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His Master’s Voice (Or How an Obedient Dog Goes to War)
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This is really pathetic, but it no less dangerous. First, there was the order given from Above:

Israeli officials: the “U.S. must strike in Syria” because “Assad is the angel of death, and the world would be better without him

Then there was the summoned servant’s immediate reply:

Trump: “Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price” .

The most amazing thing is not that the subservient slave reacted like the subservient slave that he is. The most amazing thing is that the pretext used in this announced false flag was announced by Nikki Haley at the UNSC on March 12th, almost one month ago! That, and the fact that Trump probably did not realize that he was told to threaten only Syria and not Russia and Iran. Although, who knows, maybe the rabidly psychopathic Neocons who now run the White House actually did tell him to bark up Russia and Iran too, I would not put that past them.

There is, of course, the slim chance that just has Trump did absolutely nothing to “Rocket Man” (even though Trump had a “bigger red button”!) he might not do anything to “Animal Assad” either, but frankly I would not recommend placing much faith in that kind of self-restraint. Why? Because the AngloZionists are absolutely desperate to prove that they are still relevant, manly and, of course “indispensable”.

Question: how do you really piss off a narcissist?

Answer: ignore him.

Now look at this photo again:

And just imagine how he feels about it:

Thus we have all the elements of a perfect storm. Trump has a HUGE need to show how manly and tough he is (his wall is a disaster, he wants to send in 4000 troops to protect it), he might be interrogated by Mueller very soon, there is the annoying issue of “Stormy Daniels” still constantly re-heated by the media, and now that certified nutcase McCain is blaming *Trump* for the (completely fake) chemical attack in Syria. By any measure Trump looks like a pathetic clown and that is not something he can tolerate much longer, especially not when his Israeli Masters are clearly giving him an “out”: strike at Syria and, even better, at the Russians in Syria.

Will the fact that this was all announced by Nikki Haley three weeks ago change anything?

Of course not!

A Ziomedia willing to report the Skripal nonsense with a straight face will also do *exactly* as it is told in this case: they will take it all very seriously, they will even praise Trump, just a little, and they will blame “Animal Assad” and Putin for it all.


After all, if the Russians could use “Novichok and buckwheat” in the UK, why would they not use chemical weapons in Syria? And, no, the fact that neither the Russians nor the Syrians actually have any chemical weapons (both were fully disarmed and certified as such) makes absolutely no difference! After all, the Russians never declared their stocks of buckwheat to the OPCW…

The big unknown is what will the Russians do?

As I explained elsewhere, they are in a bind: sinking USN ships or striking USAF bases in the Middle-East would be an act of war, just shoot down some cruise missiles (or render them inoperable by EW means) would be interpreted as a sign of weakness and invite further US escalation. And yet, again, Moscow is warning of “dire consequences“.

So yes, tonight, yet again, we are headed for war, a war in which Israel will use the USA as its “attack pit-bull” in pursuit of its narrow regional interests (topple Assad, trigger a war with Iran) and thereby put all of mankind at risk.

As Israel Shahak put it so brilliantly: this is a case of “think locally, act globally”.

And the once proud West now silently obeys his Master’s voice.


(Republished from The Vineyard of the Saker by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Let the first 100 nuclear bombs of this war fall on Tel Aviv, and let Sheldon Adelson be the victim of a real Novichok.

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
    , @expat47
  2. Is Trump really that….stupid?

    Are they threatening him and his family?

  3. peterAUS says:

    Wouldn’t put “Skripal” case and this in the same basket.
    Skripal case is, likely, related to Moscow.

    This has nothing to do with Moscow and , not more than 3 % chance it has anything to do with Assad/Iran/whatever.

    This has all the ingredients of false flag operation. Reeks of it.

    Also, don’t buy this is only Israeli/Jewish doing. A bit more complicated and more players gunning for the trouble.

    I’d like to keep the focus here, though.

