible for the Zionists, both in the US and in the rest of the world. First, there was the crushing defeat of their candidate in the US and the election of a candidate they rabidly hated.

    Really? Under Donald the Zionists they have their dream come true with the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem. Not sure Hillary would have moved the US embassy to Jerusalem …
    Looks like payback time to Sheldon Adelson …
    BTW, Donald is surrounded by Zionists … with his son in law Jared right in the cuckoo nest.

  135. paulllll says:

    There is a global struggle for the future of humanity. The Hegemon seeks to establish a global police state, dedicated to predatory capitalism and transhumanism. Putin leapt onto the world stage as a key figure because he seemed to take a principled stand against the Hegemon’s brutal ambitions. Remember the moral force he showed at the UN when he said to the Hegemon, ‘do you finally realize what you have done [in Syria]? And it wasn’t just sound bites.

    But it’s almost like Putin’s soul was ripped out and replaced with an evil one. The man we see now follows one clear principle, the same one the Hegemon follows: Might Makes Right. Putin has switched sides in the global struggle. Putin may be a gutsy fellow, but he lacks something far more important – courage.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  136. peterAUS says:

    ….Might Makes Right…..

    Don’t say….

    Now, the interesting question could be “what is Might”? Or “how can I/we/my team be mighty”?
    Even more interesting question could be “what makes Might”? Or “how can I/we/my time get mighty”?

    And the next question, then “what I/we/my team should use that Might for”?
    Yes, I know, “make the world a better place”.

    The final question then, could be “what makes the world a better place”?


  137. Avery says:

    {By the time Germany invaded Russia Russia was a nation of Slavic slaves ruled by communist Jews.}

    By the time Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union, the Maximum, Absolute, Unquestioned, Paramount Leader and Dictator for Life was ethnic Georgian Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (Man of Steel) aka Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili. (Stalin was born to Orthodox Christian parents and was briefly enrolled in a Christian seminary, until turning to Bolshevism and Communism).

    After becoming unquestioned dictator, Joseph Stalin liquidated large numbers of his Jewish Communist colleagues, the most infamous being Leon Trotsky aka Lev Davidovich Bronstein.

    Former communist countries of Europe, including Russian Federation, are today free of the multicultural SorosaVirus that afflicts Western Europe: Poland, Hungary, etc, are proud of their Christian heritage and nationality and are actively resisting SorosaBrussels’ edicts to turn over their countries to foreign invaders, While Western Europeans, whose brains have been taken over by the Virus, have prostrated themselves in front of the invaders and are actually helping foreigners erase their own European heritage.

    So maybe being brainwashed by Communism for ~70 years immunized the brains of East Europeans against the far more deadly SorosaVirus and its many virulent mutations.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @peterAUS
  138. peterAUS says:

    So maybe being brainwashed by Communism for ~70 years immunized the brains of East Europeans against the far more deadly SorosaVirus and its many virulent mutations.


    On top of it, the antidote to communism was nationalism.

    Now, taking that nationalism away and replacing it with …something else….can’t work well. At least where it matters, like before, in the hinterland.

    Communists couldn’t eradicate it then and there.
    Eradicating it now, then and there, not an easy task for those infected by SorosaVirus. Not easy at all………..

    • Replies: @Paw
  139. Paw says:

    Submission /suggested/ of Putin, to clearly insane Netanjahu is the insane idea as well. How to believe it.

  140. Paw says:

    No incredibly communist were nationalist as well and in rather big way..By my experience in former Czechoslovakia.

  141. Dmitry says:

    RT is Western media. It’s produced in the West, by English/Spanish, etc, journalists.

    The only thing it has is some intelligence officers from the government who are sent to over-see it and look at the overall themes to produce.

  142. Boris N says:

    It’s only 16 pages

    It depends on the number of words per page which in turns depends on other factors such as font size, paper size, margin size, etc. My rule of thumb is 300 words per book page. That is this article is around 30 pages. Of course, you can cram it into 15 pages or less.

    hardly a along read

    If we consider the average 200 words/min, then it is 45 min (though, some may argue that is for slow readers, and many read 250 w/min or faster, but I’m being generous).
    But the problem is not only the length. The problem is whether it is worth reading a verbose gobbledygook of an old demented man who lives in his own fantasy world. Life is too short and there are left a lot of good things to read than this and spend one your hour. If a public essay author cannot put his thoughts into max 3000 words (15 min reading), he has clearly failed. At least if it were 2000 words you can always read and say at the end “What a nonsense, 10 min wasted!”. But four times as this? Thanks, no.

  143. Anonymous [AKA "Muszka"] says:

    You are such a nut. Yes, Russians won the war and they should be proud of this as many countries are still on the map of the world because of their victory. It is not too bad that Russia was on the winning side of WW2, it’s too bad that nuts like you were born.

  144. anonymous[236] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Magill

    I agree with the fact that not considering China in this analysis makes it incomplete.
    CN-RU relations can an will have a big influence on further internal RU developpment.

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