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Is the Ukraine on the Brink of War (Again)?
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Just a few weeks ago I wrote a column entitled “The Ukraine’s Many Ticking Time Bombs” in which I listed a number of developments presenting a major threat to the Ukraine and, in fact, to all the countries of the region. In this short time the situation has deteriorated rather dramatically. I will therefore begin with a short recap of what is happening.

First, the Ukrainian government and parliament have, for all practical purposes, declared the Minsk Agreements as dead. Truth be told, these agreements were stillborn, but as long as everybody pretended that there was still a chance for some kind of negotiated solution, they served as a “war retardant”. Now that this retardant has been removed, the situation becomes far more explosive than before.

The issue of the Minsk Agreements brought to the fore the truly breathtaking hypocrisy of the West: even though Russia never was a party of these agreements (Russia signed them as a guarantor, not as a party), the West chose to blame Russia for “not implementing” these agreements, that in spite of the fact that everybody knew that it was the Ukraine which, for fear of the various Neonazis movements, simply could not implement these agreements. This kind of “in your face” hypocrisy by the West had a tremendous impact on the internal Russian political scene which, in turn, greatly strengthened the position of those in Russia who never believed that a negotiated solution was possible in the first place. In that sense, these agreements represented a major victory for the Kremlin as it forced the West to show the full depth of its moral depravity.

Second, it is pretty obvious that the “Biden” administration is a who’s who of all the worst russophobes of the Obama era: Nuland, Psaki, and the rest of them are openly saying that they want to increase the confrontation with Russia. Even the newcomers, say like Ned Price, are clearly rabid russophobes. The folks in Kiev immediately understood that their bad old masters were back in the White House and they are now also adapting their language to this new (well, not really) reality.

Finally, and most ominously, there are clear signs that the Ukrainian military is moving heavy forces towards the line of contact. Here is an example of a video taken in the city of Mariupol:

Besides tanks, there are many reports of other heavy military equipment, including MLRS and tactical ballistic missiles, being moved east towards the line of contact. Needless to say, the Russian General Staff is tracking all these movements very carefully, as are the intelligence services of the LDNR.

This is all happening while Zelenskii’s popularity is in free fall. Actually, not only his. Think of it: Biden stole the election in the US and has to deal with 70 million “deplorables” while the EU leaders are all facing many extremely severe crises (immigration, crime, COVID lockdowns, Woke ideology, etc.). The truth is that they all desperately need some kind of “distraction” to keep their public opinion from focusing on the real issues facing the western societies.

What could such a “distraction” look like?

Phase one: the trigger

The Ukraine is unlikely to simply attack the Donbass. Kiev needs to stick to the “we are the victim of the aggressor-country” narrative. However, if past behavior is one of the best predictors of future behavior, we can immediately see what is likely to happen.

Remember how three Ukrainian Navy vessels tried to force their way under the Crimean bridge? What about the Ukrainian terrorist groups which Kiev tried to infiltrate into Crimea? And, finally, there are the many terrorist attacks executed by Ukrainian special forces inside Novorussia. The truth is that the Ukrainian special services (SBU and military) have been conducting reconnaissance diversionary operations in the Donbass, in Crimea and even in Russia.

Right now, both sides (Kiev and the LDNR) have officially declared that they have given the authorization to their forces to respond to any provocations or incoming fire. Just imagine how easy it is for either side to organize some kind of provocation, then claim to be under attack and to declare that “we had to defend ourselves against the aggressor”.

Therefore, the most likely scenario is some kind of Ukrainian provocation followed by a “defensive counter-attack” by the Ukrainian military.

Phase two: the attack

Over the past years, the Ukrainian military has received a great deal of assistance from the West, both in terms of equipment/money and in terms of training. Furthermore, in numerical terms, the Ukrainian military is much bigger than the combined forces of the LDNR. However, it would be a mistake to assume that the LDNR forces were just sitting on their laurels and not working really hard to achieve a qualitative jump in their capabilities.

The Ukrainian government is working on yet another mobilization (there were many such waves of mobilization in the past, none of them really successful), and considering the chaos in the country, it is unlikely to go better than the previous ones. If we want to do some “bean counting”, we can say that Kiev could theoretically mobilize about 300,000 soldiers while the standing LDNR forces number approximately 30,000 soliders (these are standing forces before mobilization). However, we must take into account that the Ukrainian forces are mostly conscripts whereas the LDNR forces are 100% professional volunteers fighting for their own land and in defense of their own families and friends. This makes a huge difference!

Besides, like all “bean counting”, this purely numerical comparison completely misses the point. That point is that the LDNR forces are much better trained, equipped, commanded and motivated. Furthermore, the LDNR forces have had years to prepare for an Ukronazi attack, In fact, both sides of the line of contact are now heavily fortified. Yet, and in spite of all this, the LDNR suffers from a huge weakness: no strategic (or even operational) depth. Worse, the city of Donetsk is quite literally on the front line.

Could the Ukrainian forces “punch through” the LDNR defenses? I would say that this is not impossible, and “not impossible” is serious enough to warrant a lot of preparations by the Russian armed forces to quickly intervene and stop any such breakthrough by the Ukrainian forces. Does the Russian military have the means to stop such an attack?

Yes, absolutely. First, all of the LDNR is literally right across the Russian border, which means that pretty much any Russian weapons system can “reach” not only into the LDNR, but even throughout the Ukrainian tactical, operational and even strategic depth. Russia can also deploy a classical Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) “cupola” over the LDNR using a mix of air defense and electronic warfare systems. Russian rockets and artillery systems can be used not only as counter-battery fire, but also to destroy attacking Ukrainian subunits. Finally, the Russian forces in Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet can also be engaged if needed. As for Russian coastal defense systems (Bal and Bastion), they can “lock” the entire Black Sea.

The biggest problem for Russia is that she cannot do any of that without triggering a huge political crisis in Europe; just visualize what the likes of Antony Blinken, Ned Price or Jane Psaki would have to say about such a Russian intervention! Remember, these are the folks who immediately accused Russia of attacking Georgia, not the other way around. We are now all living in the “post-truth” era of “highly likely”, not of facts.

I have said that for years now the real point of a Ukrainian attack on the Donbass would not be to reconquer the region, but to force Russia to openly and, therefore, undeniably intervene. This has been a Neocon wet dream since 2014 and it is still their ultimate objective in the Ukraine. So what would a Russian counter-attack look like?

Phase three: the Russian intervention

First, let me ask you this: did you know that about 400,000 residents of the LDNR already have Russian passports? Is that a lot? Well, the total population of the LDNR is about 3.7 million people, so more than 10% of the population. This is crucial for two reasons: first, you can think of these Russian citizens as a kind of tripwire: if enough of them get killed, Putin have no other choice than to intervene to protect them and, in fact, Putin has made it clear many times that Russia will never allow the Ukraine to seize Novorussia by force or to massacre its population. Second, there are many precedents of countries (mostly western ones) using military force to protect their citizens. Examples include the US in both Grenada and Panama, the Turks in Cyprus and Syria or the French in many African countries.

Next, in purely military terms, Russia has plenty of standoff weapons which could be used to disrupt and stop any Ukranian attack even without sending in a ground force. Not only that, but the Russian response does not have to be limited to the front lines – Russia could easily strike the Ukraine even in its strategic depth and there is really nothing the Ukrainians could do to prevent that. Still, I do not believe that the Russian counter-attack would be limited to standoff weapons, mainly because of the need to relieve the LDNR forces on the front line which will be exhausted by difficult defensive operations. In other words, this time around Russia won’t even bother to deny her involvement; at this point in time, this would be futile and counter productive.

The west loves concepts such as the “responsibility to protect” (R2P)? Good! Then Russia can use it too.

Of course, I am not naive to the point of believing that anybody in the West will be suaded by notions such as fairness or precedent. But the Kremlin will use this argument to further educate the Russian people in the true intentions of the West. This is especially helpful for Putin during an election year (which 2121 is for Russia), and this will only further weaken both the pro-western opposition (for obvious reasons) and even the anti-western “patriotic” opposition which will have no choice but to fully support a military intervention to save the Donbass.

Phase four: the Empire’s response

I don’t believe for one second that anybody in the West will volunteer for suicide and advocate for a military intervention in the Ukraine or against Russia. NATO is a “pretend” military alliance. In reality, it is a US instrument to control Europe. Yes, historically the pretext for NATO was the supposed threat from Soviet Union and, now, from Russia, but the true reason for NATO has always been to control the European continent. Nobody in the West believes that it is worth risking a full scale war against Russia just over a (relatively minor) Russian military intervention in the eastern Ukraine. However, once it becomes undeniable that Russia has intervened (the Kremlin won’t even bother denying this!), the trans-national imperial Nomenklatura which runs the Empire will see this as a truly historical opportunity to create a major crisis which will weaken Russian positions in Europe and immensely strengthen the US control over the continent.

We have all seen how the western politicians and presstitutes have invented a (totally fake) Russian intervention in the Donbass and how they said they would “punish” Russia for “not implementing the Minsk Agreements”. We can only imagine how strident and hysterical these Russia-hating screams will become once Russia actually does intervene, quite openly. Again, if past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, then we can rest assured that western politicians will do what they always do: exacerbate and prolong the conflict as long as possible, but without directly attacking Russia. That is the purpose of the Ukrainian military, to provide the cannon fodder for the AnglioZionists.

Phase four prime: possible Ukronazi responses

Take it to the bank: “Ze” and the rest of the clowns in the Rada are no military leaders. Even Ukrainian military commanders are truly of the 3rd class type (all the good ones are either gone or fired). The first concern of the folks in Kiev will be to safely evacuate the western “advisors” from the area of operations and then to hide themselves and their money. For all the running around in battle fatigue and for all the hot air about super weapons, the Ukrainian military won’t continue to exist as an organized fighting force for longer than 48 hours. As I mentioned above, Russia can easily impose a no-fly zone, not only over the LDNR, but even over the entire eastern Ukraine. Russia can also basically switch off the power in the entire country. There is a very good reason why Putin declared in 2018 that any Ukrainian serious attack or provocation “will have very serious consequences for the Ukrainian statehood as a whole”.

Yet it would be extremely dangerous to simply dismiss the Ukronazi potential for creating some real headaches for Moscow. How?

For example, I would not put it past the Ukrainians to threaten an attack against the Operational Group of Russian Forces (OGRF) in Transnistria. This is a small force, far away from Russia, surrounded by hostile neighbors. Keep in mind that Tiraspol is about 600km west from Donetsk! Not only that, but if Moldova is not a member of NATO, Romania is. As for the current President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, she is both Romanian and deeply anti-Russian. But while all this is true, I think that it is also important to keep another factoid in mind: Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is only about 300km away from the Crimean Peninsula. This places all of Moldova well within reach of Russian standoff weapons and rapid reaction mobile forces. For the Moldovans, any notion of attacking the OGRF in Transnistria would be really crazy, but for a desperate Ukronazi regime in Kiev this might be preferable to a defeat against Russia.

Of course, the Ukronazi regime in Kiev really has no agency, ever since the “revolution of dignity”. All the decisions about the Ukraine are made by Uncle Shmuel and his minions in Kiev. So the question we should be asking would be: would anybody put it past the Neocon crazies in the White House to egg on the Ukronazi regime in Kiev to further widen the conflict and force Russia to also intervene in Transnistria?

Some commentators in the West, and a few in Russia, have suggested that the “Biden” plan (assuming there is such a thing) would be to trigger simultaneous crises in different locations all around Russia: the Donbass, but also the Black Sea and/or Sea of Azov, Georgia, Belarus, Transnistria, Armenia, etc. The Empire might also decide to come back to Hillary Clinton’s plan to place a no-fly zone over Russian forces in Syria. I am not so sure that this is the major threat for Russia right now. For example, there is a good reason why Russia is split into military districts: in case of war, each military district becomes an independent front which can fight autonomously, support other fronts and be supported by the strategic capabilities of the Russian military. In other words, the Russian military can handle several major and simultaneous crises or even conflicts in her neighboring states. As for Hillary’s no fly zone over Syria, considering the undeniable reality that all of CENTCOM bases are under a double crosshair (the one from Iran and the one from Russia), it is unlikely that the US would try such a dangerous move.

I am acutely aware of the fact that the anti-Putin propagandists are trying to convince us that Russia and Israel are in cahoots or that Putin is Netanyahu’s best buddy. I already addressed this nonsense several times (see here, here, here, here and here) so I won’t repeat it all here. I will just say that a) Russian air defenses in Syria are tasked with the defense of the Russian task force in Syria, not the Syrian air space b) Syrian air defenses are doing a superb job shooting down Israeli missiles. These Syrian air defenses are forcing the Israelis to attack less defended and, therefore, also less valuable targets (say like a border post between Syria and Iran) c) there are now numerous reported instances of Russian Aerospace Forces driving Israeli aircraft out of the Syrian air space and, last but not least, d) the Israeli strikes are undeniably good for Israeli morale and propaganda purposes (the “invincible” IDF!), but the point is that they make absolutely no difference on the ground. In the near future, I hope to write an analysis showing that these rumors about Russia being sold out to Israel are part of a US PSYOP campaign to weaken Putin at home. Stay tuned.

For these reasons, I believe that the Empire will push the Ukraine towards an open confrontation with Russia, all the while making sure that US/NATO forces remain far away from the action. In fact, from a US/NATO point of view, once Russia officially admits that Russian forces did intervene to stop the Ukrainian assault, the main objective of the attack will have been reached: All of Europe will unanimously blame Russia and Putin for everything. That, in turn, will result in a dramatic deterioration of the security situation in the Ukraine and the rest of eastern Europe. A new “Cold War” (with hot overtones) will become the determining factors in east-west relations. As for NATO, it will reheat the old principle of “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”.

Phase five: the situation after the end of the war

Again, if past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, we can expect the Russians to do many things like they did in the 5 day war (really 3 day only) against NATO-backed Georgia in 08.08.08. For example, irrespective of where exactly the Russian military actually decides to stop (could be along the current line of contact, or it could include a complete liberation of the Donbass from the occupying Ukronazi forces), this will be a short war (long wars are mostly things of the past anyway). The Ukrainian military will be comprehensively destroyed but the Russian forces will not occupy major Ukrainian cities (just as they stopped short of taking Tbilisi in 08). As one LDNR officer declared in an interview 2015 “the further west we go, the less we are seen as liberators and the more we are seen as occupiers”. He is right, but there is something much more important here too: Russia simply cannot afford to rebuild the quasi totally deindustrialized Ukraine. The propaganda from their curators notwithstanding, the Ukraine is already a failed state, has been one for years already. And there is exactly nothing that Russia needs from this failed state. Absolutely nothing. The absolutely LAST thing Russia needs today is to get bogged down in a simultaneous effort to restore the Ukrainian state and economy while fighting all sorts of Neonazi nationalist insurgencies.

If they try to join the fight, then both Ukrainian Black Sea Fleet and the Ukrainian Air Force will simply vanish, but Russia will not launch any amphibious assaults on the Ukrainian coastline.

There are those who, on moral and historical grounds, want Russia to liberate at the very least the Ukrainian east and the Ukrainian south (the area from Mariupol to Odessa). I categorically disagree. It is all very fine and cute to say “Putin come and restore order”, but the people of the Ukraine must liberate themselves and not expect Russia to liberate them. Opinion polls in Russia show that most Russians are categorically opposed to a war (or a protracted occupation) and I see no signs that the people of the southern Ukraine are desperate to be liberated by the Russian military. This entire notion of Russia disinfecting the Ukraine from the Nazi rot is an ideological construct with no base in reality. Those who still dream of Russian tanks in Kiev or Dnepropetrovsk will be sorely disappointed: it won’t happen.

Thus, I fully expect the Ukrainian state to still exist at the end of this war, albeit a much weaker one. Furthermore, it is quasi certain that should the Ukrainian military attack Novorussia, then Russia would again repeat what she did in 08 and recognize the LDNR republics along with some kind of long term integration program. Civil unrest and even uprisings are likely, not only in the east, but also in the south and west of the Ukraine. Needless to say, the EU and NATO will go absolutely crazy and yet another “curtain” (maybe a “salo curtain”) will yet again split the European continent, much to the delight of the entire Anglosphere. At the end of that process, the Banderastan-like Ukraine will simply break apart into more manageable chunks which will all come under the influence of their more powerful and better organized neighbors.

As for Russia, she will mostly turn away from the West, in total disgust, and continue to develop a multi-polar world with China and the other countries of Zone B.

Conclusion: back from the brink, again?

In truth, all of the above are just my speculations, nobody really knows whether this war will really happen and, if it does, how it will play out. Wars are amongst the most unpredictable events, hence the number of wars lost by the party which initiated them. What I presented above is one possible scenario amongst many more. The last time when a Ukrainian attack appeared to be imminent, all it took was Putin’s words about “very serious consequences for the Ukrainian statehood as a whole” to stop the escalation and convince Kiev not to attack. This time around, the Russians are making no such threats, but that is only because Russians don’t believe in repeating threats anyway.

At this time of writing, there are serious clashes between the VSU (Ukrainian) forces and the LDNR defenders. Both sides are using small arms, grenade launchers and artillery systems. According to one well informed blogger, his sources in Kiev are telling him that:

“A while ago, an order came from the office of the old senile Biden to prepare the VSU for an offensive in the Donbass, but wait for the final go-ahead from the White House. At the same time, this source also said that similar military operations will be conducted in other countries where there are Russian interests, in order to deflect the public attention from the Donbass and weaken any support for the Donbass”.