    …just shoot down some cruise missiles (or render them inoperable by EW means) would be interpreted as a sign of weakness and invite further US escalation.

    Not quite sure about that.

    It will be interpreted as “we are, this time, actually getting close to the Russian red line, so….”.

    What would be after that “so” I am positive nobody in this Universe knows.

    We are ruled by….interesting……..people.
    And….I’ve been watching comments on MSM about this. Ordinary people. Ordinary……idiots.

    Makes us living in interesting times.

  4. @a very SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    Let the first 100 nuclear bombs of this war fall on Tel Aviv, and let Sheldon Adelson be the victim of a real Novichok.

    Well said.

    This morning’s attack on a Syrian airbase by the IDF could easily have been misinterpreted as an attack by NATO. The ensuing conflict does not bear thinking about. The Israelis truly believe that the life of a goy is not worth one of their precious fingernails.

  5. Realist says:
    @Bennis Mardens

    Is Trump really that….stupid?


  6. Realist says:

    Many Americans are stupid enough to believe our lying government.

    • Agree: Kiza
  7. Kiza says:

    Following the deeply hidden clues inside the secret Russian chemical weapons assassination manual, the MI6 and CIA find barrels of Iraqi WMDs and Russian Novichoks buried at the bottom of the Gulf of Tonkin. It has also been discovered by the Western journalists that Russian ships have been regularly digging the barrels out and delivering them to Bashar al-Assad to gas his own people, all to finally fulfill his lifelong perverse desire to get US and NATO involved directly into the Syrian war instead of through their terrorist proxies. Why should Assad keep killing the Syrians when he can outsource the job to US, NATO and Israel?

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Anon
  8. The Scalpel says: • Website

    “Skripal case is, likely, related to Moscow.”

    please present your evidence.

    IMHO, based on evidence I am aware of, it doesn’t quite make sense for any of the “usual suspects” Of course, one can make a case but the negatives seem to outweigh the positives.

    my hunch is that it is someone less obvious such as a “business partner”

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  9. Looks like Saker is running out of stuff to complain about. Either that, or Saker is becoming an even more pathetic caricature of himself.

    • Replies: @Faker
  10. anonymous[222] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump was elected based on promises of a change of direction. Domestically, re-industrialization and population stability; in foreign policy an end to expensive, pointless wars. Now, however, he seems to have wobbled and has become increasingly belligerent in a way that makes him seem unhinged. Bottom line, the American people don’t need or want a war of any sort anywhere and don’t want to be dragged into one. I’m getting an increasing sense of uneasiness at all this. Perhaps it’s this ‘deep state’ that’s driving things no matter what the majority want. Whatever the case may be this dogged attachment to Syria seems to be rather obsessive and irrational. Round and round we go, where we may land nobody knows.

    • Replies: @VICB3
  11. TT says:

    Now that USM/IAF had attacked SAA (hence Russia & its ally) killing 14 via Israel F15s from Lebanon airspace, we will see what Russian do to live up to their usual obscured warning of taking appropriate action to their projectiles & launchers against Russia & its ally.

    This is a USNato warning to Russia, release all our advisors & terrorists in East Ghouta or we will strike you.

    Russia has to choose if to:

    As usual way:
    1) There were no Russians killed, SAA & Iranians are not our ally.

    2) Some Russia civilians(after removed their insignia) were killed, they happened at wrong place & wrong time again. Criminal Russian mercenaries like camel riding in desert which we can’t control.

    3) Look, we kept our promised in striking down a few projectiles & let launchers got away under our nose. Now we can’t identify which F15 & pilots did the launching, appropriate action is to issue another new warning to our partners to close case. Its not appropriate to strike innocent USM/Israel bases who are not the exact “launchers”.

    4) As in Allepo case, let all US Nato Israel Gulf terrorists advisors hiding in East Ghouta basement get away in dark tinted luxury coaches and then whine in UN with a list of their name no one care. Likely done deal as the terrorists already getting away in free coaches.

