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Is Putin Really Ready to "Ditch" Iran?
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The topic of Russian actions in Syria still continues to fascinate and provoke numerous polemics. This makes senses – the issue is exceedingly important on many levels, including pragmatic and moral ones, and today I want to stick strictly to the pragmatic level and set aside, just for a while, moral/ethical/spiritual considerations. Furthermore, I will also pretend, for argument’s sake, that the Kremlin is acting in unison, that there are no Atlantic Integrationists in the Russian government, no 5th column in the Kremlin and that there is no Zionist lobby exerting a great deal of influence in Russia. I will deal with these issues in the future as there is no doubt in my mind that time and events will prove how unfounded and politically-motivated these denials are in reality. But for the purpose of this analysis, we can pretend that all is well in the Kremlin and assume that Russia is fully sovereign and freely protecting her national interests.

So what do we know about what is going on in Syria?

I submit that it is obvious that Russia and Israel have made some kind of deal. That there is an understanding of some kind is admitted by both sides, but there is also clearly more happening here which is not spelled out in full. The Israelis, as always, are bragging about their total victory and posting articles like this one: “In Syria, Putin and Netanyahu Were on the Same Side All Along” with the subheading reading “Putin is ready to ditch Iran to keep Israel happy and save Assad’s victory“. Really?

The chaotic world of contradictory declarations and statements

Let’s look at that thesis from a purely logical point of view. First, what were the Israeli goals initially? As I have explained it elsewhere, initially the Israelis had the following goals:

  1. Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces, and security services.
  2. Create total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan but further north.
  3. Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.
  4. Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone”, but this time in Lebanon.
  5. Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
  6. Break up Syria along ethnic and religious lines.
  7. Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
  8. Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and force the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.
  9. Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert and eventually attack Iran with a wide regional coalition of forces.
  10. Eliminate all centers of Shia power in the Middle-East.

Now let’s stop right here and ask a very simple question: if Putin and Netanyahu were on the same side all along, what should Putin have done to aid the Israelis? I submit that the obvious and indisputable answer is: absolutely nothing. By the time the Russian initiated their (very limited but also very effective) intervention in Syria those plans were well under way towards full realization!

The undeniable truth is that Putin foiled the initial Israel plan for Syria.

In fact, Hezbollah and Iran had already intervened in Syria and were desperately “plugging holes” in a collapsing Syrian front. So, if anything, Putin has to be the one to be credited for forcing the Israelis to give up on their “plan A” and go to plan “B” which I described here and which can be summarized as follows:

Step one, use your propaganda machine and infiltrated agents to re-start the myth about an Iranian military nuclear program. (…) If Trump says that the JCPOA is a terrible deal, then this is so. Hey, we are living in the “post-Skripal” and “post-Douma” era – if some Anglo (or Jewish) leaders say “highly likely” then it behooves everybody to show instant “solidarity” lest they are accused of “anti-Semitism” or “fringe conspiracy theories” (you know the drill). So step one is the re-ignition ex nihilo of the Iranian military nuclear program canard. Step two is to declare that Israel is “existentially threatened” and (…) and let the dumb Americans fight the Iranians.

As I have explained it in great detail here, Russia does not have any moral obligation to protect anybody anywhere, not in the Middle-East and most definitely not Syria and/or Iran. I have also explained in great detail here why Putin also has a lot of pragmatic internal reasons for not getting Russia involved in a major war in the Middle-East.

Finally, as I have explained here, the Israelis are clearly baiting Iran by striking Iranian (or, more accurately, Iranian-linked or Iranian-supported) targets in Syria. They hope that Iran’s patience will come to an end and that the Iranians will retaliate with enough firepower to justify not only an attack on (relatively low value) Iranian-linked targets in Syria but on Iran proper, thus leading to a guaranteed Iranian retaliation on Israel and The Big Prize: a massive US attack on Iran.

Now let’s look at Russian actions once again. If Putin was “on the same side with Netanyahu all along”, he would be helping the Israelis do what they are doing, that is baiting the Iranians, right? But what did Putin really do?

It all began with a statement by Foreign Minister Lavrov who declared that all foreign forces must leave Syria. It is my understanding that no direct quote exists from Lavrov’s initial statement, only interpreted paraphrases. Lavrov also made some clarifying comments later, like this one. But let’s not get bogged down in trying to decide which was an off-the-cuff comment and which one was “official”, but let us begin by noticing this: even before Lavrov’s comment on “all foreign forces” the same Lavrov also said thatall US forces must leave Syria after the defeat of the terrorist forces“. May I also remind everybody here that Israel has been illegally occupying the Syrian Golan for years and that the IDF exactly fits into the definition of “foreign force in Syria”? It gets better, according to the Syrians and, frankly according to common sense and international law, the Syrians say that all foreign forces must leave Syria except those legally requested to stay by the Syrian government. So when the Russians say that all foreign forces including Iranians (assuming Lavrov really said that) must leave Syria they have absolutely no legal or other authority to impose that, short of a UNSC Resolution endorsing that demand. Considering that the Israelis and the USA don’t give a damn about international law or the UNSC, we might even see a day when such a resolution is passed, enforced on the Iranians only, and ignored by the Israelis. The trick here is that in reality there are rather few Iranian “forces” in Syria. There are many more “advisors” (which would not be considered a “force”) and many more pro-Iranian forces which are not really “Iranian” at all. There is also Hezbollah, but Hezbollah is not going nowhere, and they are Lebanese, not Iranian anyway. No doubt the Israelis would claim that Hezbollah is an “Iranian force” but that is basically nonsense. And just to add to the confusion, the Russians are now being cute and saying: “of course, the withdrawal of all non-Syrian forces must be carried out on a mutual basis, this should be a two-way street“. I suggest that we can stop listing all the possible paraphrases and interpretations and agree that the Russians have created a holy (or unholy) mess with their statements. In fact, I would even submit that, what appears to be a holy (or unholy) mess, is a very deliberate and crafty ambiguity.

According to numerous Russian sources, all this rhetoric is about the southern part of Syria and the line of contact (it ain’t a border legally speaking) between Syria and Israel. The deals seem to be this: the pro-Iranian forces and Hezbollah get out of the south, and in exchange, the Israelis let the Syrians, backed by Russian airpower and “advisors” regain control of southern Syria but without any attempts to push the Israelis out of the Golan which they illegally occupy. Needless to say, the Syrians are also insisting that as part of the deal, US forces in southern Syria must pack and leave. But, frankly, unless the US plans to have tiny (and useless) US enclaves inside Syrian controlled territory I don’t see the point of them staying. Not only that, but the Jordanians seem to be part of this deal too. And here is the best part: there is some pretty good evidence that Hezbollah and Iran also are part of the deal. And, guess what? So are the Turks.

This sure looks like some kind of major regional deal has been hammered out by the Russians. And if that is really the case, then that would also explain the tense denials in Israel and Iran, followed by more confirmations (also here) And, just to make things even more confused, we now have Stoltenberg (of all people!) saying that NATO would not assist Israel in case of an Iranian attack which, considering that the NATO Secretary General has no power, that NATO is about 80%+ made up of the USA and that the US now has permanent a “tripwire” force inside Israel and could claim to be under attack, is utter nonsense, but still amusing to note as “adding to the chaos”.

And then there is the apparent Syrian plan to kick out the US from northern Syria which, predictably, Uncle Sam don’t like too much. So the two sides are talking again.

If all this looks to you like evidence for the thesis that “Putin and Netanyahu were on the same side all along”, then I wonder what it would take to convince you otherwise because to me this looks like one of three things:

  1. some kind of major regional deal has been made or
  2. some kind of major regional deal is in the process of being hammered out or
  3. some kind of major regional deal has been made but nobody trusts anybody else and everybody wants to make that deal better for itself

and, of course, everybody wants to save face by either denying it all or declaring victory, especially the AngloZionists.

So let’s ask the key question: is there any evidence at all that Putin and/or Assad is/are “ditching Iran”?

Away from the realm of declarations and statements and back to the world

Let’s begin with a simple question: What does Iran want above all else?

I submit that the overwhelming number one priority of Iran is to avoid a massive US attack on Iran.

Conversely, triggering such an attack on Iran is the number one objective of the Israelis. They are rather open about that too. They latest idea is to create a “military coalition against Iran” while trying to please NATO by joining anti-Russian exercises in Europe.

Not because of a non-existing Iranian nuclear program threatening Israel, but because Iran offers a most successful, and therefore dangerously competing, alternative civilizational model to both the AngloZionist Empire and the Saudi-Wahabi version of Islam. Furthermore, unlike (alas!) Russia, Iran dares to openly commit the “crime of crimes”, that is, to publicly denounce Israel as a genocidal, racist state whose policies are an affront to all of civilized mankind. Finally, Iran (again unlike Russia, alas!) is a truly sovereign state which has successfully dealt with its 5th columnists and which is not in the iron claws of IMF/WB/WTO/etc types (I wrote about that last week so I won’t repeat it here).

I also submit that Iran also has as a top priority to support all the oppressed people of the Middle-East. Resisting oppression and injustice is a Quranic imperative and I believe that in its Iranian interpretation this also extends to non-Shia Sunnis and even Christians and Jews, but since I know that this will trigger all sorts of angry accusations of being naive (or even a Shia propagandist) I will concede that helping the oppressed Shia in the region is probably more important to the Iranian leaders than helping all the other oppressed. In secular terms, this means that Iran will try to protect and assist the Shia in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, considering the amazing mercy shown by Hezbollah to the SLA in southern Lebanon in 2000, and the fact that currently, the Syrian security forces are acting with utmost restraint in the parts of Syria which have accepted the Russian deal (this even has some Russian analysts outright worried) I think that Iranian-backed forces liberating Syria from Daesh are the best thing which anybody could hope for.

Furthermore, the truth is that for all its other faults, the Ba’athist regime in Syria was tolerant of minorities and that Hezbollah has always been protective of absolutely all the Lebanese people regardless of confession or ethnicity (others might disagree with me, but having studied Hezbollah and Iran for several decades now I come to the conclusion that they, unlike most other political actors, are actually truthful when they state their intentions).

So who is the biggest threat to the Shia and, I would argue, to all the people of the Middle-East? The Takfiris of Daesh of course.

And what do all the variants of the possible “big regional deal” have in common? The elimination of Daesh & Co. from Syria.

So how is that against the Iranian interests?!

It isn’t, of course.

The truth is that I see absolutely no evidence at all for “Putin and Netanyahu working together all along”. What I do see is that some kind of deal is being worked out between numerous parties in which everybody is probably trying hard to cheat everybody else, Realpolitik at its worst and most cynical – yes. But hardly a betrayal of Iran by Russia.

What everybody seems to be doing is what blacksmith Vakula did in Gogol’s Christmas Story “The Night Before Christmas“: to trick the devil. In Russia, the devil is known as “лукавый” which does not just mean “evil” but also sly/wily/deceitful/wickedly clever. To try to trick the devil is a very, very dangerous and difficult task and I also find it morally very questionable. But in keeping up with our modern value-neutral “realistic” Zeitgeist, we can also debunk the “Putin betrays Iran” on purely cynical and “pragmatic” reasons with no need to appeal to any higher values at all.

