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Is There a “6th Column” Trying to Subvert Russia?
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For those of us who followed the Russian Internet there is a highly visible phenomenon taking place which is quite startling: there are a lot of anti-Putin videos posted on YouTube or its Russian equivalents. Not only that, but a flurry of channels has recently appeared which seem to have made bashing Putin or Mishustin their full-time job. Of course, there have always been anti-Putin and anti-Medvedev videos in the past, but what makes this new wave so different from the old one is that they attack Putin and Mishustin not from pro-Western positions, but from putatively Russian patriotic positions. Even the supposed (not true) “personal advisor” to Putin and national-Bolshevik (true), Alexander Dugin has joined that movement (see here if you understand Russian).

This is a new, interesting and complex phenomenon, and I will try to unpack it here.

First, we have to remember that Putin was extremely successful at destroying the pro-Western opposition which, while shown on a daily basis on Russian TV, represents something in the 3-5% of the people at most. You might ask why they are so frequent on TV, and the reason is simple: the more they talk, the more they are hated.

So far from silencing the opposition, the Kremlin not only gives it air time, it even pays opposition figures top dollars to participate in the most popular talk shows. See here and here for more details

Truly, the reputation of the pro-Western “liberal” (in the Russian sense) opposition is now roadkill in Russia. Yes, there is a core of russophobic Russians who hate Russia with a passion (they refer to it as “Rashka”) and their hatred for everything Russian is so obvious that they are universally despised all over the country (the one big exception being Moscow where there is a much stronger “liberal” opposition which gets the support of all those who had a great time pillaging Russia in the 1990s and who now hate Putin for putting an end to their malfeasance).

As for the Duma opposition, it is an opposition only in name. They make noises, they bitch here and there, they condemn this or that, but at the end of the day, they will not represent a credible opposition at all.


Well, look at this screenshot I took from a Russian polling site:

The chart is in Russian, but it is also extremely simple to understand. On the Y axis, you see the percentage of people who “totally trust” and “mostly trust” the six politicians, in order: Putin, Mishustin, Zhirinovskii, Ziuganov, Mironov and Medvedev. The the X axis you see the time frame going from July 2019 to April 2020.

The only thing which really matters is this: in spite all the objective and subjective problems of Russia, in spite of a widely unpopular pension reform, in spite of all the western sanctions and in spite of the pandemic, Putin still sits alone in a rock-solid position: he has the overwhelming support of the Russian people. This single cause pretty much explains everything else I will be talking about today.

As most of you probably remember, there were already several waves of anti-Putin PSYOPS in the past, but they all failed for very simple reasons:

  1. Most Russians remember the horrors of the 1990s when the pro-Western “liberals” were in power.
  2. Second, the Russian people could observe how the West put bona fide rabidly russophobic Nazis in power in Kiev. The liberals expressed a great deal of sympathy for the Ukronazi regime. Few Russians doubt that if the pro-western “liberals” got to power, they would turn Russia into something very similar to today’s Ukraine.
  3. Next, the Russians could follow, day after day, how the Ukraine imploded, went through a bloody civil war, underwent a almost total de-industrialization and ended up with a real buffoon as President (Zelenskii just appointed, I kid you not, Saakashvili as Vice Prime Minister of the Ukraine, that is all you need to know to get the full measure of what kind of clueless imbecile Zelenskii is!). Not only do the liberals blame Russia for what happened to this poor country, they openly support Zelenskii.
  4. Most (all?) of the pro-western “NGO” (I put that in quotation marks, because these putatively non-governmental organization were entirely financed by western governments, mostly US and UK) were legally forced to reveal their sources of financing and most of them got listed as “foreign agents”. Others were simply kicked out of Russia. Thus, it became impossible for the AngloZionists to trigger what appeared to be “mass protests” under these condition.
  5. There is a solid “anti-Maidan” movement in Russia (including in Moscow!) which is ready to “pounce” (politically) in case of any Maidan-like movement in Russia. I strongly suspect that the FSB has a warm if unofficial collaboration with them.
  6. The Russian internal security services (FSB, FSO, National Guard, etc.) saw a major revival under Putin and they are now not only more powerful than in the past, but also much better organized to deal with subversion. As for the armed forces are solidly behind Putin and Shoigu. While in the 1990s Russia was basically defenseless, Russia today is a very tough nut to crack for western subversion/PSYOP operations.
  7. Last, but not least, the Russian liberals are so obviously from the class Alexander Solzhenitsyn referred to as “obrazovanshchina“, a word hard to translate but which roughly means “pretend educated”: these folks have always considered themselves very superior to the vast majority of the Russian people and they simply cannot hide their contempt for the “common man” (very similar to Hillary’s “deporables”). The common man fully realizes that and, quite logically, profoundly distrusts and even hates “liberals”.

There came a moment when the western curators of the Russian 5th column realized that calling Putin names in the western press, or publicly accusing him of being a “bloody despot” and a “KGB killer” might work with the gullible and brainwashed western audience, but it got absolutely no traction whatsoever in Russia.

And then, somebody, somewhere (I don’t know who, or where) came up with an truly brilliant idea: accusing Putin of not being a patriot and declare that he is a puppet in the hands of the AngloZionist Empire. This was nothing short of brilliant, I have to admit that.

First, they tried to sell the idea that Putin was about to “sell out” (or “trade”) Novorussia. One theory was that Russia would stand by and let the Ukronazis invade Novorussia. Another one was that the US and Russia would make a secret deal and “give” Syria to Putin, if he “gave” Novorussia to the Empire. Alternatively, there was the version that Russia would “give” Syria to Trump and he would “give” Novorussia to Putin. The actual narrative does not matter. What matters, A LOT, is that Putin was not presented as the “new Hitler” who would invade Poland and the Baltics, who would poison the Skripals, who would hack DNC servers and “put Trump into power”. These plain stupid fairy tales had not credibility in Russia. But Putin “selling out” Novorussia was much more credible, especially after it was clear that Russia did not allow the DNR/LNR forces to seize Mariupol.

I remain convinced that this was the correct decision. Why? Because had the DNR/LNR forces entered Mariupol their critical supply lines would have been cut off by an envelopment maneuver by the Ukrainian forces. Yes, the DNR/LNR forces did have the power needed to take Mariupol, but then they would end up surrounded by Ukronazi forces in a “cauldron/siege” kind of situation which would then have forced Russia to openly intervene to either support these forces. That was a no brainer in military terms, but in political terms this would have been a disaster for Russia and a dream come true to the AngloZionists who could (finally!) “prove” that Russia was involved all along. The folks in the Russian General Staff are clearly much smarter than the couch-generals which were accusing Russia of treason for now letting Mariupol be liberated.

Eventually, both the “sellout Syria” and the “sellout Novorussia” narratives lost their traction and the PSYOPS specialists in the West tried another good one: Putin became the obedient servant of Israel and, personally, Netanyahu. The arguments were very similar: Putin did not allow Syrians (or Russians) to shoot down Israeli aircraft over the Mediterranean or Lebanon, Putin did not use the famous S-400 to protect Syrian targets from Israeli strikes, and Putin did not land an airborne division in Syria to deal with the Takfiris. And nevermind here the fact that the officially declared Russian objectives in Syria were only to “stabilize the legitimate authority and create conditions for a political compromise” (see here for details). The simple truth is that Putin never said that he would liberate each square meter of Syrian land from the Takfiris nor did he promise to defend Syria against Israel!

Still, for a while the Internet was inundated with articles claiming that Putin and Netanyahu were closely coordinating their every step and that Putin was Israel’s chum.

Eventually, this canard also lost a lot of credibility. After all, most folks are smart enough to realize that if Putin wanted to help Israel, all he had to do is… … well… … exactly *nothing*: the Takfiris would take Damascus and it would be “game over” for a civilized Syria and the Israelis would have a perfect pretext to intervene.

As I have already mentioned in a past article, these were the original Israeli goals for Syria:

  1. Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces and security services.
  2. Create total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan, but further north.
  3. Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.
  4. Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone”, but this time in Lebanon.
  5. Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
  6. Breakup Syria along ethnic and religious lines.
  7. Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
  8. Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and forces the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.
  9. Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert and eventually attack Iran with a wide regional coalition of forces.
  10. Eliminate all center of Shia power in the Middle-East.

It is quite easy nowadays to prove the two following theses: 1) Israel dismally failed to achieve ANY of the above set goals and 2) the Russian intervention is the one single most important factor which prevented Israel from achieving these goals (the 2nd most important one was the heroic support given by Iran and Hezbollah who, quite literally, “saved the day”, especially during the early phases of the Russian intervention. Only an ignorant or dishonest person could seriously claim that Russia and Israel are working together when Russia, in reality, completely defeated Israel in Syria.

Still, while the first PSYOP (Putin the new Hitler) failed, and while the second PSYOP (Putin the sellout) also failed, the PSYOP specialists in the West came up with a much more potentially dangerous and effective PSYOP operation.

But first, they did something truly brilliant: they realized that their best allies in Russia would not be the (frankly, clueless) “liberals” but that they would find a much more powerful “ally” in those nostalgic of the Soviet Union. This I have to explain in some detail.

First, there is one thing human psychology which I have observed all my life: we tend to remember the good and forget the bad. Today, most of what I remember from boot-camp (and even “survival week”) sounds like fun times. The truth is that while in boot camp I hated almost every day. In a similar way, a lot of Russian have developed a kind of nostalgia for the Soviet era. I can understand that. After all, during the 50s the USSR achieved a truly miraculous rebirth, then in the 60s and 70s there were a lot of true triumphs. Finally, even in the hated 80s the USSR did achieve absolutely spectacular things (in science, technology, etc.). This is all true. What is often forgotten is that at the same time, the Soviet society was oppressive, the corrupt and geriatric CPSU ran everything and was mostly hated, the Russian people were afraid of the KGB and could not enjoy the freedoms folks in the US or Europe had. In truth, it was a mixed bag, but it is easy to remember only the good stuff.

Furthermore, a lot of folks who had high positions during the Soviet era did lose it all. And now that Russia is objectively undergoing various difficult trials, these folks have “smelled blood” and they clearly hope that by some miracle Putin will be overthrown. He won’t, if only for the following very basic reasons:

  1. The kind of state apparatus which protects Putin today can easily deal with this new, pseudo (I will explain below why I say “pseudo”) patriotic opposition.
  2. In the ranks of this opposition there is absolutely no credible leader (remember the chart above!)
  3. This opposition mostly complains, but offers no real solutions.

The core of this opposition is formed of Communists and Communist sympathizers who absolutely hate Putin for his (quite outspoken) anti-Communism. Let’s call them “new Communists” or “Neo-Communists”. And here is what makes them much more dangerous than the “liberal” opposition: the Neo-Communists are often absolutely right.

The (in my opinion) sad reality is that, for all his immense qualities, Putin is indeed a liberal, at least an economic sense. This manifests itself in two very different ways:

  1. Putin has still not removed all of the 5th columnists (aka “Atlantic Integrationists” aka “Washington consensus” types) from power. Yes, he did ditch Medvedev, but others (Nabiulina, Siluanov, etc.) are still there.
  2. Putin inherited a very bad system where almost all they key actors were 5th columnists. Not just a few (in)famous individuals, but an entire CLASS (in a Marxist sense of the term) of people who hate anything “social” and who support “liberal” ideas just so they can fill their pockets.

Here is the paradox: the USSR died in 1991-1993, Putin is an anti-Communist, but there STILL is a (Soviet-style) Nomenklatura in Russia, except for now they are often referred to as “oligarchs” (which is incorrect because, say, the Ukrainian oligarch truly decide the fate of the nation whereas this new Russian Nomenklatura does not decide the fate of Russia as a whole, but they have a major influence in the financial sector, which is what they care mostly about).

So we have something of a, maybe not quite “perfect”, but still very dangerous storm looming over Russia. How? Consider this:

Under Putin the Russian foreign policy has been such a success that even the Russian liberals, very reluctantly, admit that he did a pretty good job. However, the internal, many financial, policies of Russia have been a disaster. Just one example, the fact that the major Russian banks are bloated with their immense revenues, did not prevent millions of Russians from living in poverty and many hundreds of thousands of Russian small/family businesses of going under due to the very high interest rates.

One key problem in Russia is that both the Central Bank and the major commercial banks only care about their profits. What Russia truly needs is a state-owed DEVELOPMENT bank whose goal would not be millions and billions for the few, but making it possible for the creativity of the Russian people to truly blossom. Today, we see the exact opposite in Russia.

So what is my beef with this social ( if not quite “Socialist”) opposition?

They are so focused on their narrow complaints that they completely miss the big picture. Let me explain.

First, Russia has been in a state of war against the US+EU+NATO since at least 2015. Yes, this war is 80% informational, 15% economic and only 5% kinetic. But it is a very real war nonetheless. The key characteristic of a real war is that victory is only achieved by one side, the other is fully defeated. Which means that the war between the AngloZionist Empire is an existential one: one party will win and survive, the other one will disappear and will be replaced with a qualitatively new polity/society. The Neo-Communist Russian opposition steadfastly pretends like there is no war, like all the losses (economic and human) are only the result of corruption and incompetence. They forget that during the last war between Russia and the “United West” German tanks were at the outskirts of Moscow.

Well, of course they know that. But they pretend not to. And this is why I think of them as the 6th column (as opposed to the 5th, openly “liberal” and pro-Western one).

Second, while this opposition is, in my opinion, absolutely correct in deploring Putin’s apparent belief that following the advice of what I would call “IMF types” is safer than following recommendations of what could be loosely called “opposition economists” (here I think of Glaziev, whose views I personally fully support), they fail to realize the risks involved in crushing the “IMF types”. The sad truth is that Russian banks are very powerful and that in many ways, the state cannot afford totally alienating them. Right now the banks support Putin only because he supports them. But if Putin decided to follow the advice of, say, Glaziev and his supporters, the Russian bankers would react with a “total war” against Putin.

If you study Russian history, you will soon realize that Russia did superbly with military enemies, did very averagely with diplomatic efforts (which often negated military victories) and did terribly with what we could call the “internal opposition”.

So let me repeat it here: I do not consider NATO or the US as credible military threats to Russia, unless they decide to use nuclear weapons, at which point both Russia and the West would suffer terribly. But even in this scenario, Russia would prevail (Russia has a 10-15 year advantage against the US in both civilian and military nuclear technologies and the Russian society is far more survivable one – if this topic is of interest to you, just read Dmitry Orlov’s books who explains it all better than I ever could). I have always, and still do, consider that the real danger for Putin and those who share his views is the internal, often “insider”, opposition in Russia. They were always the ones to present the biggest threat to any Russian ruler, from the Czars to Stalin.