    Will Russia heed PCR advice, counterstrike USM &or Israel bases with double damage as deterrent? Arrest all their hiding terrorists advisors & parade them in public, sent for ICJ trial to expose US Nato Israel Gulf terrorism? Very unlikely, hence the murky soft warning from its highest General.

    China foreign office has proclaimed it must strike US very hard in trade war at all cost like Korea war, so to teach US a painful lesson & earn its reputation of “my words mean action” as deterrent for any future harassment.

  12. Faker says:

    Right now Faker is busy shaking down his sycophants to go enjoy some football in Russia this summer.

    More seriously, as has been pointed out in these threads recently, reality is catching up fast and propaganda no longer cuts it.

    Take a look at that “invincible weapons from the future” meme for instance. The west clearly did not buy that crap. And if those were real, Faker and other propagandists would not need to write another single line about “mighty Russia” anyway. It would all be over.

    But of course it was never true.

    Add to that that Kim Jong Un has completely folded (even more than what the State Department had hoped for), Xi is about to fold, Syria is completely unprotected (as demonstrated yet again last night), Iran made the mistake of listening to Russia (and are about to pay the price), Erdogan can backstab you anytime and the Russian economy is crumbling yet again (and given how mad all those very powerful oligarchs must feel right now, Putins’s days are probably counted).

    Oh but wait! Faker and Orlov have been predicting the collapse of western economies for how long now?

    This brings me back to Faker thinking about enjoying the World Cup in Russia this summer. I really don’t think there is going to be a WC in Russia this summer.

    • Replies: @Aedib
    , @anon
  13. VICB3 says:

    Before and during the Election, I repeatedly stated that if Hillary was elected, then you’d have a Civil War. And if Trump was elected and then didn’t deliver on his promises, then you’d have a Civil War. At that time, it meant in turn that you had a 75% chance of a Civil War.

    Trump was elected. After a seemingly strong start, he’s since mired himself down. Same old faces and names, most especially on foreign policy side of things. And these same-old same-olds – Neocons, Zionists, Perfumed Military Princes , Dispensationalists – are miring the United States even further in pointless and bankrupting foreign adventures that are of no benefit to the rank and file who elected Trump to focus instead and solely on the problems at home.

    In short, Trump and his administration is not delivering. And unless that changes and soon, you have at least a 50% percent chance of a Civil War, more if the United States let’s itself get dragged into a Hot War with the major powers in the Middle East.

    Again, you now have a 50% chance of a Civil War, more so if a Hot War starts.

    Study the History of WWI to see that this is true, a war that dragged down some already shaky empires into social unrest and failure faster than anyone might have thought. And all the players involved thought that they knew what they were doing, that they were in control of things, and that they wouldn’t be harmed. And then they all went ahead and drank the same Kool-Aid.

    History is not about a bunch of old dead guys. It’s about cycles of human stupidity.

    Just a thought.


    • Replies: @Faker
    , @peterAUS
  14. @Bennis Mardens

    He’s stupid by way of dementia. We’re in real trouble now, fellows. At least, the Bush family had the calm and presence of mind to reject the Jewish neocons. Trump’s no Bush.

  15. Faker says:

    Bwuhahaha. Good luck with your “civil war” when people are fat, elated with stock gains and immersed in their phones 18 hours a day.

    You guys are grasping at straws is all.

    Oh and, lest I forget, the “deep state” never wanted Hillary to be elected. Trump was always their boy. You guys (including the Faker who fell for it big time) got fooled.

    I remember reading hundreds of comments during the Presidential campaign from people saying: “Well if the media attack him, I am with him”. And the more they attacked him, the more popular he got. Do you really think the deep state was not aware of those dynamics?

    Oh and a day after he gets elected Bloomberg publishes this article praising son-in-law Kushner to no end. And in that article we find out Kushner was in charge of “perception management” online during the campaign… are you starting to connect the dots?