For those who have not seen it yet, I highly recommend this (English subtitled) video of Ruslan Ostashko discussing what Israel can, or cannot, offer Russia and Putin:

Ostashko is absolutely right. The truth is that Israel, unlike Iran, has very little to offer Putin or Russia. This does not mean that Israel does not have influence over the Kremlin, it most definitely does, but that influence is all “stick”, no “carrot” (which is one of the conceptual flaws in the position of those who deny the existence of a Zionist 5th column in Russia – they are denying the existence of the “stick” while producing no “carrot” thus making Russian policies appear both contradictory and unexplainable: hence a need for all sorts of mental contortions to try to explain them).

But Israel’s “stick”, while undeniably big, is dwarfed by Iran’s “carrot”: not only immense resources and billions of Dollars/Rubles/Rials/Euros to be made in energy and weapons and also many sectors of the economy. There is also the fact that Iran is truly the number one regional power in the entire Middle-East: maybe not big enough to impose its will on all others, but definitely big enough to bring down any major plan or policy it does not approve of. Furthermore, now that the international sanctions against Iran have been officially lifted (the USA’s reneging on its signature notwithstanding), Iran can join and become an influential member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (along with, possibly, other Middle-Eastern countries). All this makes the Iranian “carrot” very attractive to Russia. There is also a conceptual Iranian “stick”: if Israel gets its way and Iran is massively and viciously attacked by the AngloZionist Empire, and either chaos or a severe crisis result, what would be the impact on Russia and her allies? And, while I don’t think for a second that this is possible, let’s say the Empire puts a pro-AngloZionist regime in power in Tehran and overthrows the Islamic Republic – what would that do to the Russian national security? It would be an absolute nightmare, wouldn’t it?

Look at the relationship between Russia and Turkey before the coup attempt against Erdogan. Surely that relationship was much worse than the relationship currently enjoyed between the Islamic Republic and Russia, right? And yet, when the US attempted to topple Erdogan, what did Russia do? Russia gave Erdogan her fullest support and even, according to some rumors, physical protection during a few key hours. If Russia sided with Erdogan against the Empire, why would Russia not side with the Islamic Republic, even if we consider only arguments of Russian self-interest?

For an excellent Iranian analysis of the Russia-Iran alliance, check out this article by Aram Mirzaei.


The simple truth is that regardless of declarations and political statements, China, Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are all dependent on each other and cannot afford to truly betray anybody lest the Empire take them out one by one. To use Franklin’s expression – they all must hang (i.e. stand) together or most assuredly they will all “hang separately”? That does not mean that they all love each other, or always share the same goals? They might also play against each other to some degree, and even try to get some sweet deal “on the side” with the AngloZionists (remember, Assad used to torture for the CIA!), but the facts on the ground and the correlation of forces in the Middle-East will limit the scope of such “mini-betrayals”, at least for the foreseeable future.

True, there is the Saudi factor to take into account. Unlike the Israelis, the Saudis are offering a lot of “carrot”. But the Saudis are way too arrogant, they are already messing with Russian interests not only in Syria, but also in Qatar, and their brand of Islam is truly a mortal danger for Russia. Right now the Atlantic Integrationists and Eurasian Sovereignists have achieved somewhat of an equilibrium in the Kramlin. The former is trying to split the EU from the USA and make lots of money, while the latter are left in charge of national security issues, especially towards the South, but this equilibrium is inherently unstable and would be immediately threatened by any meaningful AngloZionist attack. So yes, there is a Zionist Lobby in Russia and yes, it does act as a 5th column, but not, most emphatically no, it is not strong enough to completely disregard the financial interests of the Russian business elites or, even less so, fundamental Russian national security interests. That is the one of biggest difference between the USA and Russia: Russia, while only partially sovereign, is far from being an Israeli protectorate or colony. And as long as Russia retains her even partial sovereignty she will not “ditch” Iran, regardless of Israeli whining and threats.

My personal evaluation is that Putin is playing a very complex and potentially dangerous game. He is trying to trick not one, but many “devils”, all at the same time. Furthermore, if the US Americans have been недоговороспособны (“not agreement capable”) already since Obama, Trump and his Neocon masters have made that even worse. As for the Israelis, they would make Satan himself look honest and are ideologically incapable of honesty (or even decency). Frankly, I don’t trust Erdogan one bit and I don’t think that the Russians will ever trust him either. Call me naive, but I think that Assad has been changed by this war and even if he did, indeed, collaborate with the CIA in the past, I think that he will be a pretty good ally for Russia in the future. As for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Hassan Nasrallah, I see them both as men of honor who will uphold any alliance they formally enter into (informal understandings and temporary mutual interests are a different deal). I also see them as brilliant and wise geostrategists: they fully realize that Iran and Hezbollah need Russia to survive. So Putin’s policy, while dangerous, is not doomed to failure at all: he is trying to save Syria from the AngloZionsts while avoiding a regional war. Time is on his side as Trump’s erratic (and that is putting it mildly) policies (or, really, lack thereof) are inflicting tremendous damage on the Empire on a daily basis (see Dmitri Orlov’s excellent analysis here).

I honestly don’t know if Putin’s dangerous strategy will work or not. I don’t think anybody else does either (except ignorant cheerleaders, of course). But I do know that even if the sight of Bibi Netanyahu in Moscow with a Saint George ribbon was nauseating to my conscience, this absolutely does not indicate that Netanyahu and Putin are working together or that Russia is “ditching Iran”. As always, the Israelis feel almighty and brazenly display their arrogance. Let them. Just remember the inevitable outcome from that kind of Zionist hubris in the past and wait for the inevitable “oy vey!“.

Finally, there is the single most important fact: the AngloZionist Empire and Russia remain at war, and have been so for at least four years or more. That war is still about 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% kinetic, but it this is a very real war nonetheless, and it is escalating. As long as Russia will retain even partial sovereignty and as long as she will offer an alternative civilizational model, even an imperfect one, she will remain an existential threat to the Empire and the Empire will remain an existential threat for the entire Russian civilizational realm. While hugely important to Israel, the entire Iranian issue is just a sideshow to the transnational leaders of the Empire who see Russia and China as the real main competitors, especially when joined in a symbiotic relationship as they are today. Hence the crises in the Ukraine and on the Korean Peninsula, hence the constants warnings of a possible full-scale nuclear war (see Eric Zuesse latest article here or Paul Craig Roberts numerous article on his website; also check out Dan Glazebrook’s excellent analysis of Trump’s attempt to repeat the “Rambouillet ruse” in Korea here). Even if Putin succeeds in moving the EU closer to Russia and away from a (clearly insane) USA, and even if he succeeds in preventing the AngloZionists from directly attacking Iran, this will only further convince the AngloZionist leaders of the Empire that he, Putin, and Russia, are the ultimate evil which must be eliminated. Those who hope for some kind of modus vivendi between the Empire and Russia are kidding themselves, because the very nature of the Empire makes this impossible. Besides, as Orlov correctly pointed it out – the Empire’s hegemony is collapsing, fast. The Empire’s propaganda machine denies and obfuscates this, and those who believe it don’t see it – but the leaders of the Empire all understand this, hence the escalation on all fronts we have seen since the Neocons re-took power in the White House. If the Neocons continue on their current course, and I don’t see any indication whatsoever that they are reconsidering it, then the question is only when/where this will lead to a full-scale war first. Your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. mikkkkas says:

    A long good article obviously based on Eliah magnier’s piece on a new ROE (rules of engagement) and a possible deal in southern Syria: . It seems the Saker has finally come out victorious from his battle with his dystopian ghosts after an endless stream of depressive “the-end-is-nigh” and “Putin has turned in the towel” articles.

    “My personal evaluation is that Putin is playing a very complex and potentially dangerous game. He is trying to trick not one, but many “devils”, all at the same time.” Of course you knew that all along, didn’t you? Welcome back! i truly really mean that.

  2. Horst says:

    Self-reflection being essential, I have to ask myself: Why did I read this aimless drivel? It’s like putting another four quarters in a machine that simply eats quarters.

    And these 4,000 words say very little more than the final seven:

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    … yet even that statement is demonstrably inane. Anyone’s guess is better — and makes more interesting reading — than Andrei Raevsky’s.

    A plea to Mr Unz: Quality, Sir. Not quantity. They can’t all be Steve Sailer, Antony Karlin, James Thompson, et al, but a rising tide, and so forth.

    Jettison the ballast. Imminentize the buoyant.

  3. Brabantian says: • Website

    More lame and convoluted apologetics for close friend of Israel Vladimir Putin … by allegedly ‘former’ (ha!) intel agency employee Andrei ‘the Saker’ Raevsky

    When Saker Raevsky gets really desperate to try to defend an absurd and implausible position, he becomes quite dense and un-readably thick in argument as above

    There were signs from the beginning that the whole ‘Saker’ machine was an intel operation … Saker’s job, to herd the Putineers for the Putin side of the NWO-genesis machine … with fables of ‘Russia fighting Anglo-Zionism’ HA

    Early on, Raevsky-Saker had promotion by MSM assets … the mysteriously eager ‘translation teams’ popping up out of nowhere, eager to render Saker’s rubbish into several languages … promotional phrases and themes on the Saker site, aping the CIA’s Wikipedia, whose ex-pornographer chief Jimmy Wales is not far away from Saker’s home near all those US military bases

    The oily writings of Saker actually being one of the evidence pieces that Putin, always responsive to his Chabad rabbi advisor, is not really ‘opposition’ to the West, but just a demeaned partner co-travelling the NWO roadmap

    • Troll: animalogic
    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Anonymous
  4. Saker, your argument hinges on 2 premises:
    1. Russia is not ethically obliged to defend either Syria or Iran
    2. Putin is playing a very clever, complex, dangerous game “trying to trick not one, but many “devils”, all at the same time.”

    Re 1: the whole ‘game’ in Syria and the wider ME is not about noble obligations, it is all about power and influence. Russia has tried to portray itself as the new power broker, believing that defeating Daesh with the help of Iran, Hezbollah and the SAA was enough to attain that status. Russia seems to believe it can stay on the sidelines concerning the ZioNazi statelet’s & the US’s incessant provocations of Syria and Iran; Russia also stayed on the sidelines when the FUKUS trio bombed Syria over the fake chemical attack.

    Unfortunately for Russia, that sideline position has only encouraged, and continues to encourage, the muderous, psychopathic war criminals in Washington and Jerusalem to ever more boldness because they see Russia’s position as weakness. And that increasing boldness is risking a major unplanned confrontation that puts humanity in danger. So Russia DOES have an ethical obligation, if not to its 2 allies (which I do not agree with) then certainly to the world.

    As for your 2nd premise, unless you have access to Putin’s inner circle and are privy to his thinking, it is completely speculative, seemingly given in by an urge to defend Putin’s inaction.

    Incidentally, in 2011 Russia/Putin promised Assad those S300’s, and basically reneged on that (signed?) promise to its ally? Ethically this is unacceptable, no matter how you spin it.

    • Agree: Felix Keverich
    • Replies: @pyrrhus
  5. Realist says:

    Too long. How about being more concise?