This new Neo-Communist 6th column is, however, a much more dangerous threat to the future of Russia than the pro-western 5th columnists. Some of their tactics are extremely devious. For example, one of the things you hear most often from these folks is this: “unless Putin does X, Y or Z, there is a risk of a bloody revolution”. Having listened to many tens of their videos, I can tell you with total security that far from fearing a bloody revolution, these folks in reality dream of such a revolution.

”Too often in our history we have seen that instead of an opposition to the government we are confronted with an opposition to Russia herself. And we know how this ends: with the destruction of the state as such”.
”Too often in our history we have seen that instead of an opposition to the government we are confronted with an opposition to Russia herself. And we know how this ends: with the destruction of the state as such”.

Now, if you think as a true patriot of Russia, you have to realize that Russia suffered from not one, but two, truly horrible revolutions: in 1917 and 1991. In each case the consequences of these revolutions (irrespective of how justified they might have appeared at the time) were absolutely horrible: both in 1917 and in 1991 Russia almost completely vanished as a country, and millions suffered terribly. I now hold is as axiomatic that nothing would be worse for Russia than *any* revolution, no matter what ideology feeds it or how bad the “regime in power” might appear to be.

Putin is acutely aware of that (see image).

These Neo-Communists would very much disagree with me.

They “warn” about a revolution, while in reality trying to create the conditions for one.

Now let me be clear: I am absolutely convinced that NO revolution (Neo-Communist or other) is possible in Russia. More accurately, while I do believe that an attempt for a revolution could happen, I believe that any coup/revolution against Putin is bound to fail. Why? The graphic above.

Even if by some (horrible) miracle, it was possible to defeat/neutralize the combined power of the FSB+FSO+National Guard+Armed forces (which I find impossible), this “success” would be limited to Moscow or, at most, the Moscow Oblast. Beyond that it is all “Putin territory”. In terms of firepower, the Moscow Oblast has a lot of first-rate units, but it does not even come close to what the “rest of Russia” could engage (just the 58th Army in the south would be unstoppable). But even that is not truly crucial. The truly crucial thing following any coup/revolution would be the 70%+ of Russian people who, for the first time in centuries, truly believe that Putin stands for their interest and that he is “their man”. These people will never accept any illegal attempt to remove Putin from power. That is the key reason why no successful revolution is currently possible in Russia.

But while any revolution/coup would be bound to fail, it could very much result in a bloodbath way bigger than what happened in 1993 (where the military was mostly not engaged in the events).

Now lets add it all up.

There is a very vocal internal opposition to Putin in Russia which is most unlikely to ever get real popular support, but which could possibly unite enough of the nostalgics of the Soviet era to create a real crisis.

This internal opposition clearly and objectively weakens the authority/reputation of Putin, which has been main goal of the western “alphabet soup” ever since Putin came to power.

This internal opposition, being mostly nostalgics of the Soviet era, will get no official support from the West, but it will enjoy a maximal covert support from the western “alphabet soup”.

Finally, this Neo-Communist opposition will never seize power, but it might create a very real internal political crisis which will very much weaken Putin and the Eurasian Sovereignists.

So what is the solution?

Putin needs to preempt any civil unrest. Removing Medvedev and replacing him by Mishustin was the correct move, but it was also too little too late. Frankly, I believe that it is high time for Putin to finally openly break with the “Washington consensus types” and listen to Glaziev who, at least, is no Communist.

Russia has always been a collectivistic society, and she needs to stop apologizing (even just mentally) for this. Instead, she should openly and fully embrace her collectivistic culture and traditions and show the “Washington consensus” types to the door.

Yes, the Moscow elites will be furious, but it is also high time to tell these folks that they don’t own Russia, and that while they could make a killing prostituting themselves to the Empire, most Russian don’t want to do that.

The bottom line is this: Putin represents something very unique and very precious: he is a true Russian patriot, but he is not one nostalgic for the days of the Soviet Union. Right now, he is the only (or one of very few) Russian politician which can claim this quality. He needs to preempt the crisis which the Neo-Communists could trigger not by silencing them, but by realizing that on some issues the Russian people do, in fact, agree with them (even if they are not willing to call for a revolution).

Does that sound complicated or even convoluted? If it does, it is because it is. But for all the nuances we can discern a bottom line: it is not worth prevailing (or even failing) if that weakens/threatens Russia. Right now, the Neo-Communist opposition is, objectively, a threat to the stability and prosperity of Russia. That does NOT, however, mean that these folks are always wrong. They often are spot on, 100% correct.

Putin needs to prove them wrong by listening to them and do the right thing.

Difficult? Yes. Doable? Yes. Therefore he has to do it.

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  1. Russia needs to be strong for the sake of global civilization, human decency, religious freedom, etc, not only for her own good. going back to communism and Godlessness should be unthinkable. nor should we sell our souls for 30 kopeks of silver to become the dumping ground for western filth and surplus.
    Russia has the unique position, the space and resources, an intelligent population, Orthodox tradition to show mankind that a decent, safe, compassionate, sound existence is possible.
    although great leaders are a gift from Above, the state also should make every effort to identify and prepare Putin’s successor while strengthening the institutions so that the people will perceive them as their own and will not be tempted to support revolutionary radicals again.

  2. @anno nimus

    Thank you. Brilliant statement, full of truth.

    God holds forth one candle of hope before the darkness of Western civilization which covers the earth like a death pall: the Russian Orthodox Church (together with the Church of Antioch). Imho. ☦️

  3. Derer says:

    First of all, Russian electorate have much better sources and the grasp of the international political scene than the American media’s self-centered pseudo-trues.

    Putin’s obvious pros:
    -Reclaimed Russian crucial energy industry from the pillaging by Yeltsin oligarchs. Now babysat by the UK and Israel.

    -Russian voters’ motto: “We vote for a leader that is most criticized and slandered by our enemies and adversaries. Vote almost never for their selected puppet a la Kasparov.”

    -Putin’s brilliant move to reclaimed Crimea – administratively attached to Ukraine in 1954 by a communist dictate after being centuries part of Russia – by a democratic mean.

    -Western sanctions are viewed by the Russian electorate as a declaration of the “enemy status”. Furthermore, they are also viewed as a sinister attempt to slow down the Russian economic progress.

    -NATO backstabbing expansion to Russian border. Continuation of Western military encircling Russia – US military in Poland.

    -Opposing Western clumsy interference in Ukraine or in Georgia. Liberating S. Ossetia from the Georgia’s lunatic who is now Ukraine deputy prime minister.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Alfred
  4. I have always seen Putin as a late, reluctant, and often only partially effective reacter to a crisis, never someone who proactively acts to defuse one before it gets bad. I will repeat what I’ve said many, many times: in 2014 Putin could have sent two battalions of Spetsnaz into Kiev, routed the Ukranazi coup regime, reinstated Yanukovych, and withdrawn with the warning that if there was ever again any attempt to stage another Maidan Russian troops would be back and this time to stay. Instead he got Russia blamed for an invasion he should have but did not carry out, and consequently sanctions that are still in effect to this day, not to speak of a NATO proxy thrust against the Russian heartland. (That Russia needed the sanctions and that they were good for Russia is another thing entirely; it isn’t as though Putin planned them to turn out like that.)

    In Syria in 2015 Putin waited until the government was in desperate straits – similar to the final stages of the Libyan government forces’ collapse in 2011 as Obama’s terrorists advanced on Tripoli – before sending in small commando detachments and the air force. And even then the failure to defend Syria, an ally of Russia, which has given Russia bases, against zionazi bombing is inexcusable. For one thing it cost Russia a valuable reconnaissance plane with priceless trained crew, after which Putin first rushed to absolve Nazinyahu of blame before even calling the crew’s families. For another the refusal to use the S 400 merely gives the Amerikastanis an excuse to portray the S 400s as hyped, ineffective weapons Russia does not dare to actually use. How is showing Putin’s obvious affinity to the zionazi pseudostate “anti Russian” in any way? It’s the absolute and obvious truth, from Putin’s own record.

    This is also why Putin will do nothing about the capitalist leeches still sucking Russia dry (many of whom are zionazi citizens); he will have to be forced into it and then will try to get away with cosmetic measures, leaving as much undone as he possibly can. That he has not already eliminated the oligarchy is proof enough of that. No amount of Saker excuses is enough to hide the fact; what could the banks do to harm Putin, given the popularity the Saker keeps touting? You’ll see that the Saker is very careful not to say anything about what they could, he just says that they could. You’d almost think he just made it up.

    I agree about the Moscow “liberals”; I met a few of them and they’re always smartly dressed, fluent in English – with an inevitable American accent – and they hate Russia more than anything. I recall meeting a couple in this town in late 2014 or early 2015. I remember saying that I support Russia’s help to the Donbass freedom fighters. The woman’s eyes went round. “But why? This is a great burden for Russia, none of our business, we should never have got involved…” There is an excellent argument for shifting the capital from Moscow back to St Petersburg, or, if that’s too strategically vulnerable, to Volgograd or some other city in the Russian interior.

    By the way, as one of the “neo communists”, as the Saker dismissively calls us – in an obvious effort to conflate us with the neo-nazis – let me ask a question: let’s suppose everything the Saker says is correct. Well, then, is Putin immortal? No? So what happens when he dies or retires? Who will take over? Will the “pro-Putin population” switch its loyalty to a replacement from Putin’s party, given that most of them are so despised that United Russia keeps losing local elections from Moscow to Vladivostok? If not, what happens but either a total change of course or….a bloody revolution?

    What happens then?

    • Agree: anachronism
  5. Passer by says:

    I can certainly say that there are people in United Russia who quite openly work for the West and push for western liberal projects in Russia, as well as attack patriotic forces.

    What kind of joke is that to have people like this in the so called ruling party and in various Duma comitees? Why is this even allowed? Why are they still there?

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Moi
  6. gay troll says:

    ZeroHedge banned me. Bye internet.

    • Replies: @wiggins
  7. Art says:

    Russia needs a depositor credit union type local banking system. Only the local depositors would own the bank. The bank’s functioning management would be controlled by the owners/depositors. One depositor – one vote.

    These banks would make loans only to local businesses and homeowners. They would have nothing to do with Moscow. They would build honesty and stability.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  8. MarylinM says:

    That poll showing Putin on top of everybody else, tells me that he is the Single-Point-Failure. If he croaks, so does Russia. Very much like Jesus, or Nicholas the II, or Gorbachov, before him – all obrazovanshchiki, educated past the point of their intelligence level. The jerk already swallowed the virus-thing, hook and sinker. He’s gonna be reeled-in in no time.

  9. Art says:

    As a citizen of one of the top ten nations on our Earth (US) – I believe that Putin is the savviest, most stable conscientious foreign policy leader of the lot.

    He handled both the Ukraine and Syria without getting into all out wars. Both a considerable achievement, considering Jews played major antagonistic roles in both confrontations.

  10. Derer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    He should have annexed East Ukraine with 12 mil Russians and its historical Russian cities. When McCain and Biden’s puppets were installed in Kiev they banned the Russian language – that was the right time to act and killings would have been avoided.

    • Agree: Z-man, Realist
    • Replies: @uradel666
  11. Putin represents something very unique and very precious: he is a true Russian patriot, but he is not one nostalgic for the days of the Soviet Union.

    That is not the impression I have from basic facts. If that were truly the case, he would have initiated a withdrawal from the occupied Königsberg region (“Kaliningrad Oblast“) long ago. Russian patriots have no historical claim to this territory; it is a matter for German, Lithuanian, and Polish governments to work out among themselves.

    Geographically challenged readers may want to locate this region on a map to understand that Russia has no business there. It is essentially one large military base with a Navy port and many shorter range missiles targeting at European countries. Instead of easing tensions, Russia’s continued presence there perpetuates the Cold War.

    The area is a remnant of Bolshevist and Stalinist nostalgia, named after Mikhail Kalinin, an early Bolshevist revolutionary, mayor of St. Petersburg, later a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Here is a link to a two-hour video of Putin during a question and answer session before a live audience during a visit to the Kaliningrad Oblast March 2018, featuring lots of fluff.

    RUPTLY Video – Listen toward the end at 1:57:15 – based on the translation into English:

    Q: Which event that has already happened in Russia would you like to be changed?
    A: The collapse of the Soviet Union. [Applause]

    And don’t forget that top Stalinist nostalgia extravaganza every year, on May 9, the big military parade at Red Square. At least this year it has been cancelled for that date, toward the end of next week. Yet that heavy dose of militarism, including goose-stepping in tight formation on cobblestone, has merely been “postponed”.

    If the so-called “6th column” opposition being referred to in this essay is no serious internal threat then Putin should finally end these enduring manifestations of Stalinist nostalgia.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @FB
    , @Alfred
  12. Z-man says:

    I didn’t read most of this long-winded article but the one big ‘column’ that is trying to undermine Putin is the globohomo Ziocon elite who run American foreign and most domestic policy.
    These Satanists hate Putin for having re-established Orthodox Christianity to Mother Russia.

    • Agree: Buck Ransom
  13. 1000% there is.

    I am sure they are salivating at the idea of another Yeltsin or Gorbachev coming into power after Putin.

    Putin’s number 1 priority right now should be grooming a competent successor, or Russia could get rape again after he is gone.

    • Agree: Derer
  14. Realist says:

    I didn’t read most of this long-winded article but the one big ‘column’ that is trying to undermine Putin is the globohomo Ziocon elite who run American foreign and most domestic policy.

    Agreed. And your comment about long-winded is spot on. There are a few on this blog with a penchant for verbosity…Unz is one of the worst. I have other things to do with my time.

    Brevity is the soul of wit

    As usual, Bill was right

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Z-man
  15. Russia and China deeply underestimate the extent and determination of the US and toadies to have in place well funded campaigns to blacken those countries names, reputations and standing. It’s awful listening to Chinese or Russian officials making ritual formal protests. And then doing nothing. Letting their country be undermined and infiltrated, allowing the minds of the public elsewhere be poisoned. This is how the Colour Revolutions get their traction.