There are many more such posts on Telegram, including pro-Ukrainian commentators spreading rumors about Russian mercenaries seen near the frontline east of Mariupol. We can already say that the informational battle has begun. Only time will tell whether this battle will turn kinetic or not. But right now it looks like we are “all systems go”.

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  1. It seems almost inevitable now.

    • Agree: Aedib
    • Replies: @VICB3
  2. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    American forces in Ukraine. You watch.

    • Replies: @Max Payne
    , @Carlton Meyer
  3. Notsofast says:

    on the world chess board putin always plays black, while the neocon morons are still trying to figure out how the horsey piece moves. every time they cross the line putin punishes them and takes another piece. i wonder how the rest of nato feels when we contemplate shit canning the f-35 program they were strong armed into, “investing” billions of dollars they don’t have while demanding austerity from their citizens. now that china has emerged victorious in their asymmetric economic war, putin and russia can turn their back on the floundering e.u. and build their economic future with a “partner” that doesn’t seek their destruction. eventually the e.u. will have no choice but to come hat in hand to the russians and chinese.

    • Replies: @Drew
    , @Rich
  4. “…the anti-western patriotic ( no quotes since they really are patriotic) opposition which will have no choice but to fully support a military intervention to save the Donbass.”

    The patriotic and genuine opposition, and its supporters like me, would welcome Russia crushing the Nazi cancer. Because that’s what the invasion would have to do, destroy the Ukranazi coup regime. We wanted Russia to intervene in 2014.

    “…the LDNR forces are much better trained, equipped, commanded and motivated”.

    I seem to remember only a few months ago being told that the Nagorno Karabakh army was strong enough to defeat the Ottoman Azerbaijan Headchopper Alliance because of better training, morale, equipment and terrain on top of that. How did that turn out? The same argument was then repeated about the TPLF in Ethiopia, which also had numbers (an alleged 250000 troops, including senior officers in the Ethiopian army). How did that turn out too? Therefore, without overt and decisive Russian help, I’m not enthusiastic about the prospects of Novorossiyan forces, no matter how well trained and motivated, to fight the Ukranazis to a standstill, let alone defeat them.

    The Ukranazis are faced with flat plains and any number of invasion routes they want to use. They can concentrate forces on one point and when that doesn’t work switch troops to another flank. The defenders have to defend everywhere. They have no natural chokepoints where they can funnel the Ukranazis to destroy them. With only 100 kilometres between the Ukranazi de facto border and Russia any failure means they risk being cut in two.

    Of course the Amerikastani agenda is to make the Ukranazis attack the Donbass and put the Putinist regime in the position of making this choice:

    1. See the Ukranazis roll over the Donbass and a corresponding refugee flood into Russia, quite likely of columns of destitute civilians on foot, with a corresponding massive strengthening of the Ukranazi coup regime and Ukranazistan rushing to join a delighted and emboldened NATO or

    2. Intervene to destroy the Ukranazi coup regime and take the hysterical and furious reactions that will follow. If you look at the likes of professional anti Russian warmonger propagandist Jihadi Julian Röpcke of Bild, every bullet fired by the Donbass armies in reaction to Ukranazi shelling is an intolerable provocation personally ordered by Putin. It’s not as though such people aren’t already laying the ground for the hysterical reaction.

    The former course of action will also all but doom Putin in the elections, while the latter will automatically and finally close down NordStream and hand over the Europeanistani gas market to Amerikastani LPG.

    The Amerikastanis – as many Ukrainians have said – are no allies of Ukraine, just predators. They have no regard for Ukranazistan, which they’ve already looted of most of what can be looted. They’ll sacrifice it without hesitation, because there isn’t much left to steal anyway.

    Therefore an Ukranazi attack is all but certain. A Russian intervention, if Putin wants to retain power, is likely, nor only because of the reaction of Russian people. I believe that if left to his own devices Putin would sacrifice the Donbass without a shot, and that’s why he has neither admitted the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics or even recognised them. Whether he will if the Ukranazis attack is an open question.

    Again, an intervention by Russia does not mean an occupation by Russia. Russian tanks may well have to go to Kiev, but only to make sure that the Ukranazi coup regime is destroyed. That does not mean that they’ll have to stay in Kiev. Go in, do the job, get out. That’s the technique favoured by any intelligent military (a term that obviously excludes Amerikastan) in the 21st century.

  5. My guess would be, in addition to support for the fighters
    1 warnings and subtle but visible actions
    2 long range (semi deniable) interdiction
    3 repeat of 2008 Georgia op (but faster) stopping at LOC
    All completed in a week. West be presented with fait accompli
    and (maybe) chaos in Banderastan

  6. What’s your view of Zelenskii’s position in all this? Would he want, authorise and promote an attack; or would he sit there and preside while the people in the backroom make the decisions; or would he resign in protest?

    Or would he be the trigger by way of his demise from a car bomb which would subsequently be alleged was planted by separatists?

    • Replies: @padre
  7. I can assure you that all of these developments in Ukraine had absolutely nothing to do with Joe Bidet being installed as US president by the ‘usual suspects’. Nothing at all.

    It’s merely a coincidence……

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  8. Max Payne says:

    Nah man. Its Iran. Biden is ripe for making rapid escalatory decisions in a crisis, as his staff insulate him, feed him an alternate reality. They sell it as a larger special operations strike against nuclear sites but creep it to ground operartions without his explicit knowledge.

    I’m not saying all the way to Tehran but enough penetration to change the board in terms of negotiations. Get some use out of those 800+ bases. Yes there will be causalities, its what makes a proper distraction. Gulf, Bibi, even America needs a new graphic distraction… sooner than later.

    A war in Ukraine is not a distraction. Russia and Ukraine can fight a war now and only a small segment of Europe will actually care. Most Euro commoners will hate Russia even if they fought legit no-shit Martians in the defense of Earth. Heck Armenia and Azeribaijan fought a month long war and no one even noticed or cared.

    But when oil prices spike and markets go wild, full cargo vessels with high end goods sink (raise prices) and airline reroutes forcing emergency landings/refuel, ecological disasters (oil fires, the depleted uranium everywhere), communication disruptions…. I’m already distracted thinking about it.

    Lockdowns were a nice little rehearsal, seems like economies can shoot themselves in the foot and still keep soldiering on. Literally a test of what would happen if major segments of the economy just stopped.

    Ukraine…. Russias backyard man. No US force of significance will set foot there. No need. Ukraine is now “just land” and Russia has to maintain a sizeable security force in the region for sometime.

    Good enough by CIA.

    As the saying goes: it was good while it lasted… but lasted longer than it was good.

  9. @Anon

    Thousands of American soldiers have been based in Ukraine for a decade. Here are the newest:

    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
  10. More info on this part please;
    “At the same time, this source also said that similar military operations will be conducted in other countries where there are Russian interests, in order to deflect the public attention from the Donbass”

    It sounds to me like a media war, rather than a real war. As Biden said: “I don’t need you to get elected, but will need you afterwards”. Remember, Biden is a typical used-up crisis actor propped up by a desperate wife.

  11. Will Ukraine’s assault on Donbass be coordinated with the American cyberattack on Russia?

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  12. Alfred says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    We wanted Russia to intervene in 2014.

    That would have been a disaster for Russia. Generations of younger Ukrainians have been told a false version of their own history. Ukraine is a Jew-controlled country – like Israel. Many Ukrainians who are today apathetic would have fought an insurgency-type war against the Russian invaders.

    Much better to let these dimwits suffer under their Jewish-Ukrainian and Jewish-American overlords. Eventually, they will learn. It is a very slow process.

    Last week, all opposition media in Ukraine was stopped. Their version of the KGB is interrogating the leader of their main opposition party. Nothing in the lying media in the West. The US embassy supports these developments.

    UNIAN: SBU confirms interrogation of Medvedchuk in Surkov tapes case

    • Thanks: Robjil, Lucy Lipinska, Rurik
  13. Malla says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    would welcome Russia crushing the Nazi cancer.

    A “nazi cancer” supported by the new leftists in Washington who hate Whitey nationalists at home.
    Reminds me of “British Imperialists” like Anthony Eden and Harold Macmillan loving Comrade Stalin by sending Russian POWs forcibly to the Soviets. Oy vey, whata World. Communists and Imperialists merge all the time.

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  14. idealogus says: • Website

    “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business. “(Michael Ledeen)
    The problem is that for about 10 years America has not thrown any country against the wall. Last one was Muammar al-Gaddafi and then the US contribution was minor.
    In the meantime, many things have happened.
    – Russia, China, Turkey, Venezuela, Iran etc. are more and more defiant
    – Venezuela captured a bunch of American SEAL mercenaries and walked around on TV (the myth of the American soldier Terminator-style is over)
    – in Libya no one listens to the USA
    – Turkey no longer listens to the USA, the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan had the USA as a spectator and Russia as a guarantor of peace
    – Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines swore America in swine style, America was silent shy
    – In Syria, Russia imposed its policy and America lost
    – In Iraq, the parliament voted for the departure of American troops, meanwhile Iranians walk through Iraq like at home
    – Afghanistan is 80% in the hands of the Taliban
    – Europe is talking about its own army
    -Iran, Syria, etc. are no longer afraid to retaliate against the United States military. Iran attacked US military bases after the assassination of Soleimani and the US back in retreat
    – etc .etc. etc.
    Basically the USA “loses face” big time and has to do something else no one will listen to USA. The world is advancing and the USA is left behind. That is why I believe that the USA will try to throw Novorusia (or some other small country) on the wall in order to regain its lost prestige.
    I am Romanian from Romania and I think that the situation in Moldova / Transnistria / Maia Sandu is misrepresented by Saker. The political and economic situation in Moldova is unstable. Maia Sandu must get Moldova’s economy out of the pit. Moldova does not have the money, the technology, the people for a war. And no one in Romania wants that either. Even the faction that wanted to unite Moldova with Romania is silent.
    In Romania there is a saying: “the most powerful Romanian politician is the US ambassador”. So it is possible to have war even though no one wants it.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @Rich
  15. Wally says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Since the original “Nazis” did not do what is alleged you & Saker lose credibility by senselessly using the terms “Ukronazis / Ukranazis”.

  16. Dumbo says: • Website

    What is the problem with these people? Why do they love war so much??? Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, later on Iran…

    Biden is already giving \$125 million for “military aid”… Why??? Why is it the U.S. issue?

    The ELITE loves murder, death and misery, they are controlled by Satan, there is no other explanation…

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Tom Welsh
  17. Schuetze says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Instead of fapping himself to obscene delusions about the Nazi-Jews running Ukraine, while ignoring the Nazi-Jews running Russia, Saker should just call them the Democrat Party of Ukraine. Or Ukro-Democrats if you will. Biden’s democrats are just as owned by jews as Russia and Ukraine are anyway. And we shouldn’t forget that it was the Democrat Party under Roosevelt that saved Russia from the “Nazi Racists”, so in effect Saker’s Judeo-Russia owes its entire existence to the jews who own the Democrat party and Ukraine, and that it was only these “Nazi Racists” fought to the bitter end against these Jewish Oligarchs that own the Democrats, Ukraine and Russia. Then of course we have this:

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened on Thursday, January 23, in the center of Jerusalem, the “Candle of Memory” monument dedicated to the feat of the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War.

    Earlier Thursday, the Russian leader arrived in Israel for Holocaust Remembrance Day. He has already met with the Prime Minister and President of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu and Reuven Rivlin, as well as with the mother of an Israeli woman, Naama Issachar, convicted of smuggling hashish in Russia. After negotiations with Rivlin, Putin called the Holocaust a common tragedy of the two peoples and called for a repeat of this.”

    It all gets so confusing, especially when Saker writes things like this:

    “I am acutely aware of the fact that the anti-Putin propagandists are trying to convince us that Russia and Israel are in cahoots or that Putin is Netanyahu’s best buddy.”

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
  18. GMC says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    This has nothing to do with retaining power for Putin, it’s the survival of Russian Federation and Putin and the Russian leadership/ military has to defend Novo Rossii both militarily and diplomatically. The problem, is that there are No diplomats left for Putin to meet with. lol Pravda.

    As long as we are all playing arm chair Generals.
    Personally, I’d take All of the Ukie military out with/from Russian long range arms, if they advanced on Donbass. It would be nice to have a Russian ally show up in the Black Sea , but that’ll never happen. Definitely, need to make a statement to Nato and the US. Otherwise , this on and off Western backed confrontation, will continue forever, and heavily for the next 4 years. And of course, if the Ukies aren’t stopped, the US will keep arming and training a huge Ukie army – with many more mercs , added. . Sorry to Ukraine, but this isn’t going to end with any uprising from the Ukrainian populace . Donbass was the only ones with any balls – so save them. This situation isn’t going to go away until the Empire and it’s EU puppets implodes. Which would be nice if it happened – tomorrow.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  19. My main Q would be — will Biden want to push it? ie “encourage” a Ukrainian attack.
    As Saker mentions, there are clear benefits. # 1, with a bullet, is the propaganda wins — should Russia be provoked into a “illegal attack” on innocent Ukraine, the Western MSM will have a balloons & cotton candy (fairy floss) field day against Russia.
    Of course, you let the genie out’a the bottle…..? Biden seems like an idiot…. but…. Oh, who am I kidding ? He’s a neo-con sock puppet.

  20. This is an American/NATO operation and has been a long-term objective; part of the push to force a Russian retreat right up to its western frontiers. Having pushed Russia out of the Don Bass NATO can then plonk short and medium range nuclear missiles right on its border. Cities like Rostov-on-Don will be well within range of short range of NATO missiles.

    This is not about Ukraine, it is about Russia. How can Russia, as a sovereign state let this happen? Disregarding the moral aspect of the situation the geopolitical position is such that Russia will be forced to intervene. NATO is not going to be appeased by a diplomatic posturing, the NATO war machine will keep on probing for Russian weaknesses until it is stopped in its tracks.

    So the ball is in Putin’s and Russia’s court. Russian sovereignty is about to undergo a crucial test. I hope they are up to it.

    • Agree: Robjil, By-tor
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Carlos22
  21. “Is the Ukraine on the Brink of War (Again)?”

    no that’s just an in-game screenshot of Escape From Tarkov

  22. this will be a short war

    While your scenario sounds plausible enough, prognoses of short wars, especially short and victorious ones, have been over-optimistic before.

    There is no doubt that the neocons in the West are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian and can maintain or escalate the crisis as needed. The fate of the LDNR matters to its citizens, somewhat to the Russians and Ukrainians but not at all to those who may or may not ‘pull the trigger’, figuratively speaking.

  23. Carlos22 says:

    It’s safe to assume the Ukrainian army are not such a rag tag bunch as they was back in 2014.

    So in order to defend E Ukraine Russia would have to go all in which would be undeniable and lead to all the economic/ international fall out as expected.

    Of course Putin may decide to do the minimum as usual and allow his army to fight one arm behind its back and get completely humiliated as a result.

    No good options for Russia here

    • Replies: @Mellote 22
    , @Jazman
  24. padre says:
    @Marshal Marlow

    Zelensky has no position in this!He is a former comedian!

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  25. Drew says:

    It really is quite amusing that the EU would bet on alliance with the US, especially once the US started shipping off lots of essential manufacturing to China. It makes one wonder what they thought the ROI would be…

  26. Tom Welsh says:

    “Yet, and in spite of all this, the LDNR suffers from a huge weakness: no strategic (or even operational) depth”.

    The exact opposite of Russia. Does that pose any problems for the application of Russian military doctrine and techniques?

    I would imagine not. But Russian standards the whole conflict is hardly more than at the tactical level.

  27. anon[302] • Disclaimer says:
    @Donald Duck

    Why do we treat a cobra or a wolf or hyena or crocodile as a threat ? These animals have no choice They are constitutionally unable to picture a world of coexistence .Every moment is a moment to kill and eat . We can walk away from other predatory or dangerous animals .They also will walk away but not these wolves,hyneas or cobras until and unless they are outmaneuvered or are faced with mortal dangers . America belongs to the category represented by the hyena and the wolf. It is unable to uphold or stick to any agreement or view any sort of compromise as an existential choice .

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  28. Tom Welsh says:

    ‘… the “Biden” plan (assuming there is such a thing)…’

    The oxymoron to end all oxymora. Biden can barely decide to go to the bathroom – although he might need helping actually getting there.

  29. Tom Welsh says:

    “… there are now numerous reported instances of Russian Aerospace Forces driving Israeli aircraft out of the Syrian air space…”

    Some of the best news I have heard all year.

  30. This is basically all posturing.
    Ukr forces have no means of assaulting the entrenched and heavily artillery-supported LDNR lines.
    Its a bit like a WW I situation – anything that shows its nose in the no mans-land will be subject to intensive artillery and anti-tank fires and destroyed.
    A few years ago UKR tried a major push in the northern part of the LDNR enclave with an armored attack heavily supported by artillery and failed utterly – two days later the mayor of Charkow asked the population to bring supplies to the hospitals, sugar, covers, anything, as the volume of wounded and dying was overwhelming.
    There were several lesser attempts, all ending comparably – the lead tank explodes, everyone else takes cover and screams for artillery, the artillery tries to provide support and is counter-batteried to death by dedicaced RU assets.