  6. Perhaps not one of Saker’s better articles. But core point has value: there is a deal. Putin


    dealing with a soggy bag of spitting devils.
    I dont discount the possibility of war: especially if the zionist can manufacture appropriate circumstances. However, ulimately Iran is (relatively) a side show.
    The Empire is still committed to sanctions/propaganda/
    diplomatic/political means to its ultimate goals of regime change in Russia, followed by further intensified action against an isolated China.
    Yes, the Zionist ghost in the Empire Golom itches to lash out militarily. But as we know, they both like enemies such as Gaza, or Iraq, Libya… & Syria until the Russians said “enough !”. They like enemies sufficiently small as to match their courage & moral vision….

  7. …but without any attempts to push the Israelis out of the Golan which they illegally occupy.

    The Israelis got the area in defensive war. They own it legally.

    Too bad you won’t apply the same standard against the Russians who do illegally occupy Crimea and part of the Donbas. But, then, you wouldn’t the “The Saker” anymore. You’d actually become a normal individual and not an ignorant hypocrite.

    • Replies: @Felix Keverich
    , @anon
    , @anon
  8. Marcus says:

    Seeing the Faker sputter about desperately to explain how his idol is still anti-“Anglo-Zionist” has provided the needed comic relief on a grueling morning work.

  9. @Horst

    As a Russian I thought this text is pretty funny, because it reminded me of a classic debate going on the Russian internet: “Путин слил” (Putin sold out) vs “Путин хитрый план” (this is all part of an eleborate 3-D chess combination). Clearly, Saker is inclined towards the “3-D chess” explanation.

    • Replies: @Horst
  10. @Quartermaster

    It wasn’t a “defensive war”. Leaving out the fact that Israel’s existence itself is not entirely legitimate as the Arabs never recognised the UN mandated partition of Palestine, it was Israel that started the war of 1967 by attacking Egypt, Syria’s ally.

    Russians are not conducting ethnic cleansing in Crimea or Donbass, herding native population into reservations like Gaza, killing those, who try to escape – you know, all these things that Israel is doing.

    • Replies: @Anon
  11. Horst says:
    @Felix Keverich

    Thank you. Your insightful comment has somehow transformed my initial experience from an exercise in futile reading into a significant and thoughtful — nope! Sorry. This is a repeat offence. 4,000 words of meandering foolishness is unredeemable. The Saker’s writing, in nearly every case, and over a long period of time, shows him to be a disingenuous hack who delivers bulky loads of zero.

    • Replies: @Felix Keverich
  12. @Horst

    I disagree. Saker seems to provoke lots of passionate reactions (butthurt) from the Zionist commenters on this website. A real talenless hack would be ignored.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  13. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    The Empire’s propaganda machine denies and obfuscates this, and those who believe it don’t see i”

    A NYT scribe was quoted by Globalresearch and ?Huffingtonpost saying :”Americans eagerly and passionately want to believe something ,something , coming out of government ” just to feel good and and confident.

    They have not stopped trying .

  14. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    The problems with your arguments have been resolved many times against your assertions and views Unfortunately people like you go back to same lies again and again..
    If everything went well in Iraq , you would be saying Saddma had WMD .

    ( The chorus against non existent WMD would not have been aired displayed or discussed . Only American mantra – Saddam attacked us, Saddam sent Anthrax, Sadam had WMD would have been percolating down the throat of the ugly asinine bastard war supporters and forced down the rest )

  15. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    , there were frequent clashes on the Israeli-Syrian and Israeli-Jordanian armistice lines after the 1948 war. Thousands of Palestinian refugees tried to cross the border searching for relatives, attempting to return to their homes and to recover their lost possessions.
    Between 1949 to 1956, it is estimated that Israeli forces shot dead between 2,000 to 5,000 people who tried to cross.

    In 1953, Israel committed the most notorious reprisal massacre in the West Bank against the village of Qibya, where 45 houses were blown up and at least 69 Palestinians were killed.

    Tensions between Syria and Israel was also brewing over disagreements on the use of the Jordan River water and Israeli cultivation along the border, which played a major role in leading up to the war.

    On May 13, 1967, the Soviet Union falsely warned Egypt that Israel was assembling its troops to invade Syria. Under an Egyptian-Syrian defence treaty signed in 1955, the two countries were obliged to protect one another in the case of an attack on either.
    Egypt then ordered the evacuation of UN troops out of Sinai and stationed its troops there. A few days later, Abdul Nasser blocked Israeli shipping in the Red Sea.
    At the end of May, Egypt and Jordan signed a mutual defence pact that effectively placed the Jordanian army under Egypt’s command. Iraq followed suit shortly after.

    On the early morning of June 5, Israel launched a surprise attack against Egypt’s airbases and destroyed the Egyptian air force while it was still on the ground, a move that unleashed the war.

    The motives behind the war are a point of contention among various historians and analysts.
    Some believed that Israel had “unfinished business” for failing to seize the whole of historic Palestine in the 1948 war. On the eve of the 1967 attack, Israeli minister Yigal Allon wrote: “In … a new war, we must avoid the historic mistake of the War of Independence [1948] … and must not cease fighting until we achieve total victory, the territorial fulfillment of the Land of Israel

    *** Abba Eban went to Pentagon Received the map and the positions of Egyptian Air Forces. He cabled it back to Israel.

  16. Anonymous[228] • Disclaimer says:

    itially the Israelis had the following goals:

    Yes 1980 Yinon Oded Plan

    1996 PNAC plan

    2001-2003 war plannings

    Wesley Clarke’s National Press Club ( ? Book club ) statements in 2007 that covers Wolfowitz 1991 ideas and threat and refers to the wars in the offing against 7 seven countries in post 911,2001

    Writing by nasty shit of piece like Dore about Saudi

    Power Presentation by Richard Pearle and his henchmen picked out of obscurity in Pentagon against Saudi Egypt Jordan
    Plan to send Palestinian to Jordan

    ** how does hurting Saudi or Egypt eqaute with US or Israel current attitudes? It doesn’t .Back then it fit perfectly- any attack on any Arab country would have done what Iraq attack had done. What Iraq attack had done is chaos weakness in-fighting and degenerations among Arabs and elevated status of Israel and glorification of Israel in USA and penetration of Israel in EU /India and ?Russia more.

  17. Personally, I hate unsolicited advice, but I am tempted to give it to the Saker: read what you wrote at least once and edit in the process, so that your writing does not feel like a stream of consciousness, where one has to fish for pearls of meaning in the muddy waters of endless text. You are not a politician, your job is not to generate content-free verbal diarrhea.

    Back to substance. In Syria the goal of Israel, the US, Saudis and other Gulf satrapies was the same: eliminate a strong secular regime that keeps the country unified and convert Syria into a bunch of impotent warring Bantustans. Israel wanted to make sure that there is no Syria to fulfill UN SC resolution and retake its Golan Heights, and have a chance of creating additional occupied “security areas” at will; Saudis and allied satrapies wanted to build oil and gas pipelines through Syrian territory without having to ask the permission of real government; the US wanted to promote Israeli and Saudi interests and create Libya-like chaos, making Syrian territory free-for-all playground.

    Russian intervention ruined those plans. Moreover, it appears that Iranian, Hezbollah, and other forces supporting Assad submitted to overall Russian military planning and possibly command: the war became pretty successful all of a sudden; high-ranking Iranian commanders are no longer killed in Syria on a regular basis. Thus, Russia foiled Israeli, Saudi, and the US plans. But it is important to keep in mind that Putin did this to promote Russian interests in the region, not Iranian or even Syrian. For the most part these interests coincide, but when they don’t, Russian actions might look like a “betrayal” of partners, even though Russia cannot betray anyone there, as it did not pledge allegiance to anyone. There is no moral dimension to the events: Putin is purely pragmatic, rational rather than moral. Russia (both under tsars and in Soviet times) used to put too much effort into a thankless task of saving the world and learned its lesson.

    Yes, the string of ME wars (Syria is not an exception: remember Somalia, Libya, turmoil in Egypt, Yemen, etc) is part of the global war between the US Empire and Russia, where Russia seeks lasting order and balance of interests, whereas the Empire creates chaos in the hopes of getting new puppets and generally dominating, on behalf of Israel and itself. Yes, the US Empire is on the decline, hence the US policies are becoming more and more hysterical. In essence, no enemy undermines the US in the ME and all over the world more than it undermines itself. That’s how all dominant Empires in history ended: by committing suicide.

    Bottom line is, Putin’s Russia fends for itself, entering into long- and short-term deals with anyone (even Erdogan, who is as trustworthy as a used car salesman), as long as those deals serve its interests. Objectively, Russia cannot let the Empire (or Israel, for that matter) vanquish Assad or Iran. However, Putin tries to minimize the costs for Russia, and therefore will avoid direct confrontation with Israel or the Empire as long as possible. That’s the whole story, the rest is fantasy.

  18. Leaving out the fact that Israel’s existence itself is not entirely legitimate

    Read the Torah.

    as the Arabs never recognised the UN mandated partition

    Possibly the most irrelevant thing ever. Ishmael does not get a say in this. Read the Torah.

    In Syria the goal of Israel, the US, Saudis and other Gulf satrapies was the same: eliminate a strong secular regime that keeps the country unified and convert Syria into a bunch of impotent warring Bantustans

    If that was the goal, it would have succeeded.

    Moreover, it appears that Iranian, Hezbollah, and other forces supporting Assad submitted to overall Russian military planning and possibly command: the war became pretty successful all of a sudden; high-ranking Iranian commanders are no longer killed in Syria on a regular basis.

    This is how Russophiles now define military success: Israel doesn’t kill Iranian commanders as frequently as they used to… for now.

    Plan to send Palestinian to Jordan

    “Jordan” belongs to us. There are no plans to send the Palestinians there.

    I disagree. Saker seems to provoke lots of passionate reactions (butthurt) from the Zionist commenters on this website

    I can’t speak for anybody else but if you think that the Saker provokes any reaction in me besides sheer amusement then you are even more delusional than I thought. And I already thought you were pretty fucking delusional. Steve Sailer irritates me. Magnier gets under my skin. The Saker, however, is pure comic relief.

    it was Israel that started the war of 1967 by attacking Egypt, Syria’s ally

    Egypt provoked us by existing. But that will be remedied in due time.

    Thousands of Palestinian refugees tried to cross the border searching for relatives, attempting to return to their homes and to recover their lost possessions.

    “Their” homes? They were squatters on Land that G-d had reserved for the Jewish people. The Palestinians should be thankful that we left any of them alive at all. We may not remain so merciful in the future.

    In 1953, Israel committed the most notorious reprisal massacre in the West Bank against the village of Qibya, where 45 houses were blown up and at least 69 Palestinians were killed.

    Not a fan of Ariel Sharon but he had his moments. Good work removing 69 cockroaches in one go. Of course these days us killing 69 Palis in one day wouldn’t even be news. We are getting better at this.

    Incidentally, in 2011 Russia/Putin promised Assad those S300′s, and basically reneged on that (signed?) promise to its ally? Ethically this is unacceptable, no matter how you spin it.

    Russophiles continue to be the most militarily illiterate people in the world.