    It’s the continual, weak, feeble and inept lack of action by Russia and China against the western engines of smear. And this state of affairs seriously disheartens their allies and supporters. Please stop being too reasonable, find your backbone and righteousness and FIGHT! For Pete’s sake.

    • Agree: Aedib
    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  16. Smith says:

    Yep, Saker is entering panic mode.

  17. Vladimir, good as long as continue work for Mr.Adelson, Gates, Koch bros and Sorosh cabal and continue protecting their interests by participating in genocides by 5 headed beast.

  18. Truth3 says:

    Is There a “6th Column” Trying to Subvert Russia?

    No. There is a 666th Column. Antichrist.

    His Army is the 6 Million Column. Jews.

    Wake up Faker. Stop being a disinfo gatekeeper for Mossad.

    Your fetish for ‘sidebars’ is pretty obvious. I suggest a sidebar about JEWS. It would be about six million words.

  19. @Passer by

    Sad to say that Putin should have done more internally.
    Saker ‘s point about a national bank is telling. Russia’s Central Bank should have it’s neoliberals attrited. Russia’s Anglo-zionists should have also been quietly & invisibly defanged & sent into “outer-space”. More actions against NGO’s need to also be taken.
    A nation in Russia’s precarious position re: the West, can afford only so much internal treachery….
    This is not to suggest any of this would be easy. However, Putin has had & still has considerable popular support — political Capital capable of being used to take risky but “right” reforms.

  20. I’m an American living in Moscow for the last 5 years. I’ve also had the special privilege to earn a masters degree in politics and economics at the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s university, MGIMO. I can say, as someone who has viewed this situation here from virtually every angle possible as a foreigner; “Putin” has done nothing good for Russia domestically that has not been an unplanned side effect of sanctions. And don’t get me wrong, the sanctions were the best thing that could have happened here. But all the official pro-Russia grandstanding on the international stage aside, there are endless news stories of Russia lobbying for readmission to the club, pleading with the US to cooperate and a return to the status-quo. The people who make the policy here and run the institutions are all holdovers from the 90’s. Their overarching concern is that Russia – ie the elites themselves – are “treated with respect” by the Western plutocracy.

    But what has changed here since 2014? An explosion in traffic cameras and fines, more restrictions (prescriptions and bans) on medicines, inflation, reforms (attacks) in pensions and healthcare, skyrocketing housing costs and an simmering education crisis from preschool to university where money increasingly buys limited space over need or merit. Now like a rotten cherry on top, there is this quarantine which seems arbitrary except when you realize the whole police force has been turned against the citizens to check QR code passes. Who is deemed essential is also arbitrary and favors the government while bankrupting everyone else. Gasterbyters, the backbone of the economy, are literally destitute. Russians also dislike seeing the government luxuriously spend resources in the form of political-point scoring coronavirus aid to the US and Italy, and then abruptly flip-flopping on the severity of the pandemic at home. On tv its is Corona Vision 24/7 here, while families with small children are forced out of work and cramped into tiny apartments in ugly neighborhoods, forbidden to walk more than 10 meters from their door, their money and sanity running out. Russians who are able, flout the quarantine at every opportunity, more concerned about being harassed by police than getting sick.

    There is a lot more I could say, but I will leave it at on this note; This new wave of disillusionment is not coming from the West. The West has virtually no direct influence here anymore. This is all homegrown.

    • Agree: alwayswrite
  21. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin should work towards re-establishing the monarchy in Russia. Nothing would strengthen Russian nationalism more and tie the monarchy to the church. The king or queen could have more power than the bicycle riding monarchies of Europe and share power with the president.

  22. Cleburne says:

    Hey Mr Saker. How’s the weather in Florida?

  23. Jake says:

    A Russia not perverted to serve the cause of anti-Christ always will be hated by those allied with various causes that are in bed with anti-Christ. And those who hate Russia for the role it is supposed to play in saving/reviving/maintaining Christendom will never sleep until they get a Trotsky in charge of Russia.

  24. Jake says:

    And simpletons forever will whine that they might read King Lear if it were cut down by about two-thirds, preferably three-fourths, because brevity is the soul of wit.

    • Replies: @Realist
  25. Jake says:

    Stalin was a Georgian monster, but he was decidedly less monstrous for Russia and Russians, and the world, than Trotsky.

  26. obabajko says:

    Although I have admired President Putin for many years now, I have never agreed with his economic policies. It was sad to read that he fired S. Glazyev as an adviser. When will President Putin see that following western style economic policies is a tragedy waiting to happen for Russia. As is happening now to most of the western countries, especially the US and EU.

  27. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Its a great mystery to me why Putin released Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Maybe there was a good reason. No clue, it just seems odd especially when you realize this freed oligarch was the power behind Browder’s Magnitzky Act.

  28. Levtraro says:

    …Unz is one of the worst. I have other things to do with my time.

    Yet here you are … why are you here?

  29. anon[101] • Disclaimer says:
    @anno nimus

    I find it amazing that this “decent” country is producing so much highly deviant porn and pushes it to non-Russians by helpfully having English subtitles on their “decent” and “civilization promoting” porn. As Russia’s strongman said, Russia’s whores are the best whores. How very Christian of him, not to say how manly! (Don’t blame the Irish. Can’t blame the Irish for everything.)

    This “decent” preoccupation with matters South of the border (of eternal Russian interest, access to those warmer Southern climes) is clearly reflected on “Russia Today”, which rarely has any stories about Russia unless it involves a lurid prurient article with pictures to stoke interest in Russia’s “Best of the best”.

    Russia, like all powers involved in the historic Great Game, remain expansionist powers with adjusted public profile fitting their current capacity for asserting control over foreign nations. We know how Russians act when they feel they have the upper hand. Consult the Eastern Europeans for the details.

  30. @SeekerofthePresence

    Yes. We must hope that restoration of the dew from Heaven will, once again, gently fall upon the seedbed of heresy and iconoclasm

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  31. Mr. Hack says:

    The dull witted Saker is back to his classic best, feeding all of his suckers here to more “Ukro-Nazi” spasms. It’s been about two posts now since he let it all rail out. The same old, same old BS, never anything new? He should get plenty of rave reviews from his small coterie of commies, fascists and other related fellow-travelers..Heil Putler!

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  32. Here are some things that make me think that the zionists still control Russia, chemtrail spraying is going on in the skies of Russia and the coronavirus scam is being played out in Russia as in the western world, these 2 issues show that the zionists rule the world.

  33. God bless all you “Murkans” here, cheering on those who are a big part of your planned destruction.

  34. says:

    Russia registered a record number of coronavirus cases for the third day in a row, as 7,933 more people tested positive for the virus.

    Me believes The Saker is jealous China is getting all of the attention lately. Russia is a has-been. China is where it’s at. Get with the times Saker. There are new realities to discuss as other sin the pipeline are being rolled out in real time. You’re stuck several realities back at least. If you continue, you will be left behind as we approach a new reality per day versus a new reality per quarter.

  35. @John Thurloe

    I love your line of “stop being too reasonable”.

    That is gold.

  36. beranard says:

    Too long and to boring to read. In a country blessed with such natural resources an average worker makes around \$200. Just compare it to, for example, Canada. Besides, Russia is an autocratic and despotic country. Russia is not a free country either. Actually much less so than most western countries. Russia today have no friends because of its treacherous character. It repeatedly sold its best friends and allies like East Germany, Cuba, Serbia, Vietnam, Libya…. Today we clearly see how smart, moral and farsighted it was. Russia is a corrupt country on all levels. Almost all politicians are millionaires. If the West and Russia opened their borders to Russians to move freely most of the country would shortly become empty despite all Saker’s superlatives. Guess where would they go? Russia is a s…hole.

    • Troll: Sol
  37. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    The First Letter of Paul to the Church in Thessalonika:

    “For you, my brothers, have been like the churches of God in Christ Jesus which are in Judaea, in suffering the same is treatment from your own countrymen as they have suffered from the Jews, the people who put the Lord Jesus to death, and the prophets too. And now they have been persecuting us, and acting in a way that cannot please God and makes them the enemies of the whole human race” [1 Thessalonians 2:14-16]

    The Jerusalem Bible* (New York: Doubleday & Company, 1966)

    *I like this version because it was based on the work of French Dominican biblical scholars in Jerusalem and one of the translators on this English edition was none other than J.R.R. Tolkien.

    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
    • Replies: @anonymous
  38. Jake says:

    ‘Remembering only the good and forgetting the bad’ is what every bad ruler, every bad culture, demands of those it misleads.

    The Anglo-Zionist Empire has been the master of that con game for its entire existence, back to the start of English Reformation. Bolsheviks were clumsy brutes compared to Anglo-Zionists even in their early days when they lacked sophistication and finesse.

  39. Z-man says:

    Brevity is the soul of wit

    As usual, Bill was right

    LOL, I was thinking ‘who the heck is this Bill he’s talking about’ and then I slapped my forehead, Shakespeare of course. (Big grin)

  40. anon[478] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin’s foreign policy is as horrific as his domestic policy. Yes, thank God he rescued Russia from the hell the West consigned it to. Give him credit: he is that patriotic. But his fundamental desire is simply to be welcomed at the West’s table of power as a significant player. He longs to be embraced by the Borg. Domestically he allows neo-liberalism to continue torture a country that should be mighty economically. Globally he gladly plays the role of very, very weak opposition to the Hegemon’s project of Orwellian global dominion. Syria is a success? That country is hopelessly wrecked. The US owns the entire East, the economic key to Syria. Israel and the US jointly control the South. Turkey owns the North. Assad is responsible for a huge population that he cannot provide either peace or prosperity for. Syria was almost lost before Putin barely intervened in a situation that was entirely predictable and that clearly had huge implications for Russia. Ukraine is a near total-disaster. Iran is a basket case. Venezuela is in hell. Putin’s dithering foreign policy has offended the West without effectively supporting or defending anyone the West chose to destroy, likewise without defending any principles of international law, not to say human decency.

    • LOL: Sol
  41. Thanks for the sidebar link. Well worth the read.

  42. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia will still always be in better shape than “Western” countries. The Slavic people still have balls and fighting spirit, and they would never allow the nigger-kike infestation to become as powerful as it is in US, Canada, Western Europe. American niggers are a huge curse and drain, and they should’ve been neutralized ages ago.

  43. Realist says:

    And simpletons forever will whine that they might read King Lear if it were cut down by about two-thirds, preferably three-fourths, because brevity is the soul of wit.

    You sure as hell are not suggesting articles posted here are akin to King Lear???

  44. Moi says:
    @Passer by

    Because Putin is a wuss.

  45. Let’s dig deep. I was interviewed over two days, back in 1991, by KGB officer’s in Moscow. I was competing as a member of the Australian team, in an international skydiving competition at the time. I was being accused of foreign currency exchange crimes with the Russian team. The head of the Russian air force rescued me. I keep in touch with Russian’s and on occasion, I have fellowship with members of the Russian orthodox church, here in Ireland. Putin, like Trump, has a lead role in a cage. The book, Putin’s reign of Terror by Christopher Jon Bjerkness, is an important read. Free speech is not free in Russia. There is much to admire but we might be witnessing well orchestrated theatre. Study the cage. Read the book.

  46. says:
    @Michael McCarthy

    Interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. We’re all in cages of one sort or another. But even wild, animals, let alone wild humans, aren’t truly free. They must do what they do or else they don’t survive so in this sense they are not free to do whatever.

    Civilization is an incarceration of sorts and each societal system is a specific form of the cage civilization requires in general terms. Free speech is also not free in America in the sense that if you go too far and say too much you will show up on the radar by those who monitor the radar and they will watch, wait, listen, surveil and harass you until you get back in the cage where you belong and cease exploring the boundaries and beyond.

  47. m.sloan says:

    Saker’s Russia nowadays:
    P.S. None of the comments here with a negative connotation would never be allowed on the Saker’s website. Obviously, even after living for so many years in the US he hasn’t learned the first thing about free speech.

  48. Agent76 says:

    Apr 19, 2020 US corporate takeover – Biden 2020

    Today, the U.S is living through a power grab by lobbyists and moneyed interests in government – the way Russia did after the Soviet collapse of the 1990s.

    Apr 2, 2020 Putin reveals KEY to political success: the poor man

    Which is the bigger political influence on President Putin? Multinational corporations, filthy rich oligarchs or financial institutions? He asserts – it is the sentiment of ‘the common man’ that is responsible for his popularity and long-standing political career.

    Mar 12, 2020 Putin: The US Made A Colony Out Of Ukraine But They Want It Sustained By Russian Money!

    The 20 Questions with Vladimir Putin project is an interview with the President of Russia on the most topical subjects of social and political life in Russia and the world.

  49. Cyrano says:

    If it’s so bad in Russia, why don’t you f**k off back to your home country were everything works perfectly?

    • Replies: @The Grim Joker
  50. says:
    @Michael McCarthy

    I looked this book up on Amazon. Here’s part of the description. It’s an interesting thesis. I have always claimed there is a nexus between Putin’s Russia and Israel. The author confirms and validates my suspicions.

    Vladimir Putin has used Chechen terrorists as a pretext to invade Chechnya, Georgia and Syria. In Chechnya, Ukraine and Syria, Putin has pitted Chechens against Chechens to intensify the fighting and amplify the destruction. Where the Chechen terrorists go, Putin and the Russian military follow, and occupy. Reconstructing and expanding the Soviet Union as he goes, Putin has since followed the Chechen shock troops he commands all the way to Syria, where they lead ISIS. These same terrorists strike around the world at key moments in the election cycle of Putin’s favored political candidates abroad, candidates who run on an anti-terrorism platform and benefit politically from the terrorism they ostensibly oppose. It is a generally unacknowledged fact that ISIS strikes in regions and at times which benefit Putin’s preferred politicians abroad and at home. This cannot be a coincidence, given the numbers of attacks and their predictable effects on elections. But the author is alone in reporting this obvious fact to the world. Putin and Trump are colluding to subvert and co-opt NATO and change its mission from defending Europe from Russia, to fighting self consuming wars against Muslims — destroying their countries and the West for the benefit of Russia and Israel.

    Have you noticed how few terrorist attacks there have been in America since Trump ascended to the White House? They were coming every other month prior to him “winning” the election. There were so many, you couldn’t keep up with it if you cared to follow the porn and it is porn for most.

    The plan to forge what officials in the White House and Middle East have called an “Arab NATO” of Sunni Muslim allies will likely raise tensions between the United States and Shi’ite Iran, two countries increasingly at odds since President Donald Trump took office.