    The UKR conscripts arent stupid either – nobody wants to die for Ze or for a vague assurance that “their names will be written in golden script on future monuments to Ukrainian freedom”.
    Also, most crazies were consumed in 2015-2016 disasters.

  31. @Alfred

    Ukraine deinitely is controlled by Jews, by which I do not mean that every single Jew in Ukraine is a traitor. (I doubt there are any Slavic oligarks and I suspect that Slavs in the Chabad Lubavitch’s services do not represent the Ukrainian people.) What I find really weird is that folks in Western Europe and USA, who – unlike the Ukrainians – do have access to uncensored info are buying into the myth of Ukraine being governed by “nazis”. But of course, in a time when ignorance reigns supreme any lie can be spred and internalised.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  32. @Schuetze

    I absolutely cringe whenever I hear Putin or Lavrov gleefully say, “We have excellent relations with Israel!”, and then the very same day, they sit back and allow Israel to missile attack Syria. I read what The Saker said about such attacks allegedly being of relatively no consequence, but to the men and women killed in such attacks, and to their loved ones, they were of the greatest consequence.

    As I have said (and posted here) many times, the power of zionism and jewish supremacism ends where men and women of integrity, character and strong moral fiber begin…..

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  33. @padre

    “Zelensky has no position in this! He is a former comedian!”


  34. Russia must send nuclear hypersonic missiles to Cuba and Venezuela.

    Russia must do what the USA are doing, reciprocally.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  35. It’s just like the situation with the USA vis-a-vis Israel: Israel will fight Iran until the last American soldier or dollar.

    The USA will fight LDNR/Russia until the last Ukie and hryvnia.

    When it comes to elite zionism and jewish supremacism, the very costly/bloody shit always runs downhill……..

  36. @anon

    Why are you insulting animals which only kill for eating and not for pleasure or money like men?

    Yes, men especially yankees are worst than any other animal.

    • LOL: Rich
  37. Tom Welsh says:

    “At the end of that process, the Banderastan-like Ukraine will simply break apart into more manageable chunks which will all come under the influence of their more powerful and better organized neighbors”.

    Led by Poland, always voracious when faced by weaker neighbours. Given a chance, I am sure they would still like to restore Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and go on from there.

    There will always be people who believe they are the “master race”, and the Poles are among them.

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
  38. @GMC

    And while they’re at it they should take Odessa and all the coastal areas cutting off Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  39. Schuetze says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    It looks to me like Putin plays his puppet role even better than Trump. Biden is such a pathetic actor they have just decided to keep him highly sedated and clueless.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  40. There are many nations that have defended their citizens abroad, but even without the obvious Hitler references with respect to Putin for the last two decades, were Putin to defend ethnic Rus, or those identifying as Russians in Ukraine, he would only get a comparison to one guy. And sadly, most people would buy it, even though the German people outside of post 1918 Germany really did have a very bad time.

    I have this interesting conundrum being a naturalised British citizen living in London – move back to Moscow, or stay here for the possible MAD – sure London has no defences, and Moscow has ‘some’, but even with Putin’s careful bluster, I put money on Russia acting like Germany at the beginning of WWII and only attacking military targets, whilst the combined west would Holocaust Russia’s cities and ignore Russia’s industrial production – just for the glee factor.

    I still think Russia should declare permanent armed neutrality, and also declare that it would be willing to accept any peoples/regions/nations that would wish to exercise their UN Charter rights to self determine to join under the shield of Russia. Why have laws if you are going to be coy about them?

    • Agree: annamaria
  41. VICB3 says:
    @Eric Zuesse

    Here’s a tell:

    The brigade is deploying to Europe in support of Atlantic Resolve, and will conduct bilateral and multinational training events with more than a dozen NATO allies and partner nations. These exercises build readiness and strengthen relationships between U.S. forces and our allies and partners.

    The aviation brigade consists of approximately 50 UH-60 and HH-60 Black Hawks, 10 CH-47 Chinooks, 25 AH-64 Apaches and 1,800 wheeled vehicles. Only a portion of the brigade’s equipment is being off-loaded in Dunkirk. The rest arrived at the port in Alexandroupoli, Greece in late February. When the port operations are complete, the brigade’s equipment moves to locations across Europe via air, commercial line-haul, and rail. In France, the brigade’s helicopters and personnel are also operating from the airport in Calais, an important logistical hub for the 21st Theater Sustainment Command and for the reception, staging and onward movement of the brigade’s aircraft.

    That’s a lot of stuff. Make of it what you will.

    Just a thought.


  42. Russia cannot afford to loose Donbas. If that would happen than emboldened Nazis would attack Crimea. Crimea would be on the line as next.
    So if Nazis will attack Donbas Russia must destroy the attacking Nazis, and kill all of them to the last man.

    • Agree: GMC
  43. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    You obviously haven’t seen the Ukraine army. It is a shambles and doesn’t stand a chance against the republics. I understand the reasoning of Russia not wanting to openly intervene but personally, I wish they would. This country is an absolute mess with rocketing cost of living. Mass protests and what is left of the TV channels, all owned by Oligarchs spewing countless hours of propaganda. Even Porky gets more airtime than Zelensky.

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
  44. @Carlton Meyer

    Absolutely. Hiding behind the curtains with their mouths shut so as not to give themselves away in mini buses.

    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  45. There are many more such posts on Telegram, including pro-Ukrainian commentators spreading rumors about Russian mercenaries seen near the frontline east of Mariupol.

    Russia is the source of arms for LDNR. That it would also be the source of mercenaries is not surprising.

    What is Russia’s objective for Donbass? Peaceful autonomy as part Ukraine. Absorb it into Russia altogether? That both sides want war rather than a negotiated settlement tells me that there are no “good guys” in that fight. They are all lunatics.

    If I were an ethnic Russian in Donbass I’d simply move across the border into Russia and be done with it.

    P.S. speaking of lunacy, the Ukraine – Russia relationship is as bizarrely incongruous as the U.S. – China relationship. I.e. the U.S. considers China an “enemy” yet does \$600 Billion a year in trade with China. Ukraine considers Russia an enemy yet is heavily dependent on transit fees from Russian pipelines through the country.

    P.P.S. Ukraine is in Europe so a European problem. The U.S. should stay out and let the Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans figure it out.

  46. @Alfred

    There would have been little resistance to Russian intervention in 2014. However the media has been quite successful indoctrinating the masses in recent years. Never the less, any Russian intervention would encounter few obstacles. I wish they would intervene but I know they won’t unless there is a full assault against the republics which would require visible assistance from the west.

  47. Tom Welsh says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones”.

    Of all the nations, the USA is far and away the most vulnerable to attacks on its computer systems and networks.

    They could do some harm to Russia, of course – almost every country is extremely vulnerable to attacks on its computers, as – regardless of theoretical analyses and warnings – leaders never pay attention until a threat has actually materialised and done great damage.

    But the revenge that could descend on the USA if they open that door would be so terrible that informed advisers would never sanction it.

    • Replies: @Marckus
  48. Tom Welsh says:

    “What is the problem with these people? Why do they love war so much???”

    It’s not war that they love so much – it’s money and power. Their attitude to their victims is less one of sadism than of complete unconcern.

    If you built a house, you may destroy untold numbers of ants, worms and other small creatures. The masters of the world care no more about you and me than we do about insects.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  49. Tom Welsh says:

    “The problem is that for about 10 years America has not thrown any country against the wall. Last one was Muammar al-Gaddafi…”

    Syria was meant to be next, but (thanks to Russia) the attack faltered. Without Russia’s intervention it would most likely have succeeded, so we cannot assume that Washington is altogether powerless.

    Nowadays it has learned to operate indirectly through terrorists and other governments, which conveniently gives it the possibility of plausible deniability.

  50. Agent76 says:

    Sep 6, 2020 John Bolton upset Belarus protests did not lead to regime change

    Russia and Belarus are preparing to reopen borders that were closed because of the coronavirus pandemic and are discussing rerouting Belarusian oil exports through Russia, news outlets reported after high-level talks Thursday.

    Jul 7, 2020 IMF PONZI scheme in Ukraine continues. BLM Ponzi scheme boomerang

  51. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is not Ukraine the only country whose government regularly bombs its own people? It keeps shelling Donbass in eastern Ukraine. For the US Biden govt to supply ‘lethal Aid’ to that government seems unbelievably evil. Lethal aid?

    • Agree: annamaria, Robjil
  52. Carlos22 says:
    @Donald Duck

    Much of NATO inc Turkey is up on Russia’s boarder already.

    If they wanted to put nukes there like the Baltic’s they could already.

    It’s more to do with Ukraine being a mini Russia.

    The US using them to influence its bigger neighbour, through soft social and propaganda means to undermine their sovereignty and power.

  53. “Is the Ukraine on the Brink of War (Again)?”

    I hope so for your sake… it will give you something to drone on about.

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
  54. Russia will be in Kiev in 3 days in the event of war.

    • Replies: @Neutral Observer
  55. MLK says:

    The situation is indeed dangerous, though for reasons you essentially ignore. Except for quoting a blogger near the end — “old senile Biden” — you continue to avoid that which is most salient.

    Not to put too fine a point on it but Biden is Yeltsin after his rigged reelection 1996. The Democrats et. al. even tried a variant Yeltsin’s attack on the Duma.

    As I pointed out in realtime, the Navalny set-piece was crafted to delay completion of Nord Stream II until stealing the election from Trump was consummated. Navalny in Germany ensured Putin/Russia kept to the terms of the bargain. The payoffs soon followed, NS2 and fake sanctions on Russians already sanctioned.

    While Biden’s lack of fitness is verboten topic of discussion in the American mainstream media, the White House has publicly acknowledged on more than one occasion that Heel’s Up Harris is conducting calls with foreign leaders in his stead. That’s conditioning the public AND assuring foreign powers in the event of a crisis or incident.

    But the Biden regime is anything but consolidated. After Trump’s supremely deft avoidance of a new war, and his neutralization of the many domestic and foreign collaborative efforts to create a crisis resulting in mass casualties of American service members (e.g. Syria “tripwire”) or their being taken hostage (e.g. Soleimani/Bagdad embassy attack and attempted seizure) in furtherance of sinking his reelection prospects, the Democrats cannot sustain a foreign crisis with a deadly outcome for American personnel.

    The payoffs to foreign powers for participating in/acquiescing to the election steal — allies and adversaries alike all wanted America First Trump gone anyway — have come fast and furious. Russia has every interest in continuing to bank those wins. Ukraine, or more specifically the filth in power there, have also been fully paid off.

    So, yes, while this is a dangerous situation, if it goes according to the plan of all concerned there will be a lot of noise and arm waving but Russia and Ukraine will ensure that the Biden slot machine will continue to be able to pay them off.

  56. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    US is pursuing its old British style formula of using local dupes to do the fighting and dying on its behalf. Much weaponry is being transferred along with instructions on their use but morale can’t be sent and that is probably what’s lacking in your average Ukrainian conscript. What’s in it for them to die fighting to bring back a territory where the populace doesn’t want to be a part of the country anymore? They can send in commandos to do sabotage raids but that hinges on a very small number of motivated gung-ho types but even they will drop off as their missions become more likely to be one-way trips. As in Georgia, some US puppet leader can recklessly unleash an attack and then flee to the west as a brave, freedom loving hero, abandoning his countrymen to the death and wreckage of their policy and getting paid quite well.
    Biden and the other so-called western leaders are sleazy enough to consider how a contained crisis like this could serve to tighten their grips on power. After all, what do they care about a bunch of dead Ukrainians? There’s too many people on the planet and global warming yada yada. Biden’s foreign policy gurus are mediocrities like the rest of the bunch and seem to feel the Russians are too dumb to see what they are doing which is incredibly stupid.

    • Agree: annamaria
  57. Aedib says:

    This time Saker provide us a very accurate and insightful analysis.

  58. Walter says:

    As Saker said, outcomes of wars are very difficult to predict. But it is easy to predict that delusional incompetents do stupid things, like attack Russia.

    My speculation?

    Russian intervention will be seen by the European multitudes as proper and correct. They will fail to accept the western propaganda. This will weaken the control of NATO over those people.

    Another outcome will be that Empire has been seen to lose. That confounds a foundational imperative of Imperial principle – that the Emperor” must never be seen “without clothes”.

    And it is not an outcome that would stop at the beaches of the US…it would undermine the already marginal consent of the people in the US.

    And it will probably happen.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @The Soft Parade
  59. GMC says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Odecca is another brainwashed place – have friends there – totally propagandized. The globalists that own the Ukraine breadbasket, { Monsanto, Cargill , Dupont etc. } would expect the US Navy to save them, because of their export seas port next to Odecca. They need a wake up call and it should be Loud. And Putin’s military, needs to scare the shit out of these guys. SNAFU — C M oo dah chee.

  60. Mr. Hack says:

    This entire notion of Russia disinfecting the Ukraine from the Nazi rot is an ideological construct with no base in reality. Those who still dream of Russian tanks in Kiev or Dnepropetrovsk will be sorely disappointed: it won’t happen.

    Yay, the Banderites will be able to regroup and finally destroy the hated hordes of Gog and Magog of the North. Apocalyptic prophecy will be achieved.

  61. @Desert Fox

    Russia will be in Kiev in 3 days in the event of war.

    The rest of the planet has learned from the arrogant and stupid mistakes of the U.S. related to “regime change”.

    I.e. getting involved in foreign civil wars and trying to pick winners only leads to perpetual insurgency. The last thing the Russians want or need is to overrun Ukraine and then face non-stop asymmetric terrorist attacks and sabotage from the Ukrainian nationalists. Just like what the U.S. experiences in the Middle East quagmires that it has instigated.

    The Russians aren’t totally stupid. They may fund the insurgency in Donbass but they won’t go to war to take Ukraine and have to live with that tar-baby.

    Ukraine is a dystopian nightmare with no “good guys” on either side. They are all lunatics. The U.S. should just stay out.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  62. Marckus says:

    God, what a long drawn out “analysis” 99% of which will turn out, like all things, to be utter bullshit.
    At least we have moved from Giraldi and what to do about Israel, the so called “intelligence of the Chinese” and Ding Dong Ling and his travels to another topic, even if equally boring !

    I guess we will now be getting daily updates from the OSTFRONT !

    I see some people talking about this and that brigade being moved here and there to counter Russian aggression ! This is all tripe for the video game rockers and Nato (or whatever) fentanyl abusers. First of all there are 4-5000 men in a brigade. Roughly 400-500 will actually do any fighting. The rest are all direct support troops. At the first whistle of a rocket/ artillery barrage into the rear area they will pack up a retreat ….back to the US perhaps ?? Those vets who comment on this site will tell you this sort of thing is a sure cure for chronic constipation. There is a standing joke about rear area personnel. They issue them special boots which can MARCH forward and RUN backward…..on the double.

    Then of course there are indirect support personnel. To keep the brigade in the field involves logistics from the manufacturers (in the US ?) to the quartermaster (in some distant field) . Keeping 400-500 men slouching around on the steppe is a very expensive proposition !

    Back to the 400-500 combat troops. Does anyone really expect that these are going to hold back a concentrated Russian assault ? Even at the height of the cold war NATO (and they never publicised this) expected that an invasion from the east would overrun all of Europe in a matter of weeks. Things are going to be different now ?

    The whole article can be boiled down to two lines:

    —When the conscripts from Ukraine attack, they will be destroyed on the defence lines. Putin, crafty as he is will say Russians were attacked and the Kremlin had nothing to do with it. —

    Once this happens a few times the eager young studs from Ukraine will be unwilling to be killed or maimed for some cunt Ukraine President. They will stop coming. That Donetz region is the graveyard of many of Adolph’s elite legions. Even today farmers still plough up, and plough under the bones of soldiers of the Wehrmacht. The Russian General Staff is particularly skilled in operations in this area !

    Of course, failing this, our NATO commanders, including the latest Baboon now head of the Pentagon, will unleash out elite “brigades” of fags, transgenders and undecided queers, all decked out in mini skirts, white boots and hoola hoops and rocking their pregnancy simulators. Logistics will be handled by the Negroes, that is if they all don’t desert in the US and hide out in the Hood.

    Who needs the Ukraine Neo Nazis to bring Vlad to heel. Our shemale grenadiers will advance with the Blitzkrieg to the Kremlin Then finally, we can have world peace and one glorious Fuhrer Kamala, Biden having been exiled to Siberia where the intense cold will have no effect on his already fossilised cranium.

    And we can all live happily ever after knowing that we have finally brought democracy to the world!

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @TheIdiot
  63. Very strange. For the first time ever Avast gives me the following message when I try to open this Saker’s article on UR, repeatedly, but not when I open other pages on UR.

    This site contains deceptive content
    We have detected a variety of phishing items on that might attempt to trick you into installing harmful software on your computer and revealing your sensitive personal information, such as passwords, bank account information, etc. Learn more about “what is phishing and how it works”

    So I access this page using Brave.

  64. annamaria says:
    @Lucy Lipinska

    “the myth of Ukraine being governed by “nazis”.
    — who has been doing the fighting and killing in Ukraine?

    The Kaganate of Nuland is a joint enterprise of Banderites (the “Glory Ukraine” progeny of the fighters with Judeo-Bolsheviks) and the progeny of “holocaust survivors” (see the warmongering clan of Kagans and the ghastly ADL, created in memory of a rapist and murderer Leo Frank). Take note that no one forced Badnerites to proclaim themselves the neo-nazis and to use the corrupted symbols of real Nazis (who belonged to a civilized German race).