    1. Syrians are waaaaaay to stupid to properly operate a complex piece of technology like the S-300.
    2. The S-300 and S-400 are not meant to work as stand alone systems. You still need aircraft to provide air defense. So unless Russia was willing to fly air defense missions against the IAF, Israel would just have easily destroyed the S-300s which would have damaged Russian sales of the system

    psychopathic war criminals in Washington and Jerusalem

    Hey you got our capitol right!

    By the way, to all the Russophiles here: I haven’t been keeping up with your latest fantasies so is the devastating Iranian retaliation against Israel still on or not? When should we be expecting it? Can we hope to see it in the next 5 to 10 years?

  19. @Greasy William

    Now, you are either genuinely dumb, or an agent provocateur trying to arouse anti-Semitic commenters by your ostensibly Zionist hubris. BTW, Torah, like thousands of “holy books” of various other religions, has as much legal standing as a piece of bathroom tissue I used this morning.

    Finally, if you really believe what you write, let me remind you that Persians are not Arabs: they do shoot straight and did that for thousands of years. Be careful what you ask for: your wish might be granted.

    • Agree: Felix Keverich
    • Replies: @Alden
  20. Marcus says:

    You savage the “Russophiles” while buying into their fantasy of Russia fighting an “Anglo-Zionist” global alliance. Russia is a firm partner of Israel now

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  21. Marcus says:

    Faker lives in Florida, true warrior of Holy ‘Rus he!

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  22. Finally, if you really believe what you write, let me remind you that Persians are not Arabs

    There is no such thing as Persians! They are Iranians. Nobody calls themselves “Persian” except for Iranian Jews and some totally westernized Iranians. The current head mullah is Azeri. Iran is less than 50% Persian.

    Anyway, we are ready for war with Iran. It’s the Iranians who don’t want to come out and play.

  23. @Greasy William

    Iran is a multi-ethnic country, which is its strength, rather than weakness. Nothing ruins a country more efficiently than tribal mentality (just look at present day Ukraine). However, very little fraction of Iran population is Arab. Azeris (civilized, like in Iran, not savage, like in Azerbaijan) also shoot straight, like Persians. If you love your country, you don’t want to mess with them.

    If by “we” you mean Israel, that’s not true. Israel is ready for somebody else, preferably the US, fight Iran. Iran, on the other hand, just like Russia and China, prefers stability and balance of interests, rather than war-induced chaos. This preference clearly shows that they are a normal country with a future, not a hysterical dying Empire.

  24. @Marcus

    Russia would deal with anyone, even the devil with horns, pursuing its self-interest. Countries don’t have friends or even partners, they have interests.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  25. @Marcus

    The place of residence does not mean anything. American-born “patriotic” US elites speed up the demise of the US more effectively than the worst American enemies living elsewhere.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  26. Marcus says:

    Wrong, he lives in the heart of Anglo-Zionism while pretending to be some kind of czarist zealot, hence the sobriquet: Faker

  27. Marcus says:

    You obviously know nothing about the history of the USSR/Russia’s relations with Israel

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  28. @Marcus

    Well, I know some history, about 100 times more than an average US citizen. Stalin’s USSR pushed for the creation of Israel and then supplied it (via satellites) with weapons to fight Arab neighbors. Later the USSR took a strong pro-Arab anti-Israeli position. The position of Yeltsin’s Russia did not matter, as the regime was run by traitors dismantling and looting everything. Putin’s Russia is quite neutral, in a sense that Putin does not want to fight Israel, but does not want to be seen as her friend, either. Israeli intelligence considers Russia an unfriendly country, even though Russia pays pensions to Russian Jews who emigrated to Israel, including military pensions to WWII vets. Bibi carefully avoids any confrontation with Russia, even though Putin’s interference in Syria thwarted Israeli goal of turning it into something like Somalia or Libya.

    My point is, Putin acts out of self-interest, avoiding direct confrontations wherever possible, but firmly moving towards his goals. That includes his dealings with Syria, Israel, Turkey, Iran, China, North Korea, and would include dealings with Devil himself, if such a personage existed. Nothing personal, strictly business. That’s what the Saker studiously refuses to see.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  29. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greasy William

    Hey moron , take some rest You have read that Torah for too long

    “yrians are waaaaaay to stupid to properly operate a complex piece of technology like the S-300.
    2. The S-300 and S-400 are not meant to work as stand alone systems. You still need aircraft to provide air d”- give to the settlers to blow the horn when you come home as messiah

  30. @Greasy William

    Dear Zionist Goof: Why read the Torah when I can read the Bible?

    And Pilate seeing that he prevailed nothing, but that rather a tumult was made; taking water washed his hands before the people, saying: I am innocent of the blood of this just man; look you to it. And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.

    You have no special rights. Your fanatical European Jew ideologue heroes stole that land from the Arabs and conquered them just the same as my ancestors stole this land from the Delaware Indians. No more, no less. But at least my ancestors cultivated the land peacefully afterwards.

    P.S. I remember the USS Liberty. You are no one’s ally.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  31. anonymous[643] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greasy William

    Not a fan of Ariel Sharon but he had his moments. Good work removing 69 cockroaches in one go. Of course these days us killing 69 Palis in one day wouldn’t even be news. We are getting better at this.

    Such evil hubris? Let me guess… you are a judenscum?

    I have no idea about the validity of the scale of this so-called “holocaust,” but if you are a reflection of the prior day joo… I am beginning to empathise with that aryan-midget… well ok, perhaps only for a second, before my moral compass kicks me in the butt (especially because of the innocent young who may have suffered).

    You adult jooscum are destined to be wiped out anyway, purely as a result of your own unabashed evil. When that comes to pass, don’t you worry, we will lovingly take care of your babies and lead them away from your satanic cult. They will then grow up healthy, of mind and body, and thank us for it.

  32. Momus says:

    I’ve just wasted a few minutes reading this turgid, cornspeeracee riddled Saker megillah.

    It’s simple to me. Syria has long ago ceded the Golan to Israel in exchange for a security guarantee from Jerusalem. The Syrian’s are terrified of Israel; it has wiped the floor with them numerous times. Israel has no territorial ambitions: why would she want to be forced to nappy change more unruly Arabs?

    Iran’s has provided the expendable grunts and the Russia the airpower back up and diplomatic cover.

    Russia’s payoff is the warm water port on the Mediterranean and Hmeimim air base and the prestige and standing gained from turning the tide. Her natural alliance with Israel and shared distaste of all forms of Islam cements that- there is no need for a rouble payoff.

    The Iranians and Hezbollah have done the Russians dirty work and expect to colonise Syria with Shiites; and their Revolutionary guards to menace Israel.

    No one is happy with that idea (including the bulk of Iranian people) and the Iranians have been given their marching orders- which they will be forced to comply with by internal and external forces.

    Israel is the dominant power in the region, militarily and economically and diplomatically – her GDP is not much less than straightened and blighted Irans’ which has 10 times the population and with US backing will prevail.

    • Troll: Them Guys
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Seamus Padraig
    , @anon
  33. Marcus says:

    Please show how Putin “does not want to be seen as Israel’s friend”

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  34. @Marcus

    Well, Putin maintains close relations with Assad government in Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, and Turkey, all of which Israel considers foes. He is not particularly friendly with the US and many of its vassals who provide political cover for Israeli crimes. However, Putin does not want to be seen as a foe of Israel, either. He talks to Netanyahu on the regular basis and likely has some situational deals with Israel. At least Israel studiously avoids any confrontations with Russian military forces in Syria. Russia reciprocates by avoiding direct confrontations with Israeli forces, even when they clearly break international law. You can call it prudent policy or a bargain with the Devil, depending on your preferences.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  35. VICB3 says:

    The whole thing sounds like – Is! – a convoluted mess. The whole mish-mash of interests, scheming and maneuvering reminds anybody who knows about of Europe just prior to WWI, with all the back and forth of Germany, Austro-Hungary, Romania, Serbia and everybody else concerning their Eastern Borderlands, France and it’s past grievances, and an England worried about a decline in economic influence.

    Better just to avoid the whole mess. Better to just stand back and watch. But that won’t happen. I guess nobody in charge reads their history. Or they think that this time it’s different. And that’s why this shit happens over and over again.

    Just a thought.


    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  36. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    “. Syria has long ago ceded the Golan to Israel in exchange for a security guarantee from Jerusalem. The Syrian’s are terrified of Israe’

    That’s why don’t believe a Jew .

    From 2002 Israel has been advocating an attack on Syria. The pathetic ungrateful bastard
    US Australia and France- learn from the victims and save your fates from Israel.

    • Replies: @Momus
  37. @VICB3

    Psychiatrists say that a sure sign of schizophrenia is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. By this definition 90% of politicians are schizophrenics.

  38. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    “This did not happen. The allocated budget, lodged with the American embassy in Tirana, has not been touched. Instead, after Donald Trump became president and set about dismantling every detail of Barack Obama’s legacy, the MEK were “allowed” to regroup.

    Regrouping meant that the MEK would continue to call for violent regime change against Iran, backed by US extremists like Rudi Giuliani and John Bolton who now occupy influential posts in the Trump administration. As a result, Albania has become a front-line enemy state in relation to Iran.

    Regrouping also meant re-enslaving members, who are not paid and have no human rights. It also meant building a closed camp in a remote part of the country to which Albanian authorities and security services have no access. As though Albania wasn’t having a hard time already cracking down on criminal and mafia gangs, now the MEK are implicated in criminal activity. Among several individuals arrested for money laundering last month, two Israelis were found to be associated with FARA NGO. This is the same company involved in building the closed military training base in Manez to which rank-and-file MEK fighters were moved last autumn.”

    Jews are involving themselves in Albania and then saying more and more msulim countries are reaching out to Israel

    above is another Israeli piece of Nazi like ISIS like behaviors

  39. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greasy William

    Scratch a Zionist ,you will find a Nazi. Read this Nazi ‘s entitlements . Wait for another holocaust and Inquisition.Next time US will block the emigration again.

  40. Putin blunted Imperial aggression for the first time since Washington’s defeat in Vietnam. How this can be construed as cooperation with Israel is a mystery.

    Saker defends Putin and Russia. That’s why his detractors (Zionist scum) hate him. Why are Zionist trolls working to discredit Saker if Putin is one of them?

    I too found this piece difficult to read. I think because is takes so long to refute a proposition that is so obviously false.

    • Agree: Iris
  41. Herald says:

    You should stick with the Jerusalem Post.

  42. Momus says:

    From 2002 Israel has been advocating an attack on Syria. The pathetic ungrateful bastard

    Where is the evidence for this?

    Israel is more than capable of ‘attacking’ Syria if defensive circumstances warrant it.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
    , @Meimou
  43. Anonymous [AKA "Ali Nwelati"] says:

    Well the righter does not explain to us Putin and Netanyahu’s agreement to give Israel’s air force free hand to destroy the Syrian army and do whatever they like in Syria. What sort of an alliance is this? And if he was an ally why he does not give the Syrian army his latest weapons such as the S400 to defend Syria from Israel’s aggression as the US does in giving Israel its latest and most aggressive and destructive weapons free of charge?
    Putin is using Syria as a card in his conflict with America and cannot be taken as a trusted friend or an ally. Yes, Putin is helping the Israelis do what they are doing to fulfil their colonialist project in the Middle East, as Stalin did in 1948.