    The pandemic sure has sucked all the oxygen out of the room. There’s no room for been-there-done-that terrorist attacks and mass shooting spectacles any longer. The pandemic is a bigger fish to fry and exploit for maximum ratings and maximum political effect.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  51. Cyrano says:

    I am afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you Saker on this issue. I just can’t see how a communist can be a traitor to their country. Some of the biggest patriots ever produced in history have been communists. Not just in Russia, but in other countries like North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, China. They are willing to do anything for their country. Same thing with modern communists, I don’t see them betraying their country for personal gain.

    My theory is like this: Patriotism is different in Capitalist countries (or as they like to call themselves democracies) than in Communist countries. First of all, Capitalism has 2 types of elites – real ones and political elites – who are nothing more than domestic servants, in other words nobodies. Communism usually has only one type of elites – political. They are the only game in town.

    I know that they ascribed terms such as cult of personalities to Communist leaders, but the real megalomaniacs and narcissists can really be found among the 2 types of capitalist elites. Those are the one that are really in love with themselves.

    So how does patriotism work in communism vs. capitalism? Well, for one thing, patriotism means love for one’s country. As we all know, a country is a collection of dead rocks, (hopefully) some arable land, few mountains and so on. Basically a country usually needs a spokesperson. That’s where the elites come in. They are the spokespersons for the needs of the country.

    I believe that communist elites are more honest spokespersons than capitalist ones. Why? Well for one thing all communist elites were usually 1st generation elites, meaning they were new on the job and they didn’t have the span of few generations time to degenerate like the capitalist elites. Communist elites for the most could still remember the time when they were not elites but very ordinary people – except maybe now the Kim dynasty in North Korea which is in its 3rd generation of dynastic cycle.

    But still, the flow of patriotism is very similar in both “communist” and capitalist countries. Patriotism flows from the poor dumbos to the rich and powerful elites – whether they are political or economic elites. Patriotism whose intended recipient is the fatherland always gets intercepted by the elites and then processed.

    Basically, what that means is that when an ordinary person expresses love and affection for their country – it’s usually ends up being manifested as love and affection for their elites.

    Remember, a country is just a pile of rocks and some other geological features, – doesn’t know how to process affection from patriots. But the elites do, and they are the usual beneficiaries of patriotism.

    If love for your country is always a love for the elites, why do the stupid always fall for the same trick? Well, I guess there are not too many options left, one of them being a traitor. Still, I believe that communist elites were more honest brokers and managers of patriotic love, because the managed to pass more of the patriotism to its intended target – the homeland, than it was ever case with capitalist elites.

    Sure, Stalin had few dachas and property that he would have been hard-pressed to explain how he earned, but it was nothing compared to the spoils from patriotism that elites in capitalism receive as a payout for being spokespersons for the needs of their countries.

    I just don’t see a communist doing something with personal benefit in mind first, and putting the well-being of their country as a second consideration. It usually doesn’t happen, and hopefully the new generation of communists in Russia will keep up with that tradition.

    • Replies: @The Grim Joker
  52. ” the Russian people could observe how the West put bona fide rabidly russophobic Nazis in power in Kiev.”

    Name them.

    Go on. Name them.

    Precise names, none of this vague hand waving.

    Ukraine has been dominated by Jews for ages. There is absolutely no reason to believe that they would tolerate ‘nazi’ leadership at all.

    Poroshenko, Zelensky, Nefyodov, etc etc etc.

    Ukraine’s central banker even had to hide from an Israeli oligarch

    I want evidence, not hand waving.

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  53. George Bush said it best:

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, jew me once, shame on — shame on you. Jew me — you can’t get jewed again.”

  54. @Old and Grumpy

    I look at that big head that sits on Putin’s shoulder. I speculate it contains an over size brain that is always considering angles enhanced by his KGB training. I don’t imagine one gets to be a Colonel in that organisation without a whole passel of smarts. Maybe, just maybe, he released him as one would release a clay pigeon at the shooting range. The pigeon is still in the air and Vlad’s trigger is still on the trigger.

  55. @Cyrano

    Good solid analysis and commentary. I agree. Look what they did to us in the Nam !

    • Thanks: Cyrano
  56. @Cyrano

    Because he is one of those chronic complainers. We dont want him here because he will change the words “Russia” and “Moscow” in his comment to “USA and Washington” and just reprint the comment again. That comrade is all puffed up, no pun intended, with his dialogue.

  57. @Mr. Hack

    It appears you are quite the connoisseur of the Saker’s columns, keeping notes on every one. Does this pay well?

    • Agree: Derer, Mr. Hack
  58. Alden says:

    Thanks, it’s always nice to read a post of someone’s personal knowledge instead of the usual string of links which may or may not be true.

  59. @jbwilson24

    I know what you mean, but you are splitting hairs – a supremacist is a supremacist is a supremacist. German supremacist, Anglo-Saxon supremacist, Jewish supremacist – it all leads to the same result.

    Ukraine is dominated by supremacists. That all of Jewish supremacy, Nationalist Socialist supremacy (the rank parts of the ideology mind you), ISIS, find themselves working and cooperating in a historically alien land, shows that supremacists really don’t mind working with each other, before whatever the greater enemy they attack is destroyed.. Kinda like the prelude to Highlander!

    • Replies: @Smith
  60. Agent76 says:

    25.12. 2015 NATO: Seeking Russia’s Destruction Since 1949

    Baker told Gorbachev: “Look, if you remove your [300,000] troops [from east Germany] and allow unification of Germany in NATO, NATO will not expand one inch to the east.”

    Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With US

  61. Saker’s blind love for all things Putin, a faith in the man against all facts and logic, has continually amazed me for years.

    Putin is using Syria for Russia’s advantage: 1.) a Mediterranean port at Tartus and airfield at Kheimem; 2.) as a ‘live fire’ weapons testing and demonstration area, much as Israel uses Gaza for same. Sales of Russian armaments have soared since entering Syria.

    As I recall, Putin has allowed at least two Dunkirk moments, when he had ISIS on the ropes and then agreed to a cease fire when his generals were furious at not being permitted to finish the Takfiris off, once and for all. I, too, was furious at the time, predicting they would simply re-trench, re-arm and continue to terrorize the hapless Syrians, which they did for years, and may even make a comeback from Iraq (with America and Israel’s help, of course).

    Same idiocy was applied, and is still being applied regarding Turkey’s open and obvious arming and supporting the terrorist scum of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib, as innocent Syrians continue to suffer therefrom, and we daily read of the brave Syrian fighters’ being killed and maimed by these Al-Qaeda butchers .

    He has let Syria’s eastern oil fields fall into the hands of the US, and allowed the Turds, excuse me, the Kurds far too much leeway in the north.

    He even allows Israel to bomb Syrian territory with absolute impunity, killing countless Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian soldiers in the process, when a few freely operated S-300 batteries would allow the Syrians to smoke the Israeli’s missiles with ease, and protect their homeland from hundreds of brazen attacks by the Jews. Yet he denies the Syrians such freedom, allowing the Israelis to continue their onslaught unabated.

    Why? Why does he ignore the advice of his top generals to wipe out ISIS when the opportunities arose years ago, and allow Israel to continually attack with high-precision missiles Syrian/Hezbollah/Iranian fighters, just short of allowing the Jews to directly bomb Assad and Damascus into the stone age, again, with complete impunity? Certainly, the existing partition of Syria could have been easily avoided long ago, if he simply followed his general’s advice.

    And why did he come out and endorse Netanyahu for PM last year, despite continually saying Russia does not stick its nose into other countries’ political affairs?

    I suggest that an incident from 2006 may hold a clue, and that we may simply be seeing another “Epstein” job that Mossad and friends are so good at arranging. Read this article about the incident with Putin and that young male child, Nikita Konkin, and decide for yourself:

    But to my mind, any world ‘leader’ who simply cannot control himself publicly and feels compelled to forcibly lift a small child’s t-shirt and slather the tot’s bare stomach with kisses, right in front of countless on-lookers and the international press, in Russia’s most famous public square, and then declare to the BBC thereafter that, “I wanted to cuddle him like a kitten…”, possibly reveals a great deal about why Putin seems to so frequently kiss another offensive body part publicly, that being Israel’s obnoxious, murderous butt…..

    • Agree: utu
    • Troll: Seraphim
    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
    , @Hermes
  62. says:

    This sums Trump’s and Putin’s relationship up perfectly and speaks further to their lack of character. This is what they are. Empty suits. Potemkin Leaders used as foils by the extractive elite.

    Russia billed the U.S. nearly \$660,000 for its medical aid flight last month that included thousands of pieces of equipment not typically used by hospitals, including chemical warfare-style gas masks and household cleaning gloves, according to a government record of the shipment.

    The cargo also included 45 ventilators that were not immediately useable because of voltage-related issues, according to two U.S. officials.

    As we now know, ventilators may be killing and hurting more people than helping so the ventilators, considering the voltage issues, were not necessary. The rest of the material is worthless considering it wasn’t even used. A Potemkin Offering and Trump played along like the con artist he is and always has been.

    Trump said the cargo was offered by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a private phone call.

    “He offered a lot of medical, high quality stuff that I accepted and that may save a lot of lives. I’ll take it every day,” Trump said.

    Moscow referred to the flight in its state-run media as “humanitarian aid” that New Yorkers would be grateful to receive. Russia’s foreign ministry said the Kremlin was covering the cost of half the value of the cargo with the other half being covered by the United States.

    “In New York, there really is a tough situation, it seems to me, every make, every piece of protective gear counts, and so it’s hard to overstate the importance of this aid,” said Dmitry Polyansky told Russian reporters after meeting the plane at JFK airport, according to the state news agency TASS.
    “It’s a good gesture of solidarity with New Yorkers. They appreciate it,” he said.

    Trump agreed.

    “It was a very nice gesture on behalf of President Putin and I could have said ‘no thank you’ or I could have said ‘thank you’ and it was a large plane of very high-quality medical supplies, and I said ‘I’ll take it,’” Trump told reporters April 2.

    It boggles the mind that this bastard joker was lent billions of dollars for failure after failure. He’s a failed con artist who has lived like a king his entire life riding on a tsunami of easy credit and debt that never had to be repaid. But, I have to say, he’s the perfect poster child for Wall Street and America’s Potemkin Economy.

  63. anonymous[177] • Disclaimer says:

    Orthodox church… Catholic church… Protestant church… SomeOtherPagan church… what do they all have in common… Mangods-worship.

    Christianity of all colours is simply a repackaged, polytheist, Triple Deism.

    You know which other faiths come under this pagan polytheist abomination… HINDUISM!

    Doesn’t this association ring any alarm bells, in your numbed pagan brains, even faintly?!

    As far as spirituality is concerned, notwithstanding all that pomp and grandeur of the euRapean civilisation, your cursed culture has always been under the darkness of pagan godlessness, since forever… no matter how many candles you may hold out, most of you will never see the light.

  64. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Proxy warriors of AZ Empire:

  65. Derer says:

    “pleading with the US to cooperate and a return to the status-quo”

    Actually, Trump have promised exactly that to Putin but he was veto by the real power sect in Washington.

    BTW, do you carry your CIA badge with you?

  66. vot tak says:

    Well despite all the “well wishers” here and against saker’s expert advice about what she should be doing, Russia is still somehow alive and kicking and generally getting to be a better place to live. Imagine that. While the countries the “well wishers” hail from are not becoming better places to live and rather than alive and kicking are much better described as zombiefied and twitching.


  67. @Derer

    Liberating S. Ossetia from the Georgia’s lunatic who is now Ukraine deputy prime minister.

    Saakashvili is not Ukraine deputy prime minister. Saakashvili is only good at losing territories. When he was a “leader” of tiny Georgia, it lost two chunks: S Ossetia and Abkhasia. Ukraine has already lost Crimea and Donbass w/o his help, so he is not needed. Ukraine should turn to Saakashvili only when it is ready to lose more.

    • LOL: Malla
  68. Johan says:

    “Russia today is a very tough nut to crack for western subversion/PSYOP operations.”

    Correction, democratic Russia is still a tough nut to crack. But Putin cannot rule forever, and so long as Russia is a democracy, and when there is no longer a strong and charismatic leader, it is in considerable danger of subversion by the ‘AngloZionists’. You bet that they are waiting for this, the current situation being a preparation, to keep the fire burning, but when and if Putin is gone, the Western trojan horses already inside will unleash their puppets of disruption, and the AngloZionists and their Western puppets outside will attack it vehemently, like a pack of wolves.

    • Replies: @jewworldorder
  69. FB says: • Website
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    I agree with your general direction…especially about the banks…

    Saker’s excuse for Putin not doing what needs to be done simply doesn’t wash…

    Yes Russia needs a national development bank that’s going to work for the ordinary people and the country…building infrastructure…important national projects like space, education and health…and making capital available to small businesses…

    Every sovereign country has the right to issue money…in fact this is the right of the people and nobody else, especially private wealth…

    But in the entire world we see private bank cartels in every country having usurped that sacred authority…EXCEPT for China…

    The only country that’s moving forward, not back…

    Putin needs to decide where Russia is going to stand…as a slave to the banking cabal, or on its own feet…

    The obvious solution for Russia is to nationalize the biggest banks…as should the US…and in fact will have to sooner or later…why wait until the final collapse before doing what needs to be done..?

    Saker is totally out to lunch on the neo communists…they are just as patriotic as any, probably more so…

    Being a religious fanatic, the Saker is simply continuing the Orthodox Jihad against socialism…in which the Catholics and Protestants gladly joined…

    Today’s Russian needs money on the kitchen table and a better deal in life, not the blarney of the church…

    Reading the Saker is becoming a waste of time…

    • Agree: Jazman
  70. So you’re saying that Putin was put in charge of a completely zionists/5th column administration but that somehow he wasn’t part of this? Lol ok. And Stalin had a much tougher job than Putin in terms of foreign policy and domestic policy and still did better. Putin follows the orders of the IMF and other neoliberal institutions because he always worked for them and he is scared of them. But Lenin and Stalin took down the foreign banks, Putin and his administration let them in and even after 30 years refuse to confront them. You’re right, the scary part for Putin is that the neo-communists already caught up to the fact that Russia is but another zionist state with but minor disagreements with Israel such as the fate of Syria.
    And remember, the communists kicked out nearly all of the jews of the USSR so clearly it wasn’t controlled by them. But modern day Russia only has jews in all of the top positions in the administration from all of the “Russian” billionaires to Dmitry Medvedev to Putin himself. We live in the jew world order, that jews fight among themselves for how this order works out doesn’t change this. Putin merely ended the complete state of misery of the Russian people but hasn’t brought back any sort of economic growth like communist Russia did. That Putin’s authoritarian government’s control of the media has been able to trick the Russians for 30 years doesn’t change Putin’s poor domestic policies and foreign policies even. Last I heard they’re being surrounded by missile defense systems and eclipsed by communist China aren’t they?