    Ukraine is under “strengthening up” by the self-proclaimed neo-nazis. They have been in charge of killing the independent journalists and harassing and murdering the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine. The neo-nazis battalions have been in service to Ziocon Order (the ZUSA). You are right that the commanding positions belong to zionists. The hapless Canadian and west-Ukrainian Banderites have offered themselves to American Judeo-Bolsheviks. The holobiz squealers have cordially embraced the crooked followers of Nazism.

    Actually, Germans despised Banderites for obvious reasons.

    There are no words to describe in just a few sentences the crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis against the Poles in 1939-1947. The hatred that fuelled the killers, who would use such horrible methods to kill their victims, does not fit into human understanding.

  65. @Schuetze

    “Biden is such a pathetic actor they have just decided to keep him highly sedated and clueless.”

    Agree 100% as to the highly sedated part. Being an extreme danger to himself and others, it’s warranted.

    As to being kept ‘clueless’, having (unfortunately) witnessed Joe Bidet haunting the dummocrappic scene for decades, I can absolutely assure you, my dear Schuetze, that the Bidet has always been utterly clueless, and needs no assistance in those regards whatsoever……

  66. Marckus says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Everyone loves a good fight…as long as someone else does the fighting and the bleeding.

    Example: Two blacks are contracted to beat the shit out of each other, while the spectators watch and cheer. However, while few in the audience have never been in a fight, they urge on the pugilists with their “expert” advice, shouts, admonitions etc

    We hear barfly commentary like “Bulldog Bubba should have used an uppercut instead of a jab”. The amateurs giving 20/20 advice to a professional fighter who got knocked the fuck out. Too bad he did not listen to them as his opponent Crusher LeChar tried to connect Bubba’s ribs with his collarbone.

    Later, as Bubba leaves the fight in an ambulance headed for the hospital, the provocateurs leave in their limos for the disco. Bubba has become a bore, losers generally are. They have had their time in the spotlight and its time to move on.

    Does social behaviour change the higher up we climb the social ladder. Does it change with the number of people involved ? These profound questions can be answered simply and in one second.

    The answer is NO ! The fuckers in Washington are no different to the spectators in any Vegas stadium.

  67. bayviking says:

    The Soviet Union ruled the Warsaw Pact with a heavy hand. Russia invaded Hungary in 1956 crushing any hope of independence. They also invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, eventually installing half a million troops. Carter’s national security advisor, Zbignew Brezinski, was a Pollack who hated the Russians. He conceived of using Afghanistan and the Ukraine to cripple Russian power. Thanks to neocons like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Victoria Nuland and others, many of Brezinski’s hair-brained schemes have been realized. Meanwhile, Russia changed during the tenure of Gorbachev, who among other things, tore down the Berlin wall. This never changed the attitude of neocons who seek the same kind of domination over the planet earth that Russia enforced over Warsaw Pak nations or those who hate and fear Russia. But, these foolish moves have demonstrated the limitations of US power and wasted better opportunities for Americans. Sticking our noses in Afghanistan and the Ukraine have accomplished nothing for the local populations and just made the USA substantially weaker.

  68. annamaria says:

    “Russia must do what the USA are doing, reciprocally.”

    — The Russian Federation has been using time wisely; see the last 20 years. The US has been deteriorating morally and economically. The only factor that saves the rotten country is the role of the empty US\$ in the financial system worldwide. If a transition to another currency were less cumbersome, the US would collapse already. The parasites of all sorts have hollowed the ZUSA. What is left is a shell of a state and some 1000 military bases abroad, filled with murderous mercenaries.

  69. @GMC

    Russia may need to take the coastline of Ukraine and keep it, because the alternative is likely a US Navy base right there.

    Russia might try to destroy only federal government buildings, military bases or garrisons, and TV/radio stations in and around Kiev — then give food supplies to Ukrainian civilians on the way out of the capital.

    Leave alone the oblasts of central and western Ukraine where a solid to overwhelming majority polls against alliance or political / economic union with Russia.

    Offer peace, Russian Federation citizenship, and jobs to the Ukrainian soldiers (and their wives and children). But don’t give up southern and eastern ukraine, especially the coastline. The liars and crooks ruling “my” country, the USA, cannot be trusted not to install a sizeable permanent force on the Ukrainian coast. Russia is not obligated to sit and wait as they are further encircled. Ukraine, especially its coast, cannot be allowed to serve as the staging point for an eventual invasion of Russia, or a blockade of the waters around Russia.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  70. @Marckus

    Sorry that is exaggeration. Usual ratio is four to one. One fighting man requires four support personal.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Philip Owen
    , @Marckus
  71. Patricus says:

    “Ukronazis”? What do the Ukranians have to do with the 1930s German National Socialists? I’m aware many WW II Ukranians were allied with Germans because they hated Soviets more than Nazis. They had good reasons to despise the Soviets. What does modern Ukraine have in common with WWII Nazis? It’s a pretty stupid term and demonstrates the author is not capable of objectivity.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  72. Erik83 says:

    Funny, when it was the forces of Artsakh/NKR vs the combined azerbaijani/Syrian mercenary/turkish special forces, the saker wasn’t so concerned. Instead talking about territorial integrity of azerbaijan. Last I checked the Donbas is considered part of Ukraine by the international community including Russia. What a hypocrite.

    • Replies: @Ralphinlondon
  73. @Neutral Observer

    The ZUS is already in the Ukraine, that is the problem.

  74. nickels says:

    Putin will step aside and let Biden do as he pleases in Ukraine.
    Putin still has high hopes of Epstein Island 2.0 off the coast of Abkhazia, in fact, it is likely that Epstein is there now.
    Putin has shown himself to be a master of pretending to resist the Satanic West cabal, all the while taking his marching orders from Bibi and helping to install the NWO just like the rest of them.

  75. @Carlos22

    Nonsense. The Ukrainian Army had the best chance in 2014 when it all started. They were facing small, poorly armed resistance force and some volunteers from Russia. That didn”t end up well for them. Today, they are facing well equipped, well trained, motivated army defending their land and their families. I can guarantee, motivation for another war among conscripts in Ukraine is very low.

  76. Rich says:

    1. Russia, China, Turkey , Venezuela and Iran can pretend to be as defiant as they want, but nothing comes of it.
    2. The US is actually a big supporter of Azerbaijan and American companies are all over the country.
    3. In Syria the US controls the most valuable real estate and its ally Israel is still bombing targets inside Syria.
    3. Iraq’s parliament votes, the US does what it wants.
    4. The Taliban controls only the bush, no major population centers and only comes out of its caves for terror attacks.
    5. European states already have their own armies and would have to be forced out of NATO at gunpoint.
    6. Syria is propped up by Russia and will collapse the day Putin decides to withdraw. The Iranians are begging for the US to return to negotiations

    Wishful thinking by you. Sorry.

    * I didn’t mention dutarte because what’s the point? Dutarte? Come on.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  77. Schuetze says:

    Et tu, España?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  78. @Patricus

    That’s why we call him The Faker.
    Lots of BS, rhetoric, polemics and fakery.
    Not a real analyst, just a FAKE.

  79. Alfred says:

    Usual ratio is four to one

    Maybe in the Russian army. In the US army, it is more like ten to one.

    When you break it down, about one out of every 10 soldiers in the military — 10% overall — actually go to combat and have to fire their weapons.

    What percentage of soldiers see combat?

  80. Rurik says:


    is ZOG

    waiting very patiently for its prey to come into striking distance.

    Putin’s Russia is a replay of Hitler’s Germany. Because they have to have a pretext!

    So they ‘rope a dope’ their prey into the ‘first act of aggression’. With Hitler they used Danzig, and outrages perpetrated against ethnic Germans, in an overt attempt to get Germany to respond. Hitler tried every diplomatic channel available to him, basically begging the world for a corridor into Danzig to protect the Germans living there (in a German city), from atrocities committed upon them by Polish goons. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Today it’s Ukrainian goons attacking ethnic Russians, in a replay of the ‘rope a dope’ scenario, in order to provoke Putin into a response that can be twisted to look like an aggression.

    Biden’s cabinet today are full-on Zio-war pigs. And as everyone knows, today’s Zio-war pigs hate Putin with a murderous, psychotic hysteria.

    Not only did he sentence one of their own (Khodorkovsky) to hard labor, (another Holocaust), but he also saved Syria from being carved up and feasted upon by Israel. For this, he is in the center of their crosshairs.

    And not just Syria, but also for being a white Christian leader and statesman who’s not doing all he can to destroy his nation’s prospects, and is even bolstering the Russian people’s self esteem and general happiness.

    For this, the tribe is roiling. And beyond murderous.

    So, I’ve said it before, Putin holds the cards to defang the zio-snake, but because of Russian uber-nationalists, (tragically) he can’t do that.

    I just hope he doesn’t blunder into their ‘rope a dope’ in Donbas, and perhaps just sacrifices the region to ZOG. Allow the Russians there to move to Crimea, or some sanctuary some place.

    It would be better than an all out war between Russia and NATO. Fought on Russian and European soil, and grinding up untold thousands or even millions of white Christians in a carnal house of death, that would make all Jewish supremacists beyond ecstatic.

    Let’s not give them that pleasure.

    • Agree: Robjil, Kolya Krassotkin
    • Thanks: annamaria
  81. Rurik says:

    6. Syria is propped up by Russia and will collapse the day Putin decides to withdraw.

    wow Rich

    for a ZUSA! chest-thumping imbecile, you did just put your finger on the central issue

    I guess even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.. a broken clock is right twice a day…

    • Replies: @Rich
  82. annamaria says:

    “Ukrainians … hated Soviets more than Nazis.”

    — Actually, they hated a very specific segment of the Soviet apparatus. See Lazar Kaganovich of Holodomor fame and Philipp Goloschyokin (Shaya Itsikovich). There was a genocidal famine in Kazakhstan that was named after Shaya Itsikovich – the so-called “Goloshchyokinn Genocide,” which killed between 1 and 3 million people. 38% of all Kazakhs died:

    Shaya was also instrumental in murdering the Romanov family, including children.

    You also need to know that Banderites are the self-proclaimed neo-nazis.

    This is, by the way, a” Judeo-Bolshevik” rifle (provided by the Jewish State) in the hands of a self-proclaimed neo-nazi instructor:

    Right Sector:

    Of course, the Banderites are intellectually light years away from the German Nazis

  83. @Ukraine Tiger

    Most Americans would be shocked at the billions of taxpayers dollars spent fomenting trouble for this non-NATO member. A search for “Ukraine” at the US Army website turns up 723 articles about US military involvement in Ukraine. Browse through them to see the extensive American involvement and anti-Russian propaganda.

    One article notes:

    YAVORIV, Ukraine – The relationship between the California National Guard and Ukraine is only two years younger than modern Ukraine. Their State Partnership Program began in 1993 with some of the original partnerships that were initiated following the collapse of the Soviet Union, explained California Army National Guard Commander Maj. Gen. Lawrence Haskins.

    Yes, soon after the Soviet Union disbanded in 1990 (it didn’t collapse) the USA began eyeing Ukraine to add to the American empire and began sending soldiers there in 1993! And this is just Ukraine. The empire did the same in a dozen other nations freed from the Soviets only become American vassal states.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @annamaria
  84. Rich says:

    I’m not thumping my chest and when they make me emperor I’ll bring the legions home, but facts are facts. The US still controls the seas, still dominates the world militarily. The Russians are on their heels fighting for land that they owned 30 years ago, their ally Syria still getting bombed by Israel. China can’t even get Taiwan back and its troops occasionally get beaten up by Indian troops for crying out loud. I prefer a Ron Paul style foreign policy, but I’ve got eyes and can see the world clearly.

    • LOL: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Rurik
  85. @Tom Welsh

    I would have to disagree because what good are “money and power” when their kingdoms are reduced to a pile of rubble (which is clearly where they are headed)?

    As I see it, Western rulers do what they do because they’re evil; i.e. they’re demon-possessed devil-worshiping madmen, and it is the inherent nature of such evil to destroy itself and anything and everything it can take with it, and this is what we see happening.

  86. annamaria says:

    Dear Rurik, am I the only one thinking that, thanks to modern technology, the ‘deciders” and their families have become reachable?
    The Damocles sword is rising.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  87. Schuetze says:

    “Putin’s Russia is a replay of Hitler’s Germany. ”

    But Saker tells us that it is Ukraine that is “a replay of Hitler’s Germany.“! Could it not be that Putin is playing the role of Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły, provoking Ukraine, where Crimea is the equivalent to Danzig? Arguably Ukraine has a better claim to Crimea than Germany did to Danzig. Putin even violated international law by building this Kerch Bridge to occupied Ukrainian territory. This is what Saker is trying to confuse us with anyway with his never ending cursing of “Nazi”.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Seraphim
    , @annamaria
  88. @Walter

    Yet the most intelligent analysis posted on how

    “ Russian intervention will be seen by . . . .”

    The hyenas will be running moves on belief that Putin has not made his decision. He has.

    Note to Saker. This article succeeds by telling us what Russia is not, rather than attempting to tell us who the Empire is. Go with what you know.

  89. bebebe says:

    US and its allies should proactively initiate the recognition and officially recognize the political sovereignty and independence for all 22 (or possibly any other number) of the Russian federal units in their existing borders and to recognize their current leaders as the heads of states until the first democratic elections are organized. This is because any call upon the current oligarchical, oppressing government in Moscow i.e., the oligarchy in the Kremlin to voluntarily release peoples from the clutches of occupation and dictatorship would certainly go unheeded. Any further cooperation with Russians would be conducted exclusively through governments of the new independent states. All other countries of the world shall be compelled to follow suit lest all their ties with the democratic world be cut. Today, Russia stands alone with no friends, no allies, not even vassals (the relation that Russian trolls often attribute to the inter- western fellowship). Therefore, any conceivable attempted Russian retaliation would be a nonstarter and it would attract exactly zero following in the world. Russia is no more than its nuclear bombs, economically, culturally, scientifically…Russia is zero! Furthermore, the Russian oligarchic “elites”, political and otherwise should be subsequently tried for war (and all other) crimes committed in the post-soviet era like those in Chechnya, Ukraine, Syria, Georgia etc.
    P.S. Russia will finally be able to taste its own medicine, one that it perniciously applied in different places since the dismemberment of the USSR and especially in the Balkans where it fully cooperated with the western “partners” while arming the fascists and breaking the country apart with a sickening zeal. After all, the current Russian predicament is 100% the result of its own policies of backstabbing and treachery, and no one’s else. It’s time to reap the rewards!

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @annamaria
    , @voicum
  90. @Malla

    Anyone who calls Biden and his yeshiva ‘Leftists’ is a suitable case for treatment.

  91. @Schuetze

    ‘ …the Holocaust a common tragedy of the two peoples…’, means that ALL Lives Matter. Not just Jewish but Soviet as well, and, by inference, Chinese, Palestinian, Native American, Armenian etc, etc, etc. The Holocaust Religion hoist on its own petard.

  92. @Rurik

    I agree with you most of the time, Rurik, but this time your missive has me perplexed. And I’m not entirely sure if I am reading you right. I hope you respond and straighten me out if I’m wrong.

    1) You say Putin is holding the cards, but is being “tragically” stopped “because of Russian uber-nationalists.” How so? And what do the uber-nationalists want him to do? And, if they are stopping Putin from doing what he wants, then he doesn’t hold the cards in the first place. BTW, what is Putin’s plan to “defang the zio-state”?

    2) Are you really suggesting that Putin give up on the Donbass, “sacrificing the region to ZOG,” after spending so much blood and treasure preventing West Ukraine from taking over the East, ever since the US-directed bloody 2014 junta? How could Putin survive such a betrayal, allowing the decadent West to grab even more territory on Russia’s southern flank?

    3) If all of the ethnic Russians in the Donbass moved to Crimea for sanctuary, it would be isolated without a land bridge to Russia, won’t it? Would it not be the next US target of opportunity, which all of Washington believes was illegally annexed by Russia in the first place?

    4) If Putin chooses appeasement in order to avoid a war with the West’s dying global empire, (a war Russia should win), won’t he go down in Russian history as a traitor and a coward? The insane Washington Ziocons, nominally led by a pathetic senile idiot, will never stop unless they are soundly defeated.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  93. @Commentator Mike

    The thought of Odessa, home of so many fantastic musicians, in the hands of the Ukronazi orcs, and the massacre of 80 demonstrators by said orcs uncommemorated, is nauseating.

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  94. whipping up war fever is how the insurgents maintain control of the local population. Zakharchenko did it constantly. The new regime of anonymous muscovites now finds it necessary to go through the cycle again.

    • Replies: @Ralphinlondon
  95. TheIdiot says:

    quite funny but still accurate, it is a difficult one, if not rhetorical

    if RF doesn’t get involved it will be itself partitioned, like Poland

    if it does go in, it will have to take all of the left bank in the East

    and will have to go all the way to Odessa in the South

  96. Ooh! Ooh! You said “the Ukraine”.

    Millions of Ukrainians, not to mention John Derbyshire, will be on your case now.

    Not that speakers of an article-free language have any business critiquing ours.

  97. @Carlton Meyer

    “Yes, soon after the Soviet Union disbanded in 1990 (it didn’t collapse)”. Sure.

  98. Rurik says:

    If you mean reachable in the way I’d like to think, then I sincerely hope so Annamaria.