    • Replies: @Momus
  44. Kiza says:

    The Saker is the most trolled writer on UNZ. I would care to suggest that trolls like you can avoid reading The Saker and go read instead their favorite Elliot Karlin Higgins. I find your comment so empty and meaningless that I regret wasting the whole of 20 seconds of my life on it. What mindless rubbish. The problem of unz is that there are now more morons such as you frequenting this site then educated and thoughtful individuals. And your kind is aggressive enough to leave such dumb stupid comments where they are not invited and all.

  45. Kiza says:

    This is a reasonable comment and a good summary of the somewhat disjointed article. Personally, I do not like what Putin is doing and how he is doing it, but I am not the President of Russia. He must be doing right by the majority or by the most influential Russians who elected him. I am sure that Putin is not losing any sleep over the criticism by the army if trolls at unz. Is there anything lower in the human pecking order then a paid or dumb troll? They cannot even go and kill themselves some children in some AngloZionist war then they come here and bullshit and bullshit on empty.

  46. Momus says:

    Well the righter does not explain to us Putin and Netanyahu’s agreement to give Israel’s air force free hand to destroy the Syrian army and do whatever they like in Syria.

    Assad is being protected, not attacked, by Israel in exchange for the Golan heights. Syria has effectively ceded that territory to Israel after Israel agreed not to destroy Damascus and topple the Assad family business.

    In the several defensive wars that Israel has won they have taken relatively vast amounts of territory, which they have returned; the Sinai peninsula being notable.

    • Replies: @WJ
  47. Erebus says:

    Whether Putin is “ready to ditch Iran” (or the EU/Syria/Turkey/Hezbollah/Donbass/etc) misses the game. Every move the Kremlin makes is calibrated to its Grand Strategy of positioning Russia as the central power of Eurasia.

    Central not only in the sense of Mackinder’s geography, but as a kind of Grand Arbiter at the centre of the Eurasian constellation of security and economic treaties, agreements and institutions. It always had the geography and resource base, but over the last couple of decades has been rapidly gaining the military and diplomatic weight to play the role. It has made national sovereignty the central tenet of the strategy, and has included not only political and economic sovereignty but cultural as well. China has the money and the sovereignty, but Russia has everything else including (crucially) the geography.

    By pivoting to the East, it has exposed the fissures in the Atlantic Alliance and having exposed them offers the EU a viable avenue to join Eurasian developments. If it is to bring the EU along, it must show that it is even-handed to a fault. The US’ actions make that less necessary than it may have otherwise been.

  48. Alden says:

    Persia was the one country the Turks never came close to conquering despite centuries of trying.

  49. Alden says:

    I think greasy William’s diatribe against the Palestinians was sarcasm.

    • Replies: @TheDude
  50. Anonymous [AKA "Marie Pujol"] says:

    I think that your comment is not honest . I support the Saker and his original analysis . I worry because of the choices of Russian government after West promises . If Iran is dropped out, Russia will be opened and come under fire !

  51. @Greasy William

    There is no such thing as Persians! … Iran is less than 50% Persian.

    You realize you just contradicted yourself, don’t you?

  52. @Momus

    It’s simple to me.

    That’s cuz you’re simple.

    • Replies: @Momus
  53. @Momus

    Israel is more than capable of ‘attacking’ Syria if defensive circumstances warrant it.

    First they’d have to get past Hezbollah–they couldn’t even manage that in tiny Lebanon. That’s why they need their Uncle-Shmuel-golem to attack Syria for them.

    • Replies: @Momus
  54. Momus says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    That’s cuz you’re simple.

    Occams razor simple.

  55. Momus says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    First they’d have to get past Hezbollah–they couldn’t even manage that in tiny Lebanon. .

    If you look at a map you would see Hezbollah are not in the way. In any case the Israelis, they travel by air these days.

    That’s why they need their Uncle-Shmuel-golem to attack Syria for them

    They buzzed Damascus, Beirut and Teheran undetected with the good uncles F35’s a couple of weeks ago.

    • Replies: @Herald
  56. Poor Saker! He just gets it from all directions at once. Now the people over at Fort Russ are PO’d at him for deigning to question Putin:

    I guess you really can’t please ’em all. Hell, there are some days when you can’t please anyone!

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  57. WJ says:

    Israel has had a covert and now an overt role in the war in Syria, from the beginning. It is laughable nonsense to proclaim they have protected Assad. They have provided material support and medical aid to injured jihadists so they can return to Syria and continue their mass murder.

    • Replies: @Momus
  58. @Greasy William

    Gentlemen, ravings of madmen are best met with silence and eventually commiserating smile.
    Also, moderators should delete this…comment.. as an obvious attempt by a neo-nazi to whip any reader into anti-semitic frenzy.

  59. I don’t think this is really too complicated. Now that the war in Syria is winding down and legitimate Russian interests have been secured (much praise goes to them for as well saving the Syrian people from Zio-American terror), we are starting to see that Russian and Iranian interests are diverging. Since they were never identical, this should not be too surprising.

    The fact is, the relationship between Russia and Israel is complicated, and Russia has no problem with a Zionist state in the Middle East. Whatever one may think of Israel, it’s presence/existence does not conflict with Russian interests. If Iran wishes to escalate the fighting to attack Israel, it should not expect Russian sympathy on the matter. (And Assad’s government should know when to declare victory and go home.)

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @L.K
  60. Clearly, the idea that Putin has ditched Iran scares the daylights out of his supporters. That makes Putin an untrustworthy ally and what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If Putin will abandon Iran, he’ll also abandon Syria. That thought will surely have crossed Assad’s mind. Israel wants Iran neutralised, Putin bows to Israel. Israel wants Assad overthrown, Putin …
    A modest proposal: “Even if Putin succeeds in moving the EU closer to Russia …” Might it not help if Putin tried moving Russia closer to the EU? That’s what he was doing before he returned to the presidency in 2012 and it was working quite well. Once he turned himself into an American puppet by seeking to obstruct the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and then made matters worse by grabbing Ukrainian territory, he destroyed himself as a viable political player on the international scene.
    Lawyer’s point: there is no such thing as “partial” or “limited” sovereignty. Sovereignty is indivisible. Either a country is sovereign or it isn’t. The Russian Federation is a sovereign state. So is Ukraine. So are all the EU and NATO Member States. How the governments of those states choose to exercise their countries’ sovereignty is between them and their electorates.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @Momus
  61. @Beefcake the Mighty

    You really think Putin does not know that the tail is wagging the dog, the dog with the neocons and AEI, that want the USA to conquer the whole world militarily ?
    You obviously did not read the article, or it does not fit your prejudices.
    A ME without an Israel would solve a lot, a USA without AIPAC and whatever could solve many remaining problems.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  62. @Michael Kenny

    What does Putin get in return for ditching Iran ?
    Why would Putin have supported Assad ?
    Is China going to ditch N Korea for nothing ?
    Of course not.
    The power games in this world are not too difficult.
    They never were.
    I’m Dutch, the small country that began to exist by playing off great powers against each other.
    Herbert H. Rowen, ‘John de Witt, Statesman of the “True Freedom”‘, Cambridge 1986
    He was rewarded for his services by being lynched.

  63. Baron says:

    The headlines in Israeli newspapers about the closeness between Putin and Bibi may be a clever ploy to hide just the opposite, there’s no deal between Russia and Israel, the latter can offer the former little as you say yourself.

    The best option for Putin would be to stick with Iran, get the country into the Chinese run Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (both China and Russia have hinted as such), this will boosts the organisation clout, and deter the US from attacking Iran.

    • Replies: @Momus
  64. dax2 says:

    The saker has had one japanese sake too many. He gets confused by too many ideas.

    First, israel is an artificial state bought by jewish money and created by savage american and british imperialists through their usual multilateral stooges. As a fake state, its even more savage destruction is guaranteed. Many hope russia should do it, as the brutish british and americans are going down hard soon on their way to 4th world status, so we can see the righteous reset asap. Putin is taking his own sweet time so, a more russian Russian leader will do this decades later.

    Second, many european and american bureaucrats love jewish money, but almost none will ever like the insidious, zombie fungus jews as friends or a trustworthy people. They will always be ready eternal targets whenever there are major societal upheavals, and will be “holocausted” again and again with absolute certainty. Jewish money can only buy them time. Any national political leader just has to correctly blame the jewry on poverty issues to start the mass killings.

    Third, jews are most unpopular in the coming eurasian centuries. Their crimes and evil ways are already well publicized in the internet, so they cant hide anymore like sneaky rothschilds within eurasian nations and alliances the way they did in europe and the usa!usa!.

    Fourth, and most important of all, there is no such thing as “russian interests”!!! You want to make a neocon american president drool, and look real stupid!? Ask him to list what 10 unique american interests are, and what 10 unique russian interests are on one sheet of paper. For extra IQ points, ask him which are medium and which are important long term interests , and what genuine policy issues, if any, are involved.

    Fifth, Putin has NO russian interests in mind!!! He is just letting the american and european foolish leaders ruin their respective nations, as they cant destroy russia, china, india and other sovereign players faster than the eu and usa sinks. He wins by NOT playing with the us-nato militarists, financializers and economists. The game theoretical mathematics for that is elegantly simple.

    Putin’s Russia will win and dominate, in as little as ten years. Within 20 years with certainty. It cant be helped anymore. Ask any independent military, central banking, and macroeconomic expert about that.

    In God’s good time, the iranians will figure out how to efficiently kill off the god-forsaken israelis. Ask any honest american – or israeli – general about that. Even this early, the jewry fear of the iranians is so palpable.

  65. Herald says:

    How do you know they were undetected?

    • Replies: @Momus
  66. @Horst

    I always look forward to The Saker’s writing. He’s a zealot, to be sure, and he needs a proofreader / editor. But his intelligence, moral decency, desire to educate, and dedication to what he thinks is right, are all plain to see.

  67. @Greasy William

    Your “Torah” is some pearls of wisdom acquired from experience (The Ten Commandments, useful observations about human nature and how to avoid sexual vice, dishonesty, debt and other evils) amid material utterly incompatible with the good that’s there: racial-supremacist, irrational, genocidal, absurd, and frankly rather boring and unilluminating drivel, a self-congratulatory “Happy is he who dashes he heads of the enemy’s infants against the rocks” tract for one specific race masquerading in later eras as universally applicable advice.

    Judaism and “The Torah” are one race’s selfworship and remorseless selfjustification. It wasn’t meant for all of humanity and much of it never was or is no longer useful or relevant to the rest of us. We follow what is sensible, workable, beautiful, and good, and not peculiar to that people or those times, and reject the rest, as we should.

    Capitalizing something (“Torah” or “Bible” or “Koran”) doesn’t make its advice (when it’s coherent and internally consistent in the first place) correct, logical, practical, or persuasive.

    You go waste more time reading “The Torah” and then get back to us with an actual argument on the topic being discussed.