  71. @anon

    Agree, Putin is not Christian, he’s a jew just like Dmitry Medvedev and his entire administration. Russia has been ran by jews since the USSR collapsed. How many non-jewish Russian billionaires are there again? How many non-jewish Russian banks are there again? Putin doesn’t stand up to the jewish banks and central bank because they are his allies. He merely pretends to be a Christian so that the Russian people don’t turn against him through another communist revolution. In reality he is strongly anti-communist/anti-marxist/anti-leninist/anti-stalin/anti-christian, all attributes that would make the Russian people turn againts him if they knew. He is a zionist and wouldn’t have been allowed into power otherwise like his entire administration.

  72. @Johan

    Correction, modern Russia has already been suverted by zionists. That you don’t know thiis goes to show how well they have been able to do it.
    Putin’s entire administration is jewish, all of the Russian billionaires are jewish. But Putin himself is not jewish? How did that happen?

  73. Robjil says:

    “All that is” is God. One is still counting.

    A Stone Age culture in Ireland had a similar viewpoint of “All that is” as the Christians. They built a monument that is older than the Egyptian pyramids.

    The Stone Age community that built Ireland’s world famous Newgrange monument over 5,000 years ago might have been among the earliest people to realize that the human soul survives physical death and journeys to a wonderful otherworld, a new book reveals.

    Newgrange was the abode of the principal deity of the Tuatha Dé Danann, The Dagda, who was a sun god. He was later tricked out of the ownership of Brug na Bóinne, as Newgrange was known, by his son Aonghus. In these figures of myth, says Murphy, we see reflections of the Christian God and his divine son, Jesus.

    “If you look at the mythology and symbolism of Newgrange and its gods, you see many similarities with more familiar figures of modern religion,” Mr. Murphy said.

    “Aonghus was born through a supernatural union to a virgin mother. His symbol is the cross, represented by the cruciform design of the Newgrange chamber, and the date most strongly associated with Newgrange is winter solstice, which in many ways was the prehistoric celebration of a festival we now commemorate as Christmas.”

  74. This endless nonsense ends when the decent population of the world rounds up every subversive Jew (a long, long, list) and deports them to where they will continue their madness and mayhem for the rest of us. When the opportune moment presents itself (as it inevitably will as these people are driven misanthropes and sociopaths) and when the pull another 9/11 or USS Liberty false flag, the decent Nations of the world should super-quick nuke all Israel even before they have the a chance to hit the button for their so-called (probably bluff and bluster) “Samson Option”

    Death to Evil Israel- Death to Evil Jews

    Have a nice day 😁👌🏻💪🏻🔥

  75. Derer says:
    @Michael McCarthy

    One cannot formulate an opinion from one book. Bjerkness might have been a descendant of a Russian soldier rape and that could explain his inner misery, ventilated by writing slanderous book.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  76. Once more, Saker proves he’s just a uninformed buffoon. His views on Ukraine are one of the things he likes to harp on:

    Second, the Russian people could observe how the West put bona fide rabidly russophobic Nazis in power in Kiev.

    This statement is nothing but Putinist propaganda.

    Next, he thinks Russians are stupid, rather than just propagandized:

    Next, the Russians could follow, day after day, how the Ukraine imploded, went through a bloody civil war,

    Russia invaded both Crimea (which Putin twice acknowledged was Ukrainian), and the Donbas. Russian troops were captured in the Donbas and they were in possession of their Army ID and internal passports. Like most fringers, Saker doesn’t much like facts. There was and is no civil war in Ukraine. Just a Russian invasion.

    Saker doesn’t pay attention to what Putin himself has said and so jumps to utterly nonsensical conclusions typical for him.

    Putin is an anti-Communist

    If you’re going to comment on what is going on, Saker, get some attachment to reality/

    Oh, how jolly. Something else for the silivicki to own and loot.

    What Russia truly needs is a state-owed DEVELOPMENT bank whose goal would not be millions and billions for the few, but making it possible for the creativity of the Russian people to truly blossom.

    There are exactly two threats to Russia. China, and the Russian mafia, of what Putin is the head.

    So let me repeat it here: I do not consider NATO or the US as credible military threats to Russia, unless they decide to use nuclear weapons, at which point both Russia and the West would suffer terribly.

    No one wants war with Putin’s Neo-USSR, but Putin wants to retake the countries Putin’s heroes kept under their thumb of so long. As a result, he’s a threat to his neighbors, and a threat to his own country which can not afford his imperial ambitions.

    And, then, Saker lets loose with the most asinine statement that shows beyond doubt he’s a bloody idiot.

    he is a true Russian patriot, but he is not one nostalgic for the days of the Soviet Union.

    Putin has made statements that show he is nostalgic for the USSR. Putin is a Soviet revanchist. That is based on Putin’s own statements, and if Saker paid any attention, he might not be writing as if he’s a bloody fool.

    What is worse than Saker, there are commenters here that think Saker is font of wisdom on Putin’s Neo-Soviet regime.

    • Thanks: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @Robjil
  77. @ComradePuff

    What is a Gasterbyter please ?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  78. Smith says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    So a jew supremacist, a chink supremacy and a german supremacist and a russian supremacy are totally the same thing and geopolitics be damned, even when their interests go against each other?

    This kind of naive interpretation is what goes on in Unz, broad and swallow strokes.

  79. As one Russian joke puts it, lets’ have cutlets separately and flies separately.

    One thing is Youtube, FB, Wiki, and the rest of globohomo-controlled media. They would host anything anti-Putin, because Putin is continuously stepping on the most sensitive part of their anatomy: the wallet. If globohomo hates you, you must have done at least something good.

    The other thing is the feelings of Russians who actually live in the country. They rightfully feel that oligarchs and the state that often acts as their cover are robbing them. They clearly see that education is going down from Soviet levels (although it still has a long way to go to become as dismal as the US education). They see that the best part of healthcare is the holdover from Soviet times, whereas “progressive” paid medicine is fraud and extortion. But that’s exactly what “healthcare” is in the US, as current epidemic demonstrated in no uncertain terms. They also see that recent pension “reform” was designed to rob them yet again. What’s more, they are at least 90% right.

    So, maybe it’s not the “6th column”, after all? Maybe Russia is actually acquiring an opposition worth the name? Patriotic opposition, in contrast to “liberal opposition” consisting exclusively of traitors? If so, it’s good, not bad, for the country. Nobody is infallible, Putin included.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  80. Robjil says:

    The US invaded Ukraine with Nuland’s thugs during the Sochi Olympics

    Crimea went back home. It did not want be part of Nulandistan.

    Donbass does not want to be a US/Israel colony. This is the reason it revolted.

    Notice the recent Ukrainegate nonsense. Why would USIsrael care so much about Ukraine if Ukraine was really an independent nation? It is not, it is a USIsrael colony – Nulandistan.

  81. Seraphim says:

    A giveaway of the level of education of Puffers.

  82. @Mustapha Mond

    Кто о чём, а вшивый о бане.

  83. @anonymous

    Does “Holy Trinity” necessarily mean tri-theism?

    Or does it rather signify a glorious hypostasis of the self-existing One, “I AM”?

    The Trinity is certainly a mystery. That does not mean it is false or pagan.

    • Replies: @Druid
  84. @Z-man

    Not to mention vast lands spanning nearly one half of the globe and ginormous resources to boot …

  85. Smith says:

    People tend a write a shitload of words because of pure cognitive dissonance.

    Look at every times Saker tries to excuse Putin’s mistake, or FB tries to suck off Russia and China, or d dan/denk/erebus/showmethereal/Godfree trying to excuse China by blaming the US/India/Japan/Vietnam, many many examples.

    If only people are more direct and straightforward, save a shitload of times.

  86. I don’t think I get it. Why couldn’t it be an ordinary, everyday, run of the mill 5th column? 6th column is a new one on me, but then I don’t get out much.

  87. FB says: • Website

    First…I see you just parachuted into this website with this, your very first post…

    We usually have a welcoming ceremony for new trolls…

    We look at the cartoonish drivel they post and quickly point out glaring giveaways…

    Like ‘Gasterbyters’…which is not actually a word in any language…

    Your instructions from your troll room supervisor may have referred to the German word ‘gastarbeiter’…which means ‘guest worker’…

    This expression is not a proper noun and does not get capitalized…

    And you’re trying to tell us you have earned a master’s degree from one of Moscow’s most prestigious universities..?

    Yeah…no, I don’t think so cheeseball…

    Guest workers are ‘crucial’ to Russia..?

    Again…total bunk…the only countries where guest workers might be ‘essential’ is in the Gulf oil monarchies, where they often outnumber the natives…

    The US is not going to collapse if the Mexican workers take a beating…neither will Germany nor any industrial country with foreign workers…why should Russia..?

    And then your main whopper…NOBODY in the Putin administration is ‘begging’ the west for anything…much less to be accepted back in some ‘club’…

    Russia has moved on a long time ago…they never cared about being in some sort of ‘club’ to begin with…international relations isn’t junior high, which one would expect a ‘graduate’ of international relations to know…

    All Russia ever cared about was having normal relations…friendly if possible, but on equal footing…the entire tone of your fantasy is straight out of the ’90s…only deluded Washington hacks still dream that we are living in the ’90s…

    In case you haven’t noticed…Russia has much bigger fish to fry than to obsess over a tottering empire…

    The partnership with China for instance…the country with the most money, plus the country with the most advanced military technology…

    I’d say it’s not actually looking good for Exceptionalistan…

    • Agree: Jazman, Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @ComradePuff
  88. FB says: • Website

    Fuck off greaseball…

    ‘Occupied’ Kaliningrad..?

    Being more of a pastry than a man, you may not have noticed the simple fact that territory is something you FIGHT over…

    If you think anyone is going to march on Russia you’re going to be waiting a good long time…see General Montgomery on marching on Russia…

    Maybe the US…THe same US that was too chicken to fire back at little Iran after the latter pounded those US bases with guided missiles…?

    You’re living in disneyland…

    • Replies: @Smith
  89. Smith says:

    You are now using the same language as the zionist, FB.

    • Replies: @trickster
  90. uradel666 says:

    1. If he should have annexed East Ukraine with 12m deep down then Ukraine Should have taken back the “Moscow” as its historical place (summer cottage) for Yuri Dolgoruky, the Grand Prince of Kiev, who had built it up for himself for meeting with his friends after falconry.

    2. If he should have annexed East Ukraine then Germans should have taken back Prussia (Kaliningradskaya Oblast’) as their historical place;

    3. If he should have annexed East Ukraine then Baltics and Finns should have taken back Leningrad Oblast and Karelia (north-west of Russia) as their historical place;

    4. If he should have annexed East Ukraine then Sweden should have taken back Velikiy Novgorod as its historical place;

    5. If he should have annexed East Ukraine then China should have taken back Siberia as its historical place;

    6. If he should have annexed East Ukraine then Japan should have taken back Kuril Islands and Vladivostok as their historical place;
    And so and so forth…

    Shut your mouth up, take the Saker and similar to that flotsam and jetsam and GTFO here to your Fu.king FinnougricLand (Ural) and get drunk with Vodka.

    Russia does not have any historical place either within Russia or somewhere about

    • Troll: Seraphim
    • Replies: @Derer
    , @Adûnâi
    , @Wavelength
  91. @beranard

    “Too long and boring to read.”

    But you’re going to comment on it anyway even though you didn’t read it.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  92. Seraphim says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Especially if he didn’t read it. But trolls have to ‘do their duty’, like the house pets.

  93. @anonymous

    Hinduism is as monotheistic as they come. All Hindu “gods” are merely aspects of the one divine, which, by the way, no Hindu is obliged to believe in. Atheism in Hinduism has been an established philosophy for at least 1500 years.

  94. @anon

    my point exactly. why imitate hollywood when you can tap into your own decent millennium long tradition? (where was that city on the hill country with manifest destiny again?)
    Putin is a leader, a man of the world, not a saint in a monastery. at least, publicly, he pays homage to the national church instead of leading sodom’s parade.
    if the Russians abuse their new found freedom in order to do evil, then they too shall fall from grace. (Lord knows they have already suffered a lot!) this is never wished upon any people, but no nation is above Divine Law.
    RT appears to be mostly stuffed by western journalists, and directed toward a western audience. so it may not be a true reflection of russian society today. regardless, there are numerous stories coming out of the country about an Orthodox revival. this could be the main reason behind msm’ s or owners of msm’s anti-Putin shrieking.

  95. @FB

    He’s well aware that more and more people are becoming sick of the claptrap he’s pushing, which is why his censorship is now almost total and hardly any comment that disagrees with him in any fashion is permitted to get through.

  96. Alfred says:

    Georgia’s lunatic who is now Ukraine deputy prime minister

    I think Saakashvili has not made it yet. He is being opposed by a lot of the Jews who control this “country”. Last week, the guy investigating “corruption” was sacked. His replacement was a Jew. It is just so funny. Like a theater. 🙂

    Almost all the oligarchs are Jewish – courtesy of the World Bank and (((Western))) banks. It is amazing that in a country of allegedly 42 million they cannot find an ethnic Slav to get the job. I do not use the term Ukrainian as it is not really one country.

    Forget the bluster. I suspect they want to bring in Saakashvili because he can bring in more loans from the IMF. His backers are in the USA.

    BTW, the new American ambassador to Ukraine is a retired US Army general. That should give you some idea as to their line of thinking. However, I suspect that he is too knowledgeable to want to start a war with Russia.

    The departing ambassador is a female from the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. A Ukrainian “Nationalist” by descent. Incapable of thinking of the interests of this unfortunate country.

    • Thanks: Robjil
  97. Alfred says:

    he would have initiated a withdrawal from the occupied Königsberg region (“Kaliningrad Oblast“)

    Today, the people living there are Russians. That is why it will remain a part of Russia. It is the people that matter – not the forests and agricultural land.