  99. Dayglowd says:

    Good for the Nazis. What would Saker do without them?
    Just like all Russian ex-pats Saker knows which side his bread is buttered on!
    Living in Florida he is compelled to please his Jewish neighbours by mentioning the ‘N’ word as often as he can possibly shove it in.
    Unfortunately Saker has zero understanding of why the National Socialist party was so successful.
    Do wish Saker did some proper research on the National Socialists rather than just swallow all the Jewish misinformation on them he so readily consumes.
    Gullible is the word that comes to mind when thinking about Saker.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @annamaria
  100. Dayglowd says:

    War is best fought without fighting. If your enemy is busy destroying himself, why lift a finger to prevent him from doing so.
    Having queers, transgenders and other weirdos in your military together with a high number of black cowards (murderers/rapists) run by people whose loyalty is actually to manufacturers like Raytheon, like the current US top military advisor to the US president, is a much more effective way of ensuring defeat.
    Russia does not need to fight.
    Is the Donbass worth defending? Does Russia need a few extra coal mines? If the Russian population is living in the Donbass it is their choice to live there, not Russia’s.
    Quite simply there is no point or need for Russia to go to war in any part of the Ukraine. Thus they won’t.
    This is just Saker making a mountain out of a molehill.
    End of.

    • Disagree: RadicalCenter
  101. Rich says:

    Russia allows Israel to bomb Syria whenever they choose. The US holds valuable Syrian oil fields. Do you think the US would allow Syria to bomb Israel or hold Israeli territory? If you wanted your country to remain sovereign, which ally would you choose?

  102. annamaria says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Real men talking about the obnoxious “paper pussycat” devoid of decency and deeply demoralized:

    The “peace-living” NATO is the primal criminal and murderous organization of the modern world:

    The United States and its allies have dropped at least 326,000 bombs and missiles on countries in the greater Middle East/ North Africa region since 2001. … The total amounts to an average of 46 bombs dropped per day over the last 20 years.

    The ZUSA idiots still believe that there will be no repercussions for their children and grandchildren.

  103. Rurik says:

    provoking Ukraine, where Crimea is the equivalent to Danzig?

    I wouldn’t characterize it in that way, Schuetze. I don’t think Putin would have even considered annexing Crimea, had not ZOG fomented an anti-Russian coup in Ukraine. Which, I believe was in response to Putin’s refusal to go along with sanctions and war resolutions against Syria.

    Danzig was a German city carved off of Germany by the treachery of the Versailles Treaty. Crimea, on the other hand, has been a land of great upheavals and population instability. From Tartars, who used Crimea as a staging ground to raid Russian villages for white, Christian slaves to sell to the Ottomans, to modern Crimea, where the inhabitants are very happy indeed to be aligned with mother Russia. So I wouldn’t say Crimea is anything like Danzig, except insofar as they’re both entities that the world’s Zionists and J-supremacists have used to foment hatred and destabilizations and war, which is their calling card.

    This is what Saker is trying to confuse us with anyway with his never ending cursing of “Nazi”.

    I wince when I read him call Ukrainians UkroNazis. If for no other reason, than it is provocative, and that’s the last thing this conflict needs, is more provocations.

    What it needs, is a de-escalation. And I bet that is what Putin is trying very hard to do.

    The people of Ukraine seem to me to be some of the most tragic people ever. They suffered unimaginable horrors in the last century, and were betrayed by everyone. Jewish supremacists genocided the best of them in the 1930s, and now sit upon Ukraine as its undisputed master.

    That some of the ultra-nationalists are too stupid to see that Putin’s Russia is the only sane alternative to ZOG, is sad and tragic. Even worse, they take their orders from Jewish supremacist scum like Ihor Kolomoyskyi. But then the ultra-nationalist Russians are too stupid to see that no Ukrainian on this planet, should consider the Soviet horrors and genocide as anything but more aggression upon their ancient and sacred lands.

    All people are entitled to self-determination, and it’s beyond tragic that geopolitical exigencies have made Ukrainian self-determination a desperate dream. They’re like the Kurds, and are pawns to powerful nation’s whims, who use them like dogs, and then kick them when they’re done.

    What I’d like to see is for Russia to repudiate the Soviet era, not just for the benefit of Russia-Ukraine relations, but for Russia and all former satellite state relations. And it wouldn’t cost Russia a dime, only the bruised vanity of some ultra-nationalist Russians.

    I’m an American. I’m not personally involved with any of those provincial or parochial grievances from any side. I just can’t stand to see more war and strife, all manipulated by the usual suspects, and I don’t have to be a Russian or Ukrainian to know how sinister and evil those people are.

    It isn’t me for or against Russia or Ukraine, it’s me against Max Boot and the Kagan cabal.

    I only wish it were me and Russia and Ukraine and the rest of the planets people vs. Max Boot and Kolomoyski and Nuland and all the other war pigs and tribal supremacists most foul.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  104. anon[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Ukraine provided millions of soldiers for the Red Army and only a few piffling thousands were involved with the German invaders so this tarring of them as a bunch of nazis is wrong. The Banderites also attacked and killed Polish residents and were engaged in warfare against Polish armed groups within Ukraine. Also, anything having to do with Russia inevitably always brings in references to Stalin as though he were still around. Has anything else taken place in the last seventy-five years?

  105. Seraphim says:

    Ukraine has not any better claim over Crimea. It was taken by the Russians from the Tartars, vassals of the Ottoman Empire when Eastern ‘Ukraine’ was Russian territory and Western ‘Ukraine’ Polish. Zionists wanted to create a Jewish dominated German protectorate in the ‘Pale’ with the help of the Germans in WW1. They were speaking “a popular German dialect” and therefore ‘the influence of Jewry in foreign lands would accrue to the benefit of Germany…”. The Poles stood in the way. But they turned to the Soviets and ask for their help to create a ‘Jewish Soviet Republic’ in Crimea and ‘Ukraine’, with the help of Americans also. Stalin stood in their way. Khrushchev gift of Crimea to ‘Ukraine’ was a new attempt to revive the dream. They want again to harness the help of Germany, that’s why they forgot anything about what the Nazis have done to them. But it is hard to go against the ‘Holocaust’. Ukraine had ‘no legislation covering the restitution of private property’ and compensations for ‘survivors’.

  106. annamaria says:

    Either you don’t like to read alternative media and prefer MSM instead or you are a propagandist for the ZUSA.
    Banderites are the self-proclaimed neo-nazis.
    Crimea had been in Russian possessions for centuries before the Ukraine-born Khrushchev gifted it to Ukraine in violation of the USSR Constitution.
    Do your homework before attacking decent people.

    “Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine:” Azov Battalion online propaganda shows Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles in the fascist group’s hands… … the Israeli defense ministry’s arms export agency says they are “careful to grant licenses” to arms exporters “in full coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government entities.”

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  107. Robjil says:

    Furthermore, the Russian oligarchic “elites”, political and otherwise should be subsequently tried for war (and all other) crimes committed in the post-soviet era like those in Chechnya, Ukraine, Syria, Georgia etc.

    None of these places had any crimes from Russia. In every one of the places, the Zion Empire committed crimes against humanity.

    If Russia did not intervene in Syria, Syria would be like Libya. It is still not free of the Zion Empire since Turkey, USA and Israel will not leave the eastern part.

    Chechnya is doing great now after the US/Israeli Jihadis were kicked out.

    Ukraine’ s problem started with the Zion USA coup in 2014. The Zion empire swallowed Ukraine on 2.22.2014. Crimea and Donbass did not want to be part of the Zion empire. Who would? Do you read the “free” Zion press in our the Zion empire? What type of “freedoms” do we have now in speech? The few places that we do have it is here on this site.

    Georgia’s problems are because of Zion empire too. The South Ossetians in Georgia wanted the same freedoms as the North Ossetians have in Russia. The same thing with Abkazia. They wanted to be free to practice their culture like all ethnic groups in Russia are allowed to do so. Both these regions were given to Georgia during the Soviet times.

    • Agree: Rurik, Alfred
  108. annamaria says:

    Tell us more about the Balkans.
    Here are the facts that make a big hole in your adoration of the ZUSA and the ZUSA-sponsored “democracy on the march.”
    “NATO use of depleted uranium in bombing Yugoslavia was ecocide on a planetary scale:”

    Almost 20 years have passed since 1999, and we have only started fighting for the truth … Back in 2000, it was already clear to me that it was not just an environmental disaster, but an ecocide not even of a regional, but of a planetary scale. The bombings were carried out absolutely deliberately, and pursued certain goals. Kosovo is a geographical phenomenon, as rivers originating in this region flow into three seas – the Aegean, the Black and the Adriatic seas. Therefore, NATO used depleted uranium to bomb a small region, but managed to contaminate three seas. Those seas are connected to oceans, so it is evident that the pollution was of a planetary scale.

    “Key US Ally Indicted for Organ Trade Murder Scheme:”

    When President Clinton dropped 23,000 bombs on what was left of Yugoslavia in 1999 and NATO invaded and occupied the Yugoslav province of Kosovo, U.S. officials presented the war to the American public as a “humanitarian intervention” … That narrative has been unraveling piece by piece ever since.

    In 2008 an international prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, accused U.S.-backed Prime Minister Hashim Thaci of Kosovo of using the US bombing campaign as cover to murder hundreds of people to sell their internal organs on the international transplant market. Del Ponte’s charges seemed almost too ghoulish to be true. But on June 24th, Thaci, now President of Kosovo, and nine other former leaders of the CIA-backed Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA,) were finally indicted for these 20-year-old crimes by a special war crimes court at The Hague.

    • Agree: Robjil
  109. Yevgeny Zhilin, Pavel Dremov, Alexander Bednov, Arsen Pavlov, Mikhail Tolstykh…

    Look back to see the future.

  110. Rurik says:

    I’m not thumping my chest

    and then you go on to bleat about how the ZUS! is so strong and powerful, blah, blah..

    and how everyone else (but Israel) is a loser and weak.

    You don’t sound a bit like Ron Paul.

    You sound more like Sean Hannity or Tom Cotton, to be honest. And trust me, that isn’t good.

    If Russia wanted to, it could end the conversation very quickly, and if the alternative would be a Libya-type of dystopian hell on earth for several generations to come, with ZOG killing and torturing the best of the Russian people, (like it did for seventy years) while sending Russian children to every pedophile with some shekels to spend , then who could blame Russia for just saying ‘fuck it’, it’s time for a global reset.

    • Replies: @Rich
  111. Rurik says:

    You say Putin is holding the cards, but is being “tragically” stopped “because of Russian uber-nationalists.” How so?

    Putin could emasculate (defang) the zio-war pigs, who’re using the fault lines over lingering WWII and Soviet era hostiles between Russia and the former satellite states, by repudiating Soviet imperialism, and telling Eastern Europe that Russia will help them tear down the hated monuments to Soviet slavery and the Red Army rapists that still profane their sacred soil.

    But he can’t do that, because there are too many versions of Rich in Russia, who demand that Russia was the great liberator during WWII. A preposterous absurdity, but telling themselves that puffs up their nationalist pride and vanity.

    2) Are you really suggesting that Putin give up on the Donbass

    I know how unpopular that would be, but the way I see it, would be like going back in time, and telling Herr Hitler that ZOG is waiting like a rattlesnake, for Germany to invade Poland.

    I think that in hindsight, it would have been better for Hitler to sacrifice (as hard as that would have been), the Germans of Danzig to their Polish tormentors, if it would have ultimately prevented the war.

    If all of the ethnic Russians in the Donbass moved to Crimea

    I don’t know if Crimea is the best place. I’m not in any kind of position to know how to mollify the hatreds and killings, but I do know the nature of the fiend that is fomenting all of that hatred and death. And anything that could be done to thwart the Satanic agenda of these psychotic supremacists, would be a good thing, IMHO.

    If Putin chooses appeasement in order to avoid a war with the West’s dying global empire, (a war Russia should win), won’t he go down in Russian history as a traitor and a coward? The insane Washington Ziocons, nominally led by a pathetic senile idiot, will never stop unless they are soundly defeated.

    Well follyofwar, you’ve just spelled out the conundrum right there.

    Just as with Danzig, they’re using Donbas. In war, they wound one of your soldiers out in the open, and then when other soldiers go to help him, they kill them. Like that scene in Full Metal Jacket.

    Danzig, and now Donbas, are like the wounded soldier, that they keep shooting in the leg and torturing, in order to get his comrades to come to his aid, so they can kill more of them.

    The humane thing to do is to come to the aid of your comrade, but then there’s an enemy with a sniper rifle (NATO) trained on the spot waiting for you, so what do you do?

  112. @Erik83

    Erik, what part of self-determination & democratic right regarding the Donbass people in the 2 independent republics, are you too f***ing stupid to understand? It has similar parallels with the formation of the usa and its grievances with britain back then. NOBODY in the internatiuonal community has got ANY right to question them and their choice, especially when the kiev regime, on the orders of their satanic masters from DC, attacked especially civilians and murdered them, and wants to continue to do so.

    The satanic West has no legitimacy.

    And yes, I do know people in the DPR.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Thanks: GMC
  113. annamaria says:

    What makes you identify the ghastly Banderites with German National Socialists? It was not for nothing that Germans despised the sadists of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

  114. @Philip Owen

    philip, who’s doing the ATTACKING, and who is doing the defending??? Are the Donbass Defenders attacking kiev, or are the satanically backed ukrainians attacking the Donbass Republics?

    Trust you to side with evil, with your back to front thinking. I wouldn’t be able to differentiate you from a neo-nazi, mass-murdering scum.

    There are good people in the 2 independent republics, many of whom have shed their blood and even died to protect themselves and their people.

    • Agree: Aedib
    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  115. Smith says:

    Whatever happens, I won’t be supporting any aggressor in Eastern Europe.

  116. Silesian says:

    Eh, such a war would give Putin an excuse to finally fix Crimea’s water problem, and annex the Nogai Steppe which contains the canal to the Dnieper that feeds the peninsula’s reservoirs. Remaking Crimea into Taurida as it was before 1917 will cut Ukraine from the Azov, ending the small problem of Ukrainian vessels passing beneath the bridge.

    Go for it, Zelenski!

  117. Anon[365] • Disclaimer says:

    CTRL+F “nazi”

    10 results in the main article. I expect no less from this weirdo.

  118. @Ralphinlondon

    Russian nationalists plainly took over Eastern Ukraine and were saved from eviction by Russian intervention. The “Humanitarian” convoy and operation Northwind. I’ve spent teh night on train in Russia with a drunk tank sargeant who took part. They hide in cities surrounded by civilians. It would require a Grozny scale attack to remove them with huge casualities on all sides. In open open battle around Slavyansk they were defeated and lost a third of their territory. After all their priority was killing gypsies. Their departure was celebrated. The real and actual fascists are in the Donbass. Maybe a million people out of 4.5 million supported them. You are full of narrative falsehoods. you have taught yourself to see black as white.

  119. Rich says:

    I don’t know if you ever had a fight growing up, or played a sport, but part of succeeding in either, is being able to accurately assess both yourself, and your opponent. If you’ve got a lousy left hook, or a bad curveball, but don’t accept that reality, you’re going to lose. Pointing out where the US is leading, isn’t chest thumping, it’s reality. There’s a lot wrong with the US, internally and internationally, but it still leads the world militarily, and financially. If you don’t accept that, you aren’t looking at the facts. Russia has not been able to force the US out of Syria, Israel is still bombing Syrian territory. Close your eyes and cover your ears, it’s still a fact.

  120. @Silesian

    Eh, such a war would give Putin an excuse to finally fix Crimea’s water problem, and annex the Nogai Steppe which contains the canal to the Dnieper that feeds the peninsula’s reservoirs. Remaking Crimea into Taurida as it was before 1917 will cut Ukraine from the Azov, ending the small problem of Ukrainian vessels passing beneath the bridge.

    One of the considerations is the “stratagem” to declare the war, lose it fast, surrender and provide a constant drain on Russia’s resources because Russia as the victor will have to “support” newly acquired “trophy”. This is also an American plan. Russia doesn’t need Ukraine as such, nor the majority of Russians wants to live with Ukrainians. The name of the game today is who is going to pay for this clusterfvck in Ukraine. Russia, certainly, is not going to. To win militarily is easy, it is what to do with this rump of shithole of a country with brainwashed population after that–that’s the main problem.

  121. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    “The real and actual fascists are in the Donbass.”

    — Seems that an admirer of the union between the Kagans’ clan and the Banderites has decided to grace the Unz forum.
    For a fighter with the Judeo-Bolsheviks, your explanation is not very convincing. What is the ethnicity of your beloved Ukrainian prez and prime-minister? What was the ethnicity of a Cookie-leader of the so-called “revolution of dignity?”

    • Agree: Ralphinlondon
    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  122. Schuetze says:

    “Danzig was a German city carved off of Germany by the treachery of the Versailles Treaty.”

    My comment was made tongue in cheek. If Nazi-hating Putin can make a bridge to Crimea, then why could not have Hilter had his corridor to East Prussia? If Putin claims that Crimea is his because of “history” and ethnicity, why could not have Hilter had Danzig because of history and ethnicity? It was Kruschev who put Crimea and Donbas in Ukraine, the allies at Versaille ripped Danzig and parts of Prussia from Germany. This is why I stated that Ukraine’s claim is stronger, and in a strictly “international law” viewpoint it is.