    The deep state never wanted Hillary to be President. Ever! There was ONE election in the last 100 years that NO democrat could have lost, regardless on who ran on the other side: the 2008 election.

    That is when the deep state pulled Obama out its hat to block Hillary (not that I care about her one way or the other).

    Oh and don’t bother us with analyses based on what people SAID during the campaign (regardless of who said what).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. Brabantian says: • Website
    @Bennis Mardens

    Indeed, USA President Donald John Trump seems to be signalling he is held hostage and under threat, given how his tweets are so over-the-top absurd – ‘Animal Assad’ etc

    The fire the other day in Trump Tower reportedly killing someone, menacing Trump’s own apartments, also seems like a classic Deep State warning message to Trump, following directly upon Trump’s announcement, surprising his ‘advisors’, that he wanted to have US troops leave Syria

    With Trump’s crazy tweets about what is obviously another false flag bullshite ‘chemical attack’ in Syria that is clearly an operation by the usual suspects

    E.g., a previous false flag attack using chemicals smuggled in from Turkey by Google’s mercenary group ‘Google Ideas – Jigsaw’ under Jared Cohen, per documentation by VeteransToday

    The ‘real’ Trump seems to be the one saying he wanted to leave Syria, consistent with what Trump has often said about the Mid-East and South Asia wars being a terrible waste of lives and money

    After Trump said that – apparently without top advisors knowing – there was significant Deep State moaning and groaning, along with the fire at Trump Tower

    It is clear that insofar as Trump has some impulses of opposition to the Deep State, he would be under terrible and terrifying threat

    My read is that he is very possibly risking his life against those neo-con gangsters, and that Trump may be a brave man, sacrificing his reputation in front of the masses as well as risking his life, trying to stay in there so he can still do some good, despite the people menacing him

  17. peterAUS says:
    @The Scalpel

    please present your evidence.

    Funny request merits funny reply:
    Sorry, can’t do.
    I sold that, via, “Five Eyes” local member employee here, to H.M. G.
    I am now in a planning phase how to spend the money. Conundrum: do I buy a sailing boat or just a nice property in ..well, now can’t say where can I?

    IMHO, based on evidence I am aware of, it doesn’t quite make sense for any of the “usual suspects” Of course, one can make a case but the negatives seem to outweigh the positives.


    my hunch is that it is someone less obvious such as a “business partner”

    Knowing how all that (siloviki, business, organized crime) is connected in Russia and where Russian interests are it’s hard to separate where all those start, end or merge.
    I stand by the fact that all that was/is related to Russia/Russians as the main culprits.
    Personally, don’t care and find all that funny.
    Heads of state do approve executioins of people deemed deserving that by the State.
    If Putin had personally ordered the hit I wouldn’t care much about that.
    As far as I am concerned, he could order a hit on any of those, increasing in numbers, people I come across when strolling along a beach here. One concern only: wouldn’t want to be collateral damage.
    Moving on.

    THIS case is interesting, though, and looking forward to see what happened and what’s going to happen.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  18. peterAUS says:

    Study the History of WWI to see that this is true, a war that dragged down some already shaky empires into social unrest and failure faster than anyone might have thought. And all the players involved thought that they knew what they were doing, that they were in control of things, and that they wouldn’t be harmed. And then they all went ahead and drank the same Kool-Aid.

    History is not about a bunch of old dead guys. It’s about cycles of human stupidity.

    One caveat though:
    This time could be the last.

  19. Anonymous [AKA "Chubbychechishev"] says:

    “Trump was always their boy.” Very true.

    “The deep state never wanted Hillary to be elected.” That’s a bit reductive.