    The Prussian masters and their Polish serfs no longer live there. That is ancient history now.

    Strategically, Kaliningrad is a forward defensive position for Russia as its main cities and industries are close to its Western borders. It keeps NATO away.

    Why don’t you ask all these countries to return their land to Austria? Your request is equally ridiculous.

    • Agree: Cyrano
  98. Something for Saker to ponder. One of the last Cold War movies.

  99. Smith says:

    Come on, man, you know the russians are there because the germans are expelled and the Soviet sent russians there?

    Do you think that it cannot happen again, except germans would come in and russians would go out?

    I don’t think it will happen soon because of the lack of political will in Europe, but the thing is Konigsberg isn’t even in Russia! It’s literally just a military outpost in foreign NATO land, and that means tension.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  100. @Alfred

    Today, the people living there are Russians. That is why it will remain a part of Russia.

    No, that is why it remains an illegal occupation; it clearly violates basic international law.

    Your attempted analogy with Habsburg Austria prior to 1867 is inappropriate because in that case, and subsequently, territorial changes and corresponding sovereignty were the result of formal treaties. However, there exists no treaty that ceded sovereignty to the USSR or to Russia to permanently occupy this territory, neither during the Potsdam Conference in 1945 nor during the 2+4 talks that preceded German reunification in 1990.

    The fact that this is acknowledged and understood by Russian leaders led to Yeltsin and Putin having made rhetorical “overtures” about this in the past, which tacitly confirmed that the issue would still need to be resolved in the future. If you wish to ignore that and instead invoke the supremacy of military power and conquest (“might makes right“) then you are essentially adopting the same outlaw attitude as fanatical Zionists, who are in denial about their illegal occupation of territories.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Robjil
    , @FB
  101. Druid says:

    It is both false and pagan and mental gymnastics cannot change that

  102. @Druid

    That’s rich coming from someone using the name “druid”. I assume you’re carrying out human sacrifice under the dolmen?

  103. Z-man says:

    Lol, who is it going to go to? Poland or Germany?
    It’s better off staying Russian.

  104. Z-man says:

    I love that map 😍
    Italy should take back the Eastern Adriatic coast! Italia Iridentista!!! (Big grin)

  105. anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    I like this version…

    Christians are so lucky they get to choose whichever “version” of the “truth” they may fancy. 😀

    one of the translators on this English edition was none other than J.R.R. Tolkien

    You don’t find it ironical that you put your faith in the words of a fiction writer?

    You pagans are crazy… and amusing.

    • Troll: Seraphim
  106. Robjil says:

    NATO is the ZUS.

    ZUS bases are all over Europe.

    ZNATO was supposed to not go past West Germany after the cold war.

    The “tension” is ZNATO expansion.

    The “tension” is coming only from ZUS. Russia is willing to be on friendly terms with Europe, since it is part of Europe itself. It is half of the European continent. Europe is really part of Eurasia, not a real continent.

    • Replies: @Smith
  107. Robjil says:

    Kosovo is part of ZUS now.

    Albanians moved after WWI.

    It was a largely Serbian territory for centuries.

    ZNATO swooped in, and took it away from Serbia.

    The biggest ZUS base in Europe is in Kosovo now,Camp Bondsteel.

    Beautiful Serbian churches have been destroyed. Many were hundreds of years old, priceless world heritage monuments. It was OK as Mad Albright would say, it was for the ZUS OK cause.

    Kosovans were the third largest group of people fleeing to Northern Europe in 2015.

    Why would they “flee” to Northern Europe, they are under “protection” of NATO land?

    Kaliningrad is in good hands with Russia. It is not ruled by ZNATO.

  108. anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Sounds vaguely plausible.

    Case to consider… Putin’s like(love) for Modi.

    He probably provided some outside help (advisors) for the dotty booger brain to come back to power again;

    The timing was so uncanny, especially when the illiterate booger-for-brains* was heading for a defeat, because of his sheer incompetence. Look up “demonetisation.” He also called Harvard economists, idiots!

    Anyway, one thing is for sure, this act of sheer evil was planned and executed by those, who are not what has been claimed. The levels of evil and degeneracy of the pagan godless has always been breathtaking.

    Muslims will mostly remain patsies in the evil machinations of the Pagan Godless. Sigh!

    O’ Almighty One, help us, those who worship none but You, against the enemies of true monotheism! Ameen!


  109. @Derer

    If Unz had an “idiot” button, I would push in response to your comment..

    • Replies: @Derer
  110. FB says: • Website

    Look asshole…

    There is nothing ‘illegal’ about Kaliningrad…only an illiterate would imagine that…

    The territory is legally part of Russia and NO country has ever disputed that…

    So who exactly are you speaking for..?

    The crazy internet social outcasts that live in mom’s basement…like yourself..?

    You’re such a fucking illiterate you don’t even know the history of the region…

    Where are the Old Prussians now..?

    They were never Germans…they were a Baltic people speaking a Balto-Slavic language…now extinct…

    Also by this logic, half of Germany should now be divided between Poland and Czechia, because it was founded by Slavs…

    Right now the three little Baltic countries are continuing to deny basic rights to ethnic Russians living there…

    At the same time, they have lost about a third of their populations, as workers have migrated to other EU countries for better pay…

    They have nothing left of the Soviet industry [they were alloted electronics and computer manufacturing during the Soviet era]…they basically make nothing and import everything…

    They don’t even have their own electricity…and are in the process of disconnecting from the Russian grid so they can be supplied by Poland, that energy ‘superpower’…

    These little countries were never even countries in their history…only duchies that were part of Russia or Poland…

    Also this thread isn’t about Kaliningrad…it’s about Russia’s internal opposition…

    So kindly take your uneducated crap elsewhere…MORON

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Mefobills
  111. Smith says:

    Yeah, Russia has no way to defend Konigsberg in a pinch, they are in fact spreading themselves wide by maintaining Konigsberg.

    • Replies: @Derer
  112. Smith says:

    FB is strangely saying things exactly like a zionist.

    It’s like saying palestinians never exist or are wiped out and the jews are the inhabitants now and we have to accept them.

    The germans and poles yet live.

    • Replies: @FB
  113. @Druid

    Is it mental gymnastics to say a photon is both a wave and a particle?

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  114. FB says: • Website

    Look I’m getting sick of your retarded troll ass…

    You claim to be Vietnamese…what a fucking crock…you’re sitting in a US penitentiary and working for a lousy propaganda troll farm…

    I’m sick of illiterate assholes here that think it’s a no-brainer to just deposit any kind of piece of shit on this discussion board…

    You know absolutely nothing about the history of Europe, or anything else for that matter…so why don’t you keep your frigging troll yap shut..?

    Same goes for the other punks here that start crapping about stuff they don’t know…

    I already pointed out that half of presentday Germany is Slavic…founded by Slavs and retaining Slavic place names to this day…

    Look up Berlin…

    Berlin lies in northeastern Germany, east of the River Elbe, that once constituted, together with the River (Saxon or Thuringian) Saale (from their confluence at Barby onwards), the eastern border of the Frankish Realm.

    While the Frankish Realm was primarily inhabited by Germanic tribes like the Franks and the Saxons, the regions east of the border rivers were inhabited by Slavic tribes.

    This is why most of the cities and villages in northeastern Germany bear Slavic-derived names (Germania Slavica).

    Slavic Germany extends from the Denmark frontier in the north, to the Danube river in the South…and dates from the time of Charlemagne, with whom the Slavic tribes allied in the emperor’s war against the heathen Saxons…

    The ruling dynasties were founded by Slavs and have continued for a thousand years…like the House of Mecklenburg…founded by Pribislav…

    Statue of Obotrite Prince Niklot at the Schwerin Castle (sculptor, Christian Genschow)

    I have provided more information on this history on the other thread here…

    Maybe the Russians should start talking about taking back the half of Germany that rightfully belongs to Slavs..?

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Smith
  115. Mefobills says:

    Russia needs a depositor credit union type local banking system.

    These types of banks are called “gyro or giro” banking. When you take out a loan, you are borrowing existing money. The bank does not hypothecate new money into existence.

    The movie “It’s a wonderful life” is a battle between two types of banking, the Gyro Bank, vs Hypothecation Bank.

    Gyro banking has been subsumed by the more dishonest Hypothecation methods that usurers prefer. Gyro banks like U.S. Savings and Loans, and their equivalents around the world, have slowly disappeared. In U.S. it was the (((usual suspects))) that were responsible for S&L’s disappearing.

    Gryo banking has another nemesis, and that is money origination. If a national-state creates new money debt free, then laboring savers will eventually have a “pile o money” to loan out. Without debt free from Treasury, then laboring savers will be storing money that at-source originated as a hypothecation event elsewhere in the banking system.

    In other words, it is not enough to have a Gyro saving bank, the “credit” origination problem elsewhere hasn’t been dealt with.

    One of Saker’s points is that Putin did not listen to Stolypin Group’s Sergei Glaziev and instead is listening to economic liberals like Elvira Sakhipzadovna Nabiullina . The Stolypin group is on-point, and yet they have been marginalized. Why?

    Liberalism’s swan song is seductive, and one of its tenets is that you need to borrow “credit” on international markets to then buy “international goods.” Another tenet is that you can get rich and become an Oligarch too, and live a life of blowing snow up your nose, and having hooker’s galore… living the life on another’s labor is usury magic that works.

    A national state does not need to borrow credit, when it can make its own. The only time a national state needs to borrow another countries money type, or international banker money like Federal Reserve Notes, is to acquire something your nation doesn’t have …. say petroleum.

    In Russia’s case, its economy can be almost completely autarkial, and hence liberalism’s swan song is BS, and Putin hasn’t gotten the memo. Putin doesn’t understand economy, or has purposefully ignored Glazyev for some reason.

    Saker is correct, Russia would be doing much better if Putin had listened to Glazyev Much better means an economy probably two or three times what it is now, and the six’th column would be nowhere to be found.

    The money power is never trivial, and it informs just about everything else in a civilization. I feel the same as Saker, I like Putin… but Putin has failed spectacularly by not understanding how money works, and falling for economic Liberalism’s swan song.

    Hitler had somebody like Glazyev. His name was Reinhardt, and because Reinhardt was nationalist and illiberal, Germany’s economy was able to take off and had a large measure of autarky.

    Germany spent debt free “labor certificates” into the economy per Reinhardt (and later Schact’s) method.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Arioch
  116. Mefobills says:

    Slavic Germany extends from the Denmark frontier in the north, to the Danube river in the South…and dates from the time of Charlemagne, with whom the Slavic tribes allied in the emperor’s war against the heathen Saxons…

    If you to back further back in time, Slavs were a Germanic tribe that farmed riverine tributaries. They worked and farmed their way down major rivers moving West to East.

    Also in pre-history (Oral history before it was written), Nordic types moved West to East on small ships (more like a boat), which had wheels that could be added to then portage across creeks and rivers.

    Slav’s are then a mixture of German and Nordic, and some may have Golden Hoard mongol mixed in.

    All white people are a mixture of tribes that existed long ago. Minimally it is Cro-Magnon + Pontic Steppe Peoples (farmers from Black Sea Region).

    Where the original cro-magnon came from, nobody knows.

    White people especially need to get over any sort of racial animus towards other whites… at some level we are all mixed, but we mixed on the Eurasian continent, which is European. Any sort of racial animus toward Slavs is completely wrong headed.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  117. Mefobills says:

    The Baltic Countries have fallen for neo-liberal BS economy.

    Hudson describes the mechanism:


    They are not only making the election over resentment against the Russian-speaking population, but the fact that many are Jewish.

    I find it amazing to see someone who is Jewish, like George Soros, allying with anti-Semitic and even neo-Nazi movements in Latvia, Estonia, and most recently, of course, Ukraine. It’s an irony that you could not have anticipated deductively. If you had written this plot in a futuristic novel twenty years ago, no one would have believed that politics could turn more on national and linguistic identity politics than economic self-interest. The issue is whether you are Latvian or are Russian-Jewish, not whether you want to untax yourself and make? Voting is along ethnic lines, not whether Latvians really want to be forced to emigrate to find work instead of making Latvia what it could have been: an successful economy free of debt. Everybody could have gotten their homes free instead of giving real estate only to the kleptocrats.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  118. Cyrano says:

    I always thought that we the Slavs are genetically Scythians in origin, which means that little more than 2000 years ago all Slavs had Mongoloid appearance. Even Putin himself has said it: Scratch any Russian and underneath you’ll find a Tatar. Then again, the whole white race has mongoloid origin. Want a proof of this? Here it is: People born with Down syndrome look Asiatic, because those probably used to be dominant genes in the whole white race, before evolution made them recessive. Down syndrome is genetic disorder where the latent dormant genes become dominant again – at least in the facial appearance. By the way, the Down syndrome in the country that I am from used to be called “Mongoloid Idiocy”. Talking about politically incorrect – I tell you. The bottom line is that the whole white race is descended from Asian roots.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  119. Mefobills says:

    The white race is many tribes mixed together. When you go past 12,000 years ago it gets murky.

    Any scientific method has to deal with all variables, and you haven’t dealt with cro-magnon.

    Asian’s in turn could be cro mixed with something else… we don’t know.

    Bottom line is that north east asians are an ice age people group fairly similar to whites in world view, with a high future time orientation, and able to think abstractly.

    • Replies: @anon
  120. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    You are correct my friend. Thats why the Zionist elites hate both whites and East Asians and discriminate against us through affirmative action and by other means. They also try to pit Asians and whites against each other through media propaganda. Meanwhile, subhuman niggers who are not even worth using as fertilizer are promoted in media, politics, sports/entertainment etc. I think its way past time for whites and Asians to ally.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Cyrano
  121. Cyrano says:

    Scratch any white person and underneath you’ll find a Mongo(l).

  122. For those of us who followed the Russian Internet there is a highly visible phenomenon taking place which is quite startling: there are a lot of anti-Putin videos posted on YouTube or its Russian equivalents.

    Putin can not allow YouTube or it’sRussian equivilent to become the face of Russia. Look how powerful it is in the USA.

    That 3-5% mirrors the jewish population of Moscow. How strange is that? First, we must remember that Russia has been the target of Russian Zionist diaspora/emmigrees. Just look at what they did to the Romonov famiy. It’s ‘the sins of the father’, type of thing. Jews don’t forget and forgive, they never forget and never forgive. Very Biblical I’d say. And, to answer the question, why the anti-Putin thing has so much TV exposure. Well who controls the Russian networks, and do they mirror the Western ownership
    We remember the good and forget the bad. Yes, that’s a gift from God that we may have taken liberties with.