    Putin, and Saker, want to have this both ways. They claim that what Hitler’s demands, and ultimately invasion, when Poland was murdering ethnic Germans in what was then “legally” Poland was indefensible, yet Putin, and Saker, want to claim that carving Crimea and Donbas out of Ukraine for the same reasons is perfectly reasonable.

    It is the hypocrisy that bothers me here. That and Sakers idiotic insistence that a bunch of Jew puppet thugs trying to start WWIII for Israel are “Nazi’s”.

  123. Schuetze says:

    Annamaria, your perverted obsession with Nazi’s is bordering on derangement.

    Here is another photograph of yet another self-declared Nazi:

    LOOK ANNAMARIA LOOK!!!! He’s making white supremacist hand signs! N A Z I

    If you cannot figure out that these “Nazi’s” in your photograph are cardboard cutouts, then I can only conclude that you are so obsessed with them because they get your panties moist.

    A real Nazi would strive to be good enough to be in the 1st SS Panzer Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Their motto was “Meine Ehre Heisst Treue”. Loosely translated, this is “My Honor is Loyalty”. Their loyalty was to Germany, not to Judeo-Ukraine, and to Hitler, not some Ashkenazi puppet stooge.

    Calling these Ukrainian thugs “Nazi’s” plays into the hands of the chicken swingers in precisely the same fashion as calling Tarrant or Brievik Nazi does. It helps these real racial supremacists dupe idiots like yourself into thinking that the NSDAP was nothing but deranged thugs like these people, it perpetuates the myth of Jewish victimhood, it defames Germany and Germans, it promotes their narrative of “white extremism”, and it supports their ridiculous claims to a 6 gorillion holohoax.

    Clearly, fantasies of Nazi’s gets you too hot and bothered to try to understand what a tool this makes you.

    • Replies: @Ralphinlondon
  124. anonymous[342] • Disclaimer says:

    and continue to develop a multi-polar world with China and the other countries of Zone B.

    Russia and China should join forces to create a framework for jointly holding pre-eminence in Eurasia. If the US confrontation with Russia and China is viewed individually then it will embolden other powers supporting the US in each of the separate face-offs. If Russia is viewed as an individual target, Poland/Baltic states and Kiev will think regime change in Russia has a chance of working out so it will throw in its support with the US for regime change activities. If China is view as an individual target, the Quad countries of India, Australia and Japan and other regional countries like Vietnam, will think the US-led confrontation against China is winnable and throw its lot in with the US as part of an alliance to encircle China. However, Russia and China as a combination with many other countries of Central Asia and Eurasia falling within the combined framework is an immensely powerful entity. From Poland to India, many countries will assess that the US led confrontation with Russia/China has low odds of success and will adjust their stance against Russia/China to become neutrally positioned.

    I’m afraid though when you refer to a future world as “multipolar”, it’s actually a soft denial of this vision of a bipolar world because it implicitly acknowledges that China will be a superpower and Russia merely a great power. That might be a blow to your pride. Older Russians are letting their pride get in the way of good statecraft.

  125. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I should think most of the people in Odessa, eastern Ukraine and along the coast would welcome to be liberated from the ZioNazi regime by Russia and probably resent Putin and the Russians for making them live under that scum and not helping resolve matters at the time of Maidan. Also I think Putin, the oligarchs and liberal capitalist democrats in Russia are wary of what is going on in Donetsk and don’t like it much as after all it is a People’s Republic which would be a nightmare for them and their western counterparts if it should spread anywhere, east or west, south or north. Anyway if the ZioNazis attack Donetsk I hope it turns into their Stalingrad and they get sent back to hell with or without their NATO+EU Axis of Satan. But for that Russia would have to step in. If not it could all be over for them as the last holdouts against the march of history into Hell.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  126. Marckus says:

    Which Army did you serve in ? The Salvation Army ? And as what ? Used clothes sorter ? Studies coming out of the Department of Defense as well as Veterans Association show only 10% of soldiers are actually on the cutting edge of combat. I am talking about the US Army !

    Many of these studies are available free ! You need to get them and STUDY them. You also have to understand that the last war the US fought on its own soil was the Civil War. This means that logistically, supply lines are stretched to breaking point. If I remember correctly it took the US 3 months to build up their men and equipment prior to taking on Saddam and that build up proceeded without interference from the Iraq army. Imagine what it would be like, and the resources required if the opposition interfered with your campaign stockpiles and disrupted them either as you were about to attack or defend !?

    Get out you map for Christ sake and look at the supply line from the US to say Russia ! Now look at the supply lines from say the St Petersburg/ Moscow/ Volgagrad Line to the Donetz. Tell me which one is shorter and thus will free up more men for the front line ?

    Further, not all of the personnel in the US Army even get overseas. About 1/2 or more remain in the US to facilitate the logistical supply. That means that it is not 10% of the military fighting but 10% of the 50% who end up out of the States.

    Look, logistics is not a theoretical exercise for the amateur. If you are interested in the subject there are who libraries of texts on the subject but you have to STUDY the topic and not just flip through the pages. It is a precise activity and a good text will discuss everything from the life of boots and socks to cotter pin wear on a tank to the exact daily ration for each soldier down to where each stockpile is to be held. That supply for everything has to be at the exact spot, at the exact time, no excuses.

    To boot, Russia presents some very peculiar twists to supply ie weather, infrastructure, distance and topography. The Pentagon and Bundeswehr are buried in reams of studies written by senior Wehrmacht and SS officers about their campaign in Russia. Many of these drill down to the effect of various oils on artillery to the types of boot soles required for winter warfare.

    Zarathustra is the priest turned prophet right ? Priest, prophet = prayer, prediction, Pope, penance, prophesies etc.

    You should stick to these, stick to what you know, rather than mouthing off on topics of which you are woefully ignorant. Dont be like Gates or the Hollywood elite who know everything about everything. That is neither useful nor tasteful.

    Wasn’t Zarathustra the priest turned prophet ?

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  127. @Philip Owen

    ‘Russian nationalists’ – Donbass people who were born there, you moron. There are many people both sides of the border who have family relations, and uh, well, Duh, they both speak Russian, so it’s NO surprise, except to dissembling morons like you. And what do you think would happen if in NE Mexico, a war broke out, do you stupidly think that Americans would NOT go and fight there? Where do you live?

    ‘plainly took over Eastern Ukraine and were saved from eviction by Russian intervention. The “Humanitarian” convoy and operation Northwind.’ So what, you inhuman moron, do you think Russia would just allow the Donbass people to be massacred??? F*** YOU, you POS, I know people in the Donbass and I’ve been there.

    ‘I’ve spent teh night on train in Russia with a drunk tank sargeant who took part. They hide in cities surrounded by civilians.’ You mean they live there, so what, that is what I want, and any decent person would too.

    ‘It would require a Grozny scale attack to remove them with huge casualities on all sides.’ No it, would NOT. Who are YOU to decide the fate of others? The Donbass people should be left alone, they are now independent, and have the RIGHT to defend themselves and their people and property and land, and therefore they have the right also, to call upon a friendly nation, for help, ESPECIALLY since the sick, satanic and CURSED, mass-murdering USG is involved! WTF are yanks doing on another continent, except for stirring up S***, and getting other people to die for the cowardly yank military??? yankee FO back home, you cursed troublemakers.

    And WHO would do that, YOU??? I’m sure Texac would greet you with some hot metal.

    ‘In open open battle around Slavyansk they were defeated and lost a third of their territory.’ That was early days, before they were formed into a proper army, and they were attacked by a better armed military, who also used airpower, like MURDERING civilians in Lugansk, e.g. on June 02, 2014, when a cowardly s*** pilot fired a missile and murdered people like Inna Kurkuruza.

    ‘After all their priority was killing gypsies.’ Spoken of like a true SFB.

    ‘Their departure was celebrated. The real and actual fascists are in the Donbass.’ You sound like a bandera lover, or maybe you prefer the azov batallion, the sickos who use the same symbolism as found in himmler’s wevelsburg castle.

    ‘Maybe a million people out of 4.5 million supported them. You are full of narrative falsehoods. you have taught yourself to see black as white.’ I know what the truth is, you don’t, you’re one of satan’s little DF slaves. What happened in Ukraine was due to the original (jew, yank & neocon) wolfowitz doctrine, & the yank PNAC.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @Philip Owen
  128. @Silesian

    ‘Go for it’ – what, a plane to Israel?

  129. @Schuetze

    No, she got it right.

    What YOU don’t understand, is the thread of satanism involved in both.

  130. @Schuetze

    You are presenting too many unconfirmed claims as facts.

  131. @Marckus

    Only those persons who wear the uniform are in the army.

  132. @Philip Owen

    In Ukrainian controlled Donbass there is still 80% voting on pro-Russian parties. The rest is mostly Zelensky. The percent voting for the “patriotic” Ukrainian parties are marginal. Your narrative doesn’t hold up.

  133. Rurik says:

    If Putin claims that Crimea is his because of “history” and ethnicity, why could not have Hilter had Danzig because of history and ethnicity?

    Well, as you know, both claims were valid and more so. Like helping a wounded soldier, only to have a fiend waiting in ambush to kill you when you do.

    I don’t think Putin hates ‘Nazis’. If you look at RT, they publish articles from Unz, (often Ron Unz’s own), that point out that David Irving is the best WWII historian alive, (or otherwise, for that matter).

    Check out the leading story.

    Putin, and Saker, want to have this both ways. They claim that what Hitler’s demands, and ultimately invasion, when Poland was murdering ethnic Germans in what was then “legally” Poland was indefensible, yet Putin, and Saker, want to claim that carving Crimea and Donbas out of Ukraine for the same reasons is perfectly reasonable.

    It is the hypocrisy that bothers me here. That and Sakers idiotic insistence that a bunch of Jew puppet thugs trying to start WWIII for Israel are “Nazi’s”.

    that’s a very fair analysis

    Not even the real ‘Nazis’ were what we’ve all been bludgeoned to think of; mass-murdering, uber-racist, genocidal savages. Hitler and the ‘Nazis’ are considered the most evil incarnation since the devil himself, because they opposed the J-supremacist agenda to do a Holodomor on Germany.

    Just as anyone who opposes Jewish supremacism today, is their Hitler du jour. Putin being the most obvious at the moment.

    Which brings us to the ‘UkraNazis’.

    First off, it implies that there is nothing worse than a ‘Nazi’, National Socialist German during the last century, or those who agree with them. But this is of course, Jewish supremacist indoctrination.

    Second, it ignores that these ‘UkroNazis’ are funded and functioning at the pleasure of assorted Zionst, Jewish supremacists.

    What self-respecting Nazi, or any European nationalist would ever be a stooge for a Jewish supremacist? European (or American or other white, Christian) nationalism vs. international Jewish supremacism are as mutually exclusive as two things can be.

    But there’s more to it. I happen to think that by murdering off millions of the best of the Ukrainian people in the 1930s, by cruel and sadistic genocidal Jewish supremacists, was done specifically to the purpose of being able to dominate and control and enslave what was left.

    Like cutting the head off of Poland at Katyn, and then God knows what kind of efforts were made to kill any Pole with brains and ability for generations of ((Soviet rule)).

    So I have a knee-jerk sympathy for the surviving people of Ukraine, (and Russia and Poland and Germany and all the other nations) enslaved to and genocided by Jewish supremacists in the last century. I hate to see Ukrainains and Russian fighting each other, and all of it foisted upon them by Jewish supremacists.

    Stop being their ‘lets you and him fight’, dupes!

    Calling these Ukrainian thugs “Nazi’s” plays into the hands of the chicken swingers

    I think what some people’s point is, is that it’s these Ukrainian thugs themselves who insist on using overt Nazi imagery and insignia as a provocation to their Russian neighbors.

    Russians like to delude themselves that Russia was the good guy during WWII, and that it was those ‘evil Nazis’ who were the bad guys. Poles and others also use that script and devil’s narrative, because it allows them to puff themselves up vis-a-vis the Germans, and strut as if they’re all sooo superior to those Germans whom they’ve envied at times. Envy and hate are very closely related.

    Anyways, I suspect that the Ukrainian imbeciles, taking orders from ZOG, are adopting Nazi paraphilia as a provocation to any Russian nationalist who’s dumb enough to think the Soviets were the good guys. And that Russia should continue to beat her chest for being the ‘UkroNazis’ (Jewish supremacist dupes) of the last century.

    In the 1930s, it was ‘Russian nationalists’ taking orders from hate-filled, genocidal Georgians (see article from RT) and Jews, while killing their fellow white Christians in Ukraine and beyond.

    Today it’s ‘Ukrainian nationalists’ taking orders from Jews to kill their fellow white Christians in Donbas.

    I watch all of this, and see Americans pitted against Americans, using old fault lines, and just think this is what these (((fiends))) do.

    And we should all stop playing into their ‘rubbing hands’ schemes.

    They hate us all, black, white, Russian, Ukrainian, American and all the rest. They want us to kill each other. Nothing pleased them more than their world wars of the last century, and 9/11 is their attempt to make this century a replay.

    We should stop playing into their schemes. We should all, Russian and Eastern European and American and Muslim- Sunni and Shia, and Indian and Chinese and all of us, stop allowing the Jewish banksters to make us hate and want to kill each other, as they laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Thanks: Schuetze
  134. Rurik says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Anyway if the ZioNazis attack Donetsk I hope it turns into their Stalingrad

    nothing would make them more ecstatic

    Stalingrad was a slaughter-fest. Germans and Russians in a caldron of death and misery and freezing starvation!

    Oy vey! Such a deal!

    Nothing on this earth would give them more orgiastic joy than seeing Russians and Ukrainians riddle each other with bullets, and more young mothers with their babies bleeding from artillery shells and dead in the grass.

    They’d do all in their nefarious power to drag in Poland and everyone else. Perhaps even escalate it into another world war! And engulf the entire continent with Russia in a conflagration that will end whitey once and for all! And Joe Biden’s (((cabinet))) are just to people to do it!

    Once Eastern Europe and Russia are left in smoldering ruins, it would be simple to invite the dregs of the world in to mop up what was left, and help themselves to what ever children or young women that might have otherwise survived.

    I think the biggest triumph of Zion wasn’t so much the advent of modern Israel, but the march of the Red Army rapists over Eastern Europe. Israel was just the icing on the cake.

    Let’s not play into their hands, yet again.

    As much as they hate Germans (and white American and others) I still think their hatred of Russians is the most intractable. It goes back to the Tsars, and their narrative about being ‘poisecuted’. They had their way with Ukrainians in the 30s, and now they rule that nation as their own private fiefdom. But Russia is a huge thorn in their arse today, what with Putin thumbing his nose at them in Syria. And resurrecting the Russian Orthodox Church.

    And all Russia would need to do, to render these fiends impotent, is repudiate the Soviet era imperialism. So easy, and yet so impossible, because people would rather die, than sacrifice their world-view false narratives that bolster their nationalist egos.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  135. @Schuetze

    I suppose in principle I would have to agree with you, even to the point that all German majority areas should have been part of a German state, but within a broader geopolitical context, given what plans Hitler had for the Slavs and colonising Eastern Europe and Russia, which were well known to everyone since the publication of Mein Kampf, obviously this could not be allowed as Danzig and other German populated areas would have served as springboards for the Nazi plans to colonise and enslave the East. The difference with the present day is that Russia really has no plans to occupy central and western Europe and so even if it went on to annex all majority ethnic Russian areas in other countries this would be no threat to anyone. However, Russia may indeed have to continue its military expeditions further West should it commence them, as it did during the Napoleonic wars and WWII simply as a self-defence measure to get rid of those who planned to occupy and colonise it and exploit its resources while subjugating its people.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  136. @Rurik

    I didn’t mean it in terms of casualties but as a turning point. But I agree enough brother wars, whites shouldn’t be killing each other and all that but what can you do when one lot are being directed by their own Jews in the service of Western ZOG? Those Ukrainian Jews who run the government would just escape to Israel or the West should they fall but in the meantime they’re happy to direct the Banderites against the Rus Ukrainians. And the way it’s going with whites in the West I don’t know if it would be such a loss to lose them, with a few stand up exceptions.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  137. If you like Putinist lies and propaganda, Saker is your man.

    Putin was never serious about Minsk, even though he was supposedly a “guarantor.” Putin has always been a participant. It was Russian forces that started the fight, using cannon fodder locally recruited that couldn’t even stand up to Ukrainian amateurs. Once Putin saw his cannon fodder losing, he sent regular troops in under the guise of charity. Putin’s troops are still there, committing crimes against humanity and occupying land that is not theirs, jst as they are in Crimea.

    Spare me the “muh referendum” junk. There was no legit vote as it was held under the guns of an occupying power. Crimea is still Ukraine regardless of what pro-rooski liars want to push.

    Putin is a liar and a criminal, and he will get his. Karma is a rather bloody biotch.

    • Agree: Philip Owen
    • Thanks: Johann Ricke
    • LOL: Alfred
  138. Rurik says:
    @Commentator Mike

    but what can you do when one lot are being directed by their own Jews in the service of Western ZOG?

    Repudiate the odious and obnoxious lie that Soviet Russia liberated Ukraine

    let the Ukrainians (and other Eastern Europeans and even Germans) honor their dead grandfathers- who were not evil fascists, but patriots- no matter how much that truth hurts the tender sensibilities of uber-nationalist, chest thumping Russians (and Jewish supremacists)

    By doing so, you’ll pull the rug out from under ZOG, who’s cynically using that narrative to drive a wedge between Russians and Ukrainians (and all Eastern European and Baltic states) that suffered (like so many Russians) under Soviet slavery and genocide.

    must go, will participate again in a few days, providence willing..