    Since 1988 nobody gets near the presidency without running lots of errands for CIA. Trump was simply much lower in the hierarchy than Hillary, who has been working for CIA ever since she hid documents for their Watergate purge. In 2008 she simply had to wait her turn. What CIA needed then was something completely different: exotic, to exite Democrat dupes, with less obtrusive CIA bona fides – but still a third-generation spook and junior spook cadet (look up his falconry holiday in Pakistan with the future acting President.) Nobody who listened to the Mockingbird media can doubt that Hillary was next in line in 2016. The dogs really didn’t like the dog food this time though.

    Trump is a minor money-launderer for the Russian CIA agents who looted the Yeltsin puppet regime. So the campaign oppo, like most oppo, is slighty distorted stories of his CIA dirty work. In Trump’s case it works by obscuring the distinction between Russian nationals, Russian government officials, and Russian CIA agents. Anybody with a lot of consonants in his name gets the ‘close to Putin’ or ‘Kremlin-linked’ label pasted on him. Take Felix Sater, Trump’s famous secret KGB handler. Sater bragged effusively that he was a hot-shit CIA agent until they told him to shut up.

    So CIA failed to install their president this time. No big deal. Since Trump’s not nash enough they just threaten him, vilify him, isolate him, keep him off balance.

  20. Get the Germans off their lazy butts (sitting on their hands)

    After all, what is a NATO false-flag without its ‘allies’ ?

  21. Aedib says:

    the Russian economy is crumbling yet again (and given how mad all those very powerful oligarchs must feel right now, Putins’s days are probably counted

    Wishful thinking at dementia-level.

    • Replies: @Faker
  22. Why isn’t Russia defending Syria and Iran from Israel? What a huge betrayal.

    Congratulations on winning back some bombed out rubble in Douma though. I’m sure Assad will be regaining the Kurdish and Turkish occupied regions shortly.

    And then on to liberating Palestine with Putin’s help!


    • Replies: @Kiza
  23. Anonymous [AKA "Stand by my purple turk"] says:

    “Knowing how all that (siloviki, business, organized crime) is connected in Russia and where Russian interests are it’s hard to separate where all those start, end or merge.”

    There’s no indication in that worldly-wise ‘it’s complicated’ pose that you do know anything about all that. Govorit po-russki? Have you ever been there? When? What were you doing there? Has anyone there ever passed you OB? CC? Every indication is, you’re talking out your ass with propaganda slogans as your guide.

    Then moving quickly ‘on’ to an airy everybody-does-it so you can run away from your unsupported assertions with the shreds of your imagined cred as a Russia hand? On the Internet, nobody knows you’re dog, but we who looted the place hand-over-fist do know when you’re full of shit.

  24. Faker says:

    Wow! What a thoughtful, well constructed argument!

    I am impressed.

    Meanwhile, in the real world Russian oligarchs lost $billions (with a B) today. Yep! in just one day, $billions and $billions wiped out, with the main Russian index dropping over 11%. And that’s just the index (an average).

    I don’t think that group of oligarchs is going to sit idle and let Putin keep them in that position very long.

    Not to worry, though. Putin will respond to the latest round of sanctions forcefully by saying he wants to work with his partners. 🙂

    And in the meantime, McDonald’s, Visa, Apple, Hollywood, etc. can continue to make $billions in Russia. Sometime you got to wonder who Putin truly works for…

  25. anon[162] • Disclaimer says:

    What has NK done to suggest it has folded? USA is basically going back to the position it was before Bush jr accused NK of belonging to axis of evil.

    It is US that has come down . It has agreed to talk . There is no denuclearization yet. Nothing seems in the offing . NK has always wanted the security and non – aggression. NK is not going to agree to US demands unless it gets what it has been asking for years .

  26. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    If Trumps feels that the US can invade, bomb, occupy, and destroy any nation with impunity, then he has no right to defend US borders.

    A nation that doesn’t respect the borders of other nations has no right to demand border security for itself.

  27. @Faker

    As someone who is relentlessly attacked by Saker Drones for my Putin criticism, you are an idiot.