    “… they fail to realize the risks involved in crushing the “IMF types”

    Very important point. History is littered with national leaders who bucked the ‘Rothchild Central Bank’ model. The ony way to successfully rid humanity of Zionist usury is to take out the families involved via a coordinated global special forces operation.
    Without sounding like Hitler reincarnate Putin must use, as much as he can, existing laws to silence the media opposition, and of course the bankers.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  123. Adûnâi says:

    > “I find it amazing to see someone who is Jewish, like George Soros, allying with anti-Semitic and even neo-Nazi movements in Latvia, Estonia, and most recently, of course, Ukraine.”

    What is anti-semitic about Ukrainian nationalists? What is Nazi about them? They lick Kolomoyski’s ass. They elect Zelenski the Jewish clown. They are fine with their women’s whoring themselves in the universities and in Poland. What gives?

    > “Voting is along ethnic lines, not whether Latvians really want to be forced to emigrate to find work instead of making Latvia what it could have been: an successful economy free of debt.”

    One word: NazBol. Not popular. I guess, we’ll die then. Because nationalists would rather lick Negros’ anuses than be racist. Our nations are retarded, suicidal, and worship a Jew on a cross, would you expect a sense of self-preservation of them?

    Our race in its current state is far more boring than the Muslims. You have no kings, no leaders, no politics, no parties. Only Christianity. You cannot act, you cannot think when your skull’s content has rotted away, and Christianity has taken the brain’s place.

  124. Smith says:

    8Russians aren’t the slavs there is. The east slavs in Russia did not kickstart Germany nor Konisberg.

    If you say germans are slavs,, it could mean that Moscow belongs to germans or poles too.

    You are indeed using the same argument that zionists use, because jews are something, therefore they have claims to Israel.

    And no matter what you say, I am a vietnamese.

  125. Remarkable; I really think this is the Saker’s best work to date. I have posted the link at my blog, and I’ve had to read it several times myself because of its scope. Very well done. The west truly has never understood Russia very well, but typically people get better at their obsession over time. The west actually gets further and further away from objective truth as it keeps chasing dreams of conquest.

  126. @FB

    Soooo…your proof that I am a troll is that I didn’t spell a German to Russian to English borrow word correctly and capitalized it on a website comment board? And your follow-up slam dunk is that I am new to the site. To really take it to the next level of critical thinking, you throw in some ad hominim attacks and deny my education? Move over Sherlock Holmes, we got a real sleuth here.

    My diploma number is 107732 0012900, awarded on June 5th, 2019 and signed by Шестопал Е. Б. and Байков А. А.. My thesis was titled: “Russia in sub-Saharan Africa: Approaches, Interests and a New Frontier for Cooperation with China” so yeah actually I know quite a bit about Russia’s relationship with China. You’re welcome to read it. You’d find my recommendations in the conclusion would not go over well at the CIA. That I took intelligence analysis courses from the likes of Andrey Bezrukov would not make me a shoo-in either. Anyway, I assumed this crowd didn’t require a lengthy numbering of America’s crimes as a preface to holding an opinion about Russia.

    hey never cared about being in some sort of ‘club’ to begin with…international relations isn’t junior high, which one would expect a ‘graduate’ of international relations to know…

    That is funny that you say that because that is *exactly* the impression that I got from my diplomacy classes. It was like 24/7 LARP set to The Emperor’s New Clothes. I am not talking about the attitude toward the Putin or the Russian government – that was surprisingly neutral and refreshingly open to discussion – just about how politics are conducted in general. It was astonishingly – by my admittedly cynical standards – juvenile. I cannot even imagine how asinine diplomacy and political wheeling and dealing in the West must be, as they take it all deadly serious in Russia.

    All Russia ever cared about was having normal relations…friendly if possible, but on equal footing…the entire tone of your fantasy is straight out of the ’90s…only deluded Washington hacks still dream that we are living in the ’90s…

    That is true. I don’t think Russia is still the 90’s. I wasn’t here in the 90’s anyway, so I cannot even make that comparison. What I said is that, from my observation and experience, the people who are still in charge are the same who forged their careers in the 90’s and that their thinking has evolved only in response to betrayals by the US, not due to any fundamental problem with how the US operates. Russia is fine to play by the rules set out be Washington, but they are eternally bewildered that those rules only apply to them because otherwise they would be forced to swallow the truths of Lenin and Marx. For professors arriving in late model black Mercedes driven by chauffeurs, that would be…awkward. For Russian elites, it is the fact that the game is rigged against them which is the problem, not the game itself.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  127. @the grand wazoo

    Putin can not allow YouTube or it’sRussian equivilent to become the face of Russia. Look how powerful it is in the USA.

    Yup, age old Commie tactic, More power for the elites and and a heavier boot on the throat of anyone who dares question their dear leaders.
    For all you commies and Putlerites..

    Control of speech
    Speech is controlled by culture because speech advances
    wisdom. Human communication accelerates growth and learning
    on an exponential scale. People learn principles on their own
    through experimentation with their environment, but they learn
    far quicker when they are able to communicate their thoughts
    through speech. Speech is the single most powerful tool of
    humanity. Through it, children and adults alike accelerate
    knowledge in anything they desire to learn.
    Culture cannot afford the rapid spread of human
    understanding. Should people learn their own worth and
    potential, they would never submit to the artificial authorities
    placed over them. Culture is about control.

    Cultures are designed to protect the powerful, to protect those
    in authority. Its job is to make sure that speech cannot flow
    freely. To accomplish this, it establishes a pattern of subversion
    of thought and propriety of speech.

    End Of All Evil – Jeremy Locke

  128. trickster says:

    FB likes to make his point using profanity. I imagine a face to face conversation with this misguided fellow would lead to gutter language and then violence. A lot of what he says is also drivel. However in his mind, however one defines that, indeed if it even exists, this is the best technique to convince others. You cannot get this curious specimen to understand that once he spews his filth and starts with the name calling, he has lost the debate.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  129. Adûnâi says:

    > “Russia in sub-Saharan Africa: Approaches, Interests and a New Frontier for Cooperation with China”

    Why not use the correct term – Negro Africa? Why use the Christian term “sub-Saharan Africa”? Because White people are delusional and suicidal, even in Russia.

  130. Adûnâi says:

    > “FB likes to make his point using profanity. I imagine a face to face conversation with this misguided fellow would lead to gutter language and then violence. A lot of what he says is also drivel.”

    Have you ever read Russian comments on YouTube? They may have whole threads of a dozen comments consisting of nothing but name calling.

    You eat shit.
    You are smelly.
    How do you know shit is smelly?
    You are gay.
    Your mom.

    I’m not joking. I have no idea why they do it. Even when it’s about politics!

    Putin huylo.

    The closest to it you could find in the Anglosphere would be the Indo-Pakistani debates, Negro Israelites and anti-vaxxer soccer moms. But by and large, the Western Internet is incredibly rational, reasonable, and open to discussion. The culture of debate seems to be utterly absent in Russia.

    Obviously, there intelligent people, technically-minded people, knowledgeable people, masterful and skillful people in Russia. But the mean is closer to the basest, whereas in the West, it is closer to the highest. (Nobody in Russia will call corpus callosum its Latin name bar the best medics, whereas nobody in English has a barbaric name for it to begin with).

    • Replies: @Derer
  131. Derer says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    You are peeing against the wind. Make that visit, they can help you.

  132. Derer says:

    “the Western Internet is incredibly rational,”

    Have you finished high school, Ukraine boy?

  133. Derer says:

    In your pea-sized brain you are comparing apples and oranges. Easter Ukraine was in one country, Soviet Union, internal borders were administratively changing (ex. Crimea to Ukraine in 1954). All your stupid examples are inter-national. The borders are created by blood and that is why sadly Byzantium belongs to Ottoman.

    • Replies: @uradel666
  134. Adûnâi says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    > “I will repeat what I’ve said many, many times: in 2014 Putin could have sent two battalions of Spetsnaz into Kiev, routed the Ukranazi coup regime, reinstated Yanukovych, and withdrawn with the warning that if there was ever again any attempt to stage another Maidan Russian troops would be back and this time to stay.”

    My mom says that if Putin had reinstated Yanukovich, the entire Eastern Galicia would have been in Kiev. I tend to agree. Such a blatant act of aggression would not have been forgiven by any Galician man. My dad went to Kiev in 2004 for less.

    (Although I am not a nationalist – I consider myself a pan-Slavic racist, and thus despise both the LGBT -aligned Little Russia and the feminist Russian Federation.)

    • Replies: @Derer
  135. Adûnâi says:

    > “1. If he should have annexed East Ukraine with 12m deep down then Ukraine Should have taken back the “Moscow” as its historical place (summer cottage) for Yuri Dolgoruky, the Grand Prince of Kiev, who had built it up for himself for meeting with his friends after falconry.”

    Russia was founded in Ladoga. Even my fairly nationalist Little Russian school textbook did not deny it.

    Yes, I say Russia. Rus’ is a politically correct term and makes no sense. We do not call Germany Tyskland. Russia, Ruthenia, Rosia – all the same. Therefore, Russia.

    Those retarded Little Russian nationalists who reject their own official historiography do indeed proclaim that the term “Russia” was coined by Peter the Great. What a moronic statement! Worthy of Ilko Borshchak, along with Paris’ Orly airport’s being connected to Pilip Orlik. Little Russian nationalism is as insane as Christian Identity’s claim that Anglo-Saxons come from Scythians, and Scythians – from Jews.

    Truly a secularised version of the Christian poison! Stalin made a terrible mistake by not shooting every priest (both Greek Catholic and Muscovite) on sight.

  136. uradel666 says:

    You had best to keep your mouth at bay.

    There were some parts of Ukraine there that Russia occupied in 1919-1928, namely, Belgorod Oblast, “Starodubie” (some North districts (uyezds) of Chernihivs’ka Province) , Taganrog Province, East Donbas (Donets Basin);
    and to top it all up some parts of Ethnic Ukrainian territories which belonged to Ukraine (Kuban’, Stavropol’, Slobozhanschhyna) but not properly legalized by Russian Socialist Republic at that time. They had been all annexed by Russia at the end of the day. In return, Ukraine got the Crimea (1954) that now is again occupied by Russia.

    And finishing touches First people who inhabited the Crimea were the German tribes living there all their lives. After the Germans, the Greeks enjoyed the Crimea before the Armenian, the Tatars and Russians (last one) got to the peninsula.

    So, once again, shut your mouth up, take the Saker and his stool-pigeons and GTFO here to your Fu.king Ural and get drunk with Vodka.

    I’m Done with you

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Adûnâi
    , @Derer
  137. Seraphim says:

    The first inhabitants of Crimea were the Thracians and the Scytho-Sarmatians and the Greeks and then Romans. Crimea was under Roman control since 47 BC until 340 AD. The Goths appear in Crimea supposedly in the middle of the 3d century AD, but rather later, fleeing the Huns. After that Crimea remains under Roman (‘Byzantine’) control . The region in which the Goths have been settled retained the name ‘Gothia’ (known also as the Principality of Theodoro Mangop), although the population became ‘Greek’ (Byzantine) Orthodox. Tartars came in the 13th century and then the Ottomans in the 15th. And then to the chagrin of the ‘Ukrainians’, the Russians in 1783 and remained there ever since.
    Anyhow, these ‘Goths’ were not the ancestors of the ‘Ukrainians’.

    • Replies: @uradel666
  138. yurivku says:

    so, maybe it’s not the “6th column”, after all? Maybe Russia is actually acquiring an opposition worth the name?

    It is the only decent opinion among those like Saker and his opposition spew here. Putin being hated by liberasts (West lovers) for clear reasons, but he’s being untrusted by real patriots also, despite for opposite reasons.

    Living in Florida actually prevents to understand our realities. But I can say that living in Russia makes it uneasy to put all dirty top’s underwear also. In between there are those Putin’s supporters, but them are getting less and less.

    But all but mentioned above people except liberasts are hating US and so called West more and more, having seen its shameless meanness and stupidity.

  139. Adûnâi says:

    > “There were some parts of Ukraine there that Russia occupied in 1919-1928…”

    What even is Ukraine? As a political entity, it had not existed before the Russian Revolution.

    > “…namely, Belgorod Oblast, “Starodubie” (some North districts (uyezds) of Chernihivs’ka Province) , Taganrog Province, East Donbas (Donets Basin);”

    Quite a half-truth. This Ukrainian map shows the territories where Little Russians constituted a majority outside the uyezd towns. The towns/cities themselves are clearly marked as being Russian-majority – pay attention to Starodub, and obviously Belgorod and Taganrog. The East Donbass did not even have a rural majority.


    > “There were some parts of Ukraine there that Russia occupied in 1919-1928…”

    A clear lie. The opposite was true! Taganrog and the East Donbass had never been part of the capitalist Ukraine. They were given to Ukraine by Socialist Russia in 1920, partially returned in 1925.

    > “…and to top it all up some parts of Ethnic Ukrainian territories which belonged to Ukraine (Kuban’, Stavropol’, Slobozhanschhyna)…”

    Kuban was independent in the Civil War. Unlike the WUPR, it did not explicitly join the UPR. And did you know that Slobojanshchina is almost entirely part of modern Ukraine?

    > “And finishing touches First people who inhabited the Crimea were the German tribes living there all their lives.”

    German != Germanic. If you wanted to use modern designations, you should have called the Goths Swedes. Either way, it is ridiculously wrong.

    > “…before the Armenian, the Tatars and Russians (last one) got to the peninsula.”

    This sentence is illogical. The Tartars and the Russians had political control over Crimea by virtue of having conquered it, but Armenians have always been similar to dirty Jews – living in perpetual diaspora.

    > “So, once again, shut your mouth up, take the Saker and his stool-pigeons and GTFO here to your Fu.king Ural and get drunk with Vodka.”

    Russia was founded in Ladoga. Kievan Russia was born because Russians conquered Kiev out of Khazar hands. Modern Ukraine is metaphorically Khazaria.

    • Replies: @Uradel666
  140. @SeekerofthePresence

    Is it mental gymnastics to say a photon is both a wave and a particle?