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  139. @Rurik

    There is a large fraction of the Ukrainian population itself that sees Russians as liberators during WWII and hates Bandera and his nationalists so why should Russia antagonise them by doing what you suggest? According to various censuses between 17 and 22% of Ukrainians declared themselves as Russians but even many who declare themselves as Ukrainians on a census form may in fact be ethnic Russians and may not sympathise with Ukrainian nationalism, especially if it became aggressively anti-Russian. Then if you go by the 2010 election you can see that more Ukrainians voted for Yanukovich, the pro-Russia candidate, than for Tymoshenko. It is easy to see from maps depicting census and election results where the self-declared Russians and the pro-Russians live and it is in the eastern and coastal regions. So while Bandera is a hero to some Ukrainians, those in the West, he is not to others. Obviously it would be best for Ukraine to break up into two with the eastern part going to Russia. Given this situation it is easy for Jews to play on the devisions and promote war rather than peaceful separation.

    • Agree: Alfred, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Rurik
  140. annamaria says:

    “Crimea is still Ukraine regardless of what pro-rooski liars want to push.”

    — Wow! Some enthusiastic apologia for the ruling zionists in the Kaganat of Nuland (former Ukraine).
    How are the collaborative efforts among Banderites (the fighters with “Judeo-Bolsheviks”) and ziocons going on? It seems that the “glory Ukraine”-kind is still in denial that they have been pulling chestnuts out of the fire for the ZUSA.
    Keep providing your good services. The zionist masters will appreciate your efforts… perhaps.

  141. @Quartermaster

    ‘Putin was never serious about Minsk, even though he was supposedly a “guarantor.”’ Minsk was about stalemate, iow, it was ‘Game over.’ It has been dead for years.

    I assume you are a dumb, inbred yank, in denial, so the only real question is, are you a liar, ignorant, or stupid? If you are the second, you may be cured; in the latter case you are best ignored, in the former you need to be exposed for being a downright LIAR. So which is it? So let me smash you in your ugly face with the TRUTH.

    ‘using cannon fodder locally recruited that couldn’t even stand up to Ukrainian amateurs.’ – Ever been in the military? Takes time to train, get people up to speed, (and armed) and there is NOTHING wrong with Russia helping the Donbass Defenders, in fact, it is the morally RIGHT thing to do, especially when people are being ATTACKED, it puts the onus massively on the attackers to justify themselves doing so, but axiomatically they couldn’t. See below.

    ‘Once Putin saw his cannon fodder losing,’ – how would you like to meet Texac in the Donbass? P.S. You won’t have any air cover, you’ll just get parachuted in, wearing a bright Gitmo jumpsuit.

    ‘he sent regular troops in under the guise of charity. Putin’s troops are still there,’ NOTHING wrong with Russian troops there, unlike the s***faced yanks actually using the UKRAINIANS as cannon fodder.

    ‘committing crimes against humanity and occupying land that is not theirs, jst as they are in Crimea.’ Ignorant of history AND democracy, it’s not looking good for you, you POS.

    ‘Spare me the “muh referendum” junk. There was no legit vote as it was held under the guns of an occupying power. Crimea is still Ukraine regardless of what pro-rooski liars want to push.’ English not your strongpoint, you DF wetback?

    ‘Putin is a liar and a criminal, and he will get his. Karma is a rather bloody biotch.’ Sounds like typical cowardly yank DF talk.

    I was going to post this in the follow up, but decided I’ll do it now.

    ‘It was Russian forces that started the fight,’ is that an ignorant low IQ moron talking, or a downright LIAR? You need your sorry ass whupping, like here: what part of the original YANK, neocon, (jew) wolfowitz doctrine have you never heard of, together with the YANK PNAC? And you DF SFB, what part of YANK ‘color revolution’ are you too stupid to understand? With YANK jew jewland stirring up the S*** in Ukraine?

  142. @annamaria

    I said fascist (Mussolini 1931) not Nazi. I am not a soviet communist blurring the similarities between national and international socialism.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  143. @Ralphinlondon

    Totally deluded. Read Mikael Guriev’s “The Third Empire (German translation Reich), Russia as it should [email protected] published 2005 for the scenario planning. The calculation was that Russian nationalists needed to insert 80,000 men into (greater) Novorossiya to take over. In the event they went with 20,000 men. I had a discussion with a military supplies distributor in Taganarog in 2013. He wanted 30,000 pairs of army boots “like the British used in the Falklands”. (British army boots are the world’s best according to Russians). 2013 not 2015. Too many to deliver in one go as the British Armay had moved to a new design. So they didn’t even get the 30,000 men they were counting on.

    You are wilfully misinformed. All narrative, no reality. It didn’t help that the Ukrainians propaganda was a much a fantasy, although less expertly prepared, as the Russian insurgents.

    They are all immigrants give or take a generation anyway. Hughes didn’t begin building Donetsk until 1870. It’s big expansion came after 1890 under his son. Lugansk was a small city built around a failed Scottish cannon factory. The area was known as the Wild Lands because there was not enough surface water for draught animals to pull the ploughs. Until American wind driven water pumps were imported it was barely inhabited – mostly very poor Jews pushed to the margins and Cossacks in the better parts. Not a Russian native land. Practically Welsh. A lost part of the British Empire like Argentina and Chile.

    • LOL: Aedib
    • Replies: @Ralphinlondon
    , @Robjil
    , @Aedib
  144. @Ralphinlondon

    Saker considered even Girkins crew a better army than the Ukrainians. Probablyl rightly.

  145. @Philip Owen

    ‘Totally deluded’ is EXACTLY what YOU are LOSER, quoting from fiction when I quote VERY relevant facts, you can only come up with some irrelevant BS from your backside! That the best you can do, boy? As I said to you, and to which you have NO counter-argument, or any at all, because wolfowitz/PNAC trumps you COMPLETELY, and blows you totally away, what with yet ANOTHER DF yank ‘color revolution’ – jewland & her jew neocon husband kagan, with over \$5 bn thrown in, while the West, through the yank controlled imf, STEALS Ukrainians’ wealth & impoverishes them, forcing their utility bills to go up over 10X since the cursed usg’s takeover, either directly like looting their gold etc, and devaluing the grivna, so ukrainian assets can be bought on the cheap, like 25-20% cheaper. Bl00dy S*** usa is the #1 terrorist, warmongering, mass-murdering, thieving nation – trump: ‘we’ll just take it’.

    I repeat, because you need the TRUTH hammered into your very thick NUMBSKULL: I know what the truth is, you don’t, you’re one of satan’s little DF slaves. What happened in Ukraine was due to the original (jew, yank & neocon) wolfowitz doctrine, & the yank PNAC.

  146. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    Actually, my questions were about the involvement of zionists and ziocons in internal Ukrainian affairs:
    What is the ethnicity of the current Ukrainian prez and prime-minister?
    What is the ethnicity of a Cookie-leader of the so-called “revolution of dignity?”
    And from here, another Q: How effectively the zionists have been using the Banderites (self-proclaimed neo-nazis) in converting Ukraine into the poorest state in Europe as well as the nest of the worst corruption?

    The zionized Kiev has stopped supporting Ukrainian pensioners in Donbass, while sending Banderites to shell the civilians there:

    A pension is a human right a person has earned by many years of work. …

    The Ukrainian authorities have not made changes to other rules that create undue hardship for the elderly, who still have to travel to government-controlled territory every 60 days for pensions, instead of being able to appoint an authorized representative to receive them,” stated Human Rights Watch.
    So humanitarian of the zionized Kiev.

    • Agree: Ralphinlondon
    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @TheIdiot
  147. @annamaria

    The answer is Ukrainian. They may not be Russian Orthodox by religion and there is a very considerable history of oppression and killing of Jews by the Russian Empire and Slavs in general. The Black Hundreds were Russian Orthodox brotherhoods.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Robjil
    , @annamaria
  148. TheIdiot says:


    “Philip Owen”
    Denison Barracks, Hermitage, Thatcham
    RG18 9TP Berkshire, United Kingdom
    77th Brigade
    just out of the uni
    no money
    lots of student debt
    working Friday (!) night
    no girlfriend
    lowest rank
    lowest everything else

    you are wasting your time, Anna

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  149. @TheIdiot

    He is definitely an idiot. He even admits it.

  150. Seraphim says:
    @Philip Owen

    You are disingenuous. They are Jews, emphatically so.
    ”Dozens of Ukrainian rabbis and rabbinical emissaries along with the prime minister, ambassadors, mayors of cities and districts, united at the Hanukkah LIVE event.
    Thousands of Ukrainian Jews watched the event. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal strongly condemned the antisemitic events that have taken place in Kiev recently”.
    This Content Was Published at
    ”Ukraine’s President Zelensky unveils new Babyn Yar monument, marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day and start of 80th anniversary year: ‘”It is our national and moral duty to remember the victims of the Holocaust who were murdered here in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe.” The speech of Israel’s President Rivlin: “We must not partake in the sin of forgetfulness and denial” (not forget the Russian pogroms also!).
    How Nazi and “Banderites’ could they be?

    • Agree: Ralphinlondon
  151. Alfred says:

    I agree with what you wrote. However …

    not forget the Russian pogroms also!

    The country was the USSR – not Russia. Its rulers were not Russian.

    The perpetrator of Ukraine’s Holodomor was the Jew Lazar Kaganovich. The husband of Victoria Nuland, is Robert Kagan. I wonder if he is related to Kaganovich?

    BTW, the peasants in Russia had it just as bad. It is a pity Putin seems unable for political reasons to acknowledge this.

    The perpetrator of the worst famine of all, in Kazakhstan, was the Jew Filipp Goloshchyokin

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  152. Jazman says:

    What a dumb comment from butt hurt moron

    • Agree: Ralphinlondon
  153. Robjil says:
    @Philip Owen

    Until American wind driven water pumps were imported it was barely inhabited – mostly very poor Jews pushed to the margins and Cossacks in the better parts. Not a Russian native land. Practically Welsh. A lost part of the British Empire like Argentina and Chile.

    Most of Southern Ukraine was not inhabited with towns because of the Tartar raids for Slav slaves. Why would “poor Jews” be there, it was not part of the Pale of Settlement ( Ex- Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom areas of Russian empire)?

    Only after Russia took over Tartar controlled regions, then it was safe to build towns in Southern Ukraine. The Cossack culture was developed to protect South Slavs from Tartar raids for Slav slaves. They did not develop towns since it was safer to protect the South Slavs by being nomadic.

    1. Modern Cossacks trace their heritage to the self-ruled communities of horsemen who appeared in the 14th century in what is now southern Russia and Ukraine. Two of the largest groups consolidated into the Zaporojie and Don Cossack groups by the 16th century. Although formally independent, they sometimes fought off Mongol and Tartar raids, effectively serving as a buffer force between early Russia and its enemies. One of the Russian master Ilya Repin’s most famous paintings is an imagined scene of the Zaporojie Cossacks sending a rude note to Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire in the late 17th century.

  154. Robjil says:
    @Philip Owen

    Here are some reasons why the Black Hundreds were wary of Jewish culture.

    How most of the Black Hundreds felt about the Jews is well known but what is less well known is why they felt that way. This was not blind hatred that came out of nowhere. Any enemy of the Russian monarchy was an enemy of the Black Hundreds and, unfortunately, many of the enemies of the Russian monarchy were Jews.

    Their fear and suspicion toward the Jews was not completely unwarranted. Plenty of Jews, in and outside of Russia, were enemies of the Russian Empire and made no secret of the fact. During the Russo-Japanese War for example, the Japanese war effort was bankrolled by a prominent German-American Jew named Jacob Schiff who loaned Japan huge amounts of money because he detested the way Jews were treated in Russia and hoped that a Japanese victory would destroy the Russian Empire.

    no denying the fact that the Jewish population was greatly overrepresented in the ranks of the revolutionary agitators. A disproportionate number of the revolutionaries plotting acts of terrorism to bring down the monarchy were, in fact, Jews

    • Agree: Ralphinlondon
    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  155. Schuetze says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Even if I concede that “plans Hitler had for the Slavs and colonising Eastern Europe and Russia”, which I don’t, what you have to realized that Russia had already been conquered by a bunch of Rothschild owned communist jews who had genocided millions of ethnic Russians. Stalin had his massive communist Red Army crouched and ready to roll across all of Europe, and these plans are even more undisputable than Hitlers plans to build upon German settlements spread across all of Russia all the way to the Volga.

    The problem with Putin is not that western Europe needs to be afraid of his conquest, but that just like his god Stalin, he is a freemason and a crypto-jew who is at least in some degree aligned with same Ashkenazi overlords who started WWII and stole Israel from the Palestinians. These Ashkenazi are the principle force behind the cultural marxist agenda that is genociding all of Europe. Arguably Putin is not nearly as bad for Russia as, say, Boris Johnson is for England, or Macron for France, but ultimately the same evil forces are pulling all of their puppet strings.

  156. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    “a very considerable history of oppression and killing of Jews by the Russian Empire and Slavs in general”
    –You need to take your pro-Jewish propaganda to some other site:
    The world is awake of the murderous non-stop Jewish battle with “Amalek,” from Iran, Spain, and Germany, to Russia.

    Russia was a tragic victim of Bolshevism:

    Jews played a highly disproportionate and probably decisive role in the infant Bolshevik regime, effectively dominating the Soviet government during its early years. … With the notable exception of Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov), most of the leading Communists who took control of Russia in 1917-20 were Jews. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) headed the Red Army and, for a time, was chief of Soviet foreign affairs. Yakov Sverdlov (Solomon) was both the Bolshevik party’s executive secretary and — as chairman of the Central Executive Committee — head of the Soviet government. Grigori Zinoviev (Radomyslsky) headed the Communist International (Comintern), the central agency for spreading revolution in foreign countries. Other prominent Jews included press commissar Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), foreign affairs commissar Maxim Litvinov (Wallach), Lev Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Moisei Uritsky.

    The „Ukrainian National Revolution“ of 1941. Discourse and Practice of a Fascist Movement, by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe

    The Banderites/Zionists’ pact against Russian people:

    Canadian government specifically focused on bringing in Nazis and anti-communists into Canada during the post-WWII period. More than 2,000 Ukrainian members of the 14th Division of the Waffen SS were allowed into Canada. One way of getting into postwar Canada “was by showing the SS tattoo”…

    The Ukrainian diaspora, which by now has been mostly taken over by Nazi collaborator glorifying groups, is led by Chrystia Freeland … Freeland has gone on record defending her Nazi collaborator grandfather Michael Chomiak. … Freeland venerated her grandfather, tweeting this, “Thinking of my grandparents Mykhailo & Aleksandra Chomiak on Black Ribbon Day. They were forever grateful to Canada for giving them refuge and they worked hard to return freedom and democracy to Ukraine. I am proud to honour their memory today.” In 2017, it was exposed that Freeland’s maternal grandfather — Michael Chomiak — was a fascist propagandist. Freeland even attempted to claim that this was “Russian disinformation”, but the truth was out.

    During Freeland’s reign as foreign minister, she oversaw the continuation and eventual extension of Operation UNIFIER, a program which saw the Canadian Armed Forces supply the Ukrainian military and paramilitary police units with training and weapons. These weapons then fall into the hands of neo-nazi militias such as the Azov Battalian. They were officially integrated, along with the Aidar, Dnipro and Donbass battalions in 2014, into the Ukrainian National Guard, which is led by Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    These groups revere Yaroslav Stetsko, the right-hand man of Stepan Bandera, the fascist nazi collaborator, and political and military leader of the Bandera faction of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, OUN. The OUN was a virulently anti-Semitic group which pushed the “Judeo-Bolshevism” theory, and actively collaborated with the Nazis.

    • Agree: Ralphinlondon, Robjil
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  157. @Robjil

    The Jews were indeed visciously treated in ImperialRussia. They were desperate to emigrate.

    Here is an account by a British emigrant to the Donbass which includes about the Jews. The treatment of the Jews is at the end. The treatment of Poles, at the time a word that included Ukrainians, discussed at the beginning was not too great either.

    Your determination to assign collective guilt to the Jews for imagined sins is an old evil.

  158. @Robjil

    See the weblink for my other new comment. Learn something.

    “Riding Men” were recorded in the Welsh Marches (March = Kraina) in the Domesday Book written in 1086. They had the right to carry weapons to defend against Welsh raids. Cossacks are not exclusive to Russia. Sadly.

  159. @Robjil

    Khmelnitsky’s cossacks allied with the Tatars to launch a massive slave raiding campaign and alongside it the 2nd biggest pogrom against Jews in history, only the holocaust being bigger. The ordinary Ukrainian peasants were the ones enslaved by the many many tens of thousands. The Cossacks did it. The Tatars were small scale by comparison.

    Russia legally acquired the Crimea from the Ottomans in 1783 having occupied it since 1774. Long before the windmills opened up the Wild Lands.

    Previously, without the surface water, the Wild Lands could not support the population to resist raiders. Instead they became an invasion path. So the first gorup to be pushedinto such unpromising territory were the Jews. Then other categories of foreigners. Germans both Catholic and Protestant, Greeks but not many Great Russians until Hughes arrived and the Donbass and Mariopoul were built to serve his steel works.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @annamaria
  160. wootendw says:

    “…the Russian forces in Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet can also be engaged if needed.”