    For a start, you write about Russian “oligarchs” without the necessary apostrophe marks around them (Russian oligarchs, of course, do not exist). You of all people have no grounds from which to criticize The Saker.

  28. Aedib says:

    You should know that Putin has just won with more than 70%. By the way, Russian budget had reached equilibrium. Please, take your pills to avoid more self-suffering

    • Replies: @Faker
  29. Svigor says:

    More bad news for the flatheads:
    Now everybody knows the Zuma launch failure was McDonnell-Douglas’ fault, not SpaceX’ fault.

    Sorry, flatheads. Better luck next time!

  30. Faker says:

    mmm… the Kremlin trolls are resorting to insults or petty fights about irrelevant details. Must be panic time!
    It’s true that the ruble is collapsing again today (down over 8%). Not good.
    Not to worry Fakers, Putin has invincible space weapons from the year 3051, whose patent aliens were willing to share with the Kremlin.

    Oh and Xi folded even faster than I had anticipated…

    Has not been a good day for Fakers.

    I wonder where the World Cup will be held this summer?

    • Replies: @Aedib
  31. Kiza says:
    @Greasy William

    Be careful what you wish for scumbag, it may come true.

    Imagine one day the Palestinians sniping at your nation of turds and killing your shitbags one-by-one, as you do now with them: Most of humanity cannot wait for the wheel of fortune to turn and to truly enjoy the payback.

    • Replies: @Sean
  32. Sean says:

    The Israel influence is not the danger (the US can with impunity crush any enemy of Israel, and there is only Iran left now). It’s Western intellectual Jewry that is the prime mover in pro-immigration. Dismantling western nations is a Jewish project, but when push comes to shove they will choose to save Israel. The non-Jewish elite of the West are not only planing a slow take down Israel of they applaud the aforementioned objective of overturning the traditional ethnic majority in every Western country, even though they are nominally part of it.

    Western Jewry must defend Israel, so the trick is getting Israel to do something that splits the Jewish intellectuals from organised diaspora Jewry. Smash Iran for Israel, thereby giving them confidence to expel the West Bank Arabs. Then it will just be the gentile liberals who are pro-immigration, and by themselves they are not very formidable.

  33. Anonymous [AKA "Herb Schaffler"] says:

    Only Bush Sr. was wise to the neocons. He said “keep those crazies in the basement”. Bush Jr. was heavily influenced by Cheney, Bolton, Wolforitz, and Rumsfeld.

  34. Anonymous[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Nice points.

    I’m increasingly reminded of the 1992 election.

    People can argue if Perot was an asset or outsider, but it doesn’t matter, given the other “choices.” I tend to think that Bill Clinton was originally being groomed for the 1996 election, but he happened to win four years early. No big deal for TPTB.

    Some of the cycles I follow were indicative, years ago, that outsiders would be attractive bets in the 2016 election. Trump may indeed be an asset, dupe, or patsy, but he was still an outsider to established political circles. Sanders less so on the flip side of the coin, but the popularity of his campaign only verified what some of us were expecting.

    At this point we can go wild with speculation. Is Trump in actuality duping the TPTB, with help from the military, ala “Q Anon?” Or is Trump himself being duped? Or is he an accomplice, willing or unwilling? Can anything shake the grip of TPTB? Etcetera.

    Even if we definitely knew what was going on …….. what could be done about it? Besides praying.

    Most of us will just keep on keeping on. We got to install microwave ovens. Custom kitchen deliveries and all that.

  35. Aedib says:

    Ok, you can wait the “imminent’ Putin fall” like you are still waiting for the “imminent end of History” that Fukuyama promised you 30 years ago. We all can live with your delusions.

    • Replies: @Faker
  36. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin can fold slowly like Saddam did or he can strike back the way NK has over last few months only this time with million times worst outcome for NATO Israel and US.

    Can Russia survive if the attacks on Syria go unpunished ? Russia should start its own red line . It shall outright disagree with any new investigation. The so called fake gassing is the internal matter of Syria. Period. Russia should announce that any UN intervention or US intervention will be tolerated
    Only then the world led by US will understand .

    If US doesn’t attack, Trump will be toast . But he can survive and prosper if he agrees to send another 100 billion aid and grants to Israel in addition if he promises to repeat the aid for next 3 years .

  37. @Longfisher

    ” At least, the Bush family had the calm and presence of mind to reject the Jewish neocons.”

    Really? When did that happen? W kissed neocon ass and did what they told him to do for the entire 8 years he was in office and his retarded father kept telling anyone who would listen that the neocons had no hold on W. Trump is no worse than the Bushes, but that isn’t saying much.

  38. Faker says:

    What about the imminent disintegration of the west’s economic system the Kremlin has promised since the early 70s?

    • Replies: @ValmMond
  39. ValmMond says:

    Imminent disintegration no, ultimate yes.

    Western societal and moral collapse is certainly upon us. It’s enough to look at some basic US stats:
    – 30 million Americans are currently on antidepressants and consume 80 % of the world prescription painkillers’ output.
    – 1/3 of American adults are obese, 1/20 (6.3 %) have extreme obesity, 3 in 4 men (74 %) are considered to be overweight or obese
    – 1/4 American women take medication for a mental disorder
    – there are 3 millions homeless children in the US
    – only 1/3 Americans can name the 3 branches of government
    And I won’t even start addressing the pervasive pornography, the online hook-up culture, the destruction of traditional culture through educational and media indoctrination (homosexual marriage, humiliation of whites, going after national symbols and monuments) the indiscriminate cop killings, the privatization of public assets, the poisoning of the environment, the for profit healthcare, the predatory lending, the privatized prisons, the weaponized drones, the child trafficking on the highest levels of power….. I can go on and on.

    The economic crash is a logical corollary of generalized decay. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  40. Anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    Why should Assad keep killing the Syrians when he can outsource the job to US, NATO and Israel?

    Assad dont need outsource that job, he can simply do nothing to get outperform by the world largest killing machines, USNato of Israel, Inc.

    Twodees is very upset that you have understated his mighty US Nato Israel Inc, they are never a outsourcing subcontractors, but the mightiest contractor of every killing fields, since 1900.

  41. @ValmMond

    Well thought list of the signs of decay in American society, though you left out the most dangerous display of obesity on the American scene and that is none other than the phenomenal bulge in the Federal Reserve assets along with the explosion of government, corporate and personal debts that are equivalent to around 3.6 times the US GDP. That many commentators disparage the doomsayers about the possible collapse of the US economy is added proof that the greatest danger to the US is a combination of American hubris and insouciance.

  42. @Faker

    Total Russian government debt as percentage of GDP : 12.6%
    Ditto for corporate debt: 60.4%
    Ditto for household debt : 13.46%
    Total Russian debt as a percentage of GDP : 86.46%
    Total U.S. debt as a percentage of GDP: 364%
    Total Russian foreign debt : 537 billion USD
    Total U.S. foreign debt : 19 trillion USD
    Total Russian defence spending: 40 billion USD
    Total U.S. defense spending: around 700 billion without counting black ops.
    So yes indeed the West can impose heavy damages on the Russian economy through boycotts. But the Russians have the longer breath since they are rich in resources and are capable of engaging in a drive for import substitution. As for the U.S., the continuity of the economy depends on two factors which cannot be taken for granted:
    -the Dollar as a world reserve currency.
    -continued acceptance by foreign creditors to bankroll the U.S. trade and budget deficit.
    So if China, one of the greatest creditors to the U.S. stops buying American treasury bills, the rate on treasuries would climb by a few hundred basis points crashing the house of cards.
    It is about time Americans mature enough to treat war matters as something totally different from ball games competition.

  43. @Longfisher

    What the hell are you babbling about?
    Bush did exactly what the neocons asked him to do.
    Are you on drugs?

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