    Mental gymnastics has various disciplines: such as, jumping to conclusions, flip-flopping, circular thinking, cognitive leaps, flights of fancy, verbal fencing, doubling down, shooting in the dark, fighting with straw men and competitive dead horse flogging.

    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  141. @foolisholdman

    “Various disciplines”—sometimes featured with remarkable aplomb right here on UR!

    Quantum physics seems often to involve juggling the incomprehensible.

    So to me it resembles the theology of the Trinity. One accepts the contradictory dual nature of light; the other the inconceivable three-fold nature of the One God. ☘️

    Glory to the Father, the Spirit, and the Son, who was and is and is to come!

  142. @Michael McCarthy

    Christopher Jon Bjerkness is a disinfo agent. His anti-Russian talking points are the typical lie propaganda slogans one can hear in the western MSM. It’s part of an effort to ‘redirect’ the attention and anger of the nationalist-minded people in the west against Russia.

    I seem to remember some time ago when FBI agents were posting on 8chan and spreading anti-Russian conspiracy theories.

    As for free speech in Russia: most of what you hear in the west about Russian free speech is incorrect. There are many people who criticize Putin, in media and also common people online, bloggers etc. Yes, Russia is not the west (thank God) and always was more authoritarian compared to the west. That is normal, it’s not good or bad. Every region of the world has its own societal and political culture. So to apply your own standards onto others, is not realistic. What works in one region of the world, will not necessarily work in others. That’s why “nation building” is an insane western neo-con idea, and it will never work!

  143. @uradel666

    There’s lots of historical illiteracy in your comment. For instance, the Ukraine has no claim on anything, because the Ukraine did not even exist back in those days.

    Yuri Dolgorukiy was indeed the founder of Moscow, but you have to realize that he, and other princes (kniaz’) like him, were RUSSIAN (russkiy), not Ukrainian. It was called Kievan RUS’ not Kievan UKR.

    Kievan Rus’ was just one of several Russian principalities. There were for example also Novgorodian Rus’, Pskovian Rus’, Moscovian Rus’, Vladimir Rus’ etc. Those were Russian principalities and not Ukrainian. I understand that Ukrainians have a ‘young-country-complex’, meaning they miss those things almost every other country has: a long history, identity, heroes and villains, victories and tragedies. That’s why the constant need to claim (parts of) Russian history as your own, like you’re trying to do with the city of Kiev for example, claiming that it has nothing to do with Russia historically.. even though Oleg specifically called it the Mother of Russian Cities, after he captured it in 882, as per the Tale of Bygone Years.

    Or this new attempt to change the spelling of Kiev into Kyiv. All old historical documents and maps refer to it as Kiev/Kiew/Kieff. You can look in old encyclopedias for example the Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, German encyclopedia 1909 edition. Or a GREAT Russian encyclopedia series The History of Russia, published between 1851 and 1880 I believe, by Sergei Soloviev. There is no mention of Ukraine in there anywhere. In the context of Old Rus’, the principalities are called simple Rus’, or Rus(s)ian land.

    So if anyone is going to annex something, it should be Russia by gaining back its historical lands in eastern and central (Kiev) Ukraine. However, that is unlikely to happen! And I have no problem with Ukraine being a country. But I do have a problem with ukrainization of historical Russian land, which has been going on since the Soviet times! The bolsheviks started to open up various Ukrainian language schools and promote Ukrainian language (mova) to areas where people never spoke Ukrainian.

    And by the way: West Ukraine (Galicia) is NOT historical Russian land, because West Ukraine is historically Polish, Hungarian, Romanian. West Ukrainians’ historical city is not Kiev, but Lemberg (today Lviv).

    As for the your China and Siberia, that is just laughable!

    About Köningsberg, Kuril Islands and Karelia. Those are more recent, but indeed are not historic Russian lands. However their political future is not up for debate, especially now that we have seen what happened to the famous (or infamous) “NATO will not expand one inch east, if East and West Germany reunites”… although some kind of “deal of the century” could be made, if US agrees to remove ALL of its bases from Germany and signs a document where it says that US will not interfere in the business/economic affairs between Russia and Germany… hmmm?

    • Replies: @Uradel666
    , @Uradel666
  144. Uradel666 says:

    That is all baloney what you are talking about.

    It is all historical garbage!
    Are you historical agent-provocateur?

    Are you in your right senses?!!!!!!!

    1. The First Emperor (Tsar) of Russia was Peter, the Great 1682-1725.

    2. Russia didn’t exist before him as a Country.

    3. There was Grand duchy of Moscow (or Tsardome of Moscovy) at that point in time and many other independent (!) small princedoms existed thereabout which didn’t belong to Russia (because was no any Russia at that date).

    4. Kyiv Rus was Dominant all over the place.

    5. Since Rurik came to Kyiv (830 AD), all his descendant (Velikiy Kniaz) were born and lived in Kyiv Rus.

    6. Moscovy and many other places in Contemporary Russia had been all established by Kyiv Kniaz and belong to them.

    7. Yuri Dolgoruky was a Russian?!
    Are you Crazy or insane?
    Yuri Dolgoruky was Rurikid Prince whose ancestors lived in Kyiv since Rurik and “Igor of Kyiv” the First Kniaz of Kyiv (born in 879 AD).

    8.Ethnic Russian, i.e. Finno-Ugric people (many Finno-Ugric tribes) were never allowed to be Aristocracy in Rus’ and then in Russia up until 1917 and late.

    Imprint this in your memory: History of Finno-Ugric tribes (those indigenous people who live within the territory of Russia), History of the Russian Nobility, and History of the Russia as a Country (territorial integrity), these are three completely different subjects of history.

    9. Yuri Dolgoruky (1099-1157!!!!!) was the founder of the “Moscow” (backward term), namely, the summer cottage (hut on chicken legs) for meeting with his friends after falconry. There was no Russia at that date at all!!! That’s why this “Moscow” belonged to Kyiv. That’s why many Russian Territories belong to Kyiv. Russia knows that fact. That’s Why Russia wants to war down Kyiv.

    Russia it is a Mythical literature Country. Go to College and improve your study skills!

    You are shitting through your mouth.

    I’m done with you.

    • Replies: @RT
  145. Uradel666 says:

    You certainly look ignorant on that Subject. You have to really stop using Wiki and talking through your arse.

    1. Read original documents from CSASAU and other Global Archives (ЦДАВО Украины, ф.3, оп. 1, дело 1953, арк 52 as of 1919.10.03 “treaty of limits”, identification of the boundary between Ukrainian SSR and Russia, and 1920.16.04 VTsIK and SNK USSR agreement on “Organic act of Donets Province”; and “III Universal Centralnoi Radi” as of 1917; and Settlement Agreement between Donets Province of Ukraine SSR and Donskoi oblast RSFSR as of 1920.08.? and 1925.16.10, agreement whereby Fedorovskiy, Nicolaevskiy, MatveyevoKurganskiy, Sovietenskiy, Kurnaskiy, Golodaevskiy, Glubokynskiy, Kamenskiy, Ust’-Belokolitvenskiy, vladimirskaya, Sulinskaya, Shakhtinskiy, Sorokinsky, Alekseyevskiy and many others districts of Ukraine promptly removed from Ukraine and transferred to Russia; Delimination Ukraine territory with Belarus SSR as of 1925.16.10; 1928.19/24.10 Amendment to the Decree of Presidium CEC SSSR whereby Settlement “Znob’” of Trubchevskaya volost Pochepskiy district, “Grudskaya” village, “Rushkovichi” village, “Prylipky” village, “Ogurtsovo” village etc promptly removed from Ukraine and transferred to Russia).

    2. And so and so forth…

    3. Those Ukrainian lands had been all alienated and/or annexed by Russia (in 1920-1930) and then populated with Russian drunkards and criminals who are nowadays terrorizing East Ukraine.

    4. Ladoga? Are you kidding me?! Russia does not have any local “point of origin”, either in space or time. That’s why Russia’s boundaries are fluid and mosaic along the entire length.

    Even Israel have more claim against Palestinian than Russia does against Crimea (and Ukraine and many other Countries and Areas around Russia).

    Russia does not have any historical place either within Russia or Somewhere around!

    I’m Done with you…

  146. Anyone who opposes the autocrat Putin must be a 6th columnist? Pure propaganda that ignores legitimate opposition to Putin’t policies. He can always have them bumped off like he does with journalists or create fake apartment bombings like the FSB did in 1999.

  147. Uradel666 says:

    That’s why Rurik dynasty (Kyiv dynasty) was changed to Romanov dynasty bolonged to Family of Moscow Boyars.

    I’m done with you

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  148. If putin was such a friend why would he not speak english , a relatively easy language compared to russian ? By this alone prooves he is a freemason more than likely

    The USSR communists are on RECORD as feigning dissolution to blind the west . Communism is judaism in practice .

    The “jews” believe world capital is in jerusalem , russia 7 china are aiding this as much as europe and the west .
    Putin is on record supporting the black hat jew movement

    Why , if putin was so pro russia does he openly support the jews which openly slaughtered millions of russians in the gulag archipelago

  149. Derer says:

    The borders are created by blood, Crimea was taken from Ottoman 250 years ago by Russo-Turkish war. Khrushchev attached it to Ukraine in 1954 within Soviet. The Catholics in Ukraine are originally Polish nobility and the Eastern Orthodox are Russians. Ukraine was artificially created. Even Zakarpattia belongs to Czechoslovakia (during the WWII it was annexed by Hungary Nazis). Educate yourself.

  150. @Uradel666

    Since Russia is a part of Ukraine, what would be out of place if Russia occupied its capital, Kiev?

  151. RT says:

    Now we all are done with you
    The first Csar=C(ae)sar of Russia is Ivan The Terrible

    • Replies: @uradel666
  152. Derer says:

    “I consider myself a pan-Slavic racist,”

    I am beginning to like you…not for the last word but for the “pan-Slavism”. Although a foreign word in Poland (perhaps Czechs too) – a fateful kissers of US balls.

  153. Derer says:

    Please specify of whom Russia suppose to be afraid of in Konigsberg.

  154. uradel666 says:

    Stop using Wiki.
    What’s wrong with you guys?
    You are shitting through your mouth.

    1. The First Emperor (Tsar) of Russia was Peter the Great 1682-1725. Period.

    2. Ivan the Terrible was not the First Tsar of Russia.
    He was the Grand Prince of Moscow. Period.

    3. Back in 1547, Ivan the Terrible declared to be the Tsar of Russia (Dormition Cathedral, Moscow). Because any High Title like Tsar and others are supposed to be approved by Constantinople (“Ecumenical”), Ivan the Terrible went to Constantinople and asked Iosaph II, Patriarch of Constantinople to approve this Title.

    Ivan the Terrible was refused to. He was self-declared Tsar from then on.

    4. In 1558 he went to Constantinople a second time around and said that if he was not immediately approved to the Tsar of Russia (or more precisely Rasseiya) he would destroy Constantinople.
    Constantinople having been warworn at that time agreed to ordain Ivan the Terrible Tsar (of Rasseiya).
    However, it still was not legitimate up until Peter the Great was Titled.

    That’s why that Period was called “time of troubles” (“Smutnoe Vremia”).

    5. In addition, the term “Russia” (Rasseiya) was firstly applied at that time by Ivan the Terrible as contrast to Kiev Rus’.

    6. You should understand that Rurik Dynasty was Kiev Dynasty (Kiev Rus, you can say Ukraine); Romanov Dynasty was Moscow Dynasty (it was West Dynasty as contrasted to Kiev, you can say Russia).

    “Time of troubles” (“Smutnoe Vremia”) was between them.

    It was period of transition from Rurik to Romanov dynasty (and changing Kiev Rus to Russia within the limits of Kiev Territory) accompanied with extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances (you can call it “continuous dormant Russian Revolution” against Kiev with permanent allocation of its lands).

    If a distinction must be made you can call Michael of Russia the First Tsar.
    But in reality it was Peter the Great The First Emperor (Tsar) of Russia.

    7. And the third period, it was Russian Revolution 1917 when Romanov Dynasty (Russian) was destroyed and replaced by “Nobodies” (“Sharikoff”).

    8. The fourth period in “Russia” History is the Contemporary Russia.

    I don’t know how to put it.
    You can call it by yourself.

    There is no such country Russia for me.

    Register these facts in your confused mind and go to College and improve your study skills!

    I’m done with you!

    • Replies: @RT
    , @Commentator Mike
  155. RT says:

    I do not use Wiki, as you call it. What I said is proven historical fact, Ivan the Terrible is the first Russian csar, until him there were the Grand Princes. Everything you wrote on this site is ridiculous. You might love or hate Russians, but your claims are untrue.

  156. @uradel666

    In 1558 he went to Constantinople a second time around and said that if he was not immediately approved to the Tsar of Russia (or more precisely Rasseiya) he would destroy Constantinople.

    Constantinople already fell to the Ottomans in 1453. So the Patriarch made him Tsar to save Ottoman Constantinople from destruction; i.e. liberation?

  157. Hermes says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Last but not least the Palestinian issue, his blatant hands off approach, glossed over and described as a pragmatic imperative reveals at the end of the day something quite different at the bottom.

  158. Arioch says:

    re: Mariupol there was one more concern: food and fresh water.

    Kievans still occasionally manage to destroy Donetsk water pumping stations and then shoot at the repairmen. But large part of water pipes are in LDPR terrirory and hid in the ground.

    For Mariupol there would be little fresh water supply other than Kiev-conrolled rivers and pipes. Kiev would make Mariupol dying of first like they tried with Crimea and parade it as “LDPR bloody regime” murdering civilians.

  159. Arioch says:

    FFS, not Glaziev, not the buddy of Alfa Group, who just few years ago demanded selling off Russia’s mineral resources for a fixed price (printing gazilllions of Rubles nominated in mineral resources, like USD was nominated in gold few decades ago), and whose main policy is QI (in the name of productive industries stuffing “good banks” with cheap money they will allegedly give away to the “good industries”).

    The “Stolypin Group” name is perhaps very correct – it is named after an ultra anti-collectivistic pro-Western economist which made the peasantry (90% of the population) start hating the state.

    If you want to look at a “gray cardinal” of Russian economic – see the persn who substitutes for Mishustin now, while the latter is ill. That name was rarely called by mass media, but economic publications mentioned it much more for at least last 5 years.
    Or many more details in Russian:Белоусов,_Андрей_Рэмович

    Putin does have plenty of advisers

  160. Seraphim says:

    You are an ignorant nincompoop.

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