    Belarus which, until the recent color revolution attempt on Lukashenko, was playing off the EU against Russia, put its name on the line in the Minsk accords. Belarus ought to consider threatening a joint operation with Russia from the north. Kiev looks to be about 50 miles south of Belarus border. A mobilization there might keep Kiev’s eye a little off Russian forces in Crimea. And they wouldn’t have to actually invade Ukraine to dissuade the West from military moves.

    “All of Europe will unanimously blame Russia and Putin for everything.”

    In the US, yes, especially among its ‘leadership.’ Regular Americans are becoming more more skeptical. The same is true in Europe, especially when compared with 2014.

  161. Robjil says:
    @Philip Owen

    Cossacks did have a huge empire to collect slaves. The Crimean Tartars were part of the Ottoman empire. The Ottoman empire slave trade was on a large scale, second only to African slave trade.

    According to some estimates, in the first half of the seventeenth century the number of the captives taken to the Crimea was around 150,000–200,000 persons. According to the most recent study by Darjusz Kołodziejczyk, based on the author’s comprehensive examination of varied source material, a number of captives transported by the Crimean Tatars from Poland-Lithuania and Russia (not including the Caucasus) approached 10,000 per annum, that is two million for the period between 1500 and 1700. Thus, the Black Sea slave trade was fully comparable in size with the Atlantic slave trade of the same period (ca. two million between 1451 and 1600), and declined only in the eighteenth century.

    “pushed into such unpromising territory were the Jews.” ????

    I don’t know where you got that. The Pale, old Polish-Lithuanian kingdom, was the size of Alaska, 500000 square miles. It included western Ukraine, Poland, the Baltics, and Moldavia. Why would Jews be pushed outside the Pale? They weren’t. The Pale of Settlement was a large enough area for the Jewish culture to grow.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Philip Owen
  162. Robjil says:


    The Cossacks did (not) have a huge empire to collect slaves. The Ottomans did.

  163. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    “Khmelnitsky’s cossacks allied with the Tatars to launch a massive slave raiding campaign and alongside it the 2nd biggest pogrom against Jews in history, only the holocaust being bigger. ”

    — The holobiz numbers have been suffering revisions, despite the harassment and imprisonment of honest historians in WWII.
    As for the massive crimes against humanity, here is the so-called Goloschyokin Genocide:

    The Kazakh famine of 1930–1933, named in Kazakhstan as the Goloshchyokin genocide after Filipp Goloshchyokin [born Shaya Itsikovich, Jewish]… was a famine where 1.5 million (possibly as many as 2.0–2.3 million) people died in Soviet Kazakhstan, of whom 1.3million were ethnic Kazakhs; 38% of all Kazakhs died… Some historians assume that 42% of the entire Kazakh population died in the famine.

    Shaya Itsikovich was also directly involved in the murder of the Russian imperial family, including children. Time to replace holobiz museums with Itsikovich Genocide museums.

    Another person whose crimes put cossacks to shame:

    Zemplyachka (Rosalia Samilovna Zalkind) was born into a Jewish family in 1876, in what is now Belarus. …

    The Red Terror was a period of extreme repression and mass killings carried out by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War… Zemlyachka was involved in the repression campaign from the start, advocating for the annihilation of class enemies, and taking part in the first batches of executions in Moscow. However, her zeal and methods alarmed even Felix Dzerzhinsky, head of the Cheka (forerunner of the NKVD and KGB). Considering that Dzerzhinsky was known as “Iron Felix”, alarming him must have taken some doing, yet that is just what Zemlyachka did. So in 1920, she was sent to Crimea, as Secretary of the Crimean Regional Committee of the Russian Communist Party.

    … At a time when the Bolsheviks were running low on munitions, she decreed that wasting bullets on captives slated for execution was unreasonable. One of her cost-cutting measures was to tie rocks to the legs of the condemned, then toss them off barges into the sea. Tens of thousands were killed that way, and when the waters were calm and visibility was good, rows of standing bodies could be seen swaying like a horrific underwater forest, swaying with the currents on the sea bottom.

    … Zemlyachka returned to Moscow, and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner – then the highest Soviet military award. She spent the rest of her life climbing the Communist Party’s rungs, joining the Central Control Commission… She worked closely with the NKVD during the Great Terror, and so impressed Stalin with her ruthlessness that she was made head of the Control Commission in 1939. That made Zemlyachka the only woman in the USSR’s highest administrative body, the Council of People’s Commissars. She died of natural causes at age 71 in 1947, and was honored with a burial in the Kremlin.

    Any comments re antisemitism in the USSR?

    • Agree: Ralphinlondon
    • Thanks: Robjil, Ann Nonny Mouse
  164. Aedib says:
    @Philip Owen

    A lost part of the British Empire like Argentina and Chile.

    Spanish empire.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @Alfred
  165. @Aedib

    Economically very British from about 1870 until Peron. Which is why I say Lost. Same with the Donbass but lost in 1917.

  166. @Robjil

    First half of the 17th Century. Exactly. The Cossack rebellion. They sold the slaves to their Tatar allies.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  167. Seraphim says:

    I introduced the ‘pogroms’ because Philip Owen introduced the theme: ‘there is a very considerable history of oppression and killing of Jews by the Russian Empire and Slavs in general. The Black Hundreds were Russian Orthodox brotherhoods’. Russians (and other Orthodox) will never be forgiven for that. Orthodoxy (Christianity in general) is accused of being the ‘font of anti-semitism’.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  168. Robjil says:
    @Philip Owen

    The Tartars and Cossacks were not allies. Here is an article about the Tartar raids for Russian Slaves. This is the time that you are talking about, that is the 17th century.

    The law code of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich being formed of 25 chapters and divided into 976 articles. It was complied in 1649. Chapter VII of this Law Code, comprise of 7 articles and titled The Redemption of Military Captives, however, reveals that Muscovite Russia at the mid 17th century was yet suffering from frequent Tartar raids into its populated territory. The raids were to capture Russian people and sell them as slaves. Because of this situation, the Muscovite government was forced to create a special annual tax to prepare a financial fund needed for ransoming Russian captives-slaves from the Tartars.

  169. Robjil says:

    ‘pogroms’ because Philip Owen

    This article by Andrew Joyce on the Unz site, is a good overview of what really happened in the “pogroms”.

    Little or no historiography has been dedicated to peeling back the layers of “refugee” stories to uncover what really happened in the Russian Empire in the years before and during the riots. This lack of historical enquiry can be attributed at least in part to a great reluctance on the part of Jewish historians to investigate the pogroms in any manner beyond the merely superficial. In addition, historical enquiry by non-Jewish historians into the subject has been openly discouraged. For example, when Ukrainian historians discovered evidence proving that contemporary media reports of Jewish casualties in that nation were exaggerated, the Jewish genealogy website ‘JewishGen,’ responded by stating: “We believe that [these facts] are more than irrelevant because it redirects public attention from the major topic: the genocidal essence of pogroms

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  170. voicum says:

    What the hell , nobody is THAT stupid.

  171. Alfred says:

    Spanish empire.

    I guess you have never heard of the Bank of London and South America

    The bank’s predecessor was incorporated in England on 27 September 1862[1] as the London, Buenos Ayres and River Plate Bank (Banco de Londres, Buenos Ayres y Río de la Plata), originally to operate in Buenos Aires. The bank soon opened branches elsewhere in Argentina, and it changed its name in 1865 to the London and River Plate Bank (Banco de Londres y Río de la Plata).

    This bank was huge at one time.

    British financial interests controlled the meat business of Argentina for example. Argentina was a very wealthy country before the Socialists got hold of it.

    Argentina began the 20th century as one of the wealthiest places on the planet. In 1913, it was richer than France or Germany, almost twice as prosperous as Spain,and its per capita GDP was almost as high as that of Canada. Until the 1930s, the French used the phrase‘‘riche comme un Argentin’’ to describe the foolishly rich.The century’s golden beginning was followed by far less prosperous decades. Over the last 100 years, Argentina’s place in the hierarchy of nations dropped precipitously, falling behind not only Europe but also many of the growing countries in Asia.

    Introduction to Argentine exceptionalism

  172. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    A country that wants to survive and protects its people have to start with removing the US and UK embassies first
    and then burn the NGOs down .

  173. Seraphim says:

    The hype over pogroms was a psy-op meant to sensitize the American public opinion to the ‘plight’ of Jews and dilute the anti-immigration sentiments and lower immigration quotas, opening the gates for the flood of Jewish immigration to America. Between 1880 (the ‘beginning’ of the ‘genocidal policy of pogroms’) and 1924, 2.8 million European Jews immigrated to the United States, with 94% of them coming from Eastern Europe ‘fleeing persecution’ and ‘anti-semitism’.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Seraphim
  174. @Robjil

    Actually no! That was not imagery scene. That scene was real.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  175. Robjil says:

    Yes, it was a real event. A better way to phrase it would be as a “representational painting” of the event, as this author did.

    the scene of the Zaporozhian Cossacks becomes not simply an illustration of a historical event, but a representational painting that conveys the nationalism, autonomy, freedom and strength that Repin associated with the Cossacks.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  176. Seraphim says:

    Of course Jewish immigration to America was not part of any ‘conspiracy to genocide the ‘Whites’. The Jews occupied a hallowed position in the mentality of the nascent ‘Christian-Zionism’ and were welcomed as a precious addition to America.
    If anything, it contributed to the birth, growth and exacerbation of American ‘Russophobia’. US had already arrogated the right to interfere anywhere in the world for the protection of Jews. US was the first to introduce, under intense pressure of Jewish lobby, economic sanctions against Russia in 1911 (the abrogation of the Russo-American Trade Treaty of 1832), as a means to force it to renounce the ‘discrimination’ of the Jews. The particularity of this measure was that Russia was discriminating against ”the American fellow-citizens of Jewish nation who wanted to arrive in that country but were not treated on an equal basis with other foreigners who came to Russia”. The ‘American fellow-citizens of Jewish nation’ were in fact the Jews returning to Russia with American passports, believing that they can do business without having the need to respect Russian laws.
    It was of course a pretext, but having the additional advantage of presenting it as ‘anti-American’, as a ‘violation of the rights of the American citizens’ all of course wrapped in phrases about ”justice, right, patriotism, dignity of American Government and the maintenance of those ”rights of manhood” which that Government was set up to vindicate”, but not just a question of Judaism’ (although the majority of the proponents of sanctions made clear that it was ”the only possible way to make Russia do anything about the “Jewish question” if she wanted to have amiable relations with the United States. It was proclaimed on behalf of the ” whole American nation”, the ”opinion of the “whole Nation”). The idea was not to solve the problem (American legislators refused to submit the problem to the arbitrage of the Hague Conference, because it was dominated by the Czar! ) but to “punish”Russia, to slap her in the face by abrogating all the treaties that the United States had had with her by that time”, no matter that American businesses were more affected than Russia, and…wait a moment, “to inspire European countries to follow the American initiative”, notwithstanding the treaties that those countries had with Russia. France for example made clear that: ”Russia could not permit a foreign power to interfere in what she considers an internal matter;even less will she consent to bind herself on this point by a formal treaty to hold for a definite number of years”. England pointed more boldly that America couldn’t ask any country to change its immigration laws when stating that ”the power of excluding foreigners was not a matter of barter or contract” for American immigration laws.
    Only one voice objected of “that belligerent tone of the resolution, and said that such language in another Parliament might provoke war”, but nobody took any notice. The man behind (actually at the front) these measures was the same avowed anti-Russian Jacob Schiff that would just a few years later throw again his weight (and money) in punishing Russia, with more lethal results.

    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sazonov responded pointing to the fact that: “Many agitators, revolutionaries and anarchists, who were adherents of the Hebrew religion had emigrated to America during the recent troubles … and it was not to be expected that Russia should encourage the return of these elements. “Their [Jews] coming, armed with American passports and with the right to claim Consular aid, …would endanger public peace and cause ultimately diplomatic friction and a serious aggravation of Russo-American relations.” The Russian Ambassador to US told the President [Taft]: ”should the resolution be passed by the Senate in its present form and signed by the President, thus representing the formal expression of the American Government as to Russia`s action under the treaty, it would be considered by the Czar`s Government an insult to Russia.” Moreover, Russians were convinced that ”The main idea of the conflict is that the Jews wish to get hold of Russian trade and industry and are using pressure through America!” And pointing out that the American Jews would enjoy more rights in Russia than her own Jewish subjects!
    Russian Government established a special committee to elaborate means by which it would be possible to lessen Russian dependence from American goods -first of all, from American cotton and agricultural machinery. Even waiving the idea that a commercial treaty with America was necessary at all.

    Sounds familiar? Magnitsky Act?

    • Thanks: annamaria
  177. Svevlad says:

    So Americans try to agitate in the Ukraine. Okay.

    Suddenly, the Chinese threaten Taiwan, and the Iranians start harassing the strait of Hormuz. This would be enough to put them in their place. If they’re that delusional to keep going, well, the result will be the mother of all overextensions.

  178. Rurik says:
    @Commentator Mike

    There is a large fraction of the Ukrainian population itself that sees Russians as liberators during WWII and hates Bandera and his nationalists so why should Russia antagonise them by doing what you suggest?

    to avoid WWIII

    it’s not just (the majority of) Ukrainians that remember the Red Army rapists as imperial hegemons who took over their lands by force, and implemented universal slavery, it’s Poles and Baltic states and others, like many in eastern Germany and Czechoslovakia and Hungary and others.

    Why risk all those people aligning with NATO, just to mollify the few Russian speaking Ukrainians and others, who are very wrong about the blessings of Soviet communism.

    (what, if not slavery, is being forced to work and produce for the benefit of others?)

    between 17 and 22% of Ukrainians declared themselves as Russians but even many who declare themselves as Ukrainians on a census form may in fact be ethnic Russians and may not sympathise with Ukrainian nationalism,

    There is Ukrainian nationalism and then there is the extremely provocative neo-Nazis (taking orders from Jews) who I believe dress that way as a way of telling Russia to fuck off with their dishonest and insulting narrative of liberating anyone. I understand the rancor for generations of Soviet slavery, but the only way forward is a rapprochement with Russia, and the only way to do that, is for Russia to stop with all the idiocy of how they liberated everyone. They liberated no one.

    Quite the contrary, in fact.

    Just accept the obvious truth, and get on with it. Americans didn’t liberate Germany. They bombed the snot out of it, and then went in as murderous occupiers and cruel oppressors, and they’re still there today, occupying and keeping a zio-boot on Germany’s throat.

    If I can say that as an American, and toss the idiotic narrative of Americans as liberators, then why can’t the Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians? We hear a lot about Ukrainian nationalists, but aren’t those Russians who’re insisting that Russia was the great liberator, equally as nationalistic as those ‘UkroNazis’? Aren’t they both, the mirror image of each other?

    Obviously it would be best for Ukraine to break up into two with the eastern part going to Russia

    I used to advocate that, but if Russians and the Russian speaking Ukrainians, continue to insist that the Soviet Red Army rapists were great and glorious liberators, then the fiend is just going to move NATO right up to the Russian speaking border, and start the war there.

    I think it would simply be better all around, if Russia would quietly let go of their preposterous ‘heroic liberator narrative’, even if it hurts some people’s egos and vanity.

    Ireland is slowly making peace with the troubles, but for that to happen, the belligerents on both sides had to make some concessions. Personally, I was an IRA sympathizer, and considered the Brits to be illegal occupiers, and arrogant hegemons. But today, I’m glad to see the hatreds finally coming to a grudging and overdue end.

    Who cares if Brits are in Ireland, when increasingly both their islands are being transformed into zio-hells on earth.

    We all need to see who the real enemy is today, and it’s not the Russians or the ‘UkroNazis’ or the nationalistic Irish or Brits.

    Those people didn’t foment WWII, and they’re not trying to start WWIII.

    Rather, it’s the international banksters that are doing so, (as always), and we should all get together to prevent it. Russian, Ukrainian, American, Brit, and all the rest of us.

    Given this situation it is easy for Jews to play on the devisions and promote war rather than peaceful separation.

    You said it, Mike. Not me. But I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Agree: Alfred
  179. The Russkis are inept ; what they should be doing is sending a few boys undercover over to a) kidnap some of those “advisers” and b) ship them off to Tehrani brothels.

    Let the USG recover their priceless mulas, if they can.

    Whether they do or never manage, those dumb bitches will learn some valuable life lessons along the lines of the importance of earning one’s salt and putting in an honest woman day’s work. Then if they ever do get “rescued”, they can spread the word among the younger crowd aspiring to Nuland.

  180. it’s unknown how russia will respond to ukraine’s continued western directed goading but what is certain is ukraine has set itself on a path of africanization like no other country in europe. watch and learn would be “allies” of america.

  181. Jazman says:

    Actually,Ukraine of 2021 is a pale shadow of Ukraine of 2014.
    And Ukraine of 2014 was decisively defeated by core Russian rebel force of ten battalion tactical groups.
    Which were outnumbered like 20:1.Ukrainian military,at the time,had over two dozen 100% TO&E compliant brigades.Ukrainian forces are poorly trained and equipped NOW.
    In 2015 they’re comparatively superhumans.
    Ukrainian equipment was destroyed in 2014-2015.There is no getting that back.
    Proper training isn’t possible due to shortage of everything,but especially ammunition.

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