  68. @jilles dykstra

    Israel is the primary source of instability in the ME, and Organized Jewry is the driving force behind much global chaos and subversion, no doubt. Putin unquestionably knows this. (He has publicly spoken about the Jewish role in the early Bolshevik state, and his purge of the worst Jewish oligarchs engendered much of the insane hostility towards him by the neocons etc. Curiously he did pass a law banning Holocaust denial, however.)

    However these twin malefactors will not go away quietly, and Putin/Russia knows this as well. Organized Jewry and their brain-dead Bible-thumper bots in America may want global conflagration, but Russia does not so they are properly proceeding with caution. They are under no obligation to help the Iranians expand the fighting.

  69. Someone says:

    Israel’s carrot for Russia: “A Summit with their Americanski partners’

  70. @Greasy William

    ps quick second note in disgust at your arrogance in thinking that “Read The Torah” constitutes useful advice here, let alone an argument.

    Jews wrote a book stating that God chose them and they’re the Apple of his eye and they can do what they like to other races.

    How surprising that men would write a book justifying the evil they’ve done, and the evil they hope to do. Many other races and religions have done that, too. Not impressed. Muhammad et al. also wrote a book purporting to justify the evil cruel things that those men simply wanted to do to women, homosexuals, people who believe differently, etc., and sanctified their vile violent and sexual fantasies.

    Here’s a reminder. When communicating with people who are not Jewish, you do better if you take into account their identity and beliefs — which are not identical to yours and never will be —and their perceptions of the good and of their own interests, before pitching an argument to them.

    Like the rest of us, you can’t simply blurt out “Read OUR authorities” and follow what they say because, well, just because it’s us. And even after we have been quoting and publishing our selfserving supremacist drivel for centuries, we still cannot say without justification “read THE Drivel (always capitalized) and you will have your answer (which conveniently favors us).”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  71. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Love your response, but you and I actually do NOT believe and follow much of the sick “old testament.” Like most Christians and most sensible, decent people generally. We take the Ten Commandments and some other material and add it to the New Testament, if we are being honest.

    We can’t follow “The Bible” entirely, because it includes the vicious or irrelevant nonsense set forth in the book of Jewish supremacism, selfjustification, and selfworship, “the Old Testament” Pentateuch (or, more broadly, “The Torah” meaning all 24 books of “The Tanakh” with “rabbinical” commentaries).

    We learn from reading the writings and sayings and advice of the Jews, as we learn from reading the sayings and advice of other peoples.

  72. @Greasy William

    That would be a surprise to our Iranian friends, who proudly call themselves PERSIAN. I should probably take your words over theirs, though, as they’re merely Iranians and you are part of a race chosen by God.

    Your ignorant assertion about Persians not existing will also be news to the library of Congress and many other sources which refer to and measure the Persian population in Iran.

    And self-identified Persians, by the way, make up about 65% of Iran, contrary to your statement.

    No matter what the overheated rhetoric here on all sides, Israel is turning Arab, the USA is turning Mexican and to a lesser extent Asian, Europe is turning African Arab and mostly Muslim (and turkish in Germany and Austria). Thus, Iran at 65% Persian with no significant minority religions and no greatly dissimilar racial minority, may be better off in terms of social cohesion and levels of trust and violence, than my dear America and Europe and your beloved Israel.

    • Replies: @Greasy William
  73. Momus says:

    They have provided material support and medical aid to injured jihadists so they can return to Syria

    Evidence of humane and highly moral behaviour. Israel engages in much international humanitarian work; one of the reasons why her status and acceptance is rapidly rising with many Muslims
    Contrast the lifesaving medical aid to Muslims injured fighting…Muslims with Hamas’s actions sending people forward to be injured because it plays well as PR on Al Jazeera.

  74. Momus says:

    Because it was highly embarrassing news for the military forces of all three countries when Israel let it be known.

  75. Momus says:

    Do you really think the Chinese want any more than the minimum to do with a troublesome, broke Muslim country ruled by zealots?

    • Replies: @gsjackson
    , @Baron
  76. Momus says:
    @Michael Kenny

    Israel wants Assad overthrown, Putin …


    Israel wants a stable leadership as far as possible in Syria and has acted with great restraint in an effort to maintain the status quo- and this is where they have a common interest with Putin.

    Syria has ceded the Golan in practical terms in exchange for what amounts to Israeli protection.

  77. @Greasy William

    I realize Hebrew is your first language, but the word that you intended to use is spelled “capital.”

  78. Too long of an article making my head to spin!
    Zionists are trying hard to take over Russia as they’ve already done in the West! Putin is trying hard to identify the “Axes of Satans” being the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia but the propaganda in the west is hard at work for labeling Putin as a thug which king Trump is resisting it!
    Putin is under tremendous amount of pressure from the Zionists to ditch both regimes in Syria and Iran but Putin has already invested a lot in Syria and Iran is its neighbor and he doesn’t want to rock the boat in Iran because it could blow up in his face!
    So in the nutshell it’s a fu*kedup world and one crazy SOB in Eastern Europe, extreme right, should spark WW III then the foes and allies will be identified by lining up against each other!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  79. imbroglio says:

    The idée fixé that seems to derail those whose world view boils down to hatred of Israel and, by extension, fear and hatred of Jews is:

    Take a petty thief not much better or worse than the petty thieves he hangs out with and demonize this petty thief until he becomes accused and convicted not of petty thievery but of the worst genocide in the history of the planet and is forthwith sentenced to death, the date of execution to be some time in the future. Meanwhile, he remains free on bail.

    Since he’s going to be put to death for murder, why not go out and kill somebody?

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  80. @Seamus Padraig

    Fort Russ are composed of Stalinist nutjobs who take Putin cultism (and projection) to a truly sublime level.

    The Saker is, according to them, “deep into the Latin American junta scene” (is this some sort of music subculture?).

  81. Sean says:

    I submit that the overwhelming number one priority of Iran is to avoid a massive US attack on Iran.

    Conversely, triggering such an attack on Iran is the number one objective of the Israelis. They are rather open about that too. […] because Iran offers a most successful, and therefore dangerously competing, alternative civilizational model to both the AngloZionist Empire and the Saudi-Wahabi version of Islam.

    There is only one threat to Israel that the Israeli leadership fear and that is the Arabs in the occupied territories. Iran is the last meaningful military deterrent to the expulsion of the Arabs in the occupied territories. Once Trump attacks and smashes Iran, the way will be clear.

    American action against post revolutionary Iran has repeatedly been responsible for Russia being saved from low oil prices. Why then would Putin wish to prevent a final all out attack on Iran ?

  82. TheDude says:

    Indeed! No one is that dumb

  83. Anonymous [AKA "Trollhunter"] says:

    He is winding people up. It was an excellent trolling comment I have to admit

  84. peterAUS says:
    @Greasy William

    Well…you do know how to push a button.

    Plenty of replies….

    Cynic could, almost, say that Saker and you work in tandem.

    One publishes something (some) people desperately need and then another posts a highly critical comment.

    Popcorn time.

  85. 0% kinetic, dear boy, and Durnford and Geresimov plan to keep it that way.

  86. peterAUS says:


    I guess it goes a bit deeper than that, but, yes, that’s the gist of it all.

  87. Parfois says:

    Finally someone (either than I!!!) has twigged to the fact that Greasy is pulling our collective legs. Full marks to him for fooling eminently sage UNZ readers! What a clever parody!

  88. Baron says:

    Yup, the population of 80mn, rich in oil and gas, inhabited by Persians, the mullahs won’t be in charge forever, more to the point, the Chinese really don’t care
    – a solid opportunity for the Mandarin speakers, one of the proposed
    economic Silk corridors that ends in Turkey is designed to run through

  89. @RadicalCenter

    That would be a surprise to our Iranian friends

    Why are you friends with subhumans? You would be happier with non subhuman friends, surely.

    I should probably take your words over theirs, though, as they’re merely Iranians and you are part of a race chosen by God.

    Yes, exactly.

    And self-identified Persians, by the way, make up about 65% of Iran, contrary to your statement.

    Actually it’s 61%, apparently. Persians + Azeris are 77%. So Iran is 77% Iranian. That means we only need to kill 77% of Iranians instead of all of them. Makes our work a lot easier.

    But don’t worry about it: we still need to destroy Lebanon first. So you should have a good 20 to 30 years left with your Iranians.

    We can’t follow “The Bible” entirely, because it includes the vicious or irrelevant nonsense set forth in the book of Jewish supremacism, selfjustification, and selfworship, “the Old Testament” Pentateuch (or, more broadly, “The Torah” meaning all 24 books of “The Tanakh” with “rabbinical” commentaries).

    dude, way too many quotation marks in this paragraph. I go overboard with quotes myself, but this is parody territory here.

    Jews wrote a book stating that God chose them and they’re the Apple of his eye and they can do what they like to other races.

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

    No. 1000 times no.

    The most important thing that the Torah teaches is that we all G-d’s children, that we are all descendants of Adam and Noah and that G-d doesn’t play favorites. G-d loves an Iranian child no less than he loves a Jewish child.

    If the message you are getting out of the Torah is that Jews “can do what they like to other races”, then you are reading it incorrectly. I am tempted to blame myself but I know that you are just willfully blind so I bear no guilt.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  90. Z-man says:

    Where’s the friggin subtitles to that video?? It’s all Greek to me!! (Grin)
    The Zionist Billionaires boys club is very strong, even in mother Russia. And they can make even Vladimir look over his shoulder.
    …beware the Power of the CABAL.

  91. @Monty Ahwazi

    Who’s the “extreme right” person who’s going to start a war?

  92. pyrrhus says:
    @Paranam Kid

    Yes, I disagree with the proposition that Russia doesn’t have to defend Iran, which borders Russia and has ethnic Russians. In fact, Putin cannot allow the Anglo-Zionists to control Iran, because that would threaten Russia in several ways. Putin would have to go all in to prevent a successful attack on Iran.

  93. L.K says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    Hey Beef,

    I’ll have to disagree a bit with you on this…

    Iran is NOT “escalating” anything, nor is it trying to attack Israel. This is a red herring being used against Iran much like the nuclear file BS. Be careful with the anti-Iranian propaganda. If there is a country more demonized than Russia, it is surely Iran.

    Direct Iranian military presence in Syria is relatively small, even if Iranian backed militias(many of them Syrian) are included. Iran has a defense pact with Syria and has been invited by the Syrian government to help just like Russia.
    The Iranian support is often overlooked but it has been crucial to hold and defeat the mercenaries/jihadists backed by the ZUSA led coalition.
    Mark Sleboda, during a RT CrossTalk debate, stated clearly that without Iran, ISIS and Al Qaeda could not have been defeated in Iraq and Syria.
    As for Syria, I really don’t understand your statement. The Syrians will seek, and rightly so, to restore all of their country.
    Obviously there are differences within the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance in Syria, and Zionist officials & propaganda will try exploit any rifts… I doubt they’ll succeed, though they may use their media to pretend they achieved something…
    B of MoA is very much pro-Russia, a retired German army officer, have a look at:
    Syria – Israel Falsely Claims Iran Pull-Back Deal With Russia – Again

    Israel loves to pretend that it is an important country which can move other governments to do its bidding. …

    1. Russia has no way to keep Iran out of Syria or to tell Iranian advisors and militia where to go or not to go. The Syrian government will not do away with its best ally, Iran, which came to its help before Russia came in and will continue to help while Russia lowers its presence in the conflict. Were Russia to play “either-or” hardball with the Syrian government the decision would likely be against Russia and for Iran.

    2. Iran already announced that it will not take part in the upcoming Daraa operation in southwest Syria.

    Elijah J Magnier

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  94. L.K says:

  95. Vojkan says:

    Several thoughts after the article.

    “As for the Israelis, they would make Satan himself look honest and are ideologically incapable of honesty (or even decency).”

    I would have written “naturally” rather than “ideologically”, but notwithstanding, the Saker knows it, I know it, and I have a hard time believing that Putin doesn’t know it. Actually, I believe everybody knows it, some just dare not say it or have more interest in pretending, that’s all. The corollary is that you can never trust a single word an Israeli utters. It’s like the punch line of an old Serbian joke about a monk tempted by the devil to break his fast only to get exposed before his fellow monks. When the monk asks “but why?”, as there seems to be no gain for the devil, he’s answered “I never tell the truth”.

    Unlike the Saker, I don’t see this turning into a hot war, which doesn’t mean that I see the Anglo-Zionist imperialists getting along with Russia. They will go more and more into hysterics mode but that is a sign of impotence. If I were Russian, I would just let the USA bleed its taxpayers white through defence spending, knowing that the psychopaths in New York, Washington DC, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem are crazy but not suicidal. I believe they have realised that a hot war against Russia is now unwinnable. They had a window of opportunity that is now closed.

    It seems to me that the Saker calls Russian Jews “zionists” just in order to avoid calling them Jews. As I wrote before, Russian Jews don’t descend from Judea, they descend from Khazars, a tribe originating from the shores of the Black Sea that espoused Judaism in the early Middle Age. Russia is their homeland, not Israel, and though Judaism plays a big role in why they feel entitled, they want to rule Russia for the sake of ruling Russia, not for Israel, and not because they are USA’s 5th column. The bolsheviks didn’t give a damn about Israel. They wanted Russia. And they wanted the whole world incidentally. Confusing the Russian “Jewish problem” to Zionism is a huge mistake. It is a domestic problem, not a foreign imported one. With or without Israel, it remains the same, unlike the American “Jewish problem”. If you remove Russia-obsessed Jews and hard-core Zionists from the picture, the remainder of USA Jews actually contribute to the richness of American society.

    All that said, though the whole article often slides from fact-based analysis into wishful thinking, I generally agree that the Russian approach is the only possible sensible one. Putin is guided by the principle that “doing no harm” does indeed less harm than inflicting harm to punish harm. So far, it works, even though a lot of people are frustrated by what they perceive as bad guys’ impunity. Refusing to punish the bad guys because it would entail too much “collateral damage” is a sign of humanity, not weakness. I praise Putin for it.

    • Replies: @MacNucc11
  96. chris says:

    So who is the biggest threat to the Shia and, I would argue, to all the people of the Middle-East? The Takfiris of Daesh of course.

    This is quite a non-sequitor after listing Israel’s goals in the region; as we all know, Daesh, Alqueda, etc. are the tools. They cannot supply themselves, they only achieve success if they are sponsored by other powers, as they have been all along.

    The truth is that Israel, unlike Iran, has very little to offer Putin or Russia.

    What about calling off the Empire from their necks?

    (I generally agree with 90% of the analysis, 100% of the tone and direction, but every week or so there seems to be one or two statements that are just glaringly inconsistent in the Saker’s articles, like he was fulfilling some contractual obligation or something)

  97. @L.K

    You are right of course, I did not mean to give that impression, Iran is definitely unfairly maligned. However, if they continue supporting Hezbollah, they should not be surprised if Israel works out a deal with Russia to strike these assets (while duplicitously hitting Syrian government forces), because this is simply not Russia’s particular fight. The only question would be how far Israel would push the envelope, and what Russia would do then.

  98. MacNucc11 says:
    @Greasy William

    “read the Torah”, hahaha, thanks. Funniest thing I will read all day, unless I was actually to take your advice and read the Torah.

  99. MacNucc11 says:

    “I would have written “naturally” rather than “ideologically”, but notwithstanding, the Saker knows it, I know it, and I have a hard time believing that Putin doesn’t know it.”

    Sort of makes you wonder is Putting just making a total ass of Netanyahu having him preen and prance in his medal. Or maybe he is just testing the gag reflex of the world.

  100. @Horst

    Have you thought of reading the New York Times? You may find it more to your liking.

  101. Anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greasy William

    In Rev 13, two beasts are described: a water based Leviatham and a land based Behemoth.

    The two horned beast coming off the land is Talmudic & Zionist Israel plus Takfiri crypto Jew al Saud…..this meets her end and judgment in Isaiah 24

    The terrible war beast Golem rising from the Sea is USA which meets its end in Daniel 11:45 and Jer 50&51

  102. International affairs are really hard to understand. But Saker must have said something which is true to get all the Satanists to criticize him.

  103. Meimou says:

    We all no know Isreal only acts in self defense.

  104. Dante says:

    I enjoyed the article but enjoyed the comments more

  105. Anon[356] • Disclaimer says:
    @Felix Keverich

    Russia , the worlds largest country by land mass ,nonetheless is never satisfied. Occupying : Donbass , Crimea , Kaliningrad,Chechnya ,Dagestan.

    Turki occupies Cyprus and Kurdistan. Indonesia occupies Papua , Morocco occupies Western Sahara . Nigeria occupies Biafra. All including Russia have killed far More than Israel has……..

  106. @Felix Keverich

    A real talentless hack would be ignored.

    109 comments in a week from basically the only 12 people on the internet who care even a little. Popular writers get at least 100 comments in the first 24 hours after their weekly columns. Usually closer to 500.

    The Saker has been pulling less than 175 comments a week for a number of months. And the most interesting writer on his posts is not even the Saker, but Greasy William.

    The Saker’s best days are behind him. This Anglo-Zionist horseshit is getting old and wearing thin. Just another angry conspiracy theorist. Just another statistic.

    Yup. I think he’s being ignored.

  107. peterAUS says:
    @Johnny Rico

    The Saker’s best days are behind him.

    That’s likely, but not given.

    Each crisis is an opportunity.

    I strongly disagree with his approach, train of thought and, the most important, explanations and conclusions….but……..he does have the “core” right and he is a dedicated guy with certain expertise, experience and knowledge.

    My, feeble, feeling is that he’s honest but naive.

    He could find a strength to face the very uncomfortable reality and try to address it.

    He’ll need to take a long, hard, look at the current regime in Kremlin and go from there.
    Not easy.

    This fellow, from the similar ethnic background, has no problem with that:

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  108. @peterAUS

    I agree. Thanks for the link. I need some new reading material.

  109. @Johnny Rico

    The Saker’s best days are behind him. This Anglo-Zionist horseshit is getting old and wearing thin.

    Exactly. These things go in cycles.

    From 2014 until early this year, there was a really market for this Russian + Resistance Axis stuff.

    The Ukraine crisis created a sort of western internet sub culture of Russia worshipers. There was already a pro Syria internet subculture since the civil war started.

    And when Russia joined the fray, everything came together: you had Russia led by “Tsar Putin: Defender of White Christendom”, helping Bashar Assad: Defender of Secularism and Arab Christians. Assad was also being helped by the IDF slayers, Hezbollah and the spiritual leader of the Resistance Axis, Iran.

    Against these heroes stood all of the Russophiles boogeymen: Israel, the US, Sunni Jihadists and Saudi Arabia.

    Really it was all too perfect. If it didn’t exist we would have had to invent it.

    So the Saker comes along and feeds his delusional fans what they want to here: the West and Israel are being defeated by hero Putin. Soon a secular utopia will be established in Syria at which point Hezbollah, Iran and Syria will invade Israel.

    Then everything went to shit. Trump got elected and set about destroying ISIS. While the defeat of ISIS was initially a great boon for the Resistance Axis, it proved to be a Pyrrhic victory as everyone’s intentions were exposed and everyone’s capabilities revealed. Without ISIS to serve as a check on Iran, Israel was forced to directly attack Iranian bases in Syria to force them out. It quickly became clear that Iran/Syria/Hezbollah had no means whatsoever of retaliating against Israel so only Tsar Putin could stop the Israeli attacks.

    But Putin was never part of the Resistance Axis in the first place. On the contrary, he did not want a strong Iran in Syria at all, so he just let the IAF do whatever it wanted. Without Russian protection, the Resistance Axis was decisively proven within a few weeks to just be a paper tiger.

    Over the last few months, we’ve seen a dramatic change in the story that Resistance Axis writers like the Saker and Magnier are telling. They are now saying that Russia isn’t out to get Israel, Russia instead is only concerned with their own interests. And as for the Resistance Axis, they are doing a great job reconquering Syria. Israel? What Israel? Who said anything about Israel? The Resistance Axis has never been interested in Israel, they just want Israel to leave them be so that Assad can have Syria back.

    Spin aside, this story is much more in touch with reality. It is also not very interesting. People can get pumped for a war to destroy Israel but articles about how many more kilometers of Syrian territory Assad will ultimately retake don’t provide the “online therapy” (in peterAus’s words) that people need. Syria is weak, Hezbollah is weak and Iran is weak. They cower before Israeli power and the only response their partisans can come up with is “muh 2006” (a war that caused damage to Lebanon that was so devastating that Nasrallah was forced to essentially publicly apologize to the Lebanese people for starting it).

    The Saker is done. Elijah Magnier is done. Honestly, it’s sad. They provided a lot of entertainment.

    We can hope that new points of resistance to Israel will emerge in the future but really, I don’t see it. The Islamic world is in shambles and gets weaker everyday. Russia has Pontius Pilate’d out of the conflict. Israel grows stronger everyday.

    I was hoping that the Jew’s inevitable triumph over their enemies would offer more entertainment value.

    • Agree: Momus
  110. anon[190] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greasy William

    Makes sense if one reads the events in ME unfolding only from day before the last Israeli attack on Syria to the exclusion of everything that has shaped the developments since 2001.

    In the ramble , I find this mention of IS being destroyed by USA.

    Only a person with poor hearing capacity will say so

  111. peterAUS says:
    @Greasy William

    Agree with the most.

    Just a couple of minor, “non-agree” points, though:

    The Saker is done. Elijah Magnier is done. Honestly, it’s sad. They provided a lot of entertainment.

    It’s sad because Saker (wouldn’t know the other guy I am afraid) also tried to tackle this globalist neoliberal order some of us have a couple of problems with.
    True, he approached that from “what’s the best for Russians/Russia” point, but, still a good try. Especially pointing to some European issues often passed over by the “alternative” in USA.

    As for this, hehe…..

    I was hoping that the Jew’s inevitable triumph over their enemies would offer more entertainment value.

    we’ll see.

    • Replies: @Greasy William
  112. MacNucc11 says:
    @Greasy William

    Long live Vladimir the Great!!!

    I always wanted to be part of a subculture. Thanks for letting me know I am!
    We know what the reality is. Why are you messing with the fantasy? Nothing I like better than a lost cause.

  113. MacNucc11 says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Well a lot of it has to do with the site he is on to be fair. Put this column in the New York Times or Huff Po and the responses would probably crash the internet. I will be able to hear the screeching from all the Israel pacs just by opening my window. It would be biblical man, for real.

  114. MacNucc11 says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Don’t go giving any msm sites any good ideas like Saker or Phillip Giraldi. I like those libtard sites just the way they are; every one of them in receivership, nyuck, nyuck. For sure it would be a real quandary for their advertisers. Everyone in the world would be begging them to pull out just when those sites got some real traffic. I and others avoid the msm so religiously that I actually had to find out today on UR through an offhand comment someone made that Anthony Bourdain killed himself. I was shocked. I liked the guy even though I guess he hates white people. Whatever. That doesn’t motivate me too much. Obviously he was struggling with some demons of his own. Possibly Trump and talk about a wall did him in. Kind of surprised though a jet setting metro sexual like him would give that much of a damn what happens in USA land. A buddy of mine sent me some of his videos and I enjoyed them. I mean you couldn’t pay me enough to get cable…, ok that’s a lie, sure you could, but I would certainly never pay for it. Long live Ron Unz, long live Saker and Vlad! If anything happens to UR I will be in the dark and the deplorable the Clintonistas imagine me to be.

  115. @peterAUS

    It’s sad because Saker (wouldn’t know the other guy I am afraid) also tried to tackle this globalist neoliberal order some of us have a couple of problems with.

    Elijah Magnier is a journalist covering the middle east who gained a massive internet following due to his reporting on the Syrian civil war. He was always pro Hezbollah and pro Assad so he had extensive contacts all the way up to the highest levels of Hezbollah and this game him a tremendous amount of access in a time where access was hard to get.

    While he was always regarded as a pro Hezbollah journalist, as the war went on he turned into more and more of an outright Hezbollah/Assad mouthpiece. When Hezbollah/Syria/Iran turned the tide, he became increasingly hysterical and this peaked early this year when Syria took down that Israeli jet.

    He wrote a series of articles and tweets about how Syria had actually taken down two F-16i’s, not just one and that Israel had gone to Russia and asked Russia to de-escalate. This was obviously false, even Russian media reported only one jet shot down and said that Israel was well on it’s way to destroying Syria’s entire SAM system before Putin called Bibi and told him to back off.

    Magnier said that the Resistance Axis was ready for war with Israel as soon as Assad regained all of Syria. He also ensured his readers that Russia had the back of the Resistance Axis. Magnier wasn’t making this stuff up (which is what the Saker does), he has being fed all of this by his Hezbollah contacts. He then made a key prediction that he and his fans have since memory holed: He said that Israel would never again attack targets inside Syria.

    When the widespread Israeli bombings started a few months ago he initially went into deeper and deeper levels of denial. He at first insisted that the Israeli attacks were a sign that Israel was afraid. Then he promised that Iran and Hezbollah would launch devastating retaliation against Israel. And then he said that Iran was not responding to Israel because Iran knew that Israel was trying to bait Iran into war, and Iran was strategically avoiding conflict. This after he had been screaming for months that the Resistance Axis wanted war ASAP.

    Reading him now is just sad. Not quite as sad as reading the Saker but close. He now says that Putin is only looking out for Russia and Magnier now claims that he (Magnier) never said anything else. This despite the countless articles still posted on his own website where Magnier clearly and repeatedly says that Russia was fully behind the Resistance Axis against Israel.

    Mostly these days he just talks about how great things are going in Syria and he rarely mentions Israel.

    tl;dr: Magnier is the Saker except Magnier focuses on Hezbollah instead of Russia and actually has real sources beyond the voices in his head.

    • Replies: @Momus
    , @peterAUS
    , @anon
    , @anon
  116. Momus says:
    @Greasy William

    Good summation. Assad is terrified of Israel, Iran/Soleimani has no way to attack without paying a huge price; ditto Nasrallah who would see Lebanon destroyed and himself taken out by a bunker bomb if he ordered an attack.

    Russia and Israel have a convergence of interests that is obvious.

    Magnier only needs to read the Israeli press to find out what is actually happening.

    • Replies: @Greasy William
  117. @Momus

    Magnier only needs to read the Israeli press to find out what is actually happening

    I’m fairly certain that not only has Magnier never done so, but that the thought has never even occurred to him.

    Magnier not only would never read the Israeli press, he would never think of consulting a service like Jane’s Intelligence. Why would he? His Hezbollah sources give him all the information he would ever need. And Arabs/Muslims are well known for both their honesty as well as for their ability to accurately appraise both their own strength as well as that of their adversaries.

  118. @Greasy William

    Russia”s self defeat is becoming clearer and clearer. The original blocked against Ukraine was a protectionist one. The products selected for the continuing blockade after the first two weeks were those where Ukraine was outcompeting Russia such as sugar beet, largemdiametermpipes and steel tires for railway wheels. Last week, the Federal Antimonopoly Service fined Evraz, the sole Russian supplier of steel tires for monopoly practices. Things are working out just fine, not.

  119. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    US envoy scolds Israeli MKs for demanding US recognition of Golan — report
    TV report says Ambassador David Friedman berated lawmakers for being ‘ungrateful’ in asking for more after relocation of embassy to Jerusalem

  120. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    Iran likely to implode? No, in fact, viewed from Moscow (and perhaps Beijing, too), matters may be viewed from a quite different perspective: that Iran represents not so much a US ‘Slam Dunk’ ‘win’ for the unipolar powers, but rather the converse: that Iran represents Trump’s entry into a ‘cauldron’ trap (as Tom Luongo has coined it).
    The ‘cauldron’ is a Russian military ploy by which an apparent frailty in a military defensive line – as perceived by an enemy – entices the latter, unreflectively, to charge directly at the perceived weakness – only to find that he has inadvertently plunged into a steadily closing encirclement, behind and around him – and to subsequent annihilation.
    What does this imply in geo-politics? Luongo is suggesting that Trump is overreaching in his desire to topple both the Iranian Government and the Iranian ‘Revolution’, in order for the US to become energy dominant. It constitutes a ‘step too far’ – Trump is riling everyone.
    To make his sanctions devastating for Iranians, Trump is threatening everyone, sanctioning all and sundry, humiliating all and sundry, damaging commercial interests – and riding rough-shod across the Middle East terrain: Sanctioning Iran, reifying a Saudi autocracy, disparaging the Palestinians – and treating the ‘holy city’ (Jerusalem) as if it were some prime property on the Monopoly Board, to be traded at the roll of a dice.
    No wonder, Moscow thinks it can wait this one out: the paradigm is inverting. The world now is knocking on Moscow’s door. European leaders who – until recently – competed in their ruderies towards President Putin, are now singing the song of ‘Europe needs you’. Of course, this is just rhetoric from a slighted, and bruised, European Union, and its substance, if any, remains to be seen. 
    With almost all the world dollar-sanctioned, or secondary sanctioned, states are very angry. And with global trade sanctioned, and retreating, dollar liquidity is sure to evaporate across the globe – and not just in emerging markets – as funds seek safety, in tangible, easily marketable assets. This is when US dollar denominated liabilities get re-denominated into ‘something other’ – and de-dollarization takes off, in earnest.”

    Even India has told US ‘ go and screw yourself’

    But Syrian attack is just for the show like meting in Singapore or ‘ making America great again’

  121. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greasy William

    It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

    It’s making serious discussion of Russian geopolitics and history next to impossibl

    Russia -Insider

  122. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    1 “One additional clue is that Henry Kissinger is said to be in Moscow right now, and Henry has been an adviser to Trump on policy to Russia ever since the 2016 campaign. He has been the voice urging an accommodation with Russia for a variety of geopolitical strategic reasons.

    2“There have been rumors that the United States is seeking a de facto if not de jure partition of Syria whereby its control over the Kurdish territory east of the Euphrates River is recognized by the Russians. The logic for this U.S. interest may well be related more to containing Iran than to depriving the Assad government of territory, population and hydrocarbon resources. Figuratively the American zone would be a bulwark against Iranian infiltration of Syria and Iran’s enjoying unchallenged military access to the Israeli border. Considering the obvious understandings between Netanyahu and Putin over Iranian operations on Syrian soil, it is quite possible that Russia would agree to the US proposal as part of a bigger negotiation over improving bilateral relations.”

    Incremental gains over the years without giving up anything nor keeping his side of the bargain has been the hallmark and the chief recurring and only ingredient in the cookbook payed by Israel

    Ow it wants same game played against Russia . One side ( the diaspora side pushes pressure and exacts harmful effects on Russia Other side comes up with plans to assuage and dial back a bit by taking some of the harmful efforts off the table ( at least for a period until the next set of orders arrives from Israel to the diaspora who then uses the media deep state and Democrats to repeat the canard and the sanctions against Russia )

  123. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greasy William

    Repeated Israel attack on Syria show it wants to ignite a fight but it wamts it in a way that leads to immediate US ( UK and France ) getting involved so that no Jews die and only Gentiles get killed

    Recent US admission on CNn ” Israel has ” -carried out latest attack on Sunday is nothing but an attempt to get Syria lash out at Israel.

    This is par the course Nothing unique here for Jews

    But remind them after few years or decades later and these people will call you anti Semitic

  124. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    The Israel military’s horrific record of atrocities has long been established. From using civilians as human shields to blanketing civilian areas with cluster bombs and killing journalists, there is no defensible moral code governing the actions of the Israeli military.
    But things took an even more grotesque turn last week, when the Israeli military’s spokesperson for Arab audiences, Avichay Adraee, published a two–part Arabic video on Twitter, employing blatant anti-Shia rhetoric and citing some of the scholars the so-called Islamic State (ISIS or IS) relies on, as a means of mobilizing Sunni Arab hostility towards Iran. Take a moment to get your head around this: At a time when the U.S. is committed to eradicating IS and its offshoots in the Middle East, Israel is working in the other direction, promoting the very ideology animating these groups.
    Adraee’s video doesn’t incite sectarianism in passing. It digs deep into centuries-old religious texts to promote hostility towards Shias, then translates that into anti-Iranian arguments. The video opens with Adraee accusing Hamas of promoting Iran’s agenda in the region, thereby “officially becoming Shia, according to the honored sayings of the prophet.”

    The serpent in the garden was a Zionist

    • Replies: @Momus
  125. Momus says:

    The Israel military’s horrific record of atrocities has long been established. From using civilians as human shields to blanketing civilian areas with cluster bombs and killing journalists, there is no defensible moral code governing the actions of the Israeli military.

    Is that so? No Israeli’s have been indicted by any war crimes tribunal. The Goldstone report was a mea culpa

    The findings of the committee headed by New York Judge Mary McGowan Davis, which tracked the implementation of the recommendations in the Goldstone report, were published last month. According to Goldstone, the McGowan Davis report findings indicate that Israel did not have an explicit policy of causing intentional harm to civilians. This is the “retraction” everyone is rejoicing over.

    Regarding ISIS Sunni, Shia, USA, so what? No one cares.

    Israel is a strong, independent country that pursues it’s own interests.

    • Replies: @anon
  126. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Take your BS to an Israeli bank .

    Hitler was never found to be in the wrong by his own advisors or by the committee headed by Vichy gov